Anna Karenina (1948) Movie Script

What, the bathroom too?
Matvey, what's to be done?
It will blow over, sir.
Her ladyship intends
taking the children with her,
and the cook is also leaving. Oh.
Well, I'll lunch at the
hermitage with mr. Levin.
Who's that?
The new english governess.
No more french lessons.
Mademoiselle roland was
dismissed last night.
Her ladyship found the letter. The letter?
Your letter to
mademoiselle roland.
Saved! We're saved.
My sister Anna is arriving
from st. Petersburg today.
Still thinking of your son?
Yes, I'm afraid I was.
I was wondering what he was
doing at just this minute.
Coming back from his walk, I think,
with poor marietta panting behind him.
Would you like to see
his picture? I'd love to.
There he is.
Oh, he's charming.
Isn't he? You know, he's
a little like your husband,
but what is nice about
him, he gets from you.
Now, I never know
what my son may be doing.
Perhaps it's just as well.
Oh, why, countess?
Have a look
at those eyes, my dear,
and perhaps you'll
understand what I mean.
He's very handsome.
Princess, I wouldn't have failed
to pay you my respects today,
but I can only stay
for a moment.
I promised to meet my
mother at the station.
So the countess is deserting
her beloved st. Petersburg?
She can no longer bear to be
away from her beloved moscow.
She'll feel like that
for about a week.
My mother maintains
that traveling kills her,
but she spends half her life
in trains.
Besides, this time it's
at my request she's coming.
Kitty, my dear child,
what are you doing?
I'm sure count vronsky
hates cream.
Oh! I'm sorry. L...
i am going to like it.
Would you like
some more tea?
I was forgetting you,
konstantin dmitrevitch.
Perhaps a little.
Have you enough sugar?
Yes, thanks.
want to tell you why I ran
away from moscow last year,
and why I've come
back again today.
I'm afraid,
konstantin dmitrevitch.
What of?
Of hurting you.
Then perhaps
it would be better...
if I didn't tell you why
i came back again today.
Kitty couldn't wish
for a better husband.
He's handsome, rich,
brilliant... too brilliant.
I should prefer
that other one over there.
He's a good fellow. My dear,
you've no idea what women like.
Nor have they, unfortunately.
Konstantin dmitrevitch,
i like you.
I like you very much indeed.
But it's impossible.
Forgive me.
Greetings, my dear count.
Uh, greetings.
Who are you meeting?
Just my mother.
My sister, Anna.
Ah. Madame karenina.
Yes. Do you know her?
No, I don't believe I do.
You must at least know my famous
brother-in-law, alexey alexandrovitch.
By reputation and by sight,
like all our great statesmen.
A walking encyclopedia,
they say.
Oh? Chiefly a colossal bore.
I'm going to see
if I can find my brother.
Annushka, look after my bag. Yes, madame.
Oh, here you are, are you?
So you got my telegram?
Indeed. Did you have
a good journey?
I had a charming companion.
Well, my dear.
And how are you?
Ah. Good, good.
They tell me you've started
a new love affair.
I don't know what you're
referring to, mother.
Did you find your brother?
Oh, your brother
is here, madame.
I'm afraid you don't know me.
Yes, I do.
Your mother and I have been talking
about you nearly all the way.
We've been discussing
our sons.
That must have
bored you considerably.
What else do you think
mothers talk about?
Well, countess, I've come
to the end of all my stories.
Had the journey
lasted much longer,
i would have had
nothing more to tell you.
Alexey, go and find Anna
arkadyevna's brother. Certainly.
Oblonsky! Oblonsky!
Anna. Stepan. How are you, dear?
Terrible. I'll tell you about
it. I've been counting on you.
Anything serious?
Get those people back!
stand back.
Stand back there now.
Get back.
Stand back.
Stand back there.
Stand right back there. It
was a ganger. He was crushed.
Oh, let's go.
I hate accidents.
Come away.
Don't upset yourself.
The carriage has just returned
from the station...
with Anna arkadyevna.
What shall I do
with the children?
Well, it's too late now
to leave tonight.
Let me help you.
You'd better get them
off to bed.
I'm afraid they won't go until
they have seen their aunt.
All right.
All right, then.
Dolly, I'm so glad
to see you.
My poor darling.
He told me everything.
I can't tell you how sorry I feel for you.
No. I'm not going to defend him.
We must talk it over,
and see what can be done.
There's nothing to be done.
The worst of it is, I cannot
leave him because of the children,
and l-i can't live
with him...
after what has happened.
I was a perfect fool.
I knew absolutely nothing.
For eight years I believed that i
was the only woman he ever loved.
I think... I think I know how men
like stepan look at these things.
In their hearts, they
despise these women. Oh.
Oh, yes, they do. And they draw a
line between them and their families.
But he's kissed her.
I know. He's made you
suffer horribly,
and yet I can't help
feeling sorry for him too.
Dolly, he loves you,
Do see him.
He's so unhappy.
Do you really think that he's unhappy? Yes.
Humpty dumpty
sat on a wall.
Humpty dumpty
had a great fall.
All the king's horses...
go to her, stepan. And
all the king's men...
couldn't put humpty
together again.
Katya, tanya.
Miss hull, I think the
children can go to bed now.
Yes, your ladyship. But aunt
Anna, we haven't seen you yet.
Well? Everything's going to be all right.
What is it, kitty? How
beautiful you look, Anna.
Aunt Anna, are you going to the
ball? Oh, do show us your dress.
I will, as soon as you're in bed. Promise?
Promise. When is the ball?
Tomorrow, at the meskovs'.
Come along, children.
Don't bother her ladyship.
Come here, child. Thank
you, darling. You too, ivan.
Come along, katya.
There we are.
Kitty, I know why you
want me to go to the ball.
You want everyone
to share in your happiness.
I met captain vronsky
at the station, you know.
Well, what has stepan
been telling you?
The whole story.
His mother says
he's quite a hero.
But of course,
mothers are prejudiced.
What a pity your husband
couldn't come.
I can't imagine alexey
alexandrovitch karenin dancing.
He'd be quite lost without
state papers in his hands.
All right, children,
you can go to bed now.
My wife...
the finest, the sweetest, the kindest
wife a man could ever wish for.
Anna. Dolly, dear, I'm so glad.
Good night, mother.
Good night.
Good night, darling.
Good night, darling.
All right, children, you can say
good night to your father now.
Good night, little ones. Good
night, good night. Good night.
Now off to bed like good
little children. There we are.
Good night. Don't forget
your promise, aunt Anna.
No, I won't, my darling.
Now I must hurry.
I haven't even unpacked yet.
Tell his excellency i
just want a word with him.
I'll wait here.
Good evening.
Do I disturb you?
I just wanted to know if
you're going to join us...
at the club dinner we're
arranging for wednesday night.
It is nice of you, but you
shouldn't have gone out of your way.
We should have met anyway at
the meskovs' ball. Of course!
But then I... I wasn't sure you were going.
Oh, Anna,
what a wonderful dress.
Anna arkadyevna.
Dear prince.
Oh, yes, it's wonderful. Kitty,
the happiness in your eyes...
is lovelier
than any dress.
My dear.
Anna, darling.
Will you forgive me?
Anna arkadyevna.
Good evening, count.
How delightful to see you again in moscow.
You can't refuse me
this, can you?
My dear korsunsky,
you know very well...
i never dance
unless I can help it.
You can't today.
You're much too beautiful.
In that case, let us dance.
I'm so sorry, kitty.
I hadn't seen you.
Would you care
to dance?
With pleasure, count.
Ladies and gentlemen,
kindly take your partners
for the polonaise.
Would you do me the honor
of dancing with me?
I'm sorry, but I... i
promised it to count vronsky.
Are you sure? The mistake
couldn't possibly have been his.
i must have mixed them up.
How stupid of me.
Would you care to dance?
Oh, do you mind
if I don't?
It's my shoe... it's
been hurting all evening.
Oh, I'm so sorry. It must be torture. Yes.
Polonaise] stra:
My cloak.
Don't be ridiculous, child. You
can't possibly leave before supper.
I'm tired, mother.
I'd rather go home.
But you've scarcely
danced at all.
I thought count vronsky had
signed your card for the mazurka.
Gregori will take me home.
Don't catch cold.
And go straight to bed.
Is she not feeling well?
She's upset.
What ever came over that
young man, behaving like that?
I told you, I always preferred
the other one, my dear.
Let's go into supper so that
her departure is not noticed.
I had her sent specially
from ireland.
She's on the small side for a
chaser, but very game. A real beauty.
I hope she'll prove
a great success.
Unless the going's heavy, i
think I have a chance this year.
Will you be there?
I don't know. We often do go to the races.
I haven't missed a military
cup meeting since I was a boy.
How beautiful your dress is.
Well, Anna arkadyevna, are
you not coming in to supper?
No, thank you, countess.
I'm leaving in the morning, and i
think I should rest before my journey.
Must you really go?
I'm afraid so.
But you know, I danced more
tonight than I generally do...
during a whole winter
in st. Petersburg.
So will you forgive me?
It's been a charming evening.
You should have stayed
a few days more.
The house is not the same
without you.
I must go, dolly.
I really must.
Kitty is not very well.
She, uh... she sent her
maid to say good-bye for her.
You know, it's because
of kitty that I'm going.
She was so happy.
And she expected so much
from this ball, and I...
i spoiled the evening for her. Yes.
Captain vronsky
danced a lot with you.
Yes, but I'm really
not to blame.
Or perhaps I am...
a little.
But it was quite
You said that
just like stepan.
Oh, no.
I'm not like stepan.
Oh, dear. I'm going away
having made an enemy of kitty,
and I'm so fond of her.
You will make it all right
with her, won't you, dolly?
Tell her that I hope
they'll soon be married,
and that she'll be
very happy.
Now where is stepan?
I shall miss my train.
Coming, coming.
Anna, you're a marvel. Up fresh
and early after such a late night.
Don't know how
you manage it.
You dance
like a debutante.
Do you remember the hearts we used
to break together in the old days?
Oh. Right.
I don't know what
I'm talking about.
Is everything loaded up?
Yes, excellency.
Good. Then we'd better be
going. Good-bye, dolly darling.
Good-bye, Anna.
I shall never forget
what you've done for me.
Remember that I love you...
and always will,
whatever happens.
Now we must be going.
Can't madame sleep?
Not very well.
What station is this?
Klin, madame. A few
minutes to take in water.
Thank you. I'm-I'm going
out for a breath of air.
I didn't know you were going to st.
Petersburg. Have you been recalled?
You know I'm going there
to be where you are...
do otherwise. Ecause I cannot
I'm sorry if what I've
just said displeases you.
I hope you will forget it,
as I shall forget it.
Not a word,
not a gesture of yours
shall I ever forget.
How can i?
Not a word,
not a gesture of yours
shall I ever forget.
How can i?
Good morning, excellency.
Good morning. Inside.
Annushka, my bag.
See what a kind,
devoted husband you have,
just as in the old days, burning
with desire to see you, my dear.
Not too bad a night?
How is sergei?
Is that all the reward I get
for my devotion? He's quite well.
I let him come to see
you. He's in the carriage.
Oh! Did you have a good night, madame?
Yes. Yes, thank you,
very good. Count vronsky.
I believe I have the
honor of your acquaintance.
It seems, my dear, you
went with the mother...
and came back
with the son.
You're back from leave,
no doubt.
I'm flattered you found so
little in moscow to detain you.
I hope to have the honor of calling
on you. We receive on thursdays.
I was very lucky
to be able to come.
I'm snowed under
with work at the moment.
Andrey, here she is.
My darling,
have you been all right?
I was afraid I'd never see you again. Aw.
Come, come. What a fuss.
Three days.
Did I cry?
Poor darling.
She's dying of shame.
Must he do that?
He insists on a complete
examination, my dear.
No young girl should be
completely examined. It's indecent.
I know what's wrong
with her, mama.
It's nothing
that medicine will cure.
Just leave me alone
with her for a moment.
Well, doctor?
Do you think
i don't know?
Believe me, it's not worth
breaking your heart about.
We've all been through
this sort of thing.
Oh, for heaven's sake, don't
sympathize with me. It drives me mad.
You think I'm breaking my heart
over a man who doesn't love me.
You, my sister...
I'm not like you...
swallowing your pride
and going back to a man...
who's betrayed you
with another woman.
Oh, dolly.
I'm so unhappy.
You must tell me
Did konstantin levin
speak to you?
Yes, but...
I'm so unhappy.
Where were your thoughts
just then?
I confess to my shame,
still at the ministry.
This report worries me.
I'm playing a strong hand in denouncing
the negligence of our administration.
the case is quite clear.
I've tabled a motion
before the imperial council.
This motion, of course, will
be different for each province,
and the council...
and you?
What are you thinking of?
Nothing. I'm afraid I was daydreaming.
Forgive me. I was beginning to bore you.
I must deal
with my tiresome papers.
Oh! You going out
this evening?
Had you forgotten? You promised
to take me to the opera.
Of course... but I'm terribly
sorry. I shan't be able to go.
Nathalia sharing your box?
Yes, don't worry.
I shall not be alone.
Count vronsky
will be there too...
and dear betsy.
That's splendid.
Then I don't need to have
a bad conscience.
I could stay
if you wished.
No, no, my dear.
Russia's affairs don't
require both of us to be bored.
Go and enjoy your evening.
I've known for some time
that russia can do without me,
but I thought
perhaps if you...
alexey alexandrovitch.
Come in.
Good evening, your excellency. Ah.
Have you got everything?
Everything, excellency.
Good evening, theodore.
Good evening, madame.
Give my love to nathalia.
Not in bed yet, sergei?
But you said I could,
Yes, but not all night.
No, mother, but I'm winning
now, you see. Oh, I see.
I'm going to the opera, darling,
and I've come to kiss you good night.
Good night, mother.
You shouldn't have hopped me. I
didn't see that. I was kissing mother.
Now I'm going
to take you.
Would you like me to stay
and play you at draughts?
Oh, no.
You always beat me.
I've got a king.
It's your turn.
Go on.
Good night, marietta.
Good night, madame.
Ah! Here's the table.
Now we can indulge
in our favorite vice.
Put it here.
No, I am a friend of Anna's.
Yes, yes, so I can say this.
Since her return from moscow,
i find her very changed.
There's something
strange about her.
The change may be due to the fact
that she has a shadow following her.
A shadow? The shadow of count vronsky.
Your tongue
is too sharp, my dear.
It'll cut you one day.
Anna is an adorable creature.
- Oh, I'm not blaming her.
- And because nobody follows us like a shadow,
it doesn't give us
the right to judge others.
Anna, my dear.
You've come just in time.
How are you, nathalia? Good evening,
count. We were talking about you.
Perhaps I've come
too early then.
Not at all. We were saying you were the
loveliest woman at the opera tonight.
Lydia is always
so generous.
And truthful.
Good evening, dear count.
Thank you.
My dear vronsky,
how nice to see you.
Are you well?
Yes, and you?
I thought you hated opera.
For once I wish to be elegantly
bored, like other people.
Weren't you in Anna arkadyevna's box? Yes.
You can't have been
too bored then.
Anna, my dear.
Now, my friends, we mustn't
keep the spirits waiting.
Anna, will you join us? Anna, dear.
Good evening. We are going
to try and communicate...
with the soul of a woman who
was famous for her love affairs.
No, thank you, really. Madame
karenina is a free thinker.
She doesn't believe
in such things.
On the contrary.
I am horribly superstitious.
I even believe
in dreams.
For some time now, I've had a
nightmare which terrifies me...
always the same one.
So have i.
I dream every night
of birds...
tiny little
fragile creatures.
The dream changes.
And I am one
of the little birds.
Someone takes me between his
two fingers, and stifles me.
It must be
hercules himself.
My nightmare is less poetic.
I see a little old man
with a white beard,
dressed in rags...
and carrying a hammer.
He strikes on something
with a piece of iron,
and I hear a clanging noise.
I don't know why,
but this image is closely bound
up with the idea of my death.
That's rather uncanny,
isn't it?
Let's stop talking. Put
your hands on the table.
Finger to finger. General,
your fingers must touch.
So now let's concentrate.
Put out the lights.
The vibrations are
very strong tonight.
Who's to ask
the questions?
But you of course, my dear.
Spirits are your guests.
I have had news
from moscow.
Kitty shcherbatsky
is very ill.
Does that mean
nothing to you?
Yes, but what
can I do?
You are heartless.
I wish I were.
Spirit, are you there?
If you are, and you wish
to answer, knock once.
What is your name?
Knock once for "a,"
twice for "b,"
and so on through
the alphabet.
I came to the opera tonight
on purpose, to speak to you.
This must end.
Tell me what you want me to do.
If you love me,
as you say you do,
give me back my peace.
I know no peace,
and I cannot
give it back to you.
I see none in the future,
either for you or for me.
I see nothing ahead of us
but sorrow and despair,
unless it be happiness...
such happiness.
Is it quite hopeless?
For my sake, never speak
to me like that again.
Let us be friends.
The princess has had
the lights put out,
as she is communicating
with the spirits.
Oh? Good.
We can never be friends.
You know that.
I ask for nothing...
but the right to suffer...
and to hope,
as in this moment.
But even if that
is impossible,
order me to go
and I will.
No, I cannot do that.
Feodora... she is here.
Feodora, history says
you were a great lover.
Can you reveal to us...
is love worthwhile?
Not in bed yet?
What a surprise.
It is late,
alexey alexandrovitch.
I want to speak to you, Anna.
Speak to me?
What about?
Well, let's talk,
if we must,
but it is late and i
would rather go to sleep.
Assuming that questions relating to
feelings are matters of conscience,
into which I have
no right to probe,
it is still my duty as head
of the family to guide you.
What are you talking about?
Anna, you're not
yourself this evening.
Alexey alexandrovitch,
i don't understand you.
I feel that an indiscretion...
such as you were
guilty of tonight...
may lead people
to talk about you.
Indiscretion? Tonight?
I went to princess betsy's house
this evening...
to take you home.
I noticed... or rather, it
was forced upon my notice...
that your conversation
with count vronsky...
attracted considerable
Isn't that typical
of you?
You don't like me to enjoy myself
and you don't like me to be bored.
I was not bored this evening.
Is that what troubles you?
Please don't crack
your fingers.
You know how much
i dislike it.
Really, I think you most inconsiderate
to cause me this stupid anxiety...
just when I have the greatest
need of all my mental powers...
and should be concentrating
on important affairs.
Please let me
finish undressing.
It's my duty to remind you
of your obligations.
Our lives are united
by god.
That bond can only be broken
by a crime.
Such a crime
brings its own punishment.
I really don't know what
crime you are talking about,
and I'm dreadfully sleepy.
I love you.
I consider jealousy
to be a degrading sentiment,
but there are certain
laws of propriety...
which cannot be broken without
the gravest consequences.
Have you no explanation?
There is nothing
to explain...
except that I am
falling asleep.
I couldn't let the day pass
without seeing you.
He is here?
What if he is?
I don't think of him.
For me, he doesn't
exist anymore.
Why should we have to
whisper? What does it matter?
The only thing that matters to
me in the world is your love.
I want to take you
away from here...
forget everything but your
happiness. You are my happiness.
Hello! Anna.
How are you,
ma chere?
I only arrived yesterday... just
in time to witness your triumph.
We'll see. Were you
there for the last race?
They went over
like ninepins.
Prince makhotin
hurt himself badly.
Those jumps are suicidal.
Mind you don't break your neck.
I'll take care of myself.
I must go now.
Princess betsy is waiting in
her box. Shall we join her?
So makhotin came off.
Aye, at the open ditch.
Just a devil of a leap. You'll
have to be careful there.
Anna, dear, you're
looking worried.
Those falls have
frightened you.
I think they have, a little.
I can quite understand that.
If I had someone of my family... well, someone
i was fond of amongst the young officers...
I'd be frightened to death.
Don't distress yourself,
dear countess.
You will never be
frightened to death.
You'll never be
fond enough of anyone.
And what do you think
about these races, mr. Karenin?
That last race was nothing
but a massacre.
Danger, my dear lady, is a necessary
part of these officers' races.
Don't forget, the men who
are riding today are soldiers.
Danger is part
of their training.
Yes, but danger when it serves a purpose.
They're just going to give
the signal for the start.
Ountess] I find it rather going to
give fascinating myself. The start. [c
if I had been a roman, how i
should have loved those gladiators.
All that blood.
what a jumper.
Do you mean the gray?
That's kuzolev.
Come on, kuzolev.
Watch this jump.
Oh, no!
Who's down?
It's kuzolev.
The gray has fallen.
He's coming up.
isn't that vronsky?
Yes, in front.
Come on, alexey! Come on,
vronsky! Come on, vronsky!
Come on, vronsky!
Vronsky's in the lead!
- Now for the open ditch.
- The open ditch.
We can go if you wish.
Captain vronsky is down,
but he's back up.
Take my arm, Anna.
We will go.
Count vronsky is unhurt. The
horse is going to be destroyed.
For the third time,
i offer you my arm.
I brought Anna here.
I'll take her back.
I'm sorry, princess. I can
see that Anna is not well.
I will take her home myself.
Poor child.
How well I understand her.
I am obliged to inform you
that your conduct today...
has been
extremely improper.
I have already asked you to
conduct yourself in public...
in such a way as to give no occasion
for the gossip of evil tongues.
Such a scene makes me feel there
may be truth in such gossip.
Perhaps I am mistaken.
No, you are not mistaken.
I'm listening to you
and thinking of him.
I love him.
I'm afraid of you
and I hate you.
Do what you like
with me.
I very much regret to
have kept you waiting.
Not at all,
not at all.
Come in, please.
Won't you sit down?
Oh, my.
Forgive me.
Now, what can
i do for you?
Before I begin speaking
of my case,
i must insist that the matter
is strictly private.
I should not be a lawyer unless
i could keep secrets, excellency.
You know who I am?
I know who you are.
And I know the good work
you are doing for russia.
I have the misfortune
to be a deceived husband.
I wish to break off relations
legally with my wife,
that is, to be divorced
in such a way...
as to separate my son
from his mother.
Such feelings are by no means
unusual in the earlier stages,
but I often find my clients
show a substantive readiness...
to say, shall we say,
come to terms.
You're certain there's no
question of a reconciliation?
No, no. She is guilty.
She must be punished.
Good. And you're quite determined
on the question of custody?
I cannot let her profit
by her guilt.
Quite so.
According to our laws, divorce is
possible in the following cases,
and only in the following
cases. Let them wait.
It's the lady, sir.
Let her wait.
Firstly, physical defects
in either party.
Secondly, five years' absence
without news.
Thirdly, adultery
duly established.
Am I right in thinking we are
concerned with the last case?
Oh. Good.
Here a subdivision
has to be made.
Adultery by one
of the married persons...
and acknowledged
by the guilty party,
orflagrante delicto.
Could you possibly arrange for
one of you to be caught in the act?
In my position
i must avoid all public scandal.
Then, excellency,
we must have proof.
What proof?
Letters, for example.
Yes, but remember,
the ecclesiastic courts...
who judge these sort
of affairs...
have a great liking
for details.
I must have letters
with all details.
What are you doing?
What are you doing? I'm
looking for some letters.
You have no right. We have both
assumed rights that are not ours.
You despise me,
don't you?
A deceived husband
is a bad part,
difficult to act
with dignity.
What are you going to do
with those letters?
I shall divorce you, and
obtain the custody of sergei.
You cannot take sergel
from me.
With these letters, I can.
You cannot take him
from me.
You don't love him as I do. He's mine.
I couldn't bear it.
And me?
Has anyone ever asked
if I can bear it?
Has anyone ever...
my deserted house,
alone with my misery...
my shame.
I never wished to hurt you.
Some things are stronger
than we are.
I cannot help myself.
I cannot change anything
that has happened.
You are a good man.
You could not be so cruel
as to take my son from me.
Spare me my love for him...
his love for me.
In the name of love, people
think they can do anything.
Love has every right.
Did you ask yourself
even once if I loved you?
What kind of love
did you ever give me?
Have I failed
in my duty towards you?
Duty. That's all you ever
saw in me, another duty...
together with your duty to the
state, your duty to society...
your duty to others.
That is not love.
I cannot understand you.
I am leaving for moscow.
I shall never return here.
In the meantime, I must insist on
the preservation of appearances.
At any rate, until I've taken the
necessary steps to vindicate my honor...
which I shall
communicate to you.
But sergel... what will you do with sergei?
My lawyer will
answer that question.
You cannot torture me
like this.
Please, leave me sergei.
I feel as if nothing
has ever existed...
beyond the walls of this room.
I know that i
should feel ashamed,
but I don't.
My darling, it's as if
you'd brought me to life.
Now I have nothing but you.
Remember that.
I suppose there is nothing I could say
that would alter your decision to resign?
No, sir.
At ease. Forget my rank for a moment.
We've known each other
for a long time.
We still, I hope, are friends. Of course.
Men like you are needed.
By whom?
By russia
and by society.
I'm sure that russia and society
can manage without me.
How can I put it to you?
You see, suppose you are carrying a
burden, and you want your hands free.
You strap the burden to your
back, which is like marriage.
Without marriage, you're dragging
the burden and your hands are full.
You have never loved.
I'm married.
I understand perfectly
what I am doing.
Oh, but, surely,
her husband knows. He must know.
Ah, dearest Anna.
Good evening.
Good evening. We are
talking of liza merkalova.
Ah. Is she here, liza merkalova? Opposite.
Oh, yes.
Still as beautiful as ever.
And she has that fatal blend
of innocence and corruption.
Corruption? Oh, I say it
with admiration, my dear.
It's my tribute to a woman who can
keep her husband and her lover...
in perfect accord with
each other for 10 years.
The golden rule being that
hypocrisies must never be outraged.
What is the meaning of
this strange conversation?
Strange? A triangle is
always a favorite topic.
Is it?
Liza merkalova
has behaved very sensibly.
Her menage has become
almost respectable.
Many young people are throwing
their bonnets over the window,
but there are ways
and ways of doing it.
Are there?
She has obeyed the rules.
She laid down no challenge to society
so none has ever been taken up.
She avoided catastrophe.
Yet remains a subject
of conversation.
A light subject,
not a tragic one.
You see, one can take a thing too seriously
and make a kind of tragedy out of it,
or one can treat it quite simply
and lightheartedly.
Do you know, my dear, I believe you're
rather inclined to the tragic side.
Yes. Yes, perhaps I am.
Forgive me.
Shall I see you later?
What is it, Anna?
What's the matter?
Oh, my darling,
let us go away.
We shall go, dearest. I shall have my
release from the army in a month or so.
Then we shall go.
What have they been
saying to distress you?
Oh, nothing.
Nothing really.
But it's as if we were part
of their own hypocrisy.
So cheap, so contented.
Attendant, quickly.
And this, gentlemen, is my
considered opinion on the matter.
Well, I think you'll agree that our friend
has done valuable work, very valuable.
And... an urgent telegram, excellency.
And that his report, as far
as it goes, is well documented.
Excuse me.
Nevertheless, before we
on this commission go further,
i think we should take up the
points which he merely touches.
Now, what I am about to propose is no less
than a radical and fundamental change...
in the existing law.
I'll take the night
train to petersburg.
Such proposals will, no doubt,
cause a considerable storm.
Nonetheless, I am
prepared to face it.
Gentlemen, let us hear what his
excellency alexey alexandrovitch karenin...
proposes upon this matter.
How is your mistress? They say there
is little hope, your excellency.
The child was stillborn.
Thank god, you've come,
your excellency.
She's talked of nothing but
you ever since yesterday.
I'm afraid
there's not much hope.
Anything for me?
Yes, your excellency.
The rest has been forwarded to
moscow as usual, your excellency.
No, no. Go away.
I'm not dreaming.
What do you want of me?
Anna arkadyevna.
Look, he has come.
He's here.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
Doctor leveille.
You're attending
Anna arkadyevna?
Yes, I've been called in urgently.
I'm afraid she's had a relapse.
Talk with you later.
I'm coming with you.
He would never
have refused to come.
He was so kind.
He has eyes like sergei.
Which is why I dare not look him in
the face, because he has sergeI's eyes.
Has sergel had his supper?
You must not let him
be frightened.
Marietta must sleep
in his room.
It is me, Anna.
I have come.
Alexey. Come closer,
closer, closer.
I'm in a hurry. Soon
i will not be able to...
understand anything...
Give me some water.
I am going to die.
Things are simple
when you are going to die.
Oh, no, no, Anna.
You're not going to die.
What was I saying?
How badly painted
those flowers are.
A little bit like violets.
Everything is
confused again.
It is so difficult.
Oh, yes, yes.
Yes, that's it.
This is what
i wanted to tell you.
I am still the same
as I used to be.
The other woman in me,
she fell in love.
What weariness.
Wait, wait.
You don't know...
i am myself again.
I don't love him anymore.
There's only one thing I want.
I want you to forgive me...
to forgive me...
Better go now.
She's asleep.
Alexey alexandrovitch.
I want you to listen carefully
to what I have to say...
so that you shall
not misunderstand me.
As you know, I had decided on a
divorce and had even begun proceedings.
I confess, I was swayed
by motives of revenge.
More than that, when I heard of this
illness, I even desired her death.
But now I have seen her
and forgiven her.
And the joy of forgiveness
has made my duty clear.
I'm willing to offer
the other cheek.
This is my position.
You may trample me in the mud, make
me a laughingstock to the world,
but if she lives,
i shall not forsake her...
nor utter a word
of reproach against you.
If she wishes to see you
i will let you know,
but now I think
you had better go.
Hey, vronsky's dead.
- What?
- Vronsky's dead.
Hey, wait a minute.
He's not quite dead. Listen.
"Count alexey vronsky,
captain of the horse guard...
"who had just resigned
his commission...
"accidentally wounded himself
while cleaning his revolver.
The wound is serious,
but his life is not in danger."
Do you believe
it was an accident?
Isn't it logical in the
case of a military man?
I hand in my resignation.
I am no longer an officer.
I take my revolver to pieces.
It is no use to me now.
But the revolver wants to
remain military, so it goes off.
Is that the oblonskys' coach?
Hello, my dear boy.
Hello. Nice to see you.
Working hard, eh?
What a surprise.
You'll stay of course.
Well, that's very kind.
But we just drove over to bring
you that new saddle you asked for.
Oh, yes. Thanks. You'll
find it in the coach.
I think you'll like it.
Go and see it.
Good morning. Good morning,
konstantin dmitrevitch.
I've done what no other
girl in the world would do.
Mother and father would die of
shame on the spot. I'm glad you came.
I'm sorry about my hands.
They're so dirty.
We've been harvesting.
I knew you couldn't
come back to me.
I hurt you so much,
so unjustly.
And this morning when I read in the
papers about count vronsky's accident,
i felt so little about it,
that I realized then it was...
you I had always loved.
There's no need to say anything.
I was waiting for you.
I am sorry you can't
come to the wedding.
Our presence together
at this ceremony...
might have silenced
a lot of malicious gossip.
I am sorry too.
Please tell kitty from me that
i hope she will be very happy.
I'm afraid I can't
give that message.
Such a remark might make it look as if
there were some condescension on my part.
You're forgetting
kitty's first engagement,
which was broken off
for reasons I need not mention.
You must be very
circumspect in society.
As you wish.
It is not important.
Good night, my dear.
Try to get some sleep.
Yes, mother?
Come along quickly.
We're late.
Sergei, you are going
without kissing me good-bye?
We're late, my dear. Sergel
will kiss you when he comes back.
Good-bye, mother.
Yes, madame.
Is everything ready?
Yes, madame. But madame
is still very weak.
She ought to rest
a few days more.
I cannot bear it
another moment.
Lord god eternal...
who unitest by an indissoluble
bond those who are separate.
Thou who didst bless
isaac and rebecca,
and showest thy mercy
to their descendants,
bless now thy servant...
konstantin and ekaterina...
and incline
their hearts to good.
] [chattering]
alexey, you remember the house we
saw on our first evening in venice?
You said it was like a
palace. Out of a fairy tale.
Well, it's ours.
Ours for as long
as we want it.
That means until we die.
Is there no one here?
No one...
until morning.
Then I shall order all the clocks
in the world to stand still.
It's a little cold today,
isn't it, enrico?
Si, eccellenza.
21 september. Autumn.
Yes, three months already.
Look, they're russians.
Hey! Hey!
What are they doing here?
Anna, come.
I heard that part of the
russian fleet n the adriatic.
Well, why...
why didn't you tell me?
But they're cavalry. Look
at their epaulets. Hey! Hey!
Look, I must go and speak to
them. Do you mind, darling?
You want to very much,
don't you, alexey?
Shall I serve the coffee now, signora,
or will you wait for the count?
No, I won't wait any
longer. Va bene, signora.
Giuseppe, giuseppe.
Don't be angry.
He will be company for
me. Vieni. Grazie, signora.
Si, signora.
Hello, darling.
I'm a bit late.
What a day.
I met two old friends.
They took me to the ship.
They wouldn't let me refuse.
Well, you know how it is. A toast
to the czar. A toast to russia.
A toast to the regiment.
A toast to the slavs.
Well, you know how it is.
As I thought,
it's a troop transport.
On board there were
the second dragoons and the...
they're on their way
to the balkans.
It's not war,
not exactly.
But the turks are
in an ugly mood.
We're taking precautions.
There may even
be some fighting.
You went to dine alone,
didn't you, darling?
Yes, but a gentleman
joined me for coffee.
Alexey, you know what
i have been thinking tonight?
We have been away a long time,
and it has been very wonderful.
But soon it will be winter,
and venice is sad in the winter.
And then I too would like
to see russia again.
I know that you would
rather stay here.
But all the same,
let us go.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
i would like to propose
a toast to our friend.
To our friend.
Most grateful to you all.
Indeed, thank you.
Thank you.
- We're delighted with the ministry.
- Petersburg's most proud.
Congratulations, sir. I'm
very glad to see you again.
I'm so glad for him. He's
worked so hard on the committee.
I quite agree. Of course your
friends have been expecting it.
Have they heard the news?
Are they talking about it?
I don't know how she dare show her face in
st. Petersburg. Spoiled everything for me.
My dear, in such an ordeal,
friendship is not enough.
In love alone
do we find true support.
In the love that
he bequeathed us,
he will help and sustain you.
There was a time when i
could've enjoyed these honors.
I could've enjoyed
sharing them.
But now that I am alone,
utterly alone,
crushed by the ridicule
i know people feel,
though they don't
show it to me.
And yet, I don't know what
I've done to deserve this.
I've searched my conscience, but i
can't find where I'm greatly to blame.
No, indeed. You have acted
in a fine, christian spirit.
I'm most grateful
for your sympathy.
My warmest congratulations, alexey
alexandrovitch. Thank you, princess.
I have a message
for you... from Anna.
I was expecting it. I
haven't seen her, of course.
I couldn't very well in the
circumstances. I am only a messenger.
What does she want from me? She
begs you to let her see her son.
I suppose I have
no right to refuse.
You see no evil in anyone. On the
contrary. Everything seems evil to me.
I am not condoning her actions, but i
understand her natural feelings as a mother.
Well, there is a limit
to everything.
I can understand immorality,
but I can't understand cruelty.
How could she bring herself
to open your wounds afresh?
It's not myself I'm thinking
of so much as my son.
It might lead to questions which
it would be impossible to answer.
If she had a spark of feeling
left, she'd never have asked it.
I've made up my mind.
Stepan arkadyevitch.
A word with you.
With pleasure,
alexey alexandrovitch.
Excuse me, my dear.
Important business.
Do excuse me.
Have you reached a decision on that
matter I was asking about? What matter?
That vacant seat on the board of the mutual
credit balance of the crimea railways.
Should you happen to see,
a word on my behalf...
another matter I wish to speak to you
about. It concerns your sister, Anna. E
her situation is painful, i
know. You may say she deserves it.
But we, as her relatives,
would be very grateful...
if you'd do something to make
her position a little easier.
What I was about to say is that
I've received a request from Anna.
I would be glad if you would inform
her that her request is refused.
A divorce has become
a matter of life and death.
I'm not speaking of a divorce!
Anna's life is now no concern of mine.
I am concerned merely to safeguard
my child and my reputation,
which I need for the
uninterrupted pursuit of my career.
I'm sure you will be guided
by the highest motives.
No one can say I've not acted
according to christian principles.
Madame. Oh, madame.
I've come to see sergei.
I asked his father,
but I couldn't wait for
the answer. Oh, but...
is he all right?
- How does he look? Is he eating well?
- Yes. And he's growing so fast.
How tall is he?
He comes up to here.
Already? Marietta,
i must see him.
Let me in.
No one will see me.
Well, it isn't the same porter.
And his excellency has guests.
- But I must see him.
- And... that's not the worst.
His excelletold us to say...
you were dead.
The guests are
beginning to leave.
Come tomorrow, very early,
before his excellency is awake.
I'll let you in.
What is it?
I have come on behalf of prince
skorodumov to see sergel alexeich.
He's not up yet. He's still
asleep. It's all right, kapitonitch.
Come in, madame,
but you'll have to be quick.
It's against my orders.
Is it... mother.
Yes, my darling.
You haven't been to see me
for such a long time.
I know you're dead.
I'm dreaming
i can see you, aren't i?
Sergei, I'm here.
I'm here.
Today is my birthday.
I knew you would come.
Madame, madame, you must go.
Somebody is coming.
Mother, you're sitting
on my new dressing gown.
My darling,
how do you dress without me?
How do you?
Madame, please.
Marietta, you will take care of him? Yes.
He won't forget me?
No, madame.
How dare you enter this house?
How dared you tell a child
that his mother was dead?
What should I have told him? That
she had run away with her lover?
I can only conclude that the
kind of life you have chosen...
has affected
your principles.
Alexey alexandrovitch,
will you consent to a divorce?
I no longer ask for my child.
I beseech you to give me
this last chance at happiness.
It seems to me that you have
everything you yourself have desired.
Will you consent?
You surely cannot refuse me.
I cannot act against
my religious convictions.
I consider
the matter closed.
Please understand,
i cannot
my daughters are growing up.
I have to move in society
for my husband's sake.
I cannot ask her to my home.
She's no worse than hundreds
of people you do receive.
And you were the first to find her
charming. As a traveling companion, yes.
Not as my son's mistress. In
the eyes of god, she's my wife.
Let's call things
by their proper names.
Sorry, I didn't know... i
was on the point of leaving.
Good-bye, my dear son.
I know the way out.
Anna arkadyevna.
Did you have a pleasant day?
Tell me where you've been.
What was your mother doing here,
trying to take you away from me?
No, Anna. Please.
She's like the rest of them
with their hands full of mud.
Anna, I beg you. Don't speak
like that about my mother.
Oh, I assure you, it's a matter
of complete indifference to me...
what your mother thinks,
or whom she wants you to marry.
- Marry?
- I've heard about the little princess sorokina.
What's the matter with you?
I feel I cannot go on living like
this any longer, hiding from everyone.
Alexey, let us go
to the opera tonight.
Why, you know
that's out of the question.
as a matter of fact,
i shall have to go.
My mother has asked me
to meet her there.
But you know why we cannot go there
together. I don't want to know.
What other people may say
or think is unimportant.
We love each other and
nothing else should matter.
Why can't we go?
Don't you understand that...
no, I don't understand.
All right. Go with your
mother. I shall go alone.
No, not alone. Nathalia will
be delighted to come with me.
And if she can't, I'm... I'm sure
there are plenty of people who will.
There's no one like
madame patti.
She must have the world's
most beautiful voice.
Alexey, our little princess
sorokina is talking to you.
Oh, I beg your pardon,
Yes, madame patti
has a very beautiful voice.
My dear, I'm afraid
he's lost to you and...
and lost to me as well.
It's your fault, all yours. I told you
not to come. I knew it would be unpleasant.
Unpleasant? As long as i
live, I shall never forget it.
It was hideous. She said it
was a disgrace to sit beside me.
Just the words of a stupid
woman. Why let them distress you?
It doesn't work with me
in this intolerable position.
You're what brought me to this. I've always
known we must never risk insult, never provoke it.
You say "we," but you mean me. You
are free to go among your friends.
It is I who must
stay in the shadows.
Do I behave as if I were free? In
other words, you are a prisoner?
You're doing your best to create a prison
for us both. So you think it is a prison?
You goad me into saying things
with this insane desire for strife.
I don't even know what it is, but
i feel you are hostile towards me.
If only you knew
how near I am to calamity,
how afraid I am,
afraid of myself.
Alexey, you haven't changed
towards me, have you?
Anna, you know my feelings
for you can never change.
But, my dearest, you must write to
karenin and ask him for a divorce.
What is it?
L-i am sure that he will
refuse. No, he will not refuse.
He will accept, and then we can
go together wherever we please,
get married and live.
Yes. Yes, all right.
All right.
I will write to him.
But I would rather not wait for
his answer in st. Petersburg.
There is nothing to keep
us here anymore. Nothing.
Let us go to moscow. All right,
my darling. Whenever you please.
Tomorrow, then.
Oh, forgive me...
for being so thoughtless,
selfish and wretched.
I love you, alexey.
I love you.
This telegram came for
your excellency. Thank you.
Who is it from?
The telegram.
Oh, it's from my mother.
Oh. What does she say?
She wants me to return to st. Petersburg
to settle sothing about the estate.
But we've only just left.
It's an excuse.
I know that if you go to st.
Petersburg, you will not come back.
Do be reasonable. It's...
it's purely a business matter,
a couple of days at the most.
All right. Leave me. Go to
st. Petersburg if you want to.
We are not chained together.
Anna, what's all this about?
It's only the uncertainty of your
position that makes you suspicious.
What do you mean?
I am completely in your power.
What is uncertain about that?
Anna, darling. As soon as we hear
about the divorce, we'll get married.
And then you won't have to
torture yourself any longer.
Don't talk to me
about the divorce.
I've decided not to let it influence my
life anymore. Why should you care about it?
Haven't you written
to karenin?
Why, Anna? If he agreed to a divorce,
you would feel forced to marry me.
I don't want to impose that
sort of obligation on you,
especially now.
When there is this conspiracy afoot
between yourself and your mother.
What conspiracy? That you should
marry the princess sorokina.
That's too ridiculous even for
argument. I refuse to argue with you.
We want a divorce.
We need it desperately.
Need it? Why has it
suddenly become so necessary?
Anna, you know as well as
i do. It goes on and on.
I want you to know this. I absolutely refuse
to take any part in these arguments again.
Has princess oblonsky visitors?
Yes, milady.
Prince and princess shcherbatsky
and mr. And mrs. Levin are here.
Oh, then I had...
Anna, how nice to see you.
I'm sorry. I didn't know you had
visitors. I won't disturb you.
But it's only kitty and the
family. Of course you must stay.
No, I... I'd rather not
see anyone just now.
Besides, they wouldn't
want to see me.
Anna, is anything wrong?
You look so strange.
Dolly, I had to come and see
someone, and you were the only person.
You don't despise me
and condemn me too, do you?
My dear, I love you
and I always will.
Surely, he loves you too.
I don't know.
I worry about it
night and day.
Sometimes I think
I'm losing him,
that we're being
irresistibly driven apart.
Darling, I daren't tell him that
i have been to see my husband,
and that he has
refused me a divorce.
Then... you can't
get married.
Oh, you needn't worry.
I won't ask you to receive me.
Oh. You know that you'll
always be welcome in my house.
It's kitty's baby. Do come and see
him. He's a wonderful little boy.
There's a revolution
going on upstairs.
You'd think it was the first
baby to be born in the world.
Kitty must hate me.
Oh, I know she doesn't.
And she'd be so hurt
if you didn't go and see her.
Please, Anna.
Careful, careful. Young man, this is
not the first time I've had a baby.
Look who has come
to see you.
Anna. Aunt Anna.
She'll be fine, darling.
Run along now.
Dear, dolly asked me
to come to see you.
But if you'd rather I went away, you needn't
be afraid to say so. I'm quite used to it.
But Anna, konstantin and I have
you to thank for everything.
Look, isn't he wonderful?
No one's ever had such a baby.
Feel his weight.
Isn't he heavy?
It's time, madam. Oh,
yes. Run along, children.
Outside, go and play.
Poor darling,
must be very hungry.
Will the gentlemen
please go over there?
Come along, konstantin.
All right. All right.
You're not too tired
after all these people?
Quiet, children.
Recreation is over.
Your tutor is waiting.
Why are you here? I think it's
you who owe me an explanation.
What do you mean? You had no need to
conceal from me that you'd seen your husband.
Now you are free to leave me as I know you
intend doing. You're completely overwrought.
You said yourself it was impossible
to go on living like this.
If you no longer love me, it would be more
honorable to say so. Why do you lie to me?
Anna, don't try my patience. I've
done everything you ever asked me.
And now you accuse me of telling lies and
being dishonorable. A man who reproaches me...
and tells me he's given up
everything for me is dishonorable.
Tell me what you want of me. I
want your love, but it is gone.
Anna, that's not true.
It's not true.
But if you're determined
to punish yourself,
there's nothing
i can do about it.
You'll be sorry.
"I have gone
to st. Petersburg,
and I shall return
within two days."
"I have gone to st. Petersburg,
and I shall return within two days."
But he will not.
He will never return.
It's over.
I shall never see him again.
He will marry
the sorokina girl.
His mother will force him to.
He will love her.
I will follow him
and punish him.
I will escape from him...
and from myself.
All these people.
All going somewhere.
Why do they trouble? You
can't escape from yourselves.
I thought I loved him.
It was myself
i really loved.
I exchanged him
for another love.
I could live without him.
How self-satisfied he looks.
He's ambitious.
So was alexey.
He was proud of me.
Now it is passed.
Nothing to be proud of anymore.
Why not turn out the lights...
when there's nothing more
to be seen?
What station is this? Klin, madame.
A few minutes to take in water.
Thank you.
I must go out...
For a breath of air.
Ah, I loved him more and more.
He loved me less and less.
Freedom he wanted.
Nothing can change
either of us.
Too late.
Yes, too late.
Not a word,
not a gesture of yours
shall I ever forget,
nor can i.
I met him here...
long, long ago.
It was snowing.