Anti-Social (2015) Movie Script

[dogs barking]
[punk band plays]
Shut your bleedin' mouth!
Shut your bleedin' mouth!
Let's go, let's go!
Fuck off!
Shut your bleedin' mouth!
Oh, man, what a result!
- Oh!
- Another good one.
- [music plays in background]
- All right, people?
- All right, Jay?
- You all right? Oh, man.
Dee's thrown the sickest piece
down on the tracks.
- You want one, Dee?
- No, I'm good.
- [Jason] Mate, it was mental.
- [Dee] Oh, fuck!
[Jason] Seriously,
though, dude,
you need to make sure
you do not get nicked.
That could mess up Graff Jam,
everything you've been
working for.
No, mate, it's worth it.
It's worth it for the art.
All right, let's have a look.
Did you see his face
when you pulled that out?
- He shit himself.
- Sort this out.
- Mate, anyone got the time?
- Accounted for and present.
Got a lot there, boys.
Didn't miss a thing.
- Yes!
- Nice one, bruv.
I'm gonna get this off
to the usual place.
See you lot tomorrow
to divvy up.
- Sweet.
- All right.
- Burn the jumpsuits.
- [laughter]
I'm gonna head northwest.
I got shit to do.
- Cool. Are you about later?
- Uh, text me, yeah?
- I'm seeing my girl, so...
- All right, cool.
Hey, hey!
[indistinct conversation]
Look at your boy Dee, bro.
Look at his shoes.
[indistinct conversation]
...and it was this wide,
just enough for me to...
- All right, Mum.
- Hey, Dee!
[TV] Learn to cook clever
and stay slim forever.
[Dee] Everything all right?
He's in a right old state
I said, "Hello,
how's it goin' lately?"
They say you're at
the top of your game
The word on the street is
that the world's at your feet
I said, "Hello,
how's it goin', mate"
Tommy's a rebel
You're a rebel, son
Now move it along
[TV playing softly]
- Mum, you all right?
- All right?
Here you go, Mum.
Picked up a few packs.
[mother] Thank you.
- Dee, what's happening, bruv.
- Bruv, what's going on?
It's good, man.
Here you go, Mum.
A bit of housekeeping for ya.
you keeping your nose clean?
Course I am.
[TV playing softly]
Smile. Passionate woman.
Towards me again. Smile.
Stay. Fantastic.
You're beautiful, Kirsten.
You know it. Excellent.
You didn't tell me you were
gonna meet me here.
You mentioned
where the shoot was.
I thought I'd surprise ya.
How was it, then?
Um... it was good.
It was just basic.
But I've been here since 8:00
in the morning, so...
just a little tired.
Oh, yeah, I was out at 4:00
this morning with Jason.
- [chuckles]
- All right, my dear...
Which way?
Wanna bus it or Tube it?
No need.
They sent a car for me.
Come on, look. He's right there.
[Dee] Guess what?
You are probably gonna meet
- my mum and brother next week.
- You invited them?
I'm so excited.
OK, tell me about them.
All right, um...
My mum's quite chilled.
She sits around getting stoned
most of the time.
- [chuckles] OK.
- And then my brother...
- He's very different than I am.
- And?
Uh, all right.
My mum came over from Spain
when she was 18.
She met Marcus's dad,
who was actually over there
visiting his mates.
Then she ended up moving
back to London with him.
Me and Marcus have got
different dads, you see?
- Oh, I didn't know that.
- Yeah, yeah.
Marcus's dad was killed not long
after Marcus was born.
He did a bank robbery
and the car he was in
got run off the road
by the Old Bill.
Oh, my God.
What about your dad?
I don't know much about him.
- Oh...
- [woman singing romantic ballad]
- Go on, son!
- [sports commentary on TV]
- Get in there!
- [door closes]
- What's happening, boys?
- [turns off TV]
What a result, man.
- Came in nice, yeah.
- Sweet.
Fifty grand. Said a couple
of watches were a bit too rare.
Here, Nick, get your bloke
to melt 'em down.
- You got a buyer for the stones?
- Of course.
I swear, this is the last time
I'm buying a round.
- No change?
- Stop being tight, man.
Ah, flippin' hell.
- Could have given you the drink.
- Thanks.
It's all a joke.
- Hold on, you seen this?
- What's that?
Wait, I know him, years ago
in Feltham, bruv.
We was on the same wing.
From Canning Town, good geezer.
Well, it says here...
"Armed police ambushed
a smash-and-grab gang
last night as they battered
through the windows
of a jeweller's in Northfield
shopping centre, East London.
Scotland Yard said this was
a proactive operation
by the Flying Squad into
an organized criminal network
smash-and-grab robbers.
The Flying Squad,
nicknamed the Sweeney...
- [chuckles]
- [man] Fuckin' Sweeney.
...have been deployed to target
smash-and-grab raiders
after a series
of long-running attacks
on luxury stores
across London."
What else it say?
" custody
of magistrates next week."
That's them Canning Town boys
I saw on the news this morning.
They got proper fucked
by someone.
Hey, look, it says
the Old Bill had intelligence.
They've been grassed, mate.
There ain't no other way.
On the other hand, maybe they
just got a bit sloppy.
I'm always saying
we've gotta keep a low profile.
Hello, Mum, you in?
Yeah, I'm here.
- Hello. You all right?
- Hi.
Yeah, I'm starving again.
Have you eaten, baby?
No, I'm all right,
I ate earlier.
Listen, Mum...
I think I'm gonna move out
for a little bit,
maybe for good.
That's great, baby.
Where are you moving into?
- What's the plan?
- I'm moving in with the Delhams.
- Kirsten?
- Yeah.
She's got a place
over in the East End,
and I thought it would be good
for a while.
Tell me everything about her.
I want to know everything.
We need to find Dominic
a bird.
I don't need a girl, man.
Too much effort.
I'm happy being free and single.
[indistinct conversation]
Hey, I never got the elbow.
I just don't wanna...
[indistinct conversation]
indistinct conversation]
[indistinct conversation]
[indistinct conversation]
[passenger murmuring]
Them pricks over there...
I swear that's them pussies.
[woman] Do they wanna say
Fucking West Grove boys.
Leon and that flash cunt Junior
need to fuck right off.
[driver chuckles]
- They think they're too heavy.
- Proper idiots.
Fuckin' pussies!
Should put both of 'em
in the fucking ground.
[woman] They got all the dealers
in this manor now.
Span the whole area now,
top to bottom.
Last few months, every single
shot's been buying from them.
I have to adapt
to a new era
Reflecting is long
staring at the broke mirror
Addicted to the drum of a key
chase and for Pete's sake
I'm startin' to crack
[knock on door]
- What?
- What?
Fuckin' hell, mate.
That's well good.
- Cheers.
- Here, got that for you.
Oh, nice one.
So, how's it all going,
this art thing you're doing?
Yeah. It's all right.
I'm really proud of you,
you know.
I mean that.
I know, bruv.
So, what are you working on?
Same old, really.
Doin' my thing with the boys.
- You should slow down a bit.
- No, mate, never.
I got big plans.
I see you're full on
with smashing the system, then.
Against this and that.
Yeah, pretty much
what you're doing.
Confronting authority,
challenging society.
Fuck the authorities, but I
don't want society brought down.
Otherwise there'd be nothing
for me to go and blag.
[giggles] Surprise!
- Hey!
- What are you doin' here?
What do you think
I'm doing here? Hey!
[indistinct conversation]
- Whaddya say, Dee?
- What's going on, Shaun?
What's that you're wearing?
Is that aftershave?
No, mate, deodorant.
Fuckin' hell, bruv,
you're caked in it.
- All right, later, yeah.
- Yeah, laters.
indistinct conversation]
- All right, boys. Yo, Kerry.
- What's happening, brother?
- Hey.
- Long time, Dee.
Never see you around these days.
I keep my head down.
Workin' on my shit.
All over east, I here
That's good to hear, man.
Brother's over there, man.
All right, sweet. Laters, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Behave, yourself, yeah?
[Dominic chuckles]
[Dominic] He used
to fancy you back in school.
- [Dee] You all right?
- You all right, Dee?
- Can't say hello to me anymore?
- Sorry, Tara, you all right?
- You all right?
- Goin' good, yeah?
It's fuckin' cold,
I gotta get in.
I'd love to stay with you lot,
but I can't, seriously.
- Where are you off to?
- I'm gonna see my girl.
- Here, put that in your pocket.
- Bruv, I'm cool!
Shut up, can't have you runnin'
out of dough, take it.
I got a few quid
on me already.
Especially takin' out a bird.
Enjoy your night.
- Thanks, I appreciate it.
- I know you do.
Talk later.
[car starts]
- Kirsten, can we get a photo?
- Oh, my God, of course, yeah!
Kevin, my boyfriend, Dee. Come!
Just one second.
Thank you!
That is secret love.
[whispering] I've gotta go.
My car is downstairs.
- OK, have a good one.
- Mm-hmm.
I've gotta get up, too.
I'm working this morning.
- What time you back?
- Probably late, I'll text you.
I'll fetch my stuff over
this evening, all right?
- Bye.
- Bye.
All right?
You're so beautiful.
You know that?
Yeah, I know.
Got much happening this week?
Yeah, got a few things
to check out on Oxford Street.
And I still gotta get
them outfits.
Anyway, I'm gonna stay at my
gaff for the rest of the week.
Don't want to be seen
in and out of here too much.
Yeah, of course. Shout me later
if you want me to come over.
Yeah, of course I do.
Love ya.
[reporter] For years, luxury
stores faced an onslaught
of attacks by robbers
who used cars for ram-raiding,
but those who specialize
in high-end targets
have now found other ways:
Ten a.m., Blue Cross
Shopping Centre, North London.
This clip shows the moment
a motorbike gang
sped into the centre and
targeted jewellers H Silverman.
A security guard
is forced to leap
out of the way
by a robber waving an axe,
as three others smashed
through the shop's windows
and grabbed watches and
jewellery worth up to 300,000.
The four robbers,
dressed in black jumpsuits...
- All right.
- Got everything you need?
...scattering shoppers
in terror.
Scotland Yard's Flying Squad...
- Gimme a call.
- Yeah, of course.
- See you at Graff Jam.
- That graffiti thing?
- Yeah, the weekend. Sweet.
- See you later.
Make sure we're all invited
to the wedding, yeah?
- Bye, baby.
- Bye-bye.
- Call me. Bye!
- Ta-ra.
...engines running
and intimidating shoppers.
The raid took less
than two minutes.
[gang murmuring]
Yo, can you hear me?
Do I know you?
Fuck that bitch, man.
Fuck that, anyway. Fuckin' bint.
I know you from somewhere,
don't I?
Do ya?
That's it, you're with
them West Grove boys, ain't ya?
I know them,
but I ain't "with them."
Look, what is your name?
Ah, yeah.
That's the one.
Michelle, yeah.
I thought so.
[distant siren wails]
So what is up
with those West Grove fools?
They're from my area, innit?
That's all.
Ain't nothin' to do with me.
They're grassers,
they talked to Trident, innit?
One of my cousins is doing time
'cause of them.
Well, the only good police grass
is a dead police grass.
Exactly. They're fuckin' fools.
You used to go with that Leon,
too, right?
Yeah, a time ago.
He's just a boy in a man's body.
Trust me.
[both chuckle]
What's wrong?
[Michelle moaning]
[DJ] Check this out,
new music, good music.
Courtesy of Leroy
and the Five Heartbeats, man.
This is big. Turn it up.
[lowers volume]
I need to get back down
my way soon.
- We'll smoke this first, yeah?
- OK.
- See you again, though, right?
- Yeah.
- Turkish coffee.
- Cheers, pal.
Uh, ladies, what can I get
for you?
[crowd screaming,
alarm sounding]
[alarm wailing]
[starting engines]
[woman over loudspeaker]
Evacuate the building.
Evacuate the building.
Evacuate the building.
This is not a drill.
This is not a drill.
Evacuate the building.
Evacuate the building.
Evacuate the building.
This is not a drill.
[engines revving]
[tires screech]
- Hey, motherfucker!
- Fuck sake!
Hold the bastard down!
Call the fucking police!
[biker] Hey, get off him!
- Shit!
- Call the fucking police!
- Get on the fucking bike!
- I'm on.
[siren wailing]
[Jason] Dee!
- Dee!
- What's wrong with your phone?
Freakin' cut me off again.
Incoming calls only.
[Dee] I'll be down
in one minute.
Listen, babe, I'm gonna
shoot out for a little while.
Want me to pick you up later?
No, but I will call you
after my dinner.
- Have a good time, yeah?
- Goodbye.
Where are you going? Come here.
- All right, bye.
- Bye.
Yeah, he's here at mine.
I'll just get him.
Yeah, I'm all right.
Here he is.
- [indistinct conversation]
- Shaun.
- Who is it?
- It's mum for you.
Central London was rocked
this evening
when a daredevil gang
attacked one of the capital's
most prestigious
department stores.
Nigel Cooke has the latest live
from Oxford Street.
[Cooke] Patrons and staff at
this West End department store
had little idea just 20 minutes
prior to closure
that the day would end
in horror.
That's when three men
dressed in burkas
posing as female customers
produced an arsenal
of axes and hammers
and smashed their way
through glass security
Their target: designer watches.
Witnesses explained how
the smashing glass sounded
like gunshots,
sending both customers
and staff
running for cover.
Others said they thought
it was a terrorist attack.
A 29-year-old man was rushed
to hospital with a head wound
after he was struck
with a hammer
by one of the gang after
pursuing one of the robbers.
He's now said to be in stable
but serious condition.
Good, you fuckin' slag.
Detectives from
Scotland Yard's Flying Squad
have recovered a motorcycle
used in the raid
and are now pursuing evidence.
Pursuing evidence?
Them dogs ain't got nothing.
- [turns off TV]
- Bike's untraceable, anyway.
We should ease off for a bit,
Let the Old Bill run out
of steam.
- They don't know us.
- Listen.
We're sitting on a nice
sum of dough...
What's up? We're off, yeah?
- What did mum want?
- Nothing, just to talk to me.
Where are you off to?
Just gonna go get Lena
with my lot.
[man] Don't bring no heat
on this doorstep, understand?
[Shaun] Course I won't.
- [snickers]
- "Lena with my lot."
[Jason] So, what's Kirsten
up to tonight?
Some dinner with her agency.
Did they forget our invites,
Oh, wicked, this is it?
- This'll do.
- Want some help, mate?
No, I'm all right.
Be sure to put that back.
- Oh, man.
- Yo, just here is fine.
Thanks, man.
[chuckles] I love it.
Oh, man.
It's proper heavy reach
as well.
You can see it from three
different points down there.
- Oh!
- [chuckles]
- Oh, man!
- Come on.
I saw it when I was doing
a bike drop down there.
I looked up and I was like,
"Fuck, yeah!"
That's gonna look sick.
- Jason.
- Yeah.
Give us a hand, mate.
This way, mate.
We're likely to get 50 grand
apiece for the job today. Right?
My thing is this.
We put the lot in with our
whacks from the shopping mall.
That's about 220 grand
guessing what everyone's
already spent.
[Marcus] Yeah, about 220,
and we invest all of it
in a load of sniff.
That sounds proper.
I'm involved.
Moving away from robbery, we can
triple that 220 in a few weeks,
just by squeezing out
those West Grove dealers alone.
- Exactly.
- Who do you wanna buy from?
- Chris Regan.
- Wanna deal with the Regans?
[Marcus] Yeah, of course.
Chris runs his own thing.
His uncles and my old man did
blags together in the '80s.
So I know Chris,
and I'm tight with him.
Sweet. Branch out.
All right, let's do it.
Sit back and earn some
easy dough for a while, yeah?
[indistinct conversation]
[Jason] Oh, man, you see
you go down Bethnal Green
till you see our artwork.
It's the best.
You'll find the best locations.
The highest points.
There's stuff you won't even
know till you get to.
[man 2] Yeah, all right, nice!
Oi! Where's your stencil?
I'll cut you another one.
Shut up, it's all right.
Aw, princess!
- Piss off, there.
- [chuckles]
- You finished, then?
- Yeah, all done.
Listen, mate,
give me your number
and I'll call you if there's
any Old Bill
with security downstairs.
- Ready to leave, yeah?
- Yeah, ready to roll.
Dee, come in! Come in.
How are you doing?
- How are you, good?
- I'm good, I'm fine.
I've just got to pop downstairs
to get a bottle of wine.
Philip's just finishing up.
Go and make yourself at home.
- I'll be two minutes.
- Sweet.
See you in a minute.
[man singing blues
on stereo]
Just keep your head up a little.
Better listen to me
Hear what I say
Better listen to me
Hear what I say
You better smack your lips
You better swing your hips
You better smack your lips
You better swing your hips
Get on a crack pipe baby
Ah, great to meet you again,
- Thanks for coming by.
- Yeah, you too, Philip.
- Thanks for inviting me over.
- Take your coat off.
- Have a seat.
- Yeah, cheers.
I saw a great piece of street
art today off Hackney Road.
It had a line of riot police,
and next to them was
a life-size street cleaner
with a jet hose
washing them off the wall.
Caption read,
"Just a thin blue line."
- Yeah, it's one of mine.
- Thought it might have been.
I really loved
how it was done layered,
both visually
and in the wordplay.
Yeah, well I like
working that way.
Um, lots of layers, you know.
That's how I see life.
- You know what I mean?
- Yeah.
[Dee] I didn't know
that was still there.
Too right it's still there.
Let me get some wine glasses.
So, Dee,
we were chatting earlier,
and Philip was asking me
how you started out.
Well, uh, basically,
when I was a kid,
I used to run around
with my brother and our mates.
We were what you might call
a little gang.
And I used to go around the area
and tag our name,
which was obviously really
important to all of us.
And then if we went into
another neighbourhood,
that was a must-do thing,
But then I was really into
the art side of it,
so I started doing other stuff
which wasn't just tagging.
- Then it kicked off from there.
- Yeah.
Oh, Rita.
Thank you for coming.
See you tomorrow, bye.
It's amazing, isn't it?
What started out in New York
in the 1970s
as a criminal offense is now
becoming a national art form.
Even when you started out,
it was seen as vandalism.
It's still seen like that
by a lot of people.
Sure it is, but look,
we have graffiti art
fetching six figure sums
in some galleries.
In London as well as Berlin.
[man] What did he say?
He does his banking
every Thursday.
Laundering his weed money
using his chauffeur's cover,
so he has to keep
the same routine.
He keeps it in the back office,
in one safe, no hiding places?
Yeah, all in the safe
with the shop's takings.
Sounds about right.
Nice one, Michelle.
See you later, yeah?
Laters, yeah.
- Be careful, all right?
- Of course.
- What are youse lot reckoning?
- To be honest, I ain't keen.
I'm still surprised
that you're mixing up
with a bird
from over the West Grove.
I told you, she's got nothing to
do with those West Grove pricks.
This blag that she's putting up
is right on her doorstep.
It's in her manor. She's sweet.
And she knows nothing about us,
just that we're grafters.
Now, fair play: it's good that
she lined up the job and that,
but I thought we was knockin'
risks like this on the head.
We don't need to be doing this
with everything coming up soon.
A blag like this
is street level.
- What's the point?
- Fuck it, it's sitting there.
Who's the geezer gonna
complain to, anyway?
The way I see it,
it's just a nice little touch.
[Marcus] So, what do you reckon?
Tell me, how do you make
your living?
Have you sold any work?
- No. Well, I mean, I don't...
- So, how do you get by?
Well, I do motorbike couriering
when I can.
And my brother
helps me out, too.
He's a good boy like that.
- [man] This your man here, yeah?
- Yeah, that's him. Karim.
He's got a fucking bird
with him.
Looks like a prost, doesn't it?
Fuck sake. [sighs]
So should we split or what?
[speaking Arabic]
40, 60, 80... 22 grand.
Fucking hell.
Skunk makes my life easy.
Put on some music, huh?
- Yeah. Mm-hmm.
- [dance music plays]
Good choice.
- [woman] Yeah!
- You feelin' frisky?
Ask your friend, huh?
- [Karim chuckles]
- If you would want...
[woman giggling]
I've got a lot of work, darling.
Still got a lot of work to do.
OK, why not? Why not?
Yeah, get it right in there.
- Fuckin' hell!
- [woman screams]
Stay there.
[Karim screaming]
Stay down
or I'll blow your head off!
[Karim] Think
you're bad men, yeah?
- I'll find you, believe me!
- Shut up, man!
Get down!
[Karim] I'm gonna find out
where you all's fucking live!
Oh, please.
[Karim] You don't know who I am!
[music pounding]
[robber] Now, be a good boy
and shut up, eh?!
I suppose a blow job for me's
out of the question, yeah?
- [woman] Fuck you!
- [Karim growling]
Where are you from?
What country?
Where the hell are you from?
Good, let's go.
[indistinct conversation,
music pounding]
You, up, up!
Down! Face down!
- Get down there!
- [woman squealing]
Fucking hell. Shut up.
You slut.
I'll slap your arse as well.
- [woman] Don't do that, please!
- [Karim groaning]
Aside from
this mainstream collision,
do you think that street art
still has a rebellious edge?
Oh, definitely, yeah.
You know, I strongly maintain
that graffiti...
satirical street art
like yours...
is majorly important.
It's important because
it allows people,
it sometimes forces people,
to see life in different terms.
Even if it just makes people
open up their eyes
for a few moments,
it's worth its weight in gold.
- [woman shrieking]
- [Karim muttering]
- How's that one, good?
- Yeah, I got it.
Perfect. I'll come here
in 5 or 10 minutes?
OK, cool.
Hey, what's up?
You know, I was meeting
those art people today?
Yeah, the German guy
and that really cool chick
from the Graffiti Jam.
Yeah? He's one of the guys
that runs
the Berlin
Contemporary Art Show.
He's laid it on the table:
he likes what I do
and wants me to be the British
representative for the show.
Would you move there with me?
Come on, you always say you
can work from wherever.
Half the jobs
you do abroad anyway.
Of course! Yes!
Been in this place before?
[Dee] No, Jason.
Hold the queue till you get
more spenders, right?
Dee! [chuckles]
What's up, brother?
Getting something from the car.
Everyone else is inside, man.
[indistinct conversation]
[man] Hey, Nicky!
[Dee] She's with me, yeah?
[indistinct conversation]
[techno dance music plays]
[indistinct conversation]
[man rapping]
[indistinct conversation]
Hi! [giggles] Good to see you!
Hi. Kirsten. Nice to meet you.
Can I have a bottle, yeah?
- You all right?
- Yeah.
All right, Dee?
[indistinct conversation]
Michelle, Michelle!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hey!
- Here you are.
- Thanks, yeah.
- Nicky, where's Kerry tonight?
- She's working tonight, man.
- Where does she work?
- She's a table dancer. Stripper.
That's all right, I'll do it.
Don't worry about it.
[indistinct conversation]
[waiter] From the two gentlemen
at the bar.
Listen to me,
I just wanna say well done.
Guy in Berlin's gonna be
Well done, mate.
- You all right? Having fun.
- Mm! Yeah!
[Kirsten] It's like being
in a music video.
There's a few grand
to stick in your pocket.
Knock that courier job
on the head and focus on Berlin.
- You sure?
- We had a nice touch yesterday.
And I got something big
coming up.
[Dee] Sweet.
[Junior] What's good, baby?
Junior, my friend.
What can I get you?
Let me get a table
over there, please.
See what I'm saying? Come on.
Well, look who's there.
Leon's old side chick, you know.
Fucking with
that fuckwad, look at her.
[indistinct conversation]
[woman] Look who's just
dropped in.
[indistinct conversation]
What's the matter?
[Junior] Let you look
at my dick.
- [Junior] Second-hand slag.
- [Dominic] What's up?
[woman] Has he got
a fucking problem?
- He's a fucking psycho.
- All right.
- What are you saying?
- What do you mean?
- What are you saying?
- What am I saying?
[Dominic] Yeah, you heard.
- I'm saying you're a pussy.
- Really?
Yeah, you feelin' it, yeah?
- Fuck you!
- Get off of me!
[struggling, shouting]
[Marcus] Calm down! Calm down!
I know you, you know.
I know you!
Slag, you can suck my cock!
Don't ever forget that!
Fuck off!
- You fuck!
- I'll shoot you in the head!
- You prick! You dickhead!
- Fuck you!
[laughter, shouting]
[Junior] You're fucking dead!
You're a pussy!
What you wanna do?
I ain't worried,
'cause you're a faggot!
I hate violence, you know?
I'm from a sleepy little
beach town outside of L.A.
and I am...
I'm just not used to that.
Yeah. I don't like violence
either, it's bullshit.
Yeah, it scares me, too.
Well, I'm glad
you don't hang out
with your brother
and those dudes, you know?
Don't want them pulling
you down.
Kirsten, they do not
pull me down.
I don't mean it like that.
I like your brother.
I like his friends,
they're cool, but...
Look, you've got to put it
in perspective, all right?
See, the men they attacked,
they are nasty people.
When we were younger,
they put 45 stitches
in Dominic's back.
- You know why?
- No.
'Cause he visited his gran
who lived in the same postcode.
It's bullshit.
All of it is wrong.
But that's how it is
and I hate it.
I know you've had
to climb a mountain
to get away from this crap
and see life for what it can be.
You inspire me.
I appreciate that.
You're doing something
with your life.
And I just...
I want you to know
that I'm by your side.
I don't wanna be alone
Holding back tears
Each time I hear your name
Giving you all I've got
And you've got the best
in me
I'm giving you all I've got
Walking in the rain
Bet you feel the same
Oh, I'm looking
in your eyes
Looking in your eyes
Looking in your eyes
Am I leaving you behind
Am I leaving you behind
Am I leaving you behind
Looking in your eyes
Looking in your eyes
Am I leaving you behind
Am I leaving you behind
I wanna know...
- OK?
- Yeah, no problem.
How you been keeping, well?
Everything's going really good
right now, Chris.
- That's what I like to hear.
- Cheers, mate.
I got 300k's worth for you here.
300? Chris, I said 220.
[Chris] Yeah, I know,
but if you want 220,
it means I've got to cut
a box in half.
Who am I gonna sell
half a key to?
300's a nice round number.
Now you can take the six
or stay with the five.
- I'm happy either way.
- Let's take the six.
Good man.
You owe us 80 on the reloads,
All right, done.
[Chris] How's your mum?
Yeah, yeah, she's fine.
[Chris] Give her my regards
when you see her.
You seeing that little
blond bird?
[Marcus] Yeah, I am, actually.
It's been there a while.
[Marcus] Yeah, it's been years.
Get married, will ya?
Have some kids.
Give your mum grandchildren.
She'd love that.
[Marcus] No, not yet.
Nick and Kwame here?
Nah, they chipped off
when we got back.
Said they'd be here about now,
All went well.
It's safely tucked away.
[buzzer sounding]
What's up?
- Went all right, yeah?
- Yeah, sweet.
- And he credited us 80 grand.
- Eighty grand?
Yeah. So that's 300 altogether?
[Marcus] Yeah, 300,
a nice round number.
- Where is it?
- At the house, nice and safe.
All right, but we've got to keep
our heads down a few days.
- Then we start looking out.
- Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, that is definitely
a good shot.
[man] Best idea you've had
all year, man.
indistinct conversation]
- Look at these.
- Having fun?
[indistinct conversation]
- Hey, Dee!
- Hello.
How are you doing?
Great to see you again.
Yeah, you, too. Hello, babe.
- You all right?
- Good, how are you?
Hold on for a second.
When did the council do this?
Fuck knows. Must have been
the last few days, I reckon.
You don't seem happy about it.
No, no, I am, but it feels like
a sell-out, know what I mean?
No. Absolutely not.
This is an accreditation.
You said this piece
is multi-layered, right?
What, the Perspex adds
another layer, yeah?
Yes, it does, it actually...
works perfectly.
- That's very cool.
- Isn't it?
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
[indistinct conversation,
soft music playing]
[buzzer sounds]
Shaun, go get the door.
No, man, I'm right in the middle
of this...
Get down! Down!
Fuckin' pussy!
Ugh! Get the fuck off me!
[screaming, shouting]
Quiet down.
- Shut the fuck up!
- Fuck off!
Make that fucking slut
be quiet as well.
[woman squealing]
You're being a fucking cuntful,
shut up!
[woman groans]
[man chuckles]
[women screaming]
- Where the fuck is the food?
- Fuck!
[man] Are you stupid?
Are you fucking stupid?
The only fucking reason
I ain't killed you right now
is 'cause my man wants answers,
you fuckin' prick!
Shut the fuck up!
Leon can't do his own work!
You pussy!
- Where's the food?!
- I don't fucking know!
Where's the food?
There's 300 grand worth
of sniff in this flat.
[screaming continues,
pounding dance music plays]
You're not gonna say where
the food is, yeah?
No problem.
Burn him.
- [women screaming]
- That's good.
Watch. He's gonna burn
to the bone.
[muffled screaming]
Shut up! Shut up!
Just tell us where
the fucking drugs are
and we'll leave.
I don't know what you're fucking
talking about, you dick!
You're gonna get topped,
the lot of you!
By you, huh? Kwame?
And Marcus, what the fuck are
those pussy holes gonna do?
You tell me where's
their fucking food
and we'll go.
If not, I'm gonna drop
both your knickers
and fuck the pair of ya.
We're gonna run a train on you,
then on you.
Don't play games with me, Emma.
You know me.
Where the fuck is the food?
You wanna play like that, yeah?
Hold her down, hold her down!
Oi, I'm going first.
You ever been to jail before?
I seen a man's face peel off
right in front of
my two fucking eyes.
It was like a mask.
Running around the jail
screaming like a little bitch.
And then he just passed out.
- Shock.
- [Emma screaming]
Face nowhere to be seen.
Yo, yo, yo, relax.
Relax. Relax.
You ain't goin' anywhere, man.
Your sister sounds
like a good fuck, man.
[Junior chuckles]
She wants to be a gangster.
Them men don't give a shit.
They'll fuck her all night.
- No!
- I'm serious.
[Junior] Shut up, you bint!
You see, this loyalty game
you're playing...
give up.
Give it up straightaway.
[Junior chuckles]
'Cause I know for a fact
the big stash is in this house
And you're going to tell me
exactly where it is,
'cause no matter how much money
them pricks are paying you
to stay silent, it's no use
to you now, bro.
It's no use to you now.
[coffee percolating]
[biker 1] You want to head back
northwest, few drinks at Emma's?
[biker 2] No, let's go on
a long run, M20 to Dover.
- [engine revs]
- [biker 1] All right, sweet.
[Emma screaming]
All right, fuck it.
[Junior] Hey, hold
the fucking bitch, yeah?
[Emma screaming]
[ringtone playing]
It's Marcus.
Yeah, hello.
[Marcus] Where are ya?
- I'm at Kerry's.
- Come to Emma's.
Just get here
as quick as you can.
- No, worries, I'll be...
- [phone beeps]
[horn honks]
[indistinct conversation]
[man 1] I fuckin' knew it.
That fuckin' whore!
[man 2] She's with all of them.
See what I'm saying?
- Stay behind me, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Ready, yeah.
Fuckin' hell, who is this?
[indistinct conversation]
Yeah! You know it was...
[man] Fucking hell! Junior!
- The one in the passenger seat!
- Fucking hell!
Get across!
- Go! Go! Go!
- I'm in!
[tires squeal]
Yeah, I'm already here.
What's taking so...
All right, yeah, I'll meet you
at the bottom of the steps.
All right, take it easy, bro,
- Can I have a light, please?
- Yeah.
- So, you work at this bank then?
- Yeah.
[Jason] Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
Have a good day.
- Took your time.
- Oh, piss off.
Jace, what did you want to meet
here for?
Place is full
of security cameras.
It's all part of it, bro.
What the fuck's that?
It's all part of it,
now come on.
Press the handle and the stamp
extends out of the base.
That is brilliant.
Mate, that is brilliant.
Just means you can go covert
pretty much wherever you want.
- Where'd you get it from?
- Eh, contacts, my friend.
Well, it's for you, anyway.
kind of a going-away present.
- Serious?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Mate, I could do so much
with this stuff.
That's why I want you
to have it, bro.
Thank you, pal.
No worries.
When are you going away, anyway?
- End of next week.
- Fucking hell.
Kirsten's buzzing, so am I.
You lucky git.
Baby, clap your hands now
Cut loose and take it easy
You ain't got any phones
on ya, have ya?
Course not.
Won't you come around now?
Pull up a chair.
Relax. You know who I am?
This is Tim, one of my cousins.
So... you got robbed, then.
Yeah, everything.
They took the whole lot.
And they took some very bad
fucking liberties
when they was doing it.
The firm that got shot up
on the West End the other night?
Had to be done, there and then.
No chance
of getting the sniff back.
And I've heard that that mob
is looking for you.
and they ain't gonna give up.
A few others from other firms
got caught up in the crossfire.
But it was the only way.
You probably got half the gangs
in West London after you.
Fuck 'em, Chris, they come for
me, they know what they'll get.
What about the Old Bill?
We're all lying low.
None of us are about.
Everyone's tucked away.
I don't mean to be the bearer
of more ball-ache for you,
but some Asian fella reckons
you lot have done his safe,
giving him a kicking and
tried it on with his missis.
He's put up a lot of dough
to have youse ironed out.
Some bird grassed you up,
Anyway, luckily for you,
he approached a couple of fellas
that work for us.
So you got a bit
of breathing space.
Just bear in mind they will try
elsewhere sooner or later.
OK? Maybe a firm
from over the river,
maybe a firm from up north.
I suppose we could just take
the money he's stakin' up,
tell him we buried them
under the motorway,
split it two ways
and you stop buying your fags
in his corner shop, eh?
[chuckling continues]
Listen, we're fucked.
All the money we had went into
the sniff we bought.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Yeah, and your 80.
I'm sorry about that, mate.
I promise you I'll
get that back, I swear.
We ain't got a penny now
and we need a heavy score.
[man] To get
back to where we was.
And if need be, put
those fucking West Grove dealers
out of business for good.
That's why I brought Tim
along today.
He's got details on something
you might be interested in.
What is it?
It's a big job.
Serious amount of money
to be made.
But it ain't smash-and-grab.
This is firearms, full planning.
Chris said that youse
could handle it.
But I ain't gonna
stick it up to you,
if you're then gonna turn around
and say no.
No, we're up for it.
Right, we'll fence the goods
for a 20% commission.
And we get 10% of the overall
for stickin' the job up.
the jewellers on Bond Street.
They're gonna have a consignment
of special gems...
diamonds, gold jewellery...
within the next week or so.
You're looking at a face value
of at least 20 million quid.
Thank you.
Very good.
Nice, mate.
- Cheers.
- Yeah, cheers.
Your flights are booked.
For both you and Kirsten.
Oh, thank you, Philip.
We would have bought
Kirsten's ticket ourselves.
No bother,
we have a deal with the airline.
The office should
email them today.
Sweet. I'll text Kirsten
so she knows.
I think you'll like the flat
they've found for you.
Sorry you couldn't
view it first.
No, no, I'm grateful.
This is New Bond Street.
There's Kraffs.
Taxi pulls up, me and Dom
are gonna get out
and walk in there
like we're customers.
You all right with that?
Yeah, yeah, of course.
But it has to be convincing.
They don't just let
anyone in there.
So where's the goods?
The shop's on two floors.
The top floor is where
the jeweller sits with clients.
Downstairs on the lower floor,
that's where the cabinets are.
That's where the new gear is.
I'll keep everyone upstairs:
the jeweller, the security guard
and anyone else.
All the cabinets
are finger key locked.
Take the blond bird down there
and she'll open all of them.
And I'm going to be waiting here
or thereabouts.
[man] As close to the shop
as possible.
[man 2] There's a 90-second
police response time.
And Chris is going to be
up there,
and it's a one-way street,
so the police can only get in
from this direction.
And, Nicky, I need you
to be there on the block.
[Nicky] Don't worry,
I'll be there.
You all right, brother?
Yeah, I'm.... cool.
Got a few things on my mind.
I'll be an hour and we'll
go through the plans again.
- Where were we, bro?
- See you in a bit, yeah?
- Keep your eyes open, yeah?
- Yeah, of course, mate.
[indistinct conversation]
[tires squeal]
[alarm sounding]
- Did you write him off?
- Yeah, it's done.
[alarm sounding]
[phone chimes]
Everything OK?
Dr Carson, Dr Wells...
- Stand back there, son.
- My brother's in there!
He's my son.
[man] Three entry wounds,
three exits, immediate transfer.
- [Dee] What's happening?
- We're taking him into theatre.
I told him not
to come and see me.
Said they'd be watching.
Come on, let's go.
Excuse me, mate.
Excuse me.
Detective Sergeant Baxter
from Trident,
anti-gang gun unit.
- Can I have a word?
- I don't know nothing.
Now, we can have a private chat
in the car
or we can talk
in the nearest nick.
I think you should probably
just go with him.
Fine. Meet me in that cafe
at the corner.
Yeah, of course.
What's your relationship
to Marcus Kenan?
I'm his brother.
Darren Kenan.
Who do you think shot him?
I ain't got no fucking idea.
[man 2] You'll have to do better
than that.
Well, there was a shooting
last week.
Two of the West Grove crew
got killed.
Your brother's name's
been mentioned,
along with the names of
his three known associates.
I'm not involved in that world,
so I can't help you.
And my brother is
basically a straight guy,
that's all I can tell you.
Well, let me tell you something.
Your brother and his three mates
are wanted men,
and if we don't nick them first,
they're dead.
We'll be waiting for Marcus
when he recovers,
but if Dominic, Nicky, and Kwame
want to reach
old age as free men,
they need to come and see me
because believe me, the other
lot will turn Queen's evidence
the first chance they get.
[ringtone playing]
[Dee] Hello?
Kwame up.
- Be quick, yeah?
- All right.
Right, I need to leave you here,
all right?
Is everything OK?
Fine. I just need
to go somewhere.
- I'll be back soon.
- OK.
[man] We're doing a job
in two days.
You gotta be joking.
The Old Bill got a squad out
looking for the three of you.
With the heat on you now, boys,
you better bury yourselves.
But, Dee, this
is a once-in-a-lifetime score.
We're talking millions each,
big league.
I don't even want
to know about that.
You're missing the point.
It's gonna be enough money
for us to just dust, get out.
To be honest with you,
we ain't got any other options.
We'll have enough to pay
for some people we know
to break Marcus
out of hospital.
Marcus is under armed guard.
No one is busting Marcus out,
The second he's moved, he's
to be banged up pending trial.
Then we'll bust him out
of the van on his way to court.
All right, look.
Let's say Marcus does
get sent down.
Are you telling me
you don't want your brother
to have three and a half mill
waiting for him
when he gets released?
Dom, what are you
telling me for?
We need you to be
the fourth man.
The job can't be done without
four of us, it's been planned.
There were some heavy people
but it's our job on the ground.
There ain't no one else
we can trust to bring in.
You run drugs.
Think what you're asking me.
I wouldn't even know what to do.
My brother's all shot up,
looking at 25 years.
Dees, listen,
there's no other option.
Otherwise we're dead.
We need the money
for protection.
Your brother needs the money,
or trust me,
he's as good as topped already.
We're all on hit lists.
I mean serious hit lists.
Do you understand?
Look there's no risk for you.
We ain't asking you to do
anything you can't handle.
We just need you nearby to take
the goods away on a motorbike.
Just gotta take a bag.
Like a courier.
Keep it safe until we
collect it later, that's it.
That's all it is, Dee.
I'm sorry, boys.
I can't do it.
Yeah, I'm all right.
I'm just a bit drained,
you know, bit wasted.
[Kirsten] Did you want me
to come over,
because I can come.
No, I'm all right.
I gotta go, all right?
I love you.
I love you, too.
You all right?
I didn't know what was going on.
Marcus never said nothin'.
It's all right, Dee.
Just want Marcus to be OK.
[alarm sounding]
[Dee] Fuck!
Mom! Mom!
Get up! Now! Move! Let's go!
- [mother screaming]
- Fuckin'...
That's my fuckin' life!
You bastards!
[Marcus] Emma was here.
She told me them cunts
firebombed the flat last night.
[Dee] That's all right.
I was there.
I put most of it out before
the firemen even got there.
Have you spoken to the boys?
Do whatever it takes
to get us out of this shit.
What do you want me to do?
Dee, just do it.
I need you to do it.
We're in a bad fucking way,
ain't we?
Don't you understand?
All right.
I'll handle it.
[man] Here, guv.
Hello, it's me.
[Dominic] So, what's happening?
All right, I'm in.
That's sweet.
It's on for tomorrow.
So listen, yeah?
Hi, Dee, it's Philip.
I back in Berlin now.
You left in a bit
of a hurry the other day.
I hope you're OK.
Anyway, call me when you land
in Berlin.
See you in a bit.
Keep the change, yeah?
[buzzer buzzes]
Come in.
- Good afternoon, gentlemen.
- Good afternoon.
Keep your hands by your side!
Get over here! Over here!
Over here! Sit! Sit!
You two: hands on the table,
look natural.
You, blondie, downstairs.
Let's go, now!
You stay exactly where you are
and keep your head down.
Or I'll put one straight
in your nuts.
Open it. Go on.
Come on with the key!
Next one, go, go!
Come on, quickly.
Let's go.
Good. Open the door.
No alarms or we start shooting.
[door buzzes]
You're coming with us.
You're coming for a little walk.
Behave yourself
or you won't be OK.
Come on.
Thank you.
Help! They robbed us! Hey!
They robbed us!
- Hey! Hey!
- [alarm sounding]
[woman screams]
What the fuck's he doing?!
Fuck sake!
Watch where
you're fucking going!
[gunshots, shouting]
[alarms sounding,
siren whirring]
Hey! You in the van!
Move this fucking vehicle now!
I'm just reversing.
Move! Get outta here!
You fucking idiots!
Fuck, get out! Fuck!
- Oh, fuck!
- Fuck sake!
[siren blaring]
Fuck, they're getting too close.
They can have it.
[revving engine]
[sirens blaring]
Fuck this!
Under fire!
Go on, mate! Go on!
[radio] Suspects armed,
suspects armed.
Hey, pull your visor down.
Pull your visor down.
[tires squeal]
- Don't leave nothing in the car.
- Take 'em off.
Three armed robbers were
shot dead this afternoon
by officers from
the Met's Flying Squad
as they fled the scene
of a violent holdup
in London's Mayfair.
A spokesman for the Met has
said that a fourth suspect
who escaped on a motorcycle
is still at large.
All sea and airports
have been put on alert.
Fuck! Fuck!
[Kirsten] Hello!
Babe, you home?
- Hey!
- Hey.
You, uh... you all good?
You all packed?
Yeah, I think everything's
almost in order.
I went and said goodbye
to some people and...
Look how cute you are
with your motorcycle boots
and sweatpants, I love it!
Are you OK?
Hey, you don't look so good.
Yeah, no, I'm fine.
I'm just, uh...
I'm just worried about Marcus
and my mum, that's all.
Hmm, I know. Mwah!
OK... I know what to do.
[alarm clock beeping]
[Kirsten sighing]
[indistinct announcements
over loudspeaker]
- [Kirsten] Hi!
- [agent] Hi.
- Where are you traveling to?
- Berlin.
- His passport.
- Your passports.
- [Kirsten] Here is mine.
- [agent] OK.
[Kirsten] I'm gonna
check two bags.
[agent] OK, please put it
on the belt.
[Kirsten] I'm gonna
take this one off.
This is from my last trip.
We have two more bags.
[agent] OK.
- Only two pieces?
- Are you checking your bag, too?
- Yeah?
- Any more bags?
Yeah, just one.
I'll put it right up.
[agent] OK. This is for you.
[Kirsten] Oh, perfect.
Thank you.
- Enjoy your flight.
- Danke schon.
- [agent] Danke schon
- OK.
So we go, yes, this way.
OK, we'll go through,
have a little coffee,
and chill out for a bit.
[Dee] Yeah, sweet.
- You have flown before, right?
- Hmm?
I'm kidding, you're just
so on edge this morning.
Sorry, yeah, I'm spaced, sorry.
OK. Got it?
Can I come? OK.
[bell rings]
Oh, yeah, right here.
Thank you, sorry.
[man] Is this your bag, sir?
Uh, it's not a bag.
It's a stamp.
I use it for my artwork.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
It was so funny
with the customs agent.
I kept thinking, what
in the world is he thinking?
That's the thing that Jason
gave you, right?
- The stamp thing?
- Yeah.
Oh, my God, babe, it's awesome.
Can't wait to see it in action.
I'll make some stencils for it
as soon as we settle in.
Do you know what you should do?
Stamp the floor with it here.
We can leave our mark
and no one would ever know.
No, it's not worth it.
I don't want to cause trouble.
I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
[news theme song plays]
[turns on tap]
The identities
of the three armed robbers
fatally wounded
by Flying Squad officers
in a gun battle yesterday
have been revealed as
Nicholas Miller, 24;
Kwame Bonasco, 28;
and Dominic Johnson, 25,
of North London.
Officers from
the Met's Trident unit
connected the men with
London gangster Marcus Kenan,
who is currently in hospital
under police guard,
recovering from gunshot wounds
sustained in an underworld
attempt on his life
one week ago.
Two robbers entered
the exclusive Kraffs jewellers
on New Bond Street
yesterday afternoon
and threatened staff
with handguns.
They took a female hostage
with them
and made away with an estimated
20 million pounds' worth
of precious gems and jewellery,
the largest theft of its kind
the capital has ever seen.
[man] Help, they robbed us!
Hey, hey!
[reporter] In what police have
called an audacious crime,
the thieves opened fire
on security guards
and members of the public
as they made their getaway.
During an extended car pursuit,
the robbers were cornered
by officers and opened fire.
The ensuing engagement
resulted in the deaths
of all three suspects.
However, officers did not
recover the stolen jewellery,
and we're now hunting
a fourth suspect
believed to have escaped
on a motorcycle
with the stolen goods.
Come on, let's go to the gate.
Wait a minute,
those were Marcus's friends.
Those were your friends.
Did you know about this?
Yeah, I heard.
What do you want me to say?
Come on, let's go.
[police radio chatter]
Take it. Just take it.
[man on radio]
Suspect passenger not sighted.
All units proceed to gates.
[bell chimes]
[woman] Flight number 2435h9,
WizzAir to Berlin,
is now ready to board.
One day, when you're ready,
I think you owe me
an explanation.
I promise.
[bell chimes]
[woman] Ladies and gentlemen,
please fasten your seat belts
and make sure your seat backs
are in the upright position.
I'm Dee.
I took it all
Good to meet you.
The idea for my piece was,
as you see,
I did these as stencils
of the first piece.
With your insistence
It's what I've got
Is the resistance
[Dee] In my opinion, earth is
eating away at itself.
How are you doing?
I'm attending the opening
of the contemporary section,
and I'm very interested
about this piece.
Oh, very nice.
Not for the first time
Not for the last
I'll take you under...
[mobile phone ringing]
Sorry. Thank you.
All right, bruv.
How's the exhibition going?
Better be good.
Yeah, all good.
I, uh...
I wish you was here.
Don't worry about me, mate.
I'm doing just fine.
Yeah, I know.
Listen, when you're finished
over there,
you two should come out here,
chill out for a bit.
Yeah, well, uh,
we'll see what happens.
All right, sweet.
All right, sweet.
Talk soon, yeah.
- It's so good.
- They like it?
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
[Kirsten] No, no, of course.
Hi, sorry about that.
Yeah, I'm staying
down the hall.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah, you too.
Thank you, bye.
Looks good.
Thank you, babe.
[Itch performing
"Eat the Rich"]