Ankahee (2006) Movie Script

"I will meet you like this."
"I had never thought."
"And this life."
"I will meet you like this."
"I had never thought."
"And this life."
"Will become fragrant in your arms."
"Will become fragrant in your arms."
"I will meet you like this."
"I had never thought."
"And this life."
"You.. you were somewhere."
"But you were nothing for me."
"I.. I was somewhere."
"But I was nothing for you."
"The world has now become so small."
"You got lost in my path."
"And I took shelter in you."
"I will meet you like this."
"I had never thought."
"And this life."
Hi, mother.
Has somebody come?
Only a car has been
sent from Mumbai.
Who sent it?
Your papa.
He has sent this letter for you.
He wants to meet you.
Mother, I have decided.
I will not go to meet him.
He left home 16 years back.
But my whole childhood was spent.. removing him from my heart.
And today.. when I have completely
forgotten him.. writing a letter, he wants
to call me back in his life.
He is a selfish man.
He has not changed today too, mother.
You should go I wouldn't say this.
But if I am the reason why
you don't want to go..
..then forget me for a moment.
No matter what was our relation
for so many years..
..but today you should think
only as his daughter.
Has he ever thought as my papa
in so many years even once!
Did he call me to ask how
I am, what I am doing!
Do I miss him?
Yes, mama!
When he should have taught me how
to walk by holding my fingers..
..then he left my hand and went away.
And today when he
is feeling lonely..
..he wants me to hold his hand!
What does he think!
He will send a piece of paper and..
..a luxurious car and I
will go running to him.
No, mother. I am not
meeting this man.
I wish I could say don't
go to meet your papa.
And I could justify
all your complaints.
But I can't stop a daughter from
meeting her dying father.
Yes, dear.
Kunal uncle
had called a while ago.
He has very less time.
Anytime he might..
Sheena, I am so glad that you came.
Come in.
How was your drive?
- Fine.
- Come.
Sheena! Come on in!
Sheena! Sheena has come!
Sister, please leave us alone.
I almost thought you wouldn't come.
I almost didn't.
How is Nandita?
Sheena, what do you think?
I have never missed
you in so many years?
So what if I am seeing you today?
I used to talk to you everyday.
I might have stayed away from you.
But your each complaint..
your each question..
..has always reverberated
in my ears.
Many-a-times I thought
that I will meet you..
..and answer your each question.
But your questions were simple..
..and my answers were complicated.
Many-a-times I stopped
myself thinking..
..that I might not be able
to explain myself properly.
Countless times I
drove towards Pune.
But then I took the u-turn
midway only and came back.
Whatever I had to tell you..
I wrote in this diary.
Thinking that someday you will come.
And you will read this.
And you will know everything.
But this day didn't arrive for 16
years in the life of your weak father.
Today too I wouldn't have
been able to call you..
..if the time for the end
of my diary hadn't come.
I will go home and read it.
Isn't this your home?
I should be leaving. Mama is alone.
Even I was alone for 16 years.
Dear, when I will come back at
night, I will bring some dinner.
- Okay?
- Yes.
'Hitherto a 5 year old child had
seen her father's snap in her eyes.'
'Now I want to show a 21 year old
girl the snap of an ordinary man.'
'Yes, I was an ordinary man.'
'But what happened with me,
that was too special.'
Sheena dear.. wake up.
Wake up.
- Hug, mama.
- Kiss, dear.
Did papa wake up?
- No.
- Then I will go.
Papa, wake up! Papa, wake up!
Papa, wake up!
Papa, wake up!
Shekhar, wake up! Shekhar,
wake up! Shekhar, wake up!
Sheena! You call your papa Shekhar!
Papa, please stop! Stop!
Today what are you going to
do in the school?
- Shekhar!
- Papa, today we have English test.
Again you forgot!
Come on! Come back!
Dear, you sit in the car.
Keep the bag.
Yes, sir.
This time if you had forgotten
then the electricity..
..and the phone, both
would have got cut off.
Sorry, sorry.
Listen, Shekhar! I have seen a
beautiful new dinning table.
- And as it is we need a new one.
- How much?
The table will come but
our meal will be stopped!
Shekhar, don't be a miser!
As it is,
who is the in-charge of the house?
Then why argue? Go.
And listen!
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, doctor.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Mr. Khanna's reports have arrived.
He is going to come at 11 o'clock.
How many appointments for today?
23. The first is Mr.
Suri's appointment.
- Okay, give me 2 minutes. Then send
the first patient in. - Okay.
Not 2 minutes, sweetheart!
5 minutes!
At least keep 2-3 minutes
for friends like us.
- I have been waiting for you.
- Sorry, sorry.
I forgot that my first appointment.. with a psychiatrist.
Talk with some respect.
You are talking to the most famous
psychiatrist of the city.
And as it is my patient's mind is
fine. They are just a bit sick.
Now, buddy. Take it out.
You too! Whenever you want to
smoke cigarette you come to me.
How many times I have told you..
..not to keep your cigarettes
in my drawer.
But you won't understand.
What to do? I like the
atmosphere here.
Mr. Psychiatrist, why
don't you clearly say..
..that you have a phobia
of your wife?
You are afraid of your wife.. that
she might come in your cabin.
Shekhar.. when you know then
why are you saying this so loudly?
You can't see ears in the wall.
She will kill me if
she finds out, man!
Kunal, I can't understand.
How can you hide all
this from your wife?
Shekhar, if a man is determined..
..and he really wants
to get something..
..then what is wife, he can
hide it from the whole world.
Dr. Shekhar.
Doctor, there
is an emergency in OPD.
Okay, I will just be there.
My day has started.
Dr. Kunal, for God's sake open..
..the window after you
are done with it.
Yes, buddy!
Listen! Lighter is in which drawer?
Move aside.
- Let me see.
- Don't push me.
Hey move.
- So many people?
- They are Kaavya-ji's fans, sir.
Let me see.
- Kaavya-ji?
- Kavya-krishna, Miss World.
Her hand has got wounded.
You wait. Let me see.
Move! Move back.
- Move!
- What are you doing?
Move! Move! Excuse me! Excuse me!
What is going on? This is
a hospital, not a circus.
Go away! Do your work!
Come on, please!
Why were you pushing me?
Sir, I am Divakar, Kaavya-ji's
Sir, do anything but cure madam.
- Sir, producer's set is waiting and..
- We will talk later.
- I want OT 3 on standby.
- Yes, sir.
Oh my God! How did this happen?
I tried to kill myself.
I tried to kill myself.
Will you do the treatment or
you will call the police?
Take your time.
I am neither in hurry to live..
nor hurry to die.
Doctor has come! Doctor,
please tell us.
How is Kavyakrishna?
What happened to Kavyakrishna?
Was it an accident?
Please tell us, sir!
Tell us, sir.
- Please tell us, sir.
- Hang on, hang on, hang on.
Kavyakrishna came to our
hospital today morning.
She has sustained an injury.
But no need to fear.
She is in no danger.
Sir, we have heard that she tried
to kill herself. Is that true?
No. It was an accident. That's all.
- Hey, you!
- Hey!
What is the meaning of entering
your house like a thief?
I did not want to wake you up.
Yes. After all you have
met Miss World.
Wife looks good in a sleeping
state only. Am I right?
How did you come to know?
Not only me.. the whole
world knows, Mr. Shekhar.
I saw you on TV. You
looked very handsome.
These media people!
Before reaching home, the
news reaches the house.
But I will ask you what
I want to know.
Tell me something, doctor.
Is she really pretty?
Nandita, please. I was treating her.
Oh come on, Shekhar! You
are a man after all!
Don't say that Miss World
was sitting in the cabin..
..and you were just
seeing her wound.
I don't believe you.
- Nandita, please!
- Okay, okay, okay.
Kunal had called. He was
asking about Saturday.
He was asking. Are we going?
Are we not going?
I will have to call Shilpa and
confirm. Do you want to go?
What am I saying..
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
I think many people
want you to get well.
Many people's work has
come to a standstill.
But you have lost a lot of blood.
Your haemoglobin count
is very low. May I?
We don't generally hospitalise
for things like this but..
Hi, baby!
For you!
- How dare you come here!
- Kaavya!
What do you want to see!
Whether I am alive or dead!
- Saw it! Now get out!
- Kaavya, listen..
Just get out!
- Kaavya!
- Just get out!
Hadn't you come to
offer flowers to my corpse!
You must be sad to see me alive!
Why have you come alone!
Why didn't you bring your new
girlfriend along with you!
With whom you were having fun!
You were having fun!
- Kaavya! Kaavya!
- You were having fun!
You have become mad! What's
wrong with you!
You have completely lost it!
You.. you.. have become mad!
Yes, yes. I have become
mad! I am mad!
Kaavya, please! Behave yourself!
- Kaavya, please! Just behave!
- I will..
Look, whoever you are! Just
go away from here! Please!
Just go! Please!
- I'll not spare you.
- Stop it, Kaavya!
- Kaavya, please stop it.
- I will kill you!
- Kaavya, please!
- I will kill you!
- Kaavya, please!
- I will finish you!
Kaavya, please! Kaavya, please!
Stop it, Kaavya! Kaavya, please!
Stop it, Kaavya! What's
the matter with you?
I had not gone after him!
He had come to me!
He has waited 4 hours before my van!
And when.. when I started
trusting him..
..and consider him as
my own, he betrayed me!
He knows my weakness very well.
He knows that I am
habituated to him.
But I won't let my weakness
become his strength.
What does he think! He can
do anything with my life!
My life belongs only to me!
If anybody tried to make
a show of my life..
..then I won't implore before him!
In fact I will end this life only.
- Kiss me! Kiss me!
- I love you!
I love you too! What
are you doing here?
Sir, baby was saying that I
will go home with papa only.
I see! Tell me the truth.
You have come here to meet your
papa or to eat ice cream?
I always come to meet you.
You only always stop the car in
front of the ice cream shop.
I see. So all blame is mine.
Shankar, take the bag.
Sheena, I was thinking
that today papa's car..
..won't stop anywhere.
- Why, papa?
- Because you have a bad cold.
First you get well, then
we will eat ice cream.
Ice cream gives sore throat,
doesn't it, papa?
- Then give me ice cream right now.
- Why?
Because when I will get well,
you will give me ice cream.
After that I will eat it. I
will again get sore throat.
And my throat is already sore.
- That's very nice.
- 'Now for the latest.'
'On the Kavyakrishna case we
take you straight to Mumbai.'
'Right now we have
Mr. Rohit Verma with us.'
'Mr. Verma, is it true that
there was a fight between.. and Kavyakrishna
in the hospital today?'
'Kavyakrishna is mad.
She has completely lost it and mad.'
'And what else can be expected
from a mad person?'
- What happened, papa?
- 'Do you confirm that..
- ..Kaavya-ji tried to commit suicide?'
- Nothing.
'What do you think?'
'If she really wanted
to kill herself..
..would she have done it
close to the hospital.'
'It is a ploy to malign me.'
'She is trying to slander
my image. Nothing else.'
'It is a charade. A woman
who puts up act!'
'As it is she doesn't
need a boyfriend.'
'She needs a tissue paper.
And I am not that.'
Oh my God!
- Sheena, you sit here. I will just come.
- Okay, papa.
'The Kavyakrishna that
the world knows..
..she is not that Kavyakrishna.'
'In reality she is very different.'
'She doesn't have a friend
or a relative.'
'She is a mad and a lonely woman.'
'The person whose parents
have got rid of her..
..who will hold her hand?'
'Who will be her friend?'
'Yes, Ms. Kavyakrishna.'
'That day I was with Monisha
in your absence.'
'Because she is a girl who
understands what love is.'
'She loves me and I love
her. I love her.'
'But I really, really hate you.'
'Because you are not
worthy of anybody.'
'You deserve this.'
'Understood! One more thing..'
"Moment.. every moment."
"Why does it seem new?"
"Why does it seem new?"
"Heart.. my heart."
"God knows what has happened to it."
"God knows what has happened to it."
"The ambience was not like this."
"The ambience was not like this."
"Moment.. every moment."
"Why does it seem new?"
"Why does it seem new?"
"Heart.. my heart."
"God knows what has happened to it."
"God knows what has happened to it."
"I.. I am the same person."
"The ground is marching ahead."
"Everything is near me."
"But still there is a dearth."
"Time has come to a standstill."
"The pain is profound."
"This desire is so alien."
"Whose obsession do I have?"
"Moment.. every moment."
"Why does it seem new?"
"Why does it seem new?"
"Heart.. my heart."
"God knows what has happened to it."
"God knows what has happened to it."
"These silence."
"Why are they calling?"
"Why is this intoxication of
unfaithfulness shrouding me?"
"Whose mistake is this?"
"I don't know anything."
"Somebody is writing a story."
"The weather seems so passionate."
"Moment.. every moment."
"Why does it seem new?"
"Why does it seem new?"
"Heart.. my heart."
It's good. The wound has healed.
Wounds don't heal. They only hide.
"God knows what has happened to it."
Dr. Saxena, dinner now or later?
Dinner! Now or later, Shekhar?
- Later.
- Okay.
What are you reading?
There is a conference in Goa.
It is the invitation.
- When?
- Next week.
Then you should have said
it next week only.
Now I won't be able to sleep
for the whole week..
..due to the sorrow of
departing from you.
But you will be able
to sleep peacefully.
Because nobody will be
there to harass you.
Listen, Shekhar. Prashant had called.
Prashant who?
Shekhar! Prashant! Prashant Gupta!
Architect Prashant Gupta, where
I used to work before marriage.
Yes! Prashant! What happened?
He wants me to resume my old work.
Then do it. Now Sheena
too has grown up.
You are an interior designer.
Do some work!
Go out of the house.
You will feel better.
Enough! Enough! Enough!
I don't need to get out of
the house to feel better.
And you are there to
do my share of work.
And when you are there
then why do I..
..need to design other's houses?
I am on a vacation for
life, sweetheart.
One second.
Sheena! Come here!
- Show me what you are drawing.
- Hello.
For mama..
What happened? Didn't
you recognise my voice?
Or you don't want to talk?
No, no. This is not so. I..
It's okay. Tell me.
Actually.. I was thinking
that before leaving..
..I couldn't thank you properly.
Thank me for what? It was my job.
I did not do a favour on
you by saving your life.
Who cares for life?
I want to thank you because you
lied to the press for my sake.
You took care of me.
Can I say something?
It felt good to cry on
your shoulder that day.
I feel very light since that day.
It's okay. You are welcome.
It is not my right. But can
I ask you one more thing?
Tell me.
If I feel like crying again in life..
..then will I get your shoulder?
I don't want to see you crying.
I want to see you smiling.
So.. good night.
Good night.
- Shekhar!
- Yes.
- Whose call was that?
- Kunal's call.
God knows what he was saying.
He was just..
Come, I will serve dinner.
Who is there!
Who is there!
Open it!
Open it!
You are trapped, Kaavya. In
the world created by you.
Now this door won't open.
And no light will come in.
You will have to live in this
darkness for the rest of your life.
- Who are you?
- I am Kaavya.
That voice of yours
that you don't want to hear.
Just stop it! You are
not Kaavya. I am Kaavya.
Today you don't recognise me.
Tomorrow the world won't
recognize you.
Just stop it! Just stop it!
Now this world will never open!
It will remain closed!
Nobody will be able to reach to you.
You will have to live alone
for the rest of your life.
You are going to be lonely.
Alone! Alone! Forever!
- Mama, Kaavya.
- Kaavya, what is the time?
I don't know. Maybe 2 or 3 o'clock.
Here in Kuala Lumpur, it
is 4:30 in the night.
What's the matter? Tell me.
Nothing special. I was just
feeling very lonely.
I wanted to talk to you.
Kaavya, this is an international
call. It takes money.
I will come to Mumbai. Then
we will talk properly. Okay.
Mother, please. Talk for 2 minutes.
Kaavya, don't be stubborn
like a child.
If you can't sleep, then
take sleeping pills.
Okay. Good night.
D'damas, take 1 by 14.
Bella makes you feel beautiful.
The language of Italian design.
Cut! Cut! Cut!
What's wrong with you, Kaavya?
You haven't been able to say a
single line properly since morning.
- Vishal.
- Yes, sir.
- Give D'damas lines to madam.
- Okay, sir.
D'damas, take 1 by 15.
Bella makes you feel beautiful.
The language of Italian design.
- Cut it!
- Sorry.
I think you should take
a 5 minutes break.
Sit, ma'am.
- Give me a cigarette.
- Yes.
Take it.
Kavyakrishna! Miss World!
What Miss World!
She can't speak a 4 line
dialogue properly.
She knows only 1 dialogue. I am
sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry.
What are you complaining about?
Your life is fine.
The patient who talks a lot,
you give them anaesthesia..
..and make them lie
on the stretcher.
A psychiatrist like me has to
listen to patient the whole day.
And after that we have to
give them an analysis.
Now give me cigarette.
Greetings, sir.
- Yes.
- Sir, my name is Raja.
I work for Kaavya ma'am.
She has urgently called you.
Your cell was switched off.
That's why she sent me.
You go, I will come.
Sir, come along with me.
Otherwise Kaavya ma'am
will yell at me.
Fine.. I will just be back. Come.
Sir, we have to finish the schedule.
Sir, there will be a problem.
- I understand.
- Sir, set..
Here he has come.
She has been sitting in the makeup
room since the past 3 hours.
She is not coming out. And she
is not allowing anybody in.
She is being adamant
on sending for you.
That's why we called you.
Doctor, please. Explain to her
and get the shooting started.
Otherwise.. our image
will be slandered.
What should I do?
I can't show this scared
face to everybody.
But you know me.
I have seen it in your eyes.
There were so many girls
in Miss World.
Only 60.
So am I the best in the world?
Or am I the best in 60?
The world that is
outside this door..
..there people want to see Miss
World Kavyakrishna, not me.
And when I shut the door
and look in the mirror..
..then I can see only myself.
Alone. Sad. Ugly.
This fear always troubles me
that this door might open.
And people might see
my true picture.
Kaavya.. I don't know much
about this glamour world.
But what I know of you, I can say
that you are your own problem.
The world that has crowned
you Miss World..
..considering you to be the best.. have made that world
more important than you.
Nobody did a favour on you by
taking you to these heights.
What you have achieved.. that
was within you itself.
And what is within you, who
can separate that from you?
Kaavya, please don't
ever think that.. don't deserve
to be where you are.
And as far as the future
is concerned..
..people don't stop living
due to the fear of death.
Today you are Miss World, tomorrow
it will be somebody else.
But then you won't be here.
Because you have to go
far away from here.
If you ask me then a girl like you
has not got what you deserve.
And what you have not got,
to achieve that.. is futile to sit
here like a coward.
You have to go out. You have
to face the world. Right?
I feel like believing you.
Kaavya, I meant what I said.
Everything. You are special.
When you are with me, I feel
very confident, Shekhar.
Come, people are waiting for you.
Come with me to the studio. Please.
What you are saying from that I
can say that she seems to be..
..a maniac, depressive
and a suicidal person.
Such people often
don't fully enjoy..
..what they have from
the fear of losing it.
And this tendency is not
developed suddenly.
Most of the times its root cause
lies in their childhood.
These kinds of people suffer
from low self-esteem.
Such scared people react in 2 ways.
Either they don't want to
achieve anything in life..
..or they want to achieve
everything together.
From the fear of losing something..
..their stubbornness to achieve
something increases.
And then these people achieve
their goal at any cost.
You know, Shekhar.
These kinds of people are
very magnetic. Charismatic.
Using their pain they very easily..
..lure you towards themselves.
But the most important
thing is that..
..they are searching
for only one thing.
They are with you for the sake
of that same happiness.
They feel that they can
gain happiness from you.
But to make such people happy.. not only difficult
but also impossible.
Because their greatest ailment
is their sorrow.
'Yes! I am mad! I am mad!'
Can I ask you something, Shekhar?
Are you getting involved
with that girl?
'Bella makes you feel beautiful.'
'The language of Italian design.. expression presented
by D'damas.'
'Cut it! Okay! Fantastic!'
Hey, Shekhar!
Are you getting involved
with that girl?
No, Kunal. What are you saying?
I was just trying to help that girl.
And I also wanted to bring
her to your clinic.
You can try. But she won't come.
Do you know what is the most
abnormal thing about these people?
They think they are
completely normal.
Stay away from that girl.
Stay away from her, Shekhar.
Well there shouln't be
any bifurcation on this path.
It was a wonderful conference,
doctor. I really enjoyed myself.
Those guys were amazing you know.
Anyway, thanks doctor.
Thanks a lot. Bye.
Okay, bye.
We'll do. One thing..
Raja.. what are you doing here?
I have come with ma'am.
Kaavya.. here in Goa.
She has come to meet you.
She has booked the cottage
besides yours.
Sir, come.
Hi, Kaavya.
Ma'am, I am outside.
So you are hiding here.
In Goa.
I am not hiding. I am working.
And since the time you
have come here..
..I have not done any work.
Except searching for you.
Your hospital doesn't
give your address.
You are not answering your cell.
I don't know where your house is.
If you had to come, at least you
should have called before coming.
You should have at least said
that in case I need you..
..then what should I do?
Where will I go?
But no! You had to assert
that you are a man!
You wanted to see
whether I will be.. to live without you or not!
So see me!
I can't live without you.
Since the time you have come here..
..I have been crying inconsolably.
But I am not like those women..
..who will quietly cry
for you at home.
I will find you out from
any corner of the world.
Kaavya.. I think.. we'll speak later.
Don't leave me, Shekhar.
I am sorry.
Without you.. God knows
what happens to me.
I feel so scared. I feel so scared.
About what, Kaavya? About what?
Scared of my loneliness.
"Even if for a moment."
"But still we got velvety
time for love."
"Let us live this one moment."
"God knows whether we will get
these moments again or not."
"Bridge all the gaps and distances."
"Come, unite the hearts
and come closer."
"God knows what will happen next."
"Nobody has seen the future."
"Come, let us halt the twilight."
"Otherwise the dawn will break."
"God knows what will happen next."
"Nobody has seen the future."
"Come, let us halt the twilight."
"Otherwise the dawn will break."
Kaavya, I am married.
I have a wife.
I have a daughter.
"The moon is shrivelling."
"The twilight has become velvety."
"Today maybe the breeze is carrying
some intoxication."
"Or maybe there is some magic."
"What tyranny is this! This
heart is frenzied."
"It is saying to die."
"God knows what will happen next."
"Nobody has seen the future."
"Come, let us halt the twilight."
"Otherwise the dawn will break."
"God knows what will happen next."
"Nobody has seen the future."
"Come, let us halt the twilight."
"Otherwise the dawn will break."
"Touch the dewy fragrance
of my breath."
"With your breath for a moment."
"Just once immerse in my kohl
eyes and try to live, beloved."
"Forget everything."
"Again call my name
with these lips."
"God knows what will happen next."
"Nobody has seen the future."
"Come, let us halt the twilight."
"Otherwise the dawn will break."
"God knows what will happen next."
"Nobody has seen the future."
"Come, let us halt the twilight."
"Otherwise the dawn will break."
Hi you came suddenly!
If you had called then I would
have come at the airport.
I was trying since morning. But
your cell was switched off.
How was the conference?
I think you did not
miss me this time.
I was only trying to call you.
You did not try even once.
Were you so busy?
Come, I will do it.
You seem very tired.
I will switch on the geyser.
Take a nice bath.
I will make a nice coffee for you.
All your tiredness will vanish.
After that if you are in the mood,
then we will go out for lunch.
- If you are not in the mood..
- Why the hell are you so nice to me!
Why do you live according
to my choice!
My mood, my meal, my life.
Why am I the centre of your life
and attention all the time!
Can't you think separately from me!
What have I done!
What have I done that you
always take care of me!
Why am I so important to you!
What have I done!
What.. what is so special about me!
What is so special about me!
Why! Why are you so
devoted to me! Why!
Because you are my husband,
Shekhar. And I love you.
Shekhar! Shekhar!
My heart is beating
very fast, Shekhar.
Is everything alright?
I can feel there is something
wrong, Shekhar.
Nothing is wrong.
Don't lie to me. What are you hiding?
You are under my oath.
Nandita, it's very late. Go to
sleep. And let me sleep too.
You know, Shekhar.
Since the past few days I have
been wondering something.
Sheena has grown up.
I think we should complete our family.
We have a little me. Now
I want a little you.
And I was wondering that even..
..Sheena will have company.
Am I right?
We will talk about this tomorrow.
And this.. this is my
first photo shoot.
- Subi Samuel had done the shoot.
- Nice.
My look is very different in this.
And here my hairs are very short.
In this shoot I was so bored that..
Excuse me.
Hello, Shekhar. Where are you?
You have still not come.
Sheena's annual day, Shekhar.
Now don't say that you forgot.
No, no. I remember.
I was just about to leave
from the meeting.
Shekhar, please come soon.
The function has almost started.
I.. I will have to go.
Today is Sheena's annual day.
And she is participating.
So.. I completely forgot.
I am sorry.
- Did you like it?
- Yes.
How did you like it?
Nandita, I..
The function is over, Shekhar.
Did you like it, baby?
I am sorry, dear.
There was so much traffic on the road.
How was your function?
Kaavya, I can't do this anymore.
I think I.. am betraying everybody.
My daughter, Nandita, myself, you.
When I am with you.. I
think about the house.
When I am at home,
I think about you.
Kaavya, the path that we have taken..
..nobody will gain happiness.
I am not the man you were
searching for, Kaavya.
You deserve somebody better.
You.. you deserve a man
who takes care of you..
..who is there for you all the time.
I don't think I can
be that man, Kaavya.
I am really sorry.
Please forgive me.
Forget me, Kaavya. Forget me.
Yes, this is Dr. Shekhar.
Your reports have come.
And everything is normal.
So nothing to worry about.
Congratulations. Yes, yes..
please take care of yourself.
Thank you.
Kaavya, you.. and here.
I have come to see how
you are without me.
Kaavya, you shouldn't have come here.
I thought a lot.
I thought a lot.
After pondering a lot
I have come to know.
Whether right or wrong..
I can't live without you.
She is here.
Kaavya, let's not do this please.
You are telling me to forget
all this, aren't you?
I am telling you to
forget last night.
You did not say anything. And
I did not hear anything.
Forget all that.
Kaavya, this is very
difficult for me too.
Whether you need me or not,
Shekhar. But I need you.
I need you in my life, Shekhar.
I need you in my life.
Just once say that you love me.
Just say that you love me.
- Please.
- Kaavya, please.
Please, Shekhar. Please don't go,
Shekhar. Please just once.
Just once say that you love
me. Please, Shekhar.
Kaavya, you don't understand!
Please, Shekhar! Please!
Please love me, Shekhar!
I love you a lot! Don't
leave me, Shekhar! I..
Why are you humiliating yourself!
Why are you doing this to yourself!
Because I love you!
I love you a lot!
I don't want to lose you! You
are mine, Shekhar! Only mine!
Kaavya, stop it! Stop it! I
hate myself! I hate myself!
I can't give you the happiness
that you want!
Why don't you understand that!
Because that is not true, Shekhar!
You can make me happy! You
make me happy, Shekhar!
That's not true, Kaavya!
I love you. I love you, Kaavya.
I love you
- Done?
- Yes.
Shekhar, who is this Sarita?
Who is she?
I don't know. She was saying that
she wants to talk to you.
She works in Mid Day newspaper.
I don't know.
You have come.
You haven't smoked for so many days.
Your wife has come to know.
Did you read the Mid Day?
- Why? What's the matter?
- Read it.
I was telling you beforehand
that tell him.
I remember a story of mosquito and fly.
- Listen.
- Then what happens?
- So mosquito and fly got married.
- Ok, then?
Then everybody asks him
that now you are married.
So how was your first night?
Then he said that I am unfortunate.
Because every night the fly sleeps..
..after switching good night
(Mosquito repellent).
Really funny.
- You always say jokes like this.
- Very funny.
Ok guys, I've eaten
here before but..'ll have to take
care of your stomach.
You know that funny Sardar's story.
- But that..
- Nandita.
- Hi, Shilpa!
- Hi, Shilpa!
- Hi.
- Hi, Shilpa!
Today headmistress has come
after all students have come.
- Nandita, please come here.
- It was very funny.
I think today this student is
going to get scolded.
I'll just see what the matter is?
What would you like to have?
I'll take veg.
What happened?
Have you read today's Mid - Day?
No, why?
Just come with me.
What's the matter? Why
don't you tell me?
Nandita, listen.
Nandita! Nandita,please
openthe door, Nandita.
Nandita, are you all right?
Nandita, are you ok?
Pick up the phone, Shekhar?
Why aren't you talking to her?
Hadn't I told you that
he wouldn't answer?
Give it to me.
Pick up the phone, Shekhar.
Why the hell aren't
you talking to her?
Why don't you inform her
that you are with me?
Why don't you reveal her the truth?
Why the hell aren't
you talking to her?
Kaavya, she's my wife!
I can't tell her these things on phone.
I'll have to go to her.
I'll have to talk to her.
If you want to talk then why don't
you talk in front of me?
What will you tell her?
That it's not my fault.
But it's Kaavya's fault?
She gradually trapped me.
And I didn't even come to know.
Yes, correct?
You are talking crap.
Or will you tell her that
the poor girl was alone.
And I pitied her. You make me out
to be a bloody charity case.
Stop it, Kaavya!
I know that you won't
come back if you leave.
She'll shed in front of you.
And ask you to stop
for her daughter's sake.
And your heart will melt.
You're not going to come
back right, Shekhar?
You are going to leave
me, aren't you?
Is this true?
Is this true?
- Nandita I am here to explain..
- Yes or no?
Yes or no, Shekhar?
Yes, this is true.
Since how long is this going on?
Since how long is this
going on, Shekhar?
Since Goa.
That's why your have changed
since you've come back?
You slept with her?
Have you slept with her?
Pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone!
Have you slept with her, Shekhar?
How many times?
Nandita, what kind of a question..
How many times, Shekhar?
Or have you forgotten the
counts after 5 times?
Nandita, when I met her there
was nothing of this sort.
She was just very lonely. I just..
I just wanted to help her.
And I don't know
when while helping her..
Do you love her?
For once in your life speak
the truth, Shekhar.
Do you love her?
I love her.
It's all true Shilpa.
It's all true.
Nandita, we are coming there. We
are coming there don't worry.
Hadn't I warned you? But you
don't seem to understand me.
I had told you that if you try to
bring her out of problems then.
She'll pull you into problems
instead, right?
- I have seen many cases like her.
- She is not a case man!
She is a girl who's alive.
She has a name.
She has a face and her problems
that are written in your books.
I have met her. I have dealt
with her problems.
I know how lonely she is and
how much she needs me.
Don't give me that crap, Shekhar.
Whom are you trying to fool?
Me or yourself?
Keep these excuses for your wife.
Maybe she'll consider you
innocent. But not me.
Ask me. Kaavya doesn't need
you. You need Kaavya.
There are beautiful girls
in your 9 to 6 job.
And that also Miss
World coincidently.
And you are not happy with this.
You mean to say that you are
not enjoying with her.
But you are helping her out.
You should have thought before
jumping in this fire.
That not only you but
your house, your..
..wife and your daughter
are also getting burnt.
Enough! Enough Kunal, enough.
I don't need your lecture.
When I'll need your advice.
I'll call you.
I am your friend, Shekhar.
I am not giving you
advices, Shekhar.
I am just saving your house
from getting ruined, Shekhar.
You are not my friend. But
you are Nandita's friend.
Shekhar, it is so sad
that today you and..
..Nandita have different
friends from today.
Nandita, all I want to say is that..
.. in the fight between husband
and wife strongest contender.
Is the one who loves
less to the other.
And I am sorry to say but
you have the same weakness.
Because you love Shekhar,
more than he loves you.
This is what he is taking
advantage of.
He thinks you'll pardon
all his mistakes..
..because you love him a lot.
That is why he does whatever
he feels like.
Nandita, I strongly feel that
you should teach him a lesson.
I would say that to ruin Shekhar.
You should teach a lesson to Kaavya.
Yes, she is right. We should
take a rally to her house.
And we should reveal the truth in
the press, then she'll understand.
They are absolutely right.
She'll learn a lesson when the
truth of make up van is revealed.
In fact I think we should
go to the NGO's.
We should take their support.
We should do it in such a
way Nandita that he will..
Please give this file
to Dr. Shankar.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
I am sorry.
I shouldn't have
raised my hand against you.
It was good that Sheena
was not with us.
Had she seen this then
I wouldn't be.. to face her for
the rest of my life.
Yesterday we hid the
matter some how.
But will we be able to
hide it for lifetime?
Today you've told me and tomorrow
the world will tell her.
Kids whose parents have
divorced also grow up.
..but is it necessary that this
should happen at our home too?
Where had I gone wrong, Shekhar?
Am I not a good wife?
Am I not a good mother?
Did I lack any qualities?
In your home? In your kitchen?
Or in your bed, Shekhar?
Tell me.
I know I am not as beautiful
as she is.
But I can at least try.
Give me one chance and
I will prove it.
Give me one opportunity, Shekhar.
I can't be Kavyakrishna.
But I can be your earlier
Nandita and show you.
That Nandita whom you had loved.
That Nandita whom you
really cared for.
That Nandita whom you had promised
to be with the entire life.
Who didn't have any dearth, Shekhar!
Enough, Nandita. Enough.
There is no dearth
in you, but in me.
But at this time, just leave
me in the state I am.
- Is Kaavya-ji there?
- You?
I am.. Mrs. Shekhar Saxena.
Yes, one minute.
What happened?
That doctor's wife has come.
Doctor Shekhar's wife.
At our house.
- Then what did you say?
- I asked her to wait.
Idiot! Couldn't you say
that I am not at home?
- That..
- Say that I am sleeping.
Madam, Kaavya madam is sleeping.
I know that you are
not sleeping, Kaavya.
And I also know that you are
not opening the door..
..because you don't have
the courage to face me.
You got shocked, right?
That how did I come inside your
house without asking you?
But you didn't even give me
the chance to get shocked.
I didn't even come to know
when you entered my.. and took away
my husband from me.
From 8 years I have been trying
to gather happiness.
But you ruined all of
that in just a moment.
You are Miss World, right?
You will find many admirers that..
..will love you and
pamper you a lot.
But Shekhar is the light of my eyes.
Kaavya, it's your hobby to make your
dreams turn into reality, right?
And my dream is also Shekhar
and my reality too.
You are beautiful, wealthy
and successful.
You can get the sky to the earth.
But the earth below my
feet is only my family.
At least let this much piece
of earth be there with me.
To warm yourself don't burn
my small world, Kaavya.
Don't burn my small world.
I have not come here
to fight with you.
I have just come to ask
my husband back, Kaavya.
I have come to ask the father
of my child back.
If possible then give me
my world back, Kaavya.
Kaavya, return my small world,
my Shekhar back.
Return my Shekhar back!
'The number you trying to reach
is currently unavailable.'
'Please try again later.'
Its ok, Nandita. I will get Sheena.
Thanks, Kunal.
Will you be okay?
Nandita, I still feel that you
should have stayed back with us tonight.
Don't worry, Shilpa. I will be fine.
- Bye, Kunal.
- Bye. Goodnight.
- Bye.
- You take care. See you.
Did you go to Kaavya's house?
She is sleeping.
Did you go to Kaavya's house!
I am asking that did you go
to Kaavya's house or not?
When you know then why do you ask?
- Why did you go there?
- You know that too.
But you don't know
what you have done!
Today because of your foolishness
she could have died today.
She tried to kill herself!
She had taken sleeping pills.
If I had not reached on time
then that poor girl..
Poor girl?
If she ate a few sleeping pills
then she is a poor girl.
And I am standing alive in front of you
and you are having a complaint with me?
She can die if she wants to
save herself from defame.
But I? What can I do?
I can't even die because
of my daughter.
I will have to tolerate this
defame by being alive.
You are tolerating this defame
and am I very happy with it?
Do you know what condition I am in?
I am feeling that I have been
tied up with a chain and..
..being pulled from both sides.
Shekhar, you have got
into this yourself!
Yes! Yes! I only have done
all this on purpose!
Then kill me! Murder me! Hang me!
But I ask that am I the first man.. the world who
has done all this?
Am I the first man who has found
love outside the house?
Am I the first man who has
a second lady in his life?
I don't care for the entire
world, Shekhar!
I just want to save my house.
And I will do this at any cost!
You want to save the house
and I want to ruin it!
Fine! Fine! I am to be
blamed in all this.
I only have put everyone
into trouble, right?
Then I will give everyone
the remedy for it.
I am leaving this house and going.
You are making a huge
mistake, Shekhar.
You know what was the
biggest mistake?
This marriage was the
biggest mistake.
"Come, close to me."
"Come, close to me, beloved"
"Come, close to me."
"Come, close to me, beloved"
"I can't bear the pain
of separation."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"Come, close to me."
"Come, close to me, beloved"
"Who knows what is going
to happen tomorrow."
"I have to live in these moments."
"What effect do I have of you?"
"I am not interested in
anything without you."
"Who knows what is going
to happen tomorrow."
"I have to live in these moments."
"What effect do I have of you?"
"I am not interested in
anything without you."
"Don't be unjust to the desires."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
What has happened Kaavya?
I woke up and saw that
you weren't there.
I thought you had left me
and gone to your wife.
"I am there and the solitudes
are there.."
"The colorful shadows
of dreams are there.."
"You are there.."
"The intoxication is there.."
"Even in the silences there
is a consciousness.."
"I am there and the solitudes
are there.."
"The colorful shadows
of dreams are there.."
"You are there.."
"The intoxication is there.."
"Even in the silences there
is a consciousness.."
"Don't break the beautiful
illusion of love.."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
I was about to call you.
Nandita has sent a message.
Sheena's principal has called to you.. tomorrow morning
at 9 O' clock.
- Will you be able to go?
- Is everything okay?
I don't know.
Of course, I'll be there.
Okay, I'll tell Nandita.
That day it was too much.
I thought that day I said
a little too much.
I know, you are angry. I am sorry.
But I am not sorry, Shekhar.
How much ever I said in friendship,
it was less.
And about the anger.
I am not angry with a person
like you. But I pity you.
Tomorrow morning. Sheena's school.
Don't be late.
I have read about the both
of you in the paper.
And I know that I have no right to
speak about your personal life.
But I have called you both to tell.. that Sheena's life is
getting affected by it.
She was the naughtiest
girl in the class.
But now she doesn't talk to anyone.. the class nor does
she laugh with anyone.
Moreover she was a
brilliant student.
Very bright!
This is her progress report
of the last week.
I don't expect this from your child.
Excuse me, sir.
Sir, Sheena.
Thank you.
What happened, dear?
You don't talk with your friends?
I don't have any friend.
Everyone tease me.
They say that my father is having
an affair with someone.
I will drop you home.
You have already left home earlier.
Come on, Sheena.
Papa, are my friends
saying the truth?
Is it that you are having
an affair with some Kaavya?
It's not true.
Papa, do you not love mama and me?
Who told you this?
Then why don't you come home?
Why don't you stay with us?
Nowadays there is a lot
of work in the hospital.
Earlier when there used to be
work then you used to come.
But late.
Now you don't come only.
Papa, tonight you will
come home, right?
Yes, papa. Will you
come home tonight?
Come, dear. Let's go home.
We will go home.
Filmfare. Stardust. Cine
Blitz. Glamour World.
Every magazine is spicing up the
affair between you and doctor.
And the TV channels are
voting your character.
Most of the people are talking
wrong about you.
People are calling you home breaker.
People are talking rubbish and
nonsense about your character.
After meeting Shekhar, I have
stopped bothering about people.
You cannot do this. You cannot
separate yourself from people.
Biggest ad agencies have been..
..signing you because
people like you.
Ma'am, after this negative
publicity, none..
..of the ad agency want
to work with you.
Because they think that
you are a public enemy.
The fact is that if
you don't break..
..this relation with doctor
Shekhar then these 2 to 4..
..contracts which are in hand
they will also go away.
You have met him and come, right?
Her. Shekhar's wife.
On her basis, you are scaring.. by giving me the
threat of my career.
What are you saying?
What does she feel?
That I will get scared?
Go and tell her that I am not going
to accept defeat so easily.
I don't mind becoming a beggar..
..but I won't let Shekhar
go away from me.
Just go and tell her that.
Ma'am, you are misunderstanding.
- I am telling you for your own good..
- Good? My foot!
I know that you have
met her and come.
Ma'am, what has happened to you?
You can't see anything in
front of that doctor.
You are ruining yourself.
It's none of your bloody business!
You will shut me up because
I work for you.
But what about those people
who are outside this room!
Just shut up!
Get out.
If I see you around my
house henceforth then..
Just leave.
Yes, madam.
Where are my cigarettes?
Yes, they are over madam.
If they are over then where
is the other packet?
I didn't get it, madam.
Idiot! For what have I kept you?
To see my face?
Go and get the other packet!
I will get it.
Yes, madam.
I am sorry.
Madam, what are you saying?
For the first time.. for the
first time I am happy.
And the entire world wants
to take him away from me.
Why doesn't anyone want
to see me happy?
Everyone is against me.
You understand me, right?
You are with me Raja, right?
Madam, I will go and
get he cigarette.
Sheena dear!
You haven't slept till now.
No, mama. I was making this for you.
How sweet!
But why this card, dear? And that
too so late in the night.
Mama, I wanted to tell you that if..
..papa doesn't love
you then I love you.
For papa also.
If you tell me then I will stop
loving papa from today.
You haven't slept till now?
What happened?
Is everything okay?
Just don't lie to me.
Don't lie to me.
You had gone to meet your wife?
She made an excuse to call you home.
And you switched off your mobile
home and had gone to meet her.
Kaavya, what is wrong with you?
I am coming from the hospital.
Why didn't anyone pick up
your phone in the office?
Kaavya, there was an emergency.
I was in the operation theatre.
And you know that my secretary
Suzi leaves by 8 o'clock.
And Kaavya, one has to switch off..
..their mobile phone in
the operation theatre.
You think you are too smart!
You have thought of
all the answers.. all questions from
before only, right?
I am not stupid!
For God's sake, I have
left that house!
Lie! You are telling a lie!
Neither can you leave her nor me!
By telling a lie to me
you go and meet her.
And you lie to her to
come and meet me.
You are fooling 2 females
at the same time.
I don't know about her,
but I am not foolish.
Since the time I have come here..
..I have never even thought
of going there.
Then say that you don't love her.
I love you, Kaavya.
Then divorce her.
You have to make a choice.
I have made my choice.
And you know that.
I don't want to be your consolation
price, Shekhar.
If you have decided then prove it.
Leave, Nandita.
We will talk about this tomorrow.
Not tomorrow morning. Now!
I am not going to share
you with anyone, Shekhar.
You have to take a decision now!
Speak to her. Now!
Kaavya, are you crazy! Its
12 o'clock in the night.
If you don't take
this decision now..
..then you will never
be able to take it.
Just talk to her. Right now!
Talk to her. Right now!
- Hello.
- Hello.
I am speaking.
Were you sleeping?
I was trying to sleep.
Sorry, I am disturbing you
so late in the night..
That.. I called you..
I was thinking that..
I mean.. you know how it is.
I mean things are not working
out between us, and I thought..
I thought that.. Nandita,
are you there?
I mean.. so.. I thought that..
..that.. we should..
We should divorce each other.
Nandita, are you there?
I mean that there is
no hurry in this.
We will have to tell Sheena.
I will have to speak to Sheena.
She is just a child now.
I mean.. I hope you understand.
Rickshaw! Rickshaw!
Let's go to Lokhandwala.
Nandita. You?
Prashant, is there still
a vacancy in your office?
That day you had told me for
the job that's why I..
If you want you can
join from tomorrow.
Thank you so much.
Will you like to come inside?
No. I have left Sheena alone.
So, I..
Thanks. Thank you
so much. Thank you.
This is Shekhar's assets lists.
From what we were thinking
he has more money.
He has a bungalow in Khandala
and a flat in Borivali.
He has his FD's and bank balance.
And two car's also.
And the house in which he
was staying with Nandita..
..and Sheena, that house
is also on his name.
I don't want him to give
this all to Kaavya.
Mr. Tiwari, you come inside and..
..clearly tell him that
I want 50% for my friend.
You don't worry. We will take
more than this from him.
Come on, Nandita.
We have to win this case
at any cost. Come!
Till yesterday the relation
which I was proud about.
Today it has become a case.
You go, Shilpa.
I couldn't fight to save my house.
Then what will I fight to break it.
Hello, Mr. Saxena.
Well Mr. Saxena, you have
decided to separate.
So why do you want to insult
each other in court?
It would be better it you do
the settlement outside court.
And anyway my client has more..
..than half the right
on your assets.
Because she is staying
with her child.
And as far as the custody
of Sheena goes..
..I don't want her custody.
Sheena will be happier if
she stays with her mother.
And as far as my property goes.
Here is the list of my assets.
My bungalow, my flat, my bank
balance and everything.
And in this are even those
share certificates about..
..which neither does Nandita
know nor her friends.
Please give her everything,
I don't want anything.
Thank you.
Come on, catch the ball fast.
Hello, why are you
sitting like this?
- I'm tired, sir.
- Really?
Oh God, you have very high fever.
Is everything okay, Lalit?
We'll talk.
Is there anything to worry about?
Don't worry, Nandita its okay.
- Bye, Shilpa.
- Bye, bye.
The fever will come down I
suspect a case of malaria.
We'll start the chloroquin,
and we'll do the blood test.
If there is anything else
then give me a call.
Nandita, I think
that you should
call Shekhar and tell him.
I'm not going to do that.
Shall I call?
If you want.
- Hello.
- Shekhar, this is Shilpa.
Yes, Shilpa.
Shekhar, Sheena is not well.
What happened to her?
There is nothing to fear
but she has high fever.
So I thought that you
might want to see her.
- Okay, I'll come right away.
- Thank you, Shekhar.
Kaavya, I'll come back in an hour.
Where are you going?
Sheena has a very high fever.
I'll meet her and come.
So now she has started
to use her daughter.
You are very innocent, Shekhar.
Can't you see this much?
She is doing all this
to get you back.
She wants to break you.
Kaavya, I don't want to
argue about this now.
Sheena needs me I'll
meet her and come.
Sheena doesn't need you
but your wife needs you.
Don't go there, Shekar. You'll
go there and get trapped.
Kaavya, you know that I'm taking
a divorce from her.
But only on paper.
But the truth is that she is still
ruling on your heart and mind.
You stay with me but your heart
is still stuck over there.
Kaavya, please.
I ask you till when will
I have to share you with her?
Till when will I have
to be number 2?
You loved her before me, you
married her before me.
She got a child before me.
When will I be your priority?
When will I come first?
When will I be your priority?
You are my priority.
Then don't go.
I have to go.
If you go today then I will
fall in my own eyes forever.
- I will think that you don't love me.
- Enough.
Love, love, love, your love,
your happiness. Your life.
Have you ever come
out of all this and seen?
Have you ever thought
from my perspective?
For you I left my house, my wife,
my daughter, everything.
And you are asking the
proof of my love?
Are you asking from me the
price of my daughter?
Kunal was right, I would
never be able to..
..keep you happy even
if I sacrificed myself.
Do you know what your truth is?
You're mad.
You are sick, you are
clinically insane.
You are sick, you are mad,
you are a manic depressive.
You understand, maniac, depressive.
Your sadness is your
biggest sickness.
And I will never be able to
rid you of this sickness.
You can neither be happy
with me nor without me.
You can never be happy.
I'm sorry, Kaavya, I'm sorry.
Get out, Shekhar.
Get out of my house.
After all you brought me to the..
..same place where we had
met for the first time.
The difference is only this..
..that you had saved me that day.
And today even if you want
to you can't save me.
Kaavya, put the gun down.
Today for the first time I'm able
to see everything clearly.
Today I'm realizing why
I was never happy.
I was trying to enclose all the
happiness within my palms.
And happiness used to go two steps..
..ahead of me like shadows.
Kaavya, Kaavya, put the
gun down, please.
Your doctor friend
is right, Shekhar.
I am a mad woman.
I'm mad.
I'm sick.
I'm a manic depressive person.
Why didn't you tell
me all this before?
That's not true, you are not mad.
For the first time in my
life I am not desperate.
For now I know the truth.
Kaavya, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.
Put the gun down.
There is no fault of yours
in this Shekhar.
Despite knowing everything
you were..
..trying to keep me happy.
But you aren't God.
No, Kaavya.
I said I'm sorry, okay?
Just put the gun down.
This life is not working, Shekhar.
I should try again.
"Who knows about what is going
to happen tomorrow?"
"All I want to do is
live this moment."
"What an effect you have on me."
"That without you my heart
is not into anything."
- "Who knows about what is going
to happen tomorrow?" - Sir, sir, sign.
"All I want to do is
live this moment."
"What an effect you have on me."
"That without you my heart
is not into anything."
"Do not do injustice
to your wishes."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
"You are under my oath."
Kaavya is dead.
I know, I saw it in the news.
How is Sheena? Can I see her?
You are too late, Shekhar.
She has gone off to sleep.
And I don't think that
you should wake her up.
I have got my job back.
After two days we are
leaving for Pune.
After we go you can come to this
house whenever you want.
When all the roads close you have
to make new ones, Shekhar.
I have found my road, I
hope you will find yours.
I do not know what fault
of mine is in this.
But without any fault
of yours, you..
..have undergone such
a big punishment.
I was a weak man.
I was weak.
In every aspect of life
I was incomplete.
An incomplete husband,
an incomplete lover.
And an incomplete father.
But I don't want to die incomplete.
And that will only happen
when you forgive me.
I'm sorry, Sheena.
I'm sorry that
like every father I didn't.. you to do your
maths homework.
I'm sorry that like every father
I didn't come to pick you up..
..from school during heavy rains.
I'm sorry that like every
father I couldn't..
..come for your sports day.
I'm sorry that like every
father I didn't..
..burn crackers with
you during 'Diwali'.
I'm sorry that like every
father I didn't hug.. when you fell off
when you were cycling.
I'm sorry, Sheena.
I'm sorry.
Enough, dad, enough.
Forgive me Sheena, please.
Don't ask for forgiveness, daddy.
You are my father.
I love you, daddy.
Sheena, Sheena, child.
Dad, get up.
Dad, get up. Get up, daddy.
..daddy said his unsaid
tale and passed away.
But till when will you carry
this burden on your heart?
The words that came to your
mouth and disappeared.
You will have to free your
self from those words.
Just tell what you could never say.
Tell it, mummy.
Say it.
I have forgiven him.
Thank you, mummy, thank you.
You do not know how much happiness
it gives a child.. know that its parents have no..
..complaints against each other.
Thank you, mom.
"Some unknown scenes
reside in my eyes"
"Some helplessness pricks my heart"
"Some unspoken conversations
occupy my mind"
"My life is lost somewhere
in those conversations."
"Some unknown scenes
reside in my eyes"
"Some helplessness pricks my heart"
"Why can't my heart forget
those moments that have passed"
"What can one do in this situation"
"My desires remain unfulfilled,
my dreams shattered"
"How can I improve things"
"Some unspoken conversations
occupy my mind"
"My life is lost somewhere
in those conversations."
"Some unknown scenes
reside in my eyes"
"Some helplessness pricks my heart"
"Some unspoken conversations
occupy my mind"
"My life is lost somewhere
in those conversations."
"Some unknown scenes
reside in my eyes"
"Some helplessness pricks my heart.."