Antarctica (2008) Movie Script

I'm going.
You're welcome.
It's time.
I want to penetrate you.
Yes, do it.
No, no, no, no
That spoils everything!
Shut up.
Come to bed.
Wait a second
Do not leave!
Go on.
You are all a man
Want to talk before?
I think it would be nice to speak first.
- How about a coffee?
- Coffee?
Do you want to go to bed right away?
You can catch me later.
Want to catch me now?
No, you do not want to talk a little?
So we will know better.
If you want, fine.
You make me horny!
"I can take some water?
Do you want in the shower?
You mean get in the shower?
Drink water.
Yes, just a second.
Here's something...
Thank you.
- I'm clean.
- It's instinctive.
- How many times have you caught?
- A lot.
- Are you a virgin?
- No.
I'm your first
that is somehow sexy.
I've been with guys before.
What did you do?
Everything but penetration.
It looks painful.
Is the penetration?
Maybe it is the beginning.
- It's in the morning?
- Yes
It was a fun night.
I need to prepare for work.
You have to go.
- Okay.
- Now.
I have prisa.
- Do you really have a hurry?
- Yes
You've been open zipper.
I know this place.
It can be
I remember you.
You're right.
I know you.
You caught me and
then I uploaded above.
Do not you remember?
You sat on my penis
as never before had.
- Do not you remember? - In
Really? - Yes - When?
Approximately half a year ago.
Do you know how many people I bring here?
"Each day a different one?
So, what do you do?
Of course!
Do you think I give up on me to upload?
So what do you want?
Do you put on all fours or
should follow up with you?
Suck us a while
meneamos us,
then you sit on me
and then I get on all fours.
Sounds good.
- What is that, you have a cat?
- No.
I asked you whether you have cats,
- I told you I'm allergic!
- I have no cat.
I have no idea how you got.
Listen, I'm allergic,
I will give an outbreak at any time!
Not mine.
Do not know how he has entered.
Okay, I'm going.
Wait, wait!
Cast out!
You're going to drive out to catch your cat.
- What kind of man are you?
- But not mine!
So, you're my adventure tonight?
Does it hurt?
- I argued with my parents.
- And you come here?
- I have no where to go.
- Do you know something about cats?
- Is it new?
- My adventure for tonight.
My mother has a cat.
What do you need to know?
- What's your name?
- Danny.
So, you come here, Danny?
- Would you agree?
- Yes,
as you take charge of the cat.
So you do not dance anymore?
Do you know who I am?
- Yes
- Okay.
Are you hungry?, I think
that I have pizza.
Sure, thanks!
And how will call the cat?
(Even for an adventure)
Here, "An invitation to the ballet"
and "Journey to the world of dance"
Great, thanks.
- Amran! You scared me.
- How you doing?
Do you have a new book
you recommend?
We have received no new book
this week.
Well, then the next time.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Guys, the library closes.
Finish, please.
You've been cleaning the cup an hour.
Pour me another, please.
- You know you do not pay.
- Yes, yes.
- Shirley, telephone.
- Wait.
It's your brother.
# I'm Coming Home.
I finished working.
# I finished working.
Omer, I can not hear you.
I'll call you later, bye.
# "Some people tell me that
look like Brad Pitt...
# "And end up looking like the
# "Omer is calling"
Mama, I'm fine.
Mickey trying to locate.
How are you?
Sorry, can you give me the bill?
- Hello.
- Hello.
You finished your shift?
Did you eat something?
Want to request your favorite meal?
- No, I have no hunger.
- It's an invitation.
I just...
I have things to do.
Well, as you want.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Hello, Yaely, how it goes?
- Quiet.
Prepare a Flat White, please.
- Eitan?
- What?
It's hard.
"We're still in love with her?
Why? "She told you?
I saw it, actually
has not said anything.
It's cold as ice.
What is your story?
I do not know, I have no energy
to talk about it.
Again you do not have the energy...
- Shut up!
- Quiet!
Do not address me in the feminine.
- New coffee?
- Some of Jamaica...
- Omer?
- Yes
- I would not.
- Yes, me too.
Do we see a movie?
Hello, Ronen?
Thank you very much.
I want to thank Shirley Solomon
This wonderful time.
And now I want to invite a good friend
one of us.
May soon be successful,
is very dear. Next, Yaeli!
Many, many, thank you very much to Michali.
That allows me to act for you.
The next song
is titled "Alice."
Good morning.
Good morning,
How I can help?
- Orgasm?
- Pardon?
We only have beer and soft drinks.
- So put me a beer.
- Good choice.
Are you still surprised?
I would love to make you happy.
$ 2,499 exotic trip to Antarctica
You want to sit somewhere?
I have class tomorrow,
early in the morning.
- Are you a student?
- Yes
- What?
- Dance.
Can we now?
Yes, I'm not doing anything.
Where were you?
Blind date.
Do not play! How was it?
He's younger than me, dancer.
We went to the movies.
- What else?
- Sounds good, is he cute?
Yes, but not for my age.
What do you mean
"Not for your age?
If you were lesbian
might like.
Shut up, you fucking queer.
It's late
Why are you still here?
What do you think I'm doing?
Cluttering your life.
I really like my life
everything is in order.
We can take something.
I know a nice place,
we will have privacy.
Okay, I gather.
"In half an hour or so?
Okay, bye.
Well, how did it go?
I think he has lied about his age.
- Major?
- Yes
How much?
I think about your age.
- But we have caught!
- And?
You have no problem with me.
But you are a history
completely different.
Today I stayed.
- Shirley...!
- Okay, okay!
Mom called today.
What did he want?
He asked how I go.
Questions for me?
- Sorry...
- As if I cared.
So why ask?
Curious, no?
What a great episode!
I think I'll go to bed.
I'm exhausted.
Oh, happy birthday!
My birthday is in two days.
I know;
I want to be the first.
- When you come back?
- Half a year ago.
To live in London?
Completely different.
Everyone told me it was gray,
but people kept smiling.
The funny thing was when it rained...
I had to walk down the street without an umbrella.
- Do not lie.
- It's true.
At first you feel strange
and one day suddenly changes.
I stopped longing for this country
this city
I just let myself go.
What are they like in bed?
- Well, how about that?
- Wait a second.
I'm going.
Okay, I said wait a second.
Is there time for a coffee?
Shirley, I want to go now.
At work I have no time for coffee,
everybody wants something.
Do you also want?
Grab a cup.
Okay, but do it quickly.
Hurry, hurry...
- How much sugar?
- Two tablespoons.
- Hello.
- Good morning.
- Have you seen someone out?
- No.
# "Hello?
Hello. "Tzachi?
I call the voice message
you left me.
- Hello.
- Are you Tzachi?
# Yes, yes, I am Tzachi.
Are you Omer, no?
# I was not sure I answered.
Want to stay for a coffee?
# When you?
Break for lunch at one o'clock.
Are you okay?
# What, Pola?
No, my sister works there;
would be uncomfortable.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- Okay.
Hello, Shirley.
- Do you know what you want?
- In a minute.
- How you doing?
- Stable.
You look a little tired.
Tell me your energy
you had a fun night.
How do you know?
You're in love with him.
Are you a Pisces, right?
I'm recording this conversation
- When will the item?
- Next week.
- What is that?
- It's for you, little people.
Oh, how nice, thanks!
You have had no luck, you fall in love
nearly all the boys you know.
That happens with Pisces
enjoy falling in love.
Trust me, what you had last night
was not love.
Son of a bitch, who is
I threw that egg!
That fuck your mother!
Look down, you fucking coward!
Where are you, motherfucker?
I have 700 friends punks
will catch you.
Slowly, without hysteria, either.
No time to breathe.
Stud. Why force you need?
"I can a second?
Make the part where you hold your head.
Yes, exactly.
Wait, stop, stop, stop.
He feels a bit insecure
and so the movement seems awkward.
Hold me like this.
Okay, stop.
The hand has to go straight
under this part of the head,
and the other hand behind his head.
Do you feel safe?
The first time I felt
had supernatural powers
priate was returning from a wedding.
Usually I sleep during long journeys,
especially when I return
late at night
but this time, surprisingly,
I did not.
My husband drove the car
and I was listening to the radio,
I was surprised when suddenly
bright lights.
A huge truck. I turned abruptly
the wheel and we were saved.
My husband is usually asleep,
You should have seen how he woke up!
And all this comes from your
active connections with aliens?
When my father died,
I felt very strange
could not get out of bed
slept for hours.
The strangest thing was that
no change of position.
People generally moves
four or five times a night.
- Alfred.
- Alfred?
My husband was terrified,
tried in vain to wake up several times.
As if I were not there,
and really was not.
Was elsewhere.
- The death of your father caused this?
- Not exactly.
The emotional state sensitive
where I was...
I did recover
distant memories of childhood.
As a child of 3 or 4 years
I was actually abducted and
conducted experiments on me.
I remember very clearly
a white room.
I have to ask you something,
Sorry to interrupt.
Okay, I'm all ears.
You're a poet, author,
and people will admire.
Are not you afraid that when this report
is posted to hurt you?
People will think you've gone mad!
First thing, my dear, is not
the first time that people think...
how shall we say, I've gone crazy.
But I think the opposite.
You'll see people out of the closet,
the masses have been abducted by aliens.
Have you ever wondered why we do not treat
with love for each other?
No! Do you know why?
- Because people are afraid to admit it.
- What?
His alien-N:.
So he said "I can do without you"
and I said, "Yes?"
"When you go wrong
not come to me crying. "
Wait, you had a date last night!
Well, how was it?
He was handsome, went to a restaurant
really romantic.
Soft music...
He had a sense of humor.
I do not think you go out with a celebrity.
It is not a celebrity,
is a journalist.
Only one was chosen as
the sexiest guys in town.
Just do not understand why
he seeks quotes online.
It may be because it is difficult to find
normal couples like that.
Sorry, I did not want to hurt you.
Anyway, I heard someone
she heard some guy
that had been lying
he had a huge machine.
Hush! I can not believe how you talk.
Wait, you have picked?
- Do not ask me why, okay?
- Tell me.
I think it's that bag there.
"I can help?
- No.
- Okay.
Are you interested in a brochure?
I am here at your service.
Is it a smell test?
What do you mean?
I say that if something is rotting inside
Do you smell from outside?
- I suppose in a state, yes.
- Sooner or later?
Honestly I have no idea.
I do not think I serve.
- Hello.
- Hi, Shoshana, how are you?
Thanks, one slight problem with the heart
but everything else is fine.
I have a book that is right for you.
Come later.
- Have you seen my son?
- In the office, books lining.
Then I'll go see him. bye, thanks.
- Do not you greet me?
- Mom!
Do not I deserve a Kiss?
What are you doing here?
I brought food to not spend money.
- Since I have plans to eat.
- Does anyone know it?
It's none of your business.
Of course it's my business!
You're my son!
- What are you doing here?
- I went through the cafeteria,
-... Vi. Shirley.
- Did you talk to her?
No, she should apologize first.
There is nothing that should apologize.
You do not cancel a wedding at the last minute.
Mom, is not the place to talk about this,
and is not okay to talk behind the backs of Shirley.
- You never want to talk to me.
- Maybe tonight.
Tomorrow, Friday is your birthday.
I thought, maybe you can bring.
We will sit together
will make a luxurious meal.
Maybe. I can not promise.
Great, then I see you on your birthday.
Meanwhile eat something
before going to the restaurant.
Save some money.
All right.
I'm going now, goodbye.
Tell me the truth now,
"Were never abducted?
I think not.
But someone affected,
... Someone more powerful than you.
What do you mean?
Someone has an "effector"
which is how I call them,
"Someone who affects the other."
Occasionally, they are aliens
who watch over humans.
There are hundreds of thousands across the world.
I do not think any have been affected,
I did what I always wanted.
Nobody touched me.
But you want.
I am looking for an "effector", you know.
I think I've found one.
Would not surprise me that it had happened.
"I can sit?
- How are you?
- Okay.
- Not likely.
- I'm fine.
- Are you angry with me?
- No.
I called you last night
no reply.
I did not answer
I went out with someone last night.
I went home and
was too tired.
- How was it?
- Okay.
- If you want to stay, you got my number?
- Yes
I never thought that we would stay again.
- I did not know you went back to the dance.
- Just how.
At my age, I can not be a Prima Ballerina.
- You never told me.
- That should not disturb us.
Three years have passed,
What about you?
Sometimes it takes time to realize
escaped something good between your fingers
and only when you lose
you realize how much you've lost.
I will not deny that I had
a lot of guys in bed
but you know, that what we
We had this month was...
If I was just looking at you to catch,
only an adventure...
You're not just an adventure
are true, you know.
C'mon, give me a smile
no one died.
- Hello.
- Soshana, how are you?
Look, a real supermodel.
They have set up a nice shop,
is a term that has no money
to buy clothes here.
- Soshana, how about you how are you?
- Well, Omer. I'm worried
You are good friends
What's wrong?
What should happen?
Nothing happens
but I want to happen now.
You know, tomorrow is her birthday
I want to celebrate.
I am preparing a big meal
see him, tell him that I invited you.
Okay, you know what?
I'll drop by the library later
a chat
and we'll see...
- Listen, but I need to ask you something.
- What?
It's that neighbor who provided
I leave the house gives me an egg.
Do you know who is homophobic?
I'm not sure, but I saw the dirt.
It's really horrible.
What is that?
I have to go back to work.
- See you tomorrow night.
- Great. Take care.
- Who was that?
- No, the mother of a friend.
- You seem in a hurry.
- Hurry...
She is a pain in the ass.
Why do not you folding?
Was setting prices.
What do you do?
Right now I am independent,
working on computers and tired.
Were you a programmer?
"Games and all that?
- So what are you doing?
- Worked there.
At least you were working.
Yes, I worked.
But most important is to be happy.
Now I'm delighted.
You have no idea how good you are.
I have an idea of how well I am.
I have a question.
- Do you want sex with me?
- Are you serious?
I am a sexual magnet, people
always wants to sleep with me.
I thought maybe
I like you too.
Even the straight guys want
sleep with me.
I think my body has a chromosome
that makes all kinds of men
Desperately wanting
sleep with me, catch me,
Catch me, to come to me.
Want to cum in me?
- Danny?
- Yes?
Want to go out with me today?
I have not all day.
I have to give another class.
- Okay.
- Do you remember my address?
Then come tonight
We can go see a movie.
- Okay.
- See you later?
Sure, bye.
Hello, what are you doing?
Preparing a salad.
Why? Where is Yael?
I'm doing it alone
she went to smoke.
- When you tell him to wash here again.
- Okay.
Michal, really wanted to ask a favor.
Well, tomorrow is the birthday of Omer.
- Okay.
- I wanted to surprise you,
Could you make a cake and
deduction from my salary?
- A beautiful cake to discount?
- What do I get in return?
Shirley, why cancel the wedding?
I thought we had talked about it.
You talked about yourself.
I travel the world
before marrying.
So what's the problem?
We would go together, travel and fun!
- Will you come with me to Antarctica?
- Antarctica?
- Yes
- What to do in Antarctica?
I'm asking
if you're willing to leave everything
and come with me to Antarctica?
- Will you do me a cake?
- Yes
Sivany, I leave 10 minutes
to go see Omer.
Yes, cute.
No, I do not know how much it costs,
talk to Shelly.
What demon is this?!
This Godzilla just run over,
fucking murderer...
Look who's here!
- Do you come from books?
- Yes, I need a recommendation,
I'm torn between the Marquis
de Sade and the Kama Sutra.
I thought you knew
all positions...
- What about you?
- OK, just a second.
Ruth, can you make under a minute?
- Coffee?
- No, thanks.
But tomorrow we'll take your mother's house.
- In my mother's house?
- Micky, smoking is not permitted here.
- Okay, just hold it.
Either way, your mother came
to the store yesterday.
Tomorrow is your birthday
so I invited.
She is personally making sure you go.
Go humor.
Since you're down
I do not know about you.
I called last night and the line was busy.
Yes, I found someone in the chat.
I told you, there's lots
of perverts on the net.
I wish he was a pervert
give it to me all day...
No. .. He was so handsome!
- Wait, did you have a date last night?
- Too young.
What do you mean too young?
"You took?
No way! It's a kid,
probably not 20 yet.
Tell me are you crazy?
Twenty is the age!
They are at the peak
fertility at that age,
but last night...
"You took with him the first time?
- I think not! Did you use a condom?
- A what?
- You're crazy!
- You'll burn.
- Yes, I used one.
- Did you talk to him later?
Stop asking silly.
He fell asleep, so I fled.
Is it cute at least?
Okay, rather handsome, you know?
You like.
What will you do with it?
I do not know, I think he is too serious.
He started talking about friendship,
marriage and all that;
I can not manage my own life,
and that "marriage?!
Marriage, that's good.
And what about the children?
Do not you want children?
Tell me, are you crazy?
What children? Children?
Sorry for the children who will,
will have to take care of me.
I think he wants two children.
So what will you do?
He has my number.
What are you doing?
You first.
- I'm fine and you?
- Well, well.
Sorry for running away.
Bah, fine,
Are we not committed, right?
- I had a great time.
- I.
Want to be tonight?
I can only very late,
I have been with other people.
- A newspaper article?
- Yes, I work crazy hours.
Okay, I am a night owl,
and quite crazy...
- Pardon?
- Yes?
Have I scared?
No, well, how I can help?
I am looking for research material
on people who claim
have been abducted by aliens
or have met them.
- Field research.
- Aliens?
I am a journalist. I am looking for material
for an article I'm writing
on such people.
- Are you coming?
- Claro.
- I can guess something?
- What?
Interested in the topic.
You have read all the books.
What little there is here
I've read.
So, can you come with me today?
I'm writing an article on
the author, Matilda Rose.
- I read his books.
- I interviewed her today.
and told me that
was abducted by aliens.
And tonight is a meeting of a
support group for abductees.
If you are interested
you are welcome to the meeting.
Thanks, but do not know.
I'm Ronen Tal
journalist thirties.
- How many?
- Do not talk about it.
Did you write a column about your life in London?
I do not know, but I've seen here
a few times.
- I work here, you know.
- I forgot.
Okay, I've seen you.
- Do you close at 7?
- I'll be here until closing.
"And then we'll go?
Do not you say hi to your mother?
- Are you on a break?
- Yes
Tomorrow is the birthday of your brother
I invited him to a special dinner
you are also invited.
Thank you very much.
- Micky comes too.
- Great.
Will you come?
If you want to go, go.
Your brother will be very happy.
- What is she doing here?
- She is the owner of the premises.
- Do you still want?
- Mama, why do you get?
- The next time you almost get married...
- Listen, it's not his fault.
I know the type,
I married one.
And where is he?
Six feet under.
He left me alone to take care
of all your problems.
Even when he was alive was busy
spoiling everything he had at his side.
- Need help?
- Okay, honey.
- I would love to help...
- No, no, I'm fine.
You know, I have dreams,
Do you have dreams?
Of course I have dreams.
You marry,
my son is married,
I have grandchildren, great-grandchildren.
I'm still young. I can help.
Listen, Omar is not exactly
fond of parties,
and I want to travel a little further
before settling down.
You always have to say something
that makes me feel worse.
Shirley, there are customers waiting.
I have to go.
- But what about the grandchildren?
- Goodbye, Shoshana.
Where are we going exactly?
Told you, right?
I do not usually travel with strangers.
Have not you ever done hitchhiking?
- Do you go with kids who do not know?
- Rarely.
That sounds suspicious,
Are you lying?
No matter,
there is always a first time.
- Is everything okay?
- Yes, I like classical music.
I'm surprised that no light...
- Are you sure it's here?
- Yes
I think it's here.
Last night I was alone in the office,
I worked overtime.
I had another call,
Suddenly I heard all sorts of strange voices
and they talked about
a disaster to come.
A private disaster or universal?
Universal, I think.
I only Habaron personal things,
They asked me questions
as on the death of my father
How I felt,
How I saved my husband and me
of an accident.
Questions on emotion.
They've been quiet lately.
For some time now have not
been contacted.
They do not come to take me again
I do not love me.
They love you, love you,
but at the moment are not useful.
Maybe your aura scares;
are very sensitive to auras.
And yours is pretty terrifying
too green.
What do you think should I do?
- They did not mention anything specific.
- What about you?
- Were you exposed to them?
- No.
You're lying!
How dare you talk like that
our guest?
He is lying.
- No lie.
- Whatever you say.
Are you okay?
- We can go.
- I want to stay.
The energies are
too negative here.
I can see their aura and
this is not helping.
You never told me what you think.
Is it going to happen or something big
I misunderstood the message?
As always,
got it wrong.
I think we talked about you personally,
they do not deal with prophecies.
Yes they do.
I told you!
Prophesied my parents' divorce
as a child.
Tell us.
My sister was still a baby
I remember looking through a crack
the door of my parents.
They discussed almost every night.
Suddenly someone stood beside me
and asked if I wanted to be separated.
I said yes, and he said
they would in a few years.
I remember his face was so strange...
I had a strange feeling to you,
I knew I had to bring you here.
Are you absolutely sure
they were aliens?
I think so.
This park is beautiful,
years ago had not been here.
I smoked weed here
when I was in college.
When I was really small,
I used to ride a bike here.
We lived across the street.
In fact, I still live there.
Do you live with your parents?
Actually, my ex-boyfriend.
My parents died in an accident
traffic a year ago
is why I returned to Israel.
All right.
Either way, I live across the street.
So, you live with your ex-boyfriend?
Yes, we get along well.
You know, find a flatmate today
is a nightmare.
While there is no jealousy, going well.
So you live across the street?
The other side is not so far
this is not London.
Like when you're a kid and
you have no sense of proportion,
the city seems so big.
Although just have 300,000.
371 600 at the end of 2006.
What I mean is that
when you're a child,
what is more important
seems negligible,
and then suddenly
things change.
Our desires change over the years.
Here is where I live.
Want to get a coffee?
I want to, but I have an appointment.
I'm meeting someone.
I met him yesterday
but I was impressed.
I love coffee,
Do you understand me, right?
Okay, do not let him planted.
I would feel bad afterwards.
Bye, then!
- Hello.
- How you doing?
- Well, are you going?
- Yes, I finished.
I have to buy a blender for Omer,
tomorrow is her birthday.
Tomorrow morning.
Since I'm not back there.
- A few cups a blender?
- What, where, in Pola?
- Yes, I have to close the pub.
- Come on.
- What? Are you going to see Michal?
- Yes
How is between you two? Well?
Shame, Michal loves you.
I'm serious.
Please let me buy.
- Tomorrow morning at 9:00. Let
- Oh, fine.
# Are you Danny?
# Hi, I'm Omer, yesterday.
He was calling to ask
if you have plans for today.
Nothing you can not cancel.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- I feel the little time...
- Okay.
It had nothing to do, anyway.
- I'm sorry, I'm annoying?
- No, no way. All right.
It really has become our table.
Yes, absolutely...
- What book are you caught?
- What book?
Were now in the library.
Oh, no, no, I visited only
a friend who works there.
Why? Do you read much?
I do not know, I have no patience for it.
What? Can not stop
your ass still five minutes?
Yes .. no... I mean...
I used to read much
but now I have no patience for it.
Well, shall we go?
- Hi, Eitan.
- Michal.
How are you, doll?
- Are you alright?
- We'll talk later. "The usual?
Yes, urgently.
- Voila.
- Thanks, baby.
- Alcohol makes you horny?
- What?
Does alcohol makes you horny?
Me too.
You know, there used
a public park here
with lots of flowers.
- Really?
- And before that, this was an orchard.
I did not know that.
So you've lived here all your life?
Yes, I was born here. And you?
I was born in Germany,
and after my parents emigrated.
They did not want to take me there.
That seems...
What about your parents?
Do not Ask
is a complicated relationship.
The two things: gay dancer
is not easy, you know.
My sister is a lesbian,
so I know what it means "is not easy."
Have you ever felt like running away?
You wanted it,
go to New York?
- To New York?
- New York.
Actually I lived in New York,
I studied there...
But he went searching for something,
I do not know why, but I looked.
Did you find it?
At first looking for peace,
is a very big and noisy.
"And you came back here?
I forgot that this was also a great city.
But more quiet?
Yes, more peaceful.
Yes, more peaceful.
You're a man, a man!
I know.
Wait a minute, I know!
You caught me and then I uploaded
above, do not you remember?
- Are you serious?
- Yes
You sat on my penis
as never before, remember...
- When?
- Three years ago.
Do you know how many people I bring here?
You and I cogimosamos twice
three years ago,
half a year of separation,
if I remember correctly.
And what you say
Do you want to continue?
Of course I want to stay!
"Renounce you step on me?
So what do you want?
I took you behind
or better put me on top of you?
How about this:
we masturbate a little,
then suck us,
and I took on all fours,
Then you sit on me, okay?
Sounds good.
Then sit down opposite each other.
Take off your pants first.
It is an idea.
Are you comfortable?
A lot.
I had been caught in a long time.
Do you?
I told you not smoke.
Want to have dinner with me tomorrow?
It is the birthday of a good friend of mine
and her mother prepared dinner.
I do not think.
- But you want to brag.
- What is there to show off?
I would love to come.
Are you sure?
"After this fuck?
It will be hard to leave you...
- Are you serious?
- I think.
- Do you?
- What?
Come, come, be fun.
He must apologize.
baby, come here a moment.
- What?
- I have a case.
Baby, can we leave it for later?
Do you still love me?
You know.
Baby, I love you still.
Carl, we talked about this today.
I have a gift,
a trifle for you.
What do you mean?
- Michali, what's this?
- Open it.
When did you have time?
I had it.
- I can not accept it.
- Come, I want to have fun,
I can not travel with you.
I have here a business to carry.
- And when you get back...
- What happens if I return?
Then would not
I came to know well.
I'm still not sure
know myself.
- He should not enter.
- I understand.
- It's too soon.
- I know.
This does not mean anything.
I enjoyed myself.
So do I.
- Not that I do not want. I do.
- I.
- I'm not ready yet.
- I know.
See you tomorrow?
Will you come with me to dinner?
- Dining?
- Yes, tomorrow is my birthday
and my mother prepared dinner.
- Happy Birthday!
- Thanks.
I will come.
- So tomorrow at 7?
- Okay.
- Good night, then.
- Good evening.
- Baby, thanks.
- Thanks!
How do I love you so?
Because I have time.
Good morning.
Who are you?
Ronen told you not to
have a roommate?
No thanks, I have a hurry.
Not yet 6 am
I need a shower.
Tell him I'll call this afternoon, okay?
It will help if you turn the key.
You're welcome.
- Good morning, Shoshana.
- Good morning.
Began very early this morning.
Weekend, everyone
wants to fix her hair.
I could only come
there was a huge queue at the clinic,
I thought I was going to die!
You're safe here.
My son will kill me,
I need the vitamins now.
Remind me to take my Pramin at noon.
- I'm feeling nauseous.
- OK.
I heard that your son is coming
with a reporter, right?
Shoshana, you are asking a question.
- Oh, you talking to me?
- And what do I have kids now?
All I have are girls!
Who could talk to her?
Last night he was with her boyfriend
in that alien support group.
My son goes there every week.
and he was there for that journalist
who is writing an article about them.
I did not know I had boyfriend...
Even told me how
had spoken to the aliens.
I do not think the aliens, and you?
Today is his birthday
it must have a joke.
My Yoram was very serious...
Those people are boring, just boring.
Your son is gay?
How old are you?
Should not have married already?
He should tell your boyfriend
it's time to get married.
- You know, my son is also gay.
- Really?
- Maybe we can meet.
- Have a photo?
Here, take a look.
Well what do you say?
Would not a good match?
Do not you think it's time?
Linking all the time,
one night here, one night there.
Enough is enough.
Wow, you opened a marriage bureau here.
your daughter, lesbian,
Should not be already married?
Yes, he's young, has something in his head.
Look at my son, is a lawyer,
exercise, eat well,
What more need a Jewish mother?
A doctor-in-law,
for all heart problems.
You want a doctor in the family?
I have someone for you, dear.
Look, a wonderful girl,
emergency physician,
Is a neighbor of mine, also single
and looking for someone.
Well, we've done with you.
Excellent, just what I wanted!
- The same, but new.
- Okay.
- Shoshana?
- Yes?
Come, now is your turn.
- Goodbye, Shoshana.
- Goodbye.
- What are you doing today?
- The normal, nothing special,
- What are we doing today?
- The normal, nothing special,
but a good price.
# Happy Birthday!
# Wanted to be the first.
# What happens?
You do not sound too hot...
Yes, I just woke up.
# Omer, it is late to work.
- Are you going now?
- I'm late to warming.
- Have you connected?
- Yes
And how was it...?
- Your quote said you called.
- Run, run, and not be late.
- You're late.
- Yes, okay?
Sign in and not be late.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Sorry about yesterday.
I went out with someone.
I also went with someone yesterday.
- So it ended well.
- Completed well.
- He loves me.
- Good for you.
Thank you.
Happy Birthday!
- Happy birthday...
- You scared me!
Why are you so late?
I woke up
luckily Mickey called me.
What were you doing all night?
- Oh, yeah?
- Yes
- Well, read this, it is excellent.
- On what is it?
I have to go fast;
I was late for work.
- I am the first, right?
- Yes
- Happy Birthday!
- Goodbye.
- Is that your sister?
- How did you know?
It has the same eyes,
is pretty, your sister.
He came to wish me happy birthday.
Oh, happy birthday!
Is it your birthday?
I feel like some old
on the bank of a public park.
Elderly... Why?
How old are you?
30 years
Why stop?
Do you get scared of me?
Are you afraid of what you feel?
How do I feel?
When we were taking
said you loved me.
That was three years ago,
I love you no longer,
- And surely you do not love me.
- You're wrong, you changed me.
I'm not the real reason
you're back to the dance.
And you know:
dance is in your blood,
is your true love
you do it, not me.
- You dance really well!
- Thanks.
# We have to get together.
# Something big will happen.
Boy, I fell alone...
What happened?
What happened?
I fell on the stairs
I found a big hit.
My hair was ruined completely.
- Are you okay?
- I twisted my knee a bit.
Thanks, it's nothing, really.
Well, at least nothing is broken.
I was at the hairdresser,
spoke of you.
- Me?
- You have a boyfriend
Why do not you tell me?
What about you, you piece of shit?
Damn bitch.
Both silence
Is there something I do not know?
Baby, just take care of your cake.
I am not making a cake,
I'm making a salad.
Make a cake.
I hope you do not make a mistake.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- What was so urgent?
- Something will happen, what I sensed.
- Do you remember last night?
- What?
The boy who spoke of a disaster
I do not think it's a disaster.
Is a member of your group?
Something big is gonna happen tonight
in the center of the city
In Rabin Square.
Are you saying that aliens
will land here tonight?
Yes, in the city.
"Aliens landing in Rabin Square?
- Why come here?
- Do not believe me?
Here nothing happens
Why here?
Tonight, at 8... 9.
- So, two nights in a row?
- Yes
- What do you think?
- Think?
What could be the guy of your life?
Let me alone,
really do not know.
You do not have 20 years.
I know that...
Why are you standing outside?
No, I have to go,
I just wanted...
- To see me?
- No.
I say yes. Sorry.
You're making me.
People on which I am
Article writing
You know, the guys from the aliens...
I thought you were serious about me.
As serious as a heart attack,
but I have to dump half the dinner.
Apparently an alien land tonight
and I will not miss it.
I'm a little calmer.
So what here is where you work?
- Yes, we were just gossiping about you.
- Oh, really?
That's great.
Well, see you later.
Well, what did he say?
He could be the perfect guy.
According already...
I am looking for a defense power.
Do not sell them here, ma'am.
Why not?
this is an electronics store.
You can buy one at an armory
or a travel store.
Did you know that the aliens will
land today?
If they are not friendly
How I'm supposed to defend?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
- Do you have an electric mixer?
- Yes
So give me one;
in the worst case is the cast.
- Did anyone see you enter?
- Nobody.
- What are you ashamed?
- Of myself.
You're so shy...
I have other customers waiting.
- Go to work.
- Okay, boss.
- What are you doing here?
- Well... you know.
Are you coming to the party of Omer?
Congratulations on your new wardrobe!
Are you going out?
I must go,
he invited me to dinner.
- The older boy?
- Yes
- Well done!
- Thanks!
Danny, what happens?
Omer Call,
see what happens with him.
- Hello?
- Vamos! What happens?
Well, yes, you're a child.
Come, come now, we are here
alone with her.
The boy I'm dating
did not answer my calls.
A second
knock on the door.
Hi, please
Can you leave me a cup of sugar?
Wait a minute.
Who is it?
One of my mistakes.
- Do you call?
- Yes, yes, comes at a time.
The kids have no heart,
So I can say.
All hurt you,
everyone will suffer.
First you stand up and
drop you at the worst times.
Here she comes, here comes...!
- Your mother really hates me.
- Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, darling!
Mickey, do not you show me your boyfriend?
Ronen, Omer, my best friend.
Here it is.
- Happy birthday.
- Nice to meet you.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday
dear Omer,
Happy birthday
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday
Omer dear!
Hey, slut...
Oh, is our guest of honor.
Omer, opens the door.
- Who is it?
- It's a surprise.
- Hey, happy birthday!
- Amram? What are you doing here?
- Soshana invited me.
- Do you know you two?
- We are getting married.
- What, who is this?
I kept it a secret
I know you think that Dad was a saint
and I do not deserve love,
but I have love,
and is strong and will win,
and I will not give it up.
Mom, that's enough.
It's my birthday.
- What is happening here?
- Is it a joke or something?
I thought you were an old pervert
trying to link me.
I just wanted to know you better,
Your mother said you were
a very sensitive guy.
He is gay, and small is a lesbian.
At least now you understand why
we are so bastards.
Omer, you are not bastard at all.
Eh, eh! What's that supposed to mean?
I am not blind, I saw what looked
Why do not you tell me you know him?
I was not sure.
- Omer!
- Leave me alone.
Wait a second.
Wait a second.
Why are you crying?
Why are you crying?
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Why?
I found you.
What about Mickey?
Mickey will be fine;
find someone
Someone right for Mickey.
What now?
I will not go back to that madhouse.
How are you doing?
Apart from doing the idiot
all is well.
I wanted to ask something.
You're an amazing dancer.
And I wanted to know if you take as well.
I see you came after all.
I knew that would come together.
What happens here?
Do not you say?
The aliens will land.
This will be the night
wildest of your life.
They say love died.
Whoever said it was wrong.