Another Child (2019) Movie Script

Let's work hard!
Let's work hard tomorrow, too!
Good job today.
Special thanks to Director Park
for joining us!
Mr. Park! Mr. Park!
The future's so bright!
- Let's go get some more drinks.
- What?
Go to the right
and you'll arrive right away.
Do you see
'DEOKHYANG DUCK' restaurant?
Wait, I see you.
- He has arrived.
- Thank you so much for today.
We had so many people.
No problem.
I hope the food was okay.
Everyone loved it.
- Thank you.
- Where's the boss?
The driver's here.
Let's go in.
- Get home safe, sir!
- You guys had enough drinks?
- Are you not joining us?
- What? More drinks?
I'll see you tomorrow, sir.
Good night.
- See you.
- Good night.
You didn't order more.
Almost everyone's gone.
Are you okay?
What's with her?
Do you know her?
This hers?
What's wrong? Did you two fight?
What's for lunch today?
Strawberry or chocolate?
Do you have
yesterday's math notes?
Where'd you disappear
to yesterday?
Really? You skipped class
and went home?
You going to lend me
your notes or what?
Have you given up on life
these days?
Ugh... whatever.
Give them back before you go home.
I need it too.
What was that?
I didn't have breakfast.
I'll get them back to you.
Joo-ri! Someone
asked me to give this to you.
- Who?
- I don't know. I'm going to eat!
- Are you going to eat?
- You go ahead.
- I'm so hungry.
- Hurry up.
Guys, don't be pigs.
Can you say hello?
- Hello.
- Hello.
You called for me?
You're just like your dad.
A big coward.
Hey, your mom seduced my dad.
And they're having an affair,
you see that right?
How can I not?
Her belly's growing.
Her belly...
She's pregnant?
How many months?
Don't snoop around other's houses,
I wouldn't
if your mom wasn't
such a gold digger.
My dad's not rich.
Go tell your mom that
so she'll stop.
It's a warning.
If they still see each other,
I won't let it.
- What're you going to do then?
- What?
If they keep seeing each other,
what're you going to do?
Is that my phone?
Your husband's cheating on you
with my mom,
and now she's pregnant...
Is it yours? Take it.
What'd you just do!
You asked me to stop them.
Are you an idiot?
Why are you making things worse?
Tell your mom to stop this,
then we could've solved it
without my mom knowing.
And does it change the fact
that it happened?
What good comes
from spreading rumors?
What your mom did was adultery.
I'll do you a favor
and act like the whole thing
never happened.
What the heck is your problem?
You idiot!
Why are you so upset?
Like you said,
just act like it never happened.
You bastard.
- My math notes.
- Here.
They're not there.
- I guess left them in class.
- What?
I got busy and forgot.
Next week is the national AP exam.
What're you going to do?
And what about me?
Will you stop nagging me?
You're not my mom.
How is this nagging?
Joo-ri Kwon!
This variable's value is unknown,
and we need to calculate it,
(How late in pregnancy)
(can you have an abortion?)
That crazy...
Go ahead and eat.
I got to go back.
I haven't finished.
I might be late.
Of course, I ate.
It's a company dinner.
I'm the team leader.
I can't leave early.
Here we go again! Damn...
There's no smoking in here.
She'll go outside.
Hello? H...
- Shit...
- The total's $32.
Yoon-ah Kim.
You're underage, right?
It's illegal for you
to work this late.
That's a big problem.
If I report you, you'd...
Who are you staring at?
I can tell you're underage
just by looking at you.
That woman isn't your wife,
is she?
Do you know me?
I can tell by looking at you.
There's CCTV in here.
It's connected
to the police station.
It's $32.
Do you have a discount card?
Let's go.
- Why?
- Hurry up. Come on.
- What'd she say?
- Just hurry, will ya?
Free of charge.
- Why did you pick that up?
- Let's go. Come on.
Hey, sweetie. Coming from school?
Joo-ri, did you eat?
Studying way too much.
Hey. So you haven't had dinner?
-Where's Mom?
-At church.
-Did you see her?
-No. She texted.
When is she coming?
Don't know. Give her a call.
Did your company have
a dinner yesterday?
What's all that?
Which do you like better?
Are you getting a new car?
They send these to the company
to motivate sales.
They send these to the company
to motivate sales.
Why? They think you're rich?
Are you popular?
Oh, yeah. Sure.
Ow! What'd you do that for?
- Did it hurt?
- Of course, it hurt.
- Really?
- Yeah, you shocked my muscles.
Where? Lay down.
Why'd you hit me like that?
Feels like I pulled something.
- Here?
- A little higher.
- Here?
- Yeah.
You've gained weight.
You need to work out.
Tell your mom that.
Mom didn't gain weight.
She's still pretty.
- How are your studies?
- Okay.
Shall I get you
a new pair of shoes?
- Why?
- What do you mean why?
Because you like shoes.
Do you even know
what kind of shoes I wear?
NEW BALANCE. Size 225.
That was my shoe size
in middle school.
Joo-ri, did you go to
your after school program?
- Hungry?
- I ate.
Get changed and go to bed.
Don't oversleep tomorrow.
Did you drink?
Our house price has gone up again.
Buying this one was a good idea.
You have a good sense for that.
- You're going to drink that?
- Yeah.
Joo-ri's grown a lot, right?
She's all grown up. A lady now.
- But still a baby inside.
- True.
You're going to sleep
in that room?
Yeah. Why?
You've been sleeping
in there for two years now.
I'm used to sleeping alone now.
And you're too, right?
Good night.
Why are you home so late?
You're not still doing
that part time job, are you?
You never listen.
I told you to quit
because it's unsafe late at night.
- Then get rid of the baby.
- What?
I'll listen to you
if you listen to me.
I'll listen to you
if you listen to me.
Get rid of it.
Don't grow up to be like her.
Don't you cook ever?
I bought sandwiches.
Why don't you cook at home?
I had morning sickness all day
because of the smell
at the restaurant.
Aren't you embarrassed?
Do you know
what people say about you?
What's it to them?
It's my life.
Can you make the guy
get a divorce?
He won't, will he?
Yoon-ah, it's a boy.
I'm covered.
Call him.
- What for?
- Ask him what he's going to do.
He told you not to call
when he's with his family?
It's not like that.
He's not
that kind of person at all.
Daddy's very busy,
so mommy can't
just call him for nothing,
That guy is someone else's dad.
Hey! Don't you have any compassion
for your mother?
As a woman,
I've had the worst luck.
Gave birth to you at 17, and
had to pay off your dad's debt.
Raised you alone.
I've had no life of my own.
Do you know that?
You're my daughter!
Why can't you understand me?
The person you're calling
is not available...
(The whole world knows
about your adultery)
Where are you going?
- Why?
- You're not going to eat?
- I have a lot to do at work.
- What?
- Joo-ri, breakfast is ready.
- I don't have time.
Then eat on the way.
I made rice balls.
Dad! Dad!
Mom knows...
- Joo-ri!
- Mom... I...
Eat on the way.
Don't let it get cold.
(The whole world knows
about your adultery)
Ah... shit...
- What?
- We're having guests from HQ.
- Where should we go?
- How many are there?
Four. Should we go
to the same duck place again?
What's with the laugh?
Nothing... never mind...
Pick somewhere nearby.
You have reached your destination.
Just you?
Menus for one are below here.
Are you waiting for someone?
I can come back.
What're you best at?
Excuse me?
I'll have the marinated duck.
That's for two people.
- If you're alone...
- Just bring it.
And to drink?
Payment is upfront.
Many people leave without paying
because a woman runs this place.
Some people say
they will pay later.
So many weird people
in the world, right?
Thank you.
- One marinated duck!
- Okay.
- It's so cold today.
- Hello, welcome.
I'm starving. Bring out some food.
Your lunch break is early today.
- Two lunch sets!
- Okay.
Hello. Where are you?
Yeah, I can talk.
It's alright... yeah?
Are you at the office?
No, not busy... Uh-huh.
Are you coming today?
Can't you come?
I'm not feeling so great.
I want to go to see a doctor.
Yesterday? No, I never called.
Why would I text you at that hour?
What did it say?
Ma'am, are you okay?
You paid but didn't get the food.
Oh... you've lost your appetite.
You made the right decision then.
If it's not right,
it's better to stop.
I've been running this place
three years.
I can tell just by looking.
There are no good men left, right?
Come have some tea.
It's dangerous to drive
in your state.
What the heck's your problem?
Because of you,
my home is now Hell.
How is that my fault?
Hit me, then let's never
see each other again.
How? We have two more years left
in this place.
You're going to transfer?
We just won't cross
each other's paths.
Ding. Time's up.
I'm going to keep out of it.
Stop bothering me.
Sit down.
You broke the reinforced glass.
Even a guy like me
would seriously get hurt
if he hit it with his fist.
So why'd you do it?
What's the problem?
You two came
from different middle schools
and different neighborhoods.
You don't have
any classes together,
so it's not that.
I need to know what's going on
to help you guys out.
Well? Joo-ri? Can you tell me?
Yoon-ah, you can go.
Bring your mom to school tomorrow.
If she doesn't come this time,
you're suspended.
- Got it?
- Yes, sir.
Now, let's talk.
Was she trying to take money
from you?
It's okay.
I've heard stories about her.
How do you know her?
Are you guys close?
Look, you have to pick
your friends carefully.
You don't want to ruin your life.
High school records
are very important.
Making friends
with the wrong people,
a straight-A student like you...
I hit her first.
You did?
And you shouldn't say things
behind people's backs.
You should say it
in front of them.
Who is this?
I'm having regrets
about being a teacher.
What did I ever do to you
to be treated like this?
What did I ever do to you
to be treated like this?
What do you want?
Your mom's in the hospital.
- What?
- What?
With my mom.
They fought?
Just so you know.
You should go.
Should I go too?
Being pushed over
doesn't cause this.
So there must've been
warning signs beforehand.
Tightness in the belly,
baby drooping down,
blood smears.
When those things happened,
she should've come straight
to the hospital.
Her age is a factor too,
so we need to monitor her
for a few days.
Where's the baby?
In the incubator.
- Are you staying at the hospital?
- Yes.
What about relatives?
What will you do
about the academy?
I'll still go.
Did you two eat anything?
Stop frowning.
You guys look like you're dying.
- Joo-ri, you got the card?
- Yeah.
Go get dinner. No junk food.
Make it something expensive too.
It's your dad's money.
Where are you going?
Where else would I go?
Don't you two fight.
What's the point?
Go on.
Mi-hee Kim's family?
Here he is.
He's undergoing treatment,
so be quiet and just look.
Was it this big?
It was this big.
So small.
It was born too early.
I prayed for it to die.
I wanted to punch my mom
in the belly.
But it was born after all.
Little brother.
Do you have a brother?
I don't need one.
Me neither.
The second floor. Okay?
(In a meeting.
I'll call you later)
Dad? Dad!
What's wrong?
That guy?
-He's not here?
There he is!
What the...
Mom, Dad ran away.
Who are you?
He ran away.
Are you okay?
Are you asleep?
Eat, eat.
I told you so.
Serves you right.
Why are you so jumpy?
Were you asleep?
I'm just laying here.
I have a headache.
I'm going out for a while.
- Where?
- The salon.
- At this hour?
- I called the owner.
What? Should I stay?
No, but... don't be long.
What if Dad comes home?
Are you scared of him?
- Joo-ri?
- Yeah.
Do you want spicy rice cakes?
No, I'm okay.
The IV is finished.
- Oh, Room 8.
You're Mi-hee Kim's daughter,
Here. Your aunt forgot this.
- My aunt?
- She said she's your aunt.
She paid
when your mom was moved to a room.
She paid
when your mom was moved to a room.
($512.00 / Paid by Young-joo Ahn)
Your transaction
is being processed.
Please take your card.
Your transaction
is being processed.
Please take your card.
Mom... did Dad come home
last night?
No. I packed your breakfast.
Eat it on the way.
Where are you coming from?
Are you staying at the sauna?
Yeah. For a few days.
Do you have change? I want coffee.
Hurry up.
Not too cold anymore.
Winter's almost gone, right?
What about your car, Dad?
You sold your car too?
Why'd you call me?
What'd you come here for?
Your mom ask you to?
No, why?
- What's up with her?
- Why?
I don't know.
She keeps asking for money.
- You don't have money?
- No, I don't.
Mom doesn't either.
She has her restaurant.
Don't be ridiculous.
She can't even make rent.
You really don't have money?
Man, you're getting more and more
like your mom, huh?
Especially when you don't believe
what I tell you.
If you don't have money,
you can't do that.
I'm just watching.
Sometimes, if I feel lucky,
I play a round,
and if the luck's there,
I play another.
And if I hit the jackpot,
I hit the jackpot.
Can't you get a job?
Mom's not doing well.
A little time, just a little.
Anyway, you're all grown up now,
How old are you this year?
Over eighteen?
You got your ID with you?
Apply for a credit card for me
before you go.
Won't take long.
I'm only fifteen,
so I can't do that.
I can't get cash loans either.
Oh, really?
You're not eighteen yet?
Hey, what's written on that car?
- You can't see it?
- My eyes are bad.
- Hurry up!
- It says "Sabuk Sauna".
- I got to go!
- The shuttle to the casino!
You're leaving too, right?
- I'll call you!
- Hurry up! To casino!
Dad! Do you even know my name?
What's my name?
Hold on. If I miss this,
I'll have to take a taxi!
I got to go!
Let's never see each other again!
Yoon-ah! I'm sorry!
Stop... Sit down.
The person you're calling
is not available...
(In a meeting.
I'll call you later)
I spent the night
in the parking lot.
Do you want to go somewhere?
Do you remember my friend
who runs a pension
on the west coast.
Are you listening?
I'm on my knees now.
Please forgive me.
Remember when our company
was having difficulties.
Remember when our company
was having difficulties.
I worked several nights straight
and didn't come home.
Our team had a retreat,
- and we went to a duck place...
- What're you doing?
I thought you were in there.
The door's locked.
Did you get a haircut?
I locked it so you can't go in.
All our valuables
are in that room.
Young-joo... I'm sorry.
Please forgive me this once.
When our company was in trouble
and I couldn't come home
for days...
We had a team retreat
and dinner at a duck restaurant,
and I got too drunk...
Your cellphone password
is Joo-ri's birthday, right?
So you entered
your daughter's birth date
and called her?
You saw it?
Honey, just give me
one more chance.
You and Joo-ri are all I have.
Let's all go on a vacation
Do you remember my friend
who runs a pension
on the west coast.
You can go with Joo-ri.
Just the two of you. Okay?
I'll straighten everything out
while you're away.
Now? You're going to
straighten what now?
Yes... I'll straighten...
Was it lust or love?
Answer me.
Lust or love?
- I'm sorry.
- Both?
Young-joo, I'm sorry.
It must've been love.
Isn't that why she had your baby?
That was an accident.
Has she asked for money now?
She's not that kind of woman.
Then what are you!
I'm sorry, honey.
You are a liar.
You deceived two...
no, four people!
Just listen to me.
Do you really want to end things
like this?
Don't come in!
And I've put the apartment up
for sale.
Joo-ri's First Birthday)
(Registered owner of the house:
Dae-won Kwon)
Dae-won Kwon...
Dae-won Kwon...
Dae-won Kwon...
What a dumb..
- Eat this. This.
- I'm fine.
- Hello.
- Hi.
You're not running away, are you?
Cheer up, okay?
Thank you.
I can't pass this on.
It might rouse suspicion.
She's not home.
Can't you call her?
She told me to leave it
with you, really.
What's your relation to her?
She's my aunt.
There she is.
Give it to her yourself.
Hey, kid. Here.
We have more.
Thank you.
Are you her daughter?
If you're not her daughter
or relative, then...
I want one too.
Hmm... delicious.
Is it a new kind? Show me.
I won't take it from you.
Drink this.
Mom wanted me to give this to you.
- Your name's Yoon-ah, right?
- Yes.
- You were the one on the phone?
- Yes.
Did you tell Joo-ri too?
She already knew.
How did she know?
I don't know.
She must have seen them together.
Do you hate your mother?
Why would you ask me that?
Thank you for taking my mom
to the hospital.
Yoon-ah, be strong right now.
It's a very important time
in your life.
Ma'am, you should worry
about your daughter.
Thank you.
I can be a little blunt
just like my mom.
It's not because of you.
You didn't do anything wrong.
It's okay. You can go.
The thing is, I'm $50 short.
I skipped a few shifts this month,
so I didn't have enough.
But I'll give the rest to Joo-ri
next week.
I can't live with debt.
So don't forget to ask Joo-ri
if she got money from me.
Okay, I'll ask her.
Come on. Let's go.
- It isn't right.
- Mom...
You don't eat right.
You sleep all day.
When you do wake up,
you only eat snacks.
You should get plenty of nutrition
to breastfeed.
If you can't do
the most basic thing,
why'd you have a child?
How worrisome! Just a big problem.
- Why are you talking down to me?
- What?
I don't know you.
Don't talk down to me.
Why are you talking
like that to me!
Cause you started it.
How old are you? Huh?!
How many years have you lived?
I'm concerned for you!
What kind of response is that?
- Let it go! Never mind her!
- What?
- This woman's ridiculous!
- What?
Who asked you to worry about me?
What business is it to you?
- Huh? She's nuts, totally nuts!
- Stop it.
Don't shout in here.
Return to your rooms.
- How ridiculous! That woman!
- Ah, Mom!
You're not my kid's friend,
are you?
She's not exactly friendly.
She takes after me.
I don't have friends either.
I'll make them
when I'm in college.
Why are you smiling?
You don't like how I smile either?
What're you doing here?
I'm here to catch my dad.
Take this.
What is it?
Give it to the nurse and ask her
to give you a birth certificate.
- Why?
- You file a birth declaration.
For that,
you need a birth certificate.
I'm underage,
so they won't give it to me.
What're you doing?
Taking a nap.
Sleeping through all day?
You haven't seen the baby yet,
have you?
What kind of mother are you?
Don't come
to the hospital anymore.
You're causing more pain.
I got it. Just let me
get the birth certificate.
Go back to school!
I'm not an excuse to cut class!
Got it?
Keep it down!
I can't make this easy
if you keep making it hard.
Why are you getting mad?
What did you do so right?
Did he grow since last time?
He looks like a person now.
He won't open his eyes.
Is he sleeping?
Newborns are like that.
When will they remove the stuff
stuck to his body?
Did he just smile?
That was a smile?
He smiled.
When you smile, you get uglier.
It's not easy to live
in this world.
Are you ready for that?
Hang in there.
You closed the pension business?
I got nowhere to go.
You told me
to come over anytime...
- It's damn slippery.
- Shut up and just drive.
I came here alone.
I need some time
to think things over.
Okay, then.
Have you come for fishing?
Is that your car?
Yeah, why?
What? I can't ask a question?
Where are you from?
Judging from the car,
it's not from around here.
Are you here alone?
Have you come to meet someone?
How'd you know about this place?
We're small.
Why? What do you want?
Pay me a parking fee.
You come to my neighborhood.
It's a great view.
We got the ocean.
And it's all for free.
So pay me a parking fee.
What parking?
There's no parking lot.
What did you say?
You can't just park your car
at someone's front door.
You can't just park your car
at someone's front door.
Do you know how much trouble
our people went through
to build this place?
- It's made in Korea.
- That's a Grandeur.
Hey! What're you doing?
Don't change the subject!
Give me the fee!
The view is too great!
If you sit here, time flies by...
- How much do you want?
- Give me 10 bucks.
I usually take 20 from others.
Hey! Stop it!
What the heck?
Let's get that idiot.
Hey... want fishing?
Need fishing rod?
Get out of my turf, bastard!
If you do, it's $10 more.
- Hey!
- Yay!
- Awesome! Love you!
- Who wants rice wine?!
Why weren't you at school today?
I'm dropping out.
I got to raise the kid,
so I'll work and be independent.
How are you going to raise a kid?
I'm more qualified than
my mom or your dad.
- And money?
- I'll get a job.
My mom had me in high school.
Careful of the cuts.
Time for my private class.
You might be able to quit,
but I've got a mountain
of studies to do.
Alright. See ya.
How can a high school dropout
raise a kid?
The world's not that easy.
If you do this, you'll...
Then what do I do? Throw him away?
Put him up for adoption.
He'll get a better education.
Think about his future.
I'm his sister.
Why put him up for an adoption?
Even if he doesn't have
a mom and dad, he has me.
I can take care of him.
Do whatever you want.
Let's not see each other again.
Yeah. Take care of your mom.
Take care of your mom.
You take care of your mom.
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and Holy Spirit, amen.
It's been six months
since my last confession.
I hurt a person.
It wasn't on purpose,
but I pushed a pregnant woman
and she gave birth prematurely.
The hospital says
it was caused by something else,
but I still feel guilty.
The child is a result...
of my husband
and the woman's adultery.
I cannot...
forgive this situation.
My daughter is
a high school student,
and she knows everything.
I am so tired.
Those people caused all this.
And I wish
they were really bad people.
I wish the child was sick,
as God's punishment to them.
Mom, where are you?
Can I skip after school program
and come home?
I want to see you.
I want to come home
and eat with you.
He needs a best of luck tonight.
That caused his heart damaged
as well...
There's counseling available.
You can talk to the nurse
about it.
You'll get through this.
What about the mother?
please take good care of her.
Where are you?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
I called the doctor.
I should've been there.
I'll check out tomorrow.
They say you're okay?
Where are you?
Shall we meet?
I'm far away.
Do you love me?
Let's talk about it when we meet.
I'll call you.
Are you going home?
You're not coming here?
When can you check out?
If you come, I'll wait for you.
Will you take me home?
Or shall we go somewhere else?
I can't.
Why not? Why?
Now, I'm...
I think it's best
we take some time away
from each other.
Are you okay?
Weren't you at the dock?
Switch off the lights!
He can see my face.
Turn the damn lights off!
You said not to see
each other anymore.
I'm going soon.
I got private institute.
I wanted to show you something,
but I don't know your number.
What is that?
For me, it's proof of adultery.
For him, it's proof of birth.
When he gets older,
he'll ask questions
about how was he born.
Where's this at?
A gift.
You came to see the baby?
I didn't!
You can go in now.
I'm going to put this on him
- 7th floor, room 8?
- Mi-Hee Kim's baby.
- Let me through!
- You can't go in.
It's true!
All paperwork was filed yesterday.
The baby's gone. Okay?
I want to see for myself.
- Calm down. Calm down.
- You can't do this here.
Talk to your mother.
Yoon-ah! Yoon-ah! Listen to me.
The baby was born
with cerebral hemorrhaging.
We did our best,
but we couldn't save it.
At least...
you got to see his face.
Where's the baby?
Where is he!
Ask your mother.
- Yoon-ah!
- You can't go in there!
Was it adopted?
You put it up for adoption, right?
Don't do this here.
Excuse me.
Sir... is...
He's the guy.
- Stop the car!
- Give me my brother back!
Sir! I'll quit school, get a job.
I'll make money, raise the kid.
I'll get government support.
I'll do it all myself.
I'll be the mother, the father,
and the sister.
I'll raise him well.
Please give him back to me.
Give him back my brother...
Are they all babies?
This is all the filed documents.
See if your brother's in it.
My brother's not dead.
So he's not there.
And it's a lie.
How can so many babies
die the same day all together?
Not the same day.
A day, two days,
sometimes a couple of weeks.
I collect them all
on the same day.
Transport... cremation...
Stop! Stop the car!
It's all a lie!
What're you going to do?
You sure you want to do this?
It's better to just take it
to the crematorium.
They'll all be burned together.
If you move around now,
it'll hurt later.
I made some porridge.
With abalone. Try it.
It's all over.
The doctor told me.
You think I poisoned it?
It's good.
Have some.
If you heard from the doctor,
why did you come to see me?
He hasn't been here. Okay?
You didn't know?
Know what?
That he had a family.
I knew.
Then how did you
expect this to end?
You try having an affair,
and see if you can have it
your way.
Eat well. You're a patient
Did you come here just to feed me?
I have nowhere to go,
so I came here.
Hit me.
And go.
It's over. All of it.
I came to see you
in a hospital gown,
pale faced,
hair all oily, laying here.
I came here to see that...
and to feed you,
to pass on comfort
that won't comfort you,
so I can catch a breath...
and return
to being a person again.
Joo-ri, sweetie,
Dad was on the way back
from the business trip...
But where's Mom?
The baby is dead.
But you were waiting for
that to happen, weren't you?
I don't want to be
your daughter anymore.
The fare's $480, alright?
That's what it costs
from Taean to here.
You still can't honk at this hour.
People are sleeping.
- I told you to stop!
- Take your hands off me
Joo-ri! Joo...
No, I can't get it for you.
Let me do this then
I'm angry to death.
I know about it,
but please calm down...
I'm getting more angry.
Please stop honking.
I paid the taxi.
And the hospital bills.
Where's Joo-ri?
You saw her?
I think it's you
who needs to go to the hospital.
I think my arm's broken.
Young-joo... I...
Go to the hospital first.
I was mugged.
I thought it was your dad.
Do you have to be just like him?
You checked out alone?
Are you okay?
It's a bit too late to ask that.
You knew, didn't you?
That's why you didn't go see him.
You're all grown up.
And you've aged.
You got more gray hair.
I'm going to dye it.
Couldn't you help me be
fond of you at least a little?
Why didn't you answer the phone?
Why didn't you?
Who are you?
Do you know me? I don't know you.
Shall we open it?
You ran away,
so you never saw him.
It was you who said
let's not see each other again.
When did you ever listen
to others?
Where is your brother?
I don't want to do this anymore.
Is that so wrong?
But you're still alive.
Where are you going?
The exam's starting.
Are you not taking it?
If you keep acting like this,
you'll pay for it later!
Hey... Hey!
I couldn't find the right box.
So your brother's lucky.
Someone looked out for him.
If he was lucky,
he wouldn't have died.
Many like him aren't sought
after at all.
What are we doing here?
It took a lot of effort,
but I found it.
Three people!
Let's go.
- Over there!
- Where?
Doesn't it look familiar?
Have you forgotten already?
Geez! It was here?
I came here on a field trip
when I was in elementary school.
Adults must have nowhere to go.
Why are we here though?
To cut school!
My mom wouldn't have known
she'd do this at my age, right?
Neither your dad would've thought,
"I want to cheat when I grow up"
when he was young.
- Are you smart?
- No.
You called me an idiot.
It's true.
You sound proud of that.
I am proud.
I'm not good at subjects
that require memorizing.
That's why I chose sciences.
Pumpkin, did you have fun?
Not even a fistful.
He really was tiny.
We should've put him in the tomb.
He would've been lonely there.
Nobody to visit him.
I can't trust myself.
Me neither.
Shall we scatter him here?
Strawberry or chocolate?
I didn't do it.
(Directed by KIM YOON-SEOK)