Another (2014) Movie Script

You are so, so young, Jordyn.
So full of life,
with endless possibilities.
I can't wait to see
what fate has in store for you.
And you are truly blessed
to have such wonderful friends.
My only regret is
not having your mother here
to see how you've turned out.
She would have been proud.
She was exactly your age
when she passed.
I know, Aunt Ruth.
You remind me of that
every single birthday.
Let us all pray
for blessings on...
Can we not?
Just this once?
Okay, Jordyn.
Finish your wish.
AUNT RUTH: It is time.
It is time.
It is time.
It is time.
It is time!
- Aah!
It is time!
Shock advised.
Status clear.
Push to shock.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I think so.
I can't help but feel
like I did this to her.
She's a ticking time bomb.
If it wasn't this, it'd be
something else. You know that.
Hey, you're a grown-ass woman.
You should do something
for yourself, okay?
I know, but did you see
that look on her face?
It was like
she was someone else.
It's over, okay?
She's going to be all right.
She can't even remember
what happened.
Believe me,
that's for the better.
What? What is it?
It sounds crazy,
but I felt something.
It's hard to explain, but I...
I felt something change.
I felt her.
Do you want me
to take you home?
No, I'm all right.
I should get back to work.
Are you sure?
Do you want me
to give you a ride?
No, I'll walk.
I need to clear my head.
VOICE: Jordyn.
I was trying to bring the brain
here to you, Dr. Sakurai,
because it's imperative
that it be destroyed.
It's impervious to all poisons.
If it's blown up, its cells
will regenerate and multiply,
and it'll still be alive.
WOMAN: Those monsters, what do
they look like? Do you know?
MAN: Some I think look
exactly like us.
We are all going to be killed!
I've been working with
Dr. Coldtower's lab...
Jordyn. You're shift was over
a half-hour ago.
John, you scared me
half to death.
Not much of a life working
our kind of hours, huh, John?
Well, we all find a way
to get through.
Yeah, I guess.
- See ya, John
- All right.
TV: And I'm handing
the kits on to you.
I'm told... And then
it's usually too late.
Oh, I'm sorry,
but we're closed now.
You're going to have
to come back tomorrow.
Uh, we're closed now,
and I couldn't even help you
if I wanted to.
The systems are all shut down.
How do you know my name?
John! John!
There's someone else
in here, John.
She's gone.
It's late.
I gotta get out of here.
Oh, let me walk you out.
It's okay.
It'll be okay.
List to me
Well, you are here
Of the man
who stole my future wife
Tra la la
You are Satan's daughter!
You are Satan's daughter!
That's it.
Get it, bitch.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Move that cunt.
Yeah, come on.
Get that pussy working.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's it, that's it, bitch.
Yeah, you got it.
Come on.
List to me
while I tell you
Of the Spaniard
that blighted my life
List to me
while I tell you
Of the man who stole
my future wife
Come home.
Come home.
Come home.
WOMAN: Find someone else.
She isn't ready.
She isn't like you.
This one is different.
I will send you back to hell
from whence you came.
Who are you talking to?
No one.
I heard you talking to someone.
I just do that sometimes.
You dropped this
in the hallway.
Yes, I must have dropped it.
Thank you.
I want to tell you something.
I think you're old enough
to hear this now.
You weren't orphaned
the way everyone
would like you to believe.
Your mother abandoned you.
She gave you up because
she couldn't handle the fact
that it would happen
to you too.
What are you talking about?
My mother is dead, Ruth.
I have the obituary.
Listen to me, child.
We all thought that if we could
just pretend hard enough
that it would change things.
Change things?
Change what, Ruth?
Change the fact
that you were always barren
and loveless
and that would
somehow make up
for the mother
that I always needed?
You know what I think?
I think you killed her!
And you locked me up
in this prison
so you wouldn't have
to rot in here alone!
You know The Sisters of Jesus
didn't want you,
and I didn't
have a choice, did I?
There is no God, Ruth!
There's just you
and those stupid fairy tales
that you like to believe in!
I can see it in you.
Just like her.
Your blood is damned.
You can't escape it.
It's your fate.
I've been protecting you
from you,
and it's destroying me.
There is something out there,
and it won't be long now
before it catches up with you.
And what you don't know
is that it's something
you've been looking for.
And it will find you whether
you want to be found or not,
just like your mother
and your mother's mother
before her.
I can't protect you anymore.
On your birthday,
what did you wish for?
Your birthday wish.
What was it?
The same thing
I wish for every year:
to find my real parents.
It's natural for you to want
to know where you came from.
Go get the box next to my bed.
There's something
I want to show you.
I couldn't give you this
until you were older.
It was your mother's.
I've kept it for you
all these years.
You know what I'm saying?
You obviously don't.
Jordyn, are you listening?
Uh, Jordyn?
I feel it getting
closer and closer.
I have thoughts and feelings
that aren't mine, Kym.
I wake up in strange places,
and I can't even remember
how I got there.
I have thoughts and feelings
that aren't mine, Kym.
I wake up in strange places,
and I can't even remember
how I got there.
Do you even know...
what you're living with?
You don't see it, do you?
Even when
it's staring at you...
right in the face.
This isn't funny anymore.
Fuck, Jordyn!
You have one new message.
Saturday, 9:22 a.m.
MAN: Hey, Jordyn, it's me.
Where are you?
You working late again?
What the hell, girl?
WOMAN: Hi, it's Messina.
Just wondering
what you're doing.
Maybe you're already gone.
MAN: Ahh! It's me.
I want to get wasted!
Where you at?
I'm coming over. Bye.
Jordyn, is that you?
Don't be upset.
We're roommates.
We share things
Hi. Hi. Um...
Yeah. No, I'm fine. Um...
I just want to talk, okay?
I just want you to listen.
Um, I'm really sorry
about last night.
I don't know what came over me,
and I've just been
thinking about it all day,
and I just want to talk to you,
and I'm sorry.
No, you're my best friend.
I don't...
I'm sorry.
Hello, Jordyn?
Jordyn, hello?
Hello, sister.
I like the upgrade.
Too bad it's only temporary.
For once,
you're finally pretty.
Someone has fallen apart.
How many more
shall I send you?
Doesn't matter.
It'll never be enough.
You can't hide behind
your Jesus forever,
now, can you?
Come out and play.
Come out and play.
Come out and play.
Feel the rush of youth...
Take me.
Take me.
Take... me!
Take me!
Ruth, Ruth...
No. No!
John. John!
Oh, my God.
John, it's me.
John, it's me!
What happened?
Who did this to you?
It was you.
No. No!
Get it, bitch.
Come on.
Get that pussy working.
You got it. Yeah, yeah.
Shut up!
The blood's on your hands now.
I thought you were leaving.
What are you talking about?
I just got here.
Uh, no, you just left.
Did you notice anything
unusual about me
when I was here earlier?
Uh, no, nothing.
- Everything all right?
- Yeah, yeah.
I was just wondering.
Listen, I don't want you here
when Kym's home and I'm not.
Okay? I don't want you two alone
when I'm not here.
What are you talking about?
You were here all night
I'm not getting into this
right now!
I think I've done bad things.
It's begun, hasn't it?
It will start like this.
The dreams.
She will try to find a way in.
Your fantasies,
your fears, doubts,
guilty pleasures.
She will play you
while you sleep
and get to know you,
get to like you.
A way in.
She will need
something of yours.
a favorite piece of jewelry,
a photo,
something you're attached to.
The thought, the memory,
the feeling attached to that
is her way into
your consciousness,
into your heart,
and she will seal it
with blood.
This is where
she starts to change.
The other you.
You will start to
have very subtle run-ins
with the other you,
so subtle you won't even
notice they're happening.
This is a test.
This is her testing you
and your grip on reality.
If she passes this phase,
she can isolate you.
Isolate you.
She will cut you off
from those closest to you.
She will drive them from you.
This will start very subtly.
Friends seeing you out places
and being ignored.
Strangers coming up to you
like they know you.
Has this happened?
Oh, God!
This won't stop, Jordyn.
She will get closer
and closer.
She will start crowding you
out of your own life
until she's standing
where you are.
The final phase.
She will come to you
in the form of another you
and try to seduce you.
She will know things about you
that you don't even know.
At this point...'s too late.
I can feel her cold eyes
reaching inside me,
emptying me of myself.
I am her...
and she is me.
I have to end this.
I want you to know
if you go down this road,
there is no going back.
Yes, yes, I understand.
There is one thing
I could try,
but it is risky,
and it could easily be reversed
and turned against us
if we're not careful.
I don't care.
I don't care.
I want this to stop!
I do know this.
She is dying.
She's been in her current state
for far too long,
and she's expiring.
She is ready
to shed her skin.
She needs your physical body.
You must use this against her.
The transfer cannot take place
unless you're willing.
She has to be invited.
This is when she's at
her most vulnerable.
During the transfer,
it is possible to destroy her.
Are you ready to begin?
Yes, I'm ready.
Close your eyes, child.
Close... your... eyes.
You need to go back.
Back further.
Go back into your mind
and you will find her.
Do you see?
Do you see her?
There! There she is.
Follow her.
Concentrate now.
What do you see?
Let go.
Let go of yourself, Jordyn.
Let me in.
Let me bare the burden.
Let go.
Let go.
Let go.
Let go.
Wake up, wake up, wake up.
I've got something
to show you.
Finish your wish.
Finish your wish.
Beauty, power.
Beauty, power.
Beauty, power.
Beauty, power!
It is time.
It is time.
It is...
There you are.
You've been holding out on me.
You've been missing out, Donny.
- Can I show you something?
- Please.
Is that the best you can do?
Taking advantage of your
poor daughter and her friends?
I like it better
when we keep it in the family.
I liked your little trick
I do my best.
You know we can't keep
doing this forever, now, can we?
You keep on saying that,
and then you keep on renewing
every 50 years, now, don't you?
Not this time.
Oh, yes.
So how is your Jesus
treating you?
You serve the light.
You are no god.
I don't need to be.
Just don't get blinded
by that light.
Remember your true nature.
Beauty and power, remember?
Together forever, sister.
To the end.
All things come to an end.
Someday you'll thank me
for this.
[LOW VOICE] I'm only doing
what you couldn't.
And let me tell you,
you loved...
every minute of it.
Who are you?
I'm your waking dream, Jordyn,
offering limitless...
immortal consciousness.
Give yourself to yourself
Take my hand...
...and surrender.
Don't be afraid, Jordyn.
What did you do?
It was all decided
a long time ago,
before you were born,
before I was born.
It is our blood destiny,
our place in life.
It is the will
of the Unholy Father.
But I watched you from afar,
seeing you grow,
wanting to be with you,
but unable.
Why did you leave me?
You have no idea what you are,
do you?
Who are you?
I am your dirty, damaged soul,
pulling you back inside
to devour you.
Stay away from me!
The fear, the hatred.
Ah, that's right. Yes!
Stay out of my head!
You're not my real mother!
Now, that's no way to talk,
You summoned me, remember?
Be very careful
of what you wish for.
Each unguarded thought
can be your worst enemy.
And we had such high hopes
for you, didn't we, Ruthie?
What, you think I'm a witch?
Yes, I'm a wicked,
wicked witch,
and I ride around
on broomsticks,
eating children
while they sleep.
Why don't we just...
It's time.
It is time!
- It is time!
Unholy Father,
for thee that has strayed,
what is thy will?
We can keep doing this forever,
now, can't we?
Beauty and power, sister.
Together forever.
Open your mind
Open your mind
Open your mind
Open your mind