Ante Sundharaniki (2022) Movie Script

Are you okay with this?
-I mean...
-Am I okay with it?
-Mr. Thomas...
So, what else?
-Doesn't he look great!
Balu, that's enough work for today.
Let's go play.
I can't, ma'am. You carry on.
You're always working.
Hang out with me for a while.
It's okay, ma'am. You carry on.
This job is all I've ever known.
I might as well be good at it.
So typical of you.
Dad, why is Balu working all the time?
Because he's not educated, dear.
You aren't educated either.
But you're cutting your nails leisurely.
I know.
Grandma insists that Balu must work
because he belongs to a lower caste.
So you know, right?
Why do you ask me then?
That's my son.
My teacher Jyotsna
also belongs to a lower caste.
But we pay attention to her in class.
Exactly what I'm saying.
Your teacher is well educated.
That's why she's respected.
So, if Balu also gets education,
we'll be equals.
It'll be okay for us
to play together then.
Thanks, Dad. That was cool advice.
Satyavathi, where are you going?
-Balu, come, let's go to school.
-What are you saying, ma'am?
Let's go! Dad says we'll be equals
if you study.
No, listen...
Move! Move aside!
A school, which knows no disparities,
is the solution to everything.
Education protects those who protect it.
Here's our progressive step
towards the future called...
The First Step.
You were amazing out there.
-Say that dialogue one more time.
"No, ma'am. You carry on.
This job is all I've ever known.
I might as well be good at it."
See what a brilliant method actor he is!
True. Why don't you clean
those boots over there too?
Your son was spectacular back there.
Encourage him.
Encouragement doesn't take much.
Just a few claps.
But then reality kicks in.
By the way, who are you?
Sweet-talker for one, I might add.
I'm a co-director.
I work with Santhana Barathi.
My name is Shankar.
Santhana Barathi?
He's directed films like Kadamai Kanniyam
Kattupaadu, Mahanadhi, Guna...
-Hello, sir.
-Hello, ma'am.
Ma'am, your son is a brilliant actor.
All his subtle expressions are on point.
Our director is looking
for a child actor for his next project.
I believe your son
would fit the role perfectly.
-Child actor?
-Guess who the hero is.
Universal Hero, Kamal Haasan.
-Kamal Haasan, really?
Just say yes, and your son will play
the role of Junior Kamal.
Will you practice his style and looks?
-Yes, sir. I will do.
-Very good!
Your son is really lucky.
If he catches
the attention of Mr. Kamal,
his life will transform dramatically.
This is just the beginning.
Your son is going to turn heads soon.
I don't get how you're so mind blown
by his performance.
Sir, we need to believe
in ourselves first.
And then the world will follow.
He's right, dear.
-Please think about it.
But if he ventures into films
at a young age...
Sir, let me tell you something
that will really blow your mind away.
Where do you think we're shooting?
In America.
-Yes. America.
United States of America.
I can't accept this, Mother-in-law.
I won't let your son become an obstacle
to my son's bright future.
Why don't you go to your mother's place?
How can we send him to America, Mom?
He's right. Why don't you just drop it?
-Have you gone mad or what?
-That's right.
He's been offered a very rare opportunity.
But traditions come first.
Look at that, will you?
He's the grandson of Viswanadha Sasthry.
The only heir to the family.
-How can he travel across the oceans?
-He'll fly.
It's not in my fate
to get on a flight anyway.
Do you want to go against the tradition?
He needs to burn his tongue
if he travels overseas.
What's his name, Mom?
-Uncle Ramu.
-Yes, him.
-You know what they did to Uncle Ramu.
-That wasn't so bad.
They just burnt his tongue twice
with a spatula following his return.
He still can't have solid foods,
can you believe it?
Think about something like that
happening to our son.
I have thought about it.
Initially, they were completely
against traveling overseas.
Now they've come up with a remedy
for those who've traveled and returned.
So, I strongly feel we can come up
with another remedy.
Yeah, right.
Nobody has asked for your expertise.
Give me a break!
Opportunities deserve the same
kind of respect that traditions do.
That's when we progress in life.
Denying him this opportunity means
denying his growth.
You're an artist yourself.
You know the value of an opportunity.
Please think about it.
Why are you going bonkers with that thing?
Don't tell me you approve!
You've been listening to her play
since you were a kid.
Can't you tell from her melody
that she approves?
Call the co-director
and tell him Sundaram is coming.
Who are you, huh?
I'll show you who the boss is
The West is calling for you
Brace yourself and set out
Hey, champion! Head out all guns ablaze!
Got it?
Put on a good show
Let your first dream take flight
Shine like a bright star
Mind it
Work your magic
Show your potential
Make the world bow down to you
Hey! Did you know
Sundar got cast in a film?
Did you know
the lead actress Radha is my aunt?
Such a lie! Stop it!
Kamal's full name is Kamal Haasan.
Shall we change your name to Sundar
Haasan? You'll become a successful actor!
Sure! His daughter's name
is Shruti Haasan.
Name him that as well.
Such nonsense, I tell you!
It's time for you to scale mountains,
Like saint Pravara
-Mom! Are we going to see a movie?
Make it to the top of the hill
You're the king of the world
In the hands of time
Just go reign over the universe
Go kill it
Hey, hero!
Mother-in-law, take a look.
It seems, we can replace the spatula
with a blade of grass as a remedy.
Brother, I didn't know he's this active.
Here you go, sir.
His passport and ticket.
Make sure he's at the airport
by 9 o'clock.
Don't worry about his safety.
He's our responsibility.
You may leave now.
Your fate has changed big time
Life is a carnival now
Excuse me, sir.
But the airport is far off.
I commute every day paying 50 rupees.
-Every day?
Auto rickshaw is here.
We should get going.
Address Mr. Kamal only as 'Sir'.
Don't be disrespectful, okay?
Can you stay away from me
for two months?
Will you cry if you miss me?
Yeah, sure. I'll get you both blankets.
Why don't you snuggle and cry together?
-He's ready to go.
-Go where?
-Unpack those bags.
-But why?
I'll tell you why. You never listen to me.
Just look at that.
That co-director Shankar is a huge fraud.
Under the false pretense of a co-director,
he's trafficking kids to Mumbai.
-What's wrong?
-Well, let me tell you.
You played your veena extravagantly
and approved his travel, right?
Well, take a look.
Look at this.
We were lucky to find this out early.
Otherwise, your grandson
would be missing an arm and a leg
and begging on the streets.
Mom, does this mean
that the Kamal film isn't real?
Forget about Kamal or whoever.
Bawl your eyes out for a few minutes,
take off those clothes,
put on your uniform and get to school.
Brother, I just heard the news.
Should I send the auto rickshaw back?
No, wait.
He'll go to school in it.
-Were you really that miserable?
-Of course, I was.
I couldn't get into movies.
Look where I am now.
My life would've turned out differently
if it weren't for that day.
I'd have been a supporting actor
if not the main lead.
Ever since, my case has been
a classic example of...
A joke!
Hey, Sundar!
They may have called you
Kamal Junior.
How did you fall for it?
Turns out Sundaram
didn't get a movie opportunity.
He just assumed so.
You seem to believe anything.
Why don't you hear him out?
Guru, tell him.
-Heroine Radha is my aunt.
-Go back to sleep.
Give him a big round of applause!
That single incident
changed a lot at home.
My family gave up a lot of things.
Assuming that her musical approval
led to this tragedy,
my grandma gave up music.
Maybe because I couldn't be
a hero anymore,
I gave up watching films.
Believing that
one shouldn't trust anybody,
my dad became adamant
about not taking my mom's advice.
He also became extra cautious in my case.
Dad, I want a bicycle.
You know a kid hurt himself
on the bicycle top tube.
It was all over the news.
Oh, my god! Tragic!
Considering he's the only heir
to the family,
you need to take extra care.
Bicycle is not a bad idea.
But the top tube is a threat.
-Who is this for? Mom or Grandma?
-It's for you!
Why did you get me a LadyBird?
I asked for BSA-SLR.
It's the same thing.
Except for the top tube.
This isn't fair, Mom.
They'll mock for me riding a girls' bike.
-He's right, dear.
-You shut up, dear.
Genders don't apply to cycles, son.
All bicycles move forward when you pedal.
We should give up a few things
to protect a few.
-But, Dad--
-I've said it!
-Order, ma'am.
-Well, one chicken biryani.
I hope you don't mind me
eating non-vegetarian food.
Yeah. No big deal.
-It's okay. I'll have a veg biryani.
-Thank you.
-What about you?
He'll have hot water. Am I right, sir?
-Okay, sir.
-Are you a regular here?
-I mean...
-I've been here with our manager once.
-Oh, okay.
Well, go on.
So, we overcompensate
for things we give up.
Since I couldn't work in the movies,
I was hell bent on going to America.
Oh! So now you're coming to the point.
-But why?
-I don't know.
Maybe it was people telling me
that America is far across the oceans.
Maybe it was this weird feeling
that America was going to change my life.
I was obsessed with America.
But it's not that difficult
to visit the US.
Generally, no.
But, as if my grandma and dad
weren't making my life miserable,
a new person made it to that list.
Mr. Astrologer!
He's going through a bad phase.
His horoscope is a never-ending course
of obstacles.
Sweetie, please go inside.
You say he's the only heir.
You should be careful.
-What's the solution?
-Arrange for his upanayana ceremony.
Things will get better.
Fold your hands, dear.
Planet Mercury commands his education.
Saraswati homam will solve everything.
Put it in.
For his good health,
Ganapati homam is the remedy.
-Hold this.
Hey! Do it properly.
Hey, sleepy head. Pay attention.
I've reviewed his horoscope again.
Aries, is it?
Tathasthu Gods have a strong influence
over his star sign.
Especially during evenings.
If he speaks negatively around this time,
chances are his words will come true.
So, you should suggest him to be cautious.
Place a photograph of Tathasthu Gods
in his room.
Ask him to pray to them every morning.
Things will get better.
"Tathasthu Gods!"
"Words spoken often in the evening
will come true."
I should go to America.
I should go to America.
I should go to America.
I should go to America...
What are you doing?
You've said things I say around this time
will come true.
I couldn't act in the movies anyway.
I'm hoping at least this way
I can go to America.
America? Don't even think about it!
He'll likely be 30
by the time we perform all the remedies.
Let's clear these obstacles first
and think about America later.
Until then, it is dangerous for him
to leave the city.
-What's this?
-Two-wheelers are a bad omen for you.
What the hell does that mean, Mom?
Is it my fault if there are potholes?
Who on earth rides this anyway?
Still, I never complain.
Now if you deny me this piece of crap,
how am I supposed to commute?
Get me an auto rickshaw then!
I'll ride on it around town.
He's being so short-tempered lately.
Let's perform the Angara homam.
Frustration will replace his anger.
Things will get better.
Put up with it.
-Here you go.
-What is this?
-Hold on.
How many more homams, Mom?
Few more homams
and I'll get into the Guinness Book.
The smoke is killing me!
-But you have so many bad omens.
-What bad omens?
Two-wheeler is a bad omen.
Water is a bad omen.
Road is a bad omen
and so is a freaking chair.
To hell with these bad omens!
-You shouldn't say that!
-Why not?
If you make me perform a homam again,
heads will roll!
-Whose head?
-Who else, Grandma? My head!
I've gotten used to this torture
since childhood.
-Are you getting it?
Screw my life!
-Calm down, dear.
-You calm down!
Inspired by my dream,
many of my friends went to America.
But I was stuck here, performing homams.
My friends...
Whenever I called them,
they'd say they were in San Francisco,
or going to Virginia and so on.
I'd be devastated.
I don't have too many desires.
I just want to go to America once
and call my friends and say,
"Guys, I'm in California.
These rains, oh, my God!"
I just want to sound cool once.
You are aware
that two members of our team
have resigned.
If you could give some excuse
and turn down the US offer,
I'll get that offer.
Else, my desire will remain unfulfilled.
Everything is ready.
Even if you are not sure,
please say yes.
You say your family is too strict.
Even if I allow you to take my place,
how will you convince your family?
Forget that. What about our manager?
Did you think of what they might say?
I did.
How can he replace you?
He doesn't deserve to be anywhere
but on the billboards.
If he goes to the US,
I'll die of embarrassment.
Sir, please hear me out.
No way!
I don't want to hear anything!
You're not supposed to travel
across the oceans.
You and those damn oceans!
Hear me out once.
What are you going to tell him?
If you allow me, I'm going to lie.
About what?
-About your grandmother.
-My grandmother?
-I'll say she's dead.
-What are you saying?
-Hear me out.
Your grandmother is dead.
-Your grandmother?
Yes, Dad. Apparently,
she looked exactly like Grandma.
But Grandma plays the veena.
Her grandmother used to play the flute.
-The only difference.
-Alas! What happened to her?
Just like Grandma,
she woke up and ate a coconut confection.
Her sugar levels shot up
and her blood pressure began
to fluctuate.
Poor woman! She involuntarily
twitched her arm like this,
widened her eyes, put her tongue out...
Like this, Dad.
And then she screamed...
You get it, right?
Huh! That was her last word.
And then she just fainted.
Never woke up.
Exactly how she said it.
Just a bit louder.
Careful, huh!
Poor woman!
I know, Mom.
She looked exactly like Grandma.
Don't keep saying that.
It's making me anxious.
It's making me anxious too.
-I'm really sorry.
-It's okay, sir.
Why don't you take some time?
Go after 10 days.
You'll also get some space.
But, like you said,
if I have to send Sundar...
No, I can't. No!
What if he says like that?
We'll switch to plan B.
Actually, it's been a month
since my grandmother's passing.
Then why can't you go to the US now?
I mean, because of her demise,
my engagement was called off.
Because she died on
the day of the engagement.
As they were exchanging rings,
the old lady fainted!
They were helpless.
They postponed the engagement
to a couple of days before the wedding.
You're still not telling me
why you can't go to the US now.
Now my maternal grandmother is sick, sir.
-She's vomiting.
-What did she eat?
Nothing. But she's still vomiting.
We can't tell why someone vomits,
can we, Grandma?
What is it?
Apparently she looked exactly
like Grandma.
Tell me. How many women over there
look like your grandma?
Does he think it's funny?
I've toned it down
as Grandma is a heart patient.
When I was there,
I almost cried thinking of Grandma.
She's has been vomiting
and you don't get the seriousness of it.
No... Soumya.
I understand the seriousness.
But, how can you help by staying home?
My grandmother...
Soumya's grandmother
has made Soumya promise
that she will drop the US plan
and look after the old women in her house.
How can I send Sundar?
Sir, the US project
can move forward without me.
But if something terrible happens at home
while I'm away,
I wouldn't be able to take it.
You think our manager will buy our story?
He won't believe anything I say.
But he'll believe anything you say.
What about your family?
Not a chance!
How can you make the decision
without consulting me first?
I knew you'd obviously
call the astrologer.
So I've already done that
and taken his approval.
-The astrologer approved?
-Yes, he did.
How did you manage to do that?
I mean...
-Hello, Mr. Astrologer.
-Who's this?
Sir, two things.
First, if I elope with your daughter
in two months,
and dump her in the next two months
and send her home,
whose horoscope is bad in this case?
Your daughter's, yours or mine?
Bye, Dad.
I highly recommend
that Sundar goes to America.
But up until yesterday,
you said it was a bad omen.
Vibrations have shifted.
The last homam worked.
He's well-behaved and reasonable.
Traveling across the oceans
isn't going to change him.
He's pure gold.
Just trust me with this one.
What do you say?
How can you ask her, Mom?
It's her pampering that spoiled him.
You heard him.
My opinion doesn't matter.
But that poor girl...
She reminded me
of my cousins Gayatri and Bhavani.
Mom, say something!
Your wish, son.
Think about it, sir.
Think about it, Dad.
-Thank you, sir!
-Thank you, Dad!
We addressed them wrongly.
How do you lie so spontaneously?
Actually, situations at my home
got me into the habit as a kid.
But, Sundar, my grandmother
is alive and well.
It's not right to lie
about someone's death.
In fact, it's a sin if you ask me.
But, Soumya...
It's just one lie. A small one at that.
Please understand my desperation.
But for some reason,
I'm just not convinced with your story.
Are you saying you don't believe me?
No, I believe you.
But it's strange
how you'd sit a girl down
and narrate your whole story,
hoping you could go to the US.
It's not as desperate as you sound.
You're definitely hiding something.
Am I right?
-Give me five minutes.
-Okay, ma'am.
It's simple, Sundar.
If you want me to lie as you've said,
you need to tell me the truth.
So, let's talk facts, shall we?
Tell me. Why do you want to go to the US?
-Mom, it's Leela's entrance.
-I'm excited for her first performance.
Balu! Let's go play!
You aren't educated either.
But you're cutting your nails leisurely.
A school, which knows no disparities,
is the solution to everything.
Education protects those who protect it.
Here's our progressive step
towards the future called...
The First Step.
-She was great.
"The play The First Step
delivers a strong message.
Each actor was brilliant in their space.
Addressing the social evil
called caste system,
this attempt deserves much appreciation.
Sundar Prasad, Guruveshwar Rao
and others have performed well.
The play has received great public reviews
as well as critical acclaim."
Dad, why does it say Sundar Prasad,
Guruveshwar Rao and others?
Why didn't they mention my name?
All the inter school
dance competition participants,
check your names.
-Vishala and team?
-Yes, ma'am.
-Prakash and team?
-Yes, ma'am.
-Ramya and team!
-Yes, ma'am.
-Did I cover all the names?
-Yes, ma'am.
-Ma'am, you didn't call my name.
-It's under Ramya and team.
Who would know, except for you and me?
Either read out all the names in the team
or take my name off the list.
I don't want to be ignored.
I don't need this.
You don't want to go to school?
Though I worked hard,
they left my name out.
I'm getting overshadowed.
When I don't get my due credit,
I feel like crying, Dad.
I don't want to act
in these plays anymore.
I don't want to go to school either.
You can't skip school because of this.
No. I don't want to go.
-Leave me alone.
Calm down.
All right. I have an idea.
From now on,
let's not be another sheep in the flock.
The whole world on one side,
and us on the other.
Let's do something unique from the rest.
That way, you'll have a special identity.
-People will think I'm crazy, Dad.
-So what?
When we follow an unconventional path,
people say all sorts of things.
But, what matters is
how strongly we stand by our ambition.
Leela is strong, isn't she?
Answer me.
I'm strong.
Now let's go to school, shall we?
Ask Mom to braid the other plait.
-Leelu, what are you doing?
-It's okay. Let her be.
-The camera guy might get pissed.
-It'll be fine.
-Dad, smile!
-Smile! Smile!
Whatever, you two!
Dad, I'll be a photographer. I like this.
-You told me to be unconventional.
Also, photography is a one man job.
Whether it turns out good or bad,
it's all on him.
That is why I want to be a photographer.
-What about you?
-I'll become whatever you want me to.
Ready, sir?
Pushu, to your left. A little more.
Now smile!
-Leelu, you want to play?
She wouldn't play in a team.
Somebody needs to invent
a single player sport for her. Let's play.
Nobody in class talks to me anymore, Dad.
I don't have any friends.
So you don't have any friends.
I have an idea.
Leelu, the center space is empty.
What do we stick there?
I've saved it
for my favorite picture, Dad.
I'm yet to click it.
-Mom sent Diwali sweets for you.
-Thank you!
-Thank you, Ramya.
-It's not for you. Pass it on to Deepika.
-Mom, look at this.
Why are you late?
"Amelia Island."
"Merry Christmas, Leela!"
Who's this?
They didn't even mention a name.
I don't know. But we're friends now.
Give me that.
-So, is this your favorite photograph now?
Ever since she was little,
she let us make all the decisions.
It's the only thing she's ever asked for.
Please, Thomas.
The decision about Leela's marriage
is all yours, okay?
You have always given her
everything she wanted.
That's the least she could do for you.
Hello. Where are you?
-How long?
-I'm almost there.
-You've been saying the same thing.
Turn around.
Over here.
I wanted to introduce you to my family
at my sister's wedding.
Now look.
I have to keep us a secret.
You can still introduce me, you know.
It's easy for you to say that.
Mom made me the sacrificial lamb
to convince Dad for this marriage.
Now he'll be extra particular about us.
He said Sagar wasn't the right guy
for my sister.
What would he say about you, huh?
You called me here to say this?
Vamsi, don't get offended for everything.
I'm talking about us as a couple.
Not you as an individual.
All right. All right.
Madam Leela, it's your sister's wedding.
Please smile a little.
-Okay. Bye.
-Hey! Hello...
-Let me promise you in this church.
Just one more year, Leela.
Everything will be sorted.
I promise.
And then, you can confidently introduce me
to your family.
Come on, smile!
Sagar, do you take Pushpa
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
I do.
May Lord Jesus bless the couple.
Amen. Amen. Amen.
Oh, God!
-No, boy.
The mother is stable, but...
We lost the baby.
So sorry.
What are you saying?
Really sorry, Thomas.
I didn't expect this.
Where's Sagar?
It was their fault.
But they're blaming Pushpa and us.
What do my mother's gynaec issues
got to do with her miscarriage?
If they're so careful, why did they
feed her papaya during pregnancy?
It's minimum common sense.
They act like they know it all.
They didn't send her here for delivery.
That's why I was against that family
and this marriage since the beginning.
Have we seen her smile
ever since she got married?
I get that they're blaming her, Dad.
But think about the part
we played in this tragedy.
-No, Mom!
Why did we admit her in that hospital
despite knowing its medical staff was bad?
They say it could've been
a slip of the forceps.
What do you say to that?
How can you be so religious
even when it comes to doctors?
Don't you know about your dad?
He is set in his ways.
He didn't expect things
to go down like this.
Moreover, he's right.
Ever since she got married,
she didn't seem happy even once.
They're always fighting.
Sometimes I feel,
I shouldn't have convinced him
for this marriage.
So, at least you listen to him.
Give me six more months, Leelu.
Are you mad?
First, it was one year.
Now you're asking for six more months.
Things are getting complicated
at home, Vamsi.
I understand.
But you know the pressures I am under.
I want to be successful
before I ask for your hand in marriage.
Please manage things at home
for just six more months.
Mr. George's son, Joseph.
What do you think of him?
I'm planning to do this course.
In the US.
What's this suddenly?
No, Dad.
I've been planning it for a long time.
It will really help my career.
We could think of this when I'm back.
Please, Dad.
Leelu, I've never said no to you.
-But you can't take advantage--
-Yes, I know, Dad.
This is all I'm asking for.
Leelu, Dad is waiting. Let's go.
Leelu, we're running late.
Pushu, I'm sorry.
I know that I'm making a mistake.
But I have no other option.
I'm sorry.
Leelu, what happened?
Why are you crying?
I feel like I've seen you before.
Leela, right?
Stop it!
I asked you to wait outside, didn't I?
Why did you rush in
like it's the end of the world?
-How many times do I call you?
-It's my first time at an airport.
I was tempted to check it out.
What's the big deal?
It's time.
Shall we go?
-You know, Sundar?
Two employees resigned
from your team recently.
Do you know
what their reason of leaving was?
They said there's no growth here. Growth!
Company's growth or yours?
Exactly these stupid questions
have compelled me
to take a few wild decisions.
To showcase that we're better
than our competitors,
-I've designed a marketing plan.
-Wonderful, sir!
Should I get some pamphlets printed?
We aren't some petty company
to print pamphlets.
Thing big, Sundar.
Brochures. Billboards. Hoardings.
We need to plan something big, like this.
-This is really big, sir.
-I know.
Let's not hire any models and celebrities
as our brand ambassadors.
We don't have that kind of budget.
That's true too.
So, I'm looking for a presentable face
amongst our employees.
Someone whose absence at work
wouldn't make much of a difference.
-What do you think?
-It's a game changing plan, sir!
Who could that person be though?
Girish, Somu...
-It's you.
My face isn't presentable at all.
I can't be on the billboards.
I start shivering in front of a camera.
Wear a sweater then.
But you're doing this.
-The photo shoot is tomorrow.
I've made my decision. You may leave now.
-I need an hour time.
-Take it.
Not my time, sir. Yours.
-Order, sir.
Two rotis and one mutton curry.
I get uncomfortable
when someone eats meat in front of me.
Okay, get uncomfortable. So what?
Sir, your order.
I'll have hot water.
Won't you eat anything?
It's festive season. We don't eat.
-I'm fasting now.
We don't eat anything in the morning.
Upon sunset, we pray--
Hey, stop!
So you're not going to eat.
Get my order quickly.
I've got a lot of work.
Let's get this done with.
Okay, sir.
I acted in a play when I was young.
Stop! Stop it!
Is it the play The First Step again?
You've told me this nonsense
on your first day to avoid work.
-I did?
-Yes, you did.
-Let me say it again, sir.
-I don't have the patience, sir.
Also, stop bringing up
your childhood each time.
Be in the moment.
How long will you be stuck in the past?
If that's your reason,
I'll cancel the order and leave.
-Excuse me!
-Sir, please wait.
Calm down.
-There's more.
-What's that?
Kids at school
will make fun of his shaved head.
Will you shut up?
Let those idiots laugh.
Baldy! Baldy! Baldy!
Baldy! Baldy!
Run! He saw us.
Oh heck!
-Leela, hi!
-What's with the new look?
-I had my upanayana ceremony recently.
-My family said it's for my wellness.
-Oh. You look great!
-Can I click a picture?
-Of me?
-Of course, you.
One second.
-Seriously, you look great.
My one and only...
After meeting her, the distance
between sections A and C felt too far.
You must've been in Section C.
See? She never judged me like this.
-Balu, where's your bicycle?
-I didn't get it.
But I saw you enter the campus
on a LadyBird bicycle.
Oh, I totally forgot.
My bicycle had a flat Tyre.
-I'm using my sister's bicycle.
Why are you feeling so awkward about it?
It's okay if it's a girls' bicycle.
You don't have to be embarrassed.
Everyone at school is mocking me, Leela.
I didn't find it funny.
When she was around,
I'd ride that bicycle so comfortably.
She gave me that comfort.
Has your bicycle got anything to do
with refusing the photo shoot?
-Do I look like a fool to you?
I didn't tell you the actual story yet.
I'll only stay till I finish this meal.
I didn't know you'd gobble up like this.
-I mean, I'll narrate quickly.
Could you slow down a bit, please?
Go ahead.
I've always wanted to tell her
that I like her.
But I couldn't muster the courage.
So I decided to express
my feelings in a note.
Bro, show me nice greeting cards
for five rupees.
"Amelia Island."
Merry... M-E...
My fears and low confidence
made me doubt my card choice.
So I didn't mention my name on the card.
I wanted to tell her it was me
in case she liked it.
From her reaction,
I wasn't sure if she liked it.
I forgot about it
since she didn't know it was me.
But she...
Did you give me this card?
As she asked so many times,
I thought it was the wrong card
for Christmas.
I was scared to tell her that it was me.
No. It wasn't me.
Yes, look at that card! So funny!
That's when I realized
that she loved the card.
She loved the island on the card
even more.
She'd talk about that card all the time.
As if it had changed her life.
I couldn't tell her it was me.
I couldn't get her a new gift
because she might not have liked it.
Out of this confusion, one fine day...
World's first female photographer.
Do you know
where she clicked her first picture?
-Amelia Island.
-Oh! Amelia Island.
I don't know if that card was intentional.
But it's really special to me, Sundar.
That is why I want to get married there.
I want to visit the place,
click pictures of the island,
and happily get married right there.
-How does that sound?
Really nice.
I know, right!
I realized my card was so valuable to her
when she spoke about marriage.
So I decided to propose, come what may.
Yes, it's 4:30 p.m.
I don't believe in you.
But I'll give you one more chance.
Leela should say yes.
Leela should say yes.
Leela should say yes.
Leela should say yes...
And that was the end of Leela's chapter
in my life.
Who's to blame for this?
I don't know how they met.
But he's a photographer too.
That is why...
That is why?
That is why I've stopped getting
my photos clicked.
I've stopped using Skype as well.
If you make me do this photo shoot,
all those old memories will be back.
-I'll feel disturbed and...
I can't concentrate on work
if I'm disturbed.
It's not like you're good at it otherwise.
-Isn't that right?
No... What did you say?
You quit watching movies
-as you couldn't become a hero.
You quit getting clicked
because some guy is a photographer.
You think you're like Silambarasan
from the movie Manmadhan?
What movie is that, sir?
-It's mythology.
-Oh, mythology.
Photo shoot at 10 a.m. tomorrow.
Be there by 9 a.m.
-Sir, bill.
Pay it off.
Thank you, sir.
What are you doing here?
-You said 10:30 a.m. It's late.
-Almost ready.
-Two minutes.
-Oh, is it? Okay.
-Ready, sir.
-Pull it on.
Swamy, ready? Yeah, closer. Closer.
I guess all of them are bad.
Your eyes are open in one picture.
But that one's bad too.
This is just trials.
Tomorrow, I'll kill it!
Can I have my coffee anytime soon?
Where were you all this while?
You didn't even respond to my calls.
I'm talking to you. What happened?
You see how busy I am.
It's just work, and more work.
I don't even find time for myself.
That's why I've stopped wearing a watch.
-What else?
-What else?
Let's talk about you for a change.
How are you doing?
How is Vamsi?
When are you guys getting married?
What's wrong? All okay?
Another six months.
Please manage it somehow.
Vamsi Samuel!
Your order, sir.
-Can I get sugar?
-Sure, sir.
When you look in the mirror
on the day you get a haircut,
we look really weird, Leela.
It feels so strange.
Because we've been used to
seeing ourselves differently.
The next day when you look again,
you'll think it's not that bad.
And after a few days, you'll be like,
"How cute! This is too good!"
This is no different.
You'll get used to it with time.
I mean, I went to the salon yesterday.
So I couldn't find a better example.
-You're just...
-Did you just smile?
Smile a bit wider
and they can turn off all the lights.
My manager can save on electricity.
-This side?
How amusing!
How amusing!
All these memories
I fail to catch a breath
Never did I imagine
That I'd be this overjoyed
How amusing!
All these memories
I fail to catch a breath
Never did I imagine
That I'd be this overjoyed
Sundar, my car is at the service center.
-Can you drop me?
-But I took the bus here.
I asked you to drop me.
I didn't ask how.
Let's go.
I asked myself what this means
It's like the spring has covered
My heart in fragrance
There's a small hope
Of better times to come
I revisited my old self
Colored in new hues all over again
Wow! Impressive!
-Thank you.
-Thank you, sir!
-Not you. That was for her. Great!
What is it?
-You're on the billboard!
-You like it?
-Yes, I like it.
-You know who took that picture?
It's wonderful, dear.
Your mother is feeling really proud.
To be honest, not so much.
If she were really proud,
she'd be shedding happy tears.
You should've seen her when they told us
I was going to be a hero.
This is just for my satisfaction.
-Let's go.
Hold on, your dad wants to talk.
Congrats, dear.
Pushu has conceived again.
Too many miracles too soon
This feeling has no name
Exhilaration takes over my being today
Amidst the flowing breeze
The pages of the past begin to flutter
I've finally found myself again
Time has worked its miracle
I've traveled to the past
And met my old self
Oh, my dear one!
Watching you in bliss
The whole town starts to celebrate
Is this little happiness
Going to multiply?
Where is this finally going to take me?
How amusing!
All these memories
I fail to catch a breath
Never did I imagine
That I'd be this overjoyed
As I stretch out my arms
I welcome a new dawn
Knowing little to none about
What's happening
I asked myself what this means
I asked myself what this means
-They look good together.
-It's great that both families agreed.
What's the scene in your family?
My dad is cool
but when it comes to religion,
somehow, he's really particular.
-I don't know.
When he was a kid,
one of his friend's family insulted him.
Apparently, they sprinkled turmeric water
at him
and asked him to leave.
That incident hit him deeply.
I'm not generalizing it.
But being so rude isn't right,
don't you think?
What about your family?
They don't sprinkle turmeric water.
The rest is just the same.
What were you telling them?
I showed them a trick.
If you can think of your partner
and separate your fingers like this...
You're the best couple.
Your future is golden.
Hey, it's proven.
It's not that easy, okay?
See how they're struggling.
You know what?
I didn't think I'd come out
of that breakup so quickly.
He's not some secret tunnel
that you can't come out of.
He's just Vamsi.
Please don't think I'm comparing, but...
Can I tell you something else?
I was never this happy
when I was with Vamsi.
Me too.
But you never told me.
I thought you were happy.
How could I tell you?
All right.
Shall we get married, Sundar?
Are you okay about this?
You tell me.
Am I okay about it or not?
I know we agreed on marriage
but I'm really scared.
Dad still regrets my sister's marriage.
I can't disappoint him.
Listen. It's too early.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
We'll worry about it when it's time.
Have your tea.
All okay at your in-laws' place?
It's the same old conflict.
I don't want to have kids yet.
But they're adamant.
After what happened last time,
they think I'm disinterested and careless.
They say all sorts of things.
Now that I'm pregnant again,
they pamper me like anything.
Don't I have any value
unless I'm pregnant, Leelu?
Is this it?
There's no point in regretting now.
We discussed everything before marriage.
Honeymoon, buying our own house, etc.
Except for kids.
I have some free advice for you though.
Talk to Joseph about these things
in advance.
Didn't Dad tell you about Joseph?
You said we'll figure out when it's time.
Now look!
Dad discussed with Pushpa about Joseph.
He'll talk to me very soon.
He's just waiting for the right moment.
Let's tell our families about us.
But what do we tell them?
Not directly.
Let's try indirectly
and see how they react.
What do you guys think?
There's only way
to attract God's attention to us.
Most of us try to be humble.
When they come to church, they pray
to God asking him to forgive their sins...
Dad, taste this.
-What's this?
-Taste it and tell me what you think.
My friend made it.
Who's that friend?
Grandma, I have a friend called Sudarshan.
He wants to marry a Christian girl.
He wants to come
and seek your advice in the matter.
-When's the right time?
-Who the hell is he?
Tell him I'll break his legs if I see him.
Oh, is that so? All right.
Hey! I'll break your legs too
if you hang out with him.
Instead of telling others indirectly,
I think we should directly tell your dad.
Where's the match box? Where is it?
-We don't have it.
-Well, then get me an incense stick.
I'm going to burn to death today.
So, there was no match box.
There's no match box
only because we didn't tell him yet.
Your mom convinced your dad
for your sister's marriage...
Things were different back then.
Since your mom convinced your dad
for your sister's marriage...
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you so much! Yeah, okay.
Mom, actually...
How do you like it?
Beautiful, right?
Joseph has bought it for you.
Don't tell your dad
that I showed it to you.
He wants to keep this thing about Joseph
a surprise.
Act surprised when he tells you, okay?
He tells everybody about Joseph
except for her.
Her mom revealed the surprise
and asked her to act surprised.
What a surprising family!
Things have gone too far.
What do we do now?
We only have one option now.
What's that?
No. Let's not do stupid things
like eloping.
Whatever it is,
we're going to convince our families.
-My dad has high hopes on me.
You think my dad has abandoned me or what?
My dad also has high hopes on me.
Am I wrong?
-You're right.
You can't elope.
You can't get married
unless your parents approve.
How do we do this? How?
We could tell a petty lie.
Actually, not a petty lie.
It's kind of a big deal.
Leela, I don't want you to panic.
Tell me.
Let's tell them you're pregnant.
Leela, listen to me.
If it were any other family,
they would ask you to abort.
But your family wouldn't say that.
Because they've already seen
your sister suffer.
So what?
You want me to use my sister as bait?
No, I'm asking you to use the situation
at your home as bait.
I'd rather tell them directly than lie.
All right!
But what if they don't approve?
We'll lose this chance to lie.
Think about it.
You think our families will approve?
I don't care what you say, Sundar.
I just can't do this.
I won't agree to this. Period.
Hey, Leela!
How can you not agree?
-You know what Gandhi said?
He said, "what the hell are you here for?"
-You get it?
Please, Leela.
Sundar, what will Dad think of me
if I do this?
He'll question his upbringing.
But that feeling will only last a month.
We'll visit your parents
in the second month...
Sorry, sir. Sorry, ma'am.
We had to lie in order to get married.
Please bless us.
We'll fall on their feet. Come!
Since we'll be married,
your mom will say...
Forgive them, Thomas. It's a small lie.
Think about it.
There's no other reason
more convincing than this.
But will your family
buy this pregnancy lie?
No way!
-They'll kill me.
-What do you mean?
They'll lash out at me
for ruining a girl's life.
Dad will call relatives over
and hang me in front of them
like they do in Arab countries.
The pregnancy lie won't work out
in my family.
Another complication is...
They'll judge your character
for conceiving before marriage.
I don't want that.
So, the lie we tell my parents
should make them worship you.
But how?
We could tell another lie.
What's that?
-That I'm infertile.
Let's lie that Sundar can't have kids.
Since I'm the only heir to the family,
it's a big deal.
You accepting me
despite knowing that fact...
Is a much bigger deal.
When my parents understand
what a big deal this is,
imagine how they'll treat you.
Have it, dear.
Here. She made all these for you, dear.
-Give some ghee.
-Give her the sweets as well.
Have it, dear.
They treat you like a princess.
-Sundar, do you know what you're doing?
-Leela, trust me.
This lie will definitely work out
in my family.
Before they realize
what's really going on
we'll be married!
As if they'll believe you right away!
We'll arrange medical reports
to make it believable.
-But how?
-Look at that, will you?
It's like I've learned Photoshop
to forge these reports.
-What's your full name?
-You don't know his full name?
-It's not mandatory, okay?
-Chatura Sagara Paryantham...
Idiot! She asked for my name,
not family tree.
It's Kasturi Poorna Venkata Sesha Sai
Pavana Rama Sundar Prasad.
That's my name.
Type it. Kasturi...
Reports are ready.
What next?
Sundara, shall we begin the show?
Tell us where you guys are going.
What do you mean?
Hey! I can't tell them in person.
I'll get caught.
-I want to be far away when I tell them.
-How far away?
Let's go somewhere.
We'll break the news and return
only after they've calmed down.
Hey! Why don't you go that place?
What place?
That's right. Amelia Island!
You wanted to get married there anyway.
If you agree, we can give some excuse
and go there.
I'm thinking of doing this course, Dad.
In the US.
Mr. Astrologer!
The second thing is...
I need an hour of your time.
We'll stay there for a month.
One fine day...
After we're done calling our parents,
since we're going there anyways,
let's exchange rings as a formality.
Your little dream will also be fulfilled.
What do you say?
-That's one big plan!
My brother also has a similar story.
Not so adventurous though.
He has fought a lot
to marry his girlfriend.
So I can empathize with you.
We acted in play when we were kids.
Now they're putting on an act.
But this is real life.
And the stage is huge.
If everything goes by the plan,
see you soon.
In Amelia.
Everything will go by the plan, right?
We should've checked as soon as we landed.
We've come so far.
I'm sorry, Leela.
It's a bad sign, Sundar.
Maybe this is isn't right.
Do you get it?
Shall we drop the idea then?
Two lies in two families.
He lies that he can't have kids.
You lie that you're pregnant.
I don't even know what to say, Leelu.
You're using me and my situation.
You're lying.
Forget all this.
I don't mind.
But a woman conceiving
for the first time
and sharing the news
with her husband and family...
is one of the most precious things, Leelu.
You think it's right to play
with that emotion?
You can't experience that feeling again.
You can't say those words again.
Is he worth such a big lie?
If you're clear about that,
go ahead.
Shall we call our families?
-Hello, Dad.
-Hello, Mom.
Hello, Dad.
She asked me to get back home
in a pissed off tone and cut the call.
My dad listened with a lot of patience.
He didn't say a word.
So I cut the call.
What do we do now?
I've thought about
all the possible scenarios going forward.
Here are a few pointers
as to how we should react.
These may not happen as it is.
But they will.
Read it twice a day.
Morning and evening.
We need to believe our lie.
That's when others will believe us.
You're really pregnant
and I'm really infertile.
Got it? Here.
Our families must be waiting outside.
You know how to react when you see them.
-You told me. I remember.
First you go. I'll follow.
Hey! What are you doing here?
Where's your family?
-They didn't show up.
-They didn't?
Even your family didn't show up.
-They must be downstairs.
-You're mistaken.
I just checked.
-Just a minute.
One of your parents will come crying
to the airport, and the other angry.
React to both accordingly.
That's the first point on your list.
Here. Keep it.
But, Leela...
Your family didn't turn up
as they're angry with you.
Why didn't my family turn up?
Don't worry.
It's okay. Just another month.
Everything will go according to our plan.
It will be okay.
It will be okay.
It will be okay.
It will be okay.
Hey, why is there
a tent outside your house?
Pull over!
Is it my grandma? She's a heart patient.
Do you think she passed away?
Go check!
Leela, bye!
Keep me in the loop.
Let's go.
Vijji, he's here!
Kudos to you! You crossed the oceans.
-Aunt, did Grandma...
-She's inside.
-Thank God!
-Why did you ask?
-Never mind. What's happening?
-Your dad has arranged some puja.
Sundaram, you seem bleak.
-Give me that luggage.
-Sekhar, stop.
-We shouldn't touch the luggage.
-Yeah, I forgot.
Hey! Get me some water!
Wash your feet.
Come with me.
-Murthy, what happened to your hand?
-I fell down.
You're not feeling sick, are you?
It's okay. Don't you worry.
Hold this.
Where are the bundles of grass?
Remember one thing.
Look at the bright side of things.
Think beyond your judgment.
Got it?
-Wash your feet.
Sundar used this piece of crap
for so long.
Hold on.
Here you go, Mom.
Now get in.
Show your tongue.
She'll burn your face otherwise.
-Leela, Grandma is doing all right.
-Forget about her.
-You took my suitcase.
You took my suitcase!
Hey, Murthy!
Sorry, Leela. I was in a rush earlier.
Should I come get it
or will you come get it?
They won't let me step out
of the house today.
-Can you please manage for a day?
-What are you saying?
If my mom sees me with your suitcase--
Yes, go on.
Hello? Leela?
Hey! You idiot!
-Didn't you get chocolates for me?
-No chocolates for you! Go away!
-I'll complain to Grandma. Damn it!
-Go ahead.
You came back from America empty-handed!
You finally finished it on time today.
-This is so sad!
It's okay, Mom. Calm down.
Why are the uncles giving me
philosophical advice?
-What did you tell them?
-Dad told them.
-What did he tell them?
-He told them you're ill.
Did he also tell them
which part of mine is ill?
He's going to tell them after lunch.
I didn't win an award
to announce it to the world.
This is so stupid. Where is he?
-He went to a snake pit to offer milk.
But why?
Apparently, snakes are a bad omen for you.
That is why you're facing this issue.
-Who told him?
-I have no clue.
-He went to some expert.
-So he spread the news to everyone.
Your husband is going to ruin my life.
I told him nobody can know about this.
He's not answering my call.
Why would he gather everyone
for such a thing?
Whose pit... Crap!
-Which snake pit did he go to?
-The one in Satya Narayana Swamy temple.
He's going to offer milk
and go see a doctor to get
your medical reports reviewed.
Holy shucks!
-Why would he do that, Mom?
-I don't know.
-Everything is going to be fine, right?
-Yeah, right!
-Okay. Give me the bike keys.
-He took it.
Damn! This is too much!
Give me some curry.
-Are you feeling sick, dear?
What in god's name!
-Can I borrow your bike?
-Why? Where are you going?
Uncle wants some bitter gourd pickle.
-Uncle Ambi, give me your bike keys.
-No way! Your dad will be pissed.
-Murthy, move!
-What are you doing?
Damn it!
He is here.
-How are you doing, sir?
-Fine, Mr. Sasthry.
What do you think you're doing?
Is this what you did in the US
in the name of photography course?
Don't you know how strict dad is?
He's given you everything you asked for.
Look how she's standing here,
pretending to be all innocent.
Let it go, Mom.
No, I won't let it go!
Go! Go inside!
-Go check! Go!
-Mom, this is unnecessary.
You shut up!
-Go! I said, go!
Tell her to go. Just go!
Hello, Mom.
Where are you? Dad is home.
But you said he was going to the doctor.
He says he's changed his mind.
First, he wants to tell everyone.
Damn! That will ruin everything!
I'm on my way. Please manage till then.
Damn you, Dad!
Leela, I'll give the suitcase
in the evening.
Sundar, I got caught.
And I don't know what to do.
What do you mean? What happened?
Coming, Mom.
-Sundar, say something!
-Leela... Don't get nervous.
-I'm scared, Sundar.
-Leela, everything's fine.
Listen to me carefully, okay?
Just listen to me.
-The person you are speaking with...
...has put your call on hold.
-They're almost done eating.
They're almost done. Get here right now!
Okay, Mom. I'll be there in five minutes.
-Who all are home?
-Uncle Ambi and...
Leelu, how long?
Two minutes, Mom. Coming.
Sundar! Say something!
-Leela, listen to me carefully.
-I'm listening. Hurry up now!
-What are the things around you?
-Around me?
-What else?
Conditioner. Hand wash.
How is this relevant?
-Fountain Dew.
Fountain Dew, Leela.
It's in your hoodie pocket.
Left pocket, I guess.
-Did you find it?
Leela, I've Googled this and it works.
No questions asked, just do as I tell you.
The thing is...
Sundar has...
a small issue.
Is it jaundice or something?
Yeah, his eyes looked very yellow to me.
They didn't seem yellow to me.
But he seemed a bit ill.
It's not that.
-He is--
-I need your help with filling water.
I'll be there in two minutes.
Shut the door.
-Where are you? He's spilling the beans.
Come fast!
Try and stop him, Mom. I'm on my way.
One more thing.
Even Mom doesn't know about this.
Is it worse than jaundice, brother?
Dear, we're losing out on water.
To hell with that! I'm talking here.
Sister-in-law, take Prabha's help.
Can't you fill water without him?
-Give us some space.
-Don't come back.
I can't stop him.
There's no way he'll listen to me.
-He's yelling at me if I interfere.
-Oh, damn!
All right, tell him
that I met with an accident.
Tell him that I met with an accident!
-How can I say that?
-Sentiments aside, please tell him first.
You continue, brother.
What happened to him?
Actually, he--
Hey, you! Get out!
Damn it!
-Dear, he met with an accident!
I thought he is sick.
But this is some other sickness.
He met with an accident it seems.
What's this?
Did you get injured and then put on
these clothes or vice versa?
I'm talking to you!
It is a tradition to wear these clothes
whenever we travel across the oceans.
Only you can come up
with such weird excuses.
You jumped at the opportunity of going
to the US.
You barely stayed there and flew back
without any intimation.
You landed in India a week ago.
But there was no sign of you till now.
Why did you go? Why did you return?
What the hell are you trying to do?
I fell sick due to the water change, sir.
I rested for a while and then returned.
Is that wrong?
Do you think I run a travel agency?
You can't go to the US,
rest and come back.
Listen, cut this stupid drama.
I'm booking you a ticket again.
You better finish the seminar this time.
I can't handle the water change.
I'm getting pimples, don't you understand?
Pimples? What the hell!
You're going and that's final!
Hello, sir. I can't go right now.
Send Soumya if you want.
How can she go?
She's been on leave for a month
as her grandmother is sick.
I don't know if she stopped vomiting.
But Soumya hasn't come to work yet.
Look. You only have two options.
One, shut up and go to the US.
Two, resign and go home.
Whichever it is, go quickly.
I'll rather sit on fire
than keep up with your crap.
I need an hour time.
-An hour of my time, right?
Sir, would you like to have mutton curry
or chicken biryani?
Screw that! Bring veg meals.
He'll have it.
Stop acting like you can't survive
without eating meat.
-Get me veg fried rice.
-Okay, sir.
-Sir, do you want hot water--
-Sure. Arrange a soap and shampoo as well.
-I'll go take a shower in that corner.
Get him normal water.
Okay, sir.
Are you all right?
I don't know how to tell you this.
Hey, what happened?
Okay, sir.
I'll tell you the truth.
I went to the US
for a totally different reason.
What's that?
So the photographer Leela
is your girlfriend Leela.
So, Soumya and her grandma...
You lied about it.
So you fooled me.
Don't be stuck in the past.
Be in the present.
You may be a fool in the past.
But not anymore.
I told you everything.
I'm already in enough trouble
for telling two contrasting lies.
This isn't the time for you to question me
like a prosecutor.
Why are you yelling like that?
Did I say something wrong?
Damn! I don't know, I'm going crazy, sir.
I can see that.
Don't break your flow.
What happened after the accident?
My dad wasn't even concerned about
my injuries.
His only question to me was...
You lied about the accident. Now look!
-Who's that girl?
Who's the girl in the pictures with you?
Don't you know?
I told you on the phone already.
What did you tell me?
She's my childhood friend.
She has agreed to marry me
despite knowing my problem.
Marriage! What marriage?
Hey, do you know about this?
I don't know anything at all.
-What's going on?
-What are you saying, Mom?
I told you this
after confessing about my problem.
What the hell are you talking about?
-So he didn't listen to any of it?
That's when I realized not to reveal
two shocking things at once.
While trying to process the first,
people ignore the second.
Unaware of this, I designed a master plan
and flew to the US.
I went on expressing my problem
like I was singing a song.
while he was still stunned
from the first news.
Don't worry, Dad. Despite that,
a girl has agreed to marry me.
She's great.
The phone is meant for talking.
Not for holding it still till eternity.
Couldn't you hear me out completely
and then go into shock?
What's the big deal? Just tell me again.
Does it have to be on the phone only?
Tell me, damn it!
-What is it?
Her name is Leela.
What can I derive from a name?
Does she belong to our caste or not?
-What! They're Christians?
Hey! Hey! What is he saying?
Do you know anything about it?
I really don't know anything at all!
-Yes, Mom.
I told him everything, Mom.
He wasn't attentive.
Hey, you!
What is it, Mom?
Why are you guys yelling
behind closed doors?
Some mess up at his workplace.
What do you need?
Apply this on his forehead.
He came home during inauspicious hours.
Only this was lacking.
I told you two-wheelers are a bad omen.
You heard your grandma.
She brought this for you.
Because you broke the tradition
and traveled across the oceans,
you're dealing with both visible
and invisible injuries right now.
If you do something like this again,
someone in the family might die.
Your foolish acts will cost our lives.
Why don't you try talking
to the astrologer again?
To hell with him!
He'll just agree to
whatever this idiot says.
-Such an impostor!
-So you don't believe him now?
Forget that.
Tell me why you got these tests done.
-I didn't. My company arranged for it.
-But why?
Full body checkup is mandatory
for project insurance.
This test is a part of it.
Pass the phone.
Diwakar's son has moved
to the US recently.
I'll inquire about these tests.
Give me the phone.
Ask him!
Ask everyone in town!
You guys don't trust me anyway.
I tell you what?
Why don't you announce it
with a procession?
"Hello, everyone! My son has a problem!"
Your brother's been calling non-stop.
Of course!
Everyone saw his epic pictures
roll out of the suitcase this morning.
Disconnect it.
What was she doing there anyway?
She had some work.
So you just happened to show her
the reports
and begged her to marry you
because no one else would.
I know her from before.
I just shared my pain with her.
Apparently, she likes me from school days.
That's why she agreed to marry me
despite my problem.
-Got it?
So you fell into her arms immediately
and clicked pictures with her?
I can't believe she likes you so much.
What the hell have you achieved
since childhood?
People don't marry someone
because they're achievers.
Ask mom.
Don't try to be sneaky, you two.
What are you saying now?
Since she has agreed to marry you
despite your problem,
you want to marry her, right?
-Then do one thing.
Tell one of our community girls
about this problem.
See if any of them agrees to marry you.
What! I told her because I like her.
-Why would I tell everybody?
-Then don't!
That's what I said.
That's what I'm saying too.
Don't tell anybody.
Many people keep secrets from
their partners and get married.
All the beans are spilled
after the wedding.
But no one gets separated because of that.
They adjust and continue to live together.
Is he crazy, Mom?
How can I ruin a girl's life
by doing that?
Will you ruin our lives
by marrying a Christian?
Either marry our community girl
by telling her the truth.
Or marry our community girl
by not telling the truth.
I won't!
See that? I don't think he got the girl
because of the problem.
More like he got this problem
because of the girl.
-What do you mean?
I'm not going to blindly trust
those stupid reports that you've shown me.
Try all you want.
But you can't fool me!
I wasn't doubtful till now.
But now I am.
Listen up!
I'm going to make you undergo
those tests again.
If they diagnose you
with the same problem,
I'll believe you then.
Until then, shut up and sit tight.
Return the damn suitcase!
Nobody can know about this.
Neither can we hide something like this.
We must make a decision quickly.
Shall we get her tested again?
Why do you want to go through that again?
No need.
Or else, we could take her
to a different city and...
We can't make a mistake
just because she did.
What do we do then?
I can't do this anymore, Sundar.
I'll tell them the truth.
-What are you saying? If you--
-What choice do I have?
Be in my shoes and think.
Do you know what I'm going through
at home?
They aren't even looking me
in the eye anymore.
They see me as a characterless woman.
Are you getting it?
Leela, I get it.
We'll figure something out.
But if you tell the truth now,
they'll never agree to our marriage.
As if they're agreeing now.
Give me a couple of days.
Does Joseph's family know
that you're pregnant?
I have no idea.
I know.
Her father tells my dad everything.
So you want to marry her
despite knowing that she's pregnant?
Yeah! It's simple, bro.
To be practical,
I'm lucky to marry a girl like Leela.
Who would let go of such a great chance?
Moreover, since she's in the wrong here,
they'll respect me more than usual.
When you consider all this,
her pregnancy is not even a big deal.
Hey! Don't you worry, Sundar.
Visit us on Sundays.
Play with your daughter or son.
You can spend time with.
I love kids too.
I'll take really good care of your kid.
Is he cuckoo?
I don't even know what to say.
-Such a weirdo, I tell you!
-I know.
-Sorry, brother.
-It's okay, sir.
Sir, you should've told
the girl's father first.
-You made a mistake.
-I'll smash your face. Go!
Okay, sir.
-But he's right.
-Stop it, sir!
You think we didn't try that?
That's what we did first.
I don't know how to compensate
for my mistake, sir.
But I do know that you're
extremely angry with me.
And I'm prepared to take a blow or two.
That is why I called you here.
Even if you drop a spoon here,
everyone will turn and stare.
Go ahead and hit me if you want to.
It's okay.
At least you'll have the satisfaction of
hitting me in front of so many people.
Did he hit you?
Did he hit you?
Answer me! Did he hit you?
Hit me? No!
He stared at me for three minutes
and fu--
-And he left.
-He left?
My dad was adding to the trouble
as always.
He didn't just not believe me.
He came up with precautions.
-What do you mean?
-I mean...
I mean...
Hey, sir!
All okay?
What's up!
Have it.
-What the hell is this, Mom?
-Moringa juice. Thrice a day.
Drink it.
Watch my son.
Come on! Flutter those legs.
Like this.
Try harder.
-Pull it. Pull it.
-Stop it, Dad.
-I said, pull it!
-Give him another kerchief.
I don't need it. You do it properly.
Come on, pull it.
This is your diet from today.
Your fantasy is coming to life
You did the math,
Set out on an adventure...
Which is surely destined for chaos
Here comes the charming lad
He is a package of entertainment
Ready to take on the world
He tempts fun and frolic
-Is your auto rickshaw available for hire?
For the whole month.
So, what's the problem?
-Tell him.
-Tell me!
-Tell him!
-Who's facing the issue here?
What are you doing here then?
Step out!
-Why should I step out?
-Because he's feeling uncomfortable.
I said, go! Move fast!
What kind of a doctor is he!
Now tell me.
Hello, doctor. I'm Sudarshan.
I have a friend called Sundar.
Actually, he's the one facing the issue.
I want a fake report in his name.
Each one would react differently.
Are you serious? This is an offense.
I couldn't hear you. Say that again.
It will cost you a million.
I accept cash only.
You think this is a joke?
Don't mess with doctors again.
-I'll call the police.
-Sir! Don't do that.
It's a prank show.
Look at the camera and smile.
Camera? Where is it?
Right here, sir.
Say "Kuchi Kuchi Rakamma".
-"Kuchi Kuchi Rakamma".
-With a smile.
-"Kuchi Kuchi Rakamma".
-Wow! Wonderful performance!
I'll share the final video link. Bye.
It's all a delusion
Why be stingy?
Why beat yourself up
Is your desperate self
Refusing to underplay?
My herbs are the best in the state, sir.
Place this on his tongue.
Place this under his pillow.
Where do I place this?
Ask him, Dad.
Oh so precious, hasty and farther...
Is this mysterious tale of yours
Are you staring
At a bottomless pit of desires...
From the depths of your swaying heart
This torture made me look forward
to work for the first time.
But you know what my dad did?
-Rats chewed on my clothes.
-No, it was me. I tore them.
-The reason is...
-Take a look.
Jeans is trending among the youth.
It wraps around your body tightly.
Too much heat in the body
causes men's testicles to droop.
So we need to dress up keeping this mind
to avoid problems.
Wearing dhotis and sarees
regulates the heat in your body.
You get it?
You want me to wear dhotis to work?
It's a corporate office, not an ashram.
Moreover, we have a dress code.
I'm not doing this.
Do or die.
What if I don't?
Swear on me.
Don't think you can break the promise
because you swore on me.
And don't you dare
buy those crappy denims on the way.
Come here.
Swear on her.
It's all a delusion
Why be stingy?
Why beat yourself up?
It's all a delusion
Why be stingy?
Why beat yourself up?
It's all a delusion
Why be stingy?
Why beat yourself up?
It's all a delusion
Why be stingy?
Why beat yourself up?
You're in deep shit.
You can't go to the US in this situation.
Let's drop it.
I'm not sharing this because
you'll send me to the US.
If you would've insisted further,
I'd have resigned.
I just needed to share this with someone.
That is why I'm telling you.
You're sympathizing a bit early though.
There's more to the story.
What? There's more?
-Anything else to say?
-Brother, please understand.
Don't see me as a typical bridegroom
in the movies, Sundar.
People are practical these days.
To be frank, she was with Vamsi before
and now she's with you.
Tomorrow, she'll be with me.
What makes you think she won't adjust?
-She wouldn't adjust.
-How can you say that?
-I know her.
Tell me about it. Come.
Come on.
So, tell me.
Give me one example to show
how strong your relationship is.
Just one example.
If I find that's convincing,
I'll back out.
And whatever you say is between us.
You can trust me on this.
Why are you thinking so hard
for one example?
-We acted in a play when we were kids.
-Don't give me your childhood stories.
It's silly. Tell me something else.
-After she came into my life--
-No. Not from your perspective.
Tell me what changed
after you became a part of her life.
What? Can't think of anything?
Let me help you out.
She had a moment with you.
Poor girl got pregnant.
She wants to marry you
as there's no other option.
That's all!
Nothing more to the story.
All right. That was a lot of talking.
Let's move.
Leela isn't pregnant.
She lied about it to convince her parents.
No girl would take such a big risk
for a guy.
But she did.
I guess no reason is stronger than that.
Do you have any sense at all?
Why did you tell him
that I'm not pregnant?
-He was provoking me.
-So what? Will you spill our secret?
He wasn't going to listen
otherwise, Leela.
He told me to visit you guys on Sundays.
What else could I do?
What's wrong?
Forget about how I got to know this.
I don't doubt her.
It's just a small glitch.
But, what I'm trying to say is...
Keeping this in mind...
Just because you and my dad
are friends,
I don't want to take home a lie.
So, with your permission,
if she could give me some clarity,
everything will be cool.
Tell me, Leela.
Are you pregnant or not?
Tell me.
Are you not pregnant?
Are you?
Don't take me wrongly, ma'am.
I'm doing this only to avoid further
differences between our families.
Please try to understand.
I'll marry her irrespective
of whatever she says, sir.
I need some clarity.
Ask her to take an oath
on the bible and answer me.
Stop, Leela.
Don't do it.
If I let her do what you asked,
we will be doubting her character too.
Also, I don't want her to marry you
with these misgivings.
Sir, you are getting me wrong.
I just don't want our families to--
I'm also saying this to avoid
further problems between us.
Let's put an end to this.
Moreover, we don't need somebody
telling us about our daughter.
We know what kind of a person she is.
If she commits a mistake,
she'll be honest.
She knows how much we've suffered
during her sister's pregnancy.
No matter what the reason is,
she wouldn't lie about such a thing.
What should I do now?
Can I ever confess to my dad
that the pregnancy was a lie?
How will he see me after that?
I can't fool my dad anymore, Sundar.
My parents agreed to our marriage.
They approve.
But my parents can never find out
that I wasn't pregnant.
What are you suggesting?
We should make the lie come true.
Which lie?
The lie that I'm pregnant.
Hey! What are you guys doing?
Do I have a choice, sir?
She wants to get pregnant at the earliest
after what happened.
-So, before marriage?
-Come on, sir! No!
-You know I have a few principles.
-You? Principles?
Whatever. What's your next move?
She gave me a schedule, sir.
We need to get married by the end
of this month and get on with it.
She'll be in her final trimester
by 10th October.
-And then--
-Why are you complicating things?
We're in 2020.
Religion and caste
shouldn't matter anymore.
Muster the courage and tell your family.
They'll give it some thought.
I acted in a play as a kid.
No, I'm not narrating the whole thing.
Only the synopsis.
It was about social discrimination.
And everyone applauded.
But I guess most of them went home
and just forgot about it.
People don't have the patience to think
as much as they have to applaud.
What choice do I have?
The deadline is too short.
To get your way this time...
A big miracle needs to happen.
Hello, doctor. I'm Sudarshan.
My friend Sundar has a minor issue.
I need a fake report for the same.
We'll get to that later.
You're Sundar, aren't you?
-Are you Sundar or not?
It's you, isn't it?
Look at me! Speak out!
It's you, isn't it?
Am I right?
This is such a big crime, you know.
Is it your dad waiting outside?
-Let's call him in, shall we?
You were told to play
the role of Kamal Junior.
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think I am?
Do you know heroine Radha is my aunt?
-Guru, it's you!
I found you at the right time.
How are you?
I'm good.
Why are you dressed like that?
And who is this Sudarshan guy?
Where do I start?
-You have to help me somehow.
-What happened?
I'll tell you. But you must help me out.
If you don't, swear on your Aunt Radha.
-How many of you?
-Two people. Me and my son.
I didn't mean that.
How many siblings do you have?
It's eight of us.
Why did you stop after the first child?
I took a religious vow that I'd stop
if I had a baby boy.
If that's really the reason,
I appreciate you.
Anyway, Mr. Sasthry,
I'll get into details here.
-Pay attention, sir.
You see this shape?
This egg-shaped figure right here
is called an ova.
Human reproductive system works like this.
You see these polystyrene balls?
Let's say these balls are sperms.
So these balls...
When they hit the egg with such force,
you have kids.
-This is the ideal case of a pregnancy.
For example, take your family history.
-How many kids did your grandfather have?
Fifteen kids! What was his name?
-Got it.
Lingamurthy, in his prime...
Watch closely, Mr. Sasthry.
Using such force, he had 15 kids.
Lingamurthy is a legend, I must admit.
Then comes your father.
What was his name?
Viswanadha Sasthry.
-He had eight kids, right?
Viswanadha Sasthry is also a legend.
Fantastic, sir!
Finally comes you.
Did you really take a vow?
-Yes, of course.
Since you had a valid reason...
You're good, sir. In your own regard.
Don't take it personally.
Now we come to the most important part,
your son Sundar.
See right here?
Please pay attention and watch closely.
-This is it.
-Hey! You didn't throw anything at it.
Cause there's nothing to throw, sir.
It's empty! Nothing! Nothing is there!
That's the problem.
I'm not saying this is permanent.
If he starts taking medicine now,
you might see progress in 10-15 years.
But, I can't guarantee it.
In 10-15 years, he'll be...
He'll be 40.
-It's too late for marriage.
-I understand your pain, Mr. Sasthry.
But this is the reality.
Sky rains down on the earth
In despair
The distress in those tears
Is acceptance
I've never seen my dad cry
in my entire life.
Watching him cry like that today...
I wanted to tell him
that it's a lie.
Was it that big of a lie?
Is this really that big of a problem?
We have not one, but two problems.
One, we should get him married.
Two, we should get him married to her.
Coming to the first one,
contrary to what you think,
nobody would marry him
with this condition.
He'll become the clown people poke fun at.
they'll show sympathy and walk away.
Even if we hide the truth
and get him married,
what if they file a fraud case on him?
Does he really need this, brother?
The second one.
Getting him married to her.
This isn't even a problem.
In a way, it's actually the solution.
We need to choose our own battles.
Think about it, brother.
If you approve, I'll talk to her parents
and arrange a meeting.
You can exchange if you don't like them.
Dad, should I come along?
Should I come along?
-You've asked twice.
-My silence means no, right?
His parents don't know that I'm pregnant.
It'll be a problem if they know.
What do you mean?
He didn't tell them.
Because they won't approve.
Anything else that I need to know?
Is that all?
Mom, I'll also tag along.
Dad, her family doesn't know
about my problem yet.
She's convinced them
that we're a decent family.
Convinced them? Aren't we a decent family?
What I'm trying to say is...
Forget about my problem.
Speak like you casually would.
But don't be harsh.
Be gentle, soft and heart-touching.
Dad! Dad!
Heart-touching is the word here.
Close the door and step back.
Hello, Mr. Thomas, they're on the way.
I wonder what your dad will say there.
-Are you listening?
-Hello, Pushu. Can you hear me?
Pushu, they're here.
Mom, they're here.
-Ugh, the rain! Did they go in?
-Yeah, they just did.
Turn the speaker on.
Why aren't they saying anything?
I'm not at all in favor of this.
But we're helpless.
Our son has put us in this situation.
We're in a similar situation.
We wanted to do many things
for Leela's wedding.
But now...
I guess that's her fate.
He's the only heir to our family.
His life has turned out like this.
Please don't mind me asking this,
Mr. Sasthry.
Did your heir have to procreate
with my daughter?
When Leela first told us,
I was so furious.
You know about this?
Sundar said she didn't tell you
about this.
Our daughter doesn't hide anything
from us.
Our son hides everything from us.
But somehow, he told us about this.
So you guys also know about this.
-It's over! We're caught, right?
-Hold on.
-Shall we go in?
-Calm down, Leela.
Mr. Thomas,
since you know everything
let's proceed according to what you say.
Do we have a choice?
They've gone too far already.
So you approve the marriage?
What else can we do, Mr. Sasthry?
Let's go ahead.
I told you! It's done!
Leela! It's done!
Mr. Thomas, since we all agree,
let me speak from my heart.
I need to tell you this.
Otherwise, I can never forgive myself.
-What are you going to say, dad?
-Go ahead.
These days, it's rare to find someone
like your daughter.
In that sense, you're really lucky.
She can't have that quality
unless her parents do.
I don't know if she learned it
from you or her,
-but I must appreciate you.
-What's your dad saying?
He misunderstood me
when I said heart-touching.
I'm sorry, Mr. Sasthry...
Whom did your son learn from?
Except for this one,
he totally takes after me.
Forget that.
Let's talk about your daughter.
Our circumstance may not reveal
what your daughter has done.
But in case people find out,
she'll be a role model in the society.
-Note this down.
-Let it go, Dad. Please!
Usually, he doesn't compliment anyone.
He's doing something
like this for the first time.
I'll be honest here.
No girl in our community would do this.
-They can't.
-First of all, they wouldn't dare.
-She's right.
Mom, please stop.
Are you saying
this is all our daughter's doing?
Yes, absolutely!
If she hadn't,
we wouldn't have met here today.
I knew it the minute I saw their pictures.
Your daughter is really mature.
Don't push it, Dad!
Sir, there is a limit to everything.
But your daughter and your family
have no limits.
Otherwise, you wouldn't
have accepted our son.
Pushu, what's wrong?
I can't hear anything.
Hello. Pushu, are you there?
Ms. Pushu, are you there?
You'll be okay.
Cut the call and dial again.
You'll be fine, dear. Don't worry.
-Call the doctor, will you?
-I'm trying!
-Get some hot water!
-Yeah, sure.
Dear, breathe!
She's not picking up.
What do you think happened?
How would I know?
It's nothing, dear.
Hey, you! I need hot water!
Hurry! The hot water!
Watch it. Careful.
Give me that! Grab a towel!
-Lay on your side.
-She'll be okay.
Calm down, dear.
-Shall we go inside?
-No, wait!
I can't! I'm feeling scared!
I'm feeling scared too!
Wait for a few minutes.
Pushu, do you feel better now?
My wife knows this stuff.
Don't worry.
-Do you feel fine now?
-I've told you she'll be okay.
-You'll be fine.
-Thanks, Mr. Sasthry.
-She's okay.
-She's fine.
Hey, wanderer!
Leave your path behind
Come take a look at this miracle
With tears in the eyes
And hopes hung out to dry
The moonlight has concealed these waters
As the distance fades
Mild craps, actually.
But she can't keep having them.
If it happens again,
she needs immediate medical assistance.
But for now, I must say you're lucky.
Take care.
If it weren't for them,
today would've been different.
-Mr. Sasthry...
-Who is it?
-It's me. Thomas.
Yes, Mr. Thomas. Tell me.
-Pushpa's doing fine now.
-Glad to hear that.
-Thanks a lot.
-It's okay.
You must visit us soon.
-Mr. Thomas?
-Yeah, sure.
They're coming over tomorrow.
What do we tell Mom?
Let's stop beating around the bush
and tell her the truth.
-Sister-in-law, a glass of water, quick!
-What happened?
-Hurry up!
We're going to their place tomorrow.
Ask her to wear this saree.
It's fascinating
How much pain you can go through
You seem to glow but yet you're sad
Smiles tend to hide
Behind some commotion
Won't you come looking for yourself?
As these distances approach
Can't you go on this journey with me?
Hey, wanderer!
Don't let these questions entwine you
Have you found your path yet?
This passbook has about six lakhs.
Keep it.
Why, Mom?
I thought I'd get something made
for his kids.
But now...
Get him a car or something.
How long will he take the bus
or auto rickshaws?
Are these waters
Overwhelmed by the moonlight?
Is this breezy night
Going to turn out magical?
Will the moonlight be cast
Over these waters all day?
-Aren't you feeling nauseous?
-I am, Mom.
I actually vomited four days back.
Once the day before.
You want to handle everything by yourself?
Won't you need my help?
This time, let me know.
Embark on this journey
By letting go of your inhibitions
Meet your old self all over again
All those impulsive lies
Carry the painful truth in them
How long can you hide them
From the world?
Dad, you're blocking him.
Hey, wanderer!
Leave your path behind
Come take a look at this miracle
My family is really happy
with regard to Pushu.
Sooner or later,
we'll have our own baby.
Are these waters
Overwhelmed by the moonlight?
We'll have the engagement
and wedding after three months.
Apparently it is not auspicious now.
How can we wait for three months, Thomas?
I don't get it.
Please go and talk to them.
-Mr. Sasthry, can I have a minute?
I respect your traditions.
But you're aware of the
issue from our end.
I feel we should have the wedding
at the earliest.
This is the only request
from our side. Please.
Thank you, Mr. Sasthry.
One more thing.
I have this sentiment to name
my daughters' kids after my mother.
Can we have that as the middle name
for Leela's baby?
That's all I ask for.
-Come here.
-What is it, Dad?
Hey! He's talking about you having kids.
And naming them after his mother.
Does he understand your problem clearly?
He does. But I told him
it will be fixed in a year.
One year?
But the doctor said 15 years.
Dad... Please!
Telling them half-truths is wrong.
It's cheating.
She's convinced them
that we're a decent family.
Convinced them? Aren't we a decent family?
Dad, please be patient for a month.
Once we're married,
we'll tell them the whole truth.
Please don't create a scene here.
Please, Dad.
Hi, ma'am.
How are you?
I overreacted a bit the other day.
-I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
I've heard that the wedding is soon.
Very nice.
Does his family know
about Leela's pregnancy?
I mean, did you tell them clearly?
You must've told them something, right?
The reason I'm asking is,
after the wedding, if they find out
that she's already pregnant,
it will sound really bad.
One more thing.
You know who told me
that Leela isn't pregnant?
Did Sundar lie to me
or did Leela lie to your family?
Only you people know.
You could wonder
why I didn't tell you that day.
If I told you back then,
you'd have misunderstood me.
But if I don't tell you now,
Leela's character will be doubted.
I don't want anybody judging Leela.
That's my only intention.
I hope you got it.
I guess that's expired.
Hi, Soumya.
Hey. How are you?
I'm good.
Joseph? Why are you taking
that idiot seriously?
Well, not just because he said it.
We also need to know
what's true and what's not.
If we know how far long she
in her pregnancy,
we can fix a wedding date
without any confusion.
I'll get a checkup done.
What can go wrong?
I'll have to tell Doctor Mala about it.
That's all.
Sorry, I had to tell our manager
the truth under certain circumstances.
Did he pressure you into coming?
No. I couldn't stay at home anymore.
So I came to work for a change of place.
What happened? All okay?
My grandmother passed away.
-Shall we go for some shopping?
Actually, I'm working on something.
We'll be back in 30 minutes.
Let's go.
I'm sorry. Really sorry.
It's not your fault.
You couldn't have imagined, right?
But somehow, I feel guilty
for lying about her death.
Also, my brother's wedding was called off.
Why was that?
Accusing the bride of bringing bad luck,
one of us had a slip of tongue.
You know I've realized...
we shouldn't joke about
such sensitive issues.
It's funny to say these things.
But even if one of them comes true,
our life will change forever.
What I still don't get is...
Everything we said,
almost everything, came true.
Tathasthu Gods have a strong influence
over his birth star.
Tell him I met with an accident.
Leela should say yes.
Leela should say yes.
-Hello, Dad.
-Hello, Mom.
If he speaks negatively in the evenings,
chances are those things will come true.
-Why did you bring me to the hospital?
-Let's meet Dr. Mala once.
-Why, Mom?
-Just a small checkup.
We'll be right back. Come on.
Leelu, come on!
What is it?
These Tathasthu Gods...
Are they real? What do they do?
What's their business?
-Why are you asking about them now?
-Just tell me.
-Excuse me.
We have an appointment with Dr. Mala.
-Patient name?
-Mom, I feel scared.
-For what?
-Wait for five minutes.
Tathasthu Gods.
Legend says they tour
the universe in the evenings.
If we think of something often,
they say, 'So be it!'
-And then it comes true.
-What do you mean?
Suppose you've money and you keep saying,
"Oh, I don't have money",
you'll really not have money.
-Does this apply to just money?
-Anything in general.
That's why you shouldn't lie about things.
It's not good.
Any signs of nausea?
Sometimes, she says she does.
Let's do a blood test.
Have some water.
We'll do a urine test as well.
Grandma, remember my friend Sudarshan?
Hey! That idiot has only spoiled you.
That idiot has lied about something.
Actually, two lies. You know where?
All the way in the US.
In the evenings,
when Tathasthu Gods usually visit.
Tathasthu Gods are Indian, right?
-You think they'll go to the US?
-If he could go, why can't they go?
They will go there too.
By the way, what did that idiot lie about?
He said two terrible lies.
Mom, I'll be back in a moment.
-Where are you going?
-Two minutes. I'll be back.
Half of the stories and principles
that our ancestors have taught us,
they were intended to instill fear in us.
Back then, people wouldn't behave
unless they feared something.
So, to keep us from lying
or cooking up cooking up falsehoods
they've created
such fear-instilling stories.
So, situations created these stories.
-They're not real, right?
-They may be just stories.
But, no matter which era it is,
the truth only needs to be told once.
But lies need to be told again and again.
Until the other person
believes they're true.
But before we know it,
we start to believe the lies to be true.
Lying kind of becomes a part of us.
Finally, one day...
the line between the truth and lies
becomes blurry.
Terrifying thought, isn't it?
Your dad has thought about it too.
So he finally decided not to keep things
a secret anymore.
He went to tell Leela's father the truth.
He told me not to tell you.
But I just couldn't resist.
But why, Mom?
Why do you make these hasty decisions
without telling me?
Your dad says that he will convince them.
It'll be okay.
Don't say that.
How do you know it'll be okay?
-Sundar, where are you?
-What happened?
-Mom has brought me to a hospital.
Some sudden check-up, it seems.
-Which hospital?
-Come, let's go.
-Yes, Mom.
Hey, listen!
-Couldn't the phone call wait?
-A client called from the studio.
What is it, Mr. Sasthry?
-My son...
-Go on.
My son... Just a moment.
Yeah, please.
-Hello, I'll call you back.
-Hello, Dad.
Dad, are you with Leela's father?
Please don't tell him anything.
-I'll call you back. Hang up.
-Dad, no. Listen to me for once.
You don't know anything.
I'll tell you once you're home.
I said, you don't know anything.
We'll talk once you're home.
Don't say something problematic
and ruin everything.
I'm begging you!
Hello, Dad!
Dad, do you get me?
All okay?
Yeah, all okay.
You were saying something about your son.
My son...
sings really well.
He's always been a sharp kid.
You were saying something.
You see these balls?
These balls...
Patient Leela,
the doctor will see you now.
-Hello, Guru.
Do you know Dr. Mala at Rohini Hospital?
Leela is getting a checkup.
Please do something.
Listen, that's not possible.
It's not practical.
-I'll call you back.
Hello, Leela.
I'll be there in five minutes.
I'm pregnant, Sundar.
I'm pregnant.
What are you saying, Leela?
I don't get it.
That's what the reports say.
My... I'll call you back.
I was just talking to your friend.
You told me not to tell her father
about you.
So I want to ask him how to convey it.
Tell me.
How should I convey it? Speak out!
She's pregnant it seems.
Her father told me.
If you have some problem,
how did she get pregnant?
Answer me!
So, you did a mistake and lied about
having a problem to cover it up.
Is that right?
Knowing what a disgrace you've been,
I wish you rather have that problem.
Shame on you!
You've lifted the curtains
To this never-ending tale
Tell him that you guys lied about
her pregnancy.
It seems she's really pregnant.
She got the reports.
What are you saying?
You shouldn't have done it
when things are so complicated.
Nothing happened between us.
-I have no idea.
-Tathasthu Gods--
-Are you crazy?
Something definitely happened.
Ask her about it.
Nobody makes a mistake on purpose.
Look beyond the glitters
I didn't mean it like that.
You owe it to your conscience
Leelu, you're not hiding anything from me,
are you?
Let go of this disguise
And be your true self
Time will shift in your favor
I don't know what Dad told you.
Will you hear me out once?
What else do you have to say?
When you said you have a condition,
we made peace with it.
But after knowing the truth,
what do we tell ourselves?
That our upbringing is bad?
When a cloud of darkness takes over
The spark in your eyes
Goes missing
Sorry for troubling you.
But a girl is suffering
because of a mistake that I made.
I'll do however many homams required.
Please help me out.
Is it true that Tathasthu Gods
have a strong influence on my birth star?
I don't know.
No matter how much I think,
I just don't seem to understand
how this has happened.
I really didn't do anything, Sundar.
You don't have to give me
an explanation, Leela.
Look at me.
If I have to believe
either you or the reports,
I'll only believe you.
Actually, it's all my fault.
Since childhood,
I didn't know how to face my problems.
So I started shying away from the truth,
which led things to this point.
Now you're also suffering because of me.
Enough is enough.
Let's get one last test, Leela.
If you test positive again...
If I do...
Let's not worry about
the consequences anymore.
Let's keep this between us.
Anyway, our families
think you're pregnant.
So let's go with that.
In case you're not pregnant,
let's tell the truth.
Whatever happens will happen.
It's not right to hurt
our families further.
Can we leave after ten minutes?
What? You guys met with an accident?
-Why didn't you tell us?
-Nothing happened, sir.
That's why I didn't tell you.
Are you Leela's parents?
I've checked
your daughter's previous reports as well.
Unlike what you think,
she's not pregnant.
So you guys didn't...
But there's evident cause
for you to assume so.
There is a complication.
Ovarian tumor.
To be honest, it's a rare case.
People with this problem
will test positive for pregnancy
in the urine and blood tests each time.
They always have this feeling
that they're carrying something.
Has Leela ever complained of
irregular periods and dizziness?
Yeah, that's a symptom.
If she had gotten a checkup sooner,
maybe we would've had an early diagnosis.
Will it cause any problems now?
We need to do a biopsy to check
how much the tumor mass has spread.
Since we identified it early,
there shouldn't be any problem.
In case the tumor has spread,
I'm sorry.
We may have to remove her ovaries.
-You mean...
-I mean...
She might not have kids.
Let's hope for the best.
Mom, what did the doctor say?
Jo, it's okay.
Why is this happening to us only, Thomas?
Until recently, she was suffering.
Before we could catch some breath,
Leelu ends up here.
-I don't know what to do.
In case something happens now,
does she have to live with it forever?
You've done enough.
Don't say anything.
Let's leave.
Calm down. She'll be okay.
I just got to know.
About Leela's condition.
It'll be okay.
We'll be back after the surgery.
Let's go.
Take care of her.
Both of us lied to you, sir.
To be honest, we feared
that you won't approve our marriage.
So I forced her to lie about pregnancy.
I'm sorry.
I don't know how else to put this.
I would've felt worse
if you hadn't hit me.
Thank you.
Leela and I acted in a play
when we were kids.
We had ambitious dreams.
I wanted to be a hero.
She wanted to make a name for herself.
Both of which didn't happen.
Thinking of that,
I got stuck at that point in my life.
But Leela is different.
She didn't stop her journey.
She didn't intend to stop either.
Now just because she may
or may not conceive...
she wouldn't think
it's the end of her life.
We shouldn't either.
Also, isn't pregnancy just a choice
and not a compulsion?
Think about it.
Sorry, sir.
In this mysterious tale
You're the light at the end of the tunnel
In this eternal silence
You've been the sound of hope
Sorry, Dad.
Serve me some food.
Did you hear me?
He told us what he did.
What do you expect?
I've never raised my hand to him.
But I had to watch some man hit him
because of what he did.
Let it go. We're lucky in the sense
that things didn't get worse.
Everyone got to know
about the pregnancy lie.
We need to think about
why he had to lie in the first place.
Nobody asked for your opinion here.
That is why I was mum all this while.
What do you have to say now?
You want him to marry her?
If that happens, can we ever
perform another ritual in this house?
If she comes to this home,
how can we face the society?
What happened
to these reservations before?
What happened
when we invited them over for lunch?
What happened
when your son was singing praises of her?
Are you pretending now?
Or were you pretending before?
Tell me.
What do you want to know?
He's the only child.
I was worried that he'd be lonely forever.
So I threw tradition to the wind
and accepted her since he liked her.
Your only child's feelings for her
are still the same.
Why don't you accept her now?
Even if he does,
we don't know if she can conceive.
Wasn't your grandson incapable
of having kids until yesterday?
If the problem's on our side,
we'll get along with anybody.
We keep our traditions aside
and mingle with them.
But if the same problem is resolved,
we point out flaws and mistakes
of the other person.
Under the cloak of tradition,
one shouldn't kill the human within.
What do we worry about now?
That this happened to her?
Or that she lied to us?
In a way, maybe it was for our own good.
If she hadn't lied about her pregnancy,
we wouldn't have discovered
her condition so early.
If I were in this situation,
my in-laws wouldn't have valued me at all.
By the way,
in an era where people think not
having kids is the end of the world,
how many people will accept it
and say, "Life doesn't end there"?
It is simple, Mother-in-law.
Mr. Viswanadha Sasthry's grandson
wants to marry a Christian girl.
We don't know if she can have kids or not.
Are we going to break
this wall of tradition and make him happy?
Or stand on the other side of that wall
and wait for him to be happy someday?
You got it, right?
Now serve me food.
They shifted her room.
This way.
Where do I sign?
How do I look in this dress?
Didn't they have a different color?
-No, this is better.
Come here.
Shall we get married, Sundar?
Are you okay about it?
You tell me.
Am I okay about it or not?
So that's what happened.
Did your father approve?
What I understand is...
Thinking is also contagious.
Almost like an infection.
If one person starts thinking correctly,
others will automatically follow.
-So finally--
-Everyone agreed.
-Wow, Sundar! Congrats!
-Thank you, Soumya.
Couldn't you start this conversation
with this good news?
We would've listened
to your story calmly.
All those ups and downs, damn it.
If I reveal the result,
you won't value the struggle.
Why do I have to know
about your struggle, sir?
Only you have to know, sir.
Soumya, I get what he means.
Congratulate your brother for me.
See you at the wedding. Bye.
-Congratulate him on my behalf too.
Actually, you, me and the US
have some connection.
-What is it?
-I can't quite remember.
Everyone in the family got
their visas except for me.
Where did he go? Sir!
Remember Carla,
first female photographer--
-I do. Don't tell me again.
-Okay, I won't.
Actually, the plan is...
I want to tell her
that I gave her that card
and surprise her before the wedding.
-I know.
But if you say no,
our wedding will not take place.
Sir, I'll go to the US
for our new project launch.
After your stupid feat in the US,
that stupid client cussed me in English.
I can't do this.
There's another project in Zimbabwe.
-Find an island there.
-Sir, don't say that.
I'll ask that bloody client.
What will you ask the client, Sundar?
I'll ask for an hour of his time.
Amelia Island.
The first photo clicked by the world's
first female photographer, Carla.
And we're getting married here.
Are you happy?
Leela... Amelia Island...
The Amelia Island card...
I gave it to you.
Hey, idiot!
Apparently, they already knew.
Hello! What are you waiting for?
Tell him the truth now.
What truth?
I lied to you about something.
Hear her out.
Yeah. World's first female photographer.
No. My tuition teacher.
-Hey, Sundar!