Antibirth (2016) Movie Script

- Alright, let go.
Hey, come on.
Let's do it right here,
what you got?
- Come on, it'll be alright.
Jade's waiting.
- Thanks, okay.
- How long have you been
feeling like this?
- I don't know, uh..
...couple of days.
I guess since the other night.
- What happened?
- I don't know, I -- I blacked
out, I can't remember.
- You black out lots?
- Anha,
i feel like shit, alright?
My back is killing me.
- How are your breastasis?
- My titties fuckin' hurt.
You know,
and they're not even that big.
- You got nice tits, Lou.
- Thanks, Sadie lady.
- What's your diet
normally like?
- What do you mean?
- She eats like shit.
- No, I don't.
- She microwaves everything.
It's beast food. It's true, Lou.
- When was the time
of your last period?
- Uh...Recent enough?
- Do you remember the last time
you performed intercourse?
- Uh, it was not much
of a performance.
- Better not have been Mickey.
- You drink?
- Yeah, yeah, obviously.
- Everyday?
- Anha, come on, yeah.
- You gonna wanna see
a doctor, Lou.
- Come on, anha,
i -- I can't afford that, okay?
Anha, look,
i -- I don't have insurance.
I was just hoping you could,
you know, really suss it out.
- Lou, I work for a vet.
I can't prescribe anything.
- Look, I feel like shit,
I just need something
to take the edge off.
- You can go
to the military clinic.
It's free.
Thank you, thanks a lot.
- They're prenatal vitamins.
My sister never took them.
- Fuck.
Man, thanks for nothing, anha.
- What do you wanna do now?
- I don't know.
Let's grab some booze
or snacks.
- That's what he said.
- Yeah.
- You didn't hear me?
- I don't know.
I don't listen.
I haven't been laid in months,
I know that I been, uh,
on a bender.
But I think I'd remember
if I had someone's cock in me.
- Maybe you should
sell yourself on TV.
One of those
phantom pregnancies?
Those girls
who go through it all
and didn't even realize
they were pregnant.
You know, and then it falls out
all preemie
and they bury it in the closet
before prom?
- Fuckin' preemie, Sadie.
- Well, born too soon.
- Shit's fucked up.
I don't know, fuck it, like
what does anha know anyway,
right? She's a vet.
Shitty vet.
- Well, you said it yourself,
Lou, you've been on a bender.
You just need to stop partying
for a couple days.
- I'm not a dog, you know.
She doesn't even know
anything about people.
Mm, I heard a dog got addicted
to heroin because of her.
I got too high. I mean..
I just.. I really
can't be pregnant, alright?
It's not my style.
- You can always get rid of it.
- I'm not gonna pay some
asshole to scramble my guts.
- There's always someone
who wants a baby.
Just adopt it out.
- You think I can find somebody
to push me down
a staircase or something?
I can't believe I have to quit
drinking, uh, no smoking.
Who -- who needs that shit?
Jeeze Louise, come on, Sadie.
- Lou, you can handle it.
I was pretty wasted
when I was pregnant.
- And what was that like?
All that you know..
- It was so long ago,
i don't remember.
- Come here.
Thank you.
Why don't you go ahead
and, uh, load up
the cooler, baby?
- Can I get you anything?
- No, no, thanks. I'm good.
- He'll take a beer.
- You ever think it --
it's kinda funny that, uh
they wouldn't need
the clean piss
if they weren't getting high.
- I'm not responsible
for their habits.
If somebody's gonna make
any money off it,
it's gonna be me.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.
- What am I gonna do,
send her back to Russia?
- Well, no, but,
I mean you can't.. can't just have these
girls running around
in the wild, you know?
- Get off that.
I told you that's not for you.
Just go get some cereal.
Makes the pee good.
- What is it?
- I don't know, but, uh, people
are gonna fucking love it.
- Alright, that good, huh?
- Yeah. Well, I think so.
Jade's gonna chop it up,
break it down, get it out there.
- Right, right.
Say...What do you want me
to do with Lou?
She's starting to get a bit
paranoid, you know?
- She's fucked up all the time.
No one's gonna believe her.
- Yeah.
- Don't worry about it.
- Cool, cool.
So, what do you wanna do?
- You're gonna go
on the fuckin' run.
- Alright.
- Took you long enough.
I didn't think,
you were gonna show.
- Where'd you get
palace chicken?
- I got lots.
- I love that shit,
give me a wing, man.
- Fuck no. I have to go
all the way to Liberty
for this shit.
Plus I got a meeting
on my po tomorrow.
- Just give me
the fucking money.
- You know they got a special
kind of bleach in this shit?
When they pound,
crush down the bird.
It gets rid of all
the bones and beaks.
- Yeah, right, asshole.
Where'd you hear that?
- Plus, if you eat enough of it
at once, it'll pass any test.
- So, what you gonna do,
just eat yourself into a coma
hope you don't piss your pants
before you go in?
- Tastes good.
- Idiot.
- Man, this place is a dump.
I gotta clean up this shithole.
- Oh, it's cold in here.
You got any heat
up in this bitch?
- What am I,
a rockefeller? Come on.
Shit, man.
You know, one second it's hot,
then it's cold.
But I mean, the cold,
it's driving me loco.
- You know,
i just wanted to come up here
and make sure
everything was alright.
You know?
- I love pissing.
Hey, I'm hungry now.
- Sweet.
Lou, your dad was smokin' hot.
- Uh, no shit,
my dad was fucking hot.
You know...Sadie..
...sometimes being hot
just ain't enough, man.
You know, after Vietnam,
he drove my mom crazy.
- Well, it was pretty shitty.
- No shit, man, no shit,
Vietnam, you know.
Shitty enough to get this sweet
ass pad from uncle Sam.
- Did you do all these?
- Huh?
- Warren said he gave you
a case last week.
- Oh, fuck that, man.
Man, my dad fought for the right
to kill his brains.
I'm just honoring his legacy.
- I'm just saying
if you're pregnant, you're gonna
have to slow it down.
- Alright, man.
If I'm pregnant..
Like, maybe I can give
this kid some superpowers,
you know?
Come on,
he'll put it to good use.
- Lou.
- What?
Let me ask you a question.
Alright, Sadie, Sadie,
this is important shit.
Sadie, alright.
If...You can have...
Any superpowers..
I mean, anything...
In the whole world, right?
- Shit, I don't know, I mean..
I guess I'd wanna fly or
teleport or whatever, you know?
So, I could go wherever,
whenever and get the hell
outta here.
- Yeah, man.
That'd be cool.
You know what I want?
- Mm-hmm.
- Do you know what I wanna do?
I wanna be like that guy
who had this, uh..
He was like that fuckin' guy
who could turn into
any animal he wanted, remember?
Yeah, you had to have seen it,
it was a show.
Yeah, and so..
...this fucking guy, he could be
like a fucking turtle
or a cheetah, you know?
It was a show, right?
But he had, you know..
...just whenever
you need it, man.
- This was a show?
- Oh, yeah.
It was badass.
- Well, when exactly do you
need to turn into a turtle?
And what kind of trouble
are you in
that you need to be a turtle.
I can see you being a cheetah.
- Hey, Sadie, what the fuck?
What do you have
against turtles, man?
All kinds of fuckin'
turtle trouble
you put on your
stealth situation..
- Oh!
Oh, oh, shit.
- Hey!
Hey, get away from my car.
- You passing through, lady?
- I said get away from my car.
- You looking for work?
- No.
- You're old,
but there's a lot of guys
who are really into that shit.
- Get the fuck away from me.
Get out of here.
Get out of here.
- You like playing with knives?
Careful out there, lady.
Don't get lost, okay?
- I tell you, friends,
if you've got to
train for war,
this is the place to do it.
- Mm...Oh, Sadie,
the last thing I remember
mm...Is going off with Warren.
And then it's just blank.
You know, I got nothing.
- We were partying all day.
You were pretty lit by the time
we got out there.
- I remember coming back here
with you, though, right?
I mean...
I remember coming back home.
- Yeah, and you passed out.
- Yeah, but I woke up here.
- Looks like you got
your appetite back.
- Oh, yeah.
You know,
you go to these doctors..
...and they don't give a shit,
they don't care.
You know, it's just in, out,
give you some pills.
Shit, man, I got pills.
Mm, I gotta go into work,
man, 'cause I am broke.
- How long you been out?
- Well..
Well...I had to go out
all weekend.
You know,
i gotta pick up a shift
'cause after that,
i got nothing.
- Can't you just go down
to Tonya's, work in her store?
- No, man, fuck that.
I mean..'s basically impossible
to get in there on time,
you know?
I mean, I kinda need
to make my own hours.
- It's gonna be alright, Lou.
- So sick of this shit, man.
I live in a goddamn dump, Sadie.
I mean, I can barely
even take care of myself
let alone some weird
immaculate conception shit.
- Shit, look at that.
Hey, come on,
remember that place?
That's the buck lanes.
They turned it into
a fuckin' funzone?
- No, the parties are not gonna
be the same around there, man.
- For pizza and bowling
lots and lots of crazy fun.
- Go, Lou.
- Come on!
- Parking lot.
- Good job, good job.
- Oh!
- It's the third time
you sent her out tonight.
- She's popular,
what can I say?
- Can I, can I get
one of those baggies?
- I'd be making a whole lot
more money if it wasn't for you.
- I need the stimulation.
- Don't give me that shit.
- Hello.
- Hey, why don't you back off,
- Weirdo.
- Yeah.
You look weird.
What, are you interested
in cars?
- I'm more interested
in what's inside.
- Oh?
Well, it looks like
she's almost done.
But it's a little extra
if you wanna watch.
- Lou!
You alright?
- Uh, hey.
You know, sometimes these
squatters come around here.
Thought I heard someone
banging around outside.
- Well, you should
get that fixed.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- It's old, but it's free.
- Hey, that's a nice ride,
looks sweet.
- Yeah, it was my dad's.
He drove it out here once,
he never used it again.
- You sure are way
the fuck out here.
Let's get outta here, man.
Let's go.
- You got a haircut?
- Don't mess my hair, man.
- I'm not messing
your hair up.
I'm helping your hair.
- It took me a while
to fix it.
- My problem was never
your looks.
It was always
just your attitude.
- What do you mean
my attitude? What's wrong
with my attitude?
- Do I look really fuckin'
bloated to you?
Or is that my imagination?
Let me tell you what I need.
- Uh-huh.
- Money.
- Uh-huh.
- And whip-its.
- Whip-its?
- You put the little charger
in the cracker, go..
- Got it.
- And your mind goes..
Whomp, whomp, whomp.
Whomp, whomp, whomp.
- I get it. I get it. I get it.
- Man, do my tits
look bigger to you?
- Yeah, your tits
kinda got big.
Shit, what are you doing?
- Listen, I know
we fool around.
But I'm telling you,
one of these days..'s just gonna be
just right..
...the moon's gonna be out
the right song's
gonna be playing.
- The moon's gonna come out
that night.
- Smoke a little weed.
- Smoke a little joint, yeah.
- Drink a little juice.
- Mm-hm.
- And see what happens.
- Just go with the flow.
What are you getting?
- Luke, I need you to go
in there
and get me a pregnancy test.
- What?
No, man, no, no,
get it yourself.
- Man, I feel like shit.
Look, if I go in there,
everyone's just gonna think
I'm pregnant.
If you go in there, everyone's
gonna think, you know,
"look, he's getting laid.
On top of that, he's being
a good dude, you know?"
- Man.
- Come on.
Just do this for me, alright?
L -- look, if you
do this for me
I'll give you a blowjob,
Alright, it'll be like
i gave you a blowjob.
I'm saying, I would be willing
to give a blowjob if I had to
for you to just go
fucking do this for me, man.
- Shit.
- Alright?
- Alright, how..
You got some money?
- Take this, that's like $19.
Oh, and get me some of those,
uh...Gummy bears, gummy worms.
- Gummy bears, alright.
- Yeah.
Oh, fuck!
- Hey!
Come on, hey, you can help me!
Let me talk to you
for a second!
- Nah, man,
i don't have anything!
- You can help me out.
- No, man,
i don't have anything, okay?
What, dude?
I don't have anything, okay?
- Just a second, come on! Fuck!
Hey, open the window..
- Sorry, don't have any cash.
- I can't talk to you
through the fucking window.
Open the window.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, buddy.
Buddy, buddy, buddy.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Fucking hell!
- Move, move.
Get away, get away.
Take a walk.
You alright?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Uh, here.
Let's get outta here.
- Thanks.
- I don't know what Gabriel
sells to those freaks
but it turns them pretty quick.
Now, he -- he's into
some trucker speed
he got into with the marines.
- I'll tell you right now,
okay? It's a bunch of garbage.
He got kicked out for selling..
...and he runs around
bragging that it was some
special ops bs, you know?
- What?
- He can't even
get it up sometimes.
'Cause of all the tests
they did on him.
That's why he's such a maniac.
- I don't mess around
with that shit.
You don't know what they put
in that, you know,
you get nonsense.
- Man, I know where it goes.
- Aw, man.
- You know.
- Yep.
Oh, shit, hey, hey, Lou!
Don't forget this.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
- Here you go, good luck.
I hope you're not pregnant.
- I hope you're not pregnant.
- I hope you're not pregnant...
Lou, Lou, Lou. Mm, mm, mm.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
- So there was a bachelor party
in room 36.
Whole bunch of guys
and I put some rubber sheets
in there for you.
Said that they had
a pretty good time.
And I caught my girlfriend's kid
watchin' me in the shower again.
- Oh, yeah!
- He's a total spaz, but, um
this is supposed
to mellow him out.
- Yeah, great.
- Uh...I feel like shit.
Have you seen Warren lately?
- No, I think he's working over
at the funzone.
Yeah, I saw him there
when I went for my nephew's
birthday party.
Why, what do you want
with that goon anyway?
- Oh, mm.. Never mind.
Let's bang out these rooms.
- Jesus, your hair fuckin'
gets everywhere.
- Did you say my fuckin' hair
gets everywhere?
That shit gets
fucking shaved raw.
- Do guys actually like that?
- I don't know what the fuck
these guys want.
That's why I have one side
of my pussy really hairy
the other side shaved bare.
- That's disgusting.
- I'll fucking show you
- Gimme my dollar.
- What dollar?
- Fuckin' dollar
you just pocketed.
- I don't have that dollar!
- Fuck!
- Is that creep still in 42?
- Yeah, no one's seen him
leave all week.
- Man, I'm not cleaning up
that shit when he gets outta
I mean, who the hell knows
what he's been doing in there.
Are you still getting down
with Jade?
- No, he's bad news
in a bad way.
- Yeah, it took you a long time
to figure that out.
- Yeah, well, he was always
a terrible kisser.
He used to do this really
fuckin' weird thing
with his tongue. Hold on.
- Oh, yeah, what'd he do?
What, was it like this?
Or sometimes he'd just jam it
in there real quick
and he's like..
- Oh, Jesus Christ!
We just partied together.
I don't know,
i like getting fucked up
but I don't need
to make money off it.
- Not me, I should get
a goddamn sponsorship
go corporate.
- He thinks we're fuck buddies
or something.
I just wanna stay out of it.
I don't, I don't care
what he's up to.
- Yeah, you know
where he's been crashing?
- No, nah, I don't know
who he's mooching off of now.
I'm gonna start in here,
you wanna work your way down?
- Yeah.
- That's nast.. Oh, so nasty!
You know that?
- It's fuckin' good pizza.
Fuckin' bought it, left it.
Someone's gotta eat it.
You wanna bite?
- No! Fuck. Jesus.
- Come on, man!
Fuckin' someone's gotta eat it.
Fuckin' wasting this pizza.
Fucking shit.
Throw in trash, genius.
Fucking hippies.
- Hello?
Hello, honey?
I, uh, I left something in
the bathroom and found you.
I -- I'm lorna.
- Alright, great.
- Do you work here long?
- Yeah.
Man, easy money!
- You must see, you must see
a lot of people come and go.
- This town definitely attracts
some real weirdoes.
- Well, some are.
- Could be a good place
to lay low but..
...gets sticky.
- Sticky?
- You know, people pass through
and they just never leave.
- So you're a local?
- Yeah, alright,
so listen, lady
uh, thanks a lot
for helping me out
in the can over there,
but, man, uh
you know,
I'm just not feeling so hot.
- Yeah. Yeah, right.
- Yeah.
- Of course.
- Gotta get..
- I'm -- I'm sorry.
- Gotta get back to work.
- Yeah, you take care, right?
I hope you feel better.
- Hey, Sadie. Yeah.
Hey, can you pick me up?
I don't know, in 10?
Hold on, let me check.
No, I'm out.
Yeah, get me some donuts.
Alright, cool.
Donuts, donuts for Lou, donuts.
- Is that all
you've eaten today?
- No, I had some pizza like,
you know, I got kinda fucked up.
- You're relentless,
aren't you?
- Well.. Oh, come on!
I already feel terrible
and miserable.
Tryin' to have
a good time, right?
- You're so positive.
It's almost like, it's almost
like you're glowing!
Like you're --
- o -- okay, shut up, Sadie.
Just fuckin' cut it out,
alright? Man, I'm not pregnant.
- You know they say
your senses get all jacked
when you're pregnant?
Smells, taste, hearing.
- You know what? Alright.
Let's just wait, okay,
'cause I'm gonna..
...see what these tests say.
I'm gonna pee all over 'em.
Man, I haven't been laid
in months, okay?
I mean, I'm not exactly
cultivating a warm
welcome nest
down there,
if you know what I mean.
Look, it was six months ago,
I never told you about this
'cause I didn't think
it mattered, but..
You remember that night
at the auto bar?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, well,
i been with Mickey
but I knew
he wasn't gonna do shit.
That fuckin' prick.
I just didn't wanna
deal with it.
I -- I just always thought
i couldn't get pregnant.
After that...I just figured
i couldn't get pregnant.
You know, I thought
i fucked it all up.
You know..
You know, all this shit
just catches up with you.
- He's crazy, Lou, I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
Maybe I'm just not cut out
to be a mom.
My -- my body literally
rejected life.
- This could happen
to lots of ladies, Lou.
- Yeah, those ladies
are fucking, Sadie.
Okay, they are fucking
and sucking, right?
And I'm, I haven't been laid
since then.
So how the hell
could I be pregnant?
- I don't know, Lou,
are you sure
you don't want some company?
- I don't wanna make a big deal
out of it just yet.
- Are you gonna take the test?
- Well, yeah, I think so.
- Call me when you find out.
- I'll call you.
Yeah, I'm gonna have to drink
a bunch to make all that piss
so we'll see
where the night takes me.
- The couch.
- Bingo!
Drive safe, Sadie, it's snowing!
- Jade.
Oh, fuck.
-'re correct
for it won't take too long.
- Fuck this shit.
- ...the light of revelation.
Embrace your future
and master oblivion.
A new world free of your body
free of your mind
free of every sensational
toxic desire..
- Oh, no.
- We dance
while they eat our young.
Do not dance.
Let the infinity flow over you.. waves of blissful..
- She's getting comfortable.
- What do you want me to do?
She's loyal...The flow's heavy
and it's clean.
- It's gross.
- Yeah, well,
maybe if you could keep straight
for a week,
i could use your piss.
- You're still peddling pee-pee
to parolees, Gabriel.
It's small time.
- What's the rush, huh?
- Yeah, I need the dough.
Alright, I don't wanna lose
touch again.
- Still chasing that lawyer?
- He's gonna help me out.
- Someone's here.
- So?
- So, can you get
the fucking door
'cause I wanna keep working out.
- What?
- Let me in, alright?
I gotta talk to Gabriel.
- What's up?
- Jade is dead.
- What do you mean,
"Jade is dead?"
- He's not just dead,
man, his entire face
is fuckin' rotted out.
It's eaten off or some shit.
I don't know, it's disgusting.
- I saw him the other night,
he's meant to be down
cutting that stuff.
- What stuff?
- Stay out of this, Sadie.
- I was there a couple
of night ago.
He said he had some ideas
on how to split it up
but he was having
some trouble with --
- what kind of trouble?
- I don't know, man.
Sorry. I'm not a cook.
He said he'd never seen
anything like it, man.
He said it, it was strong.
- I told him
not to fuck around with it.
- How are you supposed to move
the shit if you don't know
how to break it up
and get it out there?
- Just shut up, Sadie.
- He said it was a hard crash
when he took it.
Look, Gabe, this was
more than a hard crash, man.
He's fucking
inside out or something.
- Yeah, I told him I didn't
know what it was gonna do.
- That's your problem, Gabriel.
You don't know
what you're doing.
- I keep a line between myself
and these fucking people. Okay?
He's trying to get people high
I'm trying to make money.
We don't know
what happened to Jade.
- Wait, he's dead.
- Yeah, and it could've been
a fucking fire or an accident.
- Is this the shit
you gave to Lou?
- Yeah.
- And now she's sick.
- Fuck do you care,
she's always sick.
If she's not hung over,
she's fucking wasted.
- But her fucking face
caving in and falling off
might be a side effect
she doesn't want.
- He told me we had to test it
before we could sell it.
I don't use this shit and I told
him not to fuck around with it!
- Who told you? Hmm? Isaac?
- Yeah, he told me
what I needed to know.
- Hey.
What do you wanna do with it?
- With what?
- With the fucking body, man.
He's still laying there,
the place fucking reeks.
- Get in your car
go to the house, get rid of it.
- What's up?
- The correct answer is
happy wife, happy life.
- Hey!
- Everything fades away
into a new reality.
A new world.
It is the bridge between us
and years of physical evolution.
Control your fear
and embrace the possibilities
of a better living..
...better past..
...a better future.
Control your fear
embrace the possibilities
of a better now
better past
a better future.
- Hey, Lou, wanted to see
how you're doing.
Gimme a call.
Love you.
- Hey, Lou,
you coming out tonight?
Need a ride? Call me.
- Hey, Lou, I haven't heard
back from you.
Just wanted to make sure
you were okay.
- Lou, this is Dave
from united collections.
You're kinda past due
and the grace period is past.
Please call us back at..
- Uh.
Ah! Fuck!
Can I help you?
- You don't remember me,
do you?
My name's lorna,
we met at the motel.
- What are you doing here?
- Can I -- can I come in?
- Yeah, I'm sorry, man
this just isn't
a really good time.
The place is a mess.
- Well, it's cold
as hell out there, okay?
You been off your feet long?
- Yeah, uh, about a week.
Uh, what are you,
are you a doctor?
- No, no, I'm not a doctor.
- A cop?
- No, no.
No. No, I'm not, I'm not a cop.
I'm -- I'm lorna.
- What are you doing here?
- I..
I -- I wanna help.
- Uh-huh, to help?
- Are you having difficulty
remembering things?
Missing time?
- I, yeah.. Well, yeah.
All the time I'm missing.
- Are you getting headaches?
You experiencing fatigue?
- Look, lady, uh,
what's all the questions, man?
- You feel like, uh, like
somebody switched the channel
and it's,
it is like static, right?
But the volume's
cranked up high.
It's like, it feels like that,
right, right?
And, and, and every once
in a while you'll get a flash
a fragment of an image or a
a -- a word will squeeze past
the barrier
but it's lightning fast
and then it's gone.
It's nothing you can sink
your teeth into.
It's -- it's kinda like that,
do you feel like that?
- Uh..
- When I try to remember..
Oh, fuck.
I -- I get pummeled
with these crippling headaches
and, uh..
Yeah, they won't help me.
They -- they wouldn't.
They wouldn't tell me squat.
- It stinks.
Don't smell that.
- You -- you -- you okay?
- Ow, fuck, man.
I just, uh,
overslept a bit, uh, so..
And I'm not feeling so hot,
as you can see.
- When'd you go to sleep?
- Uh, what day is it?
- It -- it's Thursday.
- Right, uh..
Yeah, so it's like,
uh...Three days.
- You wanna get something
to eat, hon?
- Uh...Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You okay?
- Oh, yeah.
- Lived out there long?
- Well, it's my dad's place.
He lived there
for a bit, then, uh
then he went off the deep end
and now he's dead.
- Sorry to hear that.
- It's not such a big deal,
i barely knew the guy.
He wasn't really cut out
to be a dad, or soldier.
- He was military?
- Uh, army.
- I was enlisted.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
You ever do any training?
- Me?
- Mm-hmm.
- Training?
What, in the army?
- I -- I did.
- I don't think
I'm cut out for that shit.
- None, you didn't do any?
- What about you,
you see any, uh, action
any life-changing shit?
- Yeah, I worked in radar.
They stick us in a truck
most of the time
out in some remote location.
We code and ran radio waves
for military aircraft.
- That sounds boring.
- Yeah, well,
they were happy to see me go.
- Why, what'd you do?
- What did I do?
Hmm, that's a good question.
Okay, there were four of us.
And we were stationed
in this utility vehicle.
We were running maneuvers
and then
our signal...Jammed.
We were blinded by this,
this, this blue light
it was really bright.
It kind of like, it vibrated
you know, with this, like
like this low hum?
So we're all freaking out,
start running
and then...Just bam
I'm like face down in the dirt.
And, um, yeah, you know
that's the last thing
i remember.
- What happened?
- Well, they wouldn't say.
Once I started asking,
asking questions.
Once I started, uh, you know
seeing things that I didn't,
i didn't know
like, even fucking existed.
Yeah, well, that was the end
of my military career.
- How'd you find me?
What is this, you followed me
from the motel?
- No, you know, when someone
has a trauma, their, uh..
...their mind and their body,
it leaves a..
It's like an imprint
or a, like a scar
in the psychic atmosphere.
That's how I found you.
It was -- it was
waving like a flag.
- Well, I definitely
been seeing some shit.
I don't know
if I believe in telepathy
or whatever weird tarot cards
you're dealing in, lady.
But, um, whenever
i try to think of that night
I just hit this block, you know?
- Yeah.
- Like, uh..
- Um, do you like
the food here?
- Warren works here.
- Yeah. Can you trust him?
- I don't know.
Can I trust you, lorna?
- No. If I'm right,
these people are dangerous.
This has my lab written
all over it.
- This is the funzone, alright?
It's not a spaceship.
Just try to be cool,
keep a low profile, you know?
It's a family establishment.
- Okay.
Your bastard science
works to sever the bridge
in between the body and mind.
That way they can do
terrible things to us
without anyone ever knowing.
This world is full of wisdom.
Nobody ever questions it.
Worse, we're killed...
By our own species corruption.
I was abducted...
By a secret us contingent
because I had been exposed
to something, huh?
Something they were struggling
to understand
and they responded
with violence and fear.
And I am not the only one.
When someone has an encounter
certain...Psychic muscles
are strengthened.
And you can see things
other people can't.
- So, you're a psychic.
- No. Um..
I'm just saying you become
more sensitive is all, hmm?
You -- you think of it as having
interdimensional street smarts.
And, right now..
...I'm getting a bad feeling
from this place.
- There he is.
Let's get this cocksucker.
- Lou, what are you doing here?
- Hey, buddy.
Oh, I'm sorry
to interrupt your party.
- Who's that?
- Oh, this is lorna.
Watch out, you know.
The third eye will see
right through you, bozo.
- I'm gonna take
a break, alright?
We can hang out a minute.
Wanna get high?
- No.
Look at me, Warren, okay?
I'm already
pretty fucked up, right?
- Okay. Come on.
Well, I guess, congratulations?
I mean, I -- I didn't even
know you were with someone?
- Well, I'm not, asshole.
- Well, uh, I -- I don't know
what you want from me.
I'm not the father.
- Look, I just need to know
what I'm dealing with, man.
- What you're dealing with?
I mean, you're pregnant.
I mean, you can just get it
taken care of or whatever.
- I know what a fucking
abortion is, alright?
I'm not fucking pregnant. I'm
some kind of goddamn freak show.
You know? So. Come on, I know
you were there that night.
Just tell me what happened.
- He told me
to take you to them.
- Who?
- Gabriel.
- Alright, so what, man? So,
you're still doing runs for him?
- Well, yeah, you know,
he's got these photos of me.
- Alright, alright, alright.
What kind of photos?
- Oh, just these photos
of some girl --
- what's this have
to do with Lou, hmm?
- Look, he's in tune
with this guy.
- What guy?
- What does this
have to do with me?
- I don't know, some guy came
to town and he found Gabriel
and he's trading him
girls for drugs.
- What's his name,
this fucking pervert?
- Oh, man, let me ask you
a question, alright?
Like -- like what the fuck
did you think
Gabriel's gonna do with me, huh?
- Look, Lou, I'm sorry.
I didn't know
what they were up to.
I just, I just thought
we were making some money.
- Oh, you wanna make money
off of this?
Come on.
What am I supposed to do?
- We need a name, yeah.
We need a name!
Oh, I -- I only heard
Gabriel call him Isaac.
- Isaac.
Alright, that's better.
- But, Lou,
you gotta try and lay low
'cause Gabriel's got people
in tune for all kinds of shit.
You know,
they're peeping everywhere.
- It's kinda hard
to lay low right now.
Alright, 'cause I'm walking
around with a fucking growth.
You know? Like,
nobody fucked me, you know?
- Okay, I get it, I get it.
Jade's dead.
- How did Jade die?
- I don't know.
But he's dead
and Gabriel doesn't care.
He doesn't care about you
he doesn't care
about fucking Sadie
he doesn't care about anybody.
- Fucking squirmy,
fucking wormy, right?
- Hey, I'm sorry. I..
- Oh, yeah.
Fuck you, man.
- Hey, Lou.
Hey, Lou, I'm sorry, Lou.
Fuck, shit, fuck, fuck.
- I haven't seen her
in a couple days.
- I need you to check on her.
- It's kind of a drag
to drive up there at night.
- Yeah, but Isaac is worried.
- I'm not interested
in anyone, Gabriel, okay?
Just need you to make money.
You don't even know this guy.
Just shows up and wants girls.
Doesn't even fuck 'em.
- Seems like
an easy turnaround.
- And what does he
want them for?
- I don't care
what he wants them for, Sadie.
They're fucking runaways.
- Now, what?
- Says he's almost done
getting really close.
- Close to what?
This guy's using you
just like the marines did.
You're just too thick to see it.
- You think I'm thick?
- No, I don't.
- You really think this lawyer
is gonna help you find your kid?
- I can pay him.
- And then what?
What makes you think
he's even gonna wanna see you?
Is he even gonna remember you?
I mean, how long has it been?
What have you
been saying lately?
You're 35...37.
- Shut up, Gabriel.
- If you wanna see him..
...finish this, go check on Lou.
- Yeah, do you remember,
um, what they looked like?
We know, okay, we know
there's more than one
because Warren said
"them," right?
- Alright, look,
i don't know, okay?
I don't know, I don't know
who the fuck Isaac is, alright?
I'm sick of trying to fucking
remember, you know?
- Yeah, i-- I -- I know
what you're feeling, Lou.
You know, I know -- I know..
I know what abuse is, huh?
- I'm a mess.
- And -- and I know
what it looks like.
And -- and, ahem, and I know
you wanna -- you wanna leave.
You know? I -- I know you
want to avoid these realities.
But, uh, Lou, y -- uh,
you need to take control
of your experience, you know?
You -- you -- you really can't
hand it over to them.
- Just do me a favor, would ya?
Just don't talk to me
about vibes, okay?
I'm having a hard enough time
just managing
my fucking experiences,
okay, right here.
This dimension
or whatever the fuck
you fucking hippie shit.
- Alright?
- Oh, what's happening?
- Um, you -- you -- you
aren't pregnant, Lou. See?
- What is that?
- There -- there was a
a small foreign object.
I -- I could see it.
It was -- it was, like
slightly raised beneath my skin.
It was, like, an oval bean
but it was,
it was stretched slightly.
And it -- it, um, it -- it
had magnetic properties.
I don't know how it got there.
You know, there was no scar,
just this -- this lump
under my skin.
And -- and -- and
it was, it was mine.
But they, uh...
They strapped me down.
They cut me open
and they stole it.
When they removed
this implant from me
it had started
fusing to my nerves.
- I don't know.
It sounds like
a nightmare, dude.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. It's fucking messed up.
I gotta piss.
- I'm just saying.
They -- they thought I had been
exposed to other technologies
languages, even.
- What are you talking about?
What do you mean,
like outer space?
- Yeah, an alien race.
- Uh, listen, alright, listen,
i don't -- I don't talk about
aliens when I'm getting
high, alright, man?
I have a strict policy,
Just don't do it.
- Yeah, well, you know,
you -- you can forget
this bullshit of outer space
because these men
they're willing to kidnap
and cut open their own people
searching for secrets, so even
if you don't believe they do
and they won't stop, Lou.
I mean,
they're never gonna stop.
- Alright. Well, ugh!
Uh. Ah.
You know what, uh,
I'd be happy to let them
cut this shit outta me
right now.
I don't care
what they use it for.
- I -- I don't know
who these -- these men are
but, uh, you know,
they -- they wanna control us
because, uh.. -- because...
You know, they're scared.
- What? They're scared?
- Yeah, they -- they
can't accept something
they don't understand.
- Uh...Whatever this is.. feels very real, you know?
Very inside the dimensions...
Of this body.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Man.
I could really go for an out
of body experience right now.
- Yeah, yeah.
Well, why -- why don't I clean
up your foot for you, huh?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- That duct tape's
gonna be a bitch.
- It's okay.
Okay, okay,
you try to rest, honey.
- Yeah?
- You try to rest.
There you go, there you go,
there you go.
- Ah!
- Sorry, sorry.
Oh, honey.
- Lou!
I didn't realize
you had company.
- Neither did I.
- Sorry, I -- I -- I didn't
mean to fall asleep last night.
I hope that's okay.
- I brought you some,
uh, donuts.
And, uh, there's coffee
with that whipped cream crap
that you like.
- Hi, I'm lorna.
- How do you know Lou?
- Uh, we met at the motel.
- When's the last time
you saw Warren?
- I don't know,
at the party, why?
Look, Lou, I heard -- I haven't
heard from you in a few days.
I thought you might like just
a little pick-me-up, you know?
- I don't know, man.
Look at me.
- You know,
maybe Gabriel knows a guy
someone who's seen
something like this before.
- Yeah, I don't think anyone's
seen something like this before.
- I'll tell you right now.
I don't want anything
to do with Gabriel.
You know, what. I told you
not to get involved with him.
- Well, do you want me
to bring you to the hospital?
I mean, maybe you should see,
like, a real doctor.
- Don't go,
they'll lock you up.
- I'm going back there.
- Where?
- I'm going back there,
whatever happened to me
happened to me
that night at the party
and nobody's telling me
the fucking truth.
- Oh, I'll -- I'll drive.
That's a good idea.
- I'm coming.
- Yeah, you guys party
here a lot, huh?
- Yeah.
No one bothers you out here.
Alright, I remember
coming here with you, Sadie.
Shut the fuck up!
- You were pretty messed up
by the time we got here, Lou.
- Where did Warren take me?
- Try to remember, Lou.
You need to look past
those screened memories.
- What the hell's
she talking about?
- You need to regress back
to that night.
You know,
what state were you in.
- She was wasted, lorna.
That's the state
that she was in.
- Lou, you're pregnant.
I don't know what you think
you're gonna find here.
- Man, come on.
I'm not pregnant, Sadie.
I'm infected.
- Lou, it's fucking cold,
can we just go, please?
You need to accept this.
Every pregnancy's different.
- No. I can't accept
this shit, you know?
Man, whatever is inside of me
is infecting my brain, my body.
Okay, it's not
just in my crotch.
So, uh
Warren said Jade
had some killer shit.
Right? And now, he's dead.
- Wait, Jade's dead?
- Come on.
I saw Warren, Sadie.
- Yeah, Warren's a pervert.
He sleeps with teenage girls,
you can't trust him.
- Right, right, right.
A -- and Gabriel
just makes money off of them
so...What does that make him?
- He's not doing that anymore.
He's been only handling
special clients for a minute.
High end people.
Richer people
who can pay for specifics.
- Yeah?
Like Isaac?
- Who?
Look, I don't know, Lou.
You know?
I, I stay out of his business.
Look, I don't want anything
to do with this shit.
- Warren told me, Sadie.
He told me Gabriel's
working on something big.
And you're telling me you
don't know anything about it?
- About what?
- I didn't have sex
with anyone, Sadie.
- This is crazy, Lou.
- Lou, Lou.
Lou! Lou!
- Keep the fucking
plastic closed.
Undo her fucking pants.
- What's the matter?
- Yeah, she's ready.
- Lou, Lou, Lou.
- What did you see, huh?
- It was Gabriel.
- Gabriel wasn't here
that night.
- You're lying, Sadie.
Let her speak.
- Just cut the shit, Sadie.
- Look, I thought he was just
in it for the money.
I don't wanna know where he gets
his shit, I don't wanna know.
- What, what, what shit, huh?
- Don't be dumb.
Whatever the cheapest high is
you know, whatever fucks him up
the fastest.
He wanted to get fucked up,
but they run out of money
so Gabriel has to, he has to
find something cheaper.
- And so what, Sadie? He just
has no idea where it comes from?
- Yeah, he's a, he's a killer.
- No, Gabriel wouldn't
touch the stuff.
He needed a Guinea pig and..
- A -- are you fucking
kidding me?
- Okay, so a Guinea pig
for what?
- Man.. knew, Sadie.
- Yeah, well, I figured
you wouldn't even notice.
- Well, I noticed, man.
You know,
i really definitely, like
big time fucking noticed, Sadie.
- I didn't know, Lou.
- Yeah.
Yeah, well..
You knew.
You just didn't care, right?
- Hey!
That's it.
- Lou?
- Oh, fuck!
- It's time.
- What, what is --
- I'm gonna get
this thing outta you. Listen!
- What?
- We're gonna
get this outta you.
But we need to work together.
- Yeah.
- Okay. Look at me,
focus, okay?
Rip it!
Rip it!
- Okay!
- Good girl, good girl.
- Well, who is this lady?
- I don't know,
some spaced-out mama.
She's filled
Lou's head with nonsense.
- Where were they going?
- I don't know, they fucking
left me there, Gabriel.
This has gone too far.
- Oh, this has gone too far.
What are you gonna do,
you still want that money?
- Don't act like
you're doing this for me.
- What the fuck
is that supposed to mean?
- I know you get off on this
shit, messing with these girls.
- There are always
people getting dirty, Sadie.
People getting used up,
people getting eaten up
and I am just trying
to stay on top.
- On top of what?
You don't know this guy,
you don't know what he's up to
and you can't sell to people
if they're dead.
- We're gonna let
this freak burn me?
If Lou's still alive,
then she can handle the effects
and I can sell it.
- I don't see that.
She's not just big,
she's fucked up, okay?
- It's an experimental hormone
supplement for women.
It's discontinued
from some lab he worked in.
You have the right amount
you get a good high,
a quick euphoria.
- You've gotta do something.
I don't know this lady lorna.
What if she grabs Lou
and takes her out of town?
Then what?
I mean, what happens to Lou?
- Well, no one's getting
outta here.
He wants us to take her in.
- It's time, it's time, Lou.
We're gonna put you in bed.
- Okay.
- We're gonna get this
outta you.
Okay, okay, Lou,
you need to push.
- It's pulling me apart.
- Go, go, go, go!
Good, good, take another breath.
Push, Lou, push, good girl!
Lou, I can see something!
- Oh! Oh, fuck!
Oh, god!
- Oh, look, Lou.
Look what you did.
Hello, hi.
Whatever you are.
Hi, Lou. Oh, hi..
Oh, my goodness.
No! No!
- No! Lorna!
- Lou!
- No!
- Up!
- You can breathe now.
- Is that,
is that what you came for?
- What the fuck
is that thing, man?
- It's the beginning.
Go to sleep.
- I don't wanna breathe
that shit in, man.
- Rest, little baby.
That's right.
- I'm sorry,
i don't wanna be rude, uh..
Did you want one?
- What kind of life do you
wanna continue living, Lou?
- Uh, I don't know.
Uh, maybe one without you
nagging me all the time.
- Would you just keep getting
stoned and watching TV
until it's all a blur?
- I sure as fuck
didn't sign up for this shit.
- What the fuck have you
ever signed up for, Lou?
- Who the fuck are you?
Fucking prick.
- You motherfuckers.
- Stay down!
- You fucking idiots!
You're too stupid
to know what you've done.
You push, you harass,
you terrorize
you cut us open
like fucking lab rats.
- You're fucking crazy!
- Yah!
- You don't need her
anymore, Isaac.
She's a fucking mess,
let's just get rid of her.
- It's just a head.
But it's the most significant
form of tissue
we've been able to generate.
- Well, man, I don't know
what to tell you, you know?
I guess I've just always
been a real overachiever.
- You're a wonderful candidate
for their terrain.
- How the fuck
is she wonderful?
- I've been there, Lou.
- So, you've been
to space a bunch?
- It's a terrible place.
Their atmosphere is too toxic
for a human to survive.
But years of abuse
have provided your womb
with the perfect level
of toxins necessary
for this conception.
- Thank you.
- You should be proud, Lou.
- I am fucking proud, you know?
Gotta get it while you can.
- Come on, Lou.
There's so much more
we could do.
- Alright, just stop.
- Whoa, whoa.
- Come on, Lou.
- What?
What, yeah?
Will you fucking stop?
Slow the fuck down, alright?
- Don't be fucking stupid, Lou.
- It's my life, it's my terms.
- Give me the knife.
- With your body,
we can create a new race
that will allow us to supply
an everlasting demand
for submission.
- Do this again and again, man?
You're insane.
- Gimme the knife.
- Oh! Fuck!