Animal (2023) Movie Script

40th birthday, 50th birthday,
60th birthday...
There hasn't been a single birthday
where I peacefully greeted him
with "Happy birthday, Papa."
We always fought over
one thing or another.
Brother, it's seven o'clock
in the morning.
How much more do you wish to drink?
Papa used to say that
when your son will become like you,
then you'll understand how I feel.
And I used to tell him, "Papa, when
I didn't turn out to be like you...
then why would my son
turn out to be like me?"
Once upon a time,
there was this king
who had a sexy daughter,
a young princess.
One day, she was taking
a bath out in the jungle,
and this monkey showed up
and started mimicking and teasing her.
Princess got angry
and splashed water at the monkey.
The monkey splashed water
back at her, and he gestured...
Princess got upset, obviously.
She went straight to the king
and told him,
"Papa, there is a toxic monkey
in the jungle teasing me!
He is making such lewd gestures."
The king got furious.
He called his minister over and said,
"What the fuck!
There's a cheeky monkey
in the jungle messing with my daughter.
Go and deal with him."
The minister went up to the monkey
and asked him,
"What do you think you're doing, dude?
You're freaking out
the entire royal court."
And the monkey said,
"What do you think you're doing, dude?
You're freaking out
the entire royal court."
Whatever the minister did or said,
the monkey would repeat it.
The minister got all confused
and started racking his brain.
Then he got an idea!
He summoned two swords,
one real and one fake.
He kept the fake one for himself,
and he threw the real sword towards
the monkey.
Then, he took the fake sword and...
pretended to act all dramatic
like he was dying.
The monkey saw this...
grabbed the real sword and went...
Silence! Silence!
Silence, class!
Now, children, behave yourselves!
Who will define what an animal is?
Animals are multicellular organisms
in the biological kingdom Animalia.
Animals consume organic material,
breathe oxygen and reproduce.
The word "animal"
comes from the Latin animalis,
meaning "having breath or soul".
Where are you going?
- How dare you disturb my class?
- Ma'am, my sisters have come.
- Show me your hand.
- Today's my father's birthday.
Show me your hand!
Hand up!
Just go and kneel down there
till the class gets over!
So, in carnivorous
and omnivorous species,
the predators feed
on the another organism called its prey.
- Understood?
- Yes, ma'am.
There is one star in my sky
And that one star is you
I have no one but you
You are my whole world
I put you in a place
Where no one is
Papa, my life
Keep your hand on my head every moment
- Papa!
- Papa, my life, walk with me
You are the stone in every river
For me
These methods stop with you
-Papa, my life
- Papa!
-Keep your hand on my head every moment
- Papa!
-Papa, my life, walk with me
- Papa!
You are the stone in every river
For me
-These methods stop with you
- Papa!
Mom, where's Papa?
You know he is a very busy man.
He had to rush to the factory, son.
Hey, let's make a clone of your father...
so we can have one at home
and one at the office.
Cloning takes too long.
We'll have to find a body double.
But no matter
how many lookalikes we find,
no one can compare to Papa.
You are constantly in my heart
- Just like my heartbeat
- Papa!
You are with me in my head
No matter where I go
Whether you are there or not
-You are always there in my sight
- Papa!
- Papa!
- Wherever I go
Papa, my life
Keep your hand on my head...
The kids made a cake for you.
They waited for you,
but got tired and went to bed.
And you didn't even bother
to meet the kids on your birthday
despite calling them from school.
Don't worry, Jyoti.
I'll make it up.
They notice everything, you know?
And it bothers them.
You know what he said yesterday?
He wants to change his name...
to Balbir Singh II.
I argued, but he said...
"If there can be a George II
and Henry VIII,
then why not Balbir Singh II?"
I hope you realize
that you are his superhero.
Can't you spare just ten minutes
of your day for your son?
Papa, in my next life,
I want you to be my son.
I want you to see how much I love you.
You can learn from it.
Because in the life after that,
I will once again be your son,
and you will be my papa.
Then you can express your love
in your own unique way
instead of how I do it.
I hope you understand, Papa.
If you do, that would be more
than enough for me.
- Happy birthday to your father!
- Thank you.
- Happy birthday to your papa!
- Thank you.
- Happy birthday to your papa!
- Thank you.
- How could you forget your bag at school?
- Happy birthday to your papa!
Do you know who his father is?
He can buy him a new bag every day.
I was finally going to meet my father
after the third-grade final exams.
I really love my father.
More than anything
in the whole wide world.
Everyone loves their parents.
So, how is yours any special?
What do you mean by
"more than anything"?
How do you measure love?
- With time.
- How?
Well, it's like studying all year
and then getting grades that tell
who failed, who passed,
and who came first, right?
In the same way, time will show
if my love for my father
fails, passes, or comes out on top.
Hey, hero!
- When did you get here?
- Kartik!
When did you fly back, man?
Just today.
- Listen, tomorrow is Papa's 60th birthday.
- Got it.
- You got to be there.
- Of course, I'll be there.
You're the only one missing
from the pictures. Come with me!
- Did you set a date for the wedding?
- Yeah, it's happening in two days.
Guys, come join for school song.
Everybody, school song.
No one remembers
the school song, dude.
Today, I'll help them take
a trip down memory lane.
Where the hell did you disappear to?
We are children full of light
Walking together hands held tight
Joyous song we now recite
Believing that our dreams are bright
Helping giving back to ye
All because you showed the way
Holding hands, we'll build together
A better brighter tomorrow!
Brother, when did you
get back from America?
You totally look like an American now!
And thank you so much
for playing the school song, brother.
It brought back
all those childhood memories.
- You have taught us will and might
- Come here.
- Come.
- St. Mary's in you we take pride
When you have a beautiful girl
in the family,
and she's got a brother
who's got a bunch of friends,
the ladies in the family choose
one of those friends
as her honorary brother.
You know why?
We stand like rocks like family!
I have my own sisters.
I know that feeling.
I don't have sisterly feelings for you.
Do you feel the same way about me
as you feel about Kartik?
What are you saying?
Tell me. It brought back all
those childhood memories, right?
I'll come pick you up
for dinner tomorrow.
Let's go.
Didn't you want to go to America?
Do your MBA and PhD there?
So, what happened?
I applied and got into
Princeton University.
Arvind works there.
So, Papa said, he's the right match.
I can continue my studies
after getting married.
And you said yes?
I said yes for the engagement.
So, you said yes for the wedding as well.
Were you guys having an affair?
Do you love him?
We talked on the phone for a week.
He just came back
from the US two days ago,
and we got engaged today.
You know how girls used to choose
their husbands back in the days?
Back in the days?
Let's go back in time.
Centuries ago,
there were two types of men...
the alphas and the rest.
Alphas were the tough ones
who would go into the jungle to hunt,
while the other men, the weaker ones,
would divide the hunted food
among themselves.
The women would skillfully cook.
They were responsible for nourishing
the children and the entire community.
That's how communities operated.
However, their influence extended
beyond the kitchen.
They also possessed
the authority to choose
which hunter would become
their partner in parenthood.
They held the power
to designate the guardians...
who would shield them
and their offspring
from the rival hunters and wild creatures.
It was the women who held the reins
of these crucial determinations.
Back then,
it wasn't about fathers, mothers,
caste, region, religion,
or a job at a prestigious university.
If you were there,
who would you choose?
I mean, a bunch of Arvinds or an alpha?
- Alpha.
- Exactly.
So, when all the women started
choosing strong men,
the weaker ones got jealous.
Desire and lust exist
in them as well, right?
That's when poetry
came into the picture.
"I'll bring the moon for you."
"I'll swim across
the river of fire for you."
"I'll cross the seven seas for you."
"I'll get you this, I'll get you that."
But they never really do anything.
The only ones
who actually do something are the...
I didn't even realize
you are touching my feet.
You have a big pelvis.
You mean to say I am fat?
No, I'm not trying to say you are fat.
What I mean to say is
you have a big pelvis.
You can accommodate healthy babies.
Thank you, guys.
Thanks for coming.
- Yeah.
- Great evening.
- Thank you.
- Kartik...
Is there any chance
that I can get married to Gitanjali?
Is there a chance?
What are you saying, man?
Are you here for Uncle's birthday party
or to break off her engagement?
Forget about that.
Should I talk to your dad?
Hey, relax and start your engine.
Why did all of you stop your bikes?
- You should leave.
- This drama started because of your aunt.
Think about why, out of all your friends,
she only addresses me as "brother".
Your aunt must have seen something
in Gitanjali's eyes for me,
which made your aunt tell her
to address me as brother.
I proposed to her in the ninth grade.
Ninth grade?
- And what about her?
- She was in the sixth grade.
Then again when she was
in seventh grade, and I was in tenth.
- She said yes.
- What do you mean she said yes?
She said yes means she said yes.
She even invited me to her house.
It was Raksha Bandhan that day.
"Who is he, my child?"
"A friend of Kartik, Aunty."
"Oh, your brother's friend
is also your brother.
Tie a rakhi to him as well."
Don't you dare laugh!
Did Gitanjali ever call
any one of you "brother"?
- No, bro.
- No.
In school or after school?
- No.
- Never.
She calls me brother
when I'm with them...
but uses my name when we're alone.
Bro... I've noticed that too.
On that very day of Raksha Bandhan,
I fell ill with a high fever.
Fever? Come on, man!
If you put in all your energy
and suddenly stop,
won't your body react?
I had a high fever.
Ask her, she must have had it too.
I'm one hundred percent sure!
Man, if you knew all this...
where have you been until now?
I didn't know you all would be so eager
to get her married.
And it's not like these emotions
have suddenly resurfaced today.
This feeling was, is,
and will always be there.
Stop acting like a child.
She's getting married in two days
and leaving for the US.
She's not going anywhere.
- What?
- She's not going anywhere.
Do you think you can just call her
and she'll come to you?
She'll come running to me.
She's talking to you.
Papa wants to talk to you.
Where is everyone?
They're on their way, Papa.
Hold on a second, Varun.
What is it?
Papa, how about a picture
of just the three of us?
You, Grandpa, and me.
It's a big achievement.
Congratulations on the Cochin deal, son.
Well done.
Papa, it's my birthday gift to you.
Well done, son.
Thank you, Grandpa.
It's good that we were
able to organize to have
some family photographs taken
before the guests arrived.
Come here, my boy.
Happy birthday, Papa.
Thank you, Reet.
That's a terrific watch.
- What happened to your hair?
- Papa, the other one
who has this watch is the King of England.
What is he doing here?
He is Reet's brother-in-law.
Varun's younger brother.
Roop invited him for the group photo.
- Papa, do you like it?
- Of course.
It's very classy.
Happy birthday, Papa.
- Wow!
- Thank you.
You didn't get anything for Papa?
You came empty-handed from America?
I've cut my hair.
Papa prefers short hair.
It's Papa's 60th birthday.
You should've given
him something special.
- A haircut, really?
- Roop, a haircut is a commitment.
It's a very special gift.
Mom, you always defend him.
Nice haircut.
But you looked good
with long hair too.
It suited you.
I'll grow it again, Papa.
Mom, did you invite Grandpa's family back
in the village?
This was the perfect opportunity
to make things right.
- Come on.
- We sent them an invitation
for Reet's wedding.
Did any of them show up?
We just sent the invite.
We didn't personally go there
to invite them.
Come on, guys.
The photographer's waiting.
- Grandpa?
- Yes, my boy?
None of your family ever visits us.
Why is that?
My family is scattered across the world.
What do you mean?
It'd take me forever
to explain it to you.
I had to let go of my
older brother's hand.
But I didn't even realize I lost grip
on the younger one's hand too.
Come visit me
and I will tell you everything.
Do you still remember our village?
I never forget anything, Grandpa.
Hey, hero, come.
I'll introduce you to CM Uncle.
- Come with me.
- No, I'm not interested. It's okay.
Now that you're back,
if you want to run the business, then
you need to know who the big players are.
- Come.
- I'm not interested in this game.
It's fine.
- See you later.
- Mohsin.
You first have to understand
the game to do that.
What do you want
to do with your life?
That's a tough question.
Do you have an answer to it?
Will you be able to hear it?
Let's see what you do.
You won't be able to see it either.
What are you doing, Roop?
Don't get into whiskey.
Have wine. It's good.
Who wrote this?
Everyone knows whose birthday it is.
It won't kill you to say hello to someone!
You have upset a powerful man.
He heard you!
If you want to take over the empire,
then you've got to change
this attitude of yours.
I've inherited this attitude, Varun.
It's in my blood.
How do I get rid of it?
There you two go again
with this argument!
Reet, I'm just trying
to explain to him that
if he wants to do business in India,
he must be mindful of every action
before he moves ahead.
How far can you see?
Can you see where our business will be in
the next five, ten, or twenty-five years?
Alright, we know how smart you are.
Now shut up!
It surprises me, Reet.
Even with your MBA from Harvard,
all you say is "shut up" and "stop it".
So sad.
Why, Varun?
Is my sister not allowed to speak up
in your house?
The point is that the CM is our guest
and we need to show him respect--
The point is that you're not representing
Varun Pratap Malhotra,
you're representing Swastik Steel
and Balbir Singh.
You don't need to bow down to them.
Don't talk to me like that.
I'm not bowing down to anybody.
He is my friend.
If he's your friend, then why does
he still have his party sash on?
Why didn't his security
leave their guns at the gate?
He's the Chief Minister, for crying
out loud! There are protocols to follow!
There is no protocol in this compound!
Reet, you noticed?
They have such huge guns with them.
What's your deal, Roop?
You're not interested in this?
Are you planning to join
the business in future
or will you just keep saying
"shut up" and "stop it" like her?
That Chief Minister is going to be
the Prime Minister in the next ten years.
Then he will wait for me.
When did you get back from America?
- Hey!
- Mishra Uncle.
- How are you doing?
- I'm doing great.
I heard you got yourself a haircut
as a gift to your father?
You haven't changed one bit.
Come on, let's grab a drink
and talk about your time in America.
Why just the PM,
even the American President
will be waiting for him.
Varun, don't instigate him.
Please don't do this right now.
What do you mean don't instigate him?
Why are you talking about me
like I'm some ticking time bomb
or something?
You should've said "detonate"
instead of "instigate".
I closed such a huge deal and he's trying
to teach me how to do business!
50,000 crore
and not even one single partner.
So, you've been tracking all this
while you were in the US?
What do you mean by track?
I didn't like the way you said "track".
I didn't like the way you spoke to him!
Whatever Varun is doing,
he's doing it for Swastik.
Listen, I don't want you
to defend me, okay?
- Please...
- Hey!
Don't interfere!
- What are you saying, Reet?
- Hey, Mr. Golden Spoon!
Why don't you just go and act
like a typical spoiled brat?
Travel the world, see things,
crash a couple of sports cars,
have some flings.
Maybe then your eyes will open up.
My eyes were open since I was twelve.
Varun, please think of the occasion.
- Let's please not discuss this.
- No, no, no.
Mr. Spacecraft Engineer thinks
he knows everything.
You belong in space.
Business administration isn't your thing.
You disrupted the entire ecosystem
of South India for this oil deal.
The world is a very
unpredictable place, Varun.
You're turning a positive win
into a negative.
You can't do business
by fearing the locals.
Does he know the story of the monkey
trying to protect the king with a sword?
There is only a monkey's difference
between bravery and stupidity.
How dare you say that?
- I already did, Reet.
- Shut up! Say sorry!
- Apologize to him right now!
- Tell him to apologize!
Are you not listening
what he is saying to me?
Say shut up again
and I'll shove the cake into your mouth!
Hey, hero, shut your--
Don't interfere between
me and my sister, okay?
Are you crazy?
Please stop it right now!
- Apologize right now to him.
- I won't apologize to him.
Don't be ridiculous!
I won't apologize!
I'll show you what's ridiculous.
I was just a kid when Reet got married.
I wasn't smart enough back then.
Or else, I would've never
let her marry that guy.
I never liked him.
But I'll make sure I know
the in and outs of any guy
who wants to marry you.
I'll organize a swayamvar for you, Roop.
There are many great guys out there,
I know some of them personally.
What's happening here isn't right.
If there's anything going on
between you two, finish it right away.
Trust me, if you don't listen to me...
you'll regret it.
One day, I will bring about
the end of both these brothers.
I'll fucking kill them both.
And it won't look good if both my sisters
mourn for their husbands
at such a young age.
Did you see how he touched her?
But there's no point saying anything now.
She's got two kids.
Why didn't you go
to Gitanjali's engagement party?
You guys were best friends
in school, right?
What happened?
You don't like hanging out
with middle-class people?
You only like hanging out
with such people?
- No, brother, it's not like that.
- Then what is it like?
Get out in the real world
and you'll understand
all the things your father and
grandfather have done for this country.
- Brother.
- Yeah?
Are you seriously going
to kill both of them?
Is there something going on
between you two?
No. There's nothing going on.
Then relax.
You started your thing
as soon as you returned!
You too started it again, Papa.
- Come again.
- You too started it again.
I thought you had grown up...
and we would sit and talk
like a father and a son.
But you... you called him a monkey?
Go and apologize to him.
You don't want to know what happened?
I already know what happened.
Then don't you think
I'm making sense, Papa?
We invaded Kerala.
Every big businessman in the South
sees us as an enemy now.
Papa, what I'm trying to say is--
Now you are going to teach me
how to run my own business?
Just go and apologize to him.
Right now.
I won't.
Ten minutes... that's all you have.
Ten minutes.
What happened, Reet?
Who are you trying to call?
I want to talk to Papa.
Why, what's wrong?
I've been calling for so long,
but he's not answering.
Okay. Tell me what happened.
They're ragging the hell out
of students in college.
I can't handle it.
What does ragging mean?
Did someone say something to you?
Did they insult you?
Did they touch you, Reet?
Did they touch you?
What will you do? They are
final-year mechanical students.
Get in, Reet.
Where are you going, sir?
You don't even have a driver's license!
This one?
This one?
A classic example
of heat and mass transfer
- would be a bullet...
- This one?
- exiting the machine gun.
- Come on.
- So, in this case--
- Ma'am, please excuse me.
Who messed with my sister?
What has life come to, man!
Even schoolkids think
they can question us now!
Ma'am, this kid is disrupting the class.
Why don't you stop him?
Hey, Mowgli!
Buzz off!
I'll ask again.
Who messed with my sister?
Hey, you! Get lost!
Wait here, Reet.
I'll be right back.
Ragging season hasn't even
started yet, madam.
You've got a lot more to witness.
Sir, I'll tell you everything.
There were four guys in total.
They left after lunch.
Lokesh, Sanjiv, Karan, Dimpy.
Can you come back tomorrow, sir?
You'll find them here.
Do you have any idea
what you have done?
If anything like this happens in college,
you should inform me right away.
You shouldn't wait until
things get out of hand.
You think you're some kind of hero?
Are you a goon?
You fired a gun in class!
You want me to study there or not?
Just wait until Papa finds out about this.
That's our college, Reet.
What's the point if you're not safe
in our own damn college?
And to ensure your safety,
I can be anyone, let alone a goon!
Don't worry, this isn't over yet.
I'll be back tomorrow.
You don't need to be anyone for me.
Is that them?
I regret telling you about this.
Please let them go.
Hurry up!
Let's go!
Go faster! Come on!
Go faster!
Have you gone mad?
- What are you doing? Slow down!
- Reet, don't disturb me!
- Have you lost your mind?
- Let me concentrate!
He is going to kill us!
You took a gun to college?
Have you lost your mind?
How dare you!
And then you fired the gun also?
You don't have the time to do
all this, so I didn't have a choice.
Gun, bazooka, tank...
I grabbed whatever I could.
Come again?
Gun, bazooka, tank...
I grabbed whatever--
You could have gotten arrested!
You could have ended up in jail!
- If I withdraw my support--
- Just do it, Papa.
I don't mind going to jail.
Mr. Dev Singh...
you got beat up because of me today.
I will never forget it.
We've raised a criminal!
Don't call me a criminal, Papa!
What happened?
And I'm sure he doesn't even care
if those boys are dead or alive!
They're alive.
I only did that to scare them.
Stop crying, Reet.
Tomorrow, you'll notice a distinct change
in how everyone treats you.
- Balbir, please!
- Who are you to scare them?
Who do you think
you are to scare them?
- What happened?
- You want to know what happened?
Reet has been getting bullied
in college for the past two days.
Does anyone in this house
ever know anything?
Two minutes, Papa.
Forget about law and order
for just two minutes.
Do you really think I made a mistake?
You didn't make a mistake,
you've committed a crime!
Reet called you on your mobile phone,
but you were busy.
She tried to reach you at the factory,
you were in the workshop.
You were not available, Papa.
After you, who is the man
in charge here?
I am.
I am responsible for everything
that happens in this house.
Don't ever call me a criminal, Papa.
If the son of the richest man
in the country
can't protect his sister,
then what is the use of all this?
Tell me, Papa.
What is the use of all this?
If you think what I did is a crime...
then what you're doing to me...
is also a crime.
Couldn't you see that Reet is upset?
You should've let me know!
Where the hell were you?
Get out! All of you!
Each one of you,
get the hell out of here!
No one's going anywhere!
You are the one leaving
for boarding school!
That's it.
Next time something like this happens,
I won't just scare them...
I'll bloody kill them!
Reet, you know
how much I love you, right?
I don't know that.
You just go and apologize to Varun.
Roop, come here.
You know how much
I love you guys, right?
I know, brother.
Come here.
- Do you trust me?
- Yes, I trust you.
Varun, I shouldn't have
talked to you like that.
I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
What is going on?
Papa, did you say something to him?
Hey, did I ask you for an apology?
No, right?
This is normal in families.
There is no need for all this.
Papa, it's all good.
Papa, it's okay.
Excuse me, Papa.
Why does he call him "Papa"?
Doesn't he have his own father?
He should call him "sir".
Shut up.
No. I can call him Papa.
He is my father, not his.
He is Papa for you, Reet, and me.
Papa is so strange.
He called him Papa,
and he just accepted it.
Mom, Papa, can we go
and cut the cake now?
- Come.
- You carry on.
You know you've never been an easy child.
You've never experienced my childhood.
I'm sure I made some mistakes.
I didn't know how to train a son.
You trained me well, Papa.
Take care of your family
even if you have
to leave your family for it.
I don't need
a parenting gold medal from you.
You missed the chance
to win a gold medal.
I sent you away for your own good.
I sent you to learn discipline.
Let's forget all this and...
let's go and enjoy the party.
I know what your problem is.
Tell me what my problem is.
You think I'm giving your share to Varun.
Did you really mean
what you said, Papa?
Or are you saying it just to hurt me?
The fact is Varun is more disciplined.
He is capable.
He's in control.
He is hardworking.
Varun is someone you can never become.
- You think all this is a joke?
- No, of course not.
Varun is a good guy.
You've signed his report cards.
You taught him how to ride a bike.
Actually, Varun is your son.
I'm your bastard son.
You're brave, Papa.
You're hitting your grown-up son.
Forget living in the same house,
- we can't even live in the same country.
- Right.
Get out of my house.
Where are you going
with your bags all packed up?
And what did you tell her?
They kicked her out of the house.
She called off the wedding.
You got into a fight with your family?
Did they hit you?
Are you okay?
You got a fever?
Are you feeling hot?
it's over, bro.
Ten minutes, sir.
You want some water?
You want to sit?
Hey, Gitanjali!
Congratulations on your engagement.
I'm so sorry I couldn't make it...
I want you to meet somebody special.
Gitanjali, come.
Papa, this is Gitanjali.
Hello, Uncle.
I didn't come back
with the intention of staying here.
We are getting married, Papa.
Papa, what are you doing here?
Everyone is waiting
for you to cut the cake.
Come. Please.
Uncle, please join us.
What kind of example
are you setting, Gita?
What will the other kids learn from this?
You are right.
This girl didn't even think about us.
You used to call him "brother",
for crying out loud!
This is so wrong!
Sister, they cannot get married.
Gitu, I'm here!
Hello, Mom.
Hello, Papa.
Gitu, my love, you're not ready yet?
- What's going on?
- Hey, bro, listen.
- Come on.
- Come with us.
- What is it?
- Just come with us.
- What?
- Try to understand.
- It's a childhood love story.
- What childhood love story?
Then why did she waste my time?
What are you doing, Poonam?
Do you even know what you are doing?
I know, ma'am.
Earlier, that guy
was going be the groom.
Now, this guy is going to be the groom.
The groom has changed.
Gita, if this is what you wanted,
you should've told us.
And this boy--
We've known him since
he was a little kid.
Brother, there's no point
in discussing this.
What had to happen, has happened.
Gita! Talk to them!
Say something.
- Explain it to them.
- You stop talking, Kartik!
What will she explain?
Shameless girl!
I'm done with this.
Get up, Gita. Just get up!
You touched me
And I lost all control
My love
Unprecedented, like an uncharted shore
That kind of love
That kind of love
Is what my heart longs for
I want to love you with such intensity
Like I am experiencing
This craziness for the first time
Yes, I am!
Yes, I am!
I emerged from prayers
I am yours entirely
Yes, I am!
Your one and only
Yes, I am!
You didn't see
The magic unfold before your eyes
Both our worlds
Came to a halt, frozen in time
The essence of your being
Now resides within me
It has just... found its place
Distance between us
I cannot bear
My love
Forget the world
- And find solace in my embrace
- Open your eyes.
You are my guiding force
I'll be your sheltering cloud
Something like Kashmir.
Away I soared in the skies
I emerged from prayers
I am yours entirely
Yes, I am!
Your one and only
Priest, just skip to the important stuff.
Yes, I am!
How was it?
For you?
You see, up there,
we were almost at the speed of sound.
The plane would sometimes drop.
You know, that gravitational shift?
That feeling when you're on a giant wheel?
I was on top, trying to balance.
My mind was focused on the throttle,
you were on the bottom,
nothing much for you to do.
No, see...
it was our first time.
Obviously, it was a little...
But the peak was...
superb, outstanding, mind-blowing.
I have no words.
Let's do it here with gravity today,
and talk about it tomorrow?
Is this where we will be sleeping tonight?
What if anyone sees us?
Nobody's here.
It's just us. Look.
Still. What if someone does see us?
Gitanjali, this is a controlled location.
It's our private airstrip.
No one's going to see us.
No, but you don't understand.
What if someone sees?
I'll shoot them.
You have a gun?
You know how to shoot a gun?
You didn't ask me
if I knew how to fly a plane.
No, but you are saying you are carrying--
Gitanjali, do you want
to experience the gravity or not?
Thought about kids?
I want to be a father.
You won't be like your father, right?
What do you mean
I won't be like my father?
My father is the best father
in the world.
Please don't say that.
Don't ever go there.
- That's not what I meant--
- Gitanjali, you can ask me anything.
Anything dirty, like whether
I watch porn, or check out girls.
And I'll always give you
an honest answer...
but not this.
I'm sorry.
I will never betray you.
Yes, I am!
Bro, I've rigged the area with jammers.
No one can make any phone
or video calls for the next hour.
I just need six minutes.
Let's bounce.
Why are we taking this entrance?
To take him by surprise.
Sit down!
Close your eyes!
Close your eyes.
- Silence!
- Close your eyes.
Stay back.
- Close your eyes.
- Sit down.
Come on!
Sit down.
- Close your eyes.
- Close your eyes.
- Sit down.
- Close your eyes.
Ladies and gentlemen...
we're here to do something.
It's a two-minute job
and it won't take much time...
if you just... close your eyes.
- Close your eyes.
- Close your eyes.
- Close your eyes.
- Close your eyes.
- Sit down.
- Sit. Sit down.
Close your eyes.
Uncle, do you need
a special invite or something?
Close your eyes.
Hurry up.
Brother, he's already dead.
The day Uncle got attacked,
that same evening, he brought
them to stay at his hotel.
None of us had a clue about it.
Where is he?
What's up with the crappy detergent here?
My underwear is all stiff
and uncomfortable.
The texture is all messed up.
It's very irritating.
How do you guys handle it?
- Well...
- We're just used to it, right?
Who even cares
about the texture of underwear?
It's all about comfort.
When's Freddy coming
to show us the demo?
He said tomorrow.
He always says tomorrow.
When will he show up for real?
Does he know his brother is dead?
He knows.
Then he won't say a word.
Gitanjali, please.
I'm preoccupied with something else.
I'm also thinking about something else.
What happened to you?
What is this?
Do you think my love for you
has faded away?
Then why are you wearing this?
Or are you going
for that seven-year itch theory?
Is your divorced cousin
giving you relationship advice?
This is just a costume,
Gitanjali, not clothes.
You don't need it.
Don't you know me?
I'll be available, just like this,
whenever you want.
Tell me, what does this mean?
What happened?
Look at the way you are saying that!
"Whenever you want!"
It means you don't want it?!
Tell me,
when was the last time we did it?
How did our life end up like this?
Our kids go to school
in a bulletproof car.
We have guards with guns
standing in the playground.
You think normal people live like this?
We are not normal people.
After what happened at home,
sending our kids to school is not a joke.
And those are not security guards.
They're my brothers.
They left their own families
and came here to protect ours.
Dare you still call them security guards!
I feel like I've been replaced
by your cousins.
Gitanjali, come on,
let's do it in the washroom.
The kids are asleep here.
Come on, let's do it in the washroom.
Fine, let's do it on the sofa.
Come on.
After the conversation we had,
I'm not in the mood anymore. Got it?
I'll change your mood in no time.
Come on.
Shall I call for the plane again?
Is it possible?
Yeah... but what about the kids?
The way they're sleeping,
I doubt they'll wake up before morning.
I can also ask Sheela
to take care of the kids.
Let's go for it.
Is this normal?
You win.
What happened, Reet?
Varun still hasn't returned home.
I've been trying to call him
for the past six hours,
but his phone's off.
Nobody knows where he is.
I tried to contact his brother,
but his phone is also switched off.
Mom, there is no point
coming and crying here.
Papa is fine.
Look at your son's confidence.
Reet, where does Varun usually hang out?
Do you know
who else he meets besides work?
You are not listening to me.
Why are you asking me all this?
Reet, if you know where he goes
and who he meets,
I can send some people there to check.
I don't know where he goes
and who he meets.
I just know there is something
terribly wrong.
This has never happened before.
What happened?
Is everything okay?
Varun hasn't come home.
His phone's been off
for the past six hours.
His brother's phone's off too.
That's why Reet's worried.
I don't like this!
We were so happy in the US.
I'm not happy here.
Happiness is a decision, Gitanjali.
Shall we finish what we had started?
I don't know why we came back.
The attack on Mr. Balbir Singh,
Chairman of Swastik Steel,
has shaken the corporate world
and the entire country.
Unidentified attackers,
posing as schoolboys on motorcycles,
shot Mr. Balbir Singh at point-blank range
at the Delhi Golf Course.
Police and agencies have not disclosed
the motive of the attack.
And there is no news of the attackers.
The Home Minister assured
the media that the assassination...
The assassination attempt
on Mr. Balbir Singh is being investigated
at the highest levels.
It has been more than 24 hours
since Mr. Balbir Singh was shot,
but the police have not made any arrests
and there is no news of the attackers.
The Home Minister assured the media
that the assassination attempt
on Mr. Balbir Singh
is being investigated
at the highest levels.
I am Balbir Singh's son.
Well, it's not like
that's written on your face!
Don't do anything.
So, you've finally returned?
Papa is better now.
Doctors are attending to him.
And there are a lot of VIPs
waiting to see him.
I'll let you know
when you can see him.
Go and wait downstairs.
Mr. Balbir Singh is said to be
in critical condition
and is being treated at a private facility
under heavy protection
of the Delhi Police.
Mr. Varun Pratap Malhotra, speaking
on behalf of Mr. Balbir Singh's family
and Swastik Group of Companies,
addressed the media today morning...
You've come back now?
You didn't even call once
in all these years.
You had a fight with Papa,
but you could've talked to me.
You never called either, Reet.
You stay out of it.
We still haven't accepted your marriage.
Reet, how did this happen?
There were two kids on a bike
wearing school uniforms.
I got that from the news. You don't
know anything else besides that?
It's okay.
Thank God you are back.
My husband, Gaurav.
- Hello, brother.
- Hi.
Did you meet sir?
Gitanjali, when did you guys fly back?
- Did you meet Papa?
- There are no mafias here like in the US.
This is the first time
such a renowned industrialist
has been shot in India, Reet.
How is it possible
that nobody knows anything?
Listen, don't go back
to that school incident mode.
Remember how one mistake
completely changed your life?
I still don't think it was a mistake.
Hey, champ!
Mishra Uncle.
What are you doing out here?
It's been eight years
since I laid eyes on you.
Did you see your father yet?
Why not?
Varun asked me to wait.
Come with me.
When did you get here?
This morning, Papa.
Where have you been?
The doctors were taking care of you,
so I was asked to wait.
Who made you wait?
It's okay, Papa.
Gitanjali, come.
Abhay, come.
Papa, my half,
my wife, Gitanjali.
My kids.
Hello, Uncle.
Hello, dear.
Come, sit.
When the first bullet hit me...
I could hear you scream...
"Papa, watch out!"
And when the second bullet hit me...
I realized...
I was alone.
Papa, I...
I've never seen you without chest hair.
They must've shaved it for the surgery.
Even the surgeons didn't know
whether to treat the wounds first
or shave his chest hair first.
It's only because he's so fit
that he could still run even
after being hit by two bullets.
Sir, please,
it's time to take rest now.
So, please...
Mishra Uncle,
if history has taught us anything,
it is that anyone
can kill anyone anywhere.
These guards, Papa's security...
they can blast others for money,
but they won't take a bullet for Papa.
We keep everything
under the wrap for now.
And I want everyone's phones tapped.
These workers are worried.
They have stopped working.
My father is a strong, brave man.
Even after taking two bullets,
he kept his composure when I saw him.
When someone in the family is hurt,
it pains all of us.
I can tell all of you are anxious
and worried.
That's why I felt it was important
for me, Balbir Singh's son,
to come here and let my Swastik family
know that Papa is safe now.
I want to express my gratitude
to all of you for your love and prayers.
I'm not here to give you a lecture.
I'm here to assure you that I'll be back
in three months.
Right here.
With my father,
so that he can meet all of you.
Swastik Steel is the only company
where a father, a son,
and a grandson work together.
You have proven to the world that
power, progress, and victory
aren't just words in Swastik's logo.
They're deeply rooted in the hearts
of the people who work for Swastik.
Power! Progress! Victory!
Power! Progress! Victory!
They're deeply rooted
in every part of this company!
Power! Progress! Victory!
Power! Progress! Victory!
- Power! Progress! Victory!
- Now is the time...
for those who were praying
for my father's recovery
to get back to work.
It is time to show everyone
that Swastik Group is more than
just a company. It's our home.
If we can build bridges, roads, airports,
and connect different countries,
then we can definitely track down
our enemies from any corner of the world
and destroy them!
The same hands
that construct skyscrapers...
the same hands that shape molten steel...
those hands are capable
of strangling their enemies too.
Varun, don't you have to go
to the office?
I promise you...
the person who shot my father,
the person who shot Balbir Singh,
no matter where he is hiding,
in the sky or underground...
whether he is a human or a monster...
whether it's the day hiding him
or the night...
I promise you...
I will slit his throat.
Power! Progress! Victory!
Power! Progress! Victory!
- Power! Progress! Victory!
- The third-generation entrepreneur,
who introduced himself
only as Balbir Singh's son,
openly threatened to cut the throat
of the man who attacked his father.
You are the master of your heart and mind
Your negative thoughts influence you
In such a way that
You become violently angry
Your negative thoughts influence you
In such a way that
You become violently angry
The one who unnecessarily keeps thinking
About the past loses his sanity
The one who unnecessarily keeps thinking
About the past loses his sanity
If your thoughts turn negative
They become like a weapon
And can destroy
All your knowledge and wisdom
If your thoughts turn negative
They become like a weapon
And can destroy
All your knowledge and wisdom
Bad thoughts damage you
Physically and mentally
In such a way that the impact can be seen
you didn't recognize me?
Your negative thoughts will rip you apart
I am Balbir Singh's son.
A chaotic mind gradually turns you
Into a monstrous animal
Come, I will show you.
Look at his swagger.
He is handsome and attractive.
- We should get him married.
- Yes.
It is true that you own two airplanes?
My father owns two tractors.
- Really?
- Yes.
Go inside.
Thank you, sister-in-law.
Are you married?
Got kids?
A girl and a boy.
You didn't invite us to the wedding.
Our wedding had just two people.
Weddings happen between two people,
but the family includes everyone.
It's been 20 years,
and your father
hasn't even bothered to call us.
Hello there!
Remember me?
- Jitta.
- Right.
Paali, do you remember
when we were just small kids back then?
Look, my buddy is all grown-up now.
- When did you get here?
- Two days ago.
Where are the others?
KP! Siddhu!
- Come on! Look who's here!
- A chaotic mind gradually turns you
Into a monstrous animal
- A chaotic mind gradually turns you...
- What is it?
Why is Butta blowing up my phone
like crazy?
What's the problem?
You know who shot him yet?
Greetings, Granduncle.
God bless you, my boy.
Who are you?
What's going on here?
Brother, he is Balbir Uncle's son.
Balbir who?
Who is he, Grandpa?
Brother, Balbir Uncle.
Balbir Singh?
Wasn't he shot?
What are you doing here?
I need help.
"The Balbir Singh" needs our help?
What do you want from us?
How can we help you?
Papa has resources and security.
There is nobody in the system
who wouldn't pick up his calls.
He's got everything
except time for anyone.
And for that, I apologize to you.
But he is my father.
And he comes before everything else,
I don't care if the whole world
stands or falls.
He took two bullets, Granduncle.
And nobody knows when or where...
the next bullet might come from.
Get to the point, man.
I want my family...
my brothers...
to give me their heart,
courage, and determination.
I know I've come here seeking help
out of the blue
after all these years...
but you all are the only ones I can ask.
What's the plan?
Come with me.
To Delhi.
Brother, when did you come?
You should have informed me, guys!
That speech was something else!
Everyone in college is talking about it.
My brother is a hero!
All ties were severed years ago.
Now, after hearing his sob story,
he expects our kids to follow him?
When my elder brother passed away,
I blamed his grandpa for it.
His father never tried
to reach out to us.
He could've reconnected, right?
You could've done that too.
Alright then, Father.
But this boy is about to fight a battle.
You think he has got what it takes?
Son, this is a home-cooked meal.
I'm sure you'll like it.
Aunty, this isn't just food,
it's a time machine.
Took me back 25 years.
Don't worry.
Your brothers will go with you.
Are you guys out of your minds?
Even monkeys have more sense
than you all!
He said a couple of nice things,
and now you want to follow him?
Don't you have any pride?
I don't care if anyone else
wants to go with him or not,
I'm going with him.
Count me in too.
You're a fool.
If he wants to, he can buy
all the security in the world.
But, Paali, he isn't here looking
for security and power.
He came here looking
for his brothers' courage.
Right! He thought about
his brothers after 20 years!
You were inspired
by his speech too, Paali.
Don't make me smack you.
- Hey...
- Go and prepare for your exams.
Stupid kid!
They're just naive kids,
but you know better.
Paali, personal differences don't matter
when an outsider hurts our own.
The seeds we plant today
will serve as examples
for future generations
illustrating how brothers
stood up for one another.
He brought three SUVs with him.
He expects all of us to go along.
This is what I wanted to hear.
- Dude!
- I was just messing with you guys.
- I'll be damned.
- I wanted to make sure you know
what you're getting into.
- You...
- Building relationships is like
writing on sand with sand,
and being true to them is like
writing on water with water.
And we brothers will be true to our bond
and write on water with water.
- Kiddo, you will miss your exams.
- Come here, my brothers.
You're going to miss your exams.
- They happen every year.
- Were you ready for them?
- Ready to fail.
- Then it's all good.
Now if anyone even dares
to lay a finger on you...
I swear I'll set the world on fire, Papa.
Open the gate!
Open the fucking gate.
Sorry, buddy.
The rules have changed.
Do you even know who I am?
I'm family! Open the gate now!
Oh, family!
What's your dad's name
on the passport?
Balbir Singh?
Hey! Get out!
- What's going on, Papa?
- Did the kids like their new school?
- My husband was asked...
- They'll take some time...
- to show his passport.
- but they'll be okay.
He is here with his old shenanigans!
- They adjusted so quickly.
- Papa, can't you keep him under check?
Mishra, why was Varun stopped at the gate?
Listen, you need
to end this feud between you two
and sort things out.
Specially at this time,
when I am not a hundred percent--
You'll be fine, Papa.
You'll be absolutely fine.
We'll discuss about Varun in detail later.
Paali, bring him in.
Papa, meet Kailash.
He's going to be your body double.
He'll talk, walk, stand,
and sit just like you.
Exactly like you.
After detailed observations
and body scans,
we found that this guy matches
your body type.
Let's not get into the legalities of it.
But, Papa, nobody should know about this.
Mom, not even Roop or Reet.
This duplicate will roam
freely outside as Balbir Singh,
while I hide at home?
I have so many meetings every day.
I run an international business across
three different time zones.
This is impractical and dangerous.
He's not a duplicate,
he's a body double.
He won't be going everywhere.
He'll only go where I direct him.
We also got teleconferencing
setup downstairs.
You can work from home
for a few days.
This is not a small deal.
It's a very drastic step.
He made this decision only after
consulting senior surgeons and doctors.
It has been nine days, Papa,
and we still don't know anything.
Who were the attackers,
where are they, and who sent them?
If I knew they were in Sri Lanka,
I'd go there.
I'd go to Rwanda, China, wherever.
But we don't have a single piece
of actionable information.
That means they have bigger plans.
They are not ordinary enemies, Papa.
You should've consulted me...
before making these plans.
I'll be taking care of many things
from now on, Papa.
I can't seek your permission
for everything.
Today's program is Sangeet Lahari.
On the sitar is Rakesh Sharma.
- On the tabla is...
- Hey, Sangram.
What's going on?
Who are they?
Get up, girl.
Who is he?
House owner.
You guys are married.
Don't you have any shame?
Manjot, I thought you were
in a serious relationship!
Brother, I'm not involved in this.
Is this what you do
when your wives aren't around?
Any of them can have
a hidden camera on them.
They can scan our place!
They can do anything!
Don't you guys have
basic threat perception?
Come on, get them out.
Get the hell out!
How can he talk like this?
"Get the hell out! Leave!"
They are our friends.
Our well-wishers.
They won't come back.
Do you really think
we can bring them back here?
Brother, don't worry about the security.
They're all trusted,
repeated, and personal.
Who all is involved in this?
Sangram, Sunny, and Guru.
Then why four girls?
Sangram needs two.
Does your family know about this?
Does anyone's family
ever know about all this?
This won't happen again.
Don't fuck around, guys.
If you want, I'll stay away from my wife
too just like you guys are staying away.
That will get you guys in line?
This used to be Grandpa's office
back in the day.
Our best wishes to all the applicants
who sent their applications.
- That's all for today's show.
- Dude...
Sorry, babe.
Get out, man. Leave.
Slowly come into my life
- Slowly steal my heart...
- Kailash...
use your left hand,
not your right hand.
Papa uses his left hand.
I got to tell you how much I love you
This fucker is a funny guy.
He's completely confused
about left and right hands.
What happened?
Papa uses his left hand to hold,
not his right hand.
- Come on, guys, notice all this.
- Slowly come into my life
How the hell would we know
which hand Uncle uses?
Shut up, man.
Hi, Papa!
Long time no see.
You are looking well.
See you, Papa.
He just gave me some papers.
I signed them like you'd taught me.
Sir, can I go home for a bit?
I'll let you know, Kailash.
Sir, I'm not...
Whether known or not by you
I understand the heart's blues
God alone knows its deepest hues
I've always prayed
For your well-being, it's true
I've always prayed
For your well-being, it's true
I told you to take out both
the father and the son.
You don't call the shots around here.
We were only supposed
to kill Balbir, and we did it.
Don't call on the phone.
Use the app.
You were right. It's a live call.
Balbir is alive.
No. No way.
It's impossible!
The man you killed
was his body double.
Body double?
Where did this body double
even come from?
His son made one.
All of this was happening
right in your house,
and you had no clue about it?!
You had one simple job!
You think planning
and executing all this is easy?
What should I tell my brother?
That you screwed up?
As long as he's around,
we can't get to Balbir.
How many more
Balbirs has this guy made?
Asrar, listen to me.
You kill the son, and I'll kill the father
in his own house.
What's this?
This is my special handcrafted underwear.
It's got a thousand threads
packed into every square inch.
Feel it.
It's not like your regular underwear
with a long trunk.
It shapes itself to whatever it holds.
And your crappy detergent
ruined my underwear!
What happened?
What happened?!
I've got a rash down there!
A rash? Let me see.
It's okay. Show me.
Are you crazy? You want me
to show it in front of everyone?
Don't worry, they will close their eyes.
Come on, show.
- Gitanjali, do you really--
- What happened, sir?
Come here.
Sir, we use fabric softener
- that makes clothes soft, even innerwear.
- Shut up!
Go, put this on.
What happened, sister-in-law?
Your brother is
in full jolly mood today.
Jolly mood?
I've got a rash.
I can't sit or stand properly.
I've been doing splits all day.
Lift it up.
Sir... it hurts.
Don't be so dramatic, okay?
Did you shave?
Yes, sir.
God didn't give you
any hair on your head...
and you're shaving off
what you got down there.
Have some sense.
God gave you hair down there
for a reason, right?
Why are you shaving it off?
Did your girlfriend ask you to?
- Did your doctor ask you to?
- Listen...
Why do you shave it off?
It's a natural process. Let it grow.
Listen, just give me one day.
By tomorrow, you will have
365 new pairs of underwear.
Don't wear anything today.
Brother, you got us all suited up...
and you're rocking a kurta and lungi?
Who is the main guy?
You're the one who talked
to our engineer on the phone?
What a vision!
What a thought!
My team is going crazy.
Let's get straight to the point.
These guys are no saints.
They got no history.
Clean, loaded, no record.
Skip the details, bro.
- Just show us a demo of this beauty.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Hey!
Never put your hand on my shoulder!
Never touch my shoulder.
I'm not here
to show you some damn toy!
Don't cross the line.
Freaking dimwits.
All they have is money.
They got no discipline or manners.
Look at how he's acting, asshole.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Keep quiet.
Sir, they know you're cursing at them.
They should.
He had the guts to touch Freddy.
I usually don't make deliveries in person.
I came here, especially for that man.
The man...
who briefed my team about this machine.
Freddy, please continue.
Your guys think
I'm some kind of food delivery guy.
I'm a man of force!
Brother! Where are you?
I don't even bloody know your name.
As soon as you know
shit's about to go down,
the first thing you have to do is keep
your family jewels safe and secure.
If you don't wear a tight supporter
or underwear,
they're going
to get beaten around like a drum.
If the action happens indoors,
then headphones are a must.
For the ones with turbans,
use earbuds. Okay?
Good. Now coming to this...
Put on your headphones.
Move! Move fast!
Fast! Fast! Fast!
Freddy, give me your underwear.
- Hand me your underwear.
- What?
I'm not wearing one. I got to go outside.
Do you understand?
- Do you want me to show you?
- Hey!
what are you going show me?
You want me
to show you my "black"?
Hey, come here.
What is the name of your boss?
Hey, bring it on, baby!
This is how you fucking shoot!
The discussion is getting dull
It's time to celebrate
Let's head to the square, my buddy
There are drinks hidden
Come on, let's get rowdy
Brother, grab some appetizers too
Pintya, it's time for crazy disco dancing
Me and you
- Hey, Dolby-guy, call for the DJ
- Call for the DJ
- Hey, Dolby-guy, call for the DJ
- Call for the DJ
- Hey, Dolby-guy, call for the DJ
- Call for the DJ
- Hey, Dolby-guy, call for the DJ
- Voice it up one time!
Bounce the music
I am a get all-round
Heat it up on the beat up the sound
That fellow took my headphones as well.
- Sir!
- Hey!
- Sir, you want my underwear?
- What?
He keeps playing peppy songs
Brother fills his glass
And goes bottoms up once more
DJ is in the mood now
He keeps playing peppy songs
For us to rock the dance floor
Brother fills his glass
And goes bottoms up once more
He's recharged and ready
Feeling the dance floor
Now he's playing lezim with great zest
Pintya sits tired, needing some rest
But brother pulls him back
Doesn't let him go
He kicked him then...
- He said we are friends forever...
- Balli! How many left?
- Like the drum and the cymbals
- Fourteen.
- Stay focused.
- We are meant to be together
- Hey, Dolby-guy...
- Call for the DJ
- Hey, Dolby-guy...
- Call for the DJ
- Hey, Dolby-guy...
- Call for the DJ
Hey, Dolby-guy, call for the DJ
- Hey, Dolby-guy, call for the DJ
- Come on!
- Hey, Dolby-guy, call for the DJ
- Come on!
- Hey, Dolby-guy, call for the DJ
- Royal!
Brother, come on, feel the dance floor
Brother, let's do the lezim!
Oh, brother!
You're useless
You guys done with the first aid?
Paali, call Mishra Uncle...
and tell him to send an air ambulance,
or we'll be stuck in traffic.
Relax, guys.
Fold this up for me, will you?
Brother, there are too many of them!
Arjan, the fearless...
- With this, it started a fight...
- Go for it!
With this, it started a fight
On the battlefield
Arjan, the fearless...
Arjan, the fearless
Folded his legs and hit the axe
With full strength and anger
Arjan, the fearless
Folded his legs and hit the axe
With full strength and anger
Warriors adorned in gleaming armor
And clutching razor-sharp swords
Go for it!
Warriors adorned in gleaming armor
And clutching razor-sharp swords
Met with thunderous clash
On this battlefield
Jatts are fighting like bulls
On this battlefield
Jatts are fighting like bulls
Truly there is no peace at all
The brutality of battlefield will...
The brutality of battlefield will destroy
The world of Bachno
Arjan, the fearless
Folded his legs and hit the axe
With full strength and anger
Arjan, the fearless
Folded his legs and hit the axe
With full strength and anger
This is no fun, Manjot!
Pass me the axe!
At the height of the battle
The tips of swords clashed and tangled
Their gleaming edges entwined
In a deadly dance of conflict
Amidst the brutal chaos of the battlefield
Blood flowed upon the earth
Like water from a shattered earthen pot
A valiant warrior found that his friends...
- Go for it!
- A valiant warrior found that his friends
Stood resolutely by his side like lions
On the battlefield
Arjan, the fearless
Folded his legs and hit the axe
With full strength and anger
Arjan, the fearless
Folded his legs and hit the axe
With full strength and anger
A roar echoed all around...
A roar echoed all around
When he hit the axe bravely
When he hit the axe bravely
A roar echoed all around
When he hit the axe bravely
Bloodshed continues
When the throats of people are twisted
The majesty of Jatt is like a lion
The majesty of Jatt is like a lion
Who always keep the government authority
Under his control
Arjan, the fearless
Folded his legs and hit the axe
With full strength and anger
Arjan, the fearless
Folded his legs and hit the axe
With full strength and anger
I just saw 200 men storming in
from the back entrance!
Imagined in Delhi.
Manufactured in Bangalore.
Assembled in Maharashtra.
Hundred percent made in India.
Self-reliant India.
Come on, get on to it.
Press the button,
shift the gear, and drive off.
All is well!
When I went seeking evil
I could not find any evil
When I looked within
There was no one more evil than me
Manjot, Siddhu, Royal!
Make sure I didn't miss anyone!
Fuck you!
Brother, I think it's his brother.
Asrar, where are you?
You have called to check
if the job has been done, right?
I'm still alive.
Now you don't need to come after me.
I'll come for you.
Whatever you hold dear...
whether it's your wife, your kids,
your parents, your job, or your home,
I'm going to ruin it all.
And your brother was eager
to know my name, right?
My name is Rannvijay Singh Balbir.
Now you listen to this.
I'll be damned!
Salute the champion!
I cannot give you
a one-line answer, Balbir...
and I cannot give you commitment
until we have more information.
The most important thing right now
is that he has to come out of the coma,
only then can we decide
what to do next.
Did you find out who they were?
I can't hear anything.
I can't hear anything, Papa.
It's like the sound's turned off.
I can't hear anything.
I told you not to fidget with the levels.
Have you found any information
regarding the hotel attack?
No, brother.
Do you have any info on the guy
I shot after sticking a gun in his mouth?
I am trying.
His phone is encrypted.
How the hell did 300 people
walk into our hotel?
And we don't know anything
about them?
Doctors, whatever you told me,
tell him everything honestly.
Don't worry, my son is a tough guy.
He'll take it.
Vijay, we are the group of doctors
who have been treating you so far.
We would like to brief you
on the future course of action.
Six gunshot wounds,
deep wounds in the back,
multiple concussions to the head.
Because your adrenal was so high,
you couldn't feel it.
None of us thought you would live.
But we are glad
to see you sitting like this.
You've lost your sense of taste
and smell because of the concussions.
One bullet hit in your chest area
very close to your heart,
one punctured the lower lobe
of your left lung,
and we've removed one bullet
from your lower abdomen
which has impacted your bladder.
Your urinary function has failed,
that's why they
had to stick in a catheter.
Catheter? You mean a silicone pipe?
Up my penis?
A 45 cm silicone pipe
was inserted through your penis
so that you can drain
your urine into a bag.
They shaved me
and they didn't even ask.
It's a surgical procedure.
You've turned into a doctor now.
Mishra Uncle,
everyone becomes a doctor as soon
as someone at home gets sick.
Most importantly, Vijay...
your heart is failing.
You mean I'm going to die.
Don't beat around the bush.
If there's something wrong with my heart,
then find me a donor.
Mr. Vijay, your name has been approved
for the donor list.
But finding a donor is not an easy task.
And even if we find one,
there's always a chance
your body rejects the new heart.
A lot of things
have to go right for this to work.
Unfortunately, the success rate
is only one percent.
Papa, I'm going to be okay.
Confidence is medicine but...
I have confidence in myself.
I will be fine.
Excuse me.
I noticed you taking notes.
Who are you?
Sir, I'm Dr. Amrita.
I'm a psychologist.
I'm here for your mental well-being
and your morale.
This is the only thing
working properly right now.
We don't need you.
You may leave.
You are young, married.
This has affected a lot of things.
Things will not go back
to the way they were.
Sir, we can do this evaluation one-on-one.
- There'll be a lot of personal questions--
- It's okay, it's okay.
They are my cousins and my family.
You can start.
The evaluation begins
with your sex life.
Are you sure?
Go for it.
How often were you intimate
with your wife?
In a day, week, overall?
Be specific.
In a week, sir.
How often do you do it?
How often do you do it in a week?
I'm sorry we are not supposed
to answer these questions.
I'm asking because comparisons
give us a point of reference, right?
I'm making your job easy.
Sir, my job is to ask questions,
not give answers.
Could you just tell me?
My number will scare you.
I think I've already overcompensated.
We are good even if we don't do it
for the next five years.
Right, Gitanjali?
See, I managed
to lighten everyone's mood.
You guys can leave now.
No, Reet.
I'm using this office these days.
What happened?
Where's Papa?
I want to talk to him.
Papa is busy with my doctors.
Tell me what's wrong.
I want to talk to Papa. I'll wait.
I killed Varun.
What did you do?!
Reet, Varun was directly involved
in the assassination attempt
on our father.
He tried to kill me too.
You'll stop crying
once it sinks in your brain.
- Gitanjali!
- Yeah...
Why the hell do they keep giving me
these small urine bags?
Order the bigger ones.
They only come in one size.
- I'll... I'll get them.
- Tell Sheela to get some towels.
It's okay, Reet.
It's just urine.
Where's his body?
Got rid of it.
Reet, you are a strong,
independent, beautiful woman.
You should be happy
that both your kids take after you.
It's good that they bear no resemblance
to Varun in any way.
It means you have stronger genes.
Dominant genes.
And how old are you? Just 39.
You can remarry.
I'll find you a good husband this time.
Join Swastik Oil,
get back to the family business.
Reet, you fell for the wrong guy.
Who considers all that
before falling in love?
You should fall in love only
after considering everything.
Look at Gitanjali.
Her father is a maths professor.
Simple clean background.
Varun's father was a scamster too.
Don't pay attention to him, Reet.
Doctors said his body has pumped
a lot of chemicals,
so he is very disoriented right now.
You know what the saddest part is, Reet?
You shared your love with a criminal.
So what if Varun is dead?
If he's dead, he's dead.
Swamiji, why are you
wearing pants and a shirt?
Where's your vastra?
I don't believe in wearing one.
Do you drink?
No, son.
I abstain from worldly pleasures.
Abstain? So, you've never done it?
What are you saying?
Abstain means abstain.
After looking at your horoscope,
I would suggest...
you should embrace
the concept of mortality.
Your time on earth is coming to an end.
But have you ever considered
that a person's determination...
surpasses all these things?
I say that to inspire others.
Swamiji, my determination transcends
the boundaries of my mortal existence.
If I continue to live...
will you give up your vows of abstinence?
Write down Swamiji's address...
and inform your well-wishers
to visit him.
He is going to need them.
According to the scriptures,
his life is supposed
to be coming to an end.
Perform a Yagya ritual for his well-being.
Cow urine.
After all these years...
the entire family
has been brought together...
by an unfortunate circumstance.
Jesus is our hope.
Jesus is our hope.
Jesus is our light.
Jesus is our light.
Jesus is our forgiveness.
Jesus is our forgiveness.
And rise up and say with me...
- Amen!
- Where's Papa?
- Amen!
- He's on his way.
He'll reach soon.
Stop smoking.
If they find out, they'll take
your name off the heart donor list.
They'll take my name off the list?
For God's sake-- It's a church!
Brother, now that you are here,
why don't you meet Father as well?
He is very powerful.
Confess to him,
and he'll wash away your sins.
What sin have I committed?
Just meet him once.
I'll go and ask him.
You have murdered
more than hundreds of people.
Gitanjali, if you say "murder" once again,
I will slap you so hard
like I slap other men around.
Not some weak, kiddie slap,
but a slap that'll make your ears ring.
They came to the hotel to kill me,
and not to watch the Pushpavati function
celebrating your puberty.
It's not murder...
it's progress.
You'll slap me?
You think I'll keep quiet?
- I'll also slap you so hard--
- Yeah?
You'll slap me
but I'll slap you first.
We had our first kiss.
We had our first sex.
We still haven't had our first slap.
No one has ever slapped you, right?
Looks like you are going
to get slapped pretty soon.
What is this?
Listen to it.
I love you.
I love you.
They came to service the flight.
Retrieved the sound from the black box.
Our first night together.
Do you want some water?
No one else heard it, right?
I'd told you,
if anyone heard or saw us,
I'd shoot them.
Brother, Father is ready.
Brother, what went down?
I went to talk to him.
When I got there,
he made me kneel down.
Yeah, it's a procedure.
- I didn't know that was the procedure.
- Yeah.
It's like you're labeled a sinner
as soon as you step in.
Anyways, I started talking to him
and I told him everything honestly.
He began vomiting.
He thinks Swastik Steel's logo
is the same as Hitler's logo.
Swastik Steel's logo is straight.
Ours is straight.
The Nazi logo is slanted.
Where's Manjot?
He's offering water to Father.
Your brother is a sinner!
He is the Satan!
There is no redemption
for what he has done.
What are you saying, Father?
I declare it today...
he is a destructive force.
Stop irritating me, Gitanjali.
Open, open...
I'm not going to let you smoke today.
Do not crush...
my cigarettes!
Don't ever take
my cigarettes away from me.
- Happy birthday, my child.
- Thanks, Nana.
What is going on?
What do you mean
what is going on?
I mean, have you thought
about your future?
What's there to think about, Amma?
You have two kids, Gitanjali.
Look at his state.
Nana, keep the newspaper down.
For the last eight years,
you were making faces on the phone.
So stuck up on our inter-cast marriage.
And suddenly you have this concern?
What do you mean by "this concern"?
We are concerned.
Then you should've shown up
when I was pregnant.
You didn't come,
my mother-in-law didn't come.
How do you think
I delivered two babies?
He helped me with the childbirths.
When they induced labor,
I didn't feel any pain.
I had contractions
but the cervix was not opening.
I needed so much blood
because I lost so much blood.
It was such a mess. And he was
taking care of me all by himself
like a nurse.
And you know
what the most important thing is?
He never complained.
Hi, son.
You really don't know anything.
Amma, he is like my gynecologist.
He knows me in and out.
He is my father, mother, brother,
boyfriend, husband, everything.
we are leaving.
To party with the foreigners?
Go on, do whatever you want.
I won't yell at anyone.
Uncle asked us to go back.
Why did you ask them to leave?
Did you bring them here?
No, right?
I brought them here.
Papa, you were 66 when you got shot,
but I trusted you'll be alright
and you became alright.
I am 36. You don't trust me?!
You want to start mourning
before I'm even dead?
First thing,
don't speak to me
in this language... ever.
You don't value the doctors' reports
and advice at all?
Do you know
your heart can collapse any time now?
I would give you my heart if I could.
- But it doesn't work like that!
- Papa...
The trick is patience.
You know, when I was in ninth grade,
some twelfth graders beat me up in school.
You know why?
Your success made me a target.
I refrained from complaining to anyone.
Not to the principal,
not to Mom, not to you.
I patiently waited.
As soon as I reached their level
in terms of height and weight,
I tracked each one of them down
and thrashed them at their own college.
There's something so satisfying
about hitting back after waiting.
Now, I'm waiting once again.
You should wait too.
Someone will surely die for me,
and I'll get a new heart
for the transplant.
Papa, we still have so much left to do.
Don't we?
We have to find him,
catch him, kill him.
There's so much left.
You relax, Papa.
Papa thinks this battle
will be a cakewalk.
No one's going anywhere.
How many times have I told you
not to use sign language?!
You didn't tell her?
Use your words.
I'm not deaf!
Sheela, come with me.
Let me warm it up for you.
You thought I wouldn't find out
just because I can't taste?
You added extra salt to it, right?
I could sense it from how thick it was.
Please give...
Next time you're annoyed with me,
don't mess with the salt or pepper.
Just add some poison instead.
Story over.
What was your mom saying in Telugu?
No. She was definitely
saying something.
And when I came, you changed the topic.
We didn't speak a word in Telugu.
We were just talking about Kartik.
I see.
So, you guys were going on
and on about Kartik?
It's hurting!
Tell me, your mom is looking
for a Telugu boy for you, right?
What nonsense are you saying?
- Don't. Please.
- You are excited
- to get married to a Telugu boy?
- Please. It's hurting.
It's hurting. Please.
- What will you do about it?
- Don't...
Back in school, Roop told us...
how someone
messed with Reet in college...
and you took a gun there.
When I heard that,
I thought your firing should never stop.
I was excited...
thinking about what you'd do
if someone ever messed with me.
But now, I'm scared when I see you.
I wonder what else you will do
and when you will stop.
Take me to a place like Kashmir
And we'll conquer it all
I'll show you how to love
Where the snow-covered mountains
Stand tall
We'll soar above the lakes together
I'll show you how to love
And conquer it all
Gitanjali, I can't taste you.
I can't smell you.
I'm sorry.
In a realm where nights are icy cold
Where trees speak
In fragrant whispers untold
And fireflies dance
With conversations ablaze
It's where heaven resides
Where angels forever stay
Where the clouds dwell too
So vibrant and blue
Paint me in their hues too
Did you catch what he said?
"I'll find him and kill him."
You don't think you still have some
external threat hanging over you?
He is consuming steroids
like they are chocolates!
But after a point,
even steroids won't work!
And he is gaining weight like a pig!
He's not a kid.
He's a father of two kids.
You've always tried
to change him and fix him
as if he were a machine
in a steel factory!
Children need love, Balbir.
- Love and attention.
- Don't bring up that topic again!
Don't start it again!
- He still wants the same thing...
- Quiet!
- that he wanted back then!
- Quiet!
What do you expect me to say?
That I made a mistake?
I don't believe in regrets!
Neither does your son.
I'll hold you close, my love, so tight
Shielding myself
From winter's chilling bite
I'll wrap my arms around you altogether
And be lost in your embrace forever
What are you waiting for then?
Tell me again, how do I stop myself?
Like a fresh waterfall
Love we'll consume
Lakes, rivers, and snow-covered mountains
- I'll gift them all to you, my love
- Look at yourself. Mother of two kids.
- We got a call from the hospital.
- ...consignment with a scope.
They might have got a donor.
No, I don't like this design.
I understand, Vijay.
- We have a meeting in the evening.
- Mark, Mark, Mark...
I'll personally draw my own designs.
- It's my touch.
- Okay. I'm afraid it's...
- Are you ordering for more guns?
- Especially your drawings, Vijay.
I have this local guy Freddy.
You can get in touch with him.
He will co-ordinate everything.
I know this guy.
I don't want to meet this guy again.
In a marriage,
there should be some fear,
and some control.
But I've lost all control
as it's a love marriage.
But you all need to be careful.
Hold on tight to that control.
If you lose respect,
you lose everything.
Despite her small stature...
she spoke some real big words.
One more thing.
A married man should never
have a protruding belly.
It causes problems.
I took six bullet shots.
I got multiple fractures all over.
There are so many pipes inserted
from the penis to the anus,
and you think I'm just imagining it all?
Not just me! Your mom, dad, sisters,
cousins, everyone thinks the same!
Think like a man, Gitanjali!
Think like you have biceps like me!
Think like you don't have this,
but a chest like mine.
Even down there,
you have something like what I have got.
Now tell me,
if someone keeps trying to kill
your father, what will you do?
Will you just sit on your hands...
or fight back?
You will fight back, right?
Why aren't you saying anything?
Look at yourself.
You're thinking that you'd fight back.
I fought a war!
Like men have been fighting
for thousands of years!
What are you doing, Gitanjali?
Sadly, it's a man's world.
- What?
- Brother...
Oh, you have come to save the doll
from the monster.
Her parents never interfere,
so who do think you are?! Out!
You are fighting ghosts in your head.
Do you even realize that?
I don't fight ghosts, I devour them!
There's somebody out there, Gitanjali,
who's waiting for another chance.
Trust me.
There is somebody out there.
You have gone mad.
You have lost your mind.
You change pads four times a month!
I change mine 50 freaking times a day!
Mom, Papa!
Why are you guys fighting?
Hi, Abhay!
We were not fighting.
You see, your mom
used to work in America.
And now that we're back in India,
she's bored.
She's jobless.
Now she wants to act.
She wants to become a heroine.
Look at her. Isn't she pretty?
- Yup.
- We weren't fighting, Abhay.
We were only rehearsing our lines.
And Papa is a director.
You are the hero, Papa.
Abhay, go inside.
Hey, Gitanjali.
Say this once.
"You're going to be fine. You're a hero."
You're going to be fine.
You're a hero.
Say it right, with some conviction.
I already said it.
What else do you want me to say?
Hey, Gitanjali,
did I hurt you when I did this?
Yeah? Did you get...
You didn't hurt me at all.
Then say this, "You're a hero.
You're going to be fine."
You are a superhero.
You are going to be fine.
Happy now?
Get ready for the doctor's appointment
in the evening.
Oh, my cutie, don't play with my heart
You are leaving and embarking on a journey
And I'm getting crazy
Oh, my cutie, don't play with my heart
You are leaving and embarking on a journey
And I'm getting crazy
Oh, my love, my beloved...
Oh, my love, my beloved...
Sister-in-law, you are joining us as
the third wife of my brother Abrar Haque.
There are some things
you already know,
like he has been married twice before
and has eight children.
There are some things
you need to know.
He can't talk,
but he isn't mute since birth.
One night...
he saw our grandfather
go up in flames right before his eyes.
And from that day on,
he can't speak.
He had immeasurable love
for our grandfather, and still does.
Since then, I am his translator.
So, I am going to be
the bridge between you...
and my brother Abrar.
Oh, my cutie, don't play with my heart
You are leaving, embarking on a journey
And I'm getting crazy
Oh, my cutie, don't play with my heart
You are leaving, embarking on a journey
And I'm getting crazy
Oh, my love, my beloved...
- Oh, my love, my beloved...
- He wants to see you.
- Oh, my love, my beloved...
- Come on.
Oh, my love, my beloved...
Oh, my love, my beloved...
You are leaving, embarking on a journey
And I'm getting crazy
Don't play with my heart
And don't trouble me by ignoring me
Don't make me to follow you all the time
And be nice to me
Don't play with my heart
And don't trouble me by ignoring me
Don't make me to follow you all the time
And be nice to me
Oh, my love, my beloved...
Oh, my love, my beloved...
Oh, my cutie, don't play with my heart
In the name of Allah,
the most gracious, the most merciful...
Abrar, in the presence of two witnesses,
do you willingly accept Fareen
as your wife?
Do you know why he's getting married?
Because he knocked her up.
She's pregnant.
She got to know yesterday
and they're getting married today.
It's a good thing.
He'll stay away from us for some time.
There's no guarantee of that.
Tell me frankly...
why did you marry this guy?
I married him because he can't talk.
I prefer peace in a relationship.
What about you?
He is loaded.
Congratulations on your wedding.
Where have you been?
Brother, Asrar was killed in Delhi.
Abid had told me not to tell you.
Women, please leave.
All men...
please maintain silence for two minutes
in the honor of my dead brother, Asrar.
What is going on?
She is new here.
Give her some time,
she'll understand your style.
It took two nights
to search for the body in Delhi...
and three months
to bring it here after freezing it.
It takes time to thaw the body.
I was waiting for the right time
to inform you.
But that foolish person arrived
and disrupted the wedding atmosphere.
Where are we going now?
Brother, you know what Asrar was like.
He asked me to shut up.
What... what can I do?
Killing Balbir
was part of a fantastic plan.
This would have destroyed
the man who built Swastik,
the company from where
our grandfather was thrown out like a dog.
You guys turned a small thing
into a significant ego matter
and went after his son.
And because of that screw-up...
my brother is dead.
Now you go
and apologize to my brother.
I understand, son.
You deserve to celebrate,
but this is not the way.
Just get inside.
Brother, this is Zoya.
She has been trying to meet you
for the past three months.
That heart you got
belongs to her fianc.
I tried to stop her,
but she still made it here.
Thank you for meeting me.
I just wanted to hear
this heart beat again.
Thank you...
for letting me in.
Stop the car.
Listen, don't leave just yet.
Stay here till you feel better, okay?
Take her to Grandpa's house in Janpath.
It's my grandfather's place.
It's a secure and comfortable house.
You can leave. Wait!
Manjot, get her bags out.
I'll swing by to see you.
Take care of yourself.
Who's going on, brother?
I have never seen this color.
Mohsin, where's that girl?
- First floor.
- That was Grandpa's office.
This is his house.
- Son... who is that girl?
- Grandpa, I'll be back in two minutes.
Give me your blessings.
Two minutes.
- I seek your blessings, Granduncle.
- I seek your blessings.
God bless you.
Who is that girl?
Manjot, what's her name?
I've met you before
When our eyes first intertwined
That's how I felt, you know
You touched my wounds
And my heart... it healed
We're both a little crazy
Floating like clouds up above
Come, let's rain down
Come, let's soak in love
I've met you before
When our eyes first intertwined
- That's how I felt, you know
- What?
Granduncle wants to know
how much longer it's going to take.
Ask him how long he used to take!
Go and ask him.
I crave motivation, inspiration,
and that uplifting surge of dopamine.
- How do I keep motivating myself?
- You want motivation, right?
Then try exercising.
Try meditating.
Grandpa, I'm very strong.
You don't know anything.
What have you seen in life,
going from old transistors to radios
to black and white TVs,
and then to color TVs.
You've only experienced
a few transitions and colors in life.
You can't even imagine how many things
I'm witnessing these days, Grandpa.
- Really?
- You have no idea what's happening
- in the world nowadays.
- I see.
You should be happy
I'm not doing drugs at least.
- Otherwise, I'd keep sitting--
- Cut this nonsense out.
Tell me, what are you
doing with that girl?
Come on, Grandpa,
I can't tell you that.
You shameless punk!
I never thought
you'd become this shameless.
Grandpa, back in your day, did you ever...
outside of marriage...
- Never?
- Never!
What's right? What's wrong?
I don't know
- If you have the answers...
- Your wife?
- Please tell me
- Yeah.
- Kids?
- Yeah.
- I've been lost for too long
- She is calling.
If you have found me
Tell me where I belong
Your scent, it's like a dream
I want to lose myself in it and be free
I want to hide the mornings in my embrace
And be together forever this way
I want to spend my days
Being simply mesmerized by you
I've met you before
When our eyes first intertwined
That's how I felt, you know
You touched my wounds
And my heart... it healed
We're both a little crazy
Floating like clouds up above
Come, let's rain down
Come, let's soak in love
I've met you before
He bloody gave me a lecture
that day for doing this stuff.
This is a 200-year-old British Club,
and he has booked it to do the same stuff?
It's love, brother.
And rich people tend to fall
in love a couple of times at least.
This isn't love, man.
The only difference is that we have
to pay for it,
and he uses his expertise.
He's got her fianc's heart inside him.
He probably got touched
by it or something.
There is no such thing!
Brother, I think he's in love too.
In just one week?
Did he ever offer you a cup of tea?
Look over there,
he's offering her a mixed fruit juice.
The one he made himself.
He's in love with her, dummy.
Who will get the mixed fruit juice?
Her or you?
We were also offering them
breakfast that day.
Sangram, just let it go.
Seriously, headman! Stop it.
He'll go ballistic if he hears us.
He's headed this way.
What are you staring at?
Treat her the way
you treat Gitanjali at home.
Yes, brother.
- That's exactly what I was telling him.
- Brother...
Shut up.
Enjoy the love.
Did he really hear us?
- I don't know.
- He didn't have his hearing aid on.
Paali! Royal!
Yes, sister-in-law?
What's happening with your brother?
He's not showing up for lunch.
He doesn't even make it for dinner.
Call him up.
Actually, he's pretty busy these days.
He's busy 24-7?
Call him right now.
He's not picking up.
You didn't even dial once.
Why did you act like you did?
Who's this "Sister-in-law 2"?
She's the wife of my cousin in Jalandhar.
She's a working woman. She's probably
asleep. Let's not disturb her.
It's pretty late.
She's probably asleep.
She's not answering either.
Like I said, she's probably asleep.
Come, guys.
I want to order a Rolls Royce,
but I have a special request.
I want this color.
Can you see it?
Right here.
Can you see it?
It's okay. They are professionals.
I want exactly this color.
Is it possible?
If there are any formalities,
they'll sort it out.
If you want to match
it with a color chart,
take some photos in good lighting,
then I'll arrange it.
She's very cooperative.
Place the order.
Sure, sir.
Thank you, sir.
It's okay. It's me.
We're both a little crazy
Floating like clouds up above
Come, let's rain down
Come, let's soak in love
I've met you before
When our eyes first intertwined
That's how I felt, you know
You touched my wounds
- And my heart... it healed
- Same color.
Zoya... look at this.
This sari is 200 years old.
It's been in the museum
for a hundred years.
Wear it today.
I called for the maulvi.
We're getting married today.
And forget about this.
Just forget it.
I can't marry you.
And you shouldn't love me either.
I'm your enemy.
The heart you've got...
I had no relationship with that man.
I lied to you.
And everything was executed
so meticulously
that even with your background checks,
no one suspected anything.
It was all planned.
Abrar Haque.
Where does he live?
What is his plan?
Abrar has a younger brother...
who idolizes him
and loves him unconditionally.
He is a professional butcher.
He lives in Istanbul.
When you murdered his brother,
he found out everything about you,
from your school days
to your life in America.
He got some surgeries done and
transformed himself into another Vijay.
So when the fake Vijay goes home,
the family won't suspect a thing.
After that, when the time was right...
when you would've been with me...
he would've killed your father.
And while dying, Balbir Singh
would've had just one question.
Why would his son, who'd die for him...
take his life?
After that, he would...
kill your wife, Gitanjali.
Murder your kids,
your grandfather, your mother,
everybody in your family.
As each one of your family members dies,
they would see the face of the man
who probably loves them the most.
Your face.
Abrar said that after that...
he wouldn't have to kill you.
Tell me more.
Abrar and you might
be somehow related,
because he calls your dad Balbir Uncle.
And that explosion
was meant to kill you.
That explosion was meant
to make you spill the beans.
And these tears are real,
not like that fake crying the other day.
I knew who you were from day one.
So, then what was all this?
So, what am I supposed to do now?
The way you love your father...
shows me how deep
and passionate your love is.
That's why I'm sure
you can hate just as strongly.
But if possible...
please don't hate me.
Why shouldn't I?
Because I love you like crazy.
Come, lick my shoe.
- What do we do with the girl?
- Sangram!
Treat her with respect.
Whenever and wherever
she decides to go,
make sure everything's set up for her.
We were three brothers.
The eldest one stayed back
in the village.
My younger brother and I
wanted to conquer the world.
Together, we started Swastik Steel.
But after a while,
his intentions turned sour.
After dealing with his betrayal
time again...
I had to kick him out of the company.
Because of all that disgrace,
he left the country with his family.
A few years later,
I heard he set himself on fire...
and died.
When Balbir took over Swastik,
his son came by seeking some help.
- You mean Abrar Haque's father?
- Yes.
He didn't come for help, Father.
He came demanding his share in Swastik,
even though he had no right to it.
If he came to me as a brother,
maybe I wouldn't have
turned him down.
Abrar's father changed his religion
and got married a couple of times.
He's got a bunch of kids
from different wives.
Abrar is his firstborn.
He is your cousin.
I couldn't care less whose son he is,
whose grandson he is,
or what his religion is.
It makes no difference to me, Grandpa.
You should've told me
about this a long time ago.
I had no idea this sadness
would cut so deep
in that kid's heart--
That kid Abrar Haque wants to kill us,
our whole family!
Do you know that?
If you go after him...
his brothers and his kids
will come after you.
This whole feud will never end.
He's your cousin, just like them.
Forgive him.
This is not the time to forgive.
Listen, son.
When you came back,
you took charge of everything
with force and clarity.
It's a different matter that
I didn't like your ways back then,
nor do I like them now.
You have just recovered, son.
We can hire people
to handle such stuff.
Forgive him, son.
I'll punish him, Grandpa.
You can forgive him.
You've finally come home.
I'm starving.
Come on, come with me.
I need to talk to you, Gitanjali.
Why are you giving me that look?
It's my first time.
Am I doing it right?
I have been sleeping with Zoya
for the last few weeks.
Why am I doing all of this?
What do you mean by
you've been sleeping with her?
You got tired and passed out
on the sofa while talking to her?
I mean we were physically involved
with each other.
What does "physically involved"
even mean?
You two were wrestling or something?
You are wrestling champions now?
Did you have sex with her?
Then just say you had sex with her!
Sleeping with her, physically involved!
What is this nonsense?!
- Say that you had sex with her!
- Kids are sleeping, Gitanjali.
Now you are fucking worried
about the kids!
Fucking stay away from us!
- Gitanjali...
- Don't touch me.
She was a mole.
I made her fall in love with me
so I could know their plan.
I told you there was someone behind it.
- She was a mole.
- Did you kiss her?
Don't just stand there like
a dumb animal!
- Answer me!
- Yes.
Did you kiss her?
How the hell did you kiss her?
You said you couldn't taste
or smell anything.
So, how the hell did you kiss her?
Oh, yeah!
Your system doesn't turn on
without kissing, right?
Whatever I did, Gitanjali,
I did it for my father.
Don't give me that
"I did it for my father" nonsense.
I don't give a fuck about your father!
Don't go there, Gitanjali.
You must have had
a very good time with her, right?
I have seen the girl.
She is a very pretty girl.
She too has a big pelvis.
She can also accommodate
healthy babies.
- Go have kids with her!
- No...
- Let go!
- No, Gitanjali.
Don't touch me.
Did you wear a condom?
Answer me, did you wear a condom?
Did you wear a condom?
Did you do this in the US also?
With the women in your office?
Catherine and Valentina?
No, never.
So, you didn't wear a condom?
You know,
I actually suspected something?
But my love for you
was above my suspicion.
Tell me something. Did you cuddle
with her after sex like you do with me?
Or did you rush to the washroom?
Answer me!
Where did your inner alpha male go?
Did he die?
You're just like everyone else.
Nothing special.
Do your brothers know
that you're fucking around?
Oh, wait! Of course, they know!
I saw "Sister-in-law 2" on his phone.
So, basically...
you fuck anyone you want...
and she becomes their sister-in-law.
Sure as hell, your father's status
is not stopping anytime soon!
Keep your voice down.
The kids are asleep.
Shut the fuck up!
I am raising the kids, not you!
I'll wake them up and tell them
all about their father's new love story!
- Gitanjali, please...
- Leave!
- Stop, stop, stop.
- Leave!
- Please stop, please stop.
- Leave!
- Leave!
- Please...
Now go and kill her.
I can't do that.
Do you love her?
Because of her,
I have found out about our enemy.
I don't have any feelings
for her, Gitanjali. Please. I love you.
If you don't love her...
then why didn't you come home?
Why weren't you with me?
I wanted to come to you
with clear conscience.
Oh, shit.
So, you starved yourself here
so you could go and have
a big fucking meal there!
How many times did you do it with her?
Is she better than me?
Why are you coming
and telling me all of this now?
I'll never be able to forget this.
I'll sleep with someone and come to you
and say sorry.
You cool with that?
Should I do it?
You won't be able to do it, Gitanjali.
I will do it.
For sure, I'll do it.
I won't let anyone near you.
You can try it if you want.
And what's this "I break your toe,
you break my toe" nonsense?
Gitanjali, you forgave me
for so many murders.
Can't you forgive me
for sleeping with one woman?
I can't.
I cannot stay with you anymore.
I need a divorce.
Divorce is not a solution.
I don't need a solution.
I need a divorce.
I won't divorce you, Gitanjali.
I can't do this for the kids.
They can't grow up in a broken home.
I'll give you one free advice,
take it from me.
As long as your father is alive,
there won't be one day
of peace in your life.
Whenever your father came home,
you would run away from school,
often leaving behind your bag.
You'd get punished by teachers.
On your father's birthday,
you'd distribute chocolates like a maniac.
Your love for your father
is not just affection, but a damn disease.
I really wish he had died that day.
What did you say?
I wish he had died that day.
End it.
One half of this love is mine
And the other is yours
And that makes a full moon
A star shines bright for me
Another for you
While the rest of the sky remains dark
Could never attach you to those threads
That I tied to the sacred tree
Even as the kohl streams out of my
Welled-up eyes, such that I don't realize
This love is the rainbow in the discolor
While I'm an ascetic
And this love is the holy river
- What happened?
- What happened, Papa?
Don't bring the gun to your room.
Your kids sleep and play here.
I won't do it again.
Please go back to bed.
Mom, we'll talk about this later.
Gitanjali, are you okay?
Yes, Uncle.
Of course, everything's okay, Papa.
Husband-wife stupid fights.
You should go to bed.
Good night.
Let's go, Jyoti.
I touch my hand to the forehead
After touching your feet
I shall bear your complaints
Like scars on my body
This once you don't stay
And it won't upset me
If I could not be yours
I could neither be my own
You are my whole world
But now, I won't
I would never, ever come to your city
The vows that we've taken around the fire
Keep burning within
Promise me that you'd take
The half-broken promises along
This love intoxicates
Every vein in my body
Why is this love only colored with blood?
Let go of all my memories
In the flowing waters
I would caress
And not let go of your welled-up eyes
I'm the ocean and this love is like
A lone bird that flies over
My heart is in mourning
Yet this love is alive
This love is the rainbow in the discolor
Gitanjali, I don't know
if I'll make it back or not.
But if I don't come back...
refrain from remarrying.
He's here because of the plan you made.
He is prepared and we are not.
All our guys are dead,
and they're ready to go down.
What if you try to kill him
and you die instead?
What happens to the fire that's been
burning inside since we were kids?
The sole purpose of his life
is to kill you.
What is the purpose of your life?
To eliminate Swastik and Balbir Uncle.
If you kill Balbir Uncle,
then he'll die on his own.
I have been your voice since childhood.
Now you listen to me.
Brother, we will kill him
in his own house.
Look, I'm here!
I seek your blessings, Grandma.
Where is Abrar?
The one who forgives is always greater
than the one who kills, son.
If only you had told that
to your grandson, Grandma,
things wouldn't have gotten out of hand.
Where is Abrar?
I don't know, son.
How long are you brothers
going to keep fighting for?
- I pray to God...
- Goodbye, Grandma.
And please stop begging to God.
Only one of us
will make it out alive today.
Looks like he ran away.
Where's Abrar?
I'll only ask one more time,
then I'll be taking the three
of you inside, one by one.
Listen, you fucking psycho!
We don't know where Abrar is.
Did I ask you to speak?
Where's Abrar?
We don't know where...
We don't know where he is.
Oh my God!
Call 991.
We need an ambulance, please!
- Please.
- You two have kids of your own, right?
I'm sure you know what to do.
My God!
- Please, no.
- No.
Campbeltown Airport.
No, don't!
- No!
- Fifty miles from here.
- No! No!
- He is going to kill us.
- He is leaving the country.
- No.
Royal, kill them
if the information is not correct.
They aren't your sisters-in-law.
They're the wives of our enemy.
Don't worry,
we have called the ambulance.
Don't go.
Whether I remain standing or fall down,
whether I survive or not,
there will be no bullets fired.
I will be the only one to kill him.
The raindrops fall and soak the ground
The raindrops fall and soak the ground
For this day, I've longed to see
Finally, it has come to be
For this day, I've longed to see
Finally, it has come to be
Today I stare death in the eye
Today I stare death in the eye
Only one will survive
It will either be me
Or the other guy
Only one will survive
It will either be me
Or the other guy
From the burning sun
To the winds so strong
I'll protect you from the world
I won't let you drown
I want to be by your side
I want to hold your hands
I want to worship you day and night
No tears will fall from your eyes
No tears will fall from your eyes
As long as I am alive
I promise you'll be fine
I'll obliterate all in my path
My sanity will crumble as an aftermath
If any harm comes your way
I'll set the world ablaze
If any harm comes your way
I'll set the world ablaze
Tears each day, they will ruin me
Tears each day, they will ruin me
Papa, your absence
Will kill me
Papa, your absence
Will kill me
- No tears will fall from your eyes
- Manjot, don't!
No tears will fall from your eyes
As long as I am alive
I promise you'll be fine
I'll obliterate all in my path
My sanity will crumble as an aftermath
If any harm comes your way
I'll set the world ablaze
If any harm comes your way
I'll set the world ablaze
When the first bullet hit me,
I could hear you scream.
And when the second bullet hit me...
I realized...
I was alone.
You're my faith, my religion
I'd do anything for you
You're my faith, my religion
I'd do anything for you
Papa, I'm your heartbeat
You are my life, it's true
Papa, I'm your heartbeat
You are my life, it's true
What's going on?
They've been hitting each other
for the last two hours.
That woman had two boys.
Identical twins.
All the fiery clouds, I made them flee
All fears in us
I erased them to set ourselves free
Grandpa said you are my flesh and blood.
You are my brother.
If I stop...
will you also stop?
Tell me.
My brother can't talk!
My brother can't hear!
Brother, use sign language
to communicate.
I know sign language.
Tell me...
Tell me that you won't go
after my father.
Just say it.
From the time I was a kid...
I never got to spend
a single day with my father.
Say that you will stop.
Will you stop?
This is a sorrow I shall always bear
This is a sorrow I shall always bear
The one I must harm is a kin
It's so hard to bear
The one I must harm is a kin
It's so hard to bear
The burden lifted
I feel so weightless and light
The burden lifted
I feel so weightless and light
Losing you brought an end
To death's fright
Losing you brought an end
To death's fright
Gitanjali, what are you wearing?
Sweetie, it's Diwali night. At least
wear that silk sari Mom gave you.
- We need to talk.
- I know.
You always wanted
to go back to the US, right?
Pack your bags.
We'll leave tomorrow.
We'll take Papa with us too.
Happy Diwali, Papa.
Happy Diwali, son.
Papa, I think you should take
a two-year vacation.
Let's go to America.
Mom, Roop, Reet... all of us.
Papa, I've always wanted
to spend time with you.
That's all I want in my life.
Let's go on a holiday.
What is this?
Balbir Singh, 68, Acute Lymphoblastic...
Leukemia, fourth stage.
What is this?
When did it happen?
I just got to know yesterday.
The doctors say I only have
three to six months left.
Papa, nothing will happen to you.
Leukemia is very common in America.
I have many friends at
John Hopkins Hospital.
We'll get you the best treatment
and clinical trials,
but we'll have to leave tonight.
I'll make some calls, okay?
Be practical!
This is not something
you can solve with a gun and violence.
- I don't want a lecture on practicality.
- Listen--
- I don't want a lecture on practicality!
- Sit.
You are talking about dying, right?
It's because of my gun and violence
that we are still thriving.
You had made an enemy your son-in-law
and let him stay in the house.
You can slit as many throats
as you want and blame it on me.
I know...
everything you have done so far...
is a reflection of your innate inclination
towards a life of crime.
This is good, Papa.
I thought that this news
would have completely shattered you.
This is awesome.
Stay resolute, Papa.
I won't waver either.
Twenty years ago, you told me that
if you stopped supporting me,
I would end up in jail.
Well, go ahead!
I don't mind ending up in jail.
Nothing has changed between us
in these 20 years.
- Vijay!
- Mom, you go outside.
This is a personal moment
between Papa and me.
- Jyoti, come and sit here.
- No, Mom.
- Come and sit here.
- Mom, please.
I have got this chance
after 36 years. Leave!
What else is there to say anyway?
What more do you want?
Alright, Papa, let's play a game.
I'll be you, Papa,
and you be me, your son.
Stay with me.
We can't go through my entire life
since you don't have much time left.
So, let's replay just one day, okay?
Which day?
Remember when I was in the fifth grade
and there was a Michael Jackson
concert happening in Bombay?
You knew what a big fan I was
of Michael Jackson.
All my friends were going,
and you organized tickets for me.
But I didn't go
because it was your birthday.
Somehow your birthday always brings
some crazy energy. God knows why!
Something always happens
between us on November 29th.
Papa, stay with me.
Let's act out that day, okay?
You came home, and I kept asking,
"Papa, where were you?"
And you just said, "I was busy working."
Let's replay that day.
You don't have to do much.
Just say, "Papa, Papa..."
and I'll pretend to be you, okay?
Do it with conviction, Papa.
It's my only chance, okay?
Action, Papa.
- Papa...
- I can hear you. I'm not deaf!
Why isn't the stock report file
of Swastik on my desk?
I want it immediately! Now!
- Papa, I...
- Jyoti, take him inside!
Mishra isn't answering his phone.
The stock market has crashed.
Papa, I...
Don't wipe your face, Papa.
Don't touch your face.
I didn't touch mine either.
You are doing well, Papa.
You are doing well.
- I come home after two weeks...
- Papa, it's your birthday.
and he won't stop talking.
- Papa, it's your birthday.
- What?!
- Papa, I kept waiting--
- Vijay, think beyond birthday!
Do you want to achieve something in life
or just keep following me like a dog?
"Papa! Papa! Papa!"
Papa, do you remember
you even slapped me that day?
But now, we're just acting,
and I can't hit you back.
So, what should I do?
Enough, Vijay.
Enough, Vijay.
Are you giving up so easily?
Papa, you know that
you are the greatest for me.
But you are not the best father
in the world.
I believe I am the greatest son
in the world.
Do you know why I love you so much?
There's no answer to that.
When you came back...
I was so happy.
I wanted to pass on
the reins of Swastik to you...
but you started a war.
Who was managing everything back then?
If Varun had told me that Papa is safe,
if everything seemed clear to me,
then I would've left after you recovered,
and not done all this.
Papa, I had a very happy
and settled married life in America.
I didn't come back
for my share in Swastik.
Swastik was my life.
I wanted to give you my empire,
and you just walked away,
just like that.
For eight years, I didn't talk to you.
Couldn't you have reached out to me?
Your mother kept in touch with you.
You had kids.
Everyone in the house knew their names
and had seen their photos, except me.
"I am your bastard son",
that's what you said!
I am your father!
I am your father, and you are my son!
And this is not a game!
What if I ask you all these question?
Papa, from which US university
did I graduate?
Forget it.
Where did I live in Virginia?
What was my designation?
Leave it, Papa.
You're going to win again.
Because if I start complaining,
you'll probably die before I finish.
Just like always,
never letting me finish my thoughts.
I made a mistake, son.
I shouldn't have pushed you away from me.
I should have put everything aside...
and talked to you.
Not as a father...
but as a friend.
My punishment is that...
now I don't have the right or the time...
to regret.
But please, never forgive me.
Remember me however you want.
In the next life, you will be my father
and I will be your son.
So, don't make
the same stupid mistakes I made.
And in the life after that,
I will be your father again,
and you will be my son.
And you'll see how much I truly love you.
Then you can proudly say...
"My father is the best father
in the world."
There is one star in my sky
And that one star is you
I have no one but you
- You are my whole world
- Mishra Uncle...
- I put you in a place...
- What do I do now?
Where no one is
Papa, my life
Keep your hand
On my head every moment
Papa, my life, walk with me
You are the stone in every river
For me
These methods stop with you
Vijay, I'm leaving you.
I'm heading back to the US with the kids.
You are constantly in my heart
Just like my heartbeat
You are with me in my head
No matter where I go
Whether you are there or not
You are always there in my sight
Wherever I go
Papa, my life
Keep your hand
On my head every moment
Papa, my life, walk with me
You are the stone in every river
For me
These methods stop with you
Abrar has a younger brother...
who idolizes him
and loves him unconditionally.
He is a professional butcher.
He lives in Istanbul.
He got some surgeries done and
transformed himself into another Vijay.
What happened?
I can't handle blood, Aziz.
This wasn't just because of that, right?
We won't know until the baby is born
whether it's Vijay's or mine.
If the baby doesn't look like me...
then it's mine.
Sister-in-law, I want to marry you.
You have two kids.
I will take full responsibility.
I hope you are okay with it.
You were the one singing while
he was taking my brother's life, right?
And you were the one who
handed him a knife at the runway.