Another Tango (2018) Movie Script

[grand orchestral music]
[upbeat pop music]
Hearts breakdown
Never am taking care
And in need of repair
It's a timeless affair
Hearts breakdown
Many sleepless nights
When there's no
wrong or right
It's a murderous fight
Hearts breakdown
No, no, ain't nothing
gonna change it
No, no, only hope
to rearrange it
So, so, better get
used to playing
A game that isn't fair
Born to battle with
a fragile heart
Torn and tattered
from the start
Nobody said it
would be this hard
Hearts breakdown
[group applauding]
[Cassie] Someone once said,
"Life isn't about the
number of breaths you took.
"It's about the moments
that took your breath away."
It's a beautiful thought,
but what about the
moments in between,
the moments we don't expect
and the little things that
don't seem important at first?
I'm sorry, what?
[light orchestral music]
Oh, nevermind.
So, Jeffrey, where do
you want to go tomorrow?
I don't know, Cass.
I have a lot of
files to get through
and I'll probably be
working all weekend.
But it's your birthday.
I will try and get this done,
but, yeah, that sounds good.
[Cassie] Yeah, I think that's
the best course of action.
[Tessa] Hey, you.
Can I call you back?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So, guess what Roger did.
I know, but listen.
This is actually really good.
He has an in with the director
of the Miami City Ballet
and he got us both an audition.
That's amazing.
They're gonna love you.
What did mom say?
Oh, well, um...
You haven't told
her, have you?
Not yet.
Are you serious?
We have to call her right now.
Wait, hold on.
It's so competitive.
And you know how she gets.
I don't want her to freak
out if I don't make it.
Hey, Tessa.
Hey, Jeffrey.
So, what are you gonna
do for his birthday?
We're gonna go to Rossi's.
Oh, that'll be nice.
Okay, well, you have work to
do and I have errands to run,
so I'll leave you to it.
[light orchestral music]
But I'll cook us dinner later
and we can both
call mom together.
- [phone ringing]
- That sounds amazing.
Okay, still no answer.
I'll just call again
in a little while.
Just leave a message.
Her voicemail's full.
Well, mom is a senior
citizen, you know?
She probably watched
Wheel of Fortune
and dozed off during Jeopardy!.
Okay, I should crash.
I have to be at the
airport at 6:30.
Yeah, I still haven't made
Jeffrey's birthday card.
[light orchestral music]
I just always thought
that you would be
the one to make it.
I was always jealous of
how good you are, you know?
Yeah, but then reality set in
and I had to be responsible.
Responsible, okay, but it
was like when daddy died,
so did your dreams.
You just gave up.
Uh, you're gonna be brilliant.
Miami City Ballet's
new prima ballerina.
I love you, Cass.
I love you too.
[grand orchestral music]
[light orchestral music]
Thank you.
We need a few minutes.
Happy birthday.
I know it's silly.
Since I was little I made
birthday cards for people.
Don't say anything.
Just open it.
I don't understand.
You're the dancer.
Well, I thought you, well,
we could take classes together.
You could teach them
and I would end up
looking like an idiot.
Oh, come on.
It would be fun.
It would be like
a couple's thing.
[dramatic orchestral music]
You know they don't condone
workplace relationships.
We both could lose our jobs
and you just got promoted.
Not if we're smart
and discreet about it.
What are you trying to say?
Maybe we should
stop seeing each other
before this gets more serious.
We can still be
friends, you know?
Friends, wow.
I don't wanna lost my job.
You are really something.
[phone buzzing]
I'm gonna go.
[Tessa] Hey, I just got
a call from the hospital
and mom had a heart attack.
Oh my gosh, is she...
[Tessa] She is stable.
Okay, so I hope to get there.
Okay, good.
[Tessa] Okay, and don't worry.
She seems fine at this point.
Okay, what time
is your flight?
[Tessa] It's gonna
be at 8:30 tonight.
I'll be there
as soon as I can.
[airplane passing]
[light rock music]
[dramatic orchestral music]
What's the latest?
The doctor said that
the first few days
are the most critical.
They need to monitor her.
Well, look what
the cat dragged in.
Oh, mom.
Now that both my
beautiful girls are here,
I'm gonna be just fine.
And in order to be just
fine, she needs plenty of rest.
We'll be quick.
You got it.
You get some sleep.
We love you.
I love you too.
[upbeat orchestral music]
[doorbell ringing]
Hey, are either one
of you Ms. Daniels?
[Both] Yes.
Okay, so I have...
[Marsha] Sam, is that you?
[Sam] Hey, Marsha, I...
What are you doing here?
[Sam] I'm just giving...
Where are my manners?
Hey, ya'll.
I'm Marsha.
I moved in just down
the street last year
and I look in on your
momma every now and again.
You're Cassie and you're Tessa.
Am I right?
Of course I am.
I could recognize you
to in a church hall
on free catfish night.
So, I have...
Oh, don't be silly.
I've got plenty.
Come on.
So, I'm here to give...
Don't be silly.
Join us.
Oh my, I hope you aren't
vegetarians, are you?
Or one of them veganites.
Well, I actually do try...
Absolutely not.
I'm a vegetarian.
Since when?
Well, whatever floats
that little boat of yours.
I guess you'll miss out on
this tasty meat sauce then.
So, how's your momma doing?
She's resting comfortably.
Oh, that's fantastic news.
I tried to visit her,
but she was in the ICU
and they said only
immediate family was allowed
and as much as I
feel like I family,
I certainly wasn't gonna
try to pull a fast one.
Although, if I kept flirting
with that male nurse,
I might've gotten in to see her.
Look at me, inviting
myself in and rambling on.
I'm sure ya'll have plenty
to do without silly old me
making a fuss.
Okay, so I'm actually
here to serve a notice
on foreclosure proceedings
on the dance studio.
[dramatic orchestral music]
It's my first, so I'm
like a little nervous,
but sorry, but Marsha,
thank you for this carrot.
It's wonderful.
I'm gonna go out this way.
All right.
[door closing]
Ain't that a buzzkill?
Okay, well, it certainly
was nice meeting you two.
Please give my best
to your mother.
I know she'll be back
on her feet in no time.
Sorry about the bad news.
[upbeat pop music]
One, two, three, four,
left side, turn.
[Cassie] Tess, I'm
not gonna let you
miss this opportunity.
Mom would be so disappointed.
There will be other auditions.
Can I help you?
Hi, Roxy.
Been doing my best
to hold down the fort
in your momma's absence.
I trust she's doing well.
Oh, yeah.
She's still her stubborn self.
Oh, this is one of our
new little ballerinas,
Emily and her
mother Linda Rogers.
This is Miss Cassie
and Miss Tessa.
Miss Kate's daughters.
Miss Kate is the best
dance teacher ever.
I sure hope she gets
better real soon.
Aw, thank you, Emily.
It's so nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
You know, when Dean and I
heard about what happened,
we were just sick.
If there's anything we can
do, please let us know.
Oh, thank you.
That's very kind.
[light orchestral music]
Excuse me, duty calls.
Rogers, of course.
Um, Dean is a very lucky man.
We went to school together.
Oh, no.
I'm Dean's sister.
I was two years ahead
of you in school.
Oh, yeah.
I remember.
You were a...
pimple-faced, bookworm?
Well, you look great.
Thank you.
Emily is Dean's niece.
So, how is Dean?
Dean is a hard dog to
keep under the porch,
to say the least.
Emily, let's get going.
But I like it here.
We have somewhere to be.
It's so nice to see you all.
[All] Bye.
Roxy, we know the
studio is having problems.
You could say that.
Look, your momma
is an amazing woman
and I know she's doing
the best she can,
but she was never interested
in making any changes
to keep the studio afloat.
[dramatic orchestral music]
I'll show you the books
whenever you're ready.
Okay, thank you.
I could use some air.
Me too.
Hola, Cassandra and Theresa.
[upbeat Latin music]
[Both] Hola, Victor.
You get more beautiful
each time I see you.
And you, my dear, we could
dance the night away.
Oh, please give your
mom my very best.
But now, I must prepare
to teach tonight's
advanced ballroom.
Hasta luego, mi amigas.
[Both] Adios, Victor.
What would this place
be like without him?
I know.
[light orchestral music]
[Tessa] Hey.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I can't believe
she didn't tell us.
I mean, from what it
looks like, the mortgage
hasn't been paid
in over six months.
[dramatic orchestral music]
Okay, what are we gonna do?
Nothing we can
do at this hour.
[glasses clinking]
You sure had it
bad for Dean Rogers.
[wind rushing]
Hey, Cassie, what's up?
Well, I haven't
seen you at the studio
the past couple of weeks and
we don't have any classes...
I'm not going back.
I'm quitting dance.
But you're so good.
You love it.
My mom made me go.
She's not making me anymore.
Well, happy birthday, Dean.
Hey, Amber.
You're a day late,
a dollar short,
and way out of your
league, little miss.
Let's go.
[Cassie] I can't believe I
never told you that before.
I knew.
I saw the whole thing.
I went back to get the
card out of the trash can,
but it was gone.
You're amazing, you know that?
Thank you.
Good morning.
[Tessa] Hi, mom.
Hey, mom.
How are you feeling?
Ah, fair to middlin'.
Ladies, please keep
it short and sweet.
Of course.
Thank you.
So, the doctor says
my blood pressure's
still a little bit too high,
but my heart seems to
be doing pretty good.
That's good news, yeah?
I'm still kickin', ain't I?
Yes, you are.
And Tessa has some good news.
It's not a big deal.
If you don't tell her, I will.
Tessa, don't make
me get out of this bed
and give you a piece of my mind.
I got an audition for
the Miami City Ballet.
That's fantastic.
You're gonna be amazing.
I'm so proud.
No, I'm actually,
I'm not gonna go.
I'm gonna stay with you.
The doctors here are
gonna fix me up like new.
I'm gonna be back to
that studio in no time.
No, mom, please.
It's really not a big deal.
It's settled then.
You are going to the audition.
You two need to
skedaddle outta here.
There's no use arguing, Tess.
Love you.
Love you, mom.
Think of what it will
mean for the studio
when you get accepted to
the Miami City Ballet.
People will be lining
the streets to study
where Tessa Daniels
used to dance.
Well, when you
put it that way...
[upbeat hip hop music]
We have a code red
Listen all the fellas
Trip hop battles
like we reppin'
Used to be was steppin',
now I'm sweatin'
Yeah, I didn't like
hip hop at first either,
but it kinda grows on you.
I'll take Merle
Haggard any day.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Up, hit, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, whoo!
Good job, everyone.
Much much better, Billy.
We're teaching hip hop?
Just trying to bring this
place into new millennia,
that's all.
I don't know how my mom
would feel about that,
but if it's bringing
customers in,
I guess it could only help.
[upbeat orchestral music]
Oh, hi, Dean.
I didn't expect
to see you here.
It's so great to see you.
Uh, yeah.
Have you met my niece, Emily?
Yes, hi, Emily.
It's nice to see you again.
Hi, Miss Cassie.
Are you and Uncle Dean friends?
[Dean] Yes, we...
- We used to be.
- Are.
Okay, I have to
get ready for class.
[Cassie And Dean] Bye.
Hey, how's your mom doing?
Resting comfortably.
That's good to hear.
[light orchestral music]
And Tessa, how's Tessa?
Just missed her.
She's auditioning for
the Miami City Ballet.
That's great.
So, um, how long are
you gonna be in town for?
Just long enough for mom
to get back on her feet
and figure out what's
going on with the studio.
Everything okay?
Nothing I can't handle.
Well, look, tiny dancer,
it's great to see you again.
It's good to see you too,
but please don't
call me that anymore.
Come on.
You used to love it
when I called you that.
Yeah, I grew up.
I'll be right with you.
Hey, um,
give me a call.
Let's catch up.
So, what are our options?
My dad's estate,
his life insurance?
She used that for
renovations to the studio
and with the second mortgage,
there's nothing left.
[dramatic orchestral music]
The studio's been in
trouble for a long time now.
I know how much it means to
her and I'm gonna do my best
to keep it quiet, but it's
eventually gonna get out.
It's appreciated.
It's a lot to process.
Let's chat again
when you have a moment
and I will do my best to
help in any way I can.
Thank you.
Thank you for the coffee.
Take care.
Thank you, Mr. William.
[Tessa] Can we take out a loan
or a second mortgage
or something?
[Cassie] I don't think so.
I certainly won't qualify.
[Tessa] Me neither.
Hey, why don't you dance?
Don't talk on the phone.
Seriously, you text 24/7.
I'll be done in a minute.
So, what's next?
Well, Mr. William gave
us a little more time
to find a solution.
I don't know if that means
finding a buyer or what,
but just the idea of
closing the studio
after all the work mom
and dad put into it
just seems wrong.
Mom will be devastated.
I know it's silly to ask
you not to worry about this,
but try not to, okay?
How's audition prep going?
Go figure.
We rush out here and then
they push it back a week,
but I think we'll be ready.
Well, you're gonna be great.
Remember, I'm counting
on you to make it,
so we can parlay your fame
into success for the studio.
So, no pressure then, right?
None at all.
Okay, I'll talk to you later.
[light classical music]
[camera clicking]
Miss Roxy knows how much I
absolutely love working here
and I've tried to be optimistic,
but we've had to go without
paychecks several times
in this past year.
[dramatic orchestral music]
I got an offer from On
Your Toes in Bella Springs
and I assure you
I wasn't looking,
but I can't pass up
this opportunity.
Well, I mean, as much
as we hate to see you go,
I completely understand.
I really do wish you
guys the very best.
I hope to see you and
your mom very soon.
[Roxy] Take care.
You too.
[upbeat orchestral music]
I'm certainly not
teaching that class.
But I'm happy to accompany you.
[light piano music]
Then I guess I am.
[upbeat orchestral music]
For those of you who don't know
me, my name is Miss Cassie.
You're Miss Kate's daughter.
I remember you.
You and that
good-looking young man
were always dancing together.
What was his name?
[Woman] It's Dean.
Um, so, I'll be
teaching your class today.
Where's Mr. Victor?
He moved on to
greener pastures.
He died?
Oh, no no no.
He got another job.
I'm sorry.
We wish him well and until
we can find a replacement,
you're gonna be stuck with me.
We were learning the Cha Cha.
Oh, perfect.
The Cha Cha is
lively, flirtatious,
and full of passionate energy.
Okay, then I'm gonna
need a partner.
Can I have a volunteer?
I'd be happy to help you.
Thank you, sir, but
it really should be
one of the students.
Yeah, I just, you
know, I meant that,
it didn't seem
like you had any...
My bad, carry on.
[Woman] Oscar,
Oscar, get up there
and dance with Miss Cassie.
Okay, so, the Cha Cha
requires small steps
and a lot of hip movement.
It's in four-four time and
the third and the fourth beat
are split into three.
One, two, cha cha cha.
Okay, so, to start, the male
partner's gonna step forward
on his right foot
and his partner's gonna
step back with her left
and then we're gonna
come back to the center
and then cha cha cha in place.
Ah, my toe.
Come on.
It's okay.
When we have the
music, you'll feel it.
It'll be fine.
Sorry, Missy,
but in my 80 years,
there's one thing I've learned.
I'm a student, not a teacher.
Ease it on up here.
Little ol' me?
Okay, come on, Emily.
Let's help Miss Cassie out.
Five, six, seven, eight.
[light piano music]
[group clapping]
Um, anyway, I'm a
little rusty myself,
but you guys get the idea.
If that's rusty, I'm decomposed.
All right, everybody
grab your partner
and let's try it.
[light piano music]
Hey, you.
Hey, I just thought I'd swing by
and you know, see if I
could ask you to dinner.
[light orchestral music]
Um, you know, I actually
don't know if that is an option
because I kind have
this other other thing.
Yeah, you can't come
up with a good excuse?
Pretty much.
Eight o'clock.
Uh, but it's not a date.
It's just two people,
who've known each other
since middle school,
having dinner.
Not a date.
So, I'll pick you up.
No, I'll meet you there.
Where are we going?
What sounds good to you?
The Clubhouse, seven
p.m., not a date.
[light orchestral music]
So, how is life
in the big city?
You seeing anybody?
Wow, you cut to the chase.
Um, but to answer
your question, yes.
That's cool.
I'm happy for you.
What about you?
Dated around a little bit,
but, no, truth is,
I'm just too busy
for anything serious right now.
Decided it's important to be
there for Linda and Emily.
At least until Linda
gets back on her feet.
She was pretty devastated
after her husband left.
Oh, well, they're
really lucky to have you.
I think I'm pretty lucky too.
Is that why you
never left Georgetown?
I'm sorry.
It's just, it's all
you used to talk about.
I did leave.
For a little while I was
working down in Savannah.
This young slick developer.
Well, I thought I was.
Truth is, I was in
way over my head.
Too arrogant to realize it.
I ended up filing for
bankruptcy when I was 22.
And then after
Linda's husband left,
it seemed like a good
time for me to come back
and be there for her
and get back on my feet.
You seem to be
doing very well now.
It took a few years,
but I think I'm finally
on the right path.
Besides, Georgetown's
where I'm meant to be.
And I get to be my own boss
and take off for the
important things,
like ballet and Cha Cha lessons.
To friends.
[glasses clinking]
[Waitress] Here you go.
Whenever you're ready.
Thank you.
You wanna go for a walk?
I think we should
pay the bill first.
Yeah, probably.
Oh, I haven't dined
and dashed since,
since that time
at Gator's Strike.
Do you remember that?
Oh my gosh, I can't
believe you brought that up.
Oh, we'll split it.
Oh, no no no no.
Fine, but this is not a date.
Not a date, got it.
Of course not.
You have a boyfriend.
This is supposed to
be a very good wine.
[light rock music]
Look at how beautiful
it can be here at night.
Ah, so, I have to be honest.
I had a boyfriend
until a few days ago.
I see.
Yeah, this guy names Jeffrey.
I don't know what I saw in him.
He dumped me on his birthday.
I guess that's better than
being dumped on your birthday.
This is true.
So, what's your plan?
In life?
Yeah, I guess, but
I meant, you know,
not so distant
future, here, now.
Oh, right.
Well, mom should be getting
released from the hospital soon
and then, well, the studio's
not doing so well financially.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, please keep
that to yourself.
Yeah, of course.
You know, maybe
it's time we started
thinking outside
the box on that.
Well, we're gonna have
to think of something quick
or Coastal Dance Center
will be a thing of the past.
We can't have that.
[light orchestral music]
That place, it means
the world to Emily.
And it means a lot to me too.
As they say, we're all
in this together, right?
Don't you miss it?
Miss what?
That was then.
I have a career now.
Listen, there's
something I've been meaning
to apologize to you for.
Ah, there's no
need to apologize.
Thank you for a wonderful
dinner and non-date.
[upbeat pop music]
Come along with me
Gather round, no other sight
Fill the house
and talk all night
I can't believe this
moment feels so right
Come on, baby, stay a while
Let you know I
love your style
Feel the rhythm and the beat
Stand up now and
move your feet, yeah
[door chimes ringing]
[light orchestral music]
Walter Carlos Gaviote,
my favorite student.
Cassie, it's been forever.
How's Miss Kate?
She's doing well, thank you.
That's great.
So, how have you been?
Last time I saw
you you had braces.
I've been applying to a
bunch of different colleges
and, but, listen,
Victor told me he was
leaving and I wanna help.
I might could cover some
of his ballroom classes?
That's so sweet, but
business hasn't been so great.
You need a ballroom
instructor, right?
Well, yeah.
Look, my parents
got me covered.
I'll teach a couple classes
and when things get better,
we'll talk, cool?
Thank you.
[light orchestral music]
It's so good to see you.
You hired Walter?
Is that a problem?
He's like 12 years old.
How do you intend to pay him?
We worked it out.
Look, this kid you
have so much faith in,
represents what's
wrong with the studio.
He may be young,
but he's old-school.
All he knows is
traditional dance.
We need fresh blood.
I thought that was
why you were here.
Listen, Walter can
teach old-school ballet
and you can teach contemporary
and get your hip hop on.
Roxy, it's the best
of both worlds.
Where did all these
people come from?
I posted on
Instagram and Snapchat
that I was gonna be teaching
and if you excuse me,
I have some work to do.
See you next week.
[Girl] Thank you.
This is impressive.
Well, that should help out
with some of the bills, yeah?
It's a start.
Do you have a second?
Have you heard of the
new Southern Regionals?
It's held each May and
there's like 10,000 in prizes.
That would make
the bank happy,
but that's like a month away.
Who would
represent the studio?
Oh, no.
I haven't danced at
that level in years.
Come on, dude.
How many titles do you have?
I don't know.
And who would I partner with?
Besides, none of the other
studios are as good as us
and when we win, people
will be lining up
to take lessons with us.
Victor will probably be there.
Counting on it.
[light pop music]
[door chimes ringing]
[light classical music]
And step left, step right,
and jump.
Jump, and oh, ow.
[light orchestral music]
Are you okay, Uncle Dean?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Just fine, sweetheart.
What is all this?
It's father-daughter or
uncle dance appreciation day.
How cute is that?
Nice tutu.
Pink would not have
been my first choice.
I think you're more
of a winter palette.
I don't know.
Pretty fond of pink,
thank you very much.
You sure you're okay?
Yeah, just my ego.
Well, in that case,
I have to go rehearse.
Oh, yeah?
It's a secret.
I don't think she should
be keeping secrets from us.
We can keep a secret, can't we?
Yeah, I think so.
Especially a big juicy secret.
[light orchestral music]
I brought contraband.
Oh, yay.
I hope you're hungry.
Oh, I am.
What'd you bring me?
It's a surprise.
Here you go.
Mmm mmm.
Looky here, looky here.
That looks good.
Come on, let's dig in.
How are we doing today?
[light orchestral music]
Ah, much better now.
Would you like
some pulled pork?
I'm a vegan.
Oh, we've got corn.
Come on, dig in.
Is there an echo?
It's all about connecting
with the music,
connecting with the audience.
Drama, passion, synchronicity.
I'm impressed.
Our moves are
stealth like a cat,
poised and confident.
Let's try it.
[tango music]
Five, six, seven, eight.
Oh, sorry.
[phone ringing]
Oh, yeah, I'll be right there.
Thank you.
Um, I gotta go, I'm sorry.
Oh, is everything okay?
Yeah, my mom's being
released from the hospital.
[Walter] Nice.
- Okay.
- Yeah, I'll see you later.
Now, she needs plenty of rest.
The nurse will give
you instructions
as well as modifications
for her diet, okay?
So, the most important thing
is she needs to take it easy.
Her body still needs to heal.
That'll be tough.
She doesn't really like
others taking care of her.
I'm sure she'll
enjoy a little TLC.
We'll see about that.
We'll see about what?
Oh, hey, mom.
Are you ready to go home?
Indeed, I am.
Chop chop.
[Nurse] Yes, ma'am.
Miss Kate, you take
care of yourself.
Thank you, doc.
[light orchestral music]
Let's get moving.
Let's get home.
Shouldn't you be
home with your momma?
She kicked me out.
Doesn't surprise me.
I'll be sure to go by and see
her later, if that's okay.
Thank you.
That would be so sweet.
Oh, can I get you something?
It's on me.
Um, maybe just some soup.
Coming right up.
Thank you.
Hey, it's me.
Call me when you get this.
[door chimes ringing]
[light orchestral music]
Uh, hi, yes.
I'm Amber.
[wind rushing]
You're a day late,
a dollar short,
and way out of your
league, little miss.
Oh, Amber.
Of course.
How are you?
I'm good.
I'm just meeting a
friend for dinner.
So, what brings you to town?
Um, I'm just visiting my mom.
That's great.
Yeah, you look really good.
Thank you.
Oh, so do you.
Thank you.
[Marsha] Here you go.
[Cassie] Oh, thank you.
Oh, hey, Amber.
Can I get you something?
Oh, no.
I'm good for now, thanks.
[Marsha] Okay.
So, I heard you
and Dean had dinner.
Yes, we did.
Well, that's nice.
It sure is good to catch up.
You know, I'm very proud
of him for bouncing back
like he did.
And between you and me, he
should've never left town.
But he's back now.
That's all that matters.
[door chimes ringing]
So, are you and he...
Oh, hey, there she is.
I gotta run, but it
was so good to see you.
You too.
[wind rushing]
[light piano music]
Hey, you two.
I gotta lock up for the night.
Okay, Miss Kate.
Thank you.
Be right out.
[wind rushing]
[Marsha] More coffee?
I'm sorry, what?
More coffee, honey?
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
[upbeat pop music]
Hearts breakdown
Never am taking care
And in need of repair
It's a timeless affair
Hearts breakdown
Many sleepless nights
When there's no
wrong or right
It's a murderous fight
Hearts breakdown
No, no, ain't nothing
gonna change it
No, no, only hope
to rearrange it
So, so, better get
used to playing
A game that isn't fair
Born to battle with
a fragile heart
Torn and tattered
from the start
[camera clicking]
Nobody said it
would be this hard
Hearts breakdown
[camera clicking]
Hush, my darling,
don't you cry
I'd hold you close
but my hands are tied
God only knows
all the reasons
Hearts breakdown
Much better.
Same time tomorrow?
Sounds good.
Very nice moves.
How can I help you?
May I have a
moment of your time?
Hadley Prescott.
[dramatic orchestral music]
And you must be Miss
Kate's daughter.
I'm Cassie, yes.
I've met with your
mother on several occasions
in the past.
I've also been told that she
had a recent health scare.
I hope she's en route
to a speedy recovery.
Thank you.
Now, I'm also aware
of the challenges
that the studio has been facing.
I discussed buying the
building from your mother.
And I'm sure she wanted
to hear nothing about it.
Yeah, that pretty
much sums it up.
So, what would you be
planning to do with the building
if you buy it?
I can't say specifically,
but my associates and I,
we have a gameplan
for these parts.
And would you consider
leasing it back to us?
Out of the question.
But we are willing to pay
off your mortgage default
so you all can move
on and be debt free.
It's a win-win.
So, you're telling
me that this studio,
this piece of the community
that's been in my family
since before I was born,
is only worth its
outstanding mortgage?
Now, I wouldn't put
it exactly that way.
Well, however you wanna
spin it, Mr. Prescott.
Please, call me Hadley.
Actually, I don't think
I'll be calling you at all.
Please see yourself out.
[upbeat dance music]
[group clapping]
[wind rushing]
[Walter] Whoa,
this is so awesome!
Hey, guys, take a picture
of me for my Instagram.
[light piano music]
Hips in.
Hold your, hold your arms up
and stay.
Chest open, lifted up.
Good, all right.
Let's try it again.
Hey, Cassie.
- How are you?
- Hi, good.
How are you?
How's your mom?
She's recovering.
You know how stubborn she is.
Yes, I know how your mom is.
But now I have to
deal with Roxy.
Yeah, Roxy can
be bossy sometimes,
but she's been really
great to step in
while my mom's been out,
and you guys have to.
[dramatic orchestral music]
I know it's been
tough around here.
You know, you and your
mom are so good to me
and the kids, so
don't worry about it.
Thank you.
You guys have been amazing.
So, I heard you're going
to the dance competition?
Yeah, scary, huh?
So, you need any help?
Yeah, I could use all
the help I could get.
Any time.
You guys get back to work.
All right.
- Bye.
- Bye.
All right, try it again.
[upbeat pop music]
Come along with me
Gather round, no other sight
Fill the house
and talk all night
I can't believe this
moment feels so right
Come on, baby, stay a while
Let you know I
love your style
Feel the rhythm and the beat
Stand up now and
move your feet, yeah
So, please, oh
Come and dance with me
Gather round, no other sight
Fill the house
and talk all night
I can't believe this
moment feels so right
Gather round, no other sight
Fill the house
and talk all night
I can't believe this
moment feels so right
[grand orchestral music]
[dramatic orchestral music]
Dad, I really wish you were
here to tell me what to do.
I know how much the
studio meant to you
and still does to mom.
I'm doing my best,
but I don't think
it's gonna be enough.
I know you always told me
that tough times don't
last if people do.
This is one tough time.
I miss you so much.
More coffee?
Yes, please, thank you.
[door chimes ringing]
Here you go.
I got a feeling.
Oh yeah.
I don't trust that young
one with the curly hair.
He's up to no good
if you ask me.
I hear ya.
Well, have a nice day.
All right, you too, honey.
Thank you.
[upbeat pop music]
You're the kinda girl
that can make me crash
You're the kinda girl that
can make me lose for days
You're the kinda girl
that can make me beg
You're my kinda girl
And you know it
You have my attention
So, I wanna get
you out alone
Mi casa is tu casa, let's go
I'm pick you any
time, let's go
Hey, can I talk to
you for a second?
Be right back.
Hey, what's going on?
So, I had a chance to catch
up with Amber the other day.
[dramatic orchestral music]
Is there something
you wanna tell me?
Listen, if you two
are still dating,
that's your thing.
I just know why
you didn't tell me.
What else are you
not telling me?
Not telling you?
Look, I have been
completely honest with you.
You know what?
I don't owe you an
explanation about that.
You're the one who left
Georgetown and never came back
and pretty soon, you're
gonna leave again
and none of this ever mattered.
Cassie, wait.
I didn't...
What was that all about?
I just, I wanna focus
on the competition
and getting my mom
back on her feet.
[door chimes ringing]
What happened?
Skydiving incident.
[Roxy] Skydiving.
Oh, it was great.
We had a blast
until I tripped and
fell in the parking lot
on the way home.
There's no way we'll
be ready in time.
Oh no.
I'm really sorry.
It's fine.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna have to pull
out of the competition.
Let me coach you.
You've been doing really good
and I'm sure we could
find you another partner.
How are we gonna find a
new partner in two weeks?
[Dean] All you
had to do was ask.
[light orchestral music]
Absolutely not.
Cassie, I'm sorry.
If you just let me...
You broke my trust.
I don't want your apology.
Please, listen to me
for one second, okay?
I can't deal with
this right now.
I have too many
things to worry about.
All I ever wanted
to do was help,
just give back to the studio.
Sometimes we have to
put the past behind us,
let it go.
This is just a job to you.
And when this is gone,
you can find another one.
You're wrong.
This is so much more than a job.
Dance is what I love.
I love this place.
Everyone deserves
a second chance.
Look, we may not see eye to eye,
but I only know one thing.
You are a talented dancer.
And I also know you're
quite fond of someone,
just by how you keep
telling yourself otherwise.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
You don't?
You stay out of this.
Now, it's your turn to shine,
do some good for the studio.
I'm happy to work with you
and Walter if you'll have me,
help you get ready
for the competition.
Are you sure about that?
On one condition.
Oh, here it comes.
Please kiss and
make up with Dean.
I concur.
You two are incorrigible.
It's settled then.
I didn't say that.
Come, Walter, we
have to strategize.
[light orchestral music]
Shall we?
[light orchestral music]
Let's go.
What are you two doing here?
Oh, uh, we just
wanted to check in
and see how you were doing.
Good morning.
[throat clearing]
Hey, Miss Kate.
Hello, Dean.
Dean and I are
gonna be competing
in the Souther Regionals.
Then what are you doing here?
Ya'll need to rehearse.
Now get.
I ain't dead yet.
[light orchestral music]
I'm fine.
Just need to take it easy.
Now, outta here.
I can stay for a little while.
They're covering for
me at the restaurant.
Thank you, Marsha.
You all worry too much.
I don't need a babysitter,
just some sleep.
Everyone out.
I love you.
I love you too.
Take care, Miss Kate.
So long, Dean.
For the record, Amber and
I, we did date for a while
after high school.
We even did the long-distance
thing when I was in Savannah.
[light orchestral music]
But then my business fell
apart, she started ignoring me.
Wouldn't even take my call.
Now that I'm finally
back on my feet,
guess I'm worthy.
[car door opening]
[car door closing]
Do you have any idea
how much you hurt me?
I mean, I know it was high
school but it still hurts.
We were great together
and then you chose the
bottled-blonde hotty
to impress your friends.
I really cared about you.
I know you did
and I can't tell
you how many times
I wanted to pick up
the phone and call you.
Why didn't you?
I was a teenage boy
with a fragile ego.
Why did you really
leave Georgetown?
To start my career.
Cassie, you are the best
dancer I've ever known
and you went off and you got
a corporate nine to five.
I get it, it's safe, but
there's no risk there.
There's no reward either.
I got promoted.
We can only lie to
ourselves for so long.
Wouldn't you rather try and fail
than never try at all?
[car starting]
Your timing is impeccable.
I put this off for
as long as I could,
but the board is
breathing down my neck.
The board or a vulture,
wanting to swoop in when
we're at our most vulnerable?
You know if the bank moves in,
it'll be far worse for you
than if you accept
our generous offer.
Paying off our mortgage
and leaving us with nothing
is far from generous.
It'll save you all the
humiliation of foreclosure.
And knowing we
acquired your property
for even less than
we're offering now.
[light orchestral music]
You might wanna work on your
bedside manner, my friend.
Duly noted.
Cassie, I would
stop this if I could,
but I've put this
off for far too long.
My dance partner, Dean,
and I are gonna be competing
in the Southern Regionals.
It's $10,000 for the winner.
And all of that would
go to the studio
and the business has
actually been getting...
Yeah, but that's if you win.
I have the utmost
faith in you ability,
but that is hardly something
I can take back to the board.
The $10,000 will merely
delay the foreclosure.
You'll need to show some
substantial business growth
for the bank to reconsider.
Is he giving you
a hefty commission?
[William] Come on now.
Well is he?
Looks, it's true.
I want the property, but I
haven't exerted any pressure
or offered any incentives
to Mr. William.
Why don't I believe
either of you?
[phone ringing]
I have to take this call.
Excuse me.
If you're not even willing
to consider Mr. Hadley's...
I said I have to take this.
[dramatic orchestral music]
Let's go.
[Dean] More bad news?
When it rains.
[door chimes ringing]
[light orchestral music]
Hi, Tessa.
I made it.
The director of the Miami
City Ballet loved me.
[Cassie] I'm so proud of you.
Thank you, but
Roger didn't make it
and then he broke up with me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Always makes my
niece feel better.
My treat.
Got lots to talk about.
Yeah, that sounds great.
Let's go.
[Dean] Come on.
[tango music]
[Walter] Stop.
What's wrong?
[Walter] You're
not feeling it.
[Dean] Not feeling what?
The passion, the intensity.
You guys have the choreography.
Just make it come to life.
Let's try it again.
[tango music]
five, six, seven, eight.
Come on, guys.
Feed off each other.
Come on.
Stop stop stop stop stop.
Hey, guys.
I actually do have a couple
of really great exercises
that might help, if you
wanna give them a try.
But I don't wanna
step on any toes.
[light orchestral music]
Why don't we
just take a break?
No no no.
Let's do this.
Step closer together.
Now gaze into each other's eyes.
Whoever laughs first has to
buy me another milkshake.
[tango music]
And five, six, seven, eight.
[phone ringing]
Where are you?
I'm sorry.
[light piano music]
I'm sorry that I hurt you.
I'm sorry I wasn't smart enough
to realize we had a good thing.
And I'm sorry it
took me over 10 years
to finally tell you that.
Shall we?
[tango music]
[Walter] Hola.
Uh, hi.
Looking good.
We have some work to do.
Whatever you say, hotshot.
You're on, old man.
[upbeat pop music]
We go together like
ice cream and ginger
You push my buttons
but I like the game
Nice job, just make sure
you keep the arms up, okay?
And shoulders back,
always shoulders back
and chest up, okay?
What are you, 12?
19, almost.
Keep up the good work, guys.
All right, let's
do this hotshot.
All right, old man.
Five, six, seven, eight.
This shouldn't
work, but it does
Don't think about
Hooked on each
other like a drug
Don't you even doubt it
This shouldn't
work, but it does
Don't think about it
Guess there's no
one else to blame
If we choose to go insane
Oh, baby, it's madness
I'm loving this madness
No room in here for sadness
Can't get enough of
this mad, madness
I wasn't looking for
a hap-happy ending
I wanted someone who
could break the rules
A common player in
the art of pretending
Star-crossed liars
that's conspired
This shouldn't
work, but it does
Don't think about it
Hooked on each
other like a drug
Don't you even doubt it
This shouldn't
work, but it does
Don't think about it
Guess there's no
one else to blame
If we choose to go insane
Oh, baby, it's madness
I'm loving this madness.
[Cassie] Okay.
You do your thing.
I got it, okay?
[light orchestral music]
[Dean] What's she doing here?
This should be interesting.
Yes, Charlotte, please.
Sorry to bother you, but
our dressing room is locked.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Just give me a minute, okay?
Can I just borrow your keys?
I'll bring them right back.
Charlotte, I can't.
Hold on just a sec,
please please please.
Here, its...
I know which one it is.
All right, bring
'em right back, okay?
Okay, go ahead.
[crowd murmuring]
[Emily] Good luck, Uncle Dean.
Good luck, Miss Cassie.
[Cassie] Thank you.
I just know
you're going to win.
Well, you know, you're
supposed to say break a leg.
Why would I say that?
Do you know what
a superstition is?
I think so.
Well, you say break a leg
because it's exactly what
you don't want to happen.
I think you're
playing a trick on me.
No, that's honey.
That's what you're
supposed to say.
Okay, well, break
a leg, Uncle Dean.
Break a leg, Miss Cassie.
All right, now, let's let
these two finish getting ready.
[Both] Bye.
What's wrong?
Yeah, okay, I'll
be right back.
Uh, could we use a paper clip?
Oh yeah, that
would look great.
[light orchestral music]
You just happened to
have these in your purse.
Dancer's always prepared.
I wish my mom could be here.
I know she is in spirit.
Thank you.
Oh my gosh.
Oh, hey.
I'm so sorry.
[Roxy] Are you ready?
[audience applauding]
Welcome to the fifth annual
Southern Regional Amateur
Dance Competition.
[audience applauding]
We'd like to thank our sponsors
for their generous support.
[audience applauding]
And, of course, our judges.
[audience applauding]
Tonight's competition will
be judged on originality,
precision, choregraphic
execution, and
And to all our
competitors, break a leg.
[audience applauding]
[tango music]
Not half bad.
Pretty slick if you ask me.
Money talks.
Hey, you.
Hey, I didn't know you danced.
While you were crashing
and burning in Savannah,
I learned some fancy moves.
Thought it would impress you.
Hey, I hate to ask, but do
you have any safety pins?
I might have some
in my dressing room?
Do you mind?
I'll catch you out there.
[Amber] Great, thanks.
She any good?
Money talks.
[audience applauding]
I have to say I'm
surprised to see you here.
[Amber] Oh, I know.
[ominous orchestral music]
[Cassie] Wait, I
can't open the door.
It seems to be locked.
I'll go get some help.
Oh, there you are.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, thanks.
[doorknob jiggling]
[Cassie] Hello?
Is anybody there?
[audience applauding]
[tango music]
[suspenseful orchestral music]
[tango music]
[suspenseful orchestral music]
[audience gasping]
[Woman In Audience] Oh no.
Where's your partner?
She'll be right back.
We're ready.
[audience applauding]
[suspenseful orchestral music]
[Host] We're looking
for Cassie and Dean.
They're next.
Is the couple ready?
Should I go backstage?
[Roxy] Where's
Cassie and Dean?
[Tessa] I was just with them.
Where did they go?
[crowd murmuring]
The judges will
have to disqualify you
if she isn't here soon.
I understand.
Just give me one
minute, one minute.
Have you seen Cassie?
I think she's in the restroom.
[doorknob clicking]
- [door knocking]
- Hello?
[doorknob falling]
Shall we?
Did Amber lock you in there?
How'd you get out?
[Host] We will have
to disqualify the
if they are a no-show.
Looks like they just made.
And here is Cassie and Dean.
[audience applauding
and cheering]
[Roxy] They made it.
All right.
[crowd murmuring]
[tango music]
[curtain opening]
[crowd cheering]
[Tessa] Cassie.
Whoo, yay!
[audience applauding
and cheering]
[light orchestral music]
How do you feel?
Me too.
I can't believe
Amber did that.
Actually, I can.
[bag unzipping]
I went back later
and grabbed it.
It's been in my sock
drawer ever since.
I can't believe you kept it.
[door knocking]
[crowd murmuring]
Welcome our finalists.
And in third place,
with a $500 cash prize
[suspenseful orchestral music]
[audience applauding]
[light orchestral music]
The runner up with
a $2,000 cash prize is
[suspenseful orchestral music]
Twilight Dance Factory.
[audience applauding
and cheering]
[light orchestral music]
The winner of the
Southern Regional
Amateur Dance Competition
and a $10,000 cash prize is
[suspenseful orchestral music]
[audience clapping]
A Second Chance.
[audience applauding
and cheering]
Whoo, Cassie!
[upbeat orchestral music]
[Victor] Next time.
You guys were amazing.
I'll see you outside.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, I'm so proud of you.
Nice job, old man.
Yeah, thanks hotshot.
Oh, congratulations.
Hey, excuse me, guys.
There's someone here to see you.
[Cassie] Mom?
You two were simply
gorgeous up there.
You saw the whole thing?
Snuck in at the last minute,
got a seat in the back.
Please tell me you did
not convince her to sell.
I have to say that was
truly beautiful to watch.
I have never...
I'm glad you enjoyed it, but
I wanna know why you're here.
To answer your question,
yes, I convinced her to sell.
Mom, no.
We won.
We could at least...
[Kate] Let the man speak.
Let's just say my
new investment partner
is very passionate about dance.
[light orchestral music]
We're paying off your
mortgage, plus 20%,
which you can use for
renovations how ya'll see fit
and go ahead and spend those
winnings however you want.
I don't understand.
We'll then lease
the studio back to you
for $1 a month for five years.
And once you get
back on your feet,
we'll negotiate in good faith.
Sounds like a win-win to me.
Excuse me one second.
Thank you.
Thank you, Hadley.
We all just gonna
stand around here
or we gonna go celebrate?
Mom, you just got
out of the hospital.
I'll take it easy.
I reserved the banquet
room at Deck 383, my treat.
Shall we?
We'll meet you guys there.
Just gotta pack up and change.
So, is this it, tiny dancer?
Well, we're gonna join
everyone for dinner, right?
You know what I mean.
Uh, actually, I'm gonna
stay and help my mom
with the studio.
What about that job of yours?
[light orchestral music]
It's just a job.
Dance is what I love, my family.
This is my home.
I see.
What's going on with you?
It's all good.
You know, we should get going.
[light orchestral music]
You're the mystery
investment partner
who's passionate about
dance, aren't you?
You know, I guess that
means that, technically,
I'm your boss.
We'll see about that.
[lights powering down]
[upbeat pop music]
I would yell
But you already know
I hate myself
When I let you let go
'Cause I don't care
what you said to me
When you said you
needed to breathe
Now I'm all alone
Where did you go,
where did you go
I'm all alone
Won't you come back home
I miss the way
that you hold me
I miss the way that you feel
I miss the way
that you touch me
So real
I miss the way
that you hold me
I miss the way that you feel
I miss the way
that you touch me
So real
So real
It's the way, it's
the way, it's the way
So real
Oh yeah, broke me down,
baby, too many times
This ain't fair
And I still don't know why
Now I'm all alone
Where did you go,
where did you go
I'm all alone
Won't you come back home
I miss the way
that you hold me
I miss the way that you feel
I miss the way
that you touch me
So real
I miss the way
that you hold me
I miss the way that you feel
I miss the way
that you touch me
So real
Yeah, yeah
Na na na na
Oh, so real
So real, so real
So real, so real
So real, so real
So real, so real
So real, so real
So real
So real, so real
So real, so real
So real, so real
So real
So real, so real
So real