Anjaan (2014) Movie Script

Hurry up, Sir
You might miss the Train
l'll sprint across
and get it
Move a bit, madam
How many men look
as handsome as you do?
Your look is luring
You're the male version of
Aishwarya Rai
Black Panther!!
Damn! Stop
Silly guy! Idiot
Silly guy! Idiot, are you cray?
You silly oaf
Nothing to beat swearing
in your mother tongue!
ls your Taxi available?
Yes! Without the side view mirror!
ls that fine?
Why are you so tense early
in the morning?
Someone messed with my image
early in the morning
Whose face did you see
at the start of the day?
Don't go there again
The damage is already done
No, what l meant say-
Just tell me,
where you want to go?
Just get into the Taxi
Give it to me
He's damaged on one side too
Eveything's one4ided
since morning
Where are you coming from?
ls your native place Madurai?
How did you kno
Your sharp tongue gave it away
How long-
Since when are you in Mumbai?
lt's been fifteen years
What have you-
Are you married?
Married for five years...
How many children?
Why are you sad saying that?
'Normally l question
the passenger answers'
'But it is the other way round'
l must ask him at least one question
before we reach
l need to ask you
at least one question
-All right!
- Don't interrupt
What have you come here for...?
This must be the place
Pull over to the left
Great customer!
He's here just to trouble me
Get down
A man should allow
another person to speak
Jabber mouth
N4 money...?
Wait for me
l'll be back after l'm ready
- Brother...
- Give him l have a mouth of my own
l know...give that mouth some Can we go?
Why are you so quiet?
Why aren't you saying anything?
When did you let me speak?
Like a police enquiy
you keep on questioning
l don't know anything
about you
You want to know about me
Is that all?
Just ask
That's the place
We've gone past it
All right!
l feel like jumping on the Taxi
This is the place
As if he didn't drink enough back home,
he's come all the way here
He hobbles even
when he's not drunk
What'll he do after a drink?
Greet you, bro
Someone's here to see Amar
To meet Amar?
He's sitting there
What's it?
Whom do you want to meet?
l'm Krishna from Chennai
l'm Raju's brother
l want to enquire
about my brother
They said Amar
would know details
Can l meet him?
Who's Raju?
If l can meet Amar
l'll ask him
l don't know any 'Raju'
- Can l meet him once...
- l told you l don't know him
Come here
What were you asking them?
Don't say Raju!
Say 'Raju Bhai'
How will those pigs know
anything about a Lion?
They know nothing!
'Raju Bhai', the King of Andheri!
He's a Tiger!
Who are you?
l'm Krishna...his brother
Sit down
l don't drink
You don't...?
Do you know
who 'Raju Bhai' is?
You'll wet your pants
if you hear his name
lf he hits you, you'll die
He'll get them all
if he comes
Spare me!
Oh god!
See, what you did
l am sorry
Can't you see?
Don't you have brains?
All right!
'Pani puri' head
lt looks like you're running
away midway
Not midway
l heard the whole story
Are you Raju Bhai's brother?
Do you think this is a design?
Look at this
A result of the shootout when your
brother got into this taxi...
lt was a narrow escape for me
Your brother is
a shootout specialist
Usually car tyres
get punctured
But when your brother gets in,
the car itself gets punctured
You kill us with your talk
Your brother talks
only after he kills
l want nothing
to do with you guys
Let me go
Make way
Take away that stick
Can't you see?
Nothing's happened
Are you going to pay
for the damages?
Forgive me
Thank God!
He's gone
When did you get in?
lt's chaos out there
and you're so cool about it
Your brother is a violent killer
you're a silent killer
lt looks like l can't avoid
the two of you
Where should we go next?
Go to Kamendrapuram
l knew it!
You're here with a plan
The bar in the morning
and now here!
Let's go
Where did he go?
He was sitting here
Where did he go then?
My laptop, catch him
Can we leave?
A boy has runaway
with my laptop
He had the guts
to steal from you!
Do you mean that small box?
You should have run
after him?
Sorry, l forgot you limp
Did you see that poster?
This is a notorious place
They'll steal anything
Before l could change the front tyre
they stole the rear one
You won't get it back
Let's go
Let's go
It won't come back
Say sorry
Forgive him
He didn't know
who he was stealing from
When we opened the laptop,
we found Raju Bhai's photo
Please forgive him
- Forgive me...please
- It's okay
Raju Bhai is a very good man
He's done us a lot of good
Did you understand that?
They saw your brother's
photo in this
They were terrified
and came back to return it
People are terrified
hearing his name
You'll see more
Get in
There is someone waiting for you
Who are you?
l am Krishna, Raju's brother
l am here to look
for my brother
Where can l find him?
Raju and Chandru are not
two different people...
They have a special bond
As much brightness you see in this city,
there is as much unseen darkness
Raju and Chandru were drawn into
that world at a very early age
Only money and power
have a voice here
Do you know the price
they paid to get this?
'every bullet has
just one name''
''Mumbai's Gate and roads
have the same''
''Anytime here, may shoot up
danger's flame''
''To save you,
there is just one name''
''lf you utter Andheri tiger's name...''
''Your heart goes
bang bang bang!''
''lf Raju Bhai looks at you,
It goes bang bang bang!''
''lf Raju Bhai enters your view
It goes bang bang bang!''
''lf Raju Bhai looks at you,
It goes bang bang bang!''
''lf Raju Bhai enters your view-''
''Evey bullet has
just one name''
''Mumbai's Gate and roads
have the same''
''lf love is what they ask,
give them a heap!''
''lf they put on a mask,
Iay them in a heap!''
''That is the motto of Raju Bhai!''
''lf one makes you angry,
be cool like ice!''
''When the time comes,
you may slice!''
''That is the strategy
of Raju Bhai!''
''Hey, even when
the scene changes''
''His game doesn't!''
''Hey, even when
the government changes''
''This gang doesn't!''
''Bang bang bang!''
''Bang bang bang!''
''Bang bang bang!''
''There is love from
all over town''
''There is friendship
to lay life down''
''That's all the wealth
we have saved!''
''To get justice,
no need for law!''
''To give charity,
no need for degrees!''
''That's life's philosophy engraved!''
''Try splashing money
here can't move a thing''
''Just a drop of tear, that will do
Don't say anything else''
''Bang bang bang!''
''lf Raju Bhai looks at you
It goes bang bang bang''
''lf Raju Bhai enters your view
It goes bang bang bang''
That's when a new Police Commissioner
took charge of the city
Don't know why,
but he targeted our gang
He stalled our work
and arrested our men
Johnny, Manish and Dev
were arrested
What has he decided?
Where's he from?
What does he want?
Why is he causing
such a ruckus?
He is messing with our plans
Are we the only ones
doing this?
Why is he targeting only us?
-What is he thinking himself?
-Where do you want to go?
To see a girl...
- Do l have to give you a reason?
- To see a girl?
Raju, is this going
to be the place?
Just wait...
What is happening there?
A Tamil Film shoot...
Listen carefully
When l say 'Rain', all of
you head that way
This place seems clumsy,
shall we change location?
This is the place
Just do as l say-
What is this sudden shower?
Why has he turned it
to this side?
Go check
Why is it raining on that side?
The Director has instructed us
to go wherever it rains
Let's go...
Hey, come here
What's happening here?
A film shoot is going on
Who gave them permission?
Our department did
ln that case, go stop it
Go stop it
What are you doing here, mother?
Get the bride
before she gets drenched
There's no bride there
for her to get drenched
- She's missing
ls the bride missing?
The Commissioner gave
a shooting order
That's why l kidnapped her
at a film shoot
Tell him
lf the girl has to
come back to her wedding...
...our boys
must be released
Your daughter is safe with us
You meddled with us
Release everyone in our gang and
l will send your daughter home safe
l am not scared of
your threats, got it?
l know how to rescue
my daughter
Do as you please but don't call
and threaten me again
Search every nook and
corner of the city
l have to know their
whereabouts immediately
What is it, tell me!
The wedding is early in the morning
All the relatives are here...
This is not the time
to be stubborn
Let us release them for now...
where can they go?
Let's arrest them later
The Commissioner has fallen in line
Send that girl back
The Commissioner has agreed
Take the bride to her place
- Take this car keys
- Okay, Raju
Let's go
A minute please
Can you send me
two hours late?
lf l go now the wedding will
take place on time
Give me the keys
Don't you want to get married?
l prayed hard for a miracle to
stop this marriage somehow
That's when it started raining
l thought l'll use that
as an excuse to get away
That's when you came
l was planning to escape anyway
You came with an umbrella
and made it easier
That's it
You didn't kidnap me
You can't take credit for it
What happened?
Why don't you want this marriage?
l have never fallen in love nor has
anyone fallen in love with me
They come till my
door-step and flee...
...when they know l am
the Commissioner's daughter
How are we going to
while away the mo hours?
You don't have a plan, do you?
Turn around
A Movie theatre
Time will just fly
Raju Bhai
Are you married?
Did you get married
without telling us?
You forgot this bearded fellow
That's not good
Nothing happened as you think
Raju Bhai is a very
good man
Quiet! We just came
to watch a movie
You go
Please come
Please come
Sit down
Thanks, l have done it before
''Understood after seeing you...''
''That Love is a crazy thing''
''To where from here...
Who told you...?''
''Whether l know Hindi or not''
l've watched it four times already
l know the dialogues by heart
Raju Bhai, cold drink
Why have you bought
just one?
l have two stream for you
Where are you?
Watching a movie
Where is she?
She is with me
lt's time for the wedding
The Commissioner is waiting
He has released our boys
And you haven't handed
her over yet
She doesn't like this marriage
That's not our problem
take her home immediately
Let's go
The movie just began
You've already watched the movie
Stop here
lt's that girl
Stop the car
That's the bride
stop the car
Was the wedding called off?
l've come to the temple
to thank God for it
This is the deity l prayed to
l wanted to thank you
and you are here
Take it
Put it on your forehead
Thanks a lot
The vermillion on your forehead
makes you look like a good man
l was one always
What's wrong with that Commissioner?
He is messing with us unnecessarily
When did we kidnap that girl?
How is it relevant to us?
Tell the Commissioner
that we aren't involved
What is it?
That girl is missing again
They are needling us unnecessarily
Mr.Commissioner, l am Raju Bhai
Listen carefully
Your daughter
is in our custody
lf you continue to inteere-
is that okay?
You handle it your way
or do what l tell you to
Don't confuse
Do you know
how Raju Bhai speaks?
Like a Lion
You are squeaking like
a trapped mouse
Hand the phone to me
this is Raju Bhai
You inteered in our business
This is how it's going to be
Your daughter will not return
Take over, speak properly
Go on
N4 family has arranged
my wedding again
l followed your technique
How many times will you arrange
your daughter's wedding?
Your daughter wants
to fall in love
She hasn't met anybody yet
They come up to your house
Seeing you in uniform they run
Take a break from work
and talk to her
She confided everything
in a total stranger like me
Find out what she wants
and then arrange her wedding
Stop asking us
when things go missing
We are at the spot
how long will you take?
Thanks a lot
Your chat with my father
was a big help
My father took time off and
spent time with me at the beach
He has given the choice to me
l have to select my partner now
The onus is on me
But l am very worried about it
Not sure what to do
Need your advice
Your feet are not
on the ground
You are restless
Compose yourself,
and then think
You will find your man
Get into the car, boys
There she is that girl
Stop the car
What is it?
l've decided on my partner
l've given it a lot of thought
All right
l am steady
See, my feet are on the ground
Who is it?
lt's you
Are you crazy?
l am, since l saw you
''Who ever escapes
the desire to be in love?''
''ls it your glance
the sprints to touch my heart?''
''l'm unable to bear
Love's botheration''
''To demand an explanation
there is no one but you''
''Will they change?''
''lf l speak...''
''Will l get over it?''
''Will you be in love
the way l am in love?''
''l am as joyous as a child
on a holiday''
the loneliness of my youth''
''Forever, my dear...''
''My existence l tend to forget...''
''You seem the world to me''
''A drop of your love
will do to quench my thirst''
lt's a call from
the commissioner's daughter
How did she get
my number?
That can't be difficult for
a commissioner's daughter
Talk to her first
- No need
-You are scared
Why should l be?
That you might
fall in love with her
He is right
Not at all
Prove it then
Why should l prove
what's not there?
Then tell her
you're not in love
- Prove it now
- Tell her you are not interested
Get lost
One minute
- So seducing
- What is it?
''Who ever escapes
the desire to be in love?''
''ls it your glance that sprints
to touch my heart?''
''l'm unable to bear
Love's botheration''
''To demand an explanation
there is no one but you''
You are not composed
You feet are not
on the ground
Get steady,
then come back and tell me
ls it the other way round?
- What?
- Your glasses
''You're the dewdrop that
falls through day and night''
''You drench my youth with love''
''You sweeten my life''
''Don't swarm my thoughts''
''Don't make time stand still''
''l am bobbing like the waves''
''l am scorched by love's flames''
''l will be there
when you call out for me''
''My hiccups tell me
you think of me''
''All days of the week...''
''Just glance at me,
that will do''
''l am as joyous as a child
on a holiday''
the loneliness of my youth''
''Forever, my dear...''
''My existence l tend to forget...''
''You seem the world to me''
''A drop of your love
will do to quench my thirst''
''My eyes search for you''
''My ears yearn for your song''
''And amidst this,
my heart speaks...''
''Love is priceless...''
''What can l offer in barter?''
''To offer to you in abundance,''
''There could be nothing
more than me''
''Whose permission do they seek?''
''Those thoughts of love...''
''Even after seeing me...
Why the delay?''
''When will you accept my love?''
''l am as joyous as a child
on a holiday''
the loneliness of my youth''
''Forever, my dear...''
''My existence l tend to forget...''
''You seem the world to me''
''Adrop of your love
will do to quench my thirst''
Call him and ask what happened
Go that way
Come with me
Are you aware of the loss
l've incurred because of you?
We're counting on you
to run our business
Answer me...l am talking to you
What's the commotion here?
You have the guts
to speak to us like this
We've got your job done
several times
lt has never gone wrong
We've risked our lives
One mistake and your
tone changes...?
Your stu will reach you
Leave now
What l meant to say-
What's happening?
You've allowed them
to speak to us like that
What happened?
ls it the Police
or Customs Department?
lt's the Police always
We don't have anyone who is
in touch with the Police
No one's in touch with a Policeman,
but a Policeman's daughter
ls he meeting the Commissioner
or his daughter?
We can use this as an excuse
to kidnap her again
But Raju won't like it
Bhai, l want to speak to Raju
That girl is on the line
Switch it off and keep it aside
lgnore what the boys said
Don't take it to heart
l am not worried about
what the boys said
lt's Chandru's silence
that bothers me
l've never seen
the two of them like that
l was worried that something small
would get blown out of proportion
l wanted them to sort things out
and get back to being normal
That's when we got
an invitation from Imran Bhai
Chandru was very excited
You should've seen
how happy they were
l made a mistake
l won't do that again
Forgive me
A person who has done
no wrong will not cry
All right...when did l cry?
l am smiling
l am happy
A person who has done no wrong
will not laugh immediately
What should l do no
Forgive me
lt's getting late to the party
l won't make movies anymore
He's disturbing me
l won't make movies again
spare me, please
Bhai, they are Chandru and Raju
You look very young, but you're
doing things beyond your age
Stay where you are
lfyou ty going beyond
where you are, l'll shoot you
l'll shoot you down
like an animal
Let it go
What did he say?
That he'll shoot us
down like animals
Shoot us down like animals!
Let it go
Why are you thinking
about what he said?
He's not the authority
Go sleep
What did he say...?
Shoot us down
like animals
What's wrong with you...?
He said it once but you're
going on and on about it
What did he say?
He just said it
He won't dare do it
Chandru, go sleep
You didn't sleep at all, did you?
What did he say?
Are you crazy?
You're still thinking about that
He insulted us
Shoot us down
like animals, will he?
Shall l kidnap him no
Do you think he is
the Commissioner's daughter?
Or is he JK for us
to get him easily?
lt's not as easy as you think
He is a big guy
That's a fortress
Have you kidnapped him?
Are you kidding...?
He is a big guy
Too big a fortress to break in
How is it possible?
You've kidnapped him,
haven't you?
Tell me
l can tell looking at you
You've kidnapped him, haven't you?
Tell me
You have kidnapped him, isn't it?
- How could l let it go?
- Kidnapped him, isn't it?
-You've done it!
- Come, l'll tell you
Raju Bhai, l haven't
allowed him to move an inch
An Underworld King
is reduced to his underpants
Are you tying to scare us?
ls Mumbai written off to you?
Do you think the entire ocean
belongs to you...?
Who are you to decide
or to divide things?
The strong guy with guts
will keep soaring greater heights
Chandru, it's your turn to speak
Repeat what he said, word by word
We are going our way
Don't inteere in our
business again, else...
...l'll shoot you down
like an animal
When we know to kidnap you,
we know to kill you as well
We'll spare you
Let's go
Let him go
How did you kidnap him?
You were complaining non-stop
l didn't feel good
Leaving the party halfway
That's why l went back
Chandru was very happy
the whole day
He was singing
Raju's praise to everyone
Where are we going?
What's this?
That's a new car
It's very stylish
l am very happy today
l bought it for you
For me, why?
Take a look at the car
This girl...!!
Who brought her here?
Is it your plan?
Do you think only
you can surprise people?
l've observed you
for a week
Don't l know
when something is wrong?
You don't call her
You don't answer the phone
if she calls you
Give me an answer
Why are you avoiding
her phone calls?
Who told you this?
Who told him?
l know who Raju is
You know who Chandru is
Do you want to tear
open my heart and see?
Why are you saying such things?
Even if l make a mistake,
will you be with me till my very end?
Answer me
Do l have to tell you
all these things?
lf you say another word,
l'll get angry
Don't talk
All right, tell me
l don't want to
see you for a week
l want you to turn your phone off
and enjoy yourself
Go, be happy
Chandru, wait
Whatever it is, you come back
and talk about it
l wasn't expecting this-
Won't you answer my call?
- She is hitting me
- Take the yelling
Don't say anything
lf l hurt myself awkwardly,
you'll suer
lsn't this a nice car?
The roof opens out
Won't it be nice to
go on a long drive?
Don't change the topic
l'll blow your top
Won't you utter a word?
l chased you of all people
Won't you answer the phone?
A phone call is not everything
Our heart to heart
connection will stay intact
The phone is only
a recent gadget
Look into my eyes
Can't you see the love?
l can see all the lies
lt's a call
lt's a call from
the Commissioner's office
Answer it, play it
through the speaker
Tell them l am with you
We're calling from
the Commissioner's office
His daughter is missing again
They say you've kidnapped her
But we don't believe them
We don't suspect you
No one else has
kidnapped her
l have
She's with me
She's in love with me
l am in love with her too
This too is just
for your information
''With just a hint from her eyes''
''The heart becomes light, oh, my''
''With her endless love,
l glide like a cloud''
''ls she a cloud that walks
the earth, l look on dazed''
''The clamour in my life,
The illusions she creates never cease''
''With just a hint from her eyes''
''The heart becomes light, oh, my''
''With her endless love,
l glide like a cloud''
''All along l thought
the skies were up above''
''But when l see my sky smiling
right in front of me, l'm mesmerized''
''l kept my desires locked up,
The keys are in your gaze''
''All l want is a hint of consent,
l'll give myself to my heart's content''
''l want to hold your hands forever
through Life's long journey''
''Only Love brings meaning to
Life till the very end''
''With just a hint from her eyes''
''The heart becomes light, oh, my''
''With her endless love,
l glide like a cloud''
''Like a story to be continued,
this evening ends''
''Just to see your eyes,
my day dawns...''
''All seven days of the week,
Because of you, seem like a rainbow...''
''Days l don't see you
are just black and white''
''You are an electriing garden''
''The flowers you bear
send out shock waves...''
''Let's be so in love, that the whole
world watches awestruck''
''With just a hint from her eyes''
''The heart becomes light, oh, my''
''With her endless love,
l glide like a cloud''
''ls she a cloud that walks
the earth, l look on dazed''
''The clamour in my life,
The illusions she creates never cease''
Get in
Who are they?
What happened?
Nothing to worry
Where's Chandru?
l hope there's
no problem there
l hope Chandru is alright
Hand the phone to Chandru
How did this happen?
l shouldn't have
left him by himself
l'm to blame
l'm to blame
Who did this...?
How did this happen?
Who did this?
Look at the state he is in
No one's strong enough to
do this to my Chandru
How did this happen...?
Who did this?
ls it Imran?
Did Imran do this...?
Where is he now...?
Go and kill him
Don't let him go
Are you sure it's Imran's work?
Don't any of you
know where he is?
Raju, Listen...Wait...
You listen to me
Get in to the car
Raju, listen to me
l have to get him now
lt's all gone...gone
Were you hatching eggs?
ls this how you
take care of him, fools?
Calm down
He has to
Don't get emotional
You have to be patient
What are you doing, Raju?
l should kill them
- Get down
-Why did you stop?
What are you doing, Raju?
l want to kill him today
- Calm down
- l want him
We're there
We'll deal with it together
Where will he be?
Give me the gun
We will do
l shouldn't have
left him alone
What the hell would you
have done, if you were there?
What did you say?
What the hell would
you have done?
Raju is dead
l just killed him
He is dangerous
Don't stand here
They shouldn't know
you are here
Hide there
Who refused to
give us a car?
That boy
Did you refuse
to give a car?
Why are you harassing him?
He refused to give us a car
You are misusing them
That's why we refused
Don't bother us
ls it so?
After all that you've done,
are you tying to act like a saint?
Don't you want your cab
business to do well?
Let's see how you do it
Let's leave
That's the guy who inquired
about you at the bar
Stop the car
That's him
Bring him
Why do you want him?
He is from Madras
He has nothing to do with all this
Poor fellow
He is harmless
Let me find out myself
bring him here
Heard he's been
inquiring about me
Heard he is searching
for his brother
Leave him alone
He doesn't know anything...
Don't harm him
Move aside
l will speak to him
Where are you from...?
Do you want information
about your brother?
What do you have in that bag?
There is nothing in it
Give the bag
Check what's inside
Haven't you told him
that his brother is dead?
He must be food
for the worms by now
l killed your brother
Don't you believe me?
- Here it is
- No, Amar
l did, with this very gun
Now that he know l killed him,
see how angry he is
ls your blood boiling?
Your eyes are red
This is what happens when we spare
even one person from the family
They come back seeking revenge
We shouldn't spare them
Kill him
Let him go
Move aside
Let him go
he know nothing
Let him go, Amar
Start the car
Amar, please tell him to free
Lock the gates now
no one should escape
Did you think just mo bullets
in my chest, will finish me?
This is Raju
l will decide when l'll die
l also decide when YOU will die
lf they know you've come back,
most of them will die out of fear
Those who know
l am Raju are no more
l know who the enemy is
Till l find who the traitors are,
l am not Raju...l am Krishna
Let it remain that way
l hope you're okay
with the place
l didn't come here to rest
When l close my eyes, l only see
Chandru lying in a pool of blood
l am seething inside
l can't forget it myself
l know how it will be for you
Now that you here
we'll find out the truth
What happened that day?
They had an important
meeting that day
There was a last minute change,
they asked me not to come
That's the day
everything went wrong
When Chandru and you left,
the gang dispersed
Jackie is the only one who didn't
come to Chandru's funeral
l don't know where he is now
lf we get him, we can find out
what happened that day
ls there any important
horse race today?
You seem to run
faster than a race horse
Why are you
running away, traitor?
What happened?
Why are you in hiding?
You are usually the driver
What did you all do?
Tell me the truth or die
l didn't do, Bhai
The one who's hiding
is not necessarily guilty
The ones who fear death and
want to escape can also be in hiding
l swear
l didn't do anything
l got a call from Johnny
He told me l needn't drive that day
l asked him why
He told me not to ask
questions and to do as told
He told me
l'll get my share
l knew something was wrong
l called you immediately,
you didn't answer
l called Chandru after that
Johnny answered instead
l called Chandru again
He sent people to my house
l fled for life
l had nothing to do with that
l swear
Where is Johnny?
l don't know
l haven't seen him after that
l know what his bait is
''Eyes at door step''
''Heart is restless
Eyes at door step''
''Loneliness is a torture
with no company in bed''
''Come, oh beloved''
''Let us mingle
and render new tune''
Brother, sit here
Sushma, come here quick
''Heart is restless
Eyes at door step''
''Loneliness is a torture''
Your girl is free,
go Enjoy yourself
''Come, oh beloved''
What do you want, Hero?
''Let us mingle
and render new tune''
l want to meet Sindhu
You can't meet her
You have Rekha, Rani
Sheena, Shwetha...
l want only Sindhu
l'll pay any price for her
Sindhu, my dear...
There's a very
handsome guy out there
And he's asking only for you
Come on!
He's paying
a whole lot of money
l can't go with just any guy
Johnny will be here
l'll consider him for tomorrow
No matter what you pay,
you won't get Sindhu today
She's going with another man
for some meeting
Come tomorrow
l'll get you to meet her
Tell her l'll come tomorrow
Listen to me
l will explain
Haven't you left yet?
Are you still in Mumbai?
And you claim to be looking
for your brother
And l should trust you
Where do you want to go?
So, after every other place,
it's Malad finally?
Get in
You can never see your brother
in a place like this
He may shoot people
but he's as pure as gold
You seem to have your flaws
l had my doubts when you looked
for your brother in the Bar
You might go missing while
searching for your brother
How much is it?
Not bad, you have money
left in the purse
l thought you would have
spent it all over there
What's your problem?
Nothing, l just said
it's raining heavily
Take this
You're fully drenched, there's no
point in taking cover now
Where have you gone, Saira?
Saira! Phone is ringing
See, who is on the line
Did you come looking
for me yesterday?
They told me
You were willing to pay
any price for me
Do you like me that much?
You didn't miss me yesterday
l missed you
We're on for today
lt's my birthday today
Johnny will be there
to give me a gift
l'll go to the shopping mall
for just an hour
We'll meet after that
-All right
- Take my number
l'll be back in an hour
Where are you, darling?
l am waiting for you,
where are you?
l am in the Parking area
What are you gifting me?
lt's your Birthday
What do you want?
Will you give me anything l want?
l can give you anything in return
for what you gave me yesterday
What are you wearing?
-l am in red
-l am too
-ls it?
- l'll be there
Give me one of what you
gave me yesterday
Who's there?
l am still inside the car
We've come with Johnny Bhai
We'll be back in an hour
Where is the car?
- Bring the car up
- Wait for a while
Check the front
He's not here
Find him
Where has he gone?
Call the driver
He is in that car
Hurry up
Catch him
Stop the car
Catch him
Stop the car
Hurry up
What is this?
lt won't work out
Don't harm me, Raju
Are you wondering
how a dead man is back alive?
Tell me
What happened that day?
Where did you take Chandru?
Tell me
Where did you kill him?
How could you?
l didn't attend
the meeting that day
Trust me
l swear
l don't know anything
Jackie was driving the car
Our Jackie
l know something went wrong
l want to know
how it happened
Tell me
That is...
Tell me
l'll tell you
All of us went to attend
an important meeting
Where's Jackie?
His mother is unwell
He's gone to visit her
Send him some money right away
All right
l'll take the call
l told him
The money will reach you
at the hospital
Bhai will come there
to give it to you
That was Jackie
Wait here, Chandru
l'll go up and check
and then call you
You can come after that
Come, let's go
You can come now
How long will JK take to come?
He's on his way
Who's on the phone?
JK is calling
Why is he calling frequently?
Doesn't he know were here?
- Call him
-We're here, JK
l've told him
l am not getting
the right signs
Let's have the meeting
after Raju comes
Let's go
They are here
Let me go
The person you want is me
Do what you want with me
Don't hurt my men
The man who was
with you that day
What's his name?
Where is he?
Tell him to come here
Tell him to come here
lf he doesn't come here,
no one will step out alive
Call him
Was that ok?
You are fine, aren't you?
What did you think?
lt's not easy
l got scared
l got very scared
You lowly creature!
You're tying to kill me?
You'll shoot me like
you'll shoot an animal?
You shouldn't die
with just one bullet
l will let you float in your
own blood and die
lt's a call from Raju
Talk to him
Where's Chandru?
You said you won't call him
He's calling now
Chandru is fine
- Is Chandru safe?
- There's no problem
Hand the phone to Chandru
Chandru is in a meeting
-Are you in meeting?
- l'll ask him to call you
Where are you, Raju?
You've only seen
the traitors around me
You haven't seen
what loyalty is
He'll come
He'll kill every one of you
And he'll kill you too finally
You can go first
l'll send him right after you
He wants to kill me!
You rascal!
Why are you
looking at me like that?
What are you going to do?
Please don't
Let Manoj Bhai come
l will discuss and solve it
Go down quick
and see who it is
- Catch him
- Hurry!
Catch the guy in that car
Look there
Hurry up
Catch him
Tell me when Manoj is coming
Or l'll press the trigger
That's all right
''One, Two, Three, Four
Say yes to me''
''l will teach you
one at a time, learn it''
''When you look at me, l go dizzy
My heart goes aflame''
''One, Two, Three, Four
Say yes to me''
''l will teach you
one at a time, learn it''
''One, Two, Three, Four''
''When your feet dance swiftly to music,
l step away and ty to find myself'
''The drizzle that touches my forehead
gushes to the centre of my lips''
''The clouds atop the mountains
now touch my head and drizzle''
''One, Two, Three, Four
Say yes to me''
''l will teach you
one at a time, learn it''
''The film that both of us
are watching using one ticket''
''ls that the colour film
featuring us?''
''Hey, is it magic or a trick?
What are you up to?''
''Your sly look is killing me''
''l am going to turn
you into cotton''
''And come as a gush of wind
and cary you up''
''One, Two, Three, Four
l'll say yes to you''
''Teach me one at a time,
l'll learn it''
''Lean on me, and l'll bear you
On my lap, l'll indulge you''
''One, Two, Three, Four
Say yes to me''
''l will teach you
one at a time, learn it''
Who's he?
How did he dare to come
to my place to shoot us?
Who's he?
Two things have
happened already
Amar is missing
Johnny is dead
And now, the shootout
Someone is targeting me
Who is that?
l need to find out
who that is
Go away
Someone called Krishna
was here last week
He said he was
Raju Bhai's brother
Raju's brother?
Switch on the CCN
l want him
No matter where he is in Mumbai
bring him to me
l want that guy
in the photo now
Will be done
Stop that
This is not a recording
This is live
There's a man coming
Send him up
l believe you came here
in search of me last week
l came in search of my brother
Are you Raju Bhai's brother?
He is Raju's brother
You look just like him
But your hair style is different
lf you unbutton your shirt and pull up
your collar, that would be Raju's style
These glasses don't suit you
And this bag
Seems like a school boy
There's one more dierence
between your brother and you
Your brother holds a stick
stylishly in his mouth
But you're holding a stick
in your hand
l was just kidding
Hold it
Apart from all this your brother had
something that's missing in you
He had a cut near his eyebrow
Right here, to be exact
Good day, Bhai
You're the one
who gave me this life
l am talking to a guy who claims
to be Raju's brother
Yes, your birthday party
arrangements are going good
Okay, thank you
You said you've come
in search of your brother
That's a waste of time
Go back
Your brother is not here
Your brother is not here
Your brother is dead
My brother is not dead
What did you say?
He's alive
Your brother is alive
He's here
What do you mean, in Mumbai?
Tell me
He's at your place
ln my place...?
Does that mean the two of
you came together?
Amar first and then Johnny
and then the shootout
lt was your work then
Why are you staring,
go look for him
Are the two of you tying
to mess with me?
lf your brother doesn't
come here, l will kill you
Kill me
Kill me
Kill me
''lf Raju Bhai looks at you
It goes bang bang bang''
''lf Raju Bhai enters your view
It goes bang bang bang''
''lf Raju Bhai looks at you-''
''lf Raju Bhai enters your view-''
''lf Raju Bhai looks at you-''
''lf Raju Bhai enters your view-''
After being a fake all the time,
you can't spot an original
Raju, don't...
Twirling a coin doesn't
make you Chandru
Don't be hasty
Listen to what l have to say
l had nothing to begin with
But, now l have everything
l have a mansion, cars
l am into the business
of gold now
l am very well placed
Don't worry about anything
l'll speak to Bhai
and ask him to forgive you
Bhai is a very good man
He will forgive you for sure
l have everything Chandru had
But l don't have
just one thing
lf only you join hands with me,
all of Mumbai will be in my control
Join hands with me
Let's be together
As though you haven't betrayed enough,
you want me to join you?
Didn't you butcher Chandru
only to reach the top?
This won't do for you
l'll send you to a higher place
Go up!
''N4 smile is my specialty''
''l am a glam girl''
''Day by day majority''
''Take it easy mentality''
''l am a child at heart
A gang of boys are my escorts''
''l am an authority on beauty
A slave to my beauty is Mumbai city''
''l've a rainbow like body''
''Without any rest
l am on a spree''
''Even the seven seas can't
quench my thirst...that's me''
''With a slight glance,
shall l destroy your pride?''
''Should l strike you with
my over flowing beauty? Tell me''
''N4 smile is my specialty''
''l am a glam girl''
''We're an orthodox family,
we'll be strict''
''To boys alone,
we open up our heart''
''For the last seven or eight years,
l've never been lonely''
''All along, l've been
a dual SIM card''
''My heart's flying with the wind,
The world's sweeter because of youth''
''l like to have fun,
my youth's blossoming''
''Come in calmly,
l'll quickly cool the flame''
''l've a rainbow like body''
''Without any rest
l am on a spree''
''Even the seven seas can't
quench my thirst...that's me''
''Cars likeAudi and Hummer
are outside my house''
''Waiting and pleading to me, hey, girl''
''The fan following is innumerable
in front of my house''
''l can pawn anyone's heart''
''To sleep it's a five-star hotel''
''To drink, it's tinned beer''
''With the person l like,
l go on a long tour''
''And fifty kisses are my share''
''Mumbai Dons are nothing
in front of me''
''Rainbow like body...''
''With my beauty...''
''To quench the thirst...''
Are you wondering how l am
alive even after shooting me?
lf you want to shoot me, you have
to shoot ten different places
You went through hell for tying
to get your hands on me
You're doing it again
l tried connecting the dots
with the three men who died
l realised there was some
unfinished business
l was right
Raju Bhai, when l step into
Mumbai again, you won't be alive
Wherever he is in Mumbai, find him
l want him...alive
lnform Panday, l want Raju
when l come back to Mumbai
Search for him
Did he come back
looking for Amar?
No, sir
What do you all want?
Who are you?
Let us go
Where is Raju, tell?
- Come!
- l don't know
Let her go
Some hooligans stormed in
and beat us up
They broke everything around
and took our girl with them
They took our girl with them
Nothing will happen
to your Saira
l will take care of it
l will bring her back safe
The girl they took away
is not Saira
lt's your Jeeva
What are you saying?
They say they killed Raju
But as they haven't found his body,
l believe he will come back
l know how much
Raju loves Chandru
He will be fuming
with rage now
Let him finish with everything
l don't want him to
see me till then
But l can't be without
seeing him that long
Call him
Call him
Show it
Show me that
She is Raju Bhai's lover
She is Raju Bhai's lover
l'll burn the tattoo
Why are you shouting?
lf he know it's me you've kidnapped,
he'll be here the next minute
He's here
Run for your life
What happened?
Bhai is waiting outside
Go, sit in the car
l am telling you to go
What do you think?
Are all of us playing
the fool here?
Will you get past
so many of us?
Tell me
l've caught Raju
l want him alive
We'll bring him to you
in ten minutes
Get down
Do you know why you've
come back alive?
l didn't kill you
with my very hands
That was my angst
That is why you've come back
You shouldn't die
with just one bullet
You should regret
messing with Imran Bhai
You should float in your own blood
Suffer in pain and then die
Just like your friend
Do you remember?
Why are you laughing when death
is knocking on your door?
Whose death?
They were your men only
till they caught me...
They became my men
on the way
Haven't you kidnapped me because
Imran Bhai has asked you to?
What if l escape?
Won't Bhai kill you all?
Are you crazy? The four of us
are taking you at gun point
How will you get away from us?
l am not dead for the four of you
to take me to my grave
l'm a kidnap specialist myself
Who are you to kidnap me?
l am the one who has
kidnapped you
Do you want me
to believe you?
This is how he speaks
Don't trust him
You don't trust me, do you?
Ask your man to take the right
Ask your man
to take the right
Take the right
Take the left now
l have my cars on all sides
l've kidnapped you
You are under my control
Shall we talk?
How long have you
worked for Bhai?
What has Bhai done
for you so far?
But if you point the gun
a little away for my sake...
...a very small distance away
Ten minutes of this travel can take
your life forward by ten years
Who are you?
Who are you to Bhai?
You use your rapport with the Arabs
and bring all the gold here
You use your influence with
the Police and distribute the gold
You have manpower with you
and therefore he has you with him
l know all your strengths,
but you don't seem to know it
l only want Imran
l'll take care of him
Mumbai without Imran...
Just the four of you,
imagine how it would be
What are you all saying?
l will not agree
You need diamonds
to cut diamonds
You need fire to dome fire
Betrayal has to be
destroyed by betrayal
l've learnt this from you
You shouldn't die
with just one bullet
You must float in your own
blood and die
l will decide when l'll die
l also decide when YOU will die
You've only seen
the traitors around me
You haven't seen
what loyalty is
He'll come
He'll kill every one of you
And he'll kill you too finally
Please leave, Raju Bhai
We'll take care of this
Don't wait here
Please leave, Raju Bhai
Cary him
Even enemies must not have
traitors with them
Where are you going?
Where are you escaping?
Why does every one
want to mess with me?
No one is letting me look at
my face in the mirror
Which platform does
the Kanyakumari Express come to?
lt's you? You're finally leaving?
You found a pretty girlfriend
while searching for your brother
You didn't find your brother
till the very end
You didn't come to do that
You had other plans
Get back home
and have a good life
Take the left
Let's go
Just a minute, please
Where is the stick you had?
Raju...bhai, eh?
l didn't realise
l was playing with a Lion