Angie (1994) Movie Script

# I know a place
# Ain't nobody cryin'
# Ain't nobody worried
# Ain't no smilin' faces
Uh-uh, no, no
# Lyin' to the races #
Gino, you come
in here now!
# Somebody help me
I'll take you there
# Help me, y'all
I'll take you there
# Help me now
I'll take you there #
I don't remember much
about when I was a kid.
I remember the summers.
Bungalow Bar and Johnny Ride the Pony.
Listenin'to 45s
on the Close N' Play.
Oh, most of all, sittin' on the front
stoop with my best friend Teen...
and her six sisters
playin' beauty parlor.
I was eleven years old.
I looked like a 40-year-old divorcee
with a drinkin' problem.
I had no brothers
or sisters...
which in a Catholic neighborhood like
Bensonhurst made me kinda like a Martian.
I gotta go
change the record.
- Put on "Band Of Gold. "
- Yeah, that sounds good.
My mother left
when I was three.
I didn't know much about her except
she was an Italian from Texas...
that Pop met when he was
in the army down there.
She's what my Aunt Vicky
called a "free spirit. "
I knew she was livin'
back in Texas somewhere...
but no one ever talked about her,
least of all my pop.
Every year we signed a Christmas card
and mailed it down to her sister...
but that's as close
as I ever got.
- Hey!
- Who's this?
- No one. Give it back!
- Is it your mother?
My mother told me she used to dance
half naked in the snow.
She's a free spirit.
Back off!
# All that's left
is a band of gold
# All that's left
of the dreams I hold
# Is the band of gold
and the memories #
Teen, what do you think
it'll be like when we grow up?
First, we'll find two
brothers and get married!
Twins! So neither of us
gets someone cuter.
Right! Then we'll get pregnant
at exactly the same time.
Yeah! Then our chests
will get bigger.
Angie, you don't have to wait 'til you're
pregnant to make the chest bigger.
All you do is talk to it.
- What do you say? - I don't know.
Grow! I guess.
- Grow.
- Grow.
- Grow.
- Grow. Grow.
- Grow. Grow. Grow.
- Grow. Grow. Grow.
- Hurry up, Angie.
- I'm hurrying, Tina.
# Release me
# Release me
# Release me
# Release me
# Release me
# Release me
# Release me #
Right. And then
he yells at me. The bum.
All right, I know.
We didn't exactly grow up
and become Audrey Hepburn or nothin.
But, at least we get to go into
the city to work every day.
- Forget about it.
- Later.
Never seen them before.
Hey, Angie!
Very nice, Ange.
You are right.
You're always right.
But then if I didn't run,
we wouldn't be here.
I sure wouldn't mind
sitting down.
# I can't stand the way
you disgrace me
# Under pressure
Whoa, whoa
# I can't stand the way
that you hate me
# Under pressure
Whoa, whoa
# When I go in the bedroom
I'm the voice no longer spared
# And time will always fall apart
in the house where they don't care
# You paralyze the gold mines
And the trains are standing still
# They pull you back and lay your track
just to prove it for the kill
# For the kill #
Tina got me this job.
It's great!
The only drag is, it's not like it's
a real magazine or nothin.
Micro Circuit. You tell people where
you work, they never heard of it.
# Under pressure
Whoa, whoa
# I can't stop the way
that you play for me
# Under pressure
Whoa, whoa
# I can't stand the day
that you waved me... #
So go ahead, Ange.
These four nuns are tryin' to get into heaven.
And St. Peter says to the first one...
"Sister, I must ask you before I let you
in: Have you ever touched a penis?"
- No, never.
- She says, "Yes, as a matter of fact.
Once with the tip of my finger
I did touch one."
He says, "All right, dip your finger in
the holy water and pass on through."
The second one steps up,
he asks her the same question.
"I have to admit once in the backseat of a car,
I touched a penis with my hand. "
"Dip your whole hand in the holy water
and pass on through. "
The third one steps up, but the fourth
one pushes her outta the way and says...
"Look, if you think I'm gonna gargle with
that shit after she sticks her ass in it...
you can forget about it!"
Vinnie and I had been boyfriend,
girlfriend since the 9th grade.
But we still
don't live together.
He's a plumber. Used to dream I'd end up
with a stockbroker or something.
Someone who wore a suit.
I mean, Vinnie's got a suit,
but it's green!
I'm lying under this lady's sink today
and it comes to me... like bing!
I'm gonna make
a commercial.
- You're gonna make a commercial?
- It's a great idea!
I mean, it's gotta
be good for business, right?
- What business? Baby, it's you and a truck.
- That's what I'm tryin' to fix.
- Make a commercial.
- I think that's a good idea.
- I do, I really do.
- What do you know about it, huh?
I've got an opinion
like everybody else.
He didn't ask how he could get people to eat
six meals a day. He's talking about plumbing.
- Just stand there.
- Yeah, right, thanks a lot.
Vinnie's a nice guy.
He's got a good heart.
Not like Tina's husband Jerry. They got
two kids, but he don't treat her right.
Hey, hey, hey!
Ding. Okay?
- Aah.
- Real nice!
Hey, don't start
with me tonight.
I thought we were goin'
to your house.
Me and my stepmother Kathy don't get along,
but we pretend like we do.
I ain't eatin' her cooking.
I'll tell you that right now.
Like I'm gonna stay in the same room
with her long enough to eat.
- Hi.
- Hi! How was the movie?
- It was great. - You hungry? I got shells
and sauce I made special.
Your father's
in the kitchen.
- Hey, Pop.
- Hi, Ange.
- Frank!
- What?
- Angie is here with Vinnie.
- All right.
Don't ask me what Pop sees in her.
It's funny. She ain't Italian,
but she keeps wishin' she was.
Oh, I gotta check
my sauce!
- How you feelin'? - You want the truth
or what I tell everybody?
- The truth.
- I feel fantastic!
Vinnie, I'm having some trouble
with the sinks at the store.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
- I'll come by tomorrow.
I'll take a look. - Good.
Pop, when are you gonna get rid of
those sinks, buy some new ones?
- What are you talking about? Those sinks
are perfectly good. - They're prehistoric!
- God forbid you should make a change.
- Here you are!
Angie, would you like some?
I got plenty.
No, thanks, I've been
a little nauseous all day.
You never take care of yourself. You're always
waitin' for somebody else to do it for you.
- What's that mean? - It means you
were raised like a little princess.
Hey, news flash! I was not raised
like a little princess.
All right, all right!
Let's have a little peace tonight.
- So, how is it?
- Um, delicious.
- It's fantastic.
- Yeah?
Got any cheese?
I have one memory of my mother
to go with my one photograph.
I'm three years old
and my relatives are over.
Aunt Violetta
who can make a rock cry...
Great Aunt Louisa who's been
in mourning since 1956...
and my crazy Aunt Vicky who has her big
puppet head pushed so close to me...
I can see the cracks
in her tongue.
- She's asking me...
- What are you gonna do with your life?
Three years old! I was this close to
bursting into tears...
when suddenly out of nowhere my mother
picks me up like a super hero.
Angie, some stories don't fit
inside a person's mouth.
Some stories just have
to tell themselves.
That's what she said.
I guess I'll just have to let
my story tell itself.
- Angela Scacci...
- Scacciapensieri.
I've been seeing the same
gynecologist since I'm 14.
But, Jackie, my boss,
she says this Dr. Gould, he's the best.
Don't be nervous.
He's one of the top men in the field!
He treats
the mayor's wife.
- No kiddin'?
- Yes!
# What I did for love
What I did for love #
Good morning, Doctor.
# What I did for love #
Miss Scacca...
- Angie.
- Dr. Gould.
- How ya doin'?
- Please sit down.
All right.
- Are your periods always regular?
- Usually like clockwork.
Every 28 days.
I got your name from Jackie Short...
Schwartz. She's my boss.
I just, um, didn't want to go to the same
gynecologist as half my neighborhood.
- Go ahead and lie down.
- All right.
Place your legs in
the stirrups, please.
Scoot down, please.
Come on down
a little further.
You know, Jackie was my date
at my senior prom.
No kidding?
So... you think you might
be pregnant, huh?
Please don't feel self-conscious
about my height.
Oh, God, no,
of course not.
I-I-I think it's nice
you don't have to bend or nothin'.
I always think gynecologists
must have such back problems.
- Ow, Jesus, Angie!
- Hold still.
- That one don't got a head.
- Yeah, it does. It's a real juicy one.
It could fill an eclair.
- Ow! Ow! That's enough.
- All right.
You're a very weird girl.
It ain't a sportin' event.
- You set the alarm?
- Yeah.
- Come here.
- Vinnie, we gotta talk.
- We'll talk tomorrow.
- No, listen to me.
- Angie, you know how beautiful you are?
- Vinnie?
- Oh my God, Vinnie.
- Talk to me. Go ahead.
- I'm gonna throw up! Get off!
- What?
Oh, God!
- Are you all right?
- I'm fine.
It wasn't you, I swear.
You were great.
Oh, yeah. If I make a girl puke,
I know I showed her a good time.
What's wrong? You got
like a virus or something?
You know what that's from? It's
from all those elevators in the city.
You keep breathing air that's been breathed
through somebody else's nostrils.
- And it makes you sick.
- I'm pregnant.
- You're what?
- I'm pregnant.
For real?
Yeah. Remember that
time at Pop's house...
Angie, that is
so fucking wonderful!
- We're gonna have a baby!
- Vinnie, no! Put me down!
- Or we won't be able to sleep in this
room neither. - I'm sorry.
- Put me down quick.
- I'm sorry. Here.
Lie back, relax.
- You all right?
- Uh-huh.
- Oh, man, this is great! When's he due?
- December 25th.
December friggin' 25th! The baby's
gonna pop out like Jesus Christ.
That is fuckin' unbelievable.
That is so fuckin' unbelievable.
Vinnie, please, the neighbors
are gonna hear.
Who gives a shit? I want 'em to hear!
I want everybody to know!
- Hey, I'm havin' a baby!
- Way to go, Vinnie!
We're gettin' married
right away, Ange, okay?
It don't matter if it's
a boy or a girl or whatever...
'cause whatever we have this time, we'll
go and have the other one the next time.
Next time? Calm down.
This one ain't even born yet.
Angie, I'm gonna
make you happy.
I swear it.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Oh.
My sister when she was pregnant with the
twins and had the morning sickness...
- she said the saltines helped her.
- Oh.
So tomorrow I'm gonna go out
and get you a dozen boxes.
- You want something now? - No, no, Vinnie, please,
I'm just scared, okay?
Promise me we're not gonna turn out
like Tina and Jerry, okay?
Tell me we're special.
We're special, baby.
You make us special.
I know that.
But enough's enough. Angela, I mean,
you can be special and normal too.
A house, a crib,
a nice normal life.
I mean, I can't wait.
Can you, huh?
Oh, boy.
- Pop.
- Hi, Ange.
I've got some good news.
Me and Vinnie are gonna get married.
- You and Vinnie?
- We're gonna have a baby.
You're havin' a baby?
Oh, I'm so pleased!
That's fantastic!
Hey, come here! She's going to get
married. She's having a baby.
- It's a breast pump!
- You are gonna thank me for this.
Let's make a toast
to the baby.
To the baby.
You're gonna love it, Angie,
the whole thing.
- It's the most beautiful experience
a woman can have. - Damn straight!
Except for the water retention.
My hands swelled up so much...
I had to go to a jeweler
to get my rings cut off.
Forget the hands. How 'bout the way
your breasts swell up?
- I leaked so bad, I ruined 12 blouses.
- Oh, my God.
That stuff,
it doesn't come out.
Stop it! You'll give her nightmares
for the next seven months.
- It really is a beautiful experience.
- Of course it is.
Oh, I'm...
When I was born, my mother, she pushed so
hard she had a B.M. right there on the table.
Ah, I'm gonna uh...
I gotta take a walk.
- Angie, don't listen to them.
- I'm sorry!
So, when are you gonna
start gettin' big?
You're gonna look so sexy
when you get some meat on your bones.
Hey, look, baby names.
Will I be sexy when my breasts are leakin' and
I'm having bowel movements on the table?
- What?
- Nothing.
What about Joey or Johnny
if it's a boy? Johnny or Jimmy?
Or Debbie if it's a girl?
For those
you need a book?
For instance, all right?
What about Marie
after my grandmother?
The woman who said I was a slut, who'd chew
your heart up and spit it on the pavement!
It's just her way,
all right?
- How come we never go to a museum?
- Don't start with that.
It's a nice day out.
I don't wanna think about a museum.
These pictures ain't so hard. You
can see people in 'em and everything.
That broad needs
to get laid.
Come on, fatty,
I'll buy ya a Carvel.
- Pop? - Hi, Ange. I called before.
You weren't home.
- Come in.
- How ya doin'?
- I'm all right. How are you?
- Good, good, good.
- What's in the box?
- A present.
- Yeah?
- Open it.
- A wedding dress.
- You ain't bought one yet, have you?
- No.
- Oh, good.
It's the one your mother wore
the day she married me.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, Pop!
- Isn't it beautiful?
Here. Look at
the rest of it.
- Look at all these beads.
- Whoa!
Angie, now that
is a wedding dress!
Excuse me, Frank.
I think it'll mean
a lot to her...
if you wore it
on your wedding day.
My God, Pop. I can't believe
you saved it all this time.
- Oh, honey, baby.
- Thank you.
You don't throw out
a thing like that!
You can let it out too!
I mean, don't worry.
- I told her, she's gonna look sexy fat.
- Shut up.
Your mother doesn't know
I did this.
When she sees you walking down the
aisle, it's gonna mean so much to her.
- This is Kathy's dress. You said my mother.
- Of course, she is your mother.
- She's not, Pop, no offense.
- She raised you since you were seven.
- Stay outta this!
- Angie, don't start, huh?
For over 20 years,
that woman tried to get you to like her.
- Now at least show her some respect.
- I ain't wearing her dress!
How the hell did you get
so goddamn selfish?
That woman saved my life
when I was married to your mother.
She helped me through the
worst period of my life.
You were seeing Kathy when you
were still married to my mother?
- Forget I mentioned the whole thing.
- Were you seeing her?
- Gimme the goddamn box!
- Everybody, calm down.
- Take it easy, Ange. Calm down!
- Let me go!
Ow! Jesus!
I'm bleedin! What are you,
out of your mind?
Come on, everybody.
Good. Make a line.
Keep together.
I saw that!
Let's go, come on.
It breaks a lot of rules,
this picture.
Empty space on the left.
The pair of them looking at the short
side of the frame, but it works!
All this emptiness reinforces
their isolation. Don't you think?
Are you all right?
Yeah, I will be...
if you leave.
Excuse me!
Excuse me, ma'am.
There's no eating in the museum.
- I'll have to take those. - Trust me.
You want me to eat these crackers.
- There are signs posted. No food or beverages...
- Pal, if I don't eat these...
- you're gonna have a new kind of modern art
on your floor. - I don't make the rules.
- Then I'm going to have to puke on your paintings.
- I have to ask you to leave.
Hey, get your hands...
- Calm down, please! - Take it easy, pal.
The lady's feelin' nauseous.
An extreme reaction to Degas,
I will admit. If it had been Picasso...
- You know this man?
- I've never seen him before in my life.
She's waiting for a formal introduction.
Could you do the honors?
- Get off me. Why don't you throw him out?
- He's not eating.
Here we go, outside.
Thank you very much.
- Have a nice day.
- Your museum's overrated.
And the guards at the Whitney
could kick your ass.
Look, it was interesting
meeting you.
Have a nice life. I'm sure
it'll be a short one.
We haven't met.
My name's Noel. Yours, please?
- Ralph. - If we're giving real names,
mine's Denise.
- Are you lonely or horny?
What's your problem? - I'm Irish.
Which often gets confused
for lonely and horny.
- You seemed to really like that
Degas painting. - Yeah, well...
it looks like a lot
of marriages I've seen.
- So, you some kind of artist or something?
- I'm an international lawyer.
- You?
- Brain surgeon. Mount Sinai.
I remember you from right
after the accident.
- You said I didn't need that
cerebral cortex. - That was me.
Shamelessly obvious pass,
but can I buy you dinner?
Denise, just 'cause I get thrown out of
a museum, don't mean I'm a cheap lay.
- Dinner and a movie? I'm kidding!
- I gotta go.
Just hang on a minute.
Let me give you my number.
Here you are.
Come on.
We could get thrown out
of the Guggenheim together.
All right, you,
leave right now...
and I won't use this Glock
nine millimeter I'm holdin'...
to blow your face through
the back of your head!
Not, "Gee, honey,
great to see ya!"
But it's the most you said
to me in about a week.
Vinnie, you idiot!
My God, you scared the shit outta me.
Angela, what the fuck
is goin' on here?
I go to touch you
and you pull away from me.
- I call you on the phone, you don't
want to talk to me! - Vinnie, go home.
I just... I gotta have
some time to myself.
- Oh, come on with that bullshit!
- Why is that bullshit?
You don't know everything.
You're not Carnac the Magnificent!
You don't know what's goin'
on inside a person's head.
- The eggplants are comin' very nice.
- Yeah, good.
Don't put too much water on 'em.
- How's the tomatoes?
- Good! Good fruit.
Hi, Pop.
Hi, Kathy.
- Hi, Ange.
- Angie! Ah, listen...
Garden looks beautiful,
Kathy. I mean it. You got the touch.
Listen, I never really said congratulations
about Vinnie and the baby.
- It's okay. - No, it's not. The baby
outweighs everything, Angie.
It's a miracle
from God.
I just hope you realize
what a precious gift it is.
Pop, I'm sorry
about the other day.
Cooled off real nice, huh?
God must've finally won
a game of cards.
Pop, I know you don't wanna
talk about it, but...
why'd you have an affair
on my mother?
Why do you gotta start,
Angie, huh?
Did you love her?
Angie, you can never understand
what it was like livin' with her.
Finding her in her
nightgown in the snow...
dancin' with
her lips all blue.
So she danced in the snow.
Maybe she liked it. Maybe she loved life
more than you and...
Angie, I can't talk
about this, all right?
She's gone.
We have a life here. That's it.
- Fine. I understand.
- No! No. Some things just end, Angela.
- This is one of 'em.
- Fine.
Exhale, turn left.
Again, way up.
Lift, exhale.
And lift.
And back,
hunching forward.
Left arm, right.
Let the shoulders...
Look at her. Nine months pregnant,
she goes on tape wearing white spandex.
I don't know. I like this tape.
They don't work you out so hard.
Gimme that back!
I'm gonna kill you!
Hey, what is going on
in there, huh?
- Nothing.
- All right, so just relax, okay? Relax!
Oh, they are gettin'
so weird!
Richie took the little one,
turned him upside down like a mop...
and practically did
the floor.
- What's this?
- This is a guy.
- A guy guy?
- The "guyest."
- Angela, what're you doin'?
- I met him in that museum.
He's a real nut job, but he's cute.
He's from Ireland.
- I just don't know if I wanna call him.
- You're pregnant.
You're getting married. You're carrying
around some foreigner's number...
in your pocket like it's gonna burn too
big a hole to be lost in the bag.
I think you wanna call him.
You're gonna end up on Oprah.
I've been avoiding Vinnie like the
plague. He don't know what to think.
Well, he's not
the only one, darlin'.
Very nice! I leave you
five minutes, I got a big mess.
- You paint these?
- Depends.
- Do you like them?
- Uh, depends. What are they?
That one is
"Rush Hour in Manhattan."
Uh-huh. I do like 'em.
So'd you paint 'em?
I modeled.
That's me on the left.
I used to be thinner.
I can't believe the elevator opens up
right into your apartment.
So cool.
I'm a little nervous. I haven't had
a morning after in a long time.
I got up and cooked!
I feel like me mother.
Next I'm gonna vacuum.
- Are you tellin' me you've
never done this before? - Never!
But, uh, could you hurry it up, please?
I have to be back at the Met at 11:30.
That accent lets you get
away with a shitload, huh?
It's a crap accent.
Yours is the ace one.
Hey, so, just because
I get thrown out of the museum...
- don't mean I'm a cheap lay.
- Good. Very DeNiro.
- Thank you.
- Can you do mine? Go on, give it a try.
- No.
All right.
Pink hearts, yellow stars,
orange moons, green clovers.
Magically delicious!
What have the Irish ever done to you
to make you hate us so much?
- So, Noel, you like kids?
- Sure.
That's why I stayed one
'til I was 35... 38, 42... Hike!
- Sure, I'd like to have a whole rake of 'em.
- You don't say.
- What's the music?
- Jules Massenet. It's from a ballet.
It's all about a guy
and a girl... and death.
And death comes
to take the guy.
You know, death:
White face, black tights, bad attitude.
And the girl tricks death into taking
her instead of the guy.
- Hmm.
- Atta girl.
- This an Irish chick?
- Huh?
- She obviously ain't Italian!
- Shut up.
How you doin'?
You must be my 12:00.
So, what is this?
- It's an office.
- Yes, I see that.
Your machine said
to try you at your office.
You know, here I thought
you were an artist.
- I sleep with you once and now you're in a suit.
- I told you I was a lawyer.
Yeah, but you
never tell the truth.
Well, the lonely painter in the loft was
working so well, and people hate lawyers.
No, people hate lies.
So, is this really yours?
Maybe you rented it to impress me.
No, I rented the apartment
to impress you.
Let's make a system of bells. One ring,
you're full of shit; two, you're not.
Fine, so,
what do you do?
- I'm a fashion model.
- Bong!
- Screw you!
- Well.
- What I mean is, you're
far too intelligent. - Yes.
Good save,
but screw you anyway.
Never met a woman
like you.
I've met teamsters
like you.
Teamster ever do this?
Yeah, but I told him I was married
and that was the end of it.
Should I come back
at 1:00?
How many times has
this happened to you?
At Dopodomani Plumbers
we guarantee...
Cut, cut, cut.
Vinnie, we gotta do it again.
You're doin' great, but remember
you're a little stiff.
What's the first thing
I said to you about the camera?
- "The camera is your..."
- My friend.
- Right. And it's never gonna
talk back to you. - Right.
Say whatever you want. Just
talk to the camera, nice, friendly...
All right.
- Okay. Ready, Vinnie?
- Oh, yeah.
Ready... action.
- How many times has this
happened to you? - Cut.
- What's the matter?
- That smile. You know how to smile?
I'm not smilin'?
- Just dial... 1-9-1-0...
- No, no, no.
- What?
- Vinnie. Vinnie.
Just dial 9-1-0,
- No, no!
- What?
Let me ask you a question. How many
times has this happened to you?
At Dopodomani Plumbers, we guarantee we
can lick any problem in one hour or less...
or it's no charge to you;
get your money back.
Just dial...
9-1-0 Plummers.
- Vinnie, hand me a ratchet.
- Sure.
Dopodomani Plumbers, because you never
know what you'll find under your sink.
And... cut! It was great, Vinnie.
Everything worked.
- It was all right. Don't wanna look like an idiot.
- It was great.
- Can't help the way you look, but you
sounded great. - You're very funny.
- You know Tina? You'll probably like her.
- Yeah? She single?
- How much?
- Ah, $600.
- Thought we said five.
- Six.
- Here you go. Better look good.
- You look great.
- Come on, Ange, let's go. I'm hungry.
- So go eat.
What are you doin'?
Get outta there. We're done.
- No.
- What do you mean, "No"?
- Come on, let's go. Come on.
- No.
I have never been so humiliated in my
whole life. You didn't even see my face.
It's acting, Angela. Do you think the
guy in The Elephant Man said...
"I ain't gonna do this 'cause you ain't
gonna see my face"? Huh?
- Ow!
- Besides, your legs look terrific.
- And you don't spell "plumber" with two "Ms."
- It's somebody else's number.
- You did a good job.
- Thank you. You, too.
Thank you.
So, I forgot to tell ya.
- Took out a homeowners loan yesterday.
- Huh?
- I bought a house. - You forgot to tell me.
What, are you crazy?
It's the sweetest little place you've
ever seen on Eighty-fourth Street, baby.
- You're serious!
- Yeah! It's perfect. It's got a garage.
It's got a little room for the baby.
You should've seen it.
You're damn right I should've seen it
before you took out a loan on a house!
A whole house!
Ain't I supposed to live in it too?
Realtor said another couple were gonna
make an offer. I had to move on it!
You've been goin' places
with a realtor behind my back?
- Huh?
- Angela, you've seemed edgy lately.
I thought I'd look at a few
places, check 'em out first.
Do all the legwork
and then show 'em to you.
I never thought I'd have
to say "yes" to one on the spot.
All right, Vinnie, look.
I've been thinkin' about this so
I'm just gonna come out and say it.
I don't think it's a good idea
our gettin' married.
- I don't think we'd be good for each other.
- Angela, don't bust my balls.
- You see it first. Then if you don't like it...
- It's not just the house.
- It's everything, all right!
- Oh, here she goes.
- She's gonna try and be all serious now.
- I am serious as cancer!
It's not something you can
talk me out of, so please don't try.
You know what I'm like when I'm certain
and I am certain about this.
This is crazy.
Are you really that mad?
It's not crazy!
It's how I feel! I'm sorry.
Hey, where're you goin'?
I don't believe this.
I don't fucking believe this!
Vin, please,
you had to see it comin'.
Get outta the fucking way!
Hey, you
Vinnie, what the hell are you doin'?
Goddamn motherfucker!
Vinnie, cut it out.
Come on!
What are you doin'?
All right.
Now, say it
to me again.
I can't go out with you
no more, Vinnie.
You can't go out
with me no more?
You're pregnant
with my baby.
We're gettin' married
and you can't go out with me no more?
Angela, I'm gonna ask you a question.
And I need an answer.
Whatever you say, that's it.
No goin' back. No changin' your mind.
'Cause I can't take it.
Okay? I can't take it anymore.
Are we gonna get married
or not?
Have you ever loved me,
Angela? No, really!
'Cause I don't
think so.
I mean, what are people
gonna think?
What are they
gonna say, huh?
You're knocked up with my baby
and you won't even marry me.
- They're gonna think I'm some kind
of fucking animal. - No, Vin, come on.
It doesn't matter what people think.
You're a great guy.
You could find somebody better
in like two minutes.
Like you
found somebody?
It ain't like that, Vin.
That would be better,
you know.
You just don't wanna
marry me.
- Right?
- Yeah.
- Hello?
- Hey, Noel, it's Angie.
Listen, I got somethin'
I gotta tell ya.
Yeah? I got something to tell you too.
No bullshit, two bells.
Me first. My bell's louder.
My bell's Big Ben.
- You sittin'?
- Sure.
Maybe that's not enough.
Maybe you better, like, get into bed.
- What is it?
- I'm pregnant.
It's not yours.
It's from before I met you.
So, are we still on for dinner
on Friday?
You're okay, Noel.
Whoever you are.
What'd you have
to tell me?
You're not gonna believe this, but,
uh, I'm pregnant too, and it is yours.
How's that
for coincidences?
Excuse me.
What's his problem?
- Where are we?
- Right over here.
Thank God we're on the aisle.
I gotta pee every five minutes.
Quit whinin'
about your broken water!
I've had these tickets for six months
and we're not leaving now!
I'll be fine.
That's a Jet Lift.
- That's a Sissone Lanc.
- Would you get over yourself.
Oh, look. That's called...
"Ouch, my balls!"
Is this... Is this good?
I mean, this is a great ballet?
How would I know?
Never saw one before.
I just thought
you'd like it.
I do.
What are you doin'?
Makin' pizza.
Pizza don't come
on English muffins.
Vinnie used to love
my pizzelles.
You never really cooked
for him much, did you?
- I admit, I never sprayed his food.
- Very funny.
You laugh alone in bed
at night?
What are you doin'?
It's my breathing
- That can't be good for the baby.
- It's Lamaze.
Fine. When the kid gets asthma,
God forbid, don't come runnin' to me.
- You can't be serious!
- Come on, I'm watching!
In my day, women did not need Lamaze
or VCRs in the delivery room.
They all had drugs.
They slept through the whole thing.
Really? I can tell you
there were a lot fewer Caesareans.
'Cause the mothers were all 22. They didn't
wait to get their careers goin' before kids.
Because motherhood was
a career, the most important career!
Yeah, well,
the pay stinks.
It amazes me how people who have never been
through it know exactly what you're doin' wrong.
- Angie! - No, tell her. She's always
on my case with little digs.
It'd be so much easier for me
if Vinnie were still around.
- I'm not gaining enough weight
for my height... - You're not.
'Cause I'm eatin' sprayed food.
Two more weeks of this...
- That's enough! - Kathy, when you have
a baby come and talk to me.
Until then, don't stick your
nose where it ain't never been.
Excuse me.
- What? What'd I do?
- I hope you're happy now!
She has been there, Angie.
She lost a baby her first marriage.
- Didn't live an hour.
- How am I supposed to know that?
You weren't! You were
just supposed to be a little nicer.
You're supposed to treat her
like your mother.
I just don't think it's right,
the whole thing with Noel.
Don't start, please.
You see him, what,
once, twice a week?
- He never met your parents.
- Oh, yeah.
And you never talk about what's gonna
happen after the baby's born.
He's my vacation
from all that.
How do you know what kind
of father he's gonna be?
When I was pregnant, all
Jerry ever talked about...
was how he was gonna teach
the kids stick ball.
I guess they can't
all be Jerry, huh?
I'm sorry.
Could we just do this please?
Yeah, sure. Except you're eatin'
the whole focal point.
I ain't using this
as no focal point.
Ain't you got
something else?
- You gonna bring a roll of cookie
dough in the delivery room? - Why not?
- Maybe, I don't know.
- What've you got?
How 'bout this?
I bet this will give you something to
concentrate on when you're in labor!
If I had this,
I wouldn't be in labor.
- Give it to me. I need it!
- It's mine now!
Hey, you ready?
I got the kids waitin' in the car.
What the hell
is so funny?
- Nothing. We were just talkin' about
Tina's old boyfriend. - He was so plastic!
Finish it on the phone, will ya?
It's all you do anyway.
Fuckin' $100 phone bills. And those
calls ain't mine, you know that, Teen.
- Why not? You're the only one who's home
all day. - That's real nice. That's...
What the hell is this?
Well, well, well!
- You girls havin' a little afternoon
delight, huh? - Yeah.
When did you pull this out
of mothballs?
When she realized at least
that thing made noise in bed.
She only got this in the first place
because I wouldn't fuck her.
Jerry, if I was her, I wouldn't fuck you
with a rented vagina.
You got some mouth.
No wonder Vinnie dumped you.
What the fuck is this?
A body block from Petunia Pig?
- I can't tell. Which one of you two is pregnant?
- Shut up and let's go.
Don't tell me to shut up.
You just can't take I'm the only one
who tells you the truth, Teen.
- You're a real saint. - If it wasn't for me makin'
fun, she'd weigh 500 pounds.
- She looks great.
- Oh, yeah?
- Come here. What size is this?
- Come on.
- Cut it out! - Tell me what size it is!
Eighteen? Eighteen, huh?
- That's not a size, it's a voting age.
- Get out of my fucking house!
Ooh! What a pair of ladies
we got here.
Little Miss Toilet Mouth
and Orchid, the Killer Whale.
Let's just go, okay?
I'm sorry, Angie.
What are you sorry for?
Don't you apologize for me!
- Get your fuckin' hands off her!
- I know the two of you are get up to!
Talk about what a fuckin' loser
I am! How I can't find a fuckin' job!
Well, your kid's
gonna be a bastard!
And who the hell do you think's gonna
put up with you except a loser like me?
Dad, leave her alone.
I told you guys
to stay in the car!
Okay, go, go, go.
- You fuckhead!
- Yeah, tell it to your gynecologist.
Go to sleep.
I'll get you right now.
Noel! Noel!
- Hi.
- Hey, happy Christmas.
- Where ya been?
- My plane was late. Where's Angie?
She's not ready. Come here.
I'll get you a drink.
All right, everybody. If you could clear
the dance floor please.
Thank you.
Tonight we have a very
special visitor...
- straight from the North Pole.
- Yeah.
Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho. Ho-ho-ho.
Merry Christmas.
- Is that who I think it is?
- Yes.
- Okay, Tony, give me a hand.
- You goin' up there?
All right.
- Give me your hand.
- Oh, oh, oh, oh.
I got a special one
for you, baby.
# Santa Claus
is coming to town #
# He's making a list
He's checking it twice
# He's gonna find out
who's naughty or nice #
Oh, Angie!
# Santa Claus
is coming to town #
# He sees you
when you're sleeping
# He knows when
you're awake #
# He knows if you've been bad or good #
- Whoa!
# So be good
for goodness sakes #
Angie. Oh, my God, Angie.
Oh, my God, it's the baby!
Yeah. Don't worry.
I took care of it.
Keep breathing.
Take it easy.
Hang in there.
- You're gonna be all right. - Excuse me, she's
having a baby. Where's Maternity?
- Fifth.
- Five. Fifth floor.
- Oh, I'm having another...
- Gimme the chair.
- Come on. In your nose, out of your mouth.
- You're okay.
- Thank you. Sit down.
- Got a chair right behind you.
In your nose, out of your mouth.
You gotta breathe.
In... good.
Out... good, Angela.
- Here we go. Here we go.
- In... out.
Tony, she's preregistered.
Check her in, please.
- Name?
- Angie Scaci...
Uh, Scacca... How do
you pronounce Angie's last name?
- Where's Dr. Gould?
- Maybe he's stuck in traffic.
- I hope he gets here soon.
Are you the coach? - I'm the coach.
Only the coach is allowed on the L.D.R.
Out of the way. Orderly!
- Stay with me. Don't leave me!
- I can't.
He's gonna be there when you get out.
I'm right here.
- Breathe, Angie.
- That's a girl.
You're doing great.
Hold on.
I'm comin'.
- One, two, three.
- Where am I goin'?
She's gonna be a mother.
- Uh, do you wanna give this to Angie for me?
- Oh, sure.
- Breathe with me.
- Oooh, I'm dying!
- You're not dying. Breathe.
- I can't do it! I gotta go home!
- Yes, you can. You're not breathing.
- Help me, somebody!
- Come on, breathe.
- It's all right, Angie.
- Help me!
- Look at me. Look at your friend.
That's a girl.
Sorry, we don't have a Scaccia-whatever
in the computer.
I have an Angie
- Where? That's my patient.
- Hello, Doctor. She's in Delivery.
Thanks. Are you
the grandparents?
Don't worry.
We'll take
good care of her.
Dr. Thorn, dial 1-8-2, please.
- How ya doin'? Where is she?
- Good.
- Inside.
- How's she doin'?
Is that her?
Five, six, seven, eight...
People, people, I'm gonna have to ask
you again, please wait in the lobby.
We need
these hallways clear.
- That hurts too much!
- One more time. Don't waste it.
- I ca...
- Push, push.
- No, I can't. It hurts!
- Come on.
That's good.
Oh! That was a big one!
It won't be long now.
- You're doin' great.
- Yes, you can. You can.
- Just change hands one second 'cause
I can't quite... - I want my epidural!
Oh, I told you.
It's too late for an epidural.
- Tell him I still think
it would be worth doing. - No.
- No!
- Come on, Angie, push!
- Die!
- Angie, focus.
I brought the focal point.
I got the focal point.
Okay, right here, baby.
Come on.
It's-It's all I had in...
Breathe, now.
- Focus on this.
- Get this the fuck outta here!
Angie, listen to me. There's something
I like mothers to do during deliveries...
to help them concentrate
on pushing and that's to sing.
It's a medical fact that you can't panic
while you're singing Marvin Hamlisch.
# One singular sensation
# Every little step she takes
Ba-ba-da-ba-ba-da-ba #
-But I can't.
- # One thrilling combination #
- What's happening to me?
- # Every move that she makes Bum-buh-da-bah-da #
You don't know that song, we could do...
# Kiss today good-bye #
No, I know the song.
I just don't feel like singing!
I think I know what's best.
Listen, shortstuff!
The day you try and pass a ten-pound bowling
ball through the head of your dick...
I will sing the whole fucking score
to Phantom Of The Opera...
Okay, this is
doctor's orders, Angie. Push!
# One singular sensation
# Every fuckin' step
she takes #
- Breathe in and push.
- # One thrilling combination #
# Every fucking move she makes #
Warning, now, don't make me cranky.
Please wait in the lobby.
- You're doing great.
- The baby's crowning.
- Oh, it burns!
- Don't push.
Don't push. Don't push.
Oh, I gotta push.
- No, you don't.
- I'm just suctioning out the fluids now.
- Come on, push.
- Help me, help me!
- Angie, I can see it.
- All right, come on now. One more push.
This is the last one.
Here we go.
- Bear down. Bear down. Bear down.
- Another push.
- Bear down. Bear down. There you go.
- Come on.
It's a boy!
- It's a boy!
- Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, look at his balls!
He's Italian, all right.
- He's Italian! You got a boy!
- Thank you.
Call Pediatrics.
What for?
Oh, his arm.
What's wrong with his arm?
There's a little problem,
but before we get hysterical...
we're just gonna clean him up, call
Pediatrics and have them evaluate it.
- Can't I hold my baby?
- Of course you can.
- As soon as he's ready.
- The baby's stable, Doctor.
- Tina?
- Angie.
I'm-I'm just gonna tell
everybody you got a boy.
- Vinnie.
- Tina, what is it?
What's wrong?
Here's your
beautiful baby.
There we go.
That's a boy.
Looks like
a broken wing.
Like a tiny
broken wing.
Oh, it must be bad. Aunt Violetta
ain't cracked a smile since 1967.
- Always with a sense of humor.
That's your great strength. - You look beautiful.
Oh, yeah.
Right. Hey, Pop.
- Hi, Angie.
- She really looks good.
Aunt Louisa,
how ya doin'?
Long time no see.
Oh, Louisa, come on.
Come on, come on.
- It's all right. Don't worry.
- Don't take it seriously!
Aw, there he is.
The champ.
Okay, now.
- There's only one visitor allowed during
feeding time. - That's the grandfather.
- No, no.
- I'll see you later.
We'll come back later.
What's the big deal?
- Where's Noel? - I don't know. I haven't
seen him since last night.
- Okay.
- I'll see ya later.
- All right.
- Hey, Vinnie, stay.
- I don't know, Ange. - He ain't gonna do nothin'
to me you ain't done yourself.
So, you're gonna try nursing.
You know, all the babies in the nursery
are pulling for him.
I swear they're all a part
of some secret society.
They all communicate
with each other without words.
You don't say? They teach you that
in nursing school?
- You hang around babies long enough, you pick up things.
- What do you think, Vin?
He's gonna be okay.
He's a good-lookin' kid.
Hold the baby... like this
so he can latch on.
Okay, come on.
There you go.
- He ain't takin' it.
- He's not in a good position.
Okay, here.
There we go.
There we go.
He don't... He don't want it.
He keeps turning away.
- Maybe he ain't hungry.
- No, he don't want me.
- Be calm.
- Come on.
This happens.
This happens.
Babies are...
very mysterious.
- He can go a long time without eating.
- Just take it easy.
- He don't want me.
- Okay.
- Oh, God.
- What if I take him away for a while?
- I'll bring him back later, okay?
- Yeah.
There you go,
little fella.
Okay, you're just a little cranky.
You had a rough day.
Technically it's called...
a congenital longitudinal
deficiency of the radius or "club hand."
Now what that means is... he's missing
one of the two bones in his forearm.
- This one, right here
- Okay.
It's nothing you did.
It's not because you had a glass of wine
in the second month.
It's just something
that happens...
in one out of about
every 300,000 births.
- It's also not genetic.
- Thank God.
Now, he's gonna need
some operations.
- How many?
- As many as it takes to make it right.
Look, what I like to say is he's gonna
do better than you expect...
and maybe not as good
as you'd hoped.
- What exactly are you saying?
Will he be able to tie shoes? - Yes.
- Will he be able to throw a ball?
- Yes. Maybe not a killer curve ball.
Long-sleeve shirts are gonna be
a little tougher to buy. Now...
There are internal complications associated
with this that we're gonna watch out for.
- Like what?
- Heart problems.
- Lung problems. Kidneys.
- Why?
Because what caused the defect in the arm could
affect the major organs as they form.
Or, Angela, he could
just sail right through.
The bottom line is... we think
he's gonna be a regular kid.
Keep him covered. Come on,
under the umbrella.
Come on,
you're home now.
Yes, you come right in here.
Oh, I gotta see him for a minute.
Let's go upstairs.
He's so sweet.
It looks nice.
- Thank you both. - Kathy worked like a dog
gettin' it ready.
Aw, don't exaggerate.
I vacuumed. I made the bed.
Oh. It's beautiful.
I appreciate it.
I guess you'd like to be alone
a little bit. We'll see you later.
- I'll call you later. Okay?
- Okay.
- Great. Okay.
- Thank you.
I baptize you in the name
of the Father, and of the Son...
and of
the Holy Spirit.
God, the Father
of our Lord, Jesus Christ...
- has freed you from sin
and welcomed you...
into His
holy people.
He now anoints you with
the prism of salvation.
May he keep the flame
of faith alive in his heart.
And when the Lord comes, may he go out to meet
Him with all the saints in the heavenly kingdom.
So you may live always
as a member of His body...
everlasting life.
I'll be right back.
Aunt Louisa, could you give us
some cake, please?
Would you like
some cheese?
Faster. Faster.
It was beautiful.
Beautiful ceremony.
- He don't like me, simple as that.
- Don't be crazy.
- He's colicky, that's all. - It's been a week.
When's he gonna breast-feed?
- Put him down. You can't pick him up every
time he cries. - Maybe Noel's bunny.
Here's your bunny, darling.
- Would you take him?
- Sure.
Where ya goin'?
I have to go.
I have to go out.
Think of a name for him while
you're out. It's embarrassing.
- Hello?
- Hi, Noel. It's Angie.
Hello, Angie.
Come on up.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hey, you look great.
- Today was the christening.
- I had a baby. Maybe you heard.
- Yeah, it was on CNN.
- So, is he a he or is she a she?
- He's a he.
Well done.
Girls always wanna do stupid things like
wear dresses and eat cottage cheese.
- So, does he look like you?
- Yeah.
and exhausted.
So, why didn't you come and see me
in the hospital?
I felt out of place.
You felt out of place?
Well, rise
to the occasion, Noel.
different now.
I gotta know...
if you're in this thing or not.
Okay? So, make a commitment,
one way or the other.
All right.
I'm not.
So, what is it you've been doing with me
for the last seven months? Playing?
Weren't you?
I just realized at the hospital that I couldn't
play at being a father to your kid.
lighten up.
Don't tell me to lighten up, asshole.
I have... I have shit goin' on in my life
that you know nothin' about!
Of course you're the only one. No one else has
commitments that scare the shit out of them.
You got commitments?
What, are you married?
You're married?
Oh, you're married.
What kind
of an idiot am I?
I forgot rule number one.
I'm separated...
sort of.
Ooh, right.
- So, everything this whole
time has been a lie? - Come on.
How long did it take you
to tell me about Vinnie?
Or about the baby
for that matter?
If I lie... so do you.
The thing is, I always thought that was
the best thing about us as a couple.
It's funny how havin' a kid
changes everything.
A week ago,
this woulda really hurt.
How's the baby?
He's perfect.
All right, just a second. I'm gonna
nurse you if it takes all night.
Jesus, Angie.
He-He just reached for me.
Oh, Jesus. Angie.
No. I didn't call you so you
could talk me out of it, Tina.
I called so you could...
help me with...
You have to explain it to everybody,
okay? I-I-I-I have to get away.
I have to go away...
- What if you don't find it?
How long you gonna be gone? - I don't know.
- Long enough to sort things out.
- You got your own kid to take care of.
I guess I'm just my mother's daughter.
She ran and now I'm running.
- You don't have to find your mother.
You help yourself. - Shit. I gotta go.
- Finding your mother
isn't gonna help you now. - Bye.
All aboard!
Angie, some stories
just have to tell themselves.
You read my mind.
Um... ma'am,
are you all right?
- Yeah. Why?
- Well, uh...
- Where's the ladies room?
- It's right around the corner.
Thank you.
- Angela! That's her. Thank you.
- Oh, my God!
- Ange!
- Tina!
- What the hell are you doin' here?
- I eat lunch here.
- What do you think I'm doin'? What
happened to your hair? - I can't believe it.
It fell out.
- In a blunt cut, right?
- I got lucky.
Hey, findin' your mom's a big deal and
I didn't want you doin' it alone, okay?
So, I'm going with ya, okay?
Come on, I'm goin'.
- I don't understand.
How did you find me? - I'm a genius.
I called the bus company, found out the
route and then took a train to beat you.
- And then after, you come back with me, right?
- Where are the kids?
At my sister's. She's got Sega.
You know they love that stuff.
- What did Jerry say?
- Ah, screw him.
He'll be happy to have me
out of his hair for a while. Thanks.
Geez, it's like a friggin' morgue
on wheels here.
Hey, Daisy Mae.
How ya doin'?
- You sure this is it?
- 4418, Route 20, right?
- Well, welcome to Texas.
- Thanks.
Come on!
Give me a beer!
Dwarf tossing?
That is weird.
- What can I get ya?
- Um...
- I'm lookin' for Jean Colombo.
- She ain't here.
I'm her niece, Angela. Actually, I'm lookin'
for my mother, Joanne Scacciapensieri.
- You know her? - Jean Colombo doesn't
own this bar anymore. She sold it to me.
Do you know where
she went?
- It's important I find her.
- Way out west I think. I really couldn't help you.
- Where does her mail go?
- Honey, she's been gone 12 years already.
The only thing she gets is
a Christmas card. I throw those out.
- What are you gonna do, right?
- Hmm.
Come on.
We gotta get to town.
Come on.
I'm not goin' back.
- Not goin' home?
- No.
What are you sayin', Angie?
You're not goin' back?
Not for the baby?
Not for nothin'?
No, it's better.
Pop and Kathy can raise him.
I know you can be cold sometimes,
but you got a baby now, Angela.
- You don't understand.
- No, I understand.
I understand that if you don't go back,
he's gonna have to be by himself with doctors.
That you are gonna put him through the same
shit you went through your whole life?
He don't want me.
I know that sounds crazy...
but it's like he knows
everything is my fault.
That is pathetic. To throw your fucked-upness
onto that poor little baby!
I don't deserve him.
You don't deserve him?
You're his mother!
You are so selfish, Angela!
You come over like this regular girl.
Meanwhile, you do whatever
you wanna do and you don't care...
You shut your face! If you hate me
so much, why are you my friend?
I've been asking that question. When I think
how holier than thou you are about Jerry...
Oh, please!
I will tell you one thing. He would never ever
leave his own flesh and blood.
I'm goin, okay! I am not gonna be part
of this sickness! I'm goin' back home!
How is she?
Did she have
a good day?
I didn't.
- Aunt Jean. - What do you want, Angie?
Why don't you go on home?
I know she's in there.
I wanna see her.
- You go on back to your life and let us get
on with ours. - She's my mother.
- You don't wanna know about your mother!
- The hell I don't!
- Get out of my way! Mama?
- I promised your daddy.
- Angie, wait a minute.
- Mama?
She's schizophrenic.
You can go
to bed now, Alba.
Good night, Joanne.
Thank you.
She's on medication,
but she don't really function.
Most of the time
she just sits there.
I'm sorry.
Joanne. Honey,
look who's here.
Look who's here all
the way from New York City.
That's Angie, honey.
That's your daughter.
Hi, Mama.
You talk to her.
I'll leave you alone with her
and you just talk to her.
- I don't know what to say.
- Angie, honey, it's your mama.
You'll think
of somethin'.
Hey, you want
a light for that?
I never knew
you smoked.
Isn't that funny?
Of course I don't know
hardly nothin' about you.
Hey, I know what.
That's how I looked
the last time you saw me.
I have thought about you
for so long.
About this moment.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!
I always thought you left us
for somethin' better.
And I was gonna do
the same.
I had it so wrong.
I left my baby.
Now I don't know
what the hell I was thinkin'.
I love him, Mama.
I love him so much...
but is that enough?
- Who's that? Aunt Vicky?
- Angela!
- Put my pop on.
- You just missed him.
Maybe if you wait, you could
catch him at the hospital.
- Hospital? What are you talkin' about?
- Where are you?
- Do you know what an earthquake
you caused here? - What hospital?
Oh, Jesus, Angie.
Sean is really sick.
Who's Sean?
- Excuse me? What floor
are the sick babies? - Angie?
- Pop! Oh, my God.
- What are you doin' here?
- What happened to the baby?
Is he all right? - He's alive!
- Thank God. Pop.
- What the hell do you care?
A mother who runs out on her own
sick child? There are no words...
Where is he?
I have to see him.
You know what you did to my wife? That
she might lose a baby a second time.
What are you sayin'?
She's his mother. We got no rights here.
We got no right at all.
- Now you come on, Angie.
I'm gonna take you to him. - Thank you.
I saw her, Pop.
That's where I was, in Texas.
- You saw her?
- Yeah.
Angie, you gotta understand
about your father, how upset he is.
He can't even go into the nursery where
the sick babies are. He hates himself for it.
What's wrong
with my baby?
He couldn't breathe.
He's been unconscious
the last two days.
I'm sorry, Kathy.
You're here now...
and that's what matters.
We, uh...
We started callin' him Sean.
- We had to tell the nurses at
registration something. - Yeah, I heard.
It's the name of the son I lost,
but you could change it to anything.
- No, Sean's a good name.
- Yeah?
- Where?
- Here.
We gotta take off
our coats and put 'em right here.
- Okay, it's back here.
- Excuse me, only immediate family is allowed.
- I'm the mother, Angela Scacciapensieri.
- No, Kathy's the mother.
- It's a long story, but she's the mother.
- I don't make the rules.
- I don't obey them either.
- Carl!
- What's the trouble? - I have to find my baby.
Get out of my way!
- Listen...
- Vinnie!
- Keep your hands to yourself.
You all right? - Yeah. Is that him?
- Aren't you the guy from the plumber
commercial? - Yeah.
- Did you know plumber was spelled wrong?
- Yeah. Can we go in?
- Look, it's up to her.
- Okay.
- But only one person at a time.
- Go ahead, Angie. You go.
Angela, I'm glad
you came.
Me too.
How's he doin'?
It's been a rough couple of days.
Sean's developed pneumonia which
sometimes happens in his condition.
So now the machine
is breathing for him.
We'll know
in the next 24 hours...
- whether he's gonna be okay.
- How will we know?
He'll wake up.
Hail Mary, full of grace...
Oh, Angie.
- How are you, honey?
- I'm all right. How are you?
- Fine. Mm-hmm.
- Okay?
You could've said somethin'.
I could take it.
You loved her so much.
You thought
she was perfect.
I just couldn't take that
away from you.
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, Pop.
Hey, me and Sean
have been alone for hours.
We're kinda runnin' out of conversation.
We could use company.
Pop, I know it ain't easy.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on,
it's okay.
Okay, listen.
we gotta talk.
Now I know
what you're thinkin'.
You're thinkin',
why should I wake up?
She don't care about me.
She left.
But I do care!
It's from the moment you were born, you knew
I did everything for the wrong reasons.
Didn't ya?
Well now, you gotta give me
another chance.
And I promise, I won't let nobody
make fun of you...
or hurt you
or lie to you ever.
Just you wake up, okay?
you think about it.
I ain't goin' nowhere.
I swear.
You're awake. He's awake!
Oh. Oh.
It's okay.
He's breathing on his own.
He's just pulled
his tube out.
His lungs
sound clear.
He's gonna be okay.
It's funny. I see everything
now like it's this long chain...
stretching all the way back
to the beginning of time...
- on up through my grandmother
and my mother. - Hi.
I'm finally part of something
bigger than me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hey, tough guy.
How ya doin', huh?
Oh, the strong,
silent type, huh?
Listen, Sean...
I wanna make a little
deal with you.
All right?
Listen, you gotta
eat somethin'.
So, why don't you think of me
as a human fridge.
All right?
Then I'll do somethin'
for you.
Anything you want.
Tickets to
a Raffi concert.
I could stick one of them little girl
babies in your crib with you.
Everybody's got somethin, you know.
Somethin' broken.
For Tina, it's her marriage.
For Kathy, the baby she lost.
For Pop, it's my mother.
And then some people
it don't show on, but it's there.
The way I figure,
these days...
the less broken have to take care
of the more broken.
I learned that
from my son.