Anna Karenina (1997) Movie Script

Always in my dream,
I'm clinging to a branch,
Knowing full well that
death inevitably awaits me.
The fear of dying without ever having
Known love was greater than the fear
of death itself I Know now I was not alone
in the horror of this darKness.
So, too, was the fear
of Anna Karenina.
It was then that a drop of honey
sweet enough to divert my eyes
from the cruel truth
came into my llfe.
She was the princess
EKaterina ScherbatsKy.
Thank you, Constantine Dmitrich.
I didnt know that
you were in Moscow.
I arrived yesterday.
I mean, today.
I was going
to come to see you.
I didnt know
you could skate so well.
I'm awful.
But the rumor is that
you are a superlative skater.
Oh, years ago. It used to be
my passion.
Skate with me.
Must be dull in the country
in the winter.
Not at all. I'm very busy.
Mama said that you live
like a barbarian out there
and wear peasant clothes.
Theres a lot more to it
than you think.
Its very scientific.
Are you here for long?
I dont know.
That depends on you.
Mamas waiting for me.
- May I call on you?
- Were at home on Thursday as usual.
Today, then.
Au revoir!
You said you wanted my advice
on a delicate matter?
Yes, Stiva.
I think I'm in love...
but I'm plain and too old.
She may be able to love me as a friend,
but I wouldve to be handsome
and more remarkable to make
her love me as a husband.
Who is the lucky girl?
Cant you guess?
I'd be your brother-in-law.
Do you think theres
any possibility?
Oh, why shouldnt
there be?
For Gods sake, be absolutely
frank with me.
I'll tell you something.
My wife Dolly is a most
wonderful woman.
- She can see through people.
- What do you mean?
Well, I mean, not only that
she likes you,
but she says Kitty is certain
to be your wife.
They are sisters,
after all.
She... she said that?
Constantine Dmitrich Levin.
Oh, God.
Hes come early.
I dont think I've come
at the right time.
- I'm too early.
- Oh, no.
This is what I wanted...
to find you alone.
The guests should be
here in a moment.
I told you that I didnt know
whether I would be here long...
that it depended on you.
I meant...
I meant do say...
be my wife.
I cannot be.
Forgive me.
It was not meant to be.
Why, Constantine Dmitrich.
Do stay. Have some tea.
Ah, Constantine Dmitrich.
Back in our corrupt Babylon.
Well, is Babylon reformed,
or have you been corrupted?
That you remembered my words so well.
They must have made an impression on you.
Of course. I note down
everything you say.
Whats the matter with Levin today? Why
doesnt he launch into one of his tirades?
Constantine Dmitrich.
Hows it that at home in our village of
Kaluga, the peasants have spent their all
on drink and now pay us nothing?
What is the meaning of that?
Youre always so full of praise
for peasants.
Do let me introduce you.
Constantine Dmitrich Levin,
Count Alexei Kirillovich
Constantine Dmitrich despises
and hates town and us townspeople.
Do you live in the country
all year round?
I should think it must be
rather dull in winter.
Not at all if one has work
to do. Besides, you cant...
- be dull in your own company.
- I like the country.
I'd be bored to tears.
One simply can't live without
sophisticated conversation.
Countess Nordston was telling me
about a demonstration of table
rapping and spiritualism she attended.
Oh, that would be fascinating.
I've never seen anything
Do you believe in spirits,
Constantine Dmitrich?
Whyd you ask me that? You know
perfectly well what my answer will be.
But I want to hear you opinion.
My opinions that table rapping
merely proves
that the so-called educated classes
are no better than the peasants.
They, too, believe in the evil eyes
and spirits.
But I've witnessed it myself.
But dont you think
theres something in it?
If we admit to the existence
of electricity
of which we know nothing,
Why shouldnt there exist
some newforces yet unknown to us?
Because with electricity when
you rub wool and resin together,
you invariably produce a
recognizable phenomenon.
But with this hocus-pocus...
Suppose we try now.
Do let us try,
Princess Kitty.
Ah, Stiva.
Who are you meeting?
My mother.
- You were missed last night.
- Where?
The Chateau des Fleurs,
of course.
My God, there was this wonderful
little girl doing the cancan.
I went home. I felt in such an agreeable
frame of mind when I left the Scherbatskys,
I didnt want to go
anywhere else.
By the mark of your steed, I can
tell your fine breed
and a young man
in love by his eyes.
- And who are you meeting?
- I've come to meet a pretty woman.
- Oh, indeed.
- Shame on you.
My sister Anna.
Karenins wife?
Yes, well, you must know her.
I dont think so. I know Karenin
by sight and by repute.
Youve a very illustrious brother-in-law.
Very high up in the Ministry.
Yes, a remarkable man.
But not our kind.
Like your friend Levin. I met him last
night, an insufferable fellow.
Oh, you dont appreciate my Levin.
But yesterday there was a reason
for him being out of sorts.
You dont mean he, uh...
Levin has been in love with
Kitty for so long,
and I feel so very sorry
for him.
So thats it.
Excuse me.
You got my telegram?
How are you? Well?
- Have a good journey, mama?
- Anna Arkadyevna!
Cant youfind your brother?
Stiva, here!
Shes very charming, isnt she?
Poor girl. Her husband refuses
to travel with her. He says hes too busy.
Well, Countess, youve met
your son, I've met my brother.
Pardon me for not recognizing you,
but I dont think weve ever met before.
Anna Arkadyevna
has a little boy of 8, Seriozha.
Theyve never been
parted before, and shes fretting
at having left him behind. Really,
Anna, you cant expect never to leave him.
Well, good-bye, countess.
Good-bye, my dear.
Very charming.
Hes dead.
It is a bad omen.
Nonsense. Youve come.
That is the chief thing.
You cannot imagine how much
I'm counting on you.
Stiva, I know youre to blame.
Dont deny it.
9 years... my children...
all to be thrown away
because of a...
momentary lapse.
True. It was not nice
that she was the
childrens governess.
What can I do?
Drop me at your house and
go bacK to the court.
Is this Grisha?
How hes grown!
How happy and well
you look.
He told me.
He met me at
the station.
Grisha, go and find Tanya.
Of course shes young,
and shes pretty.
My youth and looks are gone,
taken by him and
his children.
I hate him.
I dont want to speak up
for him,
but what is the best thing to do
in this dreadful situation, Dolly?
Stiva is ashamed.
But he made love to her.
I dont excuse him, but...
thats how it is.
Anna's mission to heal the rift
in her brother's family
was not unliKe my own desire
to restore the ties with my brother,
so desperate were we both
to feel love.
Good evening.
Excuse me. Is Nikolai Levin here?
There is a gentleman here,
Nikolai Dmitrich.
What is it?
What do you want?
I dont want anything.
I came to see you.
Youre my brother.
This woman is my lifes
Maria Nikolayevna.
I took her out of a brothel.
But anyone who wants
to know me must respect her, too.
All right, then, Masha,
supper for 3, then.
With vodka and wine.
Your brother drinks too much.
Take no notice of her.
Shes a whore.
You are a gentleman.
Nikolai, dont drink.
Leave me a...
Leave me alone.
I'll beat you.
How about supper, then?
Have a drink.
Tell me how you do it.
Why arent you married yet?
Oh, no luck.
I think there must be something
about me that repels people.
For me, everythings over.
For you...
Come back with me...
to the country.
For the sake of your health.
No. Too much to do.
I've become a communist.
Nikolai, the police.
Theyll persecute me like they do
anyone whos not a scoundrel.
You want to fell
feel righteous.
I'll let you have that
Don t think too badly
of me, Kostya.
Mama, please.
Princess Kitty, may I ask you
for the quadrille?
I'm sorry, but I'm promised
to count Vronsky,
but you may have
the second quadrille.
An honor, princess.
The master of ceremonies
can never be refused.
It was nice of you
to come in good time.
Such a bad habit to be late.
- Where may I take you?
- Madame Kareninas over there, I think.
Will you take me to her, please?
Pardon, mesdames,
monsieurs, pardon.
You even dance into the room.
Princess Kittys one of my
most faithful helpers.
She adorns the ballroom and
makes the ball gay.
- May I have the pleasure?
- No. I never dance if I can help it.
Oh, but you must tonight.
Well, but if its impossible
not to dance, let us dance, then.
Princess, you are such
a delight.
Is your card free
for the mazurka?
I should withdraw.
This is turning out
Will you stay to supper? I have a
wonderful cotillion in mind.
No, I wont stay. I've danced
more at this ball
than I have in a whole winter
in Petersburg.
These few brief moments
intoxicated Anna
liKe a light pouring into
the darK room that was her llfe.
Weve stopped, mistress.
I want a breath of air.
What are you
doing here?
You know that I have come
to be where you are.
I cannot help myself.
Forgive me if what
I say offends you.
You shouldnt say that.
And I beg you, if youre a gentleman,
to forget this as I willforget it.
Not one word...
not one gesture of yours...
Shall I...
could I ever forget.
Stop it.
Yes, as you see, here is
your devoted husband
burning with impatience
to see you.
Is Seriozha all right?
Is that all the reward
I get for my ardor?
Yes, hes quite all right.
Did you have
a good night?
Excellent. Thank you.
Ah, weve met before, I believe.
Count Vronsky.
You set off with the mother and return
with the son. Back from furlough, I presume.
So, my dear, how was Moscow?
I hope I may have the honor
of calling on you.
Delighted. Were at home
on Mondays.
I told you it was mama!
I knew!
Oh, my pet.
Gifts from Tanya
and Grisha.
Tanya can read now, you know?
Shes even teaching Grisha.
Is she nicer than me?
To me youre nicer than anyone
else in the world.
I know I am.
On the whole, then, your
visit was a success?
I cannot see how a man
like that can be exonerated,
even if he is your brother.
But I'm glad it all ended satisfactorily
and that youre back again.
You wouldnt believe how
irksome it is to dine alone.
I missed you, too.
Time for bed.
- I'm beginning to lose hope.
- Whatever hope could you have?
Excuse me. I'm afraid
I've become ridiculous.
Oh, my dear, you're in
no danger of that.
A man pursuing a young girl
might be ridiculous,
but a man in love
with a married woman,
that has something fine
and grand about it.
It could never be ridiculous.
Next you'll be telling me
that young girls should be
virtuous, women chaste,
men virile, and children should be
brought up
to pay their debts and earn their
bread and all the other nonsense.
But look at them...
that awful Lydia lvanovna.
So old-fashioned,
so stuffy.
They surround her.
When I am old and ugly,
I'll become like them.
For a beautiful woman
like Anna, it is too soon
for her spirit to be crushed
by such boredom.
We must rescue her
before it is too late.
Come to my house
on Saturday.
Is it true that the younger Vlassiev
girl is going to marry Topov?
Yes, they say its
quite settled.
I am surprised at her parents.
I heard it was a love match.
A love match? What antediluvian
ideas you have.
Who talks of love nowadays?
That foolish old customs
not left us yet.
The only happy marriages are
marriages of convenience
where both parties have sown
their wild oats.
In my young days, I was
in love with a deacon.
I didnt know that
it did me any good.
No, but joking apart.
I believe that
before one can know
what love really is,
one must have a fall
and pick oneself up again.
Even after marriage?
Lts never too late.
I've been wanting to tell you that you
behaved badly, very badly, indeed.
You think I dont know
that I behaved badly?
But who made me?
How can you say that?
You know why.
That only shows
you have no heart.
I came here tonight knowing
that I would meet you
to make it perfectly clear
this must stop.
You make me feel as if
I was guilty of something.
What do you
want me to do?
I want you to go
to Moscow and...
You dont want that.
Then do this for me.
Never utter
those words again.
And let us
be good friends.
we shall never be.
You know that.
There is only one way
we can be happy.
I have nothing left
but you. Remember that.
Nothing matters anymore...
Not even life...
for one moment
of happiness like this.
Dont ever
speak of it again.
I have to warn you.
Warn me?
What about?
That by thoughtlessness and
indiscretion, you may cause yourself
to be talked about
in society.
Youre beginning
to attract attention.
I'm sure
theyre only rumors.
You are always like that.
You dont like me to be dull,
and then you dont like it
when I go out
and enjoy myself.
Stop it. You Know
I cant stand it.
And I would like to know
what all this is about.
Your feelings are the affair
of your own conscience,
but I am duty-bound to point out
to you your duties.
Our lives have been joined
not by man but by God.
Only a crime
can sever that union.
A crime of that nature brings
its own heavy punishment.
I dont understand
a thing you are saying.
And besides,
I'm desperately sleepy.
Anna, for Gods sake, dont
speak like that. Perhaps I am mistaken.
But believe me, what I say
I say as much for my sake as for yours.
I am your husband,
and I love you, but if
- there are the slightest grounds...
- I have nothing to say.
It is really bedtime.
Here it is.
Stupid miss
with the right barrel.
Whens Kitty
getting married?
She isnt thinking
about marriage.
Shes very ill.
The doctors
have sent her abroad.
Wheres Vronsky now?
Hes in Petersburg.
He left shortly after you did. And
hes not been in Moscow once since then.
Do you know, Kostya,
I'll be frank with you.
It was your own fault.
You took fright at the sight of your rival.
Why didnt youfight it out?
Kitty was never
serious about him.
She was just attracted
by his good looks.
I tell you candidly
that when she returns
from her cure,
shell be going to Yergushovo
for some quiet country life.
And thats not too far
from here, Kostya, is it?
I dont know
if you know,
but I dont care.
I'll tell you.
I did make an offer...
but I was rejected.
Now Kittys nothing more than a
painful, humiliating memory. Its over.
I was hanging down
that darK well,
but the one thing
I held onto
was worK.
I clutched it and clung to it
with all my might.
Once I lost my temper
with a bailiff
and in a fit of anger tooK a scythe
and began mowing.
It calmed me,
So I resolved
to mow with them... all day long.
As I mowed,
I lost all count of time.
I had no idea whether
it was late or early.
A change came about my worK,
which gave me intense satisfaction.
When I forgot what I was doing
and mowed without effort,
My line was almost
as smooth and good as Titus'.
More and more often now
came those moments of oblivion.
When it was not my arms
which swung the scythe,
the scythe seemed to mow
by itself.
Some externalforce
seemed to propel me on,
as though by magic...
the worK did itself
regularly and carefully.
These were the most
blessed moments.
It was she.
It was Kitty...
on her way to Yergushovo.
Quiet, sweet.
Loot at her face, mama.
So spirited and yet so gentle.
I feel she could almost speak.
A fine horse.
Everybodys betting on you.
Not entirely for the right reasons.
What are you
implying, mama?
Dont be coy with me.
You must know how youve
become the center of gossip.
An affair
in the highest society
puts a finishing touch to
a brilliant young man.
Lord knows
I shouldnt preach, but there are those
who are becoming displeased with you,
Alexei. I want you to break it off.
I will not have anyone cast doubt
on the honor of my...
Her honor is nonexistent.
So is yours.
I've been told youve refused
a post in Moscow.
A promotion.
Mother, I would ask you
respectfully not to pry.
You only get one chance
at a career.
Why throw it all away
on some passion?
A brilliant, worldly liaison
I would approve of,
but not this desperate...
Oh, if my love were some ordinary,
vulgar society intrigue,
you would leave me alone.
You have not the remotest
idea what I feel.
I find the lying, the deceit,
the scheming intolerable.
Then give her up.
I wasnt expecting you.
Gracious, what cold hands.
You startled me.
I'm waiting for Seriozha. I... he went out
for a walk. Theyll come back this way.
Forgive me. I couldnt go the day
without seeing you.
But shouldnt you be
preparing for the race?
What were you
thinking of?
Please tell me.
Anna, whats the matter?
I can see that somethings wrong.
I'm going to have your baby.
Tell him everything
and leave him.
- Oh, my son.
- You must be free of him!
Free to become
your mistress?
When can
I see you? When?
Tonight. 1:00.
Well, I must be
at the races.
Do you like horse racing?
Seriozha, there is
no need to be so rude.
Papa told me always
to be truthful.
Save your strength
for the finish.
Watch out for the water jump.
Are you riding today?
Here we are!
There is so much splendors here.
Ones eyes are dazzled.
I will be staying the night.
I am sure you are glad
we can be together.
We can go
if you like.
I again
offer you my arm
if you want
to be going.
I'm obliged to tell you
that your behavior...
What about my behavior?
Be careful.
The despair you were unable to hide
when one of the riders fell.
Possibly I am mistaken.
In that case,
I beg your pardon.
I listen to you,
but I'm thinking of him.
I love him
and I'm his mistress.
I cant endure you,
and I'm desperately unhappy.
You can do
what you like with me.
Is everything all right maam?
What time is it?
Almost midnight maam.
I've told my husband everything. I must
see you. Come at once to the house.
Count Vronsky!
Ah, General Serpuhovsky!
Brooding on your misfortune?
It wont do at all.
Come on. Lets go and
have something to drink.
I heard news of your promotion. I was
delighted and not a bit surprised.
I heard you refused an important
post. Men like you are wanted.
- By whom?
- By Russia.
Russia needs men.
- The communists are gathering force.
- Therere no such things as communists.
Scheming people always have to invent
some dangerous, noxious party.
- Its an old trick.
- Oh, well, I wont fight you.
Shall we go outside? I heard Therese
is going to perform as lady Eve.
I like to see that kind of show
with a gypsy girl on my knee.
- I'm afraid I've an assignation.
- Assignation? No, you dont Vronsky, old boy.
Karenin arrived this afternoon.
Saw him at the races.
I wouldnt keep
that appointment.
I took the liberty of ordering you
some brandy and cucumbers.
Drink the brandy.
Oh, and, this came for you.
Bad news?
Shes told him
I must go to her.
What do you want?!
Sit down! I have something
to say to you.
I know I... I've done wrong
and I'm...
Whatever your conduct may have been,
I dont consider myself justified
in severing the ties through which a
higher power has bound us.
I shall ignore it
as long as the world knows nothing of it,
as long as my name is not disgraced.
And therefore I simply
warn you that our relations
must remain as theyve always been.
- I cant be your wife while I...
- So you see nothing wrong with
your infidelity yet refuse to perform
the same duties for your husband!
What do you want
from me?
I want you to never
see him again!
I want you to be
a dutiful wife!
I cant change
what has happened.
Well, understand this.
I'll go to Moscow. I will not return
to this house again.
I'll divorce you
on the grounds of adultery.
My son will go
to my sisters.
No. You must leave me Seriozha.
You dont love him.
I've even lost
affection for my son
because he is associated
with my loathing for you!
But all the same,
I shall take him.
You are a whore.
You have no legal rights.
Alexei Alexandrovitch,
leave me Seriozha.
You know I cant live
without him.
If youll conduct yourself
so that neither society
nor the servants can find
anything to say against you,
you can enjoy all the privileges
of a respectable wife
without fulfilling
the duties of one.
And you may
keep your son.
Late as usual.
- You have a lot of people here.
- Whos here?
Is Kitty here?
I never did quite believe that there
was anything wrong with my lungs,
but the secluslon and quiet
of Karlsbad were all helpful to me.
I learned how to help care
for the other patients,
those with serious ailments,
and the work suited me.
I learned that there are
so many more important...
I saw you last summer.
Oh, you didnt see me,
but I saw you.
You were driving to Yergushovo.
My estates on the way.
It was very early in the morning.
You were probably only just awake.
You had a splendid team
of horses with bells.
You flashed by
in a second.
I saw you through the window.
Your head was like this.
And you were playing
with the ribbons of your cap,
thinKing about
something very deeply.
I wish I knew what
you were thinKing then.
I dont remember.
Don't go.
I've a question I've been wanting
to ask you for a long time.
What is it?
Thats the first letters
of the words.
What is that word?
- Never.
- Is it something I once sald?
I know what it is.
When you told me it could not be...
...did that mean never...
...or then? ''
I dont know.
Then I could not answer
Only then?
He will have reached the church
any moment now.
Word will come.
Oh! This is impossible!
Dont worry. Youll just
have to wear mine.
Yes, well, if I was going to do that,
I shouldve done it a long time ago!
Everything will
turn out just fine.
Dont you worry.
I went out to buy a new shirt.
All the shops were shut...
I was beginning to think that you had
made up your mind to run away.
What happened to me was
so silly, I was...
I'm ashamed
to tell you.
Kitty should have
stepped on the mat first.
Whoever does
runs the household.
I did.
What about you, Dolly?
I dont remember.
Why on earth not?
I was so in love.
Sir, Madame Karenin
miscarried last night.
My God, how is she? I
Very bad. The doctor
is with her now.
Who is here?
Is... is she...
She has
a very high fever.
Ana Arkadyevna,
he has come.
Has Seriozha had his dinner?
I know they will all forget.
I am entirely
in your hands.
He must be moved
into the corner room...
Maria told
to sleep with him.
I'm not afraid of you.
I know I'm dying now.
You ask him.
I feel it already.
I want only one thing...
for you to forgive me.
Forgive me completely...
There is some hope...
I must stay.
She may ask for me...
I've long wanted to be
revenged on you and her.
When I got the telegram.
I came here with the same sentiments.
But I saw her...
and forgave her.
And the happiness of
forgiving her revealed to me
my duty.
I will not
forsake her,
and I will never utter a word
of reproach to you.
Should she want to see you,
I will let you know.
Now I think
youd better leave.
You had the misfortune to fall in love
with man whos not your husband.
This is a misfortune,
but this is a fact.
Your husband
has forgiven you.
Also a fact.
The question is,
can you go on living
with your husband?
Do you want to?
And what does he want?
I dont know.
I dont know at all.
I feel I'm flying headlong
over a precipice.
Well catch you,
and we wont
let you fall.
There is
nothing left for me,
except for it
to be all over.
Look at you.
I hardly know you
with this short hair.
Youve grown so pretty,
but how pale you are.
I'm still very weak.
Well go to Italy.
Youll soon get well.
Well live together
as husband and wife.
Youll be ruined.
I resigned
my commission.
Now all I want
is you.
My dear friend,
you must not give way
to your grief.
You will find support,
but seek it not in me,
though I beg you
to believe in
our friendship.
I will set to work...
I will be your housekeeper.
Dont thank me.
I do it not of myself.
How can I help
thanKing you?
You must
thank Him,
and ask for His help.
In Him alone
can we find peace.
My dear, dear boy.
How unhappy you must be.
I'm quite well,
Your poor father is...
to distraughted
to tell you himself, .
So hes left it to me.
He is...
a saint,
you know?
Your mother...
is dead.
Letters have arrived from town,
Constantine Dmitrich.
You see, your ladys settled me here,
told me to sit a little with her.
I opened
your letter, too.
I think its from that woman,
your brothers,
and this is a letter
from home.
Dolly took Grisha and Tanya to a
childrens party at the Sarmatskys.
Tanya went
as a French marquise...
whats the matter?
My... my brother
Nikolai is dying.
I... I must go to him
I'll leave tomorrow.
Lets go.
Why didnt you
let me know sooner?
What is so awful
for me...
is that I cant help...
remembering him as he was
when he was young.
You cant imagine
what a charming boy he was.
But I didnt
understand him then.
In infinite time...
in infinite matter...
in infinite space...
an organic cell
stands out,
will hold together
a while...
and then bursts.
And that cell is me.
I cannot live without
What I am and why I am here,
and that I cannot know.
So, therefore, I
have no reason to live.
I'm pregnant.
Well, dont spare
me now.
Its going
to be perfection.
- I'm not going to finish it.
- Why? Why ever not?
Because its defects will become
more and more obvious.
I cant fool myself
that I am an artist.
I am going
to give it up.
I confess I hardly miss
Seriozha at all.
But you do.
Lets go back to Russia.
Karenin will
grant us a divorce.
Well get married,
and well be together.
Oh, I was afraid youd say that.
I'm so unpardonable happy here,
away from all of them,
all of that.
I thought you were, too.
Being with you
is the realization of
all my deepest desires,
but there is nothing
I can do here.
I need a purpose.
Thats what I like so much,
having you all to myself.
needs his mother.
Dear Lydia Ivanovna,
Forgive me for
reminding you of myself.
Count Vronsky and I are
returning to St. Petersburg.
I am unhappy at
being parted from my son.
I beg to be allowed
to see him.
Will you send Seriozha to me, or should
I come to the house at some fixed hour?
You cannot conceive
the yearning I have to see him
and so can not conceive the gratitude
your help will arouse in me.
I dont think
I can refuse her.
My dear friend,
You never see evil in anybody...
Her love for her son
But is it love?
My friend,
is it sincere?
Have we the right to toy with the
feelings of that little angel?
He thinks shes dead,
and he prays for her
and besieges God
have mercy on her sins,
and it is...
to remind
your son of you
Might lead to questions on his part
which it would be impossible to answer.
I beg you to interpret
your husband's refusal
in the spirit
of Christian love.
I am here to tell you that I look upon my
union with Madame Karenina as marriage.
If you wish to be on good terms with me
then you must be on good terms with her.
Our intimate friends
can and must look at it
in the proper light.
I for one am so glad
you are back.
I can imagine how horrible our
Petersburg must seem to you
after your
delightful travels.
- How about the divorce? Is that all settled?
- I'm only waiting for Karenin.
People will throw
stones at me, I know,
but I shall come
and see Anna.
I will ignore
the conventions,
but other starchy people
will give you the cold shoulder
until you are married,
and thats
so simple nowadays.
Of course, I cannot invite her to my
home. I have daughters growing up.
How can you
say that...
When everyone knows you were
Tushkevichs mistress?
How dare you
make comparisons?
Aliosha, darling,
You hardly have
the moral high ground.
The doctor.
Its time.
Are you all right?
Get out of here,
Kostya! Go!
Lord have mercy on us
and help us.
A boy too!
You may ease your mind.
All is well.
Show him to his Papa!
Thats how they are
when they come out.
This one is a beauty.
my darling.
They told me
you were dead.
You didnt believe it,
my precious.
I never believed it!
Oh no, youd never
have let her in!
Ten years service and nothing but
Kindness from her,
and youd have got up
and shown her the door.
Hell get up presently and
you will be out on the streets.
Dont go. He wont
come just yet.
Seriozha, my darling,
you must love him.
Hes better than I am,
and I have been wicked to him.
When youre grown up,
you will understand.
Dont go.
Get out! Our door
is closed to you!
You're not welcome here!
You deserted your son!
The laudanum prescribed for Ana
after the loss of her child
Now became the opiate used to
deaden the pain of Seriozha's loss.
Why shouldnt I go?
You are going.
Oh, of course, theres
no reason whatever.
Thats exactly
what I say.
Anna, for heavens sake,
what has come over you?
I dont understand
what you mean.
You know you cant go
into the opera.
Why not?
I'm not going alone.
I'm... I'm going
with princess Varvara.
Princess Varvara...
Is little more
than a courtesan.
Shes no worse
than the others.
Besides, I am not ashamed
of what I have done.
I'm not ashamed
of my love for you.
And whom
are you accompanying?
Youve been out
with your mother quite a bit lately.
Anna, she is my mother.
I hear your mother has taken on
princess SoroKina as a companion.
Why dont you make your mother
happy and marry her?
Anna, I have not
the slightest interest
in princess SoroKina.
How do you think
that makes me feel?
How am I
supposed to feel?
You spend your evenings
with a pretty young girl.
What do I know?
Only what you tell me.
Oh, you dont trust me?
Why cant I go out?
I love you, and nothing
else matters to me...
So long as you
havent changed...
As long
as you still love me.
Oh, look at me.
All we need
is the divorce.
I know how difficult your
situation must be until then,
but, please, dont make matters worse.
Please, please, dont go.
Oh, I'll stay,
as you wish...
Princess SoroKina.
Your mama
is asKing for you.
Good evening, mama.
I'm sorry to be late.
Well, youre here now,
and thats all that matters.
You're not worthy of him.
You've lost your child! You're a whore.
You're a whore!
You deserted him!
Excuse me. You seem to be putting me
in the position of defendant. I was given
to understand that Anna declines a
divorce if I insist on keeping the boy.
I replied to her in that sense
and considered the matter closed.
Alexei Alexandrovich,
you are a good man.
Put yourself in
her position for a moment.
Shes moved to Moscow.
Shes been there 6 months now,
each day expecting your decision.
I'm a believer now. I cant go against the
teachings of Christianity in such a matter.
Why, divorce is sanctioned,
even by the church.
I must think it over.
I must seek guidance.
What do I see?
Ah, Yes. Thats right.
We must go away.
I long to be in the country,
and theres nothing
to keep you here, is there?
- My one wish is to get away.
- You know, it came over me like an
absolute inspiration. Why should we
go on waiting here for the divorce?
I've made up my mind that it
shant influence my life anymore.
- Do you agree?
- Oh, yes...
Well, how was
your dinner party? I
Oh, the dinner
was first-rate
and the boat race
and all that quite enjoyable.
Well, when are we off?
The sooner the better.
We cant get off
tomorrow, I'm afraid,
but we could be ready
the day after.
Oh, no. Wait a moment.
The day after tomorrow is Sunday,
and I have to see mama.
- You could go there tomorrow.
- No, I'm going there on business
to do with the power of attorney,
and the money wont be ready tomorrow.
In that case, then,
we wont go at all.
I wont go any later!
Monday or not at all!
Why? Theres
no sense in that...
You see no sense in it because...
because you care
nothing for me.
You seem unable
to see my position.
How do you think I feel
cooped up in these rooms?
But you are free.
Yes, you are free,
and if you dont love me anymore, that
would be better and more honest to say so.
Oh, really! This
is becoming unbearable!
Why do you try my patience?
It has it's limits.
What do you mean
by that?
I mean...
I mean, well,
what do you want of me?
What I want is that you should not desert
me as you are thinKing of doing.
No. I dont want that.
What I want is your love,
but it has gone,
so it is all over.
Wait. Wait. Wait!
What is this all about?
I said that me must put off our departure
for a matter of 3 days,
and you, Anna, sit by accusing me of
lying and being dishonorable.
It is a matter of complete indifference to me
what your mother thinks and whom she
wants to marry you to.
But were not talKing
about that.
Precisely about that!
I know all about that
little princess SoroKina,
and let me tell you,
a heartless woman...
Be she old or not old, your mother or
anyone else is of no consequence to me,
and I do not want to have
anything to do with her.
I will not have you speak
disrespectfully of my mother.
Theres a limit
to my endurance.
Why didnt I die?
Mashka is going
to eat your banana!
Who is that telegram from?
- Its from Stiva.
- Can I see it?
It is addressed to me.
What secrets
can Stiva have from me?
I dont want you to see it because
Stiva has a passion for wiring.
Why telegraph
when nothing is settled?
He wires:
Could get nothing out of him.
Promises definite answer soon.
Read it yourself.
Little hope, and I'll do everything
possible and impossible.
I dont care about
the divorce anymore,
And there was not the slightest
necessity to hide this from me.
I just want things
to be definite.
I am sure your irritabliity is due to
the uncertainty of your positlon.
And why did princess SoroKina
deliver this telegram?!
She did not.
This arrived earlier
while you were sleeping.
Princess SoroKina came with the money
and the documents from my mother.
I couldnt get them
I didnt want anything
to delay our departure.
By the way,
we are definitely
going tomorrow, arent we?
You are...
but not me.
Ana, we cant
go on like this.
You are, but not I!
This is intolerable!
You will be sorry
for this.
forgive me everything.
I have here...
the latest dispatch...
from the front!
The infidel muslims
have been driven back!
We russians...
have flown to help
our Serbian Slavonic brothers,
our fellow Christians!
Count Vronsky.
Perhaps youd rather not have seen me.
If so, please dont hesitate to say.
I can always find
another compartment.
No. Please.
The Serbian war
is a blessing for me.
As a man I have the merit that my
life is of no value to me.
I'm glad theres something for which I may
lay down the life which isnt simply useless,
but loathsome to me.
Anyone is welcome to it.
I know the dreadful
thing you have suffered,
But I beg you not to continue
on this course you are following.
I am doing my duty
as a Russian...
and a Christian.
Please, hear me out.
I saw your lady only once.
I wish I'd spoken up then,
but I did not.
Which is why I cannot
remain silent now.
Ever since the death
of my brother,
all I have been searching for are
answers to questions like,
what am I? , why am I here?
"What am I living for?"
When, suddenly,
it all became clear to me.
I'd been living on spiritual truths
that I'd drunk in with my mother's milk,
but I'd never
acknowledged them.
I know what is right and wrong.
I wasnt taught this...
It was given to me, as it is to everyone.
I discovered nothing.
I merely opened my eyes
to what I knew.
For me it is too late.
As a man, I am finished. As a weapon,
I may be of some use.
Dont think ill of me.
I have lost too much.
All I ask is to be able
to remember Anna as she once was...
when I first met her.
I try to bring back
those moments, but I cannot.
I cannot
see her face.
I can only see her
laid out
in the railway shed
where they took her.
She was...
This new feeling
has not changed me.
It has not made me happy
and enlightened all of a sudden
as I dreamed it would.
Just like the way it was with
my feeling for my son.
- Come to the nursery at once.
- Is something wrong with Mitya?
There was no surprise
about this, either.
- Whats going on?
- Mitya wants to see you.
But be it faith or not.
I don't know what it is.
Through suffering, this feeling has crept
just as imperceptibly into my heart.
He knows me.
And has lodged
itself firmly there.
I shall still be unable to understand
with my reason why I pray,
and I shall
still go on praying.
But my life now...
my whole life... independent of
anything that can happen to me,
every minute of it is no longer
meaningless as it was before,
but has a positive meaning
of goodness
with which I have
the power to invest it.
Lev Tolstoy.