Angela's Christmas Wish (2020) Movie Script

[girl humming]
[continues humming]
Where are we going?
Come on, Angela. [blows]
But who'll mind the sheep?
[delicate music playing]
[dog barking]
[boat horn blaring]
[indistinct chatter]
Dada, do you want to hear my song?
Goodbye, Angela.
Say goodbye to your Dada.
[music swelling]
-Safe journey!
Bye, Dada!
Safe journey!
[emotional music playing]
[match strikes]
Our Father,
who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name
[Angela] And-- And--
There's something else, Baby Jesus.
Oh, Mr. McGinty is having a baby cow!
Well, Mr. McGinty isn't having a baby cow.
His cow is having a baby cow.
Mam says he's a little bit worried,
as he can't be affording to get
a cow doctor with Christmas and all.
Maybe you could have
a word with Himself upstairs
to make sure everything's okay.
You would?
Thank you, Baby Jesus.
Do you want to hear my big news?
Mam is getting me a big Christmas
Now, between me and you,
I reckon it could be the doll
from Hartigan's Toy Shop!
[Mam] Angela!
Oh, she's the most beautiful doll,
Baby Jesus.
Golden hair,
eyes as green as the Shannon.
And she's as cute as you.
Look at your hair.
It's a knot of tangles.
You're washing it today.
Mam has been
in a woeful odd mood the last few days.
All cleaning and scrubbing and fussing.
Come on, will ye?
-See you later, Baby Jesus.
Goodbye, Joseph! Goodbye, Mary!
Goodbye, sheep! Goodbye, donkey!
[gentle choral music playing]
[bells ringing]
[gentle music soaring]
Doll! Doll!Doll!Doll!Doll!
[sweet, delicate music playing]
Yeah, very nice.
Maybe Mam will get you some mittens.
Go on in. I just need to
have a quick word with Mrs. Blake.
[Mrs. Blake]
Oh, 'tis yourself!
I heard about the big surprise.
The big Christmas surprise!
[whispering] I'd be so grateful.
She'll be so excited.
She's going to be over the moon!
Pretend we're playing a game.
-Well, if the princess demands it.
Don't listen to that fool.
[Mam] Was that a nosy little pigtail I saw
swishing back away inside the house?
Uh, maybe?
-Why am I always the fool?
-Who do you want to be, Pat?
-Not the princess.
-Little Aggie could be the princess.
"Hello! I am Aggie, the princess!"
[blows raspberry]
-Get away from the princess!
-Mother of Mary of Joseph.
I can't hear myself think.
My queen! The princess demands a story!
Go and tidy your room.
Go on.
Come on. The queen's in a bad mood.
It's Christmas Eve.
You'll all be getting something nice.
Now, go on. Clean your room.
Clean. Clean.Clean.
[delicate piano music playing]
[Mam sighs]
There's always time for a story.
Come on. Sit.
Once upon a time,
in a faraway land--
Once upon a time, in Australia,
there was a big, fat king
and a skinny, little pauper.
One day, the king
and the pauper bumped into a magic genie.
Well, the genie was in a fantastic mood,
so he offered them both one wish each.
One wish each?
The king loudly shouted,
[in a deep voice] "I wish, I wish,
I wish for all the gold in the world!"
[all laugh]
Now it was the pauper's turn
to make his wish.
The pauper walked into a corner
and turned away
from the king and the genie.
He shut his eyes.
"I wish, I wish
I wish."
What did the pauper wish for?
[soft chuckle]
Years later,
the king and pauper met again.
Well, wasn't the king
now driven demented with the gold?
It was in his socks,
his boots,
under his pillow.
But the pauper,
well, the pauper was just
the happiest man alive.
The king was desperate to know
what in the name of God
did the pauper wish for?
The king pleaded and pleaded,
"Tell me your wish.
Tell me your wish.
Tell me your wish."
The pauper smiled.
"All right," says he, "Hm. I'll tell you."
"I wished,
I wished,
I wished"
What did he wish for?
Clean your room and I'll tell you.
[all kids]
[all laugh]
Come on. Go, go, go.
We have to get this house shipshape.
He was the happiest man alive.
Maybe he wished for
Maybe it was--
Do you think Mam's all right?
She's been acting funny for days,
all rushing and fussing.
It's the same every year.
Mam misses Da.
Christmas, New Year, your birthday.
With Da away working, it's hard on her.
[door opens]
You go first.
[delicate music plays]
I miss singing him my song.
Your turn. What do you miss?
-The way he smelled like horses.
No, like the saddles do.
Warm and, uh and leathery.
What do you miss?
His laugh.
The one he had when he played with us.
And Mam?
What-- What do you think Mam misses?
She told me once she missed--
Aggie's eating Da!
Oh, careful, Aggie.
And do you miss Dada?
-[Mam] Tom?
-Yes, Mam?
Come down and help me with the coal.
Mam misses Da. Pat misses Da.
Tom misses Da.
I miss Da.
I know what we do!
We're digging to Australia
to get Da home for Christmas!
Don't tell Mam.
Do you know how long that would take?
You'll be years.
[door opens]
What are you doing to my yard?
Bring your messing somewhere else.
[Pat] Aw.
[Mrs. Blake]
[Pat] Run!
[Mrs. Blake] My lovely little ga--
[yelling indistinctly]
What are you two up to?
Can we go look at the shops?
Go on.
Get you away from under my feet.
And don't be late!
We won't!
I mean it.
Be back here for five o'clock sharp.
-We will!
-You won't be getting away from it!
I know where ye live. Don't forget!
Who's good at digging holes?
That fella from the church.
He's always digging holes
in the field behind St. Joseph's.
Or Jack White's dog.
How far did we dig?
About one boot?
Maybe Tom was right.
It would take years to dig to Australia,
even with Frankie and Jack White's dog.
We'd never get Da home for Christmas.
If we aren't digging down,
how do we know which way to go?
We need to go look at the map!
[bouncy music plays]
Hello, Christmas surprise!
I can'twait for you to meet my Da!
[bell ringing]
A toffee apple?
A toffee apple the size of me head.
That's what you think
the pauper wished for?
Well, they make me happy.
Is that what you'd wish for?
I'd wish for the elephant
in Timmy Quinn's picture book.
Now, would this elephant
be living in Limerick?
Hm. Didn't look like he was, no.
[giggles] Because no one
would be keeping an elephant in Limerick!
Sure she would be freezing.
You'd have to put a coat,
hat, and mittens on her!
What do you think Aggie would wish for?
Lots and lots of snuggles.
-A coat! [chuckles]
What would Da wish for?
To be home with us.
We really need that map.
[door opens]
[door closes]
You two. You know the rules.
They're clean. Honest.
[woman clears throat]
On the postcards Da sends,
Australia looks like an upside down dog.
[soft, playful music playing]
It looks far away, Angela.
-Where's Limerick?
Around here.
And Australia?
Wait! Go back.
[man coughs]
What bit is Da in?
"Grong" "Grong."
Pat, shush.
-It's near!
Only four pages!
Only four pages?
We could get a train to Australia!
And be there in an hour.
We'll have him home for tea!
Wait. Let me see Woolloomooloo again.
Stop your messing!
-You're messing.
-Give me the book!
-Give me the book!
[both gasp]
[man clears throat]
[door opens, closes]
I-- I'll just put this back.
[door opens, closes]
I don't know why you have
to be quiet in libraries.
You should be allowed to read out loud.
Then everyone could hear the stories.
Even the people who can't read.
Oh, Mr. McGinty!
Mr. McGinty!
-Mam says you're having a cow!
-A holy baby Christmas cow?
Holy baby?
Uh, mommy cow is a bit slow on it.
Slow? Will she be all right?
God willing.
I was just in having a word
with Himself, you know?
Oh, I do.
What are you naming the baby cow?
Naming? Eh, sure.
Where would you be at all, at all?
[Angela] Socks!
We will call him Socks.
Socks the calf it is, Angela.
Socks the calf it is.
Mam says you've no money for the vet.
Pat Sheehan!
I'm sorry, Mr. McGinty.
Pat still has to learn,
you hold your tongue to hold your friends.
Ah, you're grand.
Your Ma is right as always.
I don't have two coins to rub together.
And for the money that vet charges,
you could buy three cows.
Well, I betterget back to check on her.
Tell Socks we'll call him
when we get back!
I'll let Socks know to expect you.
Socks for Christmas.
[upbeat accordion music playing]
I would recognize
those little footsteps anywhere.
And what are you two
doing out and about
on this Christmas Eve?
We're on a secret mission.
[plays fun insidious melody]
And would this secret mission
be too secret to tell little old me?
-[coins clang]
Thanking you kindly.
We're getting our Da back from
Australia as a Christmas surprise for Mam.
We're going on the train.
To Australia?
[coins clang]
And thanks to you, kind person.
-[accordion playing]
Two tickets to Australia
[whispers] Tickets?
How much is a ticket to Australia?
Oh, that would cost a lot, Master Pat.
All the money in the world
-[coins clang]
-[accordion player]Thank you!
Come on! I have a plan.
Merry Christmas!
And a merry Christmas to you.
[plays gentle coda]
No way, Angela.
We need the money for the ticket.
-Why don't we--
-No, no, no, Pat.
I've a good mind to send you
right homeand go in on my own.
[bar patrons singing]
On you go.
Quite so.
Quite so.
Ugh! Scaredy-cat!
Yeah? I'm not a scaredy
[bar patrons continue singing]
-Is that the girl that took the baby Jes--
[man clears throat]
[clock ticking]
[man clears throat]
Can you hear the bells?
Christmastime is here
Joy, goodwill, and cheer
I love Christmastime
Playing in the snow
Stocking on the wall
Tinsel on the tree
-[patron 1] A pint to start.
-Goodwill to all
[indistinct chatter]
Day has come
Now I must leave
Duty called for me
When I return
We will join as one
You and me
Until then
Don't ask why
Don't you cry
Keep a place in your heart for me
I'll be home soon
Keep a place in your heart for me
My love
My love
A year has passed since I left home
It gets worse day by day
I wish I could leave this place
Duty makes me stay
Your love keeps me strong
As the fighting rages on
Keep a place in your heart for me
I'll be home soon
Keep a place in your heart for me
My love
My love
[clock ticking]
Dig deep, boys. Dig deep.
We're getting a ticket!
We're getting a train.
We're getting Da!
[both gasp]
Holy mother of Mary!
If you're not digging holes,
you're running into me.
Sorry, Mrs. Blake.
What are you two up to?
Getting a surprise for Mam.
A surprise, is it?
Hm. 'Tis.
Seems to be a day for surprises.
Oh, Mrs. Blake!
Did you hear any news about Socks?
I mean, Mr. McGinty's calf?
Not good, Angela. Not good.
That man needs to be getting the vet.
That's all I'll say.
Don't be late home!
-We have to help Socks.
-We don't even know where the vet lives.
[bar patrons singing]
[patron] Sh-sh.
Hurry up.
If any of ye had a poorly cow, um,
where would you go to get the vet?
Uh, we need a vet for a cow!
You're the girl who stole
the baby Jesus from the church.
It is you, isn't it?
This is the girl who took
the Baby Jesus from St. Joseph's.
Nice to meet you both.
Come along, Dorothy.
Get back inside
before you let the heat out.
I was keeping him warm.
The baby Jesus was cold in the church,
so I took him home to warm him.
Well, then you better both come in.
Will the vet help?
Let's ask him.
Sit, sit, please.
That's Father's chair.
The Da has two chairs.
[cups clattering]
Would you like to hear some music?
[vet sighs]
Nothing too hectic, please.
["Silent Night" playing]
[sings in German]
Stille Nacht! Heil'ge Nacht! Alles--
[vet] Dorothy.
[speaking German]
Es tut mir leid!
-That's means "I'm sorry."
-Now, children.
Are you getting
anything nice for Christmas?
-I love Christmas!
-[vet sighs]
Dorothy, please let our guests talk.
-Mam is getting me a big surprise.
-And we're getting Mam a big surprise.
What are you getting her?
We're getting our Da
home for Christmas.
-He went to Australia for work.
-We tried digging--
I would love to dig to Australia.
What an adventure!
And they have so many
fascinating animals.
Kangaroos, koala bears, wallabies!
Wallabies. [chuckles]
We checked the map in the library.
It's not that far.
Oh, my darling.
what other animals live in Australia?
You must know them all.
There are simply
too many marsupials to list.
Speaking of animals
-[whispers] Mr. McGinty's cow?
-Of course!
Father, Angela has something to ask you.
My friend's cow, she--
She's having a baby.
My friend's cow needs a vet.
-I could help you, Father!
-And our Da.
-Our Da could also help.
-What a great idea!
Then, Father will have
more time to play with me!
Excuse me.
Maybe I'm mistaken.
Did you say your father could help?
He's really good with his hands.
And he loves animals.
The father who's in Australia?
We're getting him back.
That's simply absurd.
-What does "absurd" mean?
It doesn't matter. Let's all eat our cake.
We're-- We're getting a train.
Oh, I thought you were digging.
Digging-- Digging didn't
And the train will?
What's it going to do
when it gets to the water?
[song ending in phonograph]
We're getting Da back.
I'll tell you what. I'll make you a deal.
Get your father back,
and I will help your cow.
[footsteps approaching]
Uh, is-- Is that clean?
I washed it in the snow.
How exciting!
I really must apologize
for Edward's behavior.
He's just so terribly tired.
Working every hour has him out of sorts.
I do hope you get your father home.
[gentle music playing]
At least we now have cake for our journey.
What would that vet know?
He's probably never been to Australia!
Probably never even been on a train.
And besides, he's just-- What?
I-- I wanted to show it
to peoplewhen we got there.
Show them what Da looks like,
so they would know who we mean.
The vet was right, Angela.
Where are you going?
We will get him home, Pat.
I can help.
I can help get your father home.
Father was right.
You can't take the train to Australia,
but I do know another way.
So, the king pleas, "Tell me your wish!"
"Tell me your wish!
Tell me your wish!"
The pauper smiles.
"All right," says he, "I'll tell you."
"I wished I wished I wished"
What did he wish for?
[chuckles] I don't know.
Mam never finished the story.
I wishI wish
I wish
Father would play with me and my dolls.
Our Da used to play with us all the time.
Did your father not have to work?
Mam says he worked at the milk mart.
-But they didn't need him anymore.
-Is that why he went away?
Then let's go get him home.
Three tickets to Australia, please.
Yeah, funny.
Australia, please.
Very good, huh?
"Ticket to Australia, sir."
On you go, yours.
[slow, playful music]
[ship blaring]
[gentle piano music playing]
[man whistling]
[whistling resumes]
[worker 1]
Take it up!
[ship blaring]
[whistling resumes]
[workers speaking indistinctly]
[ship blaring]
[worker 2]
Everybody out.
[suspenseful music playing]
[door opens]
There's yourself.
-[foreman] Are we light?
-[man] Yeah.
-Sending the boat away?
-[foreman] Going in five.
And that's me done for Christmas.
[man] See you. Best wishes to you,
Diane, and the children in the new year.
-And you. Better be off.
-Right now.
[workers speaking indistinctly]
[train rattling]
[man whistling]
[horn blaring]
[horn honking]
[man 3]
All aboard!
[tense music playing]
[glass shatters]
[ship horn blaring]
-Whoa, whoa, whoa. Come here.
-[children grunt]
-Let me go!
-Come here, sweetie.
Get Da!
[tense music climaxing]
[desolate piano music playing]
Here you go.
You dropped this.
Thank you.
[gentle music plays]
I'm sorry about your boots.
I'm sorry we didn't get your Da home.
Do you think you'll be
in big trouble with your father?
He probably won't even notice.
Your mammy said he's tired.
He's always tired.
[horses trotting]
Mother of God!
I-- I-- I just went to--
[Mom] Dorothy!
Are you all right?
Dorothy was helping get our Da home.
So you'd have
more time to play with her.
And did you?
Did you bring your father home?
[plaintive music playing]
Can we make a stop?
I never sang him my song, Baby Jesus.
I never sang him my song.
[gentle choral music playing]
I'm sorry!I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
What is it?
I didn't get your Christmas surprise.
Oh, my darling. It doesn't matter.
I I broke it.
It's just a silly frame. Come on.
Let's have some cocoa.
It's Christmas Eve.
He wished to be happy.
[delicate piano music]
The pauper.
That was his wish.
He could have had anything in the world,
but when he looked into his heart,
when he listened,
the words just came to him.
I wish
I wish
I wish
To be happy.
Try it with me.
Wishes don't work.
Try it with me.
Listen to your hearts.
Listen to what they want.
-I wish, I wish, I wish.
Pat, you next.
Go on.
I wish
I wish
I wish
-Wishy! Wishy! Wishy!
I'm okay.
[airy piano music plays]
[heart beating]
I wish
I wish
I wish
[gentle theme playing]
[soft creaking]
Happy Christmas, Angela.
[picture frame clatters]
[gentle music theme swells]
I wished for Da. Da!
He's here!
Me-- Me too!
Da! Da!
Happy Christmas, everyone.
It's really you.
It's really him!
You got my letter.
They didn't suspect a thing.
You're really here!
He's really here.
You're back! Come on!
We had a deal!
I get my Da home,
you help McGinty's cow.
-How on Earth did you--
-[Dorothy] Father?
How did you get your father home?
I wished!
Wishes work?
I wish
I wish
I wish
You were correct about one thing.
I really could do with some help.
Then let's go and help that cow.
I just wish I knew what was going on.
You'll get used to it.
Angela, thank you.
Daddy, did you know?
Once upon in Australia there was this big,
fat king and this skinny, little pauper.
Really? Wow, um, were they friends?
[gently upbeat music playing]
[gentle choral theme playing]
Do you want to hear my song?
Keep a place in your heart for me
I'll be home soon
Keep a place in your heart for me
I'll be home soon
[choral theme music continues]
[choral music soaring]
[delicate music playing]
Happy Christmas, Angela.
Happy Christmas.
Happy Christmas
[gentle choral theme reprises]
The day has come
Now I must leave
Duty calls for me
When I return
We will join as one
Together, you and me
Until then, don't ask why
Please, don't you cry
Keep a place in your heart for me
I'll be home soon
Keep a place in your heart for me
My love
My love
A year has passed since I left home
It gets worse day by day
I wish I could leave this place
Duty makes me stay
Your love keeps me strong
As the fighting rages on
Keep a place in your heart for me
I'll be home soon
Keep a place in your heart for me
My love
My love
Take my hand and walk with me
For one last time
It's time for me now
My love
My love