Ankahi Kahaniya (2021) Movie Script

Shanty, is this the way you fold?
Please fold them neatly.
See, my watch tells me my date
is about to reach Juhu in 15 minutes.
Brother, I'm off to enjoy my ice candy,
romance her, and caress her hair.
Continue caressing the ladies' clothes
You can never woo a woman.
Im older than you.
Talk respectfully, understood?
Brother Pradeep.
You focus on the ladies section.
Leave the gentlemen's section to me.
Hey, Harry and Larry.
Tidy up the place. Clean the floor
and close the store properly, okay!
Yes, sir.
Ill take care of everything.
Dont worry. Good night.
I'm sure you will, Brother.
Hey, fold that one too.
Brother! I'll wear this.
Today is Jias birthday.
Come here.
Mend your ways or you'll be fired.
Mark my words.
Well, today your wish
isnt going to be granted.
The one to fire me has left.
I will leave too.
Continue caressing the ladies' clothes.
Dont be late tomorrow.
Your eyes are really beautiful.
Give me something in return
for the compliment.
My heart is burning with desire, Romila.
Dont keep me away anymore.
Take me in your arms.
Why do you need lipstick?
You have such luscious lips.
Now its your turn.
Bye-bye, Brother.
Tidy up the place. Clean the floor
and close the store properly, okay!
On this starry night
-let our love and bodies become one.
-Let our love and bodies become one.
Yes, Mother
Yes, I was sleeping.
No matter how hard I try
you always stand here with a rotten face.
Piece of shit!
Yes, sir, I told him
but he is not listening.
Please talk to him.
Hello. Yes?
Oh, hello!
Hes addressing you as boss.
Now I am not a mind reader
to know he was talking about you.
Son, you should have mentioned his name.
Yes, Yes. Its ready!
Yes, okay.
Hey, boy.
Bring the Delight material.
Yes, its ready.
How long has it been?
Its been a while now.
Whats your name?
Ah, there you go.
Carry it.
Who else? Me?
-Give my greetings to your boss.
-All right.
Hey! Want to take a leak?
-Are you in a hurry?
Drive slowly then.
Hello! My hero!
May God bless both of you with
Sir, a female mannequin?
Mr. Gentlemen's Section!
We have a season coming up or not?
Only having male mannequins will not do.
We sell ladies' wear too!
Women should know that
we have a variety of stocks for them too.
-Yes, sir.
Put something snazzy on her.
Ill do it at once!
Let go of her hand.
Look after the gentlemen's section,
Ill do this.
Welcome to Delight Wear.
See you tomorrow.
You must be thinking, "We have met."
"But he is so weird."
"He has not even shared his name yet."
Hi, I, myself Pradeep Lahoria
from Gadarwara.
Youre from Mumbai.
You may not know where Gadarwara is.
Its in MP. Its a nice place.
People are very nice too.
Forgive me. But in Mumbai
people only talk about work.
In Gadarwara,
peoples only work is to talk.
Sipping on tea,
they savor the fragrance of life.
See you soon.
Have to get back to work. Bye.
Whats up? Looks like the gentlemen's
section is not doing good business?
You drink your tea.
I have customers to attend to.
Would you like some tea or cold drinks?
Can I see the pink dress
similar to the lady?
Yes, indeed beautiful.
Please come, Ill show you.
Enjoy your tea.
You must be thinking,
we have talked to each other and met.
He is so weird.
Shared his name but never asked mine.
Your name must surely be Pari.
After all, you are
as beautiful as an angel.
Take care of yourself.
See you.
Ive to go now.
Sir, shall we put some jewelry on her?
I think its a waste of money.
Balance for variety?
Sir, 75.
I mean, bare wrists, bare neck.
No earrings too.
Without jewelry,
even the best outfit looks incomplete.
We have customers.
Window-shoppers, mostly.
We want more of them to buy.
The money spent should convert into sales.
So its a yes?
Look closely sir, its very good quality.
Show me something better.
Okay, come in, Ill show you.
And I bought this watch with my own money.
Try as hard as you want.
He will never look as good as her.
You forgot the palazzo.
Next time.
One bag is free.
While it's ten rupees for the other one.
Tidy up the place. Clean the floors
and close the store properly.
Thank you, sir.
Okay, brother.
Now youre all set.
You saw that, Pari? If you werent here,
we wouldnt have customers.
And without customers,
I wouldnt have gotten a bonus.
This calls for a celebration.
I know you wont ask.
But I must celebrate with you.
Thank you.
How come there's sand inside a shop?
You must have got it.
You frequent the Juhu beach.
On a date,
in new shirts.
Should I ask boss?
Ill clean it up now.
Four. One, two, three
You beat me again!
You wont let me go home today, is it?
You may say no if you wish.
Will he take mine?
Can I tell you something?
You look great in dark colors.
The man you choose would be so lucky!
What is this depraved behavior?
No, sir, I didn't mean that.
What did you mean?
Youre singing and dancing
and fooling around with a mannequin!
Im lonely--
So you do it with a mannequin?
Where was it yesterday?
-What were you planning?
The usual.
-Not at all.
-I'm sure he went
-to a cheap hotel.
I swear. Its not true.
With a mannequin?
Where are you getting
such filthy ideas from?
This is our workplace. We respect it.
And here you are cavorting
with a mannequin!
I will not do it again.
You can't. You're fired.
-Get out!
-Sir. No, sir.
Sir, Im begging you.
-Dont fire me.
-Im calling the police.
-No, sir.
-May I call the cops?
No. sir. It wont happen again
I swear on my mother.
You sure?
This is your last warning.
Don't even go close to the mannequin
or the ladies section.
-If you do, I'll teach you a lesson!
-Sorry, sir!
Mr. Romeo. How are you today?
Give me two minutes. Let me in
Why is she dressed like this?
Its normal clothes.
I cant help if you have a dirty mind.
Get a wedding lehnga.
We have clothes for unmarried women.
-They shop all year.
-Won't you?
I had a lot of fun.
Sister-in-law was smiling.
I think she likes me.
You son of a gun!
-Leave my collar!
-What did you say?
-Let go!
-Say it!
She'll wear skimpy ones.
-I will beat you to death.
-Let go.
-Such an insolent man!
-She'll flaunt a short skirt!
-You bugger! Ill beat you to death.
-You dont have any manners.
-Hey. This is my store!
-Tell him.
Look at him!
Have you lost your mind?
What's his fault?
What? This is a plastic doll,
with no emotions!
Where are your brains?
Look, Ive had enough of you. Leave now.
-Crazy idiot, get out!
-Not a plastic doll, sir.
What are you staring at? Get out!
If I see you here again
You should download Ludo.
When your mother is around, we'll play it.
She'd think you're playing Ludo.
-Im going home. A month's rent.
-Give me one
I'm going home. One month's rent.
Are you crazy? Psycho!
Why are you panting?
Did you run all the way?
Look behind.
No, Auntie.
He was crawling himself here
and I decided to speed him up.
-You will never change.
Okay, I am leaving now.
Such a prankster.
Who's this crazy girl?
Dont you recognize
your childhood friend? It's Sashi.
Shes all grown up now.
And so are you, my dear. Go freshen up.
You look as thin as a matchstick.
Must be eating junk in Mumbai.
-Youve lost weight too.
-Yes, worrying for you.
I worry about you all the time.
Whether youre eating well.
Sleeping okay. What if youve fallen ill?
Mother, you shouldnt worry.
Get someone who'd care for you.
I'll stop worrying.
I, too, want my son
to have a happy married life.
Dont argue. Just eat.
Listen. Sashis mother
keeps asking about you.
As kids, Sashi and you were inseparable.
Shall I speak to her folks?
Ever since he was a child
you have known Pradeeps good habits
and he doesnt have bad ones. That's all.
Thats right. Have some sweets.
Look at these two!
As kids, they would chat for hours
and now theyre so shy.
Go out. Speak it out.
No, its fine.
Please go.
-Shall we?
-Yes, go.
Youve changed! I couldnt recognize you.
Yes, and youre still
the same, a silly-billy.
Wont you ask me anything?
Okay then, Ill ask.
Sell me this stole.
You work at a fashion shop, right?
Show me?
Look at this, madam.
It's 80% cotton and 20% polyester.
With block-print and embroidered borders.
It's around 1,000-1,2000 rupees online.
Our offer is 800 only.
Tell me which color you want.
You are a very good salesman.
I was.
I got fired.
I havent told Mother yet.
But its important to tell you.
No relationship should begin with a lie.
If youre still interested,
you know where to find me.
So did your boss fire you?
You know those display
mannequins in shops?
I used to talk to one of them.
I used to sing songs and go out with her.
Even play Ludo.
The boss caught me.
He thought I was crazy and fired me.
You too must be thinking Im crazy.
No. I was also in love
with a boy in college.
I used to talk to his photograph.
I would make secret videos.
Sometimes sit on his bench.
I loved him but never
expressed my feelings.
At least your craziness
is a lot better than mine.
Love can happen with anyone.
My grandpa was in love with a radio.
He shared his heart out with that radio.
He would hum songs with it.
He'd clean it religiously
for 15 minutes with a soft cotton cloth.
Replace the battery every three months.
One day, the radio stopped responding.
But my grandfather never
stopped looking after it.
My grandfather is no more.
But the radio is still with us.
Does it work?
Hello? Sir. Please dont hang up.
Its me, Pradeep.
I have a request.
If you havent hired anyone,
please take me back.
No, sir. Im getting married.
Not a good idea to get married jobless.
Thats why
Im requesting you this sir, please.
Ill never give you a reason
to complain again, sir. I promise.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
Hello, sir.
What do you want, Pradeep?
Nothing, sir.
-Get to work then.
Tidy up the place. Clean the floors
and close the store properly.
Ill do it.
Please forgive me, brother.
I didnt expect things to get so serious.
The day you're caught,
you could have complained against me.
I couldve lost my job too.
Brother, I know who you want to see.
You won't ask or you might lose the job.
Let me tell you.
After you left,
the boss got rid of her too.
He said she was the root cause
of this mess.
Do you know where she is?
Ill take care of all this, you go.
Try your luck at Ultimate Shop.
Yes, what do you want?
I thought Id never see you again.
You are truly an angel.
You came into my life like
an angel and changed it completely.
I came to the city to work.
With dreams of my own.
I felt very lonely here.
Now I have a companion.
I dont know about others but I know
youd definitely be happy for me.
Pari, this is your best quality.
You seek your happiness
In others happiness.
I'm also very happy for you.
I'm glad you left that place.
They made you stand in the sun all day.
This film shooting environment suits you.
You already look like a heroine.
Please take care of yourself.
Ill take my leave now.
People from Gadarwara talk so much
that they miss out on
the most important things.
I almost forgot it too.
Ive got you something.
Thank you.
Pari, when I talk to you
people think Im crazy.
They dont know that
when a man leaves behind
his home, his loved ones,
and comes to Mumbai city,
he finds a job but he can't find one
to talk his heart out to.
His loneliness deepens,
and he starts talking to himself.
They call him mad.
This is madness, isnt it?
Thank you.
Thank you for
listening to all my gibberish.
Thank you for sharing
the burden of my loneliness.
For saving me from losing my mind.
Thank you.
Please keep smiling.
Like you,
Ill also try to smile wholeheartedly.
Ill leave now.
Take care of yourself.
Here you go.
-How much?
-One cold drink please.
One popcorn, please.
Sujatas house doesnt have a clock?
-I left when the show finished.
-Thanks for the favor.
Hey Nandu, wake up
Hey, Nandu
Your uncle was looking for you last night.
No, that side is yours to clean
And you, stop staring at the papers.
You'd think hes running for office.
Wake up!
Go get milk.
Try waking up early.
I'd wake up early
if I was going to college too.
Samosas and popcorn, please.
Give me popcorn as well.
Manjari, where are you lost to?
Come, let's go in.
-Please hand over my book.
-Do you have this title?
-Which one?
How To Make love?
I mean, How To Fall In Love?
Don't have it.
I left my purse inside.
Seat number?
-What happened?
-Give me your ticket.
What happened?
Thank you.
Let's go.
-Where are you going?
Didnt you go just yesterday?
-I'm done with my chores.
Hey, Nandu!
He's a Dream Girl!
Third row, two seats.
Where have you been?
I haven't seen you around.
Thats because I dont want
to be seen around.
Give Amya the water tank.
Hell repair it.
Easy Slowly
Have your medicines, uncle.
You can drink when you are better.
Are you my dad or am I yours?
Youre not my dad.
Youd still be begging on the streets
if I didnt take you in.
Not doing me any favors, understand?
One samosa, please.
One samosa, please.
How many?
Hey, Manjari
You'll have a samosa?
I am going out for dinner.
I have chores to finish.
-Nice poster, isn't it?
Theres a new film on Friday.
Big film.
I have two tickets.
Selling them in black?
Your name?
Let's go.
Your babe agreed?
Don't call her 'babe'.
Its loose there. Hang it on the nail.
Hey, Nandu!
-Where are you going?
What? Wait right there!
I'm sick of this shit! Picture!
Face painted like a whore!
In this slutty dress
You're watching movies
or dancing in the streets!
Come back in!
I'll show you a bloody movie inside.
Take your tongue out.
Look at me
Let's die together then.
I'm going to get milk.
My uncle fell sick.
Had to take him to the doctor.
I came later.
Im not lying.
I'm feeling very bad.
Even I couldn't come yesterday.
I said I'll be with Sujata
but Mom didn't allow me.
I lied that I'm going to get milk
and came here.
You haven't learned Marathi?
Is that a mouse on your handkerchief?
Not mouse a pigeon.
Its not finished yet.
Can I have one more?
-Swati where are you?
- Leave me! Where are you taking me?
Prabhakar! Save me Prabhakar.
Save your sweetheart
if you have the guts!
You dog!
Swati, now nobody can do us apart.
You are mine. Only mine.
Come embrace me Prabhakar.
-I love you Swati.
-I also love you.
This cruel world
will never let us be together.
-Will you come away--
-Yes, Prabhakar
I am ready.
Let's run away, far from here.
Yes, Prabhakar. Take me away with you.
You live in Mumbai,
yet you don't speak Marathi?
You come to meet me or to eat ice cream?
Youre not as fair as you think.
Why wear a red shirt then?
I dont want a job.
Will start my own business.
I dont take money
from Mom to watch films.
I make money doing embroidery.
Fill up water if youre awake.
-Two tickets, last stop.
-Change, give me change please
Stand on the side.
- Anything else?
-We dont have cookies.
What did you say at home?
I just had to get out of there.
No matter what
Quit your job?
I had to. Else, my uncle
would have shown up looking for me.
Thats why
At any rate, every town has a theatre.
What will you do?
Apart from that a job?
Not a job but I can do embroidery.
And I will study.
Haven't thought much about the future.
Just had to get out of there.
Wont you miss home?
I dont know.
Shall we go?
Hey, move
-Sir, please don't jump the queue.
You can't jump the queue, please.
Do not enter in the middle of the queue.
Maintain the queue.
-Two tickets.
-To where?
Where do you want to go?
My child, please
I am hungry.
Havent eaten since morning.
-I dont have anything.
-God will bless you, my child.
Please give me alms.
I am very hungry.
My child.
Should I pay?
No, Ive paid.
Its bus number 256.
Leaves at 8:15 a.m.
You sit in the front seat.
Ill just go to the toilet.
Hey, girl!
The day began like a commercial.
Beautiful house, loving husband,
an anniversary gift.
Good morning.
Happy anniversary.
What's this?
What do you mean?
Open it and see.
What's for breakfast?
Honestly speaking,
I didn't even like the necklace.
It's as if
It's as if Arjun's never
even noticed my style.
But still
I wore it for his sake.
But the clasp was broken.
So I called the jeweler to return it.
Hi. I am Tanu Mathur.
We bought a necklace from your showroom
but there seems to be a problem with it.
Ma'am, we're sorry about that.
May I know who came to the store?
My husband did. Arjun Mathur.
Found the purchase details.
Do both the pieces have a problem?
Both pieces?
That's when I got suspicious.
The next step was pretty obvious.
Whose number was it?
I never heard this name
in Arjun's circle of friends.
Maybe someone at the office?
But when I searched his Facebook page,
I did find one Natasha.
They work in the same company
Then I saw Natasha's relationship status
Married to Manav Kapoor.
Then you found me on Linkedin
and sent me this message
I am sorry but I need your help.
Did this really happen
or is it just my imagination?
Look Tanu, right?
Tanu, I don't know you
or your husband, right?
But I know my wife
and our relationship well.
And I think you're feeling insecure and
and you should maybe
Maybe get some therapy.
Get a new hobby or something.
No, I his call
Don't call me ever again.
Oh, my god.
Are the kids asleep?
Since tomorrow is a holiday,
it wasn't easy to put them to bed.
How did we give birth to such monsters?
Just like their mother.
That's funny.
Listen, keep all this aside.
Please just come here.
-Can we watch that Ed Norton film?
I already did.
Are you serious?
What's the big deal? It's just a movie.
Not the point.
We're supposed to watch it together.
Fine, let's watch something else.
Who was it?
I don't know. Must be some spam call.
I kept quiet as the children
were home or I would
But I've sent them for a sleepover
and I'll confront her tonight.
-And end this.
I understand how you're feeling.
But if you break your marriage,
then Natasha will go running to Arjun
Arjun will end our marriage!
Arjun will end your marriage?
You should end your marriage!
How can you live with a man
who's having an affair with someone else?
Infidelity is a reality
of modern marriages.
Oh, my god!
I can't break my 11-year-old
marriage because of one mistake.
What part of this is a mistake?
They are two adults
who willingly did this.
You and I have been cheated on. Simple.
But they must have
a reason why they did it.
Every relationship that falls apart
has a reason behind it.
And a hope to mend it.
Look, you can do whatever you want. Okay.
I can't live with her.
End of conversation.
Manav, please.
Give me a few days, okay?
After that, you can do whatever
you think is right.
Did you fix your marriage?
No. But I have a plan to fix it.
I want to know what
was lacking in our marriage
that Arjun found in Natasha.
And to understand this we must trace
the entire affair from the beginning.
I mean,
I have a hunch about what Arjun did
but only you can tell
me what your wife's capable of.
Are you insane?
I can't do this.
But you owe me.
Owe you for what?
Because if it wasn't for me
you would still be with her.
In the same house In the same bed
-Holding hands and
-Okay, fine.
What do I have to do? Tell me?
Their calls start from 9th December.
From 7th to 9th of December,
Arjun was at the company off-site.
Since Natasha is in the same company,
she must be there too.
I really think this
is where the affair started.
What do you mean here?
This is where the off-site was.
You called me to the place
where my wife was having an affair?
Yes, but with my husband.
I know this is a lot to take in
but this is the only way to know.
I need to know.
Don't you want to know?
We are here already
-and it will only take a few hours.
-Okay, fine.
I think this is where they met.
I know Arjun was supposed
to give a presentation.
He was preparing for it that night.
What was Natasha doing?
I guess she was in the audience
since she was complaining about how
she would have to listen
to a boring presentation.
I don't think she would've been bored.
Arjun has this way
of just engaging people.
I hope it was worth your while
and until we meet again, thank you.
Thank you, everyone.
How did the conversation
start between them?
That's easy.
Natasha must have gone
up to him and complimented him.
Hi, I am Natasha Kapoor.
I think you did a fantastic job up there.
You mean in trying to keep everyone awake.
No. I mean, I think
everybody was pretty engrossed.
Why do you think Natasha approached Arjun?
Because Natasha is attrachted to success.
But you're successful as well.
Not enough.
What do you mean?
Well, our spouses are already lying to us.
At least we can
Look, when I met Natasha
I was the founder of a startup.
I was on the list of 30 under 30.
And then my startup failed and now I'm 40.
I am an employee in an IT company,
in a very ordinary job
So not enough.
But the startup is
just a part of your life.
Not your identity.
And you seem to be a good husband
and a good father.
Anyone can do that.
No. That's not true.
Natasha and Arjun
So how do you think Arjun reacted to it?
-I am glad you enjoyed it.
-I really did.
In fact, I wanted to ask you
what your views are on future trends.
It's a simple question
but the answer is complicated.
Should we discuss this over lunch?
Yeah, sure. That will be great.
I mean which man wouldn't like
a compliment from a beautiful woman.
He would've been flattered for sure.
But if it's about beauty
then his own wife is very beautiful.
Yes, but
Natasha is interesting.
She has these ideas,
and opinions, and dreams
And you don't have dreams?
I did.
But Arjun had bigger dreams.
Big cars, big jobs,
big cities, big parties
my little dreams got left behind.
Dreams are dreams. What are little dreams?
So, a small tea cafe.
In a shady lane.
With a sit out an eclectic menu
And a library of unpublished authors
on the first floor.
And amateur musicians
performing on weekends.
You seem interesting to me.
So if they met at the conference
then their conversation
must have been professional.
How did it become personal?
Maybe I am the reason
for the personal connection.
Because of the recession.
to the economy
Please go ahead
and take it if you have to.
I'll call back later.
After a few years of marriage,
these calls are just routine.
The same old baseless questions.
Followed by baseless answers.
I am sure there's no real reason
for this call.
Now that's a plus,
because between me and my husband,
there's never a call for no reason.
Same old. Giving information,
taking updates
And when you have kids
it's an entirely different story.
Why can't you just
make a call for no reason?
Because I don't want her
to keep living in her fairytale.
I mean we've been married for years now.
We have kids, we have responsibilities.
Yeah, but
Every marriage needs a fairytale.
Even you're living
in your fairytale world.
Yet, your marriage is falling apart.
So what's the point of
living in this imaginary world?
I've seen reality destroy marriages.
I've seen my parents' marriage fall apart.
It's fine.
Shall we continue?
I know sometimes life
can become really monotonous.
You know, I wish just for a day
instead of meetings and schedules,
I could do what I want to do in life.
Forget about life.
What do you want to do right now?
Well, look at us.
We're so close to the beach
and stuck in this conference
among pretentious people.
Where could we actually be?
On the beach, right?
No. We can't do that.
Come, let's live a little.
Come on.
Natasha loves the water
so she would've run to the sea.
But Arjun doesn't like
to wade in the water.
But you don't know Natasha.
She must have dragged Arjun in.
They must have gone into the water.
A big wave must have
brought them together.
They must have come close.
Oh, my god! You're so dramatic.
Okay. So maybe I am
I like these things.
Holding hands. Wading in the water.
Playing in the waves it's romantic!
You know,
I always respected Arjun's wishes.
Gave him space.
But maybe what he wanted was
someone to push him to have fun.
No, I don't agree with that.
Not everyone likes
to be forced into having fun.
I want to do the things that I enjoy.
What do you enjoy?
Sitting on the shore. Watching the sunset.
Yeah, but always doing what you want,
doesn't work in a marriage.
And doing what you want,
doesn't work in life.
Then what should one choose?
Life or marriage?
I don't know.
What are you doing?
Sitting on the shore
and watching the sunset.
Isn't that what you want to do?
Yes, but after wading in the water.
So they both went in the water,
laughed, and played around.
Came close to each other.
Is that enough for intimacy?
I mean for infidelity?
I think Natasha felt guilty
and she went back to her room.
How do you know?
She called me.
Hi, baby. What's up? How are the kids?
So you finally remembered
that you have kids?
What? Did something happen?
I have been chasing after them all day!
So what? I do it every day, Manav.
So you could've called
or texted asking how they were doing?
I'm here for a conference,
not on a holiday.
I wish I had but that's
not what I am here for, right?
So you need a holiday.
A holiday from me and your kids.
Fine, take it.
Wait a minute. Did I say that?
Look Natasha, any woman who
needs a holiday from her family,
shouldn't be a mother. Okay!
How can you talk to her like that?
I mean, she called you for reassurance.
And you gave her a reason to cheat.
Sorry. Were you saying
that I am responsible for this affair?
Every couple quarrels.
So, everybody should have an affair.
If she's unhappy with me
then why doesn't she leave me?
It's not that easy for women
to break their marriage
and end relationships.
Leaving the kids, leaving the house.
She won't have a problem.
The house is in her name.
I've ensured she has money in the bank.
She's financially secure.
She can keep the kids.
I can visit them on weekends.
It's all taken care of.
My god!
You've thought this through!
You want this marriage to fail.
At some point in time, every
couple wants their marriage to end.
But not every couple thinks
about their children's custody.
Okay, fine. I want this marriage to fail.
I want it to end.
Because we're not compatible.
She loves the Manav I was ten years ago.
Founder of a startup.
An entrepreneur. 30 under 30.
I've accepted my failure but she can't!
Did you tell her?
Manav, why can't you tell
her like you're telling me?
She already thinks I'm a failure.
I don't want her to think I am a coward.
Failure does not make you a coward.
In my family, failure is a big deal.
I don't want to talk about
this anymore. Okay?
Manav I'm sorry.
You don't have to.
We don't have to do this.
We can drop it.
I know it's overwhelming for you,
I can understand.
Let's finish this.
I want to finish this.
Natasha is not the kind of woman
who cries over a quarrel.
In fact, she retaliates
by having a good time.
What does Natasha do when she is high?
Natasha must have hit
the dance floor for sure.
What are you doing?
You know, through my entire marriage
I tried to be the perfect wife.
You know but
I think Arjun wanted something else.
You don't have to change.
No one likes me for who I am.
Not even Arjun.
He likes someone like Natasha.
If Arjun likes someone
else then that's his problem.
He needs to change not you.
Okay, listen. Come on.
I think we should go.
I'll drop you at your room. Come.
I think Arjun must
have said that to Natasha.
-So here we are.
I am really sorry I embarrassed myself.
-No, it's okay.
-No, I am sorry.
If something's bothering
you then you can share it with me.
No, it's okay.
There's no problem, I mean
You sure you want to do this?
Watch it. Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm fine. There's no problem.
Or maybe
I don't know, maybe I am the problem.
Listen, it's all right.
I keep trying but nothing
is ever enough for Manav.
-How is that possible?
-Come on.
-How is that possible?
-It's okay.
No matter what I do,
why am I never enough for him?
Come. It's fine.
It's fine. It's okay.
Why is it never enough for him?
No, that's not possible.
If Natasha felt that Arjun was taking
advantage of her emotional state,
she would have walked away.
Something else must have happened.
Maybe Arjun said something.
What would've Arjun said?
I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
Why are you asking me?
Until now you knew everything.
How he thinks, what he does
Now you claim you don't know?
I don't know.
You're lying, Tanu.
No, I am not.
I can read your face, you're lying.
What did you tell me?
We'll be honest with each other, right?
If you don't want to be honest
then let's finish this thing.
Let's end it.
He must have said
Even I've grown tired of my marriage.
My wife is insane.
Whenever I want to leave
her she starts to cut herself.
She threatens to kill herself.
What is he saying?
Don't I have a right to be happy?
Yeah, but this is not true.
Is it?
No, it's not true.
What do you want to see?
Look, it's not true.
I am so sorry.
I am sorry.
But how do you know he said these things?
Unless it's happened before!
It's happened before.
Yes, it's happened before.
He said these things.
I've read his entire social media chats.
-And what did you do?
-I yelled and screamed.
He started crying. He apologized.
-And you forgave him?
-What else could I do?
-You could've left him.
-I can't leave him.
Tanu, he's done it before.
He's doing it again.
And he'll keep doing it.
-You don't understand.
-What don't I understand?
If I'm not Mrs. Arjun Mathur
then who am I?
I don't have children
nor friends.
I don't have any
relationships to call my own.
Remember what you told me?
A startup is not my identity.
Similarly, Tanu relationships
are not your sole identity.
Because I haven't created
an identity for myself.
-Then do it now.
-I can't do this.
You can do anything.
If you can convince me to go
along with this ridiculous plan
then you're capable of doing anything.
Why can't you see it? You're smart.
You're beautiful, you're intelligent.
You don't want this.
-It's nice to see you.
-It's nice to see you as well.
Are you good?
I am fine.
I am happy.
Arjun's changed.
Missed you.
I didn't know you were here.
I was just gone for a day.
Even a day has 24 hours.
And even an hour without you is too long.
You did all this?
Yes. For you.
By the way, I was thinking.
It's been a really long
time since we went on a trip.
I think we should take a holiday together.
Nice cozy hotel.
Lazy lunches.
Some wine.
Some books.
Some slow dancing.
AndI think it's over between them.
That's why you're looking so happy.
Aren't you happy to hear this?
No, if you're happy I am happy.
Why did you want to meet?
Well, I wanted to tell you something.
Actually, that day when I went back,
Natasha was waiting for me.
It's over now, Manav.
There really is nothing left.
I just want you to forgive me, please.
Punish me any way you want.
You can keep the children if you want.
Divorce me.
I really I can't
I can't take this anymore. I really can't.
I am sorry I kept pushing
you to do something
but you don't have to do that anymore.
You really don't.
But I don't deserve you, Manav.
You don't have to anymore.
Please do what you want to. I am serious.
I don't deserve you.
I really don't deserve you.
Actually, I didn't think
I could forgive her.
But you did.
Thanks to you.
But it's not that
everything is perfect now.
We still fight every day.
How did the affair end between them?
How does that matter?
Matters to me.
It's so peaceful
spending the entire day together.
Meeting secretly is so exhausting.
But such coincidences won't happen often
when they are both out of town
at the same time.
And what if we don't need
to keep meeting secretly?
Arjun! We've talked about this.
Manav has a lot to deal with.
I can't leave him and hurt him further.
So you'll continue living
this lie of a marriage.
And do you ever think about me?
Don't I have any rights?
Don't we have the right
to live the life we want?
It's not that easy, Arjun.
I am only telling you to think about it.
Anyway it's not going to happen overnight.
What do you mean?
It needs to be planned.
Emotionally. Financially.
Divorce is not just
about two people separating.
Families are involved too.
Children. Assets. Alimony.
They don't know anything yet.
If we plan it better
we'll get a better deal out of it.
Natasha thought if he can
be so cold-hearted with his wife
even after so many years of marriage,
then he can be
just as cold-hearted with her.
If Natasha hadn't left Arjun
then he would've never returned to me.
But does that matter?
Yes, now it matters.
I don't want to be his backup.
I just
I want to be his first choice.
But remember you said to me
if you're not Mrs. Arjun Mathur,
then who are you?
I am beautiful.
Smart and intelligent.
I can do anything.
Isn't that what you said?
If you ever need anything,
you know I'm always here.
I just have one request.
If I am ever weak, don't support me.
Just don't.
Just remind me
that I can do anything alone.