Anna and Elizabeth (1933) Movie Script

A sound film by Frank Wysbar.
Screenplay: Gina Fink Art
Direction: Hans Curjel.
Production director: Max Hske.
Director: Frank Wysbar
Elisabeth: Dorothea Wieck
Margarete: Mara Wanck
Anna: Hertha Thiele
Martin: Carl Balhaus
Mathias Testa: Mathias Wieman The priest:
W. Kaiser-Heyl Mary Lane: Rome Bahn.
I'm leaving this horrible house!
I should be ashamed! Do not you take
pity on your young and invalid lady?
Of course you're
going to walk again!
Of course she will
never walk again!
Margaret, go see if you can find out
what the doctors have decided...
Patience? Do you ask me, a
cripple, to be patient?
The patient can pass.
Go home. I will write the death
certificate for him to take it.
And now that? There is no hope
Doctors have said it is incurable.
Heavenly Father... Please, do not take
it... I love it so much... I need it...
Have not you gone to bed yet?
Elisabeth, dear
sister, calm down.
She resurrected her
brother from the dead!
He only prayed for him...
and got up instantly!
Your Reverence: I believe
in miracles, do not you?
Doctor, you prefer to accept the miracle
than admit that you have made a mistake!
If all the amazing
phenomena were miracles,
Our Lord would be busy.
We are waiting for Anna!
Do I weigh too much?
So I weigh too much...
Elisabeth, I live
away from humanity...
I do not make a miserable
person, as you do.
If I need... I must be restored!
Martin, I'm afraid to go home...
the crowd is waiting...
singing... praying...
Do not worry dear. If you
do not finish this soon
nonsense, I will do it!
Heal him? I can not cure him.
Yes you can! You must do it!
God hear your prayers!
Leave Anna alone! All of you!
She is not a doctor!
I can not help you...
put your trust in God.
Then... do not you think?
I believe that one can be cured...
if one wants to.
Maybe I do not have the
strength to love him.
I have the strength and the will!
If I do not heal,
something else will.
The church is the place
for hymns and prayers!
See the doctor if they are sick!
But get away from this place!
For years I have
prayed in vain for
may heaven heal my drop...
but Anna!
She's crazy! All of you are!
We'll talk at
church next Sunday!
And if indeed she healed him...
Why should not he do it with me?
You said your name is Anna...
She just placed her hands and I
felt something like a twist!
You see, this woman is
convinced that you can
heal it by faith.
And since faith moves mountains,
Why should not I
straighten a neck?
She will come to me...
pray with me...
The villagers are crazy
about those cures...
They sing and pray to that girl.
You should not make fun of
things that can be sacred!
You must bring it to me.
I'm scared! They say that
I resurrected my brother
and demand miracles. I'm scared!
You can not fail them, they
trust you, they believe in you.
And you, do you believe in me?
I do not know but...
I'm not asking for a miracle.
I can not do miracles
for them, I can not.
Take me once with Mr. Testa!
Now? At night?
To heal me! You do not get it?
I want it to be done well!
But... you can not prostrate yourself in front
of the girl's house, like the peasants!
No sister; I just want to spare
you the pain of disappointment.
Do not touch me! Only
Anna can touch me!
Tomorrow at three, then; On my island;
No one else should be present.
You just have to talk to her, who knows...
that could help her.
And when the crooked neck stood up,
There was a halo
around Anna's head!
Miss Elisabeth's
boat has arrived.
I'll go to the
berth to meet her.
Leave me, I want to be alone...
with her.
So you are Anna...
come closer...
You're going to make me recover,
Anna, only you can do it.
But... I can not help her.
I can not work miracles.
Look at me, Anna... Life has betrayed me...
confining me to this chair!
You have raised the dead!
God heals through you!
Hey, Martin! Your Anna has
done another miracle!
He made Miss Elisabeth walk!
You have given me a new life...
Stay with me... be my sister.
I am pleased to see that
science has proven wrong!
Yes, thanks to Anna's miracle!
It's not Anna's miracle:
It is God's work!
Anna has healed me, Your Reverence
and will help the whole world!
I beg you not to lead
this girl down a path
that should lead to disaster!
Should we let that crazy woman
keep Anna away from us?
I'll manage to talk to
Anna, by hook or by crook!
You seem out of place
in a kitchen now...
Do not scold me, Martin.
If you knew how I miss you all...
I have no idea, but...
first my brother,
then the crooked neck
and now Miss Elisabeth.
Everyone persists in that
I can work miracles.
How did the miracle happen?
My bishop awaits a report.
Who can tell how a miracle happens,
except for the one that happens to him.
Miss Elisabeth seeks a way to offer Anna's
powers to the world; How? I do not know.
Have you spoken with him?
Do not let anyone talk to you,
Anna, your strength will weaken!
We will publicize the true story of his life
in a big way. It will be on the first page.
You will have to give speeches and the girl will
perform miracles! He can not bury her here!
It's okay! When you need me, call me. You will
not be able to do anything without publicity!
The news of these... eh... miracles spread.
The Bishop has sent two investigators here.
We are ready for any exam. Anna's
strength has increased tremendously.
Then will they come tomorrow to the
interrogation in the parish house?
In the parish house no, it will
be in the public prayer room!
Let everyone be a witness!
We admit that miracles happen, God is
omnipotent. But we must investigate.
Thanks for trying, doctor, but...
I really do not care...
Let's go, I'm ready.
Do you feel strong enough?
Will not you come to see Testa?
I think his ending is coming...
Mathias, I have been healed and
you will be too! Anna is here.
Yes, Mathias! Anna will pray for you!
Anna will help you... Anna...
Mathias is dead!
Martin! Help me! Put
me out of all this!
Let's go to the meeting, Anna.
You can not? You must go!
They are waiting for you!
Leave Anna alone, please,
she's just a human being...
Do not! You must fulfill
your duty to humanity!
But... has not Mathias died?
Yes, but... I did not have faith.
You resurrected your brother, you
healed me, you must recover the faith!
I have lost faith.
Have you seen the desolate
look on Elisabeth's face?
I'm scared, Martin, I
can not stand it...
You do not know her, Martin, I'm sure...
My father says... that Elisabeth
has fallen by the quarry.
I'm free, Anna, and you too...
and happy...
Translation: Wolf Lopez
aka segobrigense