Anna 2 (2019) Movie Script

[woman screaming]
[ominous music]
[children laughing]
[voice whispering]
[suspenseful music]
[melancholy music]
[eerie music]
[Shawn] Oh, write this down.
[David] It just sorta lashed
out, grabbed both my arms.
It scratched me so deep
that I felt it in my bones.
Felt it in your bones?
Pretty exciting stuff.
Don't act too eager.
When you do that, you
can't sell him anything.
Been a while.
It's raining.
Okay, so this is Jacob.
He's actually the second
founding member of Freaky Link.
[David] I thought
it was Links.
Everybody does.
We beat these sticks and draw
the ghost right into the cups,
and then we cover it with tape.
That's spook tape.
That's right, spook tape.
Here, let me show you.
Sit down.
You're gonna love this.
It's entering the hocus field.
Go right in, go right into...
Oh, my god.
Hold on, hold on.
Great job, but did you
have to give him the cups?
Of course.
He has kids.
That of course just
means repeat customer.
They're be like, "Daddy,
daddy, we still have a ghost."
Repeat, rinse, both ways.
Rinse and repeat.
Okay, that's actually,
yeah, that's pretty smart.
I know.
So who's this?
The guy with the sticks.
That's Spartacus.
He is no man.
What's your name?
I'm interning for you guys.
We can't pay him.
I know.
You heard the man, right?
I know you're still
a little bit irked
about that whole doll thing.
Dude, so Spartacus told me
of a haunted amusement park.
It's not that far away.
I think this could work for us.
Only problem, we
don't have a car.
[ominous music]
[thunder rumbles]
It is in this
room of the house
that the corpse of the
body of the child appears,
trying to find its mother.
Music is said to draw him out.
I feel the child
is with us now.
He is in the mirror.
Mirrors are so strong.
They hold so much.
Mirrors keep us grounded
on this earthly plane.
It's strange that
you're saying these things
because a lot of
people have been...
[knocking on door]
Are you expecting someone?
Not me.
Just keep it rolling on her.
So tell us, tell
us what you feel.
Whoever it is, you
need to come back later.
There's an
investigation going on.
We're looking for a
group called Spooky Links.
We heard they were
investigating here.
Yes, they're finishing
a shoot right now.
Could you please leave?
Lace, can we please
come in and talk?
You know what day today is.
Yeah, come in.
What about me?
I forgot it's Ryan's birthday.
Did you go see him today?
Yeah, yeah.
I went to his grave.
I did.
I'm just gonna get
something out of the way.
We know that you don't
like us, and we don't like,
just you.
Yeah, Rob's cool.
Don't like what?
Ever since Rob and I
started our new show,
you two have done
nothing but harass it.
The emails.
Yeah, I did send hateful emails.
But I never signed it.
You sent them from your
Freaky Link email address.
Ah, but I never signed it.
Still anonymous.
Okay, so how are
we supposed to react?
I mean, you took
all the equipment.
Ryan left the equipment to me.
He left the business to me.
Yeah, but you didn't
have to kick us out.
I didn't!
You two were pulling
scams all over town
pretending that you were the
Ghostbusters or something!
[Shawn] Who you gonna call?
[Rob] Hey, it did
get pretty bad, guys.
Okay, okay.
So you kick us
out, you take Rob,
and then we have to
go by something else?
Freaky Link, it doesn't
even sound good.
Yeah, can't even afford the S.
I couldn't afford a crutch,
and you two were the crutch.
You were hurting the business.
You know, back when
we formed this team
and we let you guys join
with Ryan, Shawn and I,
we didn't always get along.
I mean, we thought
that you thought
that we weren't taking things
as seriously as we should.
And we thought you had
a stick up your butt.
But the thing is Ryan
brought us together.
We came together as a team.
We worked to save people.
I talked to the both
of you plenty of times.
Yeah, well, you
could have made sure
we knew you were serious.
She did say, "I'm serious."
Yeah, but did she use
the hand gesture like,
"I'm serious."
You buried us, okay?
I mean, is that
what you wanna hear?
You won.
We're nothing.
And we're the ones
who saved the world.
There is no way that you saved
anything but your own skin.
Jacob, it's like
she was there.
We have an idea though
to help us both out.
We're not trying to
join Spooky Links again,
but we do ask that
there be a joint venture
for Freaky Link
to get its S back.
[Shawn] Freaky Links.
A joint adventure?
An untapped haunted
amusement park.
[pensive music]
Hi, Freaky Link.
Supreme Longbottom, McNasty.
Supreme Longbottom
and McNasty.
Hi, I'm Lace.
I am Alec.
Howdy, partner. [chuckles]
Y'all here to do
some ghost wrestling?
And we're ready to wrestle.
Is he serious?
Shouldn't you be filming?
You gals and guys have
got some pretty strange
goings on around these parts.
I'm sorry.
Are you acting this
way for the camera?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Are we not filming right now?
If you're gonna break
character, I'm not paying you.
We went through this.
This is your first strike.
Ah, are you paying
him to act this way?
We are paying him
to act this way, no.
Well, lemme tell
you something.
There are some strange possessions
happenings around here.
You know, there's actually a
history of dangerous demons
taking over the
youths 'round here.
[Shawn] He's free
balling. [laughs]
And you know where these
paranormal possessions
are taking place?
[Shawn] Para?
Paranormal, paranormal.
You know this.
Oh, cool.
Let's do that.
[Lace] Do you have a schedule
to go on one of
these possessions?
I, I have, far
off into the city.
We've got many ways
to goes to get theres.
Well, if we're
gonna go to the city,
can we at least get
some B roll on the way?
Yeah, sure.
Let's go!
Rob, really?
You're gonna make up lines?
B roll?
[Rob] B roll is a real term.
Leave the technical
terms to the pros, bro.
But is a technical term.
Let's just go.
[eerie music]
Nestor would like to know
why we are gathered around
a tiny fire in the
middle of his home.
Oh, I did not set this up.
Oh, mood lighting.
Mood lighting?
Shawn, we're trying
to be professional.
We are professional.
Yeah, professional, like when
you brought out those cups.
You told me that we were not
gonna talk about the cups.
That's a 1,000-year-old
You can't believe everything
you read online, Shawn.
What do you mean
you can't read?
I have to.
We're told not to
understand the media,
don't listen to radio, don't
listen to the TV, movies.
Now I have to take up a
new language and read?
- Come on.
- Reading is not
a new language, Shawn.
And you can't believe
everything you read either.
Okay, you've
proven your point.
[Jacob] Yes, I have.
Wait, mine?
[Shawn] Yeah.
No, that was your point.
No, it was yours.
[Jacob] No, it was yours.
All right, I will tell him.
Alec, could you have him
tell us a bit about himself?
Yes. [mumbles]
I work, I work.
He does the work.
Well, can you tell
us what kind of work?
Tell us [mumbles].
Speak English, you son of a...
He says the type
of work that he does,
he does with his body.
Well, could you just
ask him why he thinks
there's a possession, or who
he knows that is possessed?
[Alec mumbles]
I know what she
said, you little fuck.
What I was saying was
me and my daughter...
Now what he just said was
that him and his daughter
was traveling down
south the city.
There, they were exploring.
[Nestor] No...
Hush now.
Now, what they came across
was a strange old area
near an abandoned
amusement park.
There they found a hill,
and on the top of
this hill was a tree.
And this tree was
made of dead arms
and human bodies
hanging from it.
He said the tree was
the root of all evil,
and his daughter was taken by
the tree and pulled into it!
And what came out and
what went inside her body
weren't the same thing.
Don't you mean tree of flesh?
Yes, that's the
gateway to all evil.
Can we meet his daughter?
70 degrees.
Kinda cold.
This, this seems kinda real.
Hey, hey, hey,
don't break character.
This seems kind of
elaborate, you guys.
No, no, no, we
didn't set this up.
[ominous music]
How did she manage that?
So you want me to find out?
How'd you do that?
Okay, she didn't tell me.
Good try.
Can I talk to it?
Her name is Anya.
Go for it, McNasty.
Rob, keep it on her.
Hi, Anya.
[Anya speaks in
foreign language]
I am Jacob.
Hi there.
Do you know who I am?
Seriously, Jake?
I've never tried
talking to one before.
Jacob, do you
know who this is?
Her name is Anya.
Can you see?
See what?
[Anya grunts]
The battery's dead
on the camera.
Anya, do you feel any pain?
This item, it looks for
electromagnetic disturbances.
Jake, do you honestly think
she's gonna put off
an electrical field?
I'm sorry, do you
wanna take over?
Have you ever
fought off a demon?
[Anya screams]
[eerie music]
What happened?
I think she was on her period.
I've never seen a
bed shoot blood before.
Am I the only one noticing
that she's on the
ceiling right now?
Just all part of the show.
She was on the ceiling.
No show.
So this is real.
Professional opinion,
she's on the damn ceiling.
Shawn, what are yoU doing?
You want things documented?
You call any other
paranormal show.
You want shit done?
You call us.
Yeah, holy water.
Wait, wait, wait.
How did you get that?
Don't have you to be
an ordained priest
or a minister of some
kind to get that?
You put a bible in water.
I don't think
that's gonna work.
Come on, there's not some
kind of like manual, is there?
[Lace sighs]
Well, whatever.
You know what?
This is gonna work.
I got this.
Step aside.
Jake, I'm in.
Shawn, I'm right
outside the door.
Jake, she's looking at me.
Shawn, Rob's coming in.
Rob, go on.
You're next.
[suspenseful music]
False alarm.
It was Rob.
She's gone.
Okay, I'm gonna attempt
to establish contact.
Found her.
She's under the bed.
What are you doing under there?
Are you enjoying yourself?
[Anya] I can't wait
for you to join me.
Under the bed?
[Anya screams]
[suspenseful music]
You okay?
I just saved a
little girl's life.
That's some kind of movie
special effects, right?
You didn't set
that up, did you?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't hear a word you
said over all my awesome.
Shawn, nothing in the
room was done by you, right?
Did you just hear?
I saved somebody's life.
I'm a hero.
Okay, Alec, how many
people have you witnessed
actually being taken over?
I don't know.
How would I know?
You guys hired me.
Okay, where did
you find this one?
Just some nut job that
comes into the bar sometimes.
Wait, wait, wait.
You didn't do some kind
of character study?
What kind of actor are you?
Okay, do we think
that this is maybe like
not some kind of
paranormal entity
that was inhabiting her body?
Maybe it was some
sort of disease.
Wait, wait, wait.
Are you saying I
cured a disease?
What type of disease
flies away from water?
You know what?
I'm an amazing actor, actually.
Thank you very much.
Wait, wait, wait.
Dollar Mart of actors.
Dollar Mart of actors?
Nobody cares
about your acting.
I can do happy.
I can do sad.
Hey, shut up!
That's it, dude.
Shut up, shut up!
[Lace sobs]
Okay, I think we can
actually do some good here
if what we found was real.
So what if it was real?
What if it is an epidemic?
What, are we scientists now?
There's something
back in that tree.
Oh, yeah?
He's such a great
actor, he's off script.
He's free balling.
Shawn, shut up, okay?
So what, are supposed
to go and find a tree?
I mean, what are we,
saving the world from
some great evil now?
Oh, well, that sounds
like some kind of
cheap indie movie plot.
Shawn, it's serious.
People around here think that
tree has some sort of evil.
And if we go and destroy the
tree, we destroy the evil.
We could remove
the mental thing.
It really could help.
You guys are saying
there's some kind
of like ghost epidemic going on?
Come on.
Yo, we're still here.
Alec, is it closing time?
I don't even
have my drink yet.
[Alec] No, they usually
close a little later than this.
[creatures scream]
[eerie music]
Now this thing's
trying to scare us away.
Well, it's working,
still working!
That's the sign we needed.
Those people are still in there.
[Lace] Put me down!
Where's this carnival?
[eerie music]
Jake, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
[Jacob] I'm taking
only what we need.
It's like you think
we're not coming back.
What if we don't?
Do you know what
we're up against?
'Cause I sure as hell don't.
Okay, I think we should
think all this over.
Jake, I'm with the actor.
I mean, can we at
least stop and think
about what we're doing.
I don't know about you guys.
I'm in
I'm tired of just
documenting things.
It's time to do something.
I don't know if Shawn
set this up or what,
but I'm ready to find out.
Guys, this can't be real.
How often is a bump in
a house a loose door
or a creak just a
settling in the house.
It all has a reasonable
rational explanation.
Okay, explain what's
happened so far.
Explain just one thing
and we'll turn around
and we'll go back home.
[Jacob] That's what I thought.
[Alec] Okay, I'll help.
You know, you're looking at me
like I'm some kind of battle-hardened
pro, but I'm not.
No, I'm not.
It's just me.
Okay, well, I mean, if
that's good enough for you,
then all right, I'm in.
Okay, I'll follow you guys.
You guys have like
done this before, right?
Yeah, we have.
We're here.
This is a terrible
place for a park.
Well, it actually looks like
somebody beat us to the punch.
Tire tracks.
It could be teenagers coming
to do a little exploration.
So that's what
they call it here.
This could be some
psycho killer's place.
He's gonna rape Jake,
chop up Lace, eat Alec.
And I will be the last
one to tell the tale.
Hey, what about me?
Oh, when did you show up?
Thanks for coming, babe.
Well, let's go.
Wow, this place is massive.
This place looks deserted.
It's amazing watching
you work sometimes.
It doesn't even work.
What would you do
if somebody answered?
Have it.
Got it.
Ooh, want it.
We have to find the heart.
That's what all the books say.
We have to find the
main focus point.
You were teased as a child.
[suspenseful music]
[Lace] Nobody wonder off
too far from each other.
I don't think ghosts are
what we think they are.
I mean, like yeah, we think
that there are people that died
and the spirits are still
here, but none of the research
I've done has actually
proven that, you know.
I mean, what if
there's something else?
What if they like can
cross over and mimic us
so they can pretend to be alive?
Then they come here.
I mean, it makes sense.
[suspenseful music]
Do you have to look over your
shoulder every five seconds?
[Shawn] I'm not the
one humming all the time.
[Alec] It's something
I do when I get nervous.
Open it.
[Jacob] There is
no way I'm touching
any of that without my
hand sanitizer out here.
Don't know what
you're missing.
Whoa, dude, that's a
head and a hand in a jar!
Come back over here
and touch this!
It's like Scooby Doo.
[eerie music]
[Voice] Alec.
Why don't you meet the tree?
The tree is home, home.
[Alec screams]
[radio shifts stations]
Shawn, what happened?
Alec ran off.
He must have fallen?
[radio shifts stations]
[suspenseful music]
Shawn, I'm coming!
[Woman] Run!
[Rob laughs]
[suspenseful music]
[Lace gasps]
[Louis] Mommy.
Who, who is that?
What are you doing this for?
[Louis] Mommy.
Mommy, why?
Why did you kill me?
You wanted, you wanted
to name me Louis.
Don't you remember, mommy?
You weren't alive.
I didn't kill you.
The doctor said that
you weren't alive.
[Louis] I knew you
didn't love me, mommy.
See, they tell me
things like that.
They tell me everything
[Louis] Hey!
You wanna see me, mommy?
Over here.
I'm in the water with you.
Don't you wanna see me,
the child you abandoned?
Oh, don't worry.
I'll just come to you.
Mommy, it's me,
your long lost baby.
You forgot about me, didn't you?
I miss you.
[Lace screams]
[suspenseful music]
[creature growls]
[eerie music]
[man grunts]
[Voice] Where are you
and what is going on?
This is the main question
asked by everyone
who comes to enjoy the
rides at our theme park.
Sit back and relax as
we delve into the death
and destruction of your soul.
Let's begin with the
steps of your terror
you will experience.
Step one, games.
Games are played to
ensure that your departure
from this world will
be a hearty one.
Step two, transfer.
We will transfer everything
you know and love
into something that you
now hate and despise.
Step three, devoured.
You and the rest
of your existence
will become nothing more then
nutrition for our inhabitants.
[woman screams]
That now concludes
our presentation.
Please prepare for
the first step.
[eerie music]
[Shawn grunts and gasps]
[ominous music]
Enjoy the rides
at our theme park,
death and destruction
of your soul.
Lets begin with the steps of
terror you will experience.
[feedback buzzes]
[playful carnival music]
[suspenseful music]
Please prepare for
the first step.
[Shawn grunts and screams]
[creature growls]
[Voice] Here.
[suspenseful music]
[Voice] Step two, transfer.
[Voice] Break the
circle, cause the ripple.
Break the circle,
cause the ripple.
Please, just let me go.
I'll leave.
[Voice] No.
Break the circle,
cause the ripple.
[creature growls]
[Lace screams]
[melancholy music]
[suspenseful music]
[radio shifts stations]
[Voice] Step two, transfer.
Step two, transfer.
We will transfer everything
you know and love
into something that you
now hate and despise.
[Jacob grunts]
[Jacob grunts]
[creature growls]
[suspenseful music]
[creature growls]
[Rob] Shawn.
[Rob] Are you okay?
Shawn, your whispering,
it's not whispering.
[Shawn] Do you see with
your eyes anyone else?
[Rob] Keep watching them.
[Shawn] Huh?
I'm coming to you, me, okay?
I got you.
Where's your friends?
It's like some kind of
haunted Where's Waldo.
Back to back.
Here's what we're gonna do.
Why the merry-go-round?
It's Jake's favorite ride.
This way.
[creature growls]
All right, let's go
back the other way.
But we haven't
even looked yet.
He's not here.
Okay, we're gonna go the
other way, look for some chips.
Yeah, chips.
Don't question me on this.
Okay, you can be the Rambo.
All right, this way, chips.
Okay, I'm gonna go to the door.
You stay right here.
If you're gonna get
taken away, let me know.
Scream like a
little girl, got it.
[Shawn gasps]
Okay, it's your turn.
A squirt gun?
What are you gonna
do with a squirt gun?
It makes me feel better.
[door creaks open]
Guess it was the wind.
[Rob grunts]
[suspenseful music]
What the hell.
Don't pull on the hair.
[Shawn] Light feet.
Light feet.
Light feet.
Are you okay?
My legs.
Shawn, where were you?
I swear, if you say you were
in the bathroom again...
No, Jake, I was
looking for you.
We were looking for chips.
We spent like a minute
looking for you.
Did you find any?
[suspenseful music]
[creature growls]
Move it!
[Jacob grunts]
[creature growls]
[Jacob screams]
Fight it!
Hold it tight!
Hold it, hold it, hold it!
He's out.
Look what you do with
all your negativity.
We're gonna die because of you.
My negativity?
You're negative.
I'm the one,
I saved you!
I can go home right now.
You're not serious.
This, this,
does that hurt?
[Jacob grunts]
I'll show you serious!
[door creaks open]
[laid back music]
[Lace sobs]
You okay?
Look at you, big
mess, big strong man.
I held the door.
Come on, guys.
Let's get outta here.
Yeah, let's get outta here.
Okay, all right.
[playful carnival music]
What is all this, guys?
It's phase two.
They're trying to
remove us from our flesh
while imprinting us
on their film reels.
When we get out of here,
you're gonna tell me how
you know all of this.
Come on, guys.
Guys, Lace.
Lace, she's over
there in the crowd.
[Rob] Lace!
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
Are you hurt?
No, no.
What is all of this?
It's called ghosts.
You believe us now?
We are being imprinted.
Let me go!
[Shawn] Okay.
I saw a film on a projector.
All these people
are from the past.
They're being imprinted.
The same thing is
happening to us.
Why don't we just leave?
We're right here!
Let's go, you guys.
Yeah, we've
finished everything.
Let's just go.
No, that's what
they want us to do.
[Lace] What?
That would be too easy.
They're trying to force us out.
Wait, so are you
saying that if we stay,
we're gonna be stuck here.
But if we go, we're
gonna be stuck here.
[Shawn] Well,
that's a conundrum.
When did you learn that word?
Just an app, word of the day.
Well, so then, what
are we really gonna do?
[suspenseful music]
You three ready?
Do not lose the squirt guns.
Did I just say that?
Roger that.
It seems quiet.
Roger that.
It seems quiet.
Are you gonna repeat
everything we say?
I have one job.
It's stupid, but
I'm gonna do it.
Lace wears baby clothes.
Sorry, not sorry.
I'm not a man, and I
don't wear men's clothing.
She says she's fat and wears
men's clothes. [chuckles]
That is not what I said.
[Jacob grunts]
Let's begin phase one.
I'm a new person who's
never came to this place.
And I'm all alone.
A new body, brand new body.
I'm wearing a dress!
All right, guys.
I'm done.
[ominous music]
I think it knows we're here.
[Shawn] Pull me back!
[creature growls]
Guys, pull me back!
[Rob screams]
[creature grunts]
Hey, are you guys okay?
What's happening?
Are you guys okay?
Hey, are you guys okay?
Come and get me, motherfucker!
[creature growls]
[film reel turns]
[Voice] Allow some time
now for you to take a break.
Welcome you person
who has already been
through two of the steps.
And now, welcome to step three.
At this moment in time,
allow for an unhurried
thought process and begin
to let your body relax.
Relax the best you can.
Give yourself space
from any distractions
and just let your mind wonder.
Wondering or daydreaming
can open your mind
to peace and relaxation
for your mind and body.
Whatever is going on
around you right now,
let these sounds gently fade
and mix in with this meditation.
Have no expectations of
anything except being free
with your mind to drift
anywhere you want to go.
Each of your souls will now
be extracted one at a time.
Guys, are you okay?
What's happening?
Guys, are you there?
Screw this.
[creature growls]
[Man] Now, the next to join.
[suspenseful music]
And another one's joined us.
Water is not damaging,
so don't worry.
Get ready to join our
splendid amusement park.
[Lace] Do not lose
the squirt guns.
All you did was put
a bible in water.
[Shawn] It's not water.
It's gas.
[Lace] Ryan.
Did you go see him today?
[creature growls]
[suspenseful music]
[melancholy music]
[Lace] Okay, I'll
follow you guys.
[Jacob] Yes!
I don't think ghosts are
what we think they are.
I mean, what if
there's something else?
What if they like can
cross over and mimic us?
[children sing in
foreign language]
Okay, I think we can
actually do some good here
if what we found was real.
[melancholy music]
[eerie music]
[melancholy music]
[dramatic music]
You guys help yourselves.
You guys found what
you were looking for?
Yes, we did.
Oh, can I get some coffee?
[sobs] But you hate coffee.
I love coffee.
You don't like coffee.
Oh, my god.
[Jacob sobs]
I'll just take a...
[Waiter] A juice?
Or something.
I don't care. [sobs]
[Waiter] Okay.
Out of towners.
Jake, I can't do this anymore.
I mean it.
I'm going home.
I know.
Why do we keep doing this?
Two of our friends are dead.
Your legs are broken.
We hurt everyone we
come into contact with.
We'll need more gas.
[dramatic music]
[eerie music]