Ankur (1974) Movie Script

Mother Goddess!
All I want is a child.
Surya! Listen!
How have you fared, Prasad?
First class
And you?
Okay, Nawab, we will have
a beer to celebrate that?
Okay friends, let's go.
Surya, I hear you are
getting married.
That's an old thing. Next month
he is going to be hanged.
Next month, man, next month.
And the consummation
has to wait, eh?
- Poor guy! Landed with a child bride.
- Shut up, you!
How many sacks did you bring,
The crop from your fields
has been good.
Our Pratap works very hard
He takes after you.
Hard work is good, Kaushalya.
Don't forget,
I gave you the best land.
That's true.
Father, if you provide a well,
it would mean two crops.
Surya, my son. I have not
seen you for ages.
How are you my son?
Pratap, greet your brother.
Did you get through your exams?
Yes, father. I passed.
Third class, I'm sure. Go tell
your mother this good news.
He always snubs at me.
He's a spoilt brat.
His head is full of nonsense.
That mother and son,
why have they come here?
They've heard of your marriage.
What have they got to do
with my marriage?
She wants to hold her son's
marriage with yours.
Why do you allow them to come?
She has been your father's mistress
for twenty years.
I've suffered that in silence.
Your father will do only
what he wants.
Whenever I see that woman
I want to...
Don't let your father hear it.
And listen to me, never speak
ill about your father.
Anyway, what about your results?
I forgot to tell you. I've passed.
Now tell father
I want to do my B.A.
Surya wants to study further.
He is an idiot!
He is fond of studying.
He is fond of wasting time.
He is fond of loafing about town
with his friends.
How he has passed, I know it.
Tell him I won't allow him to
waste any more time.
Just tell him to do as I say.
Your mother says you don't
want to go to the farm?
If you go to college,
who will take care of the farm?
You could hire some farm-hands.
So that they get rich at our cost...
...and lay claim to the land?
I don't like farming
I'd rather do my B.A.
And become a clerk?
When you can be king
caring over your own land?
Not all the graduates become clerks.
No! They end up as Ministers!
Stop this rubbish about college
I got to think about your
welfare and,
...can't allow you to hang around
those guys.
Now you are married...
face your responsibilities.
This is Betelpur... nowhere near
as good as before.
Neither are the times.
Whose raule-trap is that?
Better run, Patel Sahib. It's the
landlord's son.
There goes the sucker!
My greetings to the young master.
Looks like the wheels have
jammed in the mud.
I'll get you out of this
in a jiffy!
Krishna! Kalu!
Come on here, kids.
Rehman, bring that
chicken thief Dawood with you.
Will come out in 2 minutes, Sir.
Don't just stand there gawking
C'mon give a hand.
You don't know me, Master. I'm the
police Patel Sheikh Chand.
I oversee your father's property.
I apologise for not attending
your wedding.
My wife was ill at the time.
Push! No strength. Rehman? Two
marriages have seen to that.
Don't marry again, for God's sake.
Carry on at your leisure, Sir
I will follow.
Welcome, sir.
Please sit inside, Sir
I'll fetch your luggage.
Whose clothes are these?
Can't you hear?
Are you deaf? Why don't you answer?
Your husband?
Yes, Sir.
What does he do?
Nothing much... just odd jobs.
And you?
I clean the house.
Who stays here?
No one.
And you?
In that hut, near the trees.
How long have you worked here?
Just a while, Sir.
Who else stays around here?
The farm-hands, Sir. Their huts are
behind the fields.
Where is the well?
At the back. Not far from here.
Would take me to it?
Do these women always collect
water from here?
Sometimes, Sir.
Not any more. Tell them.
Not any more, tell them.
Master forbids to take water
from here. Do not take water.
You take care of the estate?
Yes, Sir.
This is how you do it?
I don't understand.
Look at this house, it's like
a garbage heap.
I'm only a poor overseer, and don't
know nothing much about these matters.
The villagers misbehave all the time.
There is chaos in the village.
Your father has not been here
for over two years...
...busy as he is with court cases.
Who is in charge of the water?
No one. These days we get so little.
Even so, who drinks it?
The villagers are all thieves.
But now you are here,
matters will improve.
Yeah, they'll get better.
With you in charge they will.
With your permission, Sir,
I'll take my leave.
My respects to you, sir
Shall I ask the village priest to
bring your dinner here?
It's not necessary.
Then may I go home?
Yeah, you may.
What's your name?
Go, make some tea.
Sir, you will drink tea made by me?
Why not?
We are potters, Sir.
So what?
The village priest will disapprove.
I don't believe in castes.
Get the tea.
Good morning, Sir.
Master, tea is here.
Why is your husband here?
Sir, I brought him
to ask you for work.
He was a good potter, Sir.
But now people don't like clay.
They use aluminium vessels.
All the potters are starving.
What can he do?
Poor man, he's a deaf-mute.
Can he drive the bullock-cart?
Why not, Sir? Of course he can.
Let him do it then.
- Lakshmi
- Yes, Sir
Whose pump is this?
Yours, Sir.
Who uses the water?
Your relatives.
I don't have any here.
Don't you know, Sir?
The adjacent fields are theirs.
Pratap Raja and his mother.
- Where does this water lead to?
- To your brother's field.
Change its course, you idiot!
This way... this way!
What are you doing, son? Why did
you have the water stop?
I am not your son.
I think of you that way.
Don't push your luck!
Your land can't get water
when our needs it.
What is this, 'yours and ours'
Pratap is your younger brother.
Once and for all,
I am nobody's brother.
You may get the water only if
I can spare it.
Don't dare take it without
my permission.
- He's giving orders already!
- What did you say?
Be thankful, I am stopping
the water for only a while.
Or your tears may have to
water the land.
Dear God! What have I done to hear
such words from a mere boy?
So many trees... come the toddy
collection is so poor?
From now on, the toddy will be
sold from my house.
Yes, Sir, but what about
the thieves?
That's your responsibility
You ought to do something, too.
Sir, I give my word! I'll catch
these mother-fuckers...
...have their heads shaved,
and their faces smeared...
...then parade them on a donkey.
The shame of it will make them
leave the village,
Or never steal again.
It will be a real lesson.
As you like, but mind the toddy.
Just you see, Sir. You have
Sheikh Chand's word for it.
- Greetings, young master
- Greetings
Welcome, priest.
You have not been here
for a long time.
I was upset that you had not
ordered food from me.
I'll have the food sent for you.
All the same, what's the
real reason for your visit?
What reason could I have?
You see...
I only work for the good
of religion.
Festival of Krishna is here.
I've come for a donation.
Your father always relished
the food from my house.
How much should I give?
It's never too much when you
give to God.
Nobody cares for religion
these days.
The villagers rather spend on
drink and gambling.
Here is ten rupees.
It's unclean to give with your
left hand. Use your right, Sir.
Thank you. Many thanks.
Meet you at the Festival, then.
Have I bored you with my talk?
Shall I send your dinner tonight?
No. Some other time maybe.
Drunk again! No food. No clothes.
But you must drink.
While I have to steal a little
from here and there.
You've no shame. What if we
don't have a child!
Must you kill yourself
drinking toddy?
If the Master knew, he would
kick you out, you swine!
Whose cattle are these?
Lakshmi! Oh Lakshmi!
See, whose cattle are in our field.
Brother, we would be grateful...
...if you restore the water.
Our crops are dying.
I've said once and for all. You get
water only if we can spare it.
Mother says we were always allowed
this privillege.
What is given can be taken away
as well.
Why not dig a well of your own?
I can't help you.
I will have to report this
to father.
Oh yeah! "Report it to father".
Who is he trying to scare?
Whose cattle was it?
The village priest's.
Tell him, the next time
I'll break their legs...
...and they will be padlocked.
Tell your husband to get some
fertiliser from my father.
Bring what, Sir, compost?
Wait. I'll write it out.
Are you crying?
Me? No, why should I cry!
I thought you were.
Do you want something, Sir?
No, No. I...
What's the matter, Sir?
Nothing, nothing.
Lakshmi! Lakshmi!
Is this modernity - to deny water
to a brother's farm?
Government is doing away with "Land
...but habits die hard.
I believe you were hauled up
as well?
Well, if the upstart can mistreat
his own folk...
...why spare me?
A few books and their heads
get turned.
No thought for elders or the poor.
I say, the end of the world is near.
God know what the world's coming to.
Can I have two bundles of beedi (tobacco)?
I hear he eats food cooked
by the potter's wife?
God knows what else...
...he does with her.
I tell you, the end of the world is here.
Come on, give me some dal.
I only have chick-peas.
Okay. Mother-fucking relations are
up only at meal times!
Surya is just a kid.
She should not forget caste rules.
Leave it. Leave it all to Allah!
I'm taking some betel-leaves.
You won't give up drinking!
You'll destroy yourself and me. But
drinking you won't give up.
Stop staring! You'll drag us both
into the mud one day.
He was stealing.
I give your husband a job...
...and the bastard steals from me?
Thief! Ungrateful wretch!
Please don't punish him.
He won't do it again.
If he does, beat me,
but leave him be.
He is guilty. Call the police Patel.
Eat! Don't ever drink toddy again.
What did you gain by letting
me down in front of master?
Did my mother give me to you
for this?
Why must you ruin my life!
Where's your husband?
When will he come?
I don't know.
How can you not know?
He couldn't have run away.
Lakshmi refuses to come, Sir.
I don't know.
Why haven't you come to work?
Who will make the tea?
Cook the food?
Clean the house?
Do come tomorrow.
Your tea, Sir.
Leave me! I won't go back to him.
Come on!
No! I won't go.
- We'll drag you there
- No, I won't go
Come on, you bitch!
Shameless whore! We'll see
what the village court says!
You dare dishonour our brother?
Dare to live with another man?
Leave me alone!
You disgrace yourself and
ask to be left alone?
We'll break all your bones!
You wretch!
Let the villagers make the decision!
Let's see how she won't live!
Let me go. Leave me alone!
Silence! The village court
stands for justice.
Yadgiri, what has your wife done?
First: She deserted her home.
Second: She left her husband for
a man from another village.
She broke all caste laws
Disgraced our brother, the whore.
What did she lack, the bitch!
Why so silent?
We three brothers have two farms,
two wells, two crops a year.
What more did the bitch need!
Hey, watch your mouth!
We are the judges.
Leave questions to me.
Daughter, how can you defend yourself?
Don't be afraid. Do you want to be
with your husband?
Don't be scared.
Why don't you speak up?
Answer. By living in the home
of another caste,
you have disgraced your family,
your house, your village.
Speak. What is wrong
with your husband?
My husband!
I want a child!
That is God's will.
My not having a child is
because of him!
Shaming our brother, you slut!
Lying to hide your own guilt?
Women like you will ruin the world.
Daughter, your husband's respect
is your own.
You should not speak ill of him.
A husband is like a God.
This body was made by God.
And it's not just hunger that needs
to be satisfied.
Yadgiri, what do you have to say?
Whatever he says. I'd rather die
than live with him.
We'll kill you first. You hussy!
Quiet, you two! Yadgiri,
what do you want?
I'll go by what you decide.
The village court decrees she
must return to her husband.
If she finds fault with him,
his brothers must compensate.
A woman belongs not to the
man alone, but to the house, the family and to the caste.
What happened?
Why are you sad?
Speak up. What is it, Lakshmi?
I want to go back to my husband.
Do you know where he is?
No, I don't know where the swine is.
Why bother about him then?
He has left you,
that drunken deaf-mute...
...who know if or not he'll return.
Please, don't talk ill of him.
Please, do not speak badly of him.
His only fault is drinking.
All right, I won't say anything.
But, don't worry.
I'll take care of you.
You, Sir?
For how long?
How long? Forever.
Lakshmi, you look like
an angel today.
Like what, Sir?
A fairy.
Have you ever seen a film?
Yes, once, that film "Bal Nagamma".
You look like a film star today.
Like what, Sir?
You know, heroines in films...
...who sing, dance, make love...
Why don't you live here now?
What will people say?
Who cares?
What if Master comes?
Father? He won't come here
And my husband?
You're a fool, Lakshmi. He will
never come back, the swine.
- No, Sir, don't say anything against him.
- Okay
Come here.
Do you like him a lot?
Why talk of him?
What will happen
when your wife arrives?
My wife is still too young.
She will come of age soon
What then?
It won't make
a difference to you.
Tell me something about yourself
What shall I say?
How did you get married
to such a man?
The same way that
everybody gets married.
Still... tell me, how did it happen.
My mother was widowed
when I was quite small.
Kishtayya took care of us
He was young then. A good potter.
I was just about a kid and
I've been working since then.
But how does all this concern
aristocrats like you?
You people have different living
styles, and we've our own.
I want to know. Tell me.
My mother was worried,
so she married me off.
Was there no other man except
a drunken deaf-mute?
Lots of men, but who would marry me?
I had no dowry.
And Kishtayya then was a strong man,
a fine person.
Being jobless has made him
take to drink.
Otherwise he is a good man, Sir.
Why do not you have children?
I am unlucky. It's not in my fate.
Is Kishtayya lacking as a man?
Don't you dare say that again!
My husband is a real man.
Perhaps the fault is with me.
I've betrayed him.
You may not respect me. Does that
mean you can insult him?
Happy Diwali, Surya Babu.
What's this, playing with crackers?
Diwali calls for an adult game.
Today we worship the Goddess of
wealth. Win or lose!
I don't play cards.
Lakshmi! Bring some
sherbet and sweets.
- What? Today the bottle must rule
- Very well then
Lakshmi, spread the rug and
bring four glasses.
Once a year, the bottle and dice
join hands. Let's go!
Look, you play. I'll watch.
Listen, only eunuchs be
the spectators.
Lost this round, too
Now my pockets are empty.
Swami, you better leave.
Bankrupt or no, I will not get up.
It's a man's word.
Here, I bet this on the king.
Swami, you've lost again.
Now get up, Swami, you've lost
your watch as well.
What? Even you say that to Swami?
Here, my gold chain.
Place it on my behalf. It's no less
than two taels.
Swami, the Goddess of wealth
is on my side. You'll lose.
Yeah, I know.
Put all your winnings on this round
Then we'll see! On the Queen!
Here's the watch and the money.
You distribute the cards.
On the Queen. Come my queen.
Look, Swami. It's the queen, I won.
Go now or you'll bet the shirt
off your back.
Get up, Swami. Go!
- What did you say?
- Get up
You told me to get up!
I am Swami - son of a real man!
Understand? Deal!
What will you bet with?
You've lost everything.
Deal. I bet my wife.
He's very drunk. Make him go.
Sir, a man's word, my wife. Deal!
You distribute the cards,
I've bet my wife.
This is so ridiculous, Swami.
- You've even bet your wife!
- Yeah, so what?
If you lose, I'll come to
fetch her tomorrow.
Yes, yes, take her away.
Yeah sure, I'm a man.
Swami, I'll come to your house
to take your wife.
Yes man, take her.
I'm a man of word.
Okay, Swami, I'm a man too. This
desire of yours I will fulfill.
We'll see what luck brings us.
Look, Swami, you've lost. Tomorrow
I will come to claim her.
Yes, sure do. That is
if you are a man.
You'd better leave now.
It's getting very late.
Yeah Swami, I'll be at your place
tomorrow morning to take your wife.
Yeah dude, let's decide there and
then who is a man who is not.
Is that so? It's a deal then. We'll
sure decide who is a real man.
- Yeah, come
- I sure will
What bird is that?
Here we call it "Vadla Pitta", Sir.
I'm not lying, Swami. I've come to
take your wife
But I was drunk.
Why take it so seriously?
A man's word.
It goes for both of us.
- This was last night...
- So call your wife
Who is this loud-mouth?
Accusing me? He lost you to me
at cards yesterday.
He dares! Lost me? Is that true?
Who's he to bet me?
Who are you to win me, anyway?
Shameless creature, don't you
have a wife at home?
Someone might come and win her.
You take care of your wife first!
I tried to tell him,
but he wouldn't listen.
Get out! And you, trying to be
the mythical King of Truth?
Come inside. I'll show you
the real Battle.
What's this I hear?
The whole village is spitting
shame on you.
What have I done?
What haven't you done? You've done
countless shameless feats!
Who told you to deny water to
Kaushalya' s fields?
There wasn't enough for us
We have 50 extra acres now.
The crop would suffer.
You'd be angry anyway.
It's the time for ploughing, right?
Not for sowing.
Big mouth! Come down to earth!
Where is that woman who lives here?
I would like to see her.
Who are you talking about?
The low-caste wench
who cooks your meals.
Is there poison in the
priest's food?
Father, she too is a human being.
You got more cheeky by the day.
I hear she sleeps with you?
Father, you tend to be over...
Your mother says the same.
Well, do what you will.
But have some sense of dignity.
How will you behave when I'm dead?
If I chose to, I could kick her
out of the village.
Within a society, you must learn
to live by its rules.
Quiet! What will your in-laws say?
There's still time. Improve yourself.
And your wife? She will be here
any day now.
It's up to you.
Safeguard your property,
your status in life.
You've to learn to accept
responsibility of your wife.
I look odd in this photograph,
don't I?
Saru, come here. Sit down.
Okay, all right.
Come, sit here.
Do you like the place?
Does that woman live here?
Yes, she works in the house.
All that land, those fields,
are ours.
You will drink the tea?
Why? What's wrong with it?
But she has made it!
What's wrong in that?
I don't care about caste.
But I will not have anything
she has touched.
Saru, what are you saying?
I know what I'm saying.
She will no longer cook the food.
I'll do that.
Don't trouble yourself, Saru.
It's no trouble realy.
I'll tell her right now.
Look, don't do the cooking.
Just clean the house, okay?
I said, do only the cleaning.
I'll make the beds as well.
Why nag her so?
If you don't like her work,
I'll get her another job.
I don't like her staying here.
She creeps about like a cat.
What's wrong with her own place?
Her husband has left her.
Anyway, where can she go?
Left such a young woman!
Just think, what will people say?
She has been staying here
for some time now.
Why? A grown, healthy woman like her
Hasn't she any sense?
Answer me, why does she live here?
Don't make so much of it, Saru.
I've heard everything.
What have you heard?
Nothing at all.
See? You're talking nonsense!
I don't like her staying here
one bit. I will get rid of her.
And then?
Who will do the housework,
the washing, the cleaning?
We'll get someone else.
As you wish. I don't care.
What's wrong? Have you got fever?
You look so pale.
Something you've eaten
must have upset you.
Lakshmi was ill today. She vomitted.
What was the matter?
I did ask her about it.
She didn't say.
Did you give her some medicine?
Why should I? Tell her to go home
if she's ill.
- Where were you?
- At the market.
You're not well?
It's nothing.
You don't look well at all.
Tell the truth.
I'm not sure whether I'm pregnant.
But this can't happen!
A child will destroy everything.
So what am I to do?
Anything, it will create a scandal!
So tell me what to do.
Go away from here.
Where to?
Lakshmi, you're too ill to cope
with the work.
Go home for a few days.
Or go work in the fields.
But the field-work will be...
What's the matter?
What is it?
Nothing. I was saying she couldn't
manage the work.
She should rest a while. In time
she can work in the fields.
Lakshmi! Lakshmi! Lakshmi!
What have you done to get
rid of the child?
Nothing. Nor will I.
You can not keep this child.
- I want the child.
- I mean, just think!
Do you wish to disgrace my
reputation in society?
Do you think it's a joke?
Who will take care for the baby?
Did I ask you to?
Won't you feel ashamed?
Is the shame only mine?
What about you?
Don't be stupid! Abort the child
or suffer alone!
Because I won't have anything to do
with all this!
Do you have Nimmi's version
of this song?
No, Lata's. Like to hear it?
What kind of bird is that?
Here they call it "Vadla Pitta".
Where have you been all this time?
At home.
Working somewhere?
I've come to ask for work.
We have someone now.
I know.
Will you eat something?
Come that way. I'll get you a plate.
Shameless hussy!
Stealing rice when I've
brought food for you?
You people steal hence you starve.
C'mon out with all the rice.
What's going on?
I went that way and there
she was stealing rice.
Do you know, we whip those who
steal rice?
We whip them till they bleed!
You, too, if you were not a woman!
Go! Never show your face here again
All the corn stolen!
The fields are half empty.
Who's there?
Hey you there, come on out.
Oh, so it's you!
It's you stealing, eh?
I don't understand this.
Your health is getting worse
by the day.
What's wrong?
God knows.
Lakshmi, you can't hide the truth
or worry it away.
The young Master will give you some land.
Try to understand him.
What did you say?
Didn't his father...
...give land to
Kaushalya and Pratap?
The same will happen to you!
Allah is great!
Greetings, Sir.
Why are you here?
I wanted to speak to you, Sir.
What about?
Coming from me, it might
seem offensive.
Go ahead.
- You know that woman Lakshmi?
- Yeah. So What about her?
You see, Lakshmi will
soon be giving birth.
How is that my concern?
You made her leave her job.
It was not right, Sir.
Who will look after her now?
Please have some consideration.
What do you mean?
Look at your father, Sir.
He gave of his own will...
For example Kaushalya got...
Don't dare talk of my father!
Who will look after Lakshmi?
Who are you to speak for her?
Take care of her yourself.
But, Sir, it was under your care
that she came to this.
Sheikh Chand, you can go!
Mallika! Ramaya! Poohiga! Catch him!
You bastard! You've come to
attack me, have you?
You dare! Rascal! Today
you won't be spared!
You threaten me?
Ungrateful swine!
I gave you work and you
stole from me!
Bastard! You ran away from here!
Now, you show your filthy face?
You want to kill me!
You ingrate! I'll show you
your place!
You'll remember this day
all your life!
You beat him, you bastard!
Poor dumb man, came to plead for
work and you beat him?
You carry guilt on your head,
so you're scared to death!
May your good fortune rot in mud!
You may be a big man in your house...
...but we are not your slaves!
We don't want your work, your money
nothing from you!
Take it all to your grave!
God will hit back at you!
The curse of the poor is on you!
Rot in eternity!