Another Version of You (2018) Movie Script

["Let's Go For It" plays]
From the day that we met
Oh, my heart skipped
A beat in my chest
And I never got over it
So baby
Let's go for it now
When we finally kissed
I leaned in and you
Laughed 'cause I missed
I got nothing
To show for it
So baby let's go
For it now
I might not be
The smoothest guy around
Or the topic
Of every girl in town
But I love you
The experts all agree
And I come with
A lifetime guarantee
So, if you're
Looking for love
I can promise when
Push comes to shove
I won't ever get over it
So baby let's go for it now
Oh, buddy. She's not
the only girl in the world.
I just feel like I have
wasted my entire life.
No, no, no, no.
Think of this as a clean slate.
As a new beginning.
[slow music]
Okay, I gotta go.
I better see you
at the reception, okay?
Suzette would be heartbroken
if you didn't show up.
There will be free drinks.
Suzette and her new husband.
-[phone line connecting]
-[Suzette] Hey, it's Suzette.
Leave a message.
Hey, Suzette. It is Diggsy.
The guy whose heart
you shit on today.
I'm sorry-- that...
[woman] ...your message,
press one. Otherwise press--
I should have
come out a long time ago--
not come out. I could
have asked you to the prom.
I know I asked you to prom.
Three times but--
Like you're the, the sun...
casting down these warming rays
onto my little...
cat body
and I'd just be
drinking up your milk.
No, I don't--
you don't have milk.
[chuckles] Hey, you can just--
don't even listen
to that last message
cause, uh, just...
having a rough night.
Here's what
I really want to say.
All I want is for you
to be happy.
That's all
I've ever wanted and if you...
if you found
what you're looking for
then I'm happy.
[slow music]
Okay, bye.
["How Much Can A Man Take"
Every time my arm
Reach out for you
You push them away
And when I'm caught
Begging for my money
You're going out to play
You know you always
Get your way
You tell me everything...
-Okay. Don't worry.
Mm-hmm. You won't find
that around here.
[chuckles] Mortimer.
Are you, uh...
were you at that wedding?
I used to date a woman.
Her name was Candice.
Her special talent was sleeping
with my best friend.
I didn't find out
about this talent
until the day after
I ate some pepper spray
disguised as hot chicken and I
had to run home from work to,
you know, use the bathroom.
Only to find Candice
straddling my pal, Kenneth.
It was late at night
and I was throwing myself
a cheap vodka party
sitting on the sidewalk
of a busy street.
Let's just say
my mind wasn't filled
with unicorns and sunshine.
Then, she stopped.
A mystery in a printed dress
wearing combat boots.
And she handed me this.
I want to give this to you.
You don't,
you don't have to keep it.
You can give it
to somebody else,
but it looks like
you could use it.
[soft music]
Best of luck.
[key drops]
[Diggsy] "This key opens doors
to parallel universes."
"Once you walk through
and close a door,
there's no going back."
[soft music continues]
[cell phone ringing]
[cell phone continues ringing]
[cell phone ringing]
[soft music continues]
[drops the key]
["Waking Up a Dream" plays]
Sorry, that bathroom line
was like forever long
but I brought you back
a snack.
Not from the bathroom. From
like a tray with food on it.
Thank you.
So, okay, you said
you were about to tell me
"kind of very important."
I'm writing a book.
Diggsy, that's great.
-What's it about?
Oh, are there robots in it?
-No robots this time.
It's more of like a...
-romantical-ish-- you know...
like a-- it's a guy
or a guy that loves this girl
and it's his first love and--
A love story, yeah.
Mm, that's great.
That's really great.
I mean, you've talked about
wanting to write a book
-since we were in middle school.
-Middle school. Yeah.
And now you're actually
doing it.
I'm really proud of you.
-I can't wait to read it.
But there should
be robots in this book.
-Well, I could put--
Can you two move out
of the way, please?
Because there's this guy
that's trying to challenge me
to an arm-wrestling match
and I really would love
to embarrass him in public.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Please take a moment and witness
the stupidity of a man
as I am about to gently
rip off his arm
of this frail human. Move.
[people chattering and laughing]
[man] Come on!
You're my favorite plus one.
[romantic music]
[people chattering and laughing]
[soft music]
[soft music continues]
[man laughing]
[soft music continues]
[Diggsy stutters]
-Do you need anything else?
I'm, I'm okay. Thank you.
-Okay. Let me know.
[soft music]
[knocking on door]
Oh, good. You're not dead. Why
aren't you answering your phone?
I, uh, it spent the night
in the fridge. It's been acting
funny ever since.
Suzette was very disappointed
you didn't come to the reception
last night.
I expected more of you.
-Yeah, well.
-You should probably listen
to the voice mails
I left you though cause
as the night went on
things got really colorful.
-What is this?
-Nothing. Thank you.
No, this is not nothing.
Another Suzette?
Parallel universes?
Leave Daphne?
Diggsy, what is this?
Let's sit and chat.
[soft music]
So, I know
this is gonna sound crazy,
but this key
supposedly can open any door
and when you open that door
you go to a parallel universe.
-Do you want to go grab
something to eat
or see a movie, or just
chill out, or something?
Just let me explain. Yesterday,
after Suzette's wedding,
this man approached me.
He gave me this key.
He seemed to think I needed it.
I know it sounds crazy.
Yeah, Digs,
it sounds bad shit insane.
Some stranger danger
approaches you,
gives you some magical key
and you believe him?
That isn't like you, Diggsy.
Come here. Come here.
I don't know, Daph--
I just, I need to do something.
I know.
Like, I woke up this morning
and I was thinking--
what if there are
other Suzettes?
Okay. Okay.
Come on. Let's do it.
Let's try it.
Yeah, and you know what?
If it doesn't work then we'll
laugh, we'll forget about it
and I'll set you up with Amy,
that really cute girl
-with the round butt
and the eyes?
-Round butt Amy.
[soft music]
Now all you need is a whip.
I mean should I call
mom and dad and--
It's kind of a big decision
to leave everything, right?
Just get your magic key out
and show me the universe.
Universes. Whatever.
Oh, yeah.
I don't think it worked.
-I'll call round butt Amy.
-No, no.
Maybe this is how it works.
It's very underwhelming so...
-You could come with me.
-Or you could go first.
Okay, have a great trip.
Love you. Bye.
[soft music continues]
All right, Daphne.
It's not funny. Oh, I mean,
it is kind of funny,
but it's not funny to me.
Daphne? No.
You have the wrong address.
Now bugger off.
[soft music]
[church bell rings]
[soft music continues]
[Diggsy clears his throat]
I'll talk to you. What's this?
Like everything's okay.
It's not.
Why are you in my office?
I'm still really pissed at you.
So? Where were you?
Where, where, where was I? Um...
were we supposed to--
no, I'm not.
What? With you just showing
up at my office
I was kind of expecting
something like,
"Oh, hey, Suzette.
How was your baby's
first birthday party
that I totally skipped?"
To which I would have said,
"It was absolutely magical.
I had a bounce house,
I had two balloon guys.
There was this fancy
Mexican ice cream.
I don't understand it
but it cost a lot of money.
And you know
what wasn't there? You."
It was elegant, tasteful,
which you would know
had you attended.
I don't...
[whispering] I don't know
what to say right now.
You are a child. I can't.
Just, just go.
-Just go. Leave now.
-That way.
[soft music]
[indistinct chatter]
Hey. Oh, hey, buddy,
what are you doing here?
-Hi. Yeah, I uh--
-So, I was just telling Suzette
about how you took
the kids to the beach
and how adorable Scout
was running into the ocean.
My gosh.
I bet she's gotten so big.
I haven't seen her in forever.
And the little guy?
I've not even met him yet.
-So cute. Yeah.
-[Suzette] How's Penelope?
She's one of those women
you would never know
she had a baby two months ago.
-But she looks amazing.
-[Suzette] Yeah. I believe it.
-Of course, she does.
-Oh, Penelope.
-Hey, babe.
-Where's Scout?
-[Penelope] Oh, your mom has her
so I can get a cup of coffee.
Suzette. It has been
forever since we've seen you.
[Suzette] I know.
We were just talking about that.
You look amazing.
on this little cutie.
Here you go.
How are you doing, ladies?
Okay. [chuckles] You know
our kids like to eat, right?
Shouldn't you be at work?
Yeah, why don't you
two grab some coffee
-and hang out and chat with us
for a little bit?
Oh, well, I've got to go
to work and make that money.
[laughs] So, I'll see you.
Are you okay, Diggsy?
You kind of seem like
you got punched by a fish.
A fish? Okay.
I'm gonna say, bye.
Hey, you. Something is off.
I have never
seen this outfit before.
And, and-- you are,
you are not wearing my cologne.
That, and, where is
your wedding ring?
Are you, are you fooling around
on me?
Are you fooling around on me?
Is that,
is that what's happening?
No, I don't think
he is and I'm really sorry...
-Where are you going?
-...and goodbye.
What do you mean you
don't think he is--?
[soft music]
Hi, Suzette, it's Diggsy.
[indistinct screams]
This is just like a dream
I had once, only you
weren't wearing that tie
and your mustache
was nicer looking.
Oh, now what was I saying?
Oh, after you left town last
year I kind of went through
a little bit of rough patch,
but I'm much better now.
My friend Lisa, I don't know
if you remember Lisa,
she's been really helpful.
She works at the place
that makes the paper
that goes into books.
It's a very special type of
paper. She told me all about it.
That's your seat. You sit there.
She has a little dog named
Hiccup and that dog
makes a noise
exactly like a hiccup. I mean,
it's not really a hiccup
because I don't think
that dogs can hiccup.
No, I don't think
that dogs can hiccup.
Oh, then after you left, I
started eating a lot but
then I stopped
and that wasn't good either.
Hmm. What else, what else,
what else, what else?
When you filed that restraining
order my mom was so mad at you.
Oh, but I know she'd love
to see you again.
Oh! You could come over
and meet my kitten.
His name is Mr. Fuzzyface
and he is cute.
Yes, he's so cute. Well, he's
not really a kitten, he's a cat,
cause he's five which is 37
in people years so that
makes him older than we are.
[both laugh]
Will you excuse me for a moment?
[soft music]
-Ha, ha.
The bathroom's over there.
I just gotta... [laughs]
Hi. Are you okay in there?
You're acting kind of funny.
Just-- Um, here.
Yes. Huh.
I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Have fun at the beach!
[soft music]
Hey, you.
What the hell
are you doing in Reykjavik?
Suzette! Hi.
-It's me, Diggsy.
-I'm sorry. Have we met before?
-Want to go have a drink?
Oh, since you're here can you
put some sunscreen on my back?
[laughs] Oh. Shoot.
Your daddy
isn't really good at...
What is happening?
-Let's go.
-Hey, you. I didn't know
you were coming.
Abbi, do you have any lotion?
I've got this weird rash on--
oh, hey, uh,
it's not that weird.
-That was quick.
-What the hell?
You know I gotta go.
-Where are you going?
-Just, uh...
get a thing.
[soft music]
I'm sorry
but I had a whole lot of drinks
and now I have to tinkle.
-[Suzette] Tinkle?
[Suzette] It's okay.
Just don't be long.
Suzette, I gotta means I gotta.
Mm. Go. Go. Go. Go.
[opens the door]
No. No, no, no. No!
I gotta. Ugh. Oh.
[soft music]
-Hey, you want the usual?
-Sure. Thank you.
-For here?
-Uh, yeah. Sounds good.
I'll add it to your tab.
Tab. Yeah. Ha.
Do one of these.
Thank you.
Okay. So, a few things.
One, you act like
you don't know who I am
which is really strange. Two,
we joke about having tabs here
but we really don't have tabs
here. And you know--
you're walking
into the store as we speak.
[whispering] Don't go anywhere.
-Hey. How are you?
-Um, want the usual?
-Yes. One usual.
Great. To go?
Uh, yes, thank you.
Got a big meeting
-and gotta get my caffeine.
-[Diggsy] It's good to see you.
-Good to see you too.
Who are you?
Are you a twin?
-Are you a clone?
-Are you an alien?
-Just, we're--
no, none of those
and it's kind of...
-ridiculous, uh...
-I'm Gwyneth.
-I know.
So, if you're not him
and you're not a pod person.
Who are you?
Oh, customer.
Look, I'm about to be done
with my shift
and I would love for you to
explain all of this to me. Cool?
-Sweet. Be back, right. Oh.
So, let's say you find
this girl. Then what?
What do you mean?
I mean is that
really the grand prize?
You have this unbelievable
Do you really want to waste
this awesomeness on some girl?
Some girl
you don't even really know.
What was her name again?
Right. Her, but like, okay,
I get you knew
this first Suzette but like all
these other Suzettes
could be complete Bobbilobbers.
What's a Bobbilobber?
A crazy person.
Right. Okay.
What now?
I don't know. Uh...
tell me about yourself?
I lived in Russia for a while.
Really? Do you speak it?
-[speaks in a foreign language]
-What does that mean?
I hate the name Gwen.
I love animals
but I would never have a pet.
And I'm not afraid
to experience new things.
I actually have an 18-year-old
bourbon at the house
that I've been dying to open.
Want to try it with me?
Uh, uh--
[soft music]
Make yourself at home.
Sorry, I just-- I hate
my coffee making clothes.
I actually prefer
minimum clothing but...
I thought I should keep it
family friendly for your sake.
Well, you don't have to--
I mean, like, you know if
you're comfortable with the--
Can I be forward?
I think you've proven
you can be, yes.
Have you ever played
strip karaoke?
-[soft music]
She's walking
Down the road and
She's finding it hard to--
I don't know.
-I won!
-All right.
Night outside we duck--
It's kind of...
That's a repeat.
You didn't do it.
[Diggsy] Scrabble. [laughs]
All right,
your number is a lucky number.
Hey. I got nothing.
-I'm really ticklish.
I know.
Ah, yeah.
I'm just-- Where does it go?
Like the empire state building.
Argh. Ah!
Okay, so what happened?
I'm not exactly sure.
I mean, I remember a few things.
-Having a creative--
-I'm gonna sing all
the songs right.
I remember a tongue in my mouth.
Mm. You hungry?
[rock music]
-Wait, what's this?
-What are you talking about?
You said we were going to watch
The Matrix .
This is The Matrix .
Will Smith
isn't in The Matrix .
Yeah, he is. He's Neo.
I've seen this movie
like ten times
and that is definitely
Will Smith.
Wait, does someone else
play Neo in your universe?
Keanu Reeves.
Ted from Bill and Ted's
Excellent Time Machine?
Huh. No way.
[slow music]
[sighs] I don't know I just,
I have so many questions.
Like what?
How about
you just tell me a story?
So, Daphne and Suzette were
best friends
since we were young.
So Suzette was over
at our house all the time.
And every time she'd sleep over,
I thought that was the night,
you know, that she would...
kiss me.
That she and Daphne would be
watching a movie and that--
just go to bed.
She was really nice,
so fun,
flirty even--
nothing ever happened.
Maybe you should have
just kissed her?
Yeah. Maybe.
[slow music]
Oh, I'm sorry. I, I--
Hey, Daph.
[slow music continues]
Uh, how is this possible?
I mean I know it's odd but--
Odd? Diggsy, you're dead.
Hey, Daph, I'm sorry--
just let me explain.
[kettle whistling]
So, you're like my Diggsy,
except that you're here
and you're alive.
Yes. Sounds about right.
Um, you, you and other me...
Best friends.
So, you just left me all alone.
I've thought about it
every day since I left.
How long has it been?
I don't know anymore.
So how does it work?
Well, I don't know
what dictates it,
but for our purposes,
let's just say that every time
someone makes a decision
there's a split.
And now there's two people
in parallel universes,
one who dated the girl
and one who didn't.
And there are an infinite number
of these possibilities
and I have a key that lets me
bounce, boom, boom, boom, boom--
from one universe to the next.
But the thing is
there's versions of us,
me, you, possibly
in all of these universes.
Huh. Okay, and, and-- so you
did all of this to find Suzette?
Suzette Larking?
-So, she's here?
-Yeah, yeah,
but she's not for you.
Trust me.
So, she's not your friend?
N-no, no. I don't, I don't know
what version Suzette you know,
but the Suzette here
is a complete bitch.
[scoffs] Really?
[soft music]
Good morning. [grunts]
So, I thought--
[clears her throat]
Does this mean
you're leaving me?
You don't have to leave.
The longer I stay the more
it will hurt to leave.
You don't have to leave because
of some trampy whore kitten.
You don't have to leave.
There's no other Diggsy here.
I have so many,
so many wonderful friends
that you would love
and they would love you.
It's easier this way.
Like ripping off a Band-Aid.
No. No, no.
Diggsy, no. Diggsy.
[crying] Diggsy, don't leave me.
Okay, okay.
[dramatic music]
Do you have to?
Don't you-- Oh.
[suspense music]
We can't go back. Can we?
I'm so sorry.
We can't go back.
[crying] No.
Okay. Okay.
You just-- Damn it!
I'm so sorry.
But you--
[turns the shower on]
I cannot believe you took a
shower in that stranger's house
-and took her clothes.
-Well, I needed a shower
and I needed some clothes so.
Daph, I'm...
So, how does it work? Um...
what do you do?
You say magic words
-and then we're...
-No, I just open doors
and sometimes I see people.
-You mean like
my college roommate, Penelope?
-That's kind of specific but--
No, no. There's my college
roommate, Penelope.
Daphne! Hi! Mm! Mm.
Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Friendly.
I thought you weren't getting
into town until Friday.
I love it when you surprise me!
Do you know Diggsy?
-Of course, I do. So silly.
-Yes. Right.
-Hey, Diggsy.
How's Suzette?
Oh, she's, um, f-f-finding--
she's, she's good.
Great. That's great.
I'm so glad you're back, Bear.
Hey, why-- why is your hair wet?
Were you just--
were you just up at my place?
Oh, I don't know.
Are these your clothes?
No-- Yeah, okay.
You're so silly, Daphebear.
I'm so glad
I got to see you early.
I'm gonna text you about dinner.
I have to run
to this meeting now.
-What a fun surprise!
Mwah, mwah. Bye. Bye, Diggsy.
-What was that?
-I, uh, it's
like Daphne did
some experimenting in college.
Sure. Sure.
Yeah, well, that was, uh...
-you know?
-I know.
Okay. Okay, well, we have to go.
But did you hear what
she said about the, uh...
Yes, but that means
that Suzette's already taken.
So, we're no good here.
Let's go. Let's go.
Get a key. Get a door.
Find a door, find a key.
-But-- yeah. Oh, okay.
-[soft music]
Everybody's looking
For a prize now
Hoping that they won't
Ever be left out
They're looking in the sky
And watch it falling down
So, everybody
Open up your eyes
Your eyes closed
Oh, Oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh
Oh, Oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh
[slow music]
Why Suzette?
There was this moment.
We were playing
hide and seek after school
when she took my hand,
led me behind these bushes,
and we were just laughing,
and waiting to be found.
And she pushed a chunk of hair
behind her ear
and smiled at me
and that was it.
My life has been filled
with moments like that.
Moments where I felt so close
to getting what I want.
But in the end,
she married someone else.
Now I have another chance.
I know, it sounds stupid, right?
No. No, it's not stupid,
it's sweet.
It's really sweet.
Can I tell you something
and you won't judge me?
I can't stop thinking
about how soft
Penelope's tongue was.
I mean are all girl's tongues
that soft?
You are a girl so you have
a girl's tongue in your mouth.
So, you should know, right?
It's pretty much impossible
to know
if your own tongue is soft.
I mean, do you know?
-Do you?
-Sorry-- just-- Hey,
I was married to Penelope
in one of the universes.
-Did you kiss her?
Huh. Damn.
Then I would know
if it's just her tongue
that's that soft or if
all girl's tongues are soft.
Would that change
things for you?
No, no,
I don't think so. I just--
her tongue
was just unexpectedly soft.
-No, no.
-[people chattering]
-[upbeat music]
Oh! Drinks, drinks,
drinks, drinks.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
I don't think
we should be here.
Can you just relax?
Just for a moment
and just have some fun?
I'm gonna go find a costume.
Whoa, whoa, no, Daphne get--
Excuse me, ladies.
Thought that we lost it
[indistinct chatter]
It really looks like another
key. We never really even knew--
Oh, Diggsy! I've been telling
everyone about our adventure,
the key and everything.
Let me introduce you.
This is Franklin and Kyle.
-They're my new friends.
-Sounds cool. Can we see it?
Yeah, man,
show us how it works.
I don't know
what she's talking about.
She says some crazy things
when she's been drinking.
What? What? Diggsy!
It's mine now.
Hey, man, you should have
just shown me the key.
See, now, everybody's watching
and it got all weird.
-I want to see how it works.
-[Diggsy] Ooh.
-[man who is opening
the door] Yeah...
-[man laughs]
The back of the building.
Impressive. I'm blown away.
-Yeah, nothing to see.
-Try it again.
-Try it again.
Try it again.
Look at this. This is amazing.
The back of...
the building.
Yeah. Okay, here we go.
No, no, no.
You're gonna bring him back,
He's got my keys.
-[upbeat music]
-[people chattering]
Oh, you two look like you need
a drink. What can I get you?
We also have
our world famous uber teeny tots
which are shitty.
Daphne Ellston? [chuckles]
Holy shit!
What-- uh-- When was
the last time I saw you?
It was the junior year
of high school? Is that right?
I don't know. Yes?
Is it? I don't--
Yeah, yeah, damn, how are you?
I'm great.
You, I, I love this look
-that you have going on.
-Well, you look amazing.
Thank you.
Oh, you know Diggsy, my brother.
-This is my brother, Diggsy.
-Diggsy! I totally remember you.
I kind of had a crush
on you back in the day.
You look different
but you're sexy.
Oh, good. Yeah, you're great
look-- Very good looking.
You look good, today.
This is great.
What are you guys doing?
You want to go grab drinks,
go out, catch up?
-Yes. Total--
we, we're super-chill,
open, relaxed, so yeah, right?
-Love all-- yeah, it's good.
Okay, you two stay right there.
I'm gonna go grab
some shots to celebrate.
-What was that?
You were
like totally flirty with--
-flirter pants with her.
-What are you talking?
No, I wasn't.
What about you?
What happened to your words?
Did you lose them?
Did you forget how to speak?
No-- she's...
Okay, I call this one,
"Sorry about tomorrow."
-[upbeat music]
-[people chattering]
[indistinct chattering]
So, you said
you were going on an adventure.
That sounds awesome.
Where are you going?
Oh, um, open ended.
Right, Diggsy?
We're just out
exploring the universe.
Wow. The universe.
-That's awesome.
-You're awesome.
-I love it.
So, the last guy I dated,
total waste of oxygen.
A loser. All he wanted to do was
stay home and play video games.
I know. And I was like,
"Hello, have you seen this?
-It's nice."
-Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
So, no recent girlfriends.
I find that
very hard to believe.
Oh, well, he, he's been in love
with the same girl
since like when he was
in diapers or something.
Mm, she must be special.
What's her name?
Sue-vie. Suvi.
It's different.
-She's awesome.
-[chuckles] Yeah.
I don't really
Wanna say good night...
You guys want to come back
to my place?
["Wait Just A Minute" plays]
- Falling fast for you
I'm falling deep
This is all just a dream
And please
Don't wake me up
And up we go
Let's take the leap
We've got nothing to lose
Baby, it's just you and me
I know you feel the same
This doesn't
Happen every day
So, if you feel the same
Baby let me know it
Wait just a minute
Stay another minute now
I don't really want
To say goodnight
I don't really want
To say goodnight
Wait just minute now
Baby, I'm in it now
I don't really want
To say goodnight
I don't really want
To say goodnight
Wait just a minute
Now wait just minute
Now wait just a minute now
Wait, wait just a minute
Wait just a minute now
Stay another minute now
I don't really want
To say goodnight
I don't really want
To say...
So, um...
things are kind of weird.
You remember the, you remember
how we talked about tongues,
the tongue thing
that we talked about? Yeah,
so, um...
so I now know
what a girl's tongue feels like
and it is soft.
You saying you kissed her?
I'm so-- Oh,
man, Diggsy, I'm so sorry.
It just happened. I mean
it just, it just happened.
And, and now I-- Oh, my God!
I connected with her in a way
I've never connected before.
Ever. It's like chemistry
and magic and love
and math and all this goodness
just wrapped up into a ball.
And you just
met her yesterday.
Yeah. But-- but you know,
being someone who left
his entire life
in search of a girl--
Yeah, to find her. Her.
I know. Um...
I just feel like if anyone would
understand the concept
of love just sinking
its teeth into you,
you know, it would be you.
Diggsy, I feel
terrible about it, I do.
I never meant for this
to happen, you know?
-Hey, Diggsy.
Daphne told me everything.
And, uh, I know you guys
are nomads right now,
but if you wanted to just chill
here for a little while and...
-We'd love-- Yes. Right?
[slow music]
I am gonna miss you
like crazy.
Are you sure about this?
-Yeah. Yeah.
-You take care of her.
-[sobbing] I love you, Daphne.
-I love you too.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music continues]
[cardiac monitor beeping]
-Hi, Diggsy.
[dramatic music continues]
It's been a few years, huh?
What made you decide
to finally stop by?
That's okay,
you don't have to say anything,
especially after all those
phone calls you never returned.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's been a rough year.
I'm actually glad to see you.
I'm not who you think I am.
Then who are you?
Well, I'm Diggsy,
but not the Diggsy
that you remember.
I've come from a parallel
universe to find you.
It's a quest of sorts.
A quest? You're a knight?
[chuckles] No.
But I've been searching
for a version of you
who might be interested in me
because I've loved you
my whole life.
I don't know what this is,
I'm not really feeling
very well.
So, I don't think
I can help you with whatever...
crisis you seem
to be going through.
And I don't-- I have no idea
what you're going through
and I'm sorry. I'm very sorry.
[dramatic music continues]
Can't remember the last time
you said something like that.
Let me see your arm.
You used to have a tattoo
of a kitten right here.
I met Suzette when I was nine.
And she...
Diggsy, that girl you're looking
for, she isn't real.
I mean, what if I'm
the perfect version of Suzette?
You could be.
I'm not gonna be here
much longer.
You need to figure out
what's really important.
And I'll give you a hint.
It's not me.
Just promise me
you won't be a tourist.
["To Love You" plays]
Holding on to you so tight
Darkness leaves
When you're nearby
To love you is life
To love you is life
Hope you'll never go away
Words I think
But cannot say
To love you is life
I'll love you for life
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
I'll love you for life
-Shit, I'm sorry.
-I shouldn't have said 'shit.'
-It's okay.
Sorry about
that as well. Oh,
could I get past you?
I'm late for work.
Do I know you or something?
You remind me of someone.
Really? Tell me about her.
-And it's a her, right?
-It's kind of a long story so...
you've come to the right place
because I am a long story
listening specialist.
-I'm Gwyneth.
[soft music]
Watch this.
That's my bedroom.
Yeah, but,
but it's not really.
And if you go in
you can't come back.
Will you unzip me?
[soft music continues]
I have an 18-year-old bourbon
that I've been saving
for a special occasion.
This is special, right?
That's nice.
It's even better
this time around.
You've done this before?
I thought you said this
whole thing wasn't time travel.
It's not.
Some people are just themselves.
So, what happened the first time
you drank bourbon with me?
We built a tower
out of snack cakes.
That sounds about right.
[soft music]
[soft music continues]
[soft music continues]
What are you doing?
If I'm gonna stay
I should get a job, right?
What are you looking for?
-I don't know.
-You can
come work at the coffee shop
with me.
Hmm. Yeah.
It could be fun.
So, uh, who's that guy?
Oh, that's Kiril.
He works here. We used
to date, but it's cool.
Does he usually just stand
there and brood?
Only sometimes.
I think he heard me.
I'm watching you.
You've thought about what
you want to do with the key?
I'm thinking
about giving it to someone.
-No idea.
-You got someone in mind?
-I don't know. I mean...
-we could use it.
-Yeah, maybe.
Not right now though.
I like this.
Me too.
[soft music]
[upbeat music]
Hey. Uh...
did I tell you I'm thinking
about writing a book
about my journey?
Hmm. I like that idea.
Will I be in it?
Hmm. It's gonna be hard
to fit you in.
-Of course.
Now love is tragic
Who says it's so?
You wield your magic
As my heart explodes
So, my mama kitty
had three little kittens.
You want one, yes?
Oh, I'd, um, Kiril, I'm not...
It's Kiril. Key-real.
Uh. Right.
-We'll talk later.
Hi. How are you?
Uh, what are you doing here?
Uh, I work here.
Yeah. I can tell.
You look great.
You look good too.
okay, I've thought a lot about
what I was gonna say when I--
or if I saw you and uh,
I think I even
wrote a speech which is--
that's embarrassing
to say out loud. Uh...
but basically it was just, um...
your birthmark is gone.
Well, I just, you know,
had it-- uh...
It was right here.
Diggsy, what's going on?
Okay, well why don't we
go grab a drink
and you can tell me why
you're acting so strange.
I, I, I don't know if, uh--
Diggsy, I know you. I...
["Loving You" plays]
Okay, let's do drinks.
Okay, uh, great, drinks.
Um, say eight o'clock tonight,
the Frisky Niblet?
Sure. Yeah.
Cool. Okay,
I will see you--
oh, and while I'm here--
I'll have a cookie.
-Yeah. It looks good.
-All right. See you.
I can't stay away from you
-You okay?
You look at me, beckoning
So, I'll be over soon
So, you left
everything for me?
Well, you know,
not you, you. But yeah.
What about your wife?
I'm not married.
-He's still married
and probably having dinner
with her right now.
You're just so much like him.
Do you think we share
any of the same memories?
Uh... Maybe. Like what?
Mmm... Let me think.
Okay, it's your twenty-fifth
birthday party,
we were very drunk, we were
dancing, we started making out--
-I never kissed my Suzette.
Although I did make out
with one, though.
Okay, I got another one.
We were playing hide and go seek
and I grabbed your hand
-and I pull you into the bushes.
-Yeah, I got that one.
It's one of my favorites.
Sun will rise
The stars will shine
You will find me
Loving you
You know
I'll be loving you
Hey, sweetie.
How was your night out?
It's good.
I'm glad you're making friends.
What are you reading?
It's an article on robots.
Did you know that most robots
don't have lips?
Before we start
anything too spicy--
I've something special for you.
[knocking on door]
[soft music]
Can we talk for a sec?
So, um...
something I didn't mention
my Diggsy and I,
we were pretty serious.
We were engaged,
actually, and I ended it.
And I've regretted
it ever since.
I know that it wasn't me you
were looking for specifically
but what if it was?
You know, me?
What if I'm the girl
that you've been looking for
your whole life?
[Gwyneth] Look what I got
at the store today.
[tension music]
Is this Suzette?
Were you out with her tonight?
She came by the shop
while you were gone
and she could tell
that something was...
Why are you in my house
kissing my boyfriend?
-I wasn't thinking. Okay?
-[Gwyneth] Stop.
Please just stop.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
What are you doing?
You've always been
in love with her
and I'm not going to spend
the rest of my life
coming in second place.
I'm me. I can't be her.
I don't want you to be her.
Go be with her here.
You can take her,
you can have a family,
you can live happily ever after.
I mean, isn't that
what you always wanted?
What are you doing?
I mean you don't really
even know who this girl is,
this needy girl
that showed up in my house--
You don't even know me.
-No, no, no. No.
Where did she go?
I didn't understand
how it works.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Diggsy, I'm so sorry.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music continues]
[soft music]
[soft music continues]
Did you find
what you were looking for?
Yes. Sort of.
You wouldn't happen to know
a place I could, you know,
get a snack and dive in?
There's this quirky caf
around the corner called
"The Werewolf Scone Society."
-[chuckles] Yeah?
-That's interesting.
Do you go there?
Yeah. They have
this lavender blueberry honey
that's better than kittens.
I don't typically spread kittens
on my pastries
but thank you
for the suggestion.
And thank you
for selling books.
Any time.
["Columbus" plays]
Late last night
I lost track of time
And I know I was waiting
For the sun to rise
These summer days
They keep stretching on
As our friend's in and out
Of town and tide
We spent all night
Hoping for nice things
We should have known
We don't need nice things
What's that, don't know
Your way back home?
You want to know why?
All this time
When you read my mind
You read my mind
All those thoughts that
I knew you'd find
I hid between the lines
We could dress
For anywhere else
Because it's been
A long, long time
Since your kingdom fell
But I can hear something
Over these engines
It sounds like ghosts
In the back seat of your car
It sounds like our
Mysteries in skin
Just to steal away again
All this time
When you read my mind
You read my mind
All those thoughts
That I knew you'd find
I hid between the lines
All this time
When you read my mind
You read my mind
All countries where
We could have been
I left them all behind
Why would you bother
The herd you're among?
When all that you needed
was here all along?
All this time
When you read my mind
You read my mind
All those thoughts
That I knew you'd find
I hid between the lines
All this time
When you read my mind
You read my mind
All countries
Where we could have been
We left them all behind