Annie: A Royal Adventure! (1995) Movie Script

Okay, come and
get your copies
of the New York
Globe, kiddies.
Make sure you don't leave
out the sports section
or the funnies
like you did last time.
Now, buzz off.
Okay, who's waiting to
get their papers here?
There you go, sir.
Off you go.
Come on, where's the rest
of these kids?
I haven't got all day.
We gotta sell papers, you know.
Here you go, pooch.
Go on.
So, what's the headline
today, Sandy?
World population soars
to 2.5 billion.
That's a lot of people,
huh, Sandy?
Hey, Pete.
Hi there, Annie.
Ah, real good.
Extra, extra.
World population soars.
Read all about it.
Molly, I need your help!
Morning, Annie.
Good morning, Molly.
I brought you this.
I rolled the dough myself.
Gee, thanks. So, what's
the headline today?
World population soars
to 2.5 billion.
That's what I said.
Pretty soon, we'll have to wait
in long lines
just to get ice cream.
Or go to the movies.
Or go to the zoo.
Hey, if there's that many people
in the world,
there must be a family
out there
who would like to adopt me.
I'm sure there is, Molly.
I'd better go.
Thanks for the pie.
See you tomorrow.
we've got to help her
find a family.
Finish your paper route
already, Hannah?
Poor Molly.
I can't believe she
hasn't found a family.
Well, she's real special,
that's all,
so she needs to find
a special family.
You know,
they say it's harder
to be adopted
if you're too old.
What's too old?
Oh, no. Molly's 8.
Poor Molly.
If she doesn't
find a family,
she'll have to live
the rest of her life
with Miss Hannigan,
and never have
a mom or a dad,
and never have
a real Christmas,
and never have
her own pony or--
who has their own pony?
Kids in books.
Well, Hannah,
don't go overboard.
We'll help Molly
find a home.
Look, Murphy.
They've stopped.
Look at that.
What are you doing?
You said, "Look."
Just give the man some money,
and hurry.
Leaping lizards.
There's a special today,
only 10 cents.
I got 10 cents
from my paper route.
Annie, I don't think your dad
wants you
to spend it
on the fortune teller.
Oh, I don't think he'd mind.
It'd be good to know the future.
I could prepare a little.
Come on.
Hurry. Hurry!
There's a bigger problem.
We got to go to the station.
I hit a policeman, off-duty.
He's taking his family
on a picnic.
Put your dime on the table,
young lady.
Give me your hand.
Hmm, interesting.
Oh, no.
Oh, dear.
Are you planning
on taking a trip
in the near future?
Well, no.
Maybe go to the library
or something
like that.
I see a long voyage
with troubled water
You must warn your family.
They must watch out
for sinister characters.
Sinister characters?
Yes. All around you.
I see...weasels
And trouble
everywhere you go.
Hmm, apart from that,
your life looks pretty good.
Gee, what a future.
Does a paw cost another dime?
Hi, Mr. Asp.
What are you doing?
Mr. Warbucks asked me
to buy some new suitcases.
You're going on a trip.
Leaping lizards.
Daddy Warbucks.
I was just
looking for you.
Better start packing, my dear.
We are sailing for London.
A little longer on the sleeve.
Daddy Warbucks,
we can't go.
Can't go? Nonsense.
It's going to be
your Easter vacation,
a perfect time
to travel.
Uh, yes.
But Daddy, I talked
to Madame Charlotte.
She read my palm.
She told me to beware
of sinister characters,
troubled waters and weasels.
I was there. I heard it,
Mr. Warbucks.
Did you, Hannah?
When I say buy,
I mean buy.
Well, I will not halt
the trip,
but I will take
some extra precautions.
Yes, sir.
Annie and Hannah here
have just informed me that...
some sinister characters
may be after us.
I see...
and how do we know this?
Madame Charlotte,
She can read
the future.
She even read Sandy's paw.
She told him
to watch out for a gray cat.
Sorry, sir.
Well, Madame Charlotte
must have some gift.
be on the alert.
I will, sir.
Can Hannah
come with us?
If her parents don't object.
And can we take
Molly too?
You'll have to ask Miss Hannigan
about that.
Why are we going to London?
So the richest man in the world
is gonna be knighted.
Well, ain't that something,
I say, Murphy,
I'm trying to get
my beauty sleep.
Oh, if you're
going to be like that...
Going to be like what?
The boss is going
to be very happy.
So do we have to snatch
the little redhead?
We take a little trip
back to London.
That's when we nab our man.
But I thought Annie was a girl.
She is a girl,
you ninny.
We were just going
to snatch her
to use her to get
to Professor Eli Eon.
The famous professor
lives with Warbucks,
and only he has the key
to what we need
to complete the boss's plan.
This is very,
very complicated.
Not if you use your head.
We meet Warbucks and his party
on the ship,
make friends
with the professor,
work our way
into his room,
and make him give us
the information we need.
Just in case,
we'd better keep
an eye on Annie anyway.
Will you stop that?!
Sorry, Rupert.
What if the professor
doesn't cooperate?
He'll cooperate.
He'll cooperate.
Young lady, you must learn
to be attentive always.
Each and every day,
I have interesting
things to teach you,
and as your tutor,
it is my responsibility
to make sure
that you are alert
and listen to my words
at all times. Annie!
Stop that at once!
Since you continue
to disobey me,
you will have extra homework
over spring vacation.
Mrs. Fowler, Sandy wanted--
No buts.
You will read this book
on medieval castles
and write a detailed report.
Do you understand?
Homework? During vacation?
I don't think Mrs. Fowler
was born with a heart.
I wonder what Mr. Fowler
looks like.
I heard there was no Mr. Fowler,
that he died years ago,
and that she keeps his body
in the cupboard.
Oh, my gosh.
And she sits him down
at the dinner table every night
so she'll have
some company.
That is horrible.
And after dinner,
they play chess,
and she makes his hand
move the red pieces
to all the wrong squares.
Poor Mr. Fowler.
I'm just kidding.
Annie, one day
your imagination
is gonna get you into trouble.
Go ahead. You knock.
No, you knock.
I don't wanna knock.
Hey, what are we
afraid of?
She's only...
well, Miss Hannigan.
if it isn't the lucky
little rich girl
and her friend.
Hello, Miss Hannigan.
Nice to see you,
Miss Hannigan.
Oh, is it?
And what brings you two girls
back here
to Miss Hannigan's lovely home?
We miss you, Miss Hannigan.
We miss all
the fun times we had
washing the floors
and cleaning the toilets.
Oh, yes, of course we do.
And because of all
the wonderful things
you had us do,
we would like
to repay you.
Oh, yeah?
How about us taking
part of your burden
off your hands
for one whole week?
I don't get it.
We are willing
to take Molly
all the way to London,
across the ocean,
for a week.
She'll be
out of your hair.
You'll have
one less little brat
to worry about
for seven days.
So, what do you think
of that, Miss Hannigan?
You want to know
what I think of that?
This is what I think of that...
She's meaner
than I remember.
There must be some way
we can get Molly
to go with us.
I want an Easter dinner
on every table
in all of New York City.
Do you hear me?
Annie, I'm so glad you're here.
I can't get the professor
to come out of his room.
Why? Isn't he excited
about going to London?
Well, he's
a great scientist,
but he's not
a great traveler.
In fact, our house
is the farthest
he's ever been
from his own home.
It's going
to be great.
We're going
to the Eonite Plant.
We're going to see where
your very own creation,
Eonite, is made.
You're my hero,
Professor Eon.
I can't wait to see
the workers' faces
when they meet the man
who created Eonite,
a product that's better
than plastic,
better than rayon.
A product that's so good,
in two years, no household
will be without it.
And a product that, if placed
in the wrong hands,
could destroy the world.
Leaping lizards! Is that true?
Well, no one's going to get
their hands
on the ingredients.
Only the professor knows
what they are,
and we're not gonna let him
out of our sight.
Eli, you must come.
All right.
Annie, I'm here.
Oh, it's Hannah.
I have to help her
with some, well...
very special luggage.
What very special luggage?
WARBUCKS: Wait till you see her.
She's a beautiful ship,
a real queen.
WOMAN: No, no,
that's mine.
Thank you,
that's it.
One more, please.
Smile, please.
Just one more, please.
Are you all right, Annie?
I'm just worried
about, um...
Hannah's luggage.
Oh, no need to worry
about that.
This is the most efficient ship
in the world,
the Queen Mary.
They handle every piece
of luggage
as if it were a newborn.
Come along, girls.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me! Excuse me.
Excuse me.
This way, please.
Oh, my goodness!
Excuse me. Thank you.
Ma'am, can we get a shot?
Excuse me.
Just one, just one.
Beautiful, thank you.
PHOTOGRAPHER 2: That's great.
Oh, my. What a glorious day
for the high seas.
PHOTOGRAPHER: That's a good one.
Thank you.
Who was that?
See what you miss
by not traveling?
Come on, girls.
Stop! Stop!
Stowaway! Stowaway!
Stowaway. Stowaway!
Don't leave, wait!
Aah! Stowaway!
Isn't that
Miss Hannigan?
Why, yes, it is.
She's coming to see us off.
Stop that ship!
What's that
she's saying?
I think she's saying...
"Stay a while. Stay a while."
Aah! Stowaway.
Miss Hannigan.
Bon voyage.
Open it. Open it.
Oh, it's so good to see you.
It's good to see anything.
How was it?
All that rocking back and forth.
I wasn't dangling high
in the air, was I?
Do you wanna throw up?
I think I just need
some fresh air.
Get in the trunk!
I've, um, come to tell you
that lunch is served.
Oh! Wonderful.
Lunch, Hannah.
Weren't there three of you
in here?
Um, no, just, um,
me and Hannah...
and Sandy, of course.
What's that?
What, the dog?
Yeah, he's got a little cold.
Um, the sea air should help him.
See you at lunch.
Lunch? I'm starving.
I promise we'll bring
you back something.
You too, Sandy.
Now, lock the door.
All right.
Daddy Warbucks,
where is Professor Eon?
He won't leave his room.
Says he feels safer there.
Scientists are a strange
and wonderful breed.
Ma'am, a photo.
Excuse me, excuse me!
Excuse me.
Run along.
Excuse me.
Ooh! Excuse me!
Excuse me. Ladies first.
Oh, why, thank you.
Wait a minute. I know your face.
I know you.
You do?
You're Oliver Warbucks.
Well, indeed I am.
Oh, I've been
such a great admirer
of yours for--
Well, I won't tell
you how many years
because that would be
giving away my age,
and we wouldn't
want to do that,
would we, Mr. Warbucks?
Please, call me Oliver.
A telephone call
for you,
Mr. Warbucks.
Excuse me.
Of course.
Yes, by all means.
Fit the children of China
with the best shoes
you can find.
Excuse me.
May I know your name?
Lady Edwina Hogbottom.
Lovely meeting you,
Lady Hogbottom.
Is Lord Hogbottom
on the voyage?
Ah, je regrette
Lord Hogbottom,
God rest his soul,
is under the voyage.
He was lost at sea
many, many years ago.
Well, your ladyship,
would you like to dine
at the captain's table
with me and my family?
Oh, with the richest man
in the world?
I should be honored, Oliver.
This is my daughter, Annie,
and her friend, Hannah.
Ah, what pretty little girls.
Don't you just love children?
Don't you
just love adults?
Ah, Murphy!
What are you doing,
sneaking around?
You told me
to sneak around.
With me, Murphy.
You're supposed
to sneak around with me!
Not so close.
Knock on that door.
And I'm sure Captain Thomas here
has some interesting tales
of things left at sea.
Oh, I do, Mr. Warbucks.
Our lost and found
is full of stories.
My goodness, me.
You girls must be hungry.
Oh, this, um...
This is for Sandy, my dog.
Right, Hannah?
It's for Sandy.
You see, I don't like
to feed him in the dining room
because it upsets
some people,
so I thought I'd just bring
his food back to the room.
Well, we'll get Sandy
his own food.
Waiter, would you bring
Miss Warbucks
a large dinner plate
for her dog?
Yes, sir.
Thank you very much.
They're so full of surprises.
Do you have children?
Uh, well... No.
No, not-- Not exactly.
No children.
A plate for your dog,
young lady.
EON: Who is it?
Uh, we're looking
for Professor Eon.
You've found him.
We are with the Queen Mary
welcoming committee.
And we'd like to talk to you
about the onboard activities.
Shuffle board, cards...
and nightly social dances,
where you can meet
the eligible ladies
Oh, yes!
There are many lovely ladies
just dying
to meet an eligible
bachelor like yourself.
A bone?
We brought you
a potato.
And a piece
of children.
I don't know.
Being a stowaway
is not as romantic
as in pirate stories.
I promise...
we'll bring you back
a real big dinner.
What's that?
EON: Leave me alone.
It's Professor Eon.
Who are you?
I'm Murphy.
Well, I'm Annie,
and Professor Eon
is a friend of mine.
And I demand you let me
into his room.
I can't let you in.
EON: Oh!
I think I can
trick this guy.
I don't think
he's very bright.
I'll find out.
How much is two times 20?
Two times 20?
That's what I said.
Well, it's a lot.
It's a very big number.
He's a dummy.
Good work, Molly.
I think I've got him.
Excuse me.
Could you please turn
the light on in my room?
It's dark in there
and I'm afraid to go in.
Yeah, sure.
One and one is...
two, I'm sure...
Sandy, come on.
Hannah, go tell
Daddy Warbucks
that there are sinister
characters aboard ship.
HANNAH: Sinister characters.
There are sinister characters
on the ship.
Sinister characters?
If you'll all excuse me.
Asp, Punjab, let's go.
Professor Eon!
Professor Eon!
Professor Eon.
Are you all right?
Mr. Warbucks,
Professor Eon's
in there.
Thank you, Molly.
Molly, what are you doing here?
Uh... We were gonna
surprise you.
I'll deal with this later.
Asp, the door.
Yes, sir.
After him!
Oh! What
happened to you?
They asked me to multiply.
What? Oh!
Come on, this way.
Decoy. Decoy.
What decoy?
Man overboard!
WOMAN: Oh, dear!
RUPERT: Man overboard!
It's us. It's us!
Isn't there a lifeboat?
Come on, Murphy.
Is that them?
It must be.
No... Oh!
Are you all right?
Oh, what?
Oh, yes.
Yes, yes, I'm--
I'm fine.
I just hate trouble,
and drowning--
Drowning is so upsetting.
It's so wet.
I'm fine.
Will you come on?
In here.
We can hide in here
until we land.
Where are we?
We got company.
And as for you,
Yes, Mr. Warbucks.
Being a stowaway
is illegal, you know?
We'll have to
send you back
to Miss Hannigan's
as soon as we dock.
And that...
is when I will deal
with you two.
Is that clear?
ANNIE: I can't believe
we're in London.
A city with history
around ever corner.
What's that?
That, my dears,
is Buckingham Palace.
MOLLY: At least I got to see
Buckingham Palace.
Now, Molly, you know
I should send you back
to Miss Hannigan's
Yes, I know.
But I'm not going to.
You're not?
But you said on the ship
that you--
Well, I've been
thinking about it,
and after all the help
Molly provided
chasing those
sinister characters,
I think
she deserves a reward.
I'll wire Miss Hannigan.
Oh, thank you,
Daddy Warbucks.
MOLLY: Yes, thank you!
WARBUCKS: But the next time
there is an escapade like this,
someone is going
to have to be punished.
Yes, sir, Mr. Warbucks,
no more escapades.
Here you are, sir.
The entire sixth floor.
Oh, and here are
your messages.
Thank you.
One from Prime Minister
Winston Churchill.
I, uh, took
the call myself, sir.
Good man, Winston.
Can't play cards
to save his life, though.
Come on folks,
let's see our rooms.
Oh, my gosh!
It's so pretty.
Compliments of the management.
Oh, hello.
You've got a cold?
I caught a chill.
I got a special treat here
for you, girls.
It's from
the management.
They don't do this
for just anyone.
Only their most special guests.
You know...
you look very familiar.
I do?
Uh...have you been
to the Savoy before?
Well, then we've never met.
Take a look at your view.
Well, goodbye.
I must be going.
Enjoy your snack.
Thank you.
Take care of that cold.
I feel like
I've seen him before.
Mission accomplished, boss.
Well, you finally did
something right, Rupert.
I'm amazed that there
wasn't some unforeseen
Shakespearean tragedy
that would have prevented you
from carrying out
just a simple task.
No, I did it.
They're all happily in the land
of milk and cookies.
Then we must all give
three hearty cheers.
I just can't seem to get warm.
I think I'll need
to spend 24 hours
in bed.
You can lie in bed
for the rest
of your miserable life
after we finish
what we have to do.
I just want to be queen.
Is that so wrong?
But there's already
a king and a queen.
I know that,
you man-with-no-brain,
but I am a Hogbottom,
and many, many years ago,
the king stole the crown
from my family,
and now I'm going
to get it back.
Royal blood is surging
through my veins, Murphy.
Can't you
hear it pumping?
I am the last Hogbottom
capable of righting
this terrible wrong,
and no one
is going to stop me.
I belong with
a crown on my head,
and a scepter in my hand.
All we need now is
that stupid substance, Eonite,
to complete
my most perfect of plans.
Oh, it's so close.
I can even smell it.
In half an hour,
they'll all be asleep.
Then we can get
our hands on the Eonite.
Hello, Winston.
Oliver Warbucks here.
How are you, old man?
Willing to lose some money
on a game of Hearts?
Yes, I'll bring my wallet.
Well, see you soon, Winston.
Let's leave
the snack for later
and go right
to Hyde Park.
Shouldn't we tell
Daddy Warbucks
where we're going?
Oh, he's taking a nap.
We'll be back
long before he wakes up.
Molly, Sandy,
come on, let's go.
Come on, Sandy. Thank you.
Thank you.
I just want to lay down
for a little while.
Aw, just...
sleep later, Molly.
Look, it's Hyde Park.
Look, it's Peter Pan.
Yes, J.M. Barrie wrote
the story here in London.
He based it
on real boys, you know.
I love Peter Pan
and the Lost Boys.
They were orphans like me.
Oh, I guess
she's worn out.
Hey, she's sleeping
on our wicket.
Oh, our friend
is just so exhausted,
she can't stand up
another minute.
The park is big.
You can play baseball
over there.
What are you
talking about?
Well, you've got
a bat and a ball.
But there's something
terribly wrong with your bat.
Actually, we're here
to play cricket.
Are you American?
Yeah. I'm Annie.
Jolly good. I'm Michael.
And I'm Hannah.
And I'm ready to play ball.
Do you want to play?
I'm afraid we don't know
anything about cricket.
Listen. It's easy.
There's a batsman on the field,
one to each wicket.
The bowler
bowls the ball,
the batsman hits it,
and then runs to the crease
that the batsman's run from.
You got it?
You know what?
Let's just play ball.
I'd like to speak
with Mr. Warbucks, please.
No answer?
Thank you.
Hey, you're holding
the bat wrong.
That's how I hold it.
But it's wrong.
Pitch the ball.
Wow, that was some swing!
Oh, great.
The game's over now.
We could play tag.
No, I'm not playing tag.
I'm gonna find
another cricket game.
Coming, Michael?
No, I'm gonna
stay here a while.
Okay, Molly. Up and at 'em.
Time to get up, Molly.
I can't wake her.
Well, she's breathing.
She's not dead.
Let's bring her to my house.
Annie, we don't know
this boy.
We're not supposed
to go with strangers.
We live near here,
and my mom is very good
with sick children.
Molly's sick.
We have no choice.
Weren't the three
of them in here?
Okay, professor...
where do you keep
your secrets?
Thank you.
For what?
I knew there were
three of them!
I think Mr. Warbucks
would like to speak with you.
BOY: Kick
the ball to me!
Hey, Michael.
Johnny, is Mum home?
Who's in the carriage?
An American girl.
Whose carriage is it?
I borrowed it
from Mrs. Woods,
down by the park.
BOY: This way. Kick it.
Hurry. Kick it!
Your brother?
Mum, I'm home. Mum?
Annie, Hannah, I'd like you to
meet some more of my brothers.
There's more
of them?
I have one more.
He's at work.
Your mother
must be exhausted.
All right, then,
whose are these,
Ian's or Johnny's?
Could you please help us?
I think our friend is sick.
Now, you're friends of--?
They're my friends, Mum.
Annie and Hannah.
And Sandy.
get some smelling salts.
No fever.
Her color's good.
Your friend's gonna be
all right.
A cup of tea
would probably help.
Do you want
to call her parents?
Molly doesn't
have any parents.
She's an orphan.
Oh, look.
The Lost Boys.
Molly, are you okay?
I don't know.
I feel like I just took
a very long nap.
You did, dear.
Henry, look
what I found.
Hi. I'm Annie.
And I'm Hannah.
I think I'm Molly.
I've never seen so many boys
in one place in my life.
Where am I?
Well, this is Michael.
We met him in Hyde Park,
and this is his family.
What's going on here?
How'd you get on?
Did you get the job?
No, they didn't need me.
Oh, come, I want
to introduce you
to some girls.
This is Annie
and Hannah.
This is my husband,
Mr. Webb...
And this is Molly.
She's an orphan.
Hello, Molly.
Mr. Warbucks.
Goodbye, Winston.
See you tonight.
Thanks for the game.
Any messages?
Yes, sir.
There you are.
Punjab. You made friends.
These are not friends,
Mr. Warbucks.
These are trouble.
The ones from the ship.
Someone has put Professor Eon
and The Asp to sleep,
Annie and the girls
are missing,
and I find these two
around my room.
Do you know
where my daughter is?
No, sir.
It's the truth, sir.
Hold these men
till I return.
Right, sir.
Punjab, let's find Annie.
Oh, my foot.
Ow. Stop those men!
The car is in the garage.
We need a cab.
what a delightful coincidence.
Annie's missing.
Can we use your car?
Oh, yes.
Yes, of course. Yes.
Lady Hogbottom?
What do you mean,
"Annie's missing"?
Are you sure
she's not just taking a nap?
Punjab, let's go.
PUNJAB: Yes, sir.
Come on.
Thanks for the good time.
You're very welcome, Molly.
Please come back again.
Bye, boys.
Bye, Molly.
See you.
I was sure she'd come here.
I don't understand
where she could have gone.
She must have been exhausted
from that trip.
Not my Annie.
She never tires.
Punjab, drive on.
And every morning,
Miss Hannigan wakes up
on the wrong side of the bed,
and storms into my room,
and shouts, "Molly, get up!
I don't know,
wash the cat!"
That's very funny, Molly.
Now, where am I taking you kids?
To Daddy Warbucks at the Savoy.
Oliver Warbucks?
The richest man
in the whole world?
That's my dad.
Now, that's very interesting.
Just a short stop, ladies.
Michael, why don't you
come in with me?
All right.
You can work on this
while I'm gone.
I can barely subtract.
It's warm in here.
Let's get some air.
Gosh, it must be stuck.
Guess he locked it
by mistake.
Are we sure they locked the door
by mistake?
Oh, dear.
What do you mean?
Why did they have to stop
on the way to the hotel?
Why didn't they just stop
on the way back?
And why did they stop at a pub
called the Winged Weasel?
Michael and Mr. Webb know
that we're with Daddy Warbucks,
and they also know
that Daddy Warbucks
has a lot of money.
So you're saying
they're trying to kidnap us?
No. Not Michael
and Mr. Webb.
I hope I'm wrong about this,
but we can't ignore
Madame Charlotte's warning.
Remember? She warned us
sinister characters,
troubled waters,
and weasels.
Michael and Mr. Webb...
they couldn't be
sinister characters.
I don't want to wait around
to find out.
Hold on
to your hats, girls.
Follow me.
Come on.
After them.
Leaping lizards.
It's Daddy Warbucks.
What's going on here?
Daddy Warbucks,
we were about to be kidnapped.
By whom?
By whom?
By you.
You were kidnapping
my daughter?
No, we weren't.
We were bringing her
back to you.
They locked us
in their van.
Well, that lock's
been jammed for months.
I've been trying
to fix it.
Well, then, what about him?
this is our friend,
Jimmy Enright.
He wanted to give me
a job after school.
We all followed you
so you wouldn't get lost.
I'm sorry
for my daughter's misjudgment.
If there's anything I can do
to make it up to you...
Mr. Webb said they were
looking for jobs.
Well, why don't you
both come out
to the Eonite plant
I'll find you
good and exciting jobs.
Thank you. Thank you very much,
Mr. Warbucks.
I'm really very sorry.
Well, that's
all right, Annie.
We understand.
Well, goodbye, all.
Hello, Annie.
Oh, hello.
I thought
that you and your friends
would be resting
after that long voyage.
Oh, no, we couldn't wait
to see the city.
After this escapade,
I think you need
a little quiet time
to reflect on that
imagination of yours,
so this would be
a good time
to finish your homework.
Homework on vacation in London?
This does not seem right.
and secret passageways."
Why do we have to study
this anyway?
Who puts people
in dungeons anymore?
Who can afford one?
Oh, my gosh. Look at this.
Now, this person
must've been very, very evil.
They had a dungeon
with no windows
and only one door,
and when that door
was closed,
there was no light.
It was pitch black,
and if you walked around,
you did it at your own risk,
because there were
traps everywhere.
That's horrible.
And there were nails
on the floor,
and knives on the walls,
and alligators in a pit,
and snakes.
Oh, not snakes.
I don't even wanna
think of snakes.
Well, they had them.
The cocktail party's
in half an hour. do I look?
Handsome, Daddy.
Now, while I'm gone,
I want you girls
to get some rest.
Punjab here will guard the door.
We need guards?
Mm, just a little precaution.
And you...
try and keep that imagination
of yours under control.
Yes. Please, Annie.
Don't worry.
I think I've learned
my lesson.
I can't go.
Well, certainly
you can, Eli.
Here, let me
fix your tie.
I wish I could cut
a dashing figure
like you, Oliver.
Who made your pants?
Sears and Roebuck.
Well...Mr. Roebuck did
an excellent job.
You look just fine.
You'll be the hit of the party.
Oh, well, fine.
Aw, isn't he cute?
Sir Percy, Oliver Warbucks.
Nice to see you.
WARBUCKS: How do you do?
MAN: Good.
Nice to see you.
Lovely to see you.
Beautiful evening.
Would you excuse me a moment?
Excuse me.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
George, Oliver Warbucks.
How are you?
Nice to see you.
You too.
Yes, thank you.
How do you do?
Good evening,
You look extremely
handsome tonight.
And I was going to say
the same thing of you,
only substitute
the word "lovely."
Oh, thank you.
And the remarkable
Professor Eon.
You look dashing.
I am such an admirer
of your work.
Your brain fascinates me.
He doesn't
get out much.
Who cares?
He's a genius.
I'm so embarrassed
about Michael and Mr. Webb.
How could my imagination
have gone that crazy?
Do you think
Michael will still want
to play with us again?
I'm sure
they've forgotten it by now.
They seem like
such a nice family.
Imagine having
that many brothers.
I can't.
Hannah, you're the only one
with a brother.
What's it like?
Boys are very loud
and very sloppy,
and they like to tease you
and tickle you
until you can't breathe.
Even if you cry uncle,
they won't stop.
When you go to the movies
with them,
they eat all your popcorn
and drink all your soda,
and then complain
that they're still hungry.
Oh, I hope husbands
aren't like that.
I hear they're worse.
I'm glad I don't have a brother.
I don't know.
It doesn't sound that bad to me.
Telephone call
for Oliver Warbucks.
Oh, hello.
Yes, my advice would be...
you reach a lot
of people by radio,
but television
is the future.
Yes, you're welcome, sir.
See you soon.
The president's eyes
are everywhere.
Oliver, I was just talking
to the professor,
and he thinks it would
be a wonderful idea
if he came and
stayed in my castle
until you were knighted.
the professor is capable
of his own decisions.
Mm. And it would
please me greatly
if your sweet daughter
and her little friends
came to stay too.
Oh, Lady Hogbottom--
you have no idea
of the danger
that lurks
in this city.
And your highly
recognizable daughter
would be much safer
in my castle.
Well, I suppose
you're right.
And the dear
professor too.
So many people
could be after him.
Cruel, heartless people
wanting to turn
his good work into evil.
Hmm. Mm.
Good. So it's done.
Professor, my castle
shall be your home,
and may it inspire you
to do even greater things.
Derwood! Charity!
I need you now!
Oh, dear. Oh, dear.
Oh, dear. Oh, dear.
How did you get so dirty?
Coming, Lady Hogbottom.
Ah, Charity,
we are expecting company.
We are?
I'm a people person, Charity.
We must prepare the castle.
It's a ghastly mess.
And alert the servants.
What servants?
Are you saying
we have no servants?
You fired them all,
Lady Hogbottom.
You called them all
useless twits.
Ah, those servants.
Is there no one left?
Where is he?
Yes? Yes, yes, yes.
Oh, Lady Hogbottom!
No, Derwood, no tea.
We must clean
this castle.
My guests will be
arriving any minute.
Guests? We're having
guests? Here?
That's what she says.
Where is my son?
He's having a sandwich...
in the drawing room.
A sandwich?!
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
This must be an exciting day
for you, professor.
You'll finally see
the plant built
to manufacture
your Eonite.
Then on to Lady Hogbottom's.
Ah, there it is.
The world that
Professor Eli Eon built.
It's nice to see you.
And I'd like you all
to meet Professor Eon.
Where is he?
Excuse me a moment.
Guess who?
Hi, Michael.
You look very professional.
Do I? Well, I'm not
in the lab yet,
but with a little hard work,
I could be there soon.
Is Mr. Webb here?
He's over there.
He's learning
to operate a new machine.
He's always wanted
to work with his hands.
Come on.
I wanna introduce you
to Professor Eon.
My guests will be
arriving shortly.
I'd like to thank all of you
for your hard work.
It has not gone unnoticed.
It will not be rewarded,
but it has not gone unnoticed.
I have but one request, Rupert.
Yes, Mother?
You and Murphy stay out of sight
until Warbucks
and the plumed man leave.
Thanks to your stupidity,
our American friends
know your faces
all too well.
Mm, mm, yes?
Anyone for tea?
Go on.
Ah, quantum.
A fixed elemental
unit of energy.
You know this?
Yes! The quantum
theory states
that energy is radiated
discontinuously in quanta.
That is correct.
Do you work here?
Yes, I do,
Professor Eon.
I'm Michael Webb.
I'm so pleased
to meet you.
You know...
my father would love
to shake your hand.
He works here too? Huh!
A nice boy.
Can he come with us
to the castle?
Of course he can.
Oh, my guests.
My honored guests,
welcome, all of you,
to Hogbottom Castle.
Oliver. Oliver, my dear,
welcome to my humble home.
Edwina, it's magnificent.
It sure is big.
Annie, my dear,
how nice to see you again.
Oh, you brought your dog.
Yep. He goes everywhere with me.
this is Michael Webb,
a smart young lad
from the factory.
Ah, smart.
Good, I like that.
I've never seen a castle before.
Well, except Buckingham Palace.
Buckingham Palace is an eyesore!
It's not even a castle.
What I mean is, it's in--
In such a terrible state
of disrepair
that it would be better
to blow the whole place up
and start afresh.
Where's the professor?
Beautiful place, Lady Hogbottom.
I'm so honored
that you could grace my home
with your presence.
And I've prepared
a very special room for you
so you can do your work
Edwina, you are too kind.
Oh, one can never be
too kind, Oliver.
Oh, thank you,
but I must get back.
Dinner with the prime minister?
No. The king and queen.
Excuse me.
A little irritation
I must get rid of.
All right, then.
The Asp will come
and pick you up
before the
knighting ceremony.
Have a wonderful time.
If you need anything,
just ask Lady Hogbottom.
Be a good boy, professor.
Shall we go into the castle?
I have some very amusing plans
for our day.
I think I just saw--
Nah, couldn't be.
And this is
my great-great-grandfather,
Lord Henry
Hollingsworth Hogbottom.
Brilliant soldier,
but unfortunately,
the poor man lost his way,
and wandered
into the enemy camp.
Faulty compass, they said.
Professor, would you allow me
to hold the hand of a genius?
Oh...Lady Hogbottom.
Eonite is
one of the marvels
of the 20th century.
And I am
holding the hand
of the man who holds
the secret.
Hold all you like,
Lady Hogbottom.
Excuse me.
Do you think we could
go outside and play?
You want to go outside?
Yes. May we be excused?
Well, I suppose so.
But, do not, I repeat,
do not go into the back garden.
I have some very
special roses there,
and I wouldn't want them to be
trampled on. Is that understood?
Yes, Lady Hogbottom.
No back garden.
And I mean it!
And now...
back to you,
my reluctant genius.
ANNIE: I don't know.
There's something
about Lady Hogbottom
I don't trust.
HANNAH: Oh, no,
not your imagination again.
I know, but I just
have this feeling.
There they are again!
I think it's those men
from the ship.
Let's follow them.
Who are you talking about?
Sinister characters.
We're surrounded by them.
Come down...
She's right.
It's them.
It's blastoff
and we're out here.
The launch shall take place
tomorrow morning.
Shh. Come on.
We gotta find out
what they're talking about.
Oh, professor,
if my husband
had only been like you,
I would have been
a happy woman.
Being your husband would
make any man happy.
Oh, I've always thought that.
Did you see that?
Oh, must be my imagination.
And now back to you,
my reluctant genius.
Leaping lizards!
It's a rocket.
This is incredible.
It appears to be
a stolen missile
used to wipe out
entire villages.
Wow. A real rocket.
MICHAEL: This is set to explode
at 0800 hours.
When's that?
Pretty soon.
What's it doing
in her backyard?
You children don't listen
to instructions
very well, do you?
I knew I saw you.
Well, then we're all
one big, happy family,
aren't we?
the professor?
In my laboratory,
where he belongs.
What are you gonna do
with the rocket?
I am going to change
the face of England
as the world knows it,
and no one is going to stop me.
Grab them!
And grab that mutt.
Don't you dare hurt Sandy.
It's okay, Sandy, just--
Just stay with me.
there's a good little girl.
Now, if you cooperate,
I won't harm you.
Charity, take the boy genius
to the professor.
if you're
very, very good,
I might even give you
a place in my court.
Where are you taking us?
We're just going to put you
inside our little playroom.
Have fun.
Where did you get this?
I saw it on the table,
and I got it
before Charity could
get her hands on it.
Oh, my. A dungeon.
How can this happen?
It's the 20th century.
I wanna go back
to Miss Hannigan.
Now, let's not
lose our heads.
Oh, don't say that.
I've been reading
about these dungeons
in my homework
and there's always
a secret way out.
Just as long as
there's no snakes.
I am sure
that there are no snakes.
I never thought
it would end like this.
I thought I'd have
a long life,
have a lot of children,
have a successful career
in journalism,
become a master chef.
Oh, it could have been
such a great life.
Hannah, calm down!
How can I?
There's a bunch
of poisonous snakes
about to eat me!
They're in a pit.
They can't get out.
But we can.
We just have to find
the secret door.
It's no use.
Molly has pushed everywhere.
There's no door.
Well, we'll keep pushing.
Homework is never wrong.
I don't think.
So, now, professor,
you can see my dilemma.
My beautiful rocket
is all set to explode,
but it has no propulsion,
and that's where
you come in, professor.
What I need is
a little tiny bit of Eonite
to go in the tank,
and then my rocket will destroy
Buckingham Palace
and everybody in it,
and voil!
The Hogbottoms
will be returned
to the thrown of England,
where they belong.
I won't do it.
Do you have any idea
who you are
dealing with, professor?
Get Annie.
All right, Punjab.
Let's see if you can
levitate four coins this time.
That's my last quarter.
I must have silence!
I won't say another word.
Early morning magic, Punjab?
ASP: Four coins,
Mr. Warbucks.
I'm sorry
I disturbed your concentration.
No, it's not that.
Look at the paper.
Now...look at this.
It's those scoundrels,
and Lady Hogbottom
knows them.
Oh, my gosh, the article says
one of those men is her son.
Men, we've been had.
I hope we're not too late.
Leaping lizards.
What's that?
Good work, Sandy.
Molly, wake up.
Hannah, wake up.
Oh, let's get out of here.
Where are they?
They're not in here.
Oh, Mother is not
going to be very happy.
Find those brats.
The drawbridge is closed.
They've got to be
heading for the tower.
Mother, I--
I don't care if you're
frightened of heights!
Find them.
You're so strict.
I'll be back.
And you better think over
your options, professor.
Your time is running out.
Imagine being
linked for history
to the destruction
of the royal family.
A black mark
for eternity.
You know, unless a castle
is kept up to snuff,
chances are, it's so old
that parts of it
may be crumbling.
Well, come on.
I can't. I can't!
I hate it up here.
It's got a nice view.
Up here.
Wait, isn't that
the professor?
Mother... Mother!
Come on.
Mother, Mother.
It's the professor.
Murphy, pull me in.
Pull me in!
Murphy, pull me in.
I'm trying.
Hoist me up.
Murphy! Murphy?
Murphy, pull me in. Pull me in!
Mother, it's the professor--
Murphy, pull me in.
Don't let go of me.
I've got you.
I'm slipping.
No, you're not.
Murphy, pull me in. Pull me in.
I've almost got you in, Rupert.
Hoist me up!
I'm trying.
The rocks, Murphy.
The rocks!
Where, Rupert?
Oh, dear.
Oh, for goodness sake, Rupert,
this is no time
for a morning swim.
You can't escape this way.
Michael, come on.
Oh, Rupert, are you all right?
Charity. You care.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
You're right.
I'm sick of being Mother's pawn.
I've been locked
in a freezer,
I've been manhandled
by a large Indian,
I've almost eaten a dead rat,
and my mother wants to be queen.
It's time to move on.
What will we do
for money?
Let's go.
MICHAEL: Professor,
would it be possible
to change the trajectories
to make the missile explode
over the ocean?
Yes, but we need time.
Where is it aiming now?
Buckingham Palace.
Leaping lizards!
MOLLY: She is so evil.
Not evil, darling. Determined.
Let her go!
All right, professor,
go with the boy genius,
and if that missile
isn't launched
within the hour,
this little girl
is going to have
a very nasty accident.
Come on.
WARBUCKS: Let's walk from here.
I don't want to draw attention
to our arrival,
but let us walk quickly.
So where's the boy genius?
MICHAEL: Lift him up.
Twenty and 20...
is 40...
EON: Pull. Come on.
We've got to get back
to that rocket.
here are the calculated
towards the ocean.
Good luck.
You and Hannah
stay here
so Lady Hogbottom
will see you in the window.
You've got
a very nasty employer.
Unhand me, you man
with a plume!
First, you will tell us
just where you were going,
Mr. Hogbottom.
If you must know,
I was running away from home.
Just a little souvenir.
All right, enough games.
What's going on here
that we should know
about, Rupert?
My mother...
wants to be queen.
What is taking so long?
Launch that rocket!
How dare you try
and spoil my plan.
You leave me no other
course, professor.
And so we built the rocket,
and it's set to go off
this morning.
I have heard enough.
Punjab, the jewel.
Yes, sir.
Asp, tie them up
and call Scotland Yard.
Yes, sir.
We've got to save Annie
and England.
Hurry, Annie.
We don't get this thing
launched over the ocean,
we'll all be blown
to smithereens.
Leaping lizards.
MOLLY: Annie, help me!
That's Molly.
Go rescue her.
I can do this.
Oh, boy.
Come on, little girl. Come on.
I won't hurt you.
Come on.
Come on--
You'd better move away,
I mean it.
you'll both be very...
very sorry.
My rocket!
I must tell you,
most of England's
not like this.
No! Agh...
Oh! Oh, professor,
oh, you wouldn't harm
poor little me, would you?
are you all right?
Oh, I'm fine,
Daddy Warbucks.
Unhand me,
you stupid genius.
Oh! You know what
you've just done, don't you?
You've just blown up
Buckingham Palace!
No, Lady Hogbottom,
your rocket
is harmlessly exploding
over the ocean.
Professor, darling,
perhaps we could discuss
this little sequence
of events over dinner?
Save it for Scotland Yard.
Leaping lizards.
All right. This way, mum.
Watch the stairs.
You ruined it.
All of you.
You ruined my destiny.
I would have been a great queen.
I think that was
a bit unrealistic.
Wow, what a vacation.
Mr. Warbucks, the knighting.
The what?
Oh! The knighting!
Tea, anyone?
All rise for the king.
Hear ye...
hear ye.
By order of the king
and the most excellent order
of the British Empire,
I hereby decree
that Oliver Warbucks
shall stand forward.
Hi. I'm Annie.
This is Daddy Warbucks,
my daddy.
We're so sorry
we're late.
You would not believe
what happened
Lady Hogbottom--
I don't know if you know her,
but she is evil.
Well, she had this rocket
in her backyard,
and dead rats and snakes--
Leaping lizards.
You're the king.
Daddy Warbucks?
I'm so proud of you,
Daddy Warbucks.
The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun
Just thinking about
Clears away the cobwebs
And the sorrow
Till there's none
When I'm stuck with a day
That's gray and lonely
I just stick out my chin
And grin and say
Oh, the sun'll come out
Oh, I got to hang on
Till tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow, tomorrow
I love you, tomorrow
You're only a day away
The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun
Oh, the sun'll come out
So you've got to hang on
Till tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow, tomorrow
I love you, tomorrow
You're only a day away
Wait till I show Mrs. Fowler
my homework.
She's not gonna
believe it.
My parents aren't gonna believe
that I was trapped in a dungeon.
I don't think Miss Hannigan
will even want to hear
about my trip.
Oh, but I'm sure
all the other girls will.
They'll be
real envious of you.
There are a few people
here to see you, Molly.
Mr. and Mrs. Webb?
What are you doing here?
How would you like
to call us Mum and Dad?
Oh, I knew you'd find parents.
And we're gonna move
to the States.
Michael showed me
how to change
an unimportant element
in Eonite,
making it
virtually impossible
to use for evil purposes.
Mr. Warbucks invited
the whole family to America
so Michael
can study with me.
Wow. Instant brothers.
You know what I really like,
Daddy Warbucks?
Happy endings.
So do I.