Anna (2019) Movie Script

- Da?
- Your cover's blown.
- Go to the embassy now.
- Okay.
I'm an American citizen.
Is there a problem?
Call Ambassador Hartman.
- Tell him the code 13.
- Sorry?
I'm a diplomat. Call him now!
Stay here.
I want you to deliver
a message to your people.
Can you do that for me?
Thank you.
Yeah? Oh, no, I only got three.
There's one spot I haven't tried though.
The market.
A guy I met last night
in the club tipped me off.
Mmm. Sort of a local playboy.
God knows what to expect,
but it's on the way to the airport, so...
Yeah. Yeah, of course, yeah.
Uh, sorry. I don't speak Russian. English?
English, Chinese, French, Japanese,
whatever you like.
Which one are you interested in?
Honestly, I'm interested in you.
I am a scout
for a modeling agency in Paris.
I find the stars of tomorrow.
So would you be interested
in becoming a model in Paris?
I'm already busy here in Moscow.
- By selling dolls?
- No.
I'm in the university, studying biology.
No need to stop.
We have girls at school all the time.
I know nothing about modeling.
I'm sure you're a fast learner.
And anyway, we take care of everything.
Training, accommodation,
visa, documentation.
- What's your name?
- Anna.
Anna, please, can you take off your scarf
for me to see your hair?
Aye. Magnifique.
Hello, welcome. May I help you?
- Oh, yeah...
- Anna!
- Hi.
- Welcome to Paris.
Welcome to your new home!
- How are you?
- Good.
Here. Let me take this.
So here is the agency.
- How was the flight?
- It was great.
Yeah? Ah, excellent. I'm glad to hear it.
So let me introduce you.
This is Dorothee, your booker.
Best in the business.
I'll call you later. Hi, how are you?
It's two in France.
I've already put your photo out there.
People are going crazy about you.
The other girls are really jealous.
- Ta-da! There you go.
- Thanks.
We do have a number of Annas though.
So I added an M.
Anna M. means love in French. Cheers.
Our new star is in the house
and nobody tells me?
John McKee, the big boss.
Delighted to have you with us.
I hear Dorothee will be looking after you.
I don't know which one of you got luckier.
- I am!
- All right.
Do you want to visit your apartment?
Welcome to your new home.
Please don't lose the keys.
They cost a fortune, okay?
But first, most important room,
the kitchen with our famous Inge. Hi!
Yeah. The pissed off Inge.
Thank God for Inge
keeping the place habitable.
This is the dining room
and the salon with Petra and Sonia.
- Thank you, Inge.
- Fuck you, Inge.
They're so funny.
These girls aren't staying.
They're in transit to Tokyo.
I think your room is over here.
Oopsie. Wrong Anna.
We've so many Annas at the agency.
What? I'll call you later.
Closets, closets, closets.
And here is Renata.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Your room and your bathroom.
- And this is Maude.
- Hi.
Well, if you need anything,
you know where to find me.
Thank you.
Okay, uh, let me show you your room.
It may not be what you were expecting,
but as you start booking jobs,
we'll be able to move you
to a place of your own.
The fun really starts when you're on set.
The address for tomorrow.
Your first shoot.
But I thought I was gonna learn first.
Yeah, but practice beats theory.
We've lined you up with one of the best.
Mario Conti.
You're in great hands. I gotta go.
Turn that fucking music off!
It's not a nightclub here.
Hey, hey. I never saw white so flashy.
Are you trying to burn up my retinas?
Change it!
I'm sorry, sir.
Welcome to middle age.
Oh, God! I'm so sorry, girls, I'm late.
I had to take the metro.
Couldn't find a cab.
How are you, sweetie?
- Oh, my God! What's this?
- It's nothing.
I was just young and stupid.
Find me someone who wasn't.
Find something! Hey, Catherine the Great.
Put that on.
And stop lathering that shit
all over her face.
There you go.
Now, that's some actual fucking music!
Get out. Get out of my frame.
Okay. Get out. Now! It's okay?
You done it.
Okay, look at me.
And smile. Please, relax and smile.
Go. Turn. Turn.
It's so boring. Turn.
Freeze. Okay. Tits out.
Push them out. Push them out.
Push your tits out. Push them out. Okay.
Insta: @DreamPorts / @MagicPorts
Yeah. Okay.
Yeah. Crazy, totally crazy.
- Ciao, Anna.
- Ciao, Renata.
What the fuck are you doing in my room?
You've the biggest fucking bed.
And my bed is too small!
- Come on, join us.
- No, thank you.
It's just for tonight.
Move it! Would you stop it.
Here you go.
Oleg, my friend!
I'm so glad you could make it.
Where have you flown in from this time?
Oh, you know, here and there.
International man of mystery.
Come in, come in!
We've gotten some amazing new talent in.
That's Milena,
the Brazilian we swiped from Elite.
A Latin-American gold mine.
Who's she, uh, over there?
Anna M.
She arrived from Moscow a short time ago.
Want me to introduce you?
Uh... No. No, I should rest.
- I'm jet lagged.
- No, no, no. Come on. Come on.
The wallflower act won't wash with me.
You're a partner.
Come meet your newest employee.
- I'll get you something.
- Thank you.
Anna! Allow me to introduce Oleg Filenkov.
A compatriot of yours
and one of our partners in the firm.
- Hi.
- A minor partner.
I'll let you two catch up.
Chat about the old country.
It's a crazy party.
Do you stay in Paris?
No. I have a place in London,
but I mostly live in St. Petersburg.
The winter to Europe.
In the springtime,
there's not a city more beautiful.
I throw a party there every year
to celebrate its arrival.
I'd be honored if you could make it.
But we're in September.
I hear you book up quickly.
I'm trying to beat the rush.
Yeah. They keep me very busy here.
Everything moves so fast.
And if I invited you to dinner,
would that be considered too fast?
- No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no.
- What's wrong?
It's just... It still feels so soon.
Can I get more champagne, please?
Of course. But Anna, it's been two months.
Almost every day we've seen each other.
I've loved every minute.
But you kiss me, you leave me.
You kiss me again. Am I a toy?
No, of course you're not. It's just...
I'm sorry to say, but, um...
I don't wanna be one of the girls
you're just gonna throw away.
I invite you to every function.
Every dinner.
Every night I ask you out on my arm,
so I can show you off
in front of all of Paris.
What more do I have to say
to convince you?
Thanks. I don't know.
Maybe you can tell me
something more about yourself.
What do you mean?
Like, what is your job? What do you do?
I'm afraid you're a spy or something.
Sweetheart, I've told you
I'm in import-export. It's boring.
And once in a while
I may step over a legal line or two.
What kind of lines?
There are sanctions against countries
all around the world, yes?
Who gets hurt? The leaders? Never.
It's the people who suffer.
I'm here to help them out.
- How?
- They need food.
Medication. Oil. Raw materials.
I help provide these things.
Food and medication?
Occasionally some weapons.
And since when are weapons
the raw materials?
If they're in the defense of freedom.
And are there many countries
you help like that?
- Libya. Somalia.
- Okay, stop.
- Stop. I don't want to know.
- Chechnya.
I shouldn't be having this conversation
with anyone.
I take serious risks in doing so.
You want proof, there it is.
My life for your love.
Where is the bathroom?
Give me a minute.
Piotr! Piotr!
Ah! Piotr!
- Piotr.
- Huh?
I understand
you speak English.
You're going to have questions
and I'll answer them.
But first, I need you to listen.
We all have turning points in our lives.
Most of the time, we can't see them
until they're in our rear-view mirror.
But I'm here to tell you
this is one of those moments.
Every intersection offers
several possibilities.
You just have to pick the right road.
And sometimes,
those choices have to be made quickly.
How do you know I speak English?
A few days ago, you filed an application
to enlist in the Navy.
I'll enlist in anything
that gets me out of this shitty existence.
Your father was a lieutenant.
But you didn't write that
on your application.
And you were a cadet
at Omsk Military Academy.
But you dropped out at 17.
After my parents died.
It says here you like chess.
I can play.
Your profile interests us.
You have talents and skills
that we can help you develop.
- Like what?
- A sharp mind.
Calm under pressure.
And a certain amount of anger
can be useful.
Mostly though, you're a blank key,
which means you have the potential
to open many doors.
You're offering me a job?
I'm offering you a fresh start.
One year's military training.
Four years operational in the field.
And when it's done?
Five minutes ago, you had no future.
Now you want to know what it holds?
In five years, you're free to go.
I've seen your face.
It means I either leave with you
or I don't leave at all.
You see?
I told you, you had a sharp mind.
I don't like any of your proposals.
I think you've made the wrong decision.
You talk about turning points and choices.
Those are just pretty words.
If it means
it's gonna take me to another shitty town,
in another shitty box.
You have a right
to make your own choices in your life.
Go here, go there. Say yes, say no.
But what you can't do
is reject life itself.
Your life was a gift.
Who gave it to you?
My parents.
And this is how you honor them?
This is what your father
would want for you?
Their lives are over.
But yours isn't.
Have a little faith.
Last time I put my faith in men,
look where it got me.
Never put your faith in men, Anna.
Put faith in yourself.
- How's she doing in there?
- Nervous.
She been pacing at all?
Sitting, mostly. About an hour.
- She asked for water?
- No.
What about her shoes?
She been playing with them?
Slipping them on and off?
I haven't noticed.
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
You want a tea or a coffee?
No, thank you.
Yeah, I'm trying to cut down
on caffeine myself.
Three o'clock rolls around.
Sorry I didn't introduce myself.
I'm Agent Leonard Miller.
I'm in Paris on assignment.
Just helping out my French colleagues.
I'm nice that way.
So, it's quite the fairy tale
you got going on here, huh?
From a vegetable seller in Moscow
to a top-flight model in what, six months?
I sold Matryoshka dolls, not vegetables.
It's like, um, a little Russian doll.
Oh, okay.
It's like that story,
The Little Match Girl.
You know that story?
This girl was selling matches
and it's cold and she dies.
I mean, it's depressing as hell.
But you got out.
What was the nature
of your relationship with Oleg Filenkov?
He's a partner in the agency
and, um, I bump into him
from time to time.
Was it ever more personal?
Intimate? Sexual?
He flirted with me, but everybody does.
It must be tedious,
fending off men all the time.
You get used to it.
When did you see him last?
Uh... Last week, I think.
Oleg died on Tuesday the 27th
at the Presidential Suite at Le Meurice.
It just so happens
that on Tuesday the 27th,
you entered Le Meurice
at precisely 1:37 p.m.
Followed by Mr. Filenkov at 1:58 p.m.
Sometime between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.,
Oleg and his bodyguards
met the wrong end of a bad day.
You left the hotel at 2:23. See?
Can you explain that to me?
I sat at the lounge bar
and I waited for him, but, um,
he never came. Um...
He said he wanted to meet me
for a drink and...
Yeah, I knew what that meant.
Fucking? I assume it meant fucking?
You're upset. I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Did you notice anything suspicious?
Like what?
Like a huge guy strolling through a lobby
with a machete?
No, more like a Beretta 92
with a silencer.
Can't you look at the hotel
security cameras?
Oh, you noticed them?
They're everywhere.
The tapes were erased.
It's like we're dealing with pros.
Look, I'm new in town. I'm working.
Making my living.
I don't wanna lose it all over this.
I have a girlfriend. She's very jealous.
And okay, yeah,
maybe I would have slept with him,
but I didn't.
Anyway, it wouldn't be a crime, would it?
I've never seen a fashion show.
Must be incredible.
I can get you complimentary tickets,
if you want.
Really? I'd appreciate that.
I'm in Paris for a little while.
We should keep in touch.
I'll see you around.
I don't see what I can do with her.
She has no higher education.
She's a junkie.
Clean for a year.
And her marks are excellent.
Whatever the subject. Look here.
Marksmanship. Acting.
She's beaten everyone at chess.
Like I can give a shit if she plays chess!
Tell me she can fix my fucking heater,
then I'll care.
Knives, 100 percent. Driving.
Oh, but she's not the profile
we're looking for.
Fuckable, I suppose.
Useful as a honey trap.
But beyond that,
I can't see what I can do with her.
KGB needs smart agents
who can size up situations,
react quickly and appropriately.
I thought we made our needs
perfectly clear.
She has been trained with that in mind.
Her general knowledge,
her ability to generate options
on the spot.
She's highly intelligent.
"It takes more than intelligence
to act intelligently."
"Like a captive cast
to the bottom of a deep, dry well,
I know not who I am, not what awaits me.
Yes, it's clear to me that in this cruel
and obstinate struggle with Satan,
I'm fated to emerge victorious.
Then mind and matter
shall fuse in perfect harmony.
And the reign of universal will...
shall begin."
Seagull. Act 1.
The play within the play.
Your favorite play.
How did you know that?
I work for KGB, baby.
She has not been...
I'll take her.
On trial.
It doesn't work out,
I'll send her home in a body bag.
He'll be at one of the back tables.
And the gun?
Any bodyguards with him?
How the hell should I know?
You want me to do the job for you?
No. I can handle it.
When you're done, grab his phone.
Come out the back door.
We'll be waiting with the car.
You have five minutes.
Three minutes.
That's five minutes, let's go.
What about his phone?
We'll find another way.
What about her?
If she can't complete a mission,
I don't care about her.
We should give her an extra minute.
Why? Why is that?
Because accomplishing this mission
in five minutes is impossible.
Adversity is a good teacher.
Well, that's the extra minute.
Come on, let's go.
I gave you five minutes.
You took five hours. Well done.
The gun,
it was not even fucking loaded!
You should have checked your equipment.
You set me up.
Do you know why I have a limp?
Come on.
You must have read my file by now.
A minor accident. In Chechnya.
That's the official version.
The truth is that during training,
I was dropped in the Karakan Forest
in Siberia.
There are wolves in the Karakans.
There are also wolf traps,
buried in the snow.
So I dragged a steel jaw on my leg
for three days.
When I finally got back to the camp,
my instructor handed me a screwdriver,
and said, "Trouble never sends a warning."
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
No, it won't.
You have 14 days' prep time.
Use it wisely.
Building number three,
11th floor, apartment 25.
Welcome to your new home.
Thank you.
- Hello?
- Settling in?
Yeah. It's another gray box.
Feels like right back where I started.
Patience. It's your first day.
I know. I know.
So, uh, do you want to get dinner?
I'd love to.
And I would love to see you.
But Olga dumped a huge pile of work on me.
I have to prep.
Sure, of course.
You know I would love to...
I know. I know. Study up.
That's what's important.
We'll find another time.
Yeah, another time.
So, you get paid to look for girls?
That's what I do.
Only nobody pays me.
It's not so easy.
I'm expected to find
five or six girls each trip,
but now I'm struggling.
You're struggling to find
pretty girls in Moscow?
You're doing it wrong, my friend.
No, I mean, it's not just pretty.
We look for something unique.
Pearls. Gems.
And six-foot pearls don't grow on trees.
Not even in Moscow.
Have you tried the market
in Izmailovsky Park?
- Izmailovsky Park.
- No.
You want me to write it down maybe?
- Yeah, please. Yeah.
- Yeah.
He's entering the market.
He'll be with you in five minutes.
Sure. Copy that.
Uh, sorry.
I don't speak Russian.
She's in contact with him now.
About time.
Anna M.
means love in French. Cheers!
- Da?
- How is it going?
He's showing her around.
You checked out the agency?
Over the weekend. Fairly typical.
And you checked the apartment?
Five girls, all clean enough.
Some drugs, minor records.
Have her call me when she's settled.
- It's me.
- How's your new life?
If I was living alone, it would be easier.
You're there to infiltrate,
not take a vacation.
They gave me a new name. It's Anna M. now.
M for Moscow?
What else can it be?
Very original.
So how's your roommates?
Nothing I can't handle.
The French girl keeps hitting on me.
How's the sex?
How do you know?
I work for KGB, baby.
Sex is good. Wanna know some details?
No. No need to stop.
So you know, a girl on your arm
can keep the predators away.
Just don't let it get
in the way of your job.
Your target arrives in Paris next month.
- Be ready.
- I will.
Maybe I shouldn't be drinking
on an empty stomach.
- I'll get you something.
- Thank you.
Allow me to introduce Oleg Filenkov,
a compatriot of yours
and one of our partners in the firm.
It's a crazy party.
So do you live in Paris?
I keep a place in London.
But I mostly live in St. Petersburg.
The winter to Europe.
Yeah, once,
a long time ago with my aunt.
- Don't you have a better angle than this?
- We have three cameras.
I'm not asking for more cameras!
I'm asking for a better angle!
The hell with these shit pictures!
Telling me this is the best technology
Moscow has to offer?
I might as well use my fucking telescope!
If I invited you to dinner,
would that be considered too fast?
I'll see you around.
What's he like?
Smart. Handsome.
- A bit of an ass.
- Typical CIA.
Did he mention the tapes?
Only that they'd been wiped.
They have the security footage
from across the street
that shows us going in and out
of the hotel.
- And then?
- As I said,
he gave me a light grilling. Nothing more.
And then he just let you go?
I'm a good liar.
Oh, no. No, no.
No, if you'd lied, he would have known.
Nothing else about him, then?
No. Nothing.
Keep out of trouble 'til next Sunday.
You're coming back to Moscow.
For good?
I ask the questions.
- Da?
- It's me.
Pretty nice.
You plan on keeping her?
I wanted your opinion.
No family,
no attachment to anybody or anything.
No leverage.
She can turn her back on us at any time.
She has been well-trained.
Some of her choices are unnecessary.
"Attackers may sometimes regret bad moves,
but it is much worse
to forever regret an opportunity
you allowed to pass you by."
- Lenin?
- Kasparov.
They say you're good at chess.
We should play.
Now, you have questions?
I've nearly done two years.
One in training, one on mission.
When my five years are up,
do I have to stay in Moscow?
Or I can go anywhere I want?
What's all this about "five years," Olga?
With all due respect,
few have lasted five years
in my department.
- Except you.
- Except me.
So what does it all mean to me?
You work for the KGB this year,
five years, ten.
Be happy and proud to serve your country.
With respect,
I am happy and proud to serve my country.
I have eliminated 27 targets in two years.
But I've been told that...
There's only one way to leave the KGB.
Do you want to find out what it is?
No, sir.
So don't play with me.
Except chess.
Would you fancy a game?
Maybe another day.
- Hi.
- Come in. Come in. Come in!
Hi, baby.
I've been preparing this place
for a week now.
This is the kitchen.
Plenty of Russian food for you.
This is the salon.
And the most important room...
The bedroom. Come on, come on, come on.
You see, we book the gigs,
we make the money,
and now we got our own apartment
just like Dorothee promised.
And it's all ours!
We can sleep where we want.
We can eat where we want. And we can...
screw where we want.
So what you want to have first?
Lunch or sex?
Actually, I wanna go for a walk.
In the rain?
It will stop.
What's wrong?
Just didn't really have much time
to recharge, to be alone.
How was the week with your family?
I get it.
You go for your walk.
I'm gonna make some dinner.
And, uh, you just come back
with some wine.
- How about that?
- Sure.
All right, then.
- Da?
- Hi.
Hold on.
Anna, what is this number? Is it secure?
A nice Japanese lady loaned me her phone.
So, how's the new place?
It's nice. Stylish.
Something's wrong?
Is this my life now, Alex?
Stealing mobile phones,
waiting to catch a bullet between my eyes?
Hey, don't let Vassiliev get in your head.
There are other ways...
You give me some bullshit speech
about choices and path,
and promise me my fucking freedom
in five years.
You thought I was gonna be long dead
before that, didn't you?
Well, not everyone makes it through.
I'll give you that.
But you've got a shot.
For now, enjoy the moment.
Give yourself time, Anna.
It plays in your favor.
Let the currents move beneath you.
Powers will shift. Enemies can vanish.
Do what you can to stay alive.
Time will do the rest.
Promise me something, Alex.
If I find a way to get free one day,
would you be on my side?
I'll do my best.
I'll see you soon.
Listen, I know that you're going through
a very, very rough time.
And I don't know why,
but also don't want to know.
What I want you to know...
is that I love you the way you are...
and I'm always gonna be there
for you whenever you need me.
All right?
Thank you.
Okay, girls, let's do this.
Boom! Okay, lovely. Yes!
Very nice, girls. Very, very nice.
But give me dirty. Give me dirtier.
Yeah, that's nice. That's very nice!
Yes! Yes, green dress! Oh, my God,
you've got a lovely bunch
of fucking legs on you.
All right, next. Done. Next!
Whoo! Next, yeah? Okay.
Oh, my God, that was bloody lovely!
We're feeling it. We're feeling good.
We're feeling good. Hey! Boop, boop!
Come on, that was really nice.
It's great.
Do you know that
I have to leave at 5:00, right?
No problem.
In one hour you are finished, okay?
That's nice. Fair enough.
Remember you are princesses,
not transvestites, yeah?
So I'd like to see
your feminine energy
if I could, please. Ooh.
Hello? Yes?
Strike a pose, yeah?
So, uh, did you recover from last night?
Okay, I had enough.
Maybe. Yeah, I could.
Anna, my love.
Hey, I'm trying to create here, yeah?
So can you please
just strike that pose, yeah?
- Fucking idiot.
- Anna...
Don't move.
- Please, Anna, we need this job.
- Please.
Bring that thing
that you brought yesterday.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Tonight.
Ooh, she is not happy.
Oh, my God!
Let's get dirty now. Smile.
Smile. Give me your best smile.
Fucking hell, there's blood.
I said give me your best smile!
Okay. That's better.
Now be a dog.
Yeah, be a dog. Woof, woof.
Here's a good bitch, dog.
Put your hands where they belong.
Okay, that's the good one.
That's a wrap.
Fucking don't touch me.
Don't touch me!
Over an hour late!
I came here as soon as I could.
Olga's called at least ten times already.
Give me the fucking file
and shut the fuck up!
Wurtenberg, 49, German diplomat,
with the embassy in Poland.
All illegal money from the Middle East
goes through him.
He's divorced, no kids.
We've already made several approaches,
but it's hopeless.
He can't be bought.
So we have no leverage for blackmail.
He does, however, have one weak spot.
Let me guess.
Here in Milan, he uses a service
run by a man called Stefano.
We've already sorted things out
on that end.
So Wurtenberg is waiting for you.
- Where is the piece?
- Bathroom. Behind the second sink.
- Bodyguards?
- Just one. A vicious bastard.
We have eyes in the hall,
but no way of getting a wire or camera in.
There will be no backups.
So if there's a hitch...
There won't be.
Bring me the attache case, keys,
documents, and fingerprint.
Any questions?
Which room?
Go any further and you will have to pay.
- It's about time.
- Sorry. Traffic.
Fashion week.
- Can I use your bathroom?
- Yes, but, uh, hurry.
- We have lost a lot of time.
- Won't be long.
You were in there 12 minutes.
Well, he wasn't very cooperative.
So where is his print?
We can lift them off this.
No, you idiot. Didn't you read the memo?
Yeah, I've read it.
So where's his fucking index finger?
You expected me to...
Bring back his finger, yes!
Like it says in the memo.
How can you expect us to compromise him
without putting his prints everywhere?
You want me to send Mossan?
No. No. It was my mistake.
My mistake and I've got to do this.
While you're there, bring back your watch.
Never leave anything behind.
Why are you still here? Go.
Are we done?
Can I go to bed now?
Is there anyone else
you need me to kill and mutilate?
What's wrong with you?
I'm just so tired of everything.
I can't...
- Take a break.
- What?
Take a week in the sun.
Wherever you want. Take Maude.
Rest. Recuperate.
Get over this. Whatever this is.
- Thank you.
- One week. No more.
Hey, girls, can I buy you a drink?
Unless you're a billionaire,
keep on walking, man.
Geez, it's hot out here.
Do you want to go back to the bungalow,
and take a shower?
Go ahead. I'll join you later.
All right.
Enjoy your vacation?
Yeah, it was wonderful.
Even got you a present.
Here, it's a postcard.
Time to get back to work.
- What the fuck?
- Fuck!
Number five, can you turn, please?
Gentlemen, perfect, lovely. Oh, great.
Perfect. Darling, watch me. Don't move.
Little more Marie Antoinette.
Good, very nice.
I want fire. Give it all.
Come on. Give it all.
Fire! Fire! That's it. All right!
Yeah, push it more, baby!
Push it more, more, more!
Give me what you got!
Give me what you got!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
You've done good work this year.
You're flying back to Moscow next week.
The boss wants to see you.
You are crazy.
I needed it.
Me too.
I confess,
I had little faith in you at first.
Girls who are too beautiful
become a problem sooner or later.
That's why we only hire the ugly ones.
Speaking of Olga, she has asked
for a medal of distinction
to be awarded to you.
But don't get your hopes up.
There is no ceremony or anything.
When your service ends,
your name will be engraved
on the wall at the entrance,
and a pension will be paid to your heirs,
if you have any.
Now, what do you think?
Do you deserve such an honor?
Grab her! Joseph, come with me.
Don't look so surprised.
I told you I'd see you around.
Now, you're gonna wanna know
how I knew this was going down,
and how long I've been watching you,
all that good stuff.
And you deserve to know, you do.
Maybe we'll grab dinner some night,
hash it out.
But right now, we're in a bit of a pickle
because we have five minutes to cut a deal
before your friends start
to wonder where you are.
- So, how about I give you a little recap?
- I understand the situation.
Yeah, I'll recap anyway,
just so we're on the same page.
Right now I can pin you
for the murder of Oleg Filenkov,
his bodyguards, the clerk at Le Meurice.
The attempted murder
of Frederick Wurtenberg.
Not to mention the whole espionage thing.
Now, I can have you in a French prison
inside of an hour,
or I can make a call
and have you hauled off
to one of our black sites
in the Czech Republic
where the fine men and women
of the United States
Intelligence community
will violate your human rights
until they get bored.
So you see the issue.
Solution one, we bump you off.
It solves our problem, but not yours.
Plus, it ruins our dinner plans.
Solution two, you work for us. You live.
Dinner's optional.
Is that all you have to offer?
I don't believe
you're in a position to negotiate.
Fine then. Kill me.
All you're offering is the same shit
I get from my people.
Be a slave or die.
Or don't you consider yourself
better than the Russians?
Ah, historically, sure.
Then make me a better offer.
My bandwidth with negotiation is limited.
I won't be too demanding.
All right.
Tell me what would make you happy.
Freedom and protection.
That's a tall order.
All right. Here it goes.
You work for us for three years,
then we make you disappear.
You ever been to Arizona?
It's hot, but it's a dry heat.
That's what they say.
I've never actually been in the summer.
No, I work for one year.
That's the max before my cover's blown,
And I want to live by the sea.
- Vancouver.
- Too cold.
Okay, any suggestions?
- Hawaii.
- Hawaii.
All right. Hawaii it is.
How did you catch me?
The way you hold your bag.
From now on, you're under my protection.
And the protection
of the United States of America.
You were in there 12 minutes.
Well, he wasn't very cooperative.
So where's the print?
Sir! She's coming back.
Not a word.
I need his finger.
What the fuck are you talking about?
I need his fucking finger!
No way, he's not leaving this suite.
Not him! Just his fucking finger!
Whoa, whoa, wait!
This was not part of the deal.
I mean, I can help you.
That's okay for me, but no more.
All right,
put him on the table.
Don't! Don't touch me! Don't!
All right, proceed.
No, no, no, no, no. I have to do it.
There is a specific type of a cut
the KGB teaches us to make
just to make sure we are not being forced.
If it's gonna come out any other way,
she'll notice something is wrong.
Oh. How do I know you're not cutting it
in a way that betrays us?
Oh, you want me to trust you about Hawaii?
You better trust me about this.
- Anyway, there was already ten times...
- All right, okay! I understand!
All right, shut him up!
Take a deep breath, sir.
Give her the fucking knife!
Are we done?
Yes, we're done.
Can I go to bed now?
Is there anyone else
you need me to kill and mutilate?
Take a break.
What are you doing here?
I came to check on you.
You could have called.
At the CIA,
we're all about personal service.
Everything okay?
For now.
Good. We're all good on our side,
and we're all clear.
Trouble never sends a warning.
Damn straight.
You look rested, you look tan.
Why are you really here?
I'm on vacation.
You... You put the idea in my head.
You said Bahamas.
I started thinking about
daiquiris on the beach.
Feels good. Feels good to kick back.
Plus, there is that dinner I owe you.
- I thought that was optional.
- Yeah, it is.
I'm gonna look after you, Anna.
Keep you safe.
You're with us now. We protect our assets.
You'll keep your promise?
You'll let me go after a year?
I already have them looking
for a house in Hawaii.
I can't guarantee an island preference.
Doesn't matter.
No, but believe me, it does.
You've never been?
Then why Hawaii?
Postcards on my parents' refrigerator.
It always looked like a dream. And you?
Yeah, born and raised.
A real island native.
My dad was in the Navy. Like yours.
You'll love it. You'll surf.
You'll eat spam. It's paradise.
Plus, I will personally guarantee
that your dream becomes a reality.
You better get some tan
or you'll look too conspicuous.
Yeah, good advice.
Well, if you... If you need me,
you know where to find me.
In the closet?
And she's funny.
The total package.
So I finally have enough money
to start building.
And it's a beautiful area.
It's not too far away from Saint-Tropez.
It's not too far away from the beach.
They have no tourists.
Super peaceful, you know?
I actually did the drawing by myself...
and I was thinking...
I wanna build the whole house
with my own hands.
Do you actually know
my father was a carpenter?
Did you hear anything I said?
No. Not a word.
What's wrong with you?
Go ahead, get it. I'm not hungry anyway.
How's your vacation?
Pretty good.
Looks like a nice place.
You've been here?
Are you spying on me?
I'm doing myjob.
I like it here.
I already put a down payment
on a bungalow.
Hmm. Not very funny.
What's wrong?
I figure we're probably never gonna
be able to have that dinner.
Yeah, you're probably right.
So let's fuck instead.
Enjoy your vacation?
Yeah, it was wonderful.
I gotta be at the embassy in a half hour.
You're gonna be late.
She making any moves?
At all?
Not at all.
All right, shut it down.
I have a job for you,
when you're back at Moscow.
What kind of job?
For the last 20 years,
we've had a relationship with the KGB.
It's not been friendly,
but it's been respectful.
We're all in the same business after all.
That all changed
when Vassiliev was appointed director.
We need someone on the inside.
You guys want to get rid of
the number one at the KGB?
We know how to get a gun in.
We know how to get our operative out.
All you need is the sucker to do the job?
All we need is a partner
to participate in the mission.
So use one of your American partners
in Moscow to do it.
Five years ago...
we lost nine agents in one day.
On my watch.
Vassiliev gave the order.
They were just men and women
doing their job.
So you don't have American agents
to do it.
- You have to use a Russian.
- We need the best.
I'm gonna get my head blown off.
I've been putting this together
for three years.
I've checked every detail a hundred times.
Nothing's foolproof, but it's damn close.
We take out Vassiliev,
restore a little order.
I just need to find the right person
to make it happen.
You make everything happen.
I'm not gonna make you do this.
Anna, if you say it's a no-go,
it's a no-go.
But you should know...
I got them to sign off
on early retirement.
What do you mean?
You do this job, you're off to Hawaii.
Total freedom. Total protection.
Everything you wanted.
And they agreed? Just like that?
I must have been very persuasive.
What did you tell them?
I told them I didn't want to lose you.
Will you be in Moscow?
I'm gonna personally ex-filtrate you.
That's the only way I know you'll be safe.
- I'm sorry, Alex.
- You're crazy!
You'll never make it out of here alive.
Lay down.
- You're a dead woman.
- I love you, too.
It's gonna make you sleep.
For your own security,
please back up at least 20 meters.
Okay, my friend, you see that door?
Right there.
Any second, my counterpart will appear,
and then your worries will be over,
all right?
- Get out!
- Go, go, go! Drive!
Don't move!
Don't move!
Um, usually, I do these things
with a little more civility,
but it's been a fuck of a week
and I'm at the end of a rope.
You're gonna answer yes or no,
and don't lie
because, trust me, I'll know.
- Do you know who I am?
- No.
Right answer.
Are you affiliated with the KGB,
yes or no?
- Mossad.
- I don't know what Mossad...
Yes or no? That's the game.
All right. Anna. Have you seen her?
I'm gonna tell you exactly what to do.
If she makes contact, if she calls you,
if you call her,
you're gonna get in touch with me.
- Understand?
- Yes.
We've already bugged your apartment.
All right, get out.
I'm sorry for disturbing your day.
Man of the hour. Congrats.
- Thanks, man.
- Solid fucking operation.
Vassiliev was a confirmed kill,
and the Russians are ready
to appoint someone else.
Yeah. Hopefully someone better.
Can't be anyone worse.
Christ, that guy was a prick.
You made things right.
It took time, but you got back at 'em.
Nobody's ever gonna forget that.
And the girl? Any news?
Dead, probably. If she's lucky.
A girl like her, up in a Siberian gulag?
- How's that gonna go?
- Uh-huh.
Let's grab dinner before you leave town.
Yeah, sure.
- Great work. Big win for the good guys.
- Yeah.
Entering the park.
You wanna tell our guys
to be a little more discreet?
I can spot them a mile away.
Agents 1 and 2, you're too conspicuous.
Move back.
Any idea who that could be?
We're on it.
To my right, Alexei Tchenkov.
- Uh, espresso ristretto.
- Tres bien.
Leonard Miller, CIA.
He was in Moscow
when Vassiliev was killed.
All agents stand by to intervene.
Hey, get me the fuck out of here.
Don't worry, we're coming in.
Yes, sir.
Exfiltration procedure imminent.
We have movement.
Sit tight, Alexei.
Like a duck waiting to get shot.
Nobody's getting shot.
Exfiltration in 20 seconds.
Alexei, don't do anything stupid.
- Five...
- Wait. Wait.
Wait, wait, wait. Hold off.
Hold off. Hold off.
- Why? What's going on?
- She's here.
It's good to see you.
I'll kill you with my own hands, Anna.
You know that?
I know, but we have to talk first.
Any more lovers you want to tell us about?
No, just the two of you.
What the hell's going on?
I came to say good-bye.
For good.
When I was a kid,
I used to play with Matryoshka dolls
way before I pretended
to sell them on a street corner.
I loved opening them up
and looking at their beautiful faces.
It's a woman inside of a woman
inside of a woman.
Now if there would be a doll made of me,
what would she be?
A daughter? A girlfriend?
A Russian spy? A model?
An American spy?
If you go to the very smallest doll
buried deep inside, what is she?
I never knew.
And I would like to find out.
Whatever we had,
each of us brought me here.
It gave me the will to live
and face to myself.
Something I will never forget.
But you forgot the rules, Anna.
That's what I got from the KGB.
And that's what I got from the CIA.
- When?
- Your case.
- Nice work.
- Thank you.
So what happens now?
You both got what belongs to you.
Everything goes back to normal.
And we part as good friends.
And if anything happens to you,
there's a copy someplace.
Goes straight to the press, huh?
I hope you're both as fond of me
as I am of you.
You'll make sure this will never happen.
That's a lot of faith to put in people
you don't really know, Anna.
In six months,
the information you have will be obsolete.
They will come after you,
wherever you are.
I never had a single day of freedom.
Six months is an eternity.
And I better have it.
Are we agreed?
I wish you the very best.
For at least six months.
It's a bitter pill to swallow.
I asked you once,
if I found a way out,
would you be on my side?
No. No. I said I would do my best.
That's all I'm asking.
If you ever change your mind,
come home to your family.
The only family I have is at this table.
The bitch! If she thinks
she's getting away with this...
Keep recording. Keep recording.
You, stay here.
You wanna leave first?
I think I'll stay awhile.
- Buy you a drink?
- Don't push it, comrade.
- Anna!
- Olga?
No one fucks with KGB!
All agents, move! Move! Move!
Let's go! Get him out of there!
Let me help her, Tchenkov.
What makes you think she needs your help?
She's gonna die.
We're all going to die one day, my friend.
I think it would be preferable
if you left first.
You have a clear path behind you.
I insist.
Get me two crepes. No topping, just sugar.
I know the Americans have contacted you.
What are you talking about?
When you came back from the suite,
you had cuff marks on your wrists.
That's when you lost your watch.
I know you, Anna.
I know you like my own daughter.
For now,
what I know doesn't leave this limousine.
But you must report to me
everything the Americans are planning.
What kind ofjob?
The last 20 years,
we've had a relationship with the KGB.
It's not been friendly,
but it's been respectful.
We're all in the same business, after all.
That all changed
when Vassiliev was appointed director.
They want to kill Vassiliev?
And they want me to do the job.
What do you want most in the world, Anna?
My freedom.
Do exactly as I say,
and I give you my word,
you will be free.
Where is it? Okay.
Give me another angle.
From the left. That one. Zoom in.
More! More, more, more.
Let me see the face. On the face!
Turn it off.
My dear Olga,
if you receive this message,
everything must have gone to plan.
You're in Vassiliev's chair, and I'm...
Well, I hope I'm alive.
You taught me how to protect myself
because no one else can do it for me.
And I am very grateful for that.
But the only thing I couldn't do
is to delete my file from the database.
'Cause only Vassiliev can do that.
Or his successor.
I know you'll keep your word,
'cause honor is very important to you,
and we're nothing without it.
Butjust in case
you wanna change our deal,
I've planted another wolf trap
in the snow.
I've recorded our last conversation.
Vassiliev's shelf life has expired.
Enough with these men running our lives.
Use the gun the Americans
will hide for you.
All you have to do
is dispatch the son-of-a-bitch.
I've applied everything
you taught me in these long years
and now I'm out.
I hope you'll respect that.
And I hope you're proud of me.