Anhedonia (2019) Movie Script

(Tape rewinds)
(Ominous rumbling)
Everyone ready?
(Music starts)
Excuse me?
Recording's taking place.
Yeah, no shit, I'm responsible.
(Man hawks up some phlegm)
The old guy - Vespucci...
...he's making the music for me, okay?
For my film!
Mmm, sounds great.
(Music continues to play)
You probably don't know this...
...but I'm a sick man.
I look healthy-
You don't.
I look healthy! But inside I'm almost done...
- Really...
- Yeah.
Heart, liver, kidneys, done for...
This is my last film. Should probably bear that in mind.
You're gonna have to step away from the building sir.
It's the fucking music!
Cut feedback! Turn everything off!
He seems...
...I don't know, numb!
He seems fine. Like he's getting better, but...
Did we make him sick?
I-I don't think it's that simple...
You ask that guard to keep me out?
What...what guard?
I wanted to make something that could ease the people's suffering if they chose it...
...not you! I DID!
I did this for you, my friend...
...for your suffering.
I'm fine.
That's not a case of not wanting to show you...
It's just that it's been affecting people... different ways.
(Beatific music builds)
I'll struggle to make images that come close to what you've made here...
I, um...
Good work.
(Gate swings open)
Cheers mate!
(Door shuts)
(Baby cries in another room)
(Rope creaks)
(Radio interference sounds)
(Muffled voices)
(Man splutters, struggles for breath)
...come on now.
No... can't!
Err...I can.
But it's a Francis!
(Slamming sounds)
(Fire roars)
(Distant birdsong)
(Buzzer rings)
Albert darling...
(Distant) Yeah?
(Footsteps approach)
I believe I'm dying...
I-I need you to arrange something for me.
(Buzzer rings)
(Buzzer rings again)
Fuck sake!
(Telephone rings)
No - he's rehearsing at the moment.
Can I take a message?
(Inaudible dialogue)
Ellis fucking Vespucci...
Is that you Kino?
It's me.
Some people, when they look, all they see is darkness...
...but great stories come from absence.
Do you believe that Kino?
I need you to do something for me.
Name it.
You're going to receive a parcel...
...I want you to bring it to my deathbed.
You're going to receive a parcel...
...I want you to bring it to my deathbed.
I'm going to die...
...and I want you to be here.
You understand where you'll have to go to get here?
Yeah....yeah, I understand.
I can hold out til you get here.
(Phone disconnects)
...are you leaving me?
Well, you've got a suitcase and you're stood in the doorway.
I'm walking to Ellis Vespucci's deathbed.
(Guitar music plays)
(Footsteps approach)
(Wine pours)
Is this 'The Philistine'?
Mmm, sure, we can call me that.
I have a proposition for you.
No, just didn't say anything...
I was waiting for the proposition.
Okay, well, yes...
There's an artefact I'd like found...
...I understand you might be right for the job.
Well, if your concerns are financial...
...then you needn't have any cause for concern.
This issue is also art related...
...I've been told to tell you.
Okay then.
(Music swells)
Here for the part?
Follow me.
It's okay.
A substance is distinct from its properties.
Wouldn't you say?
I guess.
So are you the substance or the properties here, Mr Warren?
(Clears throat)
Is that you Kino?
It is...
Some people, when they look, all they see is darkness...
...but great stories come from absence.
Do you believe that Kino?
You're going to receive a parcel...
...and I want you to bring it to my deathbed.
Excuse me.
(Dry retching)
(Choking sounds)
(Tinny violin sounds)
You're perfect for this part.
Thank you.
Can you play violin?
I can.
You're perfect for this part.
They're gonna love you!
Take care.
Bye then.
He's perfect for this part.
Shouldn't be too long. Six days tops...
...depending on The Territory.
Very good.
I hope you're well.
I'm okay...
Are you holding up okay?
Albert dear, don't walk off. You'll get hurt.
Yes, yes, I'm fine.
El, I don't know what I'm supposed to-
I can't tell you what to do Kino.
What happens to you will be different to what happened to me when I ventured in.
It's different for each of us.
Not for the faint-hearted, I know. But I trust you.
Try not to think too logically about it.
When you're there, it'll know more than you do.
Anything you've ever hidden from yourself...
...everything you've ever desired will be there.
'Nosce te ipsum' Kino.
El I need to-
You're doing it by making the trip my boy.
See you soon.
(Phone disconnects)
Tea or coffee, sir?
I'll take a Maker's...
Certainly sir.
(Pouring sounds)
I'd like to know where the man who just came in here went?
You don't need to worry yourself with that man, mister.
I don't know where you think you are, or what you think you're doing mister...
...but I can assure you that man is not what you're looking for.
This will be easier if you just-
I can't tell you where he's gone.
(Crushing sound)
Are you out of your mind? You honestly believe that Bob Dylan is better then Leonard-fucking-Cohen?
I do.
Better technique.
Cohen's more sincere!
(Muffled) Where is he? Where is he? Where is he?
Stop looking at me.
I said stop it!
(Over tannoy) That's not what you're here for sir.
(Tannoy) You can have anything you want here...
...but that's not it.
(Tannoy) Mr Francis is in room 3 6 8 8
Come back anytime!
Hi mum...just checking in.
We have questions...
Wait, what?
We'd like to know why.
We're gonna need more drinks.
(Loud banging)
You enjoy being here, don't you sir.
You know you can stay here.
Never grow old. Stay young...
...gifted...if that's what you want.
Maybe he lives if you stay.
What have you got me into old man?
(Laughter over phone)
Not figured it out yet.
What's on the tape?
Keep up the good work.
(TV audio) ...a madman destroying works of art at galleries across the region.
We are receiving reports of up to six separate attacks having now taken place.
And the art community is extremely on edge.
It's devaluing the importance of art in society, and it's shameful.
(Woman's voice) What's art ever done to them?1
(Angry woman's voice) If I ever find these (beeped out) I will kill them!
Art cannot die! Do you understand me? ART CANNOT DIE! (beeped) savage!
(Presenter's voice) We have one of the paintings here with us...
Um...we can't actually tell for sure if this was one taken in the attack, however... is incredibly likely.
(Door slams)
Barrett Bacon Busher?
The brits have sent a man referred to as 'The Philistine' to collect something.
Keep an eye out for him. He's dangerous.
Philistine is after the cassette.
You've been informed as to what it can do, yes?
His motives are unclear at present...
We aren't sure if he's double, triple, or god forbid quadruple agent...
...or if he simply has personal interest.
As you can see from the file...
I apologise if I say too much in one go, I've had beaucoup coffee.
Maybe he's just... kilter.
I think he's the one responsible for the recent attacks... galleries on fire, and so on.
No witnesses of course.
We'd like the greatest work of capital-A art... remain safe...
and belong to a nation that will appreciate it.
You'll be paid handsomely of course.
Pas probleme, Amigo.
Can I help you?
Well, that depends.
I'd like to see a list of all the guests.
Mate, that ain't happening.
Anything else?
(Audio fades to silence)
(Car skids to a halt)
(Thunderous music plays)
(Muffled sex noises)
(Gasp for air)
Do you wanna marry me?
What's goin' on?
Can you help me?
There's a madman chasin' me with a gun.
Better jump in then.
So, listen, um...
...thanks for before.
That guy was off his nut.
I know who you are...
I don't....have a CD or anything...
...but could you sign something for me?
Yeah, yeah, of course.
You, smoke?
You know, I-I don't know...I feel like I'm just repeating know?
Just making the same mistakes time and time again.
You tell's like... do it to stop the pain...
...but then it turns out it's sort of...that is... know, the cause of the pain...
...and you know, maybe, fuck it. I like the pain... know. And I like being in it. That's what makes sense to me.
I just...
...I don't's all just too maudlin man. You know?
You got pain Barrett?
Right and you-you do what you do to stop it.
It might not be what I would do, but you do what you do...
..and it works for you. Fuck the rest.
Shit, I don't know man...
I haven't to anybody in days...
Think I'm goin' a bit cuckoo...
Want another?
Nah, thanks.
(Footsteps approach)
Just gonna pop to the loo...
(Inaudible crowd chatter)
(Abrupt silence)
(Audio returns)
(Phone vibrates)
Hey, it's me.
Oh, hey sweetpea. How's the pilgrimage?
How's...'s everything with you?
Same as always...why?
No reason...
Just checking in.
Something's wrong.
What is it?
I think maybe you should leave the house. Go stay with your mother.
What are you saying?
I think we should be apart.
I want a divorce, because, um...
...I don't love you anymore...
(Muffled cries)
Okay, stop, stop! I'm not leaving!
You just need to leave the house.
What is wrong with you?!
We'll arrange to meet up once-
(Phone disconnects)
(Fingers typing on an old telephone)
(Phone rings)
(Distant phone rings)
Is this Kino?
Who's this?
The infamous, elegant, Kino Warren?
Who is this?
You're not very smart Kino.
I am going to bring fire to places that...
...mean something to you and other...
...arty people like you, until I get what I want.
You're free falling, don't you see?
I want you to accept you have no control over what's going to happen.
It will be easier that way.
We're both on a pilgrimage, Kino.
(Phone disconnects)
(Floorboards creak)
Everything okay Albert?
Yeah, much better now, thanks El.
Need anything?
No, I'm fine, thank you.
Um, El...
Can I listen to it again please?
I think you've enjoyed it enough, don't you?
Are you sure you're okay?
Another pillow maybe? Thank you.
(Car revs)
Holy shit!
Kino Warren!
THE Kino Warren!
Big fan....BIG FAN!
Thank you.
What you doing here mate?
Oh, you know...
...just walking.
Yeah...sorry to pry and everything.
Would you sign something for me?
Yeah sure...
Oh, thank you!
Do you need a lift?
No...thank you though.
I'm just gonna...
...keep walking...
Kino Warren...
(Guitar music plays)
(Phone rings)
This is, um, Detective Somerset...
Are you Kino Warren's manager?
Ugh, yeah, what's he done now?
Well we have reason to believe he's stolen a work of art from the home of one...
...Ellis Vespucci?
Oh for fuck sake.
Yeah, I'm gonna need you to hang up, and give him a call so I can listen in and trace it...
...okay Malcolm?
Er...yeah...course, um...
It's just er...
What is it Malcolm?
Kino doesn't have a phone on him
No worries mate, um...
Just reach out to anyone that might know...
...and I'll listen in and trace it...okay mate?
Right...right. Yeah
(Phone rings)
(Hands tap a beat on steering wheel)
(Male voice) Hello?)
(Malcolm) Hey is Kino there?
(Male voice) Um, who shall I say is calling?
(Malcolm) Tell him it's Malcolm.
(Muffled sounds)
(Malcolm) Are you off your fucking map boy? You stole from Ellis?!
Excuse me one second.
What are you talking about?
Who steals from their fucking mentor? What is wrong with you?
Is that how little you think of me Malcolm?
Course it is.
You know what...go fuck yourself. You've been a dead weight for years.
You're gonna be dealing with the police mate.
(Phone disconnects)
That's great thanks Malcolm. Leave it to us now yeah?
(Malcolm on speakerphone) Um, shouldn't I notify someone?
No, no, no. Best keep this between ourselves, yeah? Okay, thanks, bye.
(Car revs up)
Thanks cuz.
She doesn't mind?
Don't worry about her.
We're happy to have you here.
Well, I am anyway...
So, you see much of the family?
On your side?
Not really. Once a year maybe?
Do you think people have a low opinion of me?
People who know you, sure.
Nah I mean. You rub people up the wrong way some times but...'s only 'cause you're honest.
I don't think anyone really knows what anyone else thinks of them...
...if we're having that kind of conversation.
I never invited him to meet her.
Wait, to meet who?
Mate, I've...I've never met her.
Why's this old guy so important?
I mean, I know a bit...but...
He, er...
He did it right, you know?
Grew up with nothing.
But it didn't matter.
He loved what he loved.
He got good at what he loved.
The guy survived a war man.
You know, went to protests...
He never let anything get in the way of his...
...positive outlook on life.
He lived a good life.
And his, um...
...his work reflected that.
Sometimes just showing up is enough.
Only just recently realised that.
Sorry mate.
So how'd you sort yourself out? You used to be worse than me.
Nah, that's all behind me now.
Grasping for everything, holding on to nothing.
Just don't compete anymore.
But I'm still scared all the time.
Now I got a kid...
...I'm just not scared for myself anymore.
You seem like you've got a good thing going here.
Yeah, it's okay.
Still rather do the rockstar thing though.
Don't kid yourself...
...I'm not happy.
But the music...his...yours?
Your work matters to's gonna last.
I worry it doesn't matter.
I know that...
Doesn't sound reasonable...
...considering how my life's been.
But the thing that really nags me... the way I see the world...'s not concrete.
That maybe it's wrong...
...maybe what I'm doing is meaningless.
Even if I think my actions matter...
...that maybe I can't save myself.
(Abrupt knocking on window behind)
I don't know about that man...
Look, I gotta put the kid to bed.
You know... actually have to get to him right?
You can't just prolong the journey...'ll only be prolonging his pain.
(Gun cocks)
Why are you here?
The French.
Why does everyone want this so bad?
Should be obvious by now.
Enlighten me little piggy.
Some want to use it to...
...switch people off...
...make them apathetic to...
...I don't know, war, poverty, climate change. All that bollocks, I guess.
It's a rare piece of music.
By Vespucci?
I thought it was a myth.
Apparently not.
Thought you'd know all this.
I paid attention to the notes.
I know who you are.
Assume I don't.
Aren't you just after it for yourself?
Can you pass me that pencil?
The fact you don't believe in anything insults me.
(Stabbing sound)
Why didn't you tell me what I was bringing you?
(Ellis) I didn't want to put you in danger.
Well that backfired.
People developed grandiose expectations about it over the years.
Even though I told them I destroyed it.
Sorry Kino.
Why didn't you destroy it?
Even though it affected everyone differently, I couldn't.
It was perfect!
Look I, um...
(Banging downstairs)
I just want you to know... much you helped me...
...maybe I never said that enough... thank you.
Well bring the case, and we'll call it evens.
We're gonna beat this thing El.
Okay Kino.
I get why you're taking your time, but you can't.
I failed someone once...'s no small thing.
(Phone disconnects)
I'm going to ignore the bear for now and get right to it, if that's okay with you?
So how did you get in?
Why do you collect all these "special things"?
I'm, um...
So it's not out of love for the things?
Not particularly...
I can have anything... it goes.
So you know who I am...
...and of course you knew who my father was...
...which as to why you would ask me to go after this specific piece alludes me a little.
Because I thought you'd be professional.
What's going to happen is-
Or to see what might happen!
What's going to happen is I'm going to find the tape.
That's a given at this point.
But I'll destroy it when I do.
And you're still going to pay me what we discussed.
You're going to stop collecting things that don't really mean anything.
You're going to continue to let me destroy...
...anything that even remotely relates to my father's...
...artworks...and his...
And in return for this...
I'm not gonna spill any blood over that lovely teddy bear you've got there.
Okay kiddo?
How's that sound?
(Knocks at the door)
(Footsteps approaching)
Oh, thank you...
(Sofa squash sounds)
So where are you meeting Kino?
Excuse me?
As much as I like sitting here and drinking this milk...
...and it's good milk...
...full fat right?
As much as I like sitting here and drinking this milk...
...I'm on a tight schedule.
I know he called.
So when he's finished doing what he's doing...
...where are you meeting?
He called to tell me...
...he didn't love me anymore.
We didn't arrange to meet.
We're done.
You're not lying...
You're quite...
I just thought, for a muse, something a bit more...
Not really my thing.
I like plain.
So you can live.
I am gonna have to tie you up though.
I'm seem like a nice...
...normal person.
No, really, it's fine...
I just, need a little time...
I understand.
Your husband's made some...bad choices.
...he's pretty good at that.
I'm not dumb.
I never-
If that's what you're thinking.
I get it.
(Knocking at the door)
(Paper crumpled)
So, if I die here... I die in the real world?
You don't have to think in terms like that here, sir.
What the fuck am I doing?
I mean a fucking pilgrimage...
An old man dying in a bed...
What the fuck is this?
You know, I used to tell people...
...I left because he held me back creatively...
Truth is...I hated him because he cared.
I thought that made him weak.
And I don't know why.
Will you keep hold of these for me?
Certainly sir.
What if he can die before I get there?
(Muffled) I don't know sir.
I can't go any further.
I honestly don't know sir.
It was a pleasure to meet you though.
We think you deserve love...
...even if you don't.
(Tannoy) Confirm identity.
How many near death experiences have you had?
Are you ashamed of your life?
Do you fear you're just the image rather than the real thing?
Does it hurt to know you can't stop the death of the only person to make you believe your life genuinely mattered?
(Music swells)
(Music cuts out)
(Broken branches)
(Thunderous music breaks in)
(Crunching sounds)
(Grunts in pain)
(Distant tree falls)
(Mumbled) Fucking bullshit
Oh you bastard...
(Door slams shut)
I think it's time for you to leave sir.
I hope to see you again in the future sir.
(Music builds in intensity)
(Music stops)
(Footsteps approach)
(Male voice off screen) You okay mate?
I can't do it.
I need help.
Can you take me to Ellis Vespucci?
Yeah okay.
(Music builds again)
(Footsteps approach)
You're still here then.
Took your time.
You know...
...and I hope you find this comforting...
...I never felt I made anything...
...that reached the level...
...that I should have.
That is comforting.
Of course it is...'re as egotistical as I am old boy.
...did you bring the tape?
I fucked up El...
I'm such a fuckup...
Kino... was never about the tape.
...the tape I sent you...
...was not the actual tape.
People believe what they want to.
Now's as good a time as any I suppose.
I never told anybody this before...
...but most days I wished I were dead.
But now it's close...
I'm not sure I want it anymore.
This mattered Kino... me.
...shall we?
You hear it?
I can hear it.
(Music swells)
(Music builds in intense beauty)
(Abrupt silence)
(Tape sound comes to a stop)
(Credit music)