Annabelle's Wish (1997) Movie Script

You know, Christmas Eve is a night
tailor-made for wishes.
This Christmas Eve
would be no exception.
It was special, even for Santa...
...cos that night...
...on a farm in Tennessee,
a calf was born and a legend began.
Her arrival...
...would change
the life of a little boy for ever.
Her name was Annabelle.
And, trust me, it was no accident...
...this bundle of joy, with wishes
all her own, was born on Christmas Eve.
# Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
# Fa-la la-la laaa la la la la
# 'Tis the season to be jolly
Fa-la la-la laaa la la la...
#... laaaaaa!
I know, Ears...
...but you gotta admit, Emily's got spunk,
and she's good to our Billy.
We like that in a gal, don't we?
Woof woof woof!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Bye! Merry Christmas!
Now, Grandpa Baker was a believer
through and through...
...and he had a wish that Christmas, too.
It wasn't anything for himself.
Keep going, Mr Baker...
...don't stop here!
His wish was for his grandson.
Billy had a bit of a problem.
What's the matter, Billy?
Ain't ya gonna sing?
Yeah, he was singing - Silent Night!
Bucky and Buster Holder... can you be so... so mean?!
Just because Billy can't talk
doesn't mean he can't hear! He has ears!
Get outta here!
Woof woof!
You... you...
- Nah nah na-nah nah!
Don't worry, Emily, I'll handle this.
How would you boys like to go
carolling with us?
- My boys ain't goin' nowhere.
- Evening, Gus. Merry Christmas.
We don't go in for that around here.
Don't you remember
when I used to take you carolling?
You were full of Christmas spirit then.
That was before and this is now.
You'd best be getting on.
I'll start her and we'll get on down
the road. Sorry we bothered you.
Buster, they done forgot their present!
Merry Christmas
The way they acted, you'd think
Mr Holder and his boys...
...hated Christmas.
Bucky and Buster are meaner
than snakes!
I hope Santa Claus
has nothing left but dolls...
...when he gets to their house!
Well, he's gotta leave 'em something.
Last stop, Emily.
That was fun, huh, Billy?
Singing Christmas songs.
Well, not the singing part.
Being out on Christmas Eve.
Night, Billy.
- Night, Mr Baker.
- Woof woof woof!
Merry Christmas to you, too, Billy.
Yep, somehow Emily always knew
what Billy wanted to say.
Woof woof!
Hey, hey, hold your horses, Ears!
Woof woof! Grwoof grwoof grwoof!
Reckon I'd best see what's going on
in the barn. Wanna give me a hand?
That's okay, son!
I'll be in in a minute to tuck you in!
- What's all the commotion here?
- Eee eee whoa 'ey!
Let me in, guys.
Well, would you just lookee here!
Looks like you got your Christmas present
real early, Star.
Well, she's a real beaut!
Yeah, Scarlett...'re a beauty, too.
- Nei-i-i-igh!
Shucks, missed a spot! Can't have
you two catching a chill, can we?
Yeah, I can patch up this old barn,
but I can't seem to patch up Billy.
Woof woof!
That's okay, Slim,
it's the thought that counts.
My friends, merry Christmas!
You're getting a little big for this.
Either that or I'm getting too old.
Christmas on the farm
was pretty simple...
...but, in the city, simple
was never enough for Aunt Agnes.
# Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
# Fa la-la la la
# La la la laaa
Well... nearly perfect.
Hmm, candles...
Something's missing.
And you know what that is?
A child, that's what.
And we know just where
to get one, don't we?
When your brother died,
you gave up all rights to your nephew.
We haven't been able to find
a legal loophole.
You're my lawyer! I'm paying you
big bucks to find a loophole!
Actually... not that big bucks.
If I have to spend one more Christmas
without you, Billy, I...
I... get what I want!
Memories have a way of being
good and bad.
That old music box reminded Grandpa
of his daughter Sarah...
...and gave him the gumption
to raise that little boy.
On the other hand, it brought up
the night Billy lost his voice.
Doc, do you think
Billy's gonna be all right?
I'm sorry, he may never talk again.
Well, if anyone could prove
that doctor wrong...'d be Grandpa.
He just refused to give up.
Around midnight,
old Ears tore out on a mission.
It had to do with
the secret legend of Santa Claus.
You never heard of it, did you?
Heh-heh! Well, that's why
they call it a secret.
Woof woof!
You see, the story goes that,
on this night...
...Santa brings the animals
a very special gift.
I said, who-o-o-oa!
The story goes...
...children aren't the only ones
who get a gift from Santa.
Let the talking begin!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, Santa!
...who is that?
I'm Santa Claus.
But the question is,
who are you, hmm?
Let's see.
Ahhh, you must be Annabelle...
...and right on schedule.
Say, what's that on your lips, Slim?
Oh, well... um... er...
You ate my lunch, didn't you?
I-I can't help it...
...I get so hungry!
I'm a pig!
But I promise I'll start my diet
right now - tonight!
Ears, old buddy, what's the scoop?
You've asked the right person about
what the scoop is because I know...
...and the scoop is this...
What was the question?
I-I just can't seem to get
this whole flying... thing!
That's because... flying is up.
Don't worry, Owliver, you'll be
flying with eagles in no time.
Miss Scarlett...
...looking lovely as ever, I see.
You really think so?
I bet you're just sayin' that.
I'm not as young as I used to be.
- Ho ho ho ho ho!
- Santa...
...I've got the best
Christmas present ever.
Yes, I'd say you do, Star.
Now, where did she go?
How come these cows
have these things on their heads?
Those aren't cows, Annabelle.
They're my magic reindeer.
They help me fly.
Mmm, flying is like...
...taking a walk in the sky.
It's how I get around the world so fast.
Hold still, now.
You're as pretty as a present!
Well, I've gotta go.
Lots of youngsters depending on me.
Enjoy the talking, now...
...but, remember...'s our secret!
Merry Christmas, Santa!
Merry Christmas!
# This time of year
# In the cold
# Of old December
# Songs of the past
help us to remember
# If you believe
# In the song inside you
# You'll find a voice to sing
# If you believe in your dreams
to guide you, you can do anything
# If you can open your heart
# Then you can start
# To be completely free
# If you believe
# In yourself
# It's easy
# To believe
# In...
#... me
Ho ho ho ho ho!
Come on inside, honey.
But I wanna go with him!
I wanna fly, too!
Well, sweetie,
you'll have to talk to Santa about that.
Is he coming back?
Mm-hm, yes.
- Next year.
- Hm, good!
Then I'll wait right here!
You know, a year is a very long time,
young lady. Er, maybe...
Maybe you'd better wait inside the barn.
Maybe next time, Momma...
Maybe next time I can ask Santa...
...if I can fly, too.
Maybe so, honey, if you're real good.
Go-o-o-o-ood morning, barnyard!
Hey, this is Brewster the Rooster
coming right at ya...
...saying hi to all my lovely chickies
out there!
Momma, has it been a year yet?
No, dear, it's barely been one day.
Oh, boy, I'm not gonna start my diet
today, I'll start my diet tomorrow.
Flying is straight up...
That Christmas morning was packed
with surprises - some pleasant...
...some... not so pleasant.
Whoever scheduled Christmas
for this time of year...
...should have their head examined!
It should be in July when there's
no snow and the sales are on.
- Agnes!
- How nice to see you.
Mmm mmm!
William, darling...
...give your auntie a big kiss!
So, sweetie...
...tell me all about yourself.
Oh, that's right, you don't...
Oh, well, how are you doing in school?
Well, never mind,
we can discuss that later.
But look what Auntie
has brought for you!
Open your presents, sweetie.
This is for you, Charles.
Merry Christmas.
They're imported bonbons from Paris.
You know... France.
Truth be told, Aunt Agnes
was about as interested in Billy... he was in that silly bunch
of presents she brought.
But another present caught his eye.
Whatcha got there? "Look outside. "
It was love... first lick!
Let's see.
"Her name is Annabelle. "
"Take good care of her.
Love, Santa Claus. "
You gave him a cow for Christmas?!
Nope, it was Santa Claus.
You're teaching the boy
to believe in that fantasy?
Nothing wrong with a little believing
after what he's been through.
Exactly! This dreadful farm
is a reminder of that horrible fire.
This farm just isn't safe...
let alone for a boy who can't talk.
Oh, Agnes!
Billy followed Annabelle into the barn
without even thinking about it.
When he saw where he was,
he was scared.
Woof woof woof woof!
Bless you.
All I said was "Bless you".
Ohh, the cat's out of the bag!
Oh, man, the calf blew it!
Oh, boy, Santa's gonna be mad!
That's bad. Really bad.
Where's William? He's in that
hideous barn, isn't he? Isn't he?!
Shhh! They're coming.
Just give 'em the usual.
Billy, are you okay?
This is no way to raise a child!
Not in front of the boy, Agnes.
Fine. Let's go inside, then...
...before I take on the stench
of these filthy animals!
Nope, not me.
Ohhh, cacka!
- Don't just stand there!
- I'm coming, Agnes.
You okay, Billy? I'm gonna take care
of that old biddy once and for all!
How disgusting!
I hear that!
Oh, Santa's gonna be mad!
Now hold it, hold it, hold it!
Hold it down just a doggone minute!
It's true that we're not supposed
to talk in front of humans...
...but I guarantee it'll be okay
if it doesn't go any further.
Now, Billy's not gonna tell anyone. Well...
...that's my opinion.
- Yeah!
He won't say anything, will ya, Billy?
You won't, will you?
Annabelle honey, dear, you see...
...Billy can't talk.
I'll come right to the point.
I'm worried about William's welfare.
Billy's faring just fine, Agnes.
Ever since my dear brother, rest his soul,
and that daughter of yours...
...were... lost, I've worried myself sick
over little William.
What's to become of that poor...
pathetic little child?
Didn't you see how happy he was?
He's not afraid of the barn any more,
thanks to Annabelle.
That bovine with that bow, why,
that's the silliest thing I've ever seen.
The boy doesn't need a cow,
he needs a doctor.
Doc Taylor says
there's nothing he can do.
That boy needs real doctors,
not a country hick...
...who treats pigs as well as people!
Of course...
Of course... you agree...
...that I can give him the best
that money can buy.
Why now? You had your chance
and you didn't want him.
Well... I changed my mind.
I'll make the perfect...
...the perfect mother.
William will be much better off
with me in the city.
The answer is no... no!
N.O. You're not getting Billy!
We'll see about that.
You've not heard the last from me.
I have lawyers, you know.
I didn't wanna hear from her
the first time!
I never liked her to begin with,
but that's just my opinion.
Like my ribbon? Santa gave it to me.
Santa's got cows with things on their
heads. I think that he called them...
...r- r-r-reindeers.
They can fly! I'm gonna learn to fly!
I'll ask Santa next time I see him!
That's gonna be my wish.
Whatcha doing, Billy?
Wanna see what I got for Christmas?
Wow! Where did you get the calf?
She's so cute!
Oh, I get it. You're pretending
she's a reindeer, huh?
- Er...
- Woof!
Great! I've got the sled... I mean, sleigh.
Wanna be an elf, Billy?
I've decided I want to be the elf,
so you'll have to be Santa. Is that okay?
Emily always knew what Billy wanted.
Sometimes I'd swear she knew it
before he did.
With his new friend Annabelle...
...this would be a Christmas...
...Billy would never forget.
Hey, wait up, you guys!
Wait for me!
Slow down!
I think I just flew.
It felt like it. Yes, I think so.
Th-there's trouble here. There's trouble.
Hey, Bucky, look who's here
with his new...
What is that?!
I don't know,
but they done busted our fence!
Hey, what's goin' on out here?
Pa, we caught 'em on our property.
- You did, did you?
- Yeah, and they busted our fence.
I thought we should learn 'em a lesson.
You did, did you?
Nice-looking calf.
Grrrrr! Woof!
Take your calf and your dog and git!
- Are we in trouble?
- Shh! Just don't look back.
Wonder how the old man
can afford to feed the heifer.
Maybe I should pay Old Man Baker
a visit...
...and collect on the damages
his little heifer just done.
- Did you have fun, sweetheart?
- Oh, Momma...
...Billy is my bestest friend.
Momma... come Billy can't talk?
Well, honey, you see...
...there was a terrible fire
here in the barn one night.
It was a close call for all of us...
...including Billy.
He hasn't... spoken since.
At all?
- No.
- Oh.
I'll talk for both of us, then.
That would be nice, honey,
but our day of talking is almost over.
You mean we don't always get to talk?
Well, sugar...
...nothing lasts for ever.
Hey, Star, Annabelle says she's gonna fly
around the world. Oh, sure
I said I'm gonna try!
Nuh-uh. You don't even have, like,
the equipment - the wings.
Oh, I hate to see the sweet
little thing get her hopes up.
Hmm, truth is, honey...
...pigs are fat and cows can't fly.
Let her dream.
Dreams are so important.
Oh, she'll grow out of it, Star.
I mean, I used to dream.
I used to dream of being famous.
You know, like Lassie or Old Yeller.
W-Well, m-maybe not like Old Yeller.
I am too gonna fly...
...over the moo...
# Wish I may
# Wish I might
# On my favourite star
# Let me feel, let me see
# The world from where you are
# Someday soon, Mr Moon,
# I will touch your fa-a-a-ace
# Flutter by Lady Butterfly
# Challenge eagles
# To a chase
# Round and round and up and down
No boundaries
# No fe-e-e-e-e-ar
# My heart was born
# To dream, to see
# The world from way up here
# My heart was born
# To dream, to see
# The world
# From way up here
So, as another Christmas Day
came and went, so did the talking.
Annabelle woke up
and she couldn't wait to see...
...if she'd grown antlers overnight.
Nope, the antlers and the flying
had all just been a dream.
Woof woof!
When Annabelle didn't talk, Billy
wondered if he'd been dreaming, too.
Sheriff, Gus, is there a problem?
Yes, Charlie, I'm afraid there is.
Billy and his calf caused some damage
at the Holders'. Tore down a fence.
Well, Gus, I'm right sorry about that.
I'll pay for the damages.
- You know I'm good for it.
- Don't give me that!
- I know you don't have the money.
- But, Gus, I...
That's why I'm not asking for money.
I'll take that young cow instead.
Get her, boys.
He can't do that... can he?
Er... yeah, I'm afraid so, Charlie.
Heck, I'm doing you a favour.
Don't know how
you could afford to feed her.
Tell you what, if you can raise
the money in 24 hours...
...I'll make sure you get it back.
Well, thanks, but I just
don't know where I'd get it.
Let's go!
- Ahhhhhhh!
- Come on, you stupid cow!
What am I gonna do, Ears?
Remember? It was Sarah's
most treasured possession.
Oh, how she loved this old music box!
Morning, Charlie. Thought I'd stop by...
...and see how you're doing.
How's the boy? Er...
Old buddy, if I had the money,
I'd give it to you.
I know you would,
but I think I've solved the problem.
What are you gonna do?
I've decided you can't hang on
to some things for ever.
Billy really needs Annabelle.
When I get the money,
will you get her back for me?
Oh, you betcha, Charlie.
It'd be my pleasure.
So, Grandpa did what he had to do.
He sold the music box...
...and he got Annabelle back.
He just knew some friends
shouldn't be separated.
# Spring is on the hillside
# And the sky's an easy blue
# It's a perfect time for all those things
# That we both love to do
# Like taking walks
and having talks
# Or staring at the stars
# While slowly we discover
# What we want
# And who we are
# Seasons come and seasons go
# And the world keeps rolling round
# You've got me and I've got you
# And that's the sweetest thing
we've found
# It takes a little time
# To find a heart you really trust
# But it'll take you to forever
# And make you friends like us
# Summer is a daydream
# Drifting through the trees
# Whatever we can dream of
# Is something we can be
# Watching early evening fall
# And countin' fireflies
# A harvest moon above us
# As crickets sing their lullabies
# Autumn comes
- # And winter's close behind
- # Winter's close behind
# A friend is someone
# You can turn to
- # When the sun don't shine
- # Sun won't shine
# Seasons come and seasons go
# And the world keeps rolling round
# You've got me and I've got you
# And that's the sweetest thing
we've found
# It takes a little time to find
# A heart you really trust
# But it'll take you to forever
# And make you friends like us
- # It'll take you to forever
- # Forever
# And make you
# Friends like us
Woof! Woof-woof!
Grandpa was right.
Over that year, Annabelle, Billy
and Emily couldn't be pulled apart.
How come you only hang out with girls?
And cows!
Huh, Billy? How come?
Why don't you leave him alone?!
Why don't you let Billy stick up
for himself? Oh, I forgot. He can't talk.
You're jealous
cos you don't have any friends!
Stay out of this, Emily!
Talking just wasn't required
for the kind of friendship they had.
Pa, remember that cow
Billy got for Christmas?
It's dangerous, Pa.
Attacked us for no reason at all.
Yeah, we weren't doing nothing...
were we, Bucky?
We were just minding
our own business, right, Bucky?
- You gonna call the Sheriff, Pa?
- Hmm.
My boys don't lie.
Gus, their story's
not exactly how it happened.
The bus driver witnessed
the whole incident.
Boys, git in your room right now.
I'll deal with you later.
B-But, Pa...
Don't you sass me!
What's gotten into you, Gus?
You've become a miserable old Scrooge.
It shows in how you're raising the boys.
Do you know where Charlie got the
money to pay for Annabelle? I'll tell you.
That music box
his daughter loved so much.
Sold it to an antique dealer in town.
Lots of memories were in that box.
It's still there, and you of all people should
know what it's like to lose a loved one.
This had better be good news.
I believe I've discovered our loophole.
You've finally earned your big bucks.
The kid's all yours.
You'll have him by Christmas.
The trouble with patience is...
...when you're waiting for something to
happen, time just seems to slow down.
But wishes are worth waiting for,
no matter how long it takes...
...or what gets in your way.
What are you up to now, Agnes?
I've come to take William
and I have no time to dawdle.
Over my dead body!
Unfortunately, that won't be necessary.
This court order gives me
custody of William.
What?! I don't believe it!
It's all right there, Charles.
The judge agreed with me that William
is in grave danger on this farm...
...and I shall have custody of him
until which time he can speak.
There's not much chance of that
happening, is there?
- That's ridiculous!
- It's tight as a drum.
If you give me any trouble,
I shall call the authorities.
William, my dear boy!
Come to Aunt Agnes!
You'll love living with me!
I'm rich.
Now, run along, William,
and get your things.
Agnes, Billy and me...
...w- w-we're all each other's got.
You got 30 minutes to have him ready.
We'll buy you some decent clothes
and enrol you at the Academy.
Let's see. And a haircut.
My automobile!
My beautiful automobile!
You had something
to do with this, Charles!
Don't deny it, you senile old coot!
It won't change a thing!
Get me a tow-truck... immediately!
It's Christmas Eve, Agnes.
The station's closed.
I'll just have to see if I can get
someone to come out here...
- Tomorrow?!
- I'm afraid it's the best I can do.
At least Billy and I will have
one last Christmas together.
Only part of one, Charles.
We will be leaving in the morning.
One way or another.
Ears wasn't about to miss this night,
the one Annabelle had waited...
...a whole year for.
Let the talking begin!
Go ahead, ask him.
Come on, ask him, ask him...
...but politely.
Annabelle, what's on your mind?
Um... Momma said if I was really good...
...I could ask you for a special wish.
I've been really good!
Well, okay...
...what's your wish?
Oh, well, that's a pretty big wish.
Have you really thought about this?
She's thought of nothing else, Santa,
all year long.
Then you're sure
this is what you want?
It's what I want.
Good morning, barnyard!
I've arranged for transportation.
We'll be leaving shortly.
Be careful with my automobile, you oaf!
I'm afraid time's running out, Billy.
Huh? It's for you, Billy.
Go ahead, open it.
There's nothing in here.
I... I talked!
Billy! You're talking!
- You're talking!
- I heard that.
If that don't beat all!
...why are you crying?
Well, these are happy tears, Billy.
The best Christmas present
I ever heard.
Woof woof woof!
Say goodbye and we'll be on our way.
Billy is not going anywhere
with you, Agnes.
Oh, yes, he is.
- You wanna tell her, Billy?
- I love my grandpa.
What did you say?!
He said...
...he's not going.
Hah! Ain't it great, Agnes?
Ah... ooph... ooph!
Come on, Ears,
let's go surprise Annabelle!
Annabelle, I can talk!
Annabelle, say something.
It's Christmas. I know you can talk.
Oh, what's wrong with her?
Is she sick?
Annabelle's just fine, Billy. You see,
she gave her Christmas voice to you.
She'll never talk again.
But what about your dream to fly?
That was gonna be your wish.
No, Billy. To hear you talk...
...that was Annabelle's wish.
Oh, Annabelle!
Gus, what are you doing here?
Me and my boys here
owe you and your boy an apology.
Go ahead.
Yeah, real sorry.
I know we ain't been
too neighbourly lately...
...but, well, when I heard you sold
your daughter's music box, I...
Well, I was ashamed.
I kinda thought you might like
to have this back.
Well, thank you, Gus.
This means more to me
than you'll ever know.
Hats off, boys, there's a lady present.
Ahem! Gus Holder, ma'am.
You're not leaving, are you?
Well, actually,
Charles was just insisting...
...that I stay for Christmas dinner.
- Dinner?
- Won't you join us?
That's mighty nice of you, ma'am.
And... er... will Mrs Holder be joining us?
- There is no Mrs Holder, ma'am.
- Really?
Ahh, what adorable boys!
As usual,
Aunt Agnes got what she wanted...
...and the Holder boys
got what they deserved.
Many Christmases had come and gone...
...and the old place
hadn't changed much over the years.
Emily and I got married...
...and Annabelle became a grand old lady.
Are you coming, Billy?
I'll be there in a bit, Emily.
I like to visit the animals
on Christmas Eve.
Honestly, Billy, you act as if
those animals can talk to you.
How do you know they can't?
I wish you could tell her, old gal.
If I could see Santa,
you know what I'd wish.
Remember when we were kids?
- Mooooo!
- Annabelle?
I'm really worried about Annabelle.
Go back to sleep, Emily. I'm gonna
go outside and check on her.
Annabelle! Annabelle!
Oh, no!
There you are, Annabelle.
I've been looking all over for you.
I never forgot
what you did for Billy years ago...
...and you never expected
anything in return.
Something's missing here.
Oh, Annabelle... look pretty as a present!
Do you remember your dream,
I know someone who has a wish for you.
Ohh! I've got my voice back!
Merry Christmas, Annabelle!
Merry Christmas, Billy!
Are you ready to fly, Annabelle?
Oh, yes!
Then lead the way!
Look, Billy, I'm flying!
Merry Christmas, Annabelle.
Merry Christmas.
Yep, Christmas Eve is a night
made for wishes.
That's what it is...
...a night made for believers of all ages.
# If you believe in the song inside you
# You'll find a voice to sing
# If you believe
# In your dreams to guide you
# You can do anything
# If you can open your heart,
then you can start
# To be completely free
# If you believe in yourself
# It's easy to believe
# In me
# Sleep, tiny dreamer,
# Always on and on
# With stardust
# In your eyes
# Stay till the morning
# Safe in someone's arms
# Lost in their lullabies
# Lost in their lullabies