Anonymous 616 (2018) Movie Script

(wind howling)
(uneasy music)
(static noise)
(static noise)
Oh, my God.
Oh, fuck!
(eerie music)
(music builds)
No. Jenna.
Jenna, Jenna, Jenna, Jenna, what happened?
Jenna, Jenna, Jenna, Jenna,
Jenna, no, no, no, baby,
no, no, no, no, Jenna,
Jenna, Jenna, Jenna.
Monica, Monica, Monica!
Monica, who did this?
Who did this?
(Monica mumbles)
Monica, Monica!
(water splashing)
[Woman On Phone] 911,
what's your emergency?
Yes, I uh...
Yeah, I'm very sorry, I meant to dial
411, not 911.
(clears throat)
Very sorry.
Thank you.
(dramatic music)
(man chuckles)
I wanna propose a toast.
Let's drink to our friendship,
and let's not wait another
freaking two years
before we meet up again.
(door knocks)
(door knocks)
[Jason] What's up, boy?
Fuck, it's been a minute.
Oh, I missed you so much, man, so much!
Looking beautiful as always.
Oh, thank you.
Long time no see.
Too long, I'd say.
Too long.
Here, this is for you.
Oh, thank you.
2008, it's a terrible
year for real estate,
great year for champagne though.
Come on in, guys.
Hey, you, guys!
Hi, it's so good to finally meet you.
[Monica] Yeah, me too.
Eric has told us so much about you.
For you.
What's this?
Open it up, man.
Oh, my God!
Dude, I thought we lost this picture.
[Jason] Yeah, right, crazy, huh?
Where did you find this?
Behind an old dresser, by chance.
I thought you might like to have it.
Yeah, you kidding?
Thank you.
This was right in the
middle of my divorce.
Best getaway ever, dude.
Yeah, except that fish hooked in my ass.
You mean my favorite part?
Dude, look at you!
That's nice.
[Eric] Thank you, you like it?
[Jason] Yeah.
Monica did that.
Aw, she's so modest,
but she's so talented.
Dude, this is a great place.
Great neighborhood too.
Great, great neighborhood, man.
That's what I keep saying, man.
They're putting up 24 new
houses on this street alone.
We're the first ones to move in.
You know what that means?
No, sir.
(loud heavy metal music)
(metal music blares)
We can party as loud
as we want to, dude!
That's awesome, that's what's up!
Oh, come on in, let's
open the champagne bottle.
Yeah, sounds good.
How about that?
I wanna propose a toast.
Let's drink to our
friendship, and let's not wait
another freaking two years
before we meet up again.
[Eric] Yes, sir.
[All] Cheers!
[Jason] That's it.
I am so happy to see you, guys.
We were hoping to have
you guys over once we had
fully moved in, but...
Dude, Jenna tells me
you're shipping off to Iraq
again next week?
Yes, sir, my third and last tour.
Thank God.
What's it like over there?
Oh, you know, hot and
dirty just the way I like it.
[Monica] Aren't you scared?
Of what?
No, no, ma'am.
How about that?
What's it called, PT...?
Posttraumatic stress disorder.
We hear so much about
that in the news lately.
Nah, I have seen some pretty awful stuff
over there, but...
But for some reason it
doesn't really affect me.
You got any stories?
He said it doesn't affect him.
Nah, it's cool, it's cool, I don't mind.
Most people are afraid to ask.
So, yeah, my...
My best buddy over there was
John, this big black dude,
tough as nails.
But he did have one weakness.
He had a soft spot for the stray dogs.
And the dogs, they knew it too.
They would follow him around until
he fed them his last beef jerky and stuff.
It's cute.
So, yeah, this real
sad-looking dog showed up one day
and went directly up to big John.
And the two hit it off right away,
it was amazing to watch.
It was like they already knew each other.
John said to me: "Yo
Jason, dude, brother man!
"This is the one, this is the one
I'm gonna take home with me!
And uh...
He was cool as shit, Eric.
He was cool as shit, man.
Next thing we know there
was this huge explosion
and we all got thrown back.
And once the dust settled,
I turned to John and one arm
and half his face was blown off.
My God.
Yeah, it was horrendous.
He struggled in pain to
ask me one last thing.
He asked if I could take
care of his new dog.
I said, "Yes, sir, yes, absolutely."
And... Then he died
right there in my arms.
(dramatic music)
The thing he didn't know though
was that the terrorists had put explosives
within the dog's belly and
detonated it from afar.
I'm sorry, man, that's terrible.
Yes, sir, a lot of crazy
shit happens over there.
Believe you me, and that's
just one of the mild stories,
but uh...
Anyway, we needn't gotta
talk about all that.
So what have you been up to, dude,
for the last couple of years
that you can afford a place like this?
God damn!
Well, you know, after
my divorce was finalized,
I switched real estate
companies, same job description,
just a fuck-ton more money.
And that is where I met my sweetheart.
Could you believe it, she was
working as the receptionist?
Are you kidding me?
First thing I see when I
walk in there, I'm thinking,
"Wow, this chick's hot."
So I gotta get in for a closer look.
I come up and that's when
I see the memento card
she's got hanging behind
her and it's got a picture
of a sold house on it and
it says, "If you liked it..."
"If you liked it you
should've put a ring on it."
I mean, for me it was
love at first sight.
And for me it was love at...
About the 10th sight?
I wanna see your ring.
Ooh, well done, Eric.
Thank you.
We'll be married end of next year.
Oh, congratulations!
That's really great, man.
Thank you, thank you.
You know what the best part is...
She's got a 12-year-old
daughter named Emily.
So we're gonna be like a real family.
Oh, that's awesome, I'm
so happy for you, guys.
[Eric and Monica] Thank you.
Where's the kiddo now?
Oh, she's in her room,
watching all of the
Lord of the Rings films.
It's her birthday tomorrow.
(doorbell rings)
That must be the Chinese food!
[Jenna] Yay!
[Jenna] This smells so amazing.
[Eric] Guys, this is Emily.
[Emily] Hi, everyone.
[Jenna] Hi, Emily.
- Hi, mom.
- Aw, you're so adorable!
[Monica] And some veggies, please.
So, Emily, how is the movie?
Oh, TD!
I'm doing a Lord of the Rings marathon.
TD means To Die.
Yeah, I know, trust me.
[Jenna] Oh, you do?
How is the new tablet working
out with the headphones?
Oh, great.
[Eric] Excellent.
This is for you.
You want some of this?
(creepy music)
[Eric] How about some chicken?
And veggies, please.
[Eric] All right, Mom
says you gotta have veggies.
Throw some of those on your plate.
Okay, okay.
[Jason] Is that dead fish?
(mellow music)
[Jason] Light it up.
Don't be stingy.
I'm so glad you guys could make it.
It's about time, right?
It is.
Like it?
Oh, man, that's some
good shit right there!
Nothing like that over in Iraq.
[Eric] No? What do they deal over there?
Mainly weapons.
I mean, they have some weed,
heroin and amphetamines,
but let me tell you, they
ain't got weed like that!
More drugs, less guns, I say.
[Jenna] Good.
I mean, really...
Look at this room, okay?
We've got four completely
different human beings,
but we all get along.
You know, we got the crazy military guy
who's braver than any
son-of-a-bitch I've ever met.
We've got the lovely and
caring kindergarten teacher
shaping the future of this nation.
We've got my sexy
receptionist-artist soon-to-be wife,
who couldn't hurt a fly.
And, you know, you got the asshole.
Legit, you guys are here,
but I'm already thinking
about my next deal.
You know...
But the fact is we all get along.
And I just don't understand why the
world can't just get along like that.
Oh, you guys know, it's because
of the different ideologies, man.
You see, America, with all
its flaws, still stands
for freedom and the pursuit of happiness.
Our ideology here is to
create an environment for man
to give them a shot, not
a guarantee, but a shot.
A shot to become and
evolve into the person they
really wanna be, you
know, self-determination,
freedom of expression,
all that good stuff.
But on the other hand,
we've got radical, crazy-ass
Islamic terrorists who don't
give a shit about freedom.
They only care about establishing a global
totalitarian caliphate.
A what?
A caliphate, man.
You know, a caliphate
means, it's an Islamic
world with total control.
They reject democracy, they
reject human rights values,
they don't give a fuck.
I just don't understand why
anyone would wanna do that.
Because it's their ideology, man.
They truly believe the end times are here,
and they believe that
they're part of some cosmic
struggle, and, of course...
Of course, these assholes
are convinced they're
the good guys, and with
the help of Allah...
They're gonna defeat all
the enemies of Islam in a
final climactic battle.
And let me tell you something,
rest assured they are
determined to use the
sword until everybody
is a Muslim and obeys sharia law.
[Eric] Sharia law, that I heard of.
You see what I mean?
Two different ideologies
opposed to each other,
and that's why we have war, my friends.
Yeah, different ideologies.
It does make a lot of sense.
It is so screwed up.
So, speaking of ideologies...
What's you guys' ideology?
What's the most important
thing on the planet to you?
[Jason] Be all you can be.
Yeah, okay, but what
does that like really mean?
You gotta follow your heart.
You gotta follow your true inner feelings.
And you will ultimately
become all you can be.
Give me that joint.
Give me that.
Your highest self.
Sounds like someone's
been drinking too much
of the army kool-aid.
What about you, Jenna?
What do you think?
Oh, I don't know, I don't
usually ponder stuff like that.
But I would say I am looking
forward to getting married...
Having a family.
Good kids is one of the
most important things.
That is important.
What about freedom?
Or happiness?
Or love?
Or health?
Well, maybe.
Maybe it's a combination
of all those things.
But first you need to have life
before you can have anything.
And that life needs to be free,
then it can pursue happiness.
Right, like life, liberty
and the pursuit of happiness.
That sounds familiar, right?
Declaration of Independence,
a very clever document!
Let me ask you this, since
we're talking about ideologies
and the meaning of life
and all that stuff...
Have you guys ever tried DMT?
You mean the spirit molecule?
[Eric] Yes, sir.
No, sir.
But I have heard a lot about
it from my military buddies
and it's definitely on my bucket list.
How about you, Jenna?
Never tried it, but a friend
of mine told me about it.
She said it was the most
amazing experience ever.
It is.
You tried it?
[Monica] Twice.
I mean, it is literally
the best experience
you will have in your life.
It will change your point
of view on everything.
You're getting me all
fucking excited over here.
Tell me more, man, how's the trip?
I don't know.
But I can tell you what
I felt and what I felt
was pure acceptance.
Legit, I felt pure love.
I mean it's something you got
to experience for yourselves.
Do you want to?
Say that again?
[Eric] Would you like to have this
experience for yourself?
(dramatic music)
Are you serious?
A friend of mine happens
to be a very talented
drug designer and he mixed
up a bag for me last week.
95% pure DMT...
With a little extra kick for you.
What's the extra kick?
Who cares?
He told me about it, but
I'm not good with all that
scientific gobbledygook,
but I can tell you
that it works like a charm,
and it will open up your heart
What do you think, baby?
You want some?
I don't know, I'm a little scared.
No, it's not dangerous at all.
It's a natural product.
Actually, DMT is what your
brain naturally releases
when you dream.
- Mmm.
- Mm-hm.
So, we've taken it twice, seriously.
I definitely want to do it again.
[Jenna] Hm.
What do you think, you guys, game?
Jason, don't be a pussy!
[Jason] Whoa, whoa, pussy?
Don't push the puss.
[Eric] I won't push it.
Fuck it, let's do it...
I won't fuck it either.
Light that shit up.
Light that shit up,
motherfucker, light it up!
(calm zen music)
(flamingo gabbling)
(music builds)
(music intensifies)
(toilet flushes)
(dramatic music)
(door creaks)
(notification chimes)
(uneasy music)
(clears throat)
(music intensifies)
(music builds)
(music intensifies)
(muffled voices)
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, baby, where you been?
Oh, I was just in the bathroom.
I'm good.
Hey, sweetie.
Everything okay?
How was the trip, sweetie?
[Eric] Dude, it was fucking amazing!
[Jason] Hm.
I did it, guys, I became
a part of the entire
collective unconsciousness.
It was amazing.
I wasn't even myself anymore.
I was just this like
vibrating mass of light
that got rid of everything bad in me.
You know, and then my
heart completely opened up
and pure love just poured in.
It was amazing, dude.
What about you, babe, how was your trip?
It was incredible.
I mean, I was propelled to this place
filled with colored rings.
They engaged in...
In an activity of some sort.
Like a bright world of living
Geometry, infinite spirit or something.
I mean, I know it sounds weird, but...
my heart opened...
just like Eric said.
And negativity just left me...
And I felt pure love.
(dramatic music)
How was your experience?
Oh, yeah, mine wasn't so great.
It started off all right,
and I saw all kinds
of beautiful shit, but...
Then everything suddenly
turned dark, and this
black fucking smoke,
you know, like in Lost,
freaking attacked me, man.
I woke up and had to run to
the bathroom to throw up.
Oh, baby, I'm sorry to hear that.
Are you feeling better?
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am.
Sorry, I've never heard
of anyone having a bad trip
on that stuff.
Yeah, I was thinking,
maybe it was that something
extra your buddy mixed in there.
I don't know.
Yeah, maybe.
Uh, beer, anybody?
Yeah, I'll have one, thanks.
Sounds great, thanks...
[Monica] I'll have one.
(uneasy music)
(music builds)
(music intensifies)
(music builds)
(music builds)
(toilet flushes)
[Jason] Oh, hey, Emily, what's up?
How's the movie?
Uh, great.
What are you doing?
I'm just chatting online
with a friend of mine.
Hm, you're funny.
And you're so beautiful, Emily.
Oh, no, I'm not.
What are you talking about?
Of course you are.
You're incredibly beautiful.
Look at you!
No, your girlfriend is beautiful.
Yeah, well, that's true...
But compared to you, you are perfect.
Come here for a second.
(creepy music)
Oh, come on, I'm not gonna bite you.
Roll up your shirt a little bit
so I can see your belly button.
Oh, come on, just roll it up.
I wanna show you something.
Good, just a little bit higher,
just below your chest there.
Now pull down your pajama pants.
[Jason] Just a little
bit below your hip bones.
Just a little further.
You are perfect.
You know, you could be a supermodel.
Wait, wait, wait, hold on a second.
Give me one of those supermodel
smiles, with some attitude.
Work it.
Yeah, that's it, nice.
Very nice.
Now turn the mirror and look at yourself.
Look at your long brown beautiful hair.
Your sexy flat tummy.
You're silly.
And you're a supermodel.
Uh... I'm gonna finish my movie now.
Yeah, okay, you go do that.
(notification chimes)
(dramatic music)
(uneasy music)
(music builds)
Jason, don't be a pussy!
We've got the crazy military guy.
[Jason] How was the trip?
[Eric] Dude, it was fucking amazing!
(music builds)
(music builds)
You're fucking right!
(Jenna laughs)
Speaking of lunch.
You hungry at all?
You want any food?
We've got some snacks for you
chips, peanuts, chocolate.
[Jenna] Oh, no, no, I'm stuffed, thanks.
[Eric] It's not a problem.
Hey, what's going on?
What are you guys talking about?
Just offering your missus some snacks.
You know, Jenna doesn't
need to be catered to,
especially not by you, brother.
Um, okay, buddy.
Oh, no, don't buddy me, man.
Honey, what's wrong?
Go on, what were you guys talking about?
We were talking about...
Dude, seriously, man.
I was asking my girlfriend.
Why you always cut everybody off?
It's rude, man.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
Go on, Jenna, what were you saying?
Um, yeah, so we were
talking about never discussing
politics and religion at work.
I see.
You agree with that?
Yeah, I think it's probably a good idea.
[Jason] And why is that?
Because, Jason, these
could be sensitive subjects
for people and you might offend someone.
You think I might get offended?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Dude, aren't we something
like best friends, man?
Yeah, I think so.
But you have no idea
if you can talk to me
about religion or politics?
I'm just saying, maybe
we're not as good of friends
as we thought?
Maybe we're not best friends, at all.
Baby, what are you doing?
You gonna answer me?
I don't know what to say.
You don't know what to say?
You're a sneaky motherfucker, aren't you?
[Jason] You heard me.
Why would you say that to me?
Do you look me in the
eye and tell me you have
no idea what I'm talking about?
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
Is that right?
What the fuck?
Be careful with that,
Jason, it's a powerful tool.
It holds three-inch nails, bro.
What the fuck are you doing?
Okay, buddy.
Let's think again.
Isn't there anything you wanna tell me?
Baby, what are you doing?
Oh, I'm sorry, is there
something you wanna tell me?
One more word and I'm gonna shoot you
in your fucking face.
Hey, don't talk to her like that.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You like my girlfriend, don't you, bro?
You heard me, man!
Don't you fucking play innocent!
I know what's going on here.
What the fuck are you talking about?
There's nothing going on.
You better fucking man up and admit it!
Admit what?
Are you fucking crazy?
Stop it!
Sit down!
Sit the fuck down!
And don't you move again!
You understand me?
Listen to me.
You stay right where
you at and don't you
fucking move either!
I know you fucked my
girlfriend, but I wanna hear it
from you now!
You better fucking come
clean or I'll put one
right in your motherfucking skull!
What the fuck has
gotten into you, Jason?
I've never laid a finger on her, ever!
[Jason] You're lying to
me, you son of a bitch!
No, he is telling the truth!
I don't know why you
would even think that!
Nothing happened between us.
Stop lying to me the both of you!
I'm not fucking stupid!
This is your last chance to admit it.
[Monica] Please, stop!
- Please, please, please!
- Two...
- Three.
- Okay!
I'm sorry.
Yes, we had sex, one time!
I fucking knew it!
Why would you say that,
you know it's not true.
Because I'm trying to
save my fucking life, Jenna!
Yeah, he just did.
(music builds)
(glass crashing)
No, no, don't!
Jason, you're fucking paranoid!
[Jason] Sit your ass
on that fucking chair!
What the fuck, Jason?
[Jason] Shut your mouth!
Jason, let her go!
Now it's your turn to tell me the truth.
Jason, we've been telling
you the truth this whole time!
There has never been
anything between Eric and me.
I love you, and only you.
Yeah, that's what I thought too, but...
things are obviously different now, so...
No, nothing is different,
you're just confused.
No, no, no, no.
I'm not confused!
Quite the opposite, I've never seen things
so fucking crystal clear!
You lie to me one more fucking
time and I'm gonna shoot you
right in your fucking eye.
You would never do that to me.
You love me, don't you?
Fucking two...
Jason, no, leave her alone!
Jason, let her go!
Please, let her go, please!
[Eric] Jason, she can't breathe!
[Jason] And?
Are you ready to tell me the truth now?
(dramatic music)
Stop it, are you fucking crazy?
You're gonna kill her, man.
Jason, please!
[Jason] Are you gonna tell me now?
No, please! I admit it!
[Jason] What, what did you say?
[Jenna] I admit it.
[Jason] I thought you
said nothing happened.
No, we had sex, once, just as Eric said.
It was a mistake and we both regretted it.
I'm sorry.
(bangs window)
(Eric whines)
(bangs window)
Okay, folks.
I got a solution.
There's only one way to make this even.
You fucked my girlfriend...
Now I'm gonna fuck yours.
Fuck you!
Monica, get up.
[Eric] Monica, don't do
it, don't do what he says!
Do not fucking touch her!
Do you hear me?
Don't touch her!
Jason, leave her alone!
[Eric] Jason, stop!
Fuck, don't even think about it!
Didn't I say get up?
[Eric] Fuck you!
[Jason] Just do what I say,
everybody's gonna be A-okay.
Fuck you, Jason!
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
[Jason] Oh, dude, really?
Are you serious?
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
Dude, I'm telling you, man,
one more fucking word from you
and I swear to God you're
not gonna survive this, okay?
[Eric] Fuck you!
Do you want your future husband
to have a hole in his head
or are you gonna do this for him?
No, please!
[Jason] Huh?
- I'll do whatever you say.
- Yeah?
Monica, no!
Don't fucking do it!
Don't do anything he says, Monica.
Don't fucking, please,
don't fucking do it!
Stop, you can have me!
You can have me.
You see, that wasn't so hard, was it?
That was pretty easy.
And look, look at here.
He's gonna be fine.
You don't have to worry about him.
Yeah, yeah, you stand right there
in the middle of the room.
Right here in front of Eric.
Yeah, that's it.
Now turn and face me.
Take off your dress.
[Eric] Monica, please,
don't fucking do it!
Please, don't fucking do it!
That's it.
Wow, you're pretty.
Take off your bra, Monica.
It's okay.
[Monica] Please.
It's okay.
Very, very nice, Monica.
Now take off your panties.
Take them off.
That's fucking hot right there.
What do you think, Jenna?
Look at her.
Isn't she hot?
No, don't look at me, look at her, look.
Isn't she hot?
Oh, come on, you like her too, don't you?
Don't you?
You wouldn't mind getting it
on with her either, would you?
I knew it.
I knew it.
I knew it.
Monica, come lay down
on the couch over here.
Don't you fucking touch her!
You lay a finger on her
and I'm gonna kill you!
It's a fucking promise!
I swear to God, man,
first of all, first of all,
don't promise something
you can't keep, okay?
And second, second!
Don't be so fucking dramatic!
You're the one that touched
my girlfriend first,
and I didn't fucking
kill you either, did I?
I never fucking laid a finger on her!
Oh, boy, oh boy!
Here we go, here we go, here we go!
With all the fucking craziness!
Lying-ass, motherfucker,
you're lying to me!
You just let your little
sweetheart Monica make up
for your fucking mistakes.
Monica, come over here
and lie down on the couch.
And stop crying.
Get over here.
There you go.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
(music intensifies)
Son of a bitch!
No, you fucking monster!
Monica, Monica!
You fucking killed her!
- Wake up.
- You fucking killed her!
Wake the fuck up.
Wake up!
Fucking shit!
[Eric] You're fucking dead, you hear me?
Dude, what are you
babbling about now for?
What, what?
Look at you!
You got nothing.
No power.
Zero, bro!
And I'm not even, you know what?
I'm not even fucking done here yet.
How about that?
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
Fuck you, you fucking bastard!
I'm gonna kill you, you fucking monster!
(music builds)
[Jason] Oh, yes, yes, yes!
Fuck you!
Fucking monster!
Fuck you!
I'm gonna destroy you!
Oh, my God!
Now we're even.
Oh, my God!
Eric, that was, amazing, bro.
[Eric] Fuck you, you
fucking piece of shit!
You're never gonna get away with this.
I'm never gonna get away with this?
I think I just did, man.
You're the one who got caught.
Look at you!
What can you do?
You have no power, dude!
Wow, dude, you're so delusional, man!
It's embarrassing.
It really is.
It's pathetic.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
(uneasy music)
What the fuck is wrong with him?
I have no idea.
I've never seen him like this.
Hey, what's going on, guys?
Just hanging out?
That's nice.
Hm, that's...
That would be something new.
What do you think, Eric?
Any last words?
Fuck you, Jason.
I think it would make a lot
more sense if you would beg or
ask for forgiveness or something!
Go to hell, Jason.
[Eric] Go to fucking hell!
[Jenna] Jason, leave him alone!
Oh, God, now you're talking again.
It's your last chance to
consider your last words.
You are the biggest piece
of shit I've ever seen.
You're a little fucking bitch, Jason.
A little fucking bitch.
Narcissist, evil motherfucker,
that's what you are.
You know, after all these years, man...
I really thought we were best friends.
[Eric] Fuck you!
You're fucking pathetic!
You see?
You see?
The real truth finally comes out.
Jason, please, don't hurt anyone else.
Why did we pretend for so long?
Well, I'm gonna enjoy this.
[Jenna] Don't do it!
(loud heavy metal music)
(repetitive thudding)
(loud heavy metal music)
(repetitive thudding)
Whoa, whoa!
Oh, my God!
(music fades)
Oh, I feel good.
I gotta tell you something, Jenna.
I've never felt more...
In my entire life.
I mean, I feel completely free.
Can you smell that?
(uneasy music)
Look at this.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
I'm fucking getting more powerful...
By the minute.
You've gone completely crazy.
I've gone crazy?
Look, let me tell you something:
What happened here, right here, tonight...
Was not my fault.
It wasn't.
Monica was the one who
attacked me, didn't she?
Didn't she?
Can you blame her?
Sweetheart, we had a simple deal!
We had a simple deal!
And she had to go and screwed it all up.
I mean, fuck me, it wasn't my fault!
It wasn't my fault.
You're delusional.
Oh, God.
And you're a monster!
(he growls)
Okay, put the guilt trip
on me, I'm the bad guy,
I'm the bad guy, I'm the bad guy!
Why am I the bad guy?
Because I'm seizing the
opportunity to step up
to the next level here
and become who I truly am?
Who I truly am!
Who are you truly?
Something more than
I am fucking right now,
that's for sure.
I can tell you that, I can tell you that.
I can clearly feel it in my heart!
Just pounding.
And you know, and as you know...
"The heart wants what it wants."
Emily Dickinson wrote that.
Fuck, she was wrong.
And she was a recluse.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
And what about Steve Jobs?
"Be brave enough to follow your heart!"
"And your feelings, because they know
what you really want."
Well, everybody knows that
Steve Jobs was an asshole!
Why listen to him?
Because he was extremely
successful, and he did,
he influenced a lot of people, Jenna.
Hitler was extremely
successful and influenced
a lot of people.
Jesus Christ!
You're fucking stressing me out!
Jesus Christ.
You do this every fucking time, you know.
But this argument here
you're not gonna win,
let me tell you that.
Those days are over.
That's, that's for damn fucking sure!
That's for damn sure!
For sure.
Anybody home?
For sure.
(dramatic music)
I feel great!
(Jenna laughs)
That's how I feel.
Wow, Jenna...
Keep your seatbelt on.
This is a rough fucking ride...
Fuck you!
When I first met you.
When I first met you...
I was so crazy in love with you.
What I love you for
now, I love you for what
you represent to me.
I love you for giving me
the opportunity to step up
to the next level.
What next level?
(Jason chuckles)
Levels of power!
Soon I'll be unleashed and, and, and...
I'll become whatever I wanna be.
What do you think you're
gonna do after this?
Do you really think that you're
gonna get away with this?
Yeah, I am. Here's what I'm gonna do:
I'm gonna go back to Iraq
and I'm gonna show them
what I can really do!
Soon I'll become Captain...
Then Colonel, then General, and...
You know.
Are you serious?
Yeah, I am, I'm very fucking serious.
Maybe I'll even become
Secretary of Defense,
and maybe still even
after that, I'll become
fucking president of the
United States of America!
In what world do you live in?
Well, isn't this the
American dream here?
Isn't this what America is all about?
No, it's not.
You told me yourself that it
was about the American Trinity.
Don't you remember?
I sure do.
E Pluribus Unum, Liberty,
Liberty, Liberty and uh...
Liberty and...
You don't remember?
Yeah, I do, uh...
How could you forget?
(Jason laughs)
It's all over our currency.
It is?
Oh, fuck, you know what?
I'm sure you're right.
You're right, when you're
right, you're right.
There it is.
Right there.
And that's exactly what I'm doing.
(dramatic music)
You know, I still love you.
I mean, fuck me, man, look at this mess!
After everything that happened here,
I don't know if we can go on.
You're fucking delusional!
(intense music)
(Jason growls)
(music intensifies)
That's it, that's it, that's it...
That's it...
(Jason shushes)
That's it.
(voice whispers in Arabic)
(voice whispers in Arabic)
(uneasy music)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(door knocks)
(door knocks)
(uneasy music)
(door knocks)
(dramatic music)
Fuck me!
(unsettling music)
(unsettling music)
(music builds)
What are you doing?
I'm just chatting online
with a friend of mine.
Hm, you're funny.
(door knocks)
(door creaks)
(unsettling music)
(dramatic music)
It's good.
(uneasy music)
Ah, fucking motherfucker!
God damn it!
(music builds)
(phone rings)
(clears throat)
Oh, hi, Kelly, what's up?
[Kelly] Hi, Jason, how are you?
I'm good, I'm good.
How are you?
[Kelly] Good.
I heard you're back in town.
I thought we might get
together to have lunch or so?
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, can I ask you something?
[Kelly] Sure.
Seeing as though you're
the preacher's daughter
and all, you know.
(Kelly chuckles)
[Kelly] Yeah, but don't call me that.
Okay, so here it goes:
Who, uh... Who knows everything about me?
[Kelly] Google.
[Jason] What?
(Kelly laughs)
[Kelly] I'm kidding.
Only God knows everything about you.
And yourself, of course.
Does God know my thoughts?
[Kelly] Yes.
[Jason] And what about the Devil?
Does he know my thoughts too?
[Kelly] No, as far as I
know, the scripture doesn't
say Satan or his demons can
read your mind or thoughts.
Why do you ask?
I was just curious, that's all.
What else do you know?
[Kelly] Satan can't
read your mind, but he
can ascertain the general
flow of your thoughts
by the words you speak
and the actions you take.
He can make a well-educated
guess as to what you're
thinking, and then attempts
to use it to his advantage.
Were you tempted?
[Jason] No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
nothing like that.
I was...
I was just curious, that's all.
Do you speak Arabic by chance?
[Kelly] No, I only studied
some Latin, but not much.
[Jason] So you don't know
what (speaks in Arabic) means?
(Kelly laughs)
[Kelly] No, I've no idea.
Who said that to you?
Oh, it was just some dude
over in Iraq, that's all.
It's no big deal.
[Kelly] Look it up on the Internet.
[Jason] Yeah, you know what...
Yeah, yeah, I think I'll do that.
Say, can I call you back
in a couple of days?
And we'll (stammers) we'll grab lunch?
[Kelly] Cool, see you then!
[Jason] Okay, cool, you take care.
(Jason speaks Arabic)
[Automated Voice]
The Devil will get you.
(intense dramatic music)
(music stops)
Hey, Jason.
Where you going, Jason?
I'm sorry, who are you?
I'm Pastor Warren.
Pastor Warren?
I'm sorry, how's it that you know my name?
I'm not sure, I just somehow know it.
Oh, I see, you must be Kelly's
dad, the preacher, right?
Where you going?
Oh, I was going camping.
I see.
What's in the suitcase?
(Jason chuckles)
Well, camping stuff, what else?
Where's Eric, Monica, and Emily?
Oh, yeah, they already took
off in the camper a while ago.
I had to come back to get some extra
camping gear that we forgot.
What gear?
(Jason laughs)
Dude, what's with
all the questions, man?
I know what's in the suitcases.
And I know you're not going camping.
Is that right?
I even know where you're really going.
So where is it that I'm really going?
You're going to prison, Jason,
for a very, very long time.
Solitary confinement actually.
[Jason] What?
Death row, to be exact.
Man, what the fuck
are you talking about?
Do you honestly think
you can get away with all
that you've done?
Okay, look...
I'm really busy right now.
I got shit to do.
I'm already actually running late, so...
For God's sake, stop denying
what both of us already know.
To whom did you talk with yesterday?
Who did I talk to yesterday?
None of your fucking business
is who I talked to yesterday!
Jason, everything has already happened.
I just wanna help you to
finally see the truth.
The real truth.
Come on, at least tell me who
you talked with yesterday.
You know what?
I'm gonna tell you who
I talked to yesterday.
I talked to a very
evolved being yesterday,
someone who knew everything about me.
Someone who showed me the path to God.
That's who I talked to.
The path to God?
[Jason] That's right.
Did that someone tell
you, by any chance,
that you could be like God, or Godlike?
Please, don't tell me
you fell for the oldest
lie in the book.
What lie?
Satan's first lie.
Ah, here it is: "Eat of this fruit...
"And your eyes will be opened,
and you will be like God."
Well, you know, I just
listened to my heart.
You think your heart is connected
to something bigger than you?
Something you may call
spirit, the unconscious,
your higher-self, the
universe, or even God?
Yeah, you know, what's wrong with that?
How could that be wrong?
Yeah, how could that ever be wrong?
I can see you were
never exactly a diligent
student of the word, were you?
Hey, man, in God we trust, right?
So here is what God says.
Jeremiah 17:9: "The
human heart is the most
deceitful of all things,
and desperately wicked."
Hold on. Let me see this.
Does it really say that?
It's over, Jason.
(dramatic music)
Let me tell you something,
man, nobody can stop me.
I'm in control, motherfucker, you hear me?
I'm in charge!
(gunshot fires)
(dramatic music)
What the fuck?!
Jason, you're so hopelessly
delusional you can't
even see what's in front of you.
I can see you, man.
Try to see beyond me.
Don't you see the police
car, all the cops...
(cocking guns)
And all the weapons
that are pointed at you?
There's no escape.
It's over.
There's a small prison
cell waiting for you.
And in about 10 years, the electric chair.
No, no, no.
No, this can't happen.
Just give up.
I'll be there for you.
Nobody can stop me, man.
(music builds)
[Pastor] No!
(gunshot fires)
(dramatic music)
(music turns heavenly)
(mellow music)