Annanukku Jey (2018) Movie Script

'Mahima Nambiar'
- Akkaru...
- Yes, brother?
Fly our Party's flag in half mast.
I'll fly it in half mast?
Yes, fool!
What are you looking at, huh?
"Bid him farewell with the music"
The Union Secretary of our
Tamil Culture Party...
The Socrates of Mullai Nagar!
Martyr Pichaiperumal...
passed away this morning.
His final procession is to take place
this evening at 5 PM.
Oh, how my heart aches!
How my eyes well up with tears!
How my throat is choked with grief!
I have to speak till my throat is dry
for the pittance they're paying me?
Give me that pesticide.
Get down.
Hello, brother.
What did you just say?
Martyr... Pichaiperumal?
No, before that.
True loyalist of Tamil Culture Party...?
My foot!
He was in our Indian People's Liberation
Party for twenty years!
Think you can just rent a speaker set
and say whatever you want?
I'll knock the lice out of your head.
Now, get your facts right.
The beloved child of several
such parties...
Martyr Pichaiperumal has passed away.
O Cruel Lord of Death!
Give us back our brother.
Who stuck the Opposition's posters
on our wall?
I don't know, brother.
Tear them down.
I'll tear them down, brother?
Yes, fool!
Heard our Party's District Secretary is coming
We must make him crawl, okay?
Of course.
We're the kings of our town.
We've bought booze and biryani rice
for the men.
Looks like the Opposition is coming, too.
- Beat the daylights out of them.
This funeral belongs to our Party.
What is this, boss?
Only Selva's name is printed
in all our Party's posters.
He's not mentioned your name.
You're the District Secretary.
Mustn't he print his name
below yours?
He's dividing the Party
with internal politics.
He's going to ask the leader for a
nomination in the assembly elections.
Like hell he will.
Slow down.
Get out of my way...
Hello, Chief!
Wear the shawl to him
We're the Youth Wing of Mullai Nagar.
Long live Parasuraman!
Hail Chief!
Start the car.
They spend 40 rupees on a shawl
and loot 500 from me. Leeches!
"He is in an eternal sleep"
Yes, tell me.
I have no one to fear...
"Arena is open
No rules to qualify"
My kids have been orphaned!
"Adorn our party flag over him"
So, Selvaraj...
I've greeted you even before
I could pay my respects to the dead man.
Are you well?
Heard you made a speech about
going to Delhi. Why?
You want to go sight-seeing
The Taj Mahal?
They brought me a recording
of your speech.
I could barely contain my laughter.
So you've bought the bar
at Mullai Nagar Main Road?
You can't keep a secret from me, kid.
You lay roads with crusher powder
instead of cement.
You smuggle sand without permit.
You do know what would happen
if the Party Leader found out?
You're threatening to tell the Leader?
I'll have Leader's missus
handle the Leader.
Get lost, man.
Men who sit with their legs crossed
have disappeared from politics.
Watch out.
Beat it
Beat it
What? You're already sloshed?
We're awesome, man.
Your girl is looking at you, Black-Out.
Our Party's posters have been ripped?
Keep letting them walk over us,
and we'll be destroyed in the elections.
Has Parasuraman left?
Let's go.
"Flags galore
Watch out for an encore"
My kids have been orphaned!
They're draping their Party's flag.
Out of the way!
You've brought some
girly shawl to the funeral?
Don't you dare insult our flag.
Starting a fight at a funeral?
You've come to a funeral.
Pay your respects and get going.
We'll rip you apart
if you drape that flag.
This funeral belongs to our Party.
We WILL drape our flag.
What do you care?
Mind your business, punk.
Pichai was in I.P.L.P. for 20 years!
These past two years, he's been in our Party
Isn't this our funeral?
Don't we all know
how you lured him into your Party?
You got married into his family
and stole their allegiance from us.
Aren't you ashamed?
This is uncalled for...
- What is the problem?
You're always causing trouble.
- Really?
This is not right political etiquette.
- Oh, yeah?
This is not nice.
- What's not nice?
Tell me, what's not nice?
You wave that tiny flag
and try to gather 300 votes here?
Dare to touch my leader?
You touch me?
Selva, this is atrocious!
Just atrocious!
Don't leave him
Beat him
Leave him
You sinner! Why are they fighting?
Grab him!
Don't let him go.
Start the car.
This is OUR area.
Take me along with you
T.C.P's men shall never
enter our area again.
Your Party was formed yesterday.
Think you can mess with us?
Hold the tempo.
It's going off.
Sync with me, sister.
I'm nearly there, sir.
Enough rehearsals!
Let's go.
Come on, Murugan.
Make it quick.
Arrange the instruments properly.
Hop on...
Carry it inside.
Sundari, where is your bugle?
It's missing?
- Yes.
The bugle is missing?
Look for it.
Rama, look for it.
See if it's in the bag?
Where could it be?
Guess which song this is?
Holy Lord Murugan?
- Stupid moron.
It's 'Come closer, Silver Moon'.
Let's try another song.
How's it?
I've got goose bumps!
Keep playing.
I'll play you an Ilaiyaraja melody.
Sleep peacefully.
Let me pour it.
Stop with this round.
Don't ask for more.
Brother, we rocked that funeral!
The Opposition was terrified.
They'll never stick heir posters
in our town again.
Don't talk politics
where people come to drink.
You should be looking after your family,
not running behind this Party.
Why do you scold me?
You're from our Party.
You're a senior, an honourable man.
And you're talking this way?
Aren't you proud that we
thrashed the Opposition men?
Proud of what?
Either it's an upper caste
vs. lower caste fight...
or my Party vs. Opposition Party fight...
or you fight over this god
and that god.
All you need is a reason to fight.
Just shut up, drink and leave.
"My heart is leaping out of it's place;
Princess, it yearns to see your face."
"Like a puppy wagging it's tail;
It follows your trail."
"My heart is leaping out of it's place;
Princess, it yearns to see your face."
"Like a puppy wagging it's tail;
It follows your trail."
"My heart is leaping out of it's place"
Selva is splurging money
for the District posting.
So he'll get a posting for sure?
My wages, please.
Quick, dad.
What's this?
You're paying wages to your son?
If he goes out to work,
he'll make 400 rupees.
I pay him 600.
This way, I get to keep him close.
Where are you going?
Some important work.
- I'll go with you.
Let's go, buddy!
"My heart is leaping out of it's place;
Princess, it yearns to see your face."
"Like a puppy, wagging it's tail;
It follows your trail."
"My heart is leaping out of it's place!"
Black-Out, why are you tailing that auto?
When I give her this horn...
she'll be impressed with me
for finding what she lost.
And she'll fall back in love.
That's why.
But you get snubbed every time, man.
You know the story of the crow
and the pebbles?
The crow dropped pebbles
in the jar of water.
And the water rose eventually.
Then the crow drank the water!
One by one, I'll drop some pebbles.
Sure, drop them.
But what if there's no water?
Shut your mouth!
"Big-eyed and flat-nosed, My Pretty!
Forever, you'll be my leading lady."
Oh, buddy...
You're so pretty!
Those clothes look great on you, man.
Looks like he won't let you go.
Your lips are so pink!
They got dark from all the smoking.
So I put on some lipstick.
I'm not coming with you.
Okay, then.
That class was like some Chinese movie...
Understood anything?
So annoying!
He's waiting for you.
"I've come with so much love;
Don't you walk away!"
Ignore him.
"I can't take it, I'd be crushed;
Don't you frown at me!"
"Girl, you are my future wife.
Come, light up my life."
"Listen, girl... I'm a nice guy.
Don't you hurt me!"
Why won't you just talk to him?
- Carry on, I'll join you.
You left it behind in the van.
I struggled to bring it back...
I know you took it. Now you're
returning it. Think I'll fall for you?
This following around,
sounding the dog horn, won't work with me.
I don't like it.
Why are you laughing?
Don't you think it's funny?
We were so madly in love...
- Love?
Did I tell you that I loved you?
But I did. And you didn't say anything.
So you must love me, too.
I don't like you.
Why not?
- What did you studied?
You studied only I.T.I.
What about you? You just
walk around with that notebook.
You're just studying for
make-up exams.
Have you ever bathed?
You only wash your face.
You look above average,
but you talk too much.
And you put on
so much fairness cream.
Elephant ears!
Don't ever talk to me again.
Buzz off!
Sundari! I said stop, woman.
You've forgotten everything
I did for you?
You said wheeling was cool.
I did it for you and bruised my arm.
I got into a fight with the boys
in your hood.
But I still came for you the next day.
When you got chikungunya
I prayed to God that I should get it, too.
Whenever you played with your band,
I'd scream "Once more".
You keep giving missed calls.
I return every single one.
My phone was heated, my ears were heated,
but I continued to speak to you.
I wrote Lord Rama's name 108 times
for your 12th grade exams.
Don't try to smooth-talk me.
You need to be sincere in love.
You said you wouldn't drink.
But the other day...?
What did I do?
-You were drunk dancing at the funeral.
I swear on you...
- Lies, lies, lies!
I'm furious.
How could I ever trust you?
Forgive me this one time.
I'll get my act together...
It won't work out between us.
If you come behind me,
I really will call the cops.
What now?
Do you love me or not?
I don't.
"I've come with so much love;
Don't you walk away!"
"I can't take it, I'd be crushed;
Don't you frown at me!"
The bones on his arm are crushed.
They've amputated his arm, sir.
Don't worry.
I will help you out.
The Party will protect you.
Is there nothing we can do
about Selva in Mullai Nagar?
We did all we could, brother.
People in that area
are real smart.
They drink with us all night
and go off with Selva in the morning.
They are under Selva's control.
You good-for-nothing!
You mean Selva knows
how to control them.
We must break that somehow.
Find a man who can match up to Selva.
Make room to plant our feet,
and we shall build a fort.
Give me some water.
When is the meeting?
10 o'clock.
Drive slow. If we reach on time,
they won't respect us.
Here, eat it
Won't you serve water
along with the meal?
What is your problem?
You don't go to work.
How do we raise the children?
How will we run the family?
I can't even go to the grocer.
We owe them so much money.
I've told you not to scold me
when I'm eating.
Serve me some gravy.
You only come home to eat.
You keep running behind Selva
all the time.
Have you made a single penny
from this wretched Party?
Say whatever you want about me.
Don't say a word about the Party.
Yeah, right.
That darned Party.
Like you're going anywhere with it.
Just eat and get lost, man.
I'm warning you.
Who do you think I am?
Akkaru, let's go.
Coming, brother.
Get lost.
Whenever I go home,
she yells at me, brother.
What would a housewife
know about politics?
She asks how we'll make ends meet
at this rate.
Come these elections,
I'll be the M.L.A.
After me, you'll be handling
the bar contracts.
Okay, brother.
Wake up.
Hello, brother!
Why does the egg gravy stink so bad?
It was cooked three days ago.
Naturally, it stinks.
- Who would come to such a bar?
None of the townsfolk come here.
Only the highway travellers come.
The townsfolk drink Murugesan's toddy.
We're always running at loss.
That's why the old owner let it go.
Why did you auction for it?
I know what I'm doing.
Shut your mouth.
- Brother?
The walls need to be painted.
Hang a curtain here.
Get these windows fixed.
And change these lights.
Okay, brother.
Wash the floors with bleaching powder.
Hang a picture of Namitha there.
And 'Silk' Smitha here.
I'll send the workers.
Stay close and supervise everything.
Oh, shall I?
Yes, fool!
Sleepy-head, the bar is mine
from Wednesday.
Okay, brother.
I'll start work in the morning.
I don't want to see your face around.
I've drank toddy everywhere,
even Andhra border.
I swear, your toddy
has the most unique taste!
Sister, give me something spicy?
If I were a minister,
I'd get you government's approval.
Here, take this.
There's so much trouble in the Party.
And I've got money trouble, too.
- What?
Even you've got money trouble?
- Yes, brother.
Parasuraman just won't let me earn.
But I can't let my weakness show.
If I let it show,
he will just bury me.
I've bought the bar at the main road.
- I heard the boys talking about it.
I got the cops to seal
other shops in the vicinity.
- Government rules.
There must be no competitors
to affect the government bar's business.
How long will you toil
with all this, brother?
Why don't you work with me
at the bar?
But I run my business, Selva.
- Some business...
You need to bribe the cops every month.
You give away all your income
to them.
Just quit this business, brother.
Come and work with me.
Name your price.
But Selva...
this is the only job I know.
I can't leave this behind.
So you won't?
Okay, then.
I'll see you later.
Don't slant it
against the tree!
Plant it firm on the ground.
Hello, brother.
Why is everyone
dressed so colourful?
It's Valentine's Day!
Each colour has a significance.
- What?
Blue colour means mutual love.
Green means waiting.
Orange means about to propose.
To whom are you proposing?
Police constable Selvi.
She's my colleague.
Looks like everyone is in love.
Yes, of course.
Except me.
Come here.
Why are you suddenly being nice?
The police are our friends.
What's your shirt size?
- 38.
Why do you make him
follow you around like this?
I feel sorry for him!
It's hard to come by boys who follow
one girl with such dedication.
He must not be familiar
with Facebook and WhatsApp.
That's why he keeps coming behind you.
Had he followed me,
I'd have definitely said yes.
Oh, you don't know him.
He needs this treatment.
You get going.
I'll make him cry a little.
You monkey!
What do you want?
Instead of following me around,
why don't you get a job?
If someone saw, they'd judge me.
I'll tell on you to my parents.
My Uncle is a big-shot in Sevvapettai...
You talk too much.
Here, give this letter
to your friend Veni.
What's this?
- A love letter.
To her?
- Of course. You think I'm shameless?
How long can I keep following you?
Give it to her.
I won't.
Give it yourself.
Just give it to her.
She's prettier than you.
Where's my darling?
Hi, beautiful!
My heart is in that letter.
Happy Valentine's day.
What's in that paper?
It's nothing.
He gave you another love letter?
- Show me.
- Let me read it.
It's blank.
It's blank?
You two are up to something.
'You're Sundari and I'm Sundaran;
When we get together, it's oh oh...!'
I'm coming.
- Come, baby.
Driver! Please pull over.
Where are you going?
Are you out of your mind?
You brainless oaf!
She didn't mean you, brother.
Who do you think you are?
Think you're some big-shot?
What's this?
- It's my heart.
Now it's on the ground.
Watch what I do to your heart.
Oh God! Help me...
'You're Sundari and I'm Sekar...'
You clown.
Get lost.
Cows give milk;
Mosquitoes breed flu.
Don't allow dirty water puddles
to form around your house.
Protect yourself from fatal diseases!
"My dear, my honey!
O my dear, my honey!"
"Should I write these words of love?
Or sing to you, my flower, my dove?"
"Oh, Sundari!"
"Standing there before the deity,
When you throw a glance, I go crazy!"
"One on one, you'll take anyone down;
Your swag is sweeter than sugar."
"I brush my hair and powder my face;
The man in the mirror smiles back at me."
"My dear, my honey!
O my dear, my honey!"
"Should I write these words of love?
Or sing to you, my flower, my dove?"
"You made me show off a little,
You made me dance and twirl."
"Even as I carry out my chores,
My reckless heart soars."
"You're a superstar to me,
Like the ones in movies."
"I keep your photograph
in between these pages;"
"You're glued to my thoughts
through the ages."
"I'm alone with you,
don't care about the town"
"I love the way
you swear out loud."
"Boy, I love the way you swear out loud."
"Shiny like candy, sharp as a blade;
I scribble our names together in the walls"
"Lying in the falling mist,
I listen to the radio at night."
"You're curd rice and I'm fish finger'
Walk with me, and I'm a power ranger."
"There's no one as pretty as you!
You're my girl, my Sundari."
"My dear, my honey!
O my dear, my honey!"
"Should I write these words of love?
Or sing to you, my flower, my dove?"
"The scent from your dhaavani,
Causes tremors inside my heart."
"The scent from your dhaavani,
Causes tremors inside my heart."
What are you doing?
- You don't even know to kiss?
Of course, I can! I'm really good...
- You can't even kiss.
Come on, I'll show you.
- Get lost.
Wait, don't go!
- Don't even talk to me.
Watch Kamal Hassan movies and learn.
Oh, darn!
How did you get in?
My mother will be home any minute...
- No, she won't.
Please listen to me. Leave now!
- Don't panic...
What happened?
- My foot...
Oh, no. What happened?
A thorn pricked my foot.
It's filled with pus.
I know how to treat this.
Shall I?
What treatment?
- Shall I?
Look into my eyes.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes!
Take a deep breath in.
Breathe out.
The treatment is not over.
Don't stop halfway!
Who is that?
I lost my way.
Is this Door Number 2?
Who are you?
- Don't, mother...
I came into the wrong house.
Show me your face!
- Please don't hit, mother.
Who is that man? Who is he?
- I don't know, mother.
Tell me!
- I don't know, mother.
Please look at me.
- I didn't come here to see your face.
Here's your phone.
Take it.
Why are you getting so worked up?
Didn't I tell you to leave?
I didn't know your mother
would be back so soon!
Do you know how badly
my mother hit me?
Let me do my treatment.
- Hey, don't touch me.
Sundari, don't be mad...
Don't say a word.
You ran away.
- What was I supposed to do?
Your mother chased me with a broomstick!
Want me to stand and get beaten?
You don't need to do anything.
Leave me alone.
I'm sorry.
I even tucked my shirt in...
You're over-reacting.
We're going to be married anyway...
- Right!
Marriage is the last thing
we need.
What's wrong with
getting married?
You want me to marry you and serve toddy
like your mother does?
Didn't think about it
before you started seeing me?
I don't ever want to see your face.
Get lost.
Get lost!
Give me back my phone!
Here's your phone.
You keep it.
The display is broken.
Get the screen replaced.
Turn up the volume.
Dude, you said you won't drink anymore.
You even swore on your girl.
What's up?
I was so furious,
I wanted to punch her face!
Lucky for her,
she got away.
What did happen?
Tell us.
I went to her place to see her.
She was home alone,
so I went in.
She was lying in the cot.
Oh, what next?
I'm heartbroken here.
And you're looking for a dirty story?
Sorry, buddy.
- I'll kill you.
She's not right for my family.
What a filthy mouth!
If we were to get married
and have a few kids...
and she insults me
in front of my children!
Who would respect me then?
Oh, that story will
be carried to your grandchildren!
Come here!
You don't kill your crabs
before cooking them?
A crab bit my mouth
while I was eating.
Get lost.
Can't you hear me talking?
What's going on here?
I'm the only person drinking here
since morning. Terrible service...
Make me two half-boiled eggs.
Lots of pepper.
How much chickpeas did you cook?
- Ten kilograms.
How much did you sell?
Got the bills for chicken?
- We still haven't paid, brother.
Why not?
- We didn't sell anything.
I had to throw it all away.
How will I be able to give you
money for this everyday?
How much do you have in the cash-box?
1,000 and some change.
How much do we owe the grocer?
Over 2,000.
What the hell
am I running this bar for?
A crab from your restaurant
bit my mouth.
Are you listening?
What happened?
A crab bit me.
Hello, sir. This is Selva,
Union Secretary of I.P.L.P.
There's a man called Murugesan
selling toddy in our town.
You know that's illegal.
What would happen when
your superiors hear about this?
You must take action.
- Sekar!
Where are you?
- I'm out, mom. Don't wait up.
The cops have taken your father!
I'm really scared.
I'll go immediately.
Don't worry!
Sir, what happened?
You, wait outside.
Wash the jeep.
What happened, Uncle?
One ginger tea.
Take off your shirt.
Sir, what did I do?
Take off your shirt.
You know this is our
ancestral trade...
I said, take off your shirt!
Hit him!
Where is he?
- They just took him upstairs.
Why are you hitting him?
Let my father go!
Who are you?
Constable, throw him out.
I'm his son.
Why are you hitting him?
We told you not to sell toddy.
We can lock you up for a year
under Goondas Act.
We deposit money in your account
every month.
When did you pay me? Rubbish!
I'm a cop! Throw him out.
Don't touch my father!
Ask your son to go to the Court!
Hit him harder.
Buddy, calm down.
Listen to me!
- What?
I enquired. Selva has filed a complaint.
You take it up with the Party.
Go on.
So, this Selva filed a complaint?
That guy is trouble.
Please help me out, Chief.
- I understand your problem, son.
But he's from our Party.
It won't be right if I intervene.
Please, Chief...
Harshad wants to talk to you.
- Oh?
Hello, grandpa!
- Hi, baby.
Have you eaten?
- Where is your daddy?
You're crying?
Narayanan, call up the police station.
Have you got any money?
How much do you want?
Not for me.
It's for the cops.
Pay them off,
take him home.
Walk faster, dad.
You carry on. I'll come.
I said, walk faster!
I would if I could!
I'm not able to...
This guy Selva...?
He was just a rookie under me.
Long ago, they offered me
a position in the Party.
I had my hands full with our business,
so I gave it up for him.
Now he's in a good place.
And he's hurting the hand
that fed him.
It makes me so angry...
I've got no recognition, Sekar.
It's all my fault.
Your mother always said...
'Forget this business,
policemen are dangerous.'
And today I got beaten up
in front of my son.
I feel like I should just quit.
What's wrong with you?
Just keep quiet, dad.
Sekar's dad! Are you okay?
Break all those pots.
Election Commission has announced
that elections will be held shortly...
I need to see the Chief.
Six police and two officers...
to prevent bribing voters.
Hello, Chief.
Come in, Murugesan's son.
What's your problem now?
- There's no problem.
Get my dad a posting
in our Party.
What posting?
- Anything...
Take it.
Anything- District, Union...
I want my father to be like
Selva in this town, Chief.
You fool!
Lord Murugan...
You think politics is a game?
It's not like an engineering college
admission, to just be given away.
When we start campaigning in the morning,
we go on till the next evening.
Must keep on smiling, with folded hands,
like praying to God.
Not one person will greet us back.
My shoulders are sore
from constantly greeting!
My jaw-bones hurt
from smiling non-stop!
You need to act.
Dedicate yourself to the Party.
I will dedicate.
Dedicate what?
You fool!
You need to spend money
to impress people on top!
You can't do this.
No...I will.
Everyone in the district
knows Selva.
Does anyone outside this town
even know your father?
It won't work out.
Get going now.
Our Leader is driving past Mullai Nagar
on the 20th of this month.
Normally, Selva puts up banners
for him.
Will you do it this time?
I will, brother!
Not one or two banners...
You'll have to erect them
all along the way. Can you?
I can, Chief.
Let the Leader's photograph
be of large size.
My photo can be medium sized.
- Done!
Let your father's photo be small.
And write 'Organised by: Murugesan'.
It must make the Leader wonder,
'Who is this Murugesan?'
Will you make him wonder?
I will!
Give him our photo CDs.
"O Leader with Vision'
'An Eternal Light"
"O Solid Root of the People!"
Use such captions.
Take down his number.
Call him if you have any doubts.
Got it?
Selva is a dangerous man.
Are you up for it?
I will manage, brother.
Will my father get
a posting for sure?
Let me handle that, son.
No way! No way...
I won't agree to this.
What do I need a posting for?
Politics is not anybody's game.
You need to be a crook.
You need to beg random men.
And lie shamelessly.
I can't do all that.
Politicians make you rise to the top...
and then drop you!
My son is never wrong.
You should listen to him.
If you become the councilor, I'll get
extra kerosene from the subsidy store!
You free-loader!
Are you out of your mind?
If he asks for the keys
to the trunk, tell him it's lost.
He asked me this morning
and I gave it to him.
It's over.
Hello, brother!
Hello, Sekar.
- I've got the documents.
How much will it fetch me?
Are the documents in order?
- Yes, brother.
Your father didn't come?
He's busy with something.
Give him the small bundle.
Get up.
You're sitting on the Goddess of Wealth.
There's 100 thousand in it.
Count it.
What are you going to do
with this money?
I'm erecting banners.
Give him the bigger bundle.
Bigger bundle?
What will you do
when your father gets a posting?
We'll bid for the sand contract,
start a brick factory...
make bricks and build a house,
park our car in the house.
What if it flops?
Eat your bananas.
I worked hard to buy that plot.
Why would you pledge it
to get a posting?
You weren't able to do a thing
when the cops hit you.
You want me to do nothing?
If you'd had a posting in the Party,
he wouldn't have touched you.
You spoke so passionately yesterday.
What's happened now?
But I was in pain yesterday.
Look. You just stand by
and flash your teeth for the pictures.
I'll take care of everything else.
Fold your hands!
Smile, dad.
Smile bigger, dad.
Give us a big smile, dad!
He was right here...
Where is he?
Hand me the knife.
There he is!
Reading a book inside the thicket.
"You've a long way to go
Socrates and Karl Marx of the present"
"Generous than King Karna
You're world popular"
"You're wiser than Thirukkural
Our votes are only for you"
"You're the gem among the crowd
Praises shower from everywhere"
"Deemed son of all the mothers
We revere you like God"
"Come on.."
Make a double-knot.
Hello, Chief.
Sekar doing alright?
- Yes, Chief.
Get back to work.
"The Guiding Light..."
Not bad.
Our Party has thinkers.
But thinkers never succeed
in our Party!
You're a thinker, too.
Not me!
We've run out of money, Black-Out.
Let's not spend any more.
Remember what the Chief said?
The statue unveiling has to be grand!
Ask Pattabi to start
screaming in his speaker.
At 4:00 P.M. tomorrow, the statue unveiling
ceremony will be presided over...
by the noble leader,
Mr. Duraiswamy of I.P.L.P.
Come one, come all
to give him a warm welcome.
"O fearless philanthropist
Hail the ambitious leader"
"O the peak of wisdom and love
Hail the future chief minister"
"Shed the fatigue, toil hard
One glance of his is enough"
"Our charisma will be omnipresent
even after we vanish"
"Hail the Socrates of our neighbourhood.."
"O Saviour of the poor
A man to rewrite the history"
Park over there...
Get the people down
and move the vehicles.
The leader will be taking this road.
Refreshments ready?
- Yeah, man.
"Last man standing in the honest clan"
Buddy, the whole town is stunned.
You're killing it, man.
Don't I always?
Your father hasn't come?
He said he'll come.
He's not here though.
When the Leader gets here,
I want you to get down and cheer.
Long live our Leader!
Long live the loyalist, Murugesan!
Long live the loyalist, Murugesan!
Long live the Proud Lion Parasuraman!
Long live the loyalist, Murugesan!
Superb, sister.
Parasuraman! Murugesan!
Louder! Yay!
Give everyone two packets
of rose milk.
The leader will be here shortly.
You're doing great, sisters.
Take this flag.
Good luck!
Bhai from Arakkonam
has come to make biryani.
Ask Anaconda to stay close
and manage it.
Sekar, you're getting a posting
for your father in the Party?
You're a big guy!
Father needs to be respected, right?
That's correct.
The townsfolk have been
waiting for a while.
Check when the Leader will come?
Tell me, Sekar.
Everything is set here.
Has he started?
Yes, he's started.
We'll be there in half an hour.
We're already in the car.
Lay out the fireworks!
The Chief is on his way.
- Greetings, sir.
Yes, it's me.
- Tell me, sir.
I'm calling about the Mullai Nagar
statue unveiling ceremony.
I'd informed the Leader.
- Yes!
Is he on his way?
Black-Out, the people are leaving.
Don't leave!
Where are you going?
Sister! Wait up...
It's getting late, Sekar.
My kids are alone at home.
He'll be here in ten minutes.
Wait up, brother.
The Leader will be here in ten minutes.
Please be patient.
Do this for me.
He'll be here.
Please, he's on his way!
Leader, about the inauguration...
- Parasuraman!
I'm on my way to the temple
on a pilgrimage.
No, sir. The people...
You gathered the people to make a
show out of it?
How will I come now?
That's true.
But it's on your way...?
If I take a 6KM detour
to see these people...
when will I see the Lord?
Isn't the Lord more important
than the people?
Okay, sir.
Maybe on your way back?
Enough of your crooked shows.
Send the people away and
meet me in my office later.
Okay, sir.
The Leader has taken
the by-pass route...
What? The whole
town is waiting here!
That's not a problem.
- What do you mean...?
Just send the people away.
Chief asked you to come home tonight.
- But...
Come here, we'll talk it out.
Sekar, when is the Leader coming?
There's plenty for everyone.
Stand in line!
Stop fighting.
Where are you?
He's over there.
Pull over.
Yes, brother?
What's this?
- Our Party's banner.
Murugesan erected a banner
when I was away...
And it doesn't even carry my name!
What the hell were you doing?
It wasn't Murugesan.
His son Sekar did it.
Tear down all the banners.
I'll straighten him out tonight.
All our efforts went to waste...
Let it go, man.
Dude, let's drink.
You really want to drink tonight?
- Get a half from the Black Market.
Akkaru, check if he's home.
He's not home.
The house is locked.
He can't get away.
We'll find him.
Two of you look over there.
Check if he's out there.
You, go that way.
See if he's in the farm.
We looked everywhere.
He's not here.
Where could he be?
Break everything!
Burn this place down!
I'll burn it down, shall I?
Burn it down, you moron.
It was Selva who prevented the Leader
from coming here today.
Selva won't let you live hereafter, son.
You can't survive in this town
when he's against you.
Go make a living elsewhere.
As long as he lives,
he won't let you be.
This is where his mistress lives.
That's his motorcycle.
Go a little further down.
Don't hurt yourself!
He will go past this way
to his primary house.
We'll kill him.
I'm scared, man.
Get yourself drunk.
Then you'll feel no fear.
Is he coming?
He's come?
Is he coming?
Stop staring at me!
Beat him up.
I'll rip him to pieces!
Black-Out, you will kill him?
I'm Selva!
Slaughter me!
Slay! Slay! Slay!
I can't do it, man.
You can be anything when you're
sober, Black-Out.
But when you're drunk,
you must think sober...
I'll just lie down.
Wake me up when he's here?
Don't forget to wake me up.
We need to kill him.
Wake up.
He's coming! He's here.
He's here.
Oh, buddy...he's here.
I always pass out in a corner.
But he's in the middle of the road...
What is it...?
Come here!
What's happened?
You actually killed him?
I didn't.
How could I?
No way...
Run, run, run, run!
Run, run, run, run!
Don't go that way! Turn around.
- Let that guy go.
Don't let him see you face!
Don't look back.
Sekar has slayed Selva.
He's running away!
When did it happen?
Okay, I'll tell him.
- Yeah?
Sekar has murdered Selva.
The body is at Government Hospital
for post-mortem.
That's good news, indeed.
Your tea.
Add some sugar!
But the doctor forbade you...
I'll pop some sugar pills.
Your horoscope said,
'Your dreams shall come true today.'
Order a nice, big wreath.
- Okay, boss!
Ours shall be the first wreath
over his corpse.
I went to Erikkarai to turn on the motor...
He had already slashed Selva
and was running away.
Selva was lying in agony,
in a pool of blood.
I called the ambulance
and got him admitted.
Who slashed him?
- Murugesan's son, Sekar.
Was it really Sekar who did it?
- I swear, it was Sekar!
I saw it, sir.
Sir, stop!
When will you arrest the attacker?
The investigation is underway.
- You know Sekar is the murderer.
If you don't catch him,
I'll kill the guy.
Flashing a knife before the police?
Take him in.
You're threatening us, not the criminal?
You better catch him.
I'll lock you all up!
Don't cause trouble.
- Let's go!
Chief, they've slaughtered Selva!
Where's his body?
He's still alive.
The doctor said he's unconscious.
I only passed on the information!
O Lord Murugan!
You have saved my Selva.
Give me those sugar pills.
Doctor, how is he doing?
Judging by the injury,
he's been attacked with a sharp object.
It's too soon to say anything.
He might even slip into a coma.
Greetings, sir.
Who did this?
- They say it was Sekar.
He's the boy who erected those banners
at Mullai Nagar two days ago.
He's from your Party.
- Oh!
That guy...
I told them a million times not to
quarrel and damage the Party's image.
Nobody listens.
You do your duty.
- Yes, sir.
I'll make sure the Party doesn't interfere.
- Thank you, sir.
Let me know if you need some help.
- Okay, sir.
Last night, Sekar and Murthy were
drinking here for a long time.
They were cursing out loud
about murdering Selva.
Know anything else?
No, sir.
Can we leave?
- Anything in the crime scene?
There are booze bottles everywhere.
And there's a long blade.
Anything on Sekar?
No, sir. I did enquire...
the guy has absconded.
Did you pick up his friends?
I wanted to ask you first.
You're going sit on your behinds
till they abscond, too?
Grab every one of his friends
within an hour.
Or I'll slap a memo against you.
- Subbarao? Where are you?
Sir, I'm investigating Selva's case.
Very good.
What's the status?
Sir, we suspect a man called Sekar.
- Is he a suspect or are you sure?
I'm positive, sir!
We have an eye-witness.
It's confirmed.
- Good. What's the motive?
Sir, there was some hostility
because of Party's internal politics.
There was an issue as
Selva's name wasn't in banners.
Sekar's father sells toddy...
- When will you catch him?
The guy has absconded.
We'll round him up in 4 - 5 days.
Very good.
Ask for the armed forces
from the battalion.
Okay, sir.
Carry 5 SLR rifles.
That'll be helpful, sir.
Want a cannon?
With so much unrest in town,
and the pressure I'm facing...
you're talking rubbish
instead of catching the guy?
If you don't get him by evening,
I'll strip off your uniform.
Hang up, now.
What did the DSP say?
He asked you to shut up
and leave the file here.
Okay, sir
Buddy, you're a lion-heart!
Why do you say that?
- Of course!
You just finished Selva overnight!
Don't say that!
I didn't kill him.
God knows who killed him?
Should we go back
into the town or not?
Don't over-think it!
Let's get booze for 100 bucks, get drunk,
and weep at the funeral. Okay?
Let's go?
- I don't hear the funeral beats...
The town is really...
You dare to attack Selva?
Kill him!
Get him!
Get up, get up, GET UP!
- Don't let him get away.
Come on, run.
Get away somehow, Black-Out.
Catch Sekar. Get him!
Don't stop, get him!
My leg is caught in the thorn bush.
Tell me, Sekar!
Selva's men are after me.
I need to talk to the Chief.
It's important.
- Boss has gone to Delhi!
He'll be back after a week.
A week, or maybe ten days.
I'll call you when he's back.
They've cornered me.
I must speak to him.
I'll inform him.
They'll kill me, brother!
- I'll call you, Sekar.
In the attack of I.P.L.P
Union Secretary Selva...
Sekar, a.k.a 'Black-Out' Sekar
is being hunted by the police...
They've reported it
as though I killed him!
You will never drink again!
Never, ever! did kill him, right?
- You fool!
I didn't! He's got enemies everywhere.
Could've been anyone.
It's got the leg piece?
More booze!
We don't have any money left.
Get another quarter...
- With this, we can't!
Call up Vijay.
He's loaded.
Hello, Vijay!
Tell me, dude.
What's your position like?
- It's a real mess, buddy.
Where are you?
Anaconda and I are in
Pandi Lodge, Thiruttani.
We have no money on us.
Get some money and come here.
Don't tell anyone.
Get here nice and quiet.
Especially, don't let the idiotic policemen
catch you leaving.
Don't talk about cops like that, buddy.
They're lovely people.
You stay there.
I'm coming.
Good job.
Bless the Lord Muruga,
residing in Thiruttani Hills!
Sekar, wake up.
The guys are here.
You are living happily
I want more booze and biryani...
Fool. Hands down.
Where did you buy this?
It's not cooked properly.
What happened?
He's been saying
the same thing since morning.
He says he went to kill Selva,
but got sloshed and blacked-out.
Then he woke up and found
someone else had slashed Selva.
He's stressing me out, sir.
This won't work. I'll deal with it.
Go, now.
You sold us out!
Call yourself our friend?
- Buddy...
The cops were with us
when you called.
Zip it. You're with them too!
You called and fell into the trap.
Shut up! Shut up!
You thrash them so hard,
they must confess up loud and clear.
Fellow townsfolk, eh?
You're all partners in crime?
But sir...
You're the right man for this job.
Sir, I am a family man.
That guy got Selva...!
Every one of you is afraid?
Are you cops or what?
You should be ashamed.
Oiled the lathi?
- Yes.
Give it to me.
I will...
Do tell me what happened, son.
Sir, I was furious.
But I got sloshed and blacked-out.
I woke up to pee,
but someone had slashed him.
Anyone in your position
would hesitate to admit it.
He destroyed your farm...
All because you erected a banner.
Had you come to the police first...
I'd have brought him in
and bashed him up.
Anyway, let it go.
Past is past.
What really happened?
I was furious...
but I was also scared.
I got drunk
because it gives me courage.
But I blacked-out.
When I woke up,
he'd been slashed.
Understand my position, Sekar.
I've suffered two heart-attacks.
I'm going to retire in six months.
What will I do at this age
if they transfer me to some crap-hole?
Correct, sir.
I'm under a lot of pressure.
I need to close the case.
Don't be afraid.
I'm here for you.
You can confide in me.
I was furious...
I was drunk
to gain courage.
Got up to pee.
Went to pee. He was lying there.
- I can't do this.
Order me one soda.
What's happening inside, Head Constable?
You're throwing him a feast?
He says he didn't attack Selva.
We can't even file an F.I.R.
Then let him out.
We'll take care of him.
Okay, wait.
I'll ask the Inspector.
We'll wait here till he comes out.
We'll kill him when he
gets out!
Do whatever you want outside the station.
Don't trouble us.
Vadivelu, we can't let him
get away this time.
Gather all our men.
Buddy, wake up.
Selva's men are waiting outside.
They plan to kill you
once you're out.
The inspector is on their side.
- What do I do?
You'll do as I say?
- Yeah!
Just tell them you attacked Selva.
Hey, I didn't do it.
Why should I admit to it?
When he wakes up at the hospital,
the truth will be out.
It's safer for you to stay inside.
Boss...they've arrested Sekar.
They say he'll be in
remand prison for fifteen days.
Poor thing.
Open your mouth.
Take off your pants.
Stashed some weed somewhere?
Send him away.
Pick up your shirt.
Join the assembly.
Get up.
How is Sekar?
Know something?
I'm trying to find out.
It's hard to get bail.
We're applying for bail this week.
Carry these pots.
- I'm coming, mom.
All of you are the reason
he's in prison now.
If you'd been true friends,
you wouldn't have let him do this.
Now it's not your problem.
Come in, sir.
He's the one who attacked
'Iron-fist' Selva.
Where do you live
in Thiruvallur?
Mullai Nagar.
How did you kill Selva?
He and I had this small issue.
When he was riding his motorcycle,
I smashed his head with a rod.
You did him solo?
He's a big-shot, alright.
Enough games.
Get going, people.
Sit over here, my dear.
So, you attacked Selva?
I was furious...
but I got sloshed and blacked-out.
When I woke up,
he was lying unconscious.
His men are waiting out there to kill me.
So I owned up to the crime
and came to prison.
Sekar! How are you, son?
I'm fine.
Why are you crying now?
Where's he?
- He's waiting outside.
Where are you staying?
- At your aunt's place.
Has Selva regained consciousness?
- No, he's still in coma.
Time's up.
- We're just leaving, sir.
Take care of mom.
- Of course.
I've brought fruits and clothes, Sekar.
- I will take it. Take care.
Why are you always
so distracted?
I'm scared.
Watch the game.
Your opponent will always give you
a split second's time.
That's your time.
The man who attacks first
will always win.
In this world, to be somebody,
you must fear nobody.
The man who gets angry first
is the braver one.
Survival of the fittest.
There are people here
who have committed a few murders.
But everyone calls me the boss.
Know why?
Make some noise.
Watch this.
What happened, brother?
It's nothing. Carry on.
- It's nothing.
- Okay, brother
Noise is everything.
Hello, Chief.
So, Murugesan...are you well?
- I'm getting by.
Why have you become like this?
Bailed out your son?
They refuse to give him bail.
What to do?
It's a big case. It won't be easy.
Goodbye, then.
Start the car.
Prisoner : 60.
Sekar, S/O Murugesan.
You've got bail.
Come to the main gate.
Where are we going?
Dad. Where are we going?
They want contract labourers
at a quarry in Chittoor.
I have asked them to give you a job, too.
We'll go there.
Why should we go there?
Let's go to our hometown.
There are lots of issues in the town.
Let's not go there.
I sold the plot
to get you out on bail.
Why did you sell the plot?
What do I say?
Pull over, brother.
Pull over!
- Please wait.
Where are you going?
I'll be back. You go ahead.
Take care of mom.
Oh, so you're out?
Your story ends today.
I'll come with men.
So, Sekar...
You've changed a lot.
I want to see the chief.
- He's busy...
Come back later?
Wait, I'll ask him.
What's the matter?
I didn't kill Selva.
But the blame fell on me.
I don't know what to do.
I did so much for the Party
because you said so.
When I was in prison,
the Party did nothing for me.
I really thought you'd back me up.
Forget it.
Everything I did, I did to get my father
a posting in the Party.
Get him that posting at least now?
There's a case against you
for killing our Party's District Secretary.
How can I get your father
a posting now?
What do you mean?
This is politics, son.
You're a kid.
You won't get it.
Okay, then.
- What?
I saw Sekar near the water tank.
Let's go!
Mullai Nagar stop.
Let's go.
Wake him up.
He's standing
so tall and confident.
Yeah, I don't know why.
He looks so scary.
Yeah. Let's go away?
- Shut up!
We must kill him today.
He could be carrying a weapon!
Fool! You're holding one, too.
You go first.
In this world, to be somebody,
you must fear nobody.
The man who gets angry first
is the braver one.
Survival of the fittest.
"He isn't scared
Never and ever"
"None can dare to confront him"
Ramalingam, let's run away.
I didn't do anything!
Please don't hurt me.
Let me go!
It's just me!
They've come to meet you.
The Chief wanted to see you.
- Hello, Chief.
I'm T.C.P.'s District Head, Damodaran.
I know you very well.
Selva flung a slipper at me.
I wanted to meet the man
who attacked him.
I swear, I didn't do it.
That's exactly
what you must say from now.
Don't worry about the case.
I'll handle it.
I'll get it sorted in a single trial.
T.C.P. shall stand by you.
We've decided to appoint you
the Youth Wing Secretary.
Money and power choose
a select few men.
Sekar, it's chosen you today.
This is my gift to you.
Keep it.
Our Party's membership card.
The Party will take care
of all your needs.
We'll get your dad a posting,
like you wanted.
What say?
Let's do this, Chief.
"My name is Black-Out;
My name is Black-Out Sekar."
"You can't touch me;
You can't touch me, I'm danger."
"My name is Black-Out;
My name is Black-Out Sekar."
Hurry up, sister!
Don't just stand there.
Keep moving.
Oh, you switched to this Party?
Looks vibrant out there.
I've got the whole town waiting.
You're doing a great job.
Two more lorries coming up.
Elections are in three months.
We need to win in this district.
Definitely, Chief.
Tell me what you want,
the Party will back you.
That's not necessary...!
- Keep it.
Okay, then.
See you, Chief.
- Live long and prosper.
Welcome, brother.
When did you get out?
Has the town surrendered?
I chased a few away.
But town is not in control yet.
Don't worry.
Got murderers, acid attackers, sound effects,
petrol bombers, atmosphere guys...
I've brought everyone.
They'll always be around you.
Let's go for a walk?
"Underdogs and cronies, make way now;
Listen up loud and clear, I run the show."
See that, Narayanan?
Time plays wicked games.
Anaconda, fly our flag over there.
"You can't beat me, I'm the man;
My words is law, I'm shaking up things."
"My name is Black-Out;
My name is Black-Out Sekar."
"You can't touch me;
You can't touch me, I'm danger."
"My name is Black-Out;
My name is Black-Out Sekar."
"You can't touch me;
You can't touch me, I'm danger."
We shall not drink!
We shall not drink!
We shall not drink alcohol!
We shall not drink alcohol!
We shall not drink!
- We shall not drink!
We shall not drink alcohol!
- We shall not drink alcohol!
I shall not forget.
- I shall not forget.
I shall never forget you.
- I shall never forget you.
Won't broken phones get fixed?
- Won't broken phones get fixed?
Can't I get my hands on this?
- Can't I get my hands on this?
We shall not drink!
We're getting signatures...
to close down Selva's bar
near the school.
Everybody, please sign.
Go to the other streets, too.
Why are you sealing the bar shut?
- Listen to what I've got to say.
Your townsfolk complained that the bar
is a nuisance to the schools and temples.
We've received an order
to seal the bar.
This is a copy of the order.
Don't argue with me.
Send them away.
- Sir, that's our livelihood.
He's ruined our livelihoods.
This mongrel Sekar shut down the bar
when Selva is unconscious.
When Selva is out of the hospital,
we'll butcher Sekar.
He's risen to the top.
We can't even touch him.
Shame on you!
I'm the King of this town!
You've shut down the bar.
What next?
We'll start up my father's business.
Do this tree next.
Do people believe that I killed
'Iron-fist' Selva or not?
They believe it.
But who could have killed him?
Who knows?
1,000 members from I.P.L.P
have joined our Party, Chief.
I'll arrange for a meeting
if you wish.
Just a 1,000 won't do.
Bring in everybody!
We must control the whole district.
All hail our Chief Damodaran!
Hail Chief!
Hail Chief!
After Sekar's entry,
Mullai Nagar has become T.C.P's fortress.
We shall vote for whomever
Sekar tells us to.
"People may try to bury me;
These people come and go in history."
"When it comes to war;
All is fair."
The leader is coming here.
Welcome him, then drink this juice.
"The noise we make tears eardrums;
The blows we smack will split skulls."
"My people on my side, I call the shots;
Time for the victory dance."
Thank you for
sorting this out for me.
Those numbers are incorrect.
The people are on our side.
"A leader is born -
To swing the sword."
Come on, harder.
Wash it properly.
Use a few more brooms.
Stop it!
Stop it, or I'll call the police.
They broke down my wall
without permit.
What's the problem, sir?
He's erected a wall
on the way to the cemetery.
We take a 14km detour
every time someone dies.
This is for people's welfare.
They're helping the public.
Don't cause trouble.
"All hail our Chief.
Hail, Chief!"
"All hail our Chief.
Hail, Chief!"
"All hail our Chief.
Hail, Chief!"
He is blessed.
The way his stars are aligned...
no one else can enter his fort.
He shall be the king,
and the minister too.
When will he die?
Say it, man.
He'll face mortal peril
this June.
If he escapes that,
you must wait till his next peril.
Bless me, father.
My heart is racing.
Why is that?
What have we done wrong?
I've got you the Union Secretary posting.
We'll find a good place
and set up an office.
Don't over-think it.
We've got our business.
Why enter wretched politics?
We've seen enough.
I don't need a posting.
Deep inside,
I feel this is a mistake.
Dad, just sit down.
We didn't go after this.
It happened to us.
We're going to the top!
Wait and see.
It's hot outside.
I'll turn on the air conditioner.
Sit and watch T.V.
Mom, come here.
Turn up the volume, brother.
The legislative assembly elections
are to take place.
and many such parties
shall fight for votes.
So, the electoral battlefield
is likely to be an interesting one.
Even the waves in the ocean may rest;
But not our political quest.
Try to sound more majestic.
Lions with heart of gold!
Golden hearted Lions!
Lions with heart of gold!
Golden hearted Lions!
My warm greetings to everyone
gathered at Ward 67 this fine evening.
'Black-Out' Sekar will be honoured
by the senior Party members.
Even the Party's name begs for 'help'.
You can't even assemble a good wardrobe,
you want to be at legislative assembly?
You were a batter-boy at Pandian mess...
shall I reveal how you became
the District Secretary?
These waves shall never cease.
This mountain shall never fall.'s your cue.
Defy my Party Head...
and I will chop off your head!
What is it?
He is doing well.
I mentored him, after all.
He's great.
He is.
Are we sheep or cattle?
What happened?
Nobody move.
Stay put.
What's going on?
Somebody, go check.
Who would do such a thing?
Find the culprit.
Calm down, Sekar.
- How can I be calm?
Parasuraman is playing hide-n-seek
by cutting power, to prevent me from speaking.
He is violating the codes of war.
Are we moths that fly away
when the light is put out?
Are we powerless?
I, Black-Out Sekar, will destroy you at
elections and make you a batter-boy again.
Excuse me!
Who is it?
- Need to meet the leader.
You can't meet him now.
We're from the Party, too.
- Come back in the morning.
Tell him we're from Mullai Nagar.
- Go away...
Come back in the morning.
Narayanan, let them in.
We've lost our livelihoods.
Since Sekar returned,
we've lost everything.
We live in constant fear.
Selva was so important to our Party.
Sekar killed him and now he's risen.
What must you do?
- Tell us what to do.
He won't let you live.
You can't survive against him.
Run, and make a living elsewhere.
As long as he lives,
he won't let you be.
Shall I kill Sekar?
You can't ask him that!
Let me tell you.
Narayanan asked me to meet you.
Get this job done soon.
Keep it in the prayer room.
I can't work to suit your pace.
I need to plan it.
If it's a miss,
the guy will be alerted.
The next attempt will have to
wait for six months.
It's not a game. Okay?
You say he killed Selva.
It's a risky job...
It'll cost you a lot.
Drink tea.
You're our only hope.
Please help us out.
Does he go walking in the mornings?
- No way.
Is the toilet inside the house
or outside?
He's made a lot of money.
He has built one indoors.
Any affairs?
No, but he's in love with a girl.
That's what I meant.
Here I come.
Pretty Sundari, won't you talk to me?
Leave that cycle
and hop on to my motorcycle, darling.
Let's go around.
Why so quiet?
I don't talk to prisoners.
I didn't do it, baby.
- Liar!
You say that, but you walk around
like a criminal.
Does this look like a
criminal's face to you?
Everyone's scared of you
because of what you did.
I made a mistake
falling in love with you.
Oh, darn!
Hear me out...
Sundari, wake up.
Get up!
- What, mother?
Get up.
- What happened?
I'll tell you!
Sit here.
They've come to ask
your hand in marriage.
I don't want to get married now.
Shut up!
Your Uncle has sent them.
They must be a good family.
I want to study.
- Right.
You and studies?
You've failed 12th grade thrice!
That boy who came home that day...?
Are you planning to run away with him?
If word gets out,
who will marry you?
Look at me.
I've struggled to raise you.
Listen to your mother.
- Come on...
You're always saying that.
Coming, brother.
Hold this.
Hold this.
Get dressed.
Serve everyone coffee.
"He makes me swoon,
He makes me turn."
"He plays magic tricks,
That's where he gets his kicks."
"He's watching me,
He's taunting me."
"He's crossing the line,
Only to be mine."
"Oh, that glance!
Like stones it stings."
"And my poor heart...
It flutters."
"Your shenanigans are countless.
Should I laugh or frown, my love?"
"You've got me snagged on a hook.
Should I wriggle free or surrender?"
"Joy and sorrow, peace and war;
Put together is the recipe for love."
"Day after day, joy or sorrow...
We'll be together."
"Oh, that glance!
Like stones it stings."
"And my poor heart...
It flutters."
Get in, buddy.
- Dude...
I'll take it from here.
Anaconda, take care
of my mother and father.
Don't bother me for two days.
Can I call your phone?
- I won't be reachable.
Get in the car!
Off I go!
Stop! It's suffocating me.
Don't touch me.
My head hurts.
Where are we going?
I'll tell you.
What's this place?
Let's just say
it's ours for now.
Come in.
What happened?
I won't trust you.
Stop being difficult. Come in.
I won't come in.
He's gone to Damodaran's farmhouse.
We can do it today.
You haven't brought me milk, dear?
You're always so cool.
Why are you crying?
I didn't ditch the girl I loved.
You must appreciate me. Why do you cry?
How could I not cry?
Now I'll be known
as a thug's wife.
Let me go.
Look at me.
I'll tell you the truth.
Look at me.
I won't.
You'll smooth-talk me.
You've known me for so many years.
Am I capable of murder?
Look at my face.
I was furious,
but I got sloshed and blacked-out...
I woke up to find him
already slaughtered.
I am called 'Black-Out'
because I have low tolerance for alcohol.
It was a cool name
so I let it be.
I'm just a Paper-Knife.
You didn't do it?
I swear I didn't.
I've been saying that all along.
They gave me a post at the Party
so I took it.
I didn't do it.
Why are you crying?
Wipe your tears.
Tell me.
I'll handle it.
He's in there.
Get our weapons.
I'm scared!
- Don't worry, I'm here.
Sekar, don't go out!
- Who is it?
Who is it out there?
Grab that gun!
Call everyone.
Yes, fire!
There he goes.
Shoot him!
Is it the Party Office?
Bring all our members here.
Don't open the door till I return.
- Don't leave me here!
Come on now!
Let's see what you've got.
I'm Black-Out Sekar!
Come and show me
what you've got.
I'll knock you out
with a single punch.
Messing with 'Black-Out' Sekar?
Come at me.
Who is it out there?
One punch from Sekar
and you'll throw up your organs.
Who are you?
Do you know who I am?
I'm Sekar!
Not just Sekar.
I'm Black-Out Sekar!
Messing with the Black-Out Sekar?
Think you can?
Why did you slash me, fool?
Sorry, dude.
I'll kill you!
Come any closer
and I'll kill you!
I'll really kill you.
Just leave!
Lift him up.
Come here.
Let me go...'s you?
I didn't attack Selva.
- Kill him.
Akkaru, don't...
- Kill him.
Don't just watch! Kill him.
- Akkaru, don't...
I just got married.
I said, kill him.
- Tell him, don't...
What is it?
- A call from the Chief.
Have you killed Sekar?
- I'll bury him and call you.
The Chief says not to kill him.
Don't hurt him.
- I shouldn't?
Don't hurt him. Come back.
Okay, brother.
Let's go.
He grew up in my home...Sekar.
Sekar and I...
we're like two bodies and one soul.
We're that close.
The mythical Annam bird can separate
milk and water apart.
But the bond between our two Parties
cannot be separated.
This union, has a historic significance.
The reason for our coalition,
is keeping in mind only thing.
People's welfare! People's welfare!
People's welfare!
Selva is awake.
Brother, do you recognise me?
Tell me, moron.
Who slashed you?
Who could slash me?
- One minute.
Dad, come on stage?
Why? What will I do?
You might even be announced
as a candidate in the elections, too.
You never know.
Get used to it now.
Come on, dad.
Here comes T.C.P's proud lion!
Tell me what happened.
I was riding past the graveyard.
A dog came in my way.
Come here, Sekar!
- Brother?
You hold a position now.
Don't run errands.
Get up.
If we sit down, the Party won't run.
You're a full time politician now?
You taught me politics, after all.
You're my mentor!
There's a knife dangling over your head.
Remember that.
I've got five years now.
I'll face it.
Get him a chilled soda.
What's happened?
What happened, doctor?
He's dead.
Where is the money in the cupboard?
I took it. So what?
Why did you take my wages?
Such a huge meeting
is about to take place.
T.C.P. has erected so many banners.
We need to put up some banners...
and show our clout, too.
Get me my towel.
- Sure.
You don't care about the family.
You're running behind Party members.
You think you've got clout?
You've got no clout!
You shall never go running
behind that Party again!