Anomaly (2016) Movie Script

Everything is ready.
She's here.
Please, have a seat.
I'm Robert Baez.
This is Rachel Harris.
We're going to
be here for a while.
Care for some coffee?
I'm okay. Thank you.
As you know,
Ms. Harris is one of the top
book writers in the country.
She will be very specific
about her questions.
Please respond with
the most accurate
information you have.
So you're claiming
to know the story
- about the Hagen family?
- Yes.
Do you have any valuable sources
to collaborate to your story?
'Cause I don't play games
and if you're here
just for the money,
you can go somewhere else.
I'm not here for the money.
I'm just here
to share the story.
Okay, then start.
- From where?
- From the very beginning.
It all started after
Cindy's mother passed away.
And how did
the mother pass away?
One year before her death,
she was diagnosed
with terminal cancer.
Richard and his kids
were devastated by that loss.
He was depressed
for a pretty long time.
Two years passed and he figured
that Cindy and Tommy
needed him to get
back up on his feet.
So he found a new love
and decided to move on.
What are you thinking about?
I'm so happy
we finally got our own place.
It's small, but we can
do whatever we want now.
Yeah, but I was thinking,
wouldn't you get lonely?
I mean, your kids
are gone so fast
and I think it's time
to put that baby maker to use.
Really? You already have
two kids of your own.
I have two of my own.
I want one with you.
I know, I'm...
I'm their step-mom.
I'm fine with what we have.
Soon to be their mother.
But seriously, though, I hope she
doesn't think I'm replacing her mom.
She's not gonna think
you're taking over for her mom.
I'm sure she just misses her.
We all do.
I guess summer vacation's
almost over.
My mom's already asking
when we're gonna go pick 'em up.
Oh, we have to go
school shopping for the kids
and Tommy said
he needs a new backpack.
What? Honey, we're already over
budget for the house as it is.
We can afford a backpack.
Turn this up. I don't
want to miss this part.
- It's my favorite part. - Even
though I'm lucky and I'm ready
For better or for worse
I'm gonna carry
We're gonna
have our hurts
But it's the treasure
of my life
Just to spend it
by your side
I know I'm ready
It's the treasure
of my life
Just to spend it
by your side
I know I'm ready
Tell me about the house.
They bought this house
without knowing the background of it.
And I don't know.
There's just something
really strange about that house.
This place needs a paint job.
Yeah, I know.
What are you
gonna do with that piano?
I don't know.
Maybe we'll keep it.
I mean, Cindy will
make good use of this.
No, it's a waste of space.
Just put it in the shed.
But right now,
first thing's first...
clean up this mess.
Yes, let's do this.
Here's my story
It's sad but true
Hey, hey
- Whoa-oh
- Hey, hey
La la la la
Well, I should'a known it
from the very start
This girl'll leave me
with a broken heart
Now listen, people,
what I'm telling you
A keep away from
a run-around Sue
- Yeah...
- Aww, Hey!
Well, should'a known it
from the very start
This girl'll leave me
with a broken heart
Now, listen people
what I'm telling you
A keep away
from a run-around Sue
Yeah, I might miss her lips
and the smile on her face
The touch of her hair
and this girl's warm embrace
So if you don't
want to cry like I do
A keep away
from a run-around Sue
Yeah, keep away
from this girl...
This is our fifth night, honey.
You picked the perfect house.
I just can't believe they
sold it to me for so cheap.
I can't wait for
the kids to see it.
I can't wait for
the kids to tear it apart
more than it already is.
It's gonna take us a little
while to get used to it...
but it's okay, right?
Sure, honey, we'll be okay.
What is that?
It's probably crickets
outside, getting it on.
You would, though.
Their first nights
at the house were magical.
Everything was perfect.
- Hello?
- What's up, Paige?
- Hey, hun.
- What's going on?
Nothing much.
How are you?
Oh, you didn't have to do that.
Wait, you have a boyfriend?
Yeah, please don't tell dad.
Don't worry.
I love secrets.
I won't tell him.
Okay, I tried to call
dad, but he didn't pick up.
- Is he there?
- No, he's at work.
- How's Tommy?
- Stop!
He's fine, making my
life miserable as always.
Don't say that.
I'm telling you to stop.
So how's the new place?
- It's great.
- Cool.
It needs some renovations,
but you guys are gonna like it.
Sounds so awesome.
Um, we are so ready to go.
All right, we'll be there
Saturday, okay?
So get your things together.
- Okay, I will. Bye.
- Bye.
All right, Paige.
You wanted to be a mother.
Let's do this.
Shh. Silence.
When did Cindy and
Tommy appear in the story?
They were on
vacation with their grandmother.
They moved in
a week or two after.
- Come here.
- Come on.
So what do you think?
It's nice here.
I like it.
- Can you show me my room?
- Of course.
Here, I'll show you your room.
It's so cute.
You're gonna love it.
- -I got you
new sheets and I laid them out...
Wow, this is cool.
You play so well.
I still need some practice,
but I really love this piano.
- Let me show you to your room.
- Okay.
So this is your room.
It's small,
but I think it's nice.
It's nice.
I like it.
- Hey, Paige...
- Yeah?
Thank you for
being so kind to me.
Of course.
So how was your grandma's house?
Well, we did
all sorts of things.
We were on top of this tree
and we jumped off.
It was a lot of fun.
Did you hurt yourself
like last time?
- Yeah.
- Come on, you got this.
Here! Whoo!
- Go long.
- Hey, can I join you guys?
Yeah, you know what?
Come over here, take my place.
I need a drink.
Let's go, mom.
Think fast!
Think fast!
All right, I'll try.
All right, Tommy.
Here you go.
- Come on...
- Ohh!
Good catch. Good catch.
Throw it back.
All right, all right.
Bring it in, bring it in.
- - You guys
were playing without me?
- That's so messed up.
- Welcome home, guys.
Our new home.
So far, they haven't experienced
any weird activities
in the house.
When exactly did that start?
See... this is
very different from any movie.
If you move into
a house infected by demons...
Don't expect... to get
approached by them
on your first nights
in the house.
First they make you
feel comfortable...
then they attack.
What are you doing?
What are you looking at, Cindy?
Yeah, it is.
Tommy, don't...
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
No, no, no, don't do that.
No. Let him,
let him, let him.
- There you go.
- Cindy?
- Oh my God.
- Come on, Tommy.
One more piece.
Oh my gosh.
Are you okay?
I was having a nightmare.
The doorbell rang.
I went to go answer it...
and no one was there.
I walked out and the door
shut right behind me,
leaving me out.
And then... I saw Cindy,
Tommy, and you talking.
And then what?
I was looking right at myself!
Tommy, can I ask you something?
Have you heard anything
weird in our new house?
When you go to bed,
do you hear any unusual noises?
What about you?
Have you heard anything
weird in our new house?
What did you hear?
I hear my own...
My own room door
opening on its own at night.
Let's go home, Cindy.
You're just trying
to freak me out.
I'm serious.
I'm through with love
- I'll never love again...
- I'll never love again
Said adieu to love...
- Said adieu to love...
- Don't ever call again...
- I'll never fall again...
- For I must have you...
- For I must have you...
- Or no one
And so I'm
through with love
I'm through with love
In the presence of Cindy,
how did that
make everything worse?
Cindy was seeking
to speak with her mother.
So she brought this
weird-looking Ouija board
from her grandma's house.
She thought the Ouija board
was the easiest way
to communicate with the dead.
Nick, guess what I just brought.
I'm serious.
I brought a Ouija board
from my grandma's house.
Didn't you say
you played it before?
She could find no food at all.
She looked here and there,
but there was no food.
Then she began to eat the corn.
Being very hungry,
she ate a great deal
and went on eating and eating.
The end.
Good night, sweetie.
What about Cindy's
relationship with Paige?
What about it?
Did she accept her as a
substitute to her mother?
I have no comment on that.
Mom, this is a safe space.
Can we talk?
What are you doing in here?
- Go to your room.
- I can't sleep.
Can I sleep with you?
No, go sleep
with Paige or something.
I want to play.
Don't touch this.
If you don't let me play,
I'm gonna tell dad
what you're doing with your
boyfriend in my grandma's bed.
You little ba...
You're not gonna
tell him anything
because you didn't see anything.
Yes, I did,
but it's okay. I don't
want to play any more.
Okay, come on.
Put your fingers here
and follow my lead.
I'm having problems
with the car again.
- Really? -Yeah, I think
it's over heating.
We need a new car.
Are you in this room?
Holy shit, it's working.
Wait, before we do that,
I have to make sure it's mom.
What is your name?
Was she able to do it?
She intended to communicate
with her mother,
but someone else answered.
That's not mom.
Who are you talking to
and why are you moving it?
Lower your voice.
I'm not moving it.
The spirit is.
What's a spirit?
Ah, come on, come on.
Why are you here?
You want me out.
Out of where?
Thank you for opening what door?
You can't play
a better trick, Cindy?
What are you talking about?
I'm going to bed.
Your game sucks.
- Wait, don't leave.
- Bye, Cindy.
I need a new car.
What the...
God damn it.
- All right, I'm out.
- Where you going?
I get to work 20 long hours.
- What?
- Come give your dad a hug.
Bye, dad.
- Good-bye. Be good...
- Bye, dad.
- To both of you.
- I promise I will.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
Can you give me
some milk, please.
Who's there?
Who's there?
What happened to the lights?
They went out.
There's a weird
smell in my room.
I'll be there
in a second, honey.
Let me just find out
why the lights went out.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's going on?
Are you okay?
Paige, talk to me.
What happened?
The woman...
Honey, there is no one there.
- -It's going...
It's going to be okay.
It's okay.
Get up.
What, Paige?!
Oh my God.
There's someone
right behind you.
Paige, there's no one there.
Honey, there's no one there.
There's no one on the bed.
We'll go in
the living room, okay?
Come on.
Come on... let's go.
Holy shit! Ah!
What the f...
- Come on, Paige...
- What's going on?
Oh my...
- Mommy!
- Let's go!
Come on, you got to get up, go.
Let's go.
I don't want to be
in that room any more.
Honey, where are we
supposed to go?
My mom's is over two hours away.
I don't care!
I don't want to be
in this house any more!
How long have you been out here?
I don't know.
All morning?
You look tired. Why don't
you get some rest, okay?
I called Father Joseph.
What did he say?
He's on his way.
Come on.
Hi, I'm Lisa
the next door neighbor.
Oh, my name's Richard.
- Hi.
- This is my wife Paige.
So what can we do for you?
Oh, I was just... wanted
to introduce myself.
If you ever need anything,
I'm five feet away.
Thank you.
- Hm-hmm.
- Wait, wait, hold up.
What happened to the people
who used to live here?
Oh, they didn't last long.
- Do you know why?
- I don't know.
They seemed
really nice people though.
But, I mean, you didn't
hear any complaints
or weird activity, did you?
Who are you guys, the CIA?
Jesus, I'm just the neighbor.
I... I just thought...
Never mind.
Look, if you think there's any
criminal activities around here,
there isn't, okay?
This is a really
quiet neighborhood.
You picked up a good place.
- Well, thank you.
- Sure.
Thank you.
- I called in.
- Called in where?
I called in to work. Told 'em
I won't be back till Monday.
Richard, why did you do that?
We need the money.
I don't know when
I'm gonna get unemployment.
Honey, it's just for a couple days.
We'll be fine.
What the hell?
There's something here
that shouldn't be.
Where are you sensing this?
The bedroom.
- I got it from here.
- Okay, Father.
I'll be right...
I'll be right there.
Shh. Silence.
Please, Father,
give me the strength.
Give me the strength.
Give me... give me
the strength, Jesus.
Give me the strength.
In the name of the Father...
and the son,
and the holy spirit...
when Christ took flesh
through the blessed virgin Mary,
he made this his home with us.
Walk me through
the rest of the house, Richard.
Do you want some coffee, Father?
So explain to me
what activities
were occurring here?
It started about
the second night we moved in.
The second night?
What exactly happened?
Well, Richard told me...
that I woke him up
in the middle of the night
saying that there was
a woman crying outside.
- Do you remember such a thing?
- No, not at all.
And then I was out fixing my car
and then there was
this woman in white.
I must have blinked or looked away
because she was across the street.
I couldn't see her face,
but she was looking right at me.
I don't know, Father.
I would get up and move right
now, but we can't afford it.
Look, Paige.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Just be strong.
I got to get going. I'm going
to leave you with something.
Hang this somewhere
around the house.
It's blessed and it will keep any
unwanted energy away from your home.
I'm gonna get going.
It was really good seeing you, Richard.
God bless you.
- Father.
- Yes.
There's something
I didn't tell you.
I found something... strange.
Something strange?
Father, you should
probably wait here.
- This is really terrible.
- What?
- I got to go, Richard.
- W... w... why?
What do you suggest
I do, Father?
Who do those ashes belong to?
It was Morgan Le Fey.
After I did my research,
I found out she was
born in 1913,
murdered by her second husband
and his children
by means of satanic practices.
Although she was pregnant,
Morgan once was
forced to confess
that her unborn child
had been fathered by the devil.
The year of 1983, she was
executed inside her home.
People have claimed they've seen the
spirit of Morgan several times,
crying, looking for her child.
She thinks it was
stolen from her.
Sure. Okay.
Talk to you later.
What happened?
- I have to go
to work on Sunday.
The boss is going out of town,
so I have to work
my shift and his shift.
- Oh, that's good.
- Yeah.
Tommy! Tommy!
Paige! Paige!
Open the door, Paige!
Paige, open the door.
Move, Tommy.
I take it back, Cindy.
Where are you?
She's not in here, Tommy.
Oh, my God!
Who's there?
Who's there?
Who is there?
Cindy, what's going on?
Cindy, where are you?
- Oh my God, dad!
- What's going on?
It's the devil, dad,
it's the devil!
Jesus Christ!
Where's Paige?
I didn't see her in her room.
There's something
evil in the house.
All right, all right. Just stay
here, just stay here, okay?
Wait here.
What are you doing out here?
Guys, get back.
- What's going on? -Hi, we're
your neighbors. Remember us?
We need some help.
Is everything okay?
No, there's something
strange over at our house.
- I can't explain it.
- Okay, come on in.
Okay, thank you.
Come on, go, go, guys.
Thank you so much.
Can I get you some water?
- No, we're all right.
- No, we're okay.
Thank you.
There's something
or someone in our house
and it won't let us sleep.
It's driving us crazy.
- Like an intruder?
- No.
It's... it's something
not human.
I don't understand.
Something happens every night.
I saw the old woman again.
This evil old woman,
she won't leave us alone.
Oh god.
You need to call the cops.
Where'd you guys
hear the noises coming from?
We heard them from all over.
What happened
to the electricity?
All the bulbs go on
and off on their own.
What was that?
We hear that all the time
before we go to sleep at night.
Whoever's in there, come out!
Do you guys have
a dead animal in here?
She's here.
Paige, get the kids
outside right now.
- Come on, let's go.
- Who's she?
Cindy, let's go.
Come on, kids, come on.
I can't open the door.
Get back!
Get back!
We got to get her...
Look, folks, I'm sorry,
but I can't help you guys.
But whatever you got
going on inside your house,
it overpasses the law.
What I would do
is I would contact the church.
Thank you.
How do you feel, honey?
I'm good.
We're gonna stay
out here right now
because I think it's in
everybody's best interest
to stay out here until someone
from the church comes.
I want to go back inside.
I'm cold.
Honey, no.
And if you're tired,
we'll go to a hotel.
Okay, a hotel?
We'll go to a hotel.
I'm gonna go back inside.
I'm gonna go back inside!
Come here.
Tell me about the cop.
He couldn't help them.
He said that there
were no crimes committed.
So... so he refused
to report it.
What's happening?
I think the blessing you put
on our house didn't work.
It can't be.
I'm afraid she witnessed it too?
We all did.
Where's Paige?
She's inside.
Show me to her.
Of course.
Hi, Father.
Let me...
explain to you guys what I
believe is happening here.
There are things
going on in this world...
which are deliberately
kept secret.
This terrible problem...
you guys are suffering from...
is being caused by spirits.
This kind of spirit...
which delights
in tormenting people...
it's not a ghost...
but a spirit of a special order.
First of all...
before I try to
figure out this situation...
we need to find out its reason.
Do any of you know
what may have caused
- this problem in the house?
- No, Father, no.
Stand up, Paige.
I'm fine!
Stand up,
I'm trying to help you.
Stand up. I'm just
trying to help you.
- Look at me.
- Honey, Paige.
- Dad? -I need you to
back up over here, please.
- Paige...
- Dad, what's going on?
- Cindy, get back here.
- Can you hear me, Paige?
Can you hear me, Paige?
Can you hear me, Paige?
Are you okay?
Ah! Ahhh!
Oh, God, no!
No! Ah!
What do you want
with this family?
Respond to me!
Where is Paige?
Respond to me right now!
I demand you...
- -
respond to me right now!
Respond to me!
Who are you and what do you
want with this family?
Who are you?
Paige, can you hear me?
Paige, is that you?
Is that you?
Is that you?
It's okay.
Look over there.
Your family...
they're scared.
Are you okay?
They're over there. Look.
Let's go with your family.
You'll be okay.
Let's go with your family.
Come on, Paige.
Go, Paige.
Do you recognize them, Paige?
I'm gonna try to communicate...
with this...
entity or spirit
or whatever we have here.
Yes, Father.
In the name of Jesus Christ...
I command you
to reveal your identity!
Show yourself to me.
I want to know...
why are you in this house.
Do something.
Who are you?
Is that you?
Give me another
sign that you're here.
In the name of Jesus Christ...
reveal yourself to me!
- Dad, I'm scared.
- It's okay.
I want to
ask you a few questions.
One knock for yes.
Two knocks for no.
Are you a man?
Are you a boy?
Are you a woman?
It's okay.
Do you want this
family to move out?
One knock for yes.
Two knocks for no.
Oh my God, dad, I can't!
It'll be okay, all right?
Who is it that you don't like
the most in this house?
Is it Tommy?
Is it Cindy?
Is it their father?
Is it their mother?
So by this time,
Paige was Morgan's target?
I think everyone
in that house was the target.
What about the demon?
The one with the white face?
He was the worst of all.
He was so hateful.
He's attached to Cindy.
What do you think?
How is she doing?
I gave her two extra
sleeping pills, so she'd...
She should be asleep by now.
You know, Richard...
I've worked on these
kind of cases before and...
and never have I...
Have I witnessed
anything like this
before, Richard.
This is definitely one for
the books, right here.
Father, I can't take it anymore.
Have faith, Richard.
- -Everything's
going to be okay.
I look at Paige.
I see everything
she's been through
and I can't help
but feel like it's my fault.
Don't let this
get to you, Richard.
That's what the devil wants.
He wants to break you
He wants you to be scared.
He wants you to feel
just like you're feeling
right now, Richard.
Your family's
in danger, Richard.
You're the only hope they got.
Don't let the evil
take over her.
What do you mean take over?
- Dad!
- Dad!
There's something
wrong with Paige!
Oh my God.
Richard, get the kids back!
Richard, get the kids back!
Well, what do we do?
What do we do?
Let's go and get the neighbors.
- Okay.
- Tie her up.
- Tie her up and concentrate.
- Okay.
I need you to hold her down.
- Paige, are you there?
- Father, stop, hold on.
Paige? Paige, are you there?
In the name of...
And of the son, and of the holy spirit.
Get the container,
Richard, right now.
Scare principle of the universe,
infinite are your powers...
absolute is your science.
Grant me the power
to reflect your divine will.
Grant to me, divine father,
the delegation of having power
over malevolent spirits.
Make me absolute, Lord,
a vehicle of your infinite love
to those who deserve it.
Do you know
what this is right here?
Do you know what
this is right here?
It's your ashes.
These are your ashes, right?
These are your ashes.
Those aren't my ashes.
You liar!
Who are you?
What do we call you?
What do we call you?
These are your ashes.
Now it's time for you to go.
You have no reason here.
If I go...
I'm taking her with me.
You fat, filthy bastard!
You're dead.
You don't belong here.
Father, help me.
- Paige, Paige.
- Father, help me, please.
Please. Please.
Talk to me, Paige.
Paige, talk to me.
Oh, Father.
You better leave!
Where is Paige?
What do you want with her?
Her energy.
Her energy?
Why do you want her energy?
Why do you want her energy?
Paige, if you're still
here, say my name.
If you're still here,
say my name.
Oh, Paigey's not here.
- -You understand
that you don't belong here,
right, Morgan?
- I'm invincible.
- How can I get rid of you?
By praying.
Pray to who?
In the name of the father...
And the son,
and of the holy spirit...
My father...
Please give me the strength
to defeat this monster.
Be strong, Richard.
She's just playing games.
Most glorious prince
of the heavenly army...
St. Michael the archangel.
In the name of the father,
and of the son,
and of the holy spirit...
- Richard. -I'm here.
I'm right here.
In the name of Jesus Christ...
Paige! Paige!
Stop, Paige!
Paige, come on, Paige!
Get off of me!
In the name of Jesus Christ,
our God and our Lord...
I got her, I got her.
- Thank you.
- Hm.
St. Michael,
the archangel...
till the wicked perish
at the presence of God.
Dear God,
behold this cross of the Lord!
It's got to work.
Getting tired, old man?
In the name of the father,
and in the name of our lord,
Jesus Christ...
Will not divide
the church of God.
And from the soul, made from the
unbearable lightness of God.
Perish the blood
divine of the lamb.
- Paige.
- Father.
Wake up.
I'm right here.
I'm right here, baby.
- Please, Paige.
- He's dead.
Come on, come on.
I told you I'd be
right here, okay.
Paige, I need you
to wake up, okay?
Paige, I need you to wake up.
- He's dead, sorry.
- Please, please, don't go.
Please don't go, Paige.
Oh my gosh.
Mom! Wake up!
I'm sorry, Paige.
No, don't go.
Mom, don't go.
- -
Please, don't leave me.
- Don't go!
- Sorry.
So after Paige's death,
do you have any idea
exactly what happened
to Cindy and Tommy.
Cindy knew something
wasn't right with Richard.
They say that you can see
the evil in his eyes.
It was night time
and they were
driving down Route 66.
Richard made a hard stop.
He pointed the gun
at Tommy's head...
Dad, no!
- Dad, no, wait!
- And shot him.
Cindy ran of the car...
and Richard
shot himself in the head.
And I'm pretty sure you know
what happened after that.
Impressive story.
Thank you for sharing it.
I got to go.
This is a great story,
but how do we know that
you're telling us the truth?
And how is it
that you know so much
about this family?
I told you guys the story,
just how you wanted it.
Now it's up to you guys
to decide if you'll
believe me or not.
One last question.
This demon
that was haunting Cindy,
did she ever get rid of it?
It's been so cold
for so long now
I don't remember
what the sun feels like
We're getting old
inside this house
I don't remember
what the breeze feels like
We've got to go,
we've got to get back
Got to get our feet
back on the ground
We've got to go,
we've got to get back
Got to get the spring
back in our step again
It's like waking up again
So don't let go
Open up your eyes again
But when you're gone,
you're so far gone
You don't remember
what you want in life
I'll take your hand
I'll give you faith
I'll never let you go
I'm on your side
But we've got to go,
we've got to get back
Got to get our feet
back on the ground
But we've got to go,
we've got to get back
Got to get the spring
back in our step again
And it's like
It's like waking up again
So don't let go
Open up your eyes again
And it's like
It's like waking up again
So don't let go
Open up your eyes again
It's like waking up again
It's like waking up again