Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! (2008) Movie Script

Take, take, take,
Take it Jarod
Give it, give it, give it,
give it to me, Griff
- My head will explode
- Oh God!
I come!
What's up, guys
Wake up, Nico
Wake up, my baby,
it was only a bad dream
I came to see as it is,
the little lady
What happened?
Where am I?
Small, you had a
hectic nightmare
Remember me, your friend
attractiveness, Andy
And my, Orson Griff
I'm Jarod, and do not forget
my abdomen, "the unforgettable?
I had a strange dream
Everyone died, except me
And you, you, you were there,
... looked a little different
We all have silly dreams,
Is not it, boys?
And sometimes actors appear
say nonsense like...
~ If you see two gay movies followed,
although they're really gay ~
Imagine that
Now you have many things
in your hair, son
It was a little different before, but I know
gradually accustomed
In fact, they are more beautiful from
What I remember
I'll be fine
What the hell!
Small girls, have you got
enough lubricant for a change?
Yes, Lord!
sorry, but I will not be
with you this time guys / p When you're at the beach, flashing lights
placed in their asses for
say "available" / p Think of me whenever they get an offer
traffic / p I'll be on track to match
Golf / p Well, that have a great summer
sir, Muffster. / p What the hell / p Speaking of that, do not have to take the plane
/ p
I guess
not want to miss any time during their vacation / p Oh Mommy, there
place as "Fort Lauderdale" / p Another sequence Gay Movie
HOMOQUEER / p Adaptation;
Ezekiel / p
Piensen en m cada vez que tengan
una oferta del trnsito
Estar en camino a m
partido de Golf
Bien, que tenga un gran verano
seor, Muffster.
Hablando de eso, no tenan
que tomar el avin?
Me imagino que no quieren perderse
ningn momento de sus vacaciones
Ay mami, no existe lugar
como "Fort Lauderdale"
Otra Secuencia de Pelcula Gay
Los Gays Se Vuelven Salvajes!
Jess Monray
Daniel Huerta
Julia Elizabeth
Visit us!
- That joy
- We are together again!
Summers to strip gays
dust and wild,...
Welcome to the
Transamerica Airlines
I'm the hostess, Debbie
In the back is
found, Nancy Bibit
We welcome them,
all aboard...
Yes Fort Lauderdale, was not our
destination .. Now I will!
Hello, I mean that is
an honor to have you on board...
- Uhhhh!
- Perez
- I am your big fan
- Oh thanks
But I have terrible news
There is no pilot
driving the plane!
Damn, Nancy,
Control yourself!
Looks like they had many
summer adventures
Now will be active?
Well, here I am like,
"passive to death '
Sorry, sorry...
Every group has a whore
Which of you is the young lady?
- Nico
- I accept
More than one sequence, we
different experiences...
Will be new adventures
Perfume of the spear and
public sex
Griff and Jarod, "will also
Florida to link?
- We partner
- A monogamous pair
That cute, I'm just going to throw up
Tell me something more important,
Which of you is more talented?
We... Griff, we see
that member Robinsons...
Forgive me father, but we are gay
Coming creature confense
all their sins
Be right back!
Oh my God!
Oh Father, Hail Mary...
He is your captain speaking, we have a little
turbulence this morning
What is going on?
Oh no, where is my nails?
Oh my God, we have a
Snakes on a Plane!
Oh Maria, I feel the power
of our Lord
In any event...
... Should I use any
mechanism to fluctuate
- Too many men
- We will miss lubricant
Already they are having fun?
Let me introduce myself
I Tyrel Tirelle...
The coordinator of the activities
chamber of commerce
It is a pacer know
Tyrel Tyrel
It says "Tyrel Tirelle"
It's French
I just want to make sure you
activities have a fabulous...
What we have here,
Fort Lauderdale
Now, keep all
our programming
See all activities listed
typical for summer
As our competition
Contact packet
Including self-help seminars
for the injection of botox
There's Perez!
May God bless you...
Who is that?
Those are the Jaspers
I present:
Jasper, Jasper and Jasper
Santa erection!
Jasper is our model
Barbie impeccable loss...
He is the leader
But the other two only exist
to serve the Queen
I call Jasper Chan
Domo-domo arigato or imbecile
It is the stagehand's Jasper-Principal
He learns life worldwide
He already knows we're
talking about them
Dear, Jasper Chan knows everything
That is the newcomer,
I call it, the Jasper-rookie
It's in the process of being
also hated
Look at the front, here they come
We are the Jaspers
A pleasure, we
We are the Chers
Where do they come?
Born and raised in St. Torn, California
But now they're on the East Coast,
and this is our territory
Take it as a compliment,
boys students
Because we shall see
powers against Jaspers
Since the Jaspers are
last year's champions
Champ?, What?
"Gays Gone Wild"!
(Gays become barbaric)
Now in the "gay
Turn wild "
Sandy Cove
Do you have enough eggs
to be ready?
How about these?
Thanks, sweetie. Not if I speak,
or do a gap
Welcome to Fort Lauderdale
"But this is
this summer?
From tie!, Sandy
Since I'm sophisticated, I prefer
the term "throwing stick"
In our competition, we
to destroy everything!
Who is the craziest of
this weekend
You win many of our
Fabulous surprises
So, Sandy
Including a delicious order
break for couples
In Aspberry Park, New Jersey!
Our paradise in the middle
Construction will be fabulous
Where you can find
black people very interesting
But that's not all. Whoever
crowned Miss Gone Wild
Our heroine will also win...
An inscription weekend
Release the idler inside you
With Manhunt
But Tyrell, these forgotten
our... Super prize!
The possibility of
make our goal!
The filet mignon is Italian
also international and gifted, Sandy
Able to stimulate their
wildest fantasies
But it also comes with more accessories
With a dental Truz!
Participants will have a letter
to mark how often do
It's easy: do it and check,
And do check!
What else?
Ask yourself: Am I ready to be
Miss next "Gone Wild"?
This is fantastic, and this competition
Even more fantastic, bitches
Hey, would not we twin
We only have size
King Size, my queen
He sees the positive side, we
mark our cards
I hurt, .. You brute!
- Sorry, are you hurt?
- Yes, you hurt me...
Do it again...
Do the lovers want to link?
Listen, Jarod and I, we are not
insurance for an open relationship ..
Jarod does not it?
I mean, would be depressed, but...
I admit that promiscuous sex,
Is attractive and hot!
But we have to check that
can be linked to others, does not it?
Things change
Let the boys settle
sex differences
Oh, look at that
Botox Injection!
- A charm?
- Incredible
You know what I do?, It will place
around my neck for luck
Are you okay?
He was so hot and ruined
The good thing is that I have
charm me, just for me
I think I'll call Kiki
Kiki, the charm
So, what rules will we have?,
You will let you enter?
Would you like to see it as it penetrates me?
- Yes?
- Yes, of course
Wait, wait...
And what about kissing?
No ,.... No, your lips
are mine alone
- What is happening?
- We also competition
- Really?
- And no one can separate
Let the games begin!
That skinny is 21cm membership
Or perhaps 23 cm.
The competition in fact already begun
Is it that they found the
bad luck charm?
Perhaps you have any other
The "Cher" is using it
Understand what you say, Jaspers...
They will be defeated!
Welcome to "gays
Turn wild "
With this game, we end the
legendary sex party, this Saturday
Speaking of the sex party, here
Sandy Cove is host
Sandy's tits contain
lubricant "to the bottom "....
To slide, use
lubricant "to the bottom"
Tell me guys!,
Who is in the game!
The winner will receive a card
with extra bonuses for winning
Let's jump to see who
achieves more distance
What Jesus think?
I know site,
and celebrity contests
But now I was called
Jesus Christ
No Britney, Paris or Lindsay,
Louvem Jesus, Mary and Joseph
From heaven to hell
We are gay and not get
nowhere as perverts
~ All the perverted sex games
give a bad name Gays ~
All for that bitch honey,
This is unacceptable!
- What do we do?
- Yes, what do we do?
Think of something!
Last time, we have a
almost legal substitution of Jasper Chan...
... by Jasper Bear
My amulet?
We won!
He looks like someone's
Internet who had contact...
Are we talking about that
entering website?
Yes, the best in the world,
in gay pornography
- Who is that speaking Latino?
- Singer
Do you think it active?, I think active
walking as an asset, I can smell it ..
Go talk
- Why me?
- You could have a chance
Beautiful, do you want to dance?
Sure, go with the
Is everything okay?, Cute
Sometimes Jarod needs space
Kiss Polly
We started badly, I am on a mission
peace, representing the Jaspers
Apologies Accepted
- What do I do?
"Close your eyes and absorbs, cute
Let's dance!
You're a fool
Do not worry, I am,
as they say...
Ambassador of the planet
"Peace and Love"
Luis Angel "of the cross of the holy faith
Our Father who art in
heaven, hallowed be thy name "
Louis, in short form
- That fast!
- You have no idea
Andy Wilson, "bobo"
in short form
You know, I see more gays here
of which there across Cuba
But we have a sentence gay
"Look at that bird!"
So what are you drinking?
"Semen smurf"... I say,
Ron, "Ron light"...
- Payment for the next round
- My God, super cute
- Where you learn that?
- I wanted to be a magician
Good idea, when I was in
Cuba, I wanted to be...
How do you say in English?
A ventriloquist
Oh, my God ..
Andy Wilson, the magnificent
- Let
- Okay
What is this?
It's my dildo, my friend. Only thus achieving
There really...
Friend, you are so romantic...
Lick my face, my friend
What happened brother?
I apologize, but I cut myself
finger is bleeding. Bye
# Jesus loves us, we know,
So says the Bible #
# Yes, Jesus loves #
# Yes, Jesus loves #
# We're from your garden, like you #
- Are you a good dancer
- I just follow your steps
Let's leave that for a place
appropriate sir, okay?
Maybe, right now?
See you tomorrow, Andy Wilson
No nonsense
- You like?
- Of course yes!
I like it I love it!
# I miss #
- Andy u003d 2 caught
- Active unknown u003d 1 fuck
- Who ordered a Sangria?
- Was a Black Orange Bellini
Of course, dear
- We need to find their weakness
- Must be here
Well, how was your night?
A disaster
Well mine was just a disaster
That bitch!
I found the most ardent, perfect, innocent boy
And finish with either a spa pool
How was it?
Tell us with details
Griff, where are your glasses?
Did not noticed my new lenses
"You took so strong?
Jarod, stop, just us
mamamos mutually
- What's up, it was your idea from the...
- But I never said, do not get to sleep
Let me break this awkward
telling my night time
Well, anyway,
How was it?, Puto
Just in case, I suck so much ass,
you leave everything open
Speaking of open or
snap shut
Let me ask my neck...
is too intrusive?
We should not continue, it seems
we are not prepared
It seems not!
It is better to close the neckline and not
becoming infected by any disease
Goodbye boys
Because maybe I'm a leper
I hope it's contagious
- What is the rasping, "Japa?
- I'm Jasper
I'm sorry about last night,
was too drunk
Apology accepted, Mr.
- Captain u003d 1 fuck
- Fuck Gilligan u003d 1
Defined and we are not in Cuba
If, then
You think about this subject
promiscuity contest
- Are Gays become barbaric?
- That same
Not ready for sex yet
Do you?
No. .. no
I just was curious
You are super adorable
- Griff
- Jarod
When I came out with that kid, I was just thinking of you
Your thinking of me?, Right?
At first
He was very interested in me
I will not lie, I liked to know
someone thinks I'm hot
- I think you're hot
- What is it about you, but,
It was just sex
But you know you are who I love
Perhaps we should add some limits, such as,
Rule 1: Just do it by being together
Are you sure?
We can try
If you do not like, we let
Boys visually appealing!
Ah! Lindsay Lohan. Is that Britney?
Finns with Aron St Richard Cooper!
"Are you leading?
Bless, "finally I?,
should also hint
Hail Mary, Mother of Jesus!
Lagrimas virgin!
Would not it be rather a Mierdamata?
It is a sign of Jesus!
It was chosen
It was chosen
You have the bluest eyes I've seen in my life
Could you repeat it in Spanish?
You have the bluest eyes I've seen in my life
You know, I'm hungry daddy
What do you want?
A sausage
With lots of gravy!
Will not you take me?
As everyone
I'm a virgin
I'll get something in the cafeteria
- Attacks child, use that back
- Dad?
Andy, listen to your mother. Lus
will be a good husband without malice
Do not listen. How are your needs?,
everything you are missing now
A virgin?, Go to the club, hurry
Do not say those horrible things if
this was in the Cadilac
But you if you are in the Cadilac, Andy
But had hotdogs
(hot dogs)
Could we start,
first with a kiss?
I like you
I like you too
Wait!, We are naked
- There are official they
- Code # 69
Here are ladies
My heavens!
Move back, move, Daddy
Rule # 1: Only we will play together
- Griff u003d 2 caught
- Jarod u003d 1 fuck
Rule # 2: Do not spend all night
Rule # 264: None nicer than I
- Hello?
- Dad, am I
Son, is everything okay?
Will you have a minute?, Indeed
I need your advice
Sure, I'm only wearing,
continues, tell me...
I met a guy here called Louis
He is great, in fact has shown
What happens is that Louis is a virgin,
and I see him as my boyfriend
Are you circumcised?
I have not seen yet, Dad
Alone, I'm wondering
- Okay, continues
- Anyway
I like a lot, but I'm wrong, the
reason of holiday is fun
I have only 20 years, and I am somewhat attractive
The idea of having something to someone
virgin, he is out of control
What should I do?
If only I had thought only in sex
had not been with your mother
Over time, I refused to compromise
If it were not so, I would not have had, son
What I mean is that you listen to your heart
or your ass
You know, I think you're right
- Thanks, Dad
- Sure, son
- Hi, Dad!
- Hello son!
- Dad?!
- Yes?
- What are you doing here?
- Do not know about you, but I
I hear what you say my ass
I was tight
Just give me a moment and put it back
Usually your mother helps me with this
What a way to remove the tension, good luck
Get ready, because Dad gets wild
Fort Lauderdale, bravo!
I think you dropped something
Who are you?
I'm Stan, the newt
And I'm Sharon Steeks
Do not believe me, look
"Chicken of the Sea '
(Comercializadora seafood)
That I am!
What is your name?
Follower of the earth
You look sad, Nico,
Is something wrong?
I feel like extraterrestrial
Well, I'm not as
the other boys, see?
Yes, I can see
- Hey little boy
- No Stan, do not go
Who are you talking about?
Stan, the newt
Oh yeah?, Let me introduce you to
Jack, the snake
I'm so desperate...
... yet
Nico lost his amulet Kiki
I'm going to save
# The Feast of lice!...
We have great party here #
# We're in the pubis, hey #
# The Feast of lice!,
we are in the pubic #
# The Feast of lice! #
# The Feast of lice! #
Is everyone okay?
No, no ..
I feel that I need...
Yes, I'm more white...
At least we still have the best
competition scores
True, Jarod. And each participant
receive a Truz of Aussiebum
Feel good, wear pants
Aussiebum brand...
I can not leave...
Lus I promised that
I would expect...
If I did, at least
as a consolation
If, as not
Are annoying today
... these guys?
I have something to cheer them up,
I brought a cake from "crab"
Or perhaps an apple
with parasites?
Or maybe a pizza?
- Bye, losers...
- Peace and love, bitches...
As always, Jasper,
said the last word
Is that what you think?
Is that what you think?
Thanks for the help, Tyrell
My boys. I've always wanted
put in place these bitches
This amulet is taboo things
so terrible happen
Let's celebrate!
Operation revenge, Jaspers
This night is a night
full of terror
As has ever seen!
But those boys, sir,
Would not it be better to leave them a little?
I think you forgot...
... you have guts
Can we do it?
Are you sure?
My room is occupied
Hell, mine too
Who cares!...
May the power of God, forgive
What was that?
"Paris Hilton?
Yes, very funny...
Andy, your dad is having some
problems with all these accessories
It looks tight, what do you think?
Who was that?
My father
I think it should go
No, please, please...
I was enjoying...
All in good time, Andy
We are in the summer party
time is now
I nervoso. I never thought
would do a trio together
Do we use the silver or
we use the gold?
The golden...
Shine with your eyelashes...
And with those below...
Hey, shark. Did you do it with
a small puppy?
We are new to this
Do not worry guys, I
I am an excellent teacher
You teach us!
Again, move
Hi, I'm cleaning
Excuse me?
Do not worry Dad, Consuelo
has seen it all
Want to play?
Want to play...
Good boy, good boy...
Guys, what have been
in a train of love?
You back, while your boyfriend
penetrates, and I give the back
Spend the lubricant, please
- Of course
- Thanks
- I'm stuck
- And I
Me too
Oh my God!
I am completely
They should calm down, without panicking
Call 911, call the
Police coast...
- You okay?
- I ripped the skin, that son of a bitch
Stop!, I'll start
my rectum
What do we do?
Sorry, sorry
Hello, my buttocks is bleeding
and my index finger is stuck in his anus
And I lost my piercing
another with my "xeca", OK
Want to play?
Want to play?, We kid
Do you want to get on my ass?
Montame, Daddy,
Montame!, Lus
They call me Sparky, by the way...
Oh, yeah. Sparky, gets the
member in my...
Oh Louis, Louis!
- Andy?
- Dad?
Andy is not an appropriate time,
But can you seal my card?
- Dad?
- OK, you're right, sorry
Are you there?
I brought you some flowers
Lord Triton
- I missed
- I missed you too...
- Can you leave the water?
- Yes, I
But not for long
You are beautiful
I know, and what would you,
but I have no where...
But you have a mouth ..
That was not my intention
is that, I...
Would you kiss me?...
But if I kiss you, we could
fall in love each other
and we could be together
Cursed, forever...
We become two fish
live in the water
Someday, I will
two legs,...
.. and a penis to do
and even more
and I'll be able your
Special wishes
Excellent price
someone lonely
Where there is water,
Think About Me
Luis, please... I can explain
I can not explain everything
I just want you to know that
by I felt more alone
You will always be the first guy
really kissed
I'm sorry about Lus
And how much you like
I also feel that you have not
found anyone
The summer is almost over and
yet we are defeated...
Sauna that is still
24 hours, we could still win
Maybe what we need is...
A great night's sleep...
All to win the contest
Enjoy the sauna!
"Where you see water, think of me"
I must be having a nightmare
this can not be happening
- Over here
- Luis
What are you doing here?
It's your dream, you
to come with me
Here they come, here they come
Leave us alone, because we want
being together
We liabilities
It worked, I think they
Thank God
(finger in the ass)
We do not want fisting
(finger in the ass)
~ Droplets, droplets fall ~
~ Droplets, droplets fall ~
When I feel depressed ~ ~
~ Sleep in counting the hours ~
~ I dance in the golden shower you ~
~ We spent the hours, and
our love never ends ~
~ When I dance in the golden shower you ~
~ When you feel problems, breaks those
walls of perception ~
~ And let flow all in my ~
~ ~ Free your grudges
~ And dreams of a yellow rainbow ~
~ Relax and let your love, do pipi ~
~ Then come with me and frees your habits ~
~ Swimming in a sea of gold ~
Hide your taboos ~ ~
And your words shine ~ ~
~ Be honest with you ~
For waterfalls and rivers ~ ~
~ Remember your dreams ~
~ And now stop all flow ~
Then follow me and be free ~ ~
~ In the depths of the sea of gold ~
(finger in the ass)
- NO!
- YES!
Are you okay?
I feel great
What is that smell?
- What happens?
- I had the worst nightmare
What happened to your hand?
What happened to your ass?
Finally we did a trio
(three way)
Was with Freddy Kruger?
Almost cost us the life
I begin to believe that for our
third of the trilogy, we must
include promiscuous sex
Sounds good idea
Did you have something
this morning?
Instead I have linked
He should have died
when I penetrate
I've won!
All that smell of penis
I sucked for habrselo
He suck!
Here we are in "The Gays
Become barbaric "
Sponsorship of words
Where has never chatted
Help me get to our star
the show, Miss Sandy Cove
What about?
The time has come,
orgy begins
Happy orgy, guys
What am I doing here?
Good luck, guys
Let's get out of here
I would like to make an announcement
Nico and I'm...
I'm an alien
In all my life, never had any doubts
about me, not for a second
... So I came to Fort Lauderdale
I came for fun, as
the rest of you...
Being part of this cast
Planetary fun...
Finish discovering the joy
Water games
Thinking about the secret of life
And it's not, who has greater
or who is gifted...
who dresses better...
Or who has the best sex...
Are those 5 words to remember
for the rest of my life...
Yo Soy Lo Que Soy
~ I am what I am ~
Calling to other passengers
In the interstellar ship
Are you listening?
Last call...
We received your telegram girl
Tyrell Tirell, reporting
We are all excited, sir
What excitement!, I am the
Miss sympathy
I am so happy that
we are out there
For monogamy
Andy is no longer seeking
sex, do you know?
Now, do you want?
He wants you
I'm the pizza
I love you, man!
Hell, I love you too
Open your hearts,
put on your clothes
I cast out devil, you
libero promiscuous sex
Out!, No more blowjobs,
no more "hunting men"
Do not listen, deaf ears,
still clutching...
I heard, I have the
power of Jesus, stop...
Sorry, I no longer fun
since I was 17 years old
Father, no one pays attention to us,
What should we do?
I suggest that we join
these people at their meeting
Ofrat has returned
Who has the lubricant?
I'm happy to be on the side
... where I want to always be
I did not say that I am
waiting to do
Can not you?
While in my ass
Oh God
- Hey, baby
- Asco!
Oh yes, I know you want me
Be gentle
It was never used before
Well, then
I know how to
"Anothey Gay Movie," and
Get this for your ass
And now second
Jasper "rookie"
And now, the winner of the
Miss Gone Wild, is ..
Damn!, I want you
recount the votes...
Open road, silly, here
Jasper is the new leader
And clean my dear, you
something on the lips
Do I have something?
What now?
Where is it shine
this, think of me
And what we learned in our
new adventure in Florida?
I learned that Andy,
is a tremendous asset
And I learned that you are
the kind of life I want
And we learned that the pizza,
if really knows how to deliver
And I learned that the third
part will be in,
Outer space
For the upcoming return,
"Another gay movie"
Visit us!