Another Forever (2016) Movie Script

Hi, this is Alice and John.
We are not available to take your call.
You know what to do. Bye bye!
Hi, Honey!
Its over.
It was a beautiful day
and we missed you very much,
but I understand why you couldnt come.
Alice, Im so sorry this happened.
I hope you know how much I love you
and Im here for you.
And God, I know you know
how much John loved you!
Ok, Ill call you later.
Its beautiful!
You are crazy.
You know that, right? You know that.
- You like it?
- Yes, very much!
Its beautiful!
- I love it! I love it!
- I love it!
Its beautiful!
Tell me.
Hmmm? To the left?
Youre speaking in Spanish.
Did you bring this from there to here?
- Why?
- I traveled to Cadaqus for this painting.
The landscapes of this painter
impress me enormously.
They affect me actually,
especially this one.
Its like a photo
that I would like to take.
An observer being portrayed
by another observer?
You know?
Hum? Its like you,
observing the whole world?
- For you.
- And me observing you? Right?
- Let me tell you?
- Inside my own place?
Let me finish! Please!
In my comfort and you outside.
Uh huh? Got it!
Thats why I prefer pictures
that could be an inspiration
and not just images
that remind me of what I already did.
Thats why...
You like it
because it looks like a picture.
Thats why you like it.
Hi, this is Alice and John.
We are not available to take your call.
You know what to do. Bye bye!
Hey Alice, its me again.
So listen, Im leaving for Amsterdam
in the morning and?
Well, I was just hoping
to see you before I go.
Please, please pick up?
You stay strong honey!
I love you!
I feel myself like in my twenties.
You live your life
like you are in your twenties!
Did I tell you that I love you?
- Yes.
- When?
In the elevator.
Yes, you told me!
I love it!
I love it?
Hello, this is Doctor Ana?
- Hey! Hi!
- Hi!
- Do you speak English?
- Yes I do.
Im looking for Ana,
she lives here on the second floor.
I buzzed a couple of hours ago,
but it looks like nobodys there.
Ana is out of town.
Can I get your name
or do you want a message?
Oh! Yes?
Can you tell her that Alice was here.
- Oh! Youre Alice!
- Yes!
Ok, I do have something for you.
Just a minute.
Its for you. She left it here.
- Thank you! Thank you so much!
- Youre welcome.
- Hi!
- Thank you!
May I have a hot chocolate, please?
- Hot chocolate?
- Yes.
Thank you!
Dear Alice!
Over the last few months I have rewritten
this letter a number of times
because I have been traveling a lot.
I still have hope that one of these days
I will return to find you waiting
for me here,
just like the good old days.
In this envelope,
I left you a copy of my house key
and my bike key.
Yes. My bike key.
So you can enjoy the city
as the locals do.
Its outside, to the
right of the building.
Its a black bike.
Anyway, I am collecting
and registering samples
from the lake that I told you about,
on the border of Austria.
Now, Ill be here until the 16th.
In the kitchen, you will find directions
in case you would like
to come and meet me here.
Its a nice change of pace for a doctor
who has not left the halls
of a hospital in years.
You know? He always wanted that for you.
You need this in your life,
but you resisted?
And now, its time.
This is your life.
Hello, this is Doctor Ana?
If I wait for my love
I wait every day
The day might
Turn into night
And night to gray
I have seen
That I thought
I should see
You can always
See anything
Just not what
you need
And I could be this
And I could be that
And if I could
Id be a happy man
And I dont know when
And I dont know why
But I dont believe
A dream can be a lie
I took on myself
No one wanted
to fight
Sometimes when
It feels so wrong
You know that
its right
You can stand
if you want
Or fall if you dont
But if you stay
Down too long
You could end
up alone
And I could be this
And I could be that
And if I could
Id be a happy man
And I dont know when
And I dont know why
But I dont believe
A dream can be a lie
Tell me what you want
And Ill be
what you need
Unless you know
Some other way
I wont be leaving
Until there is nothing
Left here to say
Cause everyone lives
And everyone dies
But if you cant love
Hello there, welcome!
What would you like to have?
- A nice cup of coffee, something warm?
- Yes.
- Yes? Shall I make you a Cappuccino?
- Yes.
- All right, thank you.
- Thank you.
Did I tell you that I love you?
Sucesso com o pblico.
Thats good?
- Yes, thats it.
- What does it mean?
Success with the audience.
Success with the audience?
- Its like a Italian word, right!
- Yeah, kind of?
- Sucesso.
- Sucesso.
Sucesso com o pblico.
How do you say that in Spanish?
- Exito?
- Yeah.
And how do you say "I love you"
in Portugus?
Eu Te amo.
- Say it again, I didnt?
- Eu Te amo.
Say it again.
Eu Te amo?
You dont need
to run from me, theres no problem.
Im not gonna do anything, ok?
Excuse me?
You ran from me, but its no problem.
I just took one picture.
Its a beautiful picture,
do you want to see it?
Are you following me?
No, its? just the moment.
Im interested in the moment, you know?
And I saw you and...
Theres something with you.
Do you want to see it?
- Are you a photographer?
- Yes.
- Full-time photographer?
- Yes.
I work in Salzburg
and I make this trip everyday and...
Im looking for moments to enjoy.
Where are you going?
I just lost my train.
- You lost your train?
- Yes.
You want to play around
on a train taking pictures?
Just fool around?
Have a drink maybe?
What do you think?
- Ok.
- You stay here or you come with me?
- Lets go!
- Ill go with you.
- Your? ticket.
- Thanks!
All right?
I dont know if its good.
Traveling in trains.
I have a...
I have an aunt.
She met my uncle on a train?
Going to New York.
Shes from Munich?
And hes from Romania.
And they did that crazy thing, you know,
they met and they
fell in love on a train.
- They never left.
- Ok!
Yeah? And they live in Israel today.
Crazy things? You shouldnt do them.
On a train, you shouldnt do that.
I fell asleep.
I really fell asleep.
Thats it!
- Yes!
- Thats the wine!
How do I look?
- You want to learn how to use this?
- Yep!
So Im coming over there!
Something more experimental, really!
You have to come close. Take your time.
Take it off.
Be courageous!
Take it off. Let me see your hair.
- Oh, my goodness!
- Its much better!
No! Give me back! Ok!
- Was it that bad? Really?
- What?
- My face.
- When?
So serious.
When you took that picture of me.
No? Its never bad.
Its just you, its just...
- The moment.
- Yeah.
Do you believe in coincidence?
Coincidence? Like what?
Like, I lost my train, you were there...
There was nobody else, just us.
No, its too...
Too interesting to be just coincidence.
I think everything happens for a reason.
We just have to take that.
- Yeah.
- Go for it.
But then again, maybe, yeah?
Maybe its just a coincidence...
Yeah, maybe...
Interesting question...
But we met, probably, for a reason
and we just have to find out.
Lets put it that way?
Can you live with that?
- Live in the moment?
- Yeah.
Can you live with that idea?
That interpretation of coincidence?
Im not sure anymore.
Have you ever been sure?
Turn Right.
Take the second exit.
Continue 1.2 kilometers
then turn right on road.
Youre here!
I missed you!
- Are you leaving?
- Yeah.
Its cold outside.
Take this.
- Are you sure? You ok?
- Im ok.
- Hello!
- Hello!
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
And then after all that talking
this guy tells me:
"Its not me. The bar is over
a hundred years old."
- And how old was he?
- A hundred years old.
And the people there?
How could I not capture that?
You should see them one day.
Dont start!
I stayed there for a month,
just photographing.
- A whole month?
- Yeah! I couldnt stop!
This is amazing!
You are good!
Beautiful work!
You should try, at least once,
to go with me.
Dont ask me that.
- Why?
- I hate airports, you know that.
I hate luggage.
All that people, crazy people.
I can be here, waiting for you.
I love to hear your stories.
Youre amazing!
I promise you will do it.
Why you dont drink the juice?
Its good for your health!
- Yeah.
- Yeah. You like this place?
Yes? You look so sad.
Tell me...
Whats wrong with you?
This place reminds me
of a very special person.
- Yeah?
- Yes, he was my husband.
- Ok.
- Hes just gone!
- Nine months ago.
- Short time?
- Yeah.
- He was young?
- Full of life.
- Full of life, thats terrible!
- Have something to eat.
- Im not hungry.
Try it. It is good for you.
You have to drink something,
you have to eat something.
Its good for the health.
It makes you happy, food.
- Thank you.
- Youre welcome!
You are a young woman.
You are a beautiful woman.
Thank you.
And we have only one life.
- Yes.
- Yes? Ok, try it.
- I will.
- You have only one life!
- I promise.
- Ok.
If you dont
Then you do
And you cant tell
Lies from truth
And it seems
That you cant
Move an inch
From your home
Look beside you
You told me the story
about the loss of your father.
That you were driving your car aimlessly
and you ended up on a beach
with the Sea Lions.
At that time, grief gave you life
and forced you to let go
for the first time.
Ill be here
If you think
that you cant
Take your time now
You gotta walk
Before you dance
Beautiful! You made it!
Its ok, honey!
Its alright!
Its gonna be ok!