Anti Gas Skin (2010) Movie Script

Title: ' Anti Gas Skin'
Do you think you will be killed
I'm actually a werewolf
What evidence do
You can look at my face
Raised his head
Let me look at
Do not cross
Do you believe it
I'm a werewolf
You come to the purpose of
I want to alarm
I may be killed
I will send someone to protect you
This can always be right
Thank you
I'm still worried
What also worried
That person is like a ghost, like
Can you see a ghost do
Only I can see
Other people do not see
I am a little thing tonight
Waiting for you in the classroom
Oh, remember to
See you there ,
I will always wait for you
I feel very scared
Like ghost
Been with me
But I can not listen to him
This has been on my side
My heart was afraid
You may have life-threatening
Well you eat quite fragrant
Good to eat
I like
I'm full
Road safety
Parents are worried about you
I'll be careful.
To get up
Hurry UP
Then I go to work
Up early
I'm a little hurry
Then you go first
Interview a few words
Get out , get out
Please interview a few words
Thank you very much
What are you doing
Come, come, I come
You've worked hard
This is not a taxi
Well you have to help a busy
Really is not a taxi ah
You see this neighborhood have no car
I can do nothing
Really, you do what ah
On the bus, on the train
I will give you money
Come on the train ah
Really is not a taxi
I will give you money
Really is not a taxi
Come on the train ah
I'm really sorry
Good thing
You can read it
This obviously is a threat letter
We now consider the way
We want to strengthen defense
First, to protect the personal
safety of the mayor candidate
This is about the future of cities
We must not be taken lightly
Fielding a part of the army
to protect the safety of the Mayor
Be sure to take preventive measures
I hope the mayor able to
cope with what the candidate
Well, maybe just a prank
In case there is the possibility that it
Rest assured , how to say here,
but the mayor's office
So sure you will do
I think I'm still in favor
I said come on in accordance with the
Then so be it
No need to fuss
I do not say what a coward
Then have the ability to
let the murderer Come
We can Wengzhongzhuobie
Why not
First, to ensure the safety of the Mayor
He is too slow
How blame me
Well you originally
Do not be so serious thing
Stop it
You late
Do what ah
Do you think you can not be a little faster
You first
Not the same thing
Well lying
There are three seconds
We must seize the murderer
Do not want it
Certainly willing
We want to ensure the safety of the Mayor
Mayor, please rest assured
Ah , then the hard
Our task is very arduous ah
But we must get to the bottom of the
Rest assured
Mayor, are you okay
All our fault
Please forgive
Mr. here
Still no clue
Remember to lay a good
Next, we will begin
I immediately began to
Look here
Close your eyes
Your eyes to see what
Answer me truthfully
Remember not to lie
What to see
Answer me quickly
There is a murderer
Now what
He wanted to kill me
Help ah
Who help me
You're a murderer
To ah
So comfortable
Want to shoot for injection
You shot came
Comfortable with it
Increase protection efforts
Not careless
This give you the right
Will not make another mistake
Listen, give you a
Be careful
Yes, ah, be careful
I'm not a coward
I also for the safety of the Mayor
You are the group of waste
Welcome to the next visit
Are you really waste
This is Mayor ah
You Please
Turn laps
Preparation, 1,2,3
My daughter died Haocan
We must seize the murderer ah
I beg you, I beg you
We will try
No matter what people
Chinese, Russian , Japanese
I will avenge you asked to
He killed her
Gas masks
Hey , stop
Who are you
Are you OK
What did you just see
So afraid
It is just a mask
Why are you so afraid of
Not just mask
Probably kill my wife 's killer
Are you OK
You and I should tell the truth
You almost killed
Do not tell me how
I am your wife
Yes ah
How the
Why hide it from me
Eat well
I asked How about you
Why do not you tell me
Have you eaten
Go to your room
Teacher assignments yet
To do the job right
Do not understand something I'll teach you
Do not pretend to understand
I can teach you
Primary job is not a problem
I can tell you
What if I do not , then
Tomorrow when the school asked the teacher
Got it
You start tube girl
Do not you care anymore
You certainly have something
on his mind right
Dad, hurry up to open the door
I go to the bathroom
Door ah , Dad
Daddy, Daddy
Really damn
I have to catch him
This damned murderer
Careful, careful
How car ah
Why the fuck
Or do Yankees
Let me come
Car ah fuck how bloom
Fuck you brother , fuck your sister
What the fuck you ah
Fuck you
Come save me , come save me
Wait, let me see
How else
Come stop ah
Do not move
What do you want
Want to kill you
Answer me quickly
I just want to investigate
Is that right
You do not be sad
We can certainly catch
You will do well
Whose car
Blocked off road
Fat , are you okay
We are back home now
It found the murderer yet
Not yet
I will investigate
But you can go home
You are not a suspect
That would be great
I will continue to go on investigations
I am confident to find the murderer
Rest assured
Can we help you
lam willing to help you
There is me
lam also willing
We are willing to help you
We went to investigate
Stop it, I have a way
I can handle
You back home, and find your mom , right
You do not be arrogant
Certainly has not escaped murderer
Do not worry
I remember my father
My dad told me
Comes around
He told me to keep in mind
Sometimes I forget that person
Which person
But now
I have forgotten even their own
You'll think of it
I sometimes
Not just you
Rest assured
We must be able to seize the murderer
No matter how much it costs
Be sure to catch the bastard
Please rest assured the Mayor
Guarantee to complete the task
within a week
We have now got some clues
Soon to get to the bottom point
More points patience
We now entered a substantive stage
Waiting for the final clean sweep
God bless
God will bless our
So we do not have to worry too much
We can certainly complete the task ahead
Seize the damned murderer
By the time he cut to pieces
are not enough to Jiehen
Is simply the scum of humanity
Must seize this asshole , asshole
This bastard certainly
will eventually netted
God bless you , Amen , Amen
Prayer over
Really hard to master the
You're welcome
This is my little mind
Be sure to accept the
Some people do
Nobody seems right
Some people do
Then we go inside
You Play a
Let me hear
Are you willing to do
I'd like to hear
I'm looking forward to
Not play well
Without modesty
Really bad
I'd like to hear
I Bouncing
I finished playing
You can do bless me
Yes, certainly will bless you
Then I'll do not be afraid
What happens are not afraid
I bought this thing down
, I want to beat you
To, ah, fighting
Drink of water
On such a set
Thank care
I should thank you
That picture is the right wedding
That is my daughter
I like how it looked a little
Also my woman
I think her
Also my woman
It really is your daughter
I do not see how
You lied to me!
So start
Listen to my order
I'll speculate about
I will find the murderer
So let me speculate
From now on I will find the murderer
Start with a few start
This , as well as this
There this
I ---
I ---
8 ---
4 ---
5 ---
Finally, only two
Well, this is the murderer
We start from here
This is the only clue
Wish us luck
Good luck
Thank you for the invitation
Welcome to come again
I wish you more beautiful
To take good care of yourself
Do you hear
To happier
So I can be assured
Do not worry I will not let
those who unjustly sacrificed
We must bring the guilty to justice at all
Will not be tolerated
For those who are innocent
victims of revenge
We will certainly go all out
At all
Let people rest assured that the Republic of
Korea assured the families of the deceased
Do not worry you will soon
be able to achieve all this
- Executive
- How the
Faint brisk walking
Please be careful
So let me do
How to stop the ah
How else
Mom get something to eat
I know that was wrong
Really wrong
I do not eat
- Mom This is intentional so I blame you
- I did not
I just do not want to eat
Let me let me go
Why do you want to
Let me go
Begging you
Let me go
I'm going out
She ye
How else
Doctor doctor
I'm going out
Put me begging You
I'm in a hurry
I know However, the hospital
has provided you still can not walk
Well first treatment Kazakhstan
I'm going to go
Absolutely not like to say it now
You're right deliberate retaliation
Because you just like my daddy told me it
You a wicked woman
Yeah you really audacious
What do you think you are if not I pity you
You already be dead
Are you OK
This is where to go
A place to go
- It is not necessary to abandon me
- Not you worry
That you need me to do something that you
What am I not doing
We do not have that intention
Then you leave me doing
- Is superior orders
- What use is definitely worth it
You just say like I can withstand
Please say it
I want to know
You will not worry
I did not
This is what I want to do
Where it
Possession do not
How do you come to this
This way, please
Please come
Go ahead
Bring it
The need to do
Want to die to wear
Please come
- Do you get nervous
- What
Will tension
- Did not it
- True in
Money holding a money market
Money holding individual field
Do not miss passing through
Miss the rest of your life
This is absolutely unique
in the world stunt
Come over
We all do not miss Ha
Win win win
We win
Look strokes
- Okay
- Come over
Can you hear me
- Sure to be possessed
- Yeah terrifying
Hey, is that you do
I do not know yet
I'm your wife Yeah
Now the situation has changed votes
I will have the opportunity to change it
Or the original candidate wins
Ready now
Please stop it
Please make it work
You heartless
Are Ni harm me
I was wrong
You hit it hard
I was wrong
Do not blame me
It is your self-inflicted
Now have a high percentage of votes
Who do not know the outcome until the last
This is no doubt
God help me
Win win win
The results came out
Congratulations to the winner
Victory victory
Fuck you right
Go to your grandmother drops
Go to hell
You deserve to die
I should be forgiven
Go to hell smelly shameless
Why is it so
How else
Do not know
You do not Siya
How could
How the
Gee Gee
Yeah really strange
How else
Go to hell
You go to hell
I'm not afraid of you
I'll catch you bitch
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