Antboy 3 (2016) Movie Script

It's a sunny day.
Our summer countdown
continues as always,
right here on Middleland Radio.
Here's Kiss Me Fatboy,
with hot summer fun.
But first, a quick
message from our sponsors.
Good morning, Teddy.
OK, I know what you're thinking.
Who's that grinning idiot?
It's me, Pelle Nohrmann.
Some people know me
as a ninth grader
at Middleland High School.
Others as the superhero Antboy,
who protects the
innocent and cracks down
on criminals.
Good morning.
Good morning.
How come you're in
such a good mood?
I just am.
crime rate has seen
a rapid decrease
since the appearance
of the superhero
Antboy, who came to town
three years ago.
Therefore, the township
has officially joined
together with Exofarm,
in order to honor
Antboy, by erecting
a statue of him.
A statue?
Well, that's a waste
of taxpayer money.
Antboy deserves
it for all his help
around this city.
That's right.
Three years ago, the
Flea's Hercules serum
gave me superpowers.
If you told me then
where I'd be today,
I would have never believed you.
But if there's one thing
I've learned in life,
that is this.
Everything can change.
Pelle, wake up.
Are you OK?
Yeah, I think so.
You could use the door
once in a while, you know.
Did you hear about my statue?
Sugar's not good for me, anyway.
Want to share mine?
What flavor?
Strawberry and rhubarb kiss.
Want to try?
So, did you hear from
the boarding school yet?
No, not yet.
And you?
Got my letter today.
What did it say?
Practical info.
We're going skiing in
the second semester.
Without parents.
It's just William.
I bet you he just
wants me to change
the batteries on the Ant Com,
I'll call him back later.
Did you tell him
about boarding school?
Not yet, no.
You're welcome.
But I already have a watch.
That's more than just a watch.
It's a police radio
frequency scanner.
It alerts you if
Antboy is needed.
Press twice on the side
in case of emergency.
Like this.
That way we can always get
in touch with each other.
What is it?
It's Maria, she sent
a pic from Germany.
Bummer she had to leave?
I mean, that the Fury can't
help us catch villians here
in Middleland.
There aren't many
super villains left.
Maybe there's no
need for a superhero.
Ida's going away
for boarding school.
I've been giving
it a lot of thought.
And I'm going with her.
Yeah, I went to the
entry day with her,
and it was super cool.
You can do film, photography,
work in so many workshops,
take up kayaking, fencing,
or become a glass blower.
You want to become
a glass blower?
No, I don't know what I want.
I don't know what I'm good at.
I really have no idea.
I mean, come on, being
Antboy is all I know.
I'll be back next year.
I'm going to
boarding school, too.
You never said anything.
The admission criteria
are pretty tough.
So I wasn't sure I'd get in.
What school is it?
Xavier Academy, for
gifted youngsters.
That's really cool.
Well, I gotta go.
To do what?
I have to study.
It's summer break.
I'm studying in advance.
in progress on
A10 Harold Road.
Any cars nearby?
All right, let's
get a move on.
Hurry up.
Monkeying around, are we?
You better get out of here,
or face the consequences.
You couldn't find
a better costume?
It's incredible that
people are still stupid
enough to break the
law around here.
You know I'm gonna catch you.
Let's wipe out
this little bug.
What the?
You're too slow, Antboy.
It's my turn now.
Who are you?
Sweat and lemons?
Antboy seems
to be challenged by a new,
unknown crime fighter.
Just last night, the
unnamed hero stopped
a crime from being
committed in Middleland,
Vimmelstrop, and Hassleborough.
Albert Gilmalkra.
You were admitted to
Dragonsport two years ago,
convicted of theft, breach
of Danish air space,
the abduction of
Amanda Summerstead,
and William Theson.
Also the extortion of
Henreich Summerstead,
CEO of Exofarm and
damage to municipal
property amounting
to several million.
Criminal acts all
perpetrated under the alias
the Flea.
This committee was
assembled with the purpose
to assess whether you are
ready to be discharged.
What do you intend to do,
should you be released?
I've always been
very fond of plants.
There is a beautiful
botanical garden in Vimstrop,
maybe I could apply
for a job there.
How about your
scientific career, sir?
Do you intend to finish
the research begun before
your incarceration?
No, that chapter is
closed for me, sir.
How about Antboy?
Do you still harbor the
same intense hatred for him
as when you came here?
My dismissal from Exofarm,
and the grief over my
mother's death led me astray.
I've done terrible things.
Things I regret bitterly today.
And I don't hate Antboy.
On the contrary, I'm
grateful to him for
stopping me before the
Flea hurt anyone seriously.
Were it not for Antboy,
I may never have
mended my ways, Doctor.
So, what do you think?
I think we're good to go.
Do you agree?
I think we are.
The committee,
hereby, finds you to be
100 percent rehabilitated
and that you no longer
pose a threat to Middleland.
Albert Gilmakra?
The CEO of Exofarm
wants to see you.
Tell Summerstead
I'm not interested.
Summerstead is no longer the CEO
of Exofarm.
Henrick Summerstead.
Dr. Gilmakra.
My name is John Tomison, and
I am the head of security.
The CEO is waiting
for you, Doctor.
Dr. Gilmakra.
Welcome to Exofarm.
Or rather, welcome back.
I'm Alicia Duforte, the
newly appointed CEO.
And somewhat of a
globetrotter, I see.
To travel is to
live, isn't that so?
What happened to
Henrick Summerstead?
My father, Charles
Richard Duforte,
bought the company while
you were in Dragonsport.
And had me replace Summerstead.
Summerstead tried to make
money for the company,
which was important, but
money isn't everything, is it?
Exofarm has a far
greater responsibility.
Which is what?
I'll show you now.
This, right here, is our
new research facility.
And this here is our
very latest addition.
The exoskeleton.
It was on the drawing
board when I worked here.
But Summerstead scrapped it.
Just like he did with
your Hercules serum.
Professor, Grumwinkle,
please, give our guest
a demonstration.
This suit is
made from titanium,
and it's controlled by
impulses from the brain
to the nervous system.
It's an external skeleton.
Just like in the
insect world, right?
Yes, precisely.
We can use the
exoskeleton to rehabilitate
those that are disabled.
It's quite helpful.
People who are paralyzed
can walk again,
thanks to this suit.
The suit magnifies the
carrier's strength,
and can be worn by
firefighters and relief workers
in disaster areas.
It has huge potential.
I sincerely
apologize, Miss Duforte.
Remote controlled receiver
is extremely sensitive
to disturbances from channels
like, well, for example,
mobile phones.
As long as you learn
from your mistakes,
I right, Dr. Gilmakra?
What does all this have
to do with me, though?
Just think how many people
you could have helped,
had Summerstead not
stood in your way.
Your mother might
have been alive today.
Have you thought about that?
I won't stand in
your way, Doctor.
If only you'll come
back to Exofarm
and recreate the
Hercules serum, which
gave the Flea his powers.
And if I do, what do
you intend to use it for?
The same as you.
To save the world.
Thank you for the offer,
but the Hercules serum
has done far too much damage.
Please consider it, OK?
I'm sure you and I could
do great things together.
Over here, over
here, pass it to me.
Come on.
Hey, did you hear
about the unnamed hero?
I sure did.
I heard he was half
man and half cyborg.
The government made
him, and he's got
more weapons than Cable
and Deadpool combined.
OK, dude, you've
read way too many
Rob Liefield comics.
The unnamed hero isn't a robot.
How do we even know it's a guy?
It might be just a
super cool skater chick,
with ninja skills like
Katana, or Electra,
who's going around
wasting bad guys.
A skater chick
with ninja skills?
Yeah, I don't think so,
because the crazy thing is,
I saw him last night at the bog.
He had horns on his head
and huge glowing eyes
like Echkin the demon.
Come on.
Get a grip, Couisin It.
He's a superhero,
not some goth demon.
He's not a superhero
if he doesn't have
any super powers.
So, then Batman.
He hasn't gotten
any super powers.
So, what, he's not a superhero?
Don't compare him to Batman.
He doesn't even have a name.
How hard is it to
come up with a name?
The unnamed hero is his name.
Or hers.
What kind of name is that?
It's better than Antboy.
He's pathetic.
And now, please
welcome our lovely CEO,
Alicia Duforte.
Thank you so.
Thank you very much.
It's really great to
see such a big crowd.
Antboy is a symbol
of self sacrifice,
and heroism.
He made this town of ours
a safer place to live.
Today, Exofarm would
like to give this statue
in humble gratitude
for his courage.
With this, we honor
Middleland's protector, Antboy.
My, my.
Yes, art has many expressions.
reached the voice
mailbox of William Theson.
Please leave a message
after the beep.
I have to talk to you.
It's important.
Call me back.
Wait for me.
Did you get my message?
I'm busy Pelle.
But we have to
find out who he is.
That idiot with
the skateboard.
Doesn't he seem sketchy?
Not particularly.
You haven't seen him up close.
He's really spooky.
And he always
smells really weird.
Weird in what way?
Like sweat and lemons.
Sweat and lemons?
Use your sense of smell
to find him, then.
Come on, William, I have
to find out who he is.
I really can't leave unless
I know the town is safe.
Do it.
You're the one that always
says we have to protect
Not against other superheroes.
He's not a superhero.
No super powers.
No superhero.
Why is it that so
hard to understand?
I get what's
going on here.
You're just jealous.
Get lost, kiddies.
William, my young Padawan.
The new Mr. Mystic
18 inch just arrived.
I put one aside for you.
It's awesome.
I'm not buying today.
I'm selling.
A comic book?
This, my ignorant friend,
isn't just a comic book.
This is the first
edition Commander Combat.
I've never heard of him.
He was an American
Marine who was captured
during World War Two.
He befriended a Japanese
solider who trained him
in the martial art, Bushido.
He escaped from the POW
camp and defeated the enemy.
Only 14 issues of this
were ever published.
This is number one from 1942.
Extremely rare.
Glowing colors.
Sharp corners.
And the staples are still shiny.
It's in near mint condition.
William, I can absolutely
find a buyer for this.
But are you sure
you want to sell it?
Yeah, and I want to sell the
rest of my collection, too.
What's going on?
What do you want to sell
your comic books for?
Is there a reason why
you won't help me find
the skater geek?
I guess I've grown
too old for superheroes.
Fine, I'll find him
on my own, then.
I will find out who you
are, Tony Hawk wannabe.
He smells just like my grandma.
It can't be too
hard to track down.
Your stench will be
easy to recognize.
Who is Middleland's
new superhero, and where
did he come from?
If you aren't one of
the buff pansies that's
always at the gym, then
you must be fooling around
on your stupid
skateboard in the park.
Sure, some might
agree, now go away.
One thing's definitely for sure.
He must be a giant nerd.
two, three, four, kick.
Again, and kick.
You could be anyone.
But you can't hide from me.
Boy or girl.
Or my nose.
Hey, Pelle, I have to
buy bags for school.
Let's go together.
-I can't talk now.
I can't talk.
Are you there?
I gotta go right now.
And in local news,
Albert Gilmakra,
AKA the Flea, has been
released after all these years.
Gilmakra used to be a
scientist at the drug company
Exofarm, and was released
from psychiatric care.
How could they release him?
He's insane.
My dad Gilmakra's been
to a meeting at Exofarm.
But he doesn't know why.
The Flea kidnapped me
and held me captive against
my will in his
disgusting basement.
He's a lunatic, and he
should be locked up forever.
The experience took its toll
on me and my loved ones,
but I want to thank all
my followers out there.
I want them to all
know that I love them,
and their support
means the world to me.
There he is, get him.
Stop, you idiots.
Lucky for you,
it's only tomatoes.
Well, lucky for you
I'm no longer the...
What do you want?
To make sure the Flea doesn't
have anymore evil schemes
in store.
My name is Albert Gilmakra.
The Flea doesn't exist anymore.
I left him behind to die
in the dark cell that you
put him in, I don't want
to see either of you again.
I'm rehabilitated.
The doctors say so.
You may have fooled them,
but you can't fool me.
Why did you go to Exofarm?
None of your business.
Pesky ant.
Stop it.
Why won't you just
leave me alone?
I'll be watching you, Flea.
That's not my name.
You pesky bug.
Dr. Gilmakra.
I have decided to
accept your offer.
Great, when can you start?
He doesn't
even have a name.
unnamed hero is his name.
too slow, Antboy.
Is there a reason
why you won't help me find
the skater geek?
I guess I've grown
too old for superheroes.
What do you want?
To make sure
the Flea doesn't have anymore
evil schemes in store.
My name is Albert Gilmakra.
The Flea doesn't exist anymore.
You have mocked me for
the last time, pesky ant.
Now I'm going to fill up my tank
with your blood.
Hi, Pelle, I'm busy right now.
I am the Red Fury.
My God.
Hi, Pelle.
How are you?
I'm kind of busy.
This place has more bad
guys than Middleland.
I've been thinking.
When are you coming home?
My dad's getting
tenure at the university,
so I'm staying here
a while longer.
Why, what's up?
It's just, it's just...
Pelle, I've got
to run right now.
Nobody home.
William, why are you
dressed as Harry Potter?
Why are you dressed
up as your mom?
And you call me a nerd.
You've got to dress
up for Halloween.
We talked Maria into
dressing up as Hermoine.
No, what?
Come here.
You can't catch me.
We've got sleeping bags,
alarm clocks, running shoes,
and protractors.
I'll buy batteries
and sticky tack.
Anything else we need?
The Antboy statue
has turned out
not to be so popular
among the citizens
of Middleland.
A group of citizens has
started a petition drive
against the sculpture, which
they call an absolute disgrace.
We asked the citizens of
Middleland what they think of
the work of art.
It's an abomination.
Quite frankly, my own
grandchild could make a much
better statue than
that piece of junk.
It's ugly as hell.
I prefer a statue of the
skater, he's much cooler.
So much cooler.
It's the ugliest
thing I've ever seen.
It's a disgrace,
in my opinion, yes.
Why does it matter
to you so much what
other people think?
They aren't talking
about you, Pelle.
Just Antboy.
No, but
I am Antboy, after all.
Sure, and a stupid statue.
And a bunch of idiots
on TV can't change that.
I can't believe we're
starting on Monday.
Aren't you excited?
It will be great.
spotted at the center,
will be there in
15 minutes, over.
It may be ugly, but
vandalism is still a crime.
Antboy, thank
God it's just you.
What do you mean?
I thought it was
the skater hero.
You think he's
scarier than me or what?
No, Antboy, I didn't
mean it like that at all.
You could have fooled me.
No way, you're so much
more, you're much more
scary than him, for sure.
And more awesome, totally.
He's just so fast.
And a mean fighter.
I mean, he comes out of nowhere,
wearing that suit of body armor.
There's no way to
tell if he's a human
or a robot...
I get it.
Just get lost before
I change my mind.
OK, thanks, see ya.
They like him better
than us, you know that?
I'm Middleland's protector,
not that skater bum.
But what if he isn't a villain?
What if he's better
than me, and everybody
forgets about Antboy?
All points
bulletin to all available
units in the area, make
your way to Exofarm.
There's an emergency.
Duty's calling.
Thanks for the chat.
Antboy, Antboy, Antboy.
We meet again.
I don't know what
you're playing at,
but it ends right here.
Butt out, Antboy, and
maybe you won't get hurt.
Or are you looking for
trouble, antsy pants?
So, come.
Show me what you've got.
Why didn't you catch them?
We were this close, and
you let them get away,
you stupid little fool.
It's hardly Antboy's
fault that your men
have failed you.
Thank you for coming.
Why were you after Gilmakra?
Because he broke
in and stole a serum
that could potentially help
save thousands of lives.
The Hercules serum.
Yes, I believed in
Gilmakra and wanted to give
him a second chance,
but it turns out,
I was just a pawn
in his master plan.
That serum can give
him super strength
if he drinks it.
And correct.
And that's why we
need you to help us.
You and I,
Middleland and the
entire human race,
are in need of your help.
You have to stop Gilmakra,
before he turns into
the Flea.
Come out now, Flea.
I know you're in here.
Why, of course.
Of course you know that.
Because you know everything
about me, don't you?
But I know something
about you, too, Antboy.
You aren't as
brave as you think.
I knew you hadn't changed.
But I tried to stick
to the straight and narrow.
Although, it's hard to be good.
When everyone treats
you like you're evil.
You can't keep hiding here.
never find me here.
My family built this place
more than 100 years ago.
It's full of secrets
that only I know of.
Where are you?
Why, I'm here.
And here.
And here.
Where else should I be?
Dragonsborg, where you belong.
Where is the Hercules serum?
Give it to me.
This is the only batch.
And the formula
only exists in here.
I didn't take the serum
to get my powers back.
I took it to ensure
that it didn't
fall into the wrong hands.
What happened at Exofarm?
I had brought
Hercules back to life,
and was going to inform the CEO.
But then I saw something
I shouldn't have seen.
Our customers are
getting impatient, Elisha.
General Barackus has
ordered 1,000 exosuits
for his soldiers.
Why haven't they been delivered?
The suits have a minor glitch.
A very minor thing.
They're a tad more expensive
than I had anticipated.
How much more expensive?
Not a whole lot.
Just 3,000,000 a piece.
Danish krone?
3,000,000 Euros?
But that's absolutely
I'm going to be ruined.
No, no, you're not, Father,
you are not ruined,
I have something much
Free Online Movies
better than the exosuits.
Our customers will love it.
It will make their
soldiers invincible.
You don't understand that
this company isn't just
another one of
your toys, Elisha.
Millions are at stake here.
Can you listen to
me, please, Dad?
Please, give me a chance here.
All right, fine,
go right ahead.
I hired Albert
Gilmakra to produce the
Hercules serum, which
empowered the Flea.
Of course, he thinks he's
going to save the world.
But he isn't.
He's going to make
us very, very rich.
Great, my darling.
But you've got two
days, two days.
If the serum isn't
ready by then, Elisha,
I'll take complete
control of Exofarm.
And this time I mean it.
That's fine.
Fine by me.
Would you like to
speak to your mother?
No, I can't.
I've got appointments
back to back today,
so I'm just a little bit,
you know, busy right now.
Very well.
All right, see you later.
You want to use the
Hercules for warfare?
Dr. Gilmakra.
Every product developed
at Exofarm can be used
for warfare, including
your Hercules serum.
Hercules isn't a weapon.
I think Mr. Flea
would disagree.
Where is he, anyway?
He must be in there
somewhere, Mr. Flea.
You'll never get my serum.
It's not your serum.
It's my serum.
It belongs to Exofarm.
Hand it over now,
or I'll make sure
you rot your way in a
padded cell in Dragonsborg.
As you wish.
Mr. Gilmakra has something
that belongs to me
or rather, to Exofarm.
It's very valuable.
Get it now.
With pleasure.
Were it not for
my unnamed savior,
I'd have never made
it out of there alive.
Where is he now?
The unnamed hero
is long gone by now.
What was he doing there?
Looking for evidence
against Exofarm.
And against me, with no doubt.
Why should I believe you?
Humans secrete certain
pheromones when they lie.
Other humans can't
smell, but you can.
If I were lying, your sense
of smell would tell you.
All I can smell in this
moment, is garlic and your
dirty, stinky socks.
That doesn't mean
you're being honest.
But what if I am?
Are you willing to
take that chance?
You want to use the
Hercules for warfare?
Dr. Gilmakra.
Every product developed
at Exofarm can be
used for warfare, including
your Hercules serum.
It's not your serum.
You'll never get
my serum.
It's my serum.
It belongs to Exofarm.
Are you there? Over.
Answer me.
I really need your help, over.
I know, man.
I smell bad.
I've got to show
you something.
Hand it over now, or
I'll make sure you rot
your life away in a padded
cell in Dragonsborg.
As you wish.
It's a recording from
the other guy's camera.
He dropped it outside Exofarm.
The other guy?
You're still unable
to say his name.
What if the
recording is genuine?
Team up with the other guy.
Two superheroes against
one super villain.
What super villain is that?
Duforte or the Flea?
Clearly it isn't Gilmakra.
People can change, you know.
I don't trust him.
I don't trust that blood sucker.
The Unnamed Hero
exposed Exofarm and
served the evidence on
a platter, what more
do you want?
What if it's a
trick to trap me?
Why don't you just
leave the criminals to him
from now on?
You don't want to
be Antboy, anyway.
William, I never said that.
I just, I just need
to do something else.
So what?
Now you're just gonna take off?
You're going away
to school, too.
No, I'm not.
What about...
Xavier's Academy
for Gifted Youngsters?
You're saying
you made it all up?
Actually, Marvel comics did.
In X-Men number one.
See you, Pelle.
And good luck with
the glass blowing.
I know he's here.
Come on, move it.
We have searched the
house and scoured
the entire town.
Dr. Gilmakra has
simply disappeared...
I had the serum, I had it.
Right here.
And I want it back, understood?
You idiots.
Antboy said he'd find it.
If you want
something done right,
you have to do it yourself.
Prepare the exosuit.
But it isn't fully
functional yet, miss.
Do it now.
It's time to lure the
heroes out of hiding.
I don't believe it.
Admit it, antsy pants.
You're happy to see me.
You better leave this to me.
It's too dangerous for amateurs.
Suit yourself.
Antboy, are you in
cahoots with that crook?
I'm not in
cahoots with anyone.
Especially not you.
Always the smart ass.
Who's the smart ass here?
You're the smart ass.
You're the smart ass.
Very mature.
Very mature of you?
You're a copycat.
That's all you know how to do.
Sorry, Stan Lee, I didn't
know you invented superheroes.
Hand over Gilmakra, and the
Hercules serum right now.
Or I'll take this town apart.
Where is it?
You won't take anything apart.
It's my town.
Get it?
Are you OK?
No, don't do it.
Give me Gilmakra, or else
I'll wipe out all of Middleland.
It's up to you.
Shattered knee cap.
Did you tell my mom
that I fell off my bike?
Good, she fusses
enough over me as it is.
She can't handle the
thought of her son fighting
criminals in his spare time.
I told him you
changed your mind.
I did change it.
I should have recognized you.
My suit has scent
capsules that excrete
a mixture of ammonia and citrus.
Sweat and lemons.
They masked my scent so
you couldn't smell it was me.
But why would you want
to keep it a secret?
That's the idea of
a secret identity.
I was fed up with
being your assistant.
I wanted to try myself.
Try what?
Being a real superhero.
It all began long ago, on
my way home from school.
Some of the big boys were
bullying a little kid.
Just like when the
terror twins bullied me.
I had to do something.
Stop, leave him alone.
But I wasn't Antboy.
So I did the only thing I could.
I ran.
Don't let fear get the
better of you, William.
Commander Combat?
Don't let injustice prevail.
I'm nothing like you.
I can't even see properly.
To be a hero doesn't
mean not having
But overcoming them
to help others.
Pelle's the one
with the superpowers.
Not me.
Not all heroes were gifted
with their superpowers,
some of us, a few of us,
became who we are through
dedication and willpower.
You, too, can become
a real superhero,
if you really want to.
You have the courage
and the heart.
All you need is the rest.
From that day on, I was
through running and hiding.
That day, I decided
to become the hero I'd
always wanted to be.
And I dedicated all my
time to becoming him.
I thought I could be
like you, but I couldn't.
No, you couldn't.
You were better.
I was?
Listen, if anyone asks
me, I'll deny everything.
But that skeeter geek was
pretty cool, even if he did
have a lame name.
I know.
All the good names were taken.
I couldn't think of one.
How about,
how about Sidekick?
Sidekick as in assistant?
No, Sidekick as
in kicking sideways,
you know, like,
karate or something.
It doesn't matter now.
I'll make Elisia Duforte pay.
She's too strong, Pelle.
Even for Antboy.
If you try to stop her,
you'll end up like me.
Go to boarding school with Ida.
Go as far away from
Exofarm as you can.
Time is running out, Elisha.
We have to act
before it's too late.
Where is Dr. Gilmakra?
I'll find him, Dad.
We're watching his house,
I'll have him soon.
And if you don't find him?
How will you get
hold of the serum?
I said I will find him, Dad.
I hope so, my darling.
Otherwise I will have
to take over Exofarm.
You won't take over
anything, old man.
Exofarm is mine now.
I am Exofarm.
What are you saying?
You know how I'm
going to find the serum?
I'll tell you, Dad.
I'm going hunting.
I've hunted lions
on the Savannah.
And killer whales in
the icy Disco Bay.
I can track down
and kill any prey.
Gilmakra is no exception.
If the cripple refuses
to give me the serum,
like the Flea, I'll suck
it out of his blood.
Hercules will give me
unimaginable strength.
That, combined with
a powerful exosuit,
will make me invincible.
After I've wiped out the
Antboy, and Middleland,
no one, no one can stop me.
Nothing, nothing can
prevent Exofarm from
conquering the world
and everyone will
kneel before me.
Have you gone
completely insane, child?
Goodbye, Father.
Elisha, Elisha
don't, please, Elisha.
Boarding school.
I can't believe
we're starting on Monday.
Aren't you excited?
You're my best
friend, William.
I couldn't have done
this without you.
Team up
with the other guy.
Two superheros against
one super villain.
I didn't take the
serum to get my powers back.
I took it to ensure it didn't
fall into the wrong hands.
You aren't coming.
I have to stay and stop Duforte,
before she hurts anyone.
Take care, and be careful.
I'll wait for you.
Thank you so much, Ida.
So, you walked straight
into the trap?
On the contrary,
you walked into ours.
I've got Gilmakra, let me in.
What is it?
Giving up already?
What do you mean, already?
I can't walk.
Remember what I said.
Being a hero doesn't mean
having no weaknesses.
I'm no hero.
Sure you are.
You're the villain's
worst nightmare.
And when you get done
whining, Middleland needs you.
And so does Pelle.
The mating song of
the humpback whales.
I recorded it last summer
in Alaska on an expedition.
Just before I harpooned them.
I find it to be extremely
soothing, don't you?
Not really.
I'm sorry about
your little friend.
But all's well that
ends well, right?
I promise you that when I'm
finished with the doctor,
he's off to Dragonsborg
for a very long time.
Get him.
Hello, William.
This syringe is a
concentrated dose
of the Hercules serum.
It will work in your
body within minutes.
Antboy sent me in
here to give you this.
He's got a plan.
But he's going to need our help.
I hate Antboy.
But I hate Duforte even more.
And right now, that
pesky little ant is the
only one who can stop her.
I saved a place
for you, Antboy.
A place in my office.
I'll put you among all
of my other trophies.
Come on, come on.
Think you can escape?
I'll take the next one.
A scrawny, pesky ant
like you doesn't stand
a chance against me.
Hello, Top Gear, slow down.
This isn't Grand Theft Auto.
OK, fine, go faster then.
Do you seriously
think you can escape me?
I'm not trying to escape.
I'm waiting.
For what?
Do it.
The Unnamed Hero?
I've got a name.
That's the dumbest
thing I've ever heard.
Gilmakra, I don't
want to rush you,
but she's too strong.
I'm thinking.
OK, don't let me
disturb you, then.
Disturb, that's it.
What's it?
The armor's control
system can't handle any form
of disturbance
from other signal.
The receiver is located
right around the neck.
If you turn it off,
we might gain control.
Pelle, help.
Change the remote frequency.
OK, I got it.
Stop it, stop it.
She's doing the robot.
This is annoying.
Stop it.
Stop it.
I said stop that now or else.
Let go of me.
I'm Elisha Duforte, let go.
Let go of me.
Everyone's looking.
That's right.
Where's the Flea now?
His name isn't the Flea.
It's Albert Gilmakra.
And without him, we'd
never have stopped
Elisha Duforte.
We owe him all our gratitude.
And not only him.
Antboy, Antboy, how did
the Flea stop Duforte?
The Unnamed Hero.
Pelle Norman and
William Theson.
To what do I owe
this dubious honor?
I just came to say
goodbye before I leave.
To where?
For boarding school.
And what about Antboy?
Who's going to protect
the town, now that
the Flea's on the loose?
Sidekick will take
good care of Middleland,
don't you worry.
Until Antboy returns.
I heard what you
said outside Exofarm.
You deserve a second chance.
That's kind of you, but
I doubt that'll happen.
This town will never be
able to forgive me for
what I've done.
Don't be
so sure about that.
Exofarm hired Ida's once
again Dad to be the new CEO.
Yeah, and the first item
on the agenda is to get
Albert Gilmakra back on board.
Well, how about that?
A couple of days ago
I'd have sworn I'd never
work for Summerstead again.
And now, maybe, it
can be a new beginning
for both of us.
For all of us.
It looks different than before.
I got a little bit of help.
Better late than never.
What are you doing here?
Summerstead hired my dad,
we're moving back to Middleland.
Well, I guess I
better get going.
Before you go, I want
to show you all something.
That will always be
here when you need it.
As I said, this place is
full of little secrets.
And it would be foolish of me
not to take advantage of them.
What is this place?
I've been told
that all superheroes
need a secret headquarters.
Welcome to the anthill.
We'll protect Middleland for
you while you're away, Pelle.
I know
what you're thinking.
Is this really the way it ends?
Heroes and villains,
side by side?
If you told me a week ago,
I probably wouldn't believe it.
But if there's one
thing I've learned,
it's that everything can change.
People, too.
If you let them,
they can surprise you.
And themselves.
Besides, this isn't
exactly the end.
It's actually the beginning.