Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (2018) Movie Script

The first thing is that greenery
is severely lacking.
Oxygen is too, as a result.
I finished school and then
studied to be a crane operator.
Now I am at the factory, my dad works here,
and so does my husband.
It's not an ordinary city.
At the beginning, it takes
some getting used to.
But when you adjust, it pulls
you in, and becomes your own.
You become a romantic.
You see beauty in a flower... a flower
that's bursting through the stone.
Everybody walks their own path.
Each of us has
our personal star.
There are no barriers
when we are together,
as friends solve all hardships.
It's always easier
when you are one team.
Believe in victory. Run, don't walk.
You are already rich in friends.
As a team, we are a step ahead.
We are responsible
for the outcome.
Hello, friends! Hi, Norilsk!
Today, we are celebrating
the wonderful day uniting
the main holidays of the summer.
From the bottom of our hearts:
Happy Company Day! Happy Metallurgy Day!
Happy Norilsk Day!
The history of Carrara began
with the arrival of the Romans,
then came Michelangelo, but the quarries
were already here when Michelangelo came.
They wanted to take him
to Pietrasanta, to the Altissimo,
and he told them to go fuck themselves
and came back to Carrara,
because he already knew that the right
material was here, in this area.
Carrara marble is always
Carrara marble.
Nothing like it in the world.
Yesterday, when I was
a young boy myself,
it was all done by hand.
For an incision that now -
you would make in a day,
then - it would take you
15 or 20 days.
Because at the time
it was up to the workman,
not the excavators like today.
Expulsion, Destruction, Forgotten!
That's the last on that side,
that they're tearing down now.
We have here in this mine...
eight large machines.
They're the biggest excavators
in the world.
There are no bigger ones.
The excavator weighs roughly,
over 12 thousand tons,
we have 12 chassis
on the main machine,
with about 160 kilowatts
propulsion per chain.
People actually got
together to form a human chain
but none of that
changed anything.
Three farming families and three other
families are still here.
The problem for the farmers
is the land, of course.
This soil here has evolved
over millions of years.
You can never get that back.
RWE is digging up the land,
and they're not filling it in because
this is supposed to be a big lake one day.
There's no land left
for the farmers.
They're going to shoot
and the commentary
is gonna be like,
"Instead of working,
the Russians drink tea."
They're recording sound.
So it's not just taking photos,
it's recording, too.
Yeah, it's recording it all.
We love our job!
And we're happy!
I read in a report that the sea level
can rise at 2 cm per year.
The Shengli Oil Field Seawall
was built to protect oil production.
The seawall is 120 km long
and encloses around
500 square kms of land.
I've been involved with the seawall project
for close to 20 years.
After 20 years of continuous effort
of maintenance and enhancement,
it's become what we see today.
We will continue to strengthen it
and make it higher.
So I think that this wall
should endure...
for 50 or 100 years,
and even longer.
It's still showing this afternoon.
See, it's showing "warning."
In 2 minutes, this will become red
and here it says "update."
Let's wait until 2pm, and then
we'll see what happens.
Thank you, Stefano.
I'm going to get a sandwich,
I'm hungry.
Can you see that they get
more intense?
I don't know why,
but there's an acceleration
in the wind from the Adriatic.
Our Cherished Time Together
A Thousand Honourable Monks
Praise A Golden Age
I have pieces that can range
from a few hundred dollars
to tens of millions.
Heaven has given me
a bit more talent than others.
The value for each piece
is not just the price.
It is also my youth and time.
Each piece can take
up to 10 years.
Even with 10 people working
on it, it takes 10 years.
So I don't really know
how to define the value.
So we discovered mammoth tusk
shortly after ivory was banned.
That was when I gave up on
elephant ivory carving.
It turns out that in Siberia
there are glaciers and permafrost
that stored Siberian
mammoth tusks.
It kept the tusks in
pristine condition.
In addition, it is a legally
approved material.
And the material is better
for carving than elephant ivory.