Angels and Demons (2009) Movie Script

The Ring of the Fisherman,
which bears the official papal seal
must be destroyed immediately
following the pope's death.
The papal apartment is then sealed
for nine days of mourning,
a period known as sede vacante,
the time of the empty throne.
Over the last several days,
Catholic leaders from every corner
of the world have flocked to Rome,
shocked by the sudden death
of this progressive and beloved pope.
Today, in St. Peter's Square,
the faithful pray that there is among them
another leader who can unite their Church
which has been so riven by change
and dissent in recent years.
As the body of the pontiff passes by,
we see prayers are being offered
by the preferiti,
favorites among those being considered
to succeed him as the Vicar of Christ.
At the end of the mourning period,
the College of Cardinals
will lock itself behind the doors
of the Sistine Chapel for conclave,
the process by which
they will choose a new leader
for the world's one billion Catholics
who now find their Church at a crossroads,
its ancient traditions threatened
by a modern world.
control group going online
for LHC beam event.
We are powering up.
Attention, Category One personnel.
Interlock areas are now restricted.
You pulled us off the power grid, Philippe.
Because you're scaring
the hell out of everyone.
The collider was never intended
to generate antimatter.
All three canisters are stored under
every possible safeguard.
I'm only asking you to wait.
We can't wait. The bulk of the antimatter
is generated at start-up.
Put us back online.
Do you want to call the director, or shall I?
underground is now in restricted mode.
Vittoria, Vittoria.
Protons are being loaded.
Don't blow us all to heaven.
Powering on LHC magnets.
Ion source stage in four, three, two...
We are powering up. Here we go.
Start the collision sequence.
Vittoria, what did Philippe want?
They're terrified. He wants us to wait.
What do you think?
I think if we don't harvest now, we never will.
Beam-on-beam stability is good.
Take your places, people.
ATLAS at CMS, check.
Sending timing trigger now.
Collisions imminent.
We have got 10 to the 13th
protons per bunch.
Let's hope the heavy ion guys
didn't mess up.
MAN 2". Beams at relativistic velocities.
Luminosity monitors operational.
Beam line has no restrictions.
Enable beam capture.
Accelerating the beam.
Stage one, line up.
Magnets to full field.
Load functions
to separation magnets.
Last P is still too high.
we got luminosity up 10 to 34.
MAN 2". Inject particle beams.
Filling the LHC.
Collisions are active.
We should be back online.
Capture should begin at any moment.
MAN 2". Particles in transition.
Collisions are fixed and running.
LHC injecting protons, beam one.
Lock the feedback systems.
MAN 2". Particles at 99% the speed of light.
Colliding stable beams.
Enact injection kicker.
We have a signal
on the luminosity monitors.
We have events.
Protons are moving.
We have antimatter.
It's on a scale never seen before.
That's a crate of beer on the way.
Silvano, we've done it.
We're in God's hands now, Vittoria.
I'll be right down.
Oh, God.
A swim might help your jet lag.
I beg your pardon?
You got bags under your eyes.
It's 5:00 in the morning.
And you're from the Vatican.
Crossed keys under the triregnum.
It's a papal symbol.
Claudio Vincenzi,
Corpo della Gendarmeria Vaticano.
Vatican police?
I was expecting another letter.
My request for access to your archives.
Shouldn't you be in Rome?
A kind of busy time for you guys, isn't it?
In fact, I was in New York, detailed to the UN.
I received a phone call
in the middle of the night.
"Find Professor Robert Langdon.
"A matter of great urgency."
They said to show you this.
The Illuminati?
They disappeared hundreds of years ago.
ROBERT". Did they? Look at that again.
It's an ambigram.
It's the same image forward and backward.
Now, that's common for a symbol,
like a yin and yang or a swastika,
but that's a word.
That Illuminati ambigramatic symbol
has been considered a myth for 400 years.
Supposedly, in the 16th century,
some artist created it as a tribute
to Galileo's love of symmetry.
It was only gonna be revealed
when the Illuminati
had amassed enough power
to resurface and carry out their final goal.
I wrote a book about it.
Which is why you're here.
The An' of the Illuminati by Robert Langdon.
Part One.
Haven't been able to finish Pan' Two
because I'm not allowed access
to your archives.
It's remarkable. Singular.
Someone is trying to make you believe
the Illuminati themselves
have returned to Rome.
Right after the death of a pope.
Four cardinals were kidnapped
from their quarters inside the Vatican
some time between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m.
this morning.
Shortly afterward,
that document was sent
to the Office of the Swiss Guard
along with the threat
the cardinals will be publicly executed
one per hour,
beginning at 8:00 p.m. tonight in Rome.
- Conclave.
- Was to begin today.
We've postponed its start
for a few hours, a story of illness.
There are no suspicions yet.
What do you want from me?
These criminals who sent this ambigram
meant it as a taunt, a provocation.
But Captain Olivetti think
if you can use it to learn their identity,
perhaps we can stop this abomination.
Why me?
Your expertise. Your erudition.
Your recent involvement with certain Church,
shall we say...
I wasn't under the impression
that episode had endeared me to the Vatican.
Oh, it didn't.
But it did make you... What's the word?
Forma... Formida...
A Vatican jet is standing by
20 minutes from here.
Will you come with me?
Professor Langdon, you've spent your life
searching for symbols like the one
you now hold in your hand.
How much longer are we going to pretend
you have not already decided to come?
If the Illuminati have returned
and are in Rome,
we will hunt them down and kill them.
The Illuminati did not become violent
until the 17th century.
Their name means "the enlightened ones."
They were physicists
and mathematicians, astronomers.
They were concerned with
the Church's inaccurate teaching
and they were dedicated to scientific truth.
But the Vatican didn't like that.
So the Church began to...
How did you say it?
Oh, "Hunt them down and kill them."
Drove them underground.
Into a secret society.
- Professor Langdon.
- Yes.
Welcome to Vatican City.
Ernesto Olivetti, inspector general
of the Vatican police force.
- My pleasure.
- This way, please.
We'll meet in the headquarters
of the Swiss Guard.
I thought you were Swiss Guard.
No, la Gendarmeria.
We are responsible for everything
inside the Vatican walls
with the exception
of the security of His Holiness...
- Yeah.
- And the Apostolic Palace.
That is Swiss Guard.
The Roman Carabinieri are here
as well in an advisory capacity.
- So jurisdictionally, this is...
- A goddamn nightmare.
Oh, yes,
Pope Pius IX's great castration.
I beg your pardon?
1857, Pope Pius IX
felt the male form would inspire lust.
So he took a hammer and chisel
and unmanned hundreds of these statues.
The plaster fig leaves were added later.
Are you anti-Catholic, Professor Langdon?
No. I'm anti-vandalism.
I urge you to guard your tone here.
The Swiss Guard is a calling,
not a profession,
and it encourages a certain zealotry.
Commander Richter, the head of the Guard
is a deeply spiritual man,
and he was close to the late pope.
Look, I don't study symbols
because I consider them unimportant.
Ceremony, traditions,
it's how we mark our lives.
I just hope I can help.
So do l.
You were my idea.
Wait here. Please.
Commander Richter?
Professor Langdon is here.
we have bigger problems than that now.
Dr. Vetra?
I'm Commander Richter,
comandante principale of the Swiss Guard.
Thank you for coming.
- Professor Langdon.
- Yes.
What a relief, the symbologist is here.
This way, please, Miss Vetra.
The situation has changed.
We received another threat
from the kidnapper.
The canister was stolen
from our lab around noon yesterday.
The intruder killed my research partner,
Silvano Bentivoglio,
and mutilated him
in order to bypass security.
We use retinal scanners.
They cut out his eye.
Is that your stolen canister,
Miss Vetra?
Where is that camera, number 86?
It's wireless. It, too, was stolen.
It could be anywhere
inside the Vatican walls.
That canister contains an extremely
combustible substance called antimatter.
We need to locate it immediately
or evacuate Vatican City.
I'm quite familiar
with incendiaries, Miss Vetra.
I've never heard of antimatter
being used as such.
Well, it's never been generated
in significant quantities before.
It's a way of studying the origins
of the universe,
to try to isolate what some people
call the "God particle."
But there are implications
for energy research...
"The God particle"?
what we call it isn't important.
It's what gives all matter mass.
The thing without which we could not exist.
You're talking about the moment of creation.
Yes. In a way, I am.
The antimatter is suspended there
in an airtight nanocomposite shell
with electromagnets in each end.
But if it were to fall out of suspension
and come in contact with matter,
say, the bottom of the canister,
the two opposing forces
would annihilate one another violently.
And what might cause it
to fall out of suspension?
The battery going dead.
- Which it will, just before midnight.
- What kind of annihilation?
- How violent?
- A cataclysmic event.
A blinding explosion equivalent
to about five kilotons.
Vatican City will be consumed by light.
Those are the exact words
the kidnapper used.
We will destroy your four pillars.
We will brand your preferiti
and sacrifice them on the altars of science,
then bring your church down upon you.
Vatican City will be consumed by light.
A shining star at the end
of the Path of Illumination.
It's the ancient Illuminati threat.
Destruction of Vatican City through light.
Four pillars,
there's your kidnapped cardinals.
You didn't tell me they were the preferiti,
the favorites to be named the next pope.
Play it again.
We will destroy your four pillars.
- We will brand your preferiti...
- Wait, stop it. Stop it.
"Brand" them.
That's another Illuminati legend.
This one says
that there are a set of five brands,
each one an ambigram.
The first four are the fundamental
elements of science.
Earth, air, fire and water.
The fifth, it's a mystery.
Maybe it's this.
He said they'd be killed publicly.
Revenge for Ia purga.
"La purge"?
Oh, jeez, you guys don't even read
your own history, do you'?
1668, the Church kidnapped
four Illuminati scientists
and branded each one of them
on the chest with the symbol of the cross
to purge them of their sins,
and they executed them.
Threw their bodies out into the street
as a warning to others
to stop questioning
Church rulings on scientific matters.
They radicalized them.
The purga created a darker,
more violent Illuminati,
one bent on retribution.
And look how they intend to finally get it.
Using antimatter, technology,
to destroy the Church.
Science obliterates religion.
Is there any more?
...and sacrifice them on the altars of science,
then bring your church down upon you.
Vatican City will be consumed by light.
A shining star at the end
of the Path of Illumination.
"Path of illumination."
I need access to the Vatican archives.
Professor, I don't think
this is the appropriate...
Your petition has been denied seven times.
No, no. This has nothing to do with my work.
The Path of Illumination
is a hidden trail through Rome itself
that leads to the Church of the Illumination,
the place where the Illuminati
would meet in secret.
If I can find the segno, the sign,
that marks the beginning of that path,
the four churches along it may be where
he intends to murder your cardinals.
One every hour at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00.
Then the device explodes at midnight.
f we can figure out the first church
and get there before he does,
maybe we can stop it.
But I can't find the start of the path
until I get into the archives.
Even if I wanted to help you,
access to the archives
is only by written decree
by the curator
and the Board of Vatican Librarians.
Or by papal mandate.
Yes, but as you no doubt have heard,
the Holy Father is dead.
What about il camerlengo?
The camerlengo is just a priest here,
the former pope's chamberlain.
Doesn't the power of the Holy See rest
in him during tempo sede vacante?
Fellas, you called me.
His Holiness once told me
a pope was a man torn between
the real world and the divine.
It seems the real world is upon us tonight.
I'm familiar with Illuminati lore
and the legend of the brandings.
La purga is a dark stain
on this Church's history.
I'm not surprised
this ghost has returned to haunt us.
Comandante, have you begun
the search for this explosive device?
Of course, but it could be anywhere.
My primary concern at the moment
is the safety of the cardinals.
The Sistine Chapel is a fortress.
As long as the cardinals are in conclave,
your security concerns are at a minimum.
Devote as many of your resources...
Signore, if you're about to suggest
a naked-eye search of the entire Vatican City,
- I will tell you that...
- Comandante.
We do not have the people.
Though I am not His Holiness,
when you are addressing me,
you are addressing this office.
Do you understand?
Yes, Father.
Now you said the image on the screen
was illuminated by artificial light.
Might I suggest methodically cutting power
to various sections of the city.
When the image on the screen goes dark,
you'll have a more specific idea
of the camera's location.
Dr. Vetra, besides yourself
and your research partner,
who else knew about this antimatter project?
No one but the research team.
This project was strictly confidential.
But Silvano kept detailed journals.
If he told anyone else
about what we were doing,
he would have made a note of it.
Do you have these journals?
I can have them flown here
from Geneva in an hour.
Professor Langdon.
Mr. Langdon, you are correct that
I may grant you access to the archives.
Thank you, Padre.
I said that you were correct that I may,
not that I will.
Christianity's most sacred codices
are in that archive.
Given your recent entanglement
with the Church,
there is a question I'd like to ask you first
here in the office of His Holiness.
Do you believe in God, sir?
Father, I simply believe that religion...
I did not ask if you believe
what man says about God.
I asked if you believe in God.
I'm an academic.
My mind tells me I will never
understand God.
And your heart?
Tells me I'm not meant to.
Faith is a gift that I have yet to receive.
Be delicate with our treasures.
The archives are this way.
Professor Langdon.
if this path really leads
to the Church of Illumination,
that may be where
they've hidden the antimatter.
"A shining star at the end of the path."
I thought so, too.
Follow the path.
- And we may find the canister at the end of it.
- Can you deactivate the device?
I can change the canister's batteries
as long as we have
more than five minutes of life.
That would give us another 24 hours
to get it safely back to CERN.
Robert Langdon.
Vittoria Vetra.
Are you really a symbologist,
or was he mocking you?
Well, both. You're a physicist?
Bio-entanglement physics.
Interconnectivity of life systems.
Your project,
it was geared towards energy research?
Eventually, yes.
One speck of antimatter
could power an entire city for a month.
Or tonight, I guess, destroy one.
What are we looking for in the archives?
A bound volume written by Galileo.
Galileo was Illuminati?
Yeah. And an obedient Catholic
who didn't think
that Church and science were enemies,
but just a different language
telling the same story.
And he wanted like minds
to find the Church of Illumination,
but he couldn't exactly advertise
its location, so he created a coded path.
Richter has started to turn off
the power of various grids.
It'll be back on in a minute.
Then some unknown Illuminati master
sculpted four statues.
Each one a tribute to one
of the fundamental elements,
earth, air, fire, water,
and placed the statues out in public
in churches throughout Rome.
Each statue held a clue pointing to the next.
At the end of the path
was the Church of Illumination.
And if you could find that,
you were one of them.
What makes you think he's going to
murder the cardinals in the churches?
The Illuminati called those four churches
by the special name, L'Altare della scienza.
"Sacrifice them on the altars of science,"
he said.
Oh, wow.
Look at this.
Excuse me, signore.
Cardinal Strauss,
you've been informed of the situation?
My belief is we should proceed
with the sealing of conclave.
At this late hour?
That would be highly unorthodox.
And yet within Church law.
It's in my power. I am Great Elector.
The cruelest honor in Christendom.
I have no personal ambitions, Patrick.
Only those I hold for my Church,
St. Peter's Church,
which is under attack
at its most vulnerable moment.
And this is not a coincidence.
The Church will not fall in a day.
We must evacuate Vatican City.
Oh, that is exactly what they want.
Publicity and panic.
No, we must not give them oxygen
for the media fire.
But the people in St. Peter's Square...
Care deeply about their Church, as we do.
Their faith will sustain them.
Their faith will not protect them
from an explosion.
We are all bound for heaven eventually,
are we not?
Spoken like one who has enjoyed
the blessings of a long and full life.
Patrick, do not confuse the power
of the office you temporarily hold
with your true place here in the Vatican.
You were a favorite of His Holiness,
but His Holiness is with his father now.
Mea culpa.
Seal the doors.
CAMERLENGO". Extra omnes.
Hello. This way, please.
Oh, beautiful.
The chambers are hermetic vaults.
Oxygen is kept at lowest possible levels.
It's a partial vacuum inside.
So extended stays are not recommended.
So don't panic
if you feel lightheaded at first.
I'll be just outside the door.
Watching you, Mr. Langdon.
Conclave will go on without us.
It must, now of all times.
May God forgive you for what you've done.
Father, if God has issues,
they won't be with what I've done.
They will be with what I'm about to do.
It was confiscated from the Netherlands
by the Vatican just after Galileo died.
I've been petitioning to see it
for about 10 years,
ever since I realized what was in it.
What makes you so sure the segno's there?
The number 503.
I kept seeing it over and over again
in Illuminati letters,
scribbled in the margins,
sometimes just signed "503."
It's a numeric clue. But to what?
Five? Well, that's a meaningful
number to the Illuminati.
There's the pentagram, Pythagoras,
dozens of other examples in science.
But what about three?
Didn't make sense until I thought,
"What if it's Roman numerals?"
- Dlll.
- D-3. Galileo's third text.
"Dialogo. Discorso. Diagramma."
Just a few days with this,
and I could have actually finished my book,
and sold dozens of copies
at the Harvard bookstore.
"II Diagramma Veritatis. "
Diagram of Truth.
I know about Dialogo and Discorsi.
Galileo laid out his theories about
the Earth revolving around the sun.
Yeah, and said the Earth
was not the center of some universe
with heaven above, hell below,
as the Church had said it was.
So they forced him to recant in the
second book. But what was this one?
This is how he got the word out.
This is the truth,
not what the Vatican forced him to write.
Smuggled out of Rome,
printed in Holland on sedge papyrus, see?
That way, any scientist that was caught with
a copy could just throw it in water
and Galileo's heresy
would dissolve, disappear.
And between that and Vatican burnings,
it's possible that
this is the only copy that remains.
And if I'm correct,
the segno is hidden on page number...
Do you need help with the Latin?
Movement of the planets,
elliptical orbits, heliocentricity.
Sorry, I don't think there's anything
that could be interpreted as a...
Wait, wait, wait.
Do that again.
What is that?
Wait a minute, it's a watermark.
And there's a line of text.
Go back.
It's in English.
English? Why English?
English wasn't used in the Vatican.
It was too polluted.
It was free-thinking.
It was a language of radicals
like Shakespeare and Chaucer.
Here's another one.
"The path of light is laid, the sacred test..."
- Will you write this down as I dictate?
- Sorry, professor, no time.
Yeah, yeah, what the hell. Yeah.
Twenty minutes till 8:00.
- Where are we headed?
- Hold on, hold on.
I'll tell you in a minute.
All right, let me see that page again.
Where did you get that paper?
We borrowed it.
"From Santi's earthly tomb
with demon's hole..."
Are you insane?
"'Cross Rome the mystic elements unfold.
"The path of light is laid, the sacred test.
"Let angels guide thee on thy lofty quest."
You removed a document
from the Vatican Archives?
She did.
"From Santi's earthly tomb."
- The first marker is at Santi's tomb.
- Yeah.
- But who's Santi?
- Raphael.
- II Raffaello, the sculptor?
- Yeah, Santi was his last name.
So the path starts at Raphael's tomb.
Raphael's buried at the Pantheon.
- Isn't the Pantheon a church?
- Oldest Catholic church in Rome.
I just pulled a dozen of our best men for this.
You better be right.
This is one of the busiest spots
in all of Rome.
He'd never get away with it. It's impossible.
- The poem implies...
- "The poem"? Unbelievable.
I'm basing this operation
on an American's interpretation
of a 400-year-old poem.
Well, the information we have
clearly refers to Raphael's tomb.
And Raphael's tomb is inside that building.
And because the Vatican destroyed all
of the pagan statues in the late 1800s,
if this is the first marker,
whatever clues were here to lead us
to the next church are gone now.
The path is dead.
So this is it, your only chance.
Separate approaches.
No closer than two blocks and no uniforms.
Three minutes.
And I need a set of eyes inside.
Excuse me?
Two weightlifters in matching
black suits and earpieces?
They're hardly disguised.
- Well, it's what I have.
- Well, fine, I'll go in.
You don't have communication.
You can't carry a walkie-talkie.
It's too conspicuous.
- Tourists have cell phones, don't they?
- No, no.
You can't send her in there alone.
All right, I won't.
Don't look so anxious.
We're supposed to be married.
Well, maybe we're not
getting along today. Hmm?
Hold my hand.
- But don't crush it.
- Sorry. A nervous newlywed.
Look. Look, honey, the oculus.
That could be the "demon's hole"
in the poem.
Why are the tombs at an angle?
They're facing east
to worship the rising sun.
But this is a Christian church.
New religions often adopt
the existing customs and holidays
to make conversion less of a shock.
Like the 25th of December?
It's the pagan celebration
of the Unconquered Sun
and also makes a handy date
for the birth of Christ.
- Let's check the recesses.
- Okay.
I'll go to the right.
I'll meet you at 180 degrees.
Follow me, please.
Now, the Pantheon, which means
"Temple of All Gods,"
was originally built as a temple
to all the gods of ancient Rome in 27 B.C.
Although the design of the building
is usually credited
to Apollodorus of Damascus...
It's Raphael's tomb.
- But it's the wrong one.
- What are you talking about?
He was moved here in 1759,
a century after Diagramma was published.
Where was he originally buried?
Urbino, I think. "Santi's earthly tomb."
What could it possibly be?
"Santi's earthly tomb."
Damn it. Santi's tomb.
It must mean a chapel that he built.
He's not buried in it, he designed it.
The "demon's hole," it's not that oculus.
It's an undercroft. It's a crypt.
Are there any questions?
Did Raphael Santi ever design
a chapel with an ossuary annex
and an angel figure commissioned
by the Catholic Church?
I'm sorry, I can only think of one.
One is good.
What do you mean wrong?"
It's the Chigi Chapel,
in the church of the Santa Maria del Popolo.
t was once called the Capella della Terra,
the Chapel of the Earth.
The Earth, the first element. That's it.
- You were certain about the Pantheon.
- We have four minutes.
Back to the Vatican? You can't.
Comandante, if you care at all
about your church, you'll listen to me.
"My church"?
My church comforts the sick and dying.
My church feeds the hungry.
What does your church do, Mr. Langdon?
That's right, you don't have one.
Take him if you want. I'm done with him.
All right, this makes sense.
Look, right in front of the church.
An obelisk, a lofty pyramid.
Egyptian symbol adopted by the Illuminati.
f he's going to kill him, he'll do it here.
No, no, here. It's an annulus.
Which one is the Chigi Chapel?
It's in one of these apses.
Pyramids in a Catholic church.
This is it. This is the Chigi Chapel.
The demon's hole.
But it's askew.
Come here.
Hand me your flashlight.
What's that?
I call as my witness Christ the Lord,
who will be my judge, that my vote is given
to the one before God
I think should be elected.
I elect as the most high Pontiff,
Dominic Scolamiero.
They are voting for themselves
to prevent a majority.
They are waiting for the preferiti
to be rescued.
Perhaps we should as well, yes?
Not until the smoke is white,
will the College of Cardinals
have chosen a new Holy Father.
For now, the Vatican seat of ultimate power
remains vacant.
Get the body out of there,
and search the rest of the building.
- Chartrand!
- Sir?
Outside, a perimeter.
Secure but invisible.
No lights, no guns, nobody knows.
- Understand?
- Yes, sir.
I'm calling all off-duty.
No information.
Is it Raphael?
The chapel is Raphael.
But the sculptures are Bernini.
The unknown Illuminati master...
He worked for the Church.
Almost exclusively.
But the Illuminati were infiltrators.
There wasn't a powerful organization
on Earth they didn't penetrate
including the Vatican
by hiding in plain sight.
Habakkuk and the Angel.
He's the prophet that predicted
the annihilation of the Earth.
"Let angels guide thee
on thy lofty quest."
This is the first marker.
The path is alive.
It was pointing southwest.
Earth, air, fire, water.
We're looking for a Bernini sculpture
having something to do with air.
The second church is somewhere
southwest of here.
You're sure this time?
I need a map showing
all the churches of Rome.
I could use it now.
All right, the purple areas with these
black crosses represent the churches.
But nothing intersects the line until it hits...
- Until it hits St. Peter's.
- Michelangelo designed St. Peter's,
not Bernini.
Michelangelo designed the Basilica.
Bernini designed St. Peter's Square.
The second marker must be
a statue in St. Peter's Square.
It's 10 minutes till 9:00.
Can you go any faster?
Not unless you want the full attention
of the world press.
There was no consensus after the first ballot
but Cardinal Baggia, the Italian,
is the odds-on favorite...
There is no new Pope but it is possible that
that Cardinal Guidera, the Spaniard,
is the most probable...
it is possible that Cardinal Ebner,
from Germany, is the favorite...
Stem cell research is murder!
You're condemning sick people to die.
Man is not God.
There, another obelisk.
Check the crowd. It's almost 9:00.
He's gotta be here already.
There must be 100 statues up there.
None of them are angels.
Those are all saints.
How in God's name would anyone
create a sculpture about air?
Bas-relief. Of course. It's still a sculpture.
Check the ground. Look at the carvings.
Look for another having something
to do with air.
"West Ponente. " West wind.
Here it is.
West wind.
An angel blowing out five streaks of air.
This is it.
Get the police!
Call an ambulance!
He's still alive.
His chest. They punctured his lungs.
Clear the square.
"...from within your walls
to squeeze the life from the Bishop of Rome."
I mean, he's actually claiming responsibility
for the death of His Holiness.
That's ridiculous. He died of a stroke.
It implies the Illuminati murdered him
with his own medication.
Down here.
"With man's solution we stilled his heart.
"With his own needle
did we pierce his unholy veil."
Did the Holy Father take any kind
of medication by injection?
He had thrombophlebitis.
He took an injection every day.
But no one knew that.
Someone knew.
Well, he had health concerns
and seizures as well.
But he took steps to make sure
he was watched, for safety.
He didn't want it made public,
so we have no reason to discuss it.
Tinzaparin is lethal in the wrong dosage.
An overdose could cause
massive internal bleeding
and brain hemorrhages.
t might look like a stroke at first, but in
a few days, his body would show signs.
This could easily be examined.
Miss Vetra, in case you're not aware of it,
papal autopsy is prohibited by Vatican law.
We're not going to defile His Holiness's body
just because his enemies claim...
- But why would they send this letter now?
- Well, to cause panic.
"The sun will blind at midnight
"and neither police nor professors
can stop it."
He knows I'm here.
Obviously they were hoping
this letter would become public.
We might be wise to preempt
their next attempt
by making an announcement of our own
to refute this absurd claim.
That's out of the question.
Cardinal Strauss has insisted
this entire matter be kept internal.
He shouldn't even be aware of it.
He's locked in conclave.
His final instructions before sealing
the doors were very clear.
Cardinal Strauss does not dictate
Vatican protocols.
As you say, yet, technically,
now that conclave has begun,
it's his privilege and duty
to control public announcements.
I've drafted a press release
about the incident in the piazza,
but any other statements
are specifically prohibited.
For that, Cardinal has asked me
to remind you we have a chimney.
Commander Richter,
the search for the device?
Well, we've turned the power on and
off to about 20% of Vatican City.
- Nothing on the video yet.
- We're running out of options.
How long would you need
to evacuate everyone?
f I pull all my men from the search
for the bomb, 30 minutes.
Mr. Langdon. You have been right
so far about the path. It's now 9:15.
How quickly can you find the next church?
The lines of breath
on the carving pointed due east,
directly away from Vatican City.
But there were five of them,
so there's room for error.
About 20 churches intersect those lines.
None of them have names that invoke fire.
So a Bernini sculpture must be inside
one of them that does.
We'll need to get back
into the archives to find it.
- Would you escort Mr. Langdon?
- Yes, Father.
Silvano's journals.
The killer's name could be in here.
May I stay?
Please. Fine, of course.
Would it surprise you to find
those clothes suit you?
it would surprise the hell out of me.
The Vatican is expressing sympathy
for the mugging victim,
a Dusseldorf tourist, now confirmed dead...
The Vatican police have a suspect
in custody...
The Vatican will allow the crowd back into
St. Peter's Square,
where security will be doubled...
The Vatican did admit that where there
are crowds, so often follows crime.
We're trying now to get the name
of the tourist who was...
- Oh, wait.
- Pan to the right. Keep panning.
We're getting word now of smoke.
Smoke from the Sistine Chapel chimney.
Apparently there's been another vote.
The smoke is black.
Once again, the cardinals have failed
to reach consensus
and the Catholic Church
remains without a leader.
What are you looking for now?
Church assets.
I beg your pardon?
Artwork. It's valuable.
Corporations tend to keep track
of their holdings.
The Catholic Church is not a corporation,
it's a beacon.
A source of inspiration for one billion
lost and frightened souls.
Sure, I get that. It's also a bank.
Commander Olivetti said
I was not to leave your side this time.
It wasn't me, it was her.
Power is now cut to zone 73.
No light reaction on the monitor.
Restore power and move on to 74.
What sort of signs?
I'm sorry?
f the Holy Father was given
an overdose of Tinzaparin,
what signs would his body bear?
Bleeding of the oral mucosa.
His tongue.
Postmortem, the blood congeals and
turns the inside of the mouth black.
Even after 14 days?
It wouldn't show up
until at least a week after his death.
He was very important to me.
Yeah, I understand.
Will you come with me, please?
Signore, would you organize a security team
to escort Miss Vetra and myself
down to the crypt?
- Yes, sir.
- We'll be leaving straightaway.
Do you smoke?
A little bit.
Then you better sit down
before you keel over.
And what's all that right there?
What does this say in Italian right here
next to the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa?
Right there.
"Moved at suggestion of the artist."
"Moved"? To another church.
At the suggestion of Bernini?
I don't know.
Here. Translate all of this for me,
and I'll buy you a pack of smokes.
I'm looking for a reference to fire.
- "Seraphim," meaning "the fiery one."
- Right.
"His great,
golden spear, a point of fire."
Then "woman left completely afire."
Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.
Saint Teresa on fire.
So this sculpture was moved to this church?
Why did they shut down the system?
They know we're down here.
if there's no power,
there's no oxygen.
Can we get out?
The door is electronic.
Oh, God.
Well, that's disappointing.
Where are we going?
To see my father.
I don't understand.
I was orphaned when
I was 9 years of age. A bombing in Ulster.
The UVF protesting the visit
of a Catholic archbishop.
The archbishop felt responsible,
and he adopted me the following day.
I was raised by him and by the Church.
He was the wisest man I ever met.
Even when I was young and stubborn,
I wanted to be ordained.
But I was brought up in Italy,
so I also wanted to do my military service.
I wanted to fight.
He told me, "Learn to fly."
So I joined the Aeronautica Militare,
flew helicopters,
bringing the wounded back to hospital.
He was a great man.
Your father died?
Fourteen days ago.
Command, do you read me?
Power is off. Oxygen is very low.
Come in. Can you read me?
- Hello...
- Can you get anything?
No. The walls are lead-lined.
There's no signal.
This way.
f the Holy Father was murdered,
the implications are profound.
Vatican security is impenetrable.
No one from the outside
could have got anywhere near him.
t was someone on the inside.
And we can trust no one.
No light reaction on zone 97.
Based on the rate the battery is using power,
the device will detonate just before midnight.
Holy Father,
when I was young, you told me
the voice in my heart was God's voice.
You said I should follow it,
no matter how painful.
Forgive me.
Please. Give me strength.
What I do,
I do in the name of everything you believe.
God help us.
Santa Maria della Vittoria. Do you know it?
- Yes, I do.
- It's the next church-.
I think someone just tried to kill me-.
- Professor, I promise you we had no idea...
- He knows I'm here.
- Yes.
- You heard me ask permission.
- You gave me an escort.
- Yes, but we had no idea
that portions of our white zones
were cross-wired with that building.
Commander Richter
was extending the search.
If he had known
the archives were on that grid,
he never would have killed the power.
Or there is the other possibility.
Is it conceivable the Illuminati
have infiltrated the Swiss Guard?
The journals. Where are they?
Who took the journals from this desk?
Someone is here? What is this?
Signore, this is unacceptable.
For a camerlengo to enter the chapel
once conclave has begun...
Forgive me. There's been a development.
His Holiness Celestine V was murdered.
Is it so hard to believe
it could happen again?
Signori, please, a moment.
Please, signori.
Our Church is at war.
We are under attack from an old enemy.
The Illuminati.
They have struck us from within.
Murdering our Holy Father.
And threatening us all with destruction
at the hands of their new god, science.
They call it retribution. They think it justified.
Because of the Church's attacks
on men of science in the distant past.
And it's true.
Since the days of Galileo,
this Church has tried to slow
the relentless march of progress,
sometimes with misguided means.
But science and religion are not enemies.
There are simply some things
that science is just too young to understand.
So the Church pleads,
"Stop. Slow down. Think. Wait."
And for this they call us backward.
But who is more ignorant,
the man who cannot define lightning,
or the man who does not respect
its natural awesome power?
The battle is well underway, signori.
We must defend ourselves.
But what if this time we fight
their stealth with openness?
Combat their wicked scheme
with simple truth
and end this brutish battle once and for all.
f the outside world could see
this Church as I do,
looking beyond the ritual of these walls,
they would see a modern miracle.
A brotherhood of imperfect, simple souls
who want nothing more
than to be voices of compassion
in a world spinning out of control.
Signori, I ask...
And I pray
that you break this conclave.
Open the doors,
evacuate St. Peter's Square
and tell the world the truth.
Oh, my God.
Get him down!
There, there, that chain. On that pulley.
This bench. Get this pew up here.
Make a ladder.
Gendarmeria Vaticana.
My son...
God answers all prayers,
but sometimes his answer is no.
The College will not break conclave.
May I Suggest
you direct your energies
to helping the Swiss Guard find
this explosive device
if it exists.
And leave Church leadership
to its leaders.
There is a growing fear
that without the four preferiti,
a two-thirds majority
for any candidate will not be possible.
- Unless...
- Speak plainly.
It is the recommendation of many
that you ask to be removed
from your post as Great Elector,
thereby making yourself eligible
to wear the Ring of the Fisherman.
if it is God's will...
May his will be done.
Signore, are you okay?
Those journals are private property.
I demand that you return them to me.
They're material evidence
in a Vatican investigation.
I am an Italian citizen. My rights do not end
- ...just because I crossed to the other...
- This is not Italy.
It's not even Rome, it's the Vatican.
A country of its own with its own laws.
And when those journals passed the border,
they became my property.
I will give them back to you
when I've decided they contain
nothing of value to the investigation.
Do you have something to hide,
Comandante Richter?
Do you, Dr. Vetra?
Were it up to me, it would not be this way.
It's a sin to kill with pain.
It's a sin to kill without reason.
they make me a sinner.
Saint Teresa on fire.
Professor Langdon?
- What direction is that?
- West, I think.
"'Cross Rome the mystic elements unfold."
Piazza Barberini is here.
Saint Teresa is here.
Where is the Santa Maria del Popolo,
the first altar of science?
- Santa Maria del Popolo?
- Yes.
Thank you.
St. Peter's is here.
We are here.
A church with water...
Wait, wait, wait.
"'Cross Rome."
The poem must mean it literally, cross Rome.
Professor, Commander Richter
has ordered me
to escort you to the Vatican immediately.
Piazza Navona.
Earth. Air. Fire. Water.
Cross Rome.
Bernini's Four Rivers.
Professor Langdon,
the Vatican insists that I have to
take you back immediately.
The Vatican is about to see
its fourth cardinal murdered tonight.
Now, look. You can do as they say
and force me back to the Vatican,
where we can all mourn his death together.
Or you can show how real cops act,
and take me to the Piazza Navona,
where we still might be able to stop it.
Oh, by all means, let's talk it over.
In 14 minutes, he's gonna be dead.
This way, professor.
Yes, Padre?
At 11:15, if the Church is still in peril,
give the order to evacuate the cardinals.
But with dignity.
Let them walk out into St. Peter's Square
with their heads held high.
I don't want the last image of this Church
to be of frightened old men
sneaking out the back door.
"Let angels guide thee."
There it is.
- There it is.
- Professor, I know this fountain.
- There is no angel on it.
- The dove. The Angel of Peace.
And it's looking in what direction?
East, I think.
Professor, just wait here.
Stay put.
No, no, no...
Good evening. Can you help me?
I'm waiting for a doctor.
Come here.
Stay calm. Don't shoot.
Somebody help!
Help, somebody!
Cardinal Baggia?
Cardinal Baggia.
Where was he hiding you?
The Church of Illumination, where is it?
Castel Sant'Angelo.
Castle of the Angel.
there's news about Cardinal Baggia.
The cardinal told Langdon he was
being held in Castel Sant'Angelo.
f Langdon's right, that's where the bomb is.
Send everyone we can spare.
- And you?
- I'm staying here.
- You're all right.
- I'm all right, yes.
What about you? I just heard
about Olivetti on the radio.
I'm all right, I'm okay.
Robert, we can't trust Richter.
He took Silvano's journals.
There must be something in there
he doesn't want us to see.
The head of the Swiss Guard.
Castel Sant'Angelo, it's close enough,
so the wireless signal from that camera
could still reach the Vatican.
The Church of Illumination
is somewhere here.
Your canister is inside it.
Come with me.
For 400 years, the Illuminati met
right under the Church's nose.
The Vatican used this as a hideout
and as a prison for their enemies.
If the explosion happens here,
would the blast radius take out the Vatican?
And part of Rome along with it.
Go on.
They're pointing to it. The angels.
The canister must be down there. Come on.
- Where are they going?
- Back. To search the outer castle.
No, no. It has to be here!
Robert, it's a dead end.
No, it's not.
See if you can find a flashlight.
All of these stones are rectangular granite.
Except right here. What is this?
It's a pentagram.
An eye...
That leads to...
These walls overlap
and there's a passageway back here.
Here, let me have the flashlight.
It's a passageway that leads to the Vatican.
An ancient escape route.
My God.
This would be the perfect place
for the Illuminati to blow
the whole building up.
Get on the radio.
Get the word out. Conclave remains sealed.
But the camerlengo gave the order
for evacuation at...
I'm countermanding it.
This is it. This is their church.
The canister
should be lit by artificial light.
It's not here, Robert.
"A shining star at the end of the path."
It has to be.
It's not here.
- What did the poem say?
- Nothing.
Nothing, it's all over.
It was just the four lines,
each one describing the...
There's a fifth brand.
It's not an ambigram,
it's just two crossed keys.
- The symbol for the Vatican.
- No.
No, the papacy-
They intend to kill him.
Before they destroy the Vatican,
they're gonna kill
- ...and brand the pope himself.
- There is no pope.
Tempo sede vacante.
The camerlengo.
- We have to warn him.
- Take a step back, please.
Take your cell phone from your pocket.
Throw it in the fire.
You know, when they call me...
And they all call me...
It is so important to them
that I know that what they ask
is the Lord's will.
Or Allah's, or Yahweh's.
And I suppose they're right.
Because if he was not vengeful,
I would not exist, now would I?
I've had several chances
to eliminate you tonight.
You're still alive
because you have no weapon...
And they didn't ask me to kill you,
but if you pursue me...
it is another matter.
Be careful.
These are men of God.
The camerlengo.
Have you come to make me a martyr?
Here. Here. Here.
- I need to see the camerlengo.
- He is not available.
- I demand to see the camerlengo!
- He is not available.
We'll see about that.
All locked up.
Senza chiave, it's a one-way portal.
The only entrance is on the other side.
No! Hey!
I don't care who he talks to.
He doesn't go into that room.
Open the door!
Open the door!
The camerlengo is in danger.
He's the one! He's got a gun!
- Illuminatus!
- You bastard.
- Illuminatus!
- Sanctimonious bastard!
Order the evacuation.
We only have 19 minutes.
Here, he's...
And get the helicopter
for the older cardinals, right?
Yes, sir.
The brand, the symbol,
could it have another meaning?
Crossed keys. But those are upside down.
St. Peter.
The first pope...
Was crucified upside down.
- On Vatican Hill.
- A few hundred feet below us.
Necropolis, city of the dead.
"Upon this rock I will build my church."
"Or bring it down upon itself."
The bomb is in St. Peter's tomb.
The grid is still cycling.
The power to this section must be down.
It must be here. It must be.
Don't touch it.
We have seven minutes.
Robert, hold this.
It's cold down here, isn't it?
What's wrong?
Cold decreases battery life.
We may have less than five minutes.
If I pull the power
with less than five minutes,
the residual charge won't hold suspension.
We should leave it here
and get clear if we can.
- At least down here, the damage...
- No!
No, wait!
We are live here at St. Peter's Square
where despite a bomb threat
and an order of evacuation
the crowd is actually growing in size
as we await an official announcement
from the Vatican spokesman
as to the exact nature of the threat
and whether or not they are treating it
as a credible danger.
This way.
A bomb?
there's an emergency. I'll take her up alone.
He's got clearance.
Oh, my God.
Get down!
Cardinal Strauss?
it was the Camerlengo! He saved us all!
He saved the church and he is alive!
Praise God. Praise God.
He is alive.
He sacrificed himself for all of us.
It's so incredible. He survived.
You know, the worst thing
we thought would happen...
Was that our work would fall into
the hands of the energy companies.
We thought we could change the world.
So naive.
No, no. Not naive.
Innocent, maybe.
But that's not a crime.
I'm not so sure.
Go back to work.
Change the world.
A gift.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
For Catholics, for everyone.
Camerlengo's age
shouldn't be an obstacle.
Signori, you are no doubt aware
that by holy law the man is
ineligible for election to the papacy.
He is not a cardinal, he is a priest.
He is of insufficient age.
Well, maybe there's a way
we could consider the possibilities.
I am sorry. The protocols of conclave
are not subject to modification.
I will not call a ballot on this matter.
But, signore, you would not call the ballot.
Surely you remember...
You gave up your post as Great Elector.
They are singing in St. Peter's Square.
And what happened here tonight
transcends our laws.
Does it?
Is it God's will
that we give ourselves over to frenzy?
Discard the rules of the Church?
Perhaps we need not discard them.
Signore, I am thinking now
of Romano Pontifici Eligendo,
Numero Sessanta...
Acclamation by Adoration.
Yes, if the Holy Spirit speaks through us,
and we call a man's name out loud...
That is election by adoration.
- He's God's choice.
- Yes.
And the candidate need only be
an ordained member of the clergy...
Present in the Sistine Chapel
at the moment of his election.
I think we have it settled.
Signore Camerlengo.
The cardinals ask you to join them
in conclave as soon as possible.
Yes, Padre.
What are you doing?
Silvano's journals. I want them back.
Richter said
His Holiness suffered from seizures
but steps were taken.
For safety.
"Made sure he was watched," he said.
What if he was trying to give me this key?
That's the papal office.
f the pope was worried about seizures
he must have had Richter install cameras
without telling anyone.
To keep an eye on him. For safety.
Maybe it records.
I read the journals, Patrick.
The scientist kept journals. So?
you figure prominently in them.
Bentivoglio wasn't just
a physicist, he was also a Catholic priest.
And as such, he was deeply conflicted
about the implications of his work
and in need of spiritual guidance.
Like Galileo.
About a month ago, he requested
an audience with the pope
but you know that.
'Cause you granted the audience,
and you were also present during it.
The God particle.
To actually claim an act of creation.
The blasphemy. The arrogance.
The Holy Father didn't see it like that.
He urged him to go public.
His Holiness thought that the discovery
could actually scientifically prove
the existence of a divine power
and begin to bridge the gap
between science and religion.
His work was not religious,
it was sacrilegious.
But you saw the pope's position
as a softening of Church law.
As an old man's weakness.
Your father's weakness.
You murdered the Vicar of Christ.
He raised me to protect this Church,
even from within.
And then you conjured up
an old enemy from the past.
The Illuminati.
You found the ancient brands
in the papal vaults, and put them to use.
To spread fear.
The cardinals are men of belief.
Right now, their belief in evil is uniting them.
The entire Catholic world
will be united by this attack.
There is no attack.
You're trying to convince the cardinals
they're in a war
so they will choose a warrior to lead them.
We are at war.
We're weak when we should be strong.
If science is allowed
to claim the power of creation...
What is left for God?
It didn't work, Patrick.
- It isn't finished.
- Oh, yes, it's finished.
It's finished.
I've shown the journals to Father Simeon.
The moment the doors to the conclave open,
he will tell the cardinals what you've done.
I was planning on doing this alone.
Put it down.
But perhaps it's better that you're here.
Put it down.
Put it away.
Help! He's the one! He's got a gun!
- Illuminatus!
- You bastard.
- Illuminatus!
- Sanctimonious bastard!
And get
the helicopter for the older cardinals, right?
The brand, the symbol,
could it have another meaning?
I've been summoned
by the College of Cardinals.
But within our walls.
Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
Church sources now confirm
that Camerlengo Father Patrick McKenna
has died of internal injuries
sustained in his heroic fall.
Crowds of the faithful continue thanking
the Camerlengo's selfless action
which have driven calls for immediate
canonization and sainthood.
The Vatican also announced the death
of three of its cardinals
in the fire at Santa Maria della Vittoria.
As we await
the appearance of the new Holy Father,
Cardinal Baggia of Italy.
One of the four original preferiti,
who, despite terrorist attempts
at disruption, seems to have been selected
in one of the swiftest
and smoothest conclaves
in modern Church history.
Professor Langdon? Please.
A token of thanks from His Holiness.
And from his new camerlengo.
We are grateful you saved his life.
And it's our understanding
that you require this text
to complete your scholarly work.
We ask only that
in your last will and testament,
you ensure
it finds its way home.
Of course.
And when you write of us...
And you will write of us...
May I ask one thing?
Do so gently.
Ru try.
Religion is flawed.
But only because man is flawed.
All men, including this one.
He chose the name Luke.
There's been many Marks and Johns.
Never a Luke.
It's said he was a doctor.
It's quite a message,
science and faith all in one.
The world is in need of both.
You will counsel him wisely.
I am an old man. I will counsel him briefly.
Mr. Langdon.
Thanks be to God
for sending someone to protect his Church.
I don't believe he sent me, Father.
Oh, my son.
Of course he did.