Another Silence (2011) Movie Script

You know, I think I'm
more in love with Jessica.
I'm breaking.
I do not know. I did
a weird dream last night.
I was in the middle of the street
and Carly arrived.
She was next to me.
It was weird.
She stood there, close,
without saying a word.
And after?
What happened?
I touched his arm.
Is that all?
It was as if it was my arms.
My skin, not his.
And you want to break up with Jessica
just because of this dream?
Stay with it, it would be a lie.
I call this weekend.
You should wait until Monday.
Hi, man.
We go to Billy's in 15 minutes.
We will have a drink with the guys.
And guess what?
Paul comes.
Paul goes to Billy's?
He said that since his heart attack,
he feels younger every day.
- Are you coming?
- Yes.
I really can not.
I have to go shopping.
Another time.
Hi, Dad.
Hi, man!
- It was at the school?
- Yes.
You finally try to fix it?
I try.
Do not laugh!
- Hi, Mommy.
- Hi, sweetie.
Guess what?
After ten years of complaints,
you'll finally be able to sleep
without earplugs.
Will you stop snoring?
but I managed to mitigate
groans nuisance
our bed.
Go ahead, try it.
Are you kidding, eh?
So you just try the bed?
I like your way of thinking.
To work!
This bed is killing me!
It should be gone in 5 minutes!
What is it?
I forgot the game.
I have tickets for the match
Raptors and it's tonight.
We eat... and you go to the game.
If you eat, you miss the game.
I do not care.
Sorry, gotta go.
Come on, Mom.
It is late.
This is the last quarter
that counts, right?
You listen to me, then?
That's on TV.
At this stage, it is not the same.
Come on, Mom!
At any hour.
It never understand.
There are people
who are not sports fans.
It is mainly that it is zero!
You speak of your mother!
Go Daddy, admit it!
You've already seen a successful basket?
No chance.
This is because it is white.
A bit like you.
Watch out!
It sucks, your music.
Good afternoon.
The money?
What you got in your hand?
Come on, tell me, what you got?
Nothing. I hurt
with the gun.
It is where Lila?
She got sick.
She left with her grandmother.
Why you did not tell me?
Give me the keys.
What is Linkedln?
Give them to me. This is my car.
Good afternoon.
You're frozen.
I have something to show you.
You have an idea
who could do that?
One of his clients?
We inquired about the car.
you will not find
that was it.
Which folder?
Sam and Harry.
Put me on it.
You know I can not.
Good evening.
Tony is behind?
Tell him I'll be back tomorrow.
Who is it?
A cop.
Why would a cop Tony?
It was not always a cop.
Sorry for yesterday,
I was not aware.
I can not find the words.
We did not do that, then.
I know.
Who did?
I asked, is not the family.
I need to know who did.
You know what I risk?
I know.
There were two men
in the car.
I know the driver.
A little crap.
He never killed anyone.
His name is Vinnie.
That's where he's hiding.
And the other?
The other?
I do not know.
A Latino or a fucking Russian.
I've told you,
this is not the family.
I swear, nobody knows.
It is not Toronto.
Who's there?
Who is this?
Fuck! Who is it?
Damn, you shot me!
There is a week
you were driving a car.
Who was the other guy
and where I can find it?
I've done nothing!
I was driving, that's all!
This is not my shot!
I know.
Tell me who was the other guy
and where I can find it.
Tell me.
I only know her name!
He is very young.
The shaved head.
He left the city the same day.
I did not know what we would do.
I was driving,
that's all, I swear.
Do not drive more.
Hi, Paul.
Pablo Molina
is still in prison?
course. Why?
- # You think...
- I do not know.
If you find something, call me.
- How much?
- Cent.
Thank you.
Good afternoon.
Can I get you anything?
- Do not speak Spanish?
- A little.
What would you like to drink?
- You know this guy?
- Yes.
This is Pablito?
Pablito you know?
If I knew,
I would not ask.
No, it's not...
This is not Pablito.
Go get it, brat!
Good afternoon.
I am looking Pablito.
And who are you, you?
A friend.
- A friend?
- Yes.
Pablito no American friends.
So do not fuck with me. OK?
What do you want?
You want to make?
Bar yourself.
Pablito is the Canada Revenue
I want to know where he is.
You think you can come here
play cowboys?
Where is he?
Where is he?
Where is he?
Wait, not shoot.
It is his wife.
Iturbi, a village
near Tilcara in Jujuy.
I know no more.
Good afternoon.
Where were you?
Where were you?
Tell me, please.
I was in Canada.
My uncle...
gave me a computer...
and a TV for you.
For Iturbi, please?
Tomorrow at 11 am.
It happens.
Take it, please.
Okay, kid?
We're going to Bolivia.
Your uncle wants
you accompany us.
You did a good job in Toronto.
Here we go!
And he does not want you to stay there.
Iturbi for?
No, we're not Iturbi.
Take the bus.
I expect you?
Pablito Molina?
At the bottom left,
the last house.
Thank you.
I am looking Pablito.
It is not there, just leave.
You are his wife?
And this is her son,
and that bastard who cares!
What is it?
You're hungry or not?
Do you know where?
So you know
why he was there?
You do not know?
He told me he went there
because his uncle
offered him a computer.
they took him to La Quiaca.
If you see it,
tell him to go home.
But what are you doing?
Stop, shit!
I want to sleep.
Okay, enter.
You can take
the bed of a child.
No, I'm in Volcan.
you can take another bus.
It is 6 pesos.
The Quiaca for?
Tomorrow at 6:00 the next.
Good afternoon.
You want?
I want to eat.
There are tamales, chicken,
of humitas, empanadas.
- Chicken.
- Sit down.
Thank you.
I rule.
Thank you very much.
You go to La Quiaca?
With you, I'd go to Caracas.
Yes, I go through the Quiaca.
What do you do in this...
I am looking for a man.
You found it.
Stop it!
The car is part of the deal.
You mad blood everywhere!
Cleans me everything.
What happened there
with the driver?
He talked too much.
You always want
The Quiaca go?
Where are you from?
You want to talk?
You do not mind?
This is the only hotel in the city.
Thank you.
There are rooms?
Did you sleep well?
I do not sleep much.
My name is Teresa.
Good afternoon.
This is my grandfather.
It is hunting.
The only thing he knows how.
The rest of the time he sleeps.
It does nothing.
The border, please?
At the end of the street,
turn right.
Thank you.
I am looking for a man.
Pablito Molina.
Yes. Pablito Molina.
No. I see it.
19 years old, shaved head.
He crossed the border yesterday.
But it is new.
How so?
I had never seen before.
I think it just started...
Where is he?
I do not know.
I swear, I do not know.
When he returns?
He'll be here tomorrow.
Now go.
Good afternoon.
You must do what?
How so?
You must do what?
I have to wait.
I'm going with my grandfather
Tres Morros.
It is a small village near here.
If you want to come...
He says that you can come
with us.
She does not.
For whoever exalts himself will be humbled
and he who humbles himself will be exalted.
The words of Jesus comforts us
Elenita as already
in the presence of the Lord.
His blessing,
the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit,
descend upon you forever.
May his soul and those of the faithful
departed rest in peace.
So be it.
He is the father, is not it?
He looks so happy.
He is happy.
The song says that her child
will become an angel.
Dinner is ready.
You sleep a lot,
you eat too much.
It hurts when I eat.
Are you sick?
I can make rice.
I do not mind.
No, it's okay.
- I'll do.
- I will eat.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
What are you doing
when you're not on vacation?
I'm a cop.
A cop?
A policeman.
Really? A policeman?
I grew up in Montreal,
with my mother.
She died when I was 17.
I moved to Toronto
with my father.
I was a teenager difficult.
I met a guy
who had a bar.
He was older than me.
It was a sort of... gangster.
I worked for him.
I messed up a few years.
And how you
become a policeman?
I had the chance.
I met a lawyer.
It got me out of this shit.
And I married.
Good afternoon.
I am a friend of Mr. Molina.
He asked me
take care of you.
It would not kill you,
you know?
He only wanted
make you suffer
a little.
He did.
Yes, I know.
But it's your fault too.
Why did you stop?
What a mistake!
And now
you continue to fuck shit.
Why you want Pablito?
It's just a kid!
This is the 1st time he
a job in his fucking life.
What can Mr. Molina?
he asked me to kill you.
Why you have not
killed before?
We thought
that you would give up.
But make no mistake,
we give a damn of your life.
Neither do I.
Okay, kid?
You are weird.
Because you are very...
At the same time, you look
know what you want,
know what you live for.
I do not know why I live.
When we live, we live.
Before, I lived for the morning.
I lived for breakfast.
To pick him up at school.
I no longer live for nothing.
I did not.
How so?
I do not understand.
No, it's okay.
- Can I get you anything?
- A vodka.
Kiss me.
Please, give me a kiss.
I do not understand.
Follow the truck!
What's going on?
Not turn.
You can go.
No, it's okay.
Yes, yes, do not worry.
He said
what time should we be there?
You can go alone.
You know?
The woman was Quiaca.
It follows us.
Are you sure?
Good afternoon.
Looking for something?
What are you doing here?
You know the kid?
I asked you a question.
You do not speak Spanish?
She is...
They had not told me
there would be a child.
Pardon me.