Animals (2019) Movie Script

Tell me the one
about the day we met.
I was walking past the
coffee shop, lost,
and you were standing outside.
I said, "You look like a girl
"who's looking for something."
The call centre.
Well, first and foremost,
the call centre.
I had a job interview.
Tell me about the
next time we met.
You were driving a tram.
It wasn't even my tram.
It was the coolest
thing I've ever seen.
- Still?
- Always.
You've got them all by
the balls, causing waterfalls
Stone walls, bar brawls
Climbing stalls
at concert halls
To you they crawl, body
sprawl, smoking Pall Malls
Close call, stand tall
Doll, you make them
feel so small
And they love it
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
The boys wanna be her
The boys
The girls wanna be her
The girls
The boys wanna be her
The boys
The girls wanna be her
The girls
The boys wanna be her
The boys
The girls wanna be her
The girls
The boys wanna be her
The boys
I wanna be her
Yes, I do.
The way I see it,
girls are tied to beds
for two reasons -
..and exorcisms.
So, which was it with you?
What time is it?
Time is irrelevant.
Where did you sleep?
I didn't.
I Fonzed it on the roof
with a spritzer
and my shades on.
Whoa there, Bambi. Up.
We need to be at
the restaurant for 5:30.
Ugh! Enforced family fun.
I need to piss.
Fine. I will piss in your bed.
We might as well
prepare for the future.
One day, it's just gonna be
you and me,
lying around,
pissing all over each other.
- The golden years!
- Ah!
How's your hue?
White piss good,
amber piss bad.
You need to hydrate.
Fancy a spritzer?
I think I'm about to start
my period. Are you?
Of course. The moon
has married us both.
That old troublemaker?
Do we have any sanitary products?
Ugh. Those abominations?
We're boycotting them,
God forbid our bodies should
soil the soft furnishings.
God forbid
our reality should ruin
the big, jazzy fantasy!
Do we, though?
First things first.
Let's get you a loosener, hmm?
Oh, and let's get Jean out after.
She needs a break.
Oh, how the mighty fall.
Real estate!
Your wee sister
has forgotten how to live.
We must remind her.
How could Jean resist?
The night is a zoo
and the next day is its museum.
She just made that up.
Off the top.
I'm a writer.
She's writing a novel.
Got a pen?
Doesn't matter.
Oh, yeah.
Right up here is good.
Agh! Just keep the change.
Greetings, team.
- Hey.
- Hello!
We've got shots, Jeannie. On me.
Oh! Hark at Daddy Warbucks!
How are you feeling, Dad?
Yeah, did they call yesterday?
Yeah, how's the cancer, Bill?
They'll have to find
another way to get rid of me.
I'm not going yet.
- Hey, here is to that, huh?
- Jeannie?
- Where's mine?
- Dr Flood said none.
Dr Flood doesn't know
how to live.
A Guinness will be good
for my soul.
Fuck, Bill.
How's your family, Tyler?
They're fine.
And very, very far away.
Here's to a good night.
Absolutely, yeah.
Let's go out after.
Like old times, yeah?
Besides, I have a lot more
to stick around for now,
with your impending
literary success and...
..I'm pregnant.
Oh, shit!
- No, I want it!
- Oh!
You're going to be an aunty.
I'm just...I'm thrilled
for you, Jeannie.
Really, it's...
it's wonderful news.
We're clearing out
the spare room
so we can have a nursery
at our place.
I've been waiting so long
to be a grandma.
I didn't even know
you were trying.
- Mmm!
- Mmm.
OK, bitches.
It's kitty time!
Oh! Oh, God!
Fuck! Whoo!
Jeannie, fuck!
Sorry, lads.
I didn't mean to get
all holy on you there
with my burning bush.
So, to our latent
literary superstar.
- Oh!
- How's the novel?
- Oh, it's getting there.
- Must be a tome by now.
How long have you been
writing it?
I don't know. Since, uh...
Since we met, so, uh... Hmm.
You can't just toss
these things off. You know?
Art is hard. It's laborious.
It's not like
other things in life
that can just happen...
by accident.
Have I really been writing it
for 10 years?
A decade?
So, you have, what,
a few hundred pages?
10. I have 10 pages.
Hey, don't you sweat it, OK?
Ezra Pound took 57 years
to write The Cantos.
And the days
are not full enough.
And the nights
are not full enough.
And life slips by
like a field mouse
not shaking the grass.
Most families don't understand
that it takes years
to write something
that's really good.
But you guys are different.
You get it. You know?
Right, it's getting late.
We should order.
Yeah. Starving, actually.
The smugness was tangible.
Do you think I'm a failure?
The fairytale is the failure -
of imagination!
I'm not really a writer,
though, am I?
I'm a tinkerer. I tinker.
In between frothing milk.
Come on.
Let's go realign our chakras.
I see the division
I see it now
I've made my decision
I wanna go
I see the division
I see it now
I've made my decision
I wanna go
I see the division...
- You're my team!
- What?
You're my team!
I see the division
I see it now
I've made my decision
I wanna go
I see the division
I see it now
I've made my decision
I'm falling out
with me again...
Your round, toots.
OK. Give me...eight minutes.
Large dry white wine, please.
We only have one kind
of white wine.
You could always go to a wine bar
if you want a selection.
I don't need to go
to a fucking wine bar.
I've been coming here
for 15 years.
Give me two tequilas.
Now you're talking!
I come in here
at least once a week
and it's a lot nicer than me.
My dad isn't a thief, although
he probably knows a few,
and as far as I know,
he's never been
anywhere near the stars.
So, what do you do when you're
not standing around in bars
You really want to talk
about that?
I... Oh, I didn't mean
to put you on the spot.
I'm a musician.
I was either gonna say that
or a waiter.
Oh, yeah. It's the pristine
shirt, isn't it?
And the look of
haughty servitude.
So, what do you do
when you're not...
..standing around in bars
being insulting?
I'm a...
Very cool.
Fuck it. It's just work.
Well, who's your fancy friend?
Jim, this is Tyler.
Tyler, this is Jim.
Notable broad about town.
Charmed, I'm sure.
Well, I just fell in here
for a quick nightcap
on the way home, so...
It's a good place to fall.
We fall in here at least,
what, once a week?
Oh, yeah.
I liked your dance moves.
Especially this one...
Yeah, that one's
the electrified mongoose.
Yeah, it's very effective.
Right, I'd better hit the road.
- It's, like, 11.
- Not even!
I have to be up at five, though.
Hmm. Washing your hair?
Practising piano.
I know. What a loser, right?
Massive loser.
I bet you don't even have
a smartphone.
No, I do. But I never take it
to work, though.
Yeah, it started off
as a failsafe
in case it ever went off
during a gig,
and then it kind of became
a lucky thing.
And I don't know my own number.
What kind of person are you?
A careful one.
- Hmm.
- Give me your lip liner.
Oh. I don't know.
Looks like a good shirt.
You'd be surprised
how well it washes.
All the previous numbers
have come out.
All the thousands.
It's incredible, really.
Right. Goodnight, then.
Gay. Definitely.
Hmm. What's this?
A Dark and Stormy.
What did you use for bitters?
Ground-up paracetamol.
Mmm. Tyler, you are a genius.
I sold my soul
for mixology skills.
So, who's the big fool now?
Satan, that's who! Sucker!
This is the kind of drink
that undresses you.
Now I've got an erection.
He had the shoes
of an undertaker.
And the smile of a...despot.
Pull me up, I'll join you.
Uh, it's fine.
I just need a slash.
- Hiya.
- Hi.
Interesting choice.
I suppose I'm intrigued
by all these people,
jotting down notes
in their little notebooks,
not actually getting anywhere.
How do you know
they're not getting anywhere?
Because they're still here,
jotting down notes in their
little notebooks every day.
Plus, it's the only place open
this early with decent wine.
But the trying is the thing.
I've always thought we're not
defined by who we are
but by who we try to be.
I always tried too hard
at school.
I always did everything too hard.
Who said that to you?
I'm only a pianist because
I sit down and do it every day.
So, leave them alone.
- Ready?
- I was born ready!
Whoo! Oh!
Sex is a way of reminding
myself I have a body.
In my 20s,
it was a way to forget.
In my 30s,
it's about remembering.
That I have a body.
Go on, then. Give us a tune.
- Alright.
- No!
No, no, I'm kidding! You don't have to.
You don't have to.
- You're worried I might be shit.
- I'm not.
I'm not!
Not bad.
Oh. Found it.
The room.
Oh, my God.
There's always one note
in the piano
that makes the room resonate.
You want to avoid that one.
Greetings and salutations.
Oh, God!
You're quoting Heathers already.
Where are you?
I am sitting outside a city centre
drinking establishment
and there is a chair
across from me
and it is just baying
for your ass.
I am writing.
You've been at it
since the crack of dawn.
New regime.
This is what it takes.
What it takes, my friend,
is inspiration.
I think you're
stressing unnecessarily.
I'm not stressing.
You know, it's not all about
the words on the page.
Nobody wrote anything good
inside of a vacuum.
Yeah, but I can't create
under the influence.
That is an old romantic lie
and you know it.
It worked for
Hunter S. Thompson.
Hmm, did it?
Did it really, though?
Fine. I'll still be here
when you change your mind.
I'm not covering for you
at work tomorrow.
Ugh! "Work tomorrow, work tomorrow,
work tomorrow."
Baby, I've got work tomorrow
every day for the rest of my life,
serving mocha-fucking-chicken-lattes
to students with more money
than me.
I am working for The Man.
And what gives?
Only the fact that
there are nights in between.
FYI, I'm buying.
Correction - I have bought.
Come play.
Come on, Lolo.
How many days do we get
like this in spring? In life?
What did you say
your name was again?
- Chicken Sandwich.
- That's a beautiful name.
Waste of fucking time
in halves, babe.
- It's not the '90s.
- You got another?
Whoo! Don't mind if I do.
Are you together?
Or have you got fellas?
She has recently succumbed,
I am rejecting the nuclear family
in favour of
an enlightened life.
- He is just my boyfriend.
- Oh, official?
Who are you texting
at this hour?
Jim. He's in Australia
having lunch.
He thinks we're savages.
We ARE savages.
- Come on.
- Oh! Where are you going?
To check our pulses!
Come on!
- What the fuck?
- Run!
Come and get it!
Come and get it!
Come on, hurry up!
Mmm! Holy fuckerel!
It tastes like incest.
You don't like Jim?
I just don't think
you should limit yourself.
- I think you could do better.
- Like who?
Well, it doesn't have to be
an actual person, does it?
We've got so many drugs!
I am shitting, like, horribly,
a Niagara torrent of diarrhoea,
and he is right there
in the bath...
..and he says,
"Gerberas. My favourite."
Oh, God!
Who knew anyone in Dublin
was into piano music?
Mmm. Wall-to-wall art douches.
It's my dream Friday.
Hey. It'll be grand, like.
Seriously, you have to
see him in action.
Does he play the piano
like he's making love
to a beautiful woman?
Thank you. Ooh.
Make way! Make way!
My friend's lover is the man
of the hour. Excuse me.
Oh-ho-ho! Oh, my God.
I love this place.
So, where's the band?
- Yikes. For sure.
- For sure.
Oh, there's Jim.
- Jim!
- Shh! Shh! He'll be over.
- What, are we playing it cool?
- We're playing it cool.
Oh, Jim.
- Well done, my man. Chapeau!
- Thank you.
Yeah, you're quite the talent.
I will give you that.
So good.
Kinda terrifying, actually.
Oh, he's no more
talented than you.
He's just...put his talent
into action.
How do you mean?
Just like yours know,
it's an ongoing process.
But the process is real.
- I...
- Hey, Jim.
- Alright?
- Well done, buddy.
You had nothing to worry about.
Thanks a million. Kirsten,
this is Laura and Tyler.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Laura, Tyler, this is Kirsten.
She does this cool
contemporary flute thing.
- "Flute thing".
- Yeah.
And this is Peter on cello.
- I like your jacket.
- Do you? Thanks.
Well, we just came
over to say congrats.
I've never seen so many people
at one of these things.
You're the talk of the town.
- Thanks a million.
- Congratulations.
Thank you, mate. Alright.
Thanks so much for coming.
- "Talk of the town"!
- Yes, he is.
We're just gonna
go and get some...
- I bet you are.
- ..air.
Have fun!
I feel so fucking naughty.
Take it easy!
I'm a professional.
..I've been trying
to write a novel.
For ten years.
What...what's it about?
About ten pages.
No, it's...
It's about a spider
caught in its own web
and a woman who rescues it.
That's the beginning, anyway.
That sounds fucking beautiful.
I wish I could really
get it going, you know?
Or...give it up.
Not this...limbo.
So, why don't you?
I'm trying. I just can't...
I can't write every day.
I don't have that luxury.
I'm not saying you do. I...
I know you work hard,
and that is...
..motivating and heartening.
You could quit your job
if you need more time.
And live off what?
I owe Tyler rent every month.
That'll leave the two of us
in the lurch.
Reduce your hours, then.
I do bare minimum.
Move in with me.
You know, you could focus.
Come on.
Don't be a fucking amateur.
Cheers, T.
Oh, fuck!
I love you.
I love you too,
you fucking amateur.
Take that lightweight home.
And I went inside, and... was an entire room
of golden ocelots.
- Fucking weird!
- Isn't that mad?
How do you titillate
an ocelot?
You oscillate its tits a lot.
- Hiya.
- Tyler!
- Hi!
- Yes. You're here. Finally.
Sorry I'm late. I was just
putting out a cigarette.
You should think about knocking
that on the head, you know?
You won't get away with it
much longer.
Mmm, yeah, see, I smoke
for health purposes.
There's very good evidence
to suggest
that smoking prevents
unwanted conditions
such as inflammatory bowel
disease and pregnancy.
So, family...
..we have
a little announcement.
We're engaged!
Oh, my God!
Are you sure you know what
you're getting yourself into?
Aww! Amazing!
Well done.
I get it. You all think
I'm gonna die, don't ye?
No, Dad, it's not that. I...
I love him.
He's good, he's dedicated,
he's talented and...
..when he plays piano, oh!
It's the coolest thing
I've ever seen.
Will you be
my matron of honour?
I'll be your matron
of dishonour.
Come and have a glass of wine after,
at Jim's.
A glass of wine?
Who the fuck are you?
Your best friend who just made
a major life decision.
Come and have a fucking drink.
Well, let's have one now.
Why not?
Two large glasses
of white wine, please.
- Uh, lime and soda, please.
- Same.
Are you feeling OK?
I'm fine.
Are you sure you're OK?
I'm just laying off the booze
for a while.
- Work's pretty full-on.
- Ah.
There's wine in
the fridge there.
Help yourself. I don't mind.
Oh, well, if you don't mind...
You're pissed off.
I'm not.
Your body, your choice.
Listen, I've never done
a tour like this before.
I might never get
the chance to again.
I know. It's just...
Let's not put ourselves
out to pasture.
Let's keep having adventures.
I've never been as good
at partying as you.
Not true.
So I might not be your man for...
nocturnal adventures...
..but I could be
your rugged beast.
She made me feel like
I was being unfaithful to her.
No. She just loves you,
that's all.
I get it.
I thought I blocked
this number.
No. No, I don't want any of it.
I said I don't want
anything from him.
Hey, what is the best drink
to accompany the death
of a parent?
Because I'm ready to celebrate.
Define love.
True freedom.
Ah. So you're talking
unconditional? Not romantic?
No... Well...
Alright -
maximum contact
with maximum freedom.
Uh, that's not love.
That's a tampon ad.
So, I got you this.
Funny, because I got you...
Oh, God!
..f-f-fuck, fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...
..ffffuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,
I don't know which way
it happens sometimes.
I just know it happens.
That's love.
You know, but that's the funny
thing about poems, right?
That they reveal something new
every time you read them.
And I've tried to love
other things, but, um...
..words, you know, poetry,
it's the only thing
that I can come back to.
I mean, it's not like
my relationship with poetry
has been consistent
throughout my life.
I mean, luckily,
I believe all relationships
are creative acts
and they grow, change.
As is my love for poetry.
And that's the great thing
about poems too.
Like, we always...
..always find something new
every time we read one.
So, are you a poetry fan
or a wine fan?
But I came for the wine.
Yeah. I don't blame you.
See, I do. I think it's like
distilling whiskey, you know?
Oh, well, the first bit's crap,
the last bit's crap,
but that bit in the middle,
that's the good bit.
It's the same with writing.
See, I'd love to get there.
I can never seem to get
beyond the first crap bit.
I...I just...I can't seem
to get the clarity.
I can't seem to join up the dots.
Alright, so just stay up
all night pouring it out.
Well, the world is full of
glorious distraction, isn't it?
Well, you say distraction,
I say inspiration.
I suppose you've finished
hundreds of novels.
No, I, um...
I host these little salons
where people can try out
their new stuff.
I teach, give talks.
I'm a devoted reader.
I'm what you might call
an enabler.
I like the way you drink.
It's with a real sense of mortality.
It's a dying art.
Do you find
wine helps you write?
Not really. It...
..makes me care less
about whether I write or not.
So, why write at all
if you'd rather just...
care less?
How else to rage around
the dark mansion?
You know, I'm gonna
have to kiss you
if you keep talking like that.
I have to go.
Of course.
Good night?
Gin and tonic?
New regime.
You know, just a reminder -
your rent is overdue.
Oh, I've been staying at Jim's.
I have it. Sorry.
What's up?
I tried calling you the other night.
You didn't call me back.
Has something happened?
He's dead.
Sylvia called.
No, I'm...fine.
It's not the same for me
as it is for you.
So, I hear
there's this dress shop
that does free fizz
for brides to be.
All the bubblies
you can knock back.
Sounds like a challenge.
Doesn't it?
Can I help you, ladies?
I need some kind of
wedding dress.
Would you like some fizz
while you're looking?
- It's complimentary.
- Yes.
I just don't get this
virginal bride stuff.
It's very problematic.
That and the idea of
your father giving you away,
as if you were a human baton
being passed from
one tyrant to the next.
That is why my dad
is not gonna give me away.
It's gonna be
a very modern wedding.
Ha! The state of me!
The state of this whole
I'm gonna let you in on
a little secret, my friend.
There IS no such thing
as a modern wedding.
All this froth,
it's all prime example of
'watch the birdie' politics.
Look at the cupcakes!
Look at the cupcakes!
Look at the cupcakes!
Meanwhile, we're gonna keep
fucking you in the ass
AND paying you less.
The fuck's up with you?
Isn't marriage part
of the whole system
we've been railing against
all these years?
The stuff you do
because you feel you should
rather than because
you actually want to?
Yeah, but I do want
to marry Jim.
No, you don't.
You've just been conditioned
to feel that if you don't,
your life is somehow
less valuable.
Let's just have a drink.
Why don't you try one on?
- Ugh!
- We can do a montage!
Marriage, by definition,
is archaic and oppressive.
What about gay marriage?
Is that a proposal?
If I could marry you, Tyler, I would.
I wouldn't marry you.
I wouldn't put you through that.
See, I have principles.
I have principles.
And my feminism is about
blazing a new way
through old traditions.
Horse pucky!
"We are not defined
by how we are,
"but how we try to be."
You know none of this
changes our friendship?
So you're still gonna
live with me?
You could get a new housemate.
I don't want a new housemate.
- Could be fun.
- I hate fun.
I thought you liked him.
I did.
He's just gotten so PR-sheeny.
He abbreviated the word
'interview' the other day.
I just don't understand
why it has to be just him.
He's not enough.
- Can I help you, ladies?
- I'll take this one.
- You're buying it?!
- I am.
You could go to his for sex
and then just come home to me.
See him, other lovers,
AND write, AND party,
AND still be free.
Why define yourself
by this one relationship?
Tell me you don't want more.
Why cut yourself off
from other possibilities?
Other men. Women. Variety.
Aren't you scared of
becoming too civilian?
Tell me you haven't wanted to.
Hmm? With anyone?
How are you, girls?
What's the matter now, love?
Is your body too bootylicious
for me?
It's bored.
My body is too bored.
Been shopping, have you?
What's in the bag?
Blow-up dolls and ketamine.
Look, this isn't you. Alright?
But it's OK.
You said yes on a crazy whim,
but it's not too late.
We can get you out of this,
and I'm gonna help you.
- I asked him.
- What?
I asked Jim to marry me.
Don't move a muscle,
'cause we are doing this.
- We are going deep tonight.
- Yep.
- You want the same?
- Definitely.
Oh, wait.
I don't have any money.
Oh. Hmm...
- Well, I never.
- Hi!
- And who might this be?
- Um...Tyler, this is Marty.
He did a talk the other day
at the Wandering Dust,
which was very inspiring.
Marty, this is Tyler,
my best friend and flatmate.
- Enchan-fucking-te.
- Hi.
Anyway, it was nice to see you.
Well, why don't you join us?
OK. Um...white wine, right?
Oh! Exactly.
- You dirty dog.
- Shh!
- Tell me everything.
- There's nothing to tell.
Two sisters.
And I say, "OK, bozos,
"what is the worst thing
you can hear
"right before having sex?"
"Put this horse's-tail
butt plug in"?
"Call me Uncle Mo."
Close! Very close. But no cigarillo.
"Make a face like
you don't understand."
Huh? Huh?
He's perfect.
For who? For you?
Alright. Who fancies another?
I do.
Nope. I have to go.
We have to go.
Your feet are like stones.
I walked home.
Is that not dangerous?
Not for a wolf-woman.
I love you, Jim.
I love you, Laura.
And I think you should leave
your wife for me.
They're going to build
a statue of you.
It'll be the two of us,
immortalised in marble.
- Noble.
- Mmm.
Looking lovely, girls.
Playtime's over, lads.
Let's just stay focussed
on the mission at hand.
- The dress!
- Yes.
The dress. The dress.
- My dress.
- Number seven, right?
Uh-huh. I think so.
- It's your lucky number.
- Shut it, you filthy pimp.
Well, hello.
This is actually good timing.
I'm having a little salon.
Just a few friends sharing
their works in progress.
You guys should come up, join us.
- OK!
- Yay.
What have you got in there, anyway?
Random thoughts.
- I know!
- What?
You should showcase yourself
here tonight!
You could read something
magnificent about me!
You could write it right now.
Come on.
I can't work under
this kind of pressure!
Oh, come on!
You can work something up.
It's literature, not an omelette.
Ugh! Please don't mention food.
Thank you, Dylan.
- Yeah.
- That was fucking beautiful.
- Hi.
- Hi. Mmm.
Laura and Tyler,
may I introduce you
to Dublin's finest
alt-minimalist poet, Gavin?
I prefer to go by my nom
de plume, the Avant Gardener.
Well, this is Laura,
and she is gonna read
something tonight as well.
- Isn't that right?
- Uh...
'Cause her prose are finer
than the pubes of angels.
Well, we look forward to it.
Sit. Hi.
That'll do. Again.
This is good whisky.
Now, earlier tonight,
we spoke about beginnings.
Right? About creating
a space for new ideas.
No matter how unformed
or unfinished they might be.
Do you want to share?
This is the nuclear summer.
And I am thirsty...for sand.
Your DM...
..made me do sweat drop emojis.
And I hate emojis.
That's all I have
to give tonight.
Hear, hear.
Hey. Did you, uh...
want to share something?
- Yes. Yes, she does.
- Uh...
Uh, um, um...hmm.
I was gonna read something
about my best friend, Tyler, um...
I feel like I'm always
making notes about her.
But I've been looking through
my notes, and, uh...
Go. Go, go.
Even small tidbits are fine.
It's...a bit unformed.
So what?
I always think of that...
Yeats poem.
"With beauty like a tightened bow
"The kind that is not natural
in an age like this."
And why try and improve
on perfection, right?
"Was there another Troy
for her to burn?"
Fucking plagiarism, Lola?
Come on. You're better
than this. Read something.
"Talent borrows.
Genius steals."
I thought you were an artist.
Fuck you.
When and where am I supposed
to write anything new?
In my beautiful apartment.
A hotbed of creation!
Yeah, about that - I think
it's time I moved in with Jim.
I need to start taking things
seriously, saving some cash.
So, I thought Yeats was
the perfect choice.
Thank you.
Although, I don't agree
with you entirely.
I think you need to get over
your worries about perfection,
or you're never gonna
finish this novel.
- Why?
- 'Cause everyone I know is writing a novel.
Do you know how many are
actually gonna finish one?
Yeah, I think that's optimistic.
Listen, we'll talk
properly tomorrow.
Roger that.
So, it seems like
everyone is moving on.
And I think I'm gonna go
with that Avant Gardener.
You're, uh,
welcome to stay.
I can root out your dress,
call you a cab.
What's an animal's primary need?
- Food.
- Sex.
Have fun. I'll catch you later.
- Yeah?
- Mmm.
Do you partake?
- What is it?
- Coke.
Hmm. An aristocrat.
Uh, something like that.
Ladies first.
So, Tyler was
on fine form tonight.
She gets aggressive in spring.
Ah. She's quite the revolutionary.
It's about owning our bodies.
Curating our experiences
based on our desires.
And do you?
Every day...
..and every night.
Can you feel that, baby?
Uh...not really.
It's quite off-putting.
Well, what about this?
Listen, I ain't getting
nothing off that.
How about you give me some
for my nose?
Or is that not the point?
You want this up your nose?
I'd quite like some fresh.
I'm...sorry, I've come over all...
Something like that.
Mmm! Mmm.
"..they were legion.
"A fucking mess"...
Hmm. OK.
Why don't you leave
some clothes here?
You could have your own drawer.
Imagine. The luxury!
Leave some pants here.
I dare you.
So...I'll move in here?
We'll live here?
What did you think we'd do?
Very nice!
You know we're going to them,
they're not coming here?
Oh, I know.
This is all for you.
So, what happened with, uh,
"O Captain! My Captain!"?
- Got my dress back.
- What a relief.
We're not drinking.
We're going to meet a baby.
Well, I had nothing else to do
this morning, so...
I lost my job, Lo.
Two weeks ago.
They caught me doing mandy
off the bean sacks.
So I'm gonna need
your rent, like...
Whew! You two smell
Do try and contain yourself, Tyler.
So antisocial.
Shoes, Tyler.
Yes, yes.
Hey, look at this! It's like
fucking Bethlehem in here!
Tyler! What a lovely surprise.
Jim's off to Berlin.
He sends his love.
Ooh, Berlin.
Nice for some, eh?
Oh, sis!
We need a large bucket of ice,
preferably cold, freezing.
For fuck's sake,
you're locked.
You're right.
YOU'RE 32.
It's getting embarrassing.
Oh, here, someone
has to break it to you.
Sooner or later,
the party has to end.
Because you get left behind
and you become a tragedy.
Well, tragedy plus time
equals comedy.
Jeannie, I've got something for you.
Something you're gonna like.
I don't want drugs in my house.
Oh, come on.
This house is full of drugs.
Caffeine. Alcohol.
Your father's antidepressants.
Your antidepressants.
You told her
I was on antidepressants?!
I was trying to convince her
you were still cool.
Plus, I know what you ground up
in there last summer!
The night we did
the macarena, hmm?
The night we kissed?
Let's do the math, shall we?
That was about...
..eight and a half months ago?
Shut the fuck up, Tyler,
or I swear to God,
I'll run you through
with a breadknife!
There she is.
Good old Jeannie.
I knew she still had
that fighting spirit inside.
This is how you want
to meet your niece?
I'm breastfeeding!
So, Laura, how's the writing
coming, then?
Are you going to move in
with Jim before the wedding?
Actually, I thought you should
keep your room on as an office.
You know what?
That's not a bad idea.
What, like joint custody?
And what's so wrong
with joint custody?
A lot of families do it.
You don't have to be
so 20th century about it.
And you don't have to
always make everything
so difficult and unpleasant.
- Hey.
- You know she does.
Do you know I do?
Aww! Mmm!
Look how beautiful my niece is.
Today is all about Shirley.
Julian! Uh...
This way, Lo!
Put her down.
She's fine with me.
What is your problem, Jean?
You're fine with your Aunty Lo.
Aren't you, Shirley, girl?
- Laura...
- What? What?
Laura! What is wrong with you?
Uh, white wine, salt and Perrier -
that's how you get red wine
out of a baby.
Get her out of here!
Come on, Tyler. Let's go.
- Shh-sh-sh-sh.
- Darling.
Did you see those cards?
"Welcome to the club -
the baby club!"
Let me tell you about
the baby club, my friend.
The baby club is like
one of those God-awful
discotheques in Temple Bar
where it's packed with tourists
and you can't get
a decent drink,
and the minute that
somebody new walks in,
everybody looks at them
with this fucking desperate,
manic glee,
because they're so relieved
that some other poor fucker
fell into their club
after they paid 20 quid
and they can't leave.
I know we come
from different places,
and I am sorry about that.
You're the one who spilled
the wine on the baby.
- You made the martinis.
- And you drank 'em.
You're just as fucked as me!
Look, T, I...
We will always have each other,
but there comes a time
when there needs to be room
for other things.
Are you saying we need space?
I'm 30 next week.
It's fine.
Look, 30 doesn't hurt.
You sound like one of those
fucking motivational cards -
"Thirty isn't hurty."
We said we'd be
in New York City together
by the time we were 30.
Wait, do you hear that?
- What?
- Shhh.
I don't hear anything.
It's the non-sound
of the suburbs.
They sell it as peace,
but really, it's just death...
closing in.
Want breakfast?, thanks.
I'll just grab something
and work through.
I can't believe you're even up
after such a late flight.
I'm a machine.
So, how did it go
meeting Shirley?
Did it make you broody?
Made me clumsy.
I spilled wine on her.
As social faux pas go,
it is right up there.
I'm letting all the sides down.
You're not letting me down.
What is it?
- What?
- Huh?
Oh, listen...I think I might
actually have to let you down.
I don't think I can make it
to Tyler's party.
I have a thing, thing,
and I just need to be
super fresh, you know?
What kind of work thing?
It's a recital for the board.
Very fancy.
And then after,
they're announcing this fellowship,
and I'm short-listed.
It's alright, though.
You don't have to go.
That's...that's amazing, Jim!
- Which day is it?
- Saturday.
But you don't have to go,
Yeah, you said that already.
It's fine. Tyler's party
is on the Friday.
- What time is your thing?
- Two.
I don't think
I can manage both, though.
And you should, you know,
fully explore Tyler's party.
You can't let her down.
I can function in your world,
you know.
I know.
I never said you couldn't.
You don't want me to come.
Of course I do.
- Hey.
- Hey!
Oh! How are my two
favourite people?
Happy birthday.
Oh, thank you!
Mmm. It's like a roux.
It's worth it.
- Hmm. Hmm?
- Nah.
- I'm gonna grab a drink.
- Yes.
How come you invited him?
To keep the dream alive?
What happened between you two?
- Nothing.
- Mmm. Liar.
- You can't breathe a word.
- Of course not.
He was pure porno 1984.
What? Pussy or ass?
- What a waste.
- That's exactly what I said!
- Right?
- Yes!
Oh! Please don't leave
too early.
Oh, no, I won't.
Oh, I was so fucked.
And I remember I tried
to go home the next day
and my mam was like...
I needed a new raison d'tre.
I'm sorry.
Uh, did you want some
before we clear up?
- Yeah!
- Mmmm!
As long as I'm in bed
for three, it's totally fine.
Totally fine.
So, there was this one time
that Lo and I were
at this music festival
and a proper insect
fell out of Lo's vagina.
- It was my pubes!
- Whatever!
Whatever. It was like
a fucking tick or something.
Honestly, I thought we agreed
to leave this anecdote for dinner parties.
Well, anyways,
when she got home,
she had to, like, shave the lot off.
You know, like,
full Hollywood, right?
So, when she comes out
of the bathroom
and I see her for
the first time, I was like,
"Lo! That haircut has taken
years off of you."
Mmm, so,
how does it feel to be 30?
Linear time is
a trick of the light.
I should probably stop
at 6am on the dot.
Baby, that is so feasible,
it's verging on logic.
When did everybody
get so serious?
I want to go beyond
analysis tonight.
I think the three of us might
be the last true dreamers.
- Amen!
- I need to piss.
Sometimes the best reason
is a vacation from reason.
Birthdays aren't the best time
for deep-and-meaningfuls,
you know?
Way too much pressure.
There's too much anticlimax.
You know that Yeats line
about choosing life or art?
Yeah, The Choice.
"The intellect of man
is forced to choose
"Perfection of the life
or of the work."
Yeah. I think that's true
for women too.
When you're just running and
running and you're not sure
if someone's actually
following you or not.
But you just keep running.
And you just fucking
keep going, just...
And I'm swearing that the dogs
are fucking following us,
'cause every bark that we hear,
I'm like, "That's her dog."
She definitely has more than
one dog when she's there.
- Uh-huh.
- Right. 11am.
- One for the road.
- OK. Let's make it count.
Are you OK?
Sign of a good night.
This is the bit where I puke.
"But by turns fascinated...
"By turns fascinated
and reassured,
"his mouth, his composure,
his steady, loving gaze.
"In some moments, I wanted
to be owned by him."
What are you doing?
That's private.
Since when? Why, what is it?
What is this bogus bullshit?
I don't understand.
I mean, who are you, Jean?
You're just another one
of the fucking herd?
I mean, you don't believe this?
I'm leaving, Tyler.
Wait, OK. Wait, wait, wait.
Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait.
Don't forget your shades, huh?
- What is your problem?
- You. This.
OK. You know what?
Why don't you just go the fuck
home, then, little kiddie? Hmm?
Go bury your head
in some big man's lap
and sleep the rest
of your life away.
But let me tell you something.
One day,
you're gonna wake up 45
and you're not gonna know how.
When you're old and grey
and full of sleep...
Stop it!
Stop with the fucking poetry!
Just remember,
you bailed first, Lolo!
You bailed first.
Isn't this amazing?
Isn't Jim the greatest?
I'm so proud of you.
You are so gonna win.
Look at this place.
Look at all of you.
Um...uh, this is
my fiance, Laura.
Would you please look after her
while I get us
a couple of drinks?
She's a writer.
..I'm more of a typist
at the moment.
I aspire to be
as dedicated as Jim is.
I aspire to be a lot of things,
But I-I-I'm trying to nail
the work-life balance,
or more like
the work-party balance.
Work hard, play hard, you know.
But these days and nights
are still passing in a blur.
It's like 10 years can just
slip by unnoticed.
How does that even happen?
A whole decade just...gone.
Anyway, so, it was...
Oh, fu...
- Shit. Sorry.
- Oh!
He's been putting himself
under so much pressure.
That's OK. It's just
these shoes and this floor.
Not a good combination.
We can't even say
you were drunk!
You know, he's not had a drink
for two months.
I haven't either.
It's a terrible thing, alcohol.
Makes...people dicks.
I'll, um...catch up with you later.
Good luck.
Thank you.
I'll be a few minutes.
Just after we got engaged?
The land of the golden ocelots.
It was a drunken mistake.
I was drunk.
I feel like...
..the reality of this
isn't right for either of us.
The abstract of marriage
is manifesting...
The reality is
me and you, Laura.
That's not abstract. It's real.
- Did you fuck her?
- No.
But you touched her tits?
Did you eat her pussy?
This is just a waste
of good entertainment.
What happened?
Jim cheated on me.
- Fucking hell.
- Mmm.
And I cheated on him.
Do you want a drink?
I'll get her.
Shh. Shh. Shh, shh, shh.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
Things are pretty fucked up,
What are you gonna do?
I don't know.
Can I stay here tonight?
Got anything going spare
in your property empire?
It's a few flats.
Maybe I know of
something small.
Small is good.
Small is all I need.
Shh, shh, shh.
What's so funny?
You can't just put a baby
on the floor
when you're done with it,
Like a handbag!
She's fine. People are
hysterical about babies.
Let's go to the airport.
Let's go.
Let's go!
The dawn of your new decade.
How are you feeling?
I'm covered in fungus.
Come on, piglet.
I'll roast you a pizza.
Thank you.
So, today I've got a
solo date with him.
But no,
they're supporting this.
Like, they're actually
having him go on a date
and then putting her,
to embarrass her, to be like,
"No, women actually...
Lucky, poor them.
"They're trying to find
"Too bad they can't get any.
"That's why they've got to go
on this date.
"So sad. Poor her."
Yeah, so,
obviously, all of us here...
Look, you know,
I'm not happy for anyone
who gets to go on a date
with Stacey.
But if Rick does get a
one-on-one, I'd be very upset.
I think this seriously would be
an incredible place
to fall in love.
Stacey's gonna spend
more time with one of us,
and to be there
watching her enjoy a place
that she's always
wanted to go.
I can't wait to go on a date
with Stacey in Dublin.
How's that going down?
Oh, it's disgusting.
So, what do you think?
I think vodka's our only option.
Do you love me, Laura?
Not enough.
Put the fag out, Bogart.
Or what?
Or you will feel the wrath
of my jujitsu.
Oof! I have got the major
fanny gallops.
Fuck. I think
I just started my period.
It might even be late.
I don't know.
I sort of lost track.
It's always a relief, isn't it?
I feel weird.
20 years and it still
surprises me every time.
Like a season.
I got the decorators in too.
Now, more importantly,
what are you gonna sing?
You Oughta Know?
Actually, T,
do you mind if we split?
No. We only just got here.
Come on. You're developing
a terrible habit of leaving.
Are you alright
to just get a taxi?
First up, we have Tyler
singing Royals.
I'm up.
Come on, stay for my song.
And we'll never be royals
It don't run in our blood
That kind of lux
just ain't for us
We crave
a different kind of buzz
- Let me be your ruler
- Ruler
You can call me Queen Bee
- And, baby, I'll rule
- I'll rule, I'll rule...
I'm proud of you, sis.
For what?
For giving a beautiful speech.
For being here.
Bummed this off the barman.
- One of THOSE non-smokers!
- Mmm.
Give us a drag.
Quick. Before he brings
Shirley out here.
He looks sick.
He does.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Tell me about the
next time we met.
You were driving a tram.
It wasn't even my tram.
It was the coolest thing
I've ever seen.
Was any of it real?
All of it.
Come on,
you're better than this.
What it takes, my friend,
is inspiration.
Did you mean that last night?
Did you?
You haven't thought about
the actual married bit
of being married?
I'm here.
And here.
And here, and here, and here.
And here, and here,
and here, and here...
And here.
And here. And here...
I'm here.
If I gave you a party,
would you come?
'Cause I plan hot parties,
big fun
If I invite you over,
please come
I will keep it hot, then some
If I begged you to party,
would you come?
I've got plenty of good, hot
lovin', come get some
If I offered all my lovin',
would you run?
See, I guarantee a party
and hot fun
If I kissed you on your hand,
would you come?
If I held you in my arms,
would you come?
If I opened up my heart,
would you run?
Well, I'm throwing you
a party, please come
If I kissed you on your
shoulder, would you come?
If I kissed you all over,
would it run?
If I got you wet and ready
for the sun
Would it make you moan
and want to shoot your gun?
Well, I'm giving you a party,
please come
And I'll kiss you
where you want it, so come
And I'm begging you to stay,
don't run
I will keep myself wide open
if you come
Are you ready for your party?
Please come
I will keep you hot
and hearty, come, come
I am begging you
to please me, please come
I am giving you a party,
oh, come
If I gave you a party,
would you come?
'Cause I plan hot parties,
big fun
If I invite you over,
please come
I will keep it hot,
then some
If I begged you to party,
would you come?
I've got plenty of good,
hot lovin', come get some
If I offered all my lovin',
would you run?
See, I guarantee a party
and hot fun...