Angry Indian Goddesses (2015) Movie Script

Lallan! You'll always be a loser!
- Phulva! - Save me!
- Shut up! - Do not! Do not!
'Cut, cut!
Sorry sir, we finished it in five minutes.
Ok, guys, come on. One more!
- What's wrong, Jawana? - My name is Joanna!
Have you read the script?
Fight the hero, not heroin.
Let him make Mr. Kapoor! Your shouts "aaah!", You're the victim.
As a damsel in distress.
I want you to move a little waist and hips.
When the camera up, moves back and belly.
Prove yourself.
Let's take the other!
"Girl, gun, godfather ??. Scene 62, takes 27.
Give me all!
It is so hot...
The Delhi buenorras burn fat here.
Is beautiful. And beautiful ...
No, it is pechosa!
Senorita, sing something in Hindi! Two songs in English, no!
- They have interrupted the project. - Do they have power to do so?
Just a moment. I do not want problems, I want solutions.
- We do not have a solution. - And why I hired?
Do you know why we mines?
- Yeah. - What makes Su-Lite there?
600 million foreign investment!
I do not scare 250 tribal front of the factory!
Oh, how nice, how nice! Great.
- You see the product. - The product, Frieda.
Very good! Great i Love. I good!
You love Oriental Fair.
- Cambiad focus. - Frieda, come out happier.
A happy girl who wants a clear skin.
- Has been fatal. - Frieda.
A jiffy.
With Photoshop you can get the effect of the before and after?
Frieda. It's a campaign 5 million!
He is a superstar. This is important!
Then picks up a model of clear skin.
We actually five days hiding and lying.
Do you think this is all a lie?
- Do not! Do not! - Angrier!
Over sexi!
You have no idea of women! Neither you nor anyone in the whole fucking Bollywood.
A woman is not going to put sexi plan to shout "no, no!"!
That does not happen in real life!
Tribal protest. Villagers revolt.
Doth this seems a report?
Sr. Gilani!
Sarita takes five days using the cream
but, you see, It's still dark!
You can only have pale skin if I use Photoshop.
Not your cream!
You enjoy it, huh? Am I pechosa?
Miss, please move the legs.
Sing something sexier!
Do you think being here for your talent? Why?
-Because I am here? - That because?
Senorita, because for this!
- Why? - For this! i These!
They are beautiful? Do you like my tits?
Give me your hands.
We are paying a lot. Do your work!
- Let yourself speeches and take pictures! - I'm an artist!
And what are you doing here? Can I ask?
Sid, give me the bag.
Frieda, what do you do?
Sr. Gilani...
You will be bastard!
You ruined the song!
Well it looks like.
They are false, dammit!
As your fucking movie industry and this!
Panda fools!
Your check.
Do not come to me with this bullshit!
Welcome Lady.
How much mud there!
- Look to wear flip flops. - I will get dirty heels.
- Hello! - Hello!
- Ms. Bombay, Delhi Mrs.... - Coordinate flights!
Come here!
- I am also here! - Look at my hair!
- By far no see! - Ya, aunt!
Do you wear a sari? Which problem you have?
My husband likes Ravi.
Let it be. i What hair!
I live in Goa.
- Lucky you. - Is beautiful.
- What a mansion! - Welcome to my humble abode.
Now you know where I grew up in Goa.
- Who is here! - Hi, Aunt Frieda.
- Catch him. - How are you?
- High five! - Choca me too!
Hola. Suranjana.
Hi. Pam.
- Sorry? - Pam.
- Pamela.
- Ah, vale.
Your old boss is a dick.
Now we're friends.
- It's a twee! "Pam Pam". - Pam, enough!
Ladies, I'll show you your quarters.
The great tour.
Mad, this is your room.
- It is going well? - It's nothing personal.
And this is the room of Pamela Jaiswal.
- Is there air conditioning? - Yes, and TV.
- What is this? - Mother of God, how much lingerie.
- There is no coverage. - That's not your room.
How many movies!
- I want them! Mirmoslas together. - All this is lingerie.
Frieda? And if you paint and a bit reforms?
- No, my father did not want. - Maya!
He likes this old Portuguese touch.
- Is your pride. - There is WIFI?
If, throughout the house.
Here comes ... tea and coffee.
- How cute! - It is cute.
Are you Laxmi?
Hola, Laxmi.
If you need something, she will help.
- If you're hungry ... - Maya!
Do not do that, honey.
There is nothing dangerous.
- Can you watch her? - Yes.
Not much trouble? Runs much.
Thank you.
- What? - I love you.
But tell me ... Why have you invited?
I missed her and I wanted to see her face.
It is Joanna.
What fuss.
- What's cool? Taking. - A wedding dress?
Nice to meet you!
Going to get married?
Who is going to marry?
Can not be.
- Your ? - Are you going to marry you?
OMG! We had not said anything!
- Why? - My hair!
I say, who?
When did this happen?
- I hit you! - Do not!
You'd what you had quiet!
But what co ...?
- Do not you shower at home? - Yes.
Why, what is this?
Joanna Mendes, my cousin.
Budding actress.
- Half English and ... - Half batty.
He is a very hardworking girl.
She was in the movie that the lollipop.
- In "Suck my lollipop"? - Is there a movie called "Suck my lollipop"?
Where have I been all this time?
- You will be filling out. - If, force and hate.
Not everything is meat.
- They have a problem with the natural. - You would not have any with that ass.
I am the ideal Indian, do not do them jealous.
- But what happens in this house? - Laxmi!
How it moves!
In the uni, ye reais my ass.
- No, just her. - Both!
It was fun.
How bad! I do ignorabais because it was first.
As if you were the coolest of the uni!
- We were the coolest more. - If a empollona eras!
The gold medalist.
- What medal? - The carry her husband.
I gave my wedding day.
You should have accepted the job that you found pope.
I do not see myself working in Germany.
"Mommy, Daddy, an arranged marriage."
Sometimes you want to throw the stone.
- It's all so hard ... - Throwing in the towel, not stone.
Why keep fighting when everyone is against you?
- You have the lovely legs. - Thank you.
What what?
Why do they want the triple? Call the inspector.
Screams, can not hear you. And the broker that bribe?
This country is going to hell.
- Why did you invite to the swanky? - It's called Suranjana.
This, S, suranjana.
Have you heard as he spoke to me?
- It has set plan, "Pam, Pam." - Eh ... For now.
Pam, you're not the haters and people.
No, but I am of Slitting and people.
One, you have to know.
Two, when I was in Bombay, I called me one day
after much. He said, "There's a sign,
you have to come". So I went.
It was an exhibition
the famous photographer Dayanita Singh.
This exposure change my way of photography.
He helped me to ask what I was doing with my life.
So I moved to Goa, to pursue my own art.
If your not had invited me,
I would not be here today.
Why do not you eat?
Give me that. Drink your milk.
Do not give me so much trouble!
- Di forgiveness. - Sorry.
Who gave you this?
You can not eat it.
Go away. Wash your hands and face.
And wear flip-flops!
I want to wear a dress like this!
- Soon, honey. - When?
- Soon! - I want to marry!
- I want this dress! - I give it to you.
Really? i I can not wait!
These wonderful!
- Pintmosle face. - Do not!
Frieda, who is the husband?
- What suspense! - Who's the sexy guy?
- I know, it's that doctor !. - Doctor?
You remember? I talked about that doctor who was rare.
- Me with that geek? - I was going to the gym a lot!
It was good!
And that other guy ... What was his name?
- Tinku!
- Tinku!
It was shorter than her.
It came through here. And he was an artist.
- It was a artistazo! - It was a artistazo!
- Tell me there photo! - Just yes.
- I have to see her. - "I love you, Frieda ..
"Be my wife".
Mother of his five children, two are drunkards and two are pigs,
but I have chosen is pure as a rose.
I will marry a handsome man bruna skin.
To the truncheon with white!
Father, why did you give my hand
a stranger from a distant land?
With you, Father,
I'm free as a bird.
Like a bird.
I can not sing. I'll end up crying like a cupcake.
- You're crying? - Why are you crying?
- It's a happy occasion, right? - What happened?
- My father will not come. - What?
Your father will not come?
- Why? - He's angry.
He's angry? Why?
We are here to do whatever it takes. We will be with you.
Between all we can with your father!
Te sing a unison.
?? Papa, do not know how I love with Raj
and Rahul at once. "
"I took your child in the womb! I wear your child in the womb. "
"I've been your son!" ..
"I wear your child in the womb."
- How rich is this tea. - Yes, and what a nice day.
Girls ...
- Seriously? - Who?
This like a train!
So wash it every day?
- Behave. - These married. Knock on her husband.
I appreciate everything beautiful.
We could play chess in his belly.
Jo is very quiet.
- Ask in Indian how it goes. - No, that says in her sexy accent.
Laxmi, do you know?
Comes one day a month.
a couple of days left.
I worked at home.
Oh yeah?
Go faster. There are a lot of clothes.
You are tired?
I can wash ten times more! If I stop working, I'll die!
Why these girls wear torn clothes? How absurd.
Today young people wear clothes well.
If you wear tattered clothes, their lives will also be ragged.
Torn clothes...
Broken life.
This is not over.
Have you ever used a dildo?
- Look at her! - Do not know what a dildo.
- Of course! - He has used it.
Frieda, your turn.
Who is the husband?
- Sing. - That's cheating!
- Next question. - Teach us an orgasm.
There's a guy at home!
Forgive me. I am Zain.
- Hello, Zain. - Hello. I am her boyfriend.
Sorry Sorry. Mad. Mad!
- What's up? - What's up?
Like ... What?
I said I'd be with my friends.
If you'd like for one day. And it's been four!
- I wanted to stay a little longer. - Well, call me and let me know!
- I took three days calling. - Have you come to scream?
Sorry. OMG. Mad, I was worried sick.
- But why? I am with my friends. - Do not call cost.
I did not want to intrude.
- Well, you did! - You Want a drink?
Yes, give me that cup.
I shit ...! Of course, you sit!
Drink, dine something! Catch a room, too!
Keep yourself comfortable!
All good?
- Sorry, who's Frieda? - I.
- You're her friend forever. - Yes.
I should not be doing this, but I'm very worried about her.
- Zain, say it once. - It's okay?
- You tried to kill himself twice. - What?
- What am I trying to do? - Cutting veins.
- Why? - We should be with her!
- It has been well. - I was happy ...
Let's go back inside. You'll be fine.
We will be with you.
I should not have yelled.
- Understand me. - My friend is getting married.
You could have called me, just say that.
And you mobile? Turn it on.
This here, I will.
- Encendedle the phone, please. - Done. Frieda, plug it.
- Bye! - Bye.
- Have you tried to kill yourself? - What?
- Aunt, just say ... - I Ask him then, insensible.
- Amazing. - Tell me it is not true.
Amazing, fantastic! It is perfect, dammit.
Perfect, dammit.
Mad, we are worried about you. We are scared.
What are you doing with your life?
I'm not doing anything with my life!
Nothing at all!
And that is the problem!
I do not know what to do, I do not know ...
Not so you have to kill you!
No, no ... I do not want to talk about this.
We will never fire! You would have me have told us!
Dejadlo ya! i Basta!
Is it that I have to tell you everything?
But what's wrong with you?
- Your work is impressive. - What work?
Always you are with that!
My album of 12 songs is three years languishing.
Nobody wants it.
- We'll talk. - What is that monkey?
- It is very cute! - Today drink all you want.
What is that monkey? It's cute, right?
When playing guitar nobody dares to speak.
Does almost all those songs that you like Bollywood.
Tap eight out of ten films.
Plays guitar the world of good. And I also touches me well.
Seek and you shall find
the way forward.
I'll leave everything behind and I'll fly with you.
I immobilizing black threads,
and take me and make me new.
Come to my rescue.
Come to my rescue.
- Suranjana! - Speak up, can not hear you.
- His? - Now you hear me?
- The board is meeting ... - Suranjana?
At home no cover, Frieda.
- Laura, wait. - Let's see...
- We eat out low. - Can I finish?
- Voucher. - Wait ... Frieda? How low?
- As it is called? - Eddie.
- Hola, Eddie.
- Hola, Frieda.
- We took Eddie to eat? - The food comes to us.
Uy, the neighbor.
What a shame.
Come on, let's go.
Stop it.
Do not look.
Frieda, tell us who is the lucky one.
- I can not wait more. - Why?
Why you do not know yet!
The bride chooses.
Pillara one at the last moment.
As an authentic Indian cock. "Mommy, find me a husband!".
It happens to many girls.
- Your parents choose. - No longer.
Really? It was your case.
You pushed for you did not work.
Nobody pressured me!
I could choose from.
If I tell Ravi that I want to open my own office
and I do not want to be a housewife ...
I do not think it's going to say no.
How do you conciliaras home and work?
So there are fights. You think it's easy being married?
It is war.
Every day we argue over trifles.
Who takes care of Maya?
- They assumed I. - It's a stereotype.
My grandmother says, "how can you marry if not cook?".
I will help you.
- You have to Laxmi. - Enough talk about serious things.
- Let me case! - Now do not bring any afraid.
after many difficulties Marries.
That's why I asked.
- Down here. - What are you doing there?
And that?
How nice!
- Are you glad you came? - Yes.
It moves me that ...
you call me to your wedding.
You know me. I go everywhere, see me and go back to work the next day.
It's the first time I do not want to leave!
- With your crazy friends, this site ... - They are lovely, right?
I feel like if ... young ... and free ...
I feel alive.
Thank you! I...
You should not mourn ...
Frieda! OMG!
What? What...
Laxmi! Dhoni has returned to sneak!
- Quiet! - I Come!
- What a piece of cow! - Toro!
Is this a house, a farm or a zoo?
Stray animals...
Come on, come on, move, move ...
What's happening here?
- Nargis! - Hello!
- You present them. Pam, Pamela. - Hello!
I first Joanna, Jo.
- Madhur, Mad.
- Hola.
And she's Suranjana.
Suranjana, Nargis. Nargis, suranjana.
Fuck! Really?
Maya, get up! i Get up!
We are going home. Get up!
- Mama...
- No!
- I do not want to go...
- Come on! - I do not want to go...
Suranjana ...
Nargis Nasreen!
Out Su-Lite! Out Su-Lite!
Give us back our land!
They came to our village.
They took our land and built a factory.
They promised to work! Give us back ...
It had to be Nargis Nasreen?
She wants to destroy me!
Everything has stopped! Investors will!
Listen to me please. Go if you want, but hear me out before.
- I ask this ... - Suranjana, please ...
I am listening to you.
Stay. Maya this ...
This so happy ...
My factory I care ... I can not stay here for Maya.
And for me?
Listen to me.
My father is not coming and I was wondering if you wanted ...
put on your black suit and take me to the altar.
Please do not go.
No ... Do not make me go alone to the altar.
You have what you have among you, let him out of my house.
I'm going to marry and that does not happen every day.
Please let arregladlo.
Frieda is getting married and all her friends have come.
Long ago I did not see them.
The other day we talked about how ...
used to be a good student, winning medals ...
I wondered if I could open a business myself.
It's not about money, Ravi.
It's because I'm at home all day
and I'm sick of all these parties.
Do not! I am not complaining...
This is important!
No, I'm not crying ...
Ravi, please ...
I hate you!
I hate you! Cocoon!
Motherfucker! Fuck!
You are a monster!
For now.
Come on. Get out of here.
Get out!
Laxmi! i go! i Laxmi!
Laxmi, no! i No!
- Keep it at home. - Shut up, Tony!
I want to show you something.
This is an old song Konkani my father used to play me.
It is very sad.
It is about a woman. Says that when she was little
I went to school and he liked a boy.
He also fell in love with her and promised to marry.
And one day, this changed my mind.
For his social class.
I was so hurt and sad ...
he went to his wedding and saw married another.
But at the end of the song she says
that nothing happens because when they die they will be part of the same land.
They get back together.
How unfair!
I know.
It is rare, but when I hear it, it makes me feel happy for some reason.
I do not know.
Sera that reminds me of my father.
Come on! Come all!
Girls, come!
This is the most angry Indian goddess.
If it sounds angry.
Why would he?
When evil prevails in the world, Durga appears in its most ferocious form.
The Kali.
It comes to annihilate the evil
so that a new order is created in the world.
Mad, these very religious.
I'm very happy.
I wonder what you would be goddesses.
- I would clearly Kali. - And me?
I think all have a Kali inside.
- Show me yours. - Mine?
When I called the office, you can see my Kali.
Come, let us see your Kali.
Now show us yours.
- Frieda ... - Das fear!
Come on, Jo! I want to see yours!
- The goddess Kali! - A picture!
Let us make us a photo showing our Kali.
Lists? Lists? One two Three!
What's up?
What's going on?
What happens?
The other was better, but you wanted this ...
Open the hood.
No coverage.
Behold! A carload of bombshells!
It's open?
- What did you say? - The capo!
- Do you need lubrication? - And you?
- Outside! - Do you charge the batteries?
- Long! - Who is going to take?
Already you load them others?
Out of here! Do you believe really cool?
- Times ... - Parad!
- You want to fight? - You want me to hit you?
Do not you dare touch me!
Parad! Parad ya!
Mad for ya!
You'd fuck!
Be careful! This is our territory!
- Son of a ... - What the den!
To you!
Those guys are always on the beach, drinking and abusing girls.
They're disgusting!
We should not have been so violent with them.
What can we do? Staying quiet?
There were five. It's been crazy.
And we Seven!
Let us honest! Do any of you know karate?
I pointed to Maya taekwondo,
so it can defend itself.
We should have recorded for the police.
Do not they have done nothing!
There are many videos like this.
The culprits are the circle. They recognize them, but remain at large.
I believe that poverty plays a very important role in this problem.
- The rich do not commit crimes? - There's a reason.
There is none. There are abuses in the middle class, rich ...
More than we think because cases are not reported.
"We do not want to report because if my daughter would never find a husband."
God! I do not understand it this culture.
We worry so much about what people say ...
His father will not come to the wedding. That says a lot. I am sorry.
Claude D'silva
I would not leave home if carrying something for him was "inappropriate".
Even if it were very hot.
And if something happens, say, "I told you not to put that ??.
If views short, you are tart.
You speak of short skirts? I wear a sari. I'm all covered!
Yet they look at me and bother me saying, "Give it to me, baby!".
Laxmi, we have the history of Kali and Durga,
but we lock up women and abuse them.
We love women
and then we treat them grief.
Equality! Equality is the only solution.
- Tene ... - Then why did you steal land?
Can we move from such trifles? They are not more than trifles!
- Is or are? - Come on, calm down.
Fuck you, mean-spirited!
It takes everything very personal.
Women are the worst enemies of women! That's the problem!
We are enemy! We do not support!
We sit here and we point the finger. This is not the solution!
Grow the fuck up!
Pam, pam!
Pam, pam!
- Then send an email to ... - Mama!
Laura, then I call!
Where did you find this?
Frieda! Frieda!
But what the hell is this?
- Is it true? - Yes.
The found in the kitchen!
- How do you have one? - I do not know.
- Show me where it was. - And that weapon?
- Here. - Here.
Maya, do you know who I keep in there?
- Laxmi. - What?
- Laxmi? - Did you see it save?
You have to talk to her.
- Stop exaggerating. - She's my daughter!
We know.
- Laxmi! - I go!
It's yours?
Is yours the gun?
Did you bring a gun to my house?
You should have left her speak.
A trial has been fighting for eight years. Eight years!
Aimless ...
because I always fall behind eye.
What trial?
He saw his brother killed.
I knew him well.
We grew up together.
- Because they killed him? - By land.
It was the only witness, so the case is extended.
all his savings was spent in bringing the officers.
The poor thing is so sick.
Tony, who killed him is free. Pay his bail.
He blew the bar!
- Laxmi? - Yes.
You mean he was going to shoot?
Yes! So I say! Whatever kill!
He had a gun in the house.
How I do soothed? What I do?
Can you imagine what it must be to see your brother die?
We'll fix it. We will find a good lawyer.
It will not help.
- I ... I will help. - Insurance...
- Get rid of that. - I will do it.
Nothing happens. Voucher? Everything will be fine.
I swore that I would remove only the rope when he had avenged my brother.
How long have you take her?
I do not remember. Many years.
I do not know if that day came.
Have you ever fallen in love?
- I have not had time. - No, it's because you've wasted ...
trying to get revenge.
I think...
you're wasting your life.
And that hurts me.
Laxmi, leave, please.
Think of yourself.
Everything will be fine.
Everything will be fine.
Come on. Let's move on.
Take it off, please.
Of all Goa, why we came here?
It's my favorite cliff.
Why are you so happy?
It's time to face it.
It's time.
You are her friends. You should know.
Frieda. Hi. We come to question you.
- Yes.
The ...
it's time to...
know who the groom.
- No what?
Forgives? I'll take the altar. I deserve to know.
Frieda, dnoslo.
I'm your cousin and not know who you marry.
Is your family. Tell her.
These changes?
You will not talk.
Call Knower.
- Laxmi? - What?
Why is silly?
Once a month is left without speaking to 12.
To meditate.
And as vow of silence.
You should try it.
Do you know who is getting married?
I continue cleaning ...
What? Come on!
You can break the votes. This is important and a lot for the 12!
- What is this? - Frieda, tell us, please.
Voucher. Do not speak. Make mimicry and try to guess!
Come starts.
Man? Moustache?
Indian or English?
With pending?
Are you going to marry a hooligan?
Would that be cool!
- Thread a needle? - Sex.
For tI that is to thread a needle?
- Did not sex? - Very good, sexless to marry.
I am sorry.
What are you trying to say? Man with earring, mustache and sexless.
Tell us more clues ...
This is ridiculous!
- What do you do? - Door?
- Is he a criminal? - Is in jail?
- Open a door ... - Pray!
Enter through the door.
What about your boyfriend?
- Room. - A room.
- Are you going to marry a porter? - Closet.
Open ... Exit ... closet?
Sales of the closet.
Are you coming out of the closet?
- Are you coming out of the closet? - You are gay?
Frieda, are you gay?
- What do you mean gay? - That ... that is homosexual.
You're homosexual?
- Pam! - OMG!
Laxmi! Trae agua!
You are gay?
Are you really gay?
Well done!
You're good?
- Daughter of ... - Pam, nothing happens.
Voucher. Very good. I mean that's fine, but who is?
- Who is she? - That.
Is foreigner?
- Is India at least? - Is it here in Goa?
- Yes. - This in Siliagaon?
Let's see ... Are you here?
- Yes.
- Why you looking at me? - You are standard. This is too much...
I'm not gay, but is very good I have a boyfriend.
Is Laxmi?
For real? Are you going to marry the service?
What happens?
- What's up? - Pam, you have to be more receptive.
Can not be.
- Is Nargis? - What?
I can not believe I did not dijeses nothing! And you still do not talk!
- How good! - OMG!
I'm so happy for you ...
- We're a little bundled. - By?
Now Nargis ... be our brother or sister?
Now no jokes.
What have you thought this through?
Out much in the news this law Article 370.
That is the conflict in Kashmir.
You say 377.
- Voucher. Already knew. - "Against the order of nature".
English passed the law in 1861 and still in force.
But according to the law ... you could go to prison?
We would love in jail.
And who entitles the government to judge what is natural and what is not?
They should not have it!
If a woman chooses someone, what's so funny?
In addition, here we are all criminals because oral sex is also a crime.
You, you, I ... All criminals.
All except me.
Liar! I slap you if you lie.
- How do you say that? - Yes Yes.
I've never done oral sex. I will never do it.
We know all that. Do not worry.
So we keep it private.
It took a lot to convince this church.
So we are only six.
How nice!
I love you.
- Please! - Parad.
Get used, please.
Whatever we are trying!
And ... I can ask?
How do you do it?
Come. I will you teach.
Nice ass!
Bam! Returns!
Since we'll be married, I have to know them more.
And Pam: '' How do you do it? ".
You saw her run?
I can not believe it. Finally alone.
I missed you.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
You are scaring me.
Sit down.
You're good?
I'm fine.
In fact, I've never been better.
I'm happy. Contenta by Frieda. I'm happy for all.
seeing her made me think about my life.
Outside it is nice, but inside is empty.
Every day...
My mother takes me to see the gynecologist.
Five years of marriage.
He wants a grandson.
He wants a grandson. He wants it now.
How can I give? Alone?
I just tell me.
And him? Nobody says anything to him.
For what? Guilt is always women.
- Pam ... - It's not right ...
It is not, Mad appropriate. It is not right for me.
No connection ...
or physical ...
Just let time pass.
And I think: look at them! Frieda left his job ...
He is working with large magazines and leave to live happily here.
I leave and I'm so happy for her.
Even your life is amazing. You have a boyfriend who loves you so much
that came here.
I want something like this!
Something that is mine.
I do not know what to tell you!
You speak of Frieda and Nargis, but think about the problems they will face.
In this country. Two married women. You know what must be going on?
Is not easy.
I can not believe ... that I have not said anything all this time.
I want to change...
And give...
a step forward.
But look at you. You are an incredible woman!
You can do anything you set your mind to.
Do you remember high school?
We were going to eat the world!
We were the love sluts!
- Everyone I was afraid. - So?
We're still the same girls. The same!
You can with everything.
No one can stop you. Nobody can.
- You want to do? - Divorce.
And what will you do next?
At least I will not live with him.
I'll go with you. I will give you the can.
Receive me, please. For the old times.
Sometimes so understanding, so changing other.
Sometimes you make us laugh, sometimes you make us mourn.
A ray of hope,
joy for some.
Life, sometimes,
you are a wave of sadness.
Sometimes so understanding, so changing other.
In you we find that we can not live without you, life.
In you we find that we can not live without you.
En ti aprendemos a amar,
although you then we arrebates that love.
Sometimes so understanding, so changing other.
You teach me to dream and fulfill my dreams,
but then you destroy and you apoderas all.
I will not follow your rules more.
From now on I will write my destiny,
although I try to go out of your hand.
Sometimes so understanding, you are everything.
Suranjana, sit down.
A Weir, Suranjana ...
It is not my business, but ...
Do you you bought your phone?
He entertains.
Do you have any idea what you do with it?
To play.
All day.
Not only plays with him.
- The Maya did? - Yes.
- Are you sure? - Yes. He's very talented.
There's something else you should see.
Always lurks here and draw.
This is his father. He's always flying.
This is...
breast in the office.
And this is her playing alone.
If I ask why play alone,
She tells me:
" I am always alone ".
Mommy, what's wrong?
And this costume?
The Nargis made me Tita this tribal costume.
Come, come, my little tribal.
Run. Run! Let mom catches you!
May you rascal!
My grandmother...
You can not go to church for the wedding tomorrow.
He wants to bless you.
But he wants to give his blessing in a different way.
What cool!
I do not believe it!
- OMG! - Yes, I'm good!
Nargis, do you clothe dress?
- No. We do not know what will be. - What?
- I choose me! - Frieda has planned everything.
- How romantic! - And we, what will we?
I want a sari.
How strong! Would you wear a sari?
What? I will not put my lehenga.
Laxmi, have you seen your neighbor?
To which? What Ramu, who looks after the bull?
- No.
When cleaning the car?
Laxmi! Yes! Ya know it!
Well of course! When he left, he told me ...
I'd see you again in two or three weeks.
You came and started talking. Never before I had told me.
- Want to know what else he told me? - Yes!
You are wrong!
Jo, do you like?
This very good.
"It is very good". So funny.
What a funny accent you!
What will you do in Bollywood if you talk bad?
"I'm embaurasada you!".
I do not think talk like that.
You also laughed at you.
You always do the role of foreign.
There are many benders. "Awa. I want awa. "
- "Awa?"
- Agua.
Should I say "ajua" not?
"I gussta", this is how you speak.
I do not understand the problem with my accent.
None, but we laugh.
- Funny ... no different. - You two do me grace.
We do not laugh at you.
You laugh at me and my accent. I was born this way.
In London they talk like that.
- Take it easy. - Do not be angry.
We will not do more.
Frieda, and can not bring yourself.
- I'm serious about my career. - I know!
No crappy player'll bend his voice.
I have not said that.
I know you've worked hard.
I was hurt.
Well, that's it.
- Eat another cupcake. - Yes.
Eat another, seriously.
No ... I need to give me a ride.
Hey, Jo ...
He got angry.
But if a while ago we were having a great time.
And I asked:
"You lost the keys inside, looking out why?".
I replied: "I have no light at home.
But on the street if so I'm looking here. "
Do you get it?
Funny, huh?
Do you want another?
Hello Laura. Annoying?
We'll deal with that later.
Lo Su-Lite Mining ...
Tell them to stop.
You heard right.
To stop now, we leave the project.
I know that there will be losses. I'll fix it, quiet.
Manish calls now. Tell him to stop.
Quiet, we talk tomorrow.
Tell Manish now.
Thank you.
For real?
What happens, aunt?
Nargis has fought hard
by that company and those lands.
Did you ever stop?
He had no wedding gift.
Suranjana ...
It's enough?
Girls, we are holidays, and uses mourn!
- I did not know you were so generous. - Sometimes it happens unintentionally.
Is sleeping? Where is Jo?
Laxmi, has visto a Jo?
He'll be here.
He likes long walks.
- Let's call her. - 1, 2, 3.
- Maya sleeps! - Is there coverage?
- He's still angry? - For real?
- Let's go. - Time to go back.
I do not see anything.
Excuse me, he has seen the girl who came with us?
- No. - I Think again. It is foreign.
- I did not see her. - He is not at home.
The lanterns.
We'll go in groups.
Laxmi, llvala a casa a dormir.
No separis bones!
- What is that? - One chabola.
- You have to call someone. - Quiet.
- Excuse me! - Have you seen a girl go?
There were red flags. No one.
It is foreign.
If it passed one. He went over there.
- Have you found anything? - Nothing.
What do we do?
Could she have gotten into the sea?
Nothing happens, quiet.
We find it.
Let's keep looking.
Is Jo?
What is that?
Your, call someone!
Who has mobile?
Who has mobile?
Let's get the Jeep.
Jo, wake up.
The ambulance is on the way.
Subidle pants.
It's bleeding!
No no!
- When they found? - Now.
- Was it? - Yes, stretched.
Let's call the police.
No he has reviewed!
I can not do anything without the police.
- Go now! - Put it on the table.
- I can not move without permission. - Why?
You have to treat it!
She's dead, I can not revive!
As it is called?
It does not look Indian.
It is foreign environment. English.
- What do you think? - I informed the tank.
To do an autopsy.
It has been sexual abuse.
Ignite the lights!
Had men?
And who smoked this?
I smoke.
So they are wearing these clothes, eh?
What happened, what they were doing?
Our friend is getting married.
We were celebrating.
What is that? Not now!
We were on a picnic.
- He went for a walk. - Who?
- Jo. - Jo is ...?
As we were leaving, but she was not.
- I was thinking. - Alone?
There were many people.
It was eight.
He was with us.
Will you please not smoke,
we are examining the scene.
The victim ... What was the full name?
- Joanna Mendes. - Profession?
- Actress. - Actress?
-Where? In Bollywood? - Tries.
He tried.
Who is getting married?
I will marry Nargis.
- Sorry? - And do you care?
What's that got to do?
I know what happened.
Well, I find out! Why do we ask?
That tone will not help you.
- I also know scream. - Frieda and marry Nargis.
You two get married?
Lord, photos.
Did the victim wearing these clothes?
- What about clothes? - Sin Amor?
Do not make me get upset!
They are a good family.
Is the daughter of Mr. D'silva?
I can not say anything officially,
but it seems that...
were three or more men.
Be strong.
Withstand interrogation.
The arrestaremos.
Lord, I feel wake,
but the victim is British.
It is Bollywood actress like Katrina.
The media speak.
They were partying on the beach.
The same situation.
By drinking on the beach, dressed obscenely ...
They come from different cities for a wedding.
two girls marry.
Lord ... yes.
Yes. Who knows.
And Jo?
Please Laxmi.
Maya, honey.
Where did the photos?
I followed Jo,
it was very dark.
Mad, look at the boy hat.
They are the same!
We were harassed.
You remember? With whom we discussed.
The red hat was on a motorcycle.
We was insulting.
They're the same guys! - Surunjana?
They are those who stood by the jeep!
You have to call someone. TO...
Who, that shit cop?
Who do we give?
Frieda's bike is not.
No no no!
For the bike!
I I've had a fucking with that half-caste!
Like screaming!
- When I touch ... - Turn that off. Who you are?
Surunjana for!
For now!
Stop Please!
Food, para!
We awoke to a new event.
An Anglo-Indian girl was found dead on the beach.
The body was a girl of 24 years.
The police do not want to comment.
It is said that it was a young Londoner who acted in Bollywood.
The victim was having a picnic.
In India they have reported 25,000 cases of rape.
24 years suffered a gang rape.
The Committee on Women explodes. Cases of rape have doubled.
India every 20 minutes a woman is raped.
Why did the police take so long to file a complaint?
The rape is an epidemic in our country.
God, I commit her body to judge it.
Forgive all their sins.
Welcome it into your kingdom
and guide her to rest in peace.
Dale eternal happiness
and reward his innocence for the rest of their eternal existence.
Always wanted the dress.
You're right.
You look like an angel.
These so beautiful.
Joanna Mendes era...
a butterfly.
Free and fragile.
It made me feel light.
And he gave me strength to face the sun.
Joanna Mendes
will live in my heart forever
and no evil can hurt.
Iras al funeral ?
No, Zain.
- I dare not go to church. - Voucher.
- Can I call you back? - If, at anytime.
I just wanted to congratulate you.
- What? - You do not know?
You video is a success!
I'm not in the mood for jokes.
It's not any joke. Watch the mail!
I sent him for hours.
I am outraged that we can not write
our own stories.
I'm sick of protest.
I never want to get angry.
Perhaps it is better that Joanna's soul rest in peace.
in his next life,
or all the women here,
we can write our stories.
I feel ...
so sorry
having to go well,
in this situation.
I understand the loss of your loved one.
Whoever did this ...
I know it's unforgivable crime.
last night,
They killed five people.
we have evidence
that the murderers of the five men
They are in this church.
If they were guilty of the crime against Joanna
They should have been tried by the courts.
I hope you understand and collaborate.
Anyone who has taken the law into their own hands,
I get up now.
That is up!
That is up!
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