Angels in Stardust (2014) Movie Script

Best glazed doughnut I ever had
was down the road
in Muskogee, Oklahoma.
That's the truth.
I was just passing through town,
and there it was
in a little
hole-in-the-wall joint.
glazed doughnut
in all of creation.
I love glazed doughnuts.
I know.
We got similar tastes.
Funny coming on a prize
doughnut in Muskogee.
Yeah, you don't expect that
in Indian territory.
Not like beads.
Or drums.
Or war bonnets.
Okie ain't so Indian anymore.
Not pure.
It's a lot like that nowadays.
Everything's mixed up.
especially around Tardust.
I don't understand folks
around here.
Land's fat with highways,
got three rivers
bleeding into each other,
take a soul almost anywhere.
Everybody sticks here.
Hey, Vallie Sue!
Hey, yourself, Loretta!
Well, come on, girl!
I see you talking
to yourself again.
So? You're
too old for that.
People think that you're loopy.
Uh, why are we
driving backwards?
Thought your dad
let you have the car.
Not entirely.
He gave me 20 miles max,
so I gotta keep the mileage down
so we can go to the
Two Kiss after church.
Shouldn't we be driving
backwards from the church?
Do you want the guys to see me
driving down the drag like this,
like I'm great or vain
or something? Uh-uh.
Brethren, there's one man
who can save your souls
from the flames
of eternal damnation.
What's his name?
Jesus! Jesus.
What's his name?
That's right.
Millie, so glad things
are working out.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah. Heh.
Well, how nice to see you.
And you, too, Loretta.
So where are your folks tonight?
Oh, well, mine's
at Cheney's Tavern
getting stinko, probably.
And your mother, Vallie?
Uh, well, Reverend,
I heard something
about a two-headed dog,
a fearsome thing
running wild in Tardust,
so of course a bunch of folks and
my mom went out looking for it.
Aha. Well, I see.
Uh, well,
you girls have a nice evening.
Good night.
Why did you say the damn
fool thing about that dog?
It's not a fool thing.
I seen one.
In your dreams.
One of Mrs. Stubblefield's
Also showed a woman
gave birth to a...
baby with horns.
Ha! I've seen
some boys with those.
Mrs. Stubblefield
showed me a picture of...
An angel of God
lynched from a tree
is in one of them rags.
Oh, it's a bad sign, child,
a bad, bad sign.
Shows the forces of evil
are gaining on us.
Even around Tardust?
Oh, especially here.
We got devils living
all around Tardust.
You gotta be careful
out there, child,
very, very careful.
You see a saucer?
No, just a crop duster.
But they's out there.
Why are you listening to
that old scarecrow anyhow?
It's not like the preacher
could have known
that Mom hasn't been home
most of the weekends.
I suppose.
But still...
A two-headed dog?
Two-headed dog
ain't nothing.
There's all kind
of strange creatures...
squirrels that fly,
people with pink eyes.
I saw a woman with a beard
once at the carnival.
See what I mean?
Probably had hair
on her chest and back.
I don't want
to ruminate on that...
but it shows
that nature is peculiar.
Here. Give me your hand.
So Mom could have been
chasing a two-faced dog, huh?
Most likely has.
Thanks for the ride, honey.
Same to you, darling.
Hey, hon.
Hi, Pleasant.
Hi, Ma.
Land sake,
turn that thing down, Pleasant.
What are you, deaf and dumb?
You're too close, too.
Look what I brought you.
Your favorite.
Thanks, Ma.
I see you spying on your
mama out that window, hon.
No, I wasn't.
Well, you should've.
Mighty pretty boy
that dropped me off.
You're old enough
to appreciate that.
Well, I'm gonna take a bath...
I'm so tired...
and go straight to bed.
Night, Ma.
Hey, bud,
it's time for bed.
Look, Vallie.
Your favorite.
I told you I'd come back.
Hey, Ma?
Mr. Sunday called,
said he'd like you
to come in early tomorrow.
A big wreck out on 30.
Three were killed.
Great. Was hoping
for a quiet week
at the bone parlor.
So am I gonna meet this one?
Oh, that boy?
Doubt it.
Ain't much future
in a 99-cent musician.
You ain't gonna see him again?
Ain't the point.
We need a man who can help us,
not hobble us.
I ain't getting any younger.
You're 31.
You want to meet him?
Not especially, no.
Well, good thing I didn't ask him in,
then, huh?
I'd say your mama's
got a thing for cowboys.
Looks that way.
I can't say I blame her.
Your daddy was
a cowboy, wasn't he?
That's what Mom says.
Pleasant, too.
Never met neither of 'em.
she's got a cowpoke persuasion for sure.
You ought to bring her around,
introduce us.
Oh, you got money?
None to speak of
Then forget about it.
Thank you very much.
You should sit down,
Mr. Hogan.
You may still be weak
from the accident.
Oh, thank you, ma'am,
but I should greet the guests.
Do you expect many more?
Not really.
We haven't lived here for long,
don't know many folks.
You and your dearly departed
just bought that big Seminole
Valley spread, didn't you?
Yes, we did.
if there's anything I can do for you,
you just let me know,
Mr. Hogan,
anything at all.
Well, thank you, ma'am.
Bet you don't have anybody to
help you with that owie do you?
I knew it. I knew it.
I'm gonna come over to that
lonely old house of yours tonight
and cook you a good dinner.
Oh, well, now, I can't ask that.
Well, you ain't asking.
I'm giving.
Just think of it as part of our services,
Mr. Hogan.
Well, when you put it that way.
Ain't no other way to do it.
And don't you worry
about the turnout, okay?
I'm gonna make sure there are
plenty of folks at the
funeral procession.
Where are your friends?
Melody had to work at the DQ,
and Loretta said I couldn't
force her down here
with a tow truck
and six hot mechanics.
Then offer her a dozen.
You promised.
Ma, I did not promise.
It's hard getting folks
to go to a funeral
of a body they don't know.
Just try again, please.
All right, I'm going.
I could get Pitney.
That silly
red-haired kid?
He's got nice clothes.
Go. Call him.
What is it with Goofy?
Pitney is taking baton
twirling lessons.
He wants to lead parades.
Well, this here is
a funeral procession.
Close enough.
This is so...
Hey, at least
you're getting paid.
Aww. Well,
I will take you
to the Two Kiss after
and buy you a sodie.
Me, too?
We can sit in the backseat
and make out like lovers.
Here. Put this on.
What, that ratty old thing?
Put it on.
The way you're dressed,
it looks like we're
mourning your lost virtue.
Just wear it.
Pitney! What...
What are you doing?
Give me that.
Thank you, Mr. Sunday.
Everything was splendid.
It's never enough,
Mr. Hogan.
See you later, Fred.
What are you up to?
I told you before
this is a business,
not your personal mixer.
He's a decent man.
How else am I supposed
to meet such a fella?
How 'bout a church social?
That pitiful lot?
May as well raffle myself
off at the VA hospital.
Am... Am I
hurting anybody?
Mm, mm, mm.
Hmm? If I am,
I'd sure like to know.
What are you doing?
Come on. Let's go.
Uh-uh. In a minute.
Ain't you been here before?
Jeez, you are out of it.
This is a regular
make-out zone at night.
He's got cowboy boots on.
It's weird.
Uh, not around here.
Seems kind of sacrilegious,
that's all.
No, you want to see sacrilege,
you just come out here
on a Saturday night.
This is a regular
Sodom and Gomorrah.
Come on.
Let's go.
This place is creepy without
a car under your butt
and a boy stuck to your face.
Come on.
Come on!
Hey, Mrs. Dinwiddie.
Hey, Tammy.
Hey, Addie.
Does she ever talk?
Not to me.
Did you have a good day?
Put a poor soul in the ground.
Oh, no, not his soul, honey,
just his body.
How's about a lemonade?
You look parched.
Spot any UFOs today?
Nope, but they's out there.
I tell you, Addie,
we've been busier
than a june bee
on chocolate lately.
Oh, I heard about the wreck.
Got two
and two more from the gas
explosion at Hartley's.
Oh, I heard that was terrible.
Did they look frightful?
Picture charbroiled tater tots,
and you get the idea.
Oh, dear, you have
got a hard job.
I've had worse.
Come from tenant farmers.
Picked cotton and collards
till I was a teenager.
Oh, I hear you, honey.
Called 'em sharecroppers
back in the day.
That's where I got the lung
disease put me on relief.
Heh. My daddy worked my body
to death in them fields.
Only reason sharecroppers
have young'uns.
Oh, ain't that the truth?
Take planting corpses over
pulling cotton any day.
I hear you.
Ever been yonder?
Over by the sun.
Suppose that's
where our Pas went.
Why are you thinking about that?
It must be better there.
Why'd they go?
Why do you want to go
when you ain't ever been?
Well, nothing really
here for us, Pleasant.
Ain't you scared?
Scared both ways.
Oh, you boys are
wasting your time.
Yeah, peach fuzz don't
turn Francine on nohow.
Wouldn't talk if I
was you, Big Bird.
Only thing that's
gonna mate with you
is a horny old whooping crane.
Never cared much
for that Mickey.
His buddy Old Ray's a piece of work,
too, isn't he?
I see kids going in and
out of there all the time.
What do you think they're up to?
No good, most likely.
What do you suppose
they're doing in there?
They're picture taking, dope.
Well, duh.
But of what?
Good question.
One way to find out.
What? Loretta!
No, wait. Damn it.
I can't... I can't see.
Okay, just see if you can see.
What? Somebody
might catch us.
Do not be a pussy.
Come on.
Oh, my...
Hee hee!
Oh, my God.
What? What?
I can't really...
What the hell
you think y'all doing?
We ain't doing nothing.
Come on.
Stay away from here,
or you'll come
to no good, you hear?
Tenkill, what's going on, boy?
I'll be right there, sugar.
Come on.
Think Tenkill's
in cahoots with 'em?
Let's see if
I got this straight.
We're trying to figure out
if Tenkill's doing something
we haven't figured out if Mickey
and Old Ray are doing yet?
Is that right?
Tough call,
but you best keep
your distance, anyway.
Hard to do.
Hey, there, girlie.
How you doing?
You know, I seen you
nosing around my place
last night.
Ah, it's okay.
It's okay.
Maybe you'd like
to come in sometime.
Nah, it's okay.
Mm. Well,
maybe when you's
a little more grown up, then.
I think maybe you and I
are gonna do that dance then.
I tell you what, girl,
gonna change your life.
What'd you see
looking in his window?
Not sure.
Francine probably knows
what they're up to.
Oh, come on. Please?
Come on. Stop it.
Come on.
Why not?
I swear on my mama's grave.
We won't tell nobody.
When'd your mama die, Loretta?
I saw her just today down
at the Piggly Wiggly.
Well, she's going
to die sometime.
Forget it.
You're too young.
What is that supposed to mean?
We are the exact
same age as you.
Yeah, age don't mean nothing.
'Sides, there's no telling
what they'd do if I snitch,
so stop. Go.
Damn it.
Should've snitched.
Guess she was talking
about experience, hmm?
Well, all I know about sex
is what I seen in the movies.
Nothing wrong with that.
But it's not real.
Nope, but it's safe.
Bad side, baby
War day or night
Bad side, baby
War day or night
Been spying on folks
a lot lately.
It was Loretta's doing.
Counting the other morning?
That was different.
Yeah, that's right.
Come on.
Jeez, Ma.
Wife's barely cold
in the grave, huh?
I'm just helping a man
through a trying time.
It's part of my job.
Till dawn?
If I wait for Mrs. Dearly
Departed to get cold as charity,
somebody else'll
sidle up to him before me.
Yeah, wow.
Doesn't seem that much
of a prize, anyway.
Look here, girl.
There's lots of men
out there, good and bad,
and it ain't easy telling
the chaff from the wheat,
so you got to cast
your bread on the water
looking for the right nibble.
But you shouldn't
be worrying about me.
Gotta be thinking
about yourself.
Well, here, what's that girl,
you know,
married the buffalo boy?
Buffalo boy?
Yeah, you know, um...
Oh, Cody and Lisa?
That's the one.
Well, she... she found
herself a man at 14.
Now, not that you want
to aim as low as her,
but there ought to be a
nice boy out there for you.
Just don't be coming home
with your belly all blown up,
or I'll kick your butt out.
Last thing I need
is more kids around here.
Two of youse to love is enough.
Just 'cause you and my ma
got married young, Lisa,
don't mean I'm gonna.
All I know's I like it.
That's 'cause Cody
knocked all the
sense out of you.
It's not like everybody
can't see this for themselves,
He only does it
when I rub him wrong.
Besides, making up's nice.
I'll bet.
You know, I'll bet
that your ma just
wants you married off
so that she could be free of you,
My ma loves me as much as yours,
and you're dirt
to say crosswise.
I think her ma just
wants her to be happy.
It's a lot nicer being married,
doing it with
just one man, you know.
Well, it is.
You do it a lot?
Every morn and night.
Get out.
On weekends,
he likes it midday, too.
Cody gets a stiff worked up
pretty regular.
Aw, damn. I gotta
get me a man.
I need one.
Shh. Cut that.
Here comes Cody.
Hey, Vallie.
What's doing?
Hey, Loretta.
Hi, Cody.
Lisa was just telling us
what a sweet man you are.
that's mighty nice
of you, sweet pea.
Just the truth.
Come here.
We better be heading.
See you!
Don't do nothing we wouldn't do.
Hey, what is that
supposed to mean?
We don't do nothing.
You speak for yourself.
Maybe I should cast my bread
on the water more.
All things considered,
I think your dough
could use some rising.
Suppose anybody'll
think I'm pretty?
Oh, yeah.
Yes, honey, they will.
More than that,
you're smart and talented.
Makes you a triple threat.
There's more to the world than
Tardust and birthing babies.
What's a pollywog like
you know about the world?
I watch movies and read.
My teacher tells us stuff.
Did you hear
what Mrs. Bowes said
about that woman scientist?
What, about being
born as poor as us?
No, Gomer.
Dying radioactive.
How messed up is that?
I do not want to be a scientist.
I want to be like
Agatha Christie,
a great writer.
How are you ever
gonna be a writer?
Poor kid from the sticks.
Mrs. Bowes says Agatha didn't
have a father, just like me.
Except her pa died.
Yours just up and ran away,
loser in chief.
Loretta says men
want one thing and women got it.
I don't know as men are that predictable.
Some of us are quite
complex and sensitive.
I know somebody like that.
I know you do.
Not you.
Ah, that pretty boy at school
you're always gawking at.
He is not a pretty boy.
Well, hell, he better be.
That's a lot of hanging
around and waiting for ugly.
I do not gawk at him.
You stare at him like
a hound dog after a hambone.
That's gawking.
he's very affecting.
Hey, I saw you
fighting with those
boys at school.
What was that all about?
I stepped on their
dumb old baseball
cards by accident.
Where'd you learn those
nasty words you called him?
I've been around.
Well, stop it.
You're using 'em wrong, anyway.
And pay attention to
where you're going.
I pay attention plenty.
Only to that darn
Indian, Tenkill.
Do not.
Do so.
I don't like it.
I don't trust him.
Hey, Pleasant,
I ever told you about
the native fire legend?
well, in the beginning
of time...
this world was cold.
It was very cold.
But the thunders,
see, they brought lightning.
And struck a hollow tree afire
on a distant island.
And, see, a raven,
a screech owl,
they flew out there
to try to get that fire.
And, Raven used to be white,
tried to pick that fire up,
and he burned hisself,
and that's why he's black now.
Yeah, and Screech Owl,
he rubbed his eyes
so hard from all that smoke,
that now that's why owls
got the big old eyes.
Anyway, they couldn't find
a way to pick up that fire.
So finally a water spider...
she came crawling
across that water.
She spun a tutsi bowl
on her back.
A what bowl?
Tutsi bowl.
Mean like a Tootsie Roll?
No, it's just a bowl.
It's not important.
Can I finish my story?
I just don't get
the Tootsie Roll part.
Forget that.
This is a plain old bowl, okay?
All right.
So that water spider,
she... she put that ember
in her tut...
in a bowl and brought it
back across the water
to all the other creatures,
and forever after,
that's how the world had fire.
Do Indians believe that?
Eh, not so much anymore,
but that's
a pretty good story, eh?
It's okay.
Not as good as those
Saturday-morning cartoons,
I suppose?
Not the "X-Men."
You didn't tell your mother about
him hanging around Tenkill?
Nah, 'course not.
She'd be pissed.
That a mighty queer family.
Mother's hot for cowboys,
and brother's
chasing after an Injun.
Well, Mom thinks he's slow.
Doesn't seem like she'd
know too much about that.
but schoolwise, he's rickety.
Pleasant's teacher and I
feel that he needs
tutoring, Mrs. Russell,
in a special education school.
That's for retards, ain't it?
Challenged is the term.
I think that it would be
better for his self-esteem
if he were with children
who didn't outperform him.
You think it'll be better
for Pleasant's self-esteem
to be situated
with a bunch of morons?
I think that's not the best way
of looking at it, Mrs. Russell.
Well, you look at it any way you want to,
I'm gonna need to think on it.
Um, but you won't be kicking my boy out,
will you?
No. No,
of course not.
Okay. Thank you.
Come on.
...part with the
father rescuing...
There you are.
Hi, Ma.
Hello, Mrs. Russell.
Hello. Ready?
I was hoping
I could talk with you.
Oh? You're not
gonna tell me
my girl's an idiot, are you?
Oh, my gosh, no.
Why would I say that?
She's quite talented.
Yes. Vallie is
a very good writer.
In fact, she wrote a story
I'd like to enter
in a national contest.
What's that gonna cost?
Well, um,
I'm sure the school can pay any fees.
Okay, then.
Uh, you should really think
about sending Vallie
to the Latin School
in Oklahoma City.
Latin? What good's
that gonna do her?
That's just the name
of the school, Mrs. Russell.
Oh, I'm sorry. I...
No, it's okay.
It's a common mistake.
Well, thank you,
Ms. Bowes.
Good for you.
Come on, Pleasant.
Let's go, bud.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Hey, Ma...
What do you think about me
getting into that Latin School?
Oh, Vallie, how are we
ever going to afford that?
And to what purpose, hon?
Do you think you're gonna
be President or something?
She thinks I could be a writer.
Oh, hon...
You gotta be sensitive to the
limitations of your birth.
Your best bet is to do
like Elaine Howser did
or my pitiful mama
for that matter,
found a nice man,
take her away from
a hardscrabble life.
Ain't seen hide nor hair
of her since I was 10.
Don't that make you mad?
Mad? No.
Who could blame her?
Daddy worked us like dogs,
worse than dogs.
Evening, ladies.
God damn it, you got
some airs about you
for trailer trash, chickpea.
I hate him, Ma.
Some bitches.
Being neighborly is all.
All right! Bikes!
Why do you always get
the good stuff?
I'm a wish-book beast.
I take that one and that one,
ooh, and that one.
You'd be
a three-bike boy.
Your turn.
All right.
Come on. Be good.
Lawn furniture?
We don't have a lawn.
Yeah, exactly.
Wait a minute.
What's that?
It's a Black & Decker
bug zapper.
Cool. I'll trade you
one of my bikes for it.
But I want the Razor.
Tenkill says
Thunderbird makes thunder
to protect us
from witches at night.
Hey, that's heathen stuff.
Pleasant, you're
supposed to be asleep.
I can't.
Can you give me
something to dream on?
Imagine you're
in a ferocious battle.
Your men are pinned down
on Slaughterhouse Hill.
Only one person has
the speed and daring
to make it up the hill
and save 'em...
Sergeant Russell,
fighting man of fury!
This one's cool.
Can you take it from here?
Night, Vallie.
Night, Pleasant.
We got some cool stuff
for Mom's Birthday, Val.
Yeah, we sure did.
What are we looking at?
...really perform.
I just...
I can't even tell you how
much that meant to me. Just...
That's so kind of you to say.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Such a pleasure.
Thanks. Goodbye.
Did you want me to sign a book?
Oh, I... I don't have one.
Oh. Would you
like a book?
Yes, please, ma'am, I would.
Thank you, Bobby.
What's your name?
Vallie Sue.
That's very pretty.
Thank you.
What'd she write?
"Turn your dreams and ambitions
into tomorrow's daily bread."
What's that mean?
She thinks we should
change our diet.
Wow, cool.
How's she know what we eat?
Come on, bud.
I don't see her.
Is that her?
Oh, no.
Some dumb old guy's with her.
- Oh, great.
- I'll be there.
Give me five minutes, darling.
Shh. Quiet. Quiet.
Get down. Get down.
Now, what the...
What are you two up to?
Happy birthday, Mom.
Look what we got you!
Happy birthday, Mom.
You two are so sweet.
All this for me?
It's your presents, Ma.
Me and Val have been
saving forever.
Well, I expect you have.
Now, how 'bout we do this later,
though, okay?
I got somebody waiting.
Aw, Mom.
He wants to take me out
for a birthday dinner.
Ain't that nice?
Look, I'll blow out the candles,
and we'll celebrate later, okay?
Make a wish.
Okay, I gotta get a move on.
Later, okay?!
She don't like the stuff, Val.
She does.
She's just busy.
Want some cake?
Nah. I don't want any.
Check this out.
You know, Natives believe
that spirits
can inhabit animals.
Do you believe that?
I think that there's
guardian spirits,
so, yeah, it's possible.
He won't run away, will he?
I'll make sure he doesn't.
We'll put a bell around this,
and we'll tie it
around his neck.
Then you'll always
know where he's at.
I'm gonna name him Spirit, 'kay?
Well, that part's up to you.
He's your cat.
Vallie, look what I got!
Wow, it's cute.
Where'd you get it?
Tenkill gave it to me.
What are you doing?
Take this.
What are you thinking?
I was just trying to do
something nice for Pleasant.
What's wrong with you?
Just stop it.
I don't have time to watch
Pleasant every minute.
You have to help me
keep a better eye on him.
I know.
Ma, why do you dislike
Tenkill so much?
My God, he's like a primitive,
full of heathen stories
and god-awful savage myths.
Thinks he can wheedle his way
into our family through Pleasant,
improve his station
marrying a white woman.
Our people civilized
this country.
We got no business sinking
back into savage ways,
trashing the family tree.
Bad enough we gotta contend
with a boy that's slower
than a slug in May.
Where is that boy, anyways?
I don't know.
He ran off somewheres.
Well, you better go find him
before it gets dark.
I don't know how
people stand smoking.
Common appetite.
Part of being human.
Looks stupid.
Thanks for sugarcoating it.
Loretta says Ma's got
a powerful appetite for men.
Well, that's
a whole 'nother story.
you filthy little slut.
Is that what I raised you to be?
Ma, I'm sorry!
You're hurting me, Ma!
Leave me alone!
You go! Now!
You move it!
Leave me alone!
Hey, Ma.
Uh, I heard Francine's ma
screaming at her
'cause she came out of a
concession stand with a boy,
and he was pulling his pants up.
Ah, Tenkill ought to tear that
damn old concession stand down.
Never used
for nothing but no good.
Think Old Ray sold
drugs out of it once.
Did you mess around
with lots of boys
when you were Francine's age?
Not exactly a proper question for your mom,
But I had my share of beaus.
How come you never
marry any of 'em?
Marrying's a serious business,
gotta be worthwhile.
What about that widow man?
Up to his ears in debt, hon.
Good thing I went
through his desk.
We don't need no more problems,
do we?
No, ma'am.
Going after a man
is like wildcatting, hon.
You're searching
for a good claim
in a land of doubtful
And even though
I like the prospecting,
I ain't hanging around
no empty wells.
Remember, hon,
the man does the drilling,
but it's us women that
takes most of the risk.
See how pretty
this makes your feet?
Hey, is that important?
Like honey to bees, sweetie.
Would you marry anyone
with plentiful well?
Not anyone.
Can't marry beneath yourself.
Like Tenkill?
I bet he was hot when he was young.
Ma says he was
an all-state halfback,
says he's real strong.
Used to twist nails
around his girlfriends'
fingers for steady rings.
Ma says that your ma
had a thing for him.
Mm-hmm. Swear!
My ma says he
followed her around.
Yours says more, she's a liar.
Okay. Don't get mad.
I'm just saying what I heard.
Ah, look at old Dinwiddie
garbage picking.
Suppose Tenkill
pays her for that?
No. She's just
got no life.
What you doing?
Just hanging.
Hey, you got a cigarette?
I say can't you see
I want to believe
Take me away
Take me away...
I love your car, Cody, man.
Yeah? That's cool.
I try to live it...
Hey, hop in.
We'll go to the Two Kiss
and hang.
We can do that.
Can't we, Vallie Sue?
I mean, I got no money.
Oh, no sweat.
I got Andy Jackson
burning a hole.
Give her some room, dude.
In the back, dope!
Come on.
Oh. Oh, yeah. Yeah.
So take me away
Hi, Vallie Sue.
Hey, Boyd.
Bang it.
Take me away
Where the milk and honey
run just like...
Boyd, ain't you part Indian?
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
You know your tribe?
Uh, Choctaw,
but ain't like
I live out on the res.
You know,
nothing to be ashamed of.
Eh, nothing for pride, neither,
not like winning
the lottery or something.
No, I guess not.
Hey, y-you want
to go out sometime?
Hey, Loretta!
Well, jeez.
"Well, jeez," what?
I'm sorry. What?
Uh, go out, like to a movie?
Oh, yeah. I guess.
Maybe we'll go see "Pocahontas"?
Oh, th-that was a joke.
Think you can marry an Indian?
I don't know.
Lot of bad blood.
Hmm. Like
the Little Big Horn.
Or "Little Big Man."
Or Wounded Knee.
You know, some folks
just don't mix well.
but half the state's got Indian blood.
Guess when people
got their clothes off,
all that bad blood
just turns hot.
Wait. Okay.
This is a peculiar territory,
awful pretty in places,
but you look close,
and the grounds full of rocks
in the worst
damn dirt in creation.
Not good for growing at all.
I hate it when she
brings 'em home.
I hate it.
Sounds dangerous.
And disturbing for sure.
Yeah. You don't
know the half.
Oh, my God.
Hey, Ma...
Why'd you bring him home?
You never bring them home.
Please, Vallie.
It's too early.
He saw me in my underwear!
He didn't touch you, did he?
Nah, 'course not.
Well, then?
Ain't right.
It's not.
Why didn't you go
to his place, Ma?
We couldn't.
He said he was
getting his place
redone or something.
He's married, Ma.
You're screwing
married men, stupid.
Don't you talk to me
like that, young lady.
I hate you!
After all I've done
for you, you snot!
Get off me!
Stop it!
You're bad.
You're bad people!
I hate you!
I hate you both!
You're ugly
pieces of hose-beast!
Gosh damn it.
What did he call us?
I don't know.
He hears things and mixes
'em up sometimes.
Damn it.
I'm not no home-wrecker.
You're getting older now.
You need to be
finding yourself a man
like I did when I was your age.
I don't know how much longer
we can live under
the same roof. Get me?
Yeah, I get you.
I'm really sorry.
I, uh...
I love you more than anybody.
You know that.
Hey, you and me has gotta
always be friends, okay?
No matter what.
You promise?
Okay, let's go.
I don't like it under here.
Where we going?
I thought we'd head
over to the cemetery,
see what's doing.
Y-You ever been?
Oh, not at night.
What's that?
Oh, it's... it's, uh,
Buzz Biker's Easy Living.
It's cheap, but it's good.
Um, no, thanks.
You gotta loosen up, Vallie Sue.
All that's gonna loosen
up is my dinner.
There she is, darling.
It's huge.
It surely is, darling.
Come on. Let me
show you the works!
Hey, is that Cody's car?
Uh, yeah, it is.
He brings Lisa here?
That probably ain't Lisa.
What are you... No.
Vallie, stop!
What are you...
Can't be bothering people when
they got their heads down!
I knew it!
What are you doing here?
I can't believe you, Loretta,
or you either, Cody.
Boyd, get the hell out of here!
What's the matter with you?
I'm trying to get her.
Get your shirt on!
Get out of here!
Please, I told you,
Vallie. I told you...
Hey, y'all two got no class!
You know that?!
No class!
Where you going?
I don't do orgies, moron.
Lonnie, get this bitch
out of here.
She's spoiling the vibe.
Get your hands off me!
God damn it!
What's the matter
with you, you jackass?
You trying to kill me?
Wait. What? Wait!
You can't leave me here,
you dirty, lowdown scum!
S-So now what?
I don't want to preach, Tammy.
Then don't put yourself out.
But I think coming out in
the middle of the night
gives me some rights.
You're too old for this, dear.
How old is fitting and proper
to get chucked off a bus
into a mud hole?
You know what I mean.
How many of those girls
with you tonight
had two kids at home?
We didn't trade family pictures.
Not many, I bet.
I thought you didn't gamble.
You're not a young mare
anymore, dear.
You got miles.
It's time for you
to face up to it.
It's time for you
to settle down.
It's time?
When's it my time?
Hey, Vallie Sue.
Come here a sec, darling.
Come on.
So I heard that,
uh, you and Boyd,
y'all set the Guinness record
for short dates last night.
Who told you that?
Well, it made all the papers.
Uh, listen here, darling.
Boyd, he ain't the man
for you anyhow.
Sweet young thing like you,
you need an experienced
old hand like Mick.
I'll take you for a ride.
Just ask Francine here.
Ask me what?
I was just offering my services
to Vallie here,
She is way too good
for you, Mickey.
Now, what the hell's
that supposed to mean?
Vallie's smart.
She's gonna be
a writer or professor
or something,
get out of this place.
Is that so?
Yeah, that is.
Hmm. Well, you just
a sweet young chicken
to me, darling.
I ain't a chicken.
Come on, lover.
Ugh! Your hands
are sticky.
Get off me.
Kick your ass out...
Hey, Vallie.
I ain't wrecking nothing, okay.
Cody don't like Lisa no more.
He's getting a divorce.
Says who?
Says Cody.
He must love me.
Ahem. Look.
What is that?
A bee sting?
It's a hickey, you dope.
Ah, gross.
Okay, guys don't just
give anyone a hickey.
Look. He gave me one
on my chest.
Don't go showing me that,
especially when I'm
going to the revival.
You are?
Do you want me to come with you?
Lightning'll strike,
you get anywheres near it.
Oh, Vallie, come on.
He don't like Lisa no more.
Sure. He don't
like her so much,
he only screws her twice a day
and three times on Sunday.
You shock me sometimes,
Vallie Sue!
You know that?
You do.
We have so many temptations
paraded upon us day after day,
billboards and bumper stickers
and televisions
and T-shirts,
all leading us away
from the true path
of righteousness.
Now, I saw something earlier
I found very disturbing.
I have seen a statue
in your cemetery...
of Jesus in cowboy boots.
Is this the Jesus
of Matthew's gospel?
Of John's?
No, no, this is Jesus
according to John Wayne.
Beware of false prophets,
who come to you
in sheep's clothing.
and know the one true Savior.
He's talking about you, Loretta.
You know, I feel
the Spirit, Val.
You just feel guilty.
I can be saved
just as good as anybody.
No, you just want
to get off easy.
Eh, so's everybody.
That means that you
can do anything.
Well, folks usually do.
Hey, what's going on?
Well, you'll never believe.
Francine's missing.
She run away?
Some say.
I think she was murdered.
Why would anybody kill Francine?
'Cause she's a slut!
Sluts always get it
in the movies.
You suppose Mickey and Old Ray
had anything to do with
Francine disappearing?
They're lowdown enough.
She said they'd do something
if she told anyone.
Pretty strong evidence.
And what about Tenkill?
Indians can be mighty fearsome.
I wish you could help.
You best stay clear
of those boys, darling.
Don't I know.
Get your ass in there.
Stay away from here.
Car D-25,
code 6, 105 North Avenue, 202.
It'll take some time.
To sort through your
daughter's accusation.
Gotta talk to these fellas,
find Mickey
and look for Francine.
I can't believe Tenkill
had anything to do with hurting Francine,
Well, if he didn't,
Miss Russell, we'll find out.
Those fellas are
gonna be as mad as hell.
They won't bother you.
I'll make sure of it.
Talk to you soon.
Come on. Oh.
Hey, Ma.
Why'd you stand up for Tenkill?
Known him half my life.
But I saw him.
Well, I don't know what you saw,
but Tenkill wouldn't help
Old Ray change a tire,
much less kill somebody.
Thought you didn't like him.
Liking's got nothing
to do with it.
You're accusing him of murder.
I can't believe
you accused Tenkill.
He wouldn't hurt nobody.
If I never see him again,
I won't talk to you no more!
See what you done?
You gotta have sympathy
for my girl, Sheriff.
She fell off a pony when she
was little right on her head.
Ever since,
she's been different.
Some of your neighbors,
I'm afraid, think she's touched.
Exactly, full of fancy ideas,
Please call me Clint.
I love that name.
Reminds me of Clint Eastwood.
You do, too.
Hey. I didn't make it up.
Francine's missing.
But there is no evidence
that they hurt her.
Maybe you dreamt it, honey.
Dreamt it?
Sure. Sometimes you get
disturbing thoughts in your head,
and you wake up,
and you think that it happened.
Right, Clint?
It's happened to me.
You are so understanding, Clint.
You really wallop your head?
Ma drags that story out
every time I embarrass her.
I don't remember any such thing.
You think you dreamt it?
I don't know. They do.
So they let 'em go, huh?
Not good.
They's pissed.
Well, if it ain't
our old buddy Vallie Sue.
I ever tell you how much I love
the name Vallie Sue, Mick?
Oh, sure.
You always tell me
how much you love Vallie Sue,
so much you could eat her.
That's right.
I'd eat her all up.
Why don't you smile
for the birdie, girl?
Hey, you got no right
to do that!
Oh, rights?
We just begun exercising our rights,
What'd Ms. Bowes want?
Uh, She wanted to talk to my mom
about trying
to get me a scholarship
to the Latin School
in Oklahoma City.
Well, she'll have to call
missing persons for that.
Speaking of missing,
I saw Francine
on a missing-person
Oh, no, she ain't missing.
She just ran away.
You said she was murdered.
Daisy Shoop said someone saw her
at the bus station
the day she vanished.
And 'sides, you need a body
or bloody clothes for murder.
Why would she run away?
Well, her father found out
that she was donating the family
jewels to the local stud farm.
You know, she probably
ran off to Hollywood.
She always did want
to be a movie star.
Either way,
she ain't coming back.
That is so cool.
I'm so happy.
Hey, what's going on?
You'll never guess.
Well, if I gotta guess,
then I don't want to know.
Lisa's pregnant.
Two months.
Wow. Well,
Yeah, boy!
Hey, Ma...
I need to talk to you.
Oh, I can't talk right now.
Well, Mickey and Old Ray
are after me.
Oh, ignore them.
They're just trying to scare you.
Yeah, they're doing a good job.
They just ran me off the road.
Oh, what did you expect,
that they'd love you?
I don't have time
to deal with your crazy
stories right now.
The Sheriff'll keep 'em in line.
What are you doing that's
so damn important?
I told you.
I got a date
with that guy I been seeing,
the rancher.
He's an ex-rodeo star,
and he's so nice.
All right.
What's his name?
Hooty Hargrove.
That's his stage name
or corral name or something,
but I call him Hoyt.
That's his Christian name,
Hoyt Hargrove.
Ain't that nice?
Great. Yep.
Oh, that's him. Okay.
So you need to stay away
from those mangy characters,
you hear?
Wish me luck.
This guy isn't like the others.
How so?
Well... Heh.
Think he's the gusher she's
been prospecting for.
Says he's gonna be our savior.
Tall order.
Hey, look.
It's Hooty!
Look at that.
Hey, Hooty.
Oh, yes, it is.
Hooty, how are you?
Oh, good. Good.
I'm your biggest fan.
Boy, I seen you ride
a million times.
Yes, he has.
Ah, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Oh, uh, this is my wife, Denise.
Oh, pleasure.
It's so nice to meet you.
I just adore your ads
for Mammon Meats,
Mr. Hargrove.
Oh, well, thank you, ma'am.
We do our best.
Now, are you a rodeo star, too?
Oh, no. I'm just
here with Hoyt.
Sure looks like
a movie star, Hooty.
Yes, she does.
Ah, she sure does.
Mr. Hargrove,
I don't want to put you out,
but do you mind signing
an autograph for my son?
Why, sure. Why, sure.
I'd be happy to.
Oh, thank you so much.
You got it.
Denise. Mm-hmm.
It's Denise.
There it is.
There it is!
Would you sign it, too?
Me? You don't want
my autograph!
Yes, I do!
Yeah, she does.
She does. Gotta keep
the public happy, hon!
Thank you.
You are such a lovely couple.
Ah, thank you.
Do you have children?
Nah. No. No.
We don't want no young'uns
running around here.
Been there, done that!
When we had
a rock-'n-'roll band...
Thank you.
That's really nice.
So nice to meet you.
Thank you very much.
Nice to meet you folks.
You guys have fun now.
Ooh, honey.
Look at 'em.
There they go.
did Ma come home last night?
Nah. Come here, bud.
That's three days.
She hasn't never stayed
away three whole days.
Well, she called,
said she'd be home later.
This one gonna be our dad?
I... I don't know.
If he's gonna be our dad,
we ought to meet him,
don't you think?
Well, he's not marrying us.
Not too high.
Hey, look it right there.
That's that little shit's cat.
Let's get him, man.
Whoo! Whoo!
Yeah, boy!
Someone killed Spirit.
He looks terr...
No, no, don't touch it.
I'm sorry.
It's not an it!
It's a him,
and I can't just leave him here!
I know. I know, bud.
I'm sorry, okay?
Look, um, uh,
go... go get his box.
Okay, hurry.
I'm gonna watch him.
We're gonna...
We're gonna hide him.
We're gonna properly
bury him after school.
And Tenkill can help.
We... We don't
need Tenkill.
We have to do it with Tenkill!
Okay, okay.
We'll do it with Tenkill. I promise.
Go get the box, 'kay, bud?
Oh, Spirit.
Well, I think
that's plenty deep.
Do you think there's
a Heaven, Tenkill?
Well, I think
there's a unity in life
and we share a kinship
to everything
that lives and dies,
no matter how big or small.
there's a Heaven...
and Spirit's in it.
Hi, hon.
You going somewhere?
Just getting some things
to take to Hoyt's.
I had to wear
one of his shirts today.
Can you believe it?
Yeah, you been there a lot.
we are having
such a wonderful time.
I can't believe it.
It's so easy.
Pleasant misses you a lot.
Oh, the sweetheart.
Mm. Well, you tell him
that I'll be home
tomorrow night.
Hoyt willing.
You okay?
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
I'm doing this for us, you know.
Yeah, sure.
Oh, my God.
You know, Pleasant's
been spending
lots of time with Tenkill.
He has?
Tenkill likes him.
He'll be all right.
There's money for groceries
on the counter.
See you tomorrow.
Might be...
Oh, what is that?
Pleasant, what are you doing?
Thought I saw a rat.
Wha... A rat?
What's the matter with you!
Get out of there!
Oh, yeah.
What is it?
Poster about Francine.
Sweet. What's it
say about her?
Read it yourself.
Writing's too small.
You can't read that?
Hey, girlie.
Where's your ma at?
- She's around.
- Yeah?
'Cause I ain't seen her
around lately.
She went off with that
broke-down rodeo star,
leave her
little chickens for us.
Hey, I ain't no chicken.
Heh heh.
Keep that up, chickpea,
I'm gonna have to squash you
like that raggedy
old cat of yours.
You won't do nothing of the sort, you hear!
You better leave us alone.
Come on.
Come on, Pleasant.
Come on.
It's too much talk.
Hey, buddy.
I, uh... I think
you might need glasses.
Don't know as I want them.
Look at Thurley Breakbill.
Thurley? Who's he?
Guy in school.
Kids put tacks on his chair.
That's mean.
Yeah. He jumps a mile.
And one time, Skeet and Rooch
gave him the noogies
with a file cleaner.
I suppose Thurley wears glasses.
Whoo, yeah!
All right.
You... Hey.
Hell of a shebang.
Vallie Sue!
Oh, my God.
Hey, Vallie Sue,
come on out, little girl.
What's going on?
Mickey and Old Ray.
Come on out with Old Ray.
Sounds like a rhino is right...
Shh. No, no, no.
I know you're in there.
I smell you, girl.
Okay. Mm. Mm.
Slide over in here.
Where's your mom at, girl?
Is she still riding that...
that broke-down old cowboy?
Ride us, Vallie Sue!
Come out!
Ride us like a cowgirl!
Hey, you fools!
Do you know what time it is?
Hey, shut up, you old hag!
Shut you up
when I call the cops,
you lousy stinking swine!
Come on. Come on.
Come on, Ray.
We don't want no more
troubles with Johnny Law.
Get off my truck,
you dumb bitches.
Go on! Get down!
Well, look who
decided to show up.
Now, don't get frosty, Ashley.
I rushed.
It's just Hoyt,
he won't let me leave.
It's kind of sweet, you know?
No. And unless he's paying
you for your time...
You tell him I am
and you got responsibilities.
Okay! Okay! Don't get
your feathers up.
Who's the new stiff?
"Decedent," please.
Doris Dinwiddie.
I know her.
How'd she go?
Turned on the gas.
Oh, no...
What is that stuff?
Ah, some of her things.
Tenkill dropped 'em off.
She was pretty.
What are you gonna do with it?
She got no family I know of.
Heard she had a son once.
Welcome back to...
Hey, Pleasant?
We've been discussing...
Where are you?
...sightings we've
been having recently.
Come on.
Mrs. Stubblefield... many UFOs and...
you seen Pleasant?
No. Ought to be
home this hour.
Yeah. I know.
Well, I'll keep eye out
for him, though.
See any saucers?
No, but they's out there.
You have a good night.
...regarding an alien
that he had a relation...
Pleasant, I ain't
messing around!
Over here, Pleasant!
Hey, Pleasant!
Come on. I ain't
messing around.
Hello, little girl.
Here, chick, chick,
chick, chick.
Where's Pleasant?
Oh, Pleasant?
Over here, Pleasant!
Where is he?
Don't you worry about Pleasant,
little girl.
'Cause I'm gonna
show you pleasant plenty.
So we got us some settling up to do,
Now, we ain't
bothering you, Tenkill.
This ain't none of yours,
Injun. Move on.
Hey, maybe he wants a piece of her,
Ray, huh?
Oh, is that it?
You just want a piece
of her, too, don't you?
Come on over, big boy.
Yeah, come on, T.
You know what
you two remind me of?
That scum that
collects on the creek
where the current
can't carry it away.
You don't want to mess with us,
No, you don't, Injun.
Well, boys,
even if you two can take me...
which I don't think you can...
then you better be
up to killing me,
'cause if you leave me alive,
I'll get a knife or a gun,
whatever it takes, and kill you,
everyone near and dear to you.
I'll erase every trace of you
from the face of the earth.
So the question you
gotta ask yourselves is
do you want to mess with me?
What the hell's
the matter with you?
The girl almost put you in jail.
Come on, now.
What is it?
You want her all for yourself?
Is that it?
Then go ahead.
You take her, kemo sabe.
She's all yours.
Come on, Mickey.
Come on.
What the hell's the matter?
Let's go.
Val, you okay?
All right.
Where's Pleasant?
He's safe.
He's at my place.
He is?
All right, now come on.
Let's get out of here.
All right.
I was always scared of him.
the way your mama
badmouthed him.
And he's really, uh...
He's really...
The world's damn confusing.
Hard to know
what to believe anymore.
Hey, Vallie.
I almost got you in trouble.
Why'd you help me?
Why'd you get me in trouble?
Thought I was doing
what was right.
There you go.
Why doesn't my mother like you?
Well, it's not so much
that she doesn't like me.
It's my kind.
The Indians.
Except rich ones, maybe.
Pleasant likes you a lot.
I like him, too.
You spend lots of time with him.
Yeah, some.
Hey, did you, uh...
give this to my ma?
I expect I did.
He's your son, isn't he?
Why didn't you
tell us? Huh?
You're his father,
and I accused you
of being someone that...
Well, I...
I thought you were
a bad person. I did.
Don't make any sense.
Hi, hon.
Been waiting for you.
We gotta talk.
Something wrong?
Got some good news, hon.
Oh, yeah?
Hoyt and me's getting married.
Married, huh?
That's right.
That's good, I guess, huh?
It is.
It is...
and isn't.
Well, hon, I don't
know how to say it,
so I'll just do it plain.
Hoyt ain't fond of kids.
Fact, he don't want any.
Which is fine by me,
'cause I done that, but, you know,
it presents a problem, 'cause...
'Cause of Pleasant and I.
Well, yeah.
What's he want to do?
Kill us?
Don't be a smart-ass!
He don't want no such thing.
Don't even know about you.
He doesn't know about us?
I never told him.
I just said I was keeping my sister's kids
for a while,
you know, for a favor.
Ma, you don't have a sister.
Well, that's not the point.
The point is we
don't want any trouble,
so we gotta have a plan, 'kay?
A plan?
Yeah, suppose
you got one of those.
Well, I do. I do.
You sit down, and I'll
tell you that plan.
Sit. Sit down.
All right.
Well, you know Tinsy Johnson
owns the Country Kitchen, right?
Well, she's offered to let
you stay there for a while
and to work at the restaurant.
Ain't that nice?
And, you know,
Tinsy's got a son,
gonna inherit the place one day.
Uh, I don't want
to work at Tinsy's.
Don't you say that, okay?!
You gotta help me!
You're trying to ditch me, Ma!
I ain't doing no such thing!
I done right by you,
and you're not gonna
spoil it for me now.
This man is my deliverance,
and I need something here.
I need something of my own.
What about Pleasant?
Well, Pleasant...
Pleasant likes Tenkill,
and, Tenkill, well,
I'm pretty sure
that he's gonna look
after him for a while.
Fact, I know he will.
Okay, so you're
going to split us up.
I'm not doing that.
You're gonna see each other.
Ma, why can't we just stay here?
Because if the county
folks found out
that you was here alone,
I'd be in deep.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
You're gonna like Tinsy.
I promise. Honest.
And Tenkill is gonna
protect Pleasant.
I know he will. He will,
just like he did you.
Pleasant, look at you.
I got 'em,
but I ain't wearing 'em all the time.
Okay, honey, but who
got 'em for you?
If I tell,
you won't take 'em away,
will you?
Of course not.
Now, who bought 'em for you?
He took me to the doc.
He did?
Mama knows.
Why can't you do something?
Isn't that a shame?
Real shame.
I used to watch a lot of
movies on that old screen.
All my boyhood heroes...
John Wayne,
Burt Lancaster,
Charles Bronson.
I dreamed of being
just like 'em...
thought if I dreamed enough,
that it might come true.
Hell, I just stayed around here.
Pretty soon, I stopped dreaming.
So you gonna do that?
Just hang around here
all your life
hoping for a miracle?
I want to go to Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma City?
Heh. For what?
Mrs. Bowes recommended me
for a scholarship.
Oh. Well...
I've got an idea.
You know,
I know this woman in Oklahoma City.
Heh. She runs
a boardinghouse.
It's for Indian kids.
I bet we could get you in...
if you was part Indian.
That could be you.
Come on.
Hey, bud...
I love you.
Love you, too.
Come here.
You be good, you hear?
I hear.
Bye, you.
You know,
most folks around Tardust
thought lightning did
the old movie screen in.
Others said Mickey and Old Ray
torched it for revenge.
Others, well,
they thought
Tenkill got tired of it
and burned the damn thing down,
maybe to break its hold
on Vallie Sue.
But Vallie,
she decided it was her.
She willed it to fire,
'cause it was time.
And I suppose she could've.
Anything's possible in Tardust.
Want a ride?
Okay. Hop on.
Where you going?
Oklahoma City.
I can't take you that far.
'bout the bus station in Acacia?
Yeah, I could do that.
Hold on tight, hon.
Don't call me hon, okay?
My name is Vallie Sue Tenkiller.
Anything wrong with that?
Not a damn thing.
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh, oh
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh, oh
Feeling like a refugee
Like it don't belong to me
The colors
flash across the sky
This air feels strange to me
Feeling like a tragedy
I take a deep breath
and close my eyes
One last time
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh
One last time
Oh oh, oh oh, oh
I'm getting tired
of diners and dusty roads
There's gotta be
something out there
God, I hope
I keep on dreaming about it
Even though I've never
been there before
Wasting time
at the drive-in's getting old
Try to forget,
but this feeling's taking hold
That I should run, run, run
To the city lights of gold
To the girl
Looking back
At me in the rearview mirror
So long
I'm going where I belong
And I'll chase the sun
across the sky
Till it disappears beside
I've been trapped
in somebody else's world
But I'm finally
leaving tonight
This is my exodus
I know myself
But even I don't understand
Some say I'm crazy
But I guess
I'll take that chance
But I keep hearing
a far-off place
Calling out my name
Gathered my things
And it's time
to hitch a ride
Thought it'd be harder
But my smile is hard to hide
I'm finally ready
To fall in love
with the world again
To the girl
Holding back
Those tears
in the rearview mirror
So long
I'm going where I belong
And I'll chase the sun
across the sky
Till it disappears beside
I've been trapped
in somebody else's world
But I'm finally
leaving tonight
This is my exodus
Ah, ah, ah
My exodus Ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah
My exodus Ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah
To the girl
No longer
Looking back
in the rearview mirror
So long
I've come to where I belong
And I'll chase the sun
across the sky
Till it disappears beside
I've been trapped
in somebody else's world
But I'm finally
leaving tonight
This is my exodus
This is my exodus