Animator (2018) Movie Script

Hey, maybe we should
call the doctor, babe.
It's not labor.
Are you sure?
This is the same pain I
always have, no more, no less.
Here, come here.
Oh, that makes it better.
I think I like Lynette,
if it's a girl, Jim.
- Lynette?
- Mm-hm.
Yeah, that sounds just right.
And if it's a boy?
I still wanna name him after my dad.
I found all those good boy names
and we're back to Cornelius.
We can shorten it to Neal.
I like that.
It's okay, you're okay.
I'm right here.
Look at you.
A fine boy with your grandpa's name.
Neal's cooler though, right?
NURSE: Mr. Stewart, please
come with me, it's your wife.
- What, is something wrong?
- Just come, hurry.
(SIGHS) What am I lookin' at?
MECHANIC: You're lookin'
at two for the tuneup.
With the brake job?
That's 400. (NEAL GROANS)
You got to watch out for the hood.
That still happens to me.
You're killing me, man.
Killing me.
Go ahead, add 10 more.
Whoa, you sure you wanna do that?
(CHUCKLES) I can handle it.
Go ahead, Sebastian.
Neal you'll kill yourself to
get out of payin' for dinner.
That's 'cause he still owes
me, how much is it now, Neal?
I thought you was supposed to be
workin' late tonight, Trey?
Oh, I had to come down
here and see if you get this
One more, one more, one more.
All right, you win.
I'll see you in the mornin', Neal.
- Yeah.
- Take it easy, Trey.
That was an easy bet.
Some people never learn, huh?
That's all right.
- I'll let you pick the place.
- Oh, thanks.
- So what'd you decide?
- About what?
You know, was it chapter 11 or 13?
I don't really have a choice
if I don't get this raise.
It's not about a raise,
Neal, you make enough.
Neal, think about it, it's just, you know,
what're you gonna do down the
road when you have a family?
(CHUCKLES) A family?
Not even on the radar?
Look, man, I'm teachin' a
series on money management
startin' next week, you should come.
See, that figures!
You always wanted me to be your student!
Even when we were kids.
That's what I do, Neal.
Hey, it can't hurt.
But you will have to finally
darken the church doorstep.
I'll think about it, Dr. James.
Damn it.
So, the thinking behind
most of our designs,
was to focus on the box
and what it keeps in.
The cold.
As you can see here, in this one,
it's kind of a clash
between this text here,
and these elements.
What the hell?
You missed the street, stop,
man, just let me out here!
NEAL: Hey, I'm sorry I'm late.
15 minutes late, you
must be Mr. Stewart.
NEAL: Yeah I had to take
a ride, I had this meeting.
I lock the door at seven PM sharp.
Next time, it remains locked.
Take a seat.
The assignment is to draw
yourself in a tough situation,
where you have to use
your wits to get out.
That's easy.
I'll just draw why I was late.
Okay, then.
Draw the story out, frame by frame.
Let's see what you come up with.
CO-WORKER: Pretty awesome
from a design standpoint,
and I think it still
hits most of the points
that Susan brought up in our last meeting.
Okay, fellas, just because it's cold
doesn't mean it has to be blue!
You seem very proud of this one,
which looks exactly like this one.
I've got a solution.
Throw all this the hell out.
Polar Solutions.
BOSS: I think we can all
learn something from today.
- Fine job.
- Thanks, sir.
Thanks so much, meeting
adjourned, everyone.
All right, excuse me.
Well done.
Class, let's take 10 minutes, okay?
Mr. Stewart.
Could I talk to you for a minute?
I don't have to tell you
that you are light-years
ahead of the rest of the class.
You're a natural, Mr. Stewart.
Does that mean I should quit my day job?
But you know, most of
these kids would kill
to work at your company.
Overworked and underpaid.
50% of my job is creative,
the rest is pure frustration,
meetings, strategy, and
pulling knives out of my back.
(CHUCKLES) Well, yeah.
I understand that.
I'm curious about you, Stewart.
Did you inherit your talent?
My dad is an engineer.
There's not an artistic bone in his body.
My mom?
My mom, either.
She's really my step-mom, I
didn't really know my mom.
Yeah, she died when I was born.
I, too, was a motherless child.
Felt like I was the only one.
What if I gave you a problem to solve?
Could you draw it out to the conclusion?
Like a math problem?
No, (CHUCKLES) no, no, a life problem.
Let's see, are you married?
- No.
- Engaged?
Nothin' serious.
Sounds like a committed bachelor.
No, that's not it, just
haven't met the right girl yet.
So let's say you find someone special.
You fall in love.
And then it all falls apart.
But this time, you don't wanna lose her.
Draw it out.
Fix it.
If it falls apart, she wasn't for me.
But that's not real love.
Losing someone you love?
It's unthinkable.
Try it.
See what you come up with.
Why should I?
That's not what I signed up for.
Why did you sign up?
I can't teach you thing
about drawing story boards.
But there's so much more to animation.
More than you could ever dream of.
So this isn't an assignment,
this is a life test.
And if you pass, you'll be
given something of great value.
NEAL: (chuckles) What?
Look, um, I'll be honest.
I've been looking for someone to mentor.
For years, outside of class.
If you'd do me the honors.
Give me a call,
when you've made some
progress on the question.
But don't put it off.
Time is of the essence.
What the...
Carmen, honey, you won't believe this.
Isn't that a smile?
Could be.
Or not.
I can't be sure.
Well, I'm certain of it.
And this can only mean one thing.
I can finally stop looking.
This is the High School Project.
It captures students and their
favorite quotes and comments
on the world as they see it.
I especially like this one.
That "life is like photography."
"We develop from the negatives."
A lot of wisdom for such a young age.
I've been working on the High
School Project for a couple of
years and the gallery just
invited me into their competition
so, I'm really excited.
Oh, you're the artist?
These are really good.
But this one's my favorite,
how much for this one, um...
Neal Stewart.
Pleased to meet you, Neal.
They're $200 each and 20% off,
if you're interested in grouping four.
Whoa, ho-ho!
I'm lookin' at one, you
tryin' to get me to buy four?
No, no, not at all!
But groupings are really hot right now.
Easy on the decorating budget.
I'll tell you what,
even though I don't have
a whole lot of room on the wall right now,
I'll consider it, if
you'll have coffee with me,
when you're done here.
No, thanks, I don't mix
business with pleasure.
Oh, call it an educational meeting.
Artist to artist.
TINA: You're an artist?
I do promotional campaigns and such.
That's cool, but no thanks.
In that case, I'll just take this one.
You're all set.
Thank you.
NEAL: And just in case
you change your mind?
Oh, you mind if I take your picture?
I like to capture my customers.
- Yeah, that's good.
- Yeah?
Thanks, and enjoy.
- Mr. Albright.
Please, come in.
This is a nice place.
Thanks, my wife did the whole house.
Come in, have a seat.
Neal, I imagine you're wondering
why I invited you tonight.
I'm, uh, I'm in a tough spot.
I was hoping you could help me.
How could I possibly help you?
Simply put, I need
your answer to that test.
I haven't done it yet, I don't know how.
All right.
I'll give you the answer.
The solution is...
To love your significant other more.
And it's not important how you get there.
This is very old.
It belongs to the Bu Tribe.
And I've had it since
I was about your age.
What is it?
It's a griot.
Do you know what that is?
African storyteller, I think?
Very good, Neal.
You're exactly right.
And this one...
Long ago, the Bu people of
West Africa depended entirely
on the griots' oral traditions
to preserve their histories.
The villages, made up
of extended families,
could grow to a great
number, even thousands.
The griots kept everyone
connected over the generations.
Over time, the longstanding
oral traditions evolved
into drawings that would more
richly record the stories.
One day, the spirit of life
entered these drawings,
and they moved.
Legend says that the men who
made these magic drawings
passed on their ability
to others like themselves.
These gifted men all
had something in common.
Each lost their mothers to
the rigors of childbirth.
It seems, our mothers
left us with a foothold
into the supernatural.
It seems, Neal, that
my mother, like yours,
chose to give her life for mine.
That's why I invited you here tonight.
You see, I've been looking
for my successor for years.
To what?
I call it the gift.
And it's an awesome responsibility,
but I need your trust.
Now, you may be wondering, "why now?"
My, uh...
My wife is dying of cancer.
And I'm going to save her, but
I have to give up the gift,
I have to pass it on to do it.
You're saying that this
gift can save the dying?
No, no, not exactly, the
gift allows the animator to...
Dictate the future, to
manipulate destiny, so to speak.
I mean, that's why I wanted to test you,
but there's no time for that now.
Have you ever watched
someone you loved die?
There's a little less of her every day.
And less of me, too.
So this can make your wife healthy?
Not until I pass the
gift onto you, Neal.
So then we'll both have it?
I lose the gift when I pass it on.
NEAL: Then what happens to you?
Follow me.
This is my wife.
My signature,
begins the action.
My passing along the gift to you,
completes it.
Raise your hand.
Hold it up.
This is our secret for now.
You can find your way out?
Carmen, baby, come on.
You got to eat somethin'.
You always...
The love of my life.
(GASPS) Gerald.
Why did you do this?
Why did you do this, Gerald?
I told you not to.
I told you not to.
Miss, can you help me?
Tina, right?
Neal, hello yourself.
- You work here?
- Mm, part-time, for benefits.
Well, since you're working again,
I'll try to stick to business.
I special ordered some paper and pencils.
Hm, well, special orders
are kept in the back.
Let me know if you need
anything else while I go check.
NEAL: Absolutely.
Are you enjoying your new photograph?
Oh, I haven't hung it yet.
I can't seem to find the right place.
Maybe you can help me with that?
Are you trying to get me to your crib?
Strictly business.
You can charge a fee for
hanging art, you know.
Is this what you wanted?
Is this for your job?
No, no, animation project.
I can tell you all about it over dinner?
First coffee, then your
place, and now dinner.
I'm seeing a steady progression here.
You know, why don't
we have dinner, tonight?
May Street Steakhouse, 8:30?
I'll see you there?
See you then.
NEAL: Okay.
Sorry I'm late, things got busy.
It's okay, I haven't been here long.
Could I start you off with some wine,
maybe one of our cocktails?
Oh, whatever you like.
We'll have a bottle of the house Merlot.
- It's really good here.
- Very good, sir.
You look great.
Thank you.
Pretty suave yourself.
Oh, before I forget.
This is for you.
You are good.
Thanks a lot.
So, how was your day?
(CHUCKLES) It went really well.
An old client hired me to
shoot her daughter's wedding,
but I don't do weddings.
Why not?
I hear that's really good money.
Oh, the money is there,
it's just that I'm not.
I really prefer shooting the
mundane, making it powerful.
- The unexpected, the unique.
- The unique?
Like me?
Did you start that animation project?
Mm, I'm in no hurry, I kinda
got kicked out of the class.
(CHUCKLES) How do you get
kicked out of an art class?
I didn't know that was possible.
The instructor said
that I didn't quite fit in
with the Friday night class.
Well, you're either really bad, or,
really good.
What do you think?
Oh, yeah, look at that.
That's what I'm sayin', we
can't come back around all...
I'm sorry, sir, but your
card has been declined.
Are you sure?
WAITER: I tried it
twice, you have another one?
Do you take checks?
I'm afraid not.
This is crazy.
You know, this is crazy,
it should've gone through.
This has never happened
before, it's not...
Oh, don't bother, I'll see myself out.
Have a nice life.
CARMEN: Who is it, Rose?
Oh, it's Neal Stewart?
Come in, I've been expecting you.
I need to have a word with
this young man in private.
I'll join you in the kitchen
as soon as we're done.
Thank you.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but,
I really need to speak to your husband.
Please sit.
Gerald is dead.
What? When?
Night before last, just after you left.
Wait a minute, you were sick.
He said he was gonna save you.
He did save me.
Neal, there's something about the gift
that you must understand.
You can draw whatever you imagine.
Sign it, and it happens.
But there's a catch.
When it comes to life and death,
in order to save a life,
you must give yours.
This belongs to you now.
MAN: And get sucked
down and under the water
and then shot back up 20 feet in the air...
NEAL: Well, hello, Miss Miller.
- Oh, hi.
- Hey, I'm Neal.
MAN: Dave.
- So you know my lady?
- Used to.
NEAL: Just returning
something that belongs to her.
TINA: What is this?
Enjoy your lunch.
Who was that guy?
A customer from the
gallery with a balance.
And now he's paid in full.
What up, Trey?
You tell me, man.
What about cash money?
There's that 200 bills I owe you.
So soon?
Hey. (SIGHS)
- Debra sure is fine.
- (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
But she's got a real
attitude problem, man.
A genuine ice princess.
I bet you I could melt that ice.
Maybe, but you got to get
her to notice you first, Trey.
Yeah, you're right. (SIGHS)
I got to get back.
All right, homie.
Wonder if she'd like Thai food.
I like Thai food, should
take her to Thai food.
What's up?
Hey, Debra.
Man, what the hell was that?
She just walked by and didn't
even say nothin' to me.
She always does that,
man, why you trippin'?
Yeah, but Neal.
We got it on in the break
room after you left, man.
Sure you did.
No, I'm serious.
Yo, I forgot my charger at my desk.
- I'll catch you at the game.
- All right, man.
Hey, man.
What is this?
No, no, no, no, no, no, you
took it back too far, Abe.
ABE: Same as always, Neal.
This is not what I usually get!
Can you fix it?
Well, maybe your hairline
is doin' the moonwalk.
Nothin' I can do about that.
All right!
Tina, it's Neal.
I was hoping you were free
for dinner tomorrow night.
Then it's a date?
Tomorrow at seven.
I'm looking forward to it.
Come on!
- Woo!
- What the hell, man?
You're like a one-man team out there.
Xs and Os, baby, just like I drew it up.
Drew it up?
All right, fellas, take it easy.
Mm-hm, mm-hm, good game, fellas.
Better luck next time, my man.
You know I wasn't lyin' about Debra.
What're you talkin' about?
It's all right here, Neal.
You went through my stuff?
I did you a favor by takin' this.
What if Dan had seen this?
Yo, I get with Debra,
and you have the game of
your life on the same day?
- What is this, Fantasy Island?
- Look, Debra was on fire.
I saw the way she was lookin'
at you, so I locked the door!
Work was slow, so I drew it
out to its logical conclusion.
Call it kinky, if you want.
PHONE: One new message.
WOMAN: Hi, Mr. Stewart,
this is First Principal Bank.
We noticed some potential
fraudulent activity on your
account, please give us a call
at your earliest convenience.
You can reach us...
NEAL: Because I feel
like it has potential.
People get bitter.
TINA: I don't know that that's the way
it works in restaurants,
I just, I feel like...
(LAUGHS) Thank you.
So listen, I hate to change
the mood, but I got to ask,
- is Dave your man?
- (LAUGHS) No.
We've known each other
a long time, though.
As a matter of fact, we had
it out last night about you.
He freaked out after your
entrance at the restaurant.
I can't handle pressure
from him, it's over.
I can't say I'm sorry to hear it.
Let's make a toast.
Should I call us a ride?
Ah, you too, bye.
Thank you.
Okay, whoa. (LAUGHS)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Whoa!
- I got this.
I know you do. (TINA LAUGHS)
I got you, just in case you don't, though.
- Okay, I'm gonna go this...
- Uh-huh, okay, I got you.
No, no, no! (LAUGHS)
Oh, my god, what happened?
What happened? (CHUCKLES)
I don't know.
The time really flew.
It's past midnight.
Does that mean it's
too lat for a nightcap?
(CHUCKLES) After three glasses of wine,
do we really need a nightcap?
What I really want is
for this date not to end.
That would mean I'd have to
invite you in, wouldn't it?
No, I really, I think maybe it was like,
it's a cap to your night, you know?
Yeah, but that's, I mean that
doesn't make sense 'cause...
- Hello, Tina!
- Oh.
Isn't it past your bed time?
- Hey, you got company, huh?
- Okay, goodnight.
- Goodnight, Mrs. Chandler.
- Yes, goodnight!
NEAL: Oh, oh, uh-uh.
- What happened?
- Um...
It's okay, I've got another one.
Good morning.
NEAL: Good morning.
Do you always get up
before the sun to sketch?
Only on special days.
I had to draw this.
WOMAN: Come on, your
coffee's gettin' cold.
- I'll call Juju.
- No, no, no, no, no!
Let her play, I want
time with my baby sister.
You know, it's funny.
I give my daughter a regal
name like Julia, what sticks?
The silly nickname her
auntie Tina gave her.
Oh, well come on, hurry up, I
wanna hear about last night.
Well, his name is Neal, second date.
It went much better than
the first, I must say.
Oh, wow, when'd you start
givin' guys a second chance?
I know, I know, but something about him
just made me want to.
You kissed him, didn't you?
I did.
SISTER: Wait, you didn't?
Are those new curtains?
Oh, don't you even try
to change the subject!
You slept with him, didn't you?
After the second date?
Tina, that is not like you.
I know, I know, but it just felt so...
It's official, you have lost your mind.
You really need to take
your butt back to church.
- Aunt Tina, Aunt Tina!
- Juju, look at you!
Oh, you look so pretty in pink.
(CHUCKLES) Come see what I can do.
Oh, oh, okay.
Let's see, what you got?
- Guess what?
- What?
I think might've just
met the woman of my dreams.
Who, her?
(CHUCKLES) I'm talkin'
about my date last night.
Yeah, sure.
Since when does one woman
meet all your criteria?
Never, until now.
What's her name?
Tina Miller.
Just never got the whole package before.
She's fine, smart, into me,
but not too much, you know?
Like, she wouldn't give me
her number the first time.
I like that.
You mean you're used to that. (LAUGHS)
I'm serious.
This woman might make me
straighten up and fly right.
Well, comin' from a
player, only time will tell.
Oh, ho-ho-ho-ho!
- Oh, you know I had that.
- It was a nice try.
- I had it.
- You get an A for effort.
Let me show you how it's
Oh, hey, how about
breakfast Saturday morning?
It's my monthly get-together with my dad.
- I want you to meet him.
- Really?
I'd love to do that.
Oh, I have a morning shoot, nine AM.
We meet at eight, that's
enough time for an introduction.
Did you see that?
That was really good, don't you think?
NEAL: Saw it, yeah.
Come on, write it down.
- Doin', Pops?
- All right.
Dad, I'd like you to meet Tina.
Tina, Jim Stewart.
Well, pleased to meet you, Tina.
The pleasure is mine, Mr. Stewart.
JIM: Won't you join us?
Oh, Tina can't stay, Dad,
she's on her way to work.
That's too bad.
Well, I don't meet many of Neal's friends.
You must be special.
Where's our waitress?
- Oh, uh...
- I've already ordered for us.
Remember, Neal, since you
stood me up last month,
- you're picking up the bill.
- Stood you up?
- You forgot.
- Look, I was here.
I just got the date mixed up. (CHUCKLES)
Do you always have a
scotch with breakfast?
Sometimes I have scotch for breakfast.
That was my dad's favorite meal.
- Sounds like my kinda guy.
- Mm, he died when I was 14.
Sorry to hear that.
- I can stop anytime.
- He said that, too.
Whoa, sorry.
How did we get on that subject?
Mr. Stewart, it's been a
pleasure, I've got to go.
- Was nice meeting you, sir.
- Nice to meet you.
- See you tonight?
- Mm-hm.
Cute girl, is she your girlfriend?
Thank you.
Thanks, Jessica.
JESSICA: Another one?
Think she might be the one.
The one? (CHUCKLES)
Son, I've never heard you say that before.
In that case, don't blow it.
You know, Dad...
Somebody asked me a question
that I couldn't answer.
Was my birth mother an artist?
We haven't talked about her
(CHUCKLES) in a very long time.
Yes, she was an artist.
Sarah could sing like a bird and
she could dance like nobody's business.
NEAL: So I must've gotten
my fancy footwork from her.
Well, you didn't get
my two left feet, did ya?
Yeah, when Sarah was feelin' well,
no one could out-dance her.
She could part the crowd with her moves.
When she was feeling well?
Was she sick a lot?
- Only when she had a crisis.
But she was always strong,
even when she was weak.
I never told you this before, but Neal,
the doctors warned your mother
about what could happen.
She wanted you so badly.
Are you telling me that my
mother knew she could die?
She was willing to take the risk.
You know, I never had a taste
for scotch, before I lost her.
You know, my dad said
he's quit drinking.
He hasn't touched it since
that day at breakfast.
Good for him.
And you.
You know, I never told
anyone else about my dad.
Guess I just needed to get it out.
I'm glad you did.
I need to tell you something,
but I haven't figured out
an easy way to say it.
Just spit it out, that
always works for me.
I let you win at
bowling the other night.
If I wanted to win, I would have.
I can make things happen.
Yeah, well, I can
make things happen, too.
The next time, I won't be so easy on you.
I'm serious.
I can really make things
happen, when I draw them.
You can make things
happen when you draw them?
You must have some imagination.
I'm serious.
Look, I'll just show you somethin' small.
Uh, okay.
I know, what's your nosy neighbor's name?
Mrs. Chandler, what does
she have to do with this?
Oh, you'll see.
Just hold on, give me a minute.
She's gonna ring your
doorbell in 10 seconds.
Tina, honey, are you okay?
Mrs. Chandler.
Why do you ask?
I was just checking, I
thought you needed somethin'.
I'm fine, thanks for your concern.
That was deep.
How did you do that?
I can't tell you that,
you have to just trust me?
Okay, I feel like I'm having
an out-of-body experience.
I know it's a lot.
But on a need-to-know basis, I
felt like you needed to know.
And Tina...
It's just between us.
MAN: Good evening,
good evening, everyone.
- Oh, wish me luck.
- Of course.
Good evening, how's
everybody doin' today?
I'm Michael Andre and
welcome to Gallery Guichard.
I think we all know why
we're here today, right?
To buy some photography,
spend your money, please.
Thank you, thank you, no,
seriously, we're here to give out
an award and judging has ended,
so let's get to it, right?
And our first-place winner,
can I get a drum roll?
Oh, Tina Miller and the
High School Project.
There we go, there we go.
MAN: Woo!
As you were, everyone.
Congratulations, baby.
Oh, thank you.
How does it feel to be the best?
- It feels wonderful.
Though, I had thought
Fred had it locked down.
- Oh, he didn't have a chance.
No, come on, you must
admit it was close.
It might've been close,
but he couldn't win.
What do you mean he couldn't win?
I drew you winning.
- You did what?
- Shh!
- Not so loud.
- You're saying you did this?
Tina, you're the best, why
take a chance on second best?
Take a chance?
You listen and you listen good.
Don't you ever, ever do this to me again!
Fred, this belongs to
you, congratulations.
Wait a minute, have you
done this before, to me?
You know what? On second
thought, I don't even wanna know.
Tina, listen, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to undermine
you or like step on your toes
or to suggest that you
couldn't win on your...
TINA: Do you know what this is?
There's no way, we
always used protection.
We do, but the first time,
the condom broke, remember?
Don't these things give like
false-positives or something?
This is the third one I've taken,
and they've all come out the same.
It's a shock, but something
we can completely handle.
What does it cost?
TINA: What does what cost?
To get rid of it.
Get rid of it?
Bad choice of words, I
mean to have an abortion.
I couldn't do that.
Tina, we're not ready for this.
Not by a long shot.
You're right.
We're not ready.
Tina, I'm with you on this.
Just let me know how much it is, I...
- You're leaving?
- I just, I need some air.
Miss Miller?
The doctor will see you now.
Miss Miller?
There's a gown on the table.
Take off everything below the waist.
I'd keep your socks on.
Those stirrups are cold.
How do you feel?
I don't know how I feel, Neal.
You feel like somethin' to eat?
I'm not hungry, I just wanna go home.
Why didn't you answer the door?
I've been out there a long time.
I don't feel well.
You think you have the flu?
Well, it is going around, here.
Let me look at you.
Oh, you're warm.
Let's get you to bed, I'll make some tea.
Come on, go.
Do you want me to take you to the doctor?
I'll be okay.
I'm just tired, I
couldn't sleep last night.
That's kinda weird for the flu.
Here, I got to go pick up
Juju, here, you take this.
Where do you keep your extra key?
Oh, in the thing.
Okay, so promise me
you'll answer your phone,
or I'll let myself in.
I promise, big sis.
Feel better.
MAN ON TV: And following
that, we have the number 45.
And our final number of the
night is going to be 52.
Well, that about wraps it...
NEAL: Thank you, Mr. Albright!
- Thanks for tuning in.
- 52.
MAN ON TV: And we'll see you next week.
Did you rob a bank?
(CHUCKLES) No, Dad, I won the lottery!
(LAUGHS) Oh, man!
WOMAN: This is the
smallest size that we have.
I don't think that we have...
Hi, I'm looking for Tina Miller.
She didn't come in today, or yesterday.
CLERK: Yeah, so this is
the smallest one that we have.
So you are home.
Tina, I've been out here for over an hour.
I fell asleep.
NEAL: So, what's up with
not answering the phone?
I forgot to charge it.
I'm just, I'm tired, I'm just so tired.
Well, sit down.
I came over 'cause I
have some amazing news.
I've won the lottery.
I'm rich!
You could say it like you mean it.
Well doesn't money solve everything?
Tina, something's not right.
Look, I have a friend,
who is a chaplain and a physician.
Maybe we could go see him tomorrow?
I'm so glad you came in today, Tina.
So what we're dealing with is a form
of post-traumatic stress
disorder, or PTSD.
You're saying I have that?
It's something most people
equate with war, plane crashes,
or some other violent situation,
but it can happen with abortion as well.
You display classic symptoms.
Fatigue, insomnia.
When I do fall asleep, I
have these awful nightmares.
I can give you
something for sleep, Tina.
Hey, your coming here today is a good step
in the process of healing.
Neal, can we count on you
to help her through this?
Meantime, Tina, I'll put
you on my weekly schedule?
Same time next week?
NEAL: She'll be here.
Tina, baby, wake up!
- Oh, my god.
- Oh, it's okay.
It's just a bad dream.
I just saw the baby, he was crying,
he was reaching for me.
Mm, it's okay.
I'm right here.
You know, doc, I met someone
the other day who told me
that I have a sad face.
I don't like the person I'm becoming.
Well, that's good to hear,
because you have the power
to reverse this course.
Just how do I do that?
Thinking differently.
Start by forgiving yourself.
It's just not that easy.
But you got to make that decision.
Unforgiveness is like
a cancer of the soul.
It leads to despair and
despair leads to hopelessness.
I want you to do an assignment this week.
I want you to write a letter
and talk about how you
reached the decision you made.
Then try to ask for forgiveness
and see where it takes you.
- Yo, Neal.
- Yo.
I just heard that my new promotion's
gonna get announced any day now.
- Wow, congrats, man.
- Yeah, thank you.
Just remember, I'm
still waitin' on my raise
they promised me six months ago.
Hey, I'm gonna look out for you,
as soon as I get that big office, homie.
All right, boss man.
Neal, this is your ticket
for the golf tournament.
I'm pairing you up with
Bob Field this year.
But you always play golf with him.
Not this time.
He'll be in your capable hands.
You know, his dealership
is donating a new Porsche
for a hole-in-one on the sixth.
A hole-in-one on the par-four?
What're the chances of that?
Come on.
Hey, baby, sorry to
drop by without callin',
but I had to tell you this in person.
Okay, what is it?
It's right there!
That's my car!
You splurged on a $100,000 car?
I hit a hole-in-one
at a golf tournament,
and that was the prize!
Did you draw that, too?
I know I told you at first
that I couldn't tell you
exactly how I do it, but...
Hundreds of years ago there was this tribe
and they had these griots, storytellers.
I can draw anything I want.
First things first.
With you, Neal, you've made yourself rich.
Given yourself your dream car, check.
I could do the same for you.
I don't need cars or millions.
But there is one thing
you could draw for me.
Name it.
Can you do it in reverse?
Erase the past?
Can you draw our baby back inside me?
Tina, you don't know what you're asking.
The baby?
It's all I think about, night and day.
Hey, this is Neal.
Hey, Dan.
Yeah, I'm right outside.
I'll be up.
Dan, you wanted to see me?
Please come in.
- Close the door behind you.
- Oh, no problem.
So, this will be my
last session, doctor.
Tina, it's not been long enough.
I've got some good news for you.
The raise?
Oh, that's just part of it.
You're our new Creative Director.
I really appreciate
everything you've done here.
You're an excellent doctor.
If you really think that,
give me a chance to do my job.
TINA: I'm at a different place now.
But I thought Trey was
in line for that position?
Ah, Samuels threw a fit
when I told him the news.
But we both know that you're
the best man for the job.
I don't know what to say.
"Thanks, Dan," is enough.
- Uh, thanks, Dan.
I won't let you down.
SEBASTIAN: But I certainly
hope you find some answers.
I already have.
If you change your mind, just call.
And don't worry, I'll take
care of getting your things
moved into the office next to mine.
Goodbye, Sebastian.
- Hey, man, congrats.
- Thanks.
My man.
You come here to gloat?
- No, I just wanted...
- Look, you son of a bitch.
I don't know what you
did to change Dan's mind,
but you better stay out of my way.
I didn't do any...
Don't say another word to me!
Okay, so what do you wanna do first?
You wanna do slides, you
wanna go in the water?
Hm, I wanna do slides!
Okay, okay, that's what we'll do.
Wish I brought my swimsuit.
JUJU: Oh, I actually could stop!
Yeah, you're not too bad.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, if you fill up on juice,
you won't have room for your sandwich.
Okay, Aunt Tina.
I'm going away, Juju.
Are you going on vacation again?
Can I come, please?
Mm, not this time, baby.
But your mama's taking you
to Disney World next year.
That'll be fun.
Oh, I wasn't supposed to tell you that.
It'll be our secret, okay?
Finish your sandwich.
Oh, come in, Neal.
What's wrong?
When you called, I knew it was important.
NEAL: Mrs. Albright, something
really bad happened today.
CARMEN: Well, what is it?
My friend Trey kept bragging
about this promotion at work,
so I drew myself in this
big office with a window.
It turns out, they gave me his job.
That's not what I wanted!
Now he won't even talk to me.
I'm sorry that you lost your friend.
But you know, when Gerald
first got the gift,
he, too, used it for
personal gain more than once.
We learned the hard way.
When Gerald was young,
he let his emotions get the best of him.
He was careless with
the gift and a man died.
I don't think Gerald ever forgave himself.
Just remember this.
Used in the wrong way,
what is a blessing can become a curse.
Now, I can't speak to what
happened with your friend,
but always consider the
cost of using the gift.
Examine your own motives
and put others first.
You'll never regret it.
Excuse me.
Roz, I... Slow down, I can't...
She what?
Okay, I'll be right there.
I got to go, my girlfriend's
in the hospital.
Oh, my goodness, go, but
never forget what I said.
- What happened?
- She tried to kill herself.
She took every pill in the bottle.
If I hadn't let myself in tonight, I...
Thank god you found her.
The doctors done all they
can, pumped her stomach,
and now all we can do is wait.
Can I see her?
Oh, I knew she was unhappy
lately, but, but this?
- This is unreal.
- Can I see her?
That way.
She won't know that you're there, though.
(SIGHS) Come on.
- Roz?
- Oh, I got to go to Tina's.
To get her ID and um...
No, let me do that.
No, Neal, I couldn't ask you to do that.
NEAL: You don't have to
ask, it's the least I can do.
ROZ: Okay, um, here.
Thanks, Neal.
Mrs. Albright, it's Neal again.
I'm sorry to bother you so late, but...
I need a favor.
Miss Miller?
The doctor will see you now.
Miss Miller?
You're okay.
NURSE: And so is the baby.
ROZ: Baby?
Your sister's 10-weeks pregnant.
Oh, Tina.
- Sit down.
- Okay.
- You okay?
- Mm-hm.
You want some water?
- Sure, thanks.
- Okay.
CARMEN: So how are you feeling?
A little morning sickness.
You know, Tina, I know
where you are today,
because I was there.
Neal knew, in order to save one
life, another must be given.
It was his choice.
Neal asked me to take care
of some of his unfinished business.
The money he won is in a
trust for you and the baby.
And he left you this note.
NEAL: Dear Tina, unfortunately,
this is as close to saying
goodbye as I could get.
PRIEST: The power
and the glory forever.
NEAL: I wish it could be different.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
NEAL: Please forgive me.
I was wrong for so long,
and this is the only way
I can make things right.
I wish I could be with
you with our son is born.
To hold him, to see you smile.
And I'd like you to name him Gerald.
Take care of the statue.
Tell our son the story
when he's old enough.
And always remember, I love you.