Ankur Arora Murder Case (2013) Movie Script

O Lord Ganesha,
of Curved Trunk, Large Body
and with the
Brilliance of a Million Suns
Please make all my work
Free of obstacles, always
'Before becoming doctors,
we have to take an oath.'
'It's called a Hippocratic oath.'
'There are some vows like
always supporting truth.'
'We will consider each
life precious and respect it.'
'We will consider our patients
more important than ourselves.'
'It's easy to take oaths.'
'But it's very difficult
to adhere to the oaths.'
'And our story
begins at that crossroad.'
'Dr. Asthana was our
country's most famous..'
'..and the best general surgeon.'
'People call him God of Surgery.'
'And I used to
consider him my mentor.'
'And to learn surgery from him..'
'..I was doing my internship
in Shekhawat General Hospital.'
Sir, who is this celebrity patient?
The entire media has
gathered here to cover his news.
He is Laxman Gagal.
- Gagal?
Gagal who is one of
top 100 business tycoons?
What has happened to him?
- Accident.
What the hell is happening here?
This is not a Goddamn circus!
Move back!
- Get OR2 prepped up.
Dr. Riya.
- Yes, sir.
You will be with the patient,
Dr. Romesh. - Sir.
Hi, doctor. My name is Amit Gagal.
That's my father.
Amit Gagal, there are three things.
Keep your family away from me.
Don't ask me about
the patient's wellbeing repeatedly.
I will get irritated.
And thirdly, I am the best.
No one can save your
father besides me.
Is that clear? Out.
Sir, the heart rate is going down.
Sir, it has dropped to 60.
BP is low?
- Sir, it's 90.
Nurse, get me the drip fast.
Doctor, he is sinking.
- Just five minutes. I am almost done.
Sir, heart rate has dropped to 40.
Intracardiac adrenaline, Dr. Romesh.
Here, sir.
Nurse, quickly.
- Jab it between third and fourth rib.
Sir, straight in the heart?
Jab it now. We are
losing him. Come on.
What are you thinking?
Jab it now. Come on.
Jab it..
Who allowed you in
the operation theatre? Damn it.
Give it to me. Get out.
Oh, God! His BP has gone down to 55.
Atropine 100.
His BP is going down, doctor.
His BP is going down.
Atropine, one ampoule, nurse. Now.
Quick, nurse.
Heart rate is down to 20, sir.
Pulse is down. Doctor, Bradycardia.
Nurse, give it to me.
Charge to 200.
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Hold on! Hold on!
- How is he, sir?
Mr. Gagal had multiple rib
fractures and ruptured spleen.
The operation was successful.
He is in the ICU.
Under observation.
He will be alright soon. Thank you.
- Sir, when will Mr. Gagal.. able to resume his normal life?
- Sir! Sir! Sir!
Sir, for how long will
he be in the hospital?
Sir! Sir, I am very sorry about
what happened in the OT today.
Stay in the ICU with Mr. Gagal.
If there is any emergency,
press the code blue button.
Yes, sir.
You couldn't jab an injection.
I hope you will be
able to press a button.
Sir, I am..
Hey, you!
You have still not gone to sleep?
It's 6:30 in the morning.
It's 11 in Sidney.
It's a live match. How can I sleep?
How come you are
suddenly interested in cricket?
Some cute new cricketer?
Just you.
It's okay.
I know that you are
upset that I am upset. But...
What Dr. Asthana said was right.
I did freeze.
I don't know what had happened to me.
It's okay. It happens.
It was our first surgery. this situation many
experienced doctors also tremble.
That's why we are interns.
So that we can face such kind
of situations and pressures.
As it is, it's not easy to jab
an injection into someone's lungs.
Especially if he is
a famous celebrity.
It means, I am a good
human being and a bad doctor.
Only a good human
being can be a good doctor.
By the way, a good
human being, a good doctor.
Now be a good lover too.
"Let my slow
heartbeats in your heart rise."
"Let your sweet fragrance
on my breath intensify."
"Let's unravel
all the knots of the heart."
"Let's leave our dreams
under the care of the breeze."
"Come on. Let's live a little."
"Let's relish a bit of the sky."
"Let's break the ground."
"Let's destroy the world in love."
"Come on. Let's live a little."
"Let's relish a bit of the sky."
"Let's break the ground."
"Let's destroy the world in love."
I had lunch. Yes.
- How are your studies going on?
My studies are also going on fine.
- Riya.
Riya, where is my underwear?
Listen, Riya..
- Tell me.
Papa, I will call you back.
I can't hear your voice.
- Hello.
Romesh, what are you doing?
It was papa's call.
He doesn't know we live together.
I am a small town girl.
I am not a foreigner.
Okay. Fine. But where
did you keep my underwear?
Here. Here.
"My eyes got familiar with yours."
"Your eyes matched mine similarly."
"It's your effect.
- Your effect."
"I am impatient.
- Impatient."
"It's your prayer."
"I am obvious to everyone."
"Come on. Let's live a little."
"Let's relish a bit of the sky."
"Let's break the ground."
"Let's destroy the world in love."
"Come on. Let's live a little."
"Let's relish a bit of the sky."
"Let's break the ground."
"Let's destroy the world in love."
He doesn't need any introduction.
He is as important for us
as Sachin is for cricket.
Hi. - If Dr. Asthana
had not been with us..
..we wouldn't have got funds
for the new pediatric ward.
Now I would like Dr.
Asthana to say a few words.
What do I say?
He has made me Tendulkar.
But he is also as
important for our hospital.. BCCI is for our
Indian cricket team.
We can neither live with
him nor live without him.
- Hi, doctor.
Doctor, this is my son Ankur.
Since last night he
has a severe stomachache.
I don't know what it is.
Come, son. Come here.
Any vomiting?
No. He didn't vomit.
He said he feels like vomiting.
But he didn't vomit.
- Okay.
I gave him a painkiller.
But it didn't make any difference.
- Okay.
- Nandita. You can call me Nandita.
Nandita, I can't be sure just now.
But this could be appendicitis.
I think it might be better
if you admit him for tonight.
But doctor, how come
suddenly appendicitis?
I mean.. - No. No. No.
This is not a serious situation.
It's a very common problem.
Actually, appendix is
that part of our body..
..without which we
can easily function.
For instance, tonsils.
We call it vestigial organs.
Like a tail?
- Yeah. Like a tail.
The only problem is that
for 100% confirmation..
..we will have to get
his sonography done.
And that's possible
only tomorrow morning.
So I think its better that you
let him stay here for tonight.
Because if he is in pain at home.. will just get difficult.
I will get him admitted.
- Okay. Very good.
Don't be scared.
Excuse me.
- Yes, sir.
Ankur Arora is in which room?
On the second floor, room number 201.
- Thank you.
What are you doing here? - The question
is what are you doing here?
What the hell is happening?
And suddenly, what happened to Ankur?
The doctor thinks it is appendicitis.
He said to admit him. Or else
there might be some complication.
So I got him admitted.
Good. But you didn't
call me up. That's not good.
I would have come with you.
- Actually, it was very late.
I didn't want to disturb you.
Now you are being really formal.
You are not just my employee,
but also my friend.
You should have called me up.
You know, I am always there for you.
I am not hungry.
- Eat.
Look, eat. Otherwise acidity and
all that nonsense will happen.
Along with the kid, we will
have to admit the mother too.
Do you know? Since morning he was
telling me he has a stomachache.
I thought he was making an excuse.. that he doesn't
have to go to school.
I am so stupid.
So stupid.
I am so sorry. I am so sorry.
You kept telling me the whole day.
I couldn't understand.
You must have been in
a lot of pain, right?
You were in pain, weren't you?
Mama is so stupid.
Mama, don't worry. I am okay.
It's not paining now. I am fine, mom.
I am so sorry. I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
Who is the next patient?
- Ankur Arora, sir.
Good morning, doctor.
My name is Nandita Arora. And..
Who admitted him?
- Me, sir.
The patient was in pain
and complaining of nausea.
I had a doubt it is appendicitis.
So I thought it's better to admit him.
Did you do sonography?
- No, sir.
So how do you know its appendicitis?
It could be ureteric stones.
Sir, he was complaining
of stomachache. So I..
It could be intussusception.
Sir, there was no
complaint of blood in the stool.
And the pain was also not severe.
Viral gastroenteritis.
Sir, there was no fever.
And no diarrhea also.
Your diagnosis is right.
Your decision of
admitting him is also right.
Get CT scan done.
We will know the level of infection.
Yes, sir.
- Are you his mother?
You shouldn't ignore appendicitis.
It's not good.
We might have to operate him
once we get the scan reports.
The OT is not available today.
So the operation will
take place tomorrow.
As such, the pain is less.
So, no problem.
Whatever you think
is fine. And if you..
Sir, actually, OT is available today.
OT is not available today.
No, sir. There was a
gallbladder surgery.
It has been canceled. So..
- OT is not available today.
The operation will
take place tomorrow.
Don't you do that to me ever again.
Don't try to cut me off in front
of my patient. - Sir, I was just..
When I am saying OT is not available.. means OT is not available.
Sir, I was informed that the
surgery has been cancelled.
So I thought of informing you.
- Dr. Romesh.
I know the surgery has been cancelled.
I know OT is available.
But the kid will stay
here tonight. You know why?
Because I am saying it.
If you want to be a
successful doctor, remember that..
..along with being a profession,
it's a business too.
You need money for treatment.
These modern machines,
medicines, staff..
..hasn't come free.
It has been bought with money.
To run the hospital you need
money and not just goodness.
Without money, there
will be no hospitals.
Without hospital, no treatment.
If you sympathize
with them, tell them.. stop going to expensive
beauty parlors for a month.
They will save money.
If she can't even do
this for her son..
..then she shouldn't
expect anything from us.
One patient's money comes
to another patient's aid.
So they bloody well
pay for each other.
Do you understand?
- Yes, sir.
Do you understand, Dr. Romesh?
I am asking you, Dr. Romesh.
Do you understand?
Sir, we understand. We all understand.
What you are saying makes sense.
Try to understand.
Learn something from her.
Take it easy.
Hey, champ. You okay in there?
Yeah. Okay.
I am not scared.
Shall I ask you a question?
Sure. - Can people die
during asendipitis operation?
Its not asendipitis.
It's appendicitis.
And, no. No one dies
in this operation.
They just survive.
And we won't let you die.
Are you sure?
- Very sure.
Is it just appendix?
Or any other complication?
Only appendicitis.
But if you and Dr. Asthana want..
..we can conduct many more tests.
So that this hospital can do business.
Romesh, I was just..
- You understand everything.
I am getting bored.
For how long will I have to lie down?
Just 10 minutes more, champ.
Shall I tell you something?
But don't tell mom.
Sure. I am an expert
in keeping secrets.
You see, I don't feel
good that I am sick.
Because mom is sad because of me.
She was already sad.
And...and she is sadder now.
Don't worry. You will be fine.
She thinks I don't know anything.
I am a kid.
But I am not a kid.
I know papa has left us forever.
I even know that mom
doesn't cry in front of me.
She cries alone in her bedroom.
Make me alright. I will earn a
lot of money once I grow up.
Only for mom.
I will buy many presents for her.
I will always keep her happy.
I won't leave her like papa.
Romesh, it's not fair.
You are venting out
Asthana's anger on me.
I was just easing the tension
between Dr. Asthana and you.
That's all. It was really
getting out of control.
Do you know, Riya?
When I was small,
my mother used to tell me..
..when a person's courage wanes..
..he becomes more cunning.
And when I was small,
my mother had also told me.
Instead of unnecessary bravery,
it's better to keep quiet.
Fight only when you can fight.
Not when you don't
have the power to fight.
Tomorrow, Dr. Asthana
won't let me come in the OT..
..for Ankur's operation.
Take care of the kid.
I will.
And now, will you
break your oath of silence?
I love you.
That's the problem.
I love you too.
Mama...I am hungry.
You can't eat now, Ankur.
Your operation is after an hour, son.
Come on. Be a brave boy.
Eat later.
You are mama's brave boy.
Good morning, Ankur.
- Hi.
Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.
Ma'am, this is a list
for the surgical kit.
You have to buy it
from the surgical shop.
The unused items will be returned.
Will you get it if I pay you money?
We don't have anyone else here.
I am sorry, ma'am.
Actually, the hospital staff
is not allowed to take money.
And I think it won't take you long.
The shop is not crowded in
the morning. That's why.
Bye, Ankur. Thank you, ma'am.
- Bye.
You will be okay?
I will get it and be back soon.
Send your Gina that yap yap thing.
Whatsapp, mom.
Okay. I got it.
- Whatsapp.
Carefully. Careful. Careful.
You are not scared, are you?
- No, mom.
The doctors will take care of you.
And uncle Ajay will take care of you.
Naughty. - Of course I will.
And that's a promise.
Stop it.
Bye, mom.
- Bye, son.
See you, champ.
Good morning, Ankur.
Your stomach is empty, right?
You didn't eat anything
in the morning, did you?
- Very good.
Nurse, take this.
Actually, when mom went down,
I was very hungry.
So I ate a few biscuits.
Don't tell mom.
Or else she will be very angry.
Excuse me, sir.
- Yes. It's a black diamond, sir..
Sir, the appendicitis
patient Ankur Arora.. - What?
He is not MBM, sir.
- What?
Sir, that patient Ankur Arora..
..ate a few biscuits. Sir,
his stomach is not empty.
I can't postpone the operation
because of a few biscuits, Rosina.
There is a queue for operations.
But sir, the operation is
scheduled within an hour. - Yes..
So I will use ryles tube.
Why is that used?
Sir, to clear the patient's
stomach before the operation.
Exactly. It will be done. Now go.
Yes. No. My wife is not coming.
You can introduce me to anybody.
Of course.
Okay. Yeah. It's okay. Bye.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
Yes? - Sir, this is
standard disclaimer form.
A routine operation formality.
So ma'am has to sign here.
Just sign here.
We are ready, sir.
- Good.
Is everything okay, sir?
I am forgetting something.
I had to do something. What was that?
Damn! My phone.
Remove it.
Switch it off.
- Sir.
Scalpel please.
Dr. Romesh.
What are you doing here?
I thought you would be in the surgery.
No. Actually,
I am just an intern here.
Dr. Asthana is
conducting the operation.
So nothing to worry about.
He is the best.
A good stitch, sir.
Thank you, Dr. Riya.
Thank you very much everybody.
Keep me posted.
- Yes, sir.
- Hello.
- Yes. He is alright.
He will regain consciousness soon.
Thank you.. - I have got the
email for the Geneva convention.
I will reply in two days.
Ankur, show me your tongue.
Show me your tongue.
Yes. Good.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes. This too. Good boy.
Okay. Fine. Okay.
Oh, my God!
He is vomiting. He is aspirating.
Oh, God! Nurse,
suction machine. Quick.
Yes, sir.
Sir, his oxygen
saturation is dropping.
Oh, God! Quickly, nurse.
Nurse, call Dr. Asthana immediately.
- Yes, doctor.
Doctor. Dr. Asthana.
- Hold on.
Keep him under observation for two
more days. - Okay, sir. - Doctor.
Appendicitis patient
is aspirating in the OT.
Damn! Ryles tube! Damn!
I cannot see anything.
Give me the tool.
Hold it. Oh, no! It is a mess.
What's going on?
- He aspirated, doctor.
Why didn't anyone tell me that he
ate something before the operation?
Intubator. - There is a lot of vomit.
Let me clean this first.
Sir, oxygen saturation is down to 60.
Just intubate him.
The oxygen is not reaching his brain.
Nurse, quick. Get the tube.
Give me the tube.
- Sir, oxygen saturation is down to 50.
I cannot see anything.
There is food all over.
You are not doing this
for the first time, doctor.
You have done this a thousand times.
Now don't disappoint me. Please.
I cannot see any damn thing, doctor.
Damn! Telescope.
Saturation is down.
It's in. It's in.
The tube is in esophagus
and not in the trachea.
There is no way,
doctor. Come on. Take it out.
Oh, God!
- Saturation down to 35.
It's in the trachea now.
Are you sure?
- Yes, sir.
His reading, Dr. Riya?
Saturation is 110. Improving.
It's going up, sir.
Just check him please.
- What?
Just check the boy.
Ankur, open your eyes.
Ankur. Ankur, can you hear me?
Open your eyes, Ankur.
Ankur, open your eyes. Open your eyes.
Ankur, can you hear me? Ankur,
open your eyes.
Ankur, open your eyes. Ankur. Ankur.
He is not responding.
We have lost him.
- What?
He is in hypoxia.
He is in coma?
I messed up.
For the first time in
life...I have messed up.
What happened, doctor?
Rosina told me the
patient...ate a few biscuits..
..before the operation.
I had to use Ryle's tube.
I forgot.
Look...we are all doctors.
So...doctors support each other.
Whatever happened in the
operation theatre will remain here.
But, doctor..
- It's not
You should have also checked.
- Okay. Okay.
happened...won't be disclosed.
Is that clear?
But Dr. Asthana, if someone asks us.. did the child slip into coma..
..why have we kept him on ventilator,
what will we say?
Yes. So...we will say
postoperative atelectasis.
His lung collapsed.
He couldn't breathe
during the operation.
His lung was collapsing. So we...
..kept him on ventilator.
But still he slipped into coma.
We can say that. We are doctors.
You guys have to decide
whether you are with me or..
Because if you are not
with me, you are against me.
And after that your degrees,
experience, influence..
..won't come in handy.
You know that very well, doctor.
At least not in this country.
Nobody can touch me.
So don't look at me
like I am some criminal.
Okay? So it's clear. Okay? It's done.
You can leave please.
Riya, wait. No. You can go.
Inform his family.
Do as I said.
Is that clear?
First let him be
discharged from the hospital.
I have no idea.
We will go. We will go. Okay, then..
I am not sure. Yes.
Maybe about a week.
I know you would love that.
Yes. Yes, doctor?
There is a complication.
- Complication?
Your son, after the
operation his lungs collapsed.
- It doesn't usually happen.
But it's a rare case.
After the operation,
oxygen didn't reach his brain.
And he has slipped into coma.
We have kept him on ventilator.
And we are giving him antibiotics.
And we are shifting him to ICU soon.
Usually in such cases,
the patient comes out of coma.. a day or two.
Please don't worry.
Ankur is this
hospital's responsibility.
What is this? You
forgot the bag in the car?
- His mother..
How was it?
- Thanks.
What happened, Riya?
What happened? Is something wrong?
Riya, what's happened?
- I don't feel good.
But, Riya..
He is in coma.
Because of lung collapse.
That's what the doctors are saying.
They will give him
strong antibiotics..
..shift him to ICU.
How did this happen?
Such a small kid is in coma.
Doctor, how serious is this?
It's serious.
- Yeah!
Ajay, I have read
Smith & Morison's contract.
Talk to them once. I think it is fine.
Read it once and then talk. Okay?
Talk to them. What are you doing?
You haven't slept since 24 hours.
Please go home and rest.
I am here with Ankur.
I will take care of him.
How will you take care?
How can you take care?
What does he want?
He doesn't need anything.
He can't ask for anything,
neither can he eat nor drink.
He doesn't need anything. He doesn't.
Neither friends nor mother.
Nandita, come on.
What are you doing? There is
a lot of office work pending.
So what if he is ill?
What can someone do?
What can someone do?
Life doesn't stop.
It goes on. It goes on.
Work goes on.
What difference does it make
whether someone is ill or..
Make the call. Talk to them.
Finalize the contract..
Yes, sir?
Nurse, please send Rosina.
- Yes.
What's the need to show
efficiency at the wrong place?
Why did you write that Ankur ate
something an hour before surgery?
But sir, I informed you..
- I know.
That's why I am telling you.
Now we will have to
increase the time span.
But why, sir? What happened?
I forgot to use Ryle's tube.
- Oh, my God, sir!
Sir, the kid Ankur..
- Is in coma.
And...sir, hospital rules.
To hell with the hospital rules.
Whose hospital is this?
- Mr. Shekhawat and yours, sir.
And whose job is it to uphold
the reputation of the hospital?
Yours, sir.
- That's what I am doing.
Let it be. Keep this money.
Return to your village or city
or wherever you have come from.
If there is an inquiry,
I will handle it.
Is this nine fine? Natural?
Yes, sir.
- Sure? Okay. Okay. Okay.
Nurse. Nurse, patient number
23 Ankur Arora.. number 104.
Which nurse was on duty?
Wait a minute, sir.
I will just check. - Yes. Please.
Please be quick.
Here. I have it, sir.
- Yes.
Nurse Rosina.
- Okay. Where is she right now?
Sir, I don't know. If her duty is over,
she will be at home.
Duty is over?
Her duty is till 9:00 p.m.
How can she just..
- I have no idea, sir.
But she has left for the day.
Where does Rosina live?
Upstairs. Room number 28. First floor.
What happened in the OT today?
Riya, what happened to Ankur?
I told you. His lungs collapsed.
I am not asking what lies
you are telling the world.
I am asking what actually happened.
The answer won't
change by asking repeatedly.
His lungs collapsed.
- Is it?
If his lungs collapsed,
why wasn't bronchoscopy advised?
Why was he
straightaway put on antibiotics?
No chest x-ray, no ABG analysis.
Straightaway magnamycin.
Please, Romesh. Not I, but Dr. Asthana
decides the line of treatment.
You guys are treating him
for aspiration pneumonia.
Because he vomited after
the operation. Yes or no?
No. It was a lung collapse.
Riya, look into my eyes.
Tell me the truth.
Just tell me what happened?
Romesh, please.
This isn't your problem.
This is my problem.
This is my problem.
I promised the kid that
nothing will happen to him.
And right now, he is in coma.
You are saying it isn't my problem.
Romesh, stop..
- Riya, just tell me.
After the operation,
did he vomit in the OT?
Romesh, stop it.
I told you what happened.
No, Riya. You are lying.
Who are you trying to save?
I am not lying.
I am not saving anyone.
Riya, we have become
doctors to save peoples' lives.
Not to run the hospital for business.
Our job is to end people's suffering.
And not be a cause of their suffering.
Today, a mother is questioning God.
Why is He doing this to her?
She doesn't know that
it's not God's fault.
It's the fault of those
people who are trying to be God.
Riya, please for
God's sake open the door.
And tell me the truth.
Please. I beg you.
"Why aren't you like your reflection?"
"Why isn't your
disposition like your face?"
"Why aren't you like your reflection?"
"Why isn't your
disposition like your face?"
"Why do faces change?"
"Why doesn't it support us?"
"Life, you are envious of my dreams."
"What kind of void is this?"
"It engulfs my heart."
"Your absence makes
me cry inconsolably."
"Why aren't you like your reflection?"
"Why isn't your
disposition like your face?"
You are not ready yet?
Shall we go home?
No. I am here today. I have some work.
It's tough.
"You have so many grievances from me."
"This chasm has
devoured our closeness."
"I am living in bits and pieces."
"Life, why do you
have so many complains?"
"Now I have a grievance from God."
"It's the gift of time."
"Now I am aloof from myself."
"Without you."
"Why do faces change?"
"Why doesn't it support us?"
"Life, you are envious of my dreams."
Come on. You have to eat.
"Why aren't you like your reflection?"
"Why isn't your
disposition like your face?"
Reading? - Eighty ... Sir?
- Dopomine drip, please.
Doctor, what's happening?
What happened?
Take her out.
- Ma'am.
Please go out.
- Is he okay?
- What's happening, doctor?
- Doctor. - Please let's go out.
Let them be..
..two ampoules. Fast.
Sir, the ABG report has come.
Shows metabolic acidosis.
Sodium bicarb.
What the..
- Sir.
Hydropine, two ampoules.
Come on. Come on.
Come on, young man. Come on.
Sir, not recording.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, God!
Is my son dead?
Is my son dead?
"Everything has come to a standstill."
"Time came to a
standstill when you paused."
"You are lost in yourself."
"Now you are not concerned about me."
"Life, get a grip."
"Change a bit."
"Have some mercy and be tender."
"Why are you being stubborn?"
"Why do faces change?"
"Why doesn't it support us?"
"Life, you are envious of my dreams."
"Why aren't you like your reflection?"
"Why isn't your
disposition like your face?"
Well played, doc.
What are you doing here?
Sir, I want to talk to you.
About what?
- Sir, about Ankur Arora.
What about Ankur...Arora?
Sir, everyone makes a mistake.
If we hide that mistake and if
that mistake costs someone's life..'s considered murder..
- What mistake? What mistake?
Sir, you know I am talking
about Ankur. He died because of..
Didn't you see the death certificate?
He died because of lung failure.
Do you know what you are doing?
You are insulting a reputed doctor.
Romesh, if I take
this insult seriously..
..I will throw you
out of the hospital.
And you won't be
able to do internship.. any hospital in the world.
And I am saying it sincerely.
So don't mess with me.
Sir, you can stop me
from becoming a doctor.
But just once tell
his mother the truth.
He died not because of illness
but because of your negligence.
Sir, please.
Sir, accept this truth in
front of his mother. Sir, please.
Goodnight, sir.
Sir, she has the
right to know the truth.
Sir, I consider you my mentor.
Sir, I worship you.
Sir, please don't lie.
Why do you feel ashamed
to accept your mistake?
In this profession of saving lives.. don't always
succeed in saving lives.
This is the truth.
Just accept it. It's better for you.
Romesh, it happens in
the medical profession.
It will keep happening.
Sir, if this has been happening..
- Enough. Enough.
We won't discuss this again.
Do you understand?
No, sir. I can't understand.
You won't agree like this.
I don't have time for this nonsense.
Come on.
What I was saying is..
- Hello, son. Sit.
Do you know? Papa
was repeatedly asking..
..about you and not about me.
I have ordered soup for you.
No. I was just telling Riya
that this is the last year..
..of your internship.
And very soon you guys
will have to decide..
..what you have to do in this field.
That's it. I was concerned about that.
I have told papa
I want to do cardiology.
But papa is saying
I should do neurology.
Riya, mark my words.
Neurology is the future of medicine.
And robotic technology has
also become very advanced.
Your soup, sir.
- Because of that income is also good.
Romesh, have soup.
Romesh. Romesh.
What is this, Riya?
What the hell is the matter with you?
Do you realize you insulted papa?
He was saying
something to you, and you..
And Asthana is playing
badminton somewhere.
We are planning our future.
And there, a mother is
mourning her son's death.
She still doesn't know
the reason for his death.
Yes. She is mourning. Her son is dead.
And I am really sorry for that.
I am sorry we are not
doing what we should be doing.
So you tell me. What should we do?
We should stop living?
We should also mourn?
You know what truth means?
We just have to tell that
mother the truth. Nothing else.
That you guys killed her son.
All of you have murdered Ankur Arora.
This is not the truth.
Today, seeing you, I am wondering..
..are you the same Riya I love?
Or are you the one
whom I don't even know?
What do you mean?
- You have become like them. Like them.
Like them? I have become like them?
Yes, you have.
Like the ones who build
their palace on someone's tomb.
Romesh, please don't say that.
I know I lied to you.
But what could I do?
I did not have any other choice.
You didn't have a
choice yesterday, Riya.
Today, you have a choice.
You will rectify the
wrong that has been done.
You will have to take
this decision today.
Right now.
Are you out of your mind?
Do you think I will go
against Shekhawat, Dr. Asthana..
..and the entire medical fraternity?
That too for the child who is dead.
Yes. That's what I think.
So also understand that
if we do this, we will be ruined.
Our dreams, our future,
our career. Everything.
So let us be ruined.
Romesh, please try to understand.
Papa has paid 80
lakhs as capitation fees.
So that I can be a successful doctor.
I can't just throw it away because..
..your conscience is pricking you.
Try to understand. Such accidents
are common in this profession.
So fine.
Today decide whether you
are with me or against me.
Decide? Against who? Against myself?
Is that what you want?
Romesh, I was also in the OT.
I am a witness to that incident.
I am a part of that incident
because I have hidden the truth.
If this matter is disclosed,
there could be.. action against me.
I might have to go to court
and I might be sent to prison.
Please try to understand.
You can't see that unknowingly.. are going against me.
You are fighting me.
- Maybe.
And maybe everyone's
wellbeing lies in this.
I am not responsible
for that accident.
I won't let my life be ruined.
I have never seen truth ruining lives.
So tell me, Riya.
With me...or against me.
- With me or against me?
Romesh, please.
- Riya, with me or against me?
Romesh, you are
making a grave mistake.
Riya, answer me.
With me or against me?
Fine. So listen.
I am against you. Against you.
Are you strolling in a park?
Are you crazy?
When Arjun asked Lord Krishna,
"What is Brahma?"
He answers his questions.
God even talks about karma,
yoga and divine devotion.
It's written in Shrimad
Bhagavad that the supreme truth.. also known as Brahma,
Supreme Being or God.
Even a living being is called Brahma.
Arjun asks about the soul.
Why are you standing outside? Come in.
I am sorry.
I shouldn't have come here now.
But, I had to give you this letter.
So, I thought..
What's in it?
Please read it when you get the time.
See you. Thank you.
"Dear Nandita. I know
Ankur will never return.
"But, as his mother you've a right.."
" know what happened with him.
"Because, what you know is
far away from the truth."
"What the hospital
told you isn't true?"
"And, you've a right
to know the truth."
He was lying on this table.
After the operation was over.
'Oh my, God. He's vomiting.'
'Oh God!'
- 'He's aspirating.'
'Oh, God! Nurse. Intussception machine,
quickly. - He's..'
'Sir, his oxygen
saturation is dropping.'
'Call doctor Asthana, right now.
- Yes, sir.'
You don't know what to do
in a situation like this.
Except for the fact
that something went wrong.
'I cannot see anything.'
'Laryngoscope, fast.'
'What's happening?'
- 'He aspirated, doctor.'
'Why didn't anyone tell me..'
'..he ate something before
the operation?' - 'Ventilator.'
'No, doctor.'
'There's lot of vomit,
let me clean this first.'
'Nurse, quick.
- Sir.'
'Oxygen saturation's down.
- I cannot see anything.'
'There's food all over.'
'You are not doing this
for the first time, doctor.'
'You've done this a thousand times.
- Saturation's .5 sir.'
'The trachea's normal, sir.
- Are you sure?'
'Yes, sir.'
'Reading, Dr. Riya.
- It's going up, sir.'
'Please check, please.
- What?'
'Just check him.'
'Ankur. Ankur. Open your eyes.'
'Ankur. Open your eyes.'
'Ankur, can you hear me?'
The brain went dead.
Oh, God. Baby.
My baby. My baby.
My baby.
I should've been here.
Oh, God.
Nandita, she's Kajori Sen.
Our advocate.
Mrs. Nandita Arora, we can definitely
file a case against them.
It may be tough.
But, we can demand a big
amount as compensation.
What price will they
pay for Ankur's life?
10 crores? 20 crores? 100?
That won't bring my son back.
So, what do you want?
Maybe, after this case..
..this won't happen with anyone else.
Shekhawat. The owner.
He's an influential man.
So, obviously,
he'll have powerful connections.
So, I hope you understand.
- I do, I do.
But, one doesn't stop
fighting with the fear of losing.
And Dr. Romesh. I hope..
..the doctors of your medical
fraternity will be against you.
They will never forgive you.
I will file this case.
We will defend it.
But, you can stand down if you like.
Save your career.
I can save my career..
..but what about my conscience?
Good morning, dear.
- Good morning, papa.
Sir, tea?
- Yes. Prepare the breakfast quickly.
I've to leave for office.
- Yes.
What are you eating, dear?
- Cornflakes.
Very good.
Just a minute.
Sir, there's an urgent call for you.
- Fine. Go.
- Sir, I'm speaking from Zee News.
Mrs. Arora, has filed a case of
Medical Negligence against you.
Would you like to comment on it?
..there is an intern's hand in this..?
Excuse me.
Dr. Riya Srivastav. Sit down.
Tea? Coffee?
I'm sorry. I am Rajiv Mallani.
Mr. Mallani will be
defending our case.
In the Ankur Arora case..
..there were four other doctors
present along with Dr. Asthana.
You were one of them.
After that incident in
the operation theatre..
..did you talk to anyone outside?
Dr. Riya, anything that
you know and we don't?
If there's anything, then say it now.
Dr. Asthana's reputation, mine.. fact, this
hospital will be a big joke.
And, we'll have to pay a big price.
So, in case there's anything?
Priya. Everyone knows about
your relation with Romesh.
You two stay together
in the Living Quarters.
People objected, but I said its love.
Let it blossom.
Speak up, Dr. Riya.
Was it Dr. Romesh?
What did you tell Dr. Romesh?
Say it.
Speak up!
I'm taking my stuff.
And...keep this.
I don't need it now.
I told them.
I couldn't lie.
They wanted to know how
others learnt about that incident.
I said it was you.
You went to the lawyer.
So, why are you feeling bad about it?
I'm doing what I should.
You do what you should.
- Romesh.
I am helpless, not bad.
No, you're not,
I'm more helpless than you.
But, I've already made a decision.
That I will support the truth,
not run from it.
Truth? What truth?
A truth that's ruining our future.
Truth doesn't ruin anyone, Riya.
But evading the truth can ruin you.
Come in.
My resignation.
You're a fine example of
bravery and foolishness, Dr. Romesh.
It's better than being
arrogant and careless.
Dr. Asthana.
It's easier to point
fingers at others, Dr. Romesh.
Don't forget what happened in
the operation theatre that day.
Your hands froze while
administering an injection.
If it wasn't for me..
..then Lakshmi would've died.
- I remember, sir.
You saved his life.
And, I also remember.. didn't allow me in the
operation theatre after that.
That's right.
That should happen with you.
You're right.
I made a mistake and I was kicked out.
Now, it's your turn.
So, you want me to
sacrifice my position..
..the hospital's reputation for you.
You don't need to do anything.
Now, I'll do
whatever needs to be done.
You won't be able to do anything.
I will finish you.
My career hasn't started,
so what will you finish.
I've nothing to lose.
And, you have everything.
My Lord, this year
on the 9th of June..
..a terrible incident occurred.
An eight year old boy
undergoing appendix operation died.
Because the hospital
his mother chose..
..trusted, wasn't fit to
undertake a simple operation.
And if they were capable,
they were careless.
Whatever the reason.
But, the innocent boy
had to pay with his life.
Your Honour, that day
before the operation..
..Dr. Asthana was
informed that Ankur..
..ate some biscuits an hour ago.
In such cases, doctors use a
special tube called Ryle's tube.
To siphon the food out of the stomach.
But, Your Honour. This tube wasn't
used during the operation.
Why? Because they forgot.
The biscuits in Ankur's
stomach became poisonous.
And spread to his lungs.
He went into coma.
Cerebral hypoxic.
And two days later, he died.
Your Honour, the
prosecution will now prove..
..that the hospital wasn't
just careless, but also criminal.
We'll prove that the
doctor's actions..
..was nothing less
than 1st degree murder.
We'll also prove that in
order to hide their crime..
..they aren't just guilty,
but also culprits.
I didn't make any chart, Your Honour.
Nor am I going to
comment on this profession.
Because I completely trust..
..the doctors of
Shekhawat General Hospital.
That, day during the operation..
..Ankur Arora's lungs collapsed.
In medical terms, it's
called Neumo-thorax.
In this condition,
the patient can't breathe.
The vital organs don't get oxygen.
The oxygen doesn't reach the brain.
And, the patient slips into coma.
And, that is exactly what happened.. Ankur Arora that day.
Abusing the doctors,
defaming the hospitals..
..blackmailing them is easy.
Because they care
about their reputation.
They become easy targets.
In fact, Your Honour, this is
a case of extortion, blackmail.
And, why should we bow before
such blatant blackmail, extortion?
You took my advice of
defending medical legal cases.
You've made a good name for
yourself by winning four cases.
Romesh had to come to you.
If you're smart,
we can delay this a lot.
Shekhawat has very deep pockets.
Time to make my new office,
and your new bungalow.
So...what do I have to do now?
Just keep humiliating
the hospital in the court.
And go easy on Dr. Asthana.
Keep saving him as long as you can.
The case will stay pending.
And the judge won't be
able to pass a verdict.
And I will make sure that
the confusion continues.
I have to go now.
Bye, my dear opposition lawyer.
You're always leaving.
Always in a hurry.
- I'm a busy man.
We were supposed to
talk about us today?
What? That I am married
and we don't have a future.
I know.
But I forget.
Mr. Bhargav. What do you do?
I am a handwriting expert.
So tell me, was your
expertise put to use.. cases like these before?
- Yes, many times.
I don't remember how many times.
Oh, I see.
Your Honour.
This is the blow up of a ledger..
..where Ankur's details were lodged.
The details before his operation.
It's written here
"Time before last meal, nine hours".
Meaning nine hours.
Mr. Bhargav. Please tell the court..
..what do you find out
after reading this page?
For a common man,
this is just a number.
Number nine. But for me,
it's number one.
Which has been turned to nine.
Here, by turning it like this.
And, it's been done by
two people, not one person.
With two different pens,
at two different times.
Whenever we write
something on the paper..
..fine impressions
appear on the paper.
And we can see them
only through a computer.
Normally, when a man writes..
..impressions appear on the paper.
But, when he changes something..
..he does it with a light hand.
So, there are less
impressions on that side.
Even on this paper,
there are impressions everywhere.
Except, for this nine,
where it's less..
..which was changed.
What can I tell the court now?
It's all clear.
Two different people can't
write on the same paper.. the same place,
and the same time.
So, it's obvious.
Someone's changed that to nine.
Your Honour.
We don't know who stole this ledger.
We don't know whether
Dr. Asthana is behind it or not.
But, someone has definitely done it.
And, the funny thing is.
According to this ledger,
if Ankur ate something..
..nine hours before the operation..
..then, it was 1 o'clock at night.
And, I don't have to be
a genius to understand..
..that no patient eats
at 1 o'clock at night.
You're talking on the phone again.
That means you won't come today.
Not just at night, but we'll meet
less during the day as well.
As long as this case is going on.
If anyone sees us together,
we'll be in trouble.
You're right.
But, I wanted to tell you something.
It's urgent.
- What?
Not over the phone, we've to meet.
Now. Please.
What happened?
I am pregnant.
I thought something's
wrong with the case.
Don't worry, the case is fine.
Is this why you wanted to meet?
We could've talked
about this on the phone.
Yes, we could.
It's a small procedure.
Abort it.
There's a special on me
on the 10 o'clock news.
They will praise me.
I'm going to watch that.
Call me when it's done.
Kajori's trying to prove..
..that it's the
hospital's carelessness.
Not Dr. Asthana.
She's trying to confuse the issue.
"Anyone can steal the ledger,
anyone can write on it."
Smart move.
The court can't punish just anyone.
As our lawyer, it's her duty
to prove Dr. Asthana guilty.
But, she isn't doing that.
That's why I followed her.
I saw her with Mallani. Shocking.
She's trying to confuse us.
And, we're caught.
Can't she understand a child is dead?
She's taking
advantage of that, for money?
I want to meet her.
I want to meet her right now. Come on.
Kajori, open the door.
We know you're inside.
We want to talk to you.
Kajori, open the damn door!
We know you're inside!
Break down the door.
Break down the door.
Just break the damn door.
Just break it!
- Yes.
Oh, God.
Ajay, call an ambulance. Quickly.
The doctors are saying she's fine.
She swallowed...
She had an allergic reaction.
She barely managed to survive.
- Abortion pills.
She was pregnant.
How are you feeling?
I am...
I am sorry.
Forgive me.
I promise..
He.. he was wronged
Can you forgive me?
Now you will know what it
means to lose your child.
You can fight this
better than anyone else.
Three days later
Dr. Romesh Sharma came home..
..and told me how my son Ankur died.
Your witness, please.
Do you recognize this form?
It's the same form you signed
before your son's operation.
Are these your signatures?
Do you sign any
paper without reading it?
Without knowing what's written in it?
- No, I don't.
Then, please read out point two
in these operation guidelines.
Patient should be NBM,
6-8 hours before operation.
NBM. Meaning, Nothing
By Mouth, Your Honour.
It's clearly written on this form..
..patient cannot eat anything
6-8 hours before the operation.
He has to stay on a empty stomach.
And, the patient's mother's
signatures are on this form.
A mother that's blaming
the doctors for carelessness.
But, she's forgetting..
..she made the
biggest careless mistake.
She let her son eat biscuits
one hour before the operation.
Ask her, Your Honour.
What was she doing when
her son was eating biscuits?
Staring at him?
Watching television?
Or fixing an appointment
with the beauty salon?
Your witness.
Mrs. Arora, what is
Myocardial Infraction?
Do you know that?
- No.
It's a heart attack. Acute coryza.
You must be familiar
with these terms. - No.
Common cold. Cephalalgia.
You must have heard this.
- I don't know all that.
Don't you
know...according to my friend here.. should've known
all medical information..
..before admitting
your son in that hospital.
Objection, Your Honour.
The prosecution is
trying to lead the witness.
Excuse me.
Do you know what ED stands for?
I thought you know.
Erectile dysfunction.
- Your Honour, please answer me.
Did you know the meaning of NBM?
Objection overruled.
Your Honour, whether
the common people..
..know about these medical
terms or not, doesn't matter.
What matters is that the
treating doctors should know.
And especially a fantastic
surgeon like Dr. Asthana.
What the hell are you doing?
What do you mean?
- I mean you've to stretch this case.
You don't need to win it.
- I see.
Is that what I had to do?
- Sorry, I forgot.
- Yes, I forgot.
Because, I am in a hurry.
I've to watch
television at 10 tonight.
Hear my praises on the news.
Only mine.
No one else.
Your anger is for the
rascal you had to abort.
No. It's for the
rascal I had to sleep with.
You're a compromising woman.
And nothing else.
I made you a lawyer.
You will stand against me.
I am still a compromising woman.
The only difference is,
this time I'm standing for the truth.
Not the body.
I will blow you away in the court.
Go ahead.
But remember, Rajiv Mallani.
This time, you're facing
two mothers, not two women.
We'll eradicate you from existence.
Just like women like us say.
We won't touch, and disrobe you.
"The light was missing."
"The daylight was low."
"There was fog."
"And, my eyes were wet."
"The clouds have cleared."
"The sky's clear now."
"I can see a clear ray of light now."
"The ambience...
is filled with rays if light."
"Now...the ambience...
is filled with rays if light."
"My crime.."
Hello, who is it?
"Now... the ambience...
is filled with rays if light."
Are you sure we'll find her here?
Mallani had told me.
They've hidden her here in Goa.
She's here.
There she is.
One with the priest.
You will be alright.
Christ is with you my child.
Yes, Father.
- Go.
Hi. My name's Kajori Sen.
I am a lawyer.
You must know,
we've filed a case against..
..Dr. Asthana and the hospital
in the Ankur Arora case.
Rubina. Listen to me please.
I don't know anything.
And, please leave me alone.
Listen to me.
There was a boy, Ankur.
You saw him with your own eyes.
You looked after him.
He told you that he ate something.
And, you went to Dr. Asthana, worried.
Do you remember that
boy's face, Rubina?
Tell me, do you
remember that boy's face?
He's no more, Rosina.
He's dead.
His mother performed his last rites.
He's turned to dust.
Your Honour. Prosecution
would now like to call..
..Nurse Rosina to the witness box.
Who? I am sorry, Your Honour.
Rosina's name isn't
on the witness list.
She cannot take the stand.
Moreover, the defense needs time
to prepare his cross-examination.
My Lord, she's a reluctant witness..
..and very important to the case.
The witness can take the stand.
The defense will be granted
time to prepare their case.
But, the witness will have to
be called again for the defense.
Do you agree, Ms. Sen?
- I agree, My Lord.
Tell the court your
name and your designation.
My name is Rosina D'costa.
I am a ward nurse in
Shekhawat General Hospital.
But, you just returned
from Goa. Is that right?
Yes. I had taken a
leave for a few days.
Rosina. Is it true
that you took leave..
..on the day Ankur slipped into coma?
And, is it true that Dr. Asthana..
..paid you a huge sum, that day?
- Yes.
That's true.
But, there's another truth.
Dr. Asthana was sending you away..
..because you were
the first one to inform him..
..that Ankur ate some
biscuits before the operation.
Isn't that right?
Its okay, Rosina.
No need to be scared.
You can tell the truth here.
Did you tell Dr. Asthana about this?
Rosina. Look at me.
Don't be scared. Tell the truth.
Say it.
- No.
Nothing like that happened.
What? What are you saying, Rosina?
I didn't know whether the
child ate something or not.
And, I don't know what you're saying.
I don't know.
Rosina, why are you lying?
Silence in the court!
Your Honour,
the witness has turned hostile..
..and she be excused.
The court will reconvene at
Monday morning, at 9 o'clock.
Rosina, why..
- Come on, sit down.
I didn't lay a finger.
And you're defamed.
What now?
We don't have
evidence against Asthana.
As of now, we've lost this case.
'Do people die in an
appendix operation?'
'No, no one dies because of it.
And we won't let you die.'
'Are you sure?
- Very sure.'
Yes, stop here. Stop. Stop.
Here's your fare.
- Come with me.
What happened?
- Just a second.
What happened?
What's wrong?
- I don't know myself.
This here. You see this.
This is vomit.
This thread was around Ankur's neck..
..during the operation.
His vomit is on the thread.
It's dried up, but it's adequate.
- For what?
DNA finger printing.
This vomit contains
Ankur's DNA. His vomited acids.
And traces of what he ate.
But how will we prove that..
..the vomit particles on
this thread is Ankur's,
The DNA of any child
is made of two sets.
Half the set belongs to the father..
..and the other half to the mother.
If we compare Ankur's DNA with yours.. will be a 50% exact match.
And that will prove..
..that the vomit particles on
this thread belongs to Ankur.
And if they prove in court that..
..Ankur vomited before the operation.
And those particles
stuck to this thread, then?
If he had vomited
before the operation..
..then his medical reports
would have anti-emetics..
..which is a
medicine to stop vomiting.
Which is not there.
He never vomited before the operation.
And after the
operation he was in coma.
He could've only have
vomited during the operation.
Romesh. You're a bloody genius.
Your Honour. With your permission..
..the prosecution requests
for four days of recess.
Only four days.
And why do you want this time?
I want to prepare
some more for this case.
The court grants
prosecution four days time.
But, this time's being granted
for the benefit of this case.
Not to push the hearing further.
- I assure you, My Lord.
That won't happen.
The court is adjourned for four days.
This is not a good sign.
She is up to something.
Kajori didn't demand
time for no reason.
She's definitely found something.
What do you mean?
What did they find?
- I don't have a clue.
But, I don't want to look like
a fool in the court. - Then?
How will we find out?
Rajiv, you don't want to
be embarrassed in the court.
I don't want to be
embarrassed in front of everyone.
Me and my company's
become the butt of jokes..
..due to this case.
I don't want any more damage.
Find out what it is.
- I understand, sir.
This game's going to
get a little dirty.
I suggest you two stay away from it.
Now, I'll do
whatever needs to be done.
I've Kajori's number.
Nandita's number must be
in the hospital records.
And Romesh..
Does Romesh still has
the same number, Riya?
Has it changed?
- No, sir. It hasn't.
Go to the ward.
- Okay, sir.
Yes, Mallani.
- I've Romesh's cell phone records.
What's this Technomate Lab?
He's been calling this place
many times in the last two days.
It's a lab where DNA
fingerprinting is done.
And there are few
such labs in our city.
Any idea why he was
calling this place.
What's the point of DNA
fingerprinting in this..
Unless, he's found the vomit samples.
Maybe? - And what if this
maybe turns to definitely?
Then, Mallani, we're..
This is a perfect match. Right.
Check it.
And, let's all leave.
It's time to close the lab.
- Yeah, sure.
Just give me a second.
- Yeah. - Thank you.
Oh, God!
A car's been
following us, from the lab.
Hurry up, hurry up.
- Step on it.
Who's it?
Oh, my God.
- Careful, careful.
Oh God, it's a blind lane.
Oh, no!
Get out! Get out. Quick. Fast.
Just run.
That way. There.
I don't know what happened?
- No idea.
Everything was fine when I switched off
he computer last night.
This morning, there was
no data, no DNA samples.
So, you don't have
another copy of that report.
And we can't get that
test done again? - No, man.
I am really sorry. All the samples
have been contaminated.
But you must have some security.
Some CCTV or something.
You know, that's the thing.
All the footages from the
CCTV camera has been erased.
I've know clue who was here.
All I know is, as of now
we've lost everything.
But this is criminal.
We can report this to the police.
We can't prove a thing,
how will we prove this?
She's right.
But it's a crime to
tamper with evidence.
And they also attacked us last night.
Yes. The law's there.
But we've no proof.. show that we had evidence.
Is it all over?
There's one thing that can be done.
And only Romesh can do it.
Speaking to you can get me in trouble.
The hospital staff's here too.
- I know.
Just two minutes.
What is it?
- You must know.
We had evidence to put
you all away for very long.
But we don't have
that evidence anymore.
They've been snatched.
Romesh, I don't want to fight.
- I am not here to fight, Riya.
In fact, I'm here to make a request.
It's your turn to
testify in the court tomorrow.
Tell the truth, Riya.
You were in the
operation theatre that day.
You saw everything, heard everything.
You're the only witness to this crime.
My last hope.
Please, Riya, I beg of you.
Swear on The Gita.
You'll only speak the truth..
..and nothing but the truth.
Yes. I will speak the truth.
Dr. Riya, you don't need to be scared.
We're with you.
On the 9th of June this year,
were you present in the OT..
..when Ankur was being operated on.
Yes. I was there.
What happened to
the child after the operation?
Dr. Riya, what happened to the child?
Tell us.
After the operation..
Speak up, Dr. Riya.
Speak up.
After the operation,
Ankur's lungs collapsed.
Your Honour,
the defense would like to move..
..for a motion of dismissal.
This case is ruining the image
of Shekhawat General Hospital.
And is keeping a busy
and important surgeon.. Dr. Asthana away from his work.
This is nothing but a
waste of public money.
Since the prosecution
has no more witnesses..
..and they couldn't prove
that Master Ankur Arora..
..died due to the
negligence of doctors.
So, I agree with the
defense and dismiss this case.
The case of Arora versus
Shekhawat General Hospital..
..stands dismissed.
Thank you.
Riya. What is this?
You're leaving your
internship incomplete.
Yes, sir.
- What nonsense?
You did so much for us.
We can do much for you in return.
We can make you the top
surgeon of this hospital.
The favor that you did to us..
- Favor?
What favor, sir?
I lied. I betrayed my profession.
I cannot stay here.
This burden..
- What burden?
What crime did you commit?
What did you do wrong?
We sir, not me?
We just made one mistake, Riya.
Just one.
And it led to this chaos.
And, so what if we made a mistake?
Do only humans make mistakes?
Doesn't God make mistakes?
Still, we bow before Him.
I am just fed up of this nonsense.
But, you're not God.
- I am God!
I pulled thousands of
souls back from death..
..the ones your God
was allowing to die.
I've the same power as He does.
If I should be
punished for my mistake..
..then why do we spare Him?
I just forgot to use a tube.
I forgot to get some
biscuits out of his stomach.
So, I am the culprit?
And Him?
He kills so many
children before they're born.
Or, makes them a cripple.
He's not accounted for that.
Why do you spare Him?
He's God!
When your God gives pain to people..
..infects them with sicknesses,
they come to me..
..and I cure their pain.
So, if he's God then
I am a bloody doctor!
I am as powerful as
your so-called God.
If he's no criminal even after
making thousands of mistakes..
..then for making one
mistake neither am I.
So, yes, I am God!
Get that clear! I am God!
Fine, sir.
If you consider
yourself God, you can do that.
But right now, I'm finding it
difficult to be a human being.
Thank you and goodbye.
Hello, doctor.
Aren't you the same
doctor that's on TV..
I am God!
I pulled thousands of
souls back from death..
..the ones your God
was allowing to die.
I've the same power as He does.
If I should be
punished for my mistake..
..then why do we spare Him?
I just forgot to use a tube.
I forgot to get some
biscuits out of his stomach.
So, I am the culprit?
And Him?
He kills so many
children before they're born.
When your God gives pain to people..
..infects them with sicknesses,
they come to me..
..and I cure their pain.
So, if he's God then
I am a bloody doctor!
- Not now, later.
Just two minutes.
- Please go.
I am as powerful as
your so called God.
- Dr. Asthana speaking.
Give the phone to your sir.
- Yes, sir.
Sir. Dr. Asthana.
Sir's in the bathroom.
- No need to say anything.
Tell him I've understood everything.
Get out of the way.
Dr. Asthana, we've a
warrant against you.
Dr. Riya will please stand.
Dr. Riya has broken her
oath taken in the court.
Lied to the court.
That was just a way
to expose the truth.
The court respects her intentions.
Since she swore in the court of law..
..the court fines her Rs.20,000.
Shekhawat Hospital is
guilty of negligence..
..beyond reasonable doubt.
And the court, on this day..
..12th December, 2012..
..orders Shekhawat Hospital.. pay a compensation of Rs.10
crores to Ankur Arora's mother..
..within the next 15 days.
And, the court finds Dr.
Asthana guilty..
..for Ankur Arora's death.
And sentences him to
three years of imprisonment..
..under section 304.
The court is dismissed.
"Everything seems still."
"The moment has
stopped where you did."
"You're lost in yourself."
"You don't have any memory of me."
"Life, better mend your ways."
"Better change for the good."
"Have pity, don't be so harsh."
"Don't be so stubborn."
"Why do people change?"
"Why aren't they always with us?"
"Life, you're jealous of my dreams."
"Why aren't you like your image?"
"Why aren't you like
what you seem to be?"
"You've so many complaints with me."
"Our love's lost in these distances."
"I've been living by the moment."
"Why does life has
so many complaints?"
"You keep reminding us."
"Reminding us every moment."
"Brings us close to you."
"Why do people change?"
"Why aren't they always with us?"
"Life, you're jealous of my dreams."
"What's this void?"
"It torments the heart."
"And makes the heart weep."
"Why aren't you like your image?"
"Why aren't you like
what you seem to be?"