Annabelle: Creation (2017) Movie Script

Since the dawn of civilization,
the dolls are beloved by children ...
prized by collectors and used in rituals
religious and drivers of good and evil.
Counted, it will seem like we are crazy.
At first, it was something discreet.
A hand or a foot to a different position.
The head upwards
instead of being turned down.
Once it appeared in a
completely different room.
He moved alone.
Camilla looked for a medium
who told us that the doll was possessed
by a girl named Annabelle Higgins.
She had lost her parents and made up for the loss with the doll.
She just wanted to be her friend.
When we learned
we were feather filled her ...
We are nurses, we help people.
But then things got worse.
How she eventually came to you?
It was a gift from my mother
on my birthday.
I do not know where she found it, but ...
We are very scared.
God honors the sacrifice,
and every sacrifice touches your heart
and move your hand.
Jesus said, This is my commandment.
That ye love one another as I have loved.
And there is no greater love than
a man who gives his life for his friends.
Let's pray.
- Who won?
- John.
But he cheats.
It was two against one.
I had to do something, right?
Where is that Sharon been?
I'll find her.
Thank you.
Pete asked you to come to me.
You must think that one day
I will also run.
Thanks for the ride.
Just make sure you that
you care and that beautiful baby.
May I ask if you already have a name?
- Sharon.
- What is it?
I do not want to pry,
we are only talking.
We do not have a name chosen.
We are thinking about if John
and Phyllis boy if a girl.
- We are?
- Yes, you said you liked.
I never said that.
Is the name of my grandmother.
And I can not stand.
Oh Gosh.
Not just me, nobody likes it.
True, no one supports.
Okay, well ...
Sharon, let's go inside.
These two have a lot to talk.
Thanks again.
You do not have to thank.
Just remember:
Children are a blessing.
They are the same.
To learn to speak.
I think nobody likes Phyllis.
We should not talk so much baby with them.
It seems wrong.
They lost their daughter two years ago.
They lost daughter? Mia, she ran away
and joined with a bunch of hippies.
Probably, now has
three husbands and called Star.
Well, until Star can be
a most beautiful name Phyllis.
No trancaste the door?
Do not.
Why would lock?
You have to start locking, John.
The world changed.
They call themselves "The Family"
but the police consider them a threat.
It is estimated a total of 30 members,
many of which have a history of
drug abuse and criminal behavior.
Some are detained and awaiting trial
the shocking murders
of Tate and La Bianca
You can turn off the TV?
So it's hard to concentrate.
"The leader Charles Mason,
God's call for a
and devil by others of
his devoted followers,
I had predicted a destructive vengeance,
which he named Helter Skelter ... "
Thank you.
You should not see this.
Ah sim?
Yes it's true.
Babies in utero, may have
the outside world experiences
more than previously thought.
They can recognize
voices, noise, songs ...
I bet the person who discovered
it spent millions of dollars
when enough have only asked a mother.
As it is running?
I'm trying to make the most of.
Everyone tells me
that when you residence will
be a thousand times worse.
Besides still have not told
anyone that I will be a father.
Why not?
Do not know.
Sometimes we do not want to
hear how difficult it can be.
It can be tricky.
Rather, it represents a challenge.
Are you talking about the
residence or me and the baby?
Do not know.
Or it could be both.
It's not the ideal situation,
given what I have to go.
What "we" have to go.
I did not mean it.
It will not be so
difficult, challenging and
only bad things, but ...
I know I've been a little
far and some people may find that ...
Some people?
Most of the people.
All people?
Can I go back the last two
minutes and talk again?
It's all right.
Sei que andas stressado.
Maybe I'm too sensitive lately.
You want to tell you why?
Yes, doctor.
Let's see.
In my opinion almost expert,
you are a little sensitive
because you are very pregnant.
Excuse the way I am sometimes.
Yes, I'm a little stressed to
be almost finished the course.
And I'm about to go crazy,
but I never have been happier.
Ok? Por causa de ti ...
and baby.
I have something for you.
Oh no. The last time you
said that I was pregnant.
Close the eyes .
I would wait until the
baby is born, but ...
I feel guilty ...
Yes, for what I said.
Open your eyes.
My God, John!
It was this, right?
Onde to find?
You know how I looked?
I had totally lost hope.
I'm here as well.
Maybe we'll run out of money
for income in the coming months, but ...
It is just right here.
So the collection is complete, is not it?
That's right.
Thank you. I loved it!
What's up? And the baby?
Do not.
I heard screams next door.
I think there's something wrong.
Stay there. I'll check .
John, wait.
Is not it better to call the police?
Why do you think you hear a scream?
Let me go see,
they would do the same for us.
If you hear me scream,
I preferred to be called the police.
"If" hear you scream.
I have.
Go home and call the ambulance, quick!
112, what is your emergency?
I need an ambulance.
316 Garden Street Road.
Do not know.
There is a lot of blood.
Please as soon as possible.
I like your dolls.
My husband is just around the corner.
Take whatever you want!
Described as a tragic scene, police are still
investigating what could be the result of a ritual.
A couple was stabbed by daughter
Annabelle Higgins and her boyfriend.
Believed to be part of a cult
The main suspect was shot
and killed by police
The daughter, as it seems to be suicide,
was found with his throat cut
One of the officers reacted
to this bloody crime saying:
"In all these years of work,
never seen anything as gruesome as this."
amniotic sac in a normal state,
It was not pierced ...
Although see travel signs
na rea do cervix.
Most likely caused by trauma.
And so
I will recommend you absolute rest
for the rest of the pregnancy.
Can get up
and walk through the hospital
if you do carefully.
Anything beyond that,
could put it to you and your baby
in danger.
- OK?
- OK thank you.
The lock.
Sent rub everything at least twice.
It is as clean as an operating room.
You did not have to do this.
You did not have to do this.
You'll be lying for a long time.
You'd make in crazy if I did not.
But do not be too obsessed with the novels.
You know I hate novels.
Then bring the other things. We make
this room on your own textile factory.
What's up?
You think it's okay with the baby?
The baby did not realize anything.
Do you really think?
What about those studies ...
Mia, come on ...
Did you hear the doctors.
If you do what they said,
the baby is fine.
The baby is good.
You are the mother.
If he were not, you'd know.
But if something happens ...
O que?
What can happen?
In childbirth, John ...
Saved the baby instead of me ...
We have to talk about it.
I do not forgive myself
if anything happened to him.
Promise me.
I promise-you save or baby.
Yes I promise.
But you know what?
He'll be fine.
And you too.
It's all right.
- The television is turned off again.
- Seriously?
Must be of the room.
This has never happened in the room.
What is all this?
are only a few things to satisfazeres
any wishes
that may arise.
It's funny, I have not had desires.
Pickles! It comes in handy because ...
John, we're meant to be together.
Eu sei ...
Type mustard and pickles.
You were always that meeting today?
Yes, I went.
There are plenty of opportunities
to stay in the hospital.
Of course yes.
But it is located in Pasadena,
farther from the beach. Would you mind?
A change would be good.
Sim ...
There is a conference in Sacramento that he
thinks I should attend to help expedite things.
It is in a few days and lasts all day.
It's just a few days.
I'll be fine.
You should go back to bed.
The detective called, said he wanted
to spend here at home this week.
I've told you everything.
- I would rather forget this whole situation ...
- I know.
He said he only wanted
to review some things.
The doll.
Livras-te dela?
She had her hands.
You're right.
I will deal with it.
Can you tell the detective to
go here at your convenience.
I will not be able to
leave for a long time.
They were members of a cult.
We confirmed that she was the daughter
of Higgins and her boyfriend.
- You may have heard in the news ...
- What are the services to conquer the world?
It is not as common as
they want to believe.
It will be hard to convince us that ...
They were satanic?
She has a right to know.
Yes, we believe that had an
interest in the occult ...
Who did this to prove their devotion
the gratuitous violence.
That's crazy.
Madmen do crazy things, ma'am.
This was the case ...
Let me tell you something ...
I will continue to investigate
and I'll see what I find.
If you find something,
contact you ...
Do not.
Thank you.
Unless something that
undermines our security ...
rather not return to hear of it.
Very well.
No problem.
Like this.
Thank you.
I'll make popcorn.
Are you sure that both salt and
butter will not do harm to ...
- How do you feel?
- Nervous.
They will love you.
I love you too.
Sorry I have not been there.
I'm sorry.
Attracted to you.
It's a girl.
It's my baby.
My God.
Leah Hello, I am your father.
Look at her.
John, the fire.
She is fine.
- It's all right.
- I do not know what happened.
It is as if the house was cursed.
I can not go back there.
With it not ...
You will not have to go back.
You have to get out of the house.
Come on, we're late.
Should we go again?
Leah has been grumpy.
She is fine.
You need both to leave.
They spend too much time here.
- I know, but ... - Look, look.
It is a beautiful day.
Come on, you need that, me too.
Leah also is in need of a color.
Stop it.
She could use a little of that,
what's it called? Ah, Cocoa oil.
We could smears it with cocoa butter.
Ok, I will if you stop talking.
Come on.
We can not let fear control us,
because we are never alone
when we believe in God.
It is not true that the more we know
about something, the less we fear it?
We must face our fears to see them better.
We need to light bright lights
monsters on the feed
our insecurities and anxieties,
What about the question
that launched on us.
We have to remember that for those who have
faith 343 This light of truth is eternal.
Can I take a picture of you?
I like to take pictures of the
new members of the congregation.
Yes of course.
Hold it in his lap.
I do not need to be in the photograph.
Of course you need.
A mother is the closest
thing to God that exists,
because only they can share
the creative miracle of God.
I still feel the lack of
Higgins, every Sunday.
I imagine how difficult it must be ...
there's John, I better go.
We have many boxes to unpack.
Unfortunately I do not
have a prayer for this.
I think some things have
to be ourselves to solve.
I think it's the last.
Someone opened champagne.
I'll see.
How did you get here?
I swear that I laid out.
Do not know.
Things must have mixed up after the fire.
Give me that.
Do not.
You gave me as a gift.
You are sure?
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Do you live here?
Say Yes
-I ..
You must not say such things.
She is a stranger.
It's a great example to follow.
I like your doll.
I have one just like it.
More than one, actually.
I am Mia and this is Leah.
What is your name?
'I am ...' I told not saying.
Well, maybe one day we can all be friends.
- Hello. This is the new tenant of the building?
- Yes.
It should also be all
new to this little ...
Her name is Leah.
It's lovely.
- I'm Mia.
- Hello, I'm Evelyn.
It is the favorite book of my daughter.
Perhaps Leah also like when you're older.
Very kind, thank you.
Well, you can come whenever you want.
Thank you.
You see?
It's us.
We should talk to their parents?
If Leah did something,
I would like to know
Leah would never do something like this is a bad design.
Notice the proportions ..
Yes Mia, if she did something,
I would also like to know.
Let's see where they live. But we will not
give too much importance to this, okay?
There is no threat, just a drawing
of a very imaginative child.
I know I know...
Remember we moved here to
get away from what happened ...
We brought clothing, furniture, but
we promise to leave the fears behind.
I do not want to have this conversation.
I am here...
The worry you for one little thing.
You know what?
Tomorrow not working late,
How about a nice dinner
and an adult conversation?
It's ok?
Can be?
There's nobody here.
Just you, me and Leah.
I know what I saw.
Was her.
Things are happening
that I can not explain.
What things?
are you sure that these are not
manifestations of your anxiety?
Because it is normal for
a mother postpartum ...
You do not know everything,
just because you're doctor.
I think we should talk to someone.
Someone like who?
A psychiatrist?
I'm not crazy, John.
I'm not.
I did not say that, okay?
And I'm not talking about a psychiatrist.
And that's when we turned
in for the Church, Father.
That's what my parents did when things were not right.
And it worked for them.
Yes I understand.
But with you the case is different.
In a matter of months, you have
gone through worse things in life.
And also the best.
Something like that is enough to shake
even the strongest foundations.
But you survived.
And instead of forgetting,
I think they should use this as an example
for how strong you can sser when they unite.
It does not get weaker after
a situation like this.
You become stronger.
You're right.
- Mia, certo?
- Sim.
And of course I remember Leah.
- And you are? - John.
- This is Evelyn, the bookstore.
- Sure, thanks for the books.
I could not resist.
I saw the girls and felt
that knew long ago.
So, where does this beautiful family?
- We have come to say good-bye.
- I have to go to the hospital. I'm doing night.
- You must have done something wrong.
- They told me it's a Prem.
Well, when you come across it,
do not hesitate to visit me.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
I was also going.
- Thanks for coming.
- You're welcome.
I'm surprised to have called me.
- When we talked ...
- I said I did not want to talk about this.
But after this time,
I think I need an outcome.
There are many unanswered questions.
I understand.
I brought everything I have on the case.
This is the Annabelle ...
The daughter of Higgins.
The photograph was taken before
she had joined the cult.
That such worship ...
Do you know anything more about this?
What specifically?
Do not know.
There must be some reason for the attacks.
473 Crazy people do crazy things.
Yes I know.
They are not thought crazy.
They must have a reason.
After further investigation,
I found that not something devotional.
They were trying to evoke something.
What kind?
The devil, demons, ...
The tooth fairy,
I can not specify ...
- No matter ...
- Why not?
They were a bunch of junkies.
Estamos to falar of deliquentes,
under the influence of God knows what.
This made alucinassem and
They do terrible things.
This symbol is familiar?
Ever heard the expression "sometimes
a cigarette, it's just a cigarette?"
So should not care
To have this?
One more thing ...
The cult had a name?
They autointitulavam up
"The sheep's disciples."
Hello again.
Need help?
No, no, I'm just watching.
I just found out one thing:
mind you very badly.
What do you look?
- I'll be back later.
- Mia.
I'm older, since few things surprise me.
And even that surprise,
I'm too tired for the show.
Now will you tell me, or ...?
I think my family is being
haunted by a ghost.
Ala 4 Siga-Me.
I know it sounds crazy
this idea of the girl's ghost ...
- But ...
- You're not crazy.
Those who do not believe are crazy.
You believe these things?
You could say that I had
some experiences in life,
that make me keep an open mind.
I do not think what has happened
is related to the girl.
Why not?
A ghost haunts specific locations,
usually where something bad happened,
as their former home.
We we moved but still happen.
517 That's why we do not think it's a ghost.
But this cult, you said
you were trying to call something?
From what I've read,
these sects do not invoke spirits.
They invoke inhuman spirits.
Something that has never
existed in the physical world.
What do they want?
A soul.
And they will not stop until they get.
What do I do?
I hope the rtesposta is in these books.
My daughter Ruby.
She died when I was your age.
Without it, it seems that
I have more goals to live.
But as I waited for death
He told me it was not yet my time.
God had a purpose for me.
And you also have a purpose, Mia.
Protect your family.
So do not think you're crazy
for trying to do this.
Do what you think is right.
Do what you have to do.
"Spilled a sangue
a family ...
Shed the blood of an
innocent "But as I hold?
What has happened?
You have to help us, John.
Thank you for coming, Father.
I can see the doll?
- John got rid of it.
- Or at least I tried.
But she appeared in one of the boxes ...
I still do not understand what the doll
has to do with this supposed demon.
Sometimes the demons use
objects to achieve their ends.
What purpose?
Our soul, John.
That is why it is behind Mia.
- Want her soul.
- No, no...
The demons do not take souls so easily.
The soul should be offered before.
I'm not planning to offer my soul so soon.
The devil is the father of lies.
Demons are their handlers.
No one wants to offer his soul.
How do we get rid of it?
What we do not to come back?
Do not know.
Not yet .
But maybe someone knows the church.
I know someone who has experienced the same.
They are by far, but we can always call them.
What we do in the meantime?
I do not want to leave Leah near this doll.
Let me take it.
Maybe to close a sacred site, the spirit
weakens and she has no strength to come back.
You're welcome.
- Let's get you in bed. Orders from the doctor.
- No, John.
- Only when you are sure that it does not return.
- Mia.
- What if ...
- I can not, John.
And if I stay up with her?
You stay the rest.
Good evening.
Thank you for believing in me.
I do not know if you would do ...
Please, I love you.
I will always believe you.
Good evening.
Perez thinks the priest can help us?
Honestly Mia,
not meddle,
this is between me and Leah, and she
told me she wanted those pajamas.
Let us spoil it with both treat.
It is impossible to spoil a baby.
I do not know if it's like that.
We will end up finding, because
it also pointed to these dresses.
It is not the cutest thing?
Let me wag it.
Okay, here we go.
You saved my life.
What song was that you were singing?
Nothing more.
always calmed my Ruby as a baby.
Mind if I ask how she died?
You have no problems
if you do not want to talk about ...
Not alright.
It was a car accident.
I went back to visit my parents.
They lived in the north ...
I was tired.
The family does that to people.
It was too late, should not be driving.
The last thing I remember was looking
at my daughter sitting next to me
EVE-from Oro.
Mia, she would have become
a beautiful young woman.
I woke up three weeks later.
But Ruby does not.
I not even had a chance to say goodbye.
There was no time to ask God to take me.
I made a mistake
and she paid the price.
Where is it?
Where is what?
The doll.
It was not you?
A Mal.
Your presence. I saw it.
I felt it.
I watched as she wants ...
I want?
Take her soul.
But you said she had to be offered.
A baby can not offer his own soul.
My God.
I'll see her.
- I am?. - Mia.
Father had an accident,
he said ...
- John?
- Mia, his home.
I will now stop there.
It's all right?
May God have mercy on your soul!
Mia, the phone does not work.
Where is she?
You must come with me.
I'm not leaving without my daughter.
We come get it,
but we need to go to church first.
What do you want from me?
Where is she?
There must be a solution.
Mom will save you.
Hear me! Please get down ..
- She took my baby.
- Please.
Come down, please.
She wants her soul.
Do not.
Do not.
She will return it ...
Mia, listen.
Mia, I need you here.
Honey, I need you, do not do that.
Eu Amo yourself, John.
I know you'll take good care of Leah.
Kisses her every night.
No, no.
John, he wants her soul.
My baby.
Mia, listen.
You can not do this to Leah.
A daughter needs a mother.
You said that he wants her soul.
Please let me save her.
You do not have to do it, right?
For for.
You said that salvavas.
Think nela, Mia.
OK? Think about it.
Please do not do it with us.
He wants her soul.
I can do something.
This was my purpose.
No, no.
Every sacrifice touches the heart of God
and move your hand.
Jesus said, "This is my commandment."
That ye love one another
as I have loved you
There is no greater love than the one
who gives his life for his friends.
It was a beautiful ceremony.
It is with good aspect, Father.
Thanks, Mia.
How are you?
We are much better, thank you.
There was more a sign of the doll?
Do not.
Nothing since that night.
I thought I was with the police.
You can not destroy
what has never been created.
I just hope that the next person who comes
into contact with it get the help they need.
US too.
It was good to see him.
- Goodbye, Father.
- Goodbye, Mia.
Almost forgot.
It's beautiful.
Thank you Father.
The greatest masterpiece of God's heart
It is the heart of a mother.
May I help you?
I wanted to buy something
for my daughter, thank you.
She is a nurse.
Always helping people.
We were just looking for a way.
We never found.
It is part of a collection.
That is why,
the price is a little higher.
You want to take?
Yes please.
"Annabelle is in a glass box in the bedroom
of Ed and Lorraine Warren artifacts.
It is blessed by a priest twice a month. "
"The threat of evil is always present. We can contain it
if we remain attentive, but can never truly be destroyed."
Lorraine Warren