Another Son of Sam (1977) Movie Script

How do you like your new boat?
I don't know.
I've been so busy,
this is the first day I've
had a chance to try it out.
One thing for sure.
You've got a good driver.
We'll see.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the Treehouse Lounge.
We now proudly present Johnny Charro.
She cried and walked away
Just yesterday
And like a fool
I let her go
We had a silly fight
The night before
I never said
I love you so
I worked all day
That I got the call
Would you please come
To see your wife
Something has happened
And it's very grave
We cannot save
The lady's life
I never said goodbye
And I never really told her
Just how much she meant to me
I never said goodbye
Now it's too late
And she's just a memory
How can I
Go on
Now that girl is gone
Will know until I die
I never
Her perfume
Lies all around me
Claude, how's it goin'?
Hey, Mike, how are you tonight?
- Hi, Daisy.
- Hey, Mike.
What are you guys doin' here tonight?
We came to see Johnny.
Captain said, uh,
you're moonlighting.
Her wants me to, uh, check you out.
I'm clean.
Frisk me, search me.
Guy's gotta make a few extra
bucks every now and then.
I cannot stay
I close the door
The shopping list of things
She would have meant to buy
And it was lying
On the chair
Is that her laugh
I hear out in the hall
I turn cold
But she's not there
Oh, I never
Said goodbye
And I never
Really told her
Just how much
She meant to me
Thanks, Jim.
I never said goodbye
I saw a report on my desk yesterday.
A couple of people busted
for drugs near here.
Uh, some kids down the road
caught smokin' some grass.
We have a, we have a good adult crowd
that hangs out here.
No problems at all.
You look kinda tired.
Oh, I am.
Water skiing all day today.
Hey, man, it ain't what it
used to be, I'll tell ya.
That's for darn sure.
Speaking of youth,
who's this new officer
you've got on the force?
Mike Mills.
Just, uh, graduated from the academy.
He's gonna be a good guy.
I think you'll like him.
Gotta go see my doc.
Don't worry,
I'm not going to hurt you, son.
Hello, Dr. Ellis?
This is Sealy.
Yes, they've completed shock treatment
on your patient Harvey.
However, we've still had to sedate him.
Stay with him, I'll be right there.
Dr. Ellis, may I help you?
Doc, I've
got this little problem.
Was out doing some water
skiing this weekend
and, um,
I think I've caught a cold.
What's the chance of seeing you
for a little bit of medication?
My rates are high.
With the wages of a police officer,
they better not be too high.
Besides, I've already got a girl
who's a pretty big spender.
- Police headquarters.
- But, uh,
but seriously, Doc, I do have something
I wanna show you,
so, uh,
what time could I come by
to see you this afternoon?
Well, since you're in such agony
to see your doctor,
I guess I can see you
for just a few minutes.
I'm leaving now to go
look in on a patient,
but that shouldn't take long,
so, uh, why don't you go out
and arrest a couple of bad guys
before you come over?
Bye, officer.
Good morning, Dr. Ellis.
Good morning, Pat,
how are you today?
- Fine, what can I do for you?
Could you pull Harvey's file for me?
Thank you.
Well, good mornin'.
Good morning.
How 'bout a cup of coffee?
Can't right now.
I have to go check on a patient.
But how 'bout a rain check?
- Okay, Harvey again?
- Yeah.
You know, he's dangerous.
I saw two orderlies bring
him in this morning,
and they had to put him under restraint.
Is there anyway I can help?
No, he's under sedation
and he's unconscious,
so I think everything's under control.
But thanks anyway.
- Okay.
Oh, and by the way,
if a police lieutenant is looking for me,
would you send him down to room 19?
- Sure.
- Bye.
31, this is Headquarters.
Go by the State College campus,
and meet Officer Shuster there
at the administration building.
Reference to a 10-59.
10-4, Sarge.
Now in route.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Doctor.
Good morning.
Do you have anything for me?
Yes, one or two things.
And this one.
Well, Mr. McWirther,
we'll do everything we can
to catch your thief.
Officer Shuster here will stay
and get that information
from you one more time.
If you get any leads from other students
or faculty members,
make sure you give me a call and, uh,
I got a little appointment with my doctor.
I surely will, thank ya very much.
Yes, sir, you're welcome.
Seven, 45.
Car 34.
Take this to accounting.
Yes, sir.
Excuse me, I'm looking for Dr. Ellis.
Oh, you must be the Lieutenant.
Dr. Hood.
- How are you?
She told me to be lookin' for ya.
If you would, go right down the hall,
and she's in the last room on the right.
It's room 19.
- Thank you.
Claude, what can I say?
We'll catch him though.
Then what?
Put him back on the streets?
- Shuster.
- Yes, sir.
I'll have a man over there right away.
Suspect may be in the park.
Can't take any chances.
So grab Mills,
get over there right away
and check it out.
- Right.
This is Tina.
I have the money.
It doesn't matter how I got the money,
I have it.
When can we get it over with?
I'll be there.
No, Claude, no!
Claude, that might not
have been our suspect.
Mike, he looked exactly like the guy
I saw coming out of the clinic.
Hey, we can't jeopardize you
bein' taken off this case now.
please don't let this happen again.
I won't say anything to the captain.
Listen, you go on back to the station.
Uh, Mills and I will write things up here.
What are you doing?
What does
it look like I'm doing?
I'm going swimming.
You better hurry up.
You don't have very much time you know.
What about your date?
He can wait.
Hey, what did you make
on your chemistry exam?
don't know, how'd you do?
Would you believe a 100?
would you believe 99?
Well, would you believe
somebody stole $500 from
the administration office?
- Where'd you hear that?
- I read it
in the school newspaper.
Well do
they have any leads yet?
they don't know anything.
I just left my office
in a very interesting phone conversation.
It appears the mayor
plus the city manager
want an explanation
as to the actions of my officers.
In other words, they wanna know
how we let this suspect get away.
I couldn't tell them.
Now, until he's apprehended,
we go to the buddy system.
We don't have too much on him.
All we know is that he's
placed in that mental institution
because he couldn't
function in our society.
And you people put him
back in that society.
If I get anymore information on him,
I'll pass it along to you.
You wanna take a few days off?
No, Captain, I just as soon stay busy.
I won't tell ya I know how you feel
because I don't.
But how is she?
Well, she's in a coma.
She's been beaten up pretty badly
and, uh, they say it's more
shock than anything else.
- Whoops, hi, Peggy.
- Hi.
- Hi, Peggy.
- Hi.
Dave's comin' by at seven,
and I haven't even started to get ready.
Get him out of here.
- Who?
- Him!
Tom, how
did you get out of your cage?
I'm sorry, Pat, it won't happen again.
You're always getting me into trouble.
Hey, Heth.
Come here a minute.
I wanna talk to you about something.
Well, remember when Sonny and I
first started dating?
It was a pretty regular thing.
I thought maybe you were wondering
why we haven't seen much
of each other lately.
go ahead and get dressed.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Are you sure?
I mean, if you wanna talk,
I've got the time.
Heather, you're my favorite person.
That mouse has gotta go.
Fella, this just isn't your day.
It seems everybody's afraid
of those great big teeth and sharp claws.
Have you seen his cage?
I think it's in the closet.
You scared Tom and I to death, Henry!
You can't take a shower with me,
You'll be the first to hear
of any leads that do turn
up, Captain Thompson.
Yes, well I certainly appreciate your help
and the cooperation of
your entire department.
Thank ya very much.
Who is it?
It's Darlene
Page, Mr. McWhirther.
It's about the missing money.
Now, what's this
about the missing money?
Yeah, about 27.
Police Headquarters.
Sergeant Flowers.
Oh yes, yes, sir, Mr. McWhither.
Oh, hi, Dave.
She's in the shower, just a minute.
She must've fallen asleep.
Let me go get her.
Got ya!
between you and that mouse,
somebody's gotta go.
Dave's on the phone for you.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
I'll have Lieutenant
Setzer advised about that
by radio.
Mm hmm.
I'm sure he'll be gettin'
back with you later.
Yes, sir.
All right.
Go ahead, 27.
31 now in pursuit of 1975 GTO.
Have a good time and
don't get into trouble.
Don't what?
Never mind.
See ya, kid.
Leaving State College campus,
east on Main,
suspect possible 10-94, 10-95.
She's just a memory
How can I
Go on
27 to Headquarters.
Will assist car 31.
Car 31 to Headquarters.
Am no longer in pursuit of late-model GTO.
Car 27 is continuing pursuit.
Keep me advised.
Will advise, 31.
31, this is Headquarters.
Mr. John McWhirther called.
Wants you to stop by
his office this evening.
He has some information
pertaining to that 10-59.
10-4, Sarge, now in route.
And like a fool
I let her go
We had a silly fight
The night before
I never said
I love you
Well, Darlene, uh, it appears
that Lieutenant Setzer has been delayed
for some reason,
so, uh, perhaps you'd better
go back to your dormitory.
I didn't mind waiting.
We'll talk tomorrow.
That is, if you need me.
I'm sure the police may have
some questions to ask you,
but it's too late for that now,
so I'll just walk you back to your dorm.
No, sir, I'll be okay.
But thanks just the same.
- Okay.
- Good night, Mr. McWhirther.
Oh, young lady,
you don't have to be afraid.
I'm a police officer.
I think we better sit you down.
You must be Lieutenant Setzer.
That's right, and, uh,
who are you?
I'm Darlene Page.
I've been with Mr. McWhirther,
and we've been waiting to, to talk to you
about the missing money.
I'm sorry I'm late,
but I've been working on another case.
Well now that you're here,
would you like me to take you to the dorm
so you can meet the girl
that took the money?
It's a little late
for that now, isn't it?
The few girls that are left on campus,
they should be in from their dates by now.
Darlene, I didn't mean
to scare you back there.
That's all right, Mr. Setzer.
I was glad to know that it was you.
How do you know it was this Tina girl
who stole the money?
Well I, I don't know why,
but I know she needs some money.
Then you're not sure
she's the girl who took
the money then, are you?
Well why don't we ask her roommate?
There she is.
Now, Heather,
I don't want you to think
that we're accusing Tina of anything.
I just wanna ask her a few questions.
Well, I knew something's
been bothering her lately.
Tonight, when you called me,
she was starting to tell me something,
but she never finished.
I just can't picture Tina as a thief.
Now no one said she was,
but she might have some information
that could help us.
Now I know it's late
and she's probably asleep,
but go upstairs and ask her to come down.
Are you awake?
Oh, Tina, no!
Tina, no, please not you, Tina!
Oh my God, Tina!
Stay with her, Dave.
I'm goin' to the car for back up.
And don't let anybody in that room.
Adam-4, this is car 31.
This is 27, go ahead 31.
Is that you, Claude?
I'm here at State College campus.
I need a back up and an ambulance.
I don't know what your problem is,
but we've just apprehended
your murder suspect.
You've got the wrong man.
There's a college girl
here who would disagree.
If she could talk.
Each of you be sure
that this dorm is cleared.
And then we'll search
every floor room by room.
Thank goodness
most of these girls
are on spring break.
Mike, Mills.
Get all of these people outta here.
This way.
Is that, uh, her roommate?
I loved her!
You didn't even know her!
You didn't even know her!
You remember that Nelson
that used to work with us?
He's in charge of that
new SWAT team in the city.
It's morning now.
Call him.
He can be here by daylight.
He was at the clinic here in town
and he was getting this,
I think you'd call it, uh, shock therapy.
And he had a violent reaction to it.
Killed two interns.
Critically injured the, uh, psychiatrist
that was handling his case.
One thing we have in
our favor, Lieutenant,
is, as you know, this is a small college,
and it's spring break time, too,
and most of the students are gone.
Total of about 12 girls
in there last night.
I think we got them all out
before the lieutenant
sealed off the building.
We talked to Dr.
Neisler across the street.
Brought me up to date on our suspect.
He runs the clinic.
Harvey, as he goes by,
was sexually assaulted by
his mother at an early age.
Consequently, he was institutionalized.
He's been in the institution
for a good 10 years.
Seems to enjoy assaulting young women.
Very high IQ.
Captain, you said
something about his mother.
Doctor says she's not only alive,
she's living right in the city.
- That's right.
We've got Miller on it right now.
Doctor says he has no aversion
to the use of firearms.
Probably play hide-and-seek
with us in the dormitory.
But most important,
he will not surrender.
- Is he armed?
- We don't know.
The captain felt we
should wait for daylight.
And for you people.
Well before I get my men lined up,
could I see the layout of the building?
Shuster, get me that map.
Captain Thompson!
Mike, stop!
This is Captain Thompson.
The suspect has been sighted
on the fourth floor.
I repeat, fourth floor.
And somebody stop Shuster.
Get your men in their gear.
Thank you, Thompson.
Theo, you secure the north entrance.
Get McDangle over to the far side.
Get the rigging.
We're gonna lower the
man down to the window.
Get the man to kick the window.
Then we'll try to get our
man over to take a peek.
And then pow.
Stupid, Mike, what are you tryin' to do?
Get yourself killed, or
suspended from the force?
I'm sorry, I guess I just got...
One more move like that
and you'll be working a school crossing.
- Yeah, Captain?
Have your men secure
both ends of this hall.
Yes, sir.
Do you realize there
are more than 50 rooms
in this building alone?
Shuster, do you think you could check out
all the rooms on this floor?
Yes, sir.
is City Police Chopper One.
Please advise Captain Thompson
we are on the scene
and standing by for any
assistance he may need.
You know, I'm worried about Shuster.
One of our officers, Lieutenant.
Captain sent him up there
to check out that third floor
a few minutes ago.
Well what is he, a rookie?
Gets a little anxious.
Sometimes his guts outweighs his brain.
I'm gonna go up there myself.
Captain Thompson, this is Nelson.
Let's do something.
Meet me
in the center lobby, Nelson.
22 inches wide and 10 inches high.
- No way.
- No way.
Through the door.
Bob, did you secure the other floors?
Yeah, Shuster and Setzer are upstairs
takin' care of that.
Flowers said he was going up there, too.
John, go up and give Flowers a hand.
Be careful.
is SWAT One to leader.
SWAT leader, go ahead SWAT One.
we're gonna have to watch
it when we go for a hit.
With all those men running around inside,
it's hard to tell who's who.
SWAT leader to all units.
Verify all shots with SWAT leader.
Repeat, verify all shots with SWAT leader.
Lieutenant, I've been checking the plans
in this building,
and that ventilating
system is just too small
to get a man in that way.
The only way in is, is gonna be
through the door or through the window.
A shot through the window maybe.
But he's not gonna let
you climb in the window.
Setzer, is that you?
Yes, Sarge.
I'm sorry, Claude.
I know how close you and Mike were.
Did you see him?
- Is he dead?
- Yeah.
And his gun's gone.
That so?
This is Nelson.
Who's doing all that shooting?
This is SWAT leader.
Chopper One to SWAT leader.
Shots fired from window.
We're gonna get better
position and advise.
What floor did those shots come from?
Who got hit?
Chopper One to Thompson.
Shots fired from second floor down.
Captain, it looks like
three civilians down.
Go on downstairs and tell Thompson
about Mike.
And tell Nelson about his man.
And I'll take care of this hall.
- You okay, Claude?
- Yeah, Sergeant,
I'm all right.
Leave us alone!
You killed Tina!
Captain Thompson, this is Setzer.
We got our man.
Fourth floor.
North wing.
this is Captain Thompson.
If you've got a hostage in there,
let her out.
Throw out the guns, come
out with your hands up.
We won't hurt you.
The building's surrounded.
You've got nowhere to go.
Somebody help us, please!
There must be two girls in there.
She said help us, didn't she?
That's what it sounded like.
Why don't you go downstairs
and see if that doc's back yet.
- Where's SWAT Four?
- Upstairs.
Let's go over this one more time.
All right.
Now if you repel yourself,
the rope will swing free.
It might swing over and hit his window
and then there goes our surprise.
Have SWAT Four
lower you down beside the window.
When you get there, swing over
and kick the window with your foot,
and then get back.
Now let's talk to the doc.
This guy's got psychopathic tendencies.
He's killed once and he'll kill you.
All we need is for that curtain
just to open for one inch.
'Kay, get up there and get rigged up
and stand by for clearance.
Good luck.
God, please! No.
What's up, Lieutenant?
- Where's the doc?
- Well, he said to tell ya
he had to go back to the clinic,
if you needed him,
just call him at the service.
You want me to call him?
Gimme that thing.
Captain Thompson,
this is Setzer.
Doc's gone back to his clinic.
But Mills says we can
call him at his service.
we need all the help we can get.
Call him.
Bob, we're gonna try something.
SWAT Two, this is SWAT leader.
Lower your man down.
Doctor Hood, please.
Doctor Hood, this is Claude Setzer.
How's Daisy doing?
Well if there's any change,
well, will you please call the station?
They can get me here.
Me, too.
No, please!
Please don't!
Any movement?
Captain, you seem awfully friendly
with that new officer we've got.
It's my son-in-law.
Please, please, don't.
I got it, dead center.
No, John, no!
Captain, you wanna be next?
What do I tell my daughter?
That I got her husband killed?
Nelson, this is Setzer.
What happened?
My man said he hit him.
Surely one of the hostages
wouldn't be lookin'
out the window.
Well I don't know,
but he's still in there.
He's still got a hostage,
and he just killed one of our men.
Oh, Darlene.
Not you, too.
Chopper One back
to Thompson and SWAT leader.
Exterior of building now secure.
Will maintain surveillance and advise.
Captain, I just don't know how
he's gonna react to this.
He hasn't heard his mother's
voice in a long time.
He may not even recognize it.
Well we'll never know until we try it.
Nelson, have your men stand by.
You and I will be with the doc
and the old lady up here.
can you hear us?
Harvey, I know you can hear me.
We've got somebody here
that wants to talk to you.
This is SWAT leader.
All stations stand by.
He's in that room.
Go ahead, talk to him.
It's Mother.
It's been a long time.
You're almost grown now.
I wanted to visit you, to see you,
and I even dreamed about it.
Probably the reason you're in that room
is because I didn't...
Those people in that room
have never done anything to hurt you.
Now let them go.
The police officers
have assured me, Harvey,
that if you'll come out,
they'll do you no harm.
Can you hear me, Harvey?
If it's vengeance you want, blame me.
Can you hear me, Harvey?
Don't worry.
They won't hurt you anymore.
Don't worry.
I'm not going to hurt you, son.
Captain Thompson to helicopter.
Dorm is secured.
Thank you for your help.
Helicopter is clear.
Chopper One, clear.
How is she?
She never regained consciousness.
Sergeant, wait.
This was her ring, wasn't it?
Yes, it was.
Sergeant, I can't understand
why things like this go on.
I mean, first those
people at the hospital,
and then my roommate,
my friend,
all these policemen.
And now this.
I just can't understand
why it has to happen.
And I really don't think I ever will.
Something has happened
And it's very grave
We cannot save
The lady's life
Never said goodbye
And I never
Really told her
Just how much
She meant to me
Never said goodbye
Now it's too late
And she's just
A memory
How can I go on
Now that girl
Is gone
Will know until I die
I never said
Her perfume lies
All around me now
Is that her laugh
I hear out in the hall
I turn and call
But she's not there
Oh I
Said goodbye
And I never really told her
Just how much
She meant to me
Never said goodbye
Now it's too late
And she's just
A memory