Anne Trister (1986) Movie Script

Anne, it's time to go now
You're not doing so well today
And yet you started off well
What is it that's bothering you?
The dimensions
And we don't always feel like working with standard formats
The frame limits me
Why don't we go away together?
It would be nice
What do you think of that?
I can't leave my job like that
I can delay my departure if you'd like
You have to make this trip alone
Because you decided to
Have a good trip
Take care of yourself
You too
And you, Pierre? And you?
What will you do now?
I'll wait
I'll send her really nice cassettes of you, of me, of friends
Good thing she has her two addresses
Still, she's so fragile
Her father's death really affected her
Don't you find her changed?
It was always him that took care of her at home
I didn't see her grow up
I had such a demanding job
Of course she...
she didn't get...
the love...
that she expected from me
Now it's too late
He was a real character...
your father
He wanted to be a writer
A brilliant man, filled with talent
but it never happened for him
even though he spoke ten languages
Yes but he didn't write any of them well
You know...
there is something impossible in each of us
I loved him a lot
really a lot
Are you planning to stay for long?
I don't know, maybe
If you're looking for a place to stay, there's the house
Thank you
It's kind but for now I prefer to stay at the hotel
Is the Saint-Justine Hospital far from here?
No, not really
Finally, Sarah wants to heal her animal
for the first time she is dressing the wounds she inflicted upon it
she hasn't spoken a word for the entirety of the operation
the operation has lasted almost fifteen minutes
Excuse me for interrupting, Dr Moison.
I've just received a call from Anne Trister
Thank you
The studies in fine arts are done?
Yes, they are
We'll go pick up your things at the hotel?
-Are you sure you don't mind?
Of course not, Anne. I have lots of space and you can stay as long as you'd like
Can you imagine this song in the middle of the desert?
It was like it was coming from nowhere. It had been weeks since I'd heard anything other than Arab music
I forget all the rest...the exhaustion, the heat
The past
It was only when the bus left that I realized I had forgotten to get out and get a drink
The desert is beautiful
The colours of the sand, the light, the rocks
I found the desert rocks so beautiful that I brought back a suitcase full
It's not easy to transport especially when you're hitchhiking
Luckily, I didn't have too much baggage with me to start, I would have had to throw some out
You're not coming?
What do you mean a storm?
You can't fall asleep either?
It's because of the desert
Want some?
Yes, I do
There's lots of images that come to me...
A hole in the sand,
the music,
a young girl hitchhiking, sitting on a suitcase filled with rocks
It's rare that I tell my stories about the desert
Usually people don't understand
You're not going to say hello to me, Sarah?
Who touched the things?
I don't know
Was it another child?
I don't know
I hope he's doing better than last week
Turn your chair
Vieux Lausanne Bistro, it's 10 o'clock
the day of my 33rd birthday
I've just received your enthusiastic cassette
The people there, their outspoken nature
I knew it would be agreeable to you
Ah, your knishes
I knew it would make you happy
Mmm, its good
I found you a studio
I wasn't looking for one
-I know but I found one you anyhow
Hm, where is it?
It's a bit big for a painting studio but I'm sure you'll like it
It definitely needs a bit of work
A lot even
You were right, it is really fantastic
But I don't believe I can afford it
It's yours
You're here for your pieces of wood?
-Are they ready?
Yes, they're right there
Oh, it's great
He does really good work, eh? Your... your boyfriend
Yes, he does good work, my boyfriend
You don't find this a little big?
Yes but that's what's good about it
It would make a perfect carpentry workshop for me
Or a little concert hall
-You and your concert halls!
Yeah, it's not worse than a carpentry workshop, eh?
Don't fight for nothing, it belongs to her now
Unless we make a trade?
Leave Anne alone, Thomas
What? It's a question she doesn't have to say yes
What do you say, Anne?
But with Sarah, for example?
With Sarah, it was...
it was special
She came to the day center, I often ran into her
And one day she knocked on my door
Like this?
It's not right?
Yes, yes. It's very good
Why are you laughing?
We're like little girls building a dollhouse
How did she ask you?
The first thing she said to me was...
I don't have a real family and I break everything
later she asked me to take care of her
You're having fun?
So, did your team win?
It was a tied game
Is anyone hungry?
Oh, yes!
And you?
A bit
How does homemade carbonara sound?
-Mmm, good idea
I'll go prepare it for you
Is there any wine left, Alix?
I think so
Why are your hands cold?
You're not happy with me?
Are you going to psychologize me this morning, you?
A little bit
I told you that Claude offered me his apartment?
No, you didn't tell me that
-I didn't tell you?
Maybe we could take it together
Today, Simon, I realized that one must be in an extremely grave situation to accept to move
I would like to have the courage of my dreams
I would like to have the courage of my dreams
It's the same everywhere
Is there someone there?
Yes, me
Alix isn't here?
Did she tell you where she was going?
I think she had a meeting with Sarah's parents
You worked all night again?
Have you eaten?
I'm not hungry
You should watch out, you'll burn yourself out
I'll cook you some eggs
I thought you were supposed to spend the night at Thomas'
-There isn't a damn egg left!
I'll prepare you a grapefruit
Did you have a fight?
I don't know where he is
I don't know
I don't know why he does this, I don't understand
I don't understand
What did you talk about last time?
He wanted...
He wanted us to move in together
You refused?
No, no, not even
I said that...
I said wait a bit, that...
that you were here, that I didn't want to leave you alone in an empty apartment
He seemed to agree
You're good?
It's completely crazy
I thought the mock-up looked nice
but to see it like this, it's fantastic
I don't know how to explain to you what it does to me
It touches me, deeply
It's true? You really like it?
I'm happy that you're here
I was starting to get bored
I really like your cat but it's been three evenings I've spent alone with him
It's starting to get boring
Thomas kept me prisoner
Here, I brought you something to eat
We'll sit here?
I tried calling you at the apartment several times
You were never there
I wanted to invite you for supper
I only have five minutes, I'll drink this with you and then go back to work. Cheers
How is Thomas taking it, that I'm staying with you?
Well. Why?
Just wondering
I have the impression that he's been trying to keep you away from your apartment
It's possible
But you know, he's like that, a little antisocial
And it's part of our way of life, sometimes at his place sometimes at mine
No, no, he likes you, otherwise he would have told me
you're just disturbing his habits, you don't need to worry
I have to go back to the hospital
You're leaving already?
-Yes, I have to
But if you'd like we can eat together tonight at my apartment
Thomas is busy all evening
Bye bye
See you tonight?
It's going to be nice. Wait, wait, wait
That's that
Watch out
What are you doing?
Why are you doing that?
An artist can't decide what is good and what is bad
It's beautiful! Just beautiful!
So, go get some air
It will do you some good
Leave it!
Last night I came up with a story named "The Little Chick"
It's the story of a young man who leaves his mother's house
And walks the streets of an unknown city
Out of fear he sets bombs, exploding everything he likes and dislikes
In the vast city he cannot be found
But him, lost...
suddenly he turns and finds his way following the path of destruction he had created
Back at his mother's house, he re-enters the womb
I want to make love
The anguish of sleeping alone
Luckily, tomorrow I'm working
I thought about calling you
When I work it's ok
But as soon as I think about my life I lose it completely
I would really like to meet your friend, Alix
I love you
I don't want to make a big deal of it
The big deal is that it wasn't your decision
-Oh, thank you
In fact you never really wanted to go and live with him
I don't know, these things can be felt
And you let yourself get worn down
He's not stupid, Thomas, he knows he can get you with blackmail
Wait. Slamming the door the other morning, that wasn't emotional blackmail?
It's none of your business! You not going to tell me how to live my life
If I feel like living something through to the end you're not going to stop me
I'm sorry
I don't know what is going on with me
I think it's jealousy that's making me say this
I've wanted to talk to you about this for a while
I also love you a lot
I always feel good when we're together
You have to understand that between us...
-Why are you saying this?
I'm not asking you for anything
Do you realize the position you're putting me in?
I'm not ready for this
I won't ever be
Lift, Mozart!
-I'm lifting
Wait, I'm going to get it
-Pretty heavy, eh Mozart?
Be quiet, I can't hear anything
She was happy anyway
-Who? Pierre?
Oh, Anne's Pierre. Wait a second, I'll get her
Anne, Anne, it's Pierre
Thank you
Pierre? Pierre, I'm so happy to hear your voice
Wait, speak up I can't hear you
Yes, that's it
No, I'm ok don't worry
Oh really? When?
I want some tape
A lot
And now, we're going to play an amazing game
You're going to be a very mean mother
And I'm going to tie you up with tape
We could maybe just pretend?
-No! We're doing it for real
You're mean
You're crazy!
You stink!
Big idiot
You're gross like piss
Don't move or I'll kill you, don't move
You have to pretend, don't do it for real
You can't hit, ok?
Who did this to you?
That's her?
She's cute
What happened?
I hurt myself, it's nothing
How's your new apartment?
It's a real construction site
-I thought it had just been renovated?
Yes but Thomas decided to make some improvements
things like changing the ceiling, stripping the woodwork, you know?
Want to get a coffee?
I don't really remember when or why I left you
This separation is more unbearable by the day
I've started to travel without you and love without you
I look for you in the crowd and I can't find your hand in this desert
The more I look for you, the more I lose myself
Mom, I miss you
I couldn't sleep
I was expecting some things
but not this
I don't understand
If you don't want to see me say it
This coffee is done
I love Alix
She'll never love me as I want her to
But I don't know if that even matters
I can't do anything about it
I need to see it through to the end
It's for me?
One day someone that I love
Told me you have to find the strength to love instead of giving in to fear
Do you remember?
It's funny, before she arrived we didn't have any problems
You're mixing things up, Thomas
You think so?
I think you're the one that's mixed up right now
I'm moving back into my apartment
Where are you going?
In your mind we should all be at your feet?
I'm not done
I love Alix
I won't let anyone destroy her. You understand? No one
Can I have my arm back now?
I think we've said everything
I'm going to go with her
I have something important to tell you, can you pass by the restaurant tonight?
Excuse me Mr, I'm closing the door
Do you want a lift?
-No, no, thank you
Oh, thank you
Would you like to adopt my baby?
Department of Psychiatry
I'd like for us to discuss this next time, ok?
-Please hold
Dr Moison?
Take a message please
It's the Notre-Dame Hospital
We'll see eachother on Friday, ok?
-I don't get a kiss?
Yes, Dr. Moison speaking
Look, you've got lots of mail
Zurich the 5th, Zurich the 12th, Boursin the 15th
Lausanne the...
-Wait, its from Pierre
It would be an unforgivable waste if we were unable to find eachother again
I love you, you know
That's all?
I did everything I could to stop the demolition
Simon saved some of the pieces
It's my turn now
Are you hurt?
It would be unforgivable if we were unable to find eachother again
I love you, you know. Anne