Angie: Lost Girls (2020) Movie Script

Johnny will take my hand.
Oh, but then he'll be my man!
You're not showing
up tonight, are you?
I'll be there around eight.
I'll believe it when I see it.
Everybody comes.
I should go.
Hey Munchkins!
Hey you jerk!
- Here we go.
- OK.
- Chris Hemsworth
steps out of the shadows,
Just as Angela is about to leave.
- Please accept this
as a token of my love.
- This one, Chris Hemsworth?
Are you kidding me?
Come back with roses you fool!
- Oh!
Can I be the princess now?
- Once we've done your homework.
- The flower just
doesn't look right.
- See
- Ooh, that's actually better,
now it looks like a flower.
Oh, we learned some
new moves today.
- Oh!
- Ready?
- Yes.
Two, four, six, eight
Who do we value?
Come on, Maddie, Angie and God
- Soon you'll be a cheerleading
captain like Mom used to be!
- Definitive.
- Oh.
- Why do they always do that?
I'm hungry now!
Will Dad still take
you to your party?
- How about I make
you mac and cheese?
- OK.
- Fool, that came
out of nowhere.
- OK, I'm done!
- Oh, I love it, okay.
I'm done with mine.
- OK.
- Here we go.
Look at this.
They match.
They fit.
All right, and I have
something else for you.
Happy birthday beautiful.
- Thanks.
Thank you for everything.
I've never had a real birthday.
- Naturally.
Many more will follow you.
I should go get that.
I'll come back and
then we'll clean up.
- I missed you.
It's time to come home now.
Coco, do you think she
really cares about you?
When you turn 18, she'll
kick you out like everyone else.
And then what you gonna do, huh?
who will take care of you
- This is a shelter.
And they call the police.
- Yes?
You could,
but you'll be dead before
they get here, and so will they.
She looks like a nice person.
I don't want to
have to go inside.
Come on.
Come on.
Good girl.
Come on.
I have you.
- Zo?
- Yes.
- Rachel's on line one.
She says it's urgent.
- Oh my god, they found Zoe.
They found her
and took her away.
- OK.
- All I know is that they did.
- Okay, calm down.
Don't worry, we'll find you.
- Oh my God.
- I am on the way.
- I emailed the plumber
come an hour earlier tomorrow.
Did you remember
to call the plumber?
- Yes, everything under control.
Let's just chill with the
girls and eat pizza, okay?
It's bedtime, come on.
- Hi Papa.
- Hey darling.
Atta girl.
- Good night, Princess.
- Good night mom.
- That's it.
Let's get you to sleep.
i will put you to bed
- Hello sweet.
- You promised I
could go out tonight.
- I know, I know darling.
I'm a terrible mom, but
there will be more parties.
Did you do your homework?
- Uh huh.
- Don't forget to
say your prayers.
God is listening.
- When we lived in West
Adams, at least we had a life.
Haven't we, dad?
- Good night, kid.
- What if mom and
dad come back early?
and we are not there?
- Worry, worry, worry!
You are just like mom!
Hey, aren't you tired of
being stuck at home all day?
- I want ice cream.
- Hey, did daddy give
maddie her pocket money?
- No.
- Me neither!
- Do you know what
dad did when I was little?
- Yes, street music!
- Okay, let's do it.
- Which song
will you play first?
- I do not know.
I might make your favorite.
- Yes.
- Be careful with that.
- There you are.
There's a house
in New Orleans
They name the rising sun
And it's been the
downfall of many poor girls
And God knows I do
I am one
It's been the downfall
of many poor girls
Stitched my new blue jeans
- Do you take inquiries?
- Possibly.
- For money!
- OK.
How is that?
- Thanks.
- What's your favourite song?
I want to fly away
Into the golden wind
Sweet in the meadows
Where lovers stay
- You have a beautiful voice.
- Five dollars!
i want strawberry
- Chocolate for me, as always.
- I will stick to it.
- You're too fast for me.
- Hey, you have some
competition down at the park.
Well then, come
on, I'll show you.
My name is Mario.
What is your name?
Well, you should definitely check it out.
It's quite a tough competition.
- I have to go home
to do my homework.
- Come on, this will be fun.
- fine.
And just keep
playing in the snow
- She's not bad.
- Yes.
The last one I heard
was much better.
- Will you give her five dollars too?
- Angela, you know
you have beautiful eyes.
They dance.
- What school do you go to?
- I just transferred
from Orange County.
- I didn't know there
were music lovers there.
- Yes, we are
not all barbarians.
- We used to live in West Adams.
It was a bit rough.
- I really want to
hear you play again.
- Of course you do.
Sleep my child and
peace be upon you
God loves to keep watch
All night
How does it sound?
- Good.
- Oh yeah.
I keep forgetting.
Of course you want to share one?
- For sure.
- Okay, let's share one
That's half, right?
- I mean, it's a bad...
- That's half.
you have to eat it
Even if it tastes bad.
Here we go.
- All right, it's good.
- It's pretty good.
It's good with coffee.
- Look at this?
It's A minor.
Would you like to try?
- For sure.
A minor one.
Just this one?
- Just hold there and then
use your middle fingers.
Something like.
- Oh, that sounded good.
- So put your fingers
together like this.
- Like this.
- For now, and then you
will use something like this,
Because when you strum
up, you go with your thumb.
It's a work in progress,
just strum down.
- Oh yeah.
There's a house
in New Orleans
They name the rising sun
My father was a gambler
Down in New Orleans
Now the only thing
a player needs is
Is a suitcase and a suitcase
- All right, all
right, all right.
That was great, that was
great, but you have homework.
Now up.
- Please, just a
few more minutes.
- No, we talked about it.
- No, you lectured me about it.
I just don't know why
you don't care what
I want in life or
what my interests are
- Here.
Well, parents are
passion killers.
They just don't understand you.
- She just wants me to
be like her in real estate.
- I got you something.
- For real?
- It's nothing crazy, but...
- Can I open it now?
- No.
It's just a small thing.
- It's nice.
And the flowers.
Nobody has ever done
anything like this for me.
You know. My uncle
is in the music business.
He constantly hires singers.
He could probably
help you if I asked him.
- For real?
What would you do?
Yes I would.
I really believe in you, Angie.
Let's just... let's take it slow.
- OK.
- I guess we should
get out of here.
- For sure.
- Angie?
did you go out
- Maddie, what are you doing?
- I could not sleep.
i had a bad dream
Can I sleep with you?
- For sure.
- Do you have a boyfriend?
- You can't say a
word, Maddie, I promise!
- Okay, I won't.
For $10!
- All right, get in.
- OK.
Have a good night?
I have, have you?
- Yes, apart from
my terrible dream.
- Yes, I know we're behind.
Yes, I understand
your concerns, but...
- Girl?
- Yes / Yes.
hey - Yes?
- I need coffee, okay?
- One of them fits, thanks mom,
and I'm not ready yet.
- You'll do great.
- I understand
your concerns, but...
Yes, please calm down.
We'll make it on time.
- Mom, don't forget tonight!
- Shhh.
- Yes.
- Tell him we hired extra crew.
- Oh yeah, and...
- Let's just go.
- Yes.
- Don't forget your food.
- Yes, we are now
Hiring an additional crew.
Yes, absolutely, absolutely, yes.
100% covered.
- Where are you?
It will start soon.
- Come on honey, you're next.
- Angie,
You played wonderfully tonight.
Too bad your
parents couldn't come.
You would be really proud.
Is someone coming to pick you up now?
- Yes, someone is coming.
- OK, yes.
- Hey
I came as soon
as I got your text.
- Can you believe
they didn't show up?
- Yes.
Well you did well, didn't you?
- Yes, but I was
wrong all along.
- I'm sure you did a
lot better than you think.
You just have to
distract yourself from it.
I was on my way to my uncle's.
He just got into town.
You should come.
Angie, I've told
him all about you
and he really wants
to get to know you.
- I do not know.
- It will be fun.
He said he can help
you with music stuff.
Hey, you are a great musician.
i would not lie
I'll park right down the street.
- All right, good.
- You got me.
Yes, I will carry your things.
- Thanks.
I'm just telling my
uncle we're here.
- For sure.
It's a cool place, isn't it?
- Yes / Yes.
They throw a lot of
great parties here.
- wow!
- Hi!
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Good.
- Mario, you weren't joking.
You are beautiful.
- Thanks.
- Yes, so you want to go pro?
- I don't think I'm good enough.
- How about I judge that?
Tell me a bit about
your experiences.
- I played concerts and solo,
my teacher is Robin Penser.
- Excellent reputation.
We have some great
musicians tonight and
my colleagues are
delighted to meet you.
- Yes, this is a great
opportunity, Angie.
- Thank you my Lord.
- It is my pleasure a.
Can I get you anything?
- How about some champagne?
- Yes!
Some champagne.
Come on, let's have a seat.
- We are at home!
- They said Angie would be
back at seven to take over.
Maddie is sleeping now.
- Okay, where is she?
- Maddie said she had her
music presentation tonight.
We thought you were there.
- Oh god, we should...
God, was that today?
I thought you put
it on the calendar.
- I thought.
- I haven't, no.
Well, she can't still
be there now, can she?
Let's call her.
Hello, Angie, it's mom and dad.
Where are you?
We are looking for you.
You know you're after yours
curfew should not stay outside.
- We're sorry we missed
your presentation, dear.
- Please call us, bye.
- Can you stay a little
longer? We'll pay you extra.
- Yes, of couse.
- Thanks.
- Alright, here we go.
- Let's go to her school
We'll be coming back.
- What is the name of Janine's mother?
- Luise.
- Luise.
- Thanks.
- I'm Ida.
- Hi!
- Hi!
Rob will love you.
He's one of the best
producers in the business.
But you know, you're judged
the moment you walk into a room.
So let's add a pop of color
Increase it a little
- For sure.
Oh, can you get my bag?
I should call my parents
and tell them where I am.
- I understand.
- Rob is here.
- Just one more thing.
You're beautiful.
- Oh thank you.
- Splendid!
- It'll be fine.
- She will go alone.
So Rob doesn't like strangers.
- Yes, I know, it's okay.
- OK.
- Come on, this will be fun.
big rob
- Deak
- We have a special
musician for you today.
- Warm welcome.
So you're Angel, right?
- Oh, my name is Angie.
- Angel is a perfect
stage name for you.
let's hear you play
Sleep my child and
peace be upon you

You are so talented.
- No no no.
To stop!
No! Help me!
No Please!
- It looks like we have
a successful date.
- $10,000!
- We have to give it to Mario.
This increases our rate.
- She needs a little grooming.
I brought you breakfast.
You were a good girl last night.
After you stop whining.
You don't want your
parents to see this, do you?
We can protect you.
Nobody needs to know.
You just have to be a good girl.
- You filed a missing
persons report that same night,
what was right.
- This is unit 267, we have
a critical missing person.
Age 16, dirty blonde,
blue eyes, 5'5, 120 lbs.
Answers to the name Angie.
- It's been two days and we
still haven't heard from her.
- Is there a reason why
she would have run away?
- No no.
She would never run away.
No, something happened.
I can feel it.
She just has to be out there.
I think,
We only moved here a few
months ago so
we've just settled in.
And then we wanted
to go on vacation.
She was very happy about that.
- Does she have
birthmarks or tattoos?
Anything that can
help us identify her?
- As much information
as possible will be helpful.
- She has a small
birthmark on her knee.
- Below her left knee.
- Does she have a boyfriend?
- No, she's a good girl.
She has no boyfriend
- She has a boyfriend.
She made me
promise not to tell, but
he's going to bring
her back, isn't he?
- Treasure.
- Honey, do you know his name?
- He's bringing
her back, isn't he?
- Arms up!
- Please.
- You look beautiful.
- Please, just let me go home.
please let me go home
- Stop whining.
It's bad for business.
It's very unattractive.
- Hey sweetie.
- Please, please, please,
can you get me out of here?
please get me out
- Relax, Daddy
will take care of you.
We're just gonna have fun.
- No no no. Let me out!
Please let me out!
- Girl, keep calm.
- No no no!
- Daddy will take
good care for you. - No no no!
- Relax yourself.
- No!
- Relax yourself!
- No!
- Relax!
- No!
- Good?
Be a good little
girl for daddy, okay?
daddy loves you baby
- I looked everywhere.
- We just have to keep looking.
- No, not.
she is out there
- Hey, it won't hurt
so much after a while.
You come from a
good family, right?
Most of us here
don't have families.
i am zoe
I will look out for you.
It's OK.
- Honey, here's your tea.
You should rest.
To shower.
- Solana's mother is here.
- Sweet.
- Yes?
- Don't talk to strangers
- strangers?
Strange men or boys
or people in general.
You keep telling me that.
I know.
I love you.
- I love you.
- Honey, let me
take her out, okay?
- Yes.
- The bitch bit me!
Muzzle her or give me a refund.
- She bit you?
I'll get you someone
else, don't worry.
- preferably someone
with no teeth.
- Yeah, I got it.
Come here! - No no no.
- Come here!
- No no.
- Never do a stunt
like that again.
If you find that
bad, just wait and
see what happens
to Mario next time.
I would hate to
ruin his good looks.
You hear me?
Stand up!
go over there
Keep your mouth shut!
You know it's easy to
take things for granted
simple things like food.
Something you won't have
tomorrow because of her.
- Your food sucks anyway.
And you deacon too!
- What did you say?
I'm sorry I couldn't hear you.
Stand up!
Have you increased?
You will have to work through that.
So, starting tonight, you're
picking up Angel's clients.
You can't walk for a week.
How do you feel about this?
- You can't break me.
- Let's see what you have
to say about that tomorrow.
Now get out of my sight
See the thing about it
The more you work,
the better things will be.
I don't want to have to hurt you.
So pack up.
Tighten your tits.
Put your face on, get out
there and do some business.
We have many customers tonight.
on your feet
She stays.
Go out!
- Come on!
- Angie, Angie, Angie?
- Go away, go away, go away!
- Look at me.
you have to listen to me
- No, please, please,
please get me out of here.
- Angie, shut up.
- Get me out of here.
- And listen.
- Get me out of here, Mario.
Mario, get me out of here.
- Angie, I'm so sorry
this is happening.
But you need to calm
down and play along.
Because they will hurt you.
they will hurt you
i am just like you
They used a baseball
bat on my arm.
They're threatening
my mother, and if
you don't calm down,
they might kill me.
- No, no, no, no, please
just go to the police.
something please
- I can't go to the police.
They know where your parents
live, they know who they are
and they will harm them.
I will fix that.
I promise.
- No.
- I promise I'll fix it.
- No.
- I have to go before
they catch me with you.
- No, please don't leave me.
Please, please,
you can't leave me.
- I love you, Angie.
- You can't leave me.
- I love you.
- You can't leave me
You are my only hope.
No no no no!
No, no, Mario!
- Naturally.
- You have to take what you can.
- Of course these
days are cruel.
- Yes, you mustn't be picky.
To sit!
- How are you, man?
- It's good to see you.
- Nice to see you, brother.
turn your head
Dont move.
- Back to work!
- See you later.
Mia, you're next.
- Turn your head.
- How can you pray?
- That's the only thing
they can't take from us.
- Do you think they would
really hurt my family?
- These people
are bad, really bad.
- My father once
gave me a topaz ring,
for my birthday
- You're lucky.
I've been in so
many foster families.
Each one was
worse than the last.
The woman who gave me this
She's the only person
who's ever been nice to me.
Your parents are
probably looking for you.
Just stay alive
until they find you.
- What I am about to
show you is not easy to see.
We believe your
daughter was trafficked
and sold on an online website.
- What?
- I know this is hard to do,
but I need you to confirm
that this is your daughter.
- Oh my God.
- We recognized this tattoo.
It comes from a local gang
that specializes in underage girls.
They're all over LA, but now
that you've identified them
We can set up a sting
operation next weekend.
- Next weekend?
Are you crazy?
Jesus, you gotta get her now!
- We don't know where
they're keeping her, ma'am.
- There must be
something else you can do.
- Believe me, if it
existed, we would do it.
If we start this too soon
they might go dark and
we will lose them forever.
- Please.
- I'll keep in touch.
You have my word.
- No no no no no!
Please don't, please don't.
Walk around, smile, serve
drinks, change
chip trays, it's easy.
light stuff.
- Okay I trust you.
- All right, let's go.
big weekend
We have a lot to do, ladies.
Let's move it!
Come here.
- Yes?
- Maybe put your
hair up next time.
Let's go.
- All right, yes, let's go.
This is the boss.
His name is deacon.
- Deacon.
- This is Zelda.
- She looks good.
Come on.
Change of plans, you have to drive.
- OK.
- How do you know Mario?
- WHO?
- The guy who brought you here.
- Oh, this is Mark.
He is my friend.
Got this job helping
out at parties.
He says it's paying off handsomely.
Makes it?
- Leave it, Angie.
- Wait what?
- Hey, I don't want
any trouble from you.
You hear me?
come in.
Get in the van!
- No.
No no no no!
- Let's go!
- To mark?
- Let's go ladies.
- Come on.
- Well, faster please, thank you.
Hold onto.
She's celebrating at 5, on 5 am for you.
You are that.
- It's about time the little angel
got some of the rough ones.
- Leave her alone.
- How are you?
are you at three
- I don't see anyone else.
- Funny man, isn't he?
Where do you come from?
Do you want to feel that too?
- Not really.
How long have you been in LA?
- I just got out to the game;
I thought I'd have
some fun for the night.
- Alright, here we go.
After you.
- Thanks very much.
That's it, isn't it?
- Yes that's it.
Do you have something for me?
- Oh.
It's all there, you
can count if you want.
- Yes I will.
Thanks very much.
I'll be back.
Angel, you have another client.
- Seriously?
look at her
- You're up.
- I asked for a fresh red head.
- She's fresh and
just dyed her hair.
- No, no, I'm not here for that.
How old are they?
- 18
- Are you being held
against your will?
do you know this girl
Angie Morgan.
she is 16
Please talk to me.
We can also help
you get out of here.
- I don't think so, buddy.
Go to bed.
- We go inside.
Rodriguez, stay with the van.
- Come here.
You will regret that.
Flynn, get the car.
It was a trap.
Let's go!
run run run!
Go Go go.
- Over here.
- You got the Morgan girl.
In transition.
- Clear.
You must have
taken another vehicle.
- Do you think anyone
cares about you?
We'll give you a
place to sleep, eat,
clothes, we protect
you, take care of you.
You don't appreciate
it, bad things happen.
You try to run, we'll
break your legs.
For those of you who speak...
- I can make this messy.
Your decision.
Open up, open up
- Clean them up.
Get her back to work.
You belong to Me.
you obey my rules
Do you think the
cops will help you?
You're on my payroll.
- If you try to leave,
we will find you,
and we will find your family.
- Hurry up, please come mom.
I don't want to be late.
- Where did you get the makeup?
- It was Angie's.
- No, you're not
going into her room.
These are her things.
- She's not coming
back, so why not?
- Yes she is.
Don't say that!
She's coming back.
- How do you know?
You don't even
know where she is!
- Hey!
- Commando, how are you, my man?
- Do something well.
- Nice to see you.
Sit down.
How are you?
- Hey you?
- Men's.
how do you like tonight
Hey, how are you, sir?
- Do you have something for me?
- I do.
she is fresh
Green top right there.
- I like this.
- Enjoy.
- Thanks.
Would you like to dance?
- Ivo!
Bye for now.
- Yes.
- How are you, buddy?
- I'm Always good.
What you up to?
- I've got class A
for you tonight, mate.
She will bring
you a lot of money.
- I heard you have
some problems.
- Yes, but we settled it.
Also, they won't be
looking in Florida.
you will be safe
She is worth it.
- Good.
- It will bring you
a lot of money.
- Yes, it's really nice.
I say 20K.
- 20,000, huh?
- 20,000.
- Act.
- Act.
- To you.
- It's OK.
- Do you want to see us dance together?
- Yes.
- They're taking
you to Miami tonight.
- What?
- We have to get out of here.
- Are you crazy?
- Didn't you hear me?
Deacon sold you to Ivan.
He'll take you to Miami
and as soon as you get the
If you cross state lines,
no one will find you.
- I can't leave LA, Zoe.
I can not leave you.
- Okay, sit on his
lap for a minute.
If you see me nodding
at you, say you need
to go to the bathroom
and meet me at the bar.
- I have to go to the bathroom.
Just a minute.
- I know.
Trust me, I've got your back.
- Hey!
- You do not need
to take care of it.
- What happened to the girl?
The green tip ran out.
- She went out?
- Yes.
- Alright, let's go.
- Hurry Angie.
Hurry up!
go faster
Faster, hurry up, Angie.
Come on.
- You're not going anywhere.
- Let her go!
- Let go.
let go, you are mine
- Please please please please,
you have to help me.
- Sorry, I can't help you.
- Treasure!
There's a girl in the playhouse!
I think there's
something wrong with her.
Call the police.
- Hi!
Angie, right?
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm detective Chase Dawson.
This is Rachel
Martinez, she's a clerk.
And this is Detective Warren.
Are you that?
Are you Angie Morgan?
It's all right.
It's you, isn't it?
Thank you Angi
- Hello Angie.
It's OK.
I brought you some things.
I'll just put this right
next to you, okay?
i am here to help you
I'll just sit over there, okay?
- Oh my God.
- It's okay, Angie.
Can I speak for a moment?
I'm Rachel Martinez;
I was assigned as
your daughter's clerk.
The doctors would like to
put Angie on hold for 72 hours.
- We can take
care of her, please.
- She went through
a lot of trauma.
She must be here.
- It's OK.
- Angie?
we take you home
Very soon we will take you home.
- Hey, Ange.
It's me.
- maddie,
Let's give Angie a rest.
- OK.
- OK.
Thanks very much.
It's really nice to
have you at home.
We'll make you
comfortable, okay?
We're downstairs if
you need anything.
- Hey, everything will be fine.
- Here we go.
- Any news on Angel?
Ivan is not happy.
- Not yet, but when
the heat drops,
we bring them back.
Do not worry.
- Ida, your new cleaner is here.
- Hi!
- How old is she?
- She just turned one.
- Hey.
- So he said I could
keep her with me
while i work
Otherwise I could
only do certain hours.
- It is in order.
I can take care of
her while you work.
- Waiting...
- I thought you needed a job.
- OK.
- Deacon, you can show
Nala where she cleans.
- Naturally.
just come with me
- Actually, I have
to take her with me.
- Do not you trust me?
- I changed my opinion.
It's okay I-
- Come with me!
- Get away from me.
- No.
- Give me my baby.
give me my baby
- She will be fine.
- Nandy, Nandy!
Get away from me.
- Come on!
- Give me back my baby!
- Ange?
hey are you ok
I'm sorry honey,
but we have to go.
We have an appointment.
Can you meet me
downstairs in five minutes?
To get dressed.
We've got you a new one.
I'll leave it here
for you, okay?
See you below.
Are you ready?
are you ok
Do you know this man?
- Hello, Angie.
To remember?
How are you?
believe it or not
I know what you are going through.
- You have no idea.
- I was there too.
When I first came out, I
felt this big disconnect.
I wanted so badly
to escape, when
I did I felt like I
didn't fit anywhere.
I thought I did something
wrong that it was my fault
that everyone is judging me.
And I just hated myself.
- I made my sister cry.
- Where did you get that?
I made these, I gave Zoe one.
Angie, this is Zoe.
I just want to know
that she's okay.
was she with you
Please Angie
- Can we go?
- What happened?
- I am so sorry.
- I'm Latisha.
This is a good place.
she can help you
- We'll take you home, come on.
- Let's go inside.
- You have to come with me quickly.
- Not without my baby.
- I'll get your baby back, okay?
I will contact you as
soon as I find them.
Take that and don't lose it.
go! go! go!
- All my friends like to
talk about boys and stuff.
My friend Skylar has a
crush on this guy named Alex
and I find him disgusting.
- Hey.
- Angie, you have
to eat your food.
- It's okay, I have it.
I got it.
- What do you want from me?
- We just want you
to be okay, honey.
- Okay?
I don't even know what that is.
I don't even know
who I am anymore.
How can I be fine?
- She hates us.
- No, she doesn't hate us.
- Yes, she does.
- Your sister just went
through a lot, that's all.
Even if she acts
like she doesn't want
us or doesn't need
us, she still does it.
- Give her a little time, okay?
- OK.
- I hate you.
- She's so nervous.
You can't say anything
without biting your head off.
- We just have to
be there for them.
- Yes, I just want her to
feel safe with us again.
- There was a man outside today.
- What?
- She looked as if
she had seen a ghost,
then said she didn't know him.
- We should inform the police.
- Sorry, no, I'm
just being paranoid.
- Hey.
- Rachel, perfect timing.
- Angie is wearing the
bracelet I made for Zoe.
can you talk to her for me
- Don't you think she would be
more comfortable talking to you?
- I pushed her too hard.
- Rachel.
- I know Angie can
give us something.
I could see it on her face.
I'm sorry.
- Good.
Don't worry about that.
I'll talk to her.
- What is your name?
- What's up?
- The highway patrol
found her on the freeway.
She's in shock.
- DCFS has seen them yet?
- They are on the way.
- Good.
In the meantime, let's
get her somewhere safe.
- Yes.
- Do you have room with you?
- Yes, I can make room.
- Thanks very much.
- Hi.
- Good afternoon, Mrs. Morgan.
How is Angie?
- Up and down, you know?
- I have nothing to say to you.
- I'm not your enemy, Angie.
- You let her escape.
Ida says you work for her.
- Ida, okay.
Good thank you.
We don't work with them.
They tell you to be
afraid to talk to us.
We tried to get
you out at the hotel
but they got you out
in another vehicle.
We messed it up.
I'm sorry.
We're on your side, Angie.
We know the gang is stalking
other underage girls as well.
There was you and Zoe.
Who else?
Please Angie, can you tell
me anything that would help.
Your dad told me you saw someone
outside your
house the other day.
- Angie.
Angie, please tell him.
- Okay, there's Ida.
Ida is the boss.
And then there is
someone who runs around
and takes care of
everything for her,
probably this guy.
I don't know his name,
Angie, but you do.
But I know you
don't want to tell
us because they threatened you.
They threatened you
and your family, right?
They do this to keep you scared.
You are sure.
You are home and safe.
We really need
to get these other
girls out and could
use your help.
- Get out, please just go.
Just go, just go away!
No, no, no, just go!
Just go!
- He's just trying to help.
- Please get off.
- OK.
- Just go.
- I leave.
I leave.
When you're ready, I'm here.
- Oh, she's beautiful.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- She hasn't spoken a word
since she got here, huh?
- No.
Not yet.
- I thought maybe I'll
talk, testify, whatever.
- Wow, that's bold.
Are you sure?
ok, why now?
- I'm sick of nightmares.
I thought they would
come and find me.
When they gave me this
tattoo they said I was like a dog.
you owned me
- So, let the cops arrest her,
and you testify
They're gonna
put you in a witness
protection program
in another state
They will make you
change your name.
- No no.
I'm not changing my name.
They took everything I had.
I'm serious Rachel if you
want me to say something
i keep my name
- OK.
OK, I'm so proud of you.
Come here.
I'm so proud of you.
What does it all mean
But I'll find my way
- Treasure?
Dan, wake up.
I will find
I'll find a way
- We have to go
or we'll be late.
- Diva plans to
talk to the police.
Nala told us.
- I can deal with it.
- Keep your mouth shut!
Angel is giving us trouble.
She needs a message.
A clear one.
- Okay, I'll take care of it.
- And find a
buyer for this thing.
It's starting to annoy me.
- Stop crying.
- Actually, it's worse.
She doesn't even
know who I am anymore.
I hate them all so
much right now.
- It's okay, it will get better.
I promise.
- Hands off her!
- It's okay, this is
Luke, just my friend.
They crossed the street.
- You don't know that, go in.
- I will go now.
- Why would you do that?
You were so rude!
- Why do you think
he hangs out with you?
- Just because you were
stupid doesn't mean I am!
- There is literally nobody
more stupid than you.
- Okay, I'll pick
you up in an hour.
I love you.
- For those of you who are new,
If you don't love yourself now,
we will love you until you do.
Here we share experiences,
strength, and hope
to help in recovery.
What is shared here stays here.
Let's start with
a prayer, ladies.
God give us the serenity and
faith to leave the past behind
and to have the courage
to face the infinite
believing in the
possibilities of the future.
Okay, ladies, let's have a seat.
All right, who
wants to share first?
Mary please
- I met Joe online.
I really thought he loved me.
He persuaded me to
meet him in Arizona.
And in the beginning everything was perfect.
He gave me gifts,
made me feel special.
Then he would tell me that
if I didn't do what he asked
dealing with these other men
that I didn't love him.
So I did whatever he asked,
even though it made me sick.
I once ran away and hid and he
tracked me down and beat me up.
But back then I
had nowhere to go.
He was all I had.
Then you took me in.
I had no family but
then you found me
and you helped me
get my faith back.
- How did you get out?
I was in the same gang too.
It hurts now, but it's getting better.
- My friend Zoe and I
tried to get out together
but they caught her.
I want to help her, but...
- Hey, the fear will
always live in here.
They're still out there
doing what they do.
You gotta deal with it how
you deal with it, but I'll talk.
You will find your strength.
No no!
- You're not that smart diva.
- Help me.
- Help!
Rachel, help!
- Rachel, help me.
- Latisha!
No, oh my god.
- Hello Mario.
- Hi.
- Too much sugar!
it's bad for you
Nala is fine.
Diva is treated today.
- I know.
- Do we have to
worry about Angel?
- Why do you ask me?
- This whole
shitstorm is your fault.
I like your mother.
We've had some
good times, she and I.
It seems to me you
have a decision to make.
You have to get Angel home or
your mom and I
aren't friends anymore.
- Luckily the
driver was arrested
before anyone got hurt.
And earlier today
the charred remains of
16-year-old Latisha Jones,
a former sex trafficking
victim who was
rescued by her
captors six months ago,
were discovered in northeast LA.
No suspects have
been identified yet.
- You killed her.
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
- No it is not.
- Honey, what's up?
- It's all my fault.
- Angie?
Rachel is here.
Honey, I think talking to
her might really help you.
- Leave me alone.
- I come in.
Can I join?
How are you?
- I have to show that to
my parents too, don't I?
- I've seen this before.
They try to lure you back
by threatening your family.
- You know where I live.
- Chase and his
team will protect you.
- Like Latisha?
- We can't change
what happened to her.
Latisha tried to stand up
for herself and the other girls.
When I came out,
they killed four girls
before I even had the
courage to say anything.
I carry that with me every day.
Come here.
It will be fine.
Everything will be fine.
I will be with you
through everything.
We can't change
what they did to us.
They stole our childhood
and we won't let them take
another second of your life.
- What life?
I can not sleep,
I'm too scared to go
outside and everyone
looks at me like I'm
broken and fragile.
- You're going to
want to find a way now
forgive yourself,
set yourself free.
Whatever they have
done to your body
does not change the
essence of who you are.
Look here.
I fought for a very long time.
A very long time.
And eventually I realized...
I realized this by
leaning on my faith
and using my experience to
help other girls was everything.
- I want to help, just that...
- It's OK.
I understand.
I do.
You are not alone, Angie.
We need to speak to the police.
- We want to get you all to
a safe house immediately.
- Don't worry, Maddie
will get along with Warren.
She is really good with children.
- Thanks.
- I want to help.
- No, Angie.
It is dangerous.
You know what
happened to the other girl.
- Agreed.
We've been through enough.
- If I don't testify, I'll
end up like Latisha.
And who knows what's
gonna happen to Maddie
and you?
As long as they're out
there, we'll never be safe!
They also have
other girls my age.
They called me Angel.
I was raped sometimes
20 or 30 times every day.
Sometimes they
beat me or burned me
just because it would turn her on.
You have done unspeakable things.
I want to have her.
- Thanks.
- I have disappointed you.
- dad.
- Forgive me.
It's not your fault.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Okay, are you ready, Angie?
Let's start with
where they held you.
- The motel, it is about 30
minutes from our location.
I think we were in
an industrial area.
And we saw
warehouses, big buildings.
- Is this the place?
- The guy who works for Ida,
Are you sure that
everything will be fine?
I mean are you sure about
everyone here
and at the shelter?
They texted me
So they must have
gotten my number.
- We will protect you,
We got you a new phone.
OK, look at this.
Do you see that?
This is a tracker.
Always keep it with you.
And the phone also
tells us where you are.
Angie, the only
people with this one
Number is your
parents, Rachel and I.
- Thanks very much.
- We'll keep you here.
The ground floor is there and
Your bedroom right there.
- I'll take these.
- So how long do
we have to hide here?
- I do not know.
I'm sorry.
For everything.
I'm sorry about the other day.
- I'm really scared, Ange.
- It will be alright.
I am also.
- Thanks for the
coffee, I needed it.
I still have a lot to do.
- I just needed a pen.
You told me to keep a journal
and write down my feelings.
- Okay, I'm glad you
want to do this, Nala,
but you shouldn't be here
If you need supplies, just
ask me next time, okay?
- Yes.
- Hey, are you okay?
- I love you.
- We love you...
- I know.
I'm one of the lucky ones.
Oh leave it open
- OK.
Good night.
- Chase!
It's Angie!
She leaves the house.
- What?
how far did she go
She does not answer.
- Hi?
- Hi?
- Rachel, they got Angie.
- No.
How did you contact her?
- Did anyone else have her number?
- No, we were the only ones.
- Are you sure?
- Oh my God.
- What?
- Let me call you back.
- Wait a minute-
- Nala!
You gave them their
number, didn't you?
- You have my baby.
I had no choice.
- Nala, they have Angie.
You know where they
are, you have to help me.
- I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.
- You will kill me.
You know that, don't you?
- I have no choice.
i need your phone
Take off shoes.
- Please, that's all we have.
we can go away
- Come in.
Get in the car.
- I got it.
- Thanks, Dan.
you have them
Let's go.
- I know where she is.
She's in the storage
building on Alemedia
- OK.
- Alemedia and sixth.
- I have it.
- What did you tell
the police, Angel?
what did you tell them
Take your time.
It is important.
- I told them your names:
Ida, Deacon,
if they even are.
- What else did you tell them?
- That's it.
I promise.
I didn't tell them anything
they didn't already know.
- I wish I could believe you.
Let's play our favorite game.
- No no no no!
Look, she already told
you everything, okay?
She has, she is not stupid.
- I promise you, I promise.
nothing else please
- Let's try again.
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
catch a rabbit by its toe.
- Get the girls,
get my car ready.
I'll call Ivan and get us a plane.
He'll be glad to know
we're delivering Angel.
stay with her
- What did you do?
- Stand up!
- No!
- Get up, let's go!
Come on.
- Don't leave anything behind.
I will call Ivan.
- Go out.
- Get her in the van
with the girls.
- Go out!
- Freeze!
The building is surrounded.
drop it!
- I will kill her.
- If she dies, you die.
Angie, no!
no, Angi,
i have her
Drop the gun.
It's okay, Angie.
- Angie?
Angie, don't do this.
She is worth more to us alive.
- Put Liam on her.
- The others please.
- Don't worry,
- you have to get it.
- I will find her.
show me your hands
Out of the car.
Dont move.
Oh my God.
- Oh God.
- Where's my baby?
- I'm sorry, Nala.
- You said.
You promised me!
- I know. They have
a head start there.
They think they sold her, but
we're going to take
her back, okay?
- No! - I promise-
- You already promised me!
- I am so sorry.
- Please, she's all I have!
- Angie?
Thank god you're safe.
are you ok
- What's up with them?
You're still out there.
- Let's take you home, baby.
- Yes.