Antapal (2012) Movie Script

There's nothing left.
I'll make you an omelet.
No need, Mom.
Go back to sleep.
You must eat the fried fish with an omelet.
- Here you are.
- Thanks, Mom.
This is great.
Eat your fill.
- Enjoying Mom's omelet?
- Hey, Jiab!
Did I wake you? Sorry!
It's all right.
Can you stay with Mom tomorrow?
I have to work.
Try this too.
I made it myself.
My omelet is better!
- Let me try this!
- What? Try my dish too!
This is a story of two ages...
an age of knives and an age of guns.
- Hi, Boss Seng.
- Hi. Guys, let me join you.
Come on!
Watch it!
Take care of him.
Daeng, Jod!
Come help me find some shells!
It's your call, Jod.
Boss Lor wants us in.
Have you said yes?
I've talked to him.
We won't squeeze anyone for cash.
We'll take only from those
who are willing to pay.
We'll never suck the blood of the poor.
And especially not the hookers.
We've told the girls
at the Seven-Story whorehouse
- not to give a penny to anybody!
- Get it?
Stand up.
From now on,
you're not going to pay
a penny to Boss Seng.
Because this whorehouse is under my watch!
My name is Pu!
Those thugs who extort money from people
work for Boss Seng and
his brother Little Tee.
They must be very upset.
Boss Seng has sucked their blood for years.
His time is over.
Daeng, a few days ago I ran into Boss Seng
and Little Tee near the cinema.
- Here you are.
- Thanks, I'm so beat!
- What's brought you out here?
- Jod...
you've become quite
a hotshot. Hmm?
No, I'm not.
We have our rules around here.
New guys can rise only
if old bosses accept them.
You and Daeng are doing great,
so I asked you to work for me.
If you're not interested, fine.
But I never thought you'd step on my toes.
Boss Seng...
please let me walk.
I'm just a kid!
You used to kick me around, remember?
And what we took was just petty money.
You know I have no choice.
If I let you walk,
nobody will take me seriously anymore.
And what I can't forgive...
is that you refused to join me,
but now you're Boss Lor's dogs.
It's as good as declaring war. Hmm?
If you choose Boss Seng, I'll understand.
I'll let you choose...
how we'll settle this.
You want to do it now?
I can't see why not.
Me neither.
I respect you,
so let's do it with our hands tied.
I don't know who began this tradition
of a knife fight with the hands tied.
They'd tie their hands and go at each other.
Their fates are bound.
They can't walk way even if they want to.
You have to stab your enemy to death,
and that's no piece of cake.
Jod! I'll fucking kill you!
Kill 'em all!
Daeng and his gang were my regulars.
They always boasted about their exploits,
but I didn't know if they were true.
I was surprised myself.
I thought, "Is this the famous Daeng?
He's such a good-looking gentleman. "
- Pirate tickets!
- Daeng...
Brother Daeng, Brother Jod.
Brother Daeng, Brother Jod.
Boss Lor is stuck in the rain.
He sent me to get tickets first.
Please wait a moment.
See, they went at each other
with butcher's knives!
They stabbed like this!
Jod was so cool.
He went like... this!
Boss Seng was a sorry pulp.
Then Daeng's gang arrived
and they thrashed Little Tee!
You see...
now there's no gang more
powerful than Daeng's.
You talked as if you'd
seen it with your own eyes.
My source is an insider.
Boss Lor's here.
Hello, Boss.
Hi, Boss.
Hi, Jod.
Let's watch a movie.
Let's go.
Trust me.
Oh! Piak.
That's Jod!
Shit, Daeng is also here!
Man, the coolest guys in town!
Boss Lor too!
What's going on here today?
Don't you know what's on
the program tonight?
Let me go first!
What're you doing?!
The movie is starting now!
You're a pain in the ass!
Darling, I have to leave you now.
I got a transfer order to Okinawa.
War is now upon us!
The Japanese are about to attack.
I have to go!
We won't see each other for a long time.
Lilly, take care of yourself.
I'll hurry back to you.
Leslie, don't worry about me.
Take care, love.
I will be waiting for you!
Good luck, baby!
I'm Piak, and this is Thong.
We're blood brothers,
and this is our empire.
The owner of the cinema
owes my mother a favor,
so he lets us stay here.
are you sure I can move in here?
The old man owes my mom a favor.
Did you see Daeng today?
The bastard is so cool!
One day...
you and I will be as famous as him.
No no!
We'll be more famous than him.
And we'll take over this place!
The area in Bangkok's Old City
around Chinatown and the Central Station
is ruled by various Chinese triads
and local gangsters.
Most gold merchants have
underground businesses,
from horse betting to illegal boxing,
contraband smuggling,
prostitution and drugs.
Their business can't survive
without the services from the hooligans.
So when young gangs show
they have the guts to fight
they will be recruited
by the triads and the mafia.
They run protection rackets
and reap huge benefits
from those dark enterprises.
Look! Jod and Daeng!
The whole gang's here!
Let's get them some iced coffee.
- Jod and Daeng.
- Among the dangerous young men,
the hottest gang in town is Daeng Bireley's.
Jod has a heart of steel,
but if you're talking
about recklessness, it's Pu.
The gang worked for the Chinese mafia...
Big Boss Macicau.
Come on, this is too much!
I've been waiting to see him
for two days and not a word!
Calm down, chief.
You know that lately
Boss hardly has time for us.
He only talks to Lor now.
- That prick Lor?
- Yes.
He thinks he's a top dog now
because he has Jod and Daeng with him.
Fuck those brats! Scumbags.
- You're right.
- Lor is an asshole.
So, Mr. Director,
do we have a deal?
Can I see her first?
What the hell do you want to see her for?
Ploy is one of my girls.
Take her, make her a porn star or something!
But I love my movie like my own child.
I've heard that crap a
thousand times before.
Do you love yourself, huh?
Where did you get the
money for your last film?
That was the last one.
When you lost at the card game,
did I ever ask you to pay?
That's another story.
Now do we have a deal?
So, headmaster?
Yes, no problem at all.
He's such a lovely and intelligent boy.
Our school is honored
to have him as our new student.
Okay, ma'am, it's done.
Please thank your boss for me.
Yes ma'am.
If you need anything else, just let me know.
Boy, say hi to your teacher.
Hi, teacher.
If that is all, I'll go now.
- Sure, headmaster.
- Goodbye.
Hey, rookie! Come here.
- What's your name? Where are you from?
- I'm Tui, sir.
If you want to be in this business,
you must have a lion's heart...
and you have to respect seniority.
That man, he's Chief Tong.
That one is Aad Fapah.
That one is Sergeant Dej.
And Madame Kimju.
They're the Big Four.
And that one...
is O-Tee,
the Chief's right-hand man.
Hello. Hello.
- Hello, Boss.
- Hello.
- Big Boss has been expecting you.
- Right.
This is the film director
who wants to cast Ploy.
This is my nephew Tui.
He's just started working for us.
- Hello, Boss.
- Hi.
Go talk to the director.
I'll go see Big Boss.
- Thanks, Boss.
- No problem.
Hello, everyone.
Hold on!
Light this for me.
I quit smoking.
Your boss doesn't have a light.
Why don't you pricks get him one?
How did you train your men, huh?
Excuse me, Big Boss is expecting me.
Big Boss, this is Daeng and his friends.
For men like us,
the word "gangsters"
is more meaningful than people think.
It doesn't matter how many
people we manage to beat up,
people still call us
"hooligans" or "thugs. "
But to me, gangsters and thugs
are two different species.
For us, to be a gangster
means you're a part of...
a family.
Right, I'll draw the number now.
Number 10!
Shit, the house always wins!
Are you screwing me?
I'm not paying!
You lose, you pay up.
Daeng, you think you can boss me around?
Let's go!
- Forget it.
- Cheaters!
The brothers always told me
that a gangster's worth is his courage.
That's why Jod has pledged
his life on Daeng Bireley,
even though Jod was
more senior in years and experience.
Hey, that looks kinda fun.
Dam, look there.
Running away, Jod?
I don't know why you guys helped me.
Thank you anyway.
I'm Jod.
What the?
Just as Laem Singh had predicted:
Pu was a mad dog.
He gritted his teeth and waited for the
time when he could challenge Daeng.
Then one day, every newspaper branded
him with a formidable nickname...
Pu the Molotov Cocktail.
In that gang, there was Pu
the Molotov Cocktail,
there were Dam Esso and Jod.
But Pu was a real slimebag,
especially with women.
He'd lick his lips every time
he saw schoolgirls walk by,
waiting to pounce on them like a wolf.
He was in the news every day.
I used to deliver newspapers,
and Pu was always on the front page.
Almost every day.
Watch me.
We're leaving now!
Hello, darling,
would you like to join Pu for a ride?
Pu? Which Pu?
Oh right, I used to meet
them near the cinema.
You're Daeng's lackey, aren't you?
Shut up!
Who told you I'm his lackey?
Let's go now.
Let me bang you once and
you'll thank me for it.
It was an accident,
but it made Pu the Molotov Cocktail
an overnight sensation.
Then he decided to challenge Daeng.
Take it off!
Please let me go!
I'm Daeng's brother, you know that?
Daeng's brother?
Get it in your skull...
this is my territory!
If Daeng's little brothers
mess around here again,
- I'll kick the shit out of you!
- Fuck off!
Tell Daeng it's me who beat you up!
Give me a smoke.
- Lor...
- Yes, chief.
- I envy you.
- Why's that?
You've trained your boys well.
- Look at this walking dynamite. Pu!
- Sir.
- You're famous now.
- ThanKs, chief.
But Boss Lor will make
Daeng his lieutenant anyway.
Is that right?
My boys are like brothers.
No one is rising above anyone's head.
Lor, you should be a politician!
A gangster won't stab someone in the back.
if you want to work for me, let me know.
Let it rest, Chief Tong
is Big Boss' stepson.
It's all right.
I respect the chief like my own brother.
You don't have to worry.
I want to become a monk.
I'm here to see what I can do.
Thanks, pal.
Have you heard?
He wanted to piss you off.
If you don't do something,
no one will take Daeng Bireley seriously.
And if you want to be a monk,
it's going to be hell out there.
It's all right.
Just do what you want.
I'm happy for you.
I want you to find peace.
About Pu...
I'll take care of him.
Thanks again.
In my life I've done a lot of bad things.
What I really want to do now
is to become a monk for my mother.
And you, Jod?
I want my mom and my sister to live well.
That's your mom and sister.
I'm asking about you.
I've heard about people
who've immigrated to America.
They send back tons of money.
And maybe I'll bump into
James Dean or Elvis.
If you do, don't forget
to tell them about our adventures.
There's only one thing I want to ask you.
If something happens...
please take care of my mother and sister.
An invitation to Brother Daeng's ordination.
Please join us, both of you.
Sorry, my wife and I have to go out of town.
- Please join us at the ceremony.
- Sorry, I really can't.
- Really?
- I'm so sorry.
All right.
You're not being helpful at all!
I think something's not right.
Nobody wants to go to the ceremony.
I think Pu has sent his boys
to warn the people here
not to go to Brother Daeng's ordination.
Well, so this means...
if anybody shows up,
they're taking Daeng's side.
That's exactly why I'm not
running around like you!
So which side will you choose?
I don't know.
I'll choose the winning side.
But I think this is really not our business.
You're making me confused!
Let's go!
Lots of envelopes to give out.
- Come on!
- Go!
Hurry up!
Will you go to Brother Daeng's ceremony?
Go back and tell your Brother Daeng
this is Pu's territory!
Only idiots will want to watch
Daeng become a fuckin' monk!
Eat up, boys!
It's Brother Pu's treat!
And he's not coming?
I don't know.
It's okay. We can start.
This one?
Yes, and that one too.
Is this yours?
Eat it.
Stuff this shit in your mouth.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Jod! This is Pu's territory!
You cocky piece of shit!
Eat it!
Let me help.
It's okay, Mom.
Now, let me.
Don't act like a little boy.
It kicks pretty hard,
but the aim is perfect.
I put it together myself.
It looKs fine.
Hey, Pu!
They say Jod was the first man
who killed with a gun.
That shot marked a shift
from the age of knives
to the age of guns.
I'd like to say
that today I am speaking to you
with tears in my eyes.
Then there was a coup d'tat.
The military government cracked down
on gangsters and triads
and threw them all in jail.
Field Marshall Sarit famously
said that as prime minister
he would take all responsibilities for using
the iron rule of Article 17.
Daeng and his gang faded out.
They didn't go around
wreaking havoc as much.
That was the end of the
rock 'n' roll gangsters.
Boss Lor expanded his business
to contraband smuggling in the south.
He asked Brother Daeng to look after it.
Daeng was certain that he could get
rich there and quit the gang life.
But Brother Daeng left us unexpectedly.
The death of the notorious hoodlum
made headlines for a few days.
Then he was forgotten...
Why did you kill me?
What did I do to you?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
Got the stuff?
Sure, wait here.
Someone wants the stuff.
Over there, get it.
Stop it!
Finish it!
I need you downstairs.
Hey, stop painting now.
Take a shower.
I'll take you somewhere cool.
Get out now! Go!
Place your bet!
No more bets!
All right!
- Bet now!
- Drawing now!
You want to bet?
Number six!
Cash it at the table.
Give it to me.
Keep this.
Thank you!
Let's go.
This tailor is cool.
Trust me.
Son of a bitch!
What's your problem, huh?
Do you want some?
What the fuck are you looking at?
I think we're doing fine peddling the stuff.
We should stop ripping off the boss.
It's risky.
Since the cops started cracking down,
this area is as quiet as a graveyard.
That means you and I are
the coolest guys around, right?
- Hey.
- Shit!
Are you scared?
Where did you get the gun?
In our line of work, we have to keep up
with new developments.
Watch me. I'll shoot
the first guy who shows up.
Are you talkin' to me? Huh?
Hey, are you two with a gang?
- No, we're just...
- I didn't ask you. Frisk them.
Anything on them?
Are you old enough to smoke?
- Are they clean?
- Yes sir.
You two, don't let me catch you.
The anti-gangster law forbids people
to hang around on a bridge.
I used to do that.
I just rushed back home
every time I saw a police car.
It's impossible.
You can't beat the cops.
Big Boss, the police want a bigger cut.
If it goes on like this,
soon they'll squeeze us dry.
Everything is moving so fast these days.
The police are now running
protection rackets themselves.
We're no better than errand boys to them.
Everywhere we go, there
are cops and more cops.
What's the difference?
How can we become a warrior
without killing a crook?
Let's eat.
In those days,
thugs didn't get to stand in court.
Where the hell is that S.O.B. Hiding?
Enough, enough already, I'll tell you.
Brother Jod, do you remember me?
I'm Thong,
and this is my pal...
I'm Piak, sir.
Boss Lor told us to pick you up.
And to serve you.
Thank you.
Laem, who's that?
Captain Kamnueng...
a pain in the ass.
He was behind the major crackdown.
He sniffs us out like a bloodhound.
What does he want now?
He's a hunting dog, and he won't quit easily.
Stop the car.
Am I in trouble?
You will be.
Just don't make a mistake.
You and Brother Daeng are our role models!
Why do you want to be gangsters so bad?
Of course, we want to be like you!
People bow at you wherever you go.
And you always get the girls!
My friend is crazy.
Don't pay attention to him.
Damn it, you know it's true.
Would you like to eat
anything in particular?
Fried fish and omelet.
Food is ready now.
Thank you.
Captain, please have some sympathy.
Please don't come here again.
I haven't a clue where Jod is.
After he got out ofjail,
he never came here.
I believe you that your son
never contacted you.
So please leave.
What about your daughter?
Has he contacted her?
I've heard that Jod is
very close to his sister.
Maybe they've already met somewhere.
My daughter has moved to her husband's.
I'm worried about Jod.
He's a good boy.
Please don't hurt him.
Ma'am, listen to me carefully.
I'll give you some time to think it over
before you answer me.
I'll give you until this butterfly drops dead.
Is that enough?
And I forgot to tell you...
my men have been watching this neighborhood.
They reported that your daughter
spent the night here.
Jod too. After he got out,
he came back to live here.
He just left this morning, am I right?
You have no right to do this!
My brother did his time!
What more do you want?
Get out of my house now!
My brother is clean now!
You can't do this to us!
Since Big Boss died
Boss Lor has been trying
to take his place.
But other gangs will want
to challenge him,
and Boss Lor needs good
men to help him fight.
I'm willing to bet that
he'll call on your brother.
Listen, I will never allow
this vicious cycle to repeat itself
as long as my unit is responsible
for stability and peace.
All right.
Please tell Jod...
that I'm always prepared
to drag him back to jail.
Thank you, and goodbye.
Smile, Boss.
That's nice.
Thank you, Tui.
Take her to see the hippo.
It's hot as hell.
This will help cool you down.
Thanks, Boss.
Since you've returned,
I can sleep more peacefully.
Can you let bygones be bygones?
I mean your conflict with Pu the Molotov.
I'm cool, but Pu won't want to stop.
He has to! I'll talk to him.
Since Big Boss passed away,
those pricks gang up to block me
from taking his place.
I'm always generous to those assholes.
But when it's my turn,
they're plotting against me!
You have to help me.
Come here. Tui.
Take these men to help you.
Jod, let me tell you...
I've been through the thick and thin of it.
I've worked for big bosses and small bosses.
What's important is your heart.
You have a great heart, you'll go far.
But our work is dangerous.
Besides your heart, you need something else.
Here, the Buddha amulet from the Black Monk.
- Do you have it?
- No.
You're quite something.
Tui, don't interrupt me, please.
Or I'll stop the car and shoot you dead!
Come on, don't be angry.
You shoot, I'll shoot.
I have a piece too!
I also have an amulet I bought from you.
I'm driving here, brat!
You have black magic, I have it too!
What're you talking about?
So you don't know?
Uncle Ham makes money
by selling amulets to new recruits.
Sometimes they're real,
sometimes not, but mostly not!
Cut it, dumbass!
Why do I have you in my watch?
And why do I have you as my boss?
You're driving me nuts.
Don't listen to him.
Anyway, will you buy one?
- Come on.
- I'll give you a discount.
Tell him about the time you put
the amulet in your mouth and you choked.
Shut up, asshole!
Jod, it's all right.
If you don't want it, I won't force you.
By the way, can you tell me something?
You shot Pu.
Do you think he'll come
to work for Boss Lor?
Why did you shoot me?!
Brother Jod...
can I have a cigarette?
Brother Jod...
I'm nervous.
Tomorrow I'll go on rounds with you.
I still don't know how to do it.
Don't be scared.
I want your advice.
I want to have no fear, like you.
Do you think I'm not scared?
What is there to be scared of?
I'm scared of lizards.
- What?
- I'm scared of lizards.
If you tell anyone, you're dead.
I just thought...
that someone who's killed dozens of people
has nothing left to be scared of.
I am scared.
Because I remember
every single face of those people.
I'll never forget them.
I'd never cheat your boss,
but you see how bad I'm doing.
Life is hard, man! I don't even have
enough to feed my children!
You spent it all on gambling.
I'm a gambler.
What else can I do?
please, help me just once.
I'll bow at your feet.
Take this money and get
some food for your children.
That's it then.
You pay the rest in installments.
I'll talk to Boss Lor.
Thank you so much, Jod.
I don't get it.
Why was Brother Jod so soft on those people?
Those cheap asses want to cheat us!
I'll tell you what I think...
I think Brother Jod is a wimp.
Don't worry about him.
Pu and Dam didn't die in jail
like Laem Singh said.
As soon as they got out,
they took revenge on Laem Singh.
And they would've sought revenge
against Brother Jod and Daeng too,
had they not pointed their guns
at each other first.
It was a fight over a prostitute.
It was a disgraceful ending
to the notorious buddies Pu and Dam.
Half of Pu's face was
blown off by Dam's shotgun.
His corpse was a disfigured mess,
just like the girl he
killed at the bus stop.
In the end they turned against each other.
They're hooligans, and their tempers
got the better of them.
It was all because of a woman.
You dropped your comb.
I'll leave it right here.
That was another great song!
Boys, take a look at which girl
you'd like to ask for a dance next round!
Boss Lor is here.
Hello, Boss.
On behalf of everyone,
I'd like to ask Boss to say something
to all of us for this New Year celebration.
For this new year,
I promise to look after
everyone like my own family.
Happy New Year!
He's brought his wife tonight.
That means the little slut is available.
Bring her to my car,
but don't make a scene.
We won't stop
until we're super-drunk!
Let's go wrap some gifts.
Bring up the next song!
Girls, give them your best service!
Chief, don't hesitate
to give me your advice.
We're all grown-ups,
and everything here already belongs to you.
What belongs to me, belongs to you.
No, I won't touch what's yours.
I have to use the toilet.
- Ah.
- Cheers!
Cheers, Jod.
Happy New Year!
What the fuck are you doing?
Everything's under control!
Go on, dance!
What the fuck is this?
- He was going to rape your girl!
- And why did you shoot?
The whole precinct will be here!
I told you!
Motherfucker! I'll kill you!
Boss! Stop!
Shh shh.
Good evening, Captain!
It's such an honor to have you in our house.
It's really special!
Captain, we're celebrating the New Year.
What was that noise?
What noise?
We didn't hear anything, did we?
What noise?
There was no noise!
People told me that besides being
a tough cop, you're also a great singer.
Would you sing us a song?
We want to hear the captain sing, right?
Let's give him a big hand!
he's Chief Tong's man.
take care of this.
I'm laughing at destiny
I hold fate in contempt
I challenge the sky and the earth!
I fear not them, and I fear no man!
You sing like a pro, Captain.
Happy New Year, sir.
Congratulations on your new position.
Thank you.
Just make sure you stay alive
until the next new year.
Thank you.
- Shit!
- I almost blew your brains out!
Why the gun?
I thought we were just being a decoy!
- I know that.
- There, Chief Tong is here.
- He's here?
- Let's move!
- Go go!
- Hurry up!
Uncle, how many people have you killed?
Haven't you heard what they call me?
"Ham the Mass Murderer. "
I mean, seriously.
How many?
Four or five, when I was a young man.
Damn, I still remember their faces.
Then do you understand
why I want to talk to Chief Tong first?
how can you be in this job
without killing people?
What's your problem?
Are you messing with me?
He's coming out.
I want to talk to you nicely,
if you want to do the same.
Talk? And what's
that supposed to mean?
I'll give you a chance to run to
the road at the edge of the plantation.
If you make it there alive,
you are free to go.
But don't ever come back.
You know if I get out of here alive,
I'll definitely come back.
So why are you doing this?
If that day comes, we'll fight again.
I'll start after you pick up the gun.
Please begin.
Lor is lucky to have someone like you.
That's O-Tee.
What's he doing here?
O- Tee!
Hello, my friends.
Boss Lor asked me to close the job
in case you guys missed it.
And I want to say goodbye
to my old boss too.
"What... what is... "
Rub it hard and the genie may come out!
"What is this?
It... it's a... "
- Jod. Jod!
- "It's a cap. "
Tell me, was your father an American GI?
"A cap. "
I'm not sure.
But my father's called... Terry.
- Terry?
- Yes, Terry.
"What is this?"
"What... what is... "
Look at those love birds.
"A ball. A ball. A ba... "
What? He's mad
'cause I teased him about the genie?
Are you sure, Piak?
I'll take this one out.
Then this, this and this.
A triple!
Next you'll move like this.
And game over.
That's great... you play
both your moves and my moves.
Ploy is a young grandmaster!
Tomorrow I'll take you
to an underground checkers den.
She'll score big.
I'm not that good.
So it means Piak is so dumb?
Right, Piak, are you that dumb?
No, I'm not.
Let's go for a ride.
Let's go.
Please excuse me.
Piak, let's talk.
What's up?
I have a proposal.
I'll leave Brother Jod.
I'll go work for Brother O-Tee.
Idiot! You and I are
doing fine here!
Stop talking crap!
You're just so pussy-drunk
you can't think straight!
You know she's fucking Boss Lor!
Soon he'll dash your brains out!
If you want to stick with Brother Jod
and those clowns,
it's your problem!
Is that all?
Listen to me,
one day this tart will get you killed!
Sir, if you assist me
with the contract at Bo Pluang,
you can reserve yourself
a nice European car.
Boss Lor, you're making it too obvious.
You know I have to choose
the best proposal.
Maybe a Rolls-Royce?
Of course, you can call the dealer now.
I'll take care of everything.
About what you told me...
I've already told Boss.
And what did he say?
He said he'd smelled
something fishy for a while.
There must be a mole among them.
Boss will get rid of the mole first,
then he'll wipe out the rest later.
Brother Jod, let's go find
some chicKs behind the cinema.
No. You go on.
What a killjoy!
- Piak, coming?
- No.
Uncle, come with me?
You brat!
Stop it!
Now can you answer me?
I've heard that
other bosses have ganged
up against Boss Lor.
So he's recruited top killers to help.
O- Tee is one of them.
It's war this time.
That's what I call a good answer.
I've heard that you collect butterflies,
but their life-span is short.
Today I'd like to give you
a turtle as a present.
I want you to live long, like turtles do.
Please accept it.
That's all you wanted...
to see me about?
That's all, Captain.
Lucky that Jod helped
talk to Boss Lor for me,
or I'd be in big trouble.
Leave us.
Boss Lor has snatched
O- Tee from Chief Tong.
Now that Chief Tong is gone,
Boss Lor's moved in
to take over all his drug trade.
Ploy is doing her best.
Boss Lor likes her so much.
Soon she'll find out about his big shipment.
Are you meeting with her today?
It won't be serious.
I think you should pull her
out of the operation.
I think she is... too young.
I'm a man of my word.
I told her I'd meet her, and I will.
Just like you.
If you prove yourself
useful to the department,
I promise I'll clean up your records
after we've gotten rid of
Boss Lor and his gang.
Thank you, sir.
Do you want to be a gangster all your life?
I want a good life, like everybody else.
If I could, I would quit right now.
You can.
I mean, we can get out of this together.
You're crazy.
Don't joke about that.
I'm serious.
I've brought you here because
I want you to meet someone
who can help us get out of here.
Are you pulling my leg?
There's no one here.
Right, I was just joking.
I just wanted to come here
to watch the sunset with you.
But we have to go now.
What I value above all
from the people around me is trust.
I love every one of you like my friends...
like my brothers, my children...
like my family.
I'm a generous person.
If you're good to me, you'll be rewarded.
But if you deceive me, you'll be punished,
especially those who betray my trust!
- Uncle Ham.
- Yes, Boss.
You've been running the house
since Big Boss was here.
Now tell me... who's the traitor?
- No one, Boss.
- Hmm?
I would've seen it.
And I would be the one who
pulls the trigger.
So you don't know that
this little shit is screwing my girl?
Boss, I'm sorry!
- I'm sorry!
- Boss, I'm sorry, please!
Get out!
O- Tee, Jod, get rid of them!
Boss, I'm sorry.
Uncle, I'm sorry!
Brother Jod, I'm sorry!
O- Tee, I'm sorry.
Thong, Thong!
Piak, why didn't you listen to me?
- Please help me!
- Uncle!
Are you serious, Jod?
Why are you doing this?
We don't kill a member of our family.
Well said!
You really are some piece of work.
Let's hang out some time,
just the two of us.
Stop it!
I'll get rid of these two.
- No! Ploy!
- Go!
Boss ordered me, not you!
Wake up, Ploy!
Wake up!
Wake up, Ploy!
This tart wasn't family, right?
O- Tee.
I'll get you soon.
Thong, come.
It was because of me!
Uncle, Ploy died because of me!
It was my fault, Brother Jod!
It's not you, Piak.
It's me.
what do you mean?
I... brought her here.
I did.
I gave up.
I've been around for 30 years,
I know how all of this is going to end!
I'm sick of shooting people.
I'm the captain's informer.
And I asked Ploy to do the same.
Boss Lor knows.
I know he does.
now you know everything.
Do what you have to do.
Go on, I understand.
You know I'm not going to do it.
- But I will!
- Piak!
How could you do this?
How could you risk her life for you?!
How could you?
Piak, you son of a bitch!
I can't stand you any more!
Are you completely daft?
Do you think you're the one who's hurt?
Look at Uncle! Look!
He's as upset as you are.
Uncle, why don't you just tell him
that Ploy was your daughter?
I'd rather my girl be a mistress.
Boss Lor's mistress...
She was about to become an actress!
That was better than being a whore!
Do you know...
what that asshole captain promised me?
He promised me that if I worked for him,
Ploy and I would soon go back
to live a normal life.
Like father and daughter!
Do you realize what you've done?
I do!
And I don't want to die like a dog.
I also know...
that Boss Lor is planning to get rid of us.
If you don't jump ship now,
you're finished!
What will you do next?
I started it, so I'll end it.
Boss is busy.
I've come on his behalf.
Men like us don't live long, right?
Son of a bitch!
O- Tee, go home.
Tell Boss Lor I thank him on Uncle's behalf.
Thong, let's go.
Make a choice, Piak...
which side are you on?
I don't want to be the one
who has to shoot you.
He's a man of honor.
He values dignity above all.
After that...
Jod just disappeared.
I thought he got zapped.
No one heard of him again.
Fall back!
And you?
Which side will you choose?
I don't know. You?
I'll go for the winning side.
Let's do this like men.
As you wish.
Brother Jod!
Brother Jod!
No, I didn't hear anything about him.
I don't know where he went.
Rumor had it that Jod's father
took him back to the States
or back home somewhere.
I really have no idea.
Insiders said he went to the States,
others said to Hong Kong.
But no one could confirm anything.
I don't know what happened next.
All I know is...
no matter what...
this man...
is the real thing.