Antarctica (2020) Movie Script

I talked to Jenny mcaullife today.
Lord, why?
She cornered me.
What did you guys talk about?
I don't even remember.
She was going on and on about
something really boring,
like a family car trip, and
she was just so excited.
It was so weird.
It's not like she was
talking about a new boyfriend
or seeing her favorite band.
She was just psyched.
Like high on life.
Yeah, war, child abuse, poverty, disease,
life gets me wasted.
And I was thinking,
I've never been that excited
about anything and I'm like 17.
It's only gonna get lamer
and more boring from here.
People who are that happy are insane.
We're doomed.
Well peeps, it's Friday
and you are all set
for another weekend.
Yeah, that's slammin'.
And while most of you
will do the right thing
like doing homework and going to church,
some of you will be putting your futures
and your very lives at stake.
Yes, homeboys and girls,
I'm talking about partying.
Check your head, and
don't believe the hype.
It's no difference if it's
brewskies or the kind herb,
coke, crank, smack, LSD, pcp,
model airplane glue,
vaginal, oral, or anal.
It all leads to the same place.
Jail, the hospital or the graveyard.
For reals.
Holla if ya hear me.
Has Mrs. Feen ever even had sex?
So let's all give it up and turn it loose
and watch these three
short educational films,
you booze, you lose,
the bloodstained cell phone,
and conchita has genital warts.
Hall lockers,
true windows to the soul.
Ugly dykes.
These are the innocent,
carefree good times
we'll remember the rest of our lives.
Pain is weakness leaving the body?
So what, if you get run over
by a car it makes you stronger?
Or what about getting bone cancer?
I hear that's painful.
You'd be hella strong then.
He's cute.
You're worse than my mother.
He'd do it with you and then laugh
and send all his friends pictures.
Can't I even look?
They can't be all bad.
Y'know, we should be lesbians.
I can't do the wardrobe.
Also that partner word.
Yuck, partner sounds like you work
at a law firm or co-own a muffin shop.
Muffin shop.
Yo, what did one lesbian vampire
say to the other lesbian vampire?
We don't care.
See you next month.
Well, that's my cue.
Talk to you later. See ya.
You know what your problem is?
Did I consent to this conversation?
You think you smarter than everybody.
'Cause you all serious all the time
and 'cause I always clowning and whatevs,
you think I'm not thoughtful and shit.
Well, yes.
But my shit is deep, though.
And how deep would that shit be?
Yo, check this.
So I used to wonder so few
black people are serial killers.
But then I figured it out.
The whole thing about
being a serial killer
is that cops leave 'em alone
so you do it again and again.
Jeffrey dahmer's got some
rotten dead guy in his freezer
cops come over, well Mr. Dahmer,
we've had some complaints about a smell,
but looks like everything's fine here.
Why don't you get back to skull fucking
that corpse you just
warmed up in the microwave.
Brother can't do that.
Black man walkin' down the street,
the cops go hey hey what's your name?
Show me some ID, get in the car,
we're gonna beat your ass
until you confess to
something you ain't done.
There ain't no time to pick up 20 girls
on the street and make
hooker soup out of 'em.
Police be on a brother's
ass every other week.
Stevie, do you actually
know any black people?
But you know why?
'Cause it's a racist conspiracy.
Oh hang on, you got
something on your face.
Okay, that was cute,
but I'm going this way,
and you're going that way.
No worries, no bigness.
Tell your mama she was on her
game the day she made you.
You a fine little meow meow.
Meow meow.
French philosopher octave mirbeau
once wrote the universe
appears to me like an immense,
inexorable torture garden.
Do you agree or disagree and why?
I feel this is a trick question.
Life is torture for everyone
who's not stupid or super rich.
But that answer will make
you think that I am someone
who will spend their whole time at school
starting campus protests.
no, I disagree.
The universe is a beautiful
place full of laughing babies
and puppies that fart rainbows.
Describe the world
within 100 feet of you right now.
Well, there's my dad,
who is probably peeing.
My dad seems to be
peeing a lot these days.
Perhaps he is pregnant.
My Teddy bear Lionel.
The vibrator I ordered online
using my elderly neighbor's name
so if my dad opened the
box I could just say
the mailman made a mistake.
My custom magic 8 ball that
only gives me answers I like.
And a sweaty fat chick
sitting at a computer who really
hopes she gets into college
so she can escape this butthole of a town
before it eats her alive.
Please attach a photo of yourself.
Aren't I old enough for grown-up food?
I don't have time to make two meals.
you need chew food.
I am.
No, you need chew more.
40 times every bite.
Digest properly.
Food expand in stomach, get
stuck in intestine for weeks.
Even months.
If that were true, wouldn't
people just explode?
Don't be sassy.
40 times.
One, two, three,
four, five.
Six, seven, eight.
Nine, 10, 11. No chew?
Do you have any mints?
My mom will shit if she smells this on me.
Nolo problemo.
I bow downeth before thee, noble knave.
Oh, show's starting.
Isn't it cool when you see
two ugly people totally in love?
How do you know they're in love?
They're probably both married
and met on fatsoswannahaveanaffair.Com.
Come on, he adores her.
Cooking her dinner.
Yeah, so he can hit that
droopy behind after.
You mean right now.
I feel bad we're watching.
Not too bad, obviously.
It's biological 'cause
he puts out chemicals
in the air that go into her brain
and they make her feel all lovey dovey.
I saw a TV show about it.
So that's why people fall in love?
That's what people write books
and songs and poetry about?
The way we smell?
Yeah, pretty much.
Yeah, I dunno.
Okay, now I feel bad for watching.
Oh my god, how does that even work?
I think we're venturing
into can't be unseen
territory. No.
As you know, the recent
gangland style murders
at nearby pettitville
elementary school have given
everyone in our community.
Did you do
your college essays yet?
No, my mom's paying someone to do it.
A pro, some guy she found on the Internet.
Luckily, the school board,
along with coach Greene,
using his position as head
of morgansfield volunteer militia,
have agreed upon a plan to keep
us all safe at this unstable time.
Stevie d tried to kiss me.
When? After school.
That plan involves arming
and training our janitorial staff.
Sometimes I am glad I'm ugly
so I don't have d-bags hitting on me.
You're not ugly.
You'll always be more popular than me.
If we didn't have ballet class
together when we were seven,
we wouldn't be friends now.
Staff can become
the good guys with the guns.
See, what's that? Hey.
You gonna go be all cool without me?
Our head janitor and newly named
chief of school security, Jaime jimenez.
Does this pity party have a dress code?
Just stop.
What if I don't wanna stop?
I love the students
in this school.
But even more, I love to
be crime stopping hero
shooting the bad guys.
Thanks you for this
opportunity to live my dreams.
And go tigers.
Next on knocked up castaways,
Bree is 32 weeks and finds the
last coconut on St. Marcos.
Janet, what's a five
letter word for mistake?
Starts with a b?
I don't know.
Dad, do we have any ice cream?
I ate the last.
Well there's peppermint cake.
From like two years ago,
I hate peppermint cake.
I know.
That's why it's still there, I guess.
I used to doubt myself.
Worried about whether I was
good enough, pretty enough.
If the things I felt were
wrong, or even crazy.
That's why I talked to
my doctor about femtrexl.
If you are a woman 14-70
and feel overwhelmed by your
feelings, femtrexl can help.
Femtrexl can also help you
manage your weight without dieting.
For your free trial, call this number
or text to 56495.
Possible side effects of
femtrexl include dry mouth,
irritability, hallucinations, depression,
suicidal thoughts, mood swings,
and hormonal changes
including discontinuation
of the menstrual cycle. Boner.
Boner, the word.
That's the word?
Yes, dad.
The security question
is what was your favorite teacher's name?
If my memory was that good
I wouldn't have forgotten my
stupid password to begin with.
You only have two password.
Oh great,
now the person at the door knows it, too.
You worry too much.
Nobody steal like that.
And all Christmas music
is made in September.
Tricking or treating?
Is Kat home?
She not home.
Can I help you with something?
We were supposed to do homework together.
Do you know where she is?
It Halloween.
She probably out there frightening
little children and old people.
You want wait?
You know, you have pretty face.
Looking at you,
I am thinking we can do
something very nice together.
You might not like it at start,
but it will make you feel very, very good.
I show you.
First time, no problem.
No, I really don't-
Come on, it won't take long.
There is room in basement.
Is very good for burning fat.
Okay, you try.
Wait, wait.
It's not bad time of month, no?
Oh, good.
Never exercise during that time, never.
Also, no camping, okay?
The smell, it attract bear
and wolf from miles away.
You sure enough dead.
It's okay, asians don't camp really.
You do 20.
I've never done one.
Okay. Come on.
Yeah, you can do it.
Come on.
Burn the baby fat, burn it.
That hurts.
In my country, women have
to be tough like boys.
Is that to fight the bears?
I am more traditional American guy.
I take care of money.
She stay home and be pretty.
Easy there, Mike Tyson,
it's just exercise.
You're a fast learner.
Whoa, whoa, got an invite?
Yo dog, I'm a s'more.
Selling grams to crackers, you feel me?
Come on, man, no invite, no party.
Oh, come on man, help a brother out.
Get outta here.
Jesus, are you stalking me?
Sometimes not that much difference
between extra friendly and criminal.
Nice costume.
Who you supposed to be?
I'm a Roy lichtenstein painting.
Lichtenstein, he's good.
Can you sneak me in?
Come on, we'll go in
together, it'll be super easy.
I don't want to go back in, it's boring.
Well then at least could you let me
took on that boom shaka iaka.
That's good, that relaxes me.
I can see that.
You know how like you can
bring a dog on a plane
now without being blind?
You just need like a
letter from your doctor
that says it helps you relax.
What kind of shit is that?
Helps you relax.
You know what helps me relax?
A bong and a big Booty stripper.
They don't let me bring
that on a plane, though.
Strippers, huh?
You can't even get into
a high school party,
how do you get let in a strip club?
What are you kids doing here?
We live here.
Brandon's our brother.
He kicked us out until the party's over.
They're using my room
for corn oil wrestling.
Where are your parents?
In Costa Rica.
I wanna go to bed.
Why don't you guys talk
to those nice men over there, okay?
They'll put you to bed.
My bro sneaks me into
sugars in middlefield.
Told 'em I was 25.
They bought it, too.
Is it a strip club for the blind?
Unicorn, freeze!
High protein.
Doesn't Kat's mom have a business?
She did.
In graysville, a vintage used pillow shop.
What happened to it?
People kept returning pillows
with rash on side of face,
red bites on the neck,
Internet reviews not so good.
Diane, very rich lady,
not so smart at financials.
When vigara was coming out,
she invested in Spanish fly.
Nothing you need to understand.
She is foolish to stay at work.
Women are good at certain
things, feelings, love, worrying.
Men are good at other things.
Money, killing, growing beard.
Creating amazing technologies
that will eventually destroy us all.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
Girl, why you frontin'?
You wet as a mermaid.
Do you have a condom?
Chill baby, I got my golden ticket.
Are you sure it's on right?
It's all good, all right?
It's all good.
Oh yeah.
That's it, yeah.
Oh, you nasty.
Oh, oh, oh, atta boy.
That's mama's home cookin' right there.
Get the groceries, get the groceries.
Are you done?
Yeah, baby.
Like a ninja.
Lightning fast with deadly skill.
I know, you're welcome.
What are you kids, oh my god.
Just get your clothes
on and get out of my car
before I call the police.
Are these yours or mine? These are mine.
Oh come on, you knew I didn't have no car.
You loved it.
No, I can't say that I did.
And you cannot tell anyone about this.
Jesus, are you psycho?
Dude, where were you?
Don't call me dude.
I'm not your bro and it's not 4:20.
What happened to your face?
What were you doing?
Just trying to be normal.
You should try it sometime.
We were supposed to do homework.
Did you go to that party?
Yeah, it was heinous anus.
Be glad you weren't invited.
You suck.
Yeah, I probably do.
It's her.
Bathroom now.
Is it true?
You had sex with smallie smalls?
I don't know.
You have failed me.
Town bike?
And look how he spells mayonnaise.
Fuckin' retard.
Who else has seen this?
Well I've seen it, and I'm always last.
Okay, what do I do?
Go home.
Go to the nurse, say you have bad cramps.
I don't get my period
for another two weeks.
She's not gonna check.
Right, right.
I'm never gonna live this down.
Maybe there'll be a shooting later
and people will forget all about this.
I banjo I'm plunkin' I
I my flow is sky high I
I yours is like a munchkin I
I that ass I be iovin I hey!
Hey, that is enough.
I'll kill you, you fat bitch.
Janet, we have a zero tolerance policy
towards bullying at morgansfield high.
He humiliated my friend.
Your friend and her boyfriend here
having a little lover's spat
is no excuse for violence.
No, no, no.
And perhaps your friend should think twice
about announcing to the whole school
her personal matters the way she did.
We are going to be watching
your every move, young lady.
Now, I want you both to stand up.
Come on, stand up.
Look at each other.
Now apologize.
Do it!
I sorry.
I also sorry.
Now hug.
You heard me.
I'm gonna kill you! Ow!
I swear to god you're gonna be dead.
Oh my god.
Janet, you're a smart
girl and a good student.
I think what we are dealing with here
is bigger than a little
student altercation.
Now I think what we're dealing with here
is a medical problem.
Let's see if we can deal with this
without too much trouble, shall we?
Dad, what's all this crap?
A man from the school came by.
Brought you your medicine.
Says it'll help you with your grades.
Who came by?
A medicine salesman, a doctor.
This is stupid.
I'm not gonna take it.
Sweetie, you have to.
If you wanna stay in school,
that's what the man said.
And in the 1980s,
america gained its greatest
leader of the 20th century.
And that would be?
Ronald Reagan.
Ronald Reagan is the president
who deregulated the banks,
allowing this country
to enjoy unprecedented
corporate growth and prosperity.
He also vetoed dangerous legislation
like the clean air act
that would have crippled
American industry in
the name of the unproven
health risks of air pollution.
Is there a problem back there?
No. Well,
perhaps you should go to
the principal's office
if you're going to be
disrupting class like this.
Ronald Reagan also created
tremendous business opportunities
by allowing the CIA to funnel
cocaine into urban areas,
allowing young African
American entrepreneurs
to create what?
Crack cocaine.
Yes, crack.
Very good.
I don't think this bus
stop is active anymore.
Oh, I'm just counting cars.
Ford focus.
Is this some kind of YouTube thing?
Subaru outback.
Oh, right, no.
It's a long story.
If you're worried about your
safety, I won't be here long.
My name is rian.
Sorry, I'm tripping or something.
On drugs?
Do you need a doctor?
No, doctor gave them to me.
So, why are you in a space?
Would you like to go on a walk with me?
I didn't tell you my name.
Yes you did, just right
before we shook hands.
Oh, wow.
Look at this.
I thought these guys would
have all been killed off
by pesticides by now.
Make a wish.
Don't tell me or it won't come true.
Aren't you hot in that suit?
Well, there's germs out there
that could be dangerous.
May not have the immunity,
don't wanna risk it.
Do you believe in ufos?
If aliens are visiting us,
why is it always in some
cowboy town in new Mexico?
Wouldn't they want to go
to the UN or something?
Well, maybe because they're not aliens.
They're us trying to hide.
What, like secret government junk?
It's a mistake.
That's why they never hang out.
The closest galaxy that could
support life is the Andromeda,
which is over two
million light years away.
That's two million years of travel.
That's shitloads hella far.
They would have to leave
before humans even existed.
Even with faster than light travel,
which is still theoretical,
even with a krasnikov tube,
they'd come back home in five years
and 5000 years would have passed.
All your friends long
dead, nobody remembers you.
And for what, big Mac?
The Grand Canyon, maybe?
Not really worth the
trip, don't you think?
You lost me, dude.
People think time is this.
But it's like this.
Different times running parallel,
and sometimes they run into each other.
So, you're from the future now?
What makes insane people
always wanna talk to me?
Should I scowl more?
Did you ever do something
that changed the whole course
of your life from that moment on?
Or when things get weird
and you think who's life is this?
Maybe you just slipped
into one of your alternate time lines.
You mean like right now?
I'm time traveling?
Well, sure.
We're all time travelers.
One, two,
three, four.
There we go, traveling
through time into the future.
I think I'm too high for any of this.
You're just a side effect anyway.
I'm imagining you.
You sure I'm not real?
I think I should be going home now.
I'm trippin' my tits off.
I've never been outside so long.
I feel sort of exposed.
Time to get up, kiddo.
Thanks for remembering I exist.
Sorry, I'm freaking out.
Can't decide which rad party to go to?
I'm pregnant.
Are you sure?
I took the test.
No way, I thought loser
face used a condom.
I think he didn't, he just said he did.
How hard do you want me
to hit him this time?
No, he can't know.
What are you gonna do?
I don't know, I'm
thinking about keeping it.
Yeah, 'cause every kid wants
to be born to a 17 year old
and some random douchebag.
No, that's the point.
Maybe I can be the world's worst mom ever.
Name it Hitler, cover
it with prison tattoos,
really go all out with
it like an art project.
You've had better ideas.
If I go to the clinic,
will you come with me?
My mom can't know.
Her and vlad will fucking flip.
Yes, stupid questioner.
Can you come over?
And bring ice cream?
I I was there I heard the
crackling of the palms I
I he came upstairs I whoa.
Was that Mr. Muckles?
Uh huh.
It's a miracle.
I've known you 10 years and
I've seen that cat like twice.
Maybe it's a bad sign.
Two coats of paint and they still glow.
Deadly radiation killing us both.
Childhood refusing to leave
even when asked nicely.
Ms. Nuemann? One second.
I'm going to take you to
the see the doctor now.
Is there anything you'd like
to say or any second thoughts?
Do you have a ride home?
And you don't have any
allergies to medication?
No, just peanut butter.
There are no peanuts
involved in the procedure.
Dr. Blake?
Hello, Katrine.
You can't tell my mom about this.
My work here at the woman's
clinic is private and separate
from my job as your family pediatrician.
I won't tell your mother.
Y'know, I will never get over
my patients becoming adults.
Seems like sooner every year.
I have eight year olds menstruating.
I blame fruit roll-ups.
how are you?
We're give you a mild
sedative, that should help.
Are you gonna get me hopped
up on goofballs, Dr. Blake?
No goofballs today, I'm afraid.
Now Katrine, what we are
about to do is safe and legal.
State law does not require
your parental consent
or their knowledge of this procedure.
However, due to recent
changes in federal law,
a police officer is required to be here
every time I do a procedure
on an unmarried patient under 21.
At your cervix.
Quack, quack.
Hello, Katrine.
You're gonna feel a little
pressure, like a tummy ache.
How's that sedative working?
That's a good girl.
Almost done.
Three feet back, folks, that's the law.
Three feet back.
You killed your baby, you whore!
Shut up!
You're going to go to hell.
Shut up!
Murderer, murderer!
I'm never having sex
again or anything else.
Ever again.
It's all gonna be fine.
The definition of a traitor is someone
who betrays a country
or a sacred institution.
A traitor is especially dangerous
because they destroy from where?
From within.
History has given us many famous traitors
whose treacherous deeds have killed
and corrupted untold lives.
Judas, Benedict Arnold,
mata hari, Jane Fonda.
But none so deadly as the man
you probably have already heard of,
a dictator whose face and
name shall live in infamy.
A man who, not so long ago,
a whole nation of wayward,
supposedly civilized people
supported and even championed
despite his evil, evil deeds.
William Jefferson Clinton.
How can they send you to sex rehab
when you've barely had sex?
I hate growing up.
Your mother's the devil.
She's not that bad. Fine.
The devil's doula, then.
Your mother's crazy.
Yeah, ever since she
went through the change,
she got that pbs totebag
and it was all over.
The sure sign of menopause.
How long will you be gone?
They won't tell me, till I get better.
You are not a sex addict.
She says that one of the signs
of sex addiction is lying about it.
No one's honest with
their parents about sex.
Hey mom, I'm going to the football game
to blow the starting lineup
behind the bleachers,
be home by11.
Will you visit me?
It's like three hours away
and I won't have Internet.
Of course I'll visit.
Mom and vlad will just buy a dog
and pretend I never happened.
Excuse me, can we?
Katrine, I know I failed you.
If I was a good mother,
we would have talked about these things.
Mistakes you've made, mistakes I've made.
But at least now, before you go away,
we have some time to do that.
Mom, is that really necessary?
Yes, yeah it is.
As long as we have.
You have four hours,
29 minutes to your destination.
As long as we have these
four hours and 29 minutes
together we're gonna make the most of it.
Look, I'm old.
When I was your age, the
rainbow hanging in the window
of a store meant that
they sold televisions
that were in color.
I don't pretend to know what a popular,
beautiful young woman goes
through in the 21st century.
Perhaps you can enlighten me.
Well, I guess you'd have to ask someone
who was popular and beautiful.
Why are you avoiding this intimate
mother daughter bonding time?
If you can't be honest with
me, I'll be honest with you.
You know how I told your father
I got herpes from a yoga mat?
Well, I didn't.
Let's just leave it at that.
Yes, let's please.
I I am in love with the McDonald's girl I
oh, you used to love this
song when you were little.
I I am in love with the McDonald's girl I
come on, you know the words.
No, stop.
I she is an angel in the polyester uni I
come on, sing along.
No, I don't.
Why do you hate me so much?
I she's taking orders from the
saddle river little league I
what did I do?
I if they knew how much I wanted her I
Oh my god, Katrine what are you doing?
I got you a big gulp.
Why are you doing this to me?
How old is the boy who got you pregnant?
Okay, I'll explain it to you again.
Emotionally, socially, men
are actually 10 years younger
than their actual age.
So by that rule, a 34 year
old man would actually be 24,
and therefore your current
sex partner is how old?
Don't you wish we'd had
this conversation sooner?
Okay, I want to start by everyone giving
a short description, or even just a word,
of the incident or the moment
where you realized you needed to get help.
I spent my wife and I's entire 401 k
in the vip room at Mr.
Dandy's, a strip club.
In one weekend. Mr. Dandy's?
Who'd you see?
Brandy, Veronica?
Let's stay focused, please.
Well at work, I was too
busy pleasuring myself
instead of doing my job, and
people were hurt because of it.
What's your job, Dan?
Was my job.
High speed train conductor.
Four words, talk now to live girls.
Uh, that's five words but thank you, Phil.
Foreign objects lost in my rectum.
Thank you, Wayne.
Had to go to the hospital.
Yes, we see.
I don't think I really belong here.
Obviously, you're alone in that opinion.
I've had sex with, like, two guys.
It's not how you have
sex, it's how sex has you.
Everyone here needs to be honest
with themselves and with each other.
Okay, I slept with a jerk from my school
because I was bored.
I got high and I guess
I thought he was funny.
Better, thank you.
Neighbor's Saint Bernard.
Janet, what are you doing?
Watching TV, dad.
We can't do this, they're
gonna kick us out.
No, it's okay, I have
my cloaking device on.
As long as you're within six feet of me,
no one can see us.
I'm sorry, this is just weird.
I don't even go to real dances.
That's why it'll be fun.
Miss, can I help you?
Nope, no, just leaving.
You're nuts.
Just keep dancing, nobody'll notice.
So, what do you dream about?
Last night I was riding a giant spoon
that plunged into a lake of
Mrs. Freshy's cake frosting.
No, like something you want to happen.
World peace?
Something attainable.
An end forever to the scourge
of the backwards baseball cap.
How about in guys?
What do you like, tall, short?
Brown, yellow, green?
Someone who doesn't annoy me.
They can't use the word gay to
describe something they hate.
Someone who's not afraid
to hold my hand in public
even though I have fat fingers,
who looks me in the eyes when I talk
and smiles when I'm telling a story,
even though I haven't got
to the funny part yet.
Dumb stuff like that.
And what do you dream about?
Maybe next time we can
do this with my suit off.
I wouldn't want to get you sick.
I think you're worth the risk.
I don't have your phone number.
Why would you assume that
I have a cellular phone?
I mean,
I'm kind of sad I wasn't
born in the time before tvs.
People had to use their imaginations,
cook, talk to each other, leave the house.
Just thought I'd ask.
Cell phones are bad for humanity.
I get it.
I know where you live, though.
I guess it's more fun this way.
Katrine, it's Phil.
Are you awake?
And Mike.
We just want to hang out and talk.
Are you asleep?
We're not gonna touch you.
Unless you really want us to.
Yeah, if you want us to, that's cool.
I mean, that'd be totally awesome.
You don't have to make
that decision right now.
Yeah, yeah, just let us come inside.
Where's the visiting place?
I can't have visitors.
I spent five hours on the bus.
I know, I know, we're in lockdown.
I'm not supposed to have my phone, either.
They catch me and-what?
One of the guys got caught
with a Victoria's secret catalog
and they have this zero
tolerance porn policy.
So I'm just supposed to go home?
I see you, come to the
window on the right.
Come out.
I can't hear you.
Come out.
We're in lockdown, and
they're tracking my phone.
I've been busy.
I'm on femtrexl, it
makes it hard to think.
I met a guy, at least I think I did.
His name's rian.
He's from the future.
I don't even know if he's real.
Are you?
Katrine neumann, we know you're down here.
You have to get me out of here,
it's like prison but with worse people.
Why aren't you helping me?
Oh my god.
You were supposed to be my friend, Janet.
Fuck off me!
Hey, it's Kat.
Leave a message.
If you're calling me,
you're probably someone
who abandoned me and let
me down when I needed you.
Take a good look at
yourself in the mirror.
You know who you are.
Don't leave a message because
I won't call you back.
Sorry to scare you.
I thought it'd be romantic to
just come through the window.
Yeah, kidnappers and rapists,
every girl's favorite.
Can you help me?
I missed you, Janet.
I missed you, too.
I think about you all the time.
It's like I'm obsessed with you.
Thanks, I guess.
Me, too.
Are you alone?
My dad's downstairs
listening to books on tape.
He can't hear us.
I've never done this before.
It's okay, if you don't want.
I don't know anything about you.
What else do you need to know?
Are you real?
Reality is anything the majority
of people agree to be true.
Why do you say that?
I only see you when I take my meds.
You take your meds a lot.
Do you think I'm real?
Well, so do I.
And we're the majority.
Good enough for me.
Do you wanna take off
the, you must be hot.
Sure, yeah.
So far, so good.
This is unexpected, but.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
What can I do?
An hour in de-con.
Is there somewhere we can
go where you'll be okay?
I'm sorry.
I'll come back for you.
We'll go away, you and I,
where we can be safe.
Are these friends of yours, Kat?
Have a wonderful rest of your evening.
Useful phrases while visiting France.
Nice to meet you, but
can't we just shake hands?
Should I worry about that smell?
My colossal American ass
will not fit in your tiny European car.
What the hell?
He's gone!
Oh, is that all?
Jesus, I thought you were dying.
Everything is gone.
Everything is gone.
Get up.
Come on, get up.
I can't.
I can't.
Come on.
No, we're done with this now.
So tell me again, the savings?
Real generous.
My college fund?
credit cards maxed out with cash advances.
Okay mom, we have to find him.
Where did he go?
Probably back to Slovakia.
He could be down the street.
Vlad was a very mysterious man.
What did he actually do for a living?
Import export and online
financial services.
What does that even mean?
Christ, I don't know.
You, as a recovering sex addict
should know that sometimes
love and desire takes you
to very dangerous places.
I went there with your father
and I went there with vlad,
and now this is my punishment.
Katrine, I know you think
I've failed you as a mother,
but I would appreciate
if you could at least try
to be a little bit supportive
in my time of crisis.
Okay, okay, mom, don't bug out.
Someday you'll understand.
Dating when you're middle-aged
is like shopping at a used car lot.
Choose the best you can but just remember
that there's something
wrong with all of them.
Come on, give me a hug.
Don't you think I deserve
at least that much?
where are you?
Are you sick, pumpkin?
What's happening?
Been trying to wake you all morning.
Did you stay up late on
the computer last night?
I have a letter from the university.
I got in.
Well look at that, miss smarty pants.
Now we just have to figure
out how to pay for it.
Well, I'll leave you alone
so you can call your friends.
We're sorry,
the number you have dialed is
not in service at this time.
I sunlight say grace to the
cold stone I'm waiting I
I for that firelight god
to lift his darkened eyes I
I and don't fear the skies
they know no need for reason I
Rian, wait!
I the stars can't keep that
shiny dancing charade I
good bye.
I but oh, to feel your eyes on me I
I love you.
I to want nothing, and everything I
Hey, miss.
I got into northmore.
That's great.
Did you hear?
Yeah, farnham turned me down.
I can't afford to go anyway,
so I'm just gonna work
and reapply next year.
Pretty embarrassing, huh?
I should've just changed in the car.
I'm sorry I didn't write
while you were away.
I thought you had lots
of other cooler friends.
Fhends, yeah, no.
I probably wasn't exactly the
best friend to you, either.
We're lame.
Yeah, yeah we are.
Rian was real.
I thought I was losing
it, but he was real.
He's gone, though.
Yay and boo, I guess.
I guess I should go.
Bye, feel better.
Are you insane?
Come out, whore.
I I'm just a-sittin' with the bad kitty I
I just while it's in the mood I
this is weird.
Think of it as prom that smells funny.
I look ridiculous.
Cataracts will help with that, I think.
There's so many old people
here, the average age is dead.
Suck it, bitch.
I and I wanna kiss you too I
so it's your birthday, huh?
Yes, ma'am.
I am 92 years old.
You rock, dude.
Happy birthday.
So I hear there's a lot of
action going on in these places,
everyone being single and all.
You're not gonna give me an std, are you?
Oh, I'm 92.
Leave room for Jesus there, hot pants.
Uh, jealous much?