Ankhon Dekhi (2013) Movie Script

This is my recurring dream
That I am fIying..
..Iike a bird the sky
Cutting through the cIouds
And when I am fIying.. I feeI happy
A happiness that is
impossibIe to describe
A feeIing Iike nothing
eIse - Unique... wondrous
But this is not a dream- this is reaI
The wind that caresses my face
The sound of gushing wind in my ears,
This is reaI.
This fIight took wings
a coupIe of years back
Then I had no cIue..
That this is the beginning
I thought this was going to be..
..just another day
I am extremeIy angry.
What have I done?
I just went to watch a fiIm...
With that bastard?
- He is not Iike that...
Then is he Iying?
UncIe, I swear...
Everyday he is with a new girI-
Baooa wiII you stop it!
WiII you stop it?
You goes coIIege from home.
Is this your coIIeague.
Have you no shame?
- Now drop it, wiII you?
- You don't say anything
You'II see I'II kiII myseIf...
You'II find me going round
and round hanging from the fan..
Then you'II be happy
No more coIIege for you!
You have Iearned much more.
You wiII not meet him again...
I wiII! - Rita!
Brother, Iisten to her.
I don't meet him just Iike that.
I Iove him.
You siIIy girI, you Iove him-
But do you know how he feeIs?
He wiII use you and throw you
in a river,
Then come and teII me
that you Iove him!!
How'II we face the worId!
Sis-in-Iaw, it's enough now!
You misIed me but teII him.
-Ok, enough.
What wiII become of this girI!
Go away. Go.
Come, on go to other room.
- Make her understand.
Go inside the house,
don't step out.
UncIe, make her understand Iest...
- Ok, you go now.
I won't come to heIp find her out
if she fIed. - You go home!
I'm trying to do a good
and he's shooing me off!
But Bhai, that Ajju is
reaIIy a bad sort.
I asked about him,
everyone says the same thing-
He has a very bad reputation
with women,
With money... He is a reaI bastard...
But Rita can't see aII that,
then why you...
What a bIoody headache..
You're coming now?
- What happened? - Too Iate.
What happened?
Panditji's son is so weak,
he bIurted out everything.
I wiII beat Bauaa..
How she screamed today!
Baba threatened her!
You shouId have been there.
What couId I've done?
It's an open saIe item.
Here, eat it in peace.
This is not good.
- Eat it now
Yes, go ahead and eat.
There you won't get anything.
Wake up. Tea is ready.
Wake up, its Iate..
Nobody move a muscIe!
Wait for me to pick it up
These royaI princes wiII
keep sIeep.
Can I taIk to Rita?
Rita is not home. Who is this?
Is it Ajju?
Amma, Iet me at Ieast
taIk on the phone.
Who is phone caII, sister-in-Iaw?
Its HIM!
- Give me.
- HeIIo! - Who is it?
Who is it?
I'm asking you. Who are you?
TeII me your name.
I'm Ashok speaking.
Yeah, she is not at home.
He is caIIing constantIy.
What to do now?
I'm teIIing you she is not at home.
- Who are you?
I am Rita's uncIe
Is that good enough for you?
Is she gone coIIege?
Rita doesn't want to meet you..
Ajju..they are aII Iying!
- Don't caII again.
They'II puII you out a bash you.
And you better get up!
- I'II keep Iying tiII afternoon!
You are doing your work,
but she is crying.
That's why I caIIed.
Did she eat?
No? Ask her again..
Try to feed her. Yes.
I'm trying not beating her.
Sir, Tea.
Oh no- he is a ruffian, a goon.
How are we going to thrash him..
What if he caIIed other goons!
I think poIice is a good idea..
Good then.
I wiII come earIy..
Who is it?
- Open the gate.
Are you Ajju..?
- Who are you?
What do you want?
- Are you Ajju..?
Yes, Chacha, yes- this is Ajju-
I am teIIing you this is the man..
He is the man..
- Yes, he's the one.
What have I done?
ShaII I expIain you.
Do you know Rita?
I know he is the Iover boy.
Bastard, have you no shame?
You pIay around with innocent girIs?
Bothering her..
- Aren't you ashamed?
You think you can get away with it?
What have I done?
Stop it, pIease.. Enough! Stop!
What have I done?
Whip him on his ass..
What are you taIking?
- What eIse shouId I taIk?
I am taIking to them, aren't I?
ShouIdn't have brought
Babuji here.
No, I am not going to beat you
I am Rita's father
We are her famiIy- We have
to think of her weII being..
And you shouId...
Do not troubIe her anymore..
You understand?
You made him understand
and he understood!
Even then wiII he come around?
I you haven't, then a night in the
Iock up wiII heIp you get it..
Listen- if we see you around Rita
ever again...
PIease be quiet.
- If ever see you around...
Just a minute.
Am I not here?
Come go the other side.
Here, hoId this bag.
Fine- Lets go- Let go everybody..
You take care
Have you seen your face!
Going around as Romeo!
Babji, he was roaming
around the corner.
Aren't you ashamed.
Keep quiet!
Don't cry..
Take care
You go, I'II come.
Is this the way to...
Here's your meaI.
Sweetheart, eat something.
It's been more than 24 hours,
you haven't eaten a thing.
What if you faII sick of something?
No, no. Listen...
What happened?
Why don't you go to other
room and do what you're doing.
I was just sitting...
- Go, go.
Let's go.
She's going.
Have it, dear.
It's your favorite potato
dish, eat.
Come, eat.
Okay, fine.. Want me to apoIogize?
WiII you eat if I say sorry?
He is not a bad guy, Babuji.
I know he is not.
Now that I have met him,.
You were right,
and everyone eIse was wrong, okay?
You must have thrashed him good?
No, I swear, I did not Iay
a hand on him..
UncIe must have thrashed him?
I know, uncIe must have
bashed him hard.
UncIe thinks for your future, dear.
Why wouId he?
But now... I did not even
touched him once.
Can I taIk to him on phone?
AIright, caII him but don't Iet
anyone know, okay?
It's okay a bit.
Here's your favorite potato dish.
- No it's not good, but I'm hungry.
One shouId never Ioath food.
They aIways cook eggpIant.
Aren't you coming to bed?
I wiII.. Sit with me for a whiIe...
Say, what is it?
WiII you come onIy
if it is something?'
How siIIy we are!
How we beIieved everything
that the Pandit's boy toId us!
Everything! How couId we beIieve it?
On what basis?
Look at me.
I met him today.
He turned out to be a Iamb.
You saw the Iamb in one gIance..
And everyone eIse is wrong!
Then what shouId I do?
ShouIdn't I trust
what I see with my own eyes...
...instead I shouId trust
what somebody eIse says?
Come in now.
You wiII catch coId.
If you met that boy, you'd have said
the same thing- a Iamb!
Compared to him our reIatives
were Iooking Iike goons.
That poor boy did not even
raise his voice.
WonderfuI! He is a Iamb,
you are a Iamb...
...and your daughter is a Iamb.
And rest everyone in the house
are mad?
I am going to bed. Are you coming?
It's getting coId.
I have understood something.
That we have been deceived.
That we have been toId
so many Iies, so many times...
And we beIieved it aII,
with our eyes wide shut!!
In its entirety.
And took the same Iie
as our gospeI truth.
Bauji, one minute.
Again you are reading these Iies..
Give it up! - My newspaper?
This is not news.
New is what your eyes see...
...what your ears hear-
Rest of it is rubbish!
Bhai, give me back the paper.
- Take it.
What they teach you in schooI,
for exampIe...
..What you Iearn by rote,
that is not your experience
Look for your truth.
Why shouId you beIieve them?
But, exams..
Now see. What's your work...
...which you know and have Iived...
...that's the onIy truth, right?
That's what is Iife.
And that's the truth,
what eIse is?
Dear, what were you saying?
Amma, I'm going.
- Come straight home from coIIege.
Yes, I'II be back by three.
Are you Iistening?
- Bhai, I'm going in for a wash
Of course, go take your bath.
By aII means- But I've understood..
Bhai, I'II be Iate...
- what you haven't experienced...
You can't beIieve anything
that you haven't seen
You're right.
That is mereIy hearsay...
Don't beIieve what others teII you
Not even what I am teIIing you
Because this is my truth
You must seek yours..
I'm going. I wiII be Iate.
- Listen.
Come home after schooI.
Are you Iistening?
There is onIy one truth!
The water is hot, take bath.
The water is hot
What's this?
Here is oiI.
Rub it on your body.
I have resoIved..
I have decided!
My truth wiII be
the truth of my experience.
From today...
I'II refuse to beIieve anything..
that I have not seen myseIf
From now on I'II question everything.
I wiII see everything anew,
hear it anew, know it again...
...and wiII reevaIuate it
through my eyes.
Nothing that I have not Iived...
I won't speak bout it.
Every wrong thing that I Iearnt,
or Iearnt it the wrong way.
I wiII forget it, totaIIy.
HoId on, I am stiII speaking.
WiII Iearn everything anew,
reIearn it.
It wiII be the truth
WiII you Iet me finish?
It wiII be true and good.
Everything wiII be new.
I onIy wiII beIieve what I see.
What were you saying?
I was saying,
do you want to Iearn everything now?
Or you'd rather
wear your pants first.
Oh, yeah. This...
You can't see a thing- Not with
your new eyes, nor the oId eyes.
If you can't see,
then at Ieast Iearn to Iisten!!
What is so funny?
You think I haven't ever seen
you woman Iike this.
Be quiet now!
Ok, I wiII be quiet.
HeIIo, Raje Babu!
- HeIIo, here take this.
What's the matter have it?
it's God's offering..
God's offering..
It's sweetmeat..
It's God's offering.
Gupat ji brought it.
It's KaIakand.
Its good. Its sweet.
- Offering from God...
It's KaIakand.
Yes, Babuji?
- Satya, is that you?
I feeI a new sun on my skin
Everything is new,
Everything is bright
There is a cIarity
Every which way I Iook
I feeI a new sun on my skin
Yes, Babuji?
- Satya, is that you?
I never saw you before.
How IoveIy are you..
What is it, Raje Babu,
you're puIIing my Ieg!
Good morning,
one does not see you these days?
Good morning.
Manish, have you seen Satya?
- Yes he's bringing water.
How beautifuI he is!
What have you eaten in the morning.
Listen, so are you
Drink your tea it wiII go coId.
I am teIIing the truth.
You are too much.
My gaze has taken off..
Unattached, free
Every step I take,
I reach a new reaIm
It is the same oId road
The famiIiar, oId worn road
But now I see it..
...and the magic on the way
Amma, where's my bIack sandaI?
- I feeI a new sun on my skin
Don't know where they keep it.
You shouId exercise sometimes?
What's it?
Ready so soon?
Did not offer prayer?
- No.
It's just...
- Why did not you offer prayer?
I can't do it.
Give me breakfast.
What are you eating?
God, forgive us.
His heart is very pure
and you're ocean of mercy.
Bauji is here.
How are you?
- HeIIo, Panditji!
What is it Raje Babu?
- Greeting, Panditji.
One doesn't see you nowadays..
You don't need God anymore?
Or have you Iost your faith?
It's not that. I've decided..
The truth I cannot verify myseIf'
I won't accept it. It's my decision.
So? Do you want
God to reveaI himseIf?
Can you arrange something Iike that,
it wiII be great.
By the way, we're just sitting
here and having tea.
You have become very cIever!
Neither you beIieve in god
nor in reIigion.
You wiII repent one day
PIease Iisten...
- Let it be!
Why are you beating me?
Want to Iook God.
I wiII just come.
Bauji, you tensed to Pandit Ji.
Look here.
One photo pIease..
Look here.
Me too.
But Raje Bhai, you won't beIieve
what everyone beIieves?
Like... Manmohan Singh
is the prime minister of India.
- He's saying maybe!
Not maybe - Raje bhai, he is!
- Maybe.
What kind of siIIiness is this?
Even a chiId knows this truth.
Maybe. Don't faII down.
Every morning evening it
appears on TV...
...that Prime Minister of India is
Dr. Manmohan Singh.
How can you refute it?
I am not refuting it..
But you are not accepting it either
- I said, he couId be..
Thank you very much- You have been
very kind to Dr. Manmohan Singh.
You be quiet.
By God!
Why can't you Ieave him aIone?
Anut, give us some fritters.
We'II taIk about it Iater.
Bauji- this is known as
maIe- menopause,
It happens at a certain age,
when one feeIs there is nothing...
...Ieft to achieve, this sets in..
Hey, it's maIe-menopause!
This is your mid Iife crisis,
Raje bhai.
It couId be.. - Bauji,
everything can't be a 'couId be'
Are you certain of anything at aII?
It's day
And it wiII be foIIowed by night..
Yes, that is certain
Today is Sunday..
CouId be..
It is!! it is Sunday today!!
Let her eat too.
SchooIs are cIosed, Bank it cIosed,
it is Sunday today!!
Bauji, that fretter's shop too.
Bauji, everyone agrees that
today is Sunday.
They beIieve because there
is some reason, right?
The reason is convenience.
A convention, Iike Ianguage
Everyone agreed that 'F' foIIowed by
an 'R- U- I-T wiII be the word Fruit.
And you know what it means.
That is right.
When you caII a fruit a fruit, then
onIy one can have a conversation-
Otherwise you say Fruit
and I think Atom bomb-
Is it sweet?
- Very sweet!
It is from SimIa!
- CouId be....
Is there any cake Ieft?
- CouId be!
Aunt, I Iiked it very much.
You tried...
There is a fIight
to Amsterdam, but...
What do you mean by but?
But I can't be too sure,
because I've never been there
So how can I say as to how many hours
it'II take or how's the weather.
I am not aware of it so why shouId
I say anything and deceive.
Are you Mr. Raja?
Yes, it is me, Raje!
Without the sIightest doubt
I don't have the sIightest doubt
about that
What happened?
Don't you recognise me?
I'm Sharma from Pahadganj.
You do sound Iike Sharma, but..
But my eyes don't give me
that proof, just my ears
When I say I am speaking
it's me.
No, it's just your say so,
there is not proof, isn't it?
Bauji, are you insane?
Indeed! Some peopIe
caII me mad these days
But because of what you're saying,
I cannot beIieve it!
But it's their specuIation.
There is no proof of that either!
He hung up!
- What eIse did you expect?
Did I say anything wrong?
You teII me- you are young..
Was I wrong?
Laughing on me?
Website has aII the information,
doesn't it?
So? What is the probIem?
Sir, you are not getting it..
You better come in.
Now teII me what you don't
understand? ExpIain to me.
I have never gone to a pIace
so how couId I be sure...
So where eIse you haven't been to?
Sir, Amsterdam..
Have you been to Paris? London?
Chicago? Toronto?
Okay teII me where you been to?
What pIace?
I went to SimIa Iast..
Two years back.
So wiII you onIy issue tickets
for SimIa?
ShaII I shut the internationaI tour?
Your job is to book tickets-
You don't have to go there..
Go and do it..
Now just don't keep standing here
go and book tickets.
Yes, sir.
Hey, where is my cigarette pack?
Bauji, got your reward?
Bauji, how is the
weather in Amsterdam?
You guys continue on the job.
This is not for me.
Not my kind of thing..
Bauji we'd have to be on
job to make a Iiving.
Come on, does one get hurt so
easiIy? Does Iife continue Iike that?
Now my time is over,
it's your age now...
...better you take care of
you job.
I have younger brother, a son,
they'II take care of me.
Bauji, wiII you resign
for such a triviaI thing?
We were just joking.
- No jokes..
Listen, aII the fiIes are here...
You better Iisten to me.
Take over the fiIes and be sure
to caII me for your wedding.
Get your gIasses repaired, son.
AII right!
Come here.
Do your job properIy, okay!
- Don't worry everything is fine.
Satya ji...
- Yes.
You are reaIIy IoveIy. TruIy
Take care
Be seated.
He has come to meet you..
It's very good...this tea.
Whenever I make it becomes strong.
I wanted to say, that I...
I want to marry Rita.
But what do you do?
Do you earn anything at aII?
I am an insurance agent..
That's going on.
I've aIso appeared for the test
of SaIes Tax Department.
It's Government job.
You Iive aIone here?
Yes, for now
And your parents?
- They Iive in Muradabad
They aIso have a government job.
I have given room in civiI Iine.
AIright, son... come again, okay?
Okay, bye.
ShaII I Ieave?
Yes. - bye
Take it away!
Look at him, pigging away
Eat it. Have more.
Amma, give me some money.
Are you mad?
I gave you fifty rupees Iast Monday..
I spent it, give another 20.
I don't have any, you don't vaIue
money... - Rita!
TaIk to human beings
in the morning. Come here.
Give me 20 bucks, Bauji.
- Thank you.
WiII you go to office in
this condition?
There is another 10; Go now
Amma, I'm going. Bye!
Come straight home from coIIege..
- Yes.
Sister, bye!
- By Ashok.
And what are you doing?
Aren't you getting Iate?
You are worse than a chiId
Aren't you going to pray?
- No, it's okay.
Hey, what are you doing?
AImighty, pIease forgive him.
You know how he is
Here take it.
Tomorrow we'II see.
- What sorry?
What are you doing here?
Nothing, uncIe.
I had project for Botany.
So I was coIIecting fIowers and Ieaves.
- Where are the other kids?
They are around- picking
fIowers and stuff
Okay, I have to run; bye
I had..come here for
some office errand.
Ok, uncIe.
I wiII Ieave now.
Where is she?
Amma, where...
- What it is? WiII you speak
Amma, Bauji is in the park.
He's roaming there, he goes out
for office... - What nonsense!
Here he needs poIish shoes,
ironed cIothes, and now in park...
What is he doing?
- Nothing, he doesn't go to office.
Bauji, beware of the bombs
CIose it.
What is it?
Did you do something again?
- No! YOU did!
What is it?
- Go away!
Rita! Take aII these cIothes!
AII of it is kept here.
WiII someone speak up?
TeII him.
I'm sitting here Iike a rooster!
What happened?
Had caIIed your office...
...they said... that you..
That is right- I quit
You quit! How easiIy he said that!
And it's been ten days since
you quit and no one knows...
Why shouId I teII everyone
everything? So I just didn't.
Why not?
Listen, how can I work at a pIace
where I have to Iie every minute
Oh wow! WonderfuI!
Look at this saint..
And what about Ieaving for office,
asking for your bag...
You have no probIems with that Iie.
And if you've to Iie a IittIe at work,
you decided to give up that job?
But that Iie is different
from this Iie...
Sure, it is different
You don't get a saIary for this Iie
and that Iie paid you money.
You were bringing home some money,
so we were fed.
House was weII taken care of
and that you couIdn't digest.
But there was some to make
ends meet somehow..
But you are an aristocrat,
a Iandowner- a feudaI Iord...
You have goId mines. Why shouId
you waste your time on a job!
Did you hear kids, he has
eIephants and horses on streets.
And the goId bricks which his
ancestors have Ieft he'II use that.
I wiII Ieave aII of you one day...
...and disappear.. I warn you aII!!
Bhai, have you reaIIy..?
I have done my bit..
Now there is you, Shammi
Things wiII work out. Won't they?
This is fine.
Nobody is going to eat any Iess,
but nobody wants to work..
Why doesn't Shammi feeI ashamed
Why doesn't Shammi Iook for a job?
Every one is waiting with
their open mouths.
Why don't you taIk?
Why don't you teII him?
- I wiII
WiII you shut up aIready?
What happened..?
Damn it aII! You Ieft this red hot
pan over here!!
God, did you get burnt..?
- What, I've bIisters now.
Why did you Ieave it here?
I just poured oiI..
Poured oiI and Ieft it in
the middIe of the room?
Put some ice on it..
- Don't overdo it now..
Just making a scene!
What did you say?
- Nothing.
I am making a scene? Me?
Just because I don't compIain,
every one pushes me!
AIright, it's done now
What is done?
Next time you pour some boiIing oiI
over my head, aIright?
They you aII wiII be satisfied.
Now it's reaIIy too much!
My hand is burnt, yet I have
to do this and that.
- HeIIo!
He is aIways in a fouI mood!
Is Ashok home?
CaII him.
- Yes, papa?
Come on out
Come over here
What has he done?
What has he done?
- TeII her what you've done.
Ashok, what happened?
- TeII her!
What are you doing?
He has faiIed in maths
He has to get his report
signed from parents...
He hasn't been to the schooI
for the Iast 10 days-
And I am a donkey's son
To be paying for his schooI fees...
Stop! He is not a smaII boy
- He'II run away
Run away. Bastard!!
Why don't you speak!
- Ashok!
Bhai, you don't say anything.
Not one word!
Come on cooI down.
- Come here!
- Come over here
Look at him! How he gIares
back at me! Look at the bastard!!
Now stop it, Iet him be.
You've crossed the Iimit.
He's just a kid.
You faiIed him?
What couId I do?
He didn't attempt haIf the questions
And whatever he attempted
that too were wrong.
But you ask strange questions..!
Nothing strange about them.
Everything has been taught
Nothing is out of course.
You can check.
What's there to check.
I know my kid.
Ashok, come here.
He's a decent boy.
Smart and hardworking.
He goes around and Iearns
He has scored weII
in aII the other subjects..
Except your maths
My maths?
It's not my Math. It is what
the board has prescribed.
Let me pass pIease
You are teaching them
aII the wrong things
Prove that two paraIIeI
Iines meet at infinity-
What kind of a question is that?
ParaIIeI Iines are paraIIeI
I don't want to argue..
You don't have a Ieg to stand on,
how wiII you argue with reason?
Let me go, pIease
PIease expIain it to me
If two Iines meet,
how are they paraIIeI?
They meet at infinity,
is to say - that they never meet..
That is what I said. They never meet
They do! At infinity..
Proof is in the course book..
If he had studied, he'd know.
Ramesh, Iisten.
This is Maths..
- No this is rubbish
ParaIIeI Iines can never meet
That is what I said.
They don't meet, except at infinity
Of course they never meet
but wiII at infinity.
The meet at infinity and
no where eIse, but...
What are you up to?
Why confusing me?
Infinity! Security!
Don't Iet some random Iines
ruin your heaIth. We are Ieaving
Show them the door
Go, the exit is that way.
What is your saIary here?
How much do you make?
1200 rupees
If you get onIy haIf of it,
from next month...
But why, sir?
- HaIf of 1200 is..?
OnIy 600 sir, but..
This is maths-
ExpIain it to your teacher
AII right?
Good bye.
But sir... I haven't done anything,
I swear!
Okay, go.
I Iet this go- and it faIIs
But why? I have no cIue
Bauji! I know.
It's caIIed gravitationaI force..
The Law of Gravity.
I don't know that. And your
face betrays that even you don't
What we do know, is that...
that if I Iet this go..
- Be carefuI! Don't drop it now..
This is my truth.
Truth that I have Iived
Get up everyone,
the pIace has not been swept!
But Bauji, there must be a reason
for it, some principIe?
PeopIe have principIes..
CouId have rested for a few hours.
Now there is a circus at home
24 hours...
Bauji gave up his
job for his principIes
But Bauji- you can't deny facts!
But there are certain things,
whatever they are...
Such as?
Like.. the earth is round
This is round? Seems fIat to me!
If the earth was round,
Lata wouId faII off that edge
Ashok wouId be hanging
on the edge.
No, I did not mean that...
Bauji it's an argument for
argument's sake.
Bauji is Iike a frog in a weII..
Yes, I am a frog
But I know where I am.
I am trying to know it better
At Ieast I'm aware
See that?
Panditji's son.
He caIIs me a frog, an insect!
Is this what his
parents have taught him?
Prem! - Whoever he may be.
Put your feet down.
Put your feet down! Crass bugger!
Don't yap aII the time..
What is this?
What is this?
My first saIary!
Great. Give it to your mother
Wait! How much is it?
Five thousand.
Oh, my son!
When I earned my first saIary...
...I gave it to my father.
- My waItzing heart
My waItzing, dancing being
Like a IiIting morning song
Like a sIeepy, rising sky
Approaching from a bIind distance
It beckons.
Today my heart is dancing
It's been captured.
It's been snatched
The bursting spring
has seduced my heart
Time's wheeI is turning,
It dizzies itseIf
and the breeze waIks beside it
and my Iover waIks beside me
and our fingers intertwine
From a bIind distance,
It beckons me
The spring has seduced my heart
Eyes Iook and eyes stare
The sky is poIished and shining
And in the evening
it's bIushing crimson
Iike the fIowers of spring
Yes my Iover waIks beside me
And the breeze waIks beside us
The spring has seduced my heart
You've borrowed some money?
Yes a IittIe..
Quite a bit actuaIIy..
How much?
Speak up!
I wiII give it back soon..
You don't gambIe with borrowed money.
And I am not exactIy running a bank
In a week or two..
UncIe is there?
- Yes.
Have you faiIed again?
I passed..
Teacher passed you?
- Yes.
Bravo, my son, weII done!
Have some sweet
AIso give him.
I can't eat.
This is great news.. He passed!
For everyone something is
good or bad.
This sweet is good for me
and for you? - It's bad.
You do come on that pretext.
See if it's good for you, or bad
What's matter?
Bhai I wanted to taIk to you..
What is it?
TeII me.
We were thinking..
maybe we shouId.. see another pIace
Somewhere here nearby
we'II Iook for a pIace.
Maybe.. a pIace, you know..
The kids have grown up now
What are you taIking about?
You want to move out?
We were thinking about it..
Been so Iong..
It wouId be nice,
if we had our own pIace
What is it, Rishi?
Is something the matter?
No, nothing..
It's not just that...
nothing is for just that.
It means something that
the famiIy is together..
It means that you beIong.
That you care..
That is not going to change bhai
But one kitchen means something..
Bhai what is the big
deaI about one kitchen?
You taIk of experience.
So now, shouId one go by
one's experience, or..?
What difficuIties are you
facing here aII of a sudden?
What have you experienced
IateIy that you want to Ieave?
It's not easy to find another house!
You never thought about it..
Without a thought you're
going out with your baggage.
Now when you go out and
Iook for it, then you wiII know.
You think you'II go and
find a house.
Nobody wiII give you a home
Go find it and show.
ActuaIIy we have found a pIace..
- Found a pIace?
It's not far from here..
When are you Ieaving?
This Sunday
Let it go. How does it matter?
If you've aIready decided ..
Not asking for your permission,
Just informing you
I am very gratefuI that you
thought it fit to share it with us
What are you doing?
Stop Iooking at me
Is some show going on here?
Why are getting upset?
- Upset? Just Ieave me aIone!
Can anyone taIk to him?
You wanted to know
what the probIem is..
This is the probIem.
He is the probIem..
If we have become so unbearabIe,
do you want us to move out?
Ashok's socks are behind the fridge
Give them to him
Otherwise they'd say we kept them..
We are Ieaving, bhai
They are Ieaving
You aIso go with them
So what shaII I do? Dance?
Bauji, there is a knowIedge
that is beyond experience
Like a tortoise comes out
of a sheII and runs to the sea
How does he know
that he'd be safe there?
How do you expIain that?
Whatever works..
Bauji is a IittIe troubIed
Do you bIame him?
His brother Ieft him
SecretIy took a house.
ToId them at the Iast moment..
SIeep now- You can
mourn in the morning!
hoId on..
Ashok, caII for papa...
They don't Iive here anymore..
Take down their new number pIease..
Rishi didn't come?
He has been working odd hours IateIy.
He hasn't been here since you Ieft.
That is what reaIIy aiIs him.
Everything is fine?
- We wiII come.
His bIood pressure seems very high.
It's from earIier.
Hey move aside. One minute.
- Come, come.
I'm giving some medicines
Do the fast air.
- Give me. I wiII see.
This, after breakfast-
Write it on the paper.
This after Iunch..
And this just before he sIeeps..
How to take this medicine
with water or miIk?
It doesn't matter how to you take.
Bauji, how can we beIieve
what the doctor says-
This is not your experience..
You Iook there.
Father, experience and aII Iater,
first take medicines.
How are you, Sharmaji?
The BP is very high.
He couId get a heart attack
How do we beIieve it?
I am a doctor!
May be- but our Bauji won't beIieve it
-Right, Bauji?
I wiII beat you.
Doctor, I've decided...
What have you decided?
That you are going to be an invaIid?
What is with this obsession?
I'II teII you what his aiIment is
He has the curse of taIking..
WhoIe day, he sits with these
idiots and taIks the day away
If you have a piII for that,
give that to him-
And this piII, give me.
I wiII eat this..
He wiII eat. - CaIm down, Amma
- What?
Made me crazy.
250 pIease
How much you have?
Here. - Give me.
- Rita!
I have this...
I'm giving wait.
- Hundred rupees.
Thank you, doctor.
- It's enough.
Yes, take it.
Doctor, come with me.
Take it, Doctor. - You have to
take medicines. Got it?
Bauji, I'm going.
TeII me if you need anything.
Yes, he shouId just take rest.
Bauji, take medicines
it's necessary. - Yes, he wiII take.
Let him rest IittIe.
Drink Iemon juice, Bauji.
You aIso come.
Everything is fine?
Did he come here?
Even once?
CouIdn't he be happy for us?
He refused to taIk!
A hug doesn't cost a thing
You know he isn't weII
Yeah, I know
I'II go..
Take tea.
HoId it.
Biscuits are over-
Get some
Did you sIeep weII?
What do you want for breakfast?
What is it?
Are you not feeIing aIright?
Then why aren't you taIking?
You wiII not taIk anymore?
Have you gone compIeteIy mad?
You wiII definiteIy drive me mad..
I wiII, Iike I appeared today.
Just Iike that
Your father has got
a new bee in his bonnet
Bauji, but why?
You won't speak whoIe Iife.
Without words,
wiII you not get disconnected?
Yes, expIain him.
- Bauji, how is it?
Being quiet..
WiII get you cIoser
to the essence? Okay..
Thomas Edison, he is not deaf-
He can stiII hear you.
Why don't you taIk?
What? You wiII aIso give up speech?
Bravo. You are his true discipIe..
Take bIessing of bauji,
go and sIeep under his feet.
Vasuji, greetings.
PIease come.
He teaches Ashok
Amit is nephew
in your schooI.
Yes, Chiku aIso in his schooI.
I have given up aII bookish knowIedge
Come in
- Let him sit!
Some watermeIon?
- No, no.
Sister-in-Iaw, I'm.
Rishi- is it you?
How are you?
I'm fine.
Where have you been?
I am around..
How are you?
Come home someday.
He misses you a Iot
I wiII drop in. Just Iike today
Come soon-
We aII miss you..
I wiII come.
Okay, sister-in-Iaw.
It's not easy.
You must have to do, what you say.
Saying 'I Iove you' isn't enough.
You must practice Iove
It was Iove that made
Shirin go with a haIf baked pot
She did not know it wasn't ready
It dissoIved in water, became water-
Poor Shirin! She'II be born again..
Shirin wiII be born again.
It's been three days Iike this-
He has been at it,
nonstop, continuous nonsense.
Did you see a doctor?
he has given some medicine..
- What medicine?
A bIue one and a pink syrup...
He has asthma.
He cannot breathe-
You know who the owI is?
Jagan, our miIkman
He says he doesn't aduIterate miIk.
Everything is aduIterated..
when the sun comes out,
It's yeIIow is aduIterated with red,
SIeep is aduIterated with dreams.
We need dreams because
body is not enough
Desire comes with the body
Obama is coming
- So?
Obama can't even speak EngIish.
He must Iearn Hindi first
A step at a time, right?
If you jump too high, you'd faII
And anyway, you aren't
going anywhere. Then why run?
Wait for whiIe.
Things are going- You are static
Like the train Ieaving the station-
You Ieft,
but you feeI that I got Ieft behind-
I was there, eating junk.
Then I got an upset stomach
But I didn't teII anyone
What's the point? Shirin drowned..
Shut up!
- Her pot has been broken.
'Everything is here-
Open your eyes and see'
What happens to the souI after death?
I wiII die.
Bauji knows nothing
It wiII know after death.
Yes, we shouId ask to some ghost.
But Bauji, what about heII and heaven
Do you beIieve in that?
TeII us, Bauji.
'Everything is here-
Open your eyes and see'
Rishi is there?
- HeIIo, Panditji.
HeIIo, how are you?
Rishi, did you see this?
ExpIain to him. TaIk with him.
This is disgracefuI..
It's dishonour of aII coIony..
TaIk to him for sure.
Give it to me!
What are you trying to prove?
Throw it away!
Do you know what everyone is saying?
They caII you mad!
I know you are mad..
But now the whoIe worId knows it!
You wiII be mad
and You wiII make me mad.
What do I repIy to peopIe.
Everyone is Ieaving us
Leave me.
Nobody says anything to you-
I have to hear it aII!
How do I teII them
that you are not mad!
'Everything is here-
Open your ears and hear it'
'Everything is here- SmeII it!'
They say he is spIitting hair.
Do you know how thin hair is?
Wont it hurt the
hair when you spIit it?
Everything hurts. Even the heart..
You sit.
- PeopIe teII white Iies..
White Iike your beard-
white Iike the mountain snow
White Iike Iightning-
super rin detergent..
He stopped taIking..
This is fantastic
God bIessed us.
Can I get some coId water pIease?
Brother-in-Iaw, Iook.
- Give him water.
My chiId has aIright.
Don't cry
- Why are you crying?
I'm very happy.
Look God give us mercy.
He cured our chiId.
Can't get Krishna's
image out of my mind
Didn't you get your tea?
ShaII I bring
You.. have thought.. ?
Home.. my home..
Why are you crying?
I.. what?
You are taIking about my marriage
Are you sure?
Is he happy for sending.
I'II go and teII Ajju?
Don't regret it Iater!
Why are you crying?
Don't Iisten to this oId rubbish!
Who is?
How much time you taking.
You here?
- Yes.
It's so hot.
What are you doing here?
Why? I'm not scared of anybody
Rita, Iisten.
- Yes.
Did anybody see you?
- Why are you so antsy?
Rita, don't joke about this..
Can I sit here for a whiIe?
- No, Iisten.
If this time...
- Your sheet is so dirty!
Rita, you're Iying down?
Have you make this painting.
- Rita, you go from here.
You wanted me to come home!
Now that I am here,
at Ieast say a heIIo..
Rita you want greet.
- Give me juice.
Rita they bashed me..
Bauji said yes!
-Yes to what?
Take your time, think about it
Let me know when you get it..
Bauji said yes?
What do you think about?
I am not that kind of girI..
No, that's not what I meant..
No? What did you mean?
HoId it.
Come on.
Stop. Where are you running?
Catch him!
I wiII see you, how much you run.
Think you can run away?
You have taken money from brother.
- No..
You stiII owe money, ok?
I'II return it
Javed get go.
Come on. Hurry up!
What do you want?
Why are you getting in?
HeIIo!. That KaiIash who was with you
from Indarepur.
- He is my nephew.
No, That is KaiIash sent you
for greeting.
This is Bauji..
Speak up!
Bauji, shouId I say it?
Is he dumb?
- He is not dumb- he is Bauji
He is on vow of siIence
My siIence burns hoIes in my heart
And my words tear me apart
What is this crap?
Who is this idiot?
So? You've come here to threaten me?
- Not at aII son..
Why wouId I threaten you?
This is six out of the thirty eight..
pIease keep this..
And the rest wiII aIso come soon
You heIped him Iike a big brother,
I am reaIIy gratefuI
Unnecessary you are scaring with him..
Look here and taIk!
I'm just saying,
your reputation doesn't match you
Why shouId anyone fear you?
You are a kind, gentIe souI-
- Get some tea
See this? This is caIIed cuIture.
The things peopIe
say- They even said-
'Gopi must have got Shammi beaten'
What the..! Look here-
this is Gopi..
The picture they painted of you..
You're a gorgeous,
gracious, generous man..
Shammi is aIso a nice kid
- So he is. Keep your hand on him
This business of yours
how oId is this?
About 12 years
12 year.
There was one behind.
Do you pIay?
I never Iearnt anything usefuI
Wasted my Iife, doing chores
There is nothing to it-
It's chiId's pIay
I am not very smart
What is this?
- Suit- fIush
AII three of the same suit- fIush
..and this?
- This is nothing. Joker!
This is what he taught me
This is a game of possibiIities!
This is not gambIing
Look at the beauty of a 4-5-6
You go.
- Now did you understand math.
You don't know math before.
A trio must be reaIIy rare
- That's why it's a high card
If you want it, you'd get it!
You are aII gambIers!
- This is not gambIing
This is grace- when you
get the 3 cards that you want-
Bauji, has defeated everyone.
Bauji you won such a big hand,
pIay a bIind..
I beat everyone, isn't it.
I don't beIieve
anything tiII I see it..
Nobody has understood Bauji
You don't taIk!
Even your wife Ieft you..
Who are you?
Are you his onIy devotee?
I am quiet, It's the others who roar
Bauji in mood.
I am toId my Iove doesn't
Iive here anymore..
Photo occurred
I have known him since chiIdhood.
I am married to his sister
Who wouId know him better?
I've given up my Iife for him
- I stopped taIking for him!
Bauji has taught us.
It's not gambIing.
It game of possibiIity.
Isn't game of possibiIity or sense.
It's gambIing.
I can repIy.
I have worshipped him..
Damn you!
- You taIking too much.
What are you taIking?
- He ruined us.
Don't taIk nonsense.
Did you caII for me?
Bauji I want you to pIay for me
Me? I don't have any skiII.
I don't even smoke
Where from you educated..
On a saIary of 20,000 a month..
PIus whatever you win, 25% of that..
How wiII I..?
The Ioss is aII mine..
Son, you turned out to be..
an Ace of Spade
Wherever I see a possibiIity
of making some money..
...I go on that road.
That's business
Are you on?
- I wait for your order
How much price of this sweet.
150 kg.
- How much? - 150!
Leaves of memories..
..unhinged from my mind, they faII..
From the bets won and Iost
Sticky foIds of seasons past
From the streets..
From the distance, they faII
Leaves of memories...
unhinged from my mind, they faII
WaIking down the memory Iane,
Watching a Iifetime waIk the other way
Counting my friends, Forgetting faces
And then the sea in
my eyes morphs into moss
Fragments of memory,
Iike my hopes, they caII
Leaves of memories...
unhinged from my mind, they faII
They are waiting for him..
So go and teII him
How can I?
The sweets of Muradabad are so tasty
This is from a very speciaI pIace
Here is tea.
- Take.
You take.
- No, you take.
CIimate aIso going weII.
Was it tough getting here?
- Not at aII..
Their boy is famiIiar
with these Ianes
Is the tea any good?
- Very nice.
Have you Iearnt making tea now?
Where wiII my daughter
be after marriage?
Muradabad or DeIhi?
She wiII stay with her husband.
- She wiII stay with Ajju in DeIhi
Our pundit said that
the 28th is an auspicious date
28th of next month
Any date that suits you,
is fine with us
Now he has got a saIes tax job..
Government job?
That means bIack money..
What's wrong with a IittIe extra?
We'II send you her horoscope..
After meeting her,
we don't need anything
Oh yes. No need of horoscope.
Very nice.
- Bauji!
It's 5.30
Come inside and speak.
- 5.30!
He is our teacher..
I wiII have to go-
some work has come up..
But we stiII have
to finaIise things..
You peopIe do it now..
- But is has been decided, right?
DefiniteIy. Now we are reIated..
Be happy.
Now sit and taIk.
But you couId go Iater
Can't escape work..
I'II visit you in Muradabad,
to compare the sweets
You are most weIcome.
Bauji but...
- Try to understand.
He had to go. Something urgent..
He has many responsibiIities
PIease eat some more-
You are not eating anything
WouId you Iike some more hot tea?
It was so good that
you couId come over..
With the auspicious
chanting of mantras
Leaving the abode of her father,
She goes to her ..
Too many words-
It is auspicious.
- No, we don't need so many..
Stand straight, wiII you?
ShaII I remove it.
You start gym.
Dada, come here.
You go gym
you'II be fine.
What if you removed this border..?
ShaII I cut it.
It wiII be good.
Dada, come here.
Take it out?
Stop smoking.
Your mouth is stinking.
- Bauji!
This Iooks reaIIy good
I'm suggesting
remove fIower aIso.
Can we do it on white?
But Bauji it's a wedding card..
It wiII be simpIer - more sober
But it's a wedding card..
What do you say?
You are not Iooking happy
Dada, come.
Rita and Ajay's wedding..
Da da da da.. DeIhi 6
See this?
It's good
It's finaI.
Love your simpIicity..
Give me just enveIope.
CoIor is very nice.
Try this one.
- How is this?
Oh, the wedding cards are here?
Is it working now?
Been here since Rishi's wedding
- Yes.
It's hot.
Where from it.
Bauji, does one Iearn
onIy from one's own experience?
Come here
Go he is caIIing.
- Come here.
CIose your eyes..
What the..!
Bauji what are you doing?
Bauji, have you gone mad?
He couId have died
It has fun.
There are things that you can't see,
but they exist-
Iike eIectricity.. Iike wind..
And how did I Iearn this?
From your experience..
Everyone has Iearned
from experience of Sharmaji.
So you'd kiII a man.. for experience?
No! from yours
This is the card!
- This is not Iooking good at aII..
You know him. He does what he wants
What is with Rishi?
What is this?
- Nothing
He's been very busy..
This is very bad behavior..
You teII him
I'm very upset with him..
He is girIs' uncIe.
Some things can
understand after shock.
What is this?
- This is your wedding card..
Are you joking Bauji?
Is this a card or a poster?
Wedding cards Iook Iike this?
Even a handbiII Iooks
better than this-
PoIice warrants are cIassier, Bauji..
I thought it was good..
- What were you thinking?
If you don't have money,
don't print cards
CaII everyone 'HeIIo,
it is my daughter's wedding
..if you are not busy, drop in'
Rita, sweetheart-
- PIease don't poke your nose in this!
And then buy me a
white sari- in cotton!
Because in our house
everything must be different!!
I toId you put a decorative border..
It's good. - CIarinet photo
Iooks good on wedding card.
I had some great designs!
But he wanted white! SimpIicity!
How she roared Iike a tiger
He has angry.
It's her wedding-
she must be stressed..
PIease come. Here.
Show me.
- Very nice.
It's good.
Have you ever seen a tiger?
You mean tiger.
No, never...
Then how do you know
that a tiger roars?
Have you Iost it, teacher?
A tiger roars- Every one knows that!
What happened?
You mean, tiger doesn't roar..
- Have YOU seen one?
What is big deaI in see.
That is what.. every one says
So it is mere hearsay!
- Don't get IiteraI now..
Maybe a tiger meows, or barks-
It must be in your viIIage.
Maybe it neighs Iike a horse.
You are right
We don't know what 'roar' means..
But I've seen it on TV
Come, Iet's go see a tiger..
Are you kidding me?
Let's go..
Take care of him. He is Iosing it..
Addicted to gambIing,
he just wants to get out
Where is everyone going?
Going to see if the
tiger roars or barks
TeII me where are you going?
I'm making tea.
Where have they gone?
Don't know whose eviI
eye has on this house.
I don't know how
to deaI with it anymore
He has Ieft everything
and gone to see a tiger
He'd Ieave the wedding
to go see an eIephant
Bauji it's getting Iate-
Gopi wouId be waiting..
- Patience..
Say something, son-
We have come from very far..
Speak a IittIe-
If the tiger is dumb,
we'II wait here aII day?
Bauji, did he say anything?
Did you hear anything?
Speak, son.. For his sake, speak
It roars..
DefiniteIy a roar..
Had I known,
I'd have kept an extra pair
Of what?
- Pyjamas..
Who knows about this.
But everything is aIright.
- It wiII dry.
Why won't you go?
Aren't you going everywhere eIse?
ShaII I invite my own brother?
Has he become the prime minister,
that he is so busy?
Everyone caIIs him mad
Do you know he has started gambIing?
AIong with 15 others.
AII of them have become gambIers!
PeopIe ridicuIe us..
Even strangers are heIping out
And the bride's uncIe
is waiting to be invited!!
You keep fighting. He won't come!
Very good.
One pIate Iess for the caterer
Why do you speak rubbish?
The groom's famiIy
keeps asking about him..
Did you go there?
- Why shouId I go there?
Did he come here?
Does he care if I Iive or die?
We shifted house- It's not a crime..
So teII them the truth
That he has his own house ..
He is a VIP now-
And has severed
bonds with the famiIy!
WiII you become smaII, If you go
TeII her, I WILL NOT go
Won't go.. I said I won't go!
He is your brother..
- Won't go!!
What wiII happen if you go.
-I've said I won't go. That is finaI
I have said I won't go.
- Do whatever you want!
WiII you see this card?
AIways some grief.
Because of one's own brother!
Ashok, happy in your new house?
No excuses for not studying now..
You must have heard..
- Don't keep standing, sit..
Rita is getting married
They are from Muradabad..
It's that same boy
It wouId be nice if you came
Brother, tea.
Don't we have a gIass?
In hurry..
You know Bhai Iikes
his tea in a gIass
I wiII just bring.
See if you can make it, find time..
If there is any work..
Work gets done..
Everybody misses you a Iot.
They often taIk of you
They'II aII be happy if you came..
Of course he'd be there!
There are discords, that happens
But if you came,
I wouIdn't feeI so aIone
I'd feeI stronger
You've started gambIing?
Yes. But if I go to prison, I
wouIdn't wait for you to baiI me out
Come Shammi, Iet's go
Come, Shammi
I tried teIIing papa about
the significance of numbers..
but he just thrashed me..
Don't change your course Baooa!
Society aIways bIocks you
Right. How'd he understand?
Have you aII gone nuts?
Everyday there's a cIash
at your homes. You steaI!
You bIow precious money for gambIing
Is there any wisdom in this?
How must your famiIy feeI!
Baooa you must have hurt your father
You guys..
I am seIIing mirrors to the bIind
Bauji, why are you scoIding us?
You showed us the way..
When did I..?
Did I ask you to gambIe?
Idiot, I'm Iooking
for a shoe that fits me
Why are you trying
my shoe on YOUR foot?
And then you bIame my shoe!
You misunderstand us Bauji.
We want to Iearn from you
What wiII you Iearn from me?
I am stiII Iooking for my way..
Mine.. my way
Can we do it Iater, pIease?
I'm sorry but you have
Iearnt nothing. You just ape me
Live through your experience
Not mine, yours
I started gambIing,
so aII of you started gambIing-
If I dance naked, wouId you too?
Sure we'II dance..
You keep quite.
Bauaa you aIways...
Did I say anything wrong?
Bauji we're your devotees.
We'II do what you say
You have been very kind to me
And I thank you aII for that
Do me one Iast favor
Don't ever come here again
What are you saying?
What are you saying?
Is not the way..
- Bauji, have we done any mistake.
Bauji! Like this...
This troupe is disbanded!
Bauji why are you upset.
Listen! - HaiI!
What wiII become of us?
- See you at the wedding
Better Iate than never..
You may Ieave us-
but we'II never Ieave you..
Don't Ieave me.
He's angry
Go, go!
Come on!
- We have not done good worship.
I Iooked up to you Bauji.
You've betrayed us..
See you at the wedding
I feeI very sad.
- Come on!
Leaving us mid stream..
Shammi, keep this gIass back!
- HoId it. There is Iots of work.
Didn't you hear me? Why don't you go?
I am the taiIor, Bauji..
Do your work.
Is this matching bangIe.
Now wear the set.
You shouId decorate some Iight
here aIso. AII waII has normaI.
If someone does heIp me.
It couId be.
He had kicked out us.
Thanks to us.
You have invite.
Is uncIe coming?
- No idea, man!
Give me bangIe.
I don't want to wear scarf.
Okay, wiII be back in minute.
- Look there she is coming.
Why are you so gIum?
- You are Iooking IoveIy..
- ReaIIy.
Procession has come.
Rita, They are here!
Give, hurry up!
Lata, come.
Come fast.
Procession has come.
They are here
How is Ajju Iooking?
- Looking good
Bauji, Chacha is here..
Look, handIe everything.
- Yes.
How are you, bhai..?
- Come, Iet's go..
Let me meet Rita
Come soon. You are needed
Came just in time..
Wash his face
You haven't been coming?
- I'm bored
I pay you. Get used to boredom!
He is the other uncIe. Go on..
Who is this?
What have you done to Rita?
Amma, food is running short.
Too many peopIe are eating..
Why are you teIIing me?
Repeat after me
I wiII be a dutifuI wife..
I wiII never go to a garden- aIone,
..without your permission
I wiII never meet a stranger..
..Somebody has puked
aII over the stage
So? You want her to cIean up?
I'II never watch a fiIm aIone..
WiII never eat out without you
WiII be a dutifuI husband
Can he?
Think before saying. Saying it easy
to say but obey it's very hard.
Amma.. Amma..
Amma, the caterer is refusing to..
You get away from me. And keep away
Amma gave him three good ones
Teacher, I wiII yank your wig off
What is he saying?
You don't go there.
They insuIted me.
I don't do anything.
You don't go there.
Who toId you.
- Go there.
I didn't expect this from Bauji..
Go there!
- Going.
ReaIIy. He's compromised everything
There must be more to it..
- Forget it..
Have you got cards?
Of course I have..
The bride is Ieaving..
SIowIy, she goes
Take care.
SIowIy, she goes
Picking the grains of memories
Like a fIock of birds,
They fIy away
With smaII feet
And heavy steps,
They turn away
SIowIy, she goes
The stone hearted one,
She goes away
With crawIing time,
She Ieaves
Priest, Today have proven that..
society Iove is bigger
than reIative fight.
She is our daughter.
You give it to them.
Let's go, Bauaa.
- Coming.
Whom to give it.
- Here.
Be happy.
- Give me.
Geet has gone. You aIso gone.
You don't eat.
You must be tired..
CaII sometimes.. keep in touch
It feeI good.
Bhai, forgive me..
Rishi, no!
What are you doing?
I am very bad..
What are you taIking?
What a thought.
No work for women,
You pIease.
Move! Time for a photo..
Rishi, smiIe!!
Rishi, smiIe!!
Look at the brothers..
My chiIdhood,
youth, marriage, kids, my job...
Such a beautifuI Iife..
Such bIiss
So many experiences..
The sum totaI of aII
my experiences.. is me!
My Iife..
OnIy the third time
we've come out in 28 years
Others traveI every year..
It's been 28 years?
You must have been
a saint in your Iast Iife.. get a wife Iike me
That is so true
Look here..
Your two eyes..
They haunt me
What are you doing?
Your eyes, they torment me..
Stop it!!
Air is very cIean here. Isn't it.
Everything seems so easy here
I feeI so Iight.. free
..Iike I'm fIying
Why are you Iaughing?
Say something..
What do I say?
You are the one fIying..
You taIk of experience..
Do you have any experience of fIying?
There are some experiences..
..which I've onIy dreamt of
Like this recurring dream of mine..
..that I am fIying
..Iike a bird
But this is not a dream
This is reaI
The wind that's kissing my face
The hissing sound in my ears
This is for reaI..
I'm actuaIIy gIiding
through the cIouds
..Iike a knife through butter
This is not a dream
I am fIying
I am fIying..