Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace (2024) Movie Script

[wine pouring]
[music playing]
[gunshots firing in distance]
[machine gun firing]
Sir, how much longer?
Goes down.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Stay still.
Finally, on our way
out of this shithole.
Back up is here.
Breach, breach.
Trigger, come to the front.
Spread thin.
Sarge, I had no choice.
They were coming at me, and
one tried to take my gun.
Let me see.
What happened there?
Don't worry about them.
Keep your eyes on me.
Keep your eyes on me.
Let me see.
Were you hit in the body?
Were you hit in
the body anywhere?
Let me see.
Can you hear me?
They're trying to flank us.
You got this.
I'm going to the front.
[gasping for breath]
Gabriel, your time has come.
Who the hell are you?
Hey, Gabriel.
How do you know my name?
How'd you get in here?
Now, is that any way
to treat a guest?
You're not a guest.
You broke into my home, and
you've got about five seconds
before I call the cops.
What is that?
Umm, walnut.
You've got good
taste, my friend.
I'm afraid you're
not asleep this time.
Why are you sitting in my
chair drinking my wine?
I was saving that for
a special occasion.
It doesn't get any
more special than this.
I guarantee you that.
What are you doing here?
Your number has been pulled.
You've been recruited.
What are you talking about?
I did my time.
I was honorably discharged.
I'm not talking about
serving your country.
I'm talking about
serving mankind--
good and evil, life or
death, eternal salvation.
I need to wake up.
I'll come back when
you're ready to talk.
I just want you to get
the fuck out of my house.
[birds chirping]
Hi, Mr. Wilson.
We're having another tea party.
Would you like to
join us this time?
Maybe another time.
I have to go to work.
But that's why you always say.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
But I'll see you around.
Oh, that's fucking.
[crowd shouting and swearing]
Get him, boy.
Kill him.
Undefeated champion.
Fuck it.
If there are no
more challengers,
payouts will be made out.
[marcus clearing throat]
I challenge your champ.
Well, well, well.
We have an after-hour special.
What is your name?
Yo, his name is Marcus Kane.
Mark it down.
Marcus, bitch.
Hey, who's yuor pick
challenged friend?
Who am I?
I'm the one that collects
all the cracker ass money.
Cracker ass, that's who I am.
Well, maybe you should
put your ass in the ring.
Go through me first, pal.
Come on.
We have a fight of
biblical proportions.
Cain and Abel!
How did we do?
How did we do?
We did better than some
double D's at a strip club
on a Tuesday, brother.
Holy shit.
We cleaned up.
[toilet flushes]
Is this because I
said, holy shit?
Who the hell are you?
Care to go one more round?
Yo, my man, why don't
you get your cracker
ass back with their
cracker asses before
he kicks your cracker ass.
We don't do refunds.
And this isn't toilet paper.
What if I make a wager that
says I can lay your man out
without him even
landing a punch?
Strong words for a scrawny fuck.
He's mad now.
Are you out of
your goddamn mind?
What's the wager?
What's the most you've
made on a single fight?
But if you lose,
I take his soul.
It's real.
So if he kicks your cracker
ass, we get all of that.
Yours for the taking.
You must be crazy.
Ready when you are.
I expected better.
Come on.
Thought you were the champion.
I'm disappointed.
I thought you'd put
up more of a fight.
[marcus grunts]
Is it little better?
Feels good to be the champ.
Set this to hop out.
I'll paint your friend's
brains all over this truck.
Keep your fucking hands up.
Keep your hands up.
Turn to face that wall.
All right, let's go.
Let's go.
Look at me.
Your life for this.
Keep your hands up
and turn around.
Open your fucking eyes before
I blow your eyelids off.
Good night, boys.
What the hell?
Hey, that's my car.
So make sure you
fix it well, OK?
I mean, it's not me
that gets all the women.
It's not my charm
and my good looks.
But it's the magnet,
so please fix it.
I'm going to go take a shit.
When I come back, I'm hoping to
hear my car purr like a kitten.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
[door closes]
Find them.
Yeah, not quite.
You again?
You don't follow directions
very well, do you?
It wasn't a dream.
Afraid not.
You've been haunting my
dreams ever since the war.
How come you've never--
Shown myself?
More than time.
But here I am.
Look, my boss will
be back any minute.
He took a Sports
Illustrated to the bathroom.
He'll be back in five minutes
and eight or nine seconds.
How Could you
possibly know that?
There's an old saying,
do unto yourself
as you'd have
others do unto you.
Trust me on this one.
There are only three
people I trust.
Ah, Private first class Leah
Walsh, Private first class David
Solomon, also known as Trigger,
and Corporal Paul Hernandez.
How would you know that?
I know everything
about you, Gabriel.
Born to Thomas and
Martha, B average student,
who had a knack for
building and fixing things,
joined the Marines
straight out of high school
and served until they
left Iraq in 2011.
Then you took your
knack for fixing things
and your lack of ambition,
and now you're working here.
You have severe PTSD,
which you take Zoloft for,
sometimes more than prescribed.
Then after the war,
you started to doubt
your Catholic upbringing until
this very conversation, doubted
the existence of God.
Am I close?
Close your mouth.
Something smart
might fly out of it.
Who are you?
Your daddy.
I'm kidding.
I go by Balthazar.
I sometimes do work
for the man upstairs.
What could God want with me?
You've been chosen
to defend the Earth
against the archangel Michael
and his legion of demons.
All right.
Even if this was true, why me?
You ever did something that
you wish you could take back?
Something that haunts you
at night to this very day?
Maybe he sent me here
because the almighty
wants you to find inner peace.
What would I have to do?
The archangel Michael has
closed the gates of hell,
and those lost souls
are trapped here.
He's using them to build an
army to rule over the living.
If he is defeated, then the
gates of hell can reopen.
Those lost souls can be
sent to where they belong.
What if I can't do it?
Well, and then that' the end
of mankind as we know it.
I've watched you your
entire life grow up.
I know you got what
it takes, so does he.
Get your team.
Find the warriors of peace.
It's only then that
you will be triumphant.
I was supposed to just
get all that from--
find them?
Well, next time, I'll
leave a little sticky
on your refrigerator
[door opens]
Oh, I hear your boss coming.
And we know he don't
wash his hands.
Hey, what do you
think, you James Bond?
Get out of the car.
I told you to fix it, not
take it for a joyride.
What's the matter?
Why are you crying?
My tea set broke.
How did it break?
Well, he was playing with it.
And then I accidentally
knocked it over.
And then my dad yelled at me.
It's not your fault. They know
you didn't do it on purpose.
They'll forgive you.
I just wish I could make it
up somehow and get it back,
so they won't be mad at me.
Call yourself an artist, huh?
It's pathetic.
No, no.
This will be my best work yet.
It's going to be beautiful.
Oh, beautiful?
It looks like shit.
All you ever do is
screw things up.
[woman crying]
Oh, you crying now, huh?
Look at the little crybaby.
Are you going to cry some more?
Get over here.
Grab a good tool.
Which one?
Butcher knife.
We'll carve her up.
We'll carve her up, right now.
Take her at the shoulder.
Make her squeal like a pig.
Make her squeal like a pig.
You can squeal like a pig.
[squeals] Go ahead, squeal.
Go on.
[door opens]
Please help me.
Shut up.
What are you doing here?
You're not supposed to be here.
The Picasso Butcher.
No, no, no.
I'm just-- no, I'm just Roman.
Yeah, I'm not a big fan
of headline monikers
either, too general.
They don't begin to cover
the marvelous intricacies
of the work you all do.
It's exquisite work.
No, I'm just a--
I'm just a failure, sir.
No, no, no.
You're one of the
best that ever lived.
I mean, Darren was
my favorite, but he
didn't have the
attention to detail
or do the things that you do.
No, Roman, you're not a failure.
Picasso Butcher will
live on in infamy.
And that's why I'm here.
Time for you to join the
ranks of my army of the dead.
Don't come any closer.
I'm warning you.
Don't come in closer.
Don't do it!
What do you want?
Who are you?
Don't come closer.
Don't worry.
I'm not going to punish you.
You're in hell already.
Come on, cabron.
What are you afraid of?
I don't know about you,
but I'm very concerned
about injury or death.
Pendejo, you're a marine.
A badass, for God's sakes.
Hey, hey, hey.
I'd take on an
insurgent with an IED
over that pit bull
biting my ass again.
It's not a pit bull.
It's an American Bully.
He's definitely a bully.
Just look at it, man.
I don't trust him.
He's mad-dogging me.
David, if you don't grow
some huevos right now
and get your ass over
here, you're fired.
Not doing it.
Not risking my
life for this job.
Enjoy the long lines
at the VA, loser.
Good boy.
Come on.
Good boy.
Boss man.
Rough day?
Are you serious?
That's crazy.
You're the best marksman I know.
You're one of the only
people I can trust with this.
Look, I owe you my
life for getting us out
of that hell hole.
I wouldn't have even survived
if it wasn't for you and Leah.
That's water under the bridge.
Not to me, Sarge.
Not to me.
Since my brother died,
you're pretty much
the only family I have left.
So brother.
if you want me to join you
on the suicide mission,
you know what, the hell with it.
I'm in.
I owe you that much.
I appreciate that, Trigger.
It means a lot.
Got nothing to lose.
How is she feeling?
Says her back hurts.
[doorbell rings]
I'll get it.
Honey, there is Sergeant
Gabriel Wilson here to see you.
So I need you, Leah.
You're the best medic
I ever served with.
I already got Trigger coming.
I know it sounds crazy.
Look, I would, Sarge, but--
Hey, sweetie.
You need something?
Can I have some
ice cream, please?
Sweetie, don't you remember
you had ice cream yesterday?
The doctor said it's bad
for your immune system.
All right, I've got
to head off to work.
Nice to finally meet you.
I've heard a lot
of great things.
Oh, Jacob, honey, I had to work
late tonight at the hospital.
Could you pick her up after
work and take her to PT?
Yep, yep.
I'll come check on
you in a second, OK?
Mommy's with a friend.
OK, sweetie?
You have a beautiful family.
Can I ask--
Yeah, the doctors don't know
what it is or how to treat it.
It's an unknown disease.
That's why I can't right now.
My priorities are different.
I'm sorry, Sarge.
Hey, don't apologize.
I get it.
It was nice seeing you again.
You, too.
Good luck.
[loud music]
Hit him in the left.
Hit him in the left.
You could have let
me finish the fight.
Distractions happen.
You should know that
better than anyone.
That's why I trusted
you to watch my ass.
I'm surprised you even heard me.
You're the only one who
still tells me what to do.
I didn't realize the whole
I-box-to-work-off-the-stress was
just code for hustling
gym rats in this shithole.
Making money relieves stress.
I was working until tonight.
I thought you were making
decent money working
security in that prison.
What happened with that?
It's good.
I'm good.
Life is good.
I'm always-- I relapsed.
I'm sorry, man.
It's the VA.
They had me at that
shitty place in Inglewood.
They bounced me
after two months.
They're telling me
I'm going to be fine.
I lasted a week.
Maybe this is exactly what she
needs to help you keep clean.
What do you mean?
I know you miss the action,
being out in the field.
That's what you're good at.
I think getting back out
there is going to help
you find your old self again.
You've always been strong.
All you need is a little push.
I think this is it.
I don't know why you
still believe in me, man.
We're brothers.
You always have my back.
Now I'm watching yours.
This is where we kiss?
All right, when do we leave?
You still got it, huh?
All right.
All right.
[gasping for air]
I guess I owe you 20, Trigger.
Sorry, Sarge.
You'll get there one day.
One day.
Hey, Paul.
Paul, time to call it a day.
I'll catch you later on.
I'll see you at the
rendezvous point.
All right.
See ya.
Pay up, Sarge.
[cocks gun]
I don't know where
exactly to find them.
I was-- I was hoping the
voice would tell me--
I know how it sounds.
Believe me, but I'm
confident he'll let me know.
I can help, Sarge.
Hey, how are you doing?
Good, good, good.
Good to see you.
How are you doing?
I had these vivid
visions of my daughter,
and I just knew
I had to be here.
What did you see?
Just knew you're were right.
Man, this place is beautiful.
Hard to believe there's
so much evil here.
Yeah, a lot of history,
a lot of disagreements.
Let's see.
[water bubbling]
[heavy breathing]
My lover.
All right.
I'll be back for more.
Here you go.
So I searched the area, and
I found no establishment
with the name of Lila.
It was a partial sign, right?
Probably not the full name.
Yeah, but I thought
that that name
would have some significance.
Neon sign, maybe
nighttime or something.
How do we know
they're all related?
They definitely feel
connected in some way.
It always does.
Hey, can I see
that symbol again?
You said something about
a nude angel, right?
Well, nude angel could be
a blasphemy of some sort.
Maybe the sign isn't
about the sign.
That's in or something.
We're supposed to look
within or something?
Wait a minute.
Look at this.
It's not a symbol.
It's a letter in Georgian.
Which one is it?
Give me a second.
It's the letter D in Georgian.
So we've got D, Lila,
and a nude angel.
Sounds like an excellent
Friday night to me, doesn't it?
D, Lila-- Delilah.
Wait a minute.
Maybe it's not the
images that I'm seeing.
Maybe it's the order
in which they came.
The D, the Lila, the provocative
picture, the neon sign.
And then trigger mentioning
a night out got me thinking.
I know where to find
the warriors of peace.
[music playing]
So this is where we find
the warriors of peace?
Hey, I can think of
worse places to work.
Let's go, baby.
(SINGING) She fuck
me like a porn star.
She fucked me like a porn star.
Keep your eyes peeled.
All right.
Let's split up.
Don't trust anybody,
including the strippers.
Sarge, we got you.
Looks like everybody just
in time for the show, huh?
(SINGING) All up in my face.
Guess me not grinding.
She fucked me like a porn star.
She left me like a road doll.
I'm stopping.
'cause she [inaudible].
I'm begging for some more love.
She fucked me like a porn star.
She left me like a road doll.
You speak English?
Afraid not.
Smart ass.
What's your best drink?
We call it Dante's Inferno.
Like it.
Give me two.
Coming right up.
[music continues]
Hello there.
You're Americans?
Yes, ma'am.
I love Americans.
They always have such
a big, big wallets.
You're new here?
Not seen you around.
I'm just passing through.
But it's my type of place.
Two Dante's Inferno,
coming right up.
Well, lucky for you, we have
a very, very generous exchange
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Watch and learn, boys.
Watch and learn.
Definitely looks a
lot better down there.
It's a little bit lonely.
I could use some company.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, totally.
You have a 20 I can borrow?
Come here, baby.
How about private dance?
Get off me.
Do you take crypto?
I have plenty of money.
What the fuck?
So sorry, bro.
Hey, you.
[glass shatters]
OK, everyone just calm down.
Who are you?
What the fuck are you?
My name is Agent.
Hey, thanks, man.
Thanks for the help.
Thanks for ruining
our operation.
We're trying to spring
a trap on someone.
Who you guys let get away.
Well, what took you so long?
We were trying to get
more information on him.
And we almost had him
before you all barged in.
Well, you were sure having fun.
Hey, Paul.
These are the warriors of peace.
So you're a scryer.
It means you're a
psychic, a seer.
I've had it ever since the war.
I just always thought
they were dreams.
We've only met a handful of
people with that ability.
These powers, they are
blessings from God.
You've been chosen.
There are dark
forces in this world.
And someone has to
take care of it.
If it's not us,
it's someone else.
So why do you all do it?
We all have different reasons.
I was a cop.
One time I responded to a call,
typical domestic disturbance.
This guy was acting
so erratically.
He was more erratic
than most druggies.
It turns out he was possessed.
That's how I met Padre here.
Padre was the priest
who performed exorcism.
What's your story?
Funny enough, Farouk
is an atheist.
I'm not an atheist, anymore.
He handles the tech and finds
out what people are hiding.
That's why we're in Georgia.
He was a grad student
before joining us.
And I like pia coladas.
Oh, I'm a tourist, by the way.
Actually, would you like
my Bumble profile as well?
He's a little touchy.
And you're a little loose
with your information.
Why would you offer up all our
secrets on a silver platter?
It's all right.
He has a right to be suspicious.
I would be.
So what's your story, guys?
A decade after we
all served in Iraq,
I hear from this
guy named Balthazar,
who asked me to save the world
from a demon named Michael,
who is trying to build an
army to destroy mankind.
You know him.
He's an archangel, not a demon.
There's a difference.
The demon we were
tracking, Legion,
is one of Michael's
soldiers of darkness.
Well, Balthazar
said I wouldn't be
successful without
the warriors of peace.
That's why we're here.
Michael is planning something.
No, we're to stay neutral
and keep the peace.
If we were supposed
to intervene,
they will let us know.
We will not hear
it from a human.
Then why else would
we be led here?
Well, we've got our
orders from up top,
not from the people
with the prophecies.
I'm sorry.
He's right.
There are consequences
if we involve ourselves
with strictly human affairs.
There are channels that
we have to go down.
[church bell tolls]
[typing on computer]
So now, what's your plan
to find this Michael guy?
Something will turn up.
We just need to keep looking.
Oh, I see-- faith.
That's what we're counting on.
Can't believe I'm
the only one who sees
we're wasting our time here.
Just give it another
couple of days, Paul.
I think I found someone
who can help us.
We were expecting a Newton.
And I was expecting warriors.
Newton's off somewhere.
Nobody knows.
But I am Deborah.
And no, you cannot call me Deb.
Yeah, for sure.
Which one of you is
the sharpshooter?
Well, here you go.
What am I supposed
to do with these?
Snipers are best with knives.
Think of the ammo you'll save.
And this is for you.
It looks like a
'90's cell phone.
Yeah, except this
has more range.
Hang on.
It's for you.
I like it.
And let me guess.
You're the medic.
How did you know that?
Lucky guess.
This is something
extremely special.
It's ignotus.
It's unknown, can't bring
anyone back from the dead.
It doesn't always work.
But when it does, it
performs a miracle.
How will I know when to use it?
You'll know when to use it.
I also have something
very special for you.
This is Angel's Archer--
into the heart,
the demons depart.
Also, you can use it
when some of these men
are mansplaining
on how to fight.
Finally, someone who gets me.
And I have this for you.
It's actually the oldest
weapon that we have.
It's the flaming sword.
What am I supposed to do?
Well, it's supposed
to react to the user.
Maybe your oldest
weapon just aged out.
Why are you giving this to me?
Because it was left
specifically for you.
By whom?
I have a friend who said
you're going to need it.
Yeah, I think I can
guess who that is.
Why can't I just have this?
That's mine.
Yeah, well, thanks
for all your help.
You're quite welcome.
I really, really
love your weapons.
You do.
You love my weapons?
How much do you love my weapons?
Like a lot.
You do.
You love my weapons a lot?
You still love them?
It's nice meeting you, Deborah.
Nice meeting you, too.
You should go.
See you.
[loud noise]
That's Diana.
Sorry, Jophiel.
She thinks Diana
puts her in a box.
Don't call her that.
Only me and can her that.
Who is she.
An exalted being of
superior intelligence,
taught me everything I know.
She came to me once,
much like I came to you.
You were like me?
Exactly like you.
[creature growls]
But that's a story
for another time.
Something about church
music, haunting.
They say that where
words end, music
begins, that it's the
language of the soul.
Do you know what
that means, Gabriel?
It means only we
can experience it.
I don't understand.
Because demons have no soul.
The warriors of
peace won't help us.
How are we supposed
to find Michael?
And if they can't
hear the music,
then they have to rely
on the spoken word.
What's that supposed to mean?
I don't have to
spell it out for you.
Read between the lines.
You're close, Gabriel, so close.
How close?
You are too late.
The army is almost complete.
We could do this slow or fast.
It's your choice.
Who sent you?
What is the meaning of this?
Who are you?
I've come to recruit you and
your men to fight for me.
I'm quite serious.
I tell you what.
You walk out of here alive,
you have wherever you want.
A library?
You said we were close,
so it had to be local.
He also told me I should study,
which I never did in school.
But since he said they rely
heavily on words, library.
Sarge, why can't he just
tell you where to go?
He speaks in code.
That's what he does.
[door opens]
Maybe that's why you're
not the chosen one.
[melancholic music]
[loud noise]
Oh, fuck, man.
Jesus, Trigger.
Jumpy, huh?
[demons growling]
Where's Michael?
How'd you find us?
Well, it seems you're right.
Michael is trying
to build an army.
What made you change your mind?
Deborah was just
attacked by a demon.
She's fine, no surprise.
But before she destroyed it,
he revealed that the army's
almost complete.
So what now?
Now we go home.
This is a suicide mission.
We're lucky we're
even still alive.
Retreat is not an option.
This mission is hopeless.
It's not hopeless.
That demon kept
repeating something
like uplacite, placite.
Wait a minute.
There is an ancient
cave town here
in Georgia called
Uplistsikhe, which translates
to the Lord's fortress.
How far is it from here?
We walk from here.
From here?
It's all the way
up the mountain.
If we drive any
closer, we'll pick up
on vibrations from the SUV.
We need to hurry if we want to
make it back before nightfall.
Well, I've got some readings
that way, and this way, too.
All right.
Paul, you come with me.
We'll head this way.
Yeah, let's split up.
Smart move.
I'm going to come with you guys.
The rest of you, head that way.
We'll rendezvous back here.
Radio if you find anything.
Let's move out.
Are you sure you want to
go in this lion's den?
Seems like a trap.
Would you rather wait
for them to come to us?
Actually, yeah.
[demonic voice]
[creature roars]
[creature screaming in pain]
[padre groaning]
Thanks, guys.
Medic lady.
It's Leah.
How are you feeling?
Just one step closer to God.
It's just a flesh wound.
You'll live.
You should have listened to me.
This would have never happened.
Paul, give it a rest.
I'm so over these
little bedtime stories.
Your superstitious
religious dogma.
I don't believe it.
All I need is this and this.
I'm out.
Do you need something, Sergeant?
I just want to know
how to make this work.
Hand it over.
It doesn't work.
How did you do that?
You are not a man
of god, are you?
Well, I--
Thought so.
Give this to Padre.
He'll know what to do.
You are fully capable
of wielding this weapon,
but you need help.
And it's the kind of help
that I cannot give you.
And Padre can.
He can help, but
it has to be you.
Calm down.
All right.
Don't let anyone tell
you it's not about size.
Hey, if you must know,
my girlfriend, Deborah,
gave me these bad boys
because I have the best day.
Maybe your girlfriend,
Deborah, is
trying to keep your distance
because she doesn't trust
you know where to stick it.
All right, all right.
Just don't call me when
you need backup, OK?
You can keep your baby
knife in your pants.
Hey, touche.
So you think you can teach
me some of those moves?
Yeah, sure, maybe later.
I'm a bit busy now.
Busy with what?
We take turns at the local
orphanage, teaching Bible study
and helping out the
kitchen, that kind of stuff.
That's really noble.
Well, all three
of us are orphans.
It's important to give back.
Hey, you mind if I and
my baby knives tag along.
They are something, aren't they?
They can be a handful,
but they're good kids.
Yeah, I know how hard it
is not having a family.
[car tires screech]
Where's Michael?
Where's the army?
You know the
definition of crazy?
Doing the same thing
over and over again
and expecting the right result.
Deborah said the power was
within me to make it work,
but I don't understand.
Takes a leap of faith.
That's what I keep
hearing from everyone.
But what do I have to do?
How do I-- how do I
prove myself, Padre?
Gabriel, faith is
a matter of trust.
You can have the resolve
to run toward the ledge.
But do you believe that someone
will catch you when you jump?
If you believe,
the time is right.
Sword will have you back.
Trust me.
And I never said thank you
for helping us out back
at the library.
We wouldn't have made it out
of there if it wasn't for you.
We're on the same mission.
If you fail, we all fail.
Hey, guys.
I've got some strong readings
out of the Rudzinsky forest.
Something is definitely
going on there.
Whatever it is, it is huge.
[creature growling]
That's a lot of ugly
ass tango, Sarge.
Stay close.
[creature growling]
What was that about?
Don't shoot.
How'd you find us?
I've been spotting you
since the clearing.
What made you come back?
I spotted a demon, followed him
to the Chronicle of Georgia.
And I saw Michael.
I don't believe him.
So where is he?
How did you know it was him?
I have no doubt about it.
As he spoke, they were kneeling.
They were worshiping.
You have to believe me.
So you back in then?
Let's send this
bitch back to hell.
Did you ever suffer
a crisis of faith?
God is always talking
to us, Gabriel.
You just have to
stop and listen.
At the end of the day,
we may have faith,
but faith is always something
worth finding, always.
Come on.
We should go, huh?
They know you're here.
[demonic screech]
So rude of me.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I am Michael, the archangel.
This is my army of the dead.
Drives you mad, doesn't it?
I've been right under
your nose all this time.
Shoot him.
On your knees.
I'll kill you right now.
Man, what, are you nuts?
This is a shooting range.
Get out of here.
Hello, Paul.
Now, your failure cost
your best friend his life.
I'll kill you for this.
Such spirit should be rewarded
with a place among my ranks.
Not a chance.
I'll see you in hell.
As you wish.
[padre breathing heavily]
Padre, we're going to
get you some help, OK?
God is finally
calling me to him.
Have faith.
Where are we now?
This is Tbilisi.
What do you mean?
If Michael and his army wins,
this is what the Earth becomes.
He and his army of the
dead will plow through you
to keep going till
there's nothing left.
It's hopeless.
God never said the journey
was going to be easy.
But trust me when I say that
the arrival will be worth it.
But why me, Balthazar?
You want to know
why you were chosen?
Close your eyes.
Trust me.
At that moment you lost
your faith, lost your way.
God never gave up on
you, his avenging angel,
his warrior of peace.
Do you know why it is that
the team followed you here?
Are you saying they came
because they had faith in God?
I'm saying they came
here because they
had faith in the God in you.
Look where that got them.
Oh, ye of little faith.
[creature snarling]
[creature squealing]
Ah, Gabriel.
I knew a man once by that name.
You remind me of him.
It was also a great warrior,
quite self-righteous,
quick to anger.
You're here to surrender.
I'll be very disappointed.
I'm not here to surrender.
Then you're here
to join my army.
We could use a soldier
like you, that you now
have a choice to pick the
side will be victorious.
Join us, or perish with
the rest of humanity.
You're right.
This is my choice.
You think you can defeat me?
I could beat you with
one hand behind my back.
You're still only a man.
Didn't give me a hand?
Now we're even.
Let's go kick some demon butt.
Well done, Gabriel.
Well done.
Help me, Legion.
Let us regroup.
What are you doing?
You'll pay for this treason.
You may have defeated me.
Your friend will spend all
of eternity in hell with me.
You will have your own circle
of hell to worry about.
My Lord, please.
It's not over.
I can still defeat them.
You had your chance.
I knew I shouldn't
have trusted you.
That's twice you have failed.
There will not be a third time.
I'm an archangel.
I'm one of the most powerful
beings in the underworld.
Am I late to the party?
It's time, Michael.
I'll be seeing you again.
I'm not afraid.
We'll see.
Give the old man my regards.
So what now?
We go home.
You go home.
I've got nothing to go back to.
There are men down.
I'm staying.
What about your family?
This is my family now.
Not like we'll have much use
for one-handed warrior of piece.
Hey, man, it's just a scratch.
What do you mean?
Looks good, right?
Come on.
Do your magic thing.
Well done.
I'm dead, aren't I?
You've always known.
I didn't want to believe.
I'm ready.
I know.
[deep breath]
Are you Jasmine?
My parents say I'm not
supposed to talk to strangers.
Those are wise words to live by.
But we came to give you a gift
from your neighbor, Gabriel.
Really, for me?
Here, Dinah.
Oh, my God.
Thank you so much.
It's perfect.
Do you like tea parties?
Yeah, more like I love them.
Here you go.
[music playing]