Animal (2014) Movie Script

Keep going!
Come on, babe!
- Don't.
- Let go of me.
She's gone.
Carl, let me go.
Let go!
It's been way too long.
Yeah, it has.
Alissa, you remember
where that turnoff is?
One or two miles past
the Holland Creek sign.
Does he even know
where he's going?
I do.
Is this it?
Holy shit. Sean.
Almost, man.
This is the road, but we still got...
- Huh?
- Almost!
Oh, my God. It's like talking
to a deaf person. We're close.
You know, it's attitudes like
that that make me wear these.
It's your idea.
- This is really beautiful!
- Oh, my God.
- Gorgeous!
- Shut up!
Leave those out.
Are you serious?
- What is this?
- It's a roadblock.
Aw, shit.
He's so mad.
Why is it closed?
I don't know.
It's bullshit. It's a lie to keep people
quiet while they chop it all down.
It isn't nice
to fool Mother Nature.
No, it is not. They're chopping down
trees that are a hundred years old.
Yo. Someone's
a little pissed.
I am pissed.
No, it's okay.
That's why we came...
to enjoy what's here before it's gone.
Guys, guys, guys.
Don't... Don't bring
any of that on the trail.
Oh, it's coming.
Yeah, it's coming. Shut up, Sean.
You're gonna get off my car.
can we get around this thing?
Just knock it down.
So, this is the place you
were telling me about?
Almost. A little further down.
But might as well be the same thing.
It's all the same forest.
We used to camp here
every summer.
It was like
our one family tradition.
Think this is gonna score me some
brownie points with your folks...
or, uh, your brother?
I wouldn't count on it.
All right, what do you think?
Close enough?
Here. This will be great.
You sure?
All right.
Let's suit up.
This ain't right.
I'm supposed to be fixing yourbackpack.
Oh, is it intimidating that your
girlfriend is used to the outdoors?
What? What? No.
No, I'm just saying...
at least I know you'll be
all right if I wasn't here.
Yeah, I'd be okay.
Hey. Sorry, man.
I'm just trying to hurry.
How much shit you put in there?
Just enough.
You'll thank me later.
What about the rest of the stuff?
Is it gonna be safe here?
Better than losing it
in the woods, right?
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Let's go.
We're burning daylight.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
At least you're not the drill
sergeant your brother is.
That's the "step" part.
His dad.
I heard that.
I hear everything.
Hey. You're not
bringing that.
Put it in the car.
This is our date with Mother Nature.
What? It's mood music.
You usually like it.
What are we waiting for?
You know it's a hike, right?
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
We don't have to look good?
You look fine. Let's go.
Alissa, let me explain
something to you.
You are a natural beauty, okay?
It's a gift.
Girls like me,
we gotta take what we got and work it.
Besides, I have
a reputation to uphold.
It's just us.
Oh, Liss.
You know better than that.
It's never just us.
Group, get together.
All right, guys, get together.
Get closer.
You're ready?
Everyone say "fifth wheel."
Fifth wheel!
Oh. Oh,
you're so cute when you're pathetic.
You're not cute in that photo.
Oh, my God.
Is that what my hair looks like?
Am I that obvious?
Enjoy it.
These woods won't even be
here in the next few years.
I will if you give me a kiss.
That a girl.
- I'm gonna stop.
- For what?
Dare me?
Don't do it.
You dare me?
So this is pretty much it, huh?
We just keep walking and then
turn around and walk back?
That's pretty much it.
I'm taking you guys to this
amazing cave near the creek.
Alissa and I used to go swimming
there all the time when we were kids.
Swimming? You never said anything
about bringing a bathing suit.
Did I forget to tell you about
the bathing suit? You did.
What were you thinking?
You'll be fine without it.
Does it ever get awkward seeing your
best friend kiss your brother like that?
It was inevitable.
But yes.
So how long has it been for you?
It's been a while now...
like six or seven years. Really?
We stopped coming
after we moved.
The trip got too long
and we got busy.
Yeah, it's a... it's a long-ass drive.
But it's worth it though.
It's gorgeous out here.
I know.
Does it look familiar
at all to you?
Sort of looks familiar,
but it feels different.
Feels different.
Feels different, how?
I don't know.
This different?
Hey, Jeff,
you never said anything about this.
Oh, it's just a little
safety precaution.
He said that the tree cutting has been
displacing animals from the deeper areas.
Uh, does it work?
Yeah, it works.
Can of that stuff will send
a grizzly bear running.
Oh, so you've used it.
Uh, no, I haven't used it,
but I know how to use it.
So if a giant bear comes
out of the woods right now,
- and it's like...
- "I'm going to kill you, Jeff"...
They don't talk.
You're gonna be like, "Aah!"
And... And you're
not worried?
Not worried at all.
Well, shit,
we gotta test this out.
Oh, be careful.
Be careful.
Fifty dollars to whoever lets
me spray them in the face.
Give it to me.
Fifty dollars for bear mace in the face.
- Going once.
- You're an idiot.
You're right.
I am an idiot. A hundred dollars.
A hundred dollars for whoever
lets me spray them in the face.
- A man after my own cash. I like it.
- No, you're not.
- Yes, he is.
- It's a hundred bucks. Let's do it.
Let him do it.
Let him do it.
It'll be fine.
Good job.
Good job, guys.
Almost there.
Creek's right up here. Once we get there,
we're gonna follow it to the falls.
- There's not enough time.
- We have time. We're almost there.
We still have to make it back.
I know we... I know.
We're gonna be fine. Not if the sun
goes down, which it's about to do now.
Go ahead, brother.
We've been out much deeper,
much later than this with Dad, right?
Yeah, but...
Yes, we have.
We're gonna be fine.
We got this.
I promise.
Hey. We got this.
We don't know.
We need to go home.
Because you're not listening to me, Jeff.
You're not trusting me.
You're being selfish.
You're being selfish.
We tried. It's been fun.
We'll come back another time.
That's what I'm saying to you.
There's not gonna be another time.
You don't know that.
I do know that!
They do this all the time?
Well, they both love hiking,
and they're both stubborn as hell.
Any idea how long it'll last?
A long time.
All right, nature calls.
I'll be right back.
We'll go back right now.
Why did we come?
Why did we come to stand here?
But it's Taylor Swift.
What the fuck is that?
It's a backpack.
I found it when I was taking a leak.
You wash your hands?
With the bar of soap that I found.
Relax for a second.
I wonder whose this is.
What are the marines
doing out in the boondocks?
We're going back.
They better wrap this shit up...
'cause there's no goddamn way
I'm walking back in the dark.
If we keep along this direction,
we'll be able to cut the curve
and make better time.
Whatever you say,
fearless leader.
Please don't. Please don't.
Can someone Uber us a cab?
Mandy, talk to me.
Hey, stop it. Stop.
What? What, Jeff. What?
I'm sorry. Okay?
I made a mistake.
You didn't pack like it was
a mistake. Guys, guys, guys, guys.
- It was a mistake.
- Help me understand, Jeff.
What exactly are you sorry for?
Come on. For failing to fill
everyone in on what we're doing?
No, I'm sorry that
you are upset with me.
Okay? I thought that this was
gonna be fun for everybody.
That's bullshit.
No, it's not.
That's bullshit, Jeff.
Yes, it is.
You thought it was gonna be fun for you.
You do this all the time.
You set your mind to one little thing...
and you completely forget about
everything and everyone else.
I'm sorry.
I just hope you got
what you came for.
So, uh,
did you guys ever hear about the Ohio Howl?
The Ohio what?
Howl... like at the moon.
Like, "Whoo!"
Sean, shut the hell up.
You say another goddamn word,
I'm gonna slap the shit out of you.
No one needs
to say another word.
All anyone should be doing is
getting us the hell out of here.
Is that that O...
I'll tell you about it later.
It's crazy. It's worse than her.
- This looks familiar.
- Really?
- Yes.
- We're close, guys. We're close.
Can you guys
just hold on for a second?
Sean, can I see your phone real quick?
Oh, yeah.
Just wanna check the satellite.
The road should be a couple miles.
The password
is "peeing."
I hate this.
That looks
familiar with the trees.
- A lot of knocked-over trees.
- Right. With the branch.
No? Yeah.
We're close.
What's happened? We
could sleep there. With the branch.
- Here we go. That's what we want.
- Oh, you got it, babe?
That way.
Straight toward the peaks.
What's going on?
What's wrong?
You okay?
Oh, my...
Holy shit!
I thought you said
there was nothing out here.
Holy shit!
What the hell was that?
We should keep moving to the car.
We'll call the ranger's
office when we get there.
Nothing else we can do.
Just keep moving to the peaks.
- Come on. Go to the peaks. Let's go.
- That way. That way.
Go, go, go.
You're making too much noise,
You're making too much noise!
Cut the lights. Cut the lights.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Listen to me.
Go... around.
Go... around.
Go around.
Shh, shh. Shh, shh.
I'm gonna scare it.
I'm gonna scare it.
On three.
Go, go, go!
Go, go, go! Go!
Go, go, go!
Come on!
Go, go, go! Go, go!
- Go! Go! Go!
- All right, go!
- Jeff!
- Go, go, go! Go, go!
Go, go!
Come on. Come on!
Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Drop it.
Drop it. Go! Go!
- Go! Move!
- Go, go!
This way. This way.
Go, go, go!
Hey! Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
Go, go, go!
Cut your lights.
Cut the lights.
Cut the lights. Cut the lights.
It's okay. It's okay.
We're good. We're good.
Okay. Shh. Shh.
Breathe. Breathe.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's a house.
It's a house.
Shh. Shh.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Listen. You and Sean get the
girls to the house. Okay?
You have to come with us.
Hey. I will be there.
Jeff, you have to come with us.
Listen to me.
Keep your lights off and
run as fast as you can.
You get there.
I'm gonna run along the tree line.
Listen. I'll run
along the tree line.
I'm gonna distract it,
and I'm gonna meet you there. Okay?
Okay? Get them
to the house.
I got it. I promise.
Go. Go.
Sean, go.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
No! Jeff! No!
No! No!
Come on. Go, go, go!
Go! Go!
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Go, go, go!
- Hello?
- Hello! Please! We're in danger!
Please open the door!
Please! Hello! Hello!
Oh, shit!
Goddamn it!
Open the door! Now!
Open the fucking door!
You, in there, please!
Hey, you! You! Open the door!
Go, go, go, go, go, go!
No! No! No!
What the hell is that thing?
Oh, God!
What the fuck?
Shh! Shh!
Might as well get comfortable.
It's deep,
but this should slow the bleeding.
Thank you.
Hi. Hi, ma'am.
Hi. Yes. Yeah.
This is Sean.
Yeah. We were... Yeah.
We just got disconnected. I...
No, no, no. I already tried the
park ranger. They didn't answer.
I left a message.
Okay, look, my-my...
Okay, look, my phone
is about to die.
We don't have any service here.
Okay, but...
Ma'am, what is your name?
Can you please transfer
me to your supervisor?
How you doing?
I'll live.
How are you?
I'm sorry about your brother.
How'd you guys get here?
Um, we were on a business
trip and the car broke down,
so we were cutting through the woods
trying to get to the main highway,
and that thing
just chased us here.
It just... It just happened too
fast to do anything more than run.
How long you been here?
Um... Hey, guys.
Um, your phone just died.
But I was able to leave word
at the ranger's office,
and I talked to 911,
and they said they were gonna
send someone as soon as possible.
They're gonna trace the call to
the nearest cell phone tower.
Also I texted your parents,
and I...
was vague,
but they said
they're sending help.
Someone in the area.
Your parents know
people in the area?
They used to.
Hopefully they can send someone to help.
Well, that sounds promising.
Okay, so we just wait it
out here until it's safe?
Well, we are safe here, right?
- What did 911 say? How long?
- It doesn't matter.
No one's coming.
Who said that?
Even if they were,
it wouldn't be soon enough.
We chummed the water the minute
we opened the damn door.
Now it's got
a fresh dose of our scent,
along with some fresh meat.
And that's Douglas.
He's got a point.
But I think we have a window
we can work with here.
You guys give us some extra
hands we didn't have before.
Okay, so here goes.
I think this thing slows down...
after it's eaten.
How... How do you
know that?
Because there wasn't
always three of us.
Now, assuming
that it does slow down,
this should be a good time to make
sure that we're safe in here.
What-What do you mean?
We're not safe in here already?
These barricades were up
when we got here.
Some are new.
Some are older.
And if we spread out,
check 'em all, find the weak ones,
we can reinforce them,
keep the beast at bay.
Weak ones, Carl.
That's assuming you can find them
faster than that thing can break in.
What does he mean?
It keeps testing for
weaknesses in our defenses,
trying different access points,
some that we don't even know yet.
This is the cellar door.
I didn't think that meant free
access from the outside...
until it flew in here.
We barely caught it in time.
Somehow it knows.
What the fuck is this thing
that it can be that smart?
I don't know that it's smart. I think it
just knows more about this place than we do.
And it gets hungry.
Well, let's get to work then.
Keep it down.
It'll hear you.
I don't know.
I don't know what we're doing.
No need, sweetheart.
I got it covered.
I hope so.
Hey. You okay?
I'm sorry.
I-I know you're not.
I mean, how could you be?
I think it wants us here.
What are you talking about?
How did Vicky and Carl
end up here?
How did any of us end up here?
It doesn't matter.
That thing ate Jeff
like it was nothing.
How come it didn't do the same thing to
the rest of us? Babe, don't do this.
Hey, Doug.
We could really use
your help down here.
All I'm saying is
it herded us here,
eating what it can and saving
the rest as prey. Hey. Baby.
How else can you explain it?
Look at me. I know it's hard for you.
But you can't keep doing this.
You're overthinking. No, I'm not.
I'm being completely rational.
You're not even listening to me.
Look at me.
It's just an animal.
That's it.
And what's happening in here to us
is happening because it just is.
Figuring out why that is happening,
it doesn't help us.
But figuring out how to get out of here,
that does.
Come here.
You're the smartest girl
that I know.
You're a genius.
So don't let that beautiful brain
of yours spiral out of control...
because you can't
figure out something, okay?
It's like we always say...
if you can't control it...
Holy shit!
What the fuck?
Get the door!
Be careful!
Hold it there now.
- That's a flimsy door. It's not gonna hold.
- Shh.
What the hell's it doing?
Looking for weak spots.
Let's see where it lands.
We're gonna need some fire.
Sean, Matt, you come with me.
Did you hear that?
Come on! Come on!
Oh, my God!
Vicky, we need fire!
What's going on?
Grab something! Hurry!
The dresser!
The dresser!
- Where's your bag?
- I don't know! What are you doing?
- I have an idea!
- Sean, goddamn it! Get your ass back here!
What are you gonna...
Help them!
You sure?
Help them!
- Come on, come on, come on!
- Get that dresser over here!
Get it over here now!
Choke on this, bitch!
Get that dresser over here now!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Holy shit.
Guess this shit really works.
Yeah. Good idea, Sean.
Hello, Douglas.
Glad you could join us.
That's not gonna hold.
It'll come back,
and we won't have
enough to hold it off.
Not again.
What else do we have?
We have nothing.
No more dressers.
No more time.
We gotta get out
of this damn house.
You okay, Carl?
I'm all right.
We can pick
the most fortified room,
pool any of the stronger
resources around the house...
and focus on the one
controllable space.
Rather than spread out,
focus in.
One room, one barricade.
No surprises.
Sounds good to me.
- Have you heard anything?
- Is it Scott? Sean.
No. They... It's dead.
But I'm... I'm confident.
They said they were coming, so...
- 911 said they're sending someone, so...
- Any minute, right?
You've been awfully quiet, Doug.
I'm just listening.
Yeah? Then what's
so fucking funny?
Holing up in a room is great.
There's only
two problems with that.
First, that thing bashes through
everything we put in front of it.
Dressers and old wood scraps
are not long-term solutions.
They're just cheap Band-Aids
slowing the inevitable.
You don't know that.
I don't?
How long have you
been here, sweetheart?
You think cramming in
a room makes us safe?
I think it makes us sardines.
And I'm sorry, Vick.
Help isn't coming.
That's problem number two,
and you've known that for a while.
All right, dude,
that's bullshit.
They said they traced my call...
To the nearest
cell tower, right?
Isn't that what they told you?
'Cause they told me the same thing.
But I'm beginning to think
that must not be very close.
Okay, but her parents,
they were gonna call...
They know people in the area.
Oh, they know... They know people.
People that will... will answer the
phone in the middle of the night,
climb out of bed and hike
into the nowhere woods?
Wow. Your parents must have some
really close friends out here.
You don't need to be
an asshole, asshole.
Tell me something.
Do these magical friends know something...
that the local police don't?
Is there a secret I'm missing?
'Cause our doorbell
sure hasn't been ringing.
So, what's your plan, handsome?
We run for it.
For where?
The road.
If anyone is actually
looking for us,
we'll be easier to find there.
If not, help will be easier for
us to find there, not here.
I think that's fucking crazy.
It's not as crazy as you think.
News flash: Last time we did that,
it didn't end up so well.
Oh, I beg to differ.
You're still alive, aren't you?
Things ended great for you.
They didn't end well for someone else.
You know you're talking
about my brother, right?
And my wife.
- If we run, it doesn't matter how fast...
- Get to the point.
All we have to do is give
it something to chew on.
Like what?
We're not running.
She's injured. We're fatigued.
It's not an option.
Doug's right.
Carl, you're right too.
Not all of us can go,
but some of us can.
Or, uh, one of us.
- Matt.
- I can outrun this thing.
If I just get to the highway,
I can bring back help.
I can.
Seems like ol'
Sporto has the brains of the bunch.
Come with me now.
What the hell are you doing?
I'm getting us out of here.
You're not faster than that thing.
I don't want you going out there.
I know what you're thinking,
but this is different.
We have seen that thing. We've seen
how big it is and how strong it is,
and that means it's got to be slow.
You're assuming that.
Listen to me. If we can create a
diversion or distract it somehow,
I'll have a head start,
and that thing won't stand a chance.
Okay? I will haul ass through those woods,
and I will find help.
I will not stop
until I do. Okay?
Just straight toward
those peaks, remember?
Look, you know,
we got these, all right?
I don't know what the range is on them,
but I'm gonna call you.
I'm gonna call you until you answer
so that you can guide me back.
You're the most important thing to me.
I got to get you out of here.
- Who'll distract it?
- I will.
I've looked down that thing's throat too
many times. I'm not afraid of it anymore.
Just wanna get
everyone home safe.
You're all that matters to me. I have
to get you out of here. Just trust me.
All right, here we go.
I got you, Carl.
I got your back.
We got this.
Hey, Carl.
We're gonna be okay, right?
You're gonna be just fine.
On the porch.
All clear so far, Carl.
All right, watch my 6:00.
Copy 6:00. I got you.
You're all clear so far.
You're all good.
Nothing yet.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Carl, I got something.
Carl, 10-10:30, 11.
You sure?
I don't see anything.
I'm positive, Carl.
It's right there.
T-Ten yards ahead of you.
Dude, just don't go any further.
Don't worry.
It's not close enough for me to see.
Matt, this is your shot.
Let's do this.
I love you too, baby.
Carl, I'm coming now.
Uh... I, uh... I...
Uh, it-it-it ducked
behind a bush, I think.
You think?
You're gonna have
to focus, Sean.
Okay, it's there.
It's there, I think.
I can't see.
I lost it. I'm sorry.
It was there... It was there a second ago.
I definitely saw it.
It's, like, right ahead of you.
What is it?
What's going on?
Matt. Matt!
It's... coming.
Fall back.
Fall back!
- What are you doing?
- You heard him. It's coming.
Yeah, but they're gonna
have to get back in.
I know, but we cannot let that thing in.
They're coming back in.
Guys, I'm outside.
Open up.
My husband's out there.
Vicky, you have to understand.
Guys, I'm here.
This is our best chance.
Open the door, dickhead!
- Shut the fuck up!
- Listen, Vicky... Vicky!
- Hello!
- What's going on?
I don't know.
Vicky, listen to me!
Doug, open the door.
We can't take the chance.
It's what's best for us.
Douglas, open the door!
Open the door!
Mandy! Alissa!
Oh, my God!
Guys! Guys! Guys!
I know how hard it is.
Carl! Carl!
Guys, open the door!
- Carl! Carl!
- Vicky!
- Don't!
- Carl! Carl!
Vicky, can you hear me?
- Guys, please open up!
- That's it, asshole!
Stay back, or I'll bash your skulls in,
so help me God.
No one is opening
this fucking door!
- Guys! Guys!
- Vicky!
Carl. Carl.
Carl, come in.
Carl, do you copy?
Kitchen door.
Carl, do you copy?
Carl, come in.
Carl, do you copy?
Copy. On our way.
No, no, no!
Oh, my God!
Get it, get it, get it!
Oh, shit, Carl.
Thank God...
You gotta be shitting me.
Hey! Hey!
You're gonna have
to keep it down.
That thing will
hear you, remember?
You're kidding me with this, right?
It's a joke.
What do you think you're doing?
Protecting the others
from monsters.
Really funny, Carl.
Call me what you want,
but I did what was necessary to survive.
I was willing
to make the tough call.
You can't save everyone, Carl.
You'll... You'll try,
but we'll all die.
You know, at least
I can cope with reality.
At least I can see
the forest from the trees.
Who's the monster now?
I can't stop.
If I do, I'll think about what
that thing might have done to him.
Or relive watching
what it did to Jeff.
But if I keep my eyes here
and I focus,
I can imagine
what I'm gonna do to it.
I'm gonna kill
that thing, Mandy.
I'm not gonna run anymore.
I'm gonna kill it.
I don't know how, but I will.
Or at least let me think I will.
I'm pregnant.
Whatever it is you're thinking,
count me in, okay?
I just wanna get
our asses out of here.
What's the name of that song...
that David Bowie
and Freddie Mercury sang?
You know...
It's a famous duet.
Oh, you know,
it's like really...
It's on the tip of my tongue.
I'm, like, blank. I'm, like, an idiot.
Are you okay?
Under pressure Oh, my God.
I'm such an idiot.
You know, I'm sorry. It's been,
like, stuck in my head all night.
You know, and I just...
I've had to run for my
life twice tonight.
Like, that's twice more than
anyone will ever have to do,
like, in their entire lives.
You know?
And it's just, like...
You start thinking
about all this weird shit.
about, like, your life flashing
before your eyes or something.
But, like,
that's... it's not been my experience.
My experience is,
like, thinking, like,
"What was the last song I listened to on
my iPod?" Like, Taylor Swift. Really.
Like, that's gonna be
the last thing I hear?
Remember junior year...
when I was breaking out,
like, horrible.
Remember I was, like, using a lot of
foundation? Going through a period.
I stole, like, 99%
of that from the MAC store.
Like, you start thinking about,
like, secrets, you know.
Like... Like shit you don't wanna die with,
you know.
Like secrets you
don't wanna die with.
Or like secrets
that other people...
have to die with.
We're gonna get out of here and we're
gonna forget all about this place.
Mandy, um...
I was... I was
in love with Jeff.
Of course you were.
Who wasn't?
No, like,
I was in love with Jeff.
That's great. Let's just drop it.
No, no, please.
I need you to hear this.
I-I-I can't be buried with this.
You're not getting buried at all,
so let's just drop it, okay?
You had a gay crush on my boyfriend.
That's fine.
Okay? He's dead now.
Oh, my God.
Like, how can you even talk like that?
I don't wanna talk at all.
I wanna drop it. So does Alissa.
We get it, Sean.
Just move on.
It wasn't one-sided.
- Look, I know this is not the appropriate...
- You're an asshole.
- Please, Mandy, I'm just trying to...
- You're an asshole.
- I'm not an asshole. I'm just trying to tell you the truth.
- You're lying.
Why... Why would
I ever lie about this?
- Then why are you telling me this now?
- I'm just trying to tell...
Why are you telling me now?
What am I supposed to do about this?
What do I do with this
information now, Sean?
- I'm just trying to tell you before I can't!
- Stop!
The both of you.
We can't do this right now.
Is anyone else hearing this?
- What's that?
- Hey!
Matt, is that you?
Matt, where are you?
Where are you?
Is that a battery?
No, it's a page.
He's trying to tell us something.
He could be anywhere.
But that's impossible.
Is that...
I'll help.
Somebody untie me. Hey!
Wherever he is,
that thing is probably with him!
- Oh,
come on, you gotta be kidding me.
He's in the cellar.
You're not seriously
going down there, are you?
I have to.
But, Alissa, what if he's...
He's alive.
You heard him. Here.
But what if he's barely alive?
How does that make a difference?
Give me that.
You swing better with less in your hands.
You guys are insane.
Wait. Hey, Al...
Uh, is it okay if I...
Can I sit this one out?
I don't think I can do it again.
I know.
Thank you.
You do realize that thing tried
to leap out of there earlier.
- If you open that door...
- Stop!
Here are your choices.
You can come with me
or you can stay here.
I don't trust you
to do anything else.
What'll it be?
That's what I thought.
If anything happens to me,
my blood is on your hands. You hear me?
On your hands!
Okay, you guys, ready?
Here we go.
You close the door behind us.
No, no. I'm going with you.
Vicky, no.
I'm going with you, Carl.
You can't come with me.
I can't... I can't keep running.
Stop. You gotta stop.
Carl, I'm going with you.
I know you hate when people
tell you what to do,
but I can't very well go down there
and tell that thing who's boss...
if I have to worry about you.
I'll be safe if you're safe.
Let's go.
It's kerosene.
Come on.
Guys, there he is.
Let's get him out of here.
Get him up.
Take his arms.
I'll get his legs.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
One, two. Come on.
Get him out of here.
Get out!
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
Come on.
Just relax.
You're gonna be okay.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
You'll be okay.
You'll be okay.
What's he...
What's he saying?
He's dying, hon.
I'm sorry to say it.
I truly am.
But someone has to.
Sporto's not gonna last
much longer.
We can still save him.
I don't think you can
be so sure about that.
But he can still save us.
He can be...
the diversion we need.
He can distract that thing
while we run for it.
You mean give it
something to chew on?
I was trying
not to say it like that.
Conversation's over, sicko.
He was willing to lay down his
life earlier for you guys.
Don't you see it?
Now he can.
As bait?
He's already dead.
Not yet.
Carl was the most capable
of all of us.
If that thing got to him,
how can we hope to do any better?
Matt, dead, is our chance.
I'm not saying it's an
easy pill to swallow.
It's just fact.
If anybody has a better idea,
believe me, I'm all ears.
We know if we open that door,
that thing's coming in.
So let's trap it.
We torch this place,
and we get the hell out of here.
The same barricades
that kept that thing out...
will be the same ones
that keep it in.
The kerosene we found in the
cellar should be enough...
so we all can make
a run for safety.
And we don't need to worry
about needing any bait.
Being incinerated should
be distraction enough.
I like your idea better.
Get us the hell out of here.
Whatever we're gonna do, we have to do
it now because he's not looking good.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
I'll help you carry him.
His only chance is if we hurry.
So what do we do first?
We'll get you out of here.
I love you.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Oh, God.
Now, can we stop
acting like children...
and think like adults?
- Douglas, goddamn you!
- It was so simple!
He was dead!
- You killed him!
- I didn't kill anyone, sweetheart.
I sped up a clock
that was already ticking.
All you had to do was bring
this sack of meat outside...
and let that thing in
while we ran!
But no, that was
too damn hard...
for any of you to fucking grasp!
So I'll just have
to do it myself!
- You're a lunatic!
- I'm a survivor!
I'm not afraid to do
what needs to be done,
which is more than can be said
about any of you.
You're all welcome to join me.
And I'm not gonna sit around here
and wait for you guys to discuss it.
So, what's it gonna be?
Ah, I guess it's true
what they say. You...
You got some flashlights.
Come on.
Grab this end of the dresser.
Stop, stop, stop.
Watch the door.
I'll be right back.
Alissa, come on.
Take this out there.
Let's go home.
Oh, baby.
Vicky, I'm sorry. We need to go.
Oh, no, baby, come...
Vicky, we need to go.
There's nothing you can do. We need to go.
We need to go! Come on! Come on, Vicky!
We need to go! We need to go right now!
Come on, Vicky!
Get up! Get up!
Mandy! Vicky!
What was that?
Vicky, we need to go now! Now!
Get up! Come on! Come on! Let's go!
Let's go!
No! Vicky!
- What's going on?
- We have to go.
What's wrong? Where's Sean?
There's another one. We have to go now.
Come on, come on.
Mandy, you gotta get up. We're so close.
I can't. You gotta get up.
Yes, you can.
We can do it.
No! No!
Oh, Jeff.
Get off!
I thought I was human
I thought I had thick skin
I'm barely breathing
Now you're my victim
And my mind is bending
Is this our ending?
You've been lurking around
in the shadows
Thought I wouldn't find out
about your evil
I'm on a hunt, hunt
You better run
Now my love is all gone
It's all gone
This is not what I wanted
And now I'm haunted
whenever I'm alone
I'm scared of what I'll do
Just looked
at what you turned me into
I'm an animal
I'm an animal
I'm scared of what I'll do
Just looked
at what you turned me into
There's no turning back
We'll never be the same
Just look at what you made
Red heart's turning black
And now I'm changed
I'm tamed, insane
You wanna stay alive
There is no haven
You're running for your life
from your creation
I'm on the hunt
You better run
This is not what I wanted
Now I'm haunted
whenever I'm alone
I'm scared of what I'll do
Just look
at what you turned me into