Another Day in Paradise (1998) Movie Script

Come here,
you little fucking bastard!
Get up!
Come here, you mother fucker!
You little mother fucker!
I am going to fucking kill you!
Oh fuck.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Oh my God! Bobbie!
Oh shit! Fucking no!
Oh my God!
Oh God baby,
what happened to you?
I'm gonna get my Uncle Mel,
he used to be a medic.
Got guys through combat
and shit.
You're going to be okay, Kid.
Your old uncle Mel is here.
Just kick back.
I don't have any morphine...
but this is some
of the best smack around.
If this don't kill the pain...
nothing will.
- You're a doctor, Melvin?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm a doctor shooting
you up with heroin.
That's right.
No kid, I'm just a...
I'm just a junkie
and a real good thief.
They kind of go together.
That's it, pal.
Beginning of story.
End of story.
There you go, ba-da-bing!
What I wouldn't give
for veins like that.
And don't you ever call me
Melvin again, you little shit.
Thanks, Mel.
Hey, you keep a real nice house,
ever hear of a trash can?
Okay so, here is the deal.
What are you doing? Hey.
- Put that down.
- Chill out, man.
Chill out? Put it fucking down.
Are you fucking joking?
Bobbie, you look like shit.
The cops are after ya'.
I mean you're hotter than a freshly
fucked fox in a forest fire.
Now I iced your nasty
little ass down.
I stopped most of your
internal bleeding.
I put ice packs on your
tiny little head
so maybe the brain damage
won't be too bad.
Gave you my best dope.
And I have spent two fuckin'
days in a shit hole
I would not send my
worst enemy into.
Making sure you don't
go into a coma.
Listen to me when I tell you.
If you leave here,
they are going to bust you.
And if you shoot any more speed
in the next fucking month,
your brain will pop
like a fuckin' balloon.
- I got to go out for speed, man.
- Just listen to me, man.
If you walk out the front door
of this fucking building...
or if you do any more Meth,
I will personally break every
fuckin' bone in your body
that already ain't broken.
And I'll kick the shit out
of Danny for letting you do it.
- Do we understand each other?
- Yikes.
We cool? Good.
All right.
So, princess?
Can I trust you to keep these
two idiots out of trouble?
- Right on, brother.
- Right on, baby.
See you later.
Bye, Mel.
I'll fucking kick your ass
you little bitch!
Fucking give me your shit,
you little fucking cunt!
Bobbie, I got to piss.
Bobbie, I got to piss.
Damn, Bobbie.
So how do you like
my ride, Bobbie?
- It's not bad.
- Not bad?
I betcha' never even been in
a Cadillac before,
let alone the full glory of a top of
the line tricked out Coupe de Ville.
Anybody who says crime don't
pay only knows guys like you.
Fuck you, mother fucker.
I'm not some little kid.
I just made seven-eight hundred
bucks in one night.
Yeah, in fucking quarters.
Probably got a hernia
draggin' them home.
- Shit son.
- Hey, I ain't your son,
and I got the fucking quarters home.
You damn near got killed
doing it, right?
I got this stealing thing wired.
I don't need shit from you.
- How old are you?
- Old enough.
Why don't you save the tough guy routine
for people you might actually scare.
I'm not fucking putting you down.
I'm trying to make a point.
I don't know how old you are,
but I'm going to bet you money
you got a driver's license
that says you're 18 or 19.
And I'll give you 10 to 1
that it's off by 2 or 3 years.
You're doing dope all day.
Every fucking day and you're
stealing with both hands.
Here's my point.
You think you're a thief.
You know what you are?
You're a bust waiting to happen.
A pro, okay,
only steals when he knows
everything is in his favor.
When he fuckin' knows
he's not going to get caught.
There's only a few true
professionals around,
and guess what?
They don't do dope.
See, eventually the drugs
are going to make you fuck up.
And voila, you're in the penitentiary.
The thing is, for guys like us,
you just try to make that run
as good and as long as you can,
before it's over.
Which it will inevitably be.
That's my point.
- So, how old are you?
- Old enough.
Fuck, that's right.
Good answer.
Never plead guilty.
Tough guy.
How long have you been on your own?
Forever. What's the difference?
I'm just trying to figure things out.
It's how my minds works.
Sue me, fuck, Jesus.
Are you ready to graduate from
screwdrivers and vending machines
to some really serious larceny?
- Like what?
- Like a major score. It's all set up.
Why me?
You must have tons of guys.
I need a guy who's small enough
to get up into a cramped space
and hide there for nine or ten fucking
hours and be fucking cool about it.
Yeah, why not Danny,
he's your blood.
Fair question.
Danny is my sister's kid.
If I got him into the fuckin' life,
she will kill my ass.
Naw man, you got fuckin' smarts.
That's what I like.
And you're a tough kid.
Tough. How old are you?
You're already in the life, kiddo.
I hate to say it.
You need someone like
uncle Mel to show you the ropes.
So what do you say?
Tell you what.
This is going to be a couple
of days work,
and your end is going to be
ten grand, minimum.
- Sounds good.
- Deal?
- Sounds real good to me.
- All right. You got it.
- So what do I got to do boss?
- Okay, first thing.
- We leave tomorrow.
- All right, yeah.
We'll be gone a couple,
three weeks maybe.
Be fun, all right?
Okay, you got it.
You figure out what you want to do
with your girlfriend, okay?
If you want to bring her along,
that's fine with me.
Oh hey, send Danny down,
I gotta get him home.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Hey Ace, hey!
Shut the fucking door,
it's hot out there.
Thanks, man.
Maybe he ain't coming.
You know he could be fucking
with you, baby.
Naw baby, Mel is for real.
He is just coming late,
that is all. All right, babe?
All right baby, whatever you say.
You are the boss.
He sure is late.
He is not that late.
All right here he comes.
This better be him.
Hey, how is it going?
Hey, Ace.
Jeez-Louise, they are
fucking babies.
Stop it!
You two are Bonnie and Clyde?
So are we.
I love desperados.
I do, don't I?
We are going to have
a really good time.
My name is Sidney.
But you can call me Sid.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Now my dimwitted
friend over here...
has what you call,
poor impulse control.
Aye-yi yi-yi.
Cock-suckers never eat
hair pie.
Now wait a minute, let me guess.
That is your luggage, right?
Which probably means you
have jeans and a tee-shirt?
Which means that we
are going to have to go shopping.
- We dropped the best acid...
- Shut up.
I'm going to take you
guys shopping.
I think you need
a whole new wardrobe.
I need a whole new wardrobe.
That is for sure.
You got a wardrobe
for ten people.
Melvin being the absent minded
professor type that he is,
he also forgot to mention that
you both are absolutely
fucking starving to death.
Jesus Christ you schmuck,
look at them, they are bones.
- Bones...
- Poor babies.
Let's get these guys
something to eat
before they just blow out
the window like fucking leaves.
- What do you say?
- Fine.
They do look like death eaten
on a cracker, don't they?
We are going on a road trip
and we will stop to eat.
Because we have road trip boogaloo.
- Boogaloo.
- Road trip boogaloo.
Aye-yi yi-yi
Your grandmother swims
after troop ships.
Drive the car, Melvin.
Did you like this
tongue this morning?
- You guys on acid?
- How long is this tongue?
Is this a long tongue?
How about this one?
Can yours move faster?
- Oh my God.
- Is that moving fast?
- Oh come on, don't be rude.
- Hey look where you are going.
You know, I figure you need
You got to be perfect.
You need a nice light touch
for this kind of shit.
If that current is broken for
even like one-tenth of a second,
it is all over.
That is why they call them
contact alarms.
That wire is live.
How long do I
got to do this for, man?
All day, all night
if that's what it takes.
Hey, there is no room for error, kid.
You fuck up, the alarm goes off.
Voila, it is over.
- Perfect.
- Hey, Henry Higgins...
how goes the tutoring?
Not bad. The kid has talent.
Well you have been working
him for hours.
Why don't you give him a break?
Let's go shopping.
Yeah, maybe it is time
to take a little break.
What do you say?
Lead the way, Miss Doolittle.
Are you going to wear
your crook gloves out?
- No.
- Good.
Hey, not you, princess.
We got work to do.
- I want you back here at 170O.
- We'll be here.
Don't have too much fun, okay?
- Oh, you shocked me.
- I shock you every time.
Come on. Come on.
We're going to take
a little drive.
Fuck, I hate the suburbs.
This is the good shit.
Where are we going, Mel?
I'm taking you for a drive.
- I thought we were working?
- We are working.
You want to sit at the hotel
and play with alarms all afternoon.
Shut up and go for a drive.
I would fucking
drink her bath water!
Did you see that ass?
How about Sid, man,
she has got the big titties.
Three things you never fuck with:
You never fuck with
a man's money...
you never fuck with
a man's dope...
and you never fuck with
a man's pussy.
Sorry, man.
I never want to get old.
You know what Mel says?
He says that when
he turns sixty...
he is going to drive off a cliff.
You want a fix?
No, I never shoot.
I hate needles.
Well, give it a little time, my dear
and you will come to love needles.
So how did you two meet?
Who, me and Mel?
Oh, let's see.
He was selling dope to this
schmuck that I was living with.
And he kept trying to get me to go
out with him behind Charlie's back.
That was the name of the guy, Charlie.
- You want one of these?
- No thanks.
I'm addicted to these things.
So anyway, when Charlie
got busted
and I was on my own...
I finally said yes to Mel.
And the rest is ancient history.
Are you guys married?
Married, why?
Still, it would have been nice
to have a big beautiful wedding.
I guess.
My parents...
I haven't spoken to my parents
since they found out he's Jewish.
It is too bad...
because, he is the ideal man.
I mean, he is smart, he is rich,
he is funny.
And he is hung like a horse.
I'm a lucky girl.
You know the best way
to eat pussy?
The fucking alphabet.
A, B, C, D.
- No way.
- Try a Z, X, Y, Z.
We're here.
- What the fuck is this?
- A clinic.
We are going to rip off
some doctor?
This no regular doctor.
He's the biggest speed doctor
in the mid-west.
- No way.
- Yeah, he's the distributor.
He orders from the manufacture
and he supplies his own clinics.
It goes right through
his pharmacy, right here.
As you can imagine, this guy
does a roaring cash business.
He does a bank drop every morning.
But he is open Saturdays.
So we hit him Saturday night
and we get two day's receipts.
- All right.
- All right.
We will keep some of the
Desoxins and liquid Meth, okay?
Dump the rest wholesale.
You get one third,
expenses come off the top.
Expenses, what expenses?
Living expenses Ace.
This is a fucking
business here, okay?
- Holy shit!
- Damn.
I guess you weren't the only
one who went to school today.
Look at you, baby.
You look great.
Thank you.
God damn.
What is this?
I guess the store is closing
early or something?
No, we hardly did any damage.
Besides, we needed something
to wear tonight.
- Tonight?
- What is tonight?
We are going out, baby.
For a big night on the town.
He didn't tell you?
We're going out.
- Mel, what is going on?
- I guess Mel's treating tonight.
- How much did all this cost?
- A lot.
Yeah? How much is a lot?
- Come on, Mel.
- Okay.
- Really, did it cost a lot?
- Goodbye, girls.
- Hey Mel!
- How you doing?
Long time no see.
Do you think you can get us
a booth tonight?
I just got to tell you Rose,
you look really beautiful.
Thank you, Sid.
You are a very lucky guy.
They are both lucky,
lucky they met us.
They got good food,
good booze. Good music.
Now you are living, Ace.
I don't know man,
this place is a little rough.
This fucking place?
Hey, I was in a Blues Bar
in St. Louis.
A guy walks in carrying a severed head.
Walks up, sets it on the bar.
And says, give the bitch a beer.
- That is a true story.
- No way!
I'm fucking serious
as a heart attack.
That is a true story.
You live in the fast lane, Mel.
I do.
We're certainly glad to have
everyone here tonight.
Is everyone feeling all right?
Are you all feeling good?
Listen, I'm telling you true.
I got to have somebody
to scratch my back tonight.
If you want to hear
Clarence Carter scream,
you just have somebody
scratch my back.
In fact, what I think I'll do
is play a little song,
so you'll understand what I'm
talking about.
A little song called,
"I'm Looking for a Fox."
It goes something like this.
- Dance? No way.
- Come on, Mel.
I'm all alone and fancy free
But this ain't the way I want to be
Get your game up tight
We gonna have
a wing-ding-do tonight
I'm lookin' for a fox
Lookin' for a fox
Tonight the sky's the limit
I've got my money,
and I'm gonna spend it
It's Saturday night
and I want to play
I wanna make love
till the break of day
I'm lookin' for a fox
Lookin' for a fox
I've got a brand new
pin stripe suit of clothes
I've got a big, wide polka dot tie
I got cuff links
as big as jay bird eggs
Look at this...
shoes made out of alligator hide
I'm ripe and red
and and hot to trot
Girl you can get anything I've got
I've got the money
if you've got the time
All you've gotta do
is give me a sign
I'm lookin' for a fox
Lookin' for a fox
I'm lookin' for a fox
I've got to have me a fox
I'm lookin' for a fox
Find me a fox.
I don't want you puking
on my new suit.
Come on.
- I love you, Mel.
- Yeah?
You saved my life.
I sure did kid, but let's just
stay focused on not puking.
I'm the happiest now then
I have ever been in my whole life.
Before tonight, I never even
drank champagne before.
You don't say?
You might have mentioned that
a little earlier in the evening.
Oh, yeah?
Okay, five feet to heaven.
Here we go.
Sorry. Sorry.
Here, you want
to take your shoes off?
Guess not. Fine.
There you go.
You feeling okay?
You are not sick are you?
You are in bed, good night.
Night, night.
Thanks, Mel.
He could have fit up here.
Easy as fucking cake.
Did I scare you, baby?
Lead the way, boss.
We're rich!
We are so fucking rich!
Still got to sell this shit, Ace.
Knock, knock.
Bobby, this is Reverend James Cook.
Today, I can offer you
the worldly protection...
of the weapons of the hand.
You are a gun dealer?
I'm a gunsmith by trade.
But a fisher of men
by avocation.
But you are a preacher.
Doesn't that go against your morals?
Even Jesus Christ was a carpenter.
And his disciples, fisherman.
And we know blessed
Mary Magdalene was a whore.
Boys, I hate to break up the
theological discussion here...
but how much for the lot, Jim?
Two thousand total.
I prefer 10O's.
And now...
May God bless you...
and keep you safe
under his protection...
for all your earthly endeavors.
Softly and tenderly
Jesus is calling
Calling for you
And for me.
Happy trails.
Who the fuck was that?
Somebody you never want
to mess with.
Got you first.
Hey baby.
Kind of pretty
for something so ugly?
I'm pregnant, Bobby,
what do you think about that?
I have been trying to tell
you for awhile you know,
but I didn't know how to say it.
Come on baby, don't just stand
there all peeing and shit.
Say something.
This is serious.
- What are you going to do?
- I don't know.
What if I want to keep it?
Shit baby, you think that
is a good idea?
I mean, fuck,
I ain't old enough to handle kids.
Oh I see, you are just a kid, right?
One minute you are
Mister Big Man with Mel...
and the next minute you're
just a helpless little boy.
- Is that it?
- No, that is not what I meant.
I'm just saying maybe we should wait...
wait until all this
shit is over, you know?
Wait til it is
a good time to have kids.
There never will be a good time,
there will always be something wrong.
If I keep it, are you going to leave?
I don't know baby...
I never even thought about
having kids before.
Seeing how my parents
fucked me up and all.
Yeah well, our parents didn't
give a fucking shit about us.
So fuck them!
But we can do better.
We can be the kind of
parents that they never were.
You are the best thing
that ever happened to me, baby.
I love you.
But I'll do this alone
if I have to.
Shit baby, you know me
better than that.
The only way you are going to
get rid of me is if I die.
And I am not going to fucking die, okay?
Oh good.
Besides I'll spoil the shit
out of him, right?
Or her.
- Hey have you told Sid yet?
- No.
Oh my God!
Oh my God. You're pregnant.
Oh my God. Oh my God.
They are pregnant.
You're pregnant.
You are going to have a baby.
You're going to have a little baby.
A beautiful little baby.
Oh my God, I can't fucking
believe it!
All right. Calm down.
Great news.
But, everybody in the world
doesn't have to hear it.
What do you mean, everybody
doesn't need to know.
What, am I being loud,
is that what you mean?
I mean, who gives a flying fuck really?
It is so cool,
I can't believe it.
A baby, now wait a minute,
how pregnant are you?
When are you
going to have this baby?
What do you want?
- A girl.
- A boy.
Your eyes, and your mouth.
Oh my God.
Little babies,
I love little babies.
No more caffeine for you, missy.
For me? It is for her.
I think you are a bit more
excited about this than we are.
You think? No...
well you will get more excited.
No, we are excited.
Oh, I love kids.
What the fuck are you doing?
What am I doing?
Yeah, what are you doing?
I'm not doing anything.
What is your fucking problem?
Don't... do this.
Fuck you, Mel.
So there are some details
I want to go over at the motel,
before the clients start coming, okay?
Whatever you say man,
you are the boss.
Should you be smoking?
The baby?
- So which one do you like?
- Well, the.38 Smith and Wesson.
It is a Chief's Special.
It is compact,
plenty of stopping power
with these hollow points.
I got it all sighted in
on the range.
Accurate to fifty feet.
Oh gosh, that's nice.
Pay attention, G.I. Joe.
If you want to learn,
you got to listen.
- I'm listening.
- Put the gun down and watch.
I'm listening.
Put the fucking gun down before
I smack the shit out of you.
Come here.
A Walther PP.
I call it a lucky seven,
because it has got
six in the clip and...
one in the chamber.
Let me see your hands.
See you got delicate hands
and not a lot of muscle.
- Fuck you.
- No man. This is good for you.
It has good balance.
How does it feel?
- Oh, it feels good.
- Yeah?
- I like it.
- Good?
See, Sid and me will
teach you how to shoot.
Now here's the deal.
You make a gun feel like it's
an extension of your arm.
And after a little practice
you don't have to aim.
You just point your hand at
what you want to hit and boom.
It will fucking
have holes in it all day.
I'd like to see some fucker
try some shit on me with this.
Finish his ass like Swiss cheese.
Hey, something you got to
understand Ace, all right?
A gun is there for your protection.
You use it when
you have no other option.
It ain't your fucking dick
so don't be whipping it out
every time you want to prove
you are a fucking tough guy.
Okay? You got that?
Yeah man, I ain't stupid.
Glad to hear it.
Hey, Mel. What you think about
me being a dad?
Pretty crazy?
I think you are pretty young
to be popping out babies.
But hey, it ain't my business.
Rosie is really excited,
but I'm nervous.
I guess that is normal?
Me and Sid can't do it.
Can't have no babies.
So do me a favor
and go light on the topic.
Fuck it.
Just the luck of the draw.
You and Sid have really been
like parents to me and Rosie.
So I kind of guess you
got kids after all.
Even if it is not the way
you expect, right?
Give me a break, kid.
You think
if I was going to adopt,
I would end up with
a delinquent doper like you?
I don't think so.
I'm just fucking with you.
Don't be so sensitive.
Don't worry, Bobbie.
Everything's going to work out.
You think so?
Yeah, I do.
Send him over.
First clients have arrived.
So what will I do?
Just hang there, look cool.
How about fifty cents each?
No way pal, no.
Sixty cents, that is it.
Or we don't do business.
Black Beauties are selling for two,
three dollars a piece on the street.
Twenty-five hundred dollars.
Cash money, right now.
Or we walk... fucker.
We'll find a better price.
It is just as simple as that.
Sixty cents, or we don't have a deal.
It is as simple as that.
Who has the money?
Take it out.
Let me see it. Let me see it.
Put it on the bed.
My partner's going to count it.
If it's all there,
you get your Black Beauties.
You hit the road
and everything is cool.
If it comes up short...
I'm just going to take
all your fucking money.
And you can suck my dick.
No. It is all here, three G's.
Watch this.
Five thousand Biphetamines.
It is as simple as that.
Just fucking with you fellas.
What, are you from California
of something?
Like a surfer?
Like a Big Kahuna?
You in a band or something?
Don't worry boys, it's all there.
Your mommy's and daddy's
money is well spent.
Go on beat it.
Kahuna hit the
fucking big waves, baby.
- Fucker.
- Who do you think you are?
- Fast Draw McGraw?
- What, what did I do?
Hey, the fucking guy
was trying to set the price.
That is my job.
Okay, that's my fuckin' gig.
And he looked pretty mean,
that guy. Barry?
He was like a mean looking guy,
wasn't he?
- I was scared.
- Scared shitless.
Fuck, I was shivering,
quaking in my boots.
Oh my God, did you see his shirt?
- Oh my God.
- Oh baby.
You know, you are a forty-year-old
who acts like a kid.
And you are a kid, shit,
who acts like a forty-year-old.
Hey, you know what I am,
I'm a fucking forty-year-old.
- Yeah, I know.
- Okay, so I act like a kid.
But I fuck like a kid too,
okay, baby?
Yeah, that is true.
I'm a kid who fucks like
a forty-year-old.
- Sid, come on back, Sid.
- Sid, thanks for sharing all that.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Thanks for over-sharing.
- I think she likes me?
- No.
Hey, why can't you fucking shoot
it like everybody else?
You know your needle-phobia
is wasting a lot of my good smack.
What is your problem, man?
We got so much shit
we are giving it away.
Oh I guess I'm just a little
tense about our next deal.
The fucking guys call
themselves Hitler's Henchmen.
They are like a bike gang
that don't require bikes.
Go figure.
Sid don't want to have
anything to do with 'em.
But man, they want
so much fucking volume.
I don't give a shit what
they call themselves, man.
As long as they got a lot of dough.
Sid doesn't like 'em?
Oh, she has been on my ass
about it all fucking day.
Yack, yack, yack, yack, yack.
It is like, fuck it. You know?
I mean I'm the one
who lost relatives in the war.
Don't bother me none.
Grudge shopping?
I don't want to get near
these cock-suckers.
Fine, okay.
So who's going to bring the
shit over when we make the deal?
I will.
I'll bring the shit over.
Great. Okay.
- Let me know when it arrives.
- Yeah, fine.
- Wait.
- What?
Give me that. Thank you.
What the fuck, man!
Are they on the rag or what?
Not my girl.
Well mine is on the rag
or both of them.
Look at this.
- That was pathetic.
- Where is the rest of our shit?
- Rosie took it over.
- So I have nothing?
Everybody is fucking high but me.
You know we do our own cookin'.
Make crystal so good
it looks like glass.
- Ain't that right, Ty?
- Yeah, we do.
So if your crank is so good,
how come you want these ups?
Well not everybody likes crank, pal.
Some people like pills.
After we get done selling these ups,
twenty-five G's turns into a hundred.
That's why "big-time."
Make the call.
Fifty thousand beans.
All right then.
Say, have you ever heard this one?
If the "Flintstones" was black,
what would they call the show?
"The Niggers."
What, you don't think that's funny?
Hey, I got one...
How do you circumcise a redneck?
I don't know.
Kick his sister in the chin.
What the fuck!
You see?
You can't never be too cautious.
Spinner here came up from nextdoor.
The rest of the stash...
probably there with the Jew-boy's
bitch guarding it!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Ty and me will stay here.
You two go get the cunt
and our stash!
Listen boss, you got
the best hand!
Why don't you just let
the chicks go?
Let me just get
the kid to the hospital.
I got fifty G's stashed.
Melvin, do you know how you get a
hundred Jews into a Mercedes Benz?
In the ashtray.
How do you like me now,
mother fucker?
Jew-boy's bitch?
Fuck! Are they dead?
- No?
- Yes, no?
Are you all right?
Are you all right, Bobbie?
Get up, get up. Shit!
We have to get you
to a hospital.
Bobbie, get the dope.
Go get the car.
Get the car, Rosie! Now!
- Get the money!
- No, get the dope!
- Get the fucking money!
- All right, get the money!
Come on,
we have to get out of here.
No Mel, he will get the money, honey.
Come on, get up.
Mel, let him get the money and get up!
Bobbie, you okay man,
you fucked up?
Come on I can't pick you up, help me!
Okay, okay, okay.
I can't hold you,
come on, stand up.
Damn it!
Bobbie, are you hit?
Are you hit?
- Oh shit!
- We're going to the hospital.
- No we are not!
- We got to get you to a doctor!
And the kid needs a real doctor!
If we go anywhere near
a hospital in the five-state area,
we're fucking busted!
The reverend's the only
chance we got!
He has a whole crew working.
So we go to Jim-Bo's
which is only three hours away.
Oh God.
Fuck it!
I should have gone to Veterinary School.
I was going to be
a fucking vet, you know that?
- I was going to be a vet.
- Who the fuck cares man!
I thought it was bullshit,
sticking my fucking finger
up a poodle's ass!
You are really sick.
Oh fuck me.
I think I'm fucked up.
I'm fucked up.
It was a funny joke about
the "Flintstones."
How can you laugh like that?
Doesn't it hurt?
Yeah, it fucking hurts,
but only when I laugh.
Oh my God.
We need to see the reverend.
Go on down to the house.
You are home now, boy.
Ain't nobody going to hurt you.
Don't be moving around.
You have to lay still.
You were mighty bad
when you came in,
but you are improving by the minute.
Only kidding.
He has helped a lot of folks.
Oh slow it down there, boy.
Hey there.
I kind of like you this way... crazy.
You know they got goats here.
Cows, chickens, rabbits.
I lost it.
Buy hey, don't worry
about me, I'm cool.
What would we do
with a baby anyway?
Don't think, okay? Just rest.
I'll come back later
and give you a blow-job.
- Do it again?
- Yeah.
Oh that is good.
Look, I got hair on my toes.
When did I get that?
I didn't have that before
I met you guys.
- You need a pedicure.
- You want to give me a pedicure?
Sure I'll give you a pedicure.
I have to try this.
- Want a drag?
- No thanks.
So what you doing with this
Mel fool anyway?
- With this Mel fool?
- Yeah.
Oh man, I can't wait
to get out of here.
Fucking middle of nowhere.
All this...
Makes me nervous, man.
Give me, high rises,
traffic, smog.
Fucking anything but all this
God damn...
nowhere, nothing, shit!
I hear you, man.
- I got this friend, Jewels.
- Yeah?
He has some vault thing going.
It sounds pretty good.
What do you mean?
I mean we got a job.
We are out of here tomorrow.
I just thought, you know,
we were going to lay low.
- Take it easy.
- Take it easy?
What are you, some kind
of fucking old man now?
Naw. Just thought we were going
to play it cool, that is all.
You know, relax.
I changed my mind.
- It is a lot of money, Bobbie.
- We got money.
We got half our money.
Those ups we got left aren't
worth shit now.
How about the cops?
Aren't they looking for us?
You let me worry about that, all right?
- Shit, Mel.
- What is the deal?
Why you sweating this so much?
I'm not sweating anything, Mel.
I'm just, fuck!
Rosie lost the baby!
You fucking almost got killed.
Hey, it's part of the territory.
If you don't like the risk
maybe you should change professions.
Jesus! Fuck man!
See, you just don't get it.
You fucking don't get it,
you little shit!
This is about money! Money!
We hit this, we are set for life.
You and that little twat will
have it made in the shade.
And you ain't even twenty yet.
Think about that.
Think about it!
I don't know about you...
but I ain't quitting until
I get what I came for.
Understand me? Anything else...
Listen to me!
Anything else is a compromise.
And compromise is for losers.
Fucking, fucking, nobodies!
Don't tell me I don't get it.
It's the booze talking, son.
It's the fucking booze.
This is something I need you on.
It is about trust, okay?
I haven't steered
you wrong yet, have I?
Have I?
We have to stick together.
- Yeah.
- All right.
Rosie, are you sleeping?
No, just resting.
I brought you some chicken soup.
You need something in your tummy.
I'm not very hungry.
You can eat it later.
Oh my God, every time I look
in the mirror these days
I feel like it is going to crack.
I wish there was something
I could do for you.
There's nothing you can do.
I know, that is what kills me.
Little baby,
don't say a word
Mama's gonna to buy
you a mockingbird
If that mockingbird don't sing
Mama's gonna to buy
you a diamond ring.
Talk to me, Rosie.
Tell me what is on your mind.
I can't do this.
I can't do this anymore, Sid.
I didn't think we were
gonna to make it.
And I feel so guilty.
I know.
And I was so scared.
And I'm still scared.
I just don't want to do this
shit anymore.
I want to go home.
I'm so sorry, Rosie.
I'm so sorry. God.
Listen to me.
You don't have to do anything
you don't want to do.
Do you hear me?
Nobody is going to make
you do anything.
I promise.
What have we gotten
you kids into.
There's something else I've been
thinking about since we got here.
What is on your mind, darling?
I think we should take things
back to the way they were before.
What do you mean?
I mean without the kids.
You want to dump...
You want to you want to dump
Bobbie and Rosie?
Well "dump" is a pretty harsh
way to put it.
But I think we should...
give them some money
and go our separate ways.
Go off on our own again.
- I thought you liked 'em?
- Yeah I like 'em.
They're fine.
I love them, they're great.
But I mean, what are we going to do?
Spend the rest of our lives
with two people half our age?
We have been doing real good together.
They look up to us,
they need us, babe.
What do they need us for?
What do you think we are,
Ozzie and Harriet?
Oh here we go. Here we go.
I'm no role model.
I'm a junkie and I'm a thief.
So are you.
This isn't good for them.
We got to let them go.
These kids were using and stealing
long before they met up with us.
Well, that doesn't make it okay.
Then what?
Okay, I'm not going
to argue with you.
Especially when you've
been drinking.
So why don't we just talk about
it another time?
They go with us...
and I don't want
to talk about it again.
You know you act tough.
But you are not.
You're scared.
That is why you don't
want to let them go.
Thanks for telling me
we are leaving tomorrow.
Get the fuck out of here.
Get the fuck out of here.
Fuck me.
Mingle boys, I have to talk
with my hoodlum friends.
Hola, Melvin.
You got a little glitter here.
You got your little bat in here?
Nice chickie you have there,
what is your pleasure?
Give me a whiskey, a double.
So what is the score, baby?
It is a jewelry store.
The guarantee is fifty thousand
in uncirculated gold coins.
Fucking great, a jewelry store.
Steel walls, steel floors...
fucking silent alarm.
Closed circuit.
You fucking brought me here for this?
Mira, Mira.
It is an insurance score.
We make it look real
but there is no risk.
What's an insurance score?
Melvin, this one's still in diapers.
The owner puts fifty thousand
in the safe, he claims a hundred.
Everybody makes out.
Where is my fucking drink, man.
- You look like shit.
- I'm fine.
- So you'll do this?
- I just want my fucking drink.
- So, it's on for tonight?
- Good, okay.
So what do you say we go to mi casa,
smoke some eska, get naked?
What do you think Bobbie,
wanna get naked and bump dick heads?
Fuck you, Melvin.
- Fuck you.
- Want to rub the helmet?
You never know until you try.
I know man, I know.
Mel, since when you start
running with nios anyway?
Since he stopped running with faggots.
Hey come on.
This is business here.
Fucking cool out, will you?
Let me tell you something,
little chicken.
I can kick your ass as good
as I can fuck it.
Why don't you fucking yell
faggots a little louder?
Wait here, try not to get eaten
while I'm fucking gone.
Here's the set up.
I got time to study this
layout here?
something nice is looking my way.
He looks like a turnip with hair.
- Call me before you leave tonight.
- I will.
Hey, hey...
let's make some money, okay?
- What is with the attitude?
- I don't have an attitude.
- I just don't like it.
- You don't like it?
What does that mean?
You told me you only do jobs
that are a hundred percent kosher.
I don't feel a hundred percent kosher.
What are you talking about?
You heard him.
We are in, we are out.
No worries.
Yeah, it is too fast.
We don't even know this guy.
Did you fucking hear me?
You're like a fucking cunt
or something.
I've known Jewels
since before you were born.
I'm not talking about Jewels.
I'm talking about
the guy we are robbing.
Why don't you tell
the whole fucking room?
It doesn't feel right to me.
It doesn't sound right.
It doesn't feel right?
It doesn't sound right?
I decide what fucking sounds
right around here.
Not you. All right?
You didn't know shit before you met me.
Now you're going to second-
guess my contacts,
because you pulled off
a couple of chicken-shit jobs?
I don't fucking think so.
I lead, you fucking follow.
You got it?
Yeah. Have another drink, Mel.
I'm sick and tired
of your fucking mouth.
- Hear me?
- I don't care.
- You don't fucking care?
- No.
You'll care when I throw your
fucking ass out in the street.
Where would you be without me
you little cock-sucker?
- I'd be fine!
- You would be fucking fine?
I don't fucking think so!
I don't think you would be fine.
You know where you would be?
You would be fucking dead!
That is where you would fucking be.
Right, you hear me?
Because this is the last time
I'm having this conversation with you.
You understand?
We are going to do this fucking thing.
We are going to make some dough.
We are going to get out of here.
So just try to be fucking cool!
Hey, hey!
What? Fuck, what!
Rosie ain't coming, all right.
I'm fucking devastated.
Rosie's not coming.
You think I give a shit?
Fine we don't need her.
You, me and Sid will do it.
Fucking pick up Rosie after.
Fine, whatever.
Hey. Trust me.
Rosie, what are you doing?
Hey, baby.
Hi. How are you?
Thank you, Bobbie.
- My protector.
- Yeah.
What is going on?
You never shoot.
I know, but me and Uncle Mel...
we have been doing
a little practicing...
during your long recovery.
- Yeah?
- Hey, Bobbie.
- Lets get high together, okay?
- I got to work, you know that.
Baby, come on.
Stay with me tonight.
Get high with me.
Oh babe, I can't. Not now.
Stop it. Come on.
Jesus, I can't. I gotta work.
Mel's waiting. I gotta work.
I don't want you to work.
I don't want you to go!
Don't go!
I don't want to go, too bad.
I got to work.
No Bobbie, don't leave.
Look at you, look at you.
You are all fucked up!
- So!
- So you got to maintain!
You can't get this fucked up.
All right?
I'll be back in a couple
of hours.
I don't want you to go.
I'll be back in a couple
of hours.
Then I'll fuck you
all night long.
I don't want you to go.
I don't want you to go!
Bobbie, don't go, I love you!
- Oh fuck!
- I love you!
I don't want you to go!
I love you!
- You've got to maintain!
- Don't go!
Don't be a fucking pig junkie!
All right?
I love you!
- You don't love anything.
- No!
Fuck you.
Give me the big hammer.
That is the one. Okay.
Punch... and pull.
What the fuck?
What the fuck is going on?
We have been burnt.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
We'll deal with this later.
It was fucking empty.
Fucking empty!
All right!
I didn't say it was you, man!
I just fucking...
I just fucking got to know
where he lives!
Okay, all right.
No, I'm coming over, all right?
Jewels thinks he can find out
this guy's address,
but it is going to take
a few fucking hours.
So I'm going over to Jewel's place.
I'll drop you guys
at the fucking hotel.
So we will meet up after
I find out where this dead man lives.
- I'm out.
- No. Don't start your shit!
- I'm out!
- You are coming with us!
- No, I'm not.
- Yes.
No, no, no!
This mother fucking cock-sucker
is going down.
And you are not going to dare
argue with me!
Now get in the fucking car,
both of you!
Sid, we can't do this.
God damn it,
get in the mother fucking car!
I don't want to fucking
listen to this fucking bullshit
from you every fucking time!
I want to be out!
Come on Rosie,
let's get the fuck out of here.
Mel's lost his shit.
Come on, we got to go
before he gets back.
Rosie, come on help me pack.
Rosie, baby.
Wake up!
Come on!
Wake up.
Baby you're all I got!
Don't do this!
You're all I...
You're all I have left.
Fucking bitch. Fucking bitch!
You fucking bitch!
Fucking bitch!
Fuck you!
Love you, baby.
Don't be dead.
Baby, I love you.
Baby, I love you.
I love you.
Hey Bobbie, come on,
will you hurry up!
Fuck we have to go.
Could you walk any slower?
Where's Rosie?
- She ain't coming.
- The fuck she isn't.
Hey, you know
we're not coming back here.
Once we get our money
we are fucking out of here.
Okay, so she is either with us,
or she is not.
- She is not.
- What?
Hey look, I don't have time
for this shit right now!
Just get your ass upstairs
and bring her down will you?
Fuck you, Mel.
What did you say to me?
What did you just say?
She is not coming.
Mel, Rosie's not ready.
We are late, let's go.
What choice do we have?
Let's go.
Okay, but when I get back here,
if she is not ready.
I'm going to leave her ass here.
Got it?
Okay? That is it.
Fuck it, you got it?
Here we go, right here.
Hey Bobbie...
come on.
Fucking Jewels.
You two stay here
while I check it out.
And don't fucking move
until I get back.
Bobbie. Wait, Bobbie.
You little piece of shit!
You look at me when
I'm talking to you!
Thanks for the fucking backup!
You believe this piece of shit
pulled a gun on me!
If I didn't know better I'd think
you were trying to piss me off!
Hit him again and I'll kill you!
Get the fucking thing off me,
this is business!
Fuck you, this ain't business,
this is bullshit!
- Mother fucker, I'll kill you!
- Think you are that fast?
No, you are not that fast.
Hey Bobbie, what is up with the man?
This fucker robs us
and you put a gun to my head?
This is not cool, esse.
Why don't you sit the fuck down
and shut the fuck up
so I don't have to shoot
you in the head?
Huh, esse?
- Bobbie, what are you doing?
- Look.
Fuck! Shit. Jesus Christ.
Come here, hold still.
God damn it, hold still!
My God, why are you
doing this to us?
- Where is your safe?
- We don't have it.
Everything that we have is in
the safe at the store.
- Please.
- Oh fuck lady, listen!
We have been to the God damn store.
We have been in the God damn safe!
And you know what we found?
Absolutely fucking nothing!
Now listen to me!
I'm trying to keep you fucking alive.
All we want is what is ours.
Now if you will take me to the safe,
then we will leave.
You piece of shit,
you lying asshole!
Shut up lady, come on!
It is obvious to me
that this is not your thing.
You're a good kid, Bobbie.
You just got caught up
with the wrong crowd.
You probably come from
a broken home.
Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
- Okay!
- Shut the fuck up!
- Now!
- I'm sorry.
Hey chickie, show him
you got some balls, go ahead.
Don't let him hit me, Bobbie.
Please? Thank you.
For a fucking idiot...
What the fuck do you think
you are talking about!
Where are the fucking jewels,
you mother fucker!
I will shoot you
in the fucking head!
- Son of a bitch!
- Jewels!
Fucking shit!
What the fuck happened?
Oh shit! Fuck!
Bobbie, what have you done to us?
What the fuck have you done!
Shit! Fuck!
Mel, we got to get out of here.
Lady, listen to me.
In fifteen minutes you call the cops.
And you tell them
you just shot a burglar.
Come on, Mel.
Mel, you probably
come from a broken family.
No Mel.
God damn it!
You didn't have to kill them.
- You didn't have to!
- I had to!
They would have fingered us all.
Murder one, Sidney.
Life in prison, worse.
No, you didn't have
to kill them.
We got to get out of here.
Fuck me.
You really fucked it up good
this time didn't you, Bobbie?
God damn, you really fucking did!
Jewels has a huge fucking crew!
He's got people everywhere.
This is like having a fucking
price on our head!
- Mel.
- No, God damn, no Sid!
Stop fucking making excuses
for him!
God damn it!
He fucked us up good!
And you fucking know it!
What did I ever fucking do to you,
you little prick,
that you would fuck me like this?!
I take you in,
I teach you the ropes!
I give you my money.
My fucking dope!
I make you part of my crew!
This is my fucking payback?!
This is my fucking payback!
You shit!
- Mel!
- You fucking little shit!
- Mother fucker!
- Shut the fuck up!
Shut up! Jesus Christ! Shut up!
Come on, everything is cool.
Everything is fine!
We got the money! We are out of there,
we are all right.
Oh don't get me fucking started on that!
We never should have left him
alone in there!
Oh God, this whole thing is such
a fucking, fucking mess!
And now, to top it off,
I got to go back to the motel.
And pick up his fucking girlfriend,
who is too fucking good to work
with the rest of us!
- She is dead.
- What?
What did you fucking say to me?
What did you fucking say to me!
I said she is fucking
dead you asshole!
So she won't
fuck up your perfect plan!
Oh my God.
Fuck you!
- Mel!
- Fuck you!
Stop it!
Oh God! Oh God!
Oh God! Oh Bobbie, I'm sorry.
You asshole.
I need an enema.
Pull over at that gas station.
Fill her up.
All right, champ.
You pull point on potty patrol.
Sid, you know what we have to do.
You can't be serious.
I'm not having a fucking
discussion here.
We got no choice and you know it.
I can't believe you even said that.
This is Bobbie.
He saved your life, remember?
Yeah, I remember.
So we are even.
This is not about friendship.
This is not about love.
This is fucking survival.
Why don't we just let him go?
We can drop him off in
I can't do that!
Look, he is the only one
who can finger us.
And the only sure way out
for him is to cop a plea.
We go away for life
and he walks.
I can't live with those odds.
- Mel, no.
- I did not create this mess.
I am not the one who went
apeshit and shot Jewels.
Bobbie blew it,
you play, you fucking pay.
No, you fucking blew it.
- What did you say to me?
- I'm saying this is your mess.
Okay, this plan was a fucked up
stupid idea from the beginning.
And none of us wanted to do it.
I mean you put us all
in danger, Mel.
Bobbie is our family.
Now what do you want to do?
You want to put him in a fucking
cornfield because you fucked up?
- No!
- Don't you say another word!
One more word, and I swear...
I'll put you in the ground
right along next to him.
Now look...
I know that I haven't
been as tight as usual.
I have been drinking too much.
And I'm still fucked up
from being shot.
But I am clear now.
I am clear as a mother fucker.
Now we got about
eighty grand back there,
we got this one small problem
to take care of now.
And I will deal with Jewels'
crew later.
Everything is going to be cool.
I got it all worked out, okay?
We'll do this tonight.
The sooner, the better.
Once it is dark, you are going
to pull over to a cornfield...
to take a piss.
And I'll take care of everything.
All you got to do is help
with the body.
- Okay.
- All right then.
So you get in there
and buy us a fucking shovel.
Sid, I love you but
I can't do this anymore.
I was going to leave this
morning with Rosie.
Bobbie, I have about ten
Here, take this and get
the fuck out of here.
No, I don't want your money,
I just want to get dropped off
somewhere so I can fucking
figure out my life.
I'm going to go tell Mel now.
No, you can't go back
in the car.
Listen to me,
Mel is going to kill you.
Run, okay? Go fast.
Here's your fucking shovel.
So where the fuck is Bobbie?
Far away from here by now.
Mind your own business.