Annapoorani (2023) Movie Script

Food, it's a feeling
That keeps us alive
Early in the morning
To the late-late night
And a taste for delight
She's the one to cook
From left to right
- Food!
- It's a famous sensation
- Food!
- Serious temptation
- Food!
- It's a celebration
- Food!
- It's an emotion!
Happy birthday, Poorani.
Have a blast!
Poorani! Poorani!
Are you okay?
Hold on, Poorani.
Only twenty seconds left.
- Accept that you have lost.
- Accept defeat!
- Accept defeat!
- Accept defeat!
- Accept defeat!
- Accept defeat!
- Accept defeat!
- Accept that you have lost.
Your child is bestowed
with special abilities.
She was born with enhanced taste buds.
That is why she expects her
mother's milk to taste good.
So you eat healthy and tasty food.
She will take the milk.
I got confused since they did
not prepare the dish properly.
Don't overdo it, Poorani.
Do you know who prepared it?
- My father, Chef Arusuvai Annamalai!
- No doubt.
But today he has added extra jaggery.
Should sesame oil be on the higher side?
Ghee was extra in the Ukkali make-up
thus its consistency was that of a halwa.
If you are such a pro,
why don't you cook and bring it?
Hurry up!
Make way.
A new chef de partie
has come to our kitchen.
The first woman in our kitchen!
There are a total of twenty-one
colorful towers in the temple.
Madam, this is Madapalli.
- What's Madapalli?
- Yes.
A kitchen where food is prepared
as a special offering to God.
- Oh! Let's go inside.
- No, no!
Even we are not allowed inside.
Only the cook is allowed to go in.
Greetings, brother!
- Who is this?
- This is Bibi Nachiyar.
One of the Divine consorts of the Lord.
- Is this her real name?
- Yes.
No, that is not her real name.
Her real name is Suradhani.
Daughter of the Delhi Sultan.
Muslim? How?
When Malik Kafur invaded Srirangam,
he took the idol of Lord Ranga from
here and gave it to the Sultan of Delhi.
Sultan's daughter Suradhani did not
consider Lord Ranga as an idol
but saw Him as a manifestation
of God and fell in love with Him.
At this juncture,
the dance troupe which went from Srirangam
entertained the Sultan of Delhi
and asked for the idol of Lord Ranga
as a gift and brought it back.
The following day,
Suradhani was in a state of shock,
unable to find her beloved Rangan.
Since she wasn't eating
or sleeping, she fell sick.
Unable to bear this, the Sultan
sends his army to rescue
the idol under her leadership.
The elders in Srirangam
hid Lord Ranga in Tirupati.
Suradhani who came looking for Ranga
As soon as she knew He was not here
she died at the entrance of the temple
and became one with Azhagiya Manavalan
the avatar of Lord Vishnu.
Lord Vishnu, welcoming her love
accepted Suradhani
as one of His consorts,
and named her Thulukka Nachiyar,
and graced her with a place inside
His sanctum sanctorum along with Him.
The Lord is dressed in a wrap-around
as a mark of respect for her love.
Roti and butter are offered
to the Lord on that day.
Not just the history
even your knowledge is inspiring.
- Thank you.
- Did you specifically study all this, sir?
Ask him what he has studied.
He is the first Engineering
gold medalist from Srirangam.
He got job offers even then from BHEL,
ONGC, Railways, and so many more.
- Why didn't you take those lucrative jobs?
- All that is just an occupation.
This is service and devotion!
Every day the food I prepare
is offered to God.
The Supreme Lord who
measures the whole world
I feed Him with measures of rice.
What else can I ask for in life?
I am starving. What's for breakfast?
I'm menstruating and away from home.
You are very much at home.
You're behaving as if you are in London.
Don't provoke me, little brat!
Please wait for a while.
What's the hurry? Miss Know-it-all!
You even know how to make Ukkali sweet?
even you haven't cooked such a
tasty fare in all these years.
Aren't you eating?
I am running late.
I'm taking it to school.
Even our Lord will give only when we ask.
Look, how my daughter satiated my
hunger even without me asking her.
True to her name,
she is the giver of food and nourishment.
Keerthi has arrived with her father.
- Keerthi is here.
- Get down, dear.
Did you take everything?
- Yes, Dad.
- Go on!
Are you all going on strike?
Poorani has cooked Ukkali
and brought it for you.
Did you prepare this?
Wow! It tastes so divine.
Even I can't make it as tasty as this.
I swear!
Food prepared with true love!
Do you love cooking?
Yes, Uncle.
I love cooking a variety of food
and enjoy watching people feast on it.
Very good!
What do you want to be when you grow up?
You'll become a famous cook, Poorani.
Cook! Cook!
Cook! Cook!
Cook! Cook!
Is cooking such a
demeaning profession, Uncle?
Do you all know about Karna?
Yes, we know!
King Karna, the epitome of magnanimity
and a follower of the righteous path.
He didn't get a place in heaven because
he did not distribute free food.
Finally, I believe he gave directions to
a place where food was being distributed
and only then he was
allowed to enter heaven.
If giving directions to a place where food
is served is considered such a noble deed.
Imagine serving that food
and cooking it must be
the height of blessing.
Poorani, your wish to become
a cook is not at all wrong.
But why are you cooking?
And who will partake
in your meal is crucial.
Nowadays, there are courses
in colleges to teach the art of cooking.
Those who graduate are called chefs.
You know fancy 5-star Hotels, right?
The chef is responsible
for the entire kitchen.
Do you get it?
So just like a doctor, collector,
engineer, or lawyer,
cooking is a profession
of huge proportion.
But you have to cook from your heart,
with a lot of love.
That's all. Do you get it?
I'll also become
the best chef in India, Uncle.
Take a look.
Who is this?
This is Chef Anand Sundarrajan.
He's the best Chef in India.
Hello, cook-girl! Oh, God!
Call her chef!
She will win the world one day
As the best chef she will sway
With confidence from brow to toe
From strength to strength she will grow
Curbing her fear, she crosses hurdles
She climbed the first step in her journey
Despite many hurdles
She looked only toward the solution
She tried to etch the way diligently
For women who slaved
In the kitchen daily
She grew as a banyan tree
Rooting her feet firmly
She became the mother
Who cooked ambrosia-nectar
Was she born from Saraswati
Goddess of art?
With dreams in her heart
As her counterpart?
Did she walk on fire cheerfully?
Did she add wings
To her skills joyfully?
Did she use her father's shoulder
To swing high and even farther?
Did she show off her lovely plumes
When he called her lovingly?
To put a stop to her dreams of glory
Is a non-vegetarian wall necessary?
Poorani, you cooked a delicious meal.
- Hereafter, everyone should call me Chef.
- Okay, Chef!
- One more time.
- Okay, Chef!
- One more time.
- Okay, Chef!
Was she born from the Goddess of art?
Blooming with dreams as her counterpart?
Did she walk on fire cheerfully?
Did she add wings
To her skills joyfully?
I want to become a Chef like that.
No, no
I want to become the "Best Chef
in India" like Chef Anand.
We can't do things as per your wish.
You refused the promotion
offered to you
and on top of it, you quit your job!
What do you think of yourself?
I'm going to join a catering college
and study Hotel Management.
I told you we should get her
married once she graduated college.
Now, she's informing us instead
of asking for our permission.
Father, I took up this job
only because you asked me to.
I can't take it anymore.
I don't feel alive!
What do you mean by alive?
If you had gritted your teeth
and worked for one more year
you could have saved enough
and got married to a groom in the US.
Mother, who told you that chefs
can't settle down well in life?
Alan Wong is a famous chef.
He earns one billion dollars a year.
Do you at least know how
much it is in rupees?
All the street cricket players
can't become Sachin Tendulkar.
All bus conductors
cannot become "Super Star!"
Don't build castles in the air based
on the success of one in a million!
If you follow your heart,
not just one in a million
every single person
doing so is a "Super Star!"
- Father!
- Stop!
I've provided you with whatever you
liked even before you asked me.
Just give it a thought as to why I am
not letting you become a chef.
Money or distance isn't a problem for me.
If you wish to become a chef
you must learn to cook meat.
You have to taste it.
I know you won't do any of it.
But even to stand in such a place
is an unforgivable sin.
You may not have given it a thought,
so you're being stubborn.
If people get to know of your plan
being in an orthodox neighborhood
how will they perceive us?
Daughter of the one who cooks
God's offering
is in a place where meat is cooked!
Imagine their mindset!
What will all the devotees think of me?
How will I face our Lord Ranga?
I'm not telling you
to not study
or get married as Mother says.
If you want to study, go ahead.
Take up an MBA, M.A., or even PhD.
But it's a strict no
for this catering course.
I'm hoping you will understand.
Shall I talk to your father?
No need, Uncle.
He'll be even more annoyed.
Please come in.
Keerthi, what happened?
Her dad has got her
an MBA application form.
For a long time, I've also been
aiming to apply.
Catering application!
Just got an admission.
I've joined the course.
Hey, why are you pursuing
a catering course?
No matter what I study,
my dad will make me sit in his shop.
I might as well learn something
that would help the business.
So, call me Chef!
- Hey, you!
- Poorani!
- Is this your way of bugging me?
- Wait Wait, one minute!
I have already filled up the application.
By birth,
I failed the right to become a chef.
Nobody is born
with any qualification, Poorani.
To think and decide what
is correct or wrong
that's the qualification God has given us.
You have already wasted all these years
paying heed to your parents.
Hereafter, don't pay heed to anyone
only pay heed
to what your heart dictates.
Hello, everyone!
I'm a Food Production Chef, Vadamaalai.
Does your name mean doughnut
or masala vada, sir?
My name may sound funny.
But I'm very serious!
You must all be already aware
of the rules of this college.
Let me tell you my rules.
Get it into your head.
You can bring your cell phones.
But you should never use
it inside the classroom.
Today, being the first class
let us begin with a sweet.
Sir, good morning!
- Have you brought a circular?
- Circular?
Do I look like a peon? I'm a student, sir.
- Student?
- Yes!
Can't we come to study?
Why such an interest at this age?
Not an interest, sir.
Please come in.
Will you teach us properly?
Get inside!
Okay, do you know
the sweet that Trichy is famous for?
- Milk sweet!
- No.
- Jalebi?
- No.
- Kesari?
- No.
- Chandrakala?
- Not that either.
Yeah! Correct!
Who are you?
First year, sir.
Oh! Are you Annapoorani?
Come in!
If you have decided to take up catering,
you must search high
and low for truly tasty food.
Only then you can cook any
kind of food to its best taste.
- You never said anything.
- Got it?
Did your father agree?
My parents are under the impression
that I have taken up an MBA.
Like Annapoorani said, Akkaravadisal
is the best sweet in Trichy.
It is offered to Lord Ranga
in Srirangam temple.
Prepared by a devotee named Rangarajan.
I know Rangarajan very well.
Whenever I visit Srirangam temple
the first person I call is him.
He will royally take me into the temple
and make me sit in front
of Lord Ranganatha.
I know only two names in Srirangam.
One is Lord Ranganatha.
The other is Mr. Rangarajan.
One day, I'll take you all to the temple.
Without fail,
you must taste that Sisterravadisal.
- Sir, shall we go now?
- Stop kidding and sit down.
- Hi!
- Hello!
- Hey!
- How are you?
- Hi.
- Greetings!
Bless me!
That's my friend Farhaan.
- Hi!
- Hi Farhaan!
- Three!
- Yes, three!
Annapoorani, tell me, who are you?
Queen-Chef, stealing hearts
Aplenty with culinary prowess
Look around you now
Feast served with love
Live life to the fullest
By ticking your wish list
Life is on, wings of fire
- Farhaan, three cups of tea.
- Life is on, speak louder
Life is on, rise high
Don't you have any homework to do?
That's what I'm doing.
I didn't mean household chores.
No, Mom, I have finished everything.
Who made Akkaravadisal?
They're calling you.
Spread your wings a bit more
Speak louder, encore
Climb the sky to paint it bright
Friendship ties will bind you
Day and night
Holding a cabbage in your hands
Rose bouquet of fragrance
Genes from your father
Orthodox altogether
No wish to ride a horse in a cauldron
She wants to run away from oppression
- Annapoorani, your father isn't here?
- Life is on wings of fire
Life is on, speak louder
Life is on, rise high
- Just go on
- Poorani came to college to become a chef.
Yes, so what?
You came to college because you love her?
- Hey!
- What is it?
Look over there.
The entire department
is smitten by Poorani.
If you don't propose now
some other fellow will beat you to it.
I'll do it when the time is right.
Oh, really?
Let me tell her right now.
I will tell her myself.
Hold this!
Poorani, one minute.
I love you, Poorani.
Watch, she'll hit him now
with the crisps he fried.
Get up!
Oh, no! Off I go!
What is it?
We'll be late for class. Shall we go?
I know. Let's go.
Aren't you coming?
Today's topic-
How to cut a chicken.
First, check if the chicken
is without any blue lines
and is fresh!
Get in the front.
If the breast is plumpy
it means the chicken is fresh.
Then smell this for bad odors.
The chicken is good.
You must break its legs like this.
If you push it like this
you'll see a white fat
line in the joint here.
You must cut it like this
with the tip of your knife.
This is a drumstick. This is the thigh.
Next wings!
Follow the fat line.
Cut the backbone.
And finally,
we have eight pieces of chicken.
Why keep cutting the chicken for so long?
You need to marinate
with masala and fry it.
Moron! All you're concerned
about is eating!
- You never want to learn anything!
- That's why we chose catering.
Just like me, I want one of you
to show me how to cut the chicken.
Who will volunteer?
- Me, sir.
- I'll do it.
Where is Poorani?
- She's hiding here, sir.
- Poorani.
Come, cut the chicken into eight pieces.
The Chef is calling you.
Come on!
Chef, I'm a vegetarian.
So what? Did I ask you to eat it?
I only asked you to cut it.
This is part of the syllabus.
If you want to pass, cut it now.
Otherwise, take a TC and
join some other course.
If you want to become a
chef you have to learn to cook meat.
You need to taste it.
I know you won't do any of it.
But to even stand in that
place is an unforgivable sin.
If you, daughter of the man
who cooks for Lord Ranga
is present where meat is cooked.
What will all the devotees think of me?
I will also become
the best chef in India, Uncle.
Poorani, what happened?
Are you okay, now?
I'm not!
What is the matter, Poorani?
Breaking boundaries set by my
father and the way I was raised
I can't touch this chicken.
Setting aside his preferences
a chef has to cater to his guests.
It is job ethics!
Many people sell fish or chop meat after
taking the sacred vow to climb Sabarimala?
They go home in the evening,
bathe, and pray to God.
Profession is different from devotion,
Don't mix the two and get confused.
Being born in a family which
serves the temple
If I cook meat,
how will God forgive me?
He will never forgive me.
"Having hunted
four species of deer there.
Being hungry as they were,
Rama and Lakshmana ate
the portions that were pure."
Valmiki wrote this in his Ramayana.
During their exile,
when they were hungry
Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana hunted
animals and ate them along with Sita.
There are notes of it throughout Ramayana.
Isn't Rama an avatar of Lord Vishnu?
Tamil God Murugar
Sangam literature claims he
married into the hunters' clan.
Kannappa Nayanar offered
pork to Lord Shiva,
according to Periya Puranam.
As far as I know
no God has objected to eating meat.
So are you saying it isn't
wrong even if I eat meat?
That's your choice.
No one has the right to tell you
what you should and should not eat.
My mother by birth is a Muslim.
She makes the best biryani.
But she doesn't even taste it.
Because she is a vegetarian.
That is her choice!
Not just my mother
many people prefer to be vegetarians.
But they will cook for
their family and friends.
it is your choice to be a
vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
But don't give up cooking.
I want you to be a world-famous
chef that will make India proud.
You are just dipping your
feet in the water, Poorani.
You can't swim in that position.
You wanted to rise.
Climb up.
She will rock, ace over so many
Here she comes, Annapoorani
She will rock, ace over so many
Here she comes, Annapoorani
She will rock, ace over so many
Here she comes, Annapoorani
She will rock, ace over so many
Here she comes, Annapoorani
Here she comes, Annapoorani
And that's how you make a
traditional "Chicken Chettinad!"
Okay, go ahead and start cooking.
Superb, sir!
Taste it now.
Not up to your standard.
It tastes good.
But not finger-licking good!
No one can beat your vegetarian dishes.
But in cooking meat
- Poorani, what are you doing?
- I know what's in it.
I can cook it right only if I taste it.
You intend to eat it?
I can only prepare a dish to perfection
if I can feel its ingredients.
I'm not here just to dip my feet.
I'm here to swim in the ocean.
A half-boil
Prawn-queen on cue
- Exam?
- Yes, Mom!
Listening to your footsteps
Four-legged creatures run away in fear
Bird, watch out now
Biryani cooked with love
Until she sets eyes on you
Enjoy life every minute
- Life is on
- Chicken taste
- Life is on
- Roasted fish
- Life is on
- Wish list
If you win this competition,
you can become like Chef Anand.
Hold this. I made it.
You follow everything as per the recipe.
But something is missing in the biryani.
Give me that. You can have this.
She can taste the chicken
You can't leave without eating.
My daughter cooks very well.
I'll be back.
In my hands
Eggs sliced and mixed rice
Mutton leg piece with added spice
Plate full of meat and fish
Life becomes peaceful to relish
Sorry, Uncle, I was studying.
Life is on
Chicken taste
Life is on
Fish roast
Life is on
Wish list
Amazing, Auntie!
Farhaan was 100 percent right!
What did he say?
Every time I cooked biryani
something was missing.
Doesn't taste like my Mother's biryani,
he said.
All sons tend to glorify
their Mother's culinary skills.
Not true, Auntie.
Everything else that I cook,
he'll praise it and say it is
better than what my Mother makes.
Biryani is the only exception.
Thank God you learned to cook meat.
After marriage
I was worried I might have
to convert into a vegetarian.
What did he say?
After eating biryani, he says he
will become minced meat biryani!
Don't worry.
I'll find a girl who
cooks the best biryani
and I'll get you married to her.
Thank God she didn't hit him.
He would have been better off with a slap!
Poorani, who is this uncle?
Uncle, you say!
He's from your batch!
Chef Anand!
Poorani's role model.
Corporate chef
of 7-star Hotel Royal Colosseum.
If you keep admiring him
whom will you marry then?
Until I become like him
I can't admire anyone else.
Will you tell this to Mr. Rangarajan?
Get lost!
Why tell him?
He will know it very soon.
- What are you talking about?
- Take a look.
Brother, this way.
I snitched on you.
Why would you do that?
MBA block This way!
This seems to be a big college.
You have to shell out a lot
to study here, Rangaraja.
Yes, brother, I wanted to give her
the best education.
You're not wearing your ID or shoes.
Hey, Poorani.
Why aren't you in your uniform today?
Chef, birthday.
Oh! Happy birthday!
- Thank you, Chef!
- Wait!
As it's your birthday.
Bake a cake for our students.
Do you remember I took
baking classes for you?
Level the icing properly.
- It should be smooth like the highway.
- I know, sir.
- Hey, potato!
- Hey!
Who is that?
Greetings, Chef.
- Greetings, Chef.
- You are crossing your limits!
Which way is MBA second-year class?
- Over there, sir.
- Okay.
Hey, Poorani!
Father! Excuse me!
What a surprise, Father!
- Welcome!
- Why are you so breathless?
Why aren't you in the class?
I had to give IB notes
I was heading to the staff room.
- Our Varadha sir is unwell.
- Oh!
We want to go and visit him in Kumbakonam.
We will be late tonight.
- I wanted to give you our house key.
- Okay, Father.
- See you, dear.
- Sure.
Why did you lie to me?
- I was petrified!
- Poorani, hit him with this.
Poorani, your dad!
Idiot! Stop scaring me!
What are you cooking?
- I doubt it.
- Wow!
Is it so tasty that you're standing
like a statue?
Let me taste it.
Your father!
Nope, I won't get fooled again.
Oh! What a surprise, Rangarajan!
What brings you here?
No need to give her money for dinner.
She is already having a feast!
Ever since I became
a trustee in this temple,
we don't cook garlic or onion at home.
But our Lord Ranga's daily offering
is from a house of non-vegetarians!
Chicken special!
Many are waiting to hold flags
and cheer our downfall
when the Brahmins make a blunder.
In many castes and religions,
the sinners are minimal.
But if a single person commits a sin
ignoring the sinner,
they are quick to condemn
the entire community.
Our family has served Lord Vishnu
for five continuous generations.
We have never had a second thought
about it.
More than anyone else in this city,
I am the one most concerned about
the sanctity of this temple.
That's what we believed, as well.
But such a blasphemy
has happened in your own house.
JC sir, what is the final decision?
If it is an administrative fault
we can take a call.
This is an orthodox crime.
The elders have to decide.
Let Raghavachari take over
the cooking for God's offering.
Rangarajan can enter the temple
only as a devotee to worship God.
Ask him to bathe before he enters
without fail!
How do parents not know where
and what their teen daughter is doing?
Rangarajan has pampered
his daughter too much.
My sister's husband told me way back,
Rangarajan's daughter is up to no good.
Which contamination
are you trying to cleanse, Mother?
The defilement of her eating meat?
Or the fact that I've been branded
as vile for being her father?
I have been cooking
in that temple for the past 20 years.
I don't see it as my occupation.
I thought of it as devotion,
my service to God.
Those who accept God's offering
don't think of it as being cooked by me.
They believe it is an offering from God.
I have falsified their faith now.
I feel like I have given poison
to all the devotees with my hand.
The way people look at me has changed.
Hereafter, she should only listen
to what I have to say.
Will you all step out for ten minutes?
Today, the Libran
Today, the Libran
- Step by step
- Step by step
- Miss
- Miss
Blessed Annapoorani
Blessed Annapoorani
With Nachiyar Tirumozhi
With Nachiyar Tirumozhi
- with God as witness
- with God as witness
- I give away my daughter.
- I give away my daughter.
Play the music!
- Come on. Let's go!
- Where?
To Chennai!
You will return to Srirangam
after you become a chef.
Is this a joke?
How can I come now?
I have packed everything you will need.
The boys are waiting in a car
at the end of the road.
You can stay in Keerthi's house.
What more do you want?
I want my father.
If I run away now
I won't be able to see him again.
Don't decide this based on emotion.
If you make a wrong decision now
you can't change it
later even if you want to.
Bring the bride.
Keep it right at the back.
If I have to come out,
with my father's approval,
it can be only through the front door.
There's no other way for me.
Then you have to be stuck here,
in this life, till you die.
Welcome. I'm glad you came.
Don't fool yourself, Poorani.
Come now!
- Come on!
- Farhaan, what are you doing?
Let go of my hand! Farhaan!
Gran Grandma!
It isn't as drastic as you think.
Grandma, please trust me.
Mother-in-law, what was that sound?
It's getting late.
Ask her to hurry up!
Please, Grandma.
It isn't what you're assuming at all.
He's just my friend. He's leaving now.
- Go!
- Okay, bye!
Tell her!
We are not in love
if that's what you're thinking, Grandma.
I wanted to take her to Chennai
so that she could become a Chef.
Mother, what's happening?
A cat is on the prowl
to see what damage it can do.
I'll shoo it and come down.
It's almost an auspicious time. Go!
Sure, let's go.
Hey, you leave!
Let's go
Not to sit as a bride.
To Chennai!
Your life won't be a fresh start
by getting married now.
It will be the end of your dreams.
Start immediately!
What are you waiting for?
Bear this in mind.
If you succeed in life tomorrow,
these people will exclaim,
"I told you right then,
Rangarajan's daughter is a go-getter."
In case you lose
same lot will say
that they predicted it right then
that Rangarajan's daughter
would get nowhere.
Whatever you do,
you'll only hear the words
"I told you so!"
If you keep thinking of society
it won't help your identity.
What did I gain by clinging on
to this orthodoxy and tradition?
A faded sari,
an orthodox stick to dry the saris.
I'm leading a life of a cast-away
lunch box in the attic.
All this was crammed into
my head by someone.
I am still burdened by dogma
not knowing why I'm stuck here.
How will father agree, Grandma?
Fifty years ago, I was also in
the same plight as you are now.
I was very fond of classical dance.
Like the legend, M.S. Subbulakshmi sang
her Carnatic songs all around the world
I wanted to perform all over the world.
That's why my grandfather
named me Subbulakshmi.
After he passed away,
I couldn't even dance locally.
I agreed to get married
not wanting to hurt my father.
Now I stand before you as a widow.
Listen, Poorani
I am the mirror reflecting your future.
Don't become like me.
I can handle your father.
You should follow your dream
and become a world-famous chef.
Leave now!
Hey, Rangaraja!
I can't find Poorani.
What will I do?
What will I do now?
What will I do?
My heart is beating so fast.
Move aside. Let me pass.
She said she would bathe and come.
But she abandoned us once and for all.
She hasn't taken jewelry
or saris either.
How will she manage without money?
He is glaring daggers at me!
Your father allowed you
to join the course you wanted.
My son found a groom
so well suited to your liking.
How did you have the heart to abandon
such a wonderful father and run away?
I know you get angry when I apologize
for a mistake I made on purpose.
I agree, I'm being selfish.
But I want this.
Even though it isn't your fault
people will point fingers at you.
Women don't even have the right
to own their mistakes.
No matter where I go or what I do
the next time I see you,
it will be only when I've done something
to make you proud.
She couldn't have gone too far.
We can make her understand.
Hey, Santhosh, let's go find her.
I don't want anyone running behind her.
she is in no way related to my family.
She won't give you anything.
Off you go!
My house owner is a pain in the neck.
I will have to pay extra rent
if there's an additional person.
I already have two roommates.
Come in.
You go. I'll follow.
You go. I'll follow. Go!
Who came in with you now?
What? No one.
It was just me, Auntie.
No, I heard four footsteps.
I think, Auntie
I ran up the steps in a hurry.
Maybe, echo.
- Hi, Karthik's referral.
- Yes, tell me.
I want to meet the HR manager.
Oh, no, the HR is on leave.
Tell me what you want.
I can help you.
Please come.
We wanted to check
if there's an opening for a Chef.
Is that so? Nice!
Don't worry.
I'm here to help you.
I will take you to the Executive Chef.
If he meets and clears you.
Then you're all set.
- Really?
- Yeah!
He recruits the special requirements.
All you need is talent.
Then everything will fall into place.
You wait out here.
- Let her come with me.
- Okay.
- Perfect, Chef!
- Not yet.
Chef, she has come to ask you
for a job.
From SND. Catering College, Trichy.
But she's a dropout, Chef.
I may be a drop-out.
But only because
of my family situation, Chef.
I can cook any cuisine.
South Indian, Italian, Asian
I can cook everything, Chef.
I'm also a very fast learner.
Please taste my cooking, Chef.
Try it now!
- Wow!
- Heat and serve it.
Hold this.
- Gokul!
- Yes, Chef?
How many months of training
have you finished?
It's been six months.
How many times have you
entered my kitchen?
Not once, Chef.
Okay, Chef.
Studied for three years in college
and six months of training.
Yet he hasn't stepped into my kitchen.
It isn't a mere posting to work
in the kitchen of such a fancy hotel.
It's an achievement.
You need to earn it!
- What?
- Sorry, Chef.
Don't worry. I'll get my bike.
Who are you? Where's Keerthi?
I am
I'm here to cook, Auntie.
Excuse me!
Ma'am, your food.
I'll pay the rent from next month.
It's all pre-paid here.
Rent comes first,
Only then can you stay here.
I'll find a job in two
or three days, Auntie.
Please, Auntie.
Oh! Now you want to find a job?
That's it!
Let her stay here for a few days till
she finds another accommodation, Auntie.
- Please.
- Am I running a guest house here?
Do you think anyone can come
and go as they please for free?
Vacate this place immediately.
Auntie! Please, Auntie.
Please help me.
If you don't go now
the police will be here.
Then you and your friends will be on
the streets looking for accommodation.
What do you say to that?
I'll leave, you woman!
What?! What did you say?
She said
I'll leave of my own accord, Auntie.
Am I right, Poorani?
No, I said, I'll leave, you woman.
You keep your house to yourself.
Goodbye, woman!
Hey! How dare you disrespect me?
I ought to--
Hey, stop yelling!
Shut up!
Don't test my patience!
Just because you own a house,
you can't mistreat us.
Just because we don't hail from here
will you look down on us?
Till I step out don't speak a word!
I told everything to Keerthi.
Keerthi said she'd come straight
to Disha's place after her shift.
Please adjust for a night, Poorani.
I am starving.
Hey, get that dish.
Keep moving.
Are you Asha's daughter?
- You are?
- I'm Auntie Kusuma.
- Don't you recognize me?
- I don't.
Move it!
Bro, if you serve hot water
along with this half-cooked rice.
Both will mix, go into our stomachs,
and become fully cooked rice.
Yes, it isn't cooked well.
Hold this for me.
Pull it!
I could've eaten what I ordered on Zomato!
- Pull it!
- Come on!
Don't you know the difference between
a guest and a gate-crasher?
Ask them to wait outside the gate.
After the event,
give her the leftovers to eat.
Hey! Why are you acting so rude?
Are you humiliating us
to hide your mistake in cooking?
- Hey, Prethi!
- Keep quiet, Poorani.
Media will tear you to tatters.
You can do what you want.
What is the problem?
She came this morning asking
for a job.
As she was a drop-out
I refused to take her in.
She's creating a ruckus
to get back at me.
She's creating a ruckus
to show her resentment.
That's the actual reason, Chef.
If you have been refused a job,
just let it go.
Why create unnecessary problems?
Is a degree the only qualification
to become a chef?
What else is necessary?
Visual sense!
Looking at the consistency,
color, and texture of a dish
one should gauge its taste,
and specify the salt,
sugar, and spice level.
Hearing sense.
Based on the sounds during
the cooking process
one should be able to tell
if it is cooked well enough.
Smelling sense.
Based on the smell of the dish
one should be able
to tell if the ingredients
are overcooked or undercooked precisely.
The smell is the first impression
for the guest.
Sense of touch.
One should know to tell
the texture by touch.
Tasting sense.
When you taste a dish
the tongue should be sharp enough
to decode its entire history.
On top of it all
in the kitchen or in front of the guest,
assess the situation shrewdly
and behave responsibly.
One must possess common sense.
Anyone can cook to appease hunger.
But to serve a tasty spread
that satisfies the heart and soul
Only an ideal chef can do so.
And to those who want to become
such an ideal chef
even the slimmest chance is denied.
If you know so much,
why don't you cook and show me?
She will rock, ace over so many
Here she comes, Annapoorani
She will rock, ace over so many
Here she comes, Annapoorani
She will rock, ace over so many
Here she comes, Annapoorani
We have never received
such complaints before.
Be careful.
This dessert is specially made
for you, Chef.
During childhood, for Deepavali
we never had money to buy
sweets from the shop.
At that time,
with the leftover idli batter
my mother used to make
the "idli dumpling" sweet for me.
In my entire life, such a delicious sweet
I have never tasted
anything like this!
Peel faster. We are running out of time.
A new chef de partie has come
to our kitchen.
The first woman in our kitchen!
Annapoorani Rangarajan!
Suman, tell her the protocols.
Okay, Chef!
Guys, get back to work.
- Poorani!
- Chef?
Your first order.
Will you taste this dish
and tell me your verdict?
I would like to introduce the person
who prepared this for you.
I've never tasted something
like this before.
Don't worry, dear.
Take rest.
The fire accident
at a private star hotel in Chennai
is said to have occurred
due to the carelessness of an employee.
- Here, as well, sir.
- Here?
Why didn't you add sugar?
Of course I did, dear.
The Police have demanded an
inquiry report to be submitted in a week.
Here you go.
Mother, how many times
to tell you to add sugar?
Why are you doing this?
If I add more sugar
you'll end up with diabetes.
Take a look!
You drink and tell me.
It is as sweet as a dessert.
Hey! What are you doing?
What happened?
- Where is she going?
- Poorani!
- Hey! Poorani, where are you going?
- Poorani!
Hey, Poorani, stop!
- Hey, Poorani!
- Poorani, stop!
- Watch out!
- Poorani!
Your child is bestowed with
special abilities.
She is born with enhanced taste buds.
That is why she expects
her mother's milk to taste good.
You can give Poorani any dish to taste.
Blindfolded, she can identify it
within a minute.
Hey, what are you doing?
Pineapple Kesari!
Poorani, what are you doing?
Aval upma!
Check on her.
- Poorani!
- Poorani!
What are you doing, Poorani?
Why are you behaving like this?
I can't
I can't taste anything!
I can't taste anything!
Check if you can smell this.
You are suffering from a condition
called Ageusia.
If your limbs don't respond
to signals transmitted by your brain
you can't move your legs and hands.
That condition is called a stroke.
This is more or less similar.
Signals from your brain to your tongue
have been blocked.
So your taste buds
are completely ineffective.
But that's a good thing in your case.
Usually, patients who lose a sense of
taste will lose sense of smell, as well.
Luckily, you are not in that category.
But to date, no medicine has been
discovered to cure this condition.
You may or may not regain
the sense of taste.
Till then you cannot savor any taste.
But we'll keep trying our best.
Your first order.
This year's
India's Best Chef competition
is about to commence in a few months.
Chef Ashwin Sundarrajan is said to be
diligently preparing for it.
- Ashwin take complete charge.
- Chef!
Today you must lead the kitchen.
- I'll be just watching you, okay?
- Yes, Chef.
Why this sudden hustle and bustle?
The French President is here in Chennai
on a one-day trip.
And he's having lunch in our hotel.
Thus, the rush!
- Check the garlic level in Potage soup.
- Okay, Chef.
Chef, what should I do?
Till the French President leaves
will you ensure not to show up
in front of me?
That will be very helpful.
Get lost!
"Buffet for one" ten minutes, guys.
Ten minutes tops!
He's Mr. Anand. The Corporate Chef!
I have been hearing a lot about
you and your food.
I'm curious to see
what you've made for me.
We have prepared some
of your favorites, Mr. President.
Aurora, Potage aux legumes,
Oeuf, Entree, Farinaceous,
Sorbet, Releve, Poisson,
Roti, Salad, Buffet Froid, Entremet!
- French food?
- Yes.
That's what I had last night
at home for dinner.
When I come to India
I want to taste your food.
Indian food!
I really appreciate your effort,
Mr. Anand.
But I believe food is culture.
No matter how much you try
The bread that you make will never be
as good as what we have back home.
What is this, Ashwin?
The entire cuisine is only French.
Chef, I spoke to the President's butler
and found out his likes and dislikes.
Besides, French cuisine has influenced
the culinary industry all over.
They are bound to be egoistic about it.
If we better their dishes,
we will create a lasting impression, Chef.
My apologies, Mr. President.
Please give me 20 minutes.
I'll personally make
some Indian dishes for you.
If I was here on a vacation, I would wait.
But work calls.
I'm sorry, Chef.
You all have your food.
I'll grab something later on!
Bring all the Indian dishes
we have prepared.
Regular, regular!
Is this our kitchen?
Doesn't anyone here know to try
anything new and original?
No one?
Chef, please ask him to use
his hand to eat.
We can't be telling him that.
Ask him to eat with his hand, please.
We suggest you use your hand,
Mr. President.
We believe it adds to the taste.
That may just be the best thing
I've ever eaten.
Why couldn't you have served
that to me earlier?
Indeed, you are India's Best Chef,
Mr. Anand.
Thanks a lot, Mr. President.
I would like to introduce the person
who prepared this for you.
Mr. President!
She's Annapoorani.
I have never tasted something
like this before.
This is so delicious.
What is the name of the dish?
In Tamil,
we call it Meen kozhungurai.
A type of rice that was made
in the first century.
Even before the "Modern Biryani"
was invented.
And this is mentioned in an ancient Tamil
Sangam literature called Purananuru.
That's great!
I'm flattered by your food and culture.
It was our pleasure hosting you,
Mr. President.
I'll never forget this taste till I die.
And I would love
to honor you with something.
This is a Golden Franc Angel Coin
made in 1899.
One among a 100 ever minted.
This is a symbol of luck.
Extremely special!
Just like the food you made for me today.
Thank you, Mr. President.
What does that mean?
"The Goddess of Food."
I bet you are!
Guys, today I have two announcements.
I'm promoting Poorani to the position of
South Indian Chef de cuisine.
My second announcement is
In India's Best Chef competition,
the representative from our hotel
our new Chef de cuisine,
Annapoorani Rangarajan!
You can applaud for this, as well.
Come and collect the entry ticket.
Thank you, Chef!
- Chef, are you leaving?
- Yes, why?
Will you do me a favor?
There's an urgent birthday cake order
from a VIP guest.
He wants it by midnight.
None of the boys are in the confectionery.
I don't know how to bake it properly.
Will you bake it for me, please?
But my shift is over.
Please, Chef. Just this once.
- Hello?
- Hi, Poorani. How are you?
Hey! What a surprise!
You've called me on this number.
You promised to call after your shift
but you didn't.
Or else, how will we wish you?
We wanted to call you at midnight
and surprise you
with a wish from our association.
Some association you are!
Poorani, ignore them.
Promotion in the kitchen,
the IBC competition, and your birthday
You will have to throw a big party for us
at your hotel.
Hey, it's time.
Three, two, one
- Happy birthday, Poorani.
- Happy birthday, Poorani.
- Have a blast!
- Have a blast!
You must all be very happy.
I can't be a chef hereafter.
I can't cook in any hotel.
You only lost your sense of taste.
You're talking as if
you've lost your life.
The day I started cooking,
the time I decided to become a chef.
My dreams were all because of the "taste."
Now I am suddenly unable
to savor any taste!
I feel like I've lost my life.
Your turn, Father.
You must be the happiest.
Tell me, I told you so!
What's the next move?
Srirangam, naturally.
Come, let's go right now.
You must have chosen some groom
for me already.
Let's go!
You have won!
I have lost.
I am a loser, Father.
My life is done.
Have you bought the tickets?
No, we can go there and buy it.
Poorani, let's go!
What is this place?
Say something!
Cut the vegetables
to proper proportions.
- Carry on. I'll be back.
- Yes, Chef.
I am Poorani's father, sir.
You were the one who hired her
at your hotel.
She lost her sense of taste
in the accident.
- Are you aware of it, sir?
- Father!
You are the reason for her present plight.
Father, please!
Right from childhood, watching your videos
and news about you
inspired her to become a chef like you.
There's nothing wrong in her dream, sir.
Can all of you please step out?
The day she decided to become a chef
everything has been going wrong for us.
Today, she asked me to take her
back home as if nothing mattered.
If I take her to Srirangam
the blunders she committed till now,
the humiliation
I've faced because of that
It will be a blemish on our lives
till the end.
I can even sacrifice my life,
but I can't live forsaking my dignity.
The humiliation I've faced
must be wiped clean.
For it to happen, even if I don't like
what she opted for
she has to win.
Until then, even I won't return
to Srirangam.
She has made up her mind
that she's not my daughter.
You have to help her succeed.
Poorani, this trauma is because
of the accident.
Don't lose your confidence.
I've lost everything, Chef.
There is nothing more to lose!
You mean to say
if you lose the sense of taste,
you can't cook?
How is your father cooking food
that's ambrosia for Lord Ranga?
Does he taste the food
he offers to God?
Can a cook in any temple
taste the food before offering it to God?
Then how does it taste so delicious?
They cook with unconditional love
and pure and simple devotion.
Thus the delicious food.
I did not say for the sake of it that
your cooking reminds me of my mother.
The bond between the mind of the cook
and the heart of the one who enjoys it
is called "taste."
You did not lose your sense of taste,
But what you lost is
your love for cooking.
Instead of being scared
that you will go wrong in your cooking
Like the Poorani I knew,
garnish it
with your usual tender loving care.
You can do it.
Are you very fond of explosives, Ashwin?
Yes, Father!
Bullets can miss their target.
Explosives never miss!
What is this about, Father?
On that night, Ashwin
you had ordered a cake
for a birthday party, right?
I am asking you for the name
so I can deliver the cake.
I don't get it!
Cake, my son. Cake, cake!
The address must be
with the receptionist, Father.
For a birthday that never was
from a non-existent address
you had ordered a cake
for an imaginary customer.
I'm curious about that customer's name,
archived only in your head.
You know it now.
Why even ask me?
Doesn't matter if
you're a good chef or not
I was hoping you would be
a good human being.
Anyone who lacks good intentions
is not allowed into my kitchen.
I'll call for a board meeting right away.
From this minute your position as
the Executive Chef in The Royal Colosseum
is revoked, Ashwin.
We are in the National headlines.
But not in a good way!
It's on me.
I will take the bullet.
Anand, the accident at your hotel
was a gelatin explosion.
The forensic report is ready.
Someone in your own hotel who was
well aware of chemical reactions
is the culprit for this explosion.
Go! Go and denounce me.
If I fall, it won't be just me.
I will drag everyone down with me.
The brand you created, the reputation,
legacy, goodwill, everything
Are you trying to protect Poorani, Anand?
If you're trying to protect your son,
I can understand.
But to support that girl
who is a total stranger
Doesn't make any sense, Anand.
Her negligence is responsible
for this plight.
If she had noticed the OTG
at least a few minutes earlier
she could have stopped this.
How can a girl like her
represent our brand
in a national-level competition?
We need a face to switch off this news.
Let that be Poorani.
We will fire her!
Ashwin will represent our hotel
in the competition.
End of discussion.
- Congrats, Ashwin!
- Thank you, sir.
- Happy for you, Ashwin.
- Thank you, sir.
That's why I love explosives, Father.
What to do about the competition?
- Shall we reach out to the Chef committee?
- Does something like that exist?
Just reached!
Will call you back in twenty minutes.
Chef, Income Tax officers are here
to raid our center.
I'm not a big shot!
If you join our hotel we'll offer you
15 percent of our shares, Chef.
We'll make you our Board of Directors.
You should only join our hotel.
Chef, when I saw your email
I came immediately
without even consulting with my MD.
The Chairman has decided that Poorani
will represent our hotel in IBC.
You should definitely
pick our hotel, Chef.
Is this the return of the film
Amaidhi Padai?
The son has taken the plunge.
Shouldn't the father
show off his strength?
Have you resigned from
The Royal Colosseum?
Sir, sir!
Please wait, sir.
Chef, you don't have to do this for me.
Why are you feeling guilty, Poorani?
You are not to be blamed at all.
It is my duty
to take responsibility for the mistakes
I committed when I was in charge.
That's why I resigned.
Forget it!
All these hotels have come only for you.
- Chef, how can I--
- Poorani!
Two hotels have offered amazing deals.
If we pressure them more, they may
bequeath the hotel to you, okay?
Greetings, folks!
I'm going to give you all
an amazing update.
It's not the score update.
But a food update!
Prestige presents
India's Best Chef 2023.
Co-powered by Naga Foods
has begun fantastically.
it's getting late for the competition
Shall we leave?
Uncle, you circumambulated only twice.
You must go around Vinayaka
in odd numbers,
- One, three, five, like that
- Don't bug him. Come.
Welcome everyone, to India's Best Chef!
This competition has birthed many chefs.
It has inspired many chefs
to achieve their dreams.
Every participant here is working in
one of India's top 5-star hotels.
Not only does the winner bag the title
of "India's Best Chef."
But that person gets to work in one of
the world's best 7-star hotels
Pentominium Al Arab as an Executive Chef.
And here are the sixteen
Super Chefs of this year!
In 24 years of IBC's history
the first female contestant,
Ms. Annapoorani Rangarajan.
The first round is a freestyle round.
You can cook your favorite dish.
Scan the QR code shown
on the LED screen.
And enter the dish of your choice.
Contestants, you have two minutes
to select your dish.
And your time starts now!
And now we come to today's surprise part.
There is a box on your counter.
And a hurdle is in that box.
Today you must cook a dish
using that hurdle.
All the best!
How do we cook without a stove?
Everyone encounters
minor complications while cooking.
But for a contestant,
cooking itself has become a complication.
It's none other than Annapoorani.
She has been asked to cook
without a stove.
We're anxious to know
what will happen next.
What's her dish?
- South Indian Platter.
- Ouch!
What's happening?
Your time starts now!
- Poorani, Poorani!
- Poorani!
- Poorani!
- Look over here.
Hey, do something!
Give that to me. Give it!
- Uncle?
- Yes?
What does "no boil, no oil" mean?
Cooking without fire and oil
is called a "no boil, no oil" kitchen.
Now, what does cooking mean?
To make the meal suitably palatable
with whatever ingredients are at hand.
Use rice flakes instead of rice
and rinse in the same amount of water.
If soaked in water for ten minutes,
the fluffy and non-sticky rice is ready.
Mix raw bananas in rock salt water
and marinate for fifteen minutes.
It will be cooked.
and add coconut, carrot,
pepper, cumin seeds, and salt to it.
Now your stir-fried vegetables are ready.
Grind coconut,
raw mango, and tomato to a fine paste.
If you mix soaked dried raw
and sambar masala,
the sambar is ready!
- Hey!
- Hey!
I'll show it to you later.
Contestants, step away!
- Amazing!
- Thank you.
And Ashwin,
what is so impressive
is you were able to create
this beautiful flower from a potato
with no knife!
Thank you, Chef!
That meat is cooked perfectly!
Thank you, Chef.
Thank you.
Chef Annapoorani
haven't you plated up your food?
Sorry, Chef.
I took some liberty
since it's a freestyle round.
Food should never wait for us.
Only we should wait for food.
This is a quote echoed by mothers
in every household.
Our Tamil tradition is to serve.
South Indian meals!
Chef, plating is the act
of serving in person.
Among the sixteen participants here,
the chefs moving to the next round
will be illuminated with a spotlight.
Ashwin Sundarrajan is the first contestant
to enter the next round.
No surprise, Arora has been selected
to enter the next round.
Congratulations to all the chefs
who got selected.
Those who didn't make it, don't worry.
Every one of you did a great job.
But there's a slight margin.
Don't feel bad about this.
Keep cooking!
There is one more
surprise waiting for you.
All of you were given hurdles.
But having cooked with
an impossible hurdle
thinking most innovatively
and for executing it perfectly
Chef Annapoorani gets
the "Best Dish of the Day"
and she advances to the next round!
That's right!
An amazing twist in the story.
Annapoorani has got the golden spotlight.
In every round, the best performance
is rewarded with an extra five points.
In this round, Annapoorani cooked
without using a stove.
I wonder what the next round
is going to be.
- Superb!
- Amazing!
Poorani, you cooked without fire, right?
I'm getting a burnt smell!
- Hey!
- Check if something is burning.
He's such a pain.
Poorani, awesome! You were excellent.
Wow! You rocked it.
Give your hand, Poorani.
- Give your hand. Superb, brother!
- Superb!
Prestige presents IBC 2023.
Co-powered by Naga Foods.
- Round two! Correcting the Mistakes!
- Steps 100, wails limitless
Hurdles 100, scars countless
With 100 pebbles thrown in
Do rivers break while flowing?
If not me, who else will win?
- Dreams a 100, doors endless
- Yeah!
- Chisels 100, heights measureless
- Yeah!
- What was brought and what was lost?
- Yeah!
Nothing to lose, do not give up
Compete with life to reach the top
Bring it back
We need it back
Clash and contest
Roll it up, spice it up
Give it your best
Bring it back
We need it back
To win, if not me
Roll it up, spice it up
Who else can it be?
Like a mountain, she's so strong
She is war's daughter
Poorani will be happy
if you give this to her.
You go and give it to her.
You left this behind.
- All the best, Poorani.
- Thank you.
She is war's daughter
I am not crying.
My eyes are sweating.
Is she a floral tempest?
Can you serve that?
I may not be able to savor
Life's taste and flavor
To worry over what was lost
Can scorch you red-hot
Stealing time's backpack
Makes you lose track
Appreciate what you got
Wings will sprout for you
To reach your goal no doubt
Every step I take
With my trust in you
Gives me a magical feeling anew
To fight your way, strong as iron
Gives you the much-needed weapon
Like a mountain, she's so strong
Today we have a very special guest.
One of India's top chefs,
Chef Vikas Khanna.
His signature dish is Kandhari Paneer.
And you will be recreating it.
And the best to recreate it
will step into the finals.
We need it back
To win, if not me
Roll it up, spice it up
Who else can it be?
Like a mountain, she's so strong
She's war's daughter
She's a spark of fire
She's a floral tempest
The top two chefs to compete
in the final battle
She's a spark of fire
Congrats, Annapoorani.
All the best.
India's Best Chef,
in this national competition
Despite losing the sense of taste,
a contestant by the name of Annapoorani
excelled in recreating a dish
which has stirred a huge controversy.
If she is unable to taste
how did she guess everything right?
Since she can't taste
she is at a disadvantage.
But it's really great
that she came this far.
She should have said so earlier
if she was playing fair, why hide it?
It's all a scam to increase TRP ratings.
A few people may have made mistakes.
But the system can't be blamed.
If Annapoorani has made a mistake
You'll deal with it, right?
- Thank you.
- Sir, sir, one more question.
I've participated
in this competition for years.
But such a fraud has
never happened before.
The scheme programmer,
is he secretly helping Annapoorani?
She asked me to help her
because she had lost her sense of taste.
She gave me money, as well!
We have got the latest piece
of information.
All India Chef Association has
summoned Annapoorani for an inquiry.
Suppose she is unable to prove
it's very likely that she will be
disqualified from the competition.
Not only that, she will not be allowed
to work as a chef in any-star hotel.
Let us wait and watch.
Okay, Mother. I am going.
Poorani, don't read the comments
and react--
Don't interrupt now, please.
Don't worry, Poorani.
Everything will be alright.
People on social media do it on purpose.
Please, I'm not in a good mood.
It's not that, Poorani
My friend is the General Manager
of a star hotel.
I can talk to him. Don't worry.
- This competition--
- Did I ask you?
Isn't it obvious I'm avoiding you?
Then why do you stalk and torture me?
Please leave.
It's okay, Auntie.
Why is she behaving like this?
Rangaraja, it's not the right time.
No, I am highly suspicious.
She's always hanging out with Farhaan.
She's constantly flirting with him.
But she's being rude to this boy.
What does she think of herself?
What's the problem now?
You need to know if I love Farhaan.
That's all?
I like Farhaan.
When you look for a groom for me
if you ask "What kind of a man do I want?"
I will say "Like Farhaan."
But if you ask me
"Do you want to only marry Farhaan?"
I swear, I don't know!
I don't know what else to do
to make him understand my feelings.
You won't let me be
in peace anywhere, right?
Now she claims she likes Farhaan.
She's even saying
that she wants a groom like him.
Doesn't it mean she intends
to introduce him to us that way?
My suspicions are confirmed!
Hey, moron!
Will you never understand your daughter?
Will you always put a stop
to whatever she wants most in life?
Even though I wasn't in support of it,
didn't I allow her to compete
in the competition?
Don't forget I am your mother.
If she wins the competition
it'll absolve the insults you faced
by the people.
So, you let her compete.
Not because she wanted to.
With the firm belief that you will be
working in the Railways
Saradha's father agreed to this alliance.
But you quit a stable Government job
and went to cook in the temple.
Only I know how upset
and disappointed she and her father were.
When you follow your heart,
you are never bothered about
other people's feelings.
But Poorani,
even though it was her dearest wish
she wants everyone to approve
and accept her wish.
Even I know she is very fond of Farhaan.
But she still has never revealed
her feelings to him.
Even if she loves Farhaan
what is wrong with that?
Was Thulukka Nachiyar a Brahmin girl?
Didn't our Lord Vishnu accept her
and allocate a special place
to her in His shrine?
If the God Almighty
can accept without bias,
why do you stubbornly discriminate?
Father, I need to talk to you.
More than me winning
why do you find so much joy
in her winning this competition?
Without wasting time,
go and prepare for the finals.
Did you just realize that
I've also qualified for the finals?
Many fathers go the extra mile
to boost their son's career.
Don't you even wish that I'd win this?
When you bagged
the silver twice, Ashwin
I thought the next
time you'll get the gold.
But after I watched
how you behaved with Poorani
I was shocked at how anyone could win
the second prize twice
with such intentions.
No one is 100 percent white.
Everyone has shades of grey.
The person who brought out
the grey within me
it was not her.
It was you!
More than being a father to me
you've behaved like a chef with me.
Maybe that's why I didn't
connect with my personal life.
I believed the kitchen
was my entire world.
Now, to think that even that
will be denied to me
I feel all the sacrifices I made
have gone down the drain, Father.
I will not give my place to anyone.
That doesn't mean you have to win
against Poorani in this manner.
She is not qualified
to compete with me.
She will be disqualified in the inquiry.
Don't go and stand in her defense.
I will defend her.
I will!
To set the record straight
for the wrong you did to her
I will definitely go and speak up for her.
You shouldn't go!
Of course, I will go!
You should not!
Why didn't you tell us
that you lack a sense of taste?
Did scheme programmer Manohar
help you in any way?
When the chef who can taste
was struggling
how did you recreate it perfectly?
Tell us, Poorani.
How did you recreate it
without being able to taste it?
Only with the help of my other senses.
When we see a dish, we know 40 percent
of the ingredients that are used.
When we smell, it's 20 percent.
Ten percent is by touch and feel.
While chewing, we can guess 10 percent
by its texture.
This adds to 80 percent.
Then what about the remaining 20 percent?
Common sense!
This isn't Kandhari Paneer
as everyone said.
This dish is Kandahari Paneer.
Kandahar is a city in Afghanistan.
My guess is that you have used
Afghan-style chat masala.
You haven't told us about Manohar?
Sir, I don't even know
whom you are referring to.
Everything is okay, sir.
Even though she was at a disadvantage,
it's highly suspicious that she has
reached this far.
The world's best symphony was composed
by Beethoven.
He was hearing impaired.
The theoretical physicist and cosmologist
who made us fly into space
was Stephen Hawking.
His brilliant mind was
trapped inside a paralyzed body.
Will you scrutinize their disability?
Or acclaim their talent, sir?
It isn't as if we are not
supporting you, but
Are you concerned that a girl with a
disability has reached the final round?
Or bothered that a girl per se
has qualified for the final round?
If this is your problem
I have the courage to walk out right now.
But the courage to announce
this is your exact issue
Do you possess it?
I have been honest
in all the rounds of this contest.
Whatever feels right to all of you
proceed with it.
Thank you, sir.
Since the accusations
against Annapoorani were proven false.
In India's Best Chef Competition,
there is no ban preventing her
from participating in the final round.
Mr. Soundarajan, Chairman
of the All India Chef's Association
has announced this.
Poorani, I'm fine!
Why are you so upset?
Tell me who did this to you, Chef.
You see they banned you, right?
I was upset and had a little
too much to drink and fell.
Hey, Poorani!
Look at me. Don't worry about me.
You should focus completely
on the final round.
You said you chose this profession
since I inspired you, right?
More people should watch you tomorrow,
be inspired, and choose this profession.
Only when such people enter
these issues won't crop up.
Women cook in 99 percent
of the homes, right?
But how many hotels employ women
as their chefs?
Why can't they step into this kitchen
when they rule the roost at home?
If it is a wall preventing them
from following their dream
you have to win
and break that wall, Poorani.
Your victory will be a statement.
I didn't snitch on you, Ashwin.
Don't worry.
Neither here
nor anywhere else.
Because you're my son
and our brand, reputation, goodwill
will go down the drain.
That's not the reason.
I want you to lose to Poorani
in the finals tomorrow.
When you wish Poorani to lose instead
of wanting to win for your own self
you will continue to lose.
How many times have you bragged to me?
I am very talented.
I am India's next Best Chef.
If you truly believe in your talent
without any of your fraud tricks
in tomorrow's finals
you must compete with Poorani
with full faith in just your talent.
Suppose you win,
I'll get you a bigger position
than what you've ever aspired for.
Wait, wait!
Suppose you lose,
you should never cook in this lifetime!
Fire, smoke, knife,
chaos, and high pressure.
If you ask where can you find it all,
the answer will be the "battlefield".
This is also a certain kind
of battlefield.
Welcome to the final battle
of India's Best Chef!
In such a grand finale
deciding authority for the final
special dish that you have to cook is
our audience!
Not just here.
It's our kind request to everyone watching
this competition.
Scan this QR code on your mobile.
You will find the three dishes
that we have shortlisted.
You have sixty seconds
to select a dish from our list.
And your time starts now!
Hey, don't select it.
- Why? I like it.
- Hey!
I like it, as well.
But trust me, select this one.
If they make more
they will share it with us.
Then don't come asking for it.
I won't! Select this one.
Let's see the final dishes.
Option A, Turducken.
With 10 percent and 1,60,023 votes!
Option B, Fish Paturi.
25 percent with 3,75,300 votes.
So in this grand finale, the special dish
that you must cook to win
with 65 percent
and over ten lakh votes
- Biryani!
- Biryani!
You follow everything
as per the recipe.
But something is missing in the biryani.
Why do you have a long face?
She usually messes up a biryani.
Your time starts now!
Let's get those burners on fire.
Same ingredients. Same cooking style.
But the taste is different.
What do you add
that's so special in this, Auntie?
I don't know, dear.
I pray to Allah and then do what I know.
After that it's Inshallah.
Oh, Almighty
My dear, Almighty
You're my protector
With your love and grace
The universe lit up
Oh, Almighty
- I have a plea
- Oh, Almighty
- Your command
- Oh, Almighty
Color me with your radiance
Oh, Almighty
- I have a plea
- Oh, Almighty
- Your command
- Oh, Almighty
Color me with your radiance
Oh, Almighty
Oh, Almighty
Almighty! Almighty!
Oh, Almighty
Almighty! Almighty!
Oh, Almighty
Almighty! Almighty!
Oh, Almighty
There are 30 varieties of Biryani
throughout India.
And more than 100 varieties of Biryani
all over the world.
But our focus today is only
on these two biryanis.
The best Biryani I have ever had.
Ashwin, why did you choose
this style of Biryani?
Everyone assumes Biryani
is a dish from India.
That's wrong.
The first country to cook Biryani
was Persia.
Now Iran!
This will be the most authentic
form of Biryani.
- Brilliant!
- Thank you, Chef.
In 2010, Chef Soundarajan
made a Biryani which
was the best I've ever tasted in my life.
Ashwin's Biryani beat that taste.
I never expected another Biryani
to be as good as his in the next minute.
This is not just food.
It's art!
Isn't this Ambur-style Biryani
made in Muslim households?
- Yes, Chef!
- Your name is Poorani.
How does your Biryani taste as if cooked
by a Muslim, though you're a Hindu?
How can Biryani be branded
by caste or religion, sir?
Biryani is an emotion!
You prayed like a Muslim.
It is the belief of the lady
who taught me this recipe.
She believes the taste percolates
into her Biryani through her prayer.
I followed her faith.
You know, in my 30 years
of living in India
if there's one dish I never enjoyed,
it was Biryani.
But, Poorani
I think tonight you may have changed
my mind about that.
This is spectacular!
Thank you, Chef.
This is the first time in 25 years
that something unique has happened.
We thought that the final was over.
But we have a tie!
We couldn't find a single mistake
in the biryanis made
by these two contestants.
At the same time
we couldn't decide which was the better
of the two either.
Like a super over is bowled
if there's a tie in a cricket match.
Similarly, we have a "Super Round"!
But what else is left to test the ability
of these two chefs?
The tie-breaker which will decide
India's Best Chef 2023 is
"A blind taste test."
We will blindfold the contestants
and place ten different ingredients
in the form of a cube in front of them.
The person who tastes and identifies
the maximum ingredients will be
India's Best Chef 2023.
Sir, how is this a fair competition?
You know very well that Annapoorani
has lost her sense of taste.
Tie-breaker should be
an equal competition to both.
Right, buddy!
What a fraud contest!
If there is a tie in the final round
we had decided on the tie-breaker
even before the first round.
We can't change the rules
due to a participant's inability.
Rules are made for the competition.
Not for the competitor!
- Sir, the competition is for competitors.
- Farhaan!
- Sit down.
- Hey!
Dragon fruit.
Red dragon fruit.
The skin has been peeled.
It feels hard on the outside.
The center is soft and juicy.
Why is she just tasting
and not saying anything?
Annapoorani, your answer?
This is
Slimy! Feels like sesame seeds.
Dragon fruit!
What type of cheese?
Feta Cheese!
I know it's chicken.
But it has no smell or flavor.
What's your answer, Ashwin?
Annapoorani, your answer?
Steamed chicken!
What's your answer, Ashwin?
Wrong answer, Ashwin. It's Yam.
If Annapoorani gets it wrong
Ashwin will be the winner
as he scored more points.
Will Annapoorani get it right?
It's kohlrabi, Poorani.
I knew long ago.
I knew right then
that Rangarajan's daughter would win.
You're right! She achieved the impossible.
- Congrats!
- Thank you.
I recently read somewhere that
when a woman stands up for herself
she stands up for all women.
You've paved the way for every
single woman who wants to achieve
but hesitates to do so.
You have taken the first step.
- Congratulations!
- Thank you, Chef.
Do you want to say something?
When I lost my sense of taste,
I decided to go back to my hometown,
packing up my dream.
I thought I could never cook
in this lifetime.
If I had been left to my silly decision
this competition
the privilege to participate in it
I would have just watched it on TV.
restraining my decision,
wanting me to win,
the man who encouraged me,
I would
like him to stand by my side now.
Which contamination are you trying
to cleanse, Mother?
The defilement of her eating meat?
Or the fact that I've been branded
as vile for being her father?
I don't want anyone running behind her.
Henceforth, she is in no way related
to my family.
The blunders she committed till now.
The humiliation I've faced
because of that.
It will be a blemish on our lives
till the end.
Women don't even have the right
to own their mistakes.
No matter where I go or what I do
the next time I see you,
it will be only when I've done something
to make you proud.
Congrats, Poorani!
Won't you talk to me like you did before?
- Father
- Forgive me, Poorani.
You played a fair game
in the finals, Ashwin.
You deserve to be a corporate chef.
I don't want a job that's a leftover.
Let what I have lost stay lost.
This is not going to end with an award.
Our Star Chef Annapoorani
is going to be the Executive Chef
of one of the world's best seven-star
hotels, Pentominium Al Arab in Dubai.
So, Irfan viewers, I was called
to interview Annapoorani,
the title winner
of India's Best Chef 2023.
I thought I would be flown to Dubai.
But they have brought me to a village.
Let's watch this Star Chef in a place
where only stars shine bright at night.
Come with me!
Across Tamil Nadu,
through women's self-help groups,
Sister Poorani identifies struggling girls
striving to make ends meet.
She also imparts cooking lessons
to those interested.
The items are packed and sold,
and the profit is shared
among the budding chefs.
I passed out in the first batch.
Thanks to Chef Anand
securing a loan in his name,
I run a bakery in Namakkal.
Our shop's red velvet cake
is very famous.
My mother was working
in Sister Poorani's house.
When my father passed away,
I had to drop out of school and take up
a job to help make ends meet.
I love to cook.
So, Sister Poorani trained me.
Just last month,
I sent 15,000 rupees to my family.
Excuse me, sir!
Very good!
So, India's Best Chef, and a job
in one of the finest hotels in Dubai!
But you're here?
A chef's fulfillment
doesn't lie in where or how she cooks.
It's achieved when the chef
recognizes and understands the reason.
My childhood dream was to helm a kitchen
in a five-star hotel,
much like Chef Anand.
But it gradually dawned on me that
he wants more women like me to take
this initiative and embrace this role.
That's the reason.
If more women choose to follow my path,
why shouldn't I pave the way for them?
Even to this day, I want
to become like Chef Anand.
Sister, taste this ukkali
and tell me how it is.