Angels Wear White (2017) Movie Script

Move aside.
1,2,3, cheese!
Phone number and license plate.
ID cards.
And the two girls?
They don't have any.
They're kids.
Speed it up!
That one looks good.
You look better because of the
- Let me try it on.
- No!
Rooms 306 and 307.
Who is it?
The beers you ordered.
The mid-term exam is coming up,
start preparing for it now.
Cut down TV and internet time.
Don't you dare to pull down
the class average like before!
Class dismissed.
Miss Xiaowen!
Late again!
Get lost!
You're late every day!
Meng Xiaowen!
Whose fault is it?
She stayed at my place.
I forgot to set the alarm.
Your mom wasn't there again?
Enough! Tell your mom
to come and see me tomorrow.
As for you,
you won't get into a good middle
if you hang out with her.
Miss, I'm sorry.
I want a thousand-word
self-criticism by tomorrow.
No copying from each other.
Thank you, miss!
Meng Xiaowen!
Go clean the blackboard.
Miss Lazybones, late again!
Bingbing gave me these.
She takes them
when she gets monthly cramps.
Fatso posted our photo
to the chat group.
- Delete it!
- Delete what?
- You snuck a photo of me!
- Did not!
- You posted it!
- I didn't.
- Give it to me!
- No way!
Give it to me!
Sir, they're fighting!
How dare you!
- She's taking my phone!
- Get up!
It's not true!
- She attacked me!
- Enough! Back inside!
Meng Xiaowen, get up!
16 sheets and 19 towels.
Make it 28 towels.
Finish it.
It's almost April.
Why's it still so slow?
Wait till you see high season!
The beach will be packed
and you have to work your ass
Did you have fun at Jian's last
What could be fun there?
New earrings?
Are they pretty?
That tickles.
They look really nice on you.
Jian is so good to you.
He wouldn't spend money on me.
Jian asked me
if you really are a virgin.
If you are, he can find a guy
willing to pay a lot for you.
What did you tell him?
I've no idea what you'd say.
Come in.
Over there.
Take off your knickers.
Get on the bed.
Lie down. Closer to the edge.
Don't move.
Stay still. Don't be scared.
Zhang Xinxin.
Come in.
Meng Xiaowen...
Don't hit her!
- I'll discipline my child as I
think fit.
- She's a kid!
Who should I hit? You?
Call up that bastard
Commissioner Liu.
I'll hit him instead!
Calm down.
We all need to calm down.
Liu was your boss.
You toadied up to him
by asking him to be Xin's
I hope it was worth it!
- How dare you say such a thing!
- It's the truth!
What kind of a father are you,
giving your own daughter
to a monster like that?
- Watch what you're saying!
- I'm telling the truth!
If you want to fight, take it
Parents, please come in.
Wen, I'm sorry...
I told my mom.
She kept pressuring me.
And you said it was my idea.
I was afraid she'd beat me.
What's a hymen?
Your name?
Your ID.
I lost it.
Lost it or never had it?
Inspector Wang!
Don't scare my little sister.
The inspector has some questions
about the man who checked in
with two girls the other night.
- What night?
- The night Jian came to see me,
I was on reception.
You cleaned the rooms next day.
- Where were you that night?
- I was sweeping the yard.
- So you saw them?
- No.
I was sweeping the backyard.
Chief, there's no surveillance
more than two days old.
Inspector, our system
records over itself every 48
You should have come earlier.
That's some crappy system.
Time to upgrade.
How would I pay for it?
You have a prime site on the
No way.
Look around,
new hotels popping up every
- You're new here?
- Yes, my name is Li.
Don't bang on the wall!
That's new wallpaper.
It's spotless,
not even a stray hair.
Sure! We pride ourselves
on our cleanliness.
Did you find anything suspicious
when you cleaned the room?
Any bloodstains
or soiled tissues?
Think carefully, don't lie to
Empty beer cans?
They ordered beer?
It's in the record.
Room 307, four beers.
I think...
- Yes.
- How many?
- Four.
- Are you sure?
- That's very kind.
- It's nothing.
I put the fish in the trunk.
It'll taste best steamed
with fermented soy beans.
Hey, you two!
Did you find a blonde wig?
- No.
- Nope.
Let's go.
Take care, Inspector.
So long!
You two, squat down!
Are you deaf?
I want the truth.
Who was on reception that night?
Are you dumb too?
If you won't talk, you're fired!
I asked her to cover for me.
You felt like a vacation?
No, boss,
I had a relative visiting.
More lies?
I promise I won't do it again.
And you?
Where's that Resident ID of
They're working on it from my
It's been months, are you
kidding me?
You check clients' IDs
but don't have one yourself?
Lucky that young cop thinks
more with his dick than his
You're laughing?
You think I'm being funny?
My makeup!
Still worried about your makeup?
You look like a whore with that
Even trying to seduce a cop?
If you screw up again...
As for you, come up with that ID
or you're out of here!
If anyone asks again,
stick to your story.
You were on reception,
you cleaned the room.
Get your stories straight.
Stop being stupid.
It's a simple question.
Where were you that night?
Why does it matter?
Of course it does!
Were you waiting for her?
Did you call her? What did she
tell you?
It all matters.
She didn't come home.
It has nothing to do with me.
Maybe she didn't want to come
knowing you weren't here?
You're saying this is my fault?
- That's not what I meant.
- What did you mean then?
Here's the situation:
Commissioner Liu won't admit
that he entered Wen's room.
The security video had been
when the police got to the
The girls' injuries aren't
to warrant an arrest.
We need to find evidence
that he entered their room.
Every detail counts.
I was out dancing that night.
Got home at 2.00 am
and went straight to sleep.
So you had no contact with her
until the school notified you?
What about her father?
That loser? He never sees her...
Mia, Jian's spending the night
Can you close up for me?
So, you need an ID card?
Should've asked me.
You can get me one?
What did you do
not to have one?
Tell me.
If you can't do it, just say so.
Like there's anything I can't
How much do you charge?
Sweetie, it's vulgar to talk
about money.
Forget it, then.
I'm kidding.
10,000 for an ID.
New name,
new date of birth.
I don't have that kind of money.
Of course.
But money...
is not the only way to pay.
Stop by my joint sometime.
Tell us.
Your friend Xin already admitted
Tell him.
I drank
a little...
How much is a little?
One can or two?
The maid found
four empty cans in the room.
We can do a urine test
to find out how much you drank.
No test can detect alcohol
after so long.
Attorney Hao,
don't interrupt my questioning.
I was just stating a fact.
No need to scare the child.
Ms. Hao, please...
I want to go to the toilet.
Follow me.
my daughter is only 12,
she doesn't drink.
You'd be surprised
what kids do these days.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Nothing.
We're too old to keep up.
- With what?
- Inspector...
I'd like to know
why you're taking Wen's
for a second time?
New evidence,
so we need to interview her
What new evidence?
A few cans of beer?
It's an important detail
that she omitted to mention.
It's not unusual to forget minor
after a major trauma.
This isn't some minor detail.
Are you doubting my daughter?
That's not what I said.
Do you suspect her of lying?
You need to trust us.
But do you trust us?
My girl's injuries are clear as
Why bring her in for more
Why haven't you arrested that
Commissioner Liu?
To arrest someone,
we need solid evidence.
Kids can be such a handful.
Let me watch her.
I'm taking Wen to my office.
Join us.
Don't be scared. It's just the
two of us.
I trust you, you have to trust
We'll always tell each other
the truth, OK?
Tell me, why didn't you and Xin
go home that night?
We stayed out late singing
I was afraid Mom would beat me.
Did Xin's godfather
ever give you any gifts?
Clothes or jewelry?
Had he taken you to a motel
How many beers did you drink
that night?
But you girls
did order the beers, right?
Now, think carefully.
Did you see anyone else
besides the receptionist?
This was her?
Mia, where are you?
In room 305.
What is it?
Someone wants to see you.
The lawyer of those two girls
wants to talk to the
Weren't you the receptionist
that night?
Be serious.
She knows it wasn't me.
She keeps bugging me about it.
Find a place to hide.
Don't let her see you.
I know who you're looking for.
But if you tell anyone,
I'll lose my job.
My number and address,
I promise I won't tell anyone.
Give me 100 yuan.
I'll give you 50.
I took Lily's shift that night.
At around 11,
a man came with two girls
and booked two rooms.
One for him, one for them.
That's all.
I have more questions.
OK, ask.
How do you know the man
went into a separate room?
I saw it on the security camera.
You were monitoring them?
Not really.
- Wasn't it odd?
- Odd how?
A car with local plates, no
and two underage girls?
You get all sorts here.
It wasn't that odd.
And then?
You saw him entering the girls'
Did you hear any noise?
Banging on the door, screaming?
What about the beer?
Right, the girls ordered some
Was the man in the room
when you delivered the beers?
Are you sure?
Only the girls.
What time did he leave?
I'm off duty in the morning.
- How old are you?
- 18.
You barely look 15.
I am 18.
- Show me your ID.
- I've answered your questions.
Call me if you think of anything
Will you pay?
You'll be rewarded.
If you tell anyone what I said,
I'll deny it all.
You still remember to come home.
Did you run into anyone?
Mrs. Li and Mr. Wang.
Did Mrs. Li ask you anything?
I told her you were sick.
What did she say?
Your dance group
is learning a new routine.
You'll catch up when you're
You wish I really was sick,
don't you?
You look more...
like your father every day.
Don't look at me like that.
Look at yourself.
What are you doing?
You shouldn't be wearing
stuff like this!
It's not meant for you!
Let go!
And your hair...
You don't look like a
Come here!
Look who's here! Come join us!
- Get her a drink.
- Give it back!
Give me the wig back!
Sit down.
I'll introduce you to the boss.
Boss Huang, this is Lily.
Sit down.
Have a drink with Boss Huang.
Drink up!
Finish the bottle!
Give it back.
Scared you?
Tell me where you got it,
then I'll give it back.
It's mine.
Don't bullshit me.
Everyone in town knows
about that case at your motel.
You were on duty that night.
Does this wig belongs to the
What did you see?
- What about the security video?
- Erased.
Yeah, right!
I know your sneaky boss well...
To run a motel by the sea
he must've greased a lot of
The last thing he wants is
I'll bet he hid the security
If you can get it to me...
What do you mean?
Information is money.
Knowing something other people
it's money in the bank.
You can forget about your
penny-ante schemes.
Get it?
Is that enough?
Call your mom in a bit.
Tell her to pick you up.
We agreed,
you go home after one night
Why are you so difficult?
If you won't call, I will.
Where do you think you're going?
Why won't you call her?
Answer me!
Do you sell SIM cards?
Do you sell SIM cards?
Sure. Real name or
Real name, you need an ID.
The other one costs more.
Regular number or lucky number?
What's the difference?
Regular costs 50.
Lucky number starts at 100.
What happened to your eye?
Was it because of me?
Nothing to do with you.
Was it that Boss Huang?
Didn't Jian protect you?
All he cares about is money.
The cold will make the swelling
go down.
Go rest. I'll cover for you.
I have a video of you
entering the girls' room.
Give me 10,000 and I won't
tell the cops.
What took you so long? Open up.
- Quiet, she's sleeping.
- Open.
- We agreed I'd take her home.
- Not really.
- What do you mean?
- Why did she run away?
I don't have to explain anything
to you.
She wants to stay here.
Using her to get back at me?
It's her choice, not mine.
I'm her legal guardian!
- No need to shout.
- Open this gate.
If not, I'll call the police.
Meng Tao!
When did you start smoking?
I quit.
She really doesn't want to come
What else did she tell you?
The two of you...
Equally tight-lipped.
- At the last stop of the 28,
change to...
- The 19 bus...
- Come straight back after
- I know!
Move out of the way!
Go away!
It's alright, it's alright!
Rest assured,
we use the latest nano-surgical
from South Korea.
A perfect reconstruction of the
It can fool any pre-marital
You can choose from these
The round shape is the most
But the crescent shape is nice
and absolutely painless.
It takes only 30 minutes.
- Gimme another drink...
- Doctor said you shouldn't
The doctor said
I can still have a baby.
If I have a son,
I'll tell Jian it was his.
He'd piss his pants!
Just get inside.
Fuck Jian...
Fuck all this!
I don't want to be reborn as a
Not all over again...
Don't cry.
Look, that's the sea.
I can't see anything.
You said the man wasn't in the
when you delivered the beers.
Are you certain?
The girl who took the beers
was standing here?
The door was half open?
In this mirror,
you can only see part of the
How can you be sure
he wasn't in here?
He just wasn't.
You're right.
You're sure because you knew
he was somewhere else.
You only saw him enter later,
didn't you?
That's ridiculous.
How many rooms do you clean
every day?
A dozen or so.
And what are your other jobs
Washing dishes, taking out the
whatever no-one else wants to
How much do you earn?
Is that your business?
At most 600 a month, I guess.
And this room costs
at least 700 a night.
More than what you make in a
You must feel
that a girl who can stay in such
a room
would never need your help.
You should go.
Look at this...
Take a good look at this girl.
She ran away from home
and she was found sleeping
Put yourself in her place.
Imagine if that happened to you
and no-one offered to help.
That kind of thing
would never happen to me.
It's for Commissioner Liu.
An urgent message from his
I'm catching up with you!
I won!
- One more time!
- OK.
Meng Tao, give me a minute.
Wen, I'll be right back.
what is this?
It's clear enough, a legal
I don't understand.
Promise not to make
irresponsible statements.
The authorities
are handling your daughter's
An investigation takes time
and Inspector Wang...
isn't just sitting around.
When the paper interviewed me,
I just said what happened.
Do you know what really
Were you there?
You want to take the risk
of defaming someone?
Me, defame someone?
"All appeals regarding this case
will be made only
through the legal channels."
I've done nothing illegal!
Why should I sign this?
I'm not signing it.
Stay right here, I warn you.
Cause me no more trouble!
I've already bent the rules
by letting your daughter stay
If you don't sign, I'll fire
Your month's wages.
Leave before the end of the
- Why are you firing me?
- You know why.
I don't understand.
Want me to play the security
Room 307.
She's a lawyer,
she made me open the room.
And then what?
She just looked at the room
and asked me some questions.
But I didn't tell her anything,
I swear.
What did you want to do?
Shut me down?
We're shut down now! Satisfied?
You took the lawyer into 307
and a mob of idiots
came to smash the place up,
accusing me of withholding
Why would I do that?
In 20 years running this motel,
I've seen it all!
I'm going back home in two days.
I've left a bag of things for
under the bed.
You should apologize to the
Maybe he'll keep you on.
No way.
Silly girl... You don't get it.
If you stay,
you'll have a chance
to get promoted to receptionist.
I don't have an ID.
No chance of working reception.
What time do you close?
What time is the trash
At night...
I guess.
Wow, where does this go?
The big funnel over there.
The big funnel?
I'll show you.
Look, over there.
It's huge!
Fortune Primary is a private
A first-rate establishment.
It opens the doors
to high school and university.
A private school?
Yes, very expensive.
But he should be the one
paying for it.
He must pay compensation
for the harm he did to our
We benefit nothing
from him being thrown in jail.
Compensation is better.
Hold on.
Are you saying
you want to settle?
It's just an idea.
We can discuss it.
- I think...
- Come on!
Just tell him the truth.
Commissioner Liu's gift to Wen.
He says if we don't sue him,
he'll pay our daughters'
He was really drunk that night.
He lost his head.
He regrets it deeply.
He would like...
to make amends.
What about justice?
So what?
A stint in jail
and everything will be
While our daughters' reputations
will be ruined for life.
We must think for their sake.
You're clumsy.
It's too high.
Meng Xiaowen!
Zhang Xinxin!
Let's see who is louder.
What do you want?
Where did you get it?
None of your business, I want my
You stole it?
I'm not touching stolen money.
I didn't steal it!
- So where did you get it?
- 10,000 yuan.
You promised to get my ID.
How much?
Are you joking?
16,000 minimum.
But you said 10,000.
When did I say that?
You know how many palms
I have to grease?
You tricked me!
don't say that.
I'm your big brother.
can I borrow your cell phone?
What for?
I need to call home.
I've paid the hospital.
For two more days.
My business card?
Look on the back.
The video you want is on the
in reception.
That's the file name.
I told you there'd be a reward.
What do you want?
You paid my hospital bill.
We're even.
You can't go back to the motel
What do you plan to do?
Go back home?
You once asked me how old I was.
Truth is, I don't know my date
of birth.
I only know...
that I was born in the summer.
This summer,
I'll be sixteen.
I ran away from home three years
I've lived in fifteen different
I like it here.
It's warm.
Even a homeless person
can get a good night's sleep.
I have no place to go.
I'm staying.
Where did you get this footage?
I can't tell you.
I can guess.
Did you watch it?
Has Wen seen it?
She has.
And she's certain
the man is Commissioner Liu?
This is important evidence.
So can you issue the arrest
Sure. We'll need Wen to come in
and authenticate the video.
- See you then.
- Ms. Hao...
How long have you been a lawyer?
Fifteen years. Why?
Always this sort of case?
Ever thought of doing
something different?
There are too many of "this sort
of case".
You're terrific.
I really admire you.
- Time to go.
- Let's go.
It's pretty here.
Was this all imported?
No, all made in China.
- When will the park be open?
- On Children's Day.
Aren't we going to the station
to authenticate the video?
First we need a medical
We've called in the specialists.
Why does she need
another examination?
The first one was rushed.
It's just routine procedure.
Get changed first.
Over here.
OK, relax.
Dr. Zhao, your turn.
Dr. Xu, please sign here.
we have asked
three senior physicians
from the Provincial Hospital
to assist us
with the case of March 28th,
by making a second examination
of the two female students.
Now Dr. Xu from the Provincial
will announce their expert
Binhai Police Forensic
and gynecologists
from the Provincial Hospital,
an expert panel convened on
April 18th,
at 11 o'clock.
Having examined the two female
conclude by confirming
that they are virgo
and show no evidence of sexual
This press conference is now
No! You're lying!
What kind of experts are you?
Why are you lying?
Why did you say they were lying?
Mom says the doctors said
we're both OK.
See you at school.
Remember, never keep the client